13 Things You Shouldn’t Accept Without Putting Up A Fight – Part 4

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1.   Debt

2.   Divorce

3.   Delay

4.   Dream attacks

5.   Stagnancy

6.   Joblessness

7.   Sickness

8.   Barrenness

9.    Addictions

10.  Poverty

11.  So-called incurable disease

12.  Failure at the edge of breakthrough

13.  Rejection

This is the 4th and final demo. In the last 3 episodes, we have discussed what to do about:-

-       Rejection

–        Debt

-      Joblessness

Today, we’ll turn our attention to: delay

You have probably heard the saying:

Delay is not denial?

I don’t buy it.

Delay can sometimes become denial.

Especially if it is the satanically-inspired kind of delay…
(Hint: except you do something about it – delay can become denial).

Let’s look at what happened to Daniel in the Bible:

“Then he said, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began 
to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, 
your request has been heard in heaven.

I have come in answer to your prayer. But for twenty-one days the 
spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia blocked my way. Then Michael, 
one of the archangels, came to help me… ” – Daniel 10:12-13

Some invisible powers tried to block answers to Daniel’s prayer.

He refused to accept it — and so continued praying.

Finally he received the answer.

= = = =

Now let’s go ahead and DEMONSTRATE the gospel.

This time we’ll take #3: Satanic Delay

If the enemy has been holding on to something that belongs to you,
you need to pay close attention to this one.

15 Years of Delay
Dissolved In A Week  

 Sister TN says:

= = = =

“I joined in the 27 minutes to midnight prayer and fasting at the
beginning of the year. I had been in the US for 15 years, all applications
for a Permanent Residency were not going through.

While I was on the Take Back 2 midnight prayers and fasting, things
started moving.

On January 7, I received a letter to say they now needed fresh medicals.
Before I went to get the medicals done, I received another letter to say the
application had been approved.

While I was still confused, I had the medicals done and sent them.
Before they received the medicals, I received the card in the mail.

While I was praying, thanking and praising God, it was being revealed to me
that they were being pushed by the fire of the Holy Ghost and couldn’t even
wait for the requirements they had asked for, they just had to get it out of their hands.

GLORY BE TO GOD ! He surprised my friends and shocked my enemies. Hallelujah!”

- TN

= = = =

Praise the LORD.

TARGETED prayer.

Took all of one week to deal with an issue that she’d struggled with for 15 years.


Why Does This Work
(And Will It Work For You?)


What separates the prayers on this site from the others you see all over the Internet?

1. speed

2. simplicity

3. results

1. Speed

(You can receive answers to prayers within days — sometimes even on the *first* day)

2. Simplicity

(We don’t try to dazzle you with hundreds of scripture verses, exaggerated claims of super-anointing, or load you with a thousand do’s and dont’s like the Pharisees of old…

I’m a simple follower of Christ. The message He gave me to teach is always simple, fast, non-complicated, and proven to work today, in the real-world of the 21st century.

3. Results

Why do you think we like to post testimonies and praise reports daily?

First and foremost, testimonies are weapons of war.

Very powerful weapons in the toolkit of the overcomer.

Rev. 12:11 says:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of
their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.”

It is to show you that this method of prayer is not only biblical, but it really works.

Not just for me and the prayer eagles on our websites, but for all believers facing
any kind of challenge known to man.

It’s also to PROVE you don’t need to run to a “super-anointed prophet” or person
to pray for you – if you are a believer you have all it takes to do it yourself.

And get answers from Heaven… directly!

In the Prayer Academy I show you how to become your own personal prophet,
prophesying the Word of God (disguised as prayer bullets) daily into your life and family.

Why do we continue to get results like the ones you have seen here?

Because quite frankly I am merely a messenger, delivering a peculiar kind
of message for this time and season.

The ONE who sent me is responsible for making it all happen
(I cannot claim any credit for this at all).

According to Isaiah 44:26, The LORD is the ONE …

“who confirms the message of His servant 
and fulfills the counsel of His messengers;
who says to Jerusalem, “She will be inhabited,”
and to the cities of Judah, “They will be rebuilt,”
and I will restore her ruins.”

So now you know.

This method of prayer is backed up by the Power and Authority of Heaven.

You can join our training program right away, by clicking on the link below:


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PPS: Congratulations to those in the Platinum Prep Program, Spousewell,
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Your testimonies will surprise your friends and shock your enemies…

When it happens, don’t delay to share it here!

(To glorify God and put the devil and his cohorts to shame)


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1 Luliya 10.29.15 at 2:15 pm

Am jobless after two years in a job where i was unhappy and mistreated. Am so sad am praying that God hears my cries and lifts me to a higher place.


Vesselofhonour73 Reply:

In Jesus’ name HE WILL Luliya! We believe and trust God for HE is our ultimate source! Stay encouraged


Ruth Maina Reply:

Am grateful to God for allowing me to be in this program.
LORD dispatch your ministering angels to search in the land among the living and the dead and recover all my lost blessings in Jesus name.
I need God to Cause my debts to be cancelled in the Jesus name
and to restore my lost blessings and all the years the enemy has stolen in Jesus name.


Pauline Njoroge Reply:

Praise God Sister Ruth. You are in the right place andGod shall grant you the desires of your heart. Keep praying at the midnight hour the answer is around the corner in Jesus Name. Remain Blessed anday an overcomer in Jesus Name Amen.


2 satyanandam 10.30.15 at 2:47 pm

I recover all my properties from satanic banks in the heavenlies in the name of Jesus

Please pray for financial breakthroughs in this month. It has been delayed very much in my life. Thank you all.

Bro. Satyanandam.


Deborah Reply:

Satyanandam I believe and stand with you for your financial breakthroughs and your properties to be recovered and restored to you in Jesus Name. Amen
I too am declaring the prayers you are praying for myself


3 Ogwala 10.31.15 at 3:40 pm

Been waiting for investors to invest in my condiments making business for a while. Feeling stuck


4 goodness 11.01.15 at 5:59 pm

Dear Elisha. God is amazing. I nearly quit my new job I’ve started in 2011. Everyone was against me wanted someone on my place. I was told in the meeting that I have to leave because of PPN (shortage of enrolment at school). I cried at home and pray. A letter with my name sent to department confirming that its me who is leaving. January, they were all shocked and surprised receiving letter confirmed that in the one who is going to stay. Their beloved had to leave. She cried. Last week I had a gun shot at work that was my dream. I was on exam leave. And I pray sending fire back where they came from.
When back to work the situation is tense. They said those who were are against me fought at school they are now against each other. They cant look at me like before. Thanks God for teaching me how to pray an effective prayer. He listen to our prayers and answer fast. Your prayer bullet are working to maximum Elisha. I cant sleep without it and reading the bible. Now I am addicted. Praise the Lord God bless you Elisha. If it wasn’t you ill be not here although I was born again long time ago.
God bless you.

Goodness KZNh


Tevita Bola Reply:

Hi Goodness,
That is a very powerful testimony about your job and your enemies being disgraced. Keep it up I believe only greater things will happen to you now for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


5 Omodele 11.01.15 at 6:46 pm

My marriage is at a point of break down. And my visa application is not looking good. I am praying for divine interventions.


Simon3 Reply:

I stand in the gap with you in prayer for where 2 people agree in prayer in God’s will it is sealed in Heaven and on Earth.
I declare that the favor of God locate you now in Jesus’ Mighty name. Devil you are a liar, absolutely noone can put apart the marriage that God has ordained. Father, in the name of God, Jehovah, the story changer of your child Omodele, locate, touch and change Odomele’s story like no other right now in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen ×7. You are restored, activate your faith. Keep firing the prayer bullets, release the invisible Mighty Power of God in you right now. Amen


6 mary 11.01.15 at 6:55 pm

Praise God am so grateful to God for He is our protector .My daughter and the husband and child this year have two serious accidents and have come out unhurt but the cars damaged
Pls pray with me for them and financial breakthrough in my family.God bless you all.


7 Primrose 11.03.15 at 7:28 am

I am seeing a great change in my life ever since you especially financially. I have never experienced such quick break through from any church before thank you may the continue to bless you.


8 Joyce 11.24.15 at 4:11 am

I am very happy to know you Elisha because God used you to bless us .at my house there was no peace with my child now we love each others and in work place there s peace May God bless you


9 Mary M 11.28.15 at 2:46 am

I am very greatful to God Almighty to have been introduced to your site by a friend in church,am in the current prayer academy and i can confess that ave never come across such Prayers.my greatest miracle is that am able to wake up in the midnight hour every day because i depend on the Holy Spirit to wake me up and i stopped setting the alarm.secondly, i am now a prayer worrior through your couching,am also learning to walk in holiness and repentance.More testimonies are coming which will suprise my friends and shock my enemies.God Protect You and Keep you Strong Man of God Elisha.


matshediso Reply:

To God be the glory. I havebeen using your prayer points man of God

My life have changed for the best. May God continuo using you

I believe more greater things are coming mx way and my family in Jesus name


10 Rossa 11.28.15 at 11:15 am

Dear Elisha I have been job haunting my whole life for a permanent job but I only get contracts. A colleague introduced me to your website, please send me prayers so I can breakthrough before the end of this year, i believe anything is possible


11 Habiba DeAlmeida 11.30.15 at 1:22 am

Dear Elisha
Greetings. I would so love to join your academy but due to financial constraints I cannot at the moment. God willing I will join as soon as I am able to. I would like to thank-you for your prayer bullets as they have helped me out of depression but not yet out of financial difficulties.
God Bless you for your Godly work.


12 Laitia 11.30.15 at 12:56 pm

I am beginning to feel and see breakthroughs and I am waiting for the huge ones to start this month in Jesus name!


13 okanya 12.01.15 at 8:06 am

the Lord is Good all the time. May his name be glorified for all he has done and he is doing in our lives.

Let 2015 be a year of triple blessings, Amen.


14 mamos 12.02.15 at 11:00 pm

I still do not have a job, nor a house, my children’s custody case is still in process, I am still single (after the divorce) but I just want to continue to thank the Lord our God so much that I am so much happier now. I have more peace and joy and control over myself now than ever before. God definitely answers prayers. Thank God for Elisha and this programme may God continue to bless you. God is great and His mercies endures forever. Amen


15 with hold my name.ps 12.07.15 at 7:43 pm

I thank God foe.his power is moving in my life.i thank God for Elishagoodman.im am praying for finnancial breakthrough so that I join prayer group to purchase all prayer materials.i hv got challenges of finnanciall breakthro.i got a husband which God gave me I still pray for God s intervention to get married to John.ps pray for me foe things tohappen fast coz sometimes im weak I wake up to pray midnite but weak.i used to wake up praying mid nite.i thank God I got ajob but praying for a better salary.ps kelp praying for my final breakthrough for finnances and marriage.b blesse.i praise God everyday praying with prayer points of Elisha Gooodman.l believe to bring more testimonies.


16 Rosemary 12.08.15 at 2:21 am

I want to thank the L ord Almighty for sending his Holy Spirit to guide me so that I would get into contact with you Elisha. Before I saw this site, I wanted to change churches because my life had not been changing and moving for a long time. Now that I receive emails and prayers from you, I now know that I have the powers to change my situation through prayer points that I receive from you.
At my present job, there is no peace with the bosses so I have been praying to God that I get a new and better paying job than where I am. I went for interviews of which am waiting for results. I beleive God will lift me up from the dust and prepare a table in front of my enemies.


17 Buse 12.08.15 at 9:42 am

The Lord is good all the time. I thank God for his mercies endures forever. Please pray with me as i need a scholarship to finish my studies. I trust the Lord for a financial breakthrough. I have the Prayer Cookbook for Busy People


18 grace kariuki 12.14.15 at 9:44 am

Am so encouraged by the testimonies and how to pray guidelines. Am about to enroll and will encourage others. Thank you so much man of God


19 megameno 12.15.15 at 6:29 am

thanking God for his grace upon my life. he has protected me since childhood till today may his name be glorify. I am battering with hardship financial and marital life, in the point of divorce, about to loose all and very tired. looking for God Almighty intervention.


Prince Reply:

This is Prince l like it when peo
ple shear their testmonies
and l know God will give me mine :l am jobbless, facing merriage problems, accomodation problems.it is my prayer that God renew me this year .


20 schibanda 01.19.16 at 6:44 am

I would like to thank God for his servant Elisha Goodman, for using him to change many people’s lives. last year, i participated during 27 minutes to midnight prayer, one of my desires was that my husband should seek the Lord, i would want to see him praying and committed to God. I thank God that my husband soon after Esther fasting, had a dream, he couldn’t explain to me properly but immediately for the first time he fasted for three days without me pushing or saying anything. He is no longer resistant to the things of God. May God be praised.


21 Ntombi 01.25.16 at 8:25 pm

Pastor Elisha, pls help.
My second marriage is at a point of breakdown after 16 months of separation. Have prayed, fasted, tithed, given, seeded, confessed, believed, received numerous restoration prophecies and everything else I know to do.
I just got rejected for a bond to build as well as rental for temporary accommodation on the same day. My business is not doing well.
Please help. I need God to show up and intervene in my situation in Jesus name.


22 Kaone 01.29.16 at 5:42 am

I am very greatful to God Almighty to have been introduced to your site by a friend in at work , i can confess that these Prayers are very powerful…my greatest miracle is that am able to wake up in the midnight hour every day because i depend on the Holy Spirit wake me up. I am now a prayer worrior through your couching,am also learning to walk in holiness and repentance of my ancestral sins. More testimonies are coming which will suprise my friends and shock my enemies. May the good Lord Protect You and Keep you Strong Man of God Elisha, you are indeed of the same DNA with our God Almighty!


23 Anne 02.02.16 at 1:55 pm

Our God is a faithful God.He will never leave us nor forsake us.Honour Glory to His Holy name.


24 cleo cele 02.04.16 at 4:04 pm

Hi Elisha

I have been receiving your emails thank u they come very handy when u need hope and pls stand with me in prayer. I lost my job 8 months ago after my boss tried to frame me but failed but had to leave because the relationship was spoiled. Been struggling to get another one. I’m getting interviews without call backs. Please help I really need a breakthrough sooner.


25 sophie 02.05.16 at 6:41 am

Hi Elisha

I thank God for the day my friend who has joined in your academy met you.Indeed she is a new person. i learnt about you from her. I need you to please stand with me in prayer.its been 12months now since i lost my job.i get interviews but no call backs to say it was a success.my relationships always fail and i am a single mom. i have fasted, tithed,prayed and all i get is incomplete victory. i get dream attacks. i need a breakthrough urgently.Man of God i have seen great testimonies from ur academy and soon as i get a job i wana join in your academy.God bless u more!


26 likando 02.06.16 at 12:53 am

Hi Elisha,I just want to thank God that lead me to this site.I ve prayed n asked ppl to pray for me.But I ve realised God wants me to learn to pray.I ve been married from 1991 and this is 2016.there has never been peace in my home.there isnt anything one can think of I ve not seen.my husband brought women home if he liked,he has 5 children out of our marriage.HE HAS PAIS DOWRY FOR THIS WOMAN WHO HAS HIS CHILD OF WEEKS OLD.HE MOVED OUT OUR HOUSE AND BEHAVES AS IF HE DOESN’T KNOW ME AND OUR SON.MY SON NOW SUICIDAL.I SOMETYMS FEEL LIKE GIVING UP BUT WILL NOT BACK DOWN.MY HUSBAND HAS NOT YET DIVORCED ME.IT LOOKS LIKE POLYGAMY BUT YET AGAIN IT ISNT.I REJECT DAT SPIRIT OF POLYGAMY IN JESUS NAME.now my issue is am diabetic on insulin, I also ve blood pressure, iron deficiency n ve ulcers too.I tried Easter fast n decided let God lead me in which ever way.I ve concluded I cant go without food my sugars drop,same eating light food like fruits n water they drop.any suggestions?I know my doctor wont allow me.thank u for the newsletters and restimonies.they encourage me.kindly send me whatever materials there r to enrich my soul for now.soon to Join in de academy. I believe dat!!!


27 Sarah 02.06.16 at 10:03 am

I thank God for your life Elisha. I was introduced to you by my friend in 2011. I thank God for the prayers 27minutes to midnight. I failed to start the prayers in time but I told myself I will do them no matter what. When I was on my second having an Ester fast I got a call early in the morning from a relative telling me he got me a job at his school and I must come right away. I also had my menses ceased last year August 2015. During these prayers I dreamt myself holding a pad with blood. A week after I woke up to see myself bleeding. I thank you Elisha for these targeted prayers. Really I believe you when say they bring answers very fast. Sarah. South Africa


28 Kaone 02.08.16 at 5:32 am

I continue to receive your emails man of God, thank you very much because they come very handy mostly when I need hope.. Please stand with me in prayer. I have passion to join PA, the only hiccup with me is financial stability. but I know I will join the programme very soon. I continue to enter through the back doors of heaven by MIDNIGHT PRAYER…I pull down strongholds, cast down vain imaginations and every high thing that lifts itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ. My thoughts are now subject to the Lordship of Christ only!


29 Maria 02.13.16 at 5:11 pm

Thank you for your email father I am struggling to woke up at night


30 ANNE OKUMU 02.15.16 at 8:56 am

Praise the lord man of God ,i need ur prayers av been deffered to do my final egxams in june and not this february because of my fee arears ,my financial doors are locked .Help me with prayer points
ANNE OKUMU´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for February 2016


31 Grace Milner 02.16.16 at 1:40 am

Our God is indeed faithful. I am one of people that easily get discouraged by delay. After reading this testimony am encouraged. To God be the glory


32 gully 02.16.16 at 11:25 am

i have always been prophesied for marriage and prayed for a job. trust me this is my finale destination i have never been sure of this.2016 will be my year of reward thanx to this site.God will see me through


mercy Reply:

I can confidently say am the most blessed to have come across this website. Since i was introduced to it by a friend , i have become a very aggressive prayer warrior and i usually love at any circumstances. have enjoyed praying at midnight hour, fasting and am seeing doors opening in Jesus name.


33 Lamb 03.01.16 at 12:22 pm

We are now praying as family and things are now begining to take shape and my children are receiving clothes and the love of God is becoming tangible. So thank you so much for encouraging and your support in your emails
We are under witchcraft attack family and ministry which is a big hindrance for breakthroughs so help through standing in the gap for us


34 Anne 03.02.16 at 6:12 pm

Praise the Lord prayer warriors. This is to testify of God’s goodness in my life. I have been receiving this messages and desperately praying them at the midnight hour and all other times. For the first time in my life, i did an Esthers fast, am saying that with alot of humility because its the Holy Spirit who strengthened me. Miracles have been happening since last year that i can only say it is the Lords doing.
1. I have been praying the power prayer on releasing my finances. A company that owed me close to USD10,000 which i had taken a loan against (invoice discounting) had refused to me pay me since 2014 August. Today2/3/2016, on my 3rd day of esthers fast, they sent me a message that they have committed to pay the bank that i owed money and had already paid 1/3 of the money, which was amounting to total USD9000. I had tried using lawyers and auctioneers before but no success. In addition to all February and March prayer bullets; i prayed “Every earthly power in charge of my favours and promotions / holding my moneys/ and, i withdraw your peace, i withdraw your sleep, I plague you with insomnia until you favour and promote me in the name of JESUS.

2. I run a small business having quit employment in Jan 2014, from January 2016 i have been receiving favours with business finding me in my house. I praise the Lord for His favour.

3. My teenage daughter who is in boarding school wrote and told me how she wants to fast and pray ad seek the Lord. i bless the Lord for touching my children through my prayers.

4. My 17yr old son who was rebelling out of teenage crisis and since the father divorced me in 2014, he has been challenging my authority. i prayed all prayer bullets over him and miraculously, when they came for half term last week, he had changed completely, was talking to me and listening to me.

Elijah – most of all, the Lord has brought my kids together with me and now we raise an altar of prayer together every evening before we sleep – something that has never happened. am on fire for the Lord, am now able to pray whole night, my hunger for the word of God is insatiable, midnight prayers beckon me effortless. “Father help me to be addicted to your word everyday in Jesus Name. o Lord fill me afresh with your Spirit day by day in Jesus Name”; O LORD inflame my heart with love and compassion for you in Jesus Name”; “Let the power of God catapult my spiritual life and my children from the valley to th mountain top in Jesus Name” has been my praying for me and my children.

5. Favour seems to even follow my young boy who is 9 yrs. He is excited about school, the teachers love him and today he was pointed out of a crowd of many to use a new school bus to bring him home. He was over the moon. “O power and Glory of God overshadow my family in Jesus Name”.

I can write and write of Gods goodness since i learnt the secret of powerful prayer.

I am reclaiming my marriage back, the divorce filled by my born again husband is in court, i am holding on the resurrection power that resurrected Jesus from the grave to resurrect every dead area in my marriage in Jesus name”. Soon i will be testifying of restoration of my 20 year marriage because our God is a God of the Impossible. He hates divorce and what HE has joined together no man, nor woman, nor judge, nor lawyer can separate us.

Glory to God, for He is gracious and merciful; praise His Name from generation to generation for His Mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness ensures forever.

Bless you brother Elisha and the prayer warriors. Our God watches over His Word to perform it.

Excited sister in the Lord.


35 Sarah 03.04.16 at 8:32 am

Dear Elisha
Iam grateful for you prayer point I’m currently doing the prayers that strengthen Marriage and other relationship. I’m currently on day 12 repeating the point 3 times each and where I know I’m in great need I repeat them 21 time. Please Elisha stand in prayer with me the more I do these prayer points the more the problems are stirring up. The more I pray the more problems are rising to fight harder I’m not giving up thou I’ll carry on even if the war is heading for me. (a thousand shall fall on my side and 10 thousand at my right) I’ve been a reborn Christian for the past 4 year fasting and praying and every time I do fast problems rapture in all areas I couldn’t even do tithing as my bank balance is negative and really want to join the Academy as I know the level of attacks I’ve been enduring but I know my breakthrough through your Academy and prayer points will bring the breakthrough I’ve been longing for. Please Elisha stand with me in Prayer as I’m in dire need and cant wait for each mail I have been receiving from you.

God bless you the more
Sarah Williams


36 Kenneth. W.T 03.11.16 at 1:29 am

Dear Elisha , hope you are well, thank God for the partnership and encouragement , reminders and mighty updates given to all of us on this site in prayer, may the Lord bless you abundantly. We shall continue to trust the Lord for all things, and also to pray until we get answers in all areas of our lives, thanks from Kenneth


37 Sarah 03.15.16 at 9:36 am

Dear Elisha I message you on the 03.04.16 at 8:32 am, I ended my 21 days fast that strengthen Marriage and other relationship; The greatest thing my husband prayed with for the first time in his life with me the Saturday morning at 3am, but then his uncle came later that morning after I’ve seen him in 2 years about 8am not sure what he came to do as his family are high believers in witchcraft not sure why it happened but I got involved in an accident the Monday morning on my way to work me and my husband has been victim of accidents the past 9yrs never us causing them always some driving into my car from behind. I thank God that I never get hurt in these accidents but my husband was not that lucky and is disabled today; what I don’t understand is every time I go into praying and fasting’s bad things happens to me; I believe in fasting and praying and have the strength to do it with ease but what am I doing wrongly not to receive breakthrough instead problems accumulates?
Please Help
God Bless Sarah Williams


Lydia Reply:

Hi Sarah you have to cancel every counter attack. Say it out Loud and just cancel it in the name of Jesus, to remember that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow of things in heaven or earth or even in the sea. Jesus is Lord! !!!!


38 Caroline Manyeruke 03.17.16 at 12:13 pm

Dear Elisha
Thank you very much for the work you are doing am greatly inspired by the numerous testimonies which show the power of prayer and fasting. I am currently on a 21 days fasting and prayer program for my marriage repeating the golden jorney prayers l used in december. My husband rejected me and our daughter and he is now staying with another lady. He is also processing the divorce issues since he says he has lost love and affection for me. we have only been married for 3 years and l know for sure that this is the work of the devil. please help me with prayer points to use during the midnight hour

please help


39 cbfamba 03.20.16 at 9:48 am

Sarah you have to pray cover prayers, they are in the book passion prayer of Jesus,u also have to read psalms 91, memorise it and say it everyday, over yourself and loved ones.


40 gcobisa 03.21.16 at 2:18 am

I am also in a relationship with a separated man
His wife has given us permission to continue with the relationship and has told this man I am with to file for divorce. We are planning to get married but I not quite happy about us getting married yet I don’t want to dump him. Any prayer points for me to use in this situation? Please help.


41 Thoko 03.22.16 at 4:29 pm

I was introduced to yo website, though I am nt yet a member, last wk I did a 3dys Esther fast, and my daughter in UK gt a job as an Administration Finance officer, this week I continued with my fast an just now my daughter sent me a msg saying her husband got a job as a payroll officer, I can’t believe it all these prayers answered I gt them on my 2nd day fast, Thankyu fo yo free prayer points am looking foward t join prayer academy soon, may yu continue to do Gods work


42 Thembi 03.31.16 at 11:05 am

Was praying for a new JOB for Me, my Husband and my Brothers (currently unemployed). And the Holy Spirit told me that our prayers have been answered 2 weeks ago (Mid March), but the companies we are to work for, haven’t contacted either of us yet and am not giving up until the devil vomit my families blessings in Jesus Name.

The bible says in “Isaiah 55vs11, God’s word will never come back to HIM void but will accomplish whatever it was send to do.


43 Paulinah 04.01.16 at 1:15 am

Gcobisa plz dont settle for less.God hate divorce and to be in a relationship with a divorce man and wait for God’s approval for u to grab him for yourself its just a deceive on its finest..That man is a counterfeit for u from the enemy.Wait upon the Lord with prayers and your godly spouse will locate you.I have been praying 19 prayers to find godly spouse which is freely available on this website and de devil is bringing the divorced man or younger than me man,all this are counterfeit and i reject them always..God is able and he will provide us with our ordained godly spouse..Isaiah 34vs16..


44 felistus kancheya 04.04.16 at 7:34 pm

Elisha am so grateful for the mails i receive.they are very encouraging.i hope to enrol soonand learn moreon the Esther fast.My biggest challenge is that am diabetic and would like guidance


45 Alicia 04.07.16 at 8:22 am

Thank the Lord for all of these messages that are shared with me. This gives me the strength I need to become an over comer . I am facing an eviction due to the ugly monster that keeps invading my finances. I am asking for the strongest prayer there is. I need to save my home for my children. I recently separated from my kids father. He bought so much problems to us mentally and financially . Please send me a prayer to follow so that I can have peace of long over my finances. God bless you….


46 Patricia 04.18.16 at 6:38 am

I am very grateful to God Almighty to have been introduced to your site by a friend. My greatest miracle is that my faith is growing every day. Also i see my self got delivered from different chain which i was having before. Thanks for opening my eyes and help me understand how to pray correctly. I know pray that God can help me from Debt, i have debt that is made my life to be bad. Please help me to pray. I want to join your prayer academy but for now i don’t have money but soon i get i will join.



47 Mesele 04.19.16 at 7:02 am

My husband and I have been believing God for a bigger house for us. We have been staying in a two bedroom flat for more than 15 years and are believing God for a bigger house which will be able to accommodate visitors (men/women of God who sometimes have to sleep over at our place). In March 2016 we viewed a house and put an offer on it and the offer was declined by the seller. For some reason I strongly believe that this particular house is meant for us. I am continuously praying during my midnight prayers for the seller to contact us as accept our offer. Does anyone have specific prayer points that I can pray for the house to be released from the territory of the enemy.


48 joycy 04.24.16 at 12:29 pm

need prayer points to pray against sickness that want to take upperhand over my life.


MA Reply:

God You’re Awesome and Mighty in Your Work.

Thank You for hearing and answering these prayers for Your love one in Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving Amen.

O God for all the powers for which You are known for release Your angels of fire and war to go in to a rescue mission and search the land of the living and dead and retrieve every body parts of mine that has been traded in the spirit and relocate them to me by fire in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
O Lord cause my blood and flesh to be poisonous to eaters of blood and flesh in Jesus name. Amen

O Lord saturate my environment with the fire of heaven causing it to be to hot for these spirit of infirmities in Jesus name.

I command every assignment of evil against my health to return to senders with the earthquake of God scatter them and they may never regroup again in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Lord I thank You for divine deliverance o behalf of Your Joycy, in Jesus name Amen


kathleen Reply:

very strong prayer amen


49 comfort azu 04.25.16 at 6:21 am

My sister introduced me to this site some months back and i have just registered.I’ve been waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb for 9years now,and at 2012 two minister of God said they saw me giving birth to twins.I met this two men of God in two different countries and same same messages i got.All my family members and loved ones have been praying along with me,i believe in God’s words that it can not go back to him void.His word is True.I believe that this year is my year of taking back all that the devil has stolen from me.I’m currently waiting on the Lord and will not give up until i receive my bundles of joy from him in Jesus Name.


50 Josephine A. O. 04.27.16 at 2:42 am

Dear Elisha,
May the good Lord richly bless you servant of the Most High God. I was introduced to u by a friend who unfortunately passed away (she was quite ill) two weeks later in March this year. I registered in the site and I have received 12 free emails from you, some with prayers, e.g. 7 Furious Prayers for April, 25 Thanksgiving prayers, The Cover prayer in the free ebook, the Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ and the prayer for getting out of debt. Servant of God, I’ve been firing these prayers at the midnight hour and guess what? My cheque for a job I did in 2011/2012 just got released two days ago. I cannot imagine what else the Lord has in store for me. Ive been meaning to share my testimony but the email I sent you probably didn’t go far. Now this platform pops up and am able to share what God has in store for me. I now have inner peace and trying to live a holy and Godly life. God even opened ways for me to follow your advise and I got a prayer coach whose teachings are exactly like yours. I’d like to join the prayer academy for more and more breakthroughs. May the Almighty God richy bless your ministry


51 jessie 04.28.16 at 5:11 am

Dear Elisha!
I use your prayer points since february 2016, but no fesults my husband totaly reject me and even nlock my cellfone number om his phone when I asked for money. He left home end february for another women. Lord showed me thar she use witchcraft against my marrige and she catch my husband with witchcraft. My husband also have jezebel spirit in him. The Lord show me the women and hen I pray against her witchcraft the more I saw snake which want to attack me in my dreams.
I did not know before that it was her but I saw snakes with 7heads to attack me and another black snake bit me on my hand and since then my marrige broke up.


52 noel indata 04.28.16 at 8:30 am

May God bless you Elisha for what you are doing. kindly help in prayers that I may be able to wake up at midnight for prayers. I love prayers and I wish to be a prayer warrior. my marriage is a polygamist and stand with me as I cancel the spirit of polygamies in my marriage as well as the family am married in my parents in law were polygamist so it seems it a generational curse. help me with prayer bullets to prayer over this issues pliz. am blessed with your prayer bullets whenever I pray I feel uplifted spiritually. I desire to join the academy help to pray for financial breakthrough


53 Addy 04.29.16 at 1:11 am

Dear Elisha,

First and foremost i want to thank for raising up someone like you during my time. Someone told me in passing about the prayer academy last year and i forgot all about it. Then sometime this year i just woke up trying to remember your name but i had completely forgotten. That very day i was struggling to remember your name so that i could check out your website, another friend of mine texted me and said ‘Do you know who Elisha Goodman is?’ From that moment i have been reading your material and i am blessed. i have been delivered from the spirit of depression. i would easily get depressed and just stop praying or reading the word but since i came across i have learned to spend more time focusing on God than sitting in the shadow of darkness and worrying about my problems. Thank you Elisha for allowing God to touch people who are willing to search for God across the globe.


54 G. M. 05.10.16 at 6:44 am

I thank God for this site, first of all i thank God for reviving my spiritual life when i started bullet prayers from your site. the Lord has activated his living presence and anointing in my life. He has reminded me of the power that i have in him to stand and pray directly and expects answers from God. The Lord is at work in my marriage. I believe God for total victory, deliverance, freedom, recovery, restoration, redemption, etc as regarding my marriage, our spiritual destiny, finances, relationships with parents and relatives, etc. The Lord is opening my eyes every time. today is my 21st day of thanksgiving and praise of prayers for strengthening marriages. I need total divine intervention that my husband will allow me to pray, especially at 12 midnight. i am believing God for total supernatural strength to do the Esther fast. God is faithful and he is able and i know he will not fail.


55 maemu 05.12.16 at 3:39 pm

I lost my job 10months ago. I still havent found another job. I have been applying left right and center. I have only been called for 1 interview in a very big company. I passrd.the interview and went for the physcometric test. Every thing seems ti.javr gine well but they havent called.me back. They always say they are still considering. I am drowning in debts, my car will be repossed soon. My life is falling apart.


56 Beatrice 05.19.16 at 7:38 am

Good day prayer eagles.

I would like to thank God for giving us a man like Elisha. I have been receiving your mails man of God and they come right on time I felt so encouraged. Few days back I was so depressed since i am always the last to be blessed amongst all my friends and I realised there was a spirit of delay. I was so depressed that I failed even to wake up and pray. A friend of mine send me a passion prayer book since I am failing to order them online. I was so motivated on Tuesday to the extent that i asked the holy spirit to help me wake up and pray. That midnight I prayed for almost 2 hours and i felt like i should pray and fast the following day. I fasted and fired prayer bullets for May and other prayer bullets in the book. During the day my mother called me and told me that my father was bringing a traditional healer at our home and he was going to perform the rituals over the night . That depressed my mother and I. I prayed aggressively and said Every serpent in my family line I crush your head with the hammer of God in Jesus name.O Lord, Let the earth reject any evil instruction against my family.
I also used Deborah prayer,i.e., I command the stars into war and I heavens fight for my family in Jesus name.
I sprinkled the blood of Jesus over the whole house. Guess what,to the glory of God the witch-doctor came and spend only 30minutes in the house when they had planned to spend the whole night performing their rituals. They failed to even talk to my mother.
The only problem left for my family is my father,I wish he could repent since all problems,I guess come from his attendance to sorcers. Despite the fact that he gave the witchdoctor $150 I know every evil instruction was neutralised.

I really love this God for giving us Elisha and his prayer bullets.May He continue to increase your greatness in Jesus name.


57 Albert 05.22.16 at 11:47 am

I would like to do three days of esther fasting and would like to get advise.My business of carpet cleaning was doing well until last month now my business is not doing well.


58 CATHY 06.10.16 at 6:13 am



59 Vongai 06.14.16 at 3:32 am

calvary greetings prayer eagles. I am more than celebrating spiritually. I am going through a personal apostolic restoration phase with prayer and fasting. As I was going through my emails from Elisha’s website, I came across a testimony on dreams and by just reading it, I remembered the dream I had today which is evidence God is listening to every prayer I utter.
Am so grateful to Jesus Christ for using Elisha in my life.

I hope to 1 day join other prayer eagles in the academy as God will provide the resources to do so through His riches in glory.


joy76 Reply:

amen our GOD is FAITHFUL>>>>God bless the MAN of GOD brother Elisha for accepting GODS mandate


60 faith 06.18.16 at 1:24 am

Dear Servant of God,
please stand wth us in prayer as our company is struggling to the point that yesterday the owners of the building almost closed the offices due to delay rental payments.
many clients of ours are owing us millions but are not paying.
we want the release of our payments this week in Jesus name.
Thank you in advance for standing with us.


61 Chisomo 06.22.16 at 6:48 pm

Ooooo hallelujah! I feel anointed and loved. The holy spirit is at work in my life. Soon you will hear from me. A big testimony in the pipeline. All the gates and doors in my life are being lifted up. Thanks Elisha for the prayer ammunition.


62 garatwe 06.28.16 at 3:51 am

I would like to be thankful to Elisha for blessing me with the emails tht u send to us,I pray tht God bless me with the fruit of the womb and financial breakthrough in my life and in my family in Jesus Name.


63 siphiwe 07.14.16 at 11:42 am

good day Elisha

I need prayer point to eliminate HIV.


64 JEMIMAH AMEMBA 07.19.16 at 3:54 am

I need prayer point to solve a case of debt. I was conned Kshs. 500,000 by one of Micro-financial Saccos. I was almost dying but through your prayer point atleast I have waken up.
I am just praying for my door to open and pay my debt which is almost Kshs. 750,000 in a bank. Today morning, I was called from the bank and I am waiting the manager in my office. I am praying to get a way through. I am so depressed.
Thank you.


65 msakala 07.19.16 at 8:18 am

thank you so much for the job you are doing may God richly bless you.

please send me prayer points for a good and better job.


66 Bianca 07.21.16 at 2:10 am

I need strong prayers for me to be aloud to stay in this county. And for God to heal me and my partner from hiv am always sick. My son is having recurrent ulcers for God to heal him as well thank you


67 KK 07.23.16 at 1:02 am

I had been asking God for a breakthrough in my life, so i started praying using the prayer points. And after a few days, that was when things started getting worse. Family arguments started, i was being attacked in my dreams & the enemy started attacking my body. I would get sick for no reason, but i refused to give up & started thanking God for my breakthrough BEFORE i saw the manifestations. Prayer works & spiritual warfare is real!

K. South Africa


68 Miemie Modise 08.01.16 at 3:19 am

Good Morning Elisha,

I need prayer points for my husband to start treating me better he does not appreciate or treat me better he puts his friends and child first as if i am nothing he also does not work i do but he fails to acknowlege and I need help praying with hope.


69 Sarah 08.04.16 at 12:01 pm

Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets you send to my email. May God bless you as these have taught me how to pray! God bless you.


70 rose 08.05.16 at 4:02 am



71 Sibongile 08.07.16 at 5:28 am

Pliz pray fo me man of God.l send money fo P.A thru western union CAD147 and after 6days it was transfered back into my account as CAD132.l know it’s the devil blocking me from joining the P.A.l will continue fighting until l join and take back what the enemy stole from me.


72 mmsabi 08.29.16 at 8:57 am

Hallo brother Elisha,

Thank you for your emails. I take the prayers at midnight and add fasting.
please am in need of a job and I also have huge fee balance at college I hope through this site I will see my breakthroughs.
God bless you.


73 Chrispin 08.30.16 at 3:59 am

Elisha, Thank you for opening my eyes on how to pray targeted prayer bullets on any situation, though I’ve not yet seen any breakthroughs but am adamant to keep on praying for my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus, because I know and believe that sooner or later my prayers will be answered. May God bless you in the Name of Jesus.


74 Tsemane 09.01.16 at 6:24 am

I believe there is something that I´m doing that is not right. Can we start again with one on one teachings / caoching. In order to get back on track or even have breakthroughs. it seems i´ll never have a breakthrough which is what i´m in need of


75 rema 09.01.16 at 10:05 am

Hi, Marlyne you are on the right track, just continue praying God will come to your aid even right now in your situation He is with you. 1 thessalonia 3:17,pray without ceasing.


76 bright 09.13.16 at 7:18 am

Thank you for the daily mails am getting
Better for my faith in Christ things are promising to be good
Praise the Lord!!!


77 goboza josephine 09.14.16 at 1:05 pm

Elisha, I thank you so much because your letters keep me going , if not so I would have fainted. Please can you enlighten me more on dreams and their interpretations. Thank you. Jossy


78 Dora 09.20.16 at 3:47 am

Elisha, your posts seem genuine and i believe they are a work of God.
My name is Dora and am believing God for a financial breakthrough, to take me out of this pit of debt that is surrounding me. I need God speed.
Join me in prayer.


79 Rose 09.21.16 at 4:36 am

My husband has married a second wife (after having an affair & fathering a child with the woman). He says he wants to have two wives and he still claims to be a Christian .He goes to church & prays. Does God approve of this? He sites many examples from the bible of people who were polygamous. Is this kind of relationship approved by God? As a wife do I pray against this new marriage?


80 Olivia 09.24.16 at 6:24 am


Thank you so much for the prayer bulletins. Joined in August however l am seeing a great manifestation in my finances Spiritual life

Prayed for a lady misplaced discs compressed nerve on her hip area she was literally crouched she couldn’t stand up straight hence she was dragging her foot with a limp.
I stepped out in faith prayed led by the Spirit. The Lord flowed through me in great force. She was delivered instant miraculous healing. She left walking upright and pain had lifted off. She called week later testifying the goodness of God.

Blessed with an order for my label Kokalai. That line of work had been dead for more than 1 & half years. Message placing an order.



81 Clara 09.29.16 at 1:25 am

I am very encouraged by the testimonies. I have been married 41 years this September . My husband left me and the children 20 years ago and married another woman even though we were not divorced. Now the children are grown up and I am feel left alone. My husband is not interested in returning to me. I would like to marry again but I am not sure how I pray for a spouse given my situation. This was not an issue until recently and I do not know how to start.


82 Cassandra 10.14.16 at 12:41 am

Please pray for my marriage, My family (generational curse), health,finance breakthrough and my job….I want to see restoration,healing and breakthrough in ….this is my year of takeback…in Jesus Name…Amen


83 Brigid 11.01.16 at 12:12 am

Praise God

I was introduced to you man of by a colleague. I’ve been having midnight hour prayers for one month and ever Since my life is full of peace. I can now pray for an hour of which previously l couldn’t. I trusting God for financial breakthrough and a better job. Pray for there’s an interview am waiting for and am sure our miracle working God Will put me through. Thanks once more for teaching us how to Pray


84 kelvin 11.01.16 at 3:38 am

thanks for your s;piritual support


85 L L 11.01.16 at 9:03 pm

I really am thankful of your touch through your sent messages to me always they are right onOR THIS FAMILY PLEASE SEND ME PRAYER POINTS FOR THIS. AP F spot.It wsant easy for me to start the prayer academy on the 25 Ocftober but Im now in by God s grace.I feel so restored Im now back to the roots where God use to communicate with me through dreams.

I had a dream today where I was recriving a message that my aunt s husband was tired of pain and was giving up,dying.He is diabetic and also high blood pressure.Ifeel is not yet time for him to die my aunt passed on long time ago my cousins will be left orphans .Man of God can I have prayer points for this please


86 nguru 11.08.16 at 2:46 am

am really moved and touched by all these testimonies in this site n i can attest it is the best site i have ever come to. its helped me have a better understanding of how God works and that i dont have to be prayed for to receive my breakthrough.
i have a problem though, every time i set to fast i find myself breaking the fast in between, when i embark on the midnight prayers i am only serious for like two or three days then i forget entirely though the guilt really affects me. please help me overcome such cause i really want my walk with God to be steadfast.
thank you all for your prayers.
God bless you.


87 bernice ngui 11.09.16 at 8:25 am

I am just blessed by your site…am praying to get married to a Godly spouse whom will serve God together with.. Amen


88 jabulile 11.14.16 at 6:10 am

Evening man of god ive bin reading testimonies n thy powerful,i also need a prayer ive bin submitting cv’s bt no luck of a job,m asking for a prayer that i get a permanent job,


89 christine 11.25.16 at 10:01 pm

Praise God ,man of God, truly ve seen results in following you, and I thank God. My business as been going through a very difficult time, and yesterday reviewed to me how my cashier as been stealing from me everyday. The midnight prayer,a and the 7 furious prayer point are a dynamite. I glorify my God.


90 elizabeth 11.30.16 at 2:53 pm

I thank you man of God for this wonderful site. Im asking for prayer points to curse spirit of lust which follows my husband


91 josephine 12.02.16 at 3:53 am

praise God, man of God, i was introduced to website a month ago, n i thank because u have helped me increase my faith, im requesting u to pray for mi that God delivers mi from spirit of rejection. i have been at my job for 5 years but i never no peace, am ever taken as a nobody, abused my efforts are never realised and am always threatened to be sacked.


92 DUNCAN BAMWESIGYE 12.08.16 at 1:24 am

Dear, Elisha, I and my sister have been praying for long until on December 2014 when we began now together with the Midnight prayer. she asked me and encouraged me to do Esther Fast. I have been very tired of the way life is moving me so I dared and did it. However on the second day i thought i would die and since i stay alone i Ate my sister didnt but though we were 50kms apart. By Jan things broke loose and they got their promotion overseas with in less than 20 days their whole life was a testimony they traveled and guess what instead of stopping the mid night prayers they increased and run them like mad people the lord kept them alive and family after like a year oversees they were all poisioned and were all admited to hospital they came back from hospital and continued with the prayers then later now 2 todays back they my sister and husband went beyond fire and prayed to return home in Uganda. Guess what the lord brought them back on the highest promotion. God is good for me i have learnt to resist evil through prayer i have learnt to stay with no money and still pray. I have got a finacee and my wedding is soon after 3 years of failed relationship with my old past. God renewed me with a new prayer worrior and our wedding is soon next year. Christ is lord and a true help in times of trouble ,A God of the eleventh hour Matthew 20.6-7. Mid night prayer works people dont be decieved,its not a waste of sleep. The lord Christ will creat a highway road in your red sea what ever it is poverty marital distress rejection addiction and all the dirty things in your closet will be cleaned.


93 Elizabeth South Africa 12.27.16 at 5:32 am

Dear Elisha,
I would love to join your prayer academy,but cannot at the moment due to financial constraints. I am praying the prayer bullets you send each day though. I had sub contracted for work and the contractor, not only did not pay us when we finished working for him in December, but has penalized our payments illegally and withheld more than R30000 owed to us. I am praying your midnight prayer bullets since I have first discovered your website. I have had to resort to legal means to demand payment of the moneys owed to us. i ma trusting God for a miracle that the moneys would be paid summarily without any delay.

God bless you. Your teachings are an encouragement.



94 Lucy 12.28.16 at 2:59 pm

Hallo,please send me closing and opening prayers for 2017


95 masetefane makuta 12.29.16 at 8:22 am

Please send me prayer points for beginning year 2017


96 Florence 12.31.16 at 4:16 am

Your prayers have blessing to me. Please send me closing and opening prayer for 2016/2017


97 naomi kasudi 01.09.17 at 5:12 pm

I was introduced to your site by a friend and. my prayer life has chaged compbletely .God bless you !


98 Onike 01.10.17 at 8:26 pm

Hi Elisha, I have been praying for my husband to get a job to assist me. He has been jobless for a very long time. Please help me in praying for him..


99 Mimie 01.19.17 at 7:00 am

Hello fellow believers, i really wanted to join this January 25th Prayer Academy, but unfortunately i can not due to being paid month end 31st January. I am so desperate for my prayers to be answered, i am sick and tired of failure in every area of my life. I hunger for a closer walk with God


100 angelina mckenzie 01.23.17 at 8:02 am

Elisha my Son is in Jail and i know he is there for what he has done, please pray for my daughter to get the job of her heart.


101 Pheobie 02.13.17 at 10:33 pm

Prayer has become my day to day life ….thank you for your teachings.lm waiting on the lord


102 Jonathan 02.17.17 at 6:26 am

I dream eating good, unemployed and i lose temper so often people help me in prayers to connect with GOD


103 Jonathan 02.17.17 at 6:33 am

I dream eating food, unemployed and i lose temper so often people help me in prayers to connect with GOD


104 jonas smart 02.24.17 at 5:29 am

for purposes spiritual warfare


105 Blessingmvura 03.02.17 at 8:42 am

thank u for these prayers I am now spiritual warrior


106 ndaombo4 03.04.17 at 2:49 pm

Praise the Lord! We serve a good God. Our God is Faithful , Wonderful and Awesome. Amen


107 leah 03.08.17 at 7:49 am

thank you for this website I was blind but now I can see.
leah´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for February 2017


108 James Muia 03.09.17 at 2:54 am

I really needed this.

Please servants of God, agree with me for financial breakthrough, the situation is tough,. Also pray with me against the spirit of delay, several areas, that the Lord may release His divine blessings in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.


109 lmotloenya 03.15.17 at 4:42 am

Greetings in Jesus Name.

My name is Lebo. I would like to join Prayer academy and i don’t have the money. I am very adamant and believe that i will return every thing that was stolen from me. because now i’ve been praying the bullets but i dont know which ones can take me out of debts and live happily ever after. The problem i hae now is i live from paycheck to pay check and strugglin gto make ends meet. i am tire living this life. i want my life to change to better even more than better.


110 Gladys-Gertrude Kanengoni 03.16.17 at 9:16 am

Man of God thank you Elisha for your prayer points which you always send me. I have lots of testimonies from the prayer points. Will be joining your academy soon as I am praying for a financial break through. Went for a holiday overseas, a promotion at work etc. If I want anything just pray at midnight the following two days it is done. This God is awesome. Thank you for sending me the bulletin. May the Lord lift you up and bless you.


111 bright 03.23.17 at 5:18 pm

i would like to thank God for cancelling one of My debts bt still i know alot ll happen this yr.praise him all the tym Amen


112 Sebastian Joseph 03.24.17 at 1:01 am

Dear Br Elisha, lam starting the Prayer Accademy tomorrow, and l want my prayers answered . I’m worried – I got your book Prayer of Caleb from a friend and photocopied and started praying with that also emailed you then started getting emails from you and ordered books , joined PA. My question is whether should I destroy the photocopy of Prayer Caleb or can I keep it with your permission please.. Please forgive me for doing that , i didn’t know that was not allowed, and I’m asking God to forgive me too. The book is still to reach, waiting. Please advise me . May God bless you abundantly for your support, the prayers are powerful and life changing.


113 JOSE LUIS 04.01.17 at 12:21 pm

God bless Elisha I am being tormented by demons in the dream, I feel a spirit above my body and it makes me uncomfortable to wake up, I also need to be free of spiritual spouses, I resivido your mails I have some of your books I need to advance in each area of My life liberation in my family my family to state in witchcraft and there are generational matrimonies little remain married, and muschos are single as I need help.


114 BM 04.05.17 at 10:27 am

May you wthhold my name.!
The news letters opened my spiritual eyes. Never had i known of midnight prayer. It made me cry for countless christians left to be oppressed right in the house of God due to spiritual ignorance.
No wonder i hav been praying for my backsliden, and home alianated husband since 2000 wth no soonr answerers, I decided to live wth forgiveness towards him till today, against the advice of divorce by my christian leaders, the statement which made me to wonder, if Jesus would have told me that. I kept on praying for him wthout any pastoral help trusting God to help me somehow because his word says i hate divorce” i kept on wondering ” how do i meditate on something God hates? has my husband commited an unpardonable sin?
On 28/2/2016 after i declared 1John 3:8 on my continued prayers for him, he came home and i am nursing a complete strange baby, much that i do wonder if its him or an allien wearing his face.
Am saving wth all effort to join prayer accademy for a focused couching prayer.
God bless this ministry and may the world know about it.
Thank u.


115 Lydia 04.15.17 at 3:49 pm

Dear Elisha, am in tears as i write this. Nothing in my life is going well -: i lost my job, started a business and i counted was loss, my marriage broke, my finances are slipping away, my status is reactivate, am in debts and the list is endless. Kindly join me in prayers to reverse the situation and claim God’s blessings upon my life


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