27 Minutes to Midnight Report 2016

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Calvary greetings …

As our eagles love to say:

“My prayer gun is reloaded …
and my trigger finger is itchy.”

We are getting ready to storm the gates of 2016.

The end-of-year Special Report is now ready.

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December 30th.

We fire the first salvo. Don’t get left behind.

See you at the gate of 2016.


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Be An Overcomer!

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What’s your praise report?

What has the LORD done for you 2015?

I’d like to hear about it.

Your comments and testimonies might just encourage someone out there.

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1 Pam11 01.21.16 at 5:03 pm

Joining the PA and storming the gates of 2016 were the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The enemy has been scared ever since. A company from which I was unfairly treated and made to leave bitterly suddenly looked for me half way across the world to make me a very lucrative offer! All that was stolen from me is being recovered, that which I want and also what I”m no longer interested in. I’m taking back my blessings this year!


2 Emilly 01.30.16 at 5:15 am

Praise the Living God. Early this year I promised myself to resume the midnight prayers which had stopped like 5 years back. As soon as I started with the 27 minutes to midnight prayers I got this dream that I would like to get the true meaning. In the dream, I rented a big building which had been neglected for years and no longer functioning. It wall like a cinema hall, very old, with broken roof, and some trenches at the behind. Many people started coming to this building after I had rented it and they conducted prayers, worshiped and praised God. Conferences and many testimonies were shared. The number that turned up kept on increasing each time and they willingly paid their money to enter. The place was not good looking inside since it had been neglected for some time, the seats were so old and not enough but some came with mats to sit on and others were standing. Everyone was praising me for renting the place since they enjoyed what was taking place and telling me how I am making a lot of money. I just smiled back to them but promised myself to use the money to renovate the building and make it look good. That was the dream and I am sure it has a message for me from God but I really don’t know what message it carries. Thank you Brother Elisha for the Good work. bleblessyouu. Emily, Uganda


3 nancy 01.30.16 at 9:57 am

i have just purchased my 9 kit for PA im so expectant enough is enough ive used my last money my account is empty i have a lot of debt enough is enough im know my God is able.NANCY ZAMBIA


4 FAITH 02.01.16 at 9:04 am

I feel at home as i have come back to your website Elisha.i have some weeks now since last year June when i could not access to your web due to my device problem no wonder the attack came to my godly spouse whom located me after using your prayer bullet, but i believe now all things will be ok as the LORD who directed me to this web is on battle to accomplish me. can i storm the gate now as i want to use your style and prayers to do so or am i late as the first month of the year is already gone?


5 trifena 02.03.16 at 7:25 am

Greetings in the name of Jesus


6 Loiusa 02.05.16 at 12:24 pm

I have just received forwarded mail from a friend & sister. I have read the comments and testimonies and have started to pray the 7 Furious Prayers for February 2016.
I have challenges over health, opposition & injustice from boss at work. I have to figure out how to send the money for my ebooks


7 Pettie 02.06.16 at 7:03 pm

hi can you please post me prayer points


8 Lnjanja 02.10.16 at 1:54 pm

1. I am curious about the picture above. Kindly let me know what it represents

2. In prayers and getting dreams that are different but one figure is constant in all dreams. A huge dark fellow who seems to be in the entrance of the church. Who is this.
example: a) In a dream i was travelling, paid and got change just to meet a thief waiting with a knife and asked for the money.Quickly i gave but negotiated for a small change. He returned all the money but was left with my documents. I went to church and at the entrance met this huge figure and went
b) last night woke up to pray but fell back to sleep. I saw myself visiting some sisters that were living together and doing very well. One escorted me and wanted to give me some very strong maize from her beautiful well kept shamba. When leaving i saw this unkept piece of land. I said this was once my shamba but some one else was in it and producing very ugly beans. i saw the big black fellow and dream ended.

What is this and what do i do?


9 mary muturi 02.13.16 at 6:03 am

Praise God .I have gone through the PA and Istormed the gates of 2016 but the enemy is figh
ting me harder.We separated with my husband on january this year and he brought in another woman to my marital bed.please send me prayer bullets targeting this situation because it has to change and it must change in the name of JESUS.


10 Maria Kaali 02.17.16 at 3:19 am

Good morning my brother and sister in Christ
I would like to ask if I need someone to interpret my dreams who can help me with that because I get confuse whether its a warning or a vision.


11 unkown 02.18.16 at 9:34 am

please pray with me an give me prayer points for breakthrough in every sphere of my life


12 adekanbi 02.20.16 at 8:06 am

I thank God for this platform and appreciate our coach for teaching us how to pray answered prayers. I was called last year November about my sisters health that she was admitted with inability to breathe, I sense in my spirit it was a spiritual attack I mobilized my other sisters to join me at 12 noon wherever they are to pray for her with this prayer bullet sent to my box.” Let’s intercede for our sister .by 12 noon today with this prayer. For the day of d Lord is upon Seun’s health challenges such as the
pain on the chest and back, sharp pains
all over the body, high temperature,
appendicitis and peptic ulcer. As you have
done it shall be done to you. Your divine
judgement by fire, sword and whirlwind
shall return on your own head.” in Jesus name. God bless you” to the glory of God and shame of the devil she called back next day that she is on her way to interview healthy and sound. Hallelujah.


13 Patricia 02.29.16 at 12:53 am

Hie Elisha.
I would like to say thanx to my sisy Faith who introduced me to this website. Since I was introduced to this I make every followup to
ur emails you send me everyday. I feel good when iam reading to some of the testimonies very touched. Elisha plizzz My worry is help me with the targets prayers so that I shud make a follow up with those prayers. I pray every day, but I no sometime we fail coz we don’t target our prayers. Plizz help me.
I want to join the prayer academy but I no that its a matter of time. One day I will join very soon.
Help me in scenario like, iam a married young lady with two kids and my husband has been jobless since we got married. ELIsha to be honest sometimes I get annoyed by the situation we are in. Up to the essident that I ask my self why did I got married to this person who has got nothing to do.plizz help me. I work in a company where I handle a lot of cash. Sometimes I vet tempted yo the money voz I left home with no food when going for work. Plizz Elisha help me iam not such type of a person.
Laetly I ve been working in that company for almost 10 years without considering me about any promotion. Plzz help me wit the target players so that I shud be following.
Iam veru sori I may write this long email to you but this is what iam going through.
Plizz help me with your target players so that I shud shock My enemies one day and disappoint my friends in jesus name!!.


14 mary wawira 02.29.16 at 2:02 pm

Elisha, am glad to have stumbled upon this website and I know I will be blessed. I have read your eBook and especially cracking the dream code, it has helped me interpreted several dreams. there is this one dream that keeps coming back once in a while for more than 10 years. I dream that am being stabbed with a knife on my back and I usually struggle to stay alive. the stab is so painful I usually wake up in pain. I have been praying but kindly interpret this dream for me.and guide me how to pray about it. thank you


15 Beauty 03.05.16 at 1:39 am

Greetings, I was in the middle of redoing the 2016 27 minutes to midnight storming at the gates as I really felt I needed to. Now the page will not let me access the prayers please can somebody who saved them in Word or any form send me I am feeling really naked without completing the 14days. Thank you in Jesus Christ’ name.


16 Rahab 03.06.16 at 1:41 pm

Am not able to access http://goo.gl.8AWp2 .It does not open fully. Last week I was able to open it but now I cannot see the prayers. Kindly assist.


17 Florence 03.11.16 at 12:38 am

Glory be to God Almighty , our Lord is surely strong and mighty . thank you Elisha for your daily Emails which have taught me how to pray and get answers . God has lifted me up from the dangeon to the seat of greatness . I’m blessed beyond measures . In January I started my 3 day and night Esther’ fast and I saw results . To God be the Glory He healed my womb on my first day after I had completed the fast , I was asleep and I was attacked by spirit husband and I said enough was enough started firing prayer points with so much fury after some time there was pain in my womb from both sides of my womb and up and down making a cross I didn’t stop praying the pain got stronger and stronger and finally it moved up my navel and stopped . I knew immediately I was delivered
Since then I kept praying with the prayer points on this website 27 mins to midnight , digging deep and understanding the word of God , reading Christian books with empowering messages , thanking God and praising him everyday for all the blessings and His mercies , now I have a true hunger for God and want to know him better . and God has been visiting me in my dreams and giving me great visions. My husband a non believer who actually never at all believed in God and ridiculed Christianity has given his life to Jesus . Glory be to God
Before I was full of anger always fighting with my husband hating him even when he did nothing wrong .I had lost interest in my marriage . But now I found joy in my Lord and all anger and hatred is gone . My husband and I pray together and even read the bible together . I thank God for His mercies in my life and His Devine favour . I have never known happiness and peace like this ever before in my life .
Attacks in my dreams with spirit husbands , being fed food in my dreams , and all sorts of bad dreams were my night routine till I feared going to bed . But my God of impossibles has taken all that away . He has turned my mourning into happiness and my sorrows into Joy . Hallelujah . Even my friends at work can see the difference one just asked me what is the secret of my happiness .
By Gods will I’m joining the PA this month and I can’t wait I’m so excited . Thank you Lord


18 Grace 03.22.16 at 12:01 pm

Greetings to you all in the name of our land Jesus Amen .I was introduced to this website last year. Please man of God I want you to join in prayer.I have been reading all the testimony on this website they’re so wonderful and I was be living the same too but is not working I have used all the points at midnight prayer even did Esther fastiñg twice I feel rejection no good no financial breakthrough I don’t know what do again no job


19 Lillian chimunda 03.22.16 at 11:46 pm

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ .i need to be connected back my phone was down,so I lost contact with site,Iam being blessed a lot with testimonies and prayers,I’m still waiting for my own testimonies are coming very soon. I love this eye opener and annointed site. My new contacts are lichimunda@gmail.com and full names are Lillian Chimunda thank you. Zimbabwe


20 llelei 04.06.16 at 2:55 pm

Praise Jesus, am trying to log in the new 24 hr Blog but I can’t. I never received an email on the same. How can I be helped.


21 Sai Ciriavesi 06.27.16 at 10:26 pm

Will you kindly share your prayer points with me. I have not been receiving any emails from your website. I cannot buy the prayer books but have been using the prayer points you’ve been sending in praying for me & my family and friends and also your ministry.
Thank you and God bless.


22 Blessing Onyekachi 08.01.16 at 8:07 am

Good day Pst. Elisha, i have been following your site for quite sometime now and i have not been able to gain access to the prayer academy even to make payment has been difficult, i really don’t know how to go about it course every avenue provided wasn’t working maybe it a nigeria factor problem i really cannot explain, pls advise.

Secondly, i notice from this angle that mr. adekanbi probably a nigerian is able to gain access to the academy, pls can you enlighten me better.

Thanks as i await your responses.



23 Blessing Onyekachi 08.01.16 at 8:11 am

also, rather than waiting endlessly can purchase this books or manual via email for personal prayers since i cannot gain access to the academy. if yes, advise me on how to go able it. Thanks.


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