13 Things You Shouldn’t Accept Without Putting Up A Fight – Part 2

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Last week I posted the 13 things you should
not accept without putting up a fight.

We went on to demonstrate how to deal with
the last one #13 - Rejection.

Today, we’re about to do it again.

But first –

Please understand that in the spirit realm
blessings float around day and night …

… hoping someone will finally pray them into
physical manifestation…

AND they are usually disappointed!

Ps. 68: 19 says:

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with
benefits, even the God of our salvation.

These benefits are spiritual, emotional
and material.

But many people hardly “taste” them at all.

When believers are not able to see the daily
blessings from the Lord, then what do they see?

Some or all of the 13 things I mentioned in my
last email.

But this does NOT have to be your portion.

NOW let’s demonstrate the gospel.

Not just talk about it.

So let’s take #1: Debt

= = = =

Kristy, a new subscriber to our website writes:

*** Swimming in debt for 14 years ***

“I’ve been battling with debts for a long time.
I try to sell my cars, nothing is working out.
Please pray for me. The more I try to clear them
the more they grow again.” — K.K.

= = =

She got this all wrong.

She should not wait for anyone to pray for her…

Rather she needs to learn how to pray for herself like this:

“Every chain binding me to the grindstone of debt,
be broken be shattered to pieces in the name of Jesus.”

Now she needs a certain kind of attitude … one that is
NOT being taught today … to pray this kind of prayer
to breakthrough.

It is the attitude of spiritual AUDACITY… something
that we teach, without any apologies, at the Prayer Academy.

Here’s an example:

= = = =

I am very grateful and all glory to God for ordering my footsteps to your
website in 2011. You taught me to construct prayer points from Bible verses
and I have shared this with ladies I study the Bible with.

Praying Bible based prayers do work Brother, I have heard calls from the
ladies in my group thanking me for this teaching.

Yes, nothing really happens in the spirit realm until someone prays. My debt with
a financial institution of $35000 has been cleared as we speak by divine helpers
raised by the Lord.

- LM (27 Feb 2015)

= = = =

Praise the LORD.

Obviously I cannot promise that you will
get the same answers as LM.

In fact you may NOT receive any answers at all …
(Please see 5 Ways God Answers Prayers – Prayer Academy)


Any believer who does not at least learn to claim divine
blessings through prayer is like a man starving to death
with a loaf of bread under each arm.

Debt and the problems it causes are like an evil chain
that binds you from fulfilling your divine destiny in Christ.

Now there is something we all need to understand about debt.

It is a secret WEAPON of war. Plain and simple.

The rich use it against the poor.

Proverbs 22:7 says:

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is
servant to the lender. 

Rich nations secretly use it against poor nations
(ever heard of the IMF?).

The enemy is a master at deploying the weapon of debt
against the people of God…

… especially those who think (and preach) that
poverty is a virtue.

Note that being righteous does NOT exempt anyone from
being attacked by the devil and his cohorts… using the
combined weapons of debt and poverty.

But you have a CHOICE.

You can either accept it meekly as the will of God
(a lie, by the way) or you can learn how to command
the agents of debt and poverty to carry their evil load.

The choice is yours.

Congratulations if you are currently in one of the many
TAKE BACK sessions going on right now.

With the targeted prayers embedded in this year’s
programs, owners of the 13 evil loads will soon be
forced to carry their load from your life in Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer


PS: Next Prayer Academy –  25th.

(First-timers only: Program has limited enrollment.
Please apply early to guarantee your spot).


Nothing happens in the spirit realm
until someone prays.

Next prayer train is about to leave the station.

We’re gunning the engine, holding the door
open for you (IF YOU HAVE NEVER JOINED).

Are you ready for the ride that can change your
life forever?

Then it is TIME to take that first step:


PPS: Congratulations to those in the Platinum Prep Program, Spousewell,
1000 Prayers for Singles, Prayer Academy, Gold Academy, Diamond Edition, etc….

Your testimonies will surprise your friends and shock your enemies…
this month.

When it happens, don’t delay to share it here!
(To glorify God and put the devil and his cohorts to shame)

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1 yemu 01.26.16 at 6:00 am

i need, i must learn to pray……………. to such a point i know i have been heard by my God, to feel and know in my heart that i have been in His presence in Heaven above………


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