13 Things You Shouldn’t Accept Without Putting Up A Fight – Part 3

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Let me say it again:

“A believer who does not learn to claim
divine blessings through prayer is like a
man starving to death with a loaf of bread
under each arm.”

Let’s recap:

There are 13 things you should NOT accept
without putting up a fight.

Here they are again:

1.   Debt
2.   Divorce
3.   Delay
4.   Dream attacks
5.   Stagnancy
6.   Joblessness
7.   Sickness
8.   Barrenness
9.    Addictions
10.  Poverty
11.  So-called incurable disease
12.  Failure at the edge of breakthrough
13.  Rejection

In the last 2 emails, we demonstrated what
to do if you’re faced with #1 and 13.

Today we move on to #6: Joblessness

What does the scripture have to say about this?

(This is serious, so please pay attention).

2 Thess 3:10 says:

For even when we were with you, this we commanded
you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

So God wants us to work.

It is the will of God for you to work.

If you are earnestly looking for work, and you are
not able to find it, then know that something is amiss.

And you should NOT accept it at all.

Let’s demonstrate how to do it.

With a HOT and FRESH report from MM.

She says:

= = = =

“God qualified me for  a job I did not qualify for.
I have  been praying midnight prayers for almost 3 weeks
now and it has been fun. I pray with much confidence.

After my NYSC, its a compulsory one year internship in
my country, I told God I don’t want to sit at home
doing nothing.

Over here, people say to get a good job,  you must
know someone in the place. I refused to believe that,
I kept telling myself  ’I know God who created everything
and everyone, he will get me a job’

On the day the NYSC was to come to an end,  a friend
of mine told me about this company … and I went there

When I stepped inside the building, I remembered your
prayer point  ’As I step on this ground, so shall my
territory be enlarged’

I prayed it and also said that I claim the place for
my inheritance.  Afterwards I removed fear and doubt
and covered myself in favor and grace.

I got so much confidence. I met with the team and they
gave me a test. I didn’t know how to carry it out very
well but I prayed for God’s direction and received it.

I went to submit my test. While I was waiting for them
to evaluate, I saw your mail about the 13 things to
not accept, I read the testimony of how the sister prayed
and her friend was not rejected.

The prayer was for rejecting failure at the edge of
my breakthrough.  I prayed it immediately while I was
waiting for the men to come out and tell me their decision.

It was reaching an hour and devil wanted me to fear but
I prayed and said God has given me confidence and this
job so I need not fear. While I was praying God Almighty
was doing it. He turned their hearts to accept.

My God gave me the job. I am starting beginning of
March next week.”

- MM

= = = =

Praise the LORD.

This praise report came in two days ago.

The email she referred to was sent out 3 days earlier.

It landed in her inbox the moment she needed it!

In the Platinum Prep Program, we explain how
godly thoughts give birth to proper attitudes and
righteous ACTIONS (plus the scripture to back it up).

See how MM was able to deal with FEAR and ANXIETY…
by refocusing her thoughts on relevant scripture when
it mattered most.

NOTICE the prayer bullets she released to quickly take
possession (in the spirit) when she stepped into that place.

By so doing, she totally defied the conventional
wisdom about getting a job in her country.

Why am I showing you this email?

I receive TONS of emails daily from believers in 117
countries struggling to get a job… or a better job.

Many of them are using worldly methods … instead
of deploying the principles of the Kingdom.

And what they get is FRUSTRATION.

But MM (and thousands of others who take our teachings
to heart) do things differently…

… and get different results.

This is HOW to take back what the devil stole,
without any apologies.

Congratulations if you are currently in one of the
many TAKE BACK sessions going on right now.

With the targeted prayers embedded in this year’s
programs, owners of the 13 evil loads listed here will
soon be forced to carry their load from your life in
Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer


PS: Next Prayer Academy – coming SOON.

(Program has limited enrollment. Apply early to
guarantee your spot – first-timers only).


Remember: Nothing happens in the spirit realm
until someone prays.

Next prayer train is about to leave the station.

We’re gunning the engine, holding the door
open for you.

Are you ready for the ride that can change your
life forever?

Then it is TIME to take that first step:


PPS: Congratulations to those in the Platinum Prep Program, 
Spousewell, 1000 Prayers for Singles, Prayer Academy,
Gold Academy, Diamond Edition, etc….

(NOTE: Platinum has NOT yet started — we’re still in the prep prayers)

Your testimonies will surprise your friends and
shock your enemies…

When it happens, don’t delay to share it here!
(To glorify God and put the devil and his cohorts to shame)


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1 Anastacia 06.29.16 at 1:58 am

Our good Lord has done great things for me since I started the midnight prayers. The devil launched an attack after I testified to my family and friends of God’s great. I lost my job and school at the same time and I am telling the lord to give me strength to pray even more harderror to conquer the trials. Devil is a lier.


2 Nancy 06.29.16 at 2:08 am

This email has just come at the right time for it is only yesterday when I received a call that I had been shortlisted for interviews for a top CEO position. I know that God has already dispatched His angels of favour ahead of me and every other candidate competing with me for this position, their efforts are already frustrated and discouraged. The interviewing panel will choose me because of the Power that backs me up, the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Power that held water when Jesus walked on it, the Power that raised Lazarus from the dead. The mountains before me have already been leveled, for me the child of God to take up this position of authority and shame the devil. Like David, my appointed promotion time has come to rise and shine for the Lord and all glory be to Him. AMEN


3 Anastacia 06.29.16 at 2:35 am

I am dealing with some stubborn things: failure at the edge of the breakthroughs, delays in achieving my career, lack ,stagnant/backwardness, and rejection. I had a very good job and my studying were coming up well but everyt time I plan of my move in future it doesn’t happen. My lost my job, my client died, that affected my studies I couldn’t make the required scores to move forward. Am accelerating at zero point and the same thing happened exactly in 2010. I pray every midnight and even go back to the foundation prayers. I don’t know what else I should do except to lean on God no matter how hard things are.



hello ,may you please help out with prayers to clear out debts,financial breathru


francis Reply:

Plse help me pray against delay and poverty. On 03/03/03 at midnight God walk me up and asked me to look for pen and paper and told me that I surrender my entire life to Him and will bless me like he blessed Abraham and that he will send me to far away countries where I will work among wolves and will be with me as was with Daniel in the den of lions. God said I will not die like a popper but leave inheritance to the children’s children. Iam 68 years and have waited for almost 15 years and it means have another 10 years to wait.
Indeed Iam the opposite of Abraham because Iam poor but with 14 children.


4 cleo cele 06.29.16 at 4:43 am

Still fighting and waiting for my breakthrough..not giving up.


5 Florence 06.29.16 at 5:14 am

I applied for a job and was called for interview however i was not given the job but i continued to pray ” Covenant keeping God of Abraham ,Jacob and Isaac in places they have rejected cause them to call me back and fall all over themselves to help me in Jesus Name” they called me back and offered me the job i am reporting on 1/7/2016 Glory to God i give him all the honour and thanks.
Florence Kenya


6 Irene Sunney 06.29.16 at 7:28 am

Dear Elisha. I am so grateful to God for my life. I have been praying most often at midnight with some of your prayer bullets in my mail, and believing God for a breakthrough . But I know God has been very good to me and my family cause the most precious gift to ever get from God is His gift of life. Even though I still haven’t found a job yet, I have been jobless for two years now , but as His word says in 1 THESS 5:8 , in everything ishould give thanks ;for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning me. So I continue to trust God in bad times. I thank God for your life as well cause you have thought me to pray for myself. I have bought all the books but yet to sign up to start the pre- marathon . Not unto us but unto God be the glory .


7 cmbewe 06.29.16 at 7:38 am

hallo, i need to buy the prayer of caleb but its only found in kits containing other books, is there away i can buy just a copy of prayer of caleb?



8 Sangraram Sockiah 06.29.16 at 10:43 pm

Thank you very much for sending me prayer points. Am very encouraged and following it diligently. Thru the prayers, am in the verge of projects breakthroughs. once my funds come in, my top priority is to joint Prayer Academy.
Thank you once again.



9 Beatrice MUKABYAGAU 06.30.16 at 10:03 am

Thank you for encouraging the people of God and showing them how to pray.
Stay blessed!


10 farirai 07.04.16 at 11:06 am

I have been praying for a job for the past two and a half years. God has seen it fit to giive my husband a job instead. I give God praise for that and I still believe he is going to give me a job which will shock my enemies and surprise my friends.


11 Ennie 07.05.16 at 2:01 am

I still fight for my breakthrough as I am preparing to enter three days fasting ,may you keep me in your prayers so that I may keep standing in prayer


12 mokopi332002 07.06.16 at 5:49 am

It was just a struggle for me to pray in the midnight hours until i met Elisha Goodman, iv received the 17 prayers for midnight, and i will testify after 21 days. Amen


13 Holly 07.07.16 at 8:39 pm

I have established two preschools. The clients are not coming as expected and the rents are due and soon staff salary. I need spiritual reinforcement. Please intercede for me as I pray fervently and aggressively to have a financial breakthrough and a successful educational establishment. I thank you kindly…..


14 Ysay 07.08.16 at 5:47 am

I am still not satisfied with my income, I am still looking for new job and waiting to attend an interview. I fighting to get my desired job event hough I am far advanced in age


15 hadok 07.08.16 at 4:41 pm

I stumbled on this site after I received a book from a sister. I was suddenly convinced that I knew a lot less than what I should know about warfare. My whole life has been a battle in every department of life- Finances, dream attacks, health marriage work and ministry. I have been jobless for almost 10 years yet somehow God has sustained me through it all I have started the mid night prayer after slagging behind due to frustration and discouragement. Want to join the prayer academy but cannot afford it so i make do with the email prayers I receive. My hearts cry is for an immediate deliverance. Remember me in your prayers. If there is any special prayer bullet I need let me know PLEASE. I will not give up.


16 Brenda Najjemba 07.09.16 at 5:34 pm

Hello want a better job and financial breakthrough. My twins are sticklers I pray to God for their healing .


17 lydia 07.10.16 at 2:23 am

Am grateful to the prayer academy. Sometimes from 2014 i have been Praying to get out of debt. The bank loan was so huge i could not even Pay my House rent at the end of the Month. In Nov 2015 my dad paid the whole amount for me. Am so grateful to GOd for He answered my prayer to get out of debt. Thanks to PA. Now Am praying for a better Job. Lydia kenya


18 Janet 07.10.16 at 4:16 pm

Praise the Lord for all the wonderful testimonies! I pray that I shall soon have my testimony! Because even thou I sometimes feel discouraged immediately I read of someone’s testimony and that cheers me on! I have been a member for over 9 years although I had a break in between. But ever since reconnecting sometime in 2012 things have been up and down; although I have gained tremendously in my prayer life both for me and my family! However, am still highly indebted because where things are looking up for me they are very grim for my grown children who struggle but things are not moving! am having to foot the bills of four of my children and their families! I am sharing these prayers with them and encouraging them to be prayerful but they are lukewarm about it. except for one daughter who is a warrior thru and thru but is hit the most with retardation in progress! Pse stand in prayer for my family and I to get out of debt and find breakthrough in our lives for the glory of God! We have potentially very lucrative investments but we are stuck!


19 Bayo 07.13.16 at 3:07 am

Please help me out i need grace to wake up in the dead night and fight my battle. I usually wake up 4:30 am to prepare for work but difficult to pray in the night.


20 Maggie rutec 07.19.16 at 1:35 am

Iam happy for this Elisha bullet …it work well for me ..I just started almost 2 days after joining …I pray midnight prayer and third morning when I open my email I received two jobs offer to choose from …thanks God gor the miracle


21 Maggie rutec 07.19.16 at 1:38 am

Iam happy for this Elisha bullet …it work well for me ..I just started almost 2 days after joining …I pray midnight prayer and third morning when I open my email I received two jobs offer to choose from …thanks God for the miracle


22 Lydia 07.29.16 at 5:58 am

Hi Elisha,

My name is Lydia, I thank you for the prayer points you are sending, but I need to ask you , to please be in prayers for me, every time when I am on fasting or serious on midnight prayers for something, I experience lots of attacks at work and in my live, and become discouraged, please assist , and everything that I am praying does not come to pass,

Please pray for me I need a new Job and a good Husband


23 Juliana Arkoh 08.04.16 at 10:25 pm

Man of God blessings to u n ur ministery
Praise n glory to our Lord Jesus The Christ !!!

The Lord has done a lot for me for using ur daily mails.

My school fees was paid off surprisingly n I graduated when no body expected it.

I give all the glory to Almighty God.

I ask him to help me get job into the Ghana Immigration Service Which its enlistment is on going now.

And I will not hasitet to joining the prayer academy.

Second the month of June this year my Dad n the wife got sick at the same time I stand on ur prayers to pray with them during midnight hour n they are all well now praise be to God!

Hallelujah !!!!


24 Helga 08.11.16 at 4:14 am

Man of God, I have been beaten black & blue by the devil, my husband is no longer working, he made connections with business people to be the middle man to find buyers and sellers for commodities, but every time a deal has to go through, there comes problems and than cancelled. He went to sell his cows and made a to trip to Zambia to meet mine representatives who are selling copper. but they turn out to be fake people. I am working but my pay is so little we cannot afford to pay our rent and sustain us, every month I am left with merely nothing, salary gets cut off by the loan sharks, I have been handed over to debt collectors, others are calling me every month demanding payments and threatening to hand me over too. For two month now, my child’s school is not paid, water bill is not paid, the last two weeks we have been eating only rice, pre-paid was electricity at its lowest units for us not to cook, had to scramble for loose coins around the house to buy half bread for my kids to take to school everyday. My husband went to the capital city to try and meet up with some business men, of the one deal he is busy with but they are not responding to his calls and not available at thier offices. He had to give in his smartphone to get cash, inorder to send us some money for food & electricity and for himself to survive that side. I have fasted for 3 days and I am praying at midnight with the 7 prayers for August, Every time I am at home or at work I am praising and worshiping my Lord and I am trusting him for a breakthrough.


25 Cecellia 08.13.16 at 2:12 am

I hot my current job through praying using the prayet points Elisha gives us, i am thankful to God for that. I however have applied for anothet intetnational job and i am trusting in God for this. My testimony is awaiting.


26 Barbra 08.16.16 at 5:35 am

Please Elisha, put me in your prayers esp for my financial breakthru through a better job, salvation for my husband and all my loved ones. i cant for my testimonies. Thank You Jesus.


27 Seurey17 08.17.16 at 11:59 pm

I am praying using the prayet points Elisha gives us, i am thankful to God for that. I however have applied for anothet intetnational job and i am trusting in God for this. My testimony is awaiting.


28 nakibuuka. Racheal 08.25.16 at 10:05 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you so much for your wonderful work of God. I must tell you that you were truly sent by God to us. Whenever am deep into prayer using your prayer bullets something new happens in my life. But still I’ve been getting attacks on my jobs where by I end up leaving the job without any reason now am unemployed..I ask God to give me a well deserved Job where I won’t be attacked

In all I bless God


29 Linda 09.06.16 at 5:00 am

Good day Brethren,
Am trusting God for a permanent position at the company that am working for.I have been working on Contracts for the past 4 years but now am trusting the King of King,the Lord of Lords to show up and give me that permanent job that will also have good benefits.It is my prayer and i believe the mighty one will manifest in my life.In the mighty name of Jesus i will come back and testify.In the name above any other name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


30 Comfort Chimangafisi 09.19.16 at 10:51 am

Could you please assist me with a prayer point for a good job)Dr. Jane’s prayer point for a good job.


31 Esther 09.23.16 at 8:35 pm

May you pray for my daughter Phemelo Mashiapata to get her results and complete her matric.


32 Tshepo 09.28.16 at 10:46 am

Dear Elisha
please help me with prayer points to get back from the devil. sometimes in February or March i met this man who said he wanted to marry me and everything. he made himself known to my mother and sisters and my mother was happy that finally i will be married. little did we know this was the agent of satan. what a liar this man is, he even borrowed money from us claiming it was towards his businesses. when his lies caught up with him he was nowhere to be found. we have not seen him since june. please help me with prayer points to restore what the devil has stolen from me.


33 Epiaka 10.04.16 at 3:50 am

Please put me in your prayers for me to get a job have done many interview however I never get feedback . All my projects are stuck.
As I ask for God’s mercy please pray with me so that my break through comes soon


34 otilia 10.07.16 at 5:10 pm

hi please pray for me. i need a permanant job.everytime i do interview before i sign my contract, they give me excuses.


35 Dear Elish,please put me in your prayers, i need permanent job for my financial breakthrough 11.14.16 at 5:27 am

Dear Elish please put me in your prayers,, I need a permanent job,, for my financial breakthrough


36 kgadim 11.17.16 at 11:56 am

Dear Elisha please put me in your prayer, i have been stucked for 11years in one positi6j


kgadim Reply:



37 Tamanda 11.18.16 at 12:19 pm

Dear Elish,

Please pray for me i need a good job, i have gone and attended different interviews but i have not been sucessful. Please pray with me so that my breakthrough should come


38 Victorybyfaith21 11.20.16 at 12:53 am

I am new to this site and I found it out of desperation. I have not been employed for more than 4 years. My savings including my retirement savings are exhausted. I do not even have a bank account. I owe both federal and state taxes and my landlord is threatening me with eviction because I am 4 months behind. and the IRS and the State are after me. I have other debts no jobs. I have gone on interviews and they look promising but something goes wrong at the last minute and I am rejected. I am 58 and never been married; 2 masters and cannot get a job. My situation is desperate and I need urgent deliverance. Please pray with me and send me the prayers that will rescue me quickly. Thank you Man of God.


39 Doreen 12.05.16 at 1:12 pm

Am trusting God for a good job opening by January and also good spouse who fears and know the lord.


40 Doreen 12.05.16 at 1:15 pm

Am trusting God for a good job opening by January and also good spouse who fears and know the lord, kindly remember me in prayers, because I believe in Gods faithfulness above all.


Lindelwa Reply:

Amen Sister, may God grant you both your wishes. I stand with you in prayer, in the name of Jesus. I also am trusting God for the same.


41 Kelatlhe kemsley 12.29.16 at 10:34 am

Calvery Greetings to all prayer eagles , am seriously and violently praying for a new and paying job for myself and my son.I trust in my God almighty that come January 2017 my son will be working .


42 Kelatlhe kemsley 12.29.16 at 4:02 pm

I would appreciate if all of and all prayer Eagles stand by me in Jesus Christ to pray for my new and highly paying job for me and my son in Jesus almighty God, the god that we serve without barriers.MY son has been looking for a job for the past five years


43 Kelatlhe kemsley 01.07.17 at 1:58 am

Greetings to all the Eagles and Compliments of the new year.We have all stormed the fire gates with passion and determination to crucify the devil.I am still praying for a new job for myself and both my sons .Am confident and have no fear that together we shall defeat the devil in the name of Jesus.


44 Kelatlhe kemsley 02.05.17 at 7:00 am

Calvary greetings

Still fighting my battles and cannot give up.

Just joined the Sapphire program and will be praying with all the missiles by fire by force
Kelatlhe kemsley´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for February 2017


45 NONCEDO SOHUMA 02.06.17 at 3:42 am

Greetings everyone. I trust God for a huge turnner around for my child who became sick in 2015 and due to the so called sickness that she had she stopped walking. At the moment she is still learning everything from birth and she is 7 years. I am still fighting and i won’t stop up untill i get the results i want for my daughter. God gave me a perfect child and no devil can still that joy for me.


46 Kelatlhe kemsley 05.02.17 at 2:28 pm

Calvary GReetings
The struggle continues and would like to thank you ELisha for the good work that you are doing in our lives.MAy the good lord bless you abundantly and your ministry.I had asked for a job for younger son who was unemployed since he graduated and God is great he got a job and this is his second month praise the lord I am still praying for a job for his elder brother who was employed but the organisation that he worked for was dissolved by government hence he is unemployed.PLease stand with me in prayer to get him a job in Jesus name I pray.THank you lord for answering my prayers.
Kelatlhe kemsley´s last [type] ..Jesus is Risen: 3 Resurrection Prayers for You


47 Dipolelo 04.12.18 at 5:47 pm

Am trusting God for a new job this year my last minute testimony will shock my friends and surprise my enemies in Jesus name I receive


48 Gmandaz 04.15.18 at 7:33 pm

Calvary greetings I’m Rumby…i just want to share a testimony of something which happened to me in October last year. It was a Sunday and I had spent the day praising and worshipping the Lord, cursing the devil and saying all sorts of things to upset just because I can and because of the pain and hurt I felt as the devil and his devices torment me a lot. At that time I was staying alone because my school was in a different city from my home. At night while studying I began to feel uneasy and told myself I wouldn’t sleep, watched movies mixing with my studies but it didn’t help, around 1am I started dozing off and ended up sleeping. During my sleep I had a dream whereby three old women were sitting in my bedroom floor, I didn’t know them but I felt they had come to rescue me like I jus felt warm torwads them. They said my problems were so many and they had come to help me and finish all of them. I was told stuff to mix and drink, as I was to drink the mixture a certain relative appeared and was so angry with me..yelling and shouting at me y I wanted to drink the mixture and was going to report me to her family and also mentioned a name of a woman I don’t know. While still in the dream I felt my hair stand and had goose bumps in the physical and woke up immediately feeling very scared. Just as I switch on a small lamp by my bedside a certain force came in which made the atmosphere very heavy and scary..i couldn’t scream or anything so scared as I was I stood up and went to switch on my light bulb.. And there was this thing I still can’t describe an apparition of some sort staring me in the eyes, I stared at it to and went back to sit at the corner of my bed where I decided to pray..that evil thing still in my house I decided to close my eyes and pray saying no weapon formed against me shall prosper..and I felt a sudden rush I jus that thing was coming in my direction to choke me or kill me anyhow…so I jus opened my eyes and it was in my face staring with this anger and hatred, automatically kkkk I just let out the loudest scream say “Nkulunkulu” which means God in my language and this powerful force descended and stood at a corner in my room looking at me and the evil thing…and the evil thing moved back and went out through the window which was closed by the way and that’s how it got in. The powerful power I believe was the Holy spirit which came to my rescue…anyway it has happened again several times and I now struggle praying at times especially with my eyes closed…every day is a battlefield for me and every area of my life is dead..so eagles help me pray for deliverance…i had to share my testimony because I know God is alive as I saw it for myself…I’m still trying to figure out how to get my total deliverance coz I am attacked every area of my life..m thirty I have nothing to show for it..no job, no spouse, no kids etc..


49 lillyb 04.17.18 at 9:55 am

hi Elisha this is the greatest day of my life I’m so glad being here . thnx a lot for all your doing n all the mails you’ve been able to send me
thnx a lot
God bless you for me


50 lillyb 04.17.18 at 9:59 am

Hi Elisha a few yes back I would dream of sleeping with people I didn’t know, its now 4 years since I’ve tested HIV + thou I’ve never been sick or have symptoms.
pliz send me the prayer bullets I’ll forever be greatful
be blessed


51 lillyb 04.17.18 at 10:02 am

hi Elisha , I’m about 40 yrs I and my 3 sisters have never been married pliz kindly send me the prayer bullets for me and my sisters
I’ll be greatful
be blessed


52 lindi 04.18.18 at 5:31 am

i need help husband not working, we cannot pay rent and we might be homeless. i borrow to eat and i have a lot of debts credit wise i am bad and i own loan sharks. i feel so depressed need prayers and i cant even afford to buy my children clothes and pay their school do but fees. i pray but no reply my husband is a pastor he can pray for people to be delivered and they do but we can pray for our self. i feel depressed and i cry every night when everyone is sleeping. please help me


53 Makhulucare 04.19.18 at 6:39 am

Hi Elisha. I just want to express my gratitude for sending me your emails of encouragement daily. As a born again Christian my prayer life has been unfruitful especially in the line of finance. I have been a tither and a giver almost all my life but have never experienced any fruitful harvest. I have been working for years without any harvest. I would invest money but the next thing I would find it difficult to continue with the investment until it got cancelled. Twice I have taken out my pension but even now I have nothing to show save the house I was able to pay off the mortgage. As I write and being a pensioner I still have a huge debt which I am struggling to pay back with my pension.

I am blessed with 2 God fearing children but they too their financial standing is not good to a point that I am the one who have to help them instead of them taking care of me.

I am hoping to join the prayer academy soon. At the moment I am using the prayers that you have sent me since February 2018. I have done the Esther fast and every month I dedicate a week to prayer and fasting. Since Monday I have now started the 21 days midnight prayer and fasting.

I must say that since I started with your prayers 2 months ago my prayer life has improved. The fatigue that I used to experience especially during midnight prayer has left me. I am able to defend myself even in my dream to the glory of God.

Thank you ever so much. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless us.


54 Mathato Moreboli 08.30.18 at 5:29 pm

Hi Elisha,

Thank you for your emails that encourage and give me hope. I am currently unemployed and in neex of a job. My desire is to have an international position and i know with God by my side it is possible. I trust and believe that His favour will locate me.


55 Blessed 09.28.18 at 4:28 pm

Hi Elisha, kindly send me prayer bullets for Godly spouse to locate me and for a better job.thank you


56 Mart96 01.03.19 at 1:00 am

Hello Elisha, I was referred to this ministry by my cousin on 31st dec and I started with the storming and opening gates prayer with the midnight hour. I went ahead with the Esther fasting and praying and believing God for a change in my life. Am 36yrs with a child, no job, never been married. And now I believe with these prayer bullets 2019 is going to be my year of deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.


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