A Daily Prayer For Healing Cancer Patient?

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There are prayers that believers have prayed for healing cancer patients. We have heard several praise reports from time to time.

Freda says:

“It’s amazing…..I once came across this website as I browsed the Internet. That was probably a year or so ago. I started receiving emails from the website. I read a few, then just decided to do away with them. A few months ago, my cousin talked about this site. It clicked in my mind that it was a familiar site. I googled it the following day, and I have not looked back ever since.

I had a check-up for cervical cancer about two months ago. The doctor noticed some lesions, which she said could be cancerous. I prayed, and commanded this cancer, or indeed whatever it was, to leave my body in the name of Jesus, just as you taught us to pray. I went back for a review today. IT IS WELL!! God is so good. He deserves the glory. I am so blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Now, Jesus Christ is the Great Physician and there is no sickness that is beyond Him. The Scripture confirms in Isaiah 53:5:

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed”

Another Prayer For Healing (Breast) Cancer Patient

Here’s another example from 2007:

My name is Catherine and I am in Kenya. You remember me writing you a mail in a desperate situation when my best friend was discovered to have breast cancer?

Well as I wrote that mail I was in tears, here again writing to you still in tears; tears of joy!

We did as you advised and before the first day of the Esther fast was over, she was put in the hospital and that night they started her on a chemotherapy dose, so I continued with the fast as she was forced to eat by the doctors.

We did the midnight prayers at the same time of the night though from different places (she was using the Prayer of Caleb book of healing prayers as you had advised). She has gone through 3 chemo doses and on 4th June they took her in for surgery and removed the lump from her breast, they took it to the laboratory and it has not shown any results of cancer or even its traces!!

They are yet to give an explanation to this. Other laboratories have been given the sample of the lump to test and so far nothing shows cancer cells. Please note that her intial slide has been re- tested and it proves that she actually had cancer of the breast.

Now this is being discussed amongst the doctors as they wonder what could have happened, even the victim is still saying she thinks it is a dream, but of course this is the reality(the news were broken yesterday and i will keep you posted)

What men cannot do God has a solution.

What does the Scripture say?

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” – Luke 18:27

Please always remember that, no matter how hopeless the situation seems.

Jesus still saves, heals and delivers all those who come to Him.

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1 Janet 01.31.14 at 9:42 am

People of God, pray for my brother he has been diagnosed with cancer of lower lips, radiation has been used on him to cure the cancer, instead of the cancer be healed it started afresh. They performed a surgery on him, on October, removing the whole of the lower lips up to the chin and the lower jaw, a terrible wound. He cannot eat anything solid, at 47 years old. For six months the wound is not healing. He is complaining of terrible pain all the time. At work they terminated his employment. The situation is bad. Please people of God pray with me in the mighty name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, for the healing of my brother amen.


joy Reply:


You can also use prayer points from Elisha for healing, as shown below.

1. O Great Physician by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare a total healing in my body and every damaged cell in my body.
2. Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, get out and enter no more.
3. I withdraw my blood from every satanic blood bank in Jesus name.

3. Because He is risen, I arise out of sickness into divine health in Jesus’ name

‘Oh Great Physician, by the power for which you are known to be God, please restore all damaged cells in the body of (name of the person) and declare total healing to his body in the name of Jesus.’

God bless you.


gk Reply:

Please advise i want to join the academy but i don,t have a credit card


Eunique Reply:

You can use Western Union.

2 dnkamba 02.01.14 at 6:45 am

Praise the lord! He alone is the healer of all manner of sickness and disease. “He forgives inequity and heals all manner of diseases” Halelujah!!!!!!


3 gk 02.11.15 at 4:56 am

please advice i want to join the academy but i do not have a credit card


4 gk 02.11.15 at 5:01 am

I am in South Africa im very desperate to join Prayer academy but i do not have a credit card please advise how must i register with cash


5 elizabeth 04.13.16 at 9:16 am

please pray for my spouse who has been diagnosed with colon cancer and to start chemotherapy of Friday.


6 Shadyssa27 08.04.16 at 10:06 am

Hi please i need prayer help me with the bullets.i have multiple fibroids one as large as 16*13 cm and,am 23weeks pregnant.it has to disappear and,give room for my baby to grow.thanks in advance.


7 ANTONIA MOSWEU 10.14.16 at 10:25 am

prayer for my sister have breast cancer and i am hiv positive


8 Osa 10.15.16 at 10:01 pm

Please pray for my husband, he has been unemployed for over 4 years and We are looking up to God for financial breakthrough


9 nancy 04.05.17 at 2:07 pm

people of God kindly help in prayers my aunt has cancer my cousins wife in coma my friend with cancer for four years she has been thrown out by her husband .pliz am in tears but believe is able.am in kenya


10 marina sambakunsi 04.17.18 at 7:33 am

i have a niece Agnes who has cancer. One of her breast was removed and after chemotherapy it catched her spine she problems with her walking. Now she cant see properly on her right eye and this morning she had two convulsions. Please help me for her healing touch from above. She was born in nineteen eighty six. Lord have mercy on her.


11 Patience Ngqame 03.23.19 at 4:11 pm

Hi Alisha pls Man of God my email were giving me problem I was trying to fix it .Im worried even know if this one will going true .Pls except mwill you pls except my apology .Thanks frm Zukiswa south africa.


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