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1 Eunice 11.06.12 at 9:39 am

dreaming being given a date


2 easensookyere 11.06.12 at 10:30 am

After going through the prayer DNA Secrets, I moved to Prayer Cook Book for Busy People as directed. I dreamed that I was given some money to pay for some cloth, etc. for a funeral. (Incidentally my immediate debt is about a funeral!) What I remember about the dream is this: I was sitting on a toilet outside, in the view of my husband plus 2 men! The shocking thing is that the toilet was initially indoors, but so dirty I didn’t want to use it. I took pains to clean it, but suddenly found myself sitting on it in the open, outside, exposing myself! One of the men commented on the beauty and youthfulness of my exposed body (I wasn’t amused!). I got very frightened when I woke up.

It’s 2.26pm now as I write, banks close at 4pm here. I’ve issued a post-dated cheque since last Thursday for a debt I owe as a result of a FUNERAL praying that God would give me the funds to be able to honour this payment tomorrow 7th November!


3 hilda 01.28.13 at 10:59 pm

dream my husband gave money said to look after the kids n also give money to my sister hold her n cry n i woke up.pray for him


4 Prudencia Komane 02.14.13 at 5:02 am

Please pray for me i dreamed driving my friend’s car after that i saw myself drawning with a car the following day i dream ed again me and my neighbour driving with her car the criminals attack us at gun point they took her car we tried to call the police for help but the was no network in that area.


5 Rwandia 02.15.13 at 12:49 am

Am currently not working,and in serious need of money.my boss girlfriend forced him to sack me.i keep on dreaming him calling me back but his girlfriend is resisting.i have dreamt severaly receiving 4m,1m checks.am single have dreamt several times a man coming to me promising to come for me but never show up again.


sibongilekikins Reply:

l always dream my self fitting clothings in the shop everytime. fitting and showing people. sometime with my work mates choosing clothes in the shop. l want to know the meaning please help.


6 Clara 02.15.13 at 6:33 am

pls help me understand this dream i had.idremt a big snake chasing me,i was so afraid.
i decided to get hold of it.iheld its head and bit it. i realised that it doest even bit it just looked big for nothing.


7 Rwandia 03.15.13 at 3:07 am

Its like for a faithful believer to get blessings u realy have to struggle.i have kept myself for God always running away from sin.i do fast(esther),do prayer points at midnit n pray alot.i minister in the church and people r blesd.i pray for people n they receive.i pray for situations even our goverment and God move.even my family members they are blsd.but me,oh God i struggle,living in their houses,bringing up their children with nothing of my own.they despise me and only call me when they have a prayer need coz they know God wil answer.bt why!!! God use me to touch others while i am broke,in poverty,n have to depend on people.am 34,single n waiting on God.sometimes when i tell them God is able,the look they give me is like they r asking’Y HAS GOD NOT DONE FOR U’ i dont dream often and sometimes i forget.PRAY FOR ME THAT GOD WIL GIVE ME FINANCES TO JOIN THE ACADEMY NOW!! AM FED UP.AM TIRED OF SHAME AND DISGRACE YET I ClAIM TO BE SO SPIRITUAL.AM TIRED OF BEING USED.HAVE HAD ENOUGH ELISHA.


8 florence 05.11.13 at 9:21 am

Hullo Elisha,thanks for the work you are doing .Please elisha am asking that this time please reply me.I have been praying to God for a job and i was using janes’ prayer points for a dream job and i added some other prayer bullets, i did a partial fast for three days and after i continued with the prayers at midnight.But yesterday i had this dream where i was in a big company and i was being offered a job then i also asked for a job for my friend but they told me they had no place and the dream ended.Sometime my sister was on an Esther fast and she told on the second of the fast she dreamt when i had got a job in a big bank,but she told me after sometime and started including this job in janes ‘prayer points.Elisha may please send some prayer points for these dreams please. thank you.May God continue blessing you.


9 tshegofatso 07.25.15 at 8:31 am

elisha i am tormented by this dream of having sex with a man i do not know and always dreaming dead relatives


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