Mike’s Examination Prayers

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The quickest way to change everything in your life is to change one thing.

And that one thing is:

Your manner of prayer.

In the next 7 minutes, you are going to see how to do this.

But before you learn this simple secret, there’s a little spiritual drama that happened years ago that could give you a few helpful hints…

Spiritual Drama begins…

6 p.m. one Tuesday evening, I got a curious email from an “active” reader of my “ebullet” prayer newsletter (for the purpose of this story let’s just call him Mike).

He was having great difficulty passing some professional exam. Now, Mike is really a brilliant guy and before this course, had never failed any other exam in his entire life.

Not this time… he’d already failed this crucial exam twice. And he was terribly distressed.

I suggested for him to take on Step 3 Prayers starting from page 48 of Prayer Cookbook for Busy People, Esther-style.

For those who are not familiar with this, it is really a simple, step-by-step prayer that you pray for 3 days, with fasting.

It is not so easy to pray though (because it comes with a peculiar type of fasting, described in the Bible book of Esther).

But it produces tangible results.

Much to my surprise, Mike reported that nothing happened during this exercise… he couldn’t even remember having any tell-tale dreams!

Then he went for the exam  for the third time… and failed again.

This was so strange…

Puzzled, I called him up and we began to talk. While talking to him, he casually mentioned that though he did not remember having any dreams during the prayer sessions, his wife and daughter had the same dream one night.

In the dream, some fierce-looking people dressed as soldiers came into his home, armed with what looked like machine guns, and started spraying everywhere with bullets.

While the wife ran out into the streets, the daughter tried to hide in the closet. But one of the attackers laughed and said in her native language that he knew where she was.

So she ran back to her room, in time to see one of the invaders removing a golden-yellow box that she kept under her bed. Inside that box were her valuables, including her bank cards and jewellery.

All this time, she was wondering where Mike, her dad, was. She thought it odd that he was nowhere to be found.

That was the hidden clue.

Mike, though very brilliant, was being pursued and robbed by invisible pirates from his ancestral lineage and he didn’t even know it. His entire family was suffering untold losses and hardship as a result of this covert bombardment from the pit of hell.

This was the real issue behind his chronic failure at the edge of success…

This got me really mad and…

I went to open my prayer closet and bring out “The Blueprint” which is really a sequence of deadly effective prayers to neutralize the kind of  ”invisible” attacks like the one Mike faced.

Some people face this kind of “invisible” attacks in their marriage.

For others, it is their finances. And that’s the reason so many are in debt.

Yet for many others, it is in the area of their health.


The way this is applied is that you go into an Esther-Style fast… and this time you pray for 1 hour every 6 hours. For 3 days.

Here’s how Mike did it:


Fri 12 midnight – Step 3 Prayers (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 6am:                  Repeat Step 3 (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 12 noon:         Repeat Step 3 (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 6pm:                53 foundation- sanitizing prayers

Sat midnight:      42 prayers to shut down evil surveillance

Sat 6am:              35 prayers points to break ancestral yokes

Sat 12 noon:        40 prayers to clear his miracle “pipeline”

Sat 6pm:              40 prayers to “open” the heavens over his head

Sun midnight:     37 prayer bullets to recover stolen virtues

Sun 6am:               25 prayers to neutralize satanic backlash

Sun 12 noon:       33 prayers to safeguard the blessings

End: Sunday 3pm:  End session with praise worship/thanksgiving

To summarize:

Fasting days – 3
Total prayer time – 12 hours
Total # of prayer points – 305

What was the result?

Wait for this…

When Mike slept Sunday night, he had company.

Divine company.

Two huge angels appeared in his dream. They took him to a secret location he had never seen before.

There an evil-looking creature was sitting on a throne (what the Bible calls a strongman), surrounded by fierce, heavily-armed human bodyguards.

With a fiery sword, one of the angels executed him and his aides and buried them while Mike watched! A third angel appeared suddenly, grabbed a small golden-yellow box from under the evil throne and handed it to Mike, with a key.

Then he (the angel) helped him escape from there.

Tangible results in the real world…

Two weeks later, Mike went back for the final time to sit for the exams.

It was a total walk-over… and he passed with flying colors.

(NOTE: These prayers I’ve mentioned here are now part of Levels 2 & 3 of the Golden Journey Series  - please do NOT write asking for them, just log into the 24-Hour Blog and join the upcoming programs).

Praise the Lord!

See what I mean by changing your manner of prayer?

Mike found out it was not that hard once he had a clear roadmap / divinely-inspired blueprint on what to do.

Crucially he made up his mind to go through it… he was simply sick and tired of failure.

All the prayer bullets had already been created and put in a particular sequence for him. All he needed was to forgo a few meals and some hours of sleep… and cry out to the LORD with holy desperation.

And he achieved a spectacular victory that spilled over into other areas of his life. Within weeks of this power encounter –

- love and peace returned to his home
- his chronic ulcers disappeared
- he even received a long-delayed promotion  at work!

What was his alternative?

But for the fact that the LORD had mercy on him and showed to his wife and daughter the real cause of his problems, he would have continued down the road of failure, stagnation and disgrace.

And he would probably have concluded that God does not answer his prayers.

Did you join us to wrestle at the gates?

We opened 2013 by storming the gates with prayers that someone has described as “nothing short of thermonuclear.”

Some have already received victory over cleverly-hidden, invisible powers that have terrorized their lives for so long … in the spirit.

This is exciting…

Here’s Leslie’s experience:

“I Killed the Enemy in the Dream” 

“On the last day of my Esther fast I had this dream: two very big lions  came to finish me. I was with someone but I don’t know who this person was but he was carrying a knife. We ran to hide in a house but when we got there the house was like unfinished with wide windows that the lions enter. 

I went out to fight the lions. This other person was afraid so I took the knife from him and told him to grab hold the lion‘s foot he tried but it was too big for him. I stabbed the lion it looked straight into my eyes and I continued and ripped open its belly. It ran away bleeding badly and died. 

The second one was easy to kill . There were other small animals I stabbed one of them and the rest ran away and I woke up. I killed the enemy in the dream. How awesome is our God. God bless you Elisha Goodman.”

- Leslie, U.K

Spiritual victory like this is what precedes powerful breakthrough manifestations in the physical.

And just to let you know, those were NOT physical lions he was fighting. They were the Goliath strongmen that have been fighting his destiny (under deep cover) for so long.

For some people, these “strongmen” could manifest as pursuing serpents, cows,  and other scary animals in the dream.

Thankfully, this brother is currently engaged in the 14-day program at the gate.

A program like the one going on right now helps you develop the spiritual firepower needed to confront and conquer all enemies, no matter how strong and stubborn they’ve been in the past.

It helps you to know:

- When to pray
- what to pray about
- how to pray

I am persuaded that the fastest way to get from where you are now to where God wants you to be in 2013 is to…

…have a plan to continue praying as you are doing in this program even after this is over. Right now, the most important decision you can make is to employ targeted, relentless prayer in everything you do.

This one thing will help you develop consistency in your prayers…

This consistency will translate into good spiritual habits

Good spiritual habits will make you alert in the spirit…

And spiritual alertness will empower you to annihilate your enemies … open your pipeline of blessings … and speed up the manifestation of daily blessings in your life.

For the Bible says in Psalm 68 verse 19:

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

Do you want to join the prayer eagles in 2013?

When I use the term prayer eagle, I usually am referring to someone who has experienced a “recognizable” level of success in prayer over a long period of time.

Like Daniel in the Bible.

Like Leslie here…

Such a person doesn’t just pray now and then. Rather, he or she develops a prayer habit that consistently moves her in the direction of God’s purpose for her life.

When people are led to our websites, I immediately encourage them to:

- join the Prayer Academy
- learn aggressive midnight prayers
- learn the type of fasting that brings almost immediate answers
- learn how to study the scripture with a prophet’s eye
- and learn how to discern what’s going on in the spirit realm – through prayer.

I focus them on creative prayers. I focus them on healing prayers. I focus on taking inspired ACTION as a result of the prayers. I focus on sustaining the prayer momentum till their problems collapse and melt away…

I focus on the relationship between –

- scripture and holiness, self-discipline and habits, inspired ACTION and speedy manifestation of miracles.

If they agree to follow instructions, before long they begin to see a vivid picture or VISION of what the LORD wants them to be, do and have.

And that vivid picture soon becomes their reality.

The Bible says:

“And the Word was made flesh and it dwelt among us”

As it was with the Lord Jesus Christ, so shall it be with the manifestation of your godly desires in 2013.

The Word shall surely be made flesh. Provided you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and jump into the prayer trenches EARLY.

Don’t wait. Now is the time.

I look forward to your testimony of victory in the next 90 days.

Be An Overcomer!


PPS:  Prayer Academy resumes: January 12

24-Hour Blog (Golden Journey Series) resume: January 12

Singles Prayer Marathon resumes:   January 12

GOLD Edition (for marriages) resumes: January 12

PPPS: Where is the NEXT prayer program?

Click here for Prayer Academy

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1 fynn machona 01.04.13 at 3:15 pm

This prayers are so powerfull, I would like to encourage everyone to take them seriously. Things are happening in the Spiritual Realm. God is in control.


2 Sarah Treasure K 01.04.13 at 3:47 pm

Hi Elisha,i’m so thankful to God for u and the entire team.
I need a revived prayer life. I’m looking at all these testimonies and wishing mine could also be among,i’m struggling wth my finances,relationships,generally my Christian iz not wat it should be!


3 Daisy 01.04.13 at 6:13 pm

I started the prayer program on the 29th and continued through the prayer of Esther. On the 2nd of the Esther’s fast, I dreamt that I drank something like orange juice from a bottle and gave the left over to a young man. Then I walked to a place in the dream where the store area appeared empty with only a few dry containers – there was no provision, no food and nothing to refresh but it was supposed to be a place where people can find refreshments. Further in the area, some women, about 3 of them were guarding something like a cage, well covered. When I reached the area, I asked them for something to refresh, they said there was nothing. So I uncovered the cage, there were 3 big fishes and I think there also some roast potatoes and vegetables with each of the fishes. I took a portion of the 3 and moved about 10 yards away from them, took a bit from the fish then another older woman that appeared to be like the boss called from the distance offering a small parcel of cake so that I can return the fish. I told her that I already started eating the fish. I didn’t want an alternative that she offered. I woke up from the dream. While I am still not sure the whole meaning of the dream, I know that some agents guarded a very nourishing, satisfying, healthy food, whereas the store house appeared empty. I also know that the cake alternative was not wholesome. Fish is a lot better nutrient, more refreshing and fulfilling than the cake.


4 Faida 01.04.13 at 6:16 pm

I was in the prayer academy in 2011 that started 25th february and completed. Ever since i have been trying to log in the 24 blog but failed. When i e mailed you i was told to finish the assignments which i actually did finish in 2011. Please log me so that i also participate in the Golden journey. Im participating in the 14 day prayer to storm the gate of 2013 and i have been having dreams which is revealation enough of the spiritual giants you just described that mike overcame that has also robbed me of my blessings. Im just tied and very ready to do what it takes to grab my blessing. Waiting desperatly to hear from you and thank you very much, you actually answered my post on the blog. God bless you with more revealations in his work.


5 edward kumar 01.04.13 at 6:26 pm

Dear Elisha

I’ve been praying and believing for a new house on our family land. My father had passed away in 2000 without a will and my mum had lodged for a probate. We were advised by our lawyers to clear mortgage for our old family home before furthering claims. What we didn’t realise that the lawyers had entered my Aunt (Father’s sister) as beneficiary of Estate. 12yrs later, the probate period had expired (6yrs before) and upon re-lodgement, my mum had found the error. We were wanting to build a new home as an extended family, but as I needed to apply to apply for loan, the estate had to be under my name. We perayed for God’s hand and last night I had a dream where my mum and a million dollars to be collected. She was overjoyed and said that we didn’t have to loan no worry about transfer of property as God had made a way. Please advice what this dream means and if the amount mentioned in my dream is literal.
God bless.


6 abigail achiaa 01.04.13 at 9:21 pm

dear Elisha, about 3yrs ago I was a member of prayer academy due to some circumstances beyond my conrol i did not have access to computer. Now should i need a set of the books which i have all already? what is the procedure to join both prayer academy and the Eagles one.


7 elaine 01.05.13 at 12:59 am


I am very happy I am a part of this program -( storming the gates in 2013). I have been having dreams and vision, and I know that God is dealing with many things concerning my life. 2 days ago, I saw vision of something hanging in a ceiling (I heard the breaking sound)and a lot of things looking like crush dry leave flying out. About half an hour ago, I awoke from a dream (I cannot remember the earlier part) but I remember that I was in a white dress (more like a wedding dress) wondering around and seeking direction to get home. On the journey I saw someone who recognize me and called a family member to tell them where I was . My niece came to meet me, at a point where there was no walk way and I suddenly see a beast looking thing hanging around me very close to my face that it frightened me but it was dead and a another moving away and seem to be dying.


8 Paul 01.05.13 at 2:00 am

Yesterday night i fought relentless with tears on my eyes as i wondered if God answers by absolute answer.am tormented by a loan of kes 200,000 including some church pledges making up 30% of this amount.i need to pay it,i need to pay my creditors and i dont have this money,have been trusting the Lord for a solid miracle on this,am participating on the 14 day program.please prayer warriors stand on me on this as it shaking the core of my faith,the issue is giving me sleepless night n much torment.all i want is to clear all my debts.be blessed.


9 victoria 01.05.13 at 2:14 am

i bless God for you servant of most high God.
i did a western union transfer on 28/12/2012
using your assistant michael and sent an email
an a cc to you as adviced.ive since sent a reminder
three times but no responce so far.kindly advice.


10 DEE 01.05.13 at 3:14 am

Hi on Day 5 of the prayer an fasting I got a strange dream/vision where there was a really short thing like goblin at the side of my bed. The strange thing is this goblin was wearing a school uniform I used to wear in primary school and it was holding something that looked like a square brownish/blackish block. As it was approaching me I heard some one telling me wake up wakeup! For the life of me I was paralyzed and could not wake up! then something told me to pray and send the fir of God to this thing. I then began to pray in tongues and began to send the fire of God to it. it ran way and stood on the other side of the bed where my daughter was sleeping. I turned to it and with a voice like thunder sent the fire of God to it! then it fell to the ground not dead but like unconscious. i then got something and began beating it to a pulp. then stuffed it in a bucket and filled the bucket with water and looked for someone to help me burn it. On my way out I met a police woman who told me to ask the guy at the back to help me burn it he knew how to do it. Then put the bucket in the sink an went to look for the guy but when i cam back the thing had disappeared. Then we started looking around the yard for this thing but could not find it but something kept telling me it’s going to come back an it did. It tried to rush towards me then I told it, ” Listen you have no power or authority over me I have power and authority over you! i am not afraid of you! The thing then just disappeared and I woke up with a start. I then said the Three prayer points in the Dreamcode that cancel the bad and ugly dreams. to satisy my curiosity I woke up and went to check the sink that was in my dream to see if the bucket in my dream was there and there it was! The exact same bucket that I used in my dream was sitting in the sink in our Laundry room filled with water!! I started to wonder was this all a dream or did it really happen?


11 RACHEL 01.05.13 at 3:49 am



Remi Reply:

Is like u did not read the instruction that u shd not ask for prayer points of Mike but rush to join prayer academy


12 Vera 01.05.13 at 4:32 am

I will like to thank you for allowing God to use you to teach His children the secret of the evil spiritual realm. I have walked in the darkness of this evil world for all my life and was blinded so much so that i do not see, the devil had used me as their football rolling me to the direction of their choice and made me a public mockery, i could not see, i could not hear, i could not feel in fact, i had lost all my senses to life. I knew it all but could not take control to prevent things from happening in my life. This few days after joining the Prayer Academy and storming the gate of 2013, i have had a feeling of hope back in my life. None of my dreams are found in the ‘Dream Code’ but sometime somehow related. Am not discouraged. There are few of my dreams i sent to you, if you can help me with the interpretation, Elisha, i will be happy. Also, i will like to follow the programme which you prescribed for Mike here, help me to get the appropriate prayers to use. Man of God, thank you, i pray for more anointing from God for you.


13 Jane 01.05.13 at 6:04 am

Hi Elisha? This yr was my 1st one to storm the gates and I can truly say it was exciting 4me. All the previous yrs I hv been sleeping at the crossing over of every new yr, since to me It wasn’t a great deal. But now am wise and trusting God for great things in this yr. Am sure my life will never be the way it used to be be4. Since knowing ur website late last yr, I can feel a wind of change blowing towards my life and I can’t wait to see how JEHOVA will move in every area of my life. This is my year to reign in Jesus Name and I declare to the Devil that is tym is up. Your daily newsletters really encourage me and am always looking forward to read them each day. May God surely increase u and keep u as u continually labour for him.


14 joshua 01.05.13 at 6:47 am

There is something moving in my body at the hips.After the Esther fast it has reduced its movement. Ibelieve it will leave before the end of the program.


15 Elizabeth 01.05.13 at 7:26 pm

Dear sir I thank GOD for depositing so much in ur life for the benefit of others I pray for more annointing on ur life in JESUS Name Amen. I only got to know about u recently & I blv dt as use ds prayer methods it will work for me effectively & I will give GOD all d praise especially in rgds to my husband ‘s life I blv GOD Will set him free from ds very stubborn demonic afflictions on his life & I make a vow that if GOD answers me after the pattern of prayers I intend to undergo I will giv GOD Praise in substance & thanksgiving pls pray along wit me man of GOD


16 Jossy 01.06.13 at 12:58 am

Dear pastor elisha God will continue to perfect all that concerns you. In Jesus name amen. I started receiving your mails last year and it has really been an eye opener. My midnight prayer life is still far from where it should be eventhough it have also come a long way from where it used to be. One of my prayer point is that God should fire up my prayer alter so that spiritual laziness and slumber will give way. I really desire to start the prayer academy in the first quarter of this year and i believe strongly that God will provide the means for me. I am currently taking part in the 14days prayer programm but my dreams……………..?


17 beatrice 01.07.13 at 3:50 am

i really want to join the academy but i dont know how i can make a payment because the options given are not applicable in my country-zambia. kindly advise. i also want to share testmonies.


18 Joel Godwin 01.07.13 at 4:24 am

Dear a man of God Elisha Goodman,
I need your help because i read Mike Story. At present we have 14day prayer programme. On 1st January 2013 i had a dream concerning the lady to marry. My wife passed away in March 2010.
I am between two world not marry or marry. I am facing problem when am sick but when am okay am happy to be alone. I am failing to choose the best. I have a woman friend whom i feel i can marry but her son is not accepting me. I have children. I think i will face big problem if can this lady.
I had dream on the above mentioned date that i should marry Rhoda (not her real name) this lady i wanted to marry her sometime through my late brother Fredrick. Unfortutely this lady is from home area, she knows me very well. The time i wanted to marry her she refused i was not worried much because by then she was not reaching my standard. In the dream i asked the lady if she married but asked to to leave her husband to join me. In this lady was not beuteful but i said am marrying you.
After the dream i asked myself and prayed why having this dream yet i know the lady hus a husband. I phoned my friend to look for this lady am told she is still with her husband in Mzuzu. She is working as teacher.
I am still asking the Lord why having this dream is it from Satan or God Himself and why somebodys wife? According Malch in the Bible to marry someone’s wife is agreat sin.
A man of God i need your help and direction.
God bless you.



19 christine 01.07.13 at 5:09 am

The testimonies are so moving, really our God is an owe some God. Elisha may God bless you for your encouragement and guidance to people, the truth is that majority of us do not know how to pray, and the reason we do not receive what we pray for.
Be blessed.


20 Blessed 01.09.13 at 2:42 pm

Hello Man of God Elisha,
I also completed the prayer academy and all the assignments in 2011 but just like Faida was not able to join the 24 hour Blog.. communicated with the online help several times to no avail. I am presently on the 14 day program and had a dream two days ago.. I my dream we were renovating our house and my husband showed me a picture on his phone of the woman he was having an affair with and three others, The woman was carrying a baby and my husband laughing and snickering told me that they had a baby and implied that it didn’t just happen. I touched his forehead with the phone and told him God will pay him but he continued to laugh and I woke up. Bro Elisha what could this mean? My husband confessed to having an affair two years ago, he is still in it and is asking for a divorce.. I have been praying and waiting on the Lord. I need your help. Thank You and Many Blessings.


21 Leona 04.10.13 at 3:57 pm

Hie, lam also desperate like Abgail, l want to join the Prayer Academy but l don’t know the procedure. I tried to use Clickbank but it didn’t work out. Please l need an urgent help l want to be part of it this month,


22 GODFREY AHABWE 05.29.13 at 10:25 am

From what i read testmonies above,i have not learnt to pray.i observe that reading the pray cookbook is quite diferent from understanding it and applying the exact principles laid down.
Lets wait what comes out of mike’s steps.I begin tomorrow.

Praise the lord.


23 Emily Boriwondo 10.12.15 at 2:11 am

Hello Elisha. What is the meaning of passing an exam in the dream?


24 Faith 12.30.15 at 6:50 am

Hallo brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, I need urgent prayer back up for my younger brother whose exams results have come out. Considering his performance record where he has always topped his class, it is not believable and I am not taking in what the results! those are definitely not his grades and something has happened. I have this crazy faith in God and I am praying that whoever is withholding his real results or manipulated him, by the fire of the Living God, he releases them in Jesus Name. I am trusting God for a review of his marks to what he really deserves, the boy is only 13 years and crying himself sick but I have decided to take action and stand in the gap for him. Please send me relevant bible versus and targeted prayer bullets for this. JESUS overcome all evil.


25 March 02.21.19 at 1:55 pm

Hi Elisha,
I am impressed with what a reading.
Mike story was very interesting.
My husband faces the same situation. How can he join to get this books? (part of Levels 2 & 3 of the Golden Journey?


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