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1 Carol Ngatia 12.11.12 at 9:16 am

Dear ELisha,

I would like to have this book if its avavilable and also updates on relationships.

Thank you

God bless


2 Mosidi 04.23.13 at 4:55 am

Hi Elisha

On the 31st of December my aunt sent me a link to your website,
I emmediately joined the 27 mnts to the Gate of 2013 Fast.
in March 2013 I got a promotion at work in which I was working as a temp for 8months

During this time I asked God why was I still in debts where else I tithe and give,
I fasted till the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “I told you your Riches are in Grace Bible Church”.
Now this is a church I attended but did not tithe in as I was still hung up on my Home church where I was paying my Tithe.
I decided to obey the Holy Spirit and tithed in the Church I was attending end of February and guess what, I started having business Idea of selling handbags and shoes.
My gift of Beauty and Nails came banck to live and today I get Clients that want Bridal Make-up and Beauty Services.

I was also believing God for a God Fearing Man as am 30 and still single, miraculously a friend I was in prayer with remembered a Youth Pastor
she knows back in her Country (Botswana) and she told him about me and He decided to come see me.He came around Passover (Easters)
and sparks where flying all over. About 3weeks after meeting I got Point by Point Book that talks about marriage and 101 prayers, I got it from a friend
I couldn’t afford to join the prayer Acardemy and buy books, started with the 21day fast coupled with 3days Ester Fast this previous sunday
and You not gonna believe the mesage I received from the Pastor who is in Botswana and I’m in South Africa it said ” Haaaai I don’t know whats happening
with me, yesterday I felt so lonely and that has never happened before like I needed a wife by my side” I laughed because I knew it was the Holy Spirit working on Him.
today it’s tuesday and he sent me a similar message again it said ” I feel so lonely I think my time has come to marry, I must do something now…”. And wen that message
came, The Holy Spirit told me to praise with Thanks Giving in my heart…

Elisha May God Bless you more than he already has, I cannot explain the joy in my heart right I even decided to join the Acardemy as soon as I get paid I’ll skip some things
and I know God will help me pay them by His Grace. I have so many testimonies including how my son’s school had blacklisted me on credit burea with a judgement and
the lawyers wanted to attach assets to that debt, they told me my time to make for payment arrangement has past and I should either pay the R8000.00 cash or they attach assets
to the debt. People advised met ot take up a loan but I refused and said ” The God I serve is bigger than that debt and Deutronomy says I will be a lender not an borrower in Jesus Name”
I received a call last week from the lawyer who are dealing with this issue and they asked me how much can I afford to pay monthly to finish up the debt… Glory be to God!!!!

South Africa Johannesburg


Prudence Reply:

Hi Mosidi i am greatly touched by your testimony I have also ordered the point to point book I am just waiting to download it and i hope it will do wonderes for me , Trully the God we serve is a faithfull God who never fails.

Sister in Christ
South Africa


3 Rose 12.03.13 at 5:14 am

My country(Kenya) is not on the list. Please give me an alternative on how to make payment for the ebooks.


4 Sharon Walker 02.25.15 at 6:14 am

Please send lessons 5 thru completion for The Prayer Academy as I have lost the lessons sent initially. I appreciate your reply and I will continue fighting this battle in Jesus’ Name
Sharon walker
send to


kirei Reply:


Please use chat option at the top right corner of this page and mention your request to prayer eagles.



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