27 Minutes to Midnight Report 2017

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What’s your praise report?

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1 Rahab 12.30.16 at 1:46 am

I praise the Almighty God for being so faithful to me. I never thought I would graduate this year after what my lecturers put me through. One almost made me miss the graduation for failing to submit my research project in good time. The other refused to give me the particular procedure for my internship report writing and failed me in almost all the units he taught me. Most departments were really reluctant to clear my fellow students and I from the university, we literally stood outside the dean’s office for close to two weeks consecutively. I prayed day and night that God would allow me the chance to graduate this year. Our God, Halleluyah…..Our God who is not a respecter of persons made it possible and on the 2nd of December, I graduated and I passed really well. I thank God for His mercy and grace.


2 Samukeliso Ndebele 12.30.16 at 1:56 am

God is good and has been faithful to me in 2016. I started the year on a shoe string budget financially. He blessed me with a new job where I now earn four times my previous salary. He blessed me like Isaac in the land of famine. I am helping out family members and giving to the house of God. I pray that my family members and members of my church may also have a breakthrough in every aspect of their lives. I am readying to storm the gates of 2017 with Holy Ghost fire and have sent the invitation to family, friends and church members and pray that many will participate and established God’s authority over our lives in 2017. My prayer for 2017 is to seek God and his righteousness and to win souls to His Kingdom. I want God to use me as a vessel of honour for His Kingdom.


3 Kristy 12.30.16 at 1:59 am

Awesome Awesome Awesome, we thank the Most High GOD KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS for keeping us and seeing us through from Jan to Dec 2016, it was a great ride GOD EBENEZER saw me and family through.. The enemy failed again and again, The Lord Never failed me and my family, He came through for us last minute, my daughter’s Permanent residency card came, my Sister’s Residence Permit came too, my other sister had a beautiful bouncy baby gal, good health, protection, divine providence was the order of the months, Thanks Heavenly Father Lord Our Only Source.

All Glory and Honour to the Most High God.
Been waiting for this Report Woowoowoo, see y’all at the Gate, no retreat no surrender…2017 will be even better for those who will tell the devil to back off and get he’s smelly hands off my stuff, family, business, career, kids and calling…fight and recover All, no need crying and letting the enemy, the Un Employed Fallen god aka Satan who was fired in Heaven beat you blue, green, red, yellow etc…Arise and fight him and he’s human agents, demons in the Name of Jesus, he fears the Name of Jesus and The Blood of Jesus Christ– Ultimate Weapons for Mass destruction against him and he’s kingdom, But this will only work if you are truly a child of the Most High, a Kingdom Citizen not a religious Christian, still lying, having sex outside of marriage, stealing and other stuff y’all know isn’t of GOD…Don’t dare fight Satan while you’re half way in he’s kingdom, Please don’t, he will beat you mercilessly, I have been there- believe me hahahaha…

Thank you Brother Elisha for allowing the LORD to use you to change lives, you’ve changed mine and my family forever, no more a captive, victim in my dreams but a warrior, no more bloodline/ family line witchcraft and curses, The Blood of Jesus and The Liquid Fire of the Holy Ghost has flushed them out, The Finger of God Has located all the Altars and scattered them unto desolation, we are seeing victory now- Hallelujah, The Lord is good.

Not bragging, but boasting in the Lord is allowed, if you can’t join PA look for a fire church like me that prays as PA teaches and prays and your life will never be the same again…Blessings

Be An Over Comer, A Warrior in 2017 not A worrier

GOD BLESS…And Have a Blessed 2017 in Jesus Name.


4 Claudia Alexander 12.30.16 at 2:22 am

Please I want to join your prayer group.
I have been struggling to get a husband ,I have prayed but every man that come to me is either married or very old. Although I am 49 years old I do not look my age.
I got your website from a friend in 2009 but never make much of it. But now at 49 and never get married , I need help from someone who can show me how my prayers can be answered by thee Almighty God.


5 suzanne 12.30.16 at 2:43 am

GOD THE ALMIGHTY, KING OF KINGS, I praise you in the name of Jesus Christ your Son, I thank you so much for showing me your power by giving me a new house, which is the 2nd one, for protecting me and giving me the strength enduring the problems I went through, showing and my boys my daughter the right direction, keeping my mother very strong on her sickness, not forgetting Elisha Goodman who taught and showed us the power of a prayer. May GOD bless you Elisha to lead us the way, changing our lives. God is great and His greatness is forever, Amen.


6 Gertrude 12.30.16 at 2:44 am

I was so upset and the only reason that kept me working was to extend my CV with anothe4 work experience.
I work as sales consultant in an insurance company here from January this year. Ever since I was employed was not getting my commission saying I didn’t reach the required amount for one to start receiving his/her commissions.in September I started 21dau partial fasting praying that enough is enough what so ever block or anything hindering me from receiving my commissions let it caught fire and pave way..
In October I started getting commision .I thank God for this.
And I believe tha something big is yet to happen again in my life..


7 Deborah 12.30.16 at 3:05 am

I praise the name of the Lord he has been so faithful to me and my family.I just want to share ~: I bought a piece of land in 1995,but I realised there was no through road to my farm,when I went back to ask those I bought land from they refused completely to give me through road,I built my house with difficulties when I was transporting building materials. This year in september I went back to these people to ask for through road again,w they gave me without any problem I immedately worked on the road.I thank God for this miracle Our God is faithful.God bless all in Elisha all our teachers.


8 jael 12.30.16 at 3:29 am

The Lord has been good to me this year 2016,
I got a job from the list expected quarters. I had just been laid off mysteriously from my job that was contract awaiting extension. Then I was told there was no money for the extension and had to go home. As I was waiting, a friend called me and asked if I would be interested in her job as a backstop as they were hiring for that position and she was leaving for a better position. I quickly accepted and I am now here three months. God is good. I have been praying for my husband who had a pain in the leg and he says it is gone. My children are blessed with good health. Our business is expanding and God is good.


9 ampaire jean edith 12.30.16 at 3:40 am

praise the Lord praise the Lord. I thank Jesus Christ for passing me thorough 2016 without having anyone admitted in hospital.for paying school fees of my two children who have been in s.6 timely. for fighting for me in my office where the devil has tried several time to ruin my future but the GOD Almighty made it and enabled me to stay and work. I give glory to the Lord and thank him for the courage and faith he has given me. Jesus you are great you are great. Let the year 2017 be prosperous and Give me money to complete my rentals and pay tuition for my children.Thank you Lord Jesus -Amen


10 Caroline Isichi 12.30.16 at 3:42 am

I give God all the glory from the beginning of 2016 I have prayed and participated in the monthly prayers that are send to us. I have had an encounter with God in my marriage. I was praying for restoration of my marriage and God did it and also blessed me with a car bought by my husband. Am so ready for 2017. I give God all the glory. More grace for Bro Elisha Goodman.


11 ZZuma 12.30.16 at 4:11 am

Greetings Mr Goodman and all the Prayer Eagles!

I have countless praises to God this year.
God found me and restored my hope and faith in Him in the midst of all the battles I’ve been through.
He gave me peace that surpasses all understanding during the loss of my premature son and both my businesses.
He directed me to the house of God where when the enemy tried to convince me I don’t belong but He made me fit.
He molded me and still is molding me for what He’s released in the spirit, it’s only a matter of time before it manifests in the physical.
He restored my job right in time, since May 2016 and believe I’ll be permanently reinstated as my contract expire in January 2017. I’ll come back with a praise report in February 2017, praise be to Jehovah!
He saved me from distruction and sin.
He made me to believe in His Prophets Mr Elisha Goodman and my Pastor.

My praise and thanksgiving are never enough.
I read His word with the revelation knowledge now, with an understanding that He who begun a good work will finish it.
He’s faithful and Just and His love is unfailing and ever standing.
Thank you for being the part of my 2016, fir the very first time, a year I’m speachless to explain in one word because of how He has amused me with His plan, greatness and Majestic plans He has for.

I believe!

Happy and Blessed 2017 to you Elisha and all the Prayer warriors in the Mighty name of Jess Christmas of Nazareth


ZZuma Reply:

Jesus Christ of Nazareth


12 James 12.30.16 at 5:09 am

God is all gracious and caring to my situation all through this 2016 year. I have kept praying all through, I can count many of His blessings to me. I got a senior management post after being called for an interview and got half salary paid in advance before 1st January 2017. I also got extra assignment from our Ministry of ICT on Joint surveys of fibre connectivity; the allowance paid in 12days was more than my usual salary. This is miraculous !!! … and I know this is the hand of the almighty. The list for His blessings for me and my siblings is long and I glorify His name day and night. May the sovereign God continue blessing Elisha and Firespring Ministries to continue teaching us and the world on the ways of Jehovah Jire.


13 Jessica 12.30.16 at 5:45 am

Praise Jesus! This has been the most challenging year of my life but I have faith that the way things are will not continue in Jesus name! I pray for my financial miracle today and am not letting go until Jesus Christ blesses me like Jacob Israel in the bible in Jesus name. I need you Lord now more than ever before and I will not continue to be beaten black and blue anymore in Jesus name. I will continue to lean on you and grow closer to you Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for all you have done and for what you are doing about my miracle! Amen!


14 Emilia 12.30.16 at 6:08 am

Shalom! I thank God for what he did to me throughout the year I will glorify his name forever. I thank for him for the direction he gave to a good friends that show me and take my life from worldly things I thank them for that and God will bless them for saving my soul. One friend introduce me to this ministry and I start follow every email pop in my inbox God bless Elisha Goodman and his Ministry for the good jobs they are doing. I wasn’t know if I could speak to God physical like the way I can speak to anyone but Elisha teach me how to do it, God is great and he do marvellous things in my life i will praise him forever.


15 doreen 12.30.16 at 6:15 am

The 7 foriuos prayers for October have done it for me Praise the Lord. To cut the long story short, i will say: i had a dream in that dream two people carry me with a reason of throwing me into a pit it was the graveyard but they failed they did not do it because i saw a group of people praying for me. Praise be to God


16 Caroline 12.30.16 at 6:24 am

Praise God brethren
I just want to give a testimony. I joined the PA sometimes in April 2016 the following I have experienced:
1. The chronic headaches I used to suffer from since I was in primary school just disappeared,I am HEALED. I no longer walk with analgesics to handle the pain.
2. I have experienced PEACE that I never had before even if things are difficult am just at peace. The peace that surpasses human understanding.
3. I have grown younger the glory of God has shone over me….everyone asks me “what are you eating?or applying “? God has given me favour and I tell them” I shall not look old I have to get married “..Amen
4. The prayers have given me courage to handle different situations days when I would even fear nightmares are long gone instead I wake up and fire missiles at the devil and his defenseless cohorts….I have been taught to prayer and not just prayers BUT targeted prayers amen
5. My spiritual life has grown…am moving from glory to glory…..am convicted when doing something wrong or just about to and I stop or immediately turn to God and repent
6. This far if it were not this God who never fails me…..I do not know what would have become of me. He is Ebenezer
I always look for emails coach full of inspirational teachings…..
7. Brethren the word “Lack” is no where near me God has provided me with opportunities in 2016 that have always given me money at some point I stayed for several months without withdrawing my salary…..who can be compared to this God our provider???
8. I can’t miss to say this….this ending year of 2016 I have learnt to FAST and pray….it’s God’s favour .
God is good,glorious ,faithful, and 2017 wow…shall be a full of advancement in testimonies I trust God for mighty things…He’s promises are REAL.
God bless you


Priscillah Reply:

Thank you Caroline,

Have really been moved by your testimonies these are the things am going through. wish i could afford to order the same.
God bless you for your testimony

Kind Regards Priscillah


17 Alphonsus 12.30.16 at 7:05 am

Peace of God be with you Brother Elisha,
I really appreciate all the good work you are doing to coach us spiritually with undiluted word of God. May God in His infinite mercy and love continue to strengthen your ministry and enlarge your coast in Jesus Name.

Year 2016 is a wonderful year for me and family. God made me to know Him more everyday to see the Power and Glory of the Resurrected Jesus Christ. God keep me safe from all the plans of the evil by making me and family to be alive and in good health of mine and body. He promoted me at my place of work and made me a leader. He keep my marriage safe in His care in-spite clear attempt by the agent of devil through their actions and utterances. God kept my marriage safe and we both became soul mate and waxing stronger in love and understanding. God shows us secretes which we were not aware of before and guide us against them all. God bought another plot of land for me to build my house. God is wonderful, good and great!!

I kept vigil waiting for this yearly wonderful prayer guide { 27 Minutes to Midnight Report 2017 Edition} because I know the value. Through your daily and yearly prayer guide, I was able to follow the principles you teaches and now I can pray and get answers and my self confidence in prayer have come to stay in Jesus Name. I pray for people in the Name of Jesus and they get healed, solutions to problems, interpret dreams, counselling people to the glory of God. I also became an intercessor in my prayer group of my Church when they saw the glory of God in me. All these to the glory of God Almighty.

God is wonderful to you and team; and He is with you because your teaches His mind to humanity to get saved. I am a living testimony to this. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!
Thank You Jesus, Thank You My God Almighty!!! You Are Great and Everything About You Is Great!!!


18 Scaver Chombo 12.30.16 at 7:11 am

Last year during this prayers I received three promises from the prayer program on day 7. Up to this time two have come to pass that I got a plot of land which I could not afford at exactly the place I was told and I have enjoyed divine favor which includes a job that I did not even set for an interview for. glory to Jesus saints. only one thing is still pending
be blessed saints of God.


19 teclar mazanhi 12.30.16 at 8:25 am

i experienced divine acceleration in 2016 , i take this opportunity to thank God for answering my prayers , i acquired new assets , upgraded my car , graduated , got a new job, moved to a bigger and nicer apartment and experienced financial breakthrough, for 8 years i could not buy anything tangible with my money , struggled to find a steady paying job and struggled to finish my degree which i finally completed after 6 years instead of 4 years …… i have never seen such amount of progress in a short period of time , its like the heavens above me were wide open and blessings kept pouring one after another ….. its true there is a time for everything , surely this year was my year …..God bless you Elisha and your Team you kept me prayerful through all your e.mails and encouragement …..once again thank you .


20 Beryll Petari 12.30.16 at 9:55 am

I’d like to thank our Heavenly Father Almighty for this year 2016,for many things he has done for my life in this challenging and exciting Prayer Academy Program.

I would also like to thank our coach and all the Advisors in the Prayer Academy Program for their support and advise..
Mid this year I registered into the Prayer Academy Program.
The Lord changed me and my husband in gambling,drinking,going out to night clubs,
which we gave up and spend more time at hone in the program.

My first son went down to Brisbane JCU for his first year in business studies and all my four sons scored good marks in their end if year reports..

What a powerful and mighty God we serve..


21 Esthersu 12.30.16 at 11:38 am

Praise God and thank God for He have protected me from a fall in my toilet, the same spot where I usually pray the monthly prayers bullets, I only injured the tendons n now is all well n strong , the minute I fell , I knew the angels lifted me to a position that was safe for my body weight to land, for about half an hour my grand Daughter n I were claiming healing without stopping n plead the precious Blood of Jesus over myself, thank God I slowly stand up on my own , after a few hours my knee starts to swell n I went to the hospital n had an ex ray n no bones broken , the doctor said I was lucky but I corrected him n said Praise God, the doctor immediately followed n said yes Praise God. Hallelujah to our God Almighty . God bless all prayer eagles .


22 Israel 12.30.16 at 4:29 pm

May the good lord grant you the desires of your heart during this prayer marathon. I see miracles happening already.


23 Alissabatou 12.30.16 at 4:59 pm

The Lord has blessed my family with a beautiful baby girl in April 2016, the Lord saved my live during the operation to give birth.
Glory be to His Name for ever and ever. Amen!


24 sineila 12.30.16 at 7:28 pm

Heavenly Father, Heaven is your THRONE and the Earth is your FOOT STOOL, You are an awesome God, A GOD who never Changes, A GOD who is the SAME yesterday, Today and Forever in Jesus name.

I thank you in Jesus name for your HANDS upon my life as well as the lives of my entire BLOODLINE in 2016 where you Holy Spirit has lead us through his Leadership and Counselling.

Thank you Father for the VITAL GIFT in life that has sustained the entire HUMAN RACE since conceived in our mothers womb and that is THE BREATH OF LIFE!

Heavenly Father, thank you in Jesus name for who you are and what you have been in my personal life as well as in the lives of my entire BLOODLINE both of my Father and Mother’s household.
I can’t thank you enough especially for RESTORING MY LIFE BACK after been so ill in March 2016 where you alone took me through the journey of DEATH and you alone brought me back to LIFE and this Father GOD I’m Thankful and Grateful for in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!!

Thank you for your Holy Spirit who had been our Guide, our Navigator and our Compass to see us all through in 2016 and as the year comes to a closure, I close off every open windows and every open doors that the Devil will use as an opportunity to hinder our worship lives in you oh GOD.

Lord Jesus, be at the gateway of 2017 to be our Shepherd, our Stuff and our Rod in our physical, Spiritual and Mental beings that we may be strengthen in you as we journey through the new year.

Thank you Heavenly Father that you will be that pillar of cloud to see us through in the day and you will be that pillar of FIRE to see us through in the nights of 2017.

Thank you Father for preserving our going in and our coming outs in Jesus mighty name and for all our answered prayers.

Thank you,
Sineila – Papua New Guinea


25 Deborah Abrahams 12.31.16 at 12:02 am

I need friends for 27 minutes in the air for 2017 awesome awesome you help please my grandchildren great-grandchildren my husband my home my finances so me and to talk to God


26 Deborah Abrahams 12.31.16 at 12:05 am

I need prayers for the 2017 to bring in the new year could you please send it to me I need prayers also for my family children and grandchildren as finances my finances also


27 Babalwa 12.31.16 at 1:41 am

Shallom children of the MostHigh God. The Lord has been more than the word Love to me. In 2016 He blessed me with a job after I resigned from the job that was stressing me. He gave me love and ushered people to help me.


28 Anthony 12.31.16 at 3:39 am

I need prayers for my family well being, i have lost everything in life such as financial disaster, homelessness and full of hopelessness. we both are 66 and 65 years in age find difficult to keep fast but we do pray at midnight some times alone. please help us with some prayers that suit our needs, hope this 2017 will bring us abundant blessings from Our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Praise The Lord.


29 Paulinah 12.31.16 at 5:32 am

I am eagerly waiting to storm de gate of fire 2017,i feel weak first day Esther fasting ybut devil u are a liar! i will not be bought off!!!! You my enemies in 2016,you will not see me nomore!!!


30 Sebenzile 12.31.16 at 9:53 am

Thanks to the God of Elisha for teaching us to pray, now every knee is bowing, I was introduced to the website by my aunt in September 2015, I was facing serious spiritual attacks. In the ministry the enemy wanted me dead. I logged in and started following the daily emails and monthly furious prayers. praise the Lord, I have grown in knowing the Lord and learned to take charge in prayer. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful baby girl after a miscarriage and a diagnosis of ovarian cysts. We moved from renting to owning a beautiful home in a good surbub, this all and more happened in 2016.
Glory to JESUS!

Holy anger in the midnight can move any mountain
Soon I will be on the prayer academy.

Glory to God!
Sebenzile RSA


31 Grace 12.31.16 at 11:18 am

I am believing God for a prosperous 2017 with divine acceleration in all areas of my life. I will definitely take this prayer program seriously and i believe i will share testimonies in year 2017.


32 Angela 12.31.16 at 6:01 pm

I need prayer for 2017 could someone please send me some prayer.


33 Milly 12.31.16 at 8:36 pm

Praise the name of the Living God. 2016 was like a battle field for me but through Christ who strengthens us, I overcame all my battles. The major one was to get my children to join me in North America because I left them behind and they had no good care back in my country of origin. I cried to the Lord everyday and one day after a midnight prayer, I went to sleep and i saw a vision, that we were from church and as we were in fellowship with other believers, I saw three planes, the bigger one took off first and two small ones followed. I woke up and stared praising God for victory and for releasing my kids Visas. I had not applied the visas by then, but when I did, it took 14 days and everything was done. Praise be to the Living God.


34 amwamba 12.31.16 at 9:23 pm



35 sola 01.01.17 at 2:24 am

please, how do I join in d ongoing 14days prayer . last year’s own was a great blessings for me


36 Nwazi 01.01.17 at 9:07 am

The 2017 27midnight was wonderful and for sure testimonies will flood this site before the end of the 14 days program may God amighty be praised im Jesus name


Sphiwe Reply:

2017 was my very first year tin praying the 27 midnight prayers. I have a group of about 6 friends that i normally pray with evry Tuesday moning. We have not ha any breakthroughs or many answered prayers. in the group i have one particular who is around my age. The two of us started visiting each other’s homes for prayers and sleep overs. After i introduced her to Elisha information forwarded to me by a friend, we started following the prayer bullets, signed up with Elisha and got the information for the 27midnight prayer2017. i am in expectant of what God will do for me in the next 14 days of pryer…


37 moses 01.01.17 at 9:24 am

praise the lord, i joined this prayer site in may 2016 & must say 2016 was the most fruitful Year since i was born. i will Just outline what i achieved
-got married
-healed from ulcers & joint pains
-winning almost 98% of my dream battles
-God blessed me with healthy baby boy in which he showed me two hands giving me money in a dream which helped me so much during delivery.
for Elisha & all fire springs team / ministry jm lost for words to thank you guys its only the holy one of Israel who can reward you for your sweat. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.


38 euwalaka 01.01.17 at 7:02 pm

God is good and His mercies endureth forever. Amen. The year 2016 was awesome. My kids experienced divine health in 2016, in the “not too good” roads of Nigeria, God preserved the life of my husband in his so many travels, God kept me as i journeyed to work everyday. God kept my parents and loved ones all through the year 2016. God has also given me another opportunity to be a mother again and this time, i am faithfully expecting twin boys. Hallelujah!


39 bkaruhumba 01.02.17 at 2:13 am

Praise the LORD oh my soul. I stormed the gates in 2016, asked for land for my parents to settle on and God answered with a very good farming land. However the rest of my extended family hadn’t been so supportive of my father. His sisters and nephews had disregarded him. But the God we serve is one of great works. After storming the gate of 2017, the morning after, my cousins (my dad’s nephews) phoned him to apologies for not respecting him as their elder and they will send money to help with the building of the new homestead. I thank God for bringing peace back between my father and his nephews and I know peace will return between him and his sisters. This is only the beginning, I am trusing God that that homestead will finish faster than the enemy can blink and my wedding will take place there this year in Jesus Name. God bless you Elisha for your encouraging mails to continue to pray.


40 Thethi 01.05.17 at 6:14 am

Elisha I thank God for you I struggle with the this snuff eddiction for years I prayed my prayers points still on it but believing God to helet me be holy and without fault in his eyes ephesians 1:4-5 I still continue during my 3 days fast but cravings started to subdues till this day am free,people of God is still the same as in the past he fullfill his promises to those who really seek hin and trust him I know after this 14 days the best is yet to come
Thethi southe africa


41 doris mutuku 01.06.17 at 4:55 am

I thank God for Elisha and the work he is doing to change lives.
2016 was a very fruitful year for me,I have been downloading the prayer points from your site and practically using them.
Have been trying to get a new job over many years, had stayed in one job for almost 12 years with no promotion or anybody to recognize my papers.I have done a bachelor of science Nursing.last year September Jehovah answered my prayers ans am now working with a bank as an employee wellness officer with almost a triple of my previous salary.
2) i was diagnosed with Asthma and was on daily use of inhalers but last year God healed me completely and am not on any drugs now.
there are so many things the Lord has done for me through the insight of our brother Elisha and this year its my desire to join the prayer academy.God bless you so much man of God as you continue bring revelation to many.


42 Ruzina 01.06.17 at 2:09 pm

I am having a problem getting into the chat room,I get a message saying this chat room is for private users only


43 Thokozile 01.07.17 at 11:30 am

God is awesome, a friend of mine sent me Elisha’s Prayer teachings on Wednesday 4th of January 2016. I have started Esther fasting today and going through the Prayer sessions. Can’t wait for the breakthroughs… Glory to the living God….


44 millicent 01.08.17 at 6:59 am

Glory to God.He has answered my prayers.I storned the gates and one of my prayers was for me to receive my periods.You see i had last receiced my periods in 2014.As a matter of fact this is my 3rd period and am turning 30years this year…Am so grateful to God and i pray that i will also get my cycle will be consistent from here henceforth.I will even downloae an app that tracks menstration cycle.Glory to God.Am believing God to answer even the rest of my prayers.Hallellujah


45 Carol 01.09.17 at 8:21 am

Have been out and was not able to access, hope it is not too late. Better late than never


Precious Reply:

shalom…Me and my friend had no access to the internet to receive the prayers, however we decided to do them even if we were late.. my sister you are right its better late than sorry


46 JULIUS MIKE AWUTTEY 01.09.17 at 4:49 pm

I got introduced to your ministry by PASTOR BENNY HINN in 2009 when i was in the University. Through your deep teachings on warfare prayers and the midnight parayers, i graduated with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS. Since then i have been challenged to aspire for higher things. I had my National Service in a bank from 2012-2013. I had a contract job in the same bank in May 2015 and in August 2015 i joined the PRAYER ACADEMY and had been firing midnight prayers incessantly. I storm the 2016 gates and during the 2017 storming i concentrate on my STATUS to change.
On the 3/12/2016 all the contract staff of the bank numbering over 1500 took an exam in order to be confirmed as a permanent staff. On the 6/01/2017 i was among the 150 people who has pass the exam and has been confirmed, during the night that preceded the said day of the announcement, I had a dream and in the dream i supposed to walk through a certain road and as i begin the journey in the middle of the road a saw a very mighty river crossed the road and it will be difficult to crossed and as i walk near the river, it parted itself into two like how the SEA parted for the ISRAELITES to cross and after that i saw a woman with bombs all over but as i approach her the bombs couldnt blast and i woke the following morning to the good news. I have just returned from the Banks regional office to pick my appointement letter with my status completely changed and entitle to everything. OOOOOH what a GOD we serve, PROPHET ELISHA may God empower you more. I sincerely believe that this year i am moving to unprecedented hights in Jesus name. In 2016 i told myself that people on this website must read and hear my testimony. As you read this testimony YOU shall also testify in JESUS NAME.


47 mercy 01.12.17 at 6:01 am

I thank God for His miracles i have received after storming the gates of 2017. As i reported to work on 3rd Janury 2017, i was informed that our department which is assigned the work of constructing toilets in the markets has extended the offer to officers working in the office to take up the exercise of construction and i was awarded two toilets among the few whereas others were getting only one. Out of it i will get something tangible that will enable me clear all the debts that i have carried forward to 2017. Its a real miracle.


48 Nc 01.12.17 at 8:57 pm

I don’t know about you, but these 14 days have actually left a mark on my life that will never be erased. I’ve had an encounter with God that I never thought would happen. Apart from the breakthroughs, I have also grown spirituality and I get super excited talking to God. Its such an amazing feeling knowing that you have a relationship with the Great I am, Creator of the universe and he surely is all powerful. I have so many testimonies, I thank God for using you Brother Elisha


49 Pamoako 01.13.17 at 7:04 pm

I Thank God for backfiring arrows of disgrace back to the sender.

As I stormed the gates of 2017 with your prayer points, on the 11th Jan, 2017 at work, I was accused of theft and sacked from the office with my colleague n was told never to step foot there again after being audited by three auditors. The first two auditors outcome was, “there’s no shortage of money”, but the last auditor outcome was “there’s a shortage of 10,000 Ghana Cedis . This made my boss very angry. He insulted in front of all the workers and said he doesn’t want to see us again.

I prayed. “Every Evil conspiracy against me in my place of work be destroyed by the power in the name of Jesus”.

I went to the office the next day , called the auditor and took the documents he audited and organized them accordingly and presented it to my boss. He went through it one by one and there was no shortage of money. God has done it for me. Am still working with my boss. Glory be to the Most High God.


50 Monica Akach 01.17.17 at 5:23 am

Dear Elisha,

I have never done known about about opening the gate at midnight on 31st December to 1st January.
I thank God for a whatsapp group of Christians where one lady forwarded your link of 27 minutes to midnight. I read it and decided to follow the instructions for the next 14 days.
now the results have been amazing shocking.

I have two testimonies no three.
one.. just after the midnight prayers on 31st December and transitioning to 1st January I woke up and went to do the 9 am prayers in the seating room and behold something caught my eye on the wall unit a DEAD LIZARD! immediately I understood in the spirit something must have been destroyed.
two… when I resumed work the following week one of the directors came with a foul mood and it went on almost for two weeks and couldn’t understand at first because he is usually a cool person but not he was abusing me and finding fault in very thing I do in the office. again I was quick to interpret in the spirit something must be going on in the spirit world and I intensified my prayers infact I now prayed targeted prayers like…you hidden strangers in this office eaten by worms of fire in Jesus Name. Holy Spirit send your angels of warriors to truck down every demonic powers against me, and kill them by fire in Jesus Name.
three…. my eldest son and his followers developed a terrible flu and which is still visible. but after some days the Holy Spirit quickened my heart and understanding again. Haleluyah deliverance is taking place in my children!

what a mighty God we serve


51 Ruzina 01.25.17 at 4:23 am

Hi,how do I pay for the Prayer Academy if I don’t have a bank account?


52 tmocarol 01.29.17 at 2:34 am

I stormed through the gates this year. I prayed, I fasted earnestly. This year, I’m praying for a spouse. I’m 34, unmarrried, time is against me. And I also have a desire to share my life with someone. So far, nothing has happened. Last eeek Wednesday, I embarked on an Esther fast, I confessed my sins, and prayed earnestly. I broke the fast yesterday. Yet, every man that I meet is rejecting me. They all do not want to be associated with me. Why?????? I’m beautiful, kind, love God. I’m almost perfect, except for my weight – slightly overweight, but not in a bad way. I still look attractive. Yet no man wants me. It’s like they are repulsed by me. I even gave up, cos my fast was supposed to be 3 day Esther, 4 days partial fast. I stopped at the Esther fast because I’m not sure if God is even listening to my prayers. Why??????? I am deeply in distress.


Wongani Reply:

1 John 2:19


53 innocentia 02.01.17 at 4:38 pm

hi i would like to get monthly prayer points


54 leah 02.16.17 at 9:08 am

Hi would like to have 27 minutes to midnight report
leah´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for February 2017


55 nomfundo 02.19.17 at 3:09 am

today is the day that I woke up knowing very well that this program is for me.I am broke don’t have cent don’t have even money for petrol for this whole week.There is one thing in my heart right now,that all will be dealt with.

By the end of the week my husband will be getting his salary which doesn’t last us even a week,but with that money im gonna enrol for the program and I know that is what I needed to do from his January till now.The abortion of my blessings will end today because from today onwards I will stat keeping my mouth shut.The devil thought he has won me over but from today onwards I am claiming back my life,and all what have been stolen from me im taking it by force.

thank you to the wonderful lady who introduced me to this program may the Lord forever bless her with her family.This is now my time and my family.

Thank you Elisha.


56 Diosita 02.23.17 at 5:42 am

Pls.send me a prayer for Devine favor.thanks.


57 Evelyn ayobami 03.26.17 at 7:51 am

my name is èvelyn I have read so much about your ministry. I would like to subscribe to your weekly or monthly prayer bullets. thanks for your kind consideration


58 adolf 03.30.17 at 5:16 am


Dear prayer warriors.

i can not explain how overjoyed , i am . But , this is real i have been healed of HIV after praying nd fasting sincerely for 5 days asking God for healing.

A few weeks before i was on a business trip and during this trip i was at the lowest point of my spiritual journey with the Lord, i ended up commiting adultery with a prostitute, after a week i started developing all typical symptoms of a new HIV infection, such as sore throat , severe flu, body fatigue, soreness , diarrhea , fever and night sweating. right then in my heart i knew that these are the wages of my adultery, that is when i decided to come clean before GOD and repented of my sins deeply. and while on the internet searching for testimonies of people who were healed of HIV , i came across one testimony in 27 minutes to midnight prayer bulletin of a lady whose sister was healed of HIV after living with it for years.

That is when i decided to combine this prayer bulletin with other prayers and for 5 consecutive days i prayed and repented like i have never done before. on the fourth day inner assurance flooded my soul that the LORD has answered my prayers . on the first day of starting these prayers i had gone for a test called RNA qualitative test, whose result i was to receive on the 5th day. when i picked up my results , i was HIV negative and all symptomps sstarted dissapearing from the fourth day before even finishing my prayers.

I thank LORD JESUS CHRIST for answering my prayers, and i also thank His servant Elisha Goodman for being a blessing to many.




59 goodman1971 03.30.17 at 3:49 pm

Hello everyone I am new here I am asking for prayers to to get my own home and a promotion at work I am struggling with money right now it hard for me to make end meet pls forgive me for posting this here


60 Freda 11.27.17 at 3:37 am

What a mighty God we serve!
Last week on Friday, I took a day off from work. The normal procedure is that, when one takes a day off, someone else must sign on a part of the leave form, to show that he/she will be available to take on the duties of the person taking leave. I asked a male colleague to sign for me, which he did. Now a female colleague had also wanted to take that same Friday off, but she couldn’t because I was taking that day off. She was visibly upset. She said she would take the following Monday off, but she was so angry! I told her that I would sign her Monday leave form, and sit-in for her. She just ignored me. Unknown to me, she asked the same male colleague who has signed for me, to sign for her aswell (which he did, and also did not mention a word to me about it!). This was to make me appear uncooperative and unable to work in a team!
I immediately went into prayer. I told God to fight my battles.
When I woke this morning(Monday), I declared that today will be a good day. I will be at peace, the peace of God. I declared that I will do my work diligently. I declared that MY TESTIMONIES WILL SURPRISE MY FRIENDS AND SHOCK MY ENEMIES. I stood on Genesis 50v20…WHAT THE DEVIL MEANT FOR HARM, GOD TURNED IT AROUND FOR MY GOOD.

As I was on my way to work this morning ,I received a call from our male colleague. He told me his car had suddenly broken down as he was driving to work. He would therefore not be able to make it to the office. So I ended up sitting-in for my female colleague. I strutted into the office, PRAISING MY GOD!!


61 Christiana 04.06.18 at 7:52 pm

I love Jahovah he is all I need I took sick in town on Tuesday with pressure up to 198/94first time in my life I felt that way,I feel as if I was going to die.I ask God what is this feeling I don’t want to die,I went in a pharmacy they took my pressure call my doctor get a tablet praise God after I feel better I told the devil God kick him again in his face.all the time I pray wall of fire walls of hedge angel wash me with his blood.


62 Christiana 04.06.18 at 7:53 pm

Thank you for prayers from all my incrcles.love love love


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