7 Furious Prayers for February 2021

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Ready. Set. Go. 

Months ago we said this…

That the enemy was going to weaponize the virus against the church. 

Not long after, they began to close the churches everywhere and outrightly ban Christian gatherings. 

During this period of isolation many have become discouraged. 

Beyond that, the plague continues its destructive march. 

Today, many have lost their loved ones. 

So this month we roll out the virus-destroying prayers we fired months ago at the first outbreak. 

There’s an unusual story behind this set of prayers. 

It came by way of Eagle AL, who pastors a prophetic and healing ministry with her husband here in the USA. 

She said the Holy Spirit dictated the prayers to her back in March at the outbreak of the pandemic. 

She wrote it down in Spanish and later translated it to English. 

Let me just say that these prayers are prophetic warfare prayers. 

At the time I asked for her permission to share publicly. 

Thousands have taken these prayers and the testimonies of divine healing are there for all to see. Please share this far and wide – on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other media. 

Why should we share this far and wide? 

This week alone I have heard of so many deaths from this plague.

Even in our Eagles’ Forum! 

It is time to take these prayers again … for yourself, family and friends.

Please click here for the full set of prayers - please take them aggressively and pray over anyone infected with the coronavirus and see what the LORD will do


The enemy we face is wicked and relentless. 

It is no longer business as usual. 

Bible says: 

Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; For the day of the LORD is coming, For it is at hand: – Joel 2:1

If you are reading this … 

You are hearing the trumpet call to prayer. 

Act like a lamb, pray like a lion. 

Arise and join us at the midnight hour. 

Scripture is the gun. 

Prayer is the bullet. 

We’re moving forward.

Whenever someone joins the Prayer Academy I ask them why they decided to join.

Noreen just answered that question.

She says:

We Have Kept This A Secret

“I acknowledge receipt of the eBooks and would like to thank you for the surprise gift. I must say I was not expecting these.

“I signed up to receive prayer bullets that I could use to arrest the many problems I am challenged with and you blessed me with a huge bonus on top of the learnings, inspirational testimonies read so far as well as the prayer bullets I have been blessed with from my readings of the testimonials in the last 2 days only.

“My experience with the prayer bullets was back in 2019. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure. The doctors had advised that he be put on dialysis daily, however, the price fro this was not within our reach. I had received the monthly prayer bullets fro a friend and so urgently turned to the prayer bullets.

“My husband and I prayed a month’s prayer bullets (not really sure now which one it was) and my brother-in-law got his healing immediately. We have kept this a secret and just wanted to join the Prayer Academy ourselves one day. Thank God we have now joined. Amen.”


Praise the LORD.

If you know anyone sitting on the fence (about our kind of prayer) … 

Please take this message to them: 


“Look, the world just changed. 

The way you used to pray needs to change fast. 

It is the only sure way to succeed. 

In a time of plagues, pandemics and global meltdown… 

Going forward – 

It will take more than going to church, more than “sowing seeds,” 

… much more than sending prayer requests everywhere (or being prayed for by anointed

ministers of God)… 

… to truly TAKE BACK what the enemy has stolen from you… 

… whether that is in the area of your job, finances, marriage, health or whatever.”  

Go here to join us if you’ve not already done so

Because it’s not where you are now that counts.

It’s where you want to go (and whether you’re prepared to seize the day)

Get ready to surprise your friends and shock your enemies (start here) 

Be An Overcomer


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