7 Furious Prayers for January 2020?

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2020 Year of the Mad Prophets

Right now…

We’re in the middle of our 14-day prayer riot at the gates.

Because of that, there will be no 7 Furious prayers for this month …

… as the prayers are already embedded within the prayers we’re currently praying.

Take for instance prayer bullet #1 [Day 5].

Powerful self-deliverance prayer.

Look what happened to Eagle Colleta when she took the prayer with holy aggression. 

** Prayer Bullet #1 Hits The Bull’s Eye **


“Yesterday we broke our fast at 6pm following the pre marathon manual on how to break an Ester fast. Just around 2hours from taking fluids l received a great deliverance.I had diarrhea for almost two hours, l did not have stomach pains nor stomach rumblings, it was just flowing as if l was being washed inside.

Little did l know what was in store for me at midnight hour. We started our praise and worship then all of a sudden l felt the overwhelming power to cry and prostrate and l let the Holy Spirit take control. On the prayer bullet of “I receive the baptism of fire in the name of Jesus “

I started talking in a language l have never heard. Glory to God, one of my petitions was answered. The prayers were filled with power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God was with us even as we went to sleep.”

- Eagle Colleta 


If you haven’t joined us yet, take a look at this post from Facebook:








 You may choose to join us … or not.

That’s your call.

We’ve done our part. 

See the prayers on our web page here:

See the prayers – printable PDF here

Be An Overcomer


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