7 Furious Prayers for May 2016

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Everyone who is in debt or whose finances had
mysteriously disappeared at one time or the other
needs to know this.

It is false to have the notion that God wants you
to be poor or in debt (He does not).

It is false to think that God does not love you enough
to … (fill in the blanks).

But first, look at this:


*** “Those prayers work like electricity!” ***

“Praise God Elisha, I give God all the glory. I don’t know
how to start, because he has shocked my enemies and surprised
my friends and family. Since I signed up for Sapphire
blueprint prayers Feb 2016 things I have been waiting for
two 1/2 years, were answered immediately:

1) I received my US permanent residency,
2) I received my social security,
3) I received school grant/scholarship fully paid
for two years until I graduate,
4) I received my driving license now I want to buy the car and
5) I conceived after miscarriage last year – now am pregnant wooooi!

Thank you Lord Jesus. I feel like I will scream everyday.
Those prayers worked like electricity.

My husband is in a shock because he told me am religious
when I pray those kind of prayers he doesn’t understand why.
And he tried to stop me. What amazed him is that things are
working for me in a mysterious way. What he was denied,
I applied for and got it.

I asked God to prove to my husband that the prayers I have
been praying are supernatural prayers.

This is how I have been praying:

‘Oh God of Elisha, let my testimony shock all my enemies
and surprise my friends and family in the name of Jesus.’

Now am ready and waiting for the next prayer edition. I will be
joining every time you announce.”

- Leah M, USA

In 1 Cor. 2:12 we read:

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world,
but the spirit which is of God; that we might know
the things that are freely given to us of God.

Many wonderful things have been freely given to us by the LORD.

Some are spiritual benefits.

Some are physical things.

You may not have known about this,
so it is not entirely your fault.

The prayers to activate the “search command”
in the spirit… to GO FIND what rightly belongs
to you … coming up shortly.

We’re about to send our prayers to
“Go find something… or cause something to shift
in the spirit LIKE THIS…”

Liezl writes:

*** My time of glory is about to appear ***

Hi elisha I came this year upon your site in February 2016.
I started to fire your bullets as I never knew what it really
was like to pray. I was pregnant I almost got a heart failure.

Doctors said that I should undergo an emergency operation early
at 8 months because if not me, my baby or one of us is going to die but
before I went in I prayed like this:

“Father, let every dragon pulling me to the
grave with my unborn baby be paralysed in Jesus name”

We both made it. My baby was 1,7 kg premature but while feeding
her I kept on firing prayers. She is now 3 kg glory to God.

……Yesterday night I felt tired I could not pray at midnight
hour. I decided to pray the thanksgiving prayer points and the
7 furious prayer points of April. This morning I received an sms
from the bank saying I can take a loan up to 250000 dollars
for my business. I am still shocked because they had previously
refused to help me in any way. My time of glory is about to appear!

- Liezl A

Praise the LORD.

Never underestimate the power of thanksgiving prayer…

PLUS the 7 Furious Prayers sent out monthly.

Those prayers are culled from the special “prayer riots”
that we hold from time to time, as led by the Spirit.

The last one was the Sapphire Edition in February.

This is the 5th month of the year already.

Another very special one is about to kick off shortly
in the newly-created Singles Forum.


Will you be happy to see your spiritual enemies buried,
with maximum ignominy?

AND your divine benefits released without delay?

(NOTE: When we say “enemies” we are not referring to
human beings).

I’m going to give you 3 tips now.

You can call them the 3 “don’ts” of lasting victory (the last tip is
by far the most important).
TIP #1:

Do NOT resent success.

Develop a mindset that appreciates the success of others.
Do NOT be envious when others are blessed. Rather, learn to
thank God for them, while believing the LORD to visit you shortly.


TIP #2:

Don’t settle for mediocrity.

“And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed …” Rom.12:2

The life of a prayer eagle is a
constant battle against conformity.

Because conformity leads to …


The dictionary defines it as a state
of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad;
barely adequate, undistinguished, commonplace, pedestrian,
everyday, run-of-the-mill.

Sadly, that aptly describes the prayer
life of most believers today.

And such believers fill my inbox everyday with horror
stories like this one (just came in):


“My life is a total mess. It is characterised by failure,
incomplete tasks , procrastination, poverty, rejection, being
jilted by potential marriage partners for example am currently
in a relationship with an amazing man. All was going well until
it reached the time for us to finally meet physically, he all
over a sudden had blood pressure and he couldn’t travel till date.

I have been jobless for years. I apply but am never called nothing
prospers in my life. And am just frustrated sad and angry all the
time. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that all this is caused by
a spirit husband and I was given instructions to fast for four
days and eat only fruit and vegetables.

As I pray the seventy one prayer points to get rid of spirit spouses
at the midnight hour but each time I start I end up procrastinating
and desiring to eat. I know this is wrong but hat can I do. Please I
need some advise. Am desperate, very desperate.”

- Name Withheld


I pray that the Holy Spirit will carry this sister on
His back to victory in Jesus name.

The enemy wants her to feel permanently frustrated, discouraged,
confused, desperate, betrayed, and mad at anyone and everyone.

However, that is NOT God’s will for her life.


Believe it or not, her problems can be solved rather easily.

And that leads us to the 3rd and final tip.

TIP #3:

Don’t try to go it alone.

Find a group of praying believers and join them.
They will uphold you when you are weak. They will
hold you accountable.

Here’s an example to show you what I mean. It was sent
in a while ago from one of our prayer eagles in South Africa.

Hear her:


***  An army of midnight prayerful women ***

“I always hear you quote scripture on prayers
being answered as you are speaking. Of late mine
get answered as I am thinking about them, also I
get warnings beforehand of a possible problem or
sin I may get involved in.

Last week in the middle of the night, a voice kept
on repeating “destiny diverters”. The next day I went
on an Esther’s offense and prayers against diverters.

I can now hear in the Spirit.

I joined the Prayer Academy on the 25th July 2015 but
had started storming the midnight gate since 31 Dec 2014…

… with a couple of friends, now we have an army of
midnight prayerful women who are grateful for understanding
spiritual warfare and having gotten jobs within two days of
reading your material and praying.”

- Gugu M, South Africa

Here’s another:

                  ***  A Better use of social media  *** 

“This ministry is one of a kind. I take these prayer bullets to heart.
Now I share them with my watsapp friends and others too who are
not on watsapp. I am mentoring them just as elisha is doing me.
Some have already signed up to firesprings ministries. Right now I feel
that the best thing I can do and give to my friends and family is to
show them this unique website.”

- Dorothy K
= = =

An army of midnight prayer eagles.

Praise the LORD.

We have thousands like Gugu and Dorothy spread around the world.

They don’t just talk. They are up and about, demonstrating
the Gospel of the kingdom … through their prayers.

When all is said and done, you will find that prayers
of agreement can go very far.

And when you’re ready to go deeper (so your blessings
manifest FASTER) …

… there’s no better place than the Prayer Eagles Forum,
where all our prayer eagles from 117 countries congregate
to share, intercede for and and encourage one another.

It’s the one online forum where you can access most of the
best materials the LORD has given us to help 21st century
believers and prayer warriors.

And it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To the 7 Furious Prayers for the month of May.


For any prayer to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do.

The prayers you are about to see will only work for children of God.

These will help you to be established and rooted in the faith… and much much more.

NOTE: If you’re unable to join the Academy at this time,
please look for a praying church in your community without delay.

The casualties are mounting daily … for prayer-less believers.

Do not become a casualty in the on-going spiritual war.

The LORD will help you in Jesus name.



Now to the 7 Furious Prayers for this month….

1. O LORD, choose me for special blessings this month in Jesus name.

2. O LORD, show me the secret of my destiny in the name of Jesus.

3. Any sickness transferred into my body in the dream, come out now, go back to your senders in the name of Jesus.

4. Every blessing that has passed me by since this year began, hear the word of the Lord, locate me by fire in the name of Jesus.

5. Satanic prophecies over my life, be cancelled, be nullified by the power of the Blood of Jesus

6. Every serpent in my family line, I crush your head with the hammer of God in the name of Jesus.

7. O LORD, increase my greatness and comfort me on every side in the name of Jesus.

Be An Overcomer


PS: If you want to invite your friends…

Click here to invite your friends

PPS: What are other prayer eagles up to this month?

Please check your inbox for the Prayer “Fingerprint” Invitation (if you qualify).

More details coming shortly


If you signed up for the Prayer Academy in the last few days,
please make sure to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION so you
can receive the weekly email alerts.

For all others —

MAY Prayer Academy — starts soon (New Members Only)

More details, see below:

(Ignore this part if you’ve joined already).

Next Prayer Academy —

(Please join us early to ensure your participation this month –
don’t wait till the last minute).

Registration page open here and Here.…

Start Your Journey Into FASTER Breakthroughs Here

** What Has The Lord Done For You Lately? **

Please click on COMMENTS below and share your testimonies…
… your thoughts, war stories and words of encouragement.



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1 liana 05.01.16 at 2:52 pm

Thank you brother Elisha for the furious prayer points for the month of May.
We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.
I receive my breakthroughs in Jesus name.


2 Shupikai Zebron 05.01.16 at 2:54 pm

The Lord is doing wonders. I have been without a supervisor for my phd for a year and when I got one she could not understand my theoretical framework but through prayer points I got every month from the site I got a second one who was supervisor to the first one.


3 Paulinah 05.01.16 at 2:59 pm

Calvary greetings.
Thnx for de furious prayers for this month.


4 Nozenzo 05.01.16 at 3:00 pm

I thank the Lord God Almighty for having restored our Sunday evening family prayer that had stopped because of the challenges that we were facing as individual family members.The Holy Spirit has renewed our family prayer life and we give God all the glory.May God continue to strengthen each one of us to keep the spiritual fire burning in our hearts.Thank you Jesus for resurrection!!!


Nomsa Reply:

I was introduced by a friend to these prayers last week after I told her about my financial problems. My husband left me and our 3 children 8 years ago and hasn’t been helping with anything. Last week I got his email saying he wants us out of the house. I’m under debt review because I have to help my daughter at the university. I am struggling. I’ve had thoughts of ending my life. I really can’t go on like this. I’ve prayed but I seem not to get to the end part…i get discouraged. Please help me?


billionareboss Reply:

The lord is your Shepherd Sister Nomsa. I am with you in prayers. All is well.


5 noxolo 05.01.16 at 3:00 pm

thank you Elisha, the Lord is blessing me everyday, I have that fear of the Lord which comes every time temptation to sin arises,but holy spirit reminds me that I am the child of God,praise be to God, I see changes in my life,i forgive easily and I am fighting in my dreams to the point of defeating the enemy, this is because of my regular confession of the word of God and the 7 furious prayer points I receive every month. I thank God for his mercy a d blessings in my life,amen.


Hadassah Reply:

Amen. We give all the glory to God in Jesus’ Name.

Blog 24Hr


6 martha 05.01.16 at 3:04 pm

I got introduced to this site by a friend in 2014 but have been lazy to take up PA. I have seen a lot of testimonies coming through of people getting healed and getting break throughs. I then told myself that i am the one who is delaying my miracle. Today Isamgoing to start saving money to join prayer academy. I know the first few days of praying the rightful prayer at the right time will give me the desired results.


Hadassah Reply:


Be it unto you according to your faith in Jesus’ Name.

Blog 24Hr


7 Samu 05.01.16 at 3:10 pm

These monthly furious prayers are awesome. I started compiling them into a booklet so that I can always go back to them. I sometimes pray them in conjunction with Thanksgiving Prayers and they are working wonders in my life. Glory be to God!


Hadassah Reply:


What a good advice! Am sure if we emulate what you do here, there will be lots and lots of breakthroughs in our lives. There will be more testimonies experienced by subscribers of this forum in Jesus’ Name.

Blog 24Hr


8 John 05.01.16 at 3:21 pm

Pray for me elisha miracles are happening in my marriage life, my personal life but my self esteem is very low due to lack of finances to provide for my family. Am in employment but not earning enough to sustain my family.


Ngosa Reply:

I thank God for this ministry,may blessings
Continue to abound.i look forward to praying
These prayer points and recieving my miracles,expected and unexpected ones


Hadassah Reply:


As you stay active and tuned to the teachings in this forum, you will be able to pray for yourself, anytime and all the time. You will actually become dangerous to the kingdom of the devil in Jesus Name. You will start receiving answers and breakthroughs faster than before. You will start experiencing testimonies that will always be surprising your friends and family members, and the same time shocking your enemies in Jesus’ Name.

My prayer for you now is that may you learn to pray like never before. May you become a prayer warrior in Jesus Name. If you have never done the Prayer Academy Programme, that is how it happens to most of the prayer warriors or Prayer eagles whose testimonies you have been reading here.

I urge you to give it the highest priority. You will thank God for that.

Blog 24Hr


Beulah Reply:



9 Patience 05.01.16 at 3:21 pm

My Prayer life has never remained the same since I came across this site.May God continue to use you to win souls Sir.


10 cecilia 05.01.16 at 3:23 pm

I thank God I have received the prayer points for May 2016
cecilia´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for May 2016


11 Martha 05.01.16 at 3:28 pm

May God bless you for all that you are foimg for his people.just waiting for my own testimony. I need to get married


12 Florida 05.01.16 at 3:28 pm

Praise the Lord God almighty! My elder brother who had always dissappeared for years and lived an un Godly life style reappeared yesterday as a born again christian pastor after over 3 years of not knowing his where abouts. Thank you Jesus. Thank you dear God.


13 Dorathy Nwabueze 05.01.16 at 3:33 pm

Thank God so much for the 7 furious prayers. I have been checking my box constantly for it. I bless God for this month and all he will do in my life my family my children also in my business and finances in Jesus name Amen. God bless u more.


14 Liz 05.01.16 at 3:40 pm

Whenever I remember I thank God for you brother Elisha!! Through your daily emails and monthly furious prayers I see and feel the hand of God in my life! Glory to God,I have no other God but Him,He has done what no man has done for me and will do what no man can do!!! Alleluia to my Lord of lords,King of Kings!!


15 Lorato 05.01.16 at 3:41 pm

Thank God for the furious prayers for this month. I thank my Lord for all my blessings to come. Amen.


16 Jennifer 05.01.16 at 3:43 pm

Thank you Lord for the prayers of the month I pray that I will overcome soon and will shame my enemies and shock my friends and family. I will stand by the Lord and approach his throne boldly claiming what belongs to me. Enough is enough satan you have no power over my life


Veronica Reply:

Praise the Almighty God! I have been daily inspired by the emails and prayers sent by Elisha, I have been ignoring to read them at times but to day and specifically This month May 2016.I believe through his 7 Furious prayers they will change my life. I repeat to say enough is enough Satan go your way I am God’s child you have no room in me I am now covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.


17 Esther 05.01.16 at 3:48 pm

Just on time praise God i am believing God for my breakthrough and my testmony will suprise my friends and SHOCK my enemies.
God bless you brother Elisha for helping me open my eyes on the spiritual part of my life and around me.


18 Caroline K 05.01.16 at 3:50 pm

Calvary greetings to you all, I thank God for the furious prayers for May, my birth anniversary.
I am trusting God to go before me and clear my pathways in Jesus name, I shall say goodbye to debt in Jesus name.


19 Ntswaki 05.01.16 at 3:51 pm

Prayer warriors, God is good all the time and always. I joined prayer academy last year 2015 and this year, this month of May I’m getting married. The furious prayers of May will get me through to accomplish this. I have already gave up on marriage but it happened through our Father in heaven. May God bless you all including Elisha. Please pray for me especially this Month. Amen


20 Emie 05.01.16 at 3:52 pm

Thank God for the prayer points for May. My life is turning around and I am seeing positive results in my life. I no longer stress over things.


21 lunji 05.01.16 at 3:57 pm

Brother Elisha
Thank God for the 7 furious prayers.I have been checking my inbox since morning.


22 mimi 05.01.16 at 4:03 pm

Man of God be blessed nd thnk you vry much for may s powerful prayers surely I shall surprise my family nd friends, shocking my enemies to the last drop. Amen


23 Renford 05.01.16 at 4:04 pm

Elisha pray me for break through this month


24 Kigenda S 05.01.16 at 4:05 pm

I thank God for the prayers of the month of May, they have now become a part of my life! I was waiting for them. As I was about to go to bed tonight I remembered today is the beginning of a new month. I went online to check if I had received an email from Elisha Goodman and voila! There they are! I praise God for this wonderful gift.


25 lumba 05.01.16 at 4:06 pm

Thank God for proverbial hinges that open great doors. I have loved your prayer bullets from the first day I was introduced to by friend. Am so used to midnight prayers now. Iv realised e every time I have a problem when pray midnight I see changes in my life. I have learnt the importance of being faithful to tieth through your site. Am waiting for huge break through for I have prayed and I still believe. God to manifest my breakthroughs. Of which I know I wil by God grace. And definitely looking forward to join academy soon
We thank the Lord for your life and testimonies that are changing lives in the world. From frustrations to land of milk and horney.


26 Proscovia 05.01.16 at 4:14 pm

Dear Elijah,

I really want to join the prayer academy but my finances have been held up since January…
My relationship with my boyfriend hasnt been the best. he stopped communicating since late FEB..we nevre had a quarrel or anything… My career isnt progressing … even when i apply for jobs … no response…
I was diagnosed with fibroids and a cyst as well as bialateral blocked fallopian tubes.. yet am not getting younger.. no kids yet?… am going through at alot… am due for surgery but can’t find even finances for the surgery…..in all this am believing my God is working out everything for my good… Please stand with me in Prayer…WANT to see GOD work in my life


Pamela Reply:


Continue to believe in God and you will receive. God will open closed doors.


27 NM 05.01.16 at 4:16 pm

I greet u in d name of Jesus.
My family is under attack by d devil from all sides.my mother’s sise
my fathers side. The devil wants us to be involved in witchcraft
For riches. They av openly asked my father to support them and even take d wheel to which he has continuously refused telling them that him he is a man of God n he doesnt believe in withcraft n all those demonic things.but they av started attacking our family with diseases both to humans n animals on which we depend for our livelihood.
Am thankful to God that my father has since become born again n so prayerful.
We have even started a prayer cell n we travel all the way to our ancestral home to pray from my father’s house. And people from d village church come to pray with us.
We are going to be meeting every end of month to pay from my father’s house so we can arrest these bad, dark spirits that are standing in our way.


28 Boitumelo 05.01.16 at 4:20 pm

Thank you lord for furious prayers for May. I am believing God for a new job that will suprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus name amen!


AB Reply:

And He will give you one. I know for sure He gave me one this year as my first major breakthrough which has my enemies and friends scratching their heads in confusion and wonder. Cos it just does not make sense to them. Till date I am still in awe and I know this is just the beginning. Just fight on and believe. He is faithful.


29 Boitumelo Tshwenyego 05.01.16 at 4:24 pm

Thank God for the monthly prayer points. This is the greatest prayer ministry that I have ever met. I look forward for anything new everyday. How I wish I could have met this ministry 17 years ago. when I met your site I was tired of the status quo and my faith has moved to a other level.


30 Truphena M Nyorani 05.01.16 at 4:26 pm

Am grateful to God for this website. I have gone through the prayer Academy, the Golden journey and the last program. I kept on thinking no answers are coming; but that was wrong. I have noticed so many blessings. For example of late, if I just ask God for something he answers almost immediately. Some of the things God is answering are what most of us take as ordinary, like when am hanging out cloths which I have laundered ,I ask God to make it shine , since it has been raining so much, even if it is raining after a short time the sun comes on and shine. Somtimes even when am travelling I tell God may I find the vehicle of certain characteristics and I find it. I just give all the glory to God.


31 Betty 05.01.16 at 4:37 pm

I can never thank God enough for the wonderful things He is doing in my life since I started receiving daily emails from Elisha and followed word for word.
Beginning of March my contract was terminated with immediate effect with nobenefits and I felt an inner joy contrary to the status quo. I just knew there’s something new and better God has prepared for me. I engaged in rigorous prayer using prayer bullets on thanksgiving, monthly prayers of April, Esther fasting. After 3wks I was shown executive offices by my landlady I could for my classes in order to raise money for my rent and to sustain myself. Fully furnished. This has indeed surprised me and my friends and shocked my enemies. I now have ample time to win souls for Jesus, pray for the sick, hold midweek programs at church. Elisha people are getting healed and delivered, to God be all glory. I love my spiritual life now.
My dream has always been to join the PA and now there’s hope of doing so soon.
Thank God for Elisha and the crew. May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory.


32 Benina Mkhonto 05.01.16 at 4:39 pm

Thank God for the 7 furious prayers for the month of May 2016.

I Declare and believe that God is about to bring forth breakthroughs in every area of Prayer Eagle in Jesus name Amen. May God continue to Bless you as you continue to serve him relentlessly by discipling us to learn gow to pray targeted prayers in Jesus name Amen


33 Optatus 05.01.16 at 4:45 pm

Breathren, pray for me that my former Employer will release my final payments that they are holding unjustifiably and holding my pension fund documents without sending them to revant offices in NewYork. Though I have reported the matter to higher authorities they also decided to effect ignorance. Pray for me that I receive divine intervention into the matter since my family is suffering since last December 2015.
Praise the Lord.


Emma nuel Reply:

Thou power that raised Lazarus from the dead,Lift up my Finances from Every Spiritual graveyard in Jesus Name.
By force and by fire,I command the devil to take away his legs from my Money in Jesus Name.
You powers if emptiers,wasters and devourers ,I bring the blood of Jesus against you ,Loose your hold upon my Finances in Jesus Name.

Be an Overcomer.


Margaret E. Reply:

I look forward to the Furious Prayers each month. I am grateful for all prayer points posted. They are powerful weapons on the battle field.
There are times when you do not feel like praying but Be on the Alert! that is when you should intensify the prayers. We are told to pray without ceasing. I am grateful to God for victory.


34 JANE NN 05.01.16 at 4:47 pm

The One and only Omniscient God is expanding our faith , hope and total dependence through Firesprings Ministry. Amen


35 lysbeth 05.01.16 at 4:51 pm

Thankyou Elisha for such wonderful prayerpoints for the month of May. Am believing God for a well paying Job this month as I have never been employed since 2011 when I graduated and for God to make my business a multi million dollar business.


36 Sikhu 05.01.16 at 4:51 pm

Hello Elisha
I give glory to God for your life and obedience to His word for starting the prayer site. I joined the prayer academy in February 2016. I’ve seen the hand of the Lord in many aspects of my life. I’ve been fasting and praying sometimes doing the Esther’s and sometimes breaking the fast at 16:00hrs, according to the lessons. I know most battles have been won and the giants are dieing. I had a dream last week. I dreamt climbing a mountain and towards the peak of that mountain it was very muddy the soil waa like wet clay. I kept climbing and took a good grip but surprisingly it wasn’t slippery the next moment I saw myself standing on top of the mountain. I got up and praised God and shared the good news with my brother overseas.
I’m trying yo continue into the next session ‘The Fingerprints ‘ but don’t seem to get through.
Sikhu ( Australia. )


37 Doreen 05.01.16 at 4:53 pm

I that the Holy Spirit to show me a lady who told me about man of God Eisha Goodman books and prayers. I am praying for financial breakthrough and to receive miracle money


38 JANETH 05.01.16 at 4:54 pm

I received my furious prayer for May thank God. I pray for blessing in my life


39 Agnes 05.01.16 at 4:55 pm

Thank God for the May furious prayers. Now, i got late to pay for the academy yesterday on 30th April 2016 because of delayed finances reaching me. Can i still register or I wait for another session??is the academy continuous or in bits? Advice please thank you. Agnes


Tsitsi Reply:

Dear Agnes
Go ahead and register. You will be enrolled onto the May Academy but will get ample time to do the preparatory stuff.


Simon Reply:

Praise The Lord for the finance he has provided with to start the prayer academy.
You go ahead and register now. You will posted in this month session that will begin on 25th May. However, you will immediately be given reading materials that you need to prepare you well for the prayer academy and starter prayers


40 Doreen 05.01.16 at 4:57 pm

Thank for your teachings in answered prayers instantly. I am praying for my financial breakthrough to be answered. May the good lord guide and bless Gale for sharing the good news about Elish Goodman be blessed all the time. Also I pray that my life be restored to a better position.


41 Marggy Mothusi 05.01.16 at 4:57 pm

Beloved, stand with me in prayer. I fell hard on my head in March, since then I have a strange dizziness every day even though under treatment. X Ray for the skull was taken and it says all is ok. When this dizziness comes its like I will pass out and my head becomes heavy. I proclaim the manifestation of the promise of God to take away sickness and disease from me. Amen


42 Hasassah 05.01.16 at 4:58 pm

We give you thanks O King of kings for not leaving us without help. Thank you Elisha for being faithful to your call. Your faithfulness helps equip us as prayer warriors. I receive the 7 furious prayers for May with thanksgiving and deep gratitude.


43 Linda 05.01.16 at 5:01 pm

My life has been from glory to glory with the word of revelations that I receive from you.I have learned to pray for my self and my family and friends.I thank you may the good Lord continue blessing and your ministry to continue blessing us with the word of God.

Thanks and remain blessed Psalm 100 shall for ever be on my lips


44 dimakatso 05.01.16 at 5:03 pm

Thank God for the furious prayers for May. God bless you elisha.


45 Alecia 05.01.16 at 5:06 pm

I too am a witness of this Ministry. I found it when I was indeed going through a low point. i try to live righteously and pray the prayers. Now at church when I am asked to pray with this training I realise that no matter how my mind seem blank the prayers that flow out are deep and disturbing to the kingdom of darkness. I love the Lord and I so want to be at the place that He wants me to be. I want to ask why hasn’t my siblings or I gotten married? I see people without profession without so many things and they have their help meet. My family struggles so much its unbelievable. God I place divine stop order on every entity that is working against my family’s destiny, in Jesus name. Right now there are a lot of diabolic activities and manifestation at my workplace. Friday gone I was overwhelmed I cried out Lord I can’t take it anymore. Persons were fainting including adults and students; a vendor and a student died, two other vendors were hospitalized. I know my life is in God’s hands.


Margaret Reply:

Pray against territorial and regional demons that are tormenting you . Send God’s angels to co labour with you to search the land of the living and the dead to bring out these spirits so that they are exposed and disgraced. Send fire of the Holy Ghost to burn them to ashes. Them open a dream journal where you will be recording your dreams. God speaks to us through dreams.


46 NM 05.01.16 at 5:13 pm

I greet you all children of God. Thank God for furious prayer for May. My life will and i will also be out of debt. I believe God tha soon i will join PA and my testimonies will suprise my friends and family and shock my enemies. I thank God for people like you brother Elisha


Joyce Ama Reply:

There is no other God like the God of Elisha, Abraham, Israel and the God of David. I joined the Prayer Academy in a very unique way last March, 2016 when all hopes were gone through an old friend l haven’t seen nor heard from for 35 years when l was struggling with job, relationship and money to pay bills. You know what? In fact l am tempted to say that God set up this Academy for me because I find myself in all the prayer points that come out. As a matter fact things have started changing in my life as l see God opening good doors for me in that, I got a job last week though not a permanent one, the God who has started good things in my life will perfect it. My relationship is becoming better with much understanding and love. I am very grateful to God and know that God will make a way for me. Very soon l will get a good job, get married and have children. There is nothing too hard for God. Amen. Joyce


47 Dam 05.01.16 at 5:23 pm

I give glory and honor to God for your your ministry and the deep revelation s that God continues to impart on Elisha which he in turn shares with the people of the world in accordance to God’s comandment of “go ye into the world” . I am blessed to be arecepient of the daily emails which have impacted heavily in miracles and blessings for me and my family. The numerous prayer points have assisted me in targeted prayers that are powerful and my prayer partners have continously asked me to lead in prayers and our group has so many testimonies of God’s doing.
May you live for a long time to continue with your good work


48 Sizakele 05.01.16 at 5:28 pm

I feel like singing for my God Almighty “Praise is rising, eyes are turning to You. We turn to You, ’cause when we see You we find strength to see the Day ! ” What a mighty God we serve ! I can’t stop praising God, for you brother Elisha & I thank God for the Furious Prayers for the Month of May & April. I’ve been trusting God to shift things around & work in my favor. One of those things was for God to release anointing of prayers upon my daughter so that we can pray together in agreement @ midnight. Now she is ABLE to wake up @ midnight, worship & start praying until I fall asleep. Knowing that our Awesome & Righteous God never fails in His good purpose, He will give us testimonies & businesses that will shock our enemies & surprise our friends. God never forgets His own & His timing is perfect. When God says ” YES” nobody can say no. THANK You, brother Elisha. Remain blessed.
In Him, Sizakele. S.A.
In 1 Cor. 2:12 we read:

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world,
but the spirit which is of God; that we might know
the things that are freely given to us of God.

Many wonderful things have been freely given to us by the LORD.

Some are spiritual benefits.

Some are physical things.

You may not have known about this,
so it is not entirely your fault.

The prayers to activate the “search command”
in the spirit… to GO FIND what rightly belongs
to you … coming up shortly.

We’re about to send our prayers to
“Go find something… or cause something to shift
in the spirit LIKE THIS…” Thank you brother Elisha


49 fiona 05.01.16 at 5:42 pm

Praise almighty God
I have received may
with thanks
I thank God for his love favour upon ma life and


50 Patrick Magayane 05.01.16 at 5:53 pm

I thank the Almighty God for all the blessings, protection and provisions in my life! And above all I thank God for peace, love and togetherness in my marriage, and as I speak , we are expecting another blessing of a miracle baby girl!!
To God be the glory.


51 Florence M 05.01.16 at 5:54 pm

I give glory to God for being party of this great praying family of God. The enemy will always intensify his war on us when we are under such anointing but alas! he is the looser, for in Christ we are more than conquerors in all areas of our life!
I have seen Gods mighty hand on my life since joining in October 2015! After two weeks of joining , a company sueing me for £ 8,000. 00 bill , from a stolen mobile , withdrew case from court on 17th November 2015. The case had gone on for full year! This shocked all who had been following the case up to this day! My health which had deteriorated due to stress has since improved and back to work after four months not able to work! JESUS IS LORD, LET HIM BE PRAISED!


52 Kwabena Ofori 05.01.16 at 6:02 pm

Calvary greetings. Brother Elisha, I have been praying and believing God for my business and financial breakthrough. I need to share my praise report this second month of the second quarter 2016 so please support me in prayer. I am almost there. Thank you all for your prayer support.


53 Lydia 05.01.16 at 6:06 pm

It was a privilege to come across Elisha Goodman since February 2016. Although I use the free prayer resources like passion of christ, furious prayers, cookbook etc, I have seen God move. I finally passed my driving test after 5 attempts. I am still believing God for big miracles but my faith is much more stronger. I think I am going to join one of the programme soon should I get more information about it. Many thanks,


54 Siso Zuma 05.01.16 at 6:15 pm

Greetings saints in the wonderful name of Jesus!

I hear the sound of abundance of rain.
I therefore choose thrust and lift as oppose to drag and gravity (aeroplane). I chose to fly through the storm. I can never know about this site since 2012 and still remain the same for all these years.

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what the Lord has prepared for me. Hebrews 11.1-2, Esther 4:14…., how can my father’s house perish when I know I have to the kingdom for such a time as this.

Thank you Mr Goodman for allowing God to constantly use you and being consistent in prayer!
May the Lord richly bless you in the Mighty name of Jesus.

I will come back with tons of the testimonies ☺


55 Apostle Prosperity 05.01.16 at 6:22 pm

These prayers are working wonders for me and those we are praying with. Watch here for testimonies soon. Thank you Lord.


56 Beruku 05.01.16 at 6:44 pm

I receive the 7 Furious Prayers of May with much thanksgiving. May God bless and continue to catapult you and your ministry to the greatest heights ever. Thank u Elisha!!


57 JaneK 05.01.16 at 6:48 pm

i really want to join prayer academic but every time i start registration process i get turned away at the last minute of making payment. i walked to the bank with the form for western union and only to be told that they cannot sent the money since the ministry is not familiar and i needed to indicate the name of the receiver in the other country and i got stuck. kindly help me make through the transaction.


58 Eugenia 05.01.16 at 6:56 pm

I thank God for brother Elisha and Fire springs ministries. God has done so much for me,my children and my family, I can not help but thank him daily.His mercy,grace and favor upon my life is awesome. Thank you for the 7 furious prayers for the month of May. May we all be blessed in Jesus name.May we seek his face and his glory will surely shine down on us.


59 deborah mwasi 05.01.16 at 6:59 pm

praise the Lord i just received my may furious prayers. I thank God for our pastor elisha i have learnt a lot and iam no longer the same,my spiritual life has changed i thank God because i used to be so dry, blank and fearful. thank you for preaching the word of God. i am hopeful now.I am thankful for prayer points and the preachings and warnings about holiness the things mentioned in the book of ephesians which will make us not testify the power of God you have really mentioned these things to us in an amazing way,thank you i used to be very hot tempered and murmuring because of the things i passed through in life.Thank you God for these teachings. Iused to be sick always and unhappy not appreciating anything but now i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.My testimony is that now i am used to praying at midnight before i could not wake up i slept sick now am ok. I joined PA in feb am about to finish. I will have many things to testify the goodness of the Lord.God bless you my pastor. I thank God forgiving you knowledge to teach us


60 Myrna Zoetrum 05.01.16 at 7:06 pm

I love you. Thank God for your prayers for may. My loife will and I will also be out of debt I believe God will and shall help me forever. I thank God for you Elisha prise God. Myrna.


61 Myrna Zoetrum 05.01.16 at 7:06 pm

I love you. Thank God for your prayers forMay. My life will and I will also be out of debt I believe God will and shall help me forever. I thank God for you Elisha praise God. Myrna.


62 Chriselda 05.01.16 at 7:21 pm

I greet you all in the wonderful name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I feel the love of God for you all dear prayer warriors. God Bless you abundantly Elisha for agreeing to take this path with us.

I have a question here. It seems that I have missed the thanks giving prayer points. Where can I find them .anybody?


63 Pauline 05.01.16 at 7:23 pm

Greetings in the name of Jesus. The Lord has done miracles in my life and that of my family
The testimonies are many, from the 7 furious prayers sent by the servant of God, Elisha
it had in deed subdued all my spiritual enemies. Spirit of strife in my workplace was humiliated, debt humiliated, Career stagnation humiliated. We have seen miracle babies for me and my workplace colleagues as we collectively prayed for victory. Last year I got an opportunity to be selected in a voluntary board but the enemy arose and started to interfere. Three times the inaugural meeting was postponed. Last month the covenant God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob showed up and we conquered. The April furious prayer were answered in my life. All satanic burials were resurrected by Jesus and the new board was inaugurated, I was appointed the vice chair,a position I humbly accepted. In deed my testimony has shocked my enemy and surprised my friends. In the same month I was officially declared debt free by the bank.
I give all the glory to Jesus. Thank you Jesus for your glory has suddenly appeared in my life. It is permanent. Sis P.


64 lonen 05.01.16 at 7:39 pm

Thank you so much brother Elisha. I have just received my email 7furious prayers for the month of may 2016.may the Lord continue blessing your ministry.


65 MD 05.01.16 at 7:53 pm

God is faithful. Since l was introduced to your ministry by a sister in law end Dec 2015′ my life has never been the same. God is restoring every area of my life, my spiritual life has changed, am always conquering in my dreams.God is giving me victory and have now reached to a point were people around think am too religious and criticize me. The 7 furious prayers are tailored made for my situation. Thank you Lord for special blessings this month and am out of debt in Jesus name.


66 S knight 05.01.16 at 8:33 pm

Thank you for my Furious Prayers for May. I always look forward to receiving them.
Although I have just finished the Prayer Academy I still said my Furious Prayers daily .
Please continue the good work , my prayer live has moved up to another level after joining this site. To Gods glory.


67 Matumelo 05.01.16 at 8:53 pm

I always thank God for the day my colleagues introduced me to Firesprings and Elisha Goodman as we approached the storming of the gates of 2013. Since then, my life has never been the same. I learned the secret of midnight prayers and prayerful fasting. From then I can boldly tell everyone that the devil is a defeated liar as the good Lord keeps on blessing me and my family. I thank God for the Prayer Cookbook; I have learned the secret of how the devil manipulates our foundations to frustrate our lives physically and spiritually. Ever since I dealt with the foundations things are miraculously turning around for the best in my life. Praise be to the God of Elisha and Firesprings. Continue the good work until the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


68 Beatrice C 05.01.16 at 8:56 pm

Calvary Greetings to you all. It is good that I share briefly what the Lord has done for me. My life has changed. I am a born again since 1987, but was not used to midnight prayers. I have come accross a lot of opportunties since I started the 13 week training prom. My advice to those who hast jiod: DO NOT gove testimonies of shocking your friends and surpriing your enemies, will be you. To God be Glory


69 Joyce 05.01.16 at 8:58 pm

Thank you lord for furious prayer for May ,may God bless you Elisha and your family and all the full team of Firespings ministry, thank lord ,
Joyce´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for May 2016


70 Clement 05.01.16 at 9:34 pm

Praise the Lord, Amen!
Praise Him for He’s Mighty.
He reigns forever, for He’s the Sovereign Lord!
Blessed is His name, blessed is our Lord, God.


71 Diana 05.01.16 at 10:09 pm

I hav alot to thank God Man of God, i thank God 4U bro Elisha, i always says u are realy a sent and I think evry one can I agree with me, all testimonies i read, every one met your website at times when things are realy hard in their life, meaning U were sent for this so that pipo wil give glorify 2 God and testify of Gods greatness. And for sure Gods name is being honoured and lifted up because of these miracles pipo are testifying every day. Thank U 4the powerful prayer points U sent; the monthly 7furious prayer point we receive, they are working wonders 2all who follow the instructions and proved 2be useless 2those who dont no their wealthy. These prayers may seem 2be free but I know their wealthy, it takes a battle field for these prayers 2be released,a cost which no man can manage, and I salute U man of God and all firespring prayer warriors 4the job well done. May God continue adding more life 2U Bro Elisha and all prayers so that manifestation of Gods power may continue 2be revealed. (Am asking if their are specific prayer points for Esther fasting). Am realy looking forward 2joining PA, and it wil be very soon,let me just finish my college next when i star work, i wil surely join. Pray 4my husband 2be(things are not going on well due distance and schooling which he was against it, he wanted us 2get married before I go 2school which i refused saying just give me 3yrs. by then i didnt know yo website or prayerpoint 2seal my relationship so i gave entrance 4devil 2play his role, my freind stopd communication, i tried evrything i could but all in vain. I love him so much so am always forced 2call him though he doesnt call me.When i was introduced 2yo web by a freind, i said yes this it,i wil surely receive my answers, man of God, prayer warriors of the Almighty God i prayed every prayer point concerning my marriage,monthly prayerpoint, singles prayerpoints; dethroning rerritorial throne, spiritual husband,commanding earth 2reject evry instruction against my marriage, and the stars, moon,sun and air into war against anyone against my marriage etc but nothing. So i told God weather U wil answer me or not, i wil never;quit,retreat or give up i wil continue holding on 2U until u tel me the way forward. I thank God that every time i call him on Sunday moning he wil say am in church, afternoon am in evening prayer call me later. Am realy happy that God has convented him, he never used 2attend church. I thank God 4U man of God that though God hasn’t answered what i was praying 4but he changed his life, am so happy that he is now a child of God). I always ask God 2continue giving him thirst 4his words and I always encourage him 2hold on 2God despite whatever he goes thru in his life. I need yo prayers I love this person so much, i dont want anything 2stand between us. I always thank God 4U and your ministries, may God richly bless U, add more happy yrs and may he continueously strengthen the foundation U hav layed in the name of Jesus. Stay blessed and protected always. Thank U


72 brighter 05.01.16 at 10:16 pm

Praise the lord I’m new here but ihv revived my prayers for may I’m in depth and I’m supposed to go surgery this month and idnt have the money,and thts why im believing God for financial breakthrough in my finances,I’m business lady but nothing has seems to be working igive quotations but no one gives me the job.


73 brighter 05.01.16 at 10:18 pm

God single me out for special miracle this month.


74 Fiona 05.01.16 at 10:55 pm

Elisha, God bless you richly for these wonderful prayers


75 deborah nkamba 05.01.16 at 11:08 pm

Thank you Lord for the grace of May and for the prayers. Thank you Ebenezer God for bringing us thus far in Jesus name. Love you all my firespring family. Stay blessed


76 Emilly 05.01.16 at 11:31 pm

Thanking God for the prayer points. Pray for me, i need a breakthrough in my marriage


77 Stephen 05.02.16 at 12:24 am

I join the prayer Academy. Please I need more explanation on how to go about all the ebook sent. Duration & the rest. Thanks


78 Rosemary Odenyo 05.02.16 at 12:30 am

My prayer life has greatly changed, even as I leave my house I keep saying at least a prayer point for example-O Lord locate me with your divine favour in Jesus name. Believe me or not Jehovah God has always gone a head of my way.
There’s a special peace and joy I do encounter.
Am now able to correct someone there and there without saying it’s up to the person, glory to God.
Been sharing by forwarding testimonies from the Elisha’s mails I receive daily. Hopefully that the friends i share with will be ministered too one day as it happened hence taking a bold step to join the academy.
God bless this commission of Elisha.
Rosemary Odenyo´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for May 2016


79 Hellen 05.02.16 at 1:01 am

I thank God for furious prayers for May. I got my miracle yesterday. I am serving a living God. May the Lord bless you and continue manifesting to His children


80 Esnath Nyahuma 05.02.16 at 1:20 am

Greetings in the Lord. I thank you for the 7 furious prayer points of May. All of them points to me currently. I thank the Lord that I will bring my testimony in Jesus name.


81 Natela 05.02.16 at 1:22 am

I Am Happy,to know about Elisha Goodman.He is my best friend in life!!!! Thank You Good for acquaintance by Elisha Goodman!!~!I am so grateful for it!!!!!


82 lamb 05.02.16 at 1:29 am

Thank you elisha for the furious prayers for May
Thank you God for breakthroughs


83 lule eria 05.02.16 at 1:38 am

It amazing.


84 lule eria 05.02.16 at 1:40 am

It’s amazing whenever I come across messages from Dr Elisha.


85 Veronica Asio Oromwait 05.02.16 at 1:41 am

Dear Elisha,
I thank God for your life. May he always give you all the blessings to give you the strength to continue teaching nations how to pray.
Thank you for the furious prayers for May 2016.
I however have a small complaint. I finished the prayer academy in February 2016 but I have not been able to join or access anything from the all new forum. What could be wrong? Iam missing out alot.



86 John 05.02.16 at 1:44 am

I thank God Almighty and this Ministry that have given me prevail edge of my circumstances. Thank you brother Elisha for your Supiritual encouragement , coaching and prayers. God bless.


87 Euphresia Fombo 05.02.16 at 1:46 am

Thank God for the answers to our prayers and for inspiring his servant, Pastor Elisha Goodman with the 7 furious prayers this month May 2016. To him alone be all the glory.


88 R.W.N 05.02.16 at 2:06 am

Thanks for the7 furiours prayers,God will be glorified when I be a congeror of fear,panic and anxiety.Praise the living God.Amen.


89 MTO 05.02.16 at 2:12 am

I was introduced to you and your site through a colleague of mine less than a month ago. I am a born again Christian however during the course of time have been through the most difficult circumstances in my life for sometime now. I however went through your site and read alot of the materials that are available there and more so referring to your daily emails sent ever since. Above all the targeted prayers. A revelation to me indeed!! I praise God for what he is doing through you and your team and I sincerely thank you for the great release that God has done for me in my life personally. I realize that alot of Christians today are walking around defeated not really knowing the resurrection power that is within us through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Helper that Jesus was referring in scripture. The power is indeed where it has always been!! I have been reminded of this truth the most, reading and praying the prayers that you have sent me daily and I am most aware of the fact that it is a powerful walk with Jesus indeed! God has been able to bring that truth forth through your work and most especially through the prayes. I am most aware that the devil will not like it at all because he has been at me since the day I received Jesus into my life 22 years ago. Coming to know the work that you do and to be so blessed already is no accident. I prayed and asked that God would lead me to something, somewhere, someone that I would find answers and I believe he directed me to you and your team and I am most grateful to him for doing so. Less than a month of prayer and fasting and already the manifestation of Gods faithfulness to my prayers has been seen. I have been praying and trying to get a car for over 3 years now. Due to overwhelming financial comittment’s it has been so so difficult. We were blessed with a car a week ago, less than a month since I have been consulting your site and praying as you have taught. It has been an utter revelation to me on a totally new level for my life and I am believing God for greater things for me, my children, my family, and all that concerns me. Thank you for continuing to stand in the gap for a multitude of people like me. Praising God always and I hope to join the Prayer Academy soon!!


90 sibongile Dlamini 05.02.16 at 2:20 am

Thanks a lot Elosha for allowing God to uze you for our benefig. We thank hou for 7 Furious prayers for the month of May. May I also mention that through your prayers the Lord helped me to spiritually nurture my mom who was on her death bed. She was unconcious for 2 days and all of a sudden at 2 am on the 3rd day I woken up by some lady who told me to check on my mom as I was looking after at the hospital. I found she was wide awme and had removed the oxygen from her mouth. We spoke and she asked to help her sing her two favorite hymns, Amazing Grace and Phathi Gama
likaJesu. She then asked to pray withher after which she told she wasnow going home She passed at 7.30am. I thank God for that cos I know she is home. She was 91 years old.


91 Mamontsi 05.02.16 at 2:21 am

Thank God for 7furious prayer for May, I really believe God this month in my finances and my marriage. My testimonies will suprise my family and friends and shock my enemies. I thank God for you brother Elisha


92 Christina 05.02.16 at 2:25 am

Good has been faithful the monthly prayers are working. Am trusting God for US visa for me and my husband to go for my brothers wedding in June this year. The devil is a liar on the day of the interview my passport got misplaced and had to be given another interview date which is not convenient as it is day to the wedding.My husband has given up but am praying that the embassy will call to give an earlier date.Pray with me for God to do the impossible and ashame my enemies and his name be glorified.


93 zukiswa 05.02.16 at 2:25 am

My friend introduce me to this site of Prayer since last year.please pray fo me iam deeply in debt,i want to join but I have no money.I am working but but I get peanuts at the end of the month.my son is doing LLB degree but things are difficult for him because I have no money to maintain him at school.I am so deppressd plz help


94 tiny 05.02.16 at 2:26 am

Thank God for the prayer bullets of May month. This month Im giving testimony in Jesus name. These prayer bullets are talking to me.


95 Patience 05.02.16 at 2:27 am

Thank God for these wonderful prayers. I pray that the Lord will strengthen me for prayer day by day.


96 Grace 05.02.16 at 2:29 am

I thank God for this ministry. I have learnt to pray. The 7 furious monthly prayer bullets and daily emails have woken me up in the spirit. I have received the May prayers with a lot of thanksgiving. I have been praying at midnight “Let the resurrection light shine upon every dark area of my life” Glory be to God because I have seen Him answer this prayer. There was a lot of tension in my family and I have seen this melt away. We now have peace and respect for one another. God bless you


97 Chris 05.02.16 at 2:34 am

Thank God for the furious prayers for the month of May. I pray for a miraculous job opportunity for myself and my son. A job that will surprise my friends and shock my enemies. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I receive it!


98 kunene 05.02.16 at 2:36 am

Good morning Eagles,
I want to praise the Lord for the blessings He has provided
through the praying programme.I must admit that I never knew what spiritual warfare
means until I joined the prayer academy.
I cannot miss my midnight prayers because I know my daily routine will be messed up
or my wife will write to me about her daily routine being messed up.
This 21st century needs prayer warriors because there are unseen warriors
who are busy destroying God’s children physically,spiritually,financially and emotionally.
The Lord bless and keep Firesprings Ministry on fire.


99 Kennedy 05.02.16 at 2:38 am

Thank God for the life changing prayer points for month of May. May the Almighty God continue to bless us abundantly in His might wisdom.


100 Lungi 05.02.16 at 2:45 am

I was introduced to this site by my sister, ever since I started with midnight prayers allergies I used to suffer from left my body for good! One month ago I had what seemed like a lump in my throat, I prayed like we are coached in this site and it melted and was flushed out of my body by fire in Jesus mighty name. I really praise God! It’s been a year since I got to know this site and I’m happy to declare I’ll be joining PA this month in Jesus name!!! Can’t wait!


101 Lawrence 05.02.16 at 2:46 am

Elisha I thank God for knowing your website through my lovely aunt that introduced me,I have been backsliding in praying but since she connects me,my prayer life has increased I thank God for that


102 Sam 05.02.16 at 2:55 am

I thank God for
my prayer life has changed and iam receiving blessings which are surprising my Friend and already shocking my enemies.

soon iam coming with a big Testimony


103 Kennedy 05.02.16 at 3:02 am

Thank God for the life changing prayer points for the month of May. May the Almighty God continue to bless us abundantly in His might Wisdom in Jesus’ Name.


104 Patricia 05.02.16 at 3:08 am

Thank JESUS for the furious prayers for May. GOD bless you elisha.


105 comfort azu 05.02.16 at 3:09 am

I thank God for His infinite mercies upon us.I pray God grant us more knowledge and wisdom to lead us through this part.I believe my own miracle is on the way in JESUS Name this month of May.Thank you once again.


106 Seyi 05.02.16 at 3:13 am

Thank God for your life Elisha. This month of May, I will take all that is mine; in health, finances,career, marriage, and personal life. In short in every area of life. I am happy to enter into this new month as a living soul, I will live to declare the glory of the Lord in the land of the living in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Can anyone help me with the last post marathon prayers for days 15 to 21. I don’t know how it disappeared from my mail. Please help if you have it so I can complete the prayer academy, or if you know how else i can get it; let me know. Thank you.


107 Beulah 05.02.16 at 3:20 am

To God be all glory,honor and praise!!!I thank God and the Holy Spirit for waking me up faithfully at the midnight hour to pray.I thank you elisha for the 7 furious prayers for May;I am looking forward with great anticipation to experience a total breakthrough that will SHOCK the enemy and surprise family and friends in Jesus mighty name.
My GOD has already done it,just awaiting the manifestation of becoming debt free ,also to have so I can help others.The WORD of GOD says, ‘Owe no man nothing, but to love him’ in Jesus name.GOD BLESS you elisha and all Eagles as we pray these prayers in Jesus name,AMEN!


108 GALIWANGO 05.02.16 at 3:20 am

This website has been a blessing to me so much. I have learned a lot and used it to bless my family and other people too. Be blessed, be blessed, be blessed. Amen


109 landilani chanza 05.02.16 at 3:36 am

Thank God for the monthly prayers last night i clearly heard God say in my dreams to sing psalm 23.and ikno the month of may he is going to suprise my friends and shock my enemies. God bless you


110 Aretha 05.02.16 at 4:00 am

Praise the Lord for this site and these prayers. They have impacted me so much. I await my testimony of my Godly spouse.


111 Najjuma Rhoda Grace 05.02.16 at 4:20 am

Hello every one,
I bless God for being part of this team honestly every month i wait with egar the 7 furious prayers because they help me seek God more i believe one day i will testify of God’ goodness.
though i haven’t joined the prayer academy the e-mails have not lift my life the same.
Thank you LORD God for teaching us how to pray.


112 Daisy Muga 05.02.16 at 4:24 am

Am an excited overwhelmed prayer eagle. I joined the prayer academy in 2010. I used to pray and fast alone. God turned things around and now we pray and fast as family (husband and children). To me this is a great blessing. Now God is using my testimony to touch lives. My friends have joined the prayer academy. In 2012 Elisha Goodman my God ordained mentor advised that as we pray we should find out what is in us…talent, gift, going back to school etc. I want to testify on this site in humility that since then I have published two unique books. Plus I got a chance to go back to school which am now on. An encouragement to everyone on this site. Let’s spread the Good news. Amen


113 Mac-Anthony 05.02.16 at 4:34 am

I hope someone encourages me to diligently pray these for the month of May. I really want to share my own testimony before this month ends.


114 susan 05.02.16 at 4:45 am

Praise Jesus , I have been your keen follower on every month 7furious prayers. I do believe one day something good is going to happen and get a breakthrough. I have been mocked and abused that am aging and the have not achieved anything at 42 I don’t have no kids,never married, jobless, just trying business where I get my daily bread but whenever I am about to get a breakthrough something comes up I miss the deal. I am confused and I am a born again Christian please help.


115 mongo christine 05.02.16 at 4:45 am

have loved to sare the great testimonies like others,which can supprise my family,friends,and shocked my inemies,in jesus name ,ilove you ,goodman.
christine from uganda.


116 Beldina 05.02.16 at 4:52 am

I give all Glory and Honour to God through Jesus Christ. I joined this site in December 2015. I stormed the gates of 2016, and my life turned around amazingly.I have learnt to let Jesus take control of my life. I have not been able to join the academy but my prayer is to be able to join soon. Thank you Jesus.


117 VSO 05.02.16 at 4:53 am

Thank God for the prayers that you hv been sharing monthly has made me strong and stronger. My husband lost a job in the year 2012., hence he has been jobless for 4 years now. After fasting and praying in the month of February my hubby lost a job lost a temporary job he had worked for 5 months although he was poorly paid. I was aslo frustrated at my work place. Nothing good happened. But i continued trusting God praying although sometimes i was so down. In the month of March now things became worse, but i still trusted in God. On 29th April i had a meeting with my boss and he told me that he had instructions to dismiss me, the devil is a liar, the prayers i used to pray did not go in vain, here i was to be dismissed but it did not happen. Am praying for a good job for me and my husband, we have been going for interviews but waiting for positive responses. Right now we are full of debts but we trust in God. The job i am doing is paying very poor. Lord is faithful. My hubby is so frustrared he looks confused but still pray day and night. please remember us in prayerd.


118 eunice 05.02.16 at 5:00 am

Hi bother elisha thank God very much for the 7 furious prayer for May. I am very greatfull . This time God will answer all my prayers and all i need is the sthreugh in my prayers and im having bad dreams , get tired when i read bible . So i know this time tht God will fight for me for sure in Jesus name.


119 Janis Moller 05.02.16 at 5:07 am

Dear Elisha….it just getting more explosive after 5 years living under the blessings of your prayers …it is so powerful wow!
I asked at the beginning of this year for something new in my life. I am an evangelist but because I do not have money to travel any more to preach in the nations, God opened a door to teaching. That was a blessing to work with the little children of grade one. Now they are strong in their learning and God just opened a bigger door to bigger income that lights up my horizon for further preaching. All just because of the prayer bullets! What a joy to live as an overcomer.
Let the latter rain blessings come upon your life continually, Elisha.

Janis Moller
South Africa


120 Ishar 05.02.16 at 5:12 am

I am desperate, please help me. I need to sell my piece of land in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Some twenty years have passed by. No real estate agent or company has been successful in selling it. It is just at a standstill and I am in debt. Please give me the specific prayers to pray for the sale of this land at market price.


121 Diositadchu 05.02.16 at 5:13 am

Glory to God.it was blessing to me this website.this month of april.a lots going on to my boss family.even they are not Christian. Iam always left up t0 the lord.there problems.I always pray for them.even.they don’t treat me equal.but for me.God is always there for me.this month this family.have sickness. From.the.mother.and.mother.and the father.they are all sick.and by the grace. Of God they are alive.because.I was praying the furious month of aprel .thank God they are alive.because.with out your teaching. I don’t know.God is good.to his children’s. God bless you.


122 Agrippa 05.02.16 at 5:13 am

I thank the LORD for His mercies and unfailing power. To THE GREAT I AM be all the glory. Amen.


123 David 05.02.16 at 5:15 am

Please may you include the name, title, Christ every time you write the name Jesus. I feel very uncomfortable just saying Jesus.


124 Jean 05.02.16 at 5:24 am

I have been using your prayers and bullets for more than two years including your specially documents. I managed to move mountains in different occasions. For those who do not care about the materials including some of my relatives whom I have sent the website I pray that Jesus touches them ,awake and take action to get out of prison cells in Jesus might name I pray. Amen. May our Lord Jesus bless you and your team for helping us tirelessly.


125 Diositadchu 05.02.16 at 5:26 am

Thanks again for the month of may.I well always bless the lord.for his love and mercy indoors forever.soon I will join again.but now.I we pray and join again.and I know the enemy well shock.thanks gain


126 Margaret K. 05.02.16 at 5:32 am

Thank God for the 7 Furious Prayers for the month of May. I have received them with a very big expectations I was like something big is missing and now my heart is at peace coz I know God is doing something great in me. God Bless you so much Elisha and the Firesprings Ministries.


127 beckyn 05.02.16 at 5:35 am

My prayer life has greatly changed eversince I joined the PA.I thank God that through the 7 furious prayer for April my dad got healed from a strange disease.brother elisha May God use you to rescue the wounded souls.


128 AKK 05.02.16 at 5:35 am

Calvary Greetings to you all. Praise the living God for Furious Prayer for May. My Enemies (Satan and his Cohorts)are in trouble, they will be defeated in Jesus name. Thank you brother Elisha Goodman for doing Gods work.


129 Beatrice C 05.02.16 at 5:53 am

Calvary greetings to you all. Many of my doings have changed tremendously. Why its becaouse the training prog of 13 weeks I am attending have changed me and the other members of my family. Be blessed elisha and Glory be to God. For those who have joined congratulations but for those who have not joined or are intending to join harry before its too late.


130 Adeline Rogers 05.02.16 at 6:08 am

Dear Elisha, I just want to thank The Lord for using you to be of such a blessing to us. Am always and will ever remain to be grateful to The Lord for using you to be of such a blessing to us. I give Jesus all the glory, honour and praise. In The Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


131 philes 05.02.16 at 6:24 am

Praise God,Am very thankful to GOD for this. My life and loved ones has never remained the same.I have a permanent job,my husband who had been retrenched has a new job now .We are living in our own home and our children are doing well.All glory to God.Thank you Lord for the monthly furious prayers.


132 Paulinah 05.02.16 at 7:02 am

My life is like a desert especialy in relationships,once i get involve in a courtship my partner get accident or something bad jas come up in his finances or becoming ill or without any argument they just loose interest at de edge of promising relationship..


133 Jacob M 05.02.16 at 7:12 am

Thank you for the prayer points for May. I look forward to great break throughs in many areas of my life.


134 susan 05.02.16 at 7:36 am

need prayers on life partner


135 Omolola 05.02.16 at 7:39 am

Thank you LORD for the monthly Furious prayers, am always excited when i received them. They .are medicine to the soul and body. Praise God. Halleluyah. Our testimonies will surprise our friends and relatives and shock our enemies. Our testimonies will also bring more people to serve God through Christ Jesus . Amen


136 Simi 05.02.16 at 7:43 am

Thank God for opening our spiritual eyes to the secret of targeted prayers,may the good Lord continue to bless this family and ministry,


137 Sinikiwe 05.02.16 at 7:51 am

Hi Elisha

I got my bullets and firing away without fear. I thank God Almighty for you. Stay blessed.


138 lyonah sithole 05.02.16 at 8:19 am

thank you Lord my life is changing bit by bit and l am happy


139 Marcelino 05.02.16 at 8:19 am

I dreamt while preparing my walking shoes for a walk, a male person talked to me in a nice way that I should replace my walking shoes with running shoes. I told him that it’s my doctor’s advise that I do walking so I am using walking shoes. The man said that it’s ok to use running shoes. Dear Prayer Eagles, what does the dream mean?


140 Grace Abbrey boateng 05.02.16 at 8:21 am

I join the singles prayer marathon in 2013 in 2014 God has blessed with a wonderful husband. He has turned my moaning into dancing. I am believing God for the fruit of the womb and I know is will come to pass in God name. Amen.


141 Lusi 05.02.16 at 8:26 am

Hello Elisha,
How wonderful God is! Through your website.I have been blessed each month that I have used the furious bullet prayers. for instant: April furious prayers I was amazed my swelling started subsiding at a fast rate. And now with the month of May am awaiting an extra ordinary blessing. God bless you.


142 Lizze 05.02.16 at 8:26 am

good day Elisha
I am greatfull for God for this side. I was introduced by my friend two weeks back when i was down because of false accusations at work. That night i ask the congregation to join me with one bullet point from Elisha . It was the one that said that i send back every arrow of accusation to the owners. The next day when i opened my laptop i saw when we were praying they send emails back and forth accusing each other. My Manager called me and apologisied . All glory to God. I will definetly join the academy soon.

Thank God for a man of God like Elisha. May God give him many more


143 Rosalie 05.02.16 at 8:42 am

I am still praying asking God for deliverance in my life . I recommitted my life to him asking him to forgive of of all the sins in my life and to help me to let go of the pass , and let me live a life of forgiveness and praise and to help be be faithful in paying a honest tithe and offering I know am lacking in these area. Am really happy for these email they have really help me. Am still in debt up to my neck but I know God will see me through. Please continue the good work pray for me that I can be free of the debts sin in my life, God bless.


144 Jacqueline Dei a Amoah 05.02.16 at 8:48 am

Thank you Lord for the 7 furious prayers and also how far you have brought me. May Your Name be praised.


145 Donna 05.02.16 at 9:18 am

I am in awe of our all awe inspiring God for his timely breakthroughs in my life to overcome my stubborn oppressors,shock my enemies and surprising my friends and family.


146 Elleen 05.02.16 at 9:32 am

Thanx God for prayer points. I am still struggling financially so I can’t join prayer academy yet. But as soon as I get my financial breakthrough I will be the first to join. I was totally defeated when my daughter Rejoice introduced me to your daily mails. I feel lifted up and can pray with purpose now. I feel sad if I skip a day without an email from you. May God bless you more and continue to pour His wisdom and knowledge on you that you may share the deep things of God concerning effective prayer. I will achieve everything I don’t have in Jesus’ name.


147 gemma williams 05.02.16 at 9:55 am

Thank God for the 7 furious prayers this month, just believing God for my promotion, financial breakthrough and healing in Jesus name. God bless you man of God.


148 Zanele Bhebhe 05.02.16 at 10:48 am

Since l startd ön midnite prayers, nothing has changed in my life bt l believe am work in progress coz am at PEACE, with al in my life, that am more confident that the devil is surprisd coz his bullets are hitting amiss, amen


149 ellen oblie- armah 05.02.16 at 11:12 am

Thank God for your ministry Elisha. I just downloaded my prayers for May this morning and at midday I fired the prayer bullets. I’m still in shock fellow subscribers and prayer Eagles. My official car for the new international job which I started in April has been going through endless bureaucracies. As at 30 th April, I was told it would take another two weeks to receive it. Just 45min after my prayers my boss called and said there is a car available for you and procurement wants to know if you are okay with it. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD. All this is happpening a year after my car broke down misteriously after several dream attacks and I quit my job because my boss refused to pay my social security and salary whiles on maternity. Truly the plans of God are true to James 1:17.



150 Nantambi Robinah 05.02.16 at 11:38 am

I great u in the name of our Lord jesus, mthank God for 7 furious player of this month,I know this time I will also testfil the Lord.thanks God bless u.


151 precious nzombe 05.02.16 at 11:56 am

I want to thank the Lord for lending me at Elisha’s website because my life has changed I know how to pray targeted prayers that you send on my email and the monthly prayers that yuo send me.Right now Iam praying for my children’s breakthroughs .May God bless Elisha abundantly.




152 Riikka 05.02.16 at 12:01 pm

Thank God for all the emails that you are bombarding us with every time, because, not that you want us to prosper while on earth, your most important vision for us, is for us to go to New Jerusalem, where we are going to meet with other saints, and ENDLESSLY WORSHIP THE LORD. Thank God for teaching us to how to keep our names written in the Book of Life.

May The Lord who has given you this task, continue to vindicate you, giving you wisdom on how to keep on defeating the devil and his accomplishes, the demons. Amen!!!

Riikka, Namibia


153 DO 05.02.16 at 12:03 pm

Beloved, please join me in prayers for my son inlaw-Michael. Ask God who is king over all nations to deliver him as He did for Paul and Silas


154 Sarguna Kumari E 05.02.16 at 12:28 pm

I have found this website. Thank u Lord. From nearly 8-10 months we are praying the 7 furious points. It’s wonder working points. I created an army of midnight prayerful women . We are 6 in numbers . Each ones prayer life went to another level.
I wanted to join prayer academy but I don’t have an idea how to I take class . You’ll mentor me everyday or how I am not getting it .please help me.
Thank you.


155 Tamara 05.02.16 at 12:47 pm

Thank God for the 7 furious pray points, for the month of May, I started the month with health challenges against me and some family, but with these prayer points I know is well. Thank you Bro Elisha for the encouragement. God richly bless and keep you and the Ministry.


156 Salphy 05.02.16 at 12:56 pm

Thank God for the May prayer bullets, already started firing. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.


157 Douglas M. 05.02.16 at 12:56 pm

God has done it again for us.I can forsee victories in these 7 furious prayers for This May.Surely the Lord is on our side.It is going to be explosives in the the midnight hours. Thank you Jesus my Lord and Savior in Jesus name.
Amen and amen.
Douglas M


158 Murwa 05.02.16 at 1:09 pm

Brethren, its good to be back.

I miss the encouragement to fire at midnight. Being alone is like a young gazelle that gets separated from the pack. It becomes an easy target for the lioness.
Please pray with me for fire!
God bless you who have been faithful throughout.


159 revai 05.02.16 at 1:19 pm

May God bless you all.im blessed with your prayer points


160 Emilia Nakale 05.02.16 at 1:39 pm

I thank almighty i received furious prayer for May and i hope by the grace of God my life will never be the same again.


161 Babynna Sangma 05.02.16 at 1:39 pm

Thanks be to God. I always look forward to Furious Prayers every month and I am strengthened by the prayers.


162 Charity 05.02.16 at 1:44 pm

Praise be to God dear eagles.
I bless God for the 7 furious prayers for May. I hear God telling us to be still and know that He’s God. I’m at peace and very expectant of His manifestation in every situation this month and beyond. I know my testimonies will shock my enemies and surprise my friends and family. May this be your portion too.


163 p daniel 05.02.16 at 1:46 pm

Thank God for teaching people how to pray around the world. My prayer life has improved tremendously since coming to know you when i was in Canada in 2010, my In law and her friend introduced me to your website. I joined the prayer academy that same year and i never look back.


164 Kate 05.02.16 at 2:01 pm

I bless the Almighty God. Ever since I Subscribed to your website, I have experienced a peace that surpasses understanding. I used to fight against flesh and blood but I have since learned to wage war in the spirit. I rest assured that the Lord is on my side. May God continue to use you and He bless you mightily. Thank you for the furious prayers for this month.


Hadassah Reply:

Amen & Amen


165 Patrick 05.02.16 at 2:05 pm

Thank God so much for teaching us how to pray,was attacked by spirit of stroke but i will come back with a testimony.I always look forward to your encouraging email.


166 Nina mutebi 05.02.16 at 2:53 pm

Dear Elisha,
Through prayer points you send us, my daughter came back home last night after 3 months of moving from shelter to shelter here in the States. I came up with prayer point for her return: Exodus 32:11, Ijust like Moses reminded our Almighty God, I also did because He made it possible for this daughter of mine to come to the States from Africa not to move from shelter to shelter. And I asked Him what the people in Africa would say if they hear of this? He answered my prayers and my daughter came back with nothing less on her body. I trust God to keep the devil away from my daughter forever. I give the honor and praise to my Gid. NJ. Boston.


167 Grace karware 05.02.16 at 2:57 pm

God has been faithful. Thanks fro been a good guide and teacher .


168 shirley O'Neil 05.02.16 at 3:16 pm

Dear elisha,i thank God for you and i pray that God gives you the Wisdom,Strength and Capacity to continue the good work.I want to Praise and thank God for all He has done and is doing in my life and that of my family.He has done exceedingly and abundantly more than i can ask or think.I Glorify You,Lord. There is none like You and i love You with my whole heart and soul.You always keep Your Word thank You for never failing me,for never leaving or forsaking me. In Jesus name. Amen. Shirley.


169 Betty Otto 05.02.16 at 3:16 pm

Out of job because a fellow workmate connected an intern as a girlfriend to my boss…high work subjugation, lies peddled in my name now out of job, marriage is empty, no idea how it can be sorted, financially empty, life and hope going far off the hedge of thread, now asking the question…..why is God so silent?.


Ruth Reply:

Dear Betty
God is not silent.He is watching and caring ,He wants you to to be silent and listen to him ,an answer will come through.God reminds us to give him thanks in all situations and this is one of them.At His right time He will answer all your questions.Be still and know that He is God.


170 Judith 05.02.16 at 3:17 pm

I want to thank the Lord for delivering me from a very bad road accident on 21st April 2016. We were in a vehicle three in number including the driver, she was overtaking only to discover the convoy we were joining had stopped
To avoid crashing them she had to literally throw the vehicle on side. The vehicle rolled and faced the direction we were coming from, I wasn’t wearing my seat belt but I come out of the vehicle on my own without a scratch or any pain. We were all checked by a doctor and found to be well. I gave glory to God he gave peace. I so all that was taking place but Deep inside me I knew it shall be well we me, I never screamed but had peace that surpasses all understanding. God is faithful, truly speaking He who watches over us never sleeps or slumped.


171 madris 05.02.16 at 3:30 pm

Thankyou Lord for these prayers. Dear Lord i need total deliverance on the area of finances. my month end pay clears as soon as i get it, it is not enough and am straining. Oh Lord help me to be true this month and pray and may i receive my deliverance in Jesus name


172 jane 05.02.16 at 3:31 pm

I thank the Lord for this ministry. I was Introduced to it late2015 . For about for months I had no testimony.thank God my testimony came in March 2016 and am believing God for more


173 joyce 05.02.16 at 3:38 pm

Praise God brethren. I need your prayers because I am going through discouragement because of the frustrations and spiritual attacks I encounter almost daily. I have been asked questions like , joyce you didn’t pray? I am mocked when I lament about a failure or disappointment because I am known to pray.


Margaret Reply:

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Do not relent Joyce soldier on. When you feel low that is when the breakthrough is about to happen. Show everyone that you are the light of the world. John 8 v 12


Hadassah Reply:


Do not be discouraged. Persist in Prayer. Perhaps you need to either double or triple your determination and effort in prayer and fasting. And those who are mocking you will be shocked in Jesus Name.

Blog 24 Hr


174 Patrick 05.02.16 at 3:42 pm

I just gone through the 7 furious prayers and the next words coming into my heart is ” Wow , I love them.” I receive my freedom and breakthrough now in Jesus name.Amen


175 Chipo 05.02.16 at 3:51 pm

Am very much blessed to receive the 7 furious prayers for May. I declare that my life will never be the same.


176 Albetha Treasure-Scott 05.02.16 at 4:00 pm

Wonderful Saints of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. I sent you all Calvary’s greetings in Jesus name!
May God bless you all, more grace upon grace unto him in Jesus name. I am so thankful fo the 7furious prayers for the month of May. I am indeed a work a work in progress and as I press in for more of Yeheshua’s love, grace and mercy I have astrong feelings my testimony will indeed shock my enemies and surprise all my friends and family in Jesus name. Despite the facts are clear that the battles are strong and mighty in my life and at times tiresomes for I am truly desperate for the shout to burst forth in declaration of Victory. And yet still, I persevere in prayers looking to Jesus for my faith looks up to thee O Lamb of Calvary. God bless. Shalom!!Shalom!!


177 Jane 05.02.16 at 4:25 pm

I thank our Lord Jesus Chris for the Firespring Ministries. I receive the furious prayers of May with tanks. May God bless you richly, brother Elisha Goodman.


178 Evey M 05.02.16 at 4:43 pm

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It’s been almost a month of praying at Midnight . A week ago, I was called for an audion. That same night I fired my prayer bullets from prayer cookbook for busy people. Went to the audition and got the job same day, Praise God. I still pray at midnight and use some prayers I get in my daily mail, I know God is not done with me. Iam waiting for my BIG breakthrough


Annuncia Reply:

Amen!! Thank you Jesus for blessing Evey!!


179 hlambo cebisile 05.02.16 at 4:54 pm

Greetings to brother Elisha and I thank God for u. I’m so happy I don’t know where to start praising God for what He has done for me through the monthly 7 furious prayers. I haven’t subscribed yet as I’m still saving to do so very soon ,but already God is doing wonders in my life.in 2014 when storming da gates for 2015′ I prayed and asked to provide my fiance with a job since he lost his previous post. In less than 30 days he received a call and he was hired by the same company that fired him and this time he was now the branch manager not as an assistance as he was before.in 2015 when praying for breakthrough in 2016, I joined the preyer fasting asking for a brand new car.guess what, In march 2016 I bought that car. I hev so much 2 share but I’m too excited such that I run out of words. I thank You Lord for brother Elisha ,May God bless and keep u so that I can learn more and more I Jesus name,


180 Bridget 05.02.16 at 5:01 pm

Dear Eagles,
Please join me to thank Almighty and the good Lord for journey mercies, I travelled and
back safely , it can only be God I am very grateful to him, and I will not take it for granted.
Blessed be to HIS much less name


Dulcie Reply:

Praise God.


Hadassah Reply:

Amen. Let all the glory and honor go the Almighty God who protected you throughout your journey in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Blog 24Hr


181 Mary 05.02.16 at 5:42 pm

Jehovah You are the SAME yesterday,today and Forever.if You did it in 2014,You can still do it today.with You NOTHING is Impossible.I receive my miracles with a greatful heart.Thank You Lord.Be Exalted!


182 Fauzia k 05.02.16 at 5:54 pm

thank you for the prayer bullets, my life is changing daily in Jesus’ name. i am believing God for a job for my hubby that will surprise his friends and shock his enemies


183 Gladys 05.02.16 at 6:17 pm

I thank God for answering my prayers. Though I am not working God has fully provided for me and my family.
I also noticed a pattern of answered prayers for all sick people that I pray for in an amazing way. I thank God for your site Elisha which has taught me to pray boldly. May God bless and increase Firespring Ministries.


184 khumo 05.02.16 at 10:00 pm

I personally went on the fast program in the Prayer Cookbook and on the fifth day of the fast I encountered the power of God in my bed room. The power was just too much to contain, something I never experienced. I fell under the anointing of God and Now I can testify that your programs are spirit led. Thank you Jesus for the May 2016 7 furious prayer bullets.. I am praying hard believing God for more testimonies. I will not sell out I not quit


185 irene 05.02.16 at 10:19 pm

Praise God! This month of April, God surprised my friends and shocked my enemies. i called on the God of Elisha and He gave me a good job exactly when my contract was about to expire in Jan 2013. for reasons i never understood, i started struggling with my colleagues at the workplace so much that my immediate supervisor forged all ways to terminate my 2 year contract at my first anniversary of Feb 2014. He failed to have convincing reasons to have me terminated, therefore another job was created for me in another department since he convinced the senior managers that he was unwilling to continue working with me. infact he restructured the department organogram and eliminated my title of deputy manager. after 12 months i was promoted and this made my former supervisor so disgusted that he swore not to rest without doing something about it. he therefore plotted to create a competing position whereby my presence would be rendered useless in the organization. i recall my workmates calling me up and asking me what it all meant since my job description was copied and pasted for the new officer position.and that is when the Holy Ghost whispered out loudly, telling me to pray out every one who intended to render me jobless. three staff the manager (my ex boss), the HR diirector and the country director were all fiired in such disgracing manners that all staff are in shock (the affected inclusive). this happened at the close of 2015 and this April i was restored back into my original with an increment in salary. majority of my workmates acknowledged that “Irene’s God is a no nosense God”.

in April too, i visited my friend’s landlord who had been hospitalised with a liver problem for more than 2 months. his stomach was swollen like a 6 month old pregnancy and he had much pain. we prayed for the heavenly surgeon to replace all the enemy had snatched from his body and praise to Jesus, he reported to work on 2nd May full healed in Jesus Name.


186 Anna 05.03.16 at 12:08 am

The Lord has done many things for me the greatest last year being; delivering my brother who was a drunkered, he was learned with a masters degree but he would drink just sleep by the road side. I use the prayer bullets and the Miracle doer did not turn a deaf ear, although it took long, however I thank God that my brother is fully delivered, he can preach to other drunkereds and tell them to seek God for He is everything we need.
Thank you Elisha for sharing and doing the work of God. May God richly bless you!


Elise Reply:

Hi Anna, am blessed by your testimony. My son is in a similar situation so can you tell me any particular prayer bullet you used on your brother? Please help me. Elise.


187 Chriselda 05.03.16 at 12:11 am

I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ

I had a dream which I suspect it spells victory for me . In the dream I’m in my car but someone else is driving . My children are also in the car. This driver is someone I know. He drives very fast and we reached a parking lot with many cars. He hid a very expensive car which was parked and my children and i screamed. When we checked my car it didnt have a scratch. The expensive car owner came around a corner and we all moved in different directions. He waited to speak to him but we were already walking away. All i could see was that they were wearing same sweaters as if they are playing for the same team. He didnt even show any sign of worry over his hit car. We left them there and kept on walking.

When I woke up I remembered that according to the dream code this person was driving in my drivers seat of life. I said the prayer points and unseated him and handed over the drivers seat of my life and handed over control of my life to the holy spirit.

My coach does it mean he has been unseated from the driving seat of my life by this accident? Since we were able to get out of the car and worked away in separate directions?


188 mwaka 05.03.16 at 12:13 am

Thank God for this months 7furious prayers. I know this month wont pass me by without breakthrough. Thank you JESUS thank you LORD. And after praying the prayers that my neighbor gave me from tbe prayer cook book for my sister who was diagnosed with a tumor on her pelvis, her conditioned has improved tremendously and am expectant for more in her life and mine . Glory be to God


189 Andrea 05.03.16 at 2:14 am

Calvary Greetings,

I thank God for what He has done and for what He is going to do in our lives. Thank you Lord for all You do for us.

God bless


190 Elinah 05.03.16 at 2:18 am

we thank God for the grace upon this man, Elisha i cant wait to join the prayer academy, when i secure some finances, i have been praying and God is exposing people in my office who use charms………


191 TLHOMAMISANG 05.03.16 at 2:48 am

dear Elisha I want to join the second edition of prayer I thought by now I will have the modern phone I haven’t got it how do I pay for the academy?


192 Rachel 05.03.16 at 3:10 am

I thank God for Elisha, may God continue using u to bring them closer to God. Thank you for May prayers


193 Sefatlhego Matebekwane 05.03.16 at 3:23 am

Let God, let Christ his name be exalted. The Devil wanted to hibernate my May prayers. The Devil is a LIAR. Prayer Points have given me the authority to command every sickness I encounter to pit of fire.

Thank you Lord for sending good Samaritarians to guide me to this website.


194 elizabeth hwande 05.03.16 at 4:03 am

hie elisha

thoughI have not joined the prayer academy yet, I truly thank you for the e.mail prayers pointsi I receive. my prayer life has changed and I am seeing doors opening.

elizabeth, zimbabwe


195 kasela 05.03.16 at 4:15 am

i thank the our Heavenly Father for the 7 furious prayers, for most of the points relate to my situation in that particular month. i also thank the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, in Jesus mighty name.


196 Nyarie 05.03.16 at 4:35 am

The Lord is truly Awesome…He has done great works in my life. I did the 21 day faster for a Godly spouse and the Lord restored my relationship after 7 years of separation. Also l have been unemployed for 4 years but through firing the 7 furious points at midnight l recently got a job and l’m still praying for a better job & a good salary knowing that my God & the God of Elisha will certainly shock my enemies and surprise my family & friends. Thank you Elisha …..Glory be to God


197 Gladys 05.03.16 at 4:48 am

I thank The Almighty for his mercies lives forever.My family have been attacked all angles by the devil but above all we are overcomers in everything. Thank you Elisha for your teachings are heavenly.


198 rudo 05.03.16 at 4:55 am

my prayer life has changed for the better, may the good Lord richly bless you bro Elisa


199 Elizabeth 05.03.16 at 5:07 am

Brother Elisha thanks so much for teaching us to fish not giving us fish.

with this month (May)’s prayer bullets, by faith am going back here to testify about my financial turnaround, its going to being more than 400% of what even i have been blessed with all my life, i believe am destiny for greatness.
gone are the times we followed men of God to prophesy and pray for me. my target is that by June this year (2016) i should join prayer academy.

May our Good Lord continue blessing you for us,


200 Kathleen 05.03.16 at 5:25 am

Hi. Feeling really low. My son is under spiritual attack with depression. He has withdrawn. He says he is hearing voices in his head to kill himself, saying its easy. I am praying. So are my family and friends. But it seems he his is going down. Calls me crying. Help me. Help Avery !!


201 Tshiamo 05.03.16 at 5:35 am

Please send me the daily testimonies


202 Sefatlhego Matebekwane 05.03.16 at 5:35 am

The DEVIL IS A LIER NOT PRAYER. I correct that statement.


203 prisca jere 05.03.16 at 5:48 am

request for 7 furios prayers for may


maria Mofokeng Reply:

Hi Prisca Jere

Hope you’re well

To get the free prayers for every month plse go to https://www.elishagoodman.org it is where you will be able to get prayers not for this month only But free prayers for each and every months even the prayers for last year. And there is one thing I have learned so far is that God still answer prayers only if you follow instructions well
Good Luck as you soldier on

Kind Regards,

Maria Mofokeng


204 nothando 05.03.16 at 6:03 am

Amen Elisha God BLESS YOU…Am excited about these prayers and beilive they will bring exciting shocking results in mylife my enemikes will be shocked and my friends will be surprised and I AND MY LOVED ONES WILL BE EXCITED AMEN GLORY BE TO JESUS THE RISEN CHRIST


205 Patricia 05.03.16 at 6:07 am

My life is changing and I am now closer to God, In the Name of Jesus. God bless you


206 Presh 05.03.16 at 6:14 am

Hello dear Eagles. Can i please have Dr Jane’s prayer bullets for a job. Thank you.


Hadassah Reply:

The 9 Prayers She Prayed

1. I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.
2. Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.
3. May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name
4. Power and anointing to get the ??? job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name
5. O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.
6. O Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.
7. O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
8. I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.
9. I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus.

‘Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.’
- See more at: http://www.prayerbullets.org/job-or-work#sthash.5m1cYLXs.dpuf


207 Bernice 05.03.16 at 6:24 am

God Bless you Elisha and Firespring ministry, I’m grateful for May furious prayer points. Thanks for helping us to grow in the Lord.


208 Martha 05.03.16 at 6:31 am

Dear Elisha

Thank you for the monthly prayer bullets. May God richly bless you!!
Since I was introduced to your site by a friend my life has transformed,
I feel peace and I now have a deep desire to know more about God and
I am truly grateful!! I look forward to joining the prayer academy!!


209 Ms R o Sithole 05.03.16 at 6:42 am

Man of God, Elisha, I am so excited by all the testimonies that my fellow brothers and sisters always give, Praise to God our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I am unable to send emails to you the always fail, I realy don’ t know,what is wrong. But I believe I will get my breakthrough of sending emails.

Be secured and be blessed with long life span.


210 Alphonsus 05.03.16 at 6:59 am

I am using them and they are wonderful and working for me. Sickness and poverty is completely out of my life and family. Glory to God in the Highest. God performed great miracle in my life that my daughter; my Son; my wife and I no longer visit hospital as before. Frequent cough and difficult breathing has disappeared forever.
I can see the inner peace and joy of God in my life and family. God bless you Elisha.
Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!!!


211 Candy 05.03.16 at 7:04 am

So glad and blessed by this website, looking forward for my
testimony regardless of how long it will take, will keep fighting
for my own destiny and that of my lineage. Elisha pliz pray for me
got a problem of seeing snakes in the dream, and most of the
time find live worms by thecarpet on my door, since last year, Pliz family pray with me .Believe God to help me to pay for other sessions of prayer eagles.Thanks Elisha


212 Lilliane .N.M 05.03.16 at 7:37 am

Iam also looking forward for my miracle after firing these prayer bullets consistently in Jesus name !
I have been living in this country Japan or 8 yrs without a VISA my pplication being denied twice because of delay to submitt on time ! , but Iam still believing Our mighty GOD who owns the world , He will do for me in Jesus mighty name
Eagels lets go for may payers !
Amen .


213 thembie 05.03.16 at 7:58 am

I would like to thank the Almighty God, for what he has done for me today. I had no money for fuel because of salary delay . I thought of praying the furious prayers of May while working. Towards lunchtime, I got a call from Econet saying they are reversing the money that I had sent to a wrong number in December 2015.This can only be God whom I worship. I am so gratefully for what he has done for me today. Thank u brother Elisha Goodman for the prayer points. May God meet you at the point of your need.


214 Rose 05.03.16 at 8:00 am

Thank you for the Furious Prayers Elisha. I am seeing the hand of the Lord in whatever i touch. I am praying that the Lord will give me strength for the midnight prayers, sometimes i feel very tired. IT IS WELL


215 Vivian Iwu 05.03.16 at 8:21 am

AMEN AND AMEN. I thank God for His protection and blessing towards me and my family. May His name alone be praise for ever.


216 SIBONGILE 05.03.16 at 8:30 am

My people perish because of lack of knowledge,i would like to thank you for the furious prayers for May as a born again i nearly back slided thinking dat God does not answer my prayers but after i am introduced to the furious prayers i still have hope dat all the things stolen from me by the evil one they will come back(restored).Please pray for my finances which a due to me after 9 years since i lost my job and won the case at CCMA my monies were not paid,i am having a drivers licence for 15 years but still i cannot buy myself a car.Most of all pray for me to register in this group.


217 Norah 05.03.16 at 8:31 am

I thank God for the daily favor and blessings he has given me. I thank the Holyspirit for his daily guidance, provision, protection and care.


218 Anyamunda 05.03.16 at 8:33 am

This is timely for me!!!!!! I feel God brought this particular package because of me.Believing God for a job and financial breakthrough…….eee debts were almost taking over my life.THANK YOU JESUS


219 Symphrose 05.03.16 at 8:41 am

Thank you for the Furious prayers for the Month of May.
Thank you very much and God continue to use you for the spiritual empowerment of the 21st century.


220 Chene 05.03.16 at 8:47 am

Thank God for 7furious prayers for May. I am believing for God’s miracles in this month in my finances and my marital life. My testimonies will surprise my family and friends and shock my enemies. I thank God for you brother Elisha and the lessons i have been learning since last month. i hope to get the finances to join the Prayer Academy soon.


221 Elizabeth Luvonga 05.03.16 at 8:51 am

Thank you for the insightful prayer points and testimonies shared


222 Elizabeth Luvonga 05.03.16 at 8:52 am

Thanks for the insightful prayer points


223 Jessica Nkhoma 05.03.16 at 9:17 am

We are more than conquers in Jesus name Thank you for the prayer bullets for this month, Those who wait upon the Lord shall review their strength. Elisha am waiting upon the Lord in Jesus name.


224 Blessed gal 05.03.16 at 9:21 am

Thank you Elisha for the monthly 7 furious prayers….I had so much unexplainable peace in Feb after praying the same consistently 27 minutes to mid night….I will do the same in May without fail and i know God is doing something amazing this month…will be back with a testimony!


225 Fanny Kamphandule 05.03.16 at 9:44 am



226 Sesi M 05.03.16 at 9:47 am

Dear Elisha, I am thankful to the Lord who promised that He will answer us even before we call. My husband, who is my midnight prayer partner, went to the bank to enquire about his outstanding debt on the overdraft, and he was told that the debt is paid off, and that he has a credit of R6000! Last night he prayed for God to provide him with a prayer partner outside our home as he felt that he needed to partner with a prayerful man to pray for other men. before he could start asking, someone called him and asked him to partner with him in praying for others! A few days ago he dreamt of a man who disappeared more than 20 years ago, today he met someone who told him where the man was and that his mom has been crying bitterly for him to come back home. Now we are praying that the Lord direct our paths as we embark on a journey to find him and return him back home to his family. Isn’t God amazing? I love him for what he is doing in our lives! Praise His Holy Name!


227 Fanny Kamphandule 05.03.16 at 9:57 am

Our God is good all the time. He works in a way that I cannot see.


228 rumbi mugwira 05.03.16 at 10:12 am

I thank the LORD for His love and grace. thank you for the furious prayers. I am more than a conqueror in Jesus’ name. I pray more people will be blessed by this website


229 Joyce Zijena 05.03.16 at 10:40 am

These prayers have helped me to increase my faith and stand on the rock Jesus Christ.One of my oppressors failed to frame me as his plan backfired and no shame came to me because everyone saw the injustice.I have been using Psalms 91 as advised and its working.


230 CHARITY 05.03.16 at 10:43 am

I give thanks to the LORD ,he is faithful all the time .


231 Mercy 05.03.16 at 11:25 am

Thank you brother Elisha for these prayers. I believe am going to receive breakthroughs for my blessings which are stuck somewhere since February .


232 monday 05.03.16 at 12:46 pm

Thank you Lord for the 7 furious prayers bullets for the Month of May
By the power of the Holy Spirit they will hit target and deliver results in Jesus name. I receive the grace and power to fire them through the month of May.


233 kelemedi waqa 05.03.16 at 1:15 pm

Hi elisha, I’ve been doing the midnight clearing prayers for my family since last month and I received so many blessings that was denied to us in yesteryears, this was after my wife passed away in February 2016 after a short sickness.Currently I”m trying to convince my 3 kids to jump into my ship as they are still cruising in that old style, need few tap on my back to help and move on.Glory be to God.


234 Grace Mbabazi 05.03.16 at 3:27 pm

Dear Elisha,
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the daily prayer bullets. I have not been having a job for a long time until recently wen the good Lord blessed me with one which I didn’t even expect. I now want to begin saving for PA but not sure how much the figure is.
Kindly advice.
Otherwise May God bless you and the entire ministry
We love you


235 Etornam 05.03.16 at 5:05 pm

Glory be to God!. Its a whole book if I must testify to what God has done since i joined the Prayer Academy in 2012 till date. Elisha, thank you for teaching me to communicate with my creator. Thanks.


236 Patrick 05.03.16 at 5:36 pm

Thanks for the furious prayer bullets,im coming back with a testimony.Was attacked by stroke im doing a weekly esther fasts.


237 grace 05.03.16 at 5:50 pm

May 7 Furious prayers have become my comfort at the midnight hour and l believe another blessing is coming out of it in Jesus Name


238 charles 05.03.16 at 7:29 pm

Calvary greetings. I thank God for monthly furious prayer points My prayer life is no longer the same for i now know how to pray targeted prayers. Everyday i can’t wait for the moment of releasing atomic bombs in devil’s terittory during midnight prayers.I am expecting major shifts in my finances and my marriage this month of May.


239 Rickenson Moshi 05.03.16 at 8:18 pm

We thank you Dear brother Elisha for seven furious prayer of May be blessed.


240 Addy 05.03.16 at 8:42 pm

Dear Elisha,
I cant believe that other people’s testimonies has now become MY TESTIMONY and wow i am just amazed at how effective targeted prayers can work. I used to pray, very calmly and gently and i wondered why my situation wasn’t changing. Since March when i started receiving your emails, i have been reading them and i even got delivered from the spirit of depression that had tormented me for so long! But guess what? The devil still had a hold on me. I had been jobless since i graduated in 2014. I attended several interviews if not more than 8 interviews since January this year with no success. I started praying the prayer bullets about getting a job and i decided to fast. On the very first day of my fasting i was called for an interview. I was excited and i prayed all the prayer points about getting a job before the interview. It turned out that was the worst interview of my life!!!!!!!!! I barely managed to answer the interview questions. I had prepared for the interview as best as i could all to no avail. I almost felt like i had been called for the wrong job. I was never that discouraged before. I stopped fasting, i was angry and bitter. But i continued to read your emails. People were testifying how they got jobs without interviews and i said “God that would be lovely if you also do that for me. Especially after this discouraging interview, i refuse to let anything stand in the way of my job especially an interview!” . But the devil wasn’t letting me off that easy! Last week i mistakenly dropped my phone and i had no means of communication especially with prospective employers. But on 2 May my cousin gave me a phone to use and three hours later i received a call inviting me for an interview the following day. I was so nervous and my prayer was i hope this interview will be short. And guess what Elisha! Instead of an interview, it turned out to be a friendly chat and i was not grilled with any of the formal interview questions though it was a wonderful office job. And i got the job on the spot after 2 years of joblessness and having no work experience. God never fails those who trust on Him. Being discouraged is no excuse to stop believing that the prayer bullets don’t work. Fight the devil…..if u cant fight him while standing, then fight him while kneeling but whatever you have to do, fight him and trust God. My encouragement to others is that the devil fights you harder when your breakthrough is almost right in front of you, but sadly…..that’s when most of us just give up and walk away thinking that maybe God doesn’t want me to have this after all, if He cared about me then why make me go through all this trouble, if He has the world why cant He do this small small thing for me. I’ve been there too but pray without ceasing whether you feel like the prayer bullets make sense to you or they don’t. Have faith that each prayer point is addressing exactly what needs to addressed in your life. Stay blessed


241 Brenda F 05.03.16 at 9:12 pm

Thank you brotherElisha for the furious prayers of May I will pray them with holy fire .And I give God thanks for all the great praise reports our God is forever faithful glory be to his name.


242 Hadassah 05.04.16 at 2:00 am

Thank You Father for the breakthroughs being experienced by Your people in this forum. Thank You too for the testimonies that are coming forth in Jesus Name. May these testimonies give birth to other testimonies in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, as we continue to pray the 7 furious prayers for the month of MAY, come through for us and let Your Name be glorified in Jesus Name.

In this month of MAY and in the Mighty Name of Jesus:-

May every subscriber to this forum be ENCOURAGED
May every subscriber to this forum NEVER give up
May every subscriber to this forum find FAVOUR
May every subscriber to this forum SUCCEED in every good endevour
May every subscriber to this forum EXCEL in every area of his / her life

because it’s MAY


and that is if you believe and you are willing and obedient in Jesus Name. AMEN!

Be an overcomer,

Blog 24Hr


Thobekile Reply:

Thobekile´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for May 2016


243 Jeniffer 05.04.16 at 2:51 am

Please, dear, Eagles help me in PRAYERS
I thank The good Lord the far He has taken me. Though there there has been stagnation in my breakthrough, I believe with this months (may) furious prayers I will get a job and make it to join in the academy, that has been my prayer since I learn’t of this site in 2016, but lack of money.


244 Noreen RODNEY 05.04.16 at 3:40 am

i have been trying to
get access but noavail


245 Rose 05.04.16 at 4:10 am

Thank you for the prayers, lets continue to fire until the devil surrenders, i refuse to quit, i refuse to sell out, i will not be bought off, i will look up to the throne no matter what the devil says… amen


246 alice 05.04.16 at 4:40 am

Calvary Greetings Elisha!

Thanks for the seven (7) furious prayers for May 2016. I believe the rain of blessings is going to rain to all aspects of my life. Same to my husband’s life and my daughters’ life in Jesus name! Amen!


247 Chris 05.04.16 at 4:44 am

I always look forward to this monthly prayers with great anticipation. These monthly prayers are a real blessing- what else can I look forward to or ask for? Last week I got a job offer from someone I don’t know and have never met. Even though we are still to engage further on the finer details of employment, I trust I will get the job. Our God knows our needs.


248 Miriam 05.04.16 at 4:56 am



249 neo 05.04.16 at 5:34 am

Thank you so much for the prayers for May. I’m waking up every morning expecting a devine cancellation of debts ,breakthrough in my finances & meeting my husband. God bless you!!!?


250 Tinah 05.04.16 at 8:37 am

Thank you for the prayers….The devil is in double trouble…


251 Dulcie 05.04.16 at 10:01 am

Greetings Saints in the Powerful Name of Jesus. I am so happy that I’ve come to know Jesus as my Lord and saviour. I’ve always been born again but not like this. Since I joined the prayer academy I’ve seen so many wonderful things happening in my life. I used to dream of being attached now since the begin of the year when I dream of being attacked I some how take control and take the weapons of my enemies and fight back.
I had a dream of my family being attacked by bikers and in the dream I took their guns and fired the guns back at them I defeated them and I dreamt of two witches attacking my husbands from our door step, I fired the prayer bullets as they could not enter the house. A week later my brother found a dead brown chicken at our gate with a note saying its time for our families enemies to be visible and that they will put more efforts in their attacks since they’ve been trying to no avail. I just laughed at this as I know greater is he that is in me the one who is in the world. My God is a mighty warrior, He is great in battle.
Thank you Elisha for helping me to use the weapons of war in a correct and targeted manner. I don’t run from snakes in my dream anymore I rip their heads off and trample them.

Praise be God Almighty


252 Tresa 05.04.16 at 1:10 pm

God bless you Elisha & your team for the good work. Spiritual food is not easy to come by when one is well fed. There is every reason to rejoice in the Lord at all times

I have a lot to share and a lot of advice to ask for from you good people.
God bless you all. Keepup the good work.



253 GLORIA 05.04.16 at 2:23 pm

Oh Lord I thank you for preserving our life to see another month and to fire another furious prayer this month of May . I declare that this month that every chain of indebtedness and financial embarrassment shall be broken and crushed by the hammer o0f God in Jesus name


254 Thobekile 05.04.16 at 6:48 pm

I would like to glorify the Lord Almighty for what He has done for me. I dreamt last week, crushing the serpent with my bare hands ‘hammer of God’ and my long awaited citizenship stolen from me by the enemy was released hallelujah! I believe this is only the beginning the best is yet to come. I envisage greater things to come once I join the Prayer Academy and become a prayer warrior the battle is on. I am so overwhelmed with joy.

I have begun to overcome xxx


255 Annuncia 05.04.16 at 6:57 pm

“Satanic prophecies over my life, be cancelled, be nullified by the power of the Blood of Jesus!!”

Thank you ever so much loving Jesus for the gift of your spiritual insight. I can actually sense unpleasant things or events before they transpire in my life and those of my three children, Kim, Luke and Kalylah, wonderful gifts from God and my loving husband Peter. Thank you Jesus, with this ability, I am able to pray against and cancel all destructive arrows, sending them back to their senders and destroying and reducing their senders to ashes with your “Mighty Fire and Holy Anger.” I continue to stand on your promises of “Romans 8:31 – If God is for us, who can be against us.” I claim and stand on this FOREVER Lord!!

Thank you Jesus, I continue to pray good health for all my family members, particularly my husband who is obese. In your time, in your ways oh Lord, you will restore unto us all that was stolen from us. We TRUST you COMPLETELY Jesus and we give you full AUTHORITY over our lives forever and ever, in your Mighty, Loving, Matchless Name Jesus Christ – Amen!!!


256 Normah 05.04.16 at 7:29 pm

I want to thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for using brother Elisha to reveal the prayer secrets to us all, now my life has started changing. I bought ebooks and and joine Prayer Academy, I am starting to see miracles at our mine. Praise be to our our living God.


257 matsiliso 05.04.16 at 8:02 pm

I thank God for knowing you elisha and the 7 furious prayers for May doors are going to open to some of us, in Jesus mighty name. Amen


258 Victoria 05.05.16 at 12:35 am

I thanks God for this website that has encouraged me and given me focus on how to pray. I believe that I soon will testify of all the breakthrough God has put through my life. I’m currently undergoing the most difficult time in my work and I’m trusting God to surprise my friends and shock my enemies


259 Millicent 05.05.16 at 1:17 am

Thank you so much for the woderful food of the spirit brother Goodman Elish God bless you in abundance,Your seven Furious Prayers indeed are real medicine,my life have changed drastically,The Lprd has done it for me,miracle that shocked my enermies,my friends even myself.Thank you so much and stay blessed.

Warm Regards


260 Millicent 05.05.16 at 1:28 am

I got permanent job in GOverment since suffering more than ten years looking for the job God blees you more
Millicent SA/Pretoria


261 Gretta 05.05.16 at 1:36 am

Thank you brother Elisha for the prayer points. You are a blessing to me. Through it all I’ve learned that with God all things are possible. May God richly bless you.


262 Edward 05.05.16 at 3:01 am

Hi Elisha,
I want to confess that your site has really been a blessing to me .Where I am now and where I used to be is far ahead .God bless.
My prayer request to you is to with me to get finances to join the academy.I have tried many times but always I lack finances.




263 Annah 05.05.16 at 4:01 am

Servant of God

I praise the Lord for your life, Elisha Goodman! When I found your website, I was a new born again, I followed every teaching, and even the way you teach us how to pray, When I speak, people thought that I was a pastor, well now I am a pastor. I have become a mature Christian from the day I received your mails, then I became a minister, full of wisdom, as you continue to follow your instructions that are inspired by the holy ghost, Senior Pastors recognized the glory of God upon my life, and I got promoted to be a pastor! Life is full of challenges, and I know that so long as you are my spiritual brother, I will never be disappointed… Thank you and many many thanks, may God’s spirit remain with you forever.

Love Pastor Annah Chanza,

South Africa


264 Josephine 05.05.16 at 6:35 am

Hi Elisha. I thank God for you & firesprings ministry as i have been learning so much on spiritual warfare using the prayer bullets in your emails as well as the 7 furious prayers for the month. May God bless u and increase you for your obedience through which you have become a blessing to many.


265 Loreen khuhlani 05.05.16 at 9:53 am

Man of God how are you with your family and ministry,thank you so much to teach us how to pray effective,and the furious prayers of each and every month,thank you,stay blessed always.


266 Patricia Bomba 05.05.16 at 1:21 pm

I thank the Holy Spirit for directing me to Elisha Goodman’s site. My spiritual life has changed drastically for the better ever since this discovery. I am now a prayer eagle in my family. Yes, I am going through storms but I believe with persistent prayers at midnight one day I will testify of the goodness of God.


267 noxolo 05.05.16 at 2:08 pm

Glory be to God, God answers our prayers. My prayer to sell my site is answered,and the process was finalised yesterday and payment was made today. Thank you Lord for the financial breakthrough and this blessing. I also thank God for Elisha who teaches us how to pray. The monthly prayers helped me so much, thank you Elisha,man of God.


268 Bertha Chilufya 05.05.16 at 4:52 pm

I thank God Almighty for raising elisha Goodman inin our time u are a blessing and a great factor in my life ever since I joined Eagle warriors I have never been the same spiritually and physically. I have been doing midnight prayers since last year December when joined my spiritual life has changed,I was not dreaming but now I have started dreaming and hearing clear from God. And God is using me especially in the area of praying for the sick last December I a friend of mine was admitted in the hospital of heart failure and livery and kidney failure I prayed for her for three days using the prayer points on the site every sickness and infirmities planted in her body bbe uprooted now and go back to your sender in jesus name. Thank God she is well on February my cousin was admitted in the hospital same condition kidney failure, livery and surgar I used the same prayers for three day he was discharged complete healed glory to God and in the month April I went to school I was told that your brother is very sick almost dying I prayed again for him all sickness and infirmities planted in his life be uprooted now, go back to sender when I came back from school I found him totally healed I just want to thank God for u sir for the good work u are doing in our lives. Saute u may God continue to use u mightly and increase u in every area of your life


269 Paulette Majola 05.05.16 at 5:53 pm

Calvary Greetings

Ever since I began the Furious prayers since January 2016 my life is filled with blessing each n everyday. I thank God for using u to help us Man of God. May he continue to bless u and your family in Jesus name.


270 nsaiboti 05.05.16 at 6:18 pm

thank you for the war fare prayer points you’ve been encouraging us with may the God Almighty gives you the grace to continually touch and change lives over the world.


271 Dudu 05.06.16 at 4:24 am

Dear elisha,i thank God for you and i pray that God gives you the Wisdom,Strength and Capacity to continue the good work.To God be all glory,honor and praise!!!I thank God and the Holy Spirit for waking me up faithfully at the midnight hour to pray.I thank you elisha for the 7 furious prayers for May;I am looking forward with great anticipation to experience a total breakthrough that will SHOCK the enemy and surprise family and friends in Jesus mighty name.
My GOD has already done it,just awaiting for the manifestation to take place.IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMEN


272 Beatrice Mathe 05.06.16 at 6:15 am

Thank you for the furious prayers for May help me Lord to use them

Please help me not give up and stay still for He is God as i have started my wedding plans for October this year i am experiencing so many attacks and they are bringing me down spiritually…


273 abiola 05.06.16 at 12:47 pm

Calvary greetings, please what time does the midnight prayer start and how do we go about the thanksgiving prayer. Thank you


274 gweny 05.06.16 at 1:40 pm

Greetings in the name of our Lord jesus. Man of God please pray for my mother whose been sick for over months now. She was rencently diagonosed with Diabetes melitus
After, travelling to almost all big hospitals in our country and now she was told her sugar levels are too low and has to stop taking the Medication for diabetes..


275 tebogo 05.06.16 at 4:34 pm

I thank God for the life of elisha ,the prayer points of very month help us a lot,pray for my brother warriors who is sick and doesn’t want to be helped cancel DAT spirit in Jesus name,,,


276 DOREEN NAMBELA 05.06.16 at 7:34 pm



277 jm 05.07.16 at 12:17 am

Am great full to the lord for his faithfulness. I always thank God for you elisha for your encouragement ay the prayer points. I thank God for his mercy he enabled me pass the exam. God bless you mightily.


278 Kate 05.07.16 at 1:06 am

This is great, i feel blessed and consider myself blessed to have access to this website, your name be praised LORD. This furious prayers for may will add value to my life and shame the devil for the trap he had put ahead of me, all is well in JESUS NAME!!!!!!


279 ria 05.07.16 at 3:50 am

Thanks Elisha for the prayer guides they helped me a lot in 2014 . I bought a car that very year thou I had some serious debt . May the lord guide and protect you


280 DANIEL DOMEY KWAME 05.07.16 at 7:11 am

i would to ur prayer group. how can i become. am facing so many challenges at my workplace.


281 Gold 05.08.16 at 5:52 am

Thank You God for giving us Elisha and using him so mightily in our lives. Thank you for for prayers for May.


282 Nosipho 05.08.16 at 3:51 pm

This is time for me to fly with the eagles . God has been good to me and my family. I thank The Almighty for His divine grace.


283 Rita 05.09.16 at 6:17 am

Praise God for His goodness. After a very frightening occurrence of having to vacate a job I liked very much, God has guided me towards a partnership where we are free to make our own decisions on what to do and how to do it. I t does not come with a salary because we have to find ways of making the money but I am at peace instead of being fearful.
GOD is good and ever so loving. All this from praying as guided.


284 Rita 05.09.16 at 7:43 am

I got a response that I had mentioned the issue of a job before. True, but at that time I had not reached the level of signing a partnership somewhere else and for which I am truly thankful to God as an answer to prayer. Sorry if I erred in doing this.


285 Margaret 05.10.16 at 1:26 am

God is really great and as for me and my house, we will serve Him forever. My husband was confronted by armed robbers as he was entering home, right at the gate as our watchman was opening the gate for him, they placed the gun an AK 47 on his chest and actually cocked it. Though they took all the money that he had, they never injured him. I give all the glory to God for protecting his life..


286 edinah 05.10.16 at 2:35 am

Dear Pastor Elisha,
do u hav prayer points for my country Zambia? we need to pray serious coz we re only 3 months close to nation vote. Last month there hav been ritual killings for money n power so please help us to have peaceful votes by send prayers buttets


287 Kagiso Kgope 05.10.16 at 4:00 am


Praise be to the most High God for these powerful prayers that we receive monthly to extinguish the fuming arrows of the evil one daily. Elisha we highly aprreciate. May God richly bless you.


288 Alphonsus 05.10.16 at 11:53 am

Praise God brethren,
I can see another testimony in my life for using the 7 furious prayers for May. My wife and I prays with the prayer point at mid-night hour. Our dream life has improved. We can now shout the name of Jesus and cast the demons with Holy Ghost fire right in the dream. On 8th May night she challenged the dream attackers and they ran away. and yesterday 9th May night she had a dream that she saw four big snakes with other people familiar, the snake came and died, the second come and died, the third came and died, the fourth came also and died. After all the four snakes died, the familiar faces she saw started to argue among themselves and they started fighting.
We prayed with all the prayer points but we emphasized on ”Every serpent in my family line, I crush your head with the hammer of God in the name of Jesus”.

We give God the glory and also thank Elisha with the prayer eagles for the coaching on the fire brand bullet prayer point that is helping me and my wife to take the battle to the camp of the enemy.

Praise the Lord in the highest!! Hallelujah!!!


289 Venancia Mudavanhu 05.10.16 at 3:22 pm

Had a surgery on Sept 18th last year, while waiting for it to heal and have the other leg done, I fell down on the same leg and broke my ankle bone. Went back to see the doctor only to hear that he has retired. Another doctor had to take over from a different hospital. I used the 7 Furious Prayers for April and 40 Prayers against hidden foundation.
On Thursday, May4th I received a phone from the first doctor who did my first surgery. He gave me an appointment on 27th May this month confirming me that I am now on retirement but I will finish what I started.
Thank you Elisher for being obedient to the Lord’s call on your life. You have hl
helped me and more other including my children. These prayers really work.


290 Laura 05.10.16 at 4:16 pm

I did not know how to pray till I stumbled on this website. Firesprings Ministries holds a special place in my heart. I got a job after joining the just ended Sapphire Program. Before the Sapphire, I faced a lot of rejection and problems in my career. What is the best way to send my first fruit offering?


291 Gloria 05.11.16 at 3:39 am

I cannot pray as perfect I as a want until Ihad to ready through comments that Firesprings Ministries . I have been searching for a job since Feb 2016 but I didn’t get permanent Job,I face rejection and bondage, dificulties in every part of my life and since I completed my course I didn’t get a good job with good payments. Please lead me through this difficulties in prayers.


292 precious777 05.11.16 at 7:29 am

Hi Ps Elisha and Prayer Eagles ,

Can someone please share some prayer bullets that will help me overcome the following :

Diverted /destructive thought patterns that lead onto confusion and condemnation
Lack of confidence and having truckloads of fear about what the future holds
Lust ..and shame and again more fear of what is come…
help in remembering my dreams because some do not make any sense at all

I backslid and now I am in a even deeper pit ..quite ashamed of being in higher level of stupidity then before and wondering why did I fall but I am all the more serious and really need help in self deliverance prayers and and “mind renewal prayers”.

Like Elisha said ” I won’t quit, I sell out or be brought off in Jesus name” So I am gonna try again…I am feeling quite frustrated with myself but I am gonna give this a go again..

Sorry for being depressing ..please don’t let get you down..because its not my intention to dull your mood….and if this upsets any of you please ignore it…

Please help in a simple way..I am kinda not very good with following very detailed and lengthy ways of dealing with these problems its been a while since I have visited or used this website. I am gonna stay here for sometime until I can beat the evil out of my life because its just not funny anymore..

God bless and have a nice day.


293 nepi 05.12.16 at 3:18 pm

dear believrs please stand with me in prayers to have a job.But what i know about our God is super natural He will do great and wonders in my life.


294 Patricia Amoako 05.13.16 at 7:52 am

Thank you man of God for the 7 furious prayers sending through our mails each month.
I woke up around 2:00am for prayers within a short while I felt asleep and had a terrible
dream. In my dream I had a serious fight with my cousin for no reason and was shouting on
top of my voice. In fact I don’t know the cause of the fight too and with that cousin of mine we are very close and friendly and I dnt no where this terrible argument and fights coming from. At the moment I am 8 months pregnant and I need your prayers brothers and sisters on this platform


295 CHEDZA MAKOMBO 05.13.16 at 9:10 am

i would like to thank God almighty for sending you Elisha Goodman to be my prayer coach. last month was praying for my financial breakthrough and i wanted to pay tithes. Last month end my salary was increased and thank God i managed to pay my Tithes. God bless you more and more


296 Paulinah 05.13.16 at 4:51 pm

Brethren our God is a good GOD.
I prayed 19 prayers for single with furious prayers of every month since January this year 2016,G5 Report and i include this 3 bullet for single*: O God Arise,Let your decree go forth and Release confusion into the camp of wicked spirits delaying my marriage in Jesus name..(2): Every Environmental Conspiracy to keep me single and isolated,Be Scattered by fire in the mighty name of Jesus..(4):Blood Of Jesus,Wipe Away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from life in Jesus name.(4): I Release My Marriage from the GRIP of evil Manipulators in Jesus name..My Godly Spouse appeared and he is B.com Account gratuate and God just blessed him with a very good job as a Financial System Manager and now he is preparing to come pay Lobola and he introduced me to his family,adding to that he will help me about my career as well since i am stagnant since 2012…Wow! I give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness,the whole World must hear what HE has done!( Ps 136:26) I am not moving from Bullet-Firing-Line until eternity..Wicked spirits are definitely confused from their camp to delay my marriage.I have no enough words to thank God about Elisha goodman…Me and my Hubby to be we are in same age 40yrs and we are in common.


297 Paulinah 05.13.16 at 5:11 pm

Wow my season of glory and laugher has appeared finaly after so many rejection,jilted for no reason,or my previous partners become sick or get accidents on de sport,God removed all those calamities for me..Anyway today during my husband to be interviews at the BANK,i was firing this bullet while on Esther fast: (1): Thou power that speak success and favor,arise and speak on…,?’s behalf in Jesus..Then he find the job on the sport with no experience and signed all papers..I remember this month newsletter from Elisha he said,as GOD carry on bless the others dont be jelous just rejoice with them while awaiting for yo own blessings..So i am awaiting for my own job in God’s time with prayer MIDNIGHT..


298 Nick 05.13.16 at 6:56 pm

To god be the glory. He has answered my prayers.


299 Force 05.13.16 at 7:52 pm

I read a lot of testimonies on here and to be frank nothing has happened for me yet. I got introduced to the 27 to midnight prayers in february by my sister and ever since then i use the prayers sent on my mail as often as possible depending on the guidance of the holy spirit. Am not worried though, i have this unfautering hope that i just cant explain that God has plan. What i can say though is that the prayers seem to have shaken the devil. A few days after starting to pray at the midnight hour i dreamt that i was being stabbed by a robber in the place i was operated on and was bleeding to death, i’ve never felt so powerless in my life. Sometime later i dreamt a pig with green eyes was trying to enter my bedroom but it could not, all it could do was watch me through the window. Then again, later, i woke up from my sleep and felt like i had been in a great battle, my back and shoulder were in pain for days. Then recently i dreamt that a faceless woman was watching me through my bedroom window. There are many more. I’ve learnt how to rebuke such dreams thanks to you Elisha and in a kind of way i am happy my new prayer life has gotten the devil so scared he is trying his level best to attack me through my dreams. I will keep praying.


300 liz 05.13.16 at 8:21 pm

Prayer is like breath. Havin prayer points deliverd freely in our mail boxes is like breathin with life support. Soon we wil emerge prayer worriors with testimonies untold.
We will create our own prayer points accordin to our situation n that is brother elishas aim.
Be strong my brother mac. At the edge of every destruction lies our destiny.
Be blest


301 Faith 05.15.16 at 4:54 pm

I dont know where to begin. I thank God for Elisha at times I get sleepy at midnight wake up around 1am but I wake up and pray the monthly prayer since I am not yet signed for the academy. I wish to sign in when I get a job. All I want to say is may God continue to use. I have one prayer requests for my family to salvation and receive Jesus as their Lord and saviour, secondly I am in need of a job so I can join the academy group.


302 pauline 05.15.16 at 6:43 pm

O Lord give me strength to face any challenges coming across my life make me strong all the time for my kids and family am struggling but I won’t give up in you.in Jesus name you devil am not your candidate I deafeat you in Jesus name Amen.


303 Victor M 05.17.16 at 3:26 am

Elizabeth was the one who introduced me this. I thank Lord for her and will continue doing what you (elisha) and Jesus Christ has encouraged us to do…..particularly being prayerful always to defeat the evil spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,


304 esther arengo 05.17.16 at 4:37 am

Hullo Elisha, today i decided to say enough is enough, failed relationships, deep in debt, stagnacy at job, job contract ended, not sure if it will be renewed, financial challenges, rent ,failed to finish masters, surely God has to arise. Tomorrow i start the Esther fast, please pray with me.


305 Niita 05.17.16 at 9:41 am

Calvary greetings I really love these prayers but i become so relaxed when everything is going well in my life but i have decided from now on i will keep firing these prayers. the Lord has brought me so far, I know he wants to show me so much more its just because i was not serious enough, in was satisfied too soon. but i have decided i will not back down anymore i wil not be bought out i will be an eagle on fire!


306 Ann 05.17.16 at 3:33 pm

Thanks a lot again and again. I thank God because at least I have been able to start prayer and fasting for a few days. To me this is a real improvement. I prayed and asked God to enable me wake up in the midnight hour and He has been doing it. Glory to God.
However, sometimes I am filled with fear of what the enemy may do in revenge. I have suffered shame in the past while in prayers and fasting. I being publicly embarrassed. Are there prayer points for this.?


C.J Reply:

you can’t trust God the father and be filled with the spirit of fear. Surrender all to him. Fast also( if possible with your health). with the different prayer points you may have on hand take time to pray the ones convenient to you. before that confess to the father for your lack of trust in him. remember he knows you more than you know yourself. pray Psalms 91 as well as 23.
God the fathe rknows your name he will never forsake you
may the holy sporit be upon you as you continue to trust in him


307 Diana 05.17.16 at 3:57 pm

Many thanks Brother Elisha for the 7 Furious Prayers for the month of May 2016. I have been praying these prayers since you started sending them to us and have brought a lot of relief and peace to my spiritual life. Please continue to send these for the salvation of many. Stay blessed.


308 Jacqueline 05.18.16 at 1:20 am

Thank you Elisha for this ministry I came to know about the midnight bullet prayers in October 2015 started storming the gates and doing the monthly furious prayers. My son who was abusing drugs came back to Christ now he is back to school and performingwell. The enemy is now attacking my job and my daughters health but before she confided in me God showed me to pray for lymph nodes. I will be joining the Academy because as cell leader I share and couch the brethren.There are attacks but now I pray targeted prayerso I even received the gift of tongues. I need to couch my child out of sickness and get back my job because my current boss is not nice.I feel insecure in the job


309 alice 05.19.16 at 6:30 am

I give God the glory for your ministry on the 15th of may children were going to be blessed in my church that is consecrated as they cannot be be baptized. I was asked to be the one who is going to share the service I was afraid I asked God for wisdom.But I was so excited when I saw your 1st prayer point for “O Lord choose me for a special blessing this Month” The service was so anointed the spirit of God was there thanks brother Elisha for the furious prayed of may. Alice. South Africa


310 eddah gathogo 05.20.16 at 4:34 am

Just want to thank God for blessing me abundanly.my family,my work and my finances,even on my relationship, I believe he going to do wonders for me.His love and grace are everlasting.amen.


311 alicec 05.20.16 at 1:25 pm

To God be the Glory. Ever since i stumble on this site and started using the prayer I have receive many miracles. Thank you Brother Elisha for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. Trust that one day i can lead my local church intercessory team along such victorious path. My husband was facing a charge of causing death by dangerous driving the DPP advice their isn’t sufficient evidence against Him I used the prayer when Faced with a Law Suit. My business has began to yield profits, able to pay staff. Loans paid off & debt cancellation. God is Mighty Mighty Awesome. Anyone reading this please launch out by faith God is no respecter of persons what He did for me He is willing & ready to abundantly supply your every need.


312 George Muzaale 05.20.16 at 8:12 pm

Dear Elisha,
I would like to give thanks to God for the 7 Furious prayer points that you send every Month. I do take them very seriously and we do pray them at home and even at our Church. This Month, my son had to seat for an entry exams to the faculty of law.
Before they sat for the Exams, they were told that the pass mark to Gouverment sponsorship was 60%. After the exam was marked he got 59 and out of 1400 plus onl, only 300 passed the paper. Our testimony has surprised our friends and has sho ked our enemies is that out of 300 who passed only 48 were given Government sponsorship and he was one of those 48. Praiise the Lord. He will be joining university
in September. Paise the Lord God
May God blessyou and keep you.
yours George


313 Hope Asiimwe 05.22.16 at 10:50 am

Praise God Elisha. I was introduced to this website by my friend in February when all hope was lost and didnt know where to turn to. This was a turning point for me because my eyes were opened and i could see. I thank God because my faith has been strengthened and I know that my prayers will be answered. I did an Esther fast and immediately i was called for an interview after so many years of applying and not getting answered. Our God is a mighty one. He loves and we are precious in Hie eyes so no matter what that comes our way, smile and tell the problem to vanish in Jesus name. To God be the glory because i now know who iam


314 moni 05.23.16 at 9:47 am

Thank you for the 7 furious prayers for the month of May. I want to testify of the faithfulness and goodness of God. I have been praying all of the 7 bullets sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. Three weeks ago I was talking to myself asking whether I should use some saving I had to replace my old washing machine. Two weeks later my brother in law and his wife visited and blessed us with a brand new washing machine. Praise be to God who listens even when we speak to ourselves. What a wonderful surprise it was. My brother in law stated that he wanted to bless us and did not know what gift to buy us but prayed and the Lord showed him in a dream that we had a very old washing machine hardly working that needed to be replaced – which was so true. As if that is not enough a week later a friend’s sister who had visited from the US sent me a designer handbag and perfume and my husband a shirt and pocket square, thanking us for being there with the Sister who has a condition. 3. I got an upgrade of my position at the place of work today – it was stuck in our HR department but was released today. Hallelujaa! Please thank God with me for he cares for us, who takes care of our needs before we even mention. Amen


315 Vivian njoki njoroge 05.25.16 at 2:39 am

I thank God since I joined prayer Acadamy my spiritual life ha’s improved greatly Be bleed


316 Ononofile 05.25.16 at 6:34 am

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, I was introduced to this website by my friend in 2010 I have been praying and fasting my life is just in one place to the extend that nowadays I don’t pray at all please can you lift me up in prayers, I am born again christian even at my work place people are attacking me for no reason.


317 Alice 05.25.16 at 11:26 pm

I will not be bought off, I will not sell out, I will not quit…..in the name of Jesus! are my everyday prayers. This is because I have been on this platform for years, from receiving emails and now on tweeter. It hurts me that I have never joined the prayer academy no matter my plans. I decided to do an Esther fast early this year despite being on life drugs due to sickness a few days after storming the gates of 2016. When I shared with a friend in a similar situation, she was scared and told me I was commiting suicide because I did not take the drugs for over two days until the end of the fast. I told her I was led by the Holy Spirit and nothing will happen to me because my God does not lie quoting Numbers 23 vs 19. Behold, just on the last day of prayer and fasting I received a call for a job interview after six years of being unemployment, numerous unsuccessful job applications and interviews. I attended intense training and was certified and hired when two thirds of the people were dropped. During training I was attacked with pain in my right hip, knee and foot but kept pushing on because I knew those were tricks of the devil to stop me. I continued firing your prayer bullets. The last day all the pain went away. I now have a job and will join the prayer academy using my first salary. I already told my children that my first salary will invest into our destinies. ” I reject incomplete breakthroughs…..”. The best is yet to come. God bless you Elisha. AN.


318 Diana 05.27.16 at 3:24 am

Calvary greetings Man of God. Brother Elisha, i dont even know where 2start from,am puzzled,am surprised and shocked at the same time. Am a student at a college of medicine, i didnt pay anything, didnt even thought i wil write my exams, but i never lost hope in my God, i remember one time when we were about 2write the CA’S i was chased, all the way from school 2home was praising God with the song that i praised him the whole day when i was accepted. 3days passed then I went for my nomo 3days of fasting which i do every week, then i went for 21days,asking God 2do his own way since i hav failed mine. Within 3days my freind said i talked 2my fiance and he told me he can lend U money 2return wen u hav, i said wow,then said yes but dont let him give me all just 1/4, dont want 2be in credit, didnt pay went and bought 2bbalo of duvet,went 2sell though on credit wen i opened people just said what, were U on fasting,Elisha there was no damage,all finished on the same day,then went 2the principle said i want 2write but didnt pay anything thot he wil refuse he just said study U wil write. I said praise God.I thot God didnt hear me when i was praying b4 i was chased,i remember even telling him that even if u dont answer, i wil never give up,sell out,because i know that you are my God.Exam came was a bit scare and 2my suprise i was not even disturbed as am writing 2U now am in the midst of exams. I realy thank God 4U man of God, Elisha, your prayers are deadly weapon if U use them with power, I love them all,they are wonder working prayers they hav realy worked wonders in my life. I remember i wrote 2U that 1day i wil give my testimony and this is the day and its just the beginning. May God continue Blessing U and protecting U,add many more yrs filled with happiness 2your life. The smiles God give 2people through this web, may it be tripped on U. Thank U


319 Florence 05.29.16 at 12:47 am

Elisha I’m still here, don’t leave me behind, Please. the last program I was out of work that’s
why I didn’t participated.


320 Solo 06.15.16 at 7:48 am

Thank you elisha for the prayer points i can fight for my family and church now


321 Betty N. 06.27.16 at 7:01 pm

After a dream attack, i suffered 6 years. A friend introduced me to Elishas’ website i followed instructions of the academy well and now am a free woman!


322 Caroline 02.07.17 at 7:36 am

Dear Elisha
I would like prayers of protection over my life.I have been getting attacks from the enemy hence my life stagnation. please pray for deliverance for me .The devil is a liar he has no power or authority over my life.Amen.


323 Cornelia 05.16.17 at 5:54 am

Yes the Lord is good. .even in the storm i am strong, standing in the promises ..i will recuperate all ,,,,,let the power of darkness in my dreams be consumed by Devine JODGEMENT OF GOD and vomit all been stolen for me my family. ..let the angels of God atack my atacker ,destroy all destroier pursue my pursuers and recover all. .let the joy of my enemies becomes unlimited sorrow,,,let havoc and destruction fall on my fool time enemies, ,LORD LET THE RESURRECTION POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT BREADS LIFE IN ALL AREA OF MY LIFE ,,MY FAMILY, MY CAREER MY HEALTH, RESTORATION ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN


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