7 Furious Prayers for May 2017

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We’ll begin this month like
Jeremiah the Prophet:

“O Lord, give your sword a charge
against my stubborn enemies.”

For those facing constant, unending battles…

There is a way out. 

But first, how did the eagles fare with the ‘double portion’
prayers of last month?

Here goes…  

Prayer Bullet #6:
She Could Have Died in Her Sleep

The prayer bullet for April:

Dissolving arrows and poisons in my body gather yourselves together, be flushed out by the blood of Lamb in Jesus name.

I was delivered from the spirit of death on Wed the 12th April 2017. Since the beginning of April, something compelled me to do the March/April prayer bullets at midnight every night. On the midnight of the 11th going to 12th April, immediately I finished praying, I started being sick.

The whole day of the 12th I was sick, couldn’t get off my bed. I sent message to my prayer group to tell them to pray with me. I also prayed for 5 minutes the O great physician prayer. Later on that day I started getting better, I could eat. I discovered that I was bitten by some poisonous insect.

That’s why my whole body was feeling cold/hot, nausea, headaches. The poison was circulating in my body, as those in the medical fields explained. My body was rejecting the poison. They explained the theory of how sometimes you hear somebody complained of headache and shortly just passed away, or the person just had a short illness in the night and died in the morning, because of the poison in their bodies.

I asked now that I have reaction on my skin, can I still drink some antibiotic or something for healing. I was told it’s late now, the poison is all flushed out of my body. I will be wasting my medical aid if I go get antibiotic as am already out of danger zone. Praise God. - Eagle Pinky

Wedding Bells: May 6, 2017


I would like to praise God for what he has put in your life to teach us how to pray and take back all what the devil has stolen. haven’t joined the Prayer Academy yet but the next one coming I should join. God has been faithful to me. Just by following and reading the daily mails you send us, this helped me to start serious prayers at midnight hour. 

With a story of two broken marriages and uncountable disappointments God has put all that behind me AND MY GODLY HUSBAND IS HERE praise the Lord! We met on 22 October 2016 the same day he just said I am going to marry you. It was like all drama. Every day has been unbelievable since we met and here we are. Now we are getting married on 6 May 2017. God is so wonderful. Just with midnight prayers using the Furious Prayers. Surely God has surprised my friends and is shocking my enemies. The next Prayer Academy am ready to join.  – Eagle VP

My “SHOCKSPRISE” – Prayer Eagle Invents New Word


I applied for my degree transcript in order to further my education. My school was tossing me each time I called to find out if it was ready. It was from one story to another. I decided to use the 14 Furious Prayers for April during the midnight hour on Friday April 22nd, 2017. I called on Tuesday and I was told the registrar had not signed so I should call later. I never lost hope but continued the midnight prayers.  

I then dreamt that I was taking a document which belonged to me from a lady but she had turned the paper in such a way that it was difficult to identify that it was mine. I then gave it back to her to turn it to the right position before giving it to me. She obeyed and did as I commanded her. On Wednesday, I called again and was
told the transcript is ready. I then went for it and later in the day I decided to read what was on my transcript and to my “shocksprise” meaning I was shocked and surprised I screamed. 

I was awarded second class lower during my graduation which I sensed was not meant for me, I went to the authorities to complain but I was told degree was awarded only to open my transcript to see second class upper which was what I told God I want. I used to tell people my plans but because Elisha warned us I have learnt to keep my mouth shut. 
-      Eagle Belinda


Throat Cancer Never

 wanted to tell you that my father is being healed from throat cancer. Today we got the report that everything is normal. I’ve been praying against it these past few days and I witnessed God’s hands. I’ve been praying the 7 Furious Prayers for April 2017. And, I Praise God for everything. I started giving tithes regularly and I wanted to be closer to God. To be faithful to Him more than ever. I hope I can join the Prayer Academy very soon. Thank you so much for your bold teachings. It’s worth reading them all. I used to be very upset when I receive no emails from you. – Amalanda

Divorce Plans

I was introduced to this site in January 2016 when I was very devastated and had lost hope. I had lost my marriage and my husband was finalising on the divorce plans as he was in advanced relationship with another woman. I joined the prayer eagles, bought prayer manuals, fasted and prayed. The more l prayed the more
things got worse. 

I took an Esther fast twice and almost gave up. I committed to my midnight prayers. The testimonies l read kept me going, they were quite encouraging. I would arise again with the manuals and pray.
Today we are back together. God just brought him at his own appointed time. It was not an easy walk but God’s faithfulness is so amazing. Thank u for teaching me how to pray. The prayers truly work. We are in love again more than before God bless. —  
Eagle Carol

Yoke of debt broken – in an unusual way

Through giving to this ministry, where people are being converted into righteousness, hungering for the Word of God – God has mercifully broken the yoke of debt over my life on 28 April 2017. I’ve been in debt since 2011. I paid off over 70,000 USD. It was not easy but I learnt a lot.  - Eagle G

Praise the LORD.

All these testimonies are sealed by the blood of Jesus.

At this point, a quick reminder…


    Please note that the testimonials
and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not
get any results from using the principles taught here. In other
words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they
have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not
work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha



Now, I heard an amusing conversation going on in Facebook about yours truly. 


One of our eagles sent it to me a few hours ago. 


I read about you in a
Facebook post just yesterday!

It’s so interesting because I read about you in a Facebook post just yesterday. There are different social media groups and this one in particular is one where women are often abusive to each other and all. One woman came on saying she keeps dreaming that she is having sex in the dream, and a lot of women shared the same experience. One person then asked her to go to Elisha Goodman website and she will find prayers for deliverance. What was interesting was that a lot of women replied to that post said that Elisha is strict and there are a lot of rules like you cannot have sex outside marriage etc. That seemed to be a hard thing for people to accept.”

Which begs the question: 

Why do my messages appear “too strict” to a lot of people? 

For the 12 years I’ve been online, I’ve been hearing this type of complaints.

Some would like me to NOT even mention sin at all. 


It makes them uncomfortable. It brings conviction of the Spirit to their hearts. 

Which is a good thing   

This idea of NOT wallowing in sin goes hand in hand with the “military-style spiritual drilling” that releases the breakthroughs and testimonies we see here every day.

There is a purpose for this – it is to create constant alertness in the spirit.

This must be bred into every praying Christian. Holy living, constant prayer and scripture drilling make for strong prayer eagles.

Now more than ever, a believer has to be alert in the spirit all the time if s/he expects to keep on breathing.

If not, some serpentine power will sneak up from behind in the dream and inject them with poison to paralyze their spiritual lives.

After that, all the hordes of hell will move in and finish off the job.

Given that spiritual reality, it should NOT be baffling to see that a large percentage of people received incomplete to no breakthroughs.

At least four out of every ten emails ask the same question:

“Where did I miss it? I’ve been praying but…”

I’m going to use this opportunity to explain about the intensity of the warfare going on in the spirit realm as this age draws to a close.

 Many people would rather not hear this but I’m going to say it all the same.

There is a war raging right now … for your soul … for the soul of your spouse, children, loved ones, your church, your community, your nation.

This war is a bloody business, a killing business. The devil and his cohorts are the enemy. They started this war (Gen. 3, Rev. 12).

The LORD is our Commander-in-Chief.

With Him at the helm of affairs we will win this war.

Our plan of operation is to advance and keep on advancing. The quickest way to win this war is to maintain an unbroken connection with our Commander, the Holy Spirit.

We ‘learn’ to listen to the voice of our Commander.

When He says move, we move. When He says stop, we stop. 

Like the ladies in the Facebook group, many may complain that “elisha is strict and there are a lot of rules like you cannot have sex outside marriage.”

Yes, some will continue to complain that our position on sex sins and the sexual perversions of
our day is too strict.

I don’t care about such complaints. Our position is the Bible’s position.

I intend to continue sounding the battle cry for midnight prayers, Bible study, holy living, etc. through my outrageous daily emails (i.e. until you unsubscribe from our email list… which you’re free to do at any time by just clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails, no hard feelings).

Why do I insist on doing this?

Because I believe an ounce of sweat at the midnight hour will save a gallon of blood … your blood, that of your loved ones… plus that of Christians everywhere.

The more we live righteously, pray and apply the knowledge revealed in our  programs and sometimes in our daily emails, the more enemies we’ll put out of business.

(I mean spiritual enemies … NOT HUMAN BEINGS … enemies of God, enemies of your peace, marriage, family, etc.)

The more enemies we put out of business, the fewer of our families will be destroyed… and the more the purpose of God will prosper and prevail in our families and communities.

Pushing harder through aggressive prayer means fewer casualties
… in our lives, families, churches and communities.

If you have been using our materials diligently I want you to remember that…

True prayer eagles … such as the ones we breed here … do NOT surrender.

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed.
We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. – 2 Cor. 4:8 (NLT)


How to Become Highly
Sought After … For Good This Month


… by friends and family, by co-workers, and by those in power and authority. 

The first thing to do is RECHARGE your spiritual batteries. There’s a prayer we like to pray here. It goes like this:

I plug myself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost.

Why would you need to do that? 

Holy Spirit is the Power of God operating on the earth today. He runs an invisible spiritual Power Grid than spans the entire universe and beyond. Those who are connected to this power grid are the undefeated ones.

They are the ones advancing the cause of Christ’s Kingdom each and every day.

Look at this scripture:

But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD, that we may
inquire of the LORD by him? And one of the king of Israel’s servants answered
and said, Here is Elisha the son of Shaphat, which poured water on the hands of
Elijah. And Jehoshaphat said, The word of the LORD is with him. So the king of
Israel and Jehoshaphat and the king of Edom went down to him.

And Elisha said to the king of Israel, What have I to do with
you? get you to the prophets of your father, and to the prophets of your mother.
And the king of Israel said to him, No: for the LORD has called these three
kings together, to deliver them into the hand of Moab.

And Elisha said, As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand,
surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah,
I would not look toward you, nor see you. But now bring me a minstrel. And it
came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came on him.

 And he said, Thus said the LORD, Make this valley full of
ditches. For thus said the LORD, You shall not see wind, neither shall you see
rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, that you may drink, both you,
and your cattle, and your beasts.

And this is but a light thing in the sight of the LORD: he will
deliver the Moabites also into your hand. And you shall smite every fenced city,
and every choice city, and shall fell every good tree, and stop all wells of
water, and mar every good piece of land with stones.

And it came to pass in the morning, when the meat offering was offered, that, behold, there came water by the way of Edom, and the country was filled with water. -   Kings 3:11-20


In the passage, we just saw some misguided kings who suddenly realized that the issue staring them in the face was beyond their ability to solve. In panic, they began to look for someone who could hear from the LORD.

In other words, someone who was connected to the divine power grid.

Because when push comes to shove, the one who maintains a healthy connection is the one that can hear and see in the spirit.

Today, people in the church are stumbling around in the dark, without divine direction and without any inkling of what the Lord might be saying. Or doing.

Such people derive no comfort or joy from the scriptures. They are not interested in the message of holiness. All their ear is itching to hear is blessings, miracles, breakthroughs.

Note carefully…

This being the Old Testament, the Prophet Elisha first had to connect to this Power Grid before he could rise to the occasion. What he did here is very instructive.

He said:

But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass,
 the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came on him.
- 2 Kings 3:15


     One Bible commentary says Elisha called for the harpist to play on his instrument…

      … that it might calm his spirits, and render him more susceptible of the prophetic influence. To be able to discern the voice of God, and the operation of his hand, it is necessary that the mind be calm, and the passions all in harmony, under the direction of reason; that reason may be under the influence of the Divine

The hand of the Lord came upon him – The playing of the harpist had the desired effect; his mind was calmed, and the power of God descended upon him. Clarke’s  Commentary

 One of the obvious reasons many believers hardly hear the voice of the Lord is because they are too noisy.

     Everywhere you turn there is noise. If it is not the phone, it is the TV, Internet or social media.

     A noisy generation cannot hear God speak. We need to be calm, and have our spiritual ears attuned to the Spirit before we can hear what He is speaking to us.

Next comes praise and worship.
You want to connect to the divine power grid?

You must become a person of praise. You must learn to tarry in His presence in worship.

For your prayers to have great impact in the days ahead, you need to be spiritually recharged daily so we can load our prayer gun and fire under the precise directive of the Spirit.

No one understood this better than the Prophet Elisha.

With a simple prayer, he overpowered an entire army. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and brought an end to a gruesome famine that had ravaged the entire nation.

All because he was totally connected to the power source of Heaven.

    The prayers you are about to see will help you connect to the divine source of power … something no one can take from you.

 For this to work for you, you must first surrender your life to Jesus Christ totally, if you have never done so before. Nothing else will do.

This will lay the strong foundation for your breakthroughs to manifest.

After that… if you’re unable (or unwilling) to join the Academy to keep your prayer momentum going… please be sure to look for a praying church in your community without delay.

If you’re in the current Prayer Academy or any other program, please follow

instructions and double your aggression at the midnight hour.

If you’ve been asking about the

SINGLES PROGRAM here’s a quick update:

Registration is NOW open.

The invitation has been going out to those who have already completed the Prayer Academy.

Hundreds have been signing up.

We’ll be closing registration soon. If you’ve received the email invite in the past few weeks, please do NOT delay.

Once we close, that’s it for the year.

Now to the 7 Furious

Prayers for May 2017


Scripture Ingredient:

And the Lord shall deliver me from every
evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom:
to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

– 2 Tim. 4:18

1.   I plug myself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost.

O Lord, recharge my genetic code with your fire in the name of Jesus.

I withdraw anything representing me from every altar of darkness; Fire of God, locate such altars and burn them to ashes in Jesus name.

I drink the blood of Jesus into the whole of my system by faith
(Please shout it 21 hot times, then follow up by demonstrating as if you’re drinking something for a minute or two)…

Let the blood of Jesus locate every stranger hiding in my body, suffocate them, kill them and flush them out in the name of Jesus.

Any power using my glory to prosper, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

O LORD, build around me and my family your hedge of fire in Jesus name.


Be An Overcomer 



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A little HINT on prayer bullets 4 & 5
– prayers using the blood of Jesus

If you read the comments below, you will see this post from Nozinhle in Zimbabwe.

She writes: 

“I would like to give thanks to the Lord, my husband was seriously ill last year as from April 2016 diagnosed with a heart problem. I used the prayer bullet “O LORD, flush his system now and clean his blood with the blood of Jesus,” That was the only prayer I could afford to pray at that moment as he was now collapsing now and again. The doctors had said he wont last 3 months because his aorta vein had enlarged now there was a lot of backflow of the blood and there was little oxygenated blood circulating in his body. he was failing to move around. But I thank God of Elisha and his prayer bullets that he is now healed and back to work.”

Share your testimony below …


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1 Florence 05.02.17 at 6:11 pm

Thanks to God for your encouragement daily.I was praying wondering where are the furious prayers for May when you suddenly sent them.May God bless you.
last month on 17 I woke up with swollen ears..swollen scalp .very painful..I was to attend a ladies conference in another city..it was very bad my ear lobes were almost centimetre thick.hot itchy painful.I struggle d and travelled.after praying.I was uncomfortable but kept firing midnight prayers..one was outstanding..you dissolving arrows and poisons…one the third day I was healed and was able to relax.I celebrate healing.thanks brother.I also got a clearer memory and restored joy and happiness.my spirit opened to enjoy God’s word.
I was in heavy financial crisis and in the same week God provided and I settled quite a lot.
I look forward to greater moments and victories.I am mobilizing people to pray at midnight.
am able to dream and remember some vividly and confront others clearly.it’s becoming sweeter daily.
pray I join the programs in Jesus name.
be blessed.
Florence Kenya


Yasin cheptai philip Reply:

Sister Florance,
Praise our living God,please go ahead with serious prayers and stick to God’s word as he wants to use you open many blind eyes to see.
Brother philip


obadiah Reply:

Thanks GOD, for Elisha. Florence,i was thinking if we can have Kenyans who are in this ministry to come together and maybe form a Praying group? i for one would like to have somebody who we can share and since God (as i read above)wants to use you,you can help some of us.If God you sees favour on my request ,kindly drop me a line


Francis Muthee Mathenge Reply:

I got same feelings Sr.Florence.I long to have serious prayer partners here in Kenya,more so to expand this great ministry of Elisha.lam in Nyeri.I started recently but my hopes are quite high.

Grace Reply:

Please include me in the Kenyan chapter.

Liz Reply:

I’m strongly for the idea. Why not? How can this be done?

B. Joy Reply:

Obadiah,There is such a group who are using Elisha’s prayer bullets.
They have a whatAspp group.

Sally Reply:

Hi, my fellow Kenyans, happy to hear from u guys, I also join eagles two months ago, I did the prayer bulletin for March and April wow I have experience in the God Grace and peace in midst of storms, I had also have testimony of passing my theory test last month without much preparation. Yea we can join together as Kenyans, Florence and drop us your mobile number, if u have WhatsApp it will be good to catch up as all

Angela Njuguna Reply:

Pls help me out with the procedure of paying.Am realy interested in joining.God Bless

Belinda Ann Reply:

Sharon my eagle family! God is awesome and faithful…its so nice to see how the Kenyans eagerly wants to take the kingdom of darkness by storm..Im from Windhoek Nambia and joined the Prayer Academy in June 2015..eversince my life has been great…but a Christian should really not get into a state of rest as the enemy is way too wicked and come back worst than before…I was not at home for two weeks and did not pray the warrior style not long I was chocked in my sleep where I could not even have the strength to say ” the blood of Jesus” but by God’s grace the words came out and they left…Lets finish the race..there is an awesome reward. WINDHOEKERS PLEASE LET US ALSO JOIN TOGETHER AND DO WHAT JESUS WANTS US TO DO.

Biona Reply:

Hallo. Obadiah am Biona from Kenya-Nakuru. am in this ministry and am really blessed by it.

ruth linda karumbidza Reply:



evelyn mtonga Reply:



Dorothy Njeru Reply:

Halo Dada Florence am also in Kenya Nairobi and have been trying to register for the prayer academy but so far no success. Please if you know how just inbox me will appreciate alot


B. Joy Reply:


If you can get a Nakumatta smart card or pepea card from KCB , ask them to show you how to use it. You load money and send through pay pal its very easy.
I joined the prayer academy 2016 and I opened an account with Equity bank , using Firesprings Inc details , I easily joined the academy.
Try any of the above means and you will get through.
Betty Joy.


Jacinta Reply:


Praise God. You could also pay through Western union. Generate the western union form that has all the details of the accounts for Firespring ministries, go to your bank (hoping they have western union) and present the detailed info to them. they will explain to you what to do. they will give you a RTG form to fill and then they will transfer the amount from your account. Its actually transferred as Kenya shillings as western union has an account with CFC in Kenya but you are charged transaction fee. I bank with Cooperative bank and I used it to do my transaction.
you will wait for the reply email from western union and then you will forward that email to Elisha and they will register you. It might take sometime though. in the case you feel it is taking long contact by mail western union and scan the document of transfer you filled in from the bank.

I hope this helps. Stay blessed

Wamuyu Reply:

I have used the bank and western union. So far PayPal works best for me. It’s cheaper in terms of transaction fees and very convinient. Elisha has an account so you pay directly. Anyone frustrated by payments should try this mode.
Blessings all as we journey together in this.

Biona Reply:

have you tried Western Union?try DTB Bank


Tj Reply:

God is Gd all the time.he is faithful.the bullet of the blood of Jesus to flush my system healed me Elisha.I wasn’t understanding my stomach.always bubbling. N rumbling wth a lot of flutus all the time.mazee!! Am healed after midnite prayer s n flushing my systems


Liz Reply:

Amen Florence. I used the same prayer of dissolving arrows and poisons last month after being bitten thrice in the space of about a week apart by poisonous insects! I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t prayed! However, I give God all the glory, honour and praise for His love and awesome deliverance. I’m also from Kenya so please include me in your network of midnight “prayers”. One will chase a thousand, but two will put 10,000 to flight. God bless you and God bless and increase His servant Elisha and his entire team!


madris Reply:

Hello brethren and my Kenyan prayer eagles,
Am also in Kenya and this seems a good idea but we need to remind ourselves of the norms and rules of this forum. No sharing of personal emails or mobile phones without prior permission from the coach. I suggest you do a request to the Coach or prayer advisors and get more information on the same and move as directed.
Meanwhile we are force in Kenya the city of prayer warriors let us pray for our nation and cancel every satanic agenda in our nation and general election in Jesus name


Val Reply:

We have a group on Fb, check Elisha Goodman or midnight prayers. We have been doing this for over 5yrs.


Doris Mutiso Reply:

Sister Florence,

I am a follower of Elisha Goodman 2014 though I have never joined the academy I have testimonies to give as a result of the monthly prayer bullets. Florence, I have been looking for prayer eagles in Kenya and my prayer has been answered. May the Lord God be praised.

Doris Mutiso


2 Winfred 05.02.17 at 6:16 pm

Bro Elisha

I thank God for you may Almighty God encourage and use you for great work you’re doing.
Wonderful work Brother Elisha I have just read the May furious prayer this midnight hour, very powerful thank you.

I feel very encouraged with your mails, I feel blessed and I learn everyday though in financial battle I trust God He’s doing a new thing in my life no matter what storm my God of Abraham. Isaack, Jacob and Joseph is Mightier and this is my year of completion I believe God is doing a new thing for me and I will be able even to join the prayer academy and plant in the house of God its my desire, help me God. I will be blessed my enemies will be shocked and my friends surprised as in my Fathers house there is everything in faith I’m receiving” You’re my GOD I can’t be ashamed”!

please join me in praying for the same in faith but as you have taught me I believe first in praying for myself and I have a lot of Faith no matter what.

God bless you in a Mighty way.



3 Renee Bourne 05.02.17 at 6:24 pm

I want to thank God for the prayers for May 2017 .



4 vicky Njogu 05.02.17 at 6:48 pm



Penny Reply:

My dear thus my expectation for everyone


5 Puteri 05.02.17 at 6:59 pm

Thank God for the May prayers. I am waiting upon the Lord for the sale of my Pantai Hill land to the right buyer and at God's price. Also to deliver me from all debts pertaining to this piece of land.


philip Reply:

God is good,lets continue with faith. God bless you all prayer eagles and new candidates.


6 Caroline Mateyu 05.02.17 at 7:16 pm

Glory be to God for the furious prayers for May I thank God daily for testimonies through these prayers, I fire at midnight and I see wonders. I am still aiming for Prayer Academy it will soon happen.



It will surely happen my sister. Are you from Malawi? So glad to see Malawians on this forum.


Mary Nyamula Reply:

Bravo Malawi,
Indeed thanks for the May seven furious prayers, God bless Elisha Goodman for coaching us how to pray. Am also from Malawi, God bless all Fire springs prayer worriers, and God bless our nation Malawi.


7 Ellen 05.02.17 at 7:18 pm

Thank God for these prayers which are very outstanding. May God bless you.


8 Dorcas S 05.02.17 at 7:20 pm

I will walk confidently in the footsteps of the Lord without fear and doubt. Thanks be to God. Since I joined the Prayer Academy in July 2016, I am experiencing peace, serenity and tranquility in my life. I have been showered with numerous blessings to mention but a few. Before Prayer Academy I was on daily medication for Blood Pressure and Heart Problems. Now I do not any pills at all since September when the scan revealed that all my organs are normal. My doctor discontinued all medications after undergoing surgery for gallstones in September. A repeat scan in February 2017 confirmed my healthy status. Since July last year I am bombarded with Foreign trips at my workplace which I receive with Praises to the Almighty. My family is also experiencing this replication joy. I and my family will Bow down whenever Jesus name is mentioned. Amen. We shall serve the Lord without reservation.


mmabua Akpobaro Reply:

wonderful prayer for month of MAY.thank you LORD.


9 Carol 05.02.17 at 7:25 pm

I always look forward to mails on this site. always mightily blessed by them and very encouraging. The mercies of God are always speaking for me . Praise the Lord.


10 Phyllis 05.02.17 at 7:32 pm

Thank you for the May prayers, was looking forward to receiving them. The daily emails are encouraging and the furiours prayers keep me on my feet. May God receive all Glory and honour.


11 Christiana 05.02.17 at 7:50 pm

So many things that I don’t even reconcile when they come until I hear because I am busy looking for myself that is when families start speaking I realize God gave them miracle and my friends I just started praising seeing how God works is not how we see it he is a awesome God (wow)


12 Patricia Mapenzi 05.02.17 at 8:25 pm

I thank God for His everlasting mercy and faithfulness every
morning. I have been praying most midnights since I was in
troduced to this site and the prayers. I have mostly the desire
to pray, and read the bible…oh as well as sleep early so I can
get up at midnight and pray. Thanks for the lessons on how to
pray Elisha. I am beginning the Esther fast soon….my desire is to
walk with God always and to get married…and continue to be a
prayer warrior…amen.


13 Peris 05.02.17 at 8:32 pm

Thanks be to God. You bless my heart every time I pray the 7 furious prayers you post every month. God bless you with a long life. I would like to join the Prayer Academy but I never seem to have enough money. I pray for a financial breakthrough. PE


14 Diosita 05.02.17 at 8:36 pm

Thank you Lord.i believe all my Devine favor.
Will come now.in JesusnameAmem.


15 Betty severa 05.02.17 at 9:24 pm

Thankyou Lord Jesus for the 7 furious prayers of May.They are freshly Oven baked from heaven and Lord we believe that we are emerging refined as pure as Gold to your Glory. Thankyou Lord Jesus for the testimonies in the blog.Thankyou Lord for Brother Elisha and the whole team for the great job making this material available to us all round the globe Amen.Lord continue to bless all forums and enlarge this ministry in Jesus mighty name.Amen & Amen we bless you Lord SHALOM
Eagle Betty Severa


16 Adesola 05.02.17 at 10:16 pm

Greatly encouraged and blessed by the awesome testimonies of Father God’s amazing faithfulness in the lives of His children. Glad to be connected with you, Elisha Goodman. Looking forward to sharing my testimonies too very soon.


17 Wangui 05.02.17 at 10:24 pm

May the Almighty God bless you for us in Jesus mighty name prayer coach.


18 Alphonce 05.02.17 at 10:38 pm

Monthly Furious Prayers have been deadly spiritual weapons in my hands. In May I am positioned for greater victory in Jesus name.


19 Normah 05.02.17 at 10:54 pm

I thank God for letting me know about Elisha and Firesprings Ministries because I am learning a lot, its great to learn to be a prophet of your own. I am being delivered from a lot things, I used to trust in being prayed for and wanting to know who and what caused this and that but now I am a free person who can now stand on my own even though I still have shaking feet but I know by the Blood of Jesus all what I am facing will be a thing of the past. The word of God says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” and this is the truth we are being taught of in this ministry. Thank you brother Elisha.


Bernice Reply:

I used to be like you, sister Norma. But since taking part in the last PA of 2015, I have stopped doing that. When I ask the Holy Spirit, He does empower me to receive divine revelations now.
All praise to the Almighty God. And I bless Elisha for teaching my fingers to war


20 Sister Celia 05.02.17 at 11:25 pm

Glory and honour be to God.
Prayer bullet 13 from the furous prayer points of April. My mom and my child could have died in a car accident.

This prayer bullets work wonders and I thank God for allowing the Spirit of God to use you to save many lives. Last month on the 18th, my mom and my child where involved in a car accident. Everything happened so fast, a cow ran into the road and the taxi hit it. No one was injured and I thank God for saving my child and mom from the jaws of death.

Sister Celia, SA


21 nozinhle 05.02.17 at 11:28 pm


I would like to give thanks to the Lord, my husband was seriously ill last year as from April 2016 diagnosed with a heart problem. I used the prayer bullet “O LORD, flush his system now and clean his blood with the blood of Jesus,” That was the only prayer I could afford to pray at that moment as he was now collapsing now and again. The doctors had said he wont last 3 months because his aorta vein had enlarged now there was a lot of backflow of the blood and there was little oxygenated blood circulating in his body. he was failing to move around. But I thank God of Elisha and his prayer bullets that he is now healed and back to work. as for this month I am praying for a financial breakthrough in Jesus Name. Amen


norbert Reply:

That’s agreat testimomy our God is able





22 Sister Celia 05.02.17 at 11:30 pm

Thank God for furious prayers of May. May God bless us mightily.

Sis Celia, SA


23 Roseline A 05.02.17 at 11:48 pm

Thank God for the prayers. They are Holy Ghost inspired.


24 Gladys 05.03.17 at 12:12 am

I thank God for the prayers of this month.


25 Blessed 05.03.17 at 12:36 am

I continue to thank the Lord for your life and ministry Brother Elisha. I am seeing victory after victory after praying the 7 furious prayers at midnight and applying the prayer bullets in my situations. For a long time, I always felt that I was not in authority in my home – there was always strife between my husband and I (we are both in our second marriages, with children from our previous marriages. My stepchildren and I don’t always get on, Even though I pray about this problem, I always felt that they did not respect me or their own father. But I continued to pray the prayers that you send us. Well, last month, I dreamt that I was standing next to my husband, but he had his head bowed, and I was telling him to go and make a presentation on behalf of his children to a function that was being held, but he couldn’t. Instead, I saw four tall women walk by, and they said that they (women) represented his children, and that my husband and I had no authority over them. I woke up and sent the fire of God to burn those evil, domineering spirits, and since then I am noticing a change in attitudes towards my husband and I, from my stepchildren.


26 Esther 05.03.17 at 12:39 am

Thank you Jesus for your mercies. Twice in one month my daughter was involved in accidents. This time it was almost fatal a car overtook a parked one and came directly at her she only had time to pull away the impact took off the mirror and scraped the side. She was badly shaken up but very thank full for God’s goodness.
Thank you Lord we still praise you in the storm.
God is faithful. We bind the plans of the enemy and cancell them in the name of Jesus. Amen


27 Esther 05.03.17 at 1:25 am

l just want to appreciate you for the good job you are doing to the people of God and to also thank the Lord for all the prayers which have brought joy ,l got my marriage back and the woman who had taken my husband has finally backed off. I give all the glory to God.


28 G.M. 05.03.17 at 1:36 am

Hello Elija
My name is Goodness m I joined the prayer academy September 2016 every thing was stagnant in my life . For the past 10 months since December2015 to September 2017 I was almost making target at work . I had prayed but no help . Then after I started the pre marathon every thing changed . I was making target every month’s since October to now in March. And making incentives like 5000.00 extra . I received my deliverance through the Starter Prayers . I had peace that I never had in my life .

Most of all God has opened my eyes and I started a new business importing from China in December 2016. All this I give glory to the prayer academy . I do refer people to your web side every day just people are lazy to read and to pray. Elisha my faith has grown , spiritual eyes opened , I can now sees clearly I’m my dreams. Testimonies are too much to share. Thank you.


29 Chiwara Mercey 05.03.17 at 1:37 am

I really want to thank God for teaching me how to pray. I really am fascinated to have the May bullet points because they give me so much direction when l pray at midnight.


30 Itani 05.03.17 at 1:40 am

Good day my beloved family.

Indeed our Heavenly father is Owesome.

My family members of 6 were involved in a car accident on Easter Monday 21st April 2017. In this car there were 4 children (brothers and sisters). By the unchallengeable Power of Resurrection and the Blood of Jesus, the were all protected, and the car is beyond repair.

During midnight hour as I was praying, I felt that I should repeat the prayer point number 13 in furious prayers for the month of March and April. I did so and repeat the prayer point. ( I cancel every agenda of sudden death in my family, dark arrows of sudden death, go back to your senders in the name of Jesus). And again every morning and every night I read Psalm 91.

Our Father is our Creator. Everything is possible with Him. There is no one like Him.

Stay blessed and lets continue with the battle of praying at Midnight hour as we are the overcomes.


31 Alice 05.03.17 at 1:48 am

Praise the Lord,
God has taken away the shame and has made my life beautiful.
Last year (August),i attended a conference at my church,upon resuming back to work,my incharge was so mad at me and reprimanded me but i kept mum.
Then they made sure i was transferred.
After six months,the Lord has fought the battle for me and my enemies have been demoted the glory n honor of my God.
Then during the Easter conference,my son is taken ill,Dx;Peptic ulcers
I prayed to God,the great Physician,O Lord restore my son’s organs.
When we went for doctor appointment,by the stripes of Jesus Christ hr was healed.The surgeon was trying ti explain the un explainable,i gv God all the glory n honor and praise.
Thank Elisha for teaching me how to pray.


ruth linda karumbidza Reply:



32 JOY 05.03.17 at 1:59 am

I would like to thank the Lord for his faithfulness, Thank God for the powerful furious Prayers of April. Elisha remember I told you about the Prayer Eagles Whatsapp prayer group I started, The Lord has raised a mighty army of women in us who are up everyday Midnight praying, We are more than 178 now, We are receiving lots of testimonies, marriages being restored, health being restored, increase in salaries, ohhh what a mighty God we serve . Thank God so much for teaching us how to fight in prayer , we are truly seeing the results and I believe the Lord is taking those who will not give up to greater heights.


33 favour 05.03.17 at 2:02 am

I thank God for the prayer of this month, may God bless you


34 Natela 05.03.17 at 2:04 am

Hello Dear Elsha!!!
Are you prophetic? When I need something to solve my very hard problems and I don’t know what to do,you are sending the furious prayers that I need most of all… Praise and worship to God almighty for your sending to help humanity,GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL ELISHA, THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING FOR US!!!


35 carolyne 05.03.17 at 2:18 am

I have been having financial difficulties since 2015 and God has provided for me am trusting him to join prayer academy very soon, at my place of work he has been fighting my battles for me same as at my abode.


36 Tererayi 05.03.17 at 2:22 am

Thank God for your prayer points they are so
Timely and your messages on righteousness prove the Lord truly has sent you for such a time as this. I think people often forget we are in the last days and while Elisha might seem too strict we forget God requires strictly holiness and purity if we are to make heaven and be delivered from hell completely. God is strict about holiness and any man or woman of God claiming to be sent by God must be able to emphasis on purity and holiness in their messages.


37 Beatrice 05.03.17 at 2:55 am

I thank God for this website since the daily emails have uplifted me spiritually.i have been trying the midnight prayers and believing God for a breakthrough this month.The may 2017 prayer bullets have answered it all and am embarking on them at the midnight hour.


38 Daphine Ann 05.03.17 at 3:01 am

Thank God so much for the daily emails and for the Furious prayers for May.I am believing in God for complete deliverance of my children this month.

God bless you and Thanks again


39 Teresia Kuria 05.03.17 at 3:08 am

first i want to thank God for directing me in your website, i was introduced by a church member and since i subscribed my life has never been the same again. i have seen God change me and now am able to pray more than i used to. i have not joined the academy and i have faith that i will get money and join soon, for that i cant wait.am so happy and i get encouraged when i read your mails and testimonies too. i will be back to give my testimony soon.

be Blessed.


40 Ann 05.03.17 at 3:16 am

I thank God for last month’s prayers. my daughter stepped on a poisonous insect but by God’s grace it did not bite her


41 Chris 05.03.17 at 3:38 am

I asked for a lift from my work mate to another city and we traveled safely to our destination by the grace of God. Initially we were to return together to work together after 3 days however she told me she will be giving other people a lift, I then decided to ask a lift from somebody else. She hit a beast on her back and the car was damaged. This immediately connected me to one of the prayer bullets on the Furious prayers for April -”I pray against the spirit of death in my family, dark arrows of sudden go back to your senders in the name of Jesus”. I thank God for turning me away from danger. He is an awesome God.


42 Samukeliso Ndebele 05.03.17 at 3:53 am

I simply want to thank God for his faithfulness and his goodness in my life. I am praying that my prayer altar be revived, that I soldier on in the midst of busyness. This is impressing in my spirit everyday since last month and I need to rise to the prompting and let the resurrection power of Jesus Christ work fully within me in Jesus’ Mighty name.


43 Jane 05.03.17 at 3:58 am

Thanks to God for May prayers and for using Brother Elisha to lead us through the storms of life.I have faith these prayer bullets will break more chains.ALLELUIA!!!


ruth linda karumbidza Reply:



44 ancilla pedzisayi 05.03.17 at 4:00 am

Thank God very much for the 7 furious prayers. I am not yet a joined member in the prayer academy but have been following the free prayers being sent on this forum. I decided to do the 27 minutes to midnight prayers but the more i prayed i started to have more attacks .. my field at my farm was grazed by cattle and my husband on his way to the farm nearly had a serious accident and also received a phone call from my husband’s long girlfriend who disturbed my marriage for quiet long arguing with my husband. I kept on praying then had a dream showing me our neighbour at farm sending the cattles to my field in a witch craft way wearing black clothes using a black cat. And also dreams of my great grandfathers who died long ago. They were worshiping idols. So was confused whether these prayers have started a war to evil kingdom in my life but i still believe God is in control


kristy Reply:

Hi Warrior
Don’t give up, you have dug up some stuff that have been hiding the scenes, FIRE FIRE FIRE ON and Don’t be afraid, the battle gets fierce before your breakthrough, so continue and increase more FIRE AND FASTING in your Warfare…
Victory is yours, and when you get enough money join PA and your life will never be the same again, i use my mother’s prayers to pray, glad at least Mama joined the PA, we fire together and so far soooooo good.



45 Hillary 05.03.17 at 4:11 am

Glory be to the Lord almighty,when we stormed the Gates in january 2017, ï had bien addicted to masturbation for almost 10 years,i tried stopping but couldnt,despite being married, but thé Lord recieve Glory,during the storming thé Gates two weeks period ï was delivered from the spirit of masturbation,oooh the Last 4 months ï have known peace in my life.


46 mpila v. nelwamondo 05.03.17 at 4:32 am

Thank God for the prayers. Since I have started to receive your e-mails things became better.But at first it was very difficult for me to cope it was like I pour petrol on the furious fire.I told Devil that I will never ever looking back.I bind and cancel every stronghold of darkness


47 Pumeza 05.03.17 at 4:36 am

Blessings to you all!

I thank God for the Firesprings Ministry, it is fire indeed! One of the great critical things I have learnt from Brother Elisha’s programme is the power of dealing with dream attacks! That I love! …. praying over those dream attacks is my bread and butter daily! It gives me a sense of power and control over the enemy.

When I woke up into funny, evil dream attack, in the past I would not have realized these dreams have serious consequences for my destiny, but now I know it is very very important to dream and to remember those dreams, sift them and put an axe of fire to those that are dangerous for my destiny, for my family, and for every believer of Christ Jesus.

When ever I woke up to the evil dreams, I fight back with the prayers against dream attacks which I learnt from the Ministry years back. I memorised these prayers and they come in handy daily to fight back. When ever I shout this prayers, my husband will say “hey maarn…..you dream daily… what’s up with you. ” And I would say, be glad that I am actually dreaming to start with. I would tell him one of the things we are taught from the Firesprings is that dreams are very very important, it is important also to always remember your dreams, living a life where you don’t dream, or cannot remember the dream is actually very very dangerous….and I would tell him to always learn to remember his dreams too so that if there is any attack in the dream we are able to deal with it on the spot right before it can even manifest in the physical.

My 9 year old, adopted the strategy since she was 7 and when ever she has an attack in the dream, I would hear her cancelling the dream by fire. One day I praise the Lord when I overhead her telling her younger sister who was telling her that she had a bad dream, and she taught her that if you have a bad dream just cancel this by saying this prayer…….

I cancel this dream….that I have just dreamed….I reject it by fire in the name of Jesus! I nullify all its powers over my life. I am sending the fire of God to every satanic actor in this dream. I command the angels of the Lord to go on a search and destroy ministry, to the land of the living and of the dead, to recover all my virtues stolen in this dream….(this I change according to what was in the dream). From now on let nothing trouble me in the dream, for I bear the marks of Jesus Christ!

Thank you Father for dream victories in the name of Jesus!


48 Diana Etsabo 05.03.17 at 4:43 am

Truly God is Ebenezer,
Iam an ardent follower of this website and have introduced so many of my friends and family.I have prayed the bullet prayers since January to April..and for sure my faith has grown, my understanding the power of the holy ghost has increased, the breakthroughs are so many only God can do it..some of my friends want me to tell them what am doing, and i simply send them here or the monthly prayer bullets.
My sensitivity to the word of God has increased, here are just some of the amazing testimonies:I received fresh Grace to read the word of God,you see i was an ardent reader of books since i was little, but after my degree i couldnt read any more, even if i take a book to read, ill either sleep or just wonder off.Since teachings on the power of the holy ghost, i prayed and asked for fresh grace to read but especially the word of God and books, and for sure now i seek a book every week, Glory to God.
Another testimony is that we had moved to anew house and suddenly the door bell stopped functioning..so i had a conversation with the holy spirit and he just directed me to speak to the bell…and i did that with all faith in me, my husband came home and he rung the bell and oooh yees it was functioning.This might look trivial but it has encouraged my faith in God, imagine if a non living thing can here the voice of God and the power of the holy ghost, how much more can a living thing?..all this am practicing i have learnt it from this website, i would spend hours just reading and re reading materials from here.My life is not the same.
My family has been redeamed from constant sickness attacks..all glory to God.I bless God mightily for using you Elisha to affect destinies.My desire is to join the prayer academy and i have taken my petition to God and soon ill be a prayer eagle.


49 Mary 05.03.17 at 4:44 am

Thank God for giving us 7 Furious Prayers for May. I would like to
confess that ever since I was introduced to your site by my last daughter everything has
changed in my life in terms of the Faith I have with my God. I did the Prayer Academy
programme last year in Sept/Oct – things have started falling over ie my daughter got a job
2 months ago after struggling for over 4-5 yrs, I have been enjoying my everyday life, no struggles financially, evertime I ask my God to do something for me I get immediate
answers – I am addicted to having midnight prayers, and so on. However, am still battling
to fight with the dead people in my dreams they dont seem to go away even after I administer with the prayers concerning them. Can someone help please – am fed up with these dreams, they make me think that I do not pray enough.


NANA Reply:



50 GMayo 05.03.17 at 4:48 am

Thank God for this website it’s a life changing , i used to be bitter, hated my life more especially when my husband left me for other woman.
A friend introduced me to this site , OMG just by reading testimonies following prayers I’m a changed person i have peace i have never felt before in my life.
Even if everything is a mess, i mean very bad situation , in terms loosing a husband left me without a single cent , bad dreams sometimes even scared to close my eyes , financial problem .
But i thank God that i have peace , i repent and ask Jesus forgive me all my sin , and i have forgiven everyone , I’m at peace, thank God for you Elisha, live longer to change and win more people for Christ Jesus .
Gertrude .


51 Salome 05.03.17 at 5:02 am

I would like to thank God for my answering my prayers.
I got married in 2014 but had problems conceiving. Went to different hospitals to meet gynaecologist, but nothing happened.
I subscribed to Elisha Goodman websiteand came across the prayer cookbook for busy people.during Easter holiday last year, I embarked on Esther fasting following guidelines from the prayer cookbook for busy people. I got pregnant soon after the prayers and my baby was born in DECEMBER!
Lord surprised my friends and shocked my enemies! Praise the Lord.
Sister S, Malawi


Grace H Reply:

Wow! what a mighty God we serve


52 sarah 05.03.17 at 5:10 am

Praise the Lord. What can I say. Prayer, prayer. My testimony is
those who were hunting me are now being hunted. Amen. If
God is on our side, who can be against us. I thank God for Elisha
Goodman. God bless you Elisha.


53 Cosmos 05.03.17 at 5:20 am

Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
Elisha I would like to thank God about the good work He is doing through you. You’re such a great blessing to us believers. I am very much inspired about all the messages that you send us every time. Your words of encouragement, the testimonies you post are awesome. Even if I could feel so down once I turn to your messages I quickly get up and know that God is with me.
I really really want to join Prayer Academy but due to funds I have not done so. I can say due to LACK of funds, there is no such in God’s children. I know God shall provide one day.
May God bless you more and more to bless others with these great prayers.


54 Viwuamadi 05.03.17 at 5:38 am

I wan to thank God Almighty for his divine protection upon my life and family. The enemy plan to kidnap my children, but God in his mercy revealed the plan of the enemy. Praise God my family is save and sound.

to God be the Glory forever and ever


55 Diana 05.03.17 at 5:43 am

Its really amazing how the Holy Spirit connects us! I felt the Holy Spirit tell me on Monday, to unseat every power using my glory! I am so surprised to find it as Prayer point #6! Elisha & family + your team of Prayer Advisors, I thank God for you and I pray that we will meet in this present life one day ~Psalm 27:13!!


56 Divine 05.03.17 at 5:57 am

Hi Elisha,

I give glory to God for your emails, at the end of April 2017 till date I have been praying the scripture you posted for May furious prayers. Mid night prayers are working.


57 Angie 05.03.17 at 6:41 am

Greetings here
My life was having struggle after struggle and my husband was almost drifted away. But the moment l started reading and praying following the book passion prayer l noticed a difference. We can talk and laugh with my husband. My husband,s ring that l used to put on had mysteriously disappeared. But just got it back and we’re it was you would not believe but l had checked the place. Now l am praying for financial breakthrough and total healing. And l know l have received in Jesus Christ name. Amen


58 A.S 05.03.17 at 6:52 am

Thank God for the wonderful ministry. It has definitely changed my life and my spiritual well being. May God bless you abundantly.


59 Selma 05.03.17 at 6:59 am

Thank you Lord Jesus for your unending Love and mercy on us.


60 muthoni 05.03.17 at 7:02 am

Thanks be to God for the furious prayers for the month of May. The prayer that sister Nozinhle prayed for her husband is exactly what i needed. The Lord bless you in a mighty way so that we can continue to drink from the well-spring of wisdom and knowledge.


61 Lillian 05.03.17 at 7:09 am

I am very grateful to our heavenly Father for the revelation. I also thank Him for guiding our steps towards this prayer website where we are fed spiritually everyday.I am actually so excited for the month of May prayer points and I am furiously going to engage in midnight prayers as I fire them against my enemies. I believe that my life is changing for better, my family will experience blessings and favour from the Lord and my entire bloodline will be changed through me in Jesus Mighty Name.


62 muthoni 05.03.17 at 7:11 am

I am writing this to encourage anybody who may be unwell. Indeed our God is a God that heals all our diseases as it is written in Psalms 103 starting from verse 1 to 5. Please take time to read the whole chapter. The Lord promises us healing from all our diseases not some it does not matter what you are ailing from. Whenever i feel unwell i remind our God his promise and I get well. The reason we are living like paupers and yet we have a rich Father is because we don’t create ample time to know what God is telling us through his Word. I hope i have encouraged someone. God Bless you all brethren.


63 Bea 05.03.17 at 7:20 am

I bless the LORD ..may Jehovah continue to empower you for the enlightenment of the many people across the Globe.
I am privileged to get these prayer bullets every month.
This site has transformed my life for good


64 Eva 05.03.17 at 7:27 am

God bless you.your prayers Hv really helped me a lot


65 Biona 05.03.17 at 7:36 am

God bless you. i was eagerly waiting for this prayers. Cant wait for the midnight hour to start it.


66 Lilliane Nabbosa 05.03.17 at 7:41 am

Praise the name of Jesus!

Last month I became sick and the MRI scan and blood tests shows am aneamic and my Ovaries had stranger thing ,he had made-up his min to schedule an immidiate oparation!

Things changed dramatically, he told my translator to go on to the third floor for Ovaries  for another scan with gynecology .
But the translator instead told me to go home and the scan is next week imagine but all things works for for those Who love their God and are called according to His purpose!

When I reached home the HOLY SPIRIT urged to pray and 14march and APRIL prayers .and i started to cancel and nullify the MRI reports.
Glory to our God, the gynecology said I m Ovaries cyst was at worst stage Last time and its decreasing miraculous!!!

Let’s wait after 3months and see the changes ,no oparation as of now but last time it was Meant to be done immidiately !
The pain is slowing down .

I bless the name of Lord Jesus!


67 naomi 05.03.17 at 8:34 am

Praise the Lord I was introduced to this site sometimes last ireal want to thank God for your daily emails real encourage me to grow spiritual now I understand little bit about dreams n how to pray 4 the good n cancel the bad n ugly,am still pushing myself to pray at the midnight hour.I have faith am assured am agressive n persistent that one day I will recover all what the enemy have stolen no matter hw long it will take my Jesus lives and he will do it for me all I have to do is to be patient because his time is the best.God bless you n the entire ministry…


68 Cherish 05.03.17 at 8:49 am

Thank God for the furious prayers for the month of May. Glory be to God. I pray that the Lord may continue to use you as you encourage many people to rise up and seek God. In deed that is what we need to do as children of God. I pray that each and everyone diligently seeking God will become a light in their communities and shine forth the power of Jesus Christ. God bless.


69 Nolly 05.03.17 at 9:20 am

I thank God for the 7 Furious Prayers for May. Last Sunday we had a powerful Bible study -Exodus 14 about the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea on dry ground and the Egyptians drowning.

I thank God for me spiritually crossing the Red Sea with gold and silver from the Egyptians. I am now on the other side to enjoy milk and honey. I believe my enemies will see the power of God like the Egyptians and acknowledge the God I serve as my husband, children and myself flourish and prosper in Jesus name.


70 Margaret 05.03.17 at 9:30 am

It is my birthday month and am trusting God for great things.Thank God.


71 BERYLL PETARI 05.03.17 at 9:33 am

Thankyou LORD for the MAY furious prayers.
Very inspiring and powerful..


72 janet 05.03.17 at 9:52 am

Glory to God…ever since i started midnight prayer .the devil has realy had it rough…had difficulty paying school fees for my dota…i kept thanking God for paying her school fees…believe it or not my dotas fee has been paid and i dont know who pays it…Glory to God…thankyou man of God for teach me how fly like an eagle


73 Doreen 05.03.17 at 10:01 am

Fellow Prayer Eagles,
I stopped going from prophet to prophet
Let us continue to pray with fire without ceasing, adversity will come our way no doubt but let us not give up, lets shame the devil. I have been ill for a month, but I refused to die. I said to the Lord, I am not satisfied with life, I want to live longer; to see my grand children go to university, get married, here I am strong and healthy and back to work. God listens, and answers we only need to be patient.
You know every day when I am at work, and given a task I always say, Jesus Christ, how do we do this please help me, and guess what am doing well, my employer is pleased with my work. Try it, believe, have faith.


74 olive 05.03.17 at 10:24 am

I was introduced to the Elisha prayers in august 2016 by a friend and immediately stareted receiving emails. i have been out of work since 2015. I have been praying the furious prayers since then and even went on esther fast even though am on medication. I also did some of the prayers i find on the website. I still do not have a job and things financially are very bad but God never lets us go to bed hungry. I am at peace in a lot of ways and will not give up because God is at work through all these challenges and pain.


75 Beverly Samuel 05.03.17 at 11:13 am

I am giving God the thanks and praise for all that He had done for me during the past month. Prior to that I was of the view that I would never make it, but with constant prayers I am seeing the difference as it unfolds in a slow pace. Nevertheless, I am assured that there is hope and one day victory will be mine.
Thanks to God and his ministry for the emails with encouraging words which keeps me on track to be an Over comer. Thanks be to God Almighty for the strength He gives me day to day. Also , let me lift up my daughter, who give me financial support , may God continue to bless and keep her always in His care.


76 Noxolo 05.03.17 at 11:38 am

Since i visited this site my life its never the same. I have learnt so many spiritual things, i have become aware when m tempted towards sin and quiclky ask God to forgive me, my conscience has become alive and arlet. Even if i miss prayer somedays, i just feel uncomfortable to pass a day without talking to God, i thank the holy spirit for guidance and thank God for the blessing in Elisha. This month God has provided my son with an internship which he needs in order to complete his studies. God is great , may this blessing be sealed by the blood of Jesus. May God continue to fill me with the Holy spirit, thank you Elisha for the 7 lessons and the furious prayers.


77 Vivian 05.03.17 at 11:55 am

I have never done the 7 Furious Prayers the entire month, mostly I did it for at most 5 days and gave up. But I am determined to do these ones to the very end, especially as the touch on what I desire most, the Holy Spirit. I also thank God for the opportunity to join the prayer Academy, the Lord finally made a way for me.


78 Lashell 05.03.17 at 11:58 am

I used the prayer point below to pray for 2 people who have recovered: “You arrows of death and hell, go back to your sender in the mighty name of Jesus.” The first was for a woman I’ve never met but talked to over the phone at a temporary position that I was working. My position was in the benefits area and the woman I spoke with was distraught as she believed the cancer she had would kill her. It pained me to hear her talk this way. I decided to pray the prayer points for about 2 weeks and she was released to come back to work. The 2nd time I prayed was for my best friend’s grown son who had mixed up his medication and ended up in the hospital. The report from the doctors was bad and I proceeded to pray the prayer point above and he was released within 48 hours. He has recommitted his life to the Lord as well.


79 Kyanzi Edrin 05.03.17 at 12:08 pm

I am so thankful for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Everytime i receive miracles especially in the month of April. God Almighty of Jacob Isaac Abraham provided for me financially. I am believing God for the continuous provision. Thanks Elisha for the prayer bullets you send to me. They have always kept me moving. I glorify God for His Mighty works. His love endures forever. I believe God that i will soon join the prayer Academy so soon in Jesus name. God bless the Ministry and you.


80 V 05.03.17 at 1:41 pm

Praise God ..I have been praying the prayers brother Elisha post each day to us God bless his fire ministry and all eagle especially the prayer point Every river of marriage distress..flawing from my mothers side and my in laws side dry up now in Jesus name … praise Jesus name ..he spoke with lovely words ..alll glory to blessed God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Amen


81 Eric sakwa 05.03.17 at 1:54 pm

I thank God so much for brother elisha and the furious prayers, my two kids suddenly developed some sore in the mouth last month and I used the 14 furious prayers at midnight with Holly anger and my kids got well the following morning.

I have received tremendous answers from God through this target prayers since 2010,
I bought a car through 40 Prayers, done a wedding in 2015 after staying together for six years, devil wanted to ashame us but was defeated though mid night prayers, we were blessed with twins boy and a girl three months after our wedding, Sept 2016 I was employed in UN through targeted prayers to get a new job

What can I say but to praise the God of elisha, and I won’t fold my hands, I have trained my family and other fellowship friends to press on in midnight prayers.

Thank you bro elisha and may God bless you mightily.

Am planning to join training programmes to up my prayer life.

Eric from kenya


82 Lungani Ndlovu 05.03.17 at 2:01 pm

Jesus Christ is the King of kings, He blessed me all the time


83 edinah 05.03.17 at 2:27 pm

Praise the Lord!! Thank you for the month of 7 furious prayers for May. May God richly bless you all in Jesus name Amen!


84 jabu 05.03.17 at 3:55 pm

Ian trusting God for the breakthrough


85 Celestine 05.03.17 at 4:06 pm

Calvary Greetings.
I thank God for blessing my husband with a new job. He has been working for a company for close to 8 years but the company fell apart because of missmanagement and they were not paid any of their dues.
Its been so hard since we had to literally live from hand to mouth. I prayed the midnight prayers and sometimes i felt so discouraged.

God being soooo faithful, He blessed him with another job.
We are trusting Him for a bigger house and for many more manifestation of miracles signs and wonders in Jesus name
Hold on brethren. Whatever you are trusting God for, so long as it is in accordance to His will, He will answer you at His own appointed time.
By the way, i never receive emails from brother Elisha any more.
Please help…..celeastra@yahoo.com



86 Edna A. Suguitan 05.03.17 at 5:02 pm

Thank God again for posting the 7 Furious Prayer for this Month May. The Lord Bless you always,this prayer are my spiritual weapons I am using every day.To God be the Glory.


87 cherline hanhani 05.03.17 at 6:42 pm

God is a great God. These prayers have changed my life. Brother Elisha may God increase your grace and anointing. we are blessed to have you.


88 jane muiga 05.03.17 at 7:05 pm

Ithank God for the May prayers. I am trusting God for sale of my piece of land and for my husband and I to be freed from escalating debt. And for healing of my mum


89 Shaniela 05.03.17 at 7:51 pm

I am so thankful to our Lord God almighty.

I had shared my long time issue, and difficulties of the very important part of life that I have been longing to have in order to be happy, that is having a good relation with a good and understanding man.

That long time friend of mine gave me this website in no time I click the website, got the Prayer of Deliverance, and also read through, copied and printed out some of the Testimonies and read through. I felt that, the power of the Holy Ghost just came upon me and felt different nowadays.

Now I got someone who just told me that he loved me. I doubt it at the first place but I believe that, this is no mistake, it is through the deliverance by the power of the Holy Spirit given by the Almighty.

Praise God, Oh Alleluia.


90 Wilkie 05.03.17 at 7:51 pm

Praise the Lord brother Elisha. Thank God for allowing the Lord to use you to teach us to pray. Last month’s furious prayers were great. That prayer point of “dissolving arrows and poisons…” was powerful. My body developed painful swellings like allergic reactions but these were huge and painful. I continued to pray at midnight and after like 5 days the swelling went down. Glory to God I know that poisons and arrows are flushed out in Jesus name!
God bless you


91 Jenipher 05.03.17 at 8:27 pm

Hi, Elisha servant of God! I have had a frightening dream after midnight prayers, I hit the tail of a snake as I was digging and whomever I was with said I keep quiet those are gossips of family members where am married. I woke up afraid but decided to drink the blood of Jesus.


92 Bh 05.04.17 at 3:12 am

All the glory belongs to him. The all Mighty. Thank God for using you to shepherd his sheep and direct them to their green pastures. You have really opened my eyes and ears. May God bless you more and more.


93 joyce 05.04.17 at 3:28 am

Thank you Lord for 7 fuliours prayers of may , since l joined this ministry 2014 my life has changed completely, my prayer life has become my food ,l can praise and worship all by myself and get in prayers and l can pray hours which l was not doing before, so many things has changed in our family, through this prayers ,dear eagles don’t give up ,keep on pushing until something happens, God never get tired of leasing to us ,He is always there for us ,He said He will never leave us or for shake us ,if you need your prayers answered let’s keep OFF sins as Elisha always tell us, and mostly the sins of sex for those who are not married and you will see God,repent for any sins and God will hear you in Jesus might name ,Amen


94 Jennifer 05.04.17 at 3:42 am

Praise Jesus I’m also in Kenya and wish and pray we could get organized as a team of prayer eagles to encourage one another , inspire, teach, and generally stand together as an army of the Almighty. That way some relatives and friends can get a chance to witness the many testimonies and join the Prayer Academy to learn how to pray for themselves.
Jennifer Favor.


95 Salome 05.04.17 at 6:35 am

Dear Elisha,

Calvary greetings. I joined the PA December 2015. I’ve had problems with my home someone sold it without a title deed. I had done what humanly speaking I could do and I just wanted an end to the fight between the seller and us. Beginning of 2016 brought a lot of breakthroughs in my home through all prayer programs I joined GJE, Red Markers, Sapphire etc. Thank God for you Elisha for affording me those conquering prayers. The best birthday present in March this year I received a phone message from the 2 different lawyers to inform us that a house we had been buying has been registered in my name at the deeds office. I enjoyed the March/April furious prayers particularly:1. O LORD, forgive me for operating way behind your divine schedule in Jesus name. I realised that I’m a conqueror in Jesus name but am operating way lowly like non Christian. Thank you Elisha for agreeing to God’s call to assist some of us. Glory be to God my refuge and provider. Salome


96 Mutabazi Antony 05.04.17 at 8:31 am

I thank God for you brother Elisha the Goodman ! i use the prayers every month and i teach in church/ community where i give the prayers to those in attendance. It was so unfortunate that point number 13 i mentioned it early April because a child in school where my boys go to school died after swallowing a pencil-rubber with that metallic string, they couldn’t realize, took her to a nearby clinic, the nurses couldn’t handle the case, the case became cute rushed her to Hospital for operation but couldn’t save her life as the rubber has broke her breaking system. Then from the meeting at Church ,when i was teaching in Bible study the spirit of God i brought the case of that young lady and reflected on point 13. i cautioned people / church to intercede for their beloved ones especially young ones at school, members of their family .But never took it serious and i again witnessed the sudden death of church member who was in the very bible class died the Wednesday after Easter in storm of rain as he used to operate motorcycle (Bodaboda in Uganda) services at night . His death was not certain , explaining death is had to believe and he went like that. The wife and children are suffering no help. We pray for the Lord hand to be there for them to avenge over the killers of their father.

Elisha every prayer point is relevant and we continue to pray for the Holy Spirit Fire to charge our mind , soul and body to discern , and fight spiritually and see results Physically.

i continue to believe that my car which was stolen on 07/07/2015, UAK 049Y will one day be seen or God through the power of the Holy Spirit will lift the Standards . The enemy came in like a flood , stole my car , i saw my poultry(Wife) business succumbing to zero and vanishing in air But i cannot deny it the Devil will one day Pay for his actions.

At a place where i work they no longer pay my N.S.S.F contribution ( Pension fund for each month) It almost 5 years now ! That why i need Prayer Academy, to double my aggression, learn techniques of firing hell out my way.
Well with my wife we currently have 4 children But i have struggled to finish the pledge we agreed with parents some 7 years ago. Elisha i got born again when i was with my wife Tumuheise Claire. She is the only person i have . My worry is ever on incomplete dowry , and Holy or Church wedding. I think more than often could it the one draining my blessings ? Her parents are fine . But don’t find it alright But problem am financially struggling.

God bless you Man of God i Prayed i had only Boys and through the end of year 2016 midnight prayers , The doors opened when i was in fasting and praying aggressively with the manual you had issued and i Love it ….through the scissor operation on 14/1/2017 God blessed us with Bay Girl Tumwebeze (Praise) Isabella.

May God continue to pour his Spirit Upon you for the good and multiplication of his Kingdom. I need to see and hear in spirit and i believe its the time of resurrection -Getting what is mine back and receiving my full blessings In Jesus name.

Kingdom, power, and glory of God of Israel, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob . The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ , Living” word” of God, Light of All mankid , Holy Spirit Fire be upon you Elisha The Goodman, Fire-spring Ministries now and Forever in Jesus Mighty name. Hallelujah
Mutabazi Antony


97 Josephine 05.04.17 at 11:12 am

Praise be to Jesus. I am a witness of the goodness of God thro Fire springs ministry. I joined prayer academy in 2007 or 2008. I cannot number the testimonies to the glory of God. After about 5yrs without promotion, I got one by Nov 2008 after the company had made declaration beginning of year due to the recession that there would be no promotions. In 2009 i got bonus and travel allowance of about 30k USD.That was the beginning. Every consequent year I got promoted and each level came with great benefits. I am the only African in my office but favor has been my clothing. God has enabled me to build a house of 15M KSHS debt free. I am now a broadcaster of Fire springs to everyone that has an ear to hear.Elisha,may God continue to use you to deliver generations.


98 JOSE LUIS 05.04.17 at 11:50 am

God bless elisha was waiting for the furious prayers of May to pray at midnight.
I want to tell you that dreams have been made osseous sex with demonis disguised as people and many times I do not realize I’m attracted and I fall, then when I wake up I feel uncomfortable this spouse spouses I am bothered to go to bed but they continue to annoy me sometimes face of people That we need release…


99 Beverly 05.04.17 at 3:02 pm

To God be the glory great things He hath done. I thank God for Brother Elisha and the Prayer Academy where thousands are break free from bondage, sickness and disease. Peoples lives are changed for the better through targeted prayer, the priceless educational lessons, emails, and e-books. Once you believe, willing to follow instructions and be consistent with the midnight prayer, God will come through for us. One other very important point is to live a Holy and righteous lifestyle just as how Elisha teaches according to the Bible.
I am interceding and believing God for my daughter’s godly husband and I know without a doubt that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Stay blessed.


100 shinewell 05.04.17 at 3:26 pm

Thank God for the good work which the Lord has given you to help us how pray to fire the midnight prayer its now a routine to me l thank God that l was delivered from a spirit husband,bad dreams now lam praying my breakthrough of a job so that l will be able to join prayer academy which lam really looking forward to lastly l would to thank you for May farious prayers



101 Gisha 05.04.17 at 4:53 pm

I want to thank the Lord God almighty , for all the wonderful works of the Holy Ghost , fire springs ministry has impacted so many people around different several nations ,I bless the name of the father Lord through Jesus Christ our lord for His word that has spoken life into us, I want to appreciate you out commander Holy Ghost for all the works you do each and every day , thanks for your redemption and giving us a second chance to know you, I continue to pray that even those who who have not landed onto this website can get channelled through your divine source , so they can enjoy your promises and impact, Glory to Jehovah the most High God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost. Amen


102 Janet 05.04.17 at 6:44 pm

We thank God and praise His holy name for he is our living God. Thank God for the May Furious prayers. My sons are constantly under attack, I need grace to stand firm and pray for them. the enemy is merciless and I know that my redeemer lives. He will fight for us when we call her- the battle is not ours.
God bless


103 Janet 05.04.17 at 6:46 pm

God will fight for us when we call His name


104 Mercy 05.04.17 at 8:53 pm

Also interested am from Kenya. Mercy


105 Webster Webster 05.04.17 at 11:47 pm

Prayer Eagles,
We thank the Lord for this month’s prayer bullets. Please stand with us in prayer for a cousin suffering from throat cancer and Marian, a work colleague admitted in hospital. Thank you Lord for prayers answered!


106 Maureen 05.05.17 at 1:18 am

Praise Jesus I am short of words. First I thank God for Mr. Goodman for allowing to listen to what the Lord told him and he followed.
I was introduced to your books by a person who I later come to know to be a frenemy in late 2009. She told me about your prayers but she said she had no time to check you out. I was in a desperate situation and checked you out.
When I gave her a report she was not happy of the change she saw in me despite my problems still being around. That was the start of my spiritual journey of growth to the surprise of my friends and to the shock of my enemies. When I joined other overcomers for the 27 minutes to midnight 2010 for the first time it was an experience like no other. My situation was getting better,was learning battle prayers from the emails. I learnt how to listen to the holy spirit where I was saved from so many occult groups that I thought were true followers of Jesus Christ . I was able to break all evil covenants my children and I were entered into unknowingly. I am thankful to God because with the so many snares the devil had put in my life I don’t know what would have become of me. May the good Lord richly bless you and your family and the generations to come after you. You have sowed a beautiful seed in your family line.


107 Brenda 05.05.17 at 6:30 am

I am so depressed i want to join the prayer academy but the country where i reside in refuses to prioritise my payment. i wish i could do something to join. I have been trying to pay but the bank says they only prioritise productive causes like education, medical or raw materials. i am feeling so down. the money is there but i cant use it.


108 Matsiliso 05.05.17 at 7:10 am

I was worried when I didn’t get furious prayers for May, checked my email but nothing… thanks I just went to your website and found them, they are powerful I am looking forward for my deliverance this month may God bless you elisha more and more…


109 Tariro 05.05.17 at 9:12 am

Elisha my life has turned from a joke to be so meaningful. For two years after my graduation I was seated at home without a job .i started following your website two years ago but I always dreaded to do the Esther fast until last year in October 2016 that I had an enough is enough attitude. I started to do the Esther fast every month from October to date ( I still do it from 1-3 every month).and last month in April God surprised me with a job at a very big company. The company wants me to advance with my education and they will be offering me educational loans .if I pass the courses which I know I’m will,they will refund me all my monies.This God is alive and I won’t stop the Esther fasts and midnight prayer warfare.
Eagle Tari


110 Rosemary 05.05.17 at 5:10 pm

Calvary greetings Elisha, I bless God for having received the May 7 furious prayers. I thank God for you for the April prayers God delivered my husband from a very fatal accident on 10th of April… I remember praying the prayer point.. I cancel the agenda of death against my family…Dark arrows of sudden death go back to sender and indeed God heard me and my husband only had nose bleeding for a few minutes nothing else. To God be the glory for preservation of life. Let’s continue firing the prayer bullets it’s the word of God in action. Blessings.



Praise God brethren,
I thank God for the far he has taken me because of this prgram and in all this I can say he is Ebenezer. I have seen the hand of the Lord , i have fought many wars (spiritual ones ) and in all this I have seen the hand of the Lord as per Jeremiah 1:19. One big miracle which happened to me more than any other thing in this program was my spiritual eyes to be opened. in that way, just like the Elijah of the bible, I see many troubles in advance before they arrive.
I however want to ask my brethren to help me to understand this dream. many i see an aeroplane hovering in the air and crushing. these dreams are happening repeatedly.
Can someone help me understand the meaning.- this happens near my place of work, and my residence


111 Andries 05.06.17 at 6:00 am

Morning Prayer Warrior’s
First I would like to thank God for his servant Elisha Goodman for using him to teach us how to prayer and understanding of the words of God I was led by holly spirit to this website while I was going through very storm of life .In short on the 28 February 2016 I was given the notice of the end of the contract where I’m working, by then I was still busy with other fasting that we were doing at beginning of the year. I decided to engaged at esther fasting using (Sapphire blueprint 2016 prayers)specifically used Mike examination prayers. Saints this prayer point worked as bomb guess what I started esther fasting on Tuesday,wendsday,thursday evening 18:00 I stopped the fasting. Friday morning the boss of the department called me to withdraw the end of contract letter. Allelujah ,Saints in fact I don’t want permanent position as I’m busy trying to get into businesses.I would like to encourage someone out who is still doubtful that this prayer points working or not ask me I will tell you there is lot happened. Andries Mokoena (South Africa)


112 Andries 05.06.17 at 6:25 am

I wanna share in short the delay testimonies to encourage other prayer warriors.At 2015 I join the Golden Journey express (11 days journey)something happened on the 07 days of the fast I was busy worshipping at midnight God open my spiritual eyes Elisha this not a dream somebody must understand I saw very big snakes entered my house while I busy worshipping but that snake it never even last or stay even second it flew out away when it flew it was very very very big and it covered by cloud like. Elisha I was not scared I did not even bind it in the name of Jesus it could stand it had to flew away I don’t know this was the devil or what even today I don’t know. We are living in the real life saints lets connect to God morethan anything .There is lot happened last year again at 2016 while I was busy with Golden journey express for 11 days I saw a lion chasing me and that lion can talk can remember what lion said to me but it was very aggressive .I really thanks God for using you to teach us spiritual warfare.Stay blessed Elisha I ‘m so content and positive about life and willing pay the price. Can wait for Golden Journey Express for 2017. – From Andries


113 Andries 05.06.17 at 10:04 am

Hi Saints

I made a mistake on the date correct date was 28 February 2017 not 2016 I’m referring to the fist testimony of the end of contract.

Andries Mokoena (South Africa)


114 JOHN G 05.06.17 at 4:50 pm

help prayer point to fight emotions and desire sexual sin
john kenya


115 Betty 05.07.17 at 1:07 pm

I love you Jesus! Am believing God for the healing of my Mother. My midnight prayer sessions resume today.
God bless you Elisha. When i feel like the whole world is working against me, only your emails comfort me suddenly i believe there’s a God in heaven.


116 Christine 05.07.17 at 2:18 pm

I am looking forward to sharing my own and Family Testimony. From Zambia.


117 Belinda 05.07.17 at 4:28 pm

The lord came through for
Me after a four month sales work desert period!
It was tough but I growled and gruelled ,praising and trusting God. And leaving the low performance at his feet and waking up to pray for more deeper issues raised in Thai lessons
Including recovering of stolen virtues. I thank God for this forums push to make us priests in our own homes than the normal way of only praying basic prayers
beli .


118 Betty S Maramane 05.07.17 at 4:59 pm

Haleluja it is not about us but about him brethrens lets praise ansd exalt His Name Amen


119 MB 05.08.17 at 11:21 am

God is good all the time. I want to thank Him for providing for my family all the time. I also thank Him for a husband who is God fearing. He is not employed at the moment. When the time is ripe l know something wonderful will come up. My fervent prayer is that the Lord build a hedge of fire over my family in Jesus’ name. Thank you for the powerful Furious Prayers for May.


120 Eliza 05.08.17 at 5:37 pm

Praise God.thank you for the daily emails i receive .i would like to join the prayer academy or the marriage restoration programme.so my question is can i first join the marriage restoration programme before prayer academy because of problems in my marriage pliz advice


121 Beatrice Obro 05.09.17 at 12:07 am

These prayer bullets are really potent. I will therefore advise you not to joke with them. God will definitely come through to you anytime. You use them to call on Him.
He has made it possible for me to migrate to the US. I have all the relevant papers and I have finally gotten a job. That is what the Lord has done for me and He will surely answer you too when you call on Him. He is the great Provider.
Brother Elisha, God continually bless you for the work you are doing in the Lord’s vineyard.


122 jabu 05.09.17 at 2:48 am

Greetings Prayer Eagles and Elisha Goodman This morning I lift up my eyes to the hills , To God the father of the fatherless , Ian trusting God for my sons ‘s deliverance they are aggressive
They are violent and aggressive towards me The other one is unemployed no interest in looking for a job


123 Elizabeth Ho 05.10.17 at 5:18 am

Praise the Lord for answering almost all of my prayers. My husband of 50 years went to be with the Lord. My daughter decided she would move in with me but we have relationship problems please can I have prayer points to help me. And also prayer eagles I covet your prayers.


124 philip 05.10.17 at 5:25 am

God thank you for forgiving me.


125 Molly Daniel 05.10.17 at 7:30 am

Dear Elisha, greetings, I just saw this month’s seven furious prayers and thank you very much. Was Praying the 14 Furious Prayers of March-April until this midnight. I praise God for all His wonderful ways of keeping us safe under His loving mighty wings. Last week as I was traveling by train, I had a miraculous escape of hitting by a stone that hit the window where I sat. A blasting sound was heard, but nothing seen. Later when I got up from my seat, I saw pieces of stones beside me. Thank God for nothing hit me or anything happened to me. I profusely Praise God for His shielding me. How great and mighty God is He! I love you Lord Jesus.


126 Linda 05.10.17 at 4:22 pm

Thank God for all the good work that you are doing for the Lord. I have many war stories l want to share with everyone here,when l got married things were not well at all from the start and after 3 years my husband left me. I lost hope and told myself that he wasent the one for me UNTIL my friend sent to me some of your books. I began with The relashionships ,after fasting for 18 days,l realised that l was praying the wrong way,and l did not follow exacly wat you said . Then l had to start all over again and tell you what, l felt the presents of the HolySpirit ,a cool breeze on my head. Before this then l saw the seed of my victory in the dream ,l saw my husband coming back home amd he just fell before me crying. After this l prayed one prayer bullet from passion prayer book for GOD to open my spiritual ears and l felt some cool breeze on my ears and suddenly l heard my 3 years old daughter shouting that l should stop praying but l continue until 2 minutes ,then thats when l started hearing strange noise in and out of the house. I knew that the noise was caused by demons ,the house the im living in had demons because l once had a dream when l saw darkness all over our house and outside. One early morning l wake up to pray after dsy and night of fasting and as l switch on my dvd to put gospel music the dvd switched to radio ,then l just commanded that what ever that did it should put back my dvd and it happened ,then l had to continue with fasting until around 4pm when l heard a voice saying all power have been given unto you. After that another morning ,the ceiling opening started moving on its on , and l prayed again ,now with the help of an annoited man of GOD and tyw next morning my daughter told me that JESUS was in our house. Its been9 months now since l started with you books ELisha, l will not give up ,im waiting gor GOD’s time for my dream to manifest. My child used to wake me up saying l should pray around 2am saying they are coming to take my eyes, and l could wake up and pray,one night l called her that we should read the bible together and she just put her finger on the words and said , the dragon was hiding in the floor, l was so suprised as she did not know the dragon and how to read ,l realised that it was the HOLY SPIRIT then at midnight l prayed that thunder and fire of GOD should locate the dragon hiding in the floor and scatter it in JESUS name. Then l had a dream whereby l saw something strange coming out of the floor inside the house we grow up in and it was moving very slowly ,then l wake up and cancelled the dream to destroy it .l just cant thank GOD enough for you Elisha ,im still fighting the battle with JESUS and very soon l know l will be sharing my big testimony here again. I know GOD is preparing me for something big ,thank you so much Elisha ,you are a true man of GOD ,may the good LORD continue to bless you in JESUS name.


127 Angel 05.10.17 at 6:27 pm

Someone please share with me the prayer Point for dissolving arrows and poisons please


128 irene 05.11.17 at 2:54 am

My God acted in a blink of eyes. The devil had put a mark of rejection on my forehead in my place of work.my supervisor could not notice my effort no matter how much I worked.I had an esther fast and prayed at midnight.and this was my prayer.Every evil voice speaking against me in my place of work,let it be silenced by the power in the blood of Jesus.God turned it like in a blink of an eye.I fineshed my prayers on sunday and on monday i was shocked by her warmely welcome.since then she cant do anything without consulting me.what a might God we serve!!!.eagle overcomer.


129 Liz 05.11.17 at 7:30 am

Bro Elisha, last year early February, i started taking your daily emails and prayer bulletin seriously because my career was stagnant for 4 years same position, no promotion. so i prayed using prayer points for the month of February and March, 2016, and boom before the end of March, 2016, i was appointed on the Acting position pending confirmation after six months. i worked earnestly and continue praying hoping for confirmation but it has been one story after another, it now 1year two months and am not yet confirmed, please join me in prayer to break the yorke of stagnation at the edge of breakthrough. there are forces fighting my promotion but i will not given up and i know my God is not asleep. sister Lizy- Zambia


130 Vicky 05.11.17 at 8:34 am

Thank you Man of God.The testimonies and prayer topics you send me daily inspires me a lot .Thanks for the 7 Furious prayers for May. Your continuous encouragement has given me enough power to pray the midnight prayers. You also thought me to keep quiet and fire on.I strongly believed the prayer point “Engels of God search through the land of the living and of the dead and restore my stolen blessings in the name of Jesus”. I believe great testimonies await me in the near future.Thank God my Father for raising you to lead our generation know Him better. Stay blessed.


131 Doris muindi 05.13.17 at 6:15 am

I praise God all the time, Am overwhelmed by the power of God over my life.Am an overcome n God is using me in a great way to preach His word and pray healing prayers to his people to get well.whenever l release this pray bullet “O great physician by all the powers you are known to be God by fire by power ………” the sickness leaves the person.Glory to the God of elisha


132 Lol SA 05.13.17 at 7:38 pm

Dear Elisha. Thank you for the Furious Prayers that you are sending me. I have a lot of testimonies since I have learned a lot. My prayer life has changed. Sine I started to pray with the prayer bullets that you posted on line. GOD restore my marriage last year and blessed me with a new job. He healed my husband.This year God blessed my daughter with a job also in January 2017 where she bought a car withing two months. Last weekend the 6th of may 2017. My husband paid the outstanding Lobola balance to my parents. We are happy with the kids
May God bless you Servant of God. I know that God will continue to bless your Ministry Mightily.


Paulinah Reply:



133 1newcomer 05.14.17 at 2:49 pm

I am new to this site. I used to live a sinful secret life which few knew about. I now feel like I did everything wrong and squandered my life. Being among all these Godly on this site people makes me ashamed to specify them. Last year, a family crisis caused me to have second thought about the way I lived and was the beginning of repentance. However, I am still suffering from medical, financial, and emotional issues, all of them my own fault. I am also trying to help care for a sick mother, who knew nothing about the way I was living.

I turned my back on my former life, got rid of offensive books and DVD’. The immorality and materialism of my past no longer interests me. Also, I began attending a Pentecostal church and joining Bible Study. The pastor took one look at me and promised to pray for me. But my life is still a mess. I have cried out to Jesus to forgive me and rescue me, but have gotten no answer. The walls are closing in around me and I don’t know what to do.


134 Mwendwa 05.15.17 at 1:14 am

Good day to you. I thank God for you Elisha and thank God that He has used you to improve my prayer life.
I have been out of a job since september 2016. I have small jobs here and there.
My husband and I are born again and pray together. We got married in June 2016 despite financial challenges and our parents health challenges.
My boss then harrassed and frustrated me until i got a mental breakdown and had to resign at the brink of depression.
My father is on dialysis and our family finances are dwindling. Still God is gracious and sustains us. Dad is not on any medical insurance yet God amazingly provides money for our dads hospital bills.
I took a loan with the bank and now i am harrased by the bank to pay it back. I would like to pay but have no steady income.
We pray as a couple that God will help me to be still so i can know He is God.
I survive via the strength and encouragement of your prayers and teachings.
How can i pray for release from debt, for steady employment and healing for dad.
Help me. The Lord God bless you.
Sister Mwendwa


135 seinodi 05.15.17 at 5:35 am

Elisha man of God, good morning after such a long time. have in the past joined the academy, what surprised me was when I send email requesting help with stubborn colleagues got no answer. but I continue to pray midnight. I still feel and hear very bad things about me from my colleagues who are plotting that I be fired at work, I just wish that the God of Daniel ,Meshack and Abednoch should release the angels of battle to fight against these people. every attempt from them to see me staying home without work should happen to them in the name of Jesus. if man of God have some destructive prayers for me please let me have them ASAP. the congregation is also fighting our ministry, why we do not know, we only left with two (2) years to retire but they want to make sure that we go before that. we trust in the servant of God to bring the strongest weapons in Jesus name.


Alice Reply:

Every witchcraft assignment against me at work, be exposed and be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.
Every curse of slow progress and profitless hard work, be broken now, in the name of Jesus.
I reject demotion; My Haman shall hang in my place in the name of Jesus Christ.
I reject shame and reproach; O Lord, put on me your garment of distinction in Jesus’ name.
I fire back every workplace witchcraft in the name of Jesus and thou power that raised Lazarus from the dead lift up my finances from every spiritual graveyard in Jesus’ name.
O Lord, call for your sword on all the dark messengers assigned to disgrace me in the name of Jesus.


136 lynn simuwelu 05.16.17 at 7:43 am

i really enjoy your site and more especially the testimonies from the prayer eagles,
please stand with me in prayer for promotion,i have been in the same role for over 5 years and yet iam not being recognized for my effort.please stand with me in prayer because the bible says we are the heads and not the tails and we are in mission, help the in the mission field.


137 Joe 05.16.17 at 11:18 pm

Its indeed a great blessing to received your newsletter from you Brother Elisha. Its very encouraging and uplifting and it really refreshing to the soul, especially the Furious Prayer you send monthly. I am blessed to received the 7 Furious Prayer for the month of May.
Thank you for sharing the most important things that the world need to know about our God.
God bless.


138 Nhlanhla Ntombela 05.17.17 at 6:33 pm

My godly spouse have located me, God has given me wisdom on how to manage my finances and pay off my debts, I now have a relationship with my dad which I have never experienced it before, my God is faithful and just to those who trust in Him.
I will be joining the academy soonest. Thank you from Noni


139 ijeoma chukwu 05.18.17 at 5:36 am

Pastor, i want to settle down before the end of next month. i read many testimonies please pastor i want to share mine too through this platform.


140 Okei 05.18.17 at 2:25 pm

I thank God for the prayer bullets.A sister called me of the dream she had about me dying,I cancel every agenda of death in my family, dark arrows of sudden death go back to your senders in Jesus name.I shall live to declare the works of God to the sons of me in Jesus name.


141 Lilly 05.22.17 at 12:22 pm

Hallo Elisha

i need help i am deep financial debt, i borrow everyday atleast to get food for my kids, i work but everything goes to debt. My husband lost his job last year in November and nothing has come up since then.


142 Evangeline Lakra 05.22.17 at 9:51 pm

Praise the Lord. ..my name is Evangeline. I have been having constant dreams…of being dragged by a group of dogs inside my compound…I prayed 7 days against this dream. Then I dreamt a huge street dog rushed inside my Main door straight at me and attacked me, my wrist between his teeth but his teeth did not oerce my flesh. Then I dreamt I am bleeding g suddenly and it’s all around me. Today I dreamt of a strange lady who was the queen if the place and all people were.trying to make a castle out of a muddy clay. I was there but I didn’t c myself. I can’t make out. What does this mean?. Somebody please explain it 2.me.


143 philip 05.27.17 at 4:03 am

God is wonderful i also wait for a miracle and mercy of God


144 MS kubheka 05.27.17 at 6:19 pm

I praise God that my boss has suddenly turn around and appreciate my job and he is giving big projects which I beleive will grow my career..we serve miracle working God.thanks Coach fr teaching our hands fr war.
Im an overcomer!


145 philip 05.29.17 at 5:17 am

I thank God for everything He doed for me. God bless you.


146 Jean 06.06.17 at 8:40 am

Please I have missed Furious prayers for the month of June,2017. They were not sent to me in my mail box. Can I get them please


Kilano Reply:

Thanks God for connecting me with this prayer channel , please if I had in a wrong way adverse on how I could have done better.
Kilano´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for May 2017


147 Ife 06.07.17 at 1:12 am

Praise the Lord!!! The miraculous power of God worked a last minute miracle for my immigration status – I got an initial approval in 2 weeks for what usually takes 2 months. Then I got my final waiver approval on the last day of validity of my student visa. And the Lord also brought my work permit to manifestation also, against all the odds within the 30 day grace period in which I had to get a new visa or else leave the country. In fact the USCIS suspended premium processing just the week after my new visa was approved.
What a mighty God we serve! My testimony is permanent in Jesus Name. May God forgive me for the delay in sharing this testimony to His glory.
Fellow Eagles, along with these prayers that we fire day and night, please sing praises to the Lord even when it looks utterly hopeless – the song He gave me to sing was “You Made A Way” – by Travis Greene, a powerfully anointed song.
The Lord will do His great miracles for us this year, and the enemies shall shut their mouths in shame in Jesus mighty Name. God bless us all, amen!


148 Zk 06.12.17 at 11:03 pm

In all ur getting get understanding, People of God I wondered why I kept having serious attacks one after another even though I engaged in midnight prayers. It was revealed to me that some of the prayer points I made were only meant for those who were registered in Prayer academy but someome posted them on the internet and never issued a warning against those who were not registered like me. DON’T USE BORROWED PRAYERS IT’S VERY DANGEROUS! EVEN PRAYER EAGLES ARE TOLD TO ONLY GIVE THEM TO THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY! BEWARNED!


149 Tj 06.13.17 at 4:59 am

God is good and faithful all the time.May we continue having spiritual eyes n ears to see n hear God s voice.I also didn’t recieve June furious prayers .please send to me too man of God.May God fill you with his blessings.amen.


150 Lee 06.15.17 at 10:55 am

Dear Elisha or any eagle who is able to help ,may please assist in the right prayer points for my mother everytime she gets a job or called for interview she is qualified and all goes well but they say they will call but dont or they say they will call to give a date to come but it never happens.She does not have access to the internet but i share most prayer points i get from here.Its been 3years without a job ,its like faliure at the edge of break through .please assist


151 Aisa 06.15.17 at 12:05 pm

Did we receive the 7 Furious Prayers for June 2017? I didn’t receive the email


152 Netsai jim 06.30.17 at 5:08 am

I want to know how to get furious prayers


153 Wam1 07.22.17 at 10:35 am

please assist.
Is online payment for the prayer academy through Visa cards possible for someone in kenya?


154 Ruth Nyirongo 08.03.17 at 6:14 am

Hi Elisha,

please help me, i would like to register/ subscribe.

kind Regards,


155 sue 08.28.17 at 10:29 pm

I m amazed at what I have been reading from your eletters and every day emails to me. something is really happening. I m able to pray powerfully. I m no longer dry in prayer. no more far fetched artificial prayers. thank you, man of God. I feel assured that an explosion is just about to take place. I m praying now in tongues, ooh!
my son is in remand prison. 5yrs ago, a spirit of stealing gripped him. I have gone to many prayers, giving sacrifices for his deliverance to no avail. my pastor has prayed too.
the judgement will be read two days from today. he has been there for 11 months. I couldn’t raise the bond of 50,000 Kenya shillings. I serve as a full time church minister.
I had a dream last week about him that has sent me searching in your site. I saw him and there was a Burge at the crouch signifying those part greatly swollen. help me to pray and send me prayer points targeted at the 3 problems;
spirit of stealing
pending imprisonment
swollen crouch (in a dream)


156 Diosita 10.20.17 at 6:13 am

Hi.thank you again.I would like to join.again.but.I can’t get the
Click.the link.thanks.


157 Rose 12.08.17 at 10:04 pm

Praise God man of God. I must admit that I’ve experienced Gods blessings since I joined last year through a colleague. I would like you to tell me the 3 best days to pray.


158 Nozipho Ndlovu 12.26.17 at 5:57 pm

I would like to be added to your mailing list to receive your emails with prayer points.
I am currently praying for attacks against my marriage and against my finances.


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