7 Furious Prayers for November 2020

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It’s go time.

Now think.

Have you been toiling all alone on your own?

Without any help in this world?

Especially since the pandemic?

Getting discouraged? About your life?

Family… marriage… children… finances… job?

Hold On.

A few days ago we blew the trumpet calling for urgent intercessory prayers.

For the US Presidential election on Nov 3.

A rare kind of prayer riot that happens once every 4 years on this site.

It was totally free and voluntary to join.

I want to say “thank you” to the 40,000+ prayer eagles who joined us from all over the world.

Remember I said that believers who gladly join this type of prayers stand to reap unexpected rewards?

Even without having to pray about them.

For instance…

Just before we ended the prayers Eagle U posted this one to the Forum:


Answers Came Even When We Did Not Pray

“When our Coach said we should leave our problem and concentrate on praying for USA election. I quickly obeyed.

As I rounded up the prayers this afternoon, the needs that we were supposed to spend time to pray about but had to put aside as we focused on Praying for USA…

The LORD has answered us without praying for it. It is this miracle that has encouraged me to register for Platinum program today. Praise God.”

This happens all the time.

Lizzy has participated in this prayer every time it comes up.

One day she sent me this astounding praise report.


It Is Take Back Time

l took back what belonged to me, my husband who had eloped with a strange woman and my son who tried to commit suicide (hung himself and was found dangling and near death – some one broke the door and saved him in time, exactly the same time the Holy Spirit woke me up to pray for him).

l could feel the Holy Spirit grieving as l went through the prayers.

The phone rang from thousand miles across the globe just when l finished praying. And it was about my son, who was saved from the pangs of hell, just the minute l finished praying, before he turned 18 years.

Both these men have given their lives to Jesus Christ, their LORD and Saviour. My husband paid for the full breakthrough kit and joined the Prayer Academy again, got baptized (water baptism). He is now firing the prayer points like a mad man.

My son did his water baptism. He is being helped by a ministry to go overseas and do missionary work to the glory of my Father who is in Heaven. All your special programs l went through opened my eyes like never before and my life will never be the same again.

- Eagle Lizzy


And here’s another that left me scratching my head – from a few years ago.


40 Years of Marital Separation Dissolved


One of my prayers I have been praying for, for a long time has now been answered.  My parents who are both 92 years separated in 1976 reconciled on 22 October 2016. Thank you for your prayer points and testimonies that have encouraged me to pray  claiming Isaiah 62:1 For Zion’s sake (my parents sake) I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake (family’s sake) I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness
shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.”

- Eagle Evan


Glory to God.

I did promise that the 7 Furious Prayers will be posted immediately after our assignment.

Now, A little bit about these prayers…

This set is a special gift to you… for standing in the gap with us at such short notice.

It is taken directly from the Platinum Academy about to kick off shortly.

You pray this type of prayers in your native language… if you can.

In the Forum the prayers (and more) will be translated into 70+ different languages, for a reason that is explained in the Platinum Blueprint.

Have a taste of the prayer riot about to start in a few days.

(Meanwhile if you received an INVITATION in the last day or so to join the program, you can still do so before the Early Eagles’ Discount expires).

Now to the …

7 Furious Prayers for November 2020

1. O LORD order my steps into my Canaan in Jesus name.

2. I refuse to grope and stumble in the dark; O LORD let your light of wisdom, knowledge and understanding shine upon me in Jesus name.

3. I bind every demon assigned to pollute my dreams and visions in Jesus name.

4. Let the power to receive divine revelations, prophetic dreams and visions fall upon me now in the name of Jesus.

5. O LORD, kindle your wrath against my accusers, and count them as your enemies in the name of Jesus.

6. Eagles of death on assignment against me, crash and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.

7. Ancestral horns of wickedness rising against me in the spirit, be roasted by the fire of God’s judgement in Jesus name.


Be An Overcomer


PS:   Platinum Prep Prayers Day 4 In Progress.

PPS. Express Prayer Academy – Join Here (New Members Only)


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