How to Pray Into 2020

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Saddle up your horses.

We ride at midnight.

As we storm the gates of 2020 …

I pray that your testimony will …

… surprise your friends and shock your enemies In Jesus name.

WATCH this:

They’re going nuts on our Facebook page.

After Lilian Israel posted her testimony.

She said:

**  We Got Married in October **

“Last year I stormed the gates of 2019 and all my prayer items were answered. 
I got a permanent job as well as I got a Godly spouse and we got married October 2019! God is really good and faithful!”

Others chimed in:







Of Course I Know Elisha And So What? 

“For some reason, I had not planned to write to you but there is a very strong push that I should.

I have known you through a friend more than 5 years ago. My life was a right mess nothing was working out for me.

I had worked as a professional for almost 20 years but had nothing to show.

No house, no money in the bank, old car, divorced, 2 children with 2 fathers, no maintenance support.

I couldn’t even afford to put food on the table for my children.

Money will just come n go without me knowing what I have done with it.

I used to cry daily, I had no friend no one liked to be around me I was just a miserable soul with a very dark cloud over me.

When I was around people I could tell they were not interested in interacting with me.

I could not interact n if I did the conversation will not end well and I will be blamed for that.

I even stopped looking after myself, I felt ugly n unliked.

My only friend introduced me to you, I followed your prayers but I was not consistent, this cloud followed me wherever I went.

Things will be bit better for a month n go right back to where they were, it went to a point where I realized that this was a curse.

I then went to my aunt in confidence, we were not very close by then but because I knew she liked traditional doctors,
I asked her to help me find one to assist me with my bad luck.

Surprisingly and shockingly she instead asked me, ‘do you know Elisha Goodman?’

Disappointed I said yes I do.

She said ‘I follow his prayers and they work no traditional healer can do that’.

I went back home thinking she really doesn’t want to help me she want me to stay the same … of course I know Elisha n so what?

Few months later when things didn’t change n I kept on receiving mails from you I then decided to take a closer look.

I also remembered immediately that when I send to pray your prayers with my friend things got bit better from where they were.

I started praying and following your prayer points with more understanding than before.

To cut long story short in 2014 after storming the gates I got 2 yes 2 promotions in 1 year and my life changed for the better year after year.

In 2018 I stormed the gates of 2019 with you.

Believe it or not Elisha, I now realize I am beautiful and worth it.

I have friends now I can feed my children abundantly now, we are never short of food we actually have more than we need.

This is what I prayed for Elisha. Every single prayer request have been granted by the Almighty.

I prayed for work. In March I was starting a new job paying much better.

I have a house for my children n a car is no longer n issue, I can drive whichever car I want to but I chose to keep it simple.

All my prayers for 2019 were answered.

I pray that God continue to bless you with many many more years n the wisdom to continue changing peoples lives.

My next step is to begin 2020 by joining the Academy.

Thank you and God bless you Elisha.”

Best regards,

- Tshidi, South Africa


 Prayers to storm the gates all READY for you.

See printable PDF here

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Be An Overcomer


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