Prayers For The Sick And Dying

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When faced with a situation that needs prayers for the sick and dying, you must remember that Jesus Christ is the Great Physician. There is nothing that is impossible with Him.

Many believers have had to learn specific prayers for the sick and dying through the help of the Holy Spirit and sometimes even by trial and error. Good news is that they have the blessing of answered prayers to show for it.

Here’s a wonderful praise report shared by a sister in Georgia:

“My 6 year old daughter was admitted to hospital with a flare up of Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis (rare lung disease causing bleeding in the lungs for which the doctors here have no cure).

Her conditioning was getting worse as the days went by. I went to your website, and explained the situation.

On June 14, you emailed me stating, “Please use the Prayer of Caleb for a 3-day Esther Fast”, and “Our prayers are with you for the quick recovery of your daughter.”

You must know that at that time, my daughter could not breathe on her own and they had to be increasing her oxygen daily since June 10th. In addition, her heart rate was reading between 160 and 199, and the doctors could not figure out why it was not reducing.

I immediately started the midnight prayers, but will confess that I did not even get to the fasting part, as I was also feeling very weak and tired from being at the hospital 24 hours daily since she was admitted.

Well, to sum it up, she was breathing on her own with her oxygen level showing 100 percent her other vitals within normal range by June 16th, and was discharged from the hospital on June 18th.

All glory and honor to the Great Physician, our Lord and Savior. Elisha, thanks for availing yourself and offering direction, when we needed help despite your busy schedule.”

- C P B, Georgia, USA

Praise the LORD…

One last thing…

When the enemy tries to overwhelm you, when life gets you down, and your days grow heavy with worry or crowded with sickness, remember that you can stare them in the eye and declare like Prophet Elijah:

“O thou that trouble my Israel, my God shall trouble you today in the name of Jesus.”

Be An Overcomer!


PS: LAST Prayer Academy for the year is just 11 days away:      November 25th

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I’d like to hear your experiences too. Over 100,000 believers from 117 countries participated in the just concluded prayer marathon. Please join me (if you can) as we give the enemy a very chaotic time… while forcing a release of all he has stolen from us. Results are still coming in, to the glory of our God. Your comments might just encourage someone out there.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome! Join the conversation here – share your testimony today!

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1 The Spark of the Divine Mercy Group 03.23.14 at 6:51 am

Join our prayer for the sick and the dying!
Divine Mercy Chaplet in hospitals around the world is a prayer that brings together the sick in many places of the world, on every first Friday of the month, at the Divine Mercy Hour (3 p.m.).
Its aim is to make the sick aware of how praiseworthy thing it is to offer their suffering to God for other people, especially the sick and the dying.
In the days of the promotion of youth and vitality, in times of discussing the legitimacy of euthanasia such a union at one time in prayer hearts of those who persist in sorrow and fear for their own health raises hopes and doesn’t leave patients in loneliness
Join us be sending an email to:
The Spark of the Divine Mercy Group
Danuta Pawłowska, Aleksandra Partyczyńska, Jakub Foremniak, Tomasz Talaga, Wincenty Pałka
Duszpasterz zespołu – O. Remigiusz Recław SJ
Kościół oo. Jezuitów
ul. Sienkiewicza 60 90-058 Łódź, Poland


2 Odinma 05.30.14 at 9:40 am

Good day Elisha , i have been fellowin you up nd prayin with some of the prayer topic you send to me

i was introduced to this site by my co worker .

please i need prayer giuade for healling, i have been having these pain on my left hand side from my breast upto the back, i went to the clinic they said is muscle pain after taking the drugs they recommended it stopped and started again , please put me in your prayers and also send me some prayer topic that i can use .


peace Reply:


Use prayer bullets for healing from Elisha:

God bless you.


Gina Reply:

My husband is admitted in hospital for the second time with homeostasis and tb. He has been caughing blood. I am praying for his healing physically and emotionally. Thank you Lord for healing him.


3 Mari sewaka 08.21.14 at 3:30 am

Hi ps elisha m so gratefull,to have found u,m having difficulty me n my husband with our business we have registered a security n cleaning compony.n we want to own our own house ,n m not well ivegot terrible lower back pains,n at my school s m doing nusring they said i wont write because i have hours shortage.


peace Reply:


If possible, join Prayer Academy.

If you need free prayer bullets, download from the link below:



LD Reply:


If possible, join Prayer Academy.

If you need free prayer bullets, download from the link below:

God bless you.


4 Pinkie. Kwezeya 08.30.14 at 2:06 pm

I am real tourched with the testmonies. Please man of God pray for my daughter. She is sick she was operated. Galstones but she still have pain the other thing she has got stress. She says evry relationshi. They walk out on him. At the last stage. L. Please. Man of god. Pray for she is in U k. Thank you for your encouragement


5 Salome 08.18.15 at 4:09 pm

Elisha, you mysterioysly sent me prayers to get a job. Started on the midnight prayers, the revalation someone l know has been practcing marine witchcraft by casting spells and ruining peoples families on the head of the family and the 1st born of each. Sadly l realised my own dad has been attacked through a mysterious illness stomach lymphoma which is apparently incurable. I believe in Jehovah rapha. Kindly agree with me in prayer for the deliverance of my entire family tree from marine witchcrraft control, attack, manipulation and oppression and for the spiritual healing of my father from lymphoma.


6 Maria 09.04.15 at 3:27 am

hi Elisha,
I got your details from my co-worker and I’m grateful come to know you. Kindly send me the player points for the sick people. My brother has been lying in ICU for the 7 days and in coma for the last three weeks now. He is a diabetic patient but that is not what it took him in coma according to the Dr. They made so many tests on him but all are normal. the only way and hope we have is just to prepare him spiritual.


7 Maureen 11.07.15 at 1:25 am

Hi Elisha

A few minutes ago my brother just informed me that his 6-7 month old baby is not doing well,she was diaognised with Eczema,,,what do i do,how an i suppose to pray for her little soul?pls help


8 kayjudith 06.21.18 at 5:03 pm

Hi Elisha,
I have been following up on your site and reading the testimonies of Christians and I would like to be one of those people testifying.
A lot is troubling me and I would really like some prayer bullets that could help.
First, my mum has been very sick and yet the doctors can’t find what is wrong. She feels like she is carrying a whole house in her body, she says she feels like there is something that walks around her body, back neck, stomach and its too painful and the doctors have not been able to figure out what is wrong
Second, I lost my husband almost 2yrs ago and he left me with one baby who is 4yrs now. Its been quite a struggle since he died as his family did not want anything to do with me or the baby. They have even gone to court to make sure we do not get any benefit. I have really struggled with finances as am the sole breadwinner for my entire family and my child, and I am drowning in debt.
Third, all the pressures of my experiences are weighing me down, making me so bitter and angry ams I just want to see a new day.

Elisha I need help as right now I am not in a position to join the prayer academy. Please share with me prayer points I can use to help me in my current situations

Thank you so much all the good work you do and God bless you


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