The G5 Report … Finally

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She just read the G5 Report.

Finally, the veil has been lifted and
she can see the source of her

So she sent in this situation report…
all the way from Mauritius.

When you read it, you will understand
why I’m dropping all feel-good niceties
and shooting from the hip…

If I’m going to truly help, you need to
hear the WHOLE truth.

Hear her:

“First i would like to thank you
for the G5. Its a lot of revelation
for me.

Now I see the real source of my problem.
I cannot keep a job for long. If I go
regularly for one month then the next one
I miss it someday and this goes on and on …

… till i couldn’t go anymore. The reason
is that i feel like a prisoner and its not
only for job.

Every dream I have if it’s not fighting
with people, it is having sex.

On the side of my father there was sorcerer,
medium. Yesterday after reading your mail,
I ask my mother and she told me.

This were transfered for I have anties and cousin
who are medium, sorcerer.

My grandmother changed husband maybe two or three
times. I have sinusite sickness which come from
my father.

I thought that everything was fine until
you said all this. What I am sure is that I don’t
want to be part of this devil plan no more.

Help me to be out of this and experience freedom
in Christ. You are right about what you say in the
G5. I’m certain.

– Telly, Mauritius

She has done something very significant here:

It is called “Spiritual Research”

She is beginning to ask the right questions.

And when the prayer marathon begins October 8,
she will be praying with knowledge …

… instead of just beating the air.

WHAT about you?

Take a close look at your family tree.

What has been transferred into your life?

What is the problem running in your family?

Is it marital problems?

Financial problems?

Untimely death?


On the other hand, what good things have
been handed down to you?

Do you even know how to identify them?

Please take a moment and share your
thoughts below.


If you sent me an email about options 1,2,3.

You need to know this:

1. You must FIRST participate in the corporate
Prayer Marathon which kicks off on Oct 8.

Everyone on this site MUST join this 21-day
program before going on to anything else.

2. The Singles Marathon will NOT start today
as previously announced
. This is to allow
enough time to study the G5 Report and to get
yourself ready for the 21-day Marathon.

3. From today, I will NOT be giving out any
special prayers to anyone. Rather I will
refer you to the G5 Report and the preparation
for the 21-day Marathon.

4. After the 21-day prayer bombardment, you will
then be allowed to proceed as follows:

(a) Singles — to the singles community site

(b) Married (if you’ve passed through
the Prayer Academy
) — to 24-hour blog for GOLD Edition

(c) Current Prayer Academy Members - back to the Academy site

5. When you get back to the groups, I will change the order
of the prayers in line with current revelations. This will
help you get the best out of the program.

6. During the programs ALL email broadcasts from me will STOP.
Including Prayer Academy emails. Only email alerts with instructions
on how to proceed with the prayers will go out. Once or twice a week.
No more.

7. You will receive further details as we get into the program.

Please read what I have just said here before you ask any questions
as I may not be able to answer most of the questions that are
coming in. They are simply too many.

Please be prepared for a season of gruelling prayer action
starting soon.

I love you, and I want you to have something tangible before
this year runs out.

If you ask me –

It is not going to be a cake walk … but at the end of the
day you will see the God that answers prayers.

So brace yourself.

Be An Overcomer!


PS: My apologies to all of you who have written to inquire
about your “Rainmaker’s Prayer”. We experienced a 1-month
delay. Good news is the last batch just arrived and your book will be
in the mail latest Wednesday September 30th. 4-6 weeks from now
you should have the book.

I want to thank you again for your godly patience.

Please join the conversation below … share your comments,
your thoughts and your testimonies.

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1 Lana 10.07.18 at 1:10 pm

Hello! I accepted Jesus Christ in 1998. I’m 50. I’ve been a widow twice. My parents separated. My brother was married 5 times. I can’t find a husband no matter what I do. Living in poverty. Can’t find work Help me!


Geoffrey Muli Reply:

Dear Lana,

Take heart…thank Jesus that you are born again. I understand there might be a curse running deeply in your family line which needs uprooting.I would recommend you embark on Esther fast( 3 days)and prayer believing God to break all the chains of bondage holding your family.Pray God will reveal whatever the evil powers are using to manipulate your family.


2 anjula vincent 10.12.18 at 6:34 am

My friend is facing a problem that her family and her son have deserted her and her son is getting married, To solve the relationship problem and restore peace in the family between own mother and own son. Her own blood sister is playing foul between the mother and son, this attitude of hers name Josephine Rathna needs to changed and Good Lord to encounter her. Pls pray for this situation. There is lot of strife and relationship prolem going on because of this lady


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