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  From: elisha

To: All Eagles on the Golden Journey Express (2015 Edition)

Welcome to this special Discussion Forum.

I will encourage you to log in to this forum daily and share, comment and pray for one another as the program progresses.

There are specific prayer bullets I'll be sharing as we progress, as the Holy Spirit downloads them to my spirit - don't miss this exciting play-by-play action.

As I've been saying lately, this program is like a launching pad... and you're the ROCKET.

Stay on course and the LORD will surely use this program to launch you into your orbit of destiny... in the days ahead.

Share your comments, questions, word of encouragement, etc. below

Be Overcomers!



QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Now to some questions and answers  -- please check back here daily for updates (prayers, answers to questions, etc)


Since I am living in Singapore, I will be doing Day 3 prayers in around 5 hours from now...  I stay in a flat, 7th floor....step 4 need to anoint the I plan to go downstairs, level 1 to find place with sand. After that for re-programming command, I can go back to my house and pray those? Does it also mean, for each re-programming bullet, do at least 2 mins?


You only need to do this once. After anointing the ground - this should take you about a minute -- you can go back up to your apartment and continue with the prayers. You can spend as much or as little time on the prayers as led by the Spirit of God.   


“I am very much annoyed with satan over my life. Last night day three of esther fast in this goldern journey express. After I prayed I saw a lady appearing in dream was trying to have sex with me. The sex did not happen as they were a lot of people. Am very much low in spirit."  - NI


Please don't be discouraged.

Here's what to do... 

This coming midnight hour, summon the woman to appear (it is a spirit spouse) and release the sword of the LORD to cut her into pieces. 

Before that spend time quality to praise and worship the LORD. Even dance before the LORD.

The Holy Spirit will prompt you when the time is right.

Then with holy anger in your spirit say: 

"You that spirit wife that appears to me in the dream I summon you to appear right now for divine judgement. 

LORD dispatch your angels of fire and war to search the land of the living and of the dead, search the marine kingdom, the unseen realms, comb the entire universe and drag her here now for divine execution."

After shouting out that command you wait and listen in the spirit. Now if you are very sensitive in the spirit, you will "know" when they bring her in front of you. 

Then it is time for action.

Destroy the legal grounds that she stands upon to come and have sex with you in the dream.

Then roll out the big weapons - I have taught these in detail in the Prayer Academy and elsewhere (see Horse & Rider testimony - page 3 of Golden Journey pdf).

Pray in the spirit, and you will have the revelation about which specific weapons to use.

Then go ahead and EXECUTE.

(NOTE: this will not work if you are living in fornication or adultery, or if you’re secretly watching pornography or if your mind is full of lustful thoughts - same thing).

It will only work if you are living a life of holiness before the LORD. I don't know that you are but the LORD knows.



Question #3: On Dream Interpretation 


 "Firstly around 3 months ago I dreamt I was sleeping in another dream. In this second dream all

my body was crippled and stiff, I could not open up my fingers and it mainly affected my right side. I began calling Jesus, Jesus and slowly I began to straighten out and awoke from my dream only to find I was awakening a second time. 

Second. The next few weeks a woman with her head covered with a woolen scarf that hid her face put her hand beteeen my legs as if she wear taking something from inside me. Again, I called Jesus and awoke from my sleep. 

Third. I dreamt the same woman was at me feet. I dont know what she was doing, but because it seemed like the same woman in my last dream I screamed The Blood of Jesus, but there was no sound and , my mouth seemed to be muffled and I fought to get up. As I sat up to stop her, I awoke from the dream sitting up in my bed. 

Forth. I was in a phone box and it was broken. There was a woman with me, I did not know who she was, a white lady. There were documents coming out of the area were coins are reimbursed if you did not use up all your credit from phone calls then money in notes of different kinds came out and I was sharing it with this lady, I for her one for me. But we reached a certain point and I said ok thats enough, we should be to greedy. Then I was being arrested by the police for breaking the phone box. I woke up in the police station were I was explaining that I found it this way. 

Fifth. I dreamt I was singing praise and worship in my church where I do normally belong to praise and worship team. Only, I was singing alone but kept stopping singing and forgetting my words to the songs and all the other members of church were pointing there fingers at me and calling me names and accusing me of being on drugs I just stood there kept saying "no this is not true" repeatedly till I woke up. I have had other dreams in the past of being accused also, but this one was just last week."

Meaning & What To Do 

Since I won't be doing this anymore, let me just answer this in order to help everyone.

They are firing arrows of death against you (dream #1)., stealing your marital virtues (dream #2), and you do not have the fire to fight back (dream #3). 

They have brought an evil accusation against you in the spirit. And they are clearly stealing your virtues (dream #4) Being arrested in the dream means someone has put a curse on you (dream #4). 


You need the genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire in order to deal with this. Second you need sound biblical teachings on how to pray and overcome these attacks. For a start you can click on the link below to download and re-read the free ebook:

Let me repeat: 

You need sound biblical teachings on how to pray and overcome these attacks. Make sure you are taking the ongoing prayer programs seriously.

NOTE:   Many people are posting dreams that are simply a reflection of what they are watching on TV and the Internet. The Dream Code ebook explains what to do with fleshly dreams like these.

We once had a rule on the blog that you could only post a dream that has recurred 3 times. 

It seems everyone is violating that rule. As a result I will no longer answer these questions on dreams.

 Instead you are encouraged to go back and RE-READ the Dream Code  and PRAY for revelation yourself. That will be infinitely more valuable to you.


***    A Little-Known Secret of Victory   ****


The program begins this weekend - May 30th.

I expect a flood of desperate postings asking for “stronger” prayers, and urgent dream interpretations. 

None will be forthcoming.

I will NOT be replying to these posts.

Rather everyone here is encouraged to jump in and help each other out.

Reply to as many posts as possible – with words of encouragement, prayers, and especially backed up with the Scripture. We do NOT want fairy tales without sound biblical foundations at all.

No matter how stubborn your problems are, here’s a secret that will help you:

#1: Go through the Forum and pick just one person to intercede for each day.

For instance, if you are believing the LORD for divine healing, go through the posts and select someone who has health challenges....


If you are praying for God to cancel your debts, then look for a post from someone who is neck-deep in debt and ...


If you are praying for a job, then intercede for someone looking for a job.

It's that SIMPLE.

Here's the condition though:

You must find that one person by searching through what your fellow eagles are posting here.

What do I mean by "intercede for him / her?"

It is this:

Go before the LORD.

Read out what the person has written.

Then begin to ask the LORD to avail for him or her.

WEEP before Him on this person's behalf.

Do it with all your heart.

Then conclude with this prayer bomb:

"Lord, let my tears fill the bottle of your mercy in the name of Jesus."

[NOTE: If you do this properly, it could last at least 30 minutes].

The LORD bless you for participating...

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