7 Furious Prayers for December 2023

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December is the month for “LAST MILE” prayers.

Have you been praying for the blessings of the LORD all year long?

But with very little to show for it?

If I told you that…

…there are wicked, invisible powers lurking around unseen…

… on assignment to divert your blessings, steal, and otherwise block the blessings from coming into your hands…

That should fill you with HOLY madness

Plus, the righteous anger to arise and wage war to recover what rightly belongs to you…

Using this month’s special “LAST MILE” prayer bullets.

These are:

- Prayers of escape - from debt, poverty, stagnancy, rejection, failure.

Prosperity injection prayers (plus wealth transfer for the brave ones who are interested)

- Prayers to arrest demonic storms - in the dream, marriages, finances, jobs, etc.

- And MORE.

==> You find them on the next page here



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