The 3 Best Days to Pray And Receive (Almost) Immediate Answers

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Dear Visitor,

There are 3 days in which answers to prayers come faster (and more powerfully) than at other times.

If you – or anyone you know – have been struggling with unanswered prayers, then you have to see this.

It is a short Free Report that will be sent to your inbox within minutes.

But I need your permission to do that.

What you need to do is simple.

Just click on the link below, type in your name and email address, then click <I Consent>


Click Here to Receive “The 3 Best Days to Pray” Report


Then check your inbox in 5 minutes.


Now, here’s what happened when 3 of our subscribers began to use “The 3 Best Days to Pray” prayer secrets.


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HIV Disappears
on the 4th Test

It’s true that these prayers will surprise our friends and shock our enemies. I have a few sisters from my church who I share the 7 furious prayers with. One sister (i will call her sister D) is so quiet and does not hang around after church unless I tell her I want to chat. She is those that never like to draw any kind of attention to herself. About 6 weeks ago I gave her the 40 prayer points to attract anything, and kept checking if she is praying them which she said she was.

She came to visit me on Sunday to tell me that she received a call some time back from her aunt asking if she could come over for a chat. Her aunt came over and with tears in her eyes confessed to sister D that she has been diagnosed with HIV. she had not spoken to anyone not even her husband about it because of the stigma.

Sister D was so shocked and hurt cause she loved this aunt of hers. She decided for the aunt to stay over and they would go to another clinic near sister D. The went and the test came out positive. They were asked to come back a week later and again it was confirmed. Again they were told to come back to check CD count or acid levels not to sure here, but the pain was so much for them to bear.

While sitting and chatting about it with much tears, sister D said to her aunt, I have never done this before but can I pray for you and ask God to flush that virus out of your blood with His blood? The aunt agreed and so the prayer was said. When they went back for the 4th test, the results were negative, they could not find a trace of the virus. She said the screaming and crying and praising God that was going on
in the clinic was crazy, even the nurses were crying. The aunt went back home thanking God. as for

Sister D I don’t think she has recovered as yet. She will be giving her testimony in our midweek service on Thursday. Praise the Lord - Eagle Monica 


“As I step on this ground,
so shall my territory be enlarged”

I have been unemployed since April 2017 and with bills piling up. I used the below prayer eagles’ prayer point for my interview this morning and I’m on day 19 of the Prayer Academy and 1st day of Esther fast before 21 days are over…

Guess what? I’m starting a new job at one of the biggest firms in my country. Although it is a contract I trust by the time it lapses I’ll be made permanent. I have been going for several interviews with no feedback.

“As I step on this ground, so shall my territory be enlarged’”

I prayed this prayer as I stepped into their ground, up to the reception and while waiting, I spoke favor and grace. The interview was easy and the gentleman made up his mind while I was still answering 1 of the technical questions he asked.

He just said, yes I’m taking her. The HR lady had to ask him if he was sure. The Lord is good. - NP


Now It’s My Turn

I used to tell myself that I will testify as well one day. It is my turn now. My first miracle is here. God has restored the original blueprint of my life, AMEN. I was introduction to this site by a friend Gladys. I joined in August 2017 and started praying these midnight prayers. I have not yet joined the Prayer Academy
yet but just use the daily prayers Elisha sends.

My life has changed, I used to have this SPIRIT OF ANGER in me and when it comes over me, I will beat up my children and just be in that I don’t care attitude towards my husband. At times I never wanted to talk just upset and if he says something to me, I will just answer without respect, but now am free after these prayers. Thank you Lord for my first miracle. I enjoy chatting with my kids and sit with hubby and just have a nice talk without an argument. AM FREE IN JESUS NAME HALLELUJAH — JKS, Zambia



How is this possible?


There are 3 days when mere mortals can capture the undivided attention of Heaven.

Believe it or not, that is all you require for victory over hard problems, turnaround miracles and uncommon breakthroughs.

Truth is:

You can receive just about any breakthrough you desire (if it is in line with the will of God).

In those 3 specific days you can pray and receive the answers (sometimes even while you are still speaking).


   And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer;
and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. – Isaiah 65:24

This is all explained in a free prayer blueprint that will take you less than 10 minutes to read.

It is FREE.

If you’d like to receive it, then I’ll send it straight to your inbox without any strings attached.

But I need your permission to do that 

What you need to do is simple:

Click on the link below, type in your name and email address, then click <I Consent>

Click Here to Receive “The 3 Best Days to Pray” Report  

Then check your inbox in 5 minutes.

Be An Overcomer



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1 Dorcas Shirley Sithole 12.07.17 at 11:07 pm

I praise the Lord, singing PSALM 23: 1-6. THE LORD the Shepherd of His People.


2 joyce 12.07.17 at 11:16 pm

I being blessed with your prayers and I can’t wait to take on the 3day fasting and prayer because I know these are powerful.prayers my spirit confirms. Thank u for all the emails you never get tire to send.

Stay blessed


3 Fiina Nathinge 12.07.17 at 11:31 pm

I’m struggling to wake up at midnight to read my bible and pray. Besides I’m failing to meet deadlines for submitting my thesis chapters. Because of your monthly prayer bullets together with the ones in the prayer cookbook for busy people that I normally fire the time or days I managed to wake up helped me to be given a second chance to continue with my Master thesis in Education. Please remember in prayers.


Mil Reply:

Good morning in Jesus Christ name. Waking up has never been easy gor anyone but the midnight prayers give you a purpose no mattef how tired you can be. When I started the 14 days prayer blueprint gor 2018, I would feel tired but aftet cleansing the environment and asking for spiritual understanding and connection from God, I would feel like going on and and even reading about 3 chapters afterwards, Genesis and the book of Esther. The prater point became clearer and shorter I could incorporate others prayer bullets. Revelations came in dreams and in practice.


4 Dorothy 12.07.17 at 11:55 pm

The Lord our God is faithful and am certain He will answer my prayers and come to my aid in due time


5 Jabu 12.08.17 at 12:05 am

Calvary greetings. I haven’t yet managed to join the Prayer Academy but I believe God will provide the means to join. I also need a strategy to enable me to wake up at midnight for prayer. I struggle to wake up but I fire the prayers before I go to bed and when I wake up around 3am. I believe God for a new car and debt cancellation as I’m struggling with debt, and the bank are threatening to reposess my house. My wife is unemployed so our income goes to paying our debts. I committed to tithing at our church but sometimes that this month I couldn’t. But I believe God will come through for me by fire by force in Jesus name.


6 Michelle 12.08.17 at 1:07 am

Thank you for your website, I have been these past 3 weeks Struggling to wake up in the midnight hour even when the Holy Spirit wake me. I am starting as of today my 17 day fast and praying.
The Lord is charging us to get on our face for the next 17 days to see breakthrough. Later, I discovered the number 17 symbolizes deliverance, overcoming the enemy and victory.
Thank you for your web site it is truly a Blessing


7 Nicodemus 12.08.17 at 1:48 am

I also have challenges in my life , since I was born
I have crisis since I finished my academics the year 2008 I have no job am living useless life, am living with casual job a period of 1 month 2 months then what is funny it’s a government , so when they recruit other peoples of which they are family links, and the little $60 per day I have to return 10% to God and the remaining are not even enough to buy food , bus, fare rent…And this casual job it’s seasonal, I do praying stil my life drives me crazy , Lie it’s so painful on my side still to think of getting marred it’s challenging how to manage to feed the family advice plz.


8 Jessy 12.08.17 at 3:17 am

Thank you for encouraging emails. I will not quit in Jesus name.


9 Miriam Sichinga 12.08.17 at 4:50 am

Our God is a miracle working God, He will surprise me too in His due time in Jesus Name, if He is blessing my brothers and sisters in Christ, He will surely not pass me by. Amen!


10 glory 12.08.17 at 5:05 am

Praise the Lord Eagle,
Blessed are those who obey to do the work of our Lord.Am so thankfull for all the work pertaining to this ministry,am so honored to be part of this community.
Today is my turn to testify the goodness and the mercy of our Lord,I have struggling with my career for the past 5 years and Gods will has prevail.I have been into different programmes with repetitions on Sapphire especially on Mikes Examinations Prayer for the past 2months.
I’ll not be bought off in Jesus name
May the favour and mercy of the Lord be upon you all here.


11 Elizabeth Chidyamayamba 12.08.17 at 5:23 am



12 Enofrems 12.08.17 at 10:51 am

I cant open it on my phone but i can open on my laptop. Help!


13 Temalesi Buadromo K 12.08.17 at 4:02 pm

God is good all the time. He is always faithful & true. He knows everything we do & understands our thoughts. There is nothing about us that He doesn’t already now. Be firmly rooted in the Lord & be obedient to Him & watch what amazing things He will do for you…Amen


14 Nomathemba 12.08.17 at 5:15 pm

I just want to give all the glory to the Mighty God, ever since I came into this website my life has changed for the better. I’ve got that inner peace within me even when things don’t go my way. I will never give up on God no matter what, I will fight the devil tooth and nail with prayer and fasting, praise and worship not forgetting the word of God. I love Jesus He reigns forever in my heart.


15 Winnie Munyiva 12.08.17 at 8:09 pm

I have been wanting to join the prayer academy for many years but every time I set some money aside I end up using it. The devil is not going to succeed in blocking me from joining the prayer academy and trust God to help me join this month. I desperately need a breakthrough in my life.


16 Cassandra 12.09.17 at 9:11 pm

I am encouraged. Thank you.
I will not quit in Jesus’ Name.


17 Stellamaris kinyithyo 12.11.17 at 1:35 am

Dear Eagles, I did PA 2015, but I never saved my e-materials I used to follow the links I was provided with how can I have them again, I wish to repeat my PA. Secondly, please is it possible to have the 40 prayers to attract a car, am still struggling with many debts, and I have to take back what belongs to me, quitting is not my language, and selling out will never be my portion. Glory be to God


18 PENINA Mwanyai 12.11.17 at 3:45 am

Shalom, I’ve tried to get the three best days of prayer but I don’t seem to be getting through. What do I do?


19 Grace kumwembe 12.11.17 at 10:38 am

ever since l was introduced on this website l have been living a painful life.l was working in a certain bank earning less comparing to my friends of the same grade with me.l have been praying Esther fasting and some other prayers including midnight prayers this prayers was to trust God for change of position as well as salary my surprise l got a letter that my position has been put redundant.l cried and loose hope since l didn’t expect this reward after the effort.l still trust God since he is God of due course he will intervene .


elani Reply:

hi beloved
That is your challenge.Having FAITH is what matters and never lose hope becauses God almighty has greater things for you in the future. Trusting and having Faith, with prayer and Fasting. Gods great blessing be upon you


20 ALVEEN MARUFU 12.11.17 at 10:54 am

I am doing the 40 prayers to attract anything and i am waiting for a big breakthrough, I have seen Gods hand working in my life and I know that he will come through for me.


21 Annette Dates 12.11.17 at 10:10 pm

Dear man of God :I am so in lighten
that I’ve came across your website .
My mother had a stroke about month,
And I started praying some the prayer
Prayer bullet for healing,o great physical
by the power for which you are knocking to
be God arise and declare a total healing in
My mother body and every damage cell in
Her body. After firing this pray at the midnight
Hour. My mother could not talk are walk and
Now she walk and talking feeding her self
And will becoming home from the rehab on
13/12 glory be to the most high God I give him all the praise hallelujah


Christiana Reply:

An netted I feel your pains my daughter I just heard that she have cancer stage what I will not know tell in the next week her I am the evil custodian arresting the Lord people be arrested and die in the name of Jahovah God amen.


22 Modise 12.12.17 at 2:30 am

Greetings in our Lord Jesus name. I thank Almighty for letting my nephew send me the link of the man of God, Elisha. To tell the truth, in the first place I couldn’t connect with everything I was reading, some emails just left them without reading them. But one day it just happened I prayed them seriously, and since that time all bad dreams started to disappear and wonderful dreams started to appear and my prayer life started to change and also gaining the confidence of praying for people though I haven’t yet registered on any Academy but I believe soon I’ll be one of member. God bless you Elisha for the good work.


23 Blessed 12.12.17 at 5:09 pm

I thank the Lord for you Brother Elisha and your team for your tireless effort in encouraging us on this journey. I always read your emails first before others, and am just excited that no matter what we go through, we can trust our Lord Jesus Christ to lead us through. I have been unemployed since July this year, but through divine intervention, I met with people who advised me on an opportunity which they (and I) believed I was suitable and qualified for. So the process of advertising the position, my applying for the position, my being called for the interview (the devil tried to leave me out but I had faith that the door God opens, no one can close!) all took place in the last 2 months. The devil tried all sorts of tricks, like I was given the wrong date for the interview etc. Anyway, praise the Lord I was interviewed and am now awaiting further advice from the HR. I also thank the Lord that during the months I was not working for an earthly institution, I was digging deep into the Word of God and translating a Bible reading Plan from English to my own language, to give out to our church members. There is so much we can do to advance Gods Kingdom. To God be the glory.


24 malebogo kunoto 12.13.17 at 2:59 am

Good morning my TEACHER!i have been dreaming big snakes, sometimes i will see them in visions, i will dream shouting JESUS to them because whenever i’m expecting a call from where i have applied for a job or my husband expecting some tender, for example i was dreaming pour white milk poured into my hands from heaven while i was trying to enjoy my milk i found a snake swiming inside,then next one i was suppose to grab an envelop i snake ran very fast and crossed me then the envelop dissapered that was frustrating me but i kept on praying until last week a dream those snakes coming out and going back to their sender and they were bitting her but before i dream those snakes their heads being cut off by someone i didnt recognise but since then i’m no longer seeing or dreaming shouting JESUS to them.SO I’M EXPECTING SOMETHING BIG FROM OUR GOD


25 Peter O 12.13.17 at 9:36 am

Dear Brethren,
I am committing to do an Esther fast for the first time on the 27th,28th,& 29 0f December 2017, i have never done any kind of fast but i have a strong will this time.
IF there’s any procedure ,and words of encouragement, they are very much welcome.



26 ngobaxter 12.13.17 at 3:49 pm

i woud ike to receive 3 days to pray report


27 Mimi 12.14.17 at 1:39 am

Calvary greetings
I would like to receive the 3 Best Day Pray Report. I also pray to our heavenly Fathet to shock my enemies and suprise my friends and family with my year end testimony and to bless me financialy as i want to see myself in Prayer Acardemy in new year. I will not be bought off. I will not quit. I will not sell out in Jesus name.


28 NWOKOYE GLADYS 12.14.17 at 8:09 am

My husband had a spiritual attack since september that has left him with the left leg and hand not active. Pls man if God i need the right bullets to fire on for his release.


29 Ushurhe James Douglas 12.15.17 at 3:52 pm

Please Pastor Elisha, am still expecting the report of the three(3) best days to pray(and receive answers). Permission granted please.


30 fatima ibrahim wolof 12.18.17 at 10:20 am

My name is fatima have been in praying for a life partner for long and am now on 3days Fasting and prayer for God to choose and direct mi. Pls man of God send me prayer in order to locate my spouse in this new coming year 2018


31 christabell 12.19.17 at 12:27 am

I truly thank God for this site. I thought I knew how to pray before but the more I get the prayer bullets is the more I realize that there was so much that I was doing wrong. I’m currently praying from the prayer DNA and there are so many prayers there that I would never have thought of on my own and they are what I need for God to redeem me from the hands of the enemy. Thank you God for your vessel. Amen.


32 Catherine 12.19.17 at 12:58 am

I thank God for His grace and mercy. He has continued to be faithful to me. though life sometimes becomes a bit difficult to handle. But all in all i have learnt to trust Him fully. Learnt a good lesson from the Blind Batimayo. even when people did not want him to shout, he shouted all the more.

It does not matter how much you are pressed down just shout all the more like Batimayo and the end result will be great.

Gob bless you all


33 Catherine 12.19.17 at 1:02 am

After the three “3 best days to pray Report” I know my friends will be surprised and my enemies shocked.


34 Catherine 12.19.17 at 1:14 am

I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to know this site. It has really taught me so many things I didn’t know. I am doing the 40 prayer points to attract a vehicle. And I am believing God for great things.

I have never done a dry fast due to health problems but now I am believing I will do it this Christmas festivals. After the three “3 best days to pray Report” I know my friends will be surprised and my enemies shocked.

Kindly lest support one another in prayers.


35 malebogo kunoto 12.19.17 at 1:40 am

i would like to receive the 3 Best Day Pray Report.i am now in the last fasting days (Esther)of this year and i am praying very hard that God will give me a testimony that will suprise my friends and shock my enemies because i still belief that My God is the God of the last minute,because after Esther’s fasting and will go into another one from 27.12.17 until 31.12.17 and still expecting a lot from our convenant keeping God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob at the end of this year.Amen


36 PASTOR PRECIOUS S. MANYANGE 12.19.17 at 2:26 am




37 JOSEPHINE 12.19.17 at 3:09 am

we thank the God we pray is faithful I pray that my God will shock my enemies and surprise my friends and family with my end of year testimony and to bless me in all angles of my life I will not be bought off, I will not quit, I will not sell out in Jesus mighty name
may your will be done my father my God


38 Carmen May 12.19.17 at 3:33 am

Good day Elisha
I love you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much for being obedient to God and following the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I follow you since 2010. Am or was a victim of witchcraft curses. there are about 3/4 people that pays sangormas to curse me. since 2010 my life in all areas has gone from happy, successful, prosperous, favored to bad luck, unemployed, all kinds of abuse, homeless, penniless, loveless. my two sons was taken away from me in 2011. the worst of all is that my baby girl was raped by her father at 1 year and 6 months. now he tries to blame me for it by saying that I was so drugged that I never noticed how my friends raped her.
Please pray for me. God is with me or I would have been dead by now. I need a major breakthrough now, Elisha.





39 Rosemary mburugu 12.19.17 at 6:29 am

Thank you God for teaching how to pray through your servant Elisha.May your holy name be glorified.I am willing to receive the 3 best days to pray report.


40 Khathu 12.19.17 at 7:51 am

I thank God who made it possible for us to encounter with this website. Our spiritual lives are being provoked daily because of Elisha’s coaching & teachings. Thank you for allowing God to use to carry this Vision to equip Prayer eagles. I need the report on three best days to pray. We need this to continue to be overcomers in Jesus Name.


41 Angela Njuguna 12.19.17 at 11:25 am

Praise God man of God.i need praise to cancel bad dreams,and to locate my Godly spouse to me ,i also need financial breakthrough.spiritual growth,a job,prosperity and Healing.i need your prayers man of God


42 Janis Moller 12.19.17 at 11:39 am

My last minute testimony is surprising my friends and shocking my enemies…who stole my money while I was preaching and healing people in Pakistan. While we were praying during the Platinum Edition, there was a prayer that opened the gates of this land for me. A year ago I moved over the mountain from Strand to Onrus River. For 12 years I was struggling to get clients for my foot care business, but only got a few which I sill serve today. That prayer instantly opened the flood gates of income and I was appointed to be the only one allowed to do foot care for the people in an up market retirement village. Since that prayer I had money to pay for all my needs…you name it. Over due car service, over due eye test for new expensive eyeglasses, renewing of my car licence, new registration nr plates for my car and more more more. I give praise to my Father for double breakthroughs in finances….and my new nr plates reads…44012…the nr 4 is breakthrough…so double breakthrough and in the middle am I who will stay nothing to walk with the 12 apostles in victory.
The prayers of Elisha, ordered by Yahweh, are the clouds on which I soar like the eagle.


43 SAM NKAMBENG NKENG 12.20.17 at 5:27 am

I just want to bless the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Chrsit for his great and mighty works that he is doing in this Ministry, dsetroying the kingdom of darkness through targeted fired prayers.Indeed God is here.I encourage any twenty-first century believer to join and start enjoying testimonies that will shoke their enemies and surprise friends.To God alone be all the glory and honour.


44 albertina 12.20.17 at 11:14 pm

I would love to have e book prayer, passion prayer e book


45 Anjula Vincent 12.21.17 at 4:20 am

i would like to receive the 3 Best Day Pray Report.i am now in the 21 days fasting now and i am praying very hard that God and looking upto the lord fervantly for a breakthru from my financial burden insult, job, agony of last 20 years and I lost my husband, health, relationships in this long waiting, NowI want to take back what is stolen/lost and to give testimony of Almighty. God ‘s hand do for me/my son and our family.
Anjula Vincent


46 Margaret Apana- Calo 12.21.17 at 5:11 am

What shall l render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me. I will continuously praise Him and give Him all the Glory and bless His Holy Name. He has promised and it gives me great joy to know the Lord is with us always.

He has promise He will not fail us if we put our trust in Him and believe Him wholeheartedly. In Jeremiah 33 verse 3. He said we should call upon Him and He will answer us and even show us great and mighty things we knowest not.
May the Lord met our every need, have abundant mercy on us, give us the grace to be a living inspiration to others in Jesus Name. Amen.


47 Margaret Apana- Calo 12.21.17 at 5:26 am

I thank Elisha for making this ministry and the Prayer Academy available to us and teaching us how to pray and get prayer answers. Your human strength couldn’t have been possible, but for the working power and anointing power of God in you He makes the impossible to be come possible to help humanity. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you immeasurable strength for the great work ahead of you. Thank you. Amen.


48 Petronillah Ncube 12.28.17 at 11:50 pm

Thank you so much for the prayer bullets you always send to me.They have made me grow spiritual. I no longer run around looking for people to pray for me.Today l had a shocking dream where l saw one of the pastors l used to worship under him performing rituals. It was more like a move and even now am still shocked with what l saw.This has taught me not to trust any man any more only to pray for myself following what the word of God says. Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes.Its my prayer that God should help all the people who worship miracles that are performed by so called man of god to open their spiritual eyes and see what l saw .They will never again step their foot on those churches. Even now am shocked.


49 Patrick 01.01.18 at 2:57 am

We thank God all in all for having such people like you Elisha and others that have put your life to teach people on how to catch fish rather feeding them all through. This is great, may the good Lord continue to be your guider


50 Bwalya Chibinga 01.01.18 at 7:58 am

Thank u pastor Elisha for the wonderful works in the lives of many. I got introduced to this platform on the 25th of December 2017 by a friend. Since then I have been following ur mails and now on the ester fast. I can say that from the time I began my prayers, I feel an inner peace within me. May the Lord continue to bless u


51 Maureen 01.16.18 at 12:54 pm

I praise God for learning how to pray and get answers in 3 days. I took the Esther fast during the 27mins for 2018, and almost all my requests have been answered. My niece got a job, our business is back on track and clients just invited us without biddinh and many other blessings. Blessings Elisha


52 Joan 02.05.18 at 6:15 am

An on my third day prayer and fasting am overwhelmed am still strong this ha never happened to me thanks for emails


53 Modise Mogobye 02.07.18 at 4:58 am

Greetings in our Lord Jesus, thank you for the e-mails you send. The beginning of this year I did the Prophetic Key and the Esther fasting. Long time me and my wife wanted to sell our car but couldn’t get a buyer. This year we post it on website and within two days we got a buyer and bought it immediately, we also been blessed with a brand new car. Early this year me and my brother survived an accident. I really thank God for His Grace an Mercy which are sufficient for us. This year I’m believing God for greater things to surprise my family and to double shock may enemies. Thank you man of God for the daily prayer points though I haven’t joined in a Prayer Academy yet but soon I will register and become “VVDP”. God bless you and the staff helping you 24/7 to get us prayer points.


54 Paul Indimuli 02.26.18 at 2:29 pm

Am so glad and grateful to GOD for this Pre Marathon prayers!This is my very first time,really getting blessed. The prayer bullets contain true fire of Almighty


55 sarah 03.05.18 at 10:15 am

I am so greatfull to God for the the daily emails you send. they are so empowering that I look forward to one day joining the prayer academy. I am sending my sister Sarah’s that she may get encouraged too. She has a number of challenges she is facing that need prayers

God bless you.


56 Paul Indimuli 03.14.18 at 3:13 pm

3best days to pray has really enriched my life, am marching onto the road of my divine destiny in special way. Thanks Elisha for remembering my spiritual life!


57 Paul Indimuli 03.23.18 at 7:47 am

Thanks man of God Elisha ,your daily mails I receive are powerful .I thank God for joining prayer Academy. Am blessed everyday!Prayer advisors have been very helpful too.


58 Jessie 03.23.18 at 9:32 am

I thank Elisha for making this ministry and the Prayer Academy available to us and teaching us how to pray and get prayer answers. Thank You Elisha Goodman for your teachings. I love the 3 best days to pray.


59 Mpho 03.24.18 at 2:42 am

I would like to join the Prayer Academy,I have the money ,but the banks here unable to process my payments. anyone from South Africa who can help me make a payment?

I am from Lesotho


60 Gertrude 04.05.18 at 5:54 am

Am humbled to be connected to this blog and I believe am about to experience uncommon favor in Jesus name


61 Jannet 04.20.18 at 3:09 pm

Hi am humbled to join in ,I have a problem, when ever I start the fasting I end up eating even before noon I need God’s intervention spiritually physically and emotionally, I need breakthrough


62 Gertrude 04.21.18 at 4:15 am

Ever since I came across your website, I’ve always felt it in my spirit that a turn around is about to visit me,I’ve just commenced my 3days of prayer and fasting today and am believing God for his power in my spiritual life and other areas of life.Am next on line for a powerful testimony.


63 Gaone Montshiwa 05.09.18 at 7:33 am

plis send me your daily messages


64 Twinemanzi Andrew 05.09.18 at 8:25 am

New member


65 dbelinda 05.12.18 at 2:54 pm

Thank you Elisha for your uplifting.I was introduced to your Pa but ,never thought I would be a member.Since last week I joined this site am sure my life will never be the same again.I also entered into Esther fast because of the zeal to experience this God’s doing so have grown spiritually.I look foward to bring more testimonies like others.God bless you Elisha!


66 suzzy 05.16.18 at 1:06 pm

I thank God ever since I started praying at midnyt I feel peace even when things seem like hell on earth coz one thing I know for sure is am an overcome through it all let’s keep praying


67 rnsiyonalk 05.17.18 at 3:21 am

Today is my first day on this site which i have found by God’s grace and alraedy i have a good feeling. The devil has been attacking my finances as well as my husband’s. School fees for our children has become a struggle, bank loans, several debts and i know i am a child of the most High God almighty, raised from the dead in union with Christ and i share in my father’s inheritance as his daughter and all things belong to me through Christ. I cannot give up; the Lord is my shepard and his plan for me is to prosper in total abundance. I need prayer bullets against the goliath of debt. Thank you Elisha for the guidance you have given to many and the souls you have won for the kingdom of God

May you be blesses


68 Alice Charo 05.18.18 at 5:05 am

Praise the Lord my sisters and brethren, Am highly favoured by God through his servant Elisha,since I started receiving prayer points through email and encouragement of praying at midnight…I have the reasons to say that my life is now full of prayers and my all family is joining me in prayer and fasting which was not easy. I thank God for blessing and healing my husband from constant headache and talking in dreams. All this are in the past.Iam still continuing in midnight prayers everyday and trusting God for a breakthrough in my business /finances and Job openings for my children. Iam pushing on for greater testimony. God bless u Elisha for good work


69 beatrice gichinga 05.18.18 at 8:53 am

I firstly thank God for blessing us with the gift of life and good health,I thank Him truly
for giving you (Elisha) the gift you already have and helping many people including me.Thank you Elisha for generously sharing with us this precious gift,may almighty God continue blessing always……………….


70 Abigail Nigeria 05.18.18 at 3:42 pm

Good day Pastor Elisha,
I bless God for you and the work God is doing through your ministry. I came across your site when I was tired of the way my life was going. My husband and I run our own business and last year we got into a wrong investment that almost destroyed everything we worked so hard to build couple with the resection in the country. I needed God desperately so I decided to fast and pray but didn’t really know what to pray about or how to begin the prayer.
I decided to check online for midnight prayer points that’s how I stumbled upon your site.
What caught my eye was the Esther’s 3 days prayer. I decided to use it with the prayer bullet for 2018. It was funny that I was using January prayer guide for May but with faith i combined both.
To my greatest joy, one of our clients paid us 4m out of the money we were been owed. Another company called that we should resume our suspended contract immediately. I am so over joyed, my children has been out of school due to lack of money and we had sold our cars to pay off debts. As am typing this we now have a new jeep and our financial status restored. Am so grateful to God. I never knew i will be giving my testimony online but I need someone out there to be encouraged just as I was encouraged by other people’s testimony that I read. The God that answered my prayers is the same yesterday, today and forever. Praise God!


71 suzzy 05.28.18 at 4:37 am

greetings in the name of the lord I came across your website 2015 I was searching for dream and their meaning that’s when I saw dreamcode, passion prayer,cookbook and prayer dna I downloaded the books and started praying at midnight and fasting and atyms I use to win the battle and sometyms ilost bt I didn’t give up to date God have been soo faithful to me coz he reveal thing to me even before they happen although I have never joined prayer academy coz of financial struggles bt I believe one day I will .I thank God of elisha for teaching us how to pray targeted prayers that bring results may God bless you


72 Rachel 06.22.18 at 6:51 pm

Elisha I’ve fallen in love with your prayers every day at work I just feel happy deep down my heart I want to spend the whole day on internet exploring prayers


73 Rachel 06.22.18 at 6:59 pm

Elisha I’ve fallen in love with your prayers every day at work I just feel happy deep down my heart I want to spend the whole day on internet exploring prayers preparing for Easter fasting for my first time


74 Patience 07.13.18 at 9:08 am

thank you for all the lessons . iam grateful and hope to join the academy soon.


75 RoseLynn(Rose) 08.02.18 at 4:05 am

I am so blessed, touched and encouraged through your teachings, man of God. Thank you very much and May God continue to bless in abundance, I was in my middle of my of my 7day not eating and glass of drink while I was searching for my scripture to stand with for my Godly spouse I find myself landing on this blog, for the few I have learnt, I will put them in practices as I am in day 4 of fasting. Thank you very much man of God, and to God be the Glory..


76 Shadrack Kariuki 08.10.18 at 2:11 am

God bless you.


77 Puseletso 08.29.18 at 4:10 am

I wanna thank God for what he did for my sister, last week was very stressful for me and family as my younger who is staying far away from us( Overseas) was very sick, however i thank God because through your teachings i prayed for her and now she is totally healed. The prayer point Oh great physician is a machine gun, i was shooting it every midnight together with Esther Fast. I thank God for your live Elisha you are really God Send.


78 Angelina Oduor 08.31.18 at 7:09 am

Am blessed with the prayers so much May God bless me to join the Academy


79 Dineo 09.06.18 at 3:40 am

Good morning Elisha!I’m very happy about the prayers that you send every day,I’m so encouraged I will never quit,may God give you strength to keep on sending to us…Plis be part of my prayers I’m praying for financial crisis in my marriage I have faith that this month of September I will rejoice.Amen


80 Yetunde Akinfolarin 09.13.18 at 3:17 pm

I just love this prayer concept. God will continue to endow you with wisdom divine.


81 Aniedi Macauley David 09.15.18 at 4:31 am

My wife and me have joined the prayer Academy last year, but that was when i lost my job and God has done many things for us and i am still trusting God for another new job. In Jesus name


82 Gladys 09.26.18 at 1:42 pm

Am blessed to be part of this prayer warrior group. God bless every one.


83 Mary kamau 09.28.18 at 9:00 am

I would like to be part of the group


84 Vincent kemei 11.29.18 at 10:55 pm

God is so great in his mavelous works


85 Shareez edwina 12.06.18 at 4:26 am

Elisha Goodman you have really inspired me to know how to pray well.keep up with the good work.I can’t wait to get more of your prayer eBook articles and follow in action


86 Margaret 12.16.18 at 9:01 pm

Praise the Lord. The Lord is good and His mercies endureth forever. I am gratefull to God for letting me know Elisha Goodman Prayer Academy. Thank you very much Elisha for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way. Being a part of this ministry has enriched me spiritually and has given me wisdom and acknowledge and great love to impart what l have learnt in the Prayer Ministry to help friends and love ones. The 3 better days to pray and receive answers to prayer just sent to friends and love ones on WhatsApp came at the right time. Elisha you are really an instrument of God. 40 dreams and meanings is going to be useful to a love one who has been dreaming and seeing his late mum constantly in his dreams for years since she passed away. The Lord is great and merciful. It is only the all knowing God who could make this possible through this prayer ministry. Halleluyah.


87 Racheal 12.26.18 at 2:37 pm

Don’t know how I came across your site but each time I get an email, my spirit is lifted. I am so glad I came across your site and now I am ready to take up the challenge to always be alert. Thank you so much for your spirit-lifting mails I get regularly. God increase you and enlarge your coasts. I will keep following till I am able to join the academy fully.


88 Yandisa 12.29.18 at 8:36 am

Good day, your testimonies are strengthening me every time and I need victory over the bad dreams I have and later wake up having forgotten them. Even the struggles I am facing financially, physically, academically and spiritually I trust that the Lord will give me victory through this platform. May the good Lord bless you more and may he enlarge your borders and territory in Jesus name.


89 Nevis 12.31.18 at 2:58 am

Hi,I have been having this dream since the beginning of this year,whenever am racing with my friends I found myself flying leaving them racing on the ground.Please what can it be..


90 Luke 01.09.19 at 1:13 pm

Dear Pastor Elisha

Thank you for such a wonderful programme that brings revival back in my soul. I have been thirsty for such and now I have found it.

Since I have started praying one day before new years eve, I am experience a great repositioning in my life and my prayer life is growing tremendously.

May God bless you more


91 Joan 01.12.19 at 3:59 am

Dear Pst.Elisha
I bless the Lord for you and what you been called for in the transformation of lives around the world. I would to know more about destiny destroying dreams;their meaning and how to pray over them.
God bless.


92 Jane 01.15.19 at 6:48 am

Calvary greeting am so happy brother Elisha for all the offered prayers and so blessed except for poor network interruptions that sometimes disappear with with part of downloads. Be blessed. Yesterday I asked for combined prayer brother Elisha for my right hand and my chest together with lack of sleep my brother I slept like a small baby last night and the fear went away but had little disturbance but woke up at 1:42 am and never went back to sleep just prayed till 4:30am when I woke up to prepare my son to go to school. Be blessed am healed in Jesus name brother.


93 Nicholas 01.25.19 at 11:36 am

Brother, Elisha Goodman, i just finished my Esther’s Prayer & Fasting and it was so intense i have never ever experienced such an amzing presence of God in my life and i’m totally craving more and more of hearing and seeing God in a mighty way! When you simply align your spirit with the Spirit of God all thing are possible through Christ Jesus! I will be joining the Eagle Academy very soon as i diligently follow the Prayer Bullets with Precision!
Thank you Elisha and God bless you abundantly!
Bro. Nicholas Njoroge.


94 Rebecca 01.26.19 at 5:04 am

Thank God Who made a way for me to see Elisha Goodman’s post.It is a blessing for me and my family.I was struggling to pray at midnight hour and praying amiss,he made me realise that the first time I read his post.I thank God.


95 Warence Kaluba 02.05.19 at 6:43 am

Dear Sirs,
Thank you Elisha for the wonders you are doing. am writing to seek help from you . Assist me with prayer bullets for business and financial through.

When ever we have a business i end up making a loss. you will discover that the project attracts more costs. advise.

My wife also suddenly she will start quarreling and talk bad things like divorce.

Teach me to have wisdom so that my business can ran smoothly.
Each time i want to register for prayer academy ( prayer that works) i fell it gives me that there is an error. advise

Warence Kaluba


96 Jacinta 02.05.19 at 1:02 pm

Dear Beloved……Elisha is a Messenger from the Holy Spirit. At the midnight hour the doors are being opened to conquer the elements of the witches and wizards and also for good tidings for any overcomer. I know of this routine…one has to make themselves devoted to such agenda. It really works. I used to be on that road and I had stop through distractions but I have returned on that path never to be removed. I Bless God for the Evangelist and Messenger to many. Teacher Jessie


97 blekoko 02.06.19 at 4:56 pm

Dear Elisha,
Please kindly send me the prayer bullets or points for praying for getting a job, i am currently working and not happy with my current work. I completed another Course in December 2018, so i need to change jobs or get a better satisfactory job with fringe benefits etc.

I really need assistance how to go about praying for it.

Kind Regards,


98 Moeketsi 02.12.19 at 2:19 pm

Please send this brother and friend in the Lord you daily communication.


99 Paulina 02.16.19 at 7:00 pm

Calvary greetings Elisha Goodman & dear rest of the team.Thursday I went to the clinic for minor sickness and they ask me to test HIV as well I agreed n came positive. Please stand in the gap for me or if anyone facing similar issue let us pray together.


100 Janet 02.18.19 at 3:31 am

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I thank God since I signed in to this website my prayer life has changed through the emails you send me Man of God Elisha,currently am not subscribed to any program because of financial issues I don’t have a job yet am trusting God for one please do send me prayer bullets for jobs and destroying the spirit of stagnation, thank you, Janet.


101 Annie 02.22.19 at 8:25 pm

Dear Elisha
I thank God for the work you are doing. I’m struggling with finances and getting a new job and I feel it is just too much sometimes. I trust God still for strength, provision and deliverance. Remember me in your prayers.


102 Eni udowong 03.05.19 at 8:59 am

Calvary greetings dear servant of the most high,l’m glad at what you are doing and for mails being sent to me l gratefully appreciate may the Almighty God the knower of all truth bless and keep you in Jesus name amen. Please sir l need you to pray with me for divine breakthrough l’ he unemployed for the past ten years and what l have @ hand is merger, my husband support is not sufficient it has been struggling like elephant yet eating like ant please stand in the gap for me. I’m on a three day fast being from morning to 3pm please help me l know of a certainty l will have my breakthroughs in Jesus name amen all l need is the key to use please don’t leave me out cos l want share my testimonies too.thanks for being there God bless you in Jesus name.


103 Eunice 03.07.19 at 1:55 am

Dear Elisha,
I have been working in an organisation for more than 12 years and this year is the 13th, was working 6 to seven hours and this year was given a letter stating my working hours will be 4 meaning the salary has gone down instead of rising im in need of money my children needs my support my husband is jobless although he is a proffessional driver. I would like my working hours raised to be able to even pay my debts i have accumulated to make ends meet.


104 Richard 03.15.19 at 10:54 am

I am happy to access this website. I am know I am the next in giving the testimony of my miracles.


105 sethmutasa 03.19.19 at 6:27 am

Greetings servant of the most High. Thank you for the consistent emails you have been sending to me! I appreciate your efforts and may God bless you.


106 Angeline 03.20.19 at 7:19 am

very encouraged to pray and feel more challenged in my prayer life.


107 Angeline 03.20.19 at 7:23 am

i have had my first and second lesson i feel more empowered spiritually. please can si have prayer guide for my son who is in grade six , he is not doing well in shool , o seek God’s wisdom to be upon his life. M heart broken, i have prayed and fasted but nothing fruitful yet.

include me more in these chats.


108 Ruth akawu 03.25.19 at 8:58 am

I bless God for the day I found this website, I can’t even remembered how I came across it..sure it must be the help of the holy spirit.I came at the right time course I have been trusting God for his devine intervention in my marriage, thank you sir for the free e book… I know am next to testified in Jesus name amen


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