70 Prayer Bullets for Kenya

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A Prayer for Kenya – By Elisha Goodman
Many of our readers know that
we refer to Nairobi, the capital
of Kenya as the …
“City of Prayer Warriors.”

That title is richly deserved.

While the attention of the world will
be focused on that city for the next few days…

…A global army of prayer eagles on standby …

Ready to swing into ACTION this

That’s as it should be.

The trumpet has sounded in the spirit
for all prayer eagles in Kenya ((plus friends
and well-wishers worldwide) to arise and
bombard the heavens.

You are invited.

Here’s how to join us…
(simply click on the link below
or copy and paste into your browser):


(Note: if this link does not work, just
wait a while and try again. It means thousands
of eagles are trying to access it at the same time).


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