How Should One Chase A Thousand…

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How should one chase a thousand,
and two put ten thousand to flight…
— Deut 32:30

If you remember, I mentioned in the G5 Report that many people walking around today are in prison in the spirit… and it will take great deliverance to bring them out.

Once an individual is in a spiritual prison, it will be EXTREMELY difficult for the blessings of God to reach him/her.

She will not be “available” to receive blessings, even when everybody else is getting blessed.

This sister took that teaching to heart. And on the VERY first night, her prayers provoked supernatural divine intervention.

Hear her tell the story (and note how the enemy reacted):

Hello Elisha,

“You had been my spiritual mentor since 3-4 yrs ago, you had really encouraged me to always communicate with my heavenly father by myself and to always fight the good fight by myself.

“I started the Prayer Marathon at exactly 12mn,so many things happened some hours before the commencement that it really seems it will be impossible for me to commence on the Day 1,but the Holy spirit keeps on telling to be calm and focus. i was fast asleep and at exactly three minutes to midnight, i woke up from the sleep shivering,i had to add extra warmth during the prayer time. I prayed that God almighty should remove me from unknown prison and unknown evil cage.

“I retired to bed and had a dream, in the dream,i saw myself working and being caged in a place, we are many, but something happened: the boss noticed that i wanted to leave the organization and was not happy, i was now being monitored but eventually i escaped from the place. On my way the boss sent eight heavily armed securities to bring me back, as soon as i saw them i called on Jesus to confuse them so that they will think i was not the one. As i was praying, i saw a woman on my side and she told me she had come to save me from them, and that she too had worked in the place before but had escaped too, and that i should not be afraid. When the armed security guards saw the two of us they said “she is not the one” and they left.

“I was really happy, and we continued on our journey. We had not gone far again that we saw troops of soldiers coming after us again. My guard said i should be calm and see what will happen. Wen they got to us, my guard ask them what they wanted, and they said they want me back. At that time i started praying to God in the dream. What happened was that all of them became confused and started looking at both of us without raising any hand to take me. That was when i woke up.

“Immediately i woke up, I started praising God for saving and delivering me from caged prison employment… Thanks and God bless.

– Sister A A

Before long, this sister will be sharing powerful testimonies on this site, to the glory of God.


Because she has been set free in the spirit. Spiritual freedom is the precursor of all manner of powerful breakthrough manifestations in the physical world.

For you participating in this pray-to-saturation program, I want to encourage you to press forward.

Jesus is on your case.


It is time to release your prayer arrows against the hidden taskmasters that have been working against your glorious destiny in Christ.

You must target your prayers against these spiritual enemies (please note that they are not human beings) for this is:

A Time to Kill… the dream killers and destroy the destroyers!

If you have any dream encounters, please click on the [COMMENT] link below and share them.

The reason I want you to share them on the blog (please do NOT mention your full name) is so that others can use the guidelines below to intercede for you.

And everyone on this program MUST select at least 5 cases on this blog DAILY and pray for them very aggressively. Just in case you are not aware, this is one way to hasten the manifestation of your own miracles (Prayer Academy grads understand this principle well).

How should one chase a thousand,
and two put ten thousand to flight…
Deut 32:30

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know that people are praying for you from all nooks and corners of the earth?

Let me share this secret with you:

If you want the Holy Spirit to lay a burden in the heart of others to pray concerning your issues, please note that you must also participate fully in praying for others. As you sow, so shall you reap. If you spend time and pray for others, the Holy Spirit will move thousands on this program to pray for you too. EVERY DAY.

That’s how it works – I don’t have to supervise you or anything.

The LORD is in charge here.

So I encourage you to post your dreams, challenges, requests on the blog – and also post words of encouragement, prayers, scriptures, etc. As you are led by the Spirit.

I and my prayer advisors will be on this blog every night, tracking the activities going on here. I will specially note those who are fully engaged in helping others. Because I have an exciting project I’d like to invite them to participate in shortly.


This is only a guide. I’m sure the Holy Spirit will minister to you on a case by case basis.

If a participant is experiencing severe dream attacks and he or she posts this on the blog, here’s how you pray for them:

“I fire back every arrow of the enemy in [his/her] dream in the name of Jesus”

If someone reports that success has been eluding them, pray like this for them:

“Every power that has padlocked [the person's] success, release the key by fire in the name of Jesus”

“Every power that has swallowed her destiny, vomit it now in the name of Jesus”

If someone is having the fear of death, or the feeling that something bad is about to happen,
pray like this for them:

“Every power sending the arrow of death to [the person], receive your arrow back in the name of Jesus”

If you sense that someone is very close to a miracle but the enemy is fighting her with discouragement and all (you can tell by just reading the blog posts of some people), please intercede for them like this:

“Every battle at the edge of her breakthrough, die die die in the name of Jesus”

If you discern that a participant has been swallowed by the gates of their father’s house and consequently is NOT where they are supposed to be in life, pray like this:

“Let every Goliath and Pharaoh working against [this person] from her fathers’ house, die die die in the name of Jesus”

“O Lord, release [this person] from the bondage of profitless hard work in the name of Jesus”

There are many cases of sickness posted on the blog. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who to intercede for. Then begin to pray like this:

“O Lord, deliver [this person] from the arrows of death and hell in Jesus’ name.”

If someone says that good things do not last in their hands, here’s how you should be praying:

“O Lord, disgrace every pursuing Pharaoh, working after this life in Jesus’ name”

For the jobless:

“Every power strengthening problems in [this person's] life, die and be buried in the name of

“I decree that as from today [this person] shall have sweat-less victory in Jesus name”

For those who are in poverty:

“Every inherited curse of poverty in the life of [this person] die in the mighty name of Jesus”

“O God arise and slay the dragon of poverty in this life in Jesus’ name.”

For those who need urgent financial breakthroughs (they must remember their sacrificial seed – and give until it hurts):

“The GOD that answers by fire, answer them by fire in the name of Jesus”

For those who feel something moving around in their body, here’s the prayer point
for them:

“You arrows programmed into the body of [this person], come out now and enter no more in the name of Jesus”

For those who are oppressed at work:

You raise one hand to the heavens and decree like this:

“O thou that trouble the Israel of this child of God, the Lord shall trouble you during this program
in the name of Jesus”

REMEMBER: As you intercede for others, the Lord will raise men and women to intercede for you.

OK, to the [COMMENT] now.

Join the conversation … and make this community come alive. You can post everyday, as many times as you want. This is what this community is for.

I’d love to see thousands of posts here daily.

How should one chase a thousand,
and two put ten thousand to flight…
— Deut 32:30

Be An Overcomer!


PS: I want to thank you for sending in your sacrificial offering. Please remember to take the prophetic action and pray EVERYDAY concerning this offering…

PPS: POST your comments, prayer requests, testimonies, words of encouragement, intercessory prayers below …..

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1 Victoria 03.20.18 at 4:32 pm

Praise Jesus
Need to be helped in praying for my deliverance against witchcraft and sorcery


Annie Reply:

Hey Victoria I pledge to stand with you in prayer against that sorcery may God be with you and may His Grace sustain you.


2 Felista 04.03.18 at 11:19 am

Been having dreams of sex with known person in my dreams and also dream of drinking Ribena (red substance)


Annie Reply:

Hey Felista
Ill stand with you in prayer I think the Ribena is blood though maybe you can pray against satanic caterers ill get back to you in the latter comments when I find those prayers.


3 Annie 04.04.18 at 12:07 pm

Please support me in prayer for an urgent financial breakthrough for my family and acceptance into my first choice college.


Florence Reply:

I will pray with you for your financial break through


4 Gmandaz 04.06.18 at 6:25 pm

Hi I am Gmanz been having a lot of problems….i seldom sleep during the day or night…i get attacked during prayers by a force I can’t even describe and I feel its presence around me all the time. Ever since I came across Elisha’s organization I have been fasting and doing my midnight prayers….Eagles please help pray for my deliverance too…I can’t live a life being scared to pray coz of the attacks I get…
Witchcraft is real but God’s grace has kept me alive…please help with your prayers..i truly believe in my deliverance.


5 PA Che 09.01.18 at 1:28 am

Hi I need help with intercession my husband left with me four children youngest 5 months old still nursing my studies my finances and my family is in deep sorrow my in-laws mocks me and hates me my husband now lives with another woman all my childrens join is put in distress it’s now 3 years and 4 months right after our marriage my husband start a new relationship all our friends and family is shock and disbelief my in-laws decievce me causes conspiracy upon me and children my husband hates my children and rejected them.


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