This month we enter a different realm of prayer altogether.

Because a new season has dawned in the spirit.

It is a time for intercessory prayers…

… first and foremost, for your pastors in YOUR local church.

Did you watch the short video above?

Can you now understand …

- why there is so much disunity and church splits everywhere?

- why the divorce rate among pastors is soaring?

- why the children of many pastors are turning their backs on the gospel?

Could it be that satanic agents in your community are actively praying against them?

It does not matter whether you are in Boston, USA … or Sydney, Australia.

Your city and church are very likely under intense satanic bombardment.

You heard it in the video.

Let me give you a tip here…

The month of May is the month of intercession…

… as we gear up for the historic event coming up in Jerusalem in a few short weeks.

(Details to be posted to the 24-Hour Blog Forum).

Regarding intercessory prayers, one of the Eagles posted a thought-provoking story a few days ago.

Here it is…

*** Praying For Others ***

A hospital chaplain visited a delightful old lady in the hospital. As he approached her bed, he noticed that with the index finger of one hand she was touching, one by one, the fingers of the other, with her eyes closed. When the chaplain spoke to her she opened her eyes and said, “Oh, chaplain, I was just saying my prayers – the prayers my grandmother taught me many years ago.”

The chaplain looked puzzled, so she went on to explain, “I hold my hand like this, my thumb towards me. That reminds me to pray for those nearest to me. Then, there is my pointing finger, so I pray for those who point the way to others – teachers, leaders, parents. The next finger is the biggest so I pray for those in high places. After that comes the weakest finger – look it won’t stand up by itself – so I pray for the sick and the lonely and the afraid. And this little one – well, last of all I pray for myself.”

What a great lesson! It is so easy to make our prayers about us – “Help me… deliver me… give me… show me… I need… I want…” when our prayers should be for and about others.

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” Philippians 2:3

- Eagle Njideka, 24-Hour Forum



This month… if you’ll take the focus off yourself and your problems…

… and instead invest your time and effort to pray FURIOUSLY for your spiritual leaders (i.e. your pastors, Bible teachers, cell group leaders, worship leaders, ministers, elders, etc) you will be rewarded more than you can ever imagine.

Please take this as a spiritual call to arms.

*** 7 Furious Prayers For Your Pastor(s) ***

Scripture Ingredient:

Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothed with honor and majesty… Who makes his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire – Psalm 104:1,4

Praise and worship


1. Let the power to mount up with wings as an eagle fall upon our pastors (mention the names).


2. O LORD, empower our pastors (mention the names) to receive fresh revelations from You daily, and to preach your undiluted word without fear or favor in Jesus name.


3. Let the crushing hammer of God crush every force opposing the calling and ministry of our pastor(s) ….


4. Every arrow of strife, disunity and divorce fired into our local church, hear the word of the LORD, go back to your senders never to return in Jesus name.


5. Every satanic prayer against pastors (mention the names), and their families be nullified by the power of the blood of Jesus.


6. Let every evil tongue rising up against our pastor(s)…. be confounded and be put to shame in the name of Jesus Christ.


7. I draw a circle of the blood of Jesus around my pastors (mention the names) and our entire congregation in Jesus name.



AFTER you have prayed furiously for your pastor(s), please take this one prayer for yourself (with a holy shout):


O death, where is your victory? Fear of death, arrow of death,
I curse you to die to your roots in the name of Jesus.

Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer


P.S: Best thing you can do for friends and family – share these prayers with them all. Encourage them to start praying for their pastors as well.

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Sunday morning…

while it was still dark…

Soldiers stationed at the tomb of
Jesus felt an intense earthquake.

Then they saw a great light.

A small star in the heavens
announced Christ’s birth…

And a powerful light announced his rebirth.


7 Verses of
Matthew Chapter 28


… capture this epic event:

1. After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day
of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went
to look at the tomb.

2. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel
of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb,
rolled back the stone and sat on it.

3. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes
were white as snow.

4. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook
and became like dead men.

5. The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know
that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.

6. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Come and see the place where he lay.

7. Then go quickly and tell his disciples:

‘He has RISEN from the dead and is going
ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.
Now I have told you.’

A great Bible commentator puts it this way:

“Today we remember a sudden burst of LIGHT that tore

the veil of the bleak and forlorn darkness of that Sunday morning…

Revealing a risen LORD and conquering Messiah who

defeated sin and death by crushing the head of the serpent.”

= = =

My prayer for you and your family is 3-fold:

  1.  Let evil stones be rolled away from your life and family in Jesus name.

 2.  And let the resurrection light shine upon every dark area of your life…

 3.  Let that same Power of Resurrection that raised JESUS CHRIST from the dead… begin to quicken every “dead” area of your life and breathe life anew into you and your loved ones… in Jesus Christ name. Amen.


Is Your Hour To Shine



It is the Season of Resurrection….

Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire puts it quite bluntly:

“The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and the end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, all bishops, priests, and Christian ministers should go home and get honest jobs, and all the Christian faithful should leave their churches immediately.

As Paul himself put it: “If Jesus is not raised from the dead, our preaching is in vain and we are the most pitiable of men.” It’s no good trying to explain the resurrection away or rationalize it as a myth, a symbol, or an inner subjective experience. None of that does justice to the novelty and sheer strangeness of the Biblical message.

It comes down finally to this: if Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke; if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option.”

= = =

Now, Christ was raised from the dead by the Power of Resurrection. And that Power is still available to us today, as believers.

What is the evidence?

After He rose from the dead, He gave us this charge:


And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. – Mark 16:15-17



Let’s see how our band of prayer eagles are responding to this divine mandate.

Today, the gospel of Jesus Christ is still being preached all over the earth.

Take away the gospel, and all you have left is a life without meaning...

… a hollow, worthless emptiness that so many are experiencing today.

Not so for the believer in Christ.

See an email I received a
while ago:


My name is Wendy, I am contacting you from Johannesburg South Africa.  The Holy Spirit led me on a journey of spiritual discovery, which in turn led me to you about 2 months ago (March 2017) – and I must admit that was the greatest gift I could have ever received.
Now I know what people mean when they say “truly knowing God is a privilege.” I do not have any miraculous signs and wonders to report but the peace, contentment, joy and love I have in my heart since joining the Prayer Academy is something I have never ever experienced before – which in itself is a miracle.I am so excited about my future that I am about to burst – and I just had to tell you. I do not have the vocabulary to express my gratitude, all I can say is – Thank You Lord!


The gospel of Jesus Christ continues to change so many things in the world today.

It remains the only force powerful enough to change the hearts and conditions of people.

Wherever the gospel has gone it has miraculously changed lives. The gospel brought education, hospitals, and all that is good about Western civilisation.

It was the gospel that drove the nail into the coffin of slavery with one powerful phrase.

It was the gospel that raised the status of women.

Yes, the gospel is the great leveller.

TToday the gospel message (and power) still saves, heals and delivers. 

Listen to this:

*** We Refused the Doctor’s Report ***

“I prayed for my relative who had an accident in November 2015 and was admitted in ICU, it was a bad accident because after staying in ICU for almost a month with no improvement the doctors decided to shut the machine but we refused and I started the midnight prayers and prayed firing the bullets violently. We refused doctors report and continued praying for his healing. I thank God because on 29th January he was discharged out of hospital totally healed.

- Rosemary


** No Dialysis, No Blood Transfusion Needed **

My God is a miracle worker !! I stormed the gates f 2016 using the prayer points you sent Elisha , within 2 weeks of January 2016 I bought a car , God is great. In 2014 my dad was diagnosed with a kidney disease ,the Dr said that he needed dialysis and I told my dad that am going to do something that will restore your health, I did the Esther fast and as I speak now his kidney condition was reversed with no dialysis ,no blood transfusion. The Dr had suggested to do various things but he did less, Jesus healed him. – Shamin

** Jobless No More **

These are the same prayers I prayed. I had no job for close to 8 months. I used to go for interviews but no responses were coming. I prayed these prayer bullets with fasting and I thank God for prayers answered. I now have a job. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ. – Janet

** More Brand New Jobs **

I was introduced to your website, though I am not yet a member, last wk I did a 3-day Esther Fast, and my daughter in UK gt a job as an Administration Finance officer. This week I continued with my fast and just now my daughter sent me a msg saying her husband got a job as a payroll officer, I can’t believe it. All these prayers answered I got them on my 2nd day fast. Praise God.

- Thoko



Praise the LORD.

HE has empowered believers to go out and touch the world with our Resurrection Prayers to…

- make dead things come alive.

- restore what has been lost or stolen

- reverse the decree of death

- draw you closer to the Lord

- break every chain and stronghold of the enemy

… all because of the Power of Resurrection, made available to you and me through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Because Christ is
risen from the dead…


You and me … and the entire Body of Christ …

… we’re called  to be living examples of that Power of Resurrection at work in every area of life.

Please don’t settle for less!

Learn to speak the words of resurrection (through relentless prayer) into every area of your life … even if in the natural it appears many things are dead and buried.

Romans 4:17:

(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him 
whom he believed, even God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were.

YOU have been given the POWER (in the name of the risen Lord) to speak life to dead things… using your mouth the way God does.

That, my friend, is your secret passcode into the supernatural in this season.

Be An Overcomer


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Once Again, Happy Resurrection Day!




If I have one message this month it is this:

Don’t let the enemy get away with messing up your life!

Or the life of your loved ones.

Now, there is a close follow up to that.

But before we go there, let’s see how February went down.

First, a quick reminder…



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha

** *   

“Our February Wedding Was So Amazing”


Am so grateful to my God. My heart is full of joy and praises. I got to know your site in 2009 but I didn’t follow your instructions. I used to pray and fall again but my God is so faithful. 2017 I stormed the gates with 27 minutes to midnight prayers you sent and I kept confessing that before the end of the year I will get a testimony that will surprise my friends and family and shock my enemies and my God really did it. 

My God really surprised me. In May 2017 I met my dream guy. Just after 5 months he engaged me on 30 of October and on 17/2/2018 we got married. Our wedding was so amazing. All the frenemies were in a shock. All praise to the Most High King who is sitting on the throne. He reigns. And I want to thank you for teaching us how pray with Holy anger. – Adelaide, Rwanda  

“When You Teach A Nation to Pray,
You’re Teaching It to Live”

“Am overwhelmed about the impact of midnight prayers and the regular guidelines given here.  Surely when you teach a nation to pray, you’re teaching it to live.

My testimony is that my Heavenly Father has restored my marriage through midnight prayers. My marriage of 14 years collapsed two years ago due to mistakes I personally made. Everything happened so fast that within a short time after separation, my wife was already dating another man and they were planning marriage. Can you imagine?

She would not even pick or return my calls and this situation ate deep into me but I continued to pray like there was no tomorrow. Our 4 kids were stressed due to this ugly situation. In the midst of this situation I got myself into more trouble and was arrested in a foreign country. This took away my hope of ever getting my wife back. 

In prison I continued midnight prayers but this time without the bullets, but in my Bible I had written some of Elisha bullets. One of such was:

“Every dark power against my marriage (my release from prison) be consumed by worms of fire of the God of Israel in Jesus mighty name.”

Listen, I was released from prison, my wife came back and our wedding is on 28 April  2018. I am getting ready to join the Prayer Academy because I have seen the God of Elisha Goodman face to face!” – Robert K 

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #1

“I want to praise the Lord for what He has done for me. My mom was diagnosed with strange sickness as from April 2017. The doctors confirm it was TB, but she wasn’t coughing and none of the TB symptoms. They put her on the course of it for 6 months. But she became worse. I continued with my midnight prayers everyday asking the Lord to save her life.

I added Esther Fasts to my prayers. The day after I completed my fasting, I dreamed my mom was inside the coffin and we were sitting next to her with my sisters. As we were praying she woke up from that coffin. To our surprise she was very strong and walking. My sister shouted confirming that it was my fasting that awakened her.

But in reality she was still struggling. Weeks after, our neighbors called us to come home as she will not make it. She was in the village, we were in town. We decided to bring her to town.  A week or so she stayed with my big sister. Then I took her to my house. That was the second week of December 2017.

This is the prayer bullet I used every time when I prayed for her:

‘Holy Spirit flush her system, purify her blood with the blood of Jesus in Jesus mighty name.’

The day she set her foot into my house that was the day she got healed. One week later her skin started peeling off the dark skin. Praise the Almighty God. She has gained weight. No more pain. She is healthy. We stormed the gate of 2018 together praising the Alpha and Omega for what He has done for us. – Philisiwe Dube, South Africa 

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #2

Praise be unto the God our Creator, to Him be glory forever. It was on 18th February, 2018 when I received telephone call from my brother telling me that my younger sister was critically sick, unable to walk and speak. After the conversation I went to my bedroom praying against the spirit of death and hell as well as the spirit of sickness and disease by using prayer bullets from PRAYER COOK BOOK FOR BUSY PEOPLE entitled:

“Prayer to arrest disease agents and open the door to divine health”

I prayed for 1 hour and 30 minutes before starting my journey to the hospital where my sister was admitted.  When I arrived there I found that there were more than 10 people in the room. Immediately Holy Spirit prompted me to drive them out and I started  praying for her by using prayer bullet number 3 from 7 Furious Prayers for the month of February, 2018. 
Here it said:

 “Though power that breathed life into dry bones in Ezekiel 37, come upon every area of her body in the name of Jesus Christ”

… and the other one said “O Great Physician by all the power for which you are known to be God, arise and repair every damaged cell in my sister’s body (mention her name here) in the name of Jesus Christ.

I prayed these two prayer bullets for 1 hour 30 minutes then I called her first name 3 times she responded.  Once again praise God and I thank Him for answering my  prayers. My sister was healed.  The following day she was out from the hospital. - Lynss MW

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #3

Our GOD is the earth shaker. He is a consuming fire. Last year my child was attacked by a strange disease. She lost even her ability to cry and her ability to see, touch, move, talk, and walk. Her skin turned yellow. She reduced to 6 kgs. at the age of one year. She was shaking one side and sweating on one side. She was feeding on tubes and one time she was dying in my arms and she had to be resuscitated back to life.

The experience was horror to me. I thought it was a dream but it was real. In the ward that I was admitted children were dying every time and the other parents were waiting to see my child die. They would cry because of my child. It was terrible. At one time the scan said that she had a lesion in her brain and needed an immediate brain surgery.

I cried to God bitterly and I asked Him to nullify the lesion just like He had nullified cerebral palsy, TB, meningitis, as the doctors said. After, they took another scan and to my surprise the scan showed no evidence of the lesion but they said that her brain was shrinking. My goodness! She was discharged still feeding on tubes and I was scared as hell.

 I took my child to the altar of God. After the service my child feed on two spoons of milk where before she could not even swallow her saliva. After one week she could feed on half a glass. After two weeks she could see.  After four weeks she could lift her left hand since her right hand side was paralyzed. After two months she could walk holding on to tables and chairs. After five mouth she could walk on her two feet though evidence of right hand side weakness. Throughout this period, I used to pray like a mad woman but those prayers were never in vain.

You have taught me to be unmovable. I am never shaken by circumstances anymore. I am no longer intimidated by satanic threats. I can now speak in tongues. My God has silenced sickness. Praise the LORD.  – Margaret Njoki, Kenya  

Prayer #5 Brings Down Divine Judgment
on Ancestral Monitoring Serpent


Thank you so much for the 7 Furious Prayers for February 2018. On Thursday at around 3am I woke up from a frightening dream. In that dream I was playing with my baby in a bushy valley. I then decided that we should leave the valley and go to an upper ground so that we may be able to contact my husband whom we were waiting for since there was no mobile network in the valley.

As we were about to leave I looked back and I saw a very big snake watching us. Elisha I have never seen such a big snake, even on television. I couldn’t even see its tail. I got hold of my baby and ran for dear life while praying at the same time.

That very day I received the 7 Furious Prayers and I was shocked when saw prayer  point number 5 which says “every serpent anointed by the enemy to pursue me, be  roasted by the fire of divine judgment in the name of Jesus Christ.” I prayed that prayer point. 

Last night I had a dream. I was carrying my baby again and I was at the beginning of a path that leads to the same valley. I looked up and I saw a beautiful white house on a hill on the other side of the valley. I walked through that same valley to the other side and there was no snake. All glory to God Almighty. The enemy is defeated. Hallelujah.
– Dumie S.


Praise the LORD. All these testimonies are sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

This month’s 7 Furious Prayers have the potential to topple every satanic agenda against you…

… provided you pray the right way.

What do I mean by “praying the right way?”

I’ll let Ms. Choene explain.

(This one came in as I was putting finishing touches to this post). 

“The job that satan took away from me,
my LORD restored with a higher pay”


I thank Jesus Christ that I was able to join the Prayer Academy. A friend of mine introduced me to your ministry late last year, and I began firing the midnight prayers, but I was doing it wrong…

I was mostly reading the prayer points instead of focusing on praying them hard. After joining the PA and reading the Prayer DNA Secrets, I knew I had to shift gears in my approach. Here is my testimony:

I was casually (to the naked eye it seemed so but it was an order from God) sent a job advert from a former colleague in the last job I held (my contract ended abruptly in 2013 December). I didn’t feel encouraged to apply again because I was rejected by the same company in 2016. Then last week Thursday the former colleague asked if I had sent my application. I said not yet. He urged that I send it to which I did. The VERY SAME DAY an interview was scheduled for the next day, being Friday. I called upon God’s favour with one of the prayer points from your emails:

 ”Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.”

The interview was called a chat… not even a proper interview. Wednesday morning, I was given an offer. I accepted in Jesus name! The job that satan took away from me, my Lord, the Redeemer restored it with a higher pay. I have been applying for jobs since 2014 and was rejected. I love the Lord and His hand upon my life.

Thank you for this Forum. Be blessed in abundance. I pray more people could sacrifice their sleep and learn the secrets of unlocking the gates at the midnight hour. Praise Jesus. – Choene N.


Did you see the wrong
… and right way to pray in her testimony?

Did you also see how she almost lost out because of satanic inaction AFTER the prayers?

Before we go to the prayers, let’s look at one more.

This one is a mini Case Study… on why many prayers are still not answered. 

Mini Case Study:
#1 Reason Why Prayers Are Not Answered 


I was led to your site by the Holy Spirit. I had been praying without getting answered.  I had been laid off from my previous job for close to a year.  My family’s financial situation was getting desperate. I decided to fast coupled with praying at midnight for weeks to have my prayers answered. After two weeks I got a surprise first email from you on the 8th of December 2016. The next email taught me to understand dreams and pin point the hidden root of a problem so you can destroy it from the source once and for all.

I had the dream the next day. I was watching pornography with presumed friends I did not know… When I woke up I resolved never to watch pornography again.

 The answer came. After two weeks I had a surprise call from one of the best mining companies in the world on the 20th of December. I was not interviewed but told they wanted to hire me. I got the job and it surprised my friends and colleagues.

I left the company after six months to a small company that sought for me offering me two and half times what I was earning. Then two other companies that I admired appeared interested in me verbally. I had an interview with one of them. They said they were going to hire me in the interview, but it is now four months later they have not given me a feedback of the interview. The other company requested my formal application, but nothing has come up so far.

I know I’m destined for greater heights like an eagle but need the guidance of Prayer Academy to deal with whatever is delaying my prosperity. I have tried to register but it is difficult from my country. I will keep trying… I now need the in-depth teaching to deal with problems once and for all. - Peter, Mozambique


Peter is a wise man.

He got two things exactly right.

First, he realized that there was a hidden connection between his love for pornography and the sorry state of his life.

Most believers never make that connection.


Pornography has become the hidden doorway
of leaking blessings in modern times!


(Thousands reading this have already been captured by the demon of pornography).

And it is a pity.

Because sin is the #1 roadblock to receiving answers to prayers.

Do I need to prove that here?


Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened,
that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your
iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. – Isa. 59:1-2


Second, he came to the conclusion that he needed some form of training.

His words:

“I now need the in-depth teaching to deal with problems once and for all.”

That’s a profound insight.

No one – repeat no one – was born a prayer eagle.

Everyone had to learn it.

Mostly the hard way… via the school of hard knocks.

From the biblical giants like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Daniel… right up to modern-day prayer eagles … everyone had to learn to pray.

Even the Apostles had to ask the Lord to “teach us to pray, as John also taught his  disciples.” – Luke 11:1.

No one is exempted from the universal prayer school – not pastor, bishop, prophet, not a single believer – is excused from learning to pray.

I said this brother was a wise man.

When I checked his record, I found that he somehow found a way to register for the Prayer Academy…

… in spite of all the satanic roadblocks erected by his country’s financial system.

Nothing can stop a man like this.

Not even a million devils in hell.

He is a true champion in the making.

Like so many thousands in the Prayer Academy, Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Editions…

… the HUGE number of obstacles they had to overcome to even register for the programs is a pretty good indication of how persistent they’re going to be (in prayer) when the  rubber meets the road.

And as you well know…

Persistence in prayer is an absolute MUST if you’re to share the kind of testimonies you are seeing here … anytime soon. 

Before We Go to the Prayers…

Please note: For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again.

Plus – 

You must make a conscious decision to live a HOLY life, as we teach in all the programs here. 

Nothing else will do.

The prayers will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

Now to the … 

7 Furious Prayers for March 2018

Scripture ingredient:

Haven’t you known this from ancient times, since mankind was placed on the earth? The wicked triumph only briefly; the joy of the godless is momentary. Though he swallows wealth, he will vomit it; God will dislodge it from his stomach. – Job 20:4,5,15


1.  Eternal LORD of glory, blessed be Your Holy Name for ever. Amen.

2.  O LORD, please forgive me for the sin of ungratefulness.

3.  Today, I put on the full armor of God; I make no provision for the flesh, no landing place for satanic arrows in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  I recover every organ of my body from every evil altar in Jesus name.

5.  O LORD, be an enemy unto my enemies, and an adversary unto my adversaries.

6.  I release my body from the curse of sickness and disease in the name of Jesus.

7.  Heavenly fire, ignite my prayer life in the name of Jesus. 


Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer


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The Sapphire Edition (now closed) progresses apace. Congratulations to all the Eagles who defied every satanic opposition to join. You should hear the testimonies coming in from Mike’ Examination Prayer weekend alone.


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Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for February 2018 </font></b></h2>

Dear Friend,

Calvary greetings!

Welcome to the 2nd month of the year.

Congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates of 2018.

My inbox has been flooded with praise reports and testimonies ever since.

Now is the time to change the realm of our prayers.

Before we get to the prayers, let’s see what’s been happening.

First, a quick reminder…   


Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha


I Started Seeing It Like

A Cult And Unsubscribed

I had stayed without a job for a long time. I have 2 kids and married. Most of the time we would rely on financial support from our family members for our daily expenses. It was frustrating but I kept praying on with the free prayer points on the daily newsletters.

I joined here almost 3 years ago but I was always on and off. Last year the devil attacked my faith and I begun to question the realness of fire springs ministry. I started seeing it like a cult thing and soon I unsubscribed from the website. Then a few months later when nothing was happening and I was in
spiritual slumber; I also realized that I could no longer pray well since I did not have targeted prayer points. Therefore I decided to come back to the program and I subscribed back. Thankfully I was accepted back.

So this year as it started I stormed the gates then this week I was invited for a job interview. I did two interviews and today they called to say that I passed the interview and I should begin work tomorrow. Praise God. The bondage of joblessness and financial distress has been broken by the yoke breaker; Jesus Christ Himself.

It is also worthy to note that this morning before I was confirmed for the job; I had received a regret email from the same company saying that I missed out on the job. When that happened I went back to God and started praying the prayer points..

Thou battle at the edge of my breakthrough die in Jesus name plus other prayer points.

Minutes later I was called by the same company telling me to report to work the following day.

This can only be the mighty hand of God. I almost lost this job..I had even started thinking maybe it wasn’t Gods will I get this job. But God fought for me and my enemies have been put to shame. Hallelujah Jesus is King.

-  Zippy


Mysteriously, My Debt

Has Been Paid Up

I had a personal loan of R122990. That I was supposed to pay for sixty months.  As we broke the 14 days of storming the Gates, at exactly 15h15, just 15 minutes after breaking I received an email from the service provider whom I owe the loan. When opening the e-mail only to find out that my debt is been paid up on the 4th December. All of the amount of R122990 is paid up, am still surprised and
shocked and confused at the same time. 
Glory be to the Almighty, His answers are indeed Yes and Amen.

-  Connie


My God Surprised My Friends

And Shocked My Enemies

I want to thank God for Firesprings ministries in my life. I was introduced by a friend to your 40 prayers to attract things to my life. And after that I subscribed to your site and have been receiving emails etc. I joined the 27 minute 2018 prayers and God broke thru my struggles on the 11 Jan 2018. 

First it started by me experiencing great peace and happiness which i have not felt in years! 

And then money favours started to happen people just giving me money and saying God said i must give u this amount of money. It was incredible cos I am not working and have 4 kids! One unknown woman bought my kids toys @ da store just like that! 

I was forced to resign in my former job as a manager by evil attacks over my life come to think of it now cos I am starting to understand the evil spiritual world system. I have been unemployed for 19 months now. 

And then came a message from a former colleague saying the owner of a certain company wants to speak to me can they give him my number. I agreed, the next day he called and said can I come see him about a job he wants to offer me. The next day at his office he says he has heard about me and need someone like me in his company and said i must go and think how much he should pay me. The next day I went and told him my salary, car allowance, petrol allowance and cell phone and He agreed! And then a letter of appointment was drafted and am starting on the first of 1st of Feb 2018.  

Talking about the God who surprises my friend and shocks my enemies!!!

- Dawn, South Africa



My God Flung Open A Door Of Opportunity

For Me I Had No Idea Existed


(I have attached a video as part of my testimony).

Our God is a great and mighty God. Blessings glory and honour belong to him. He is greatly to be praised. In April I started doing the prayer bullets but it was in July I signed up for the passion prayer book and daily emails.

August I started reading the book I engaged in an Esther fast. I decided to pray focused prayers. I chose 40 prayers to attract a car or anything while reading the book of Esther. When I started the journey I wasn’t praying for anything in particular, I just wanted to be close to God like never before and experience him like old testament folk did.

All prayer points were hot. Some stood out:

21. Every power occupying my seat of greatness, be unseated by fire in the name of Jesus. While asking God to unseat any Vashti seated on my seat of greatness.

23.  I paralyze every satanic competition for — (mention the position here) by fire in the name of Jesus. Using the victory of Queen Esther over the other ladies as an example.

24.  Let my season of glory appear in the name of Jesus.

I also asked for divine helpers like Esther. And just like that, God flung open a door of opportunity for me that I had no idea existed.

Turns out during that time there had been a casting call for an international modelling job in my country that I had not heard of neither was I invited for. Even if I was invited, I wouldn’t have gone because it’s not really something I would consider naturally. After the fast I travelled for work to a nearby country. During the trip I prayed even harder. I fired bullets all night and morning. On the way back home I got a call asking for my info urgently and telling me some agency from Europe was coming to shoot a commercial for a big German bank and were looking for a designer to work with. Initially I thought they just wanted a stylist as I had work on a number of occasions as one. Two days later someone from the production team flew in to meet me. Liked me instantly and then even asked to hire one of my staff members too as an extra. Plus even hire my fashion studio equipment for the shoot.

Two weeks later it was time for the shoot. It still hadn’t sank in what I had been chosen to do. Then the film director asked me if I wanted to know how they came to locate me. I was curious. Turns out some one had already been cast for the job but while I prayed and fasted that very weekend someone in Germany who knows me (to this day I don’t know who).

Told the ad agency if they were coming to my country, they must work with me and no one else and highly recommend me. And just like that the person who had been cast for the job was replaced and people were tasked to locate me. The rest is history. I signed a 4-year contract with a yearly pay rise that can be extended up to 10 years. Today the ads run across German TV and online. And it’s evident
what God did in my life.

-  Eagle Brenda


 Spiritual Breakthrough

Within 24 Hours

After I received the very first newsletter, I had a spiritual breakthrough within 24 hours! This is something I had prayed about for years was to have a deeper understanding of God and his Kingdom. I used the prayer point that you sent me in that first newsletter “O LORD, open my spiritual understanding in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

I went into prayer at midnight as you instructed after I had prayed this prayer point several times throughout the evening and night. Well the next morning, I had a Throne Room Encounter. I cannot tell if I was dreaming or having a vision, however I had been praying fervently when I found myself in
front of a golden throne that was brightly lit, everything was of a clear, crystal-like gold and to the right was a man in a white robe whom I know was indeed Jesus that led me to a golden seat.

As I sat upon the seat it was so so much GLORY that I could not stay long and was led away back before the throne. I wondered within myself but did not ask what the seat represented. Immediately I heard a voice that sounded like thunder say “mercy seat”. As I was in front of the throne I could feel the presence of other souls near me but could not see faces only the light from the throne placing a golden reflection on these beings. At the throne the Father drew me closer and closer with his love. I basked in his love which was so much deeper than the greatest human love. I realized that all things are possible in his love. Then I heard a voice say “Go and tell all that you have seen.”

Eagle Tam 

One Night I Googled

‘Prayer For A Car’

My husband and I have been in spiritual warfare for some years now. Nothing have moved for the past 10 years, up and then down. Our church is the same, get 25 people and then none, worn-out car from picking up people for church, hauling food to give, we are on 2 acres, church is small, seats 325.

 Never money to get a new car because we are (church) in a poor area. I really wanted God to help us, so one night I googled ‘prayer for a car’. When I saw your name and prayer to get a car, I said really???

Thank you for changing my life, after going to your website you sent me the 40 PRAYERS TO ATTRACT A CAR! Only God knows the trouble we are facing. I followed the instructions, the prayer was so good and befitting, I started just praying the 40 whenever it crossed my mind. I printed it and gave my husband a copy. Ok, I’ll stop here, my Husband got up one morning and said we are going to
get a car today!!!

No, not in a month but about 2 weeks after this powerful prayer, we got a LUXURY  SUV, no money down, I’m sorry to say but, no application. Just our license…at a large dealership! After years could not get a car! Thank you for teaching Me, I’ve been praying wrong and often, while praying for others wrong also.

Lady D


Praise the LORD.

All these testimonies are sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

An Urgent And Ever-Present

Danger To Believers Everywhere

Now, on to something that is fast assuming epidemic proportions.

Her email began like this:

A “prophet” came to our town, and I was introduced to him by others…

Before long everything started going downhill.

These are the days of the Golden Arches of Satan…

… where much of what you see and hear is inspired by Mammon (even in the church).

Many are losing their possessions …

— cars

— homes

— marriages/relationships

Because some “prophet” said the LORD told them something.

Sadly, many people reading this do not have the “spiritual eyes” to see through these scams.

[This is one reason why the Academy should be repeated once yearly so the lessons can sink deep and purge away decades of junk teachings that many have been exposed to].

One prayer program on this site — The SAPPHIRE Edition — is notorious for something called the “Spiritual Litmus Test”...

… by which you can tell, very accurately, whether someone’s CALL into ministry is fake or genuine.

Simple and straightforward.

(HINT: Many join the Sapphire Edition every year just to learn this).

The 2018 Sapphire Edition has a surprise extension to this litmus test.

I call it:

Spiritual Litmus Test 2.0

By which you will learn an astounding truth (never before shared in any program anywhere, to the best of my knowledge).

What’s so special about this, you wonder.

It starts off with a silly question:

Should You Listen to the

   ”Prophet” or to the “Ass”?

You will see a true-life example case study deconstructing one clever 
ruse which has been successfully used to trick many out of their hard-earned possessions.

If you get this, you will NEVER again be deceived…

… not by a “prophet”, not by fraudsters, not even by well-meaning (but misguided) 
teachers, apostles, ministers …

Who may be operating from the Golden Arches of Mammon without 
even realizing it.

Registration for the first (and only) session of Sapphire Edition 2018 just opened.

The FORUM opened last week with the preparatory prayers.

The atmosphere in there is nothing short of electric.

Join us if you can and find out (check your inbox for the invitation 
if you have already passed through the Prayer Academy):


I’m happy to report that those who immerse themselves in these prayers … and are also careful to live holy lives … are beginning to find themselves repulsive to those with an agenda to deceive the people of God.

See these 2 recent examples:

“It Was More Like A Movie”

Thank you so much for the prayer bullets you always send to me. They have made me grow spiritually. I no longer run around looking for people to pray for me. Today, l had a shocking dream where l saw one of the pastors l used to worship under him performing rituals. It was more like a movie and even now am still shocked with what l saw.

This has taught me not to trust any man any more only to pray for myself following what the word of God says. Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes. It’s my prayer that God should help all the people who worship miracles that are performed by so-called man of God to open their spiritual eyes to see what l saw. They will never again step their foot inside those churches. Even now am shocked. – Petronillah

Aftermath of 27 Minutes to Midnight Prayers

Elisha this time around l took a bold step of faith to join you in the 27 minutes to midnight prayers and bang, towards the last days I had dream. It’s like there was a prophet who was praying for people. It’s like he was near water. So l went and joined the queue to be prayed for too. I was next for prayers then the prophet said, ‘get away from here you want to get me in trouble you have fire around you’. And he chased me away. Glory to God.

A day before end of the prayers, a man proposed marriage to me. I am still confused whether to accept or not. But these prayers work like thunder. I need to seriously join the Prayer Academy… - Leslie


It is important to realize that these 2 have only been making use of the prayers freely available on this open blog and in the daily emails.

And their spiritual sensitivity is being sharpened already.

By the time they go through the lessons, their story will change completely.

Right now, we’re still in the preparatory prayers of the Sapphire Edition. 

For those who will NOT be joining us…

… you are still going to have a small taste of what’s going on there.

That is because the 7 Furious Prayers for February are “borrowed” from the ongoing prep prayers.

Before We Go to the Prayers…

Please note
: For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again.

Nothing else will do.

The prayers will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

I’ll say it here:

These are the prayers to help you “receive” your long-lost blessings and also (very important) keep the blessings and retain them over the long haul… without losing them.

Just yesterday, someone sent an email with this question:

“Why is it that I got a backlash during one prayer program? I feel that the 27 minutes to midnight prayers brought a turn around. What is so special about these prayers? God has been so near and it seems like an open heaven and God’s favour is resting on me. I am curious to know.”

Well, as you pray according to instruction, you will find satanic backlash /counterattack a thing of the past. 

Now to the…

7 Furious Prayers for February 2018

 Scripture Ingredient: Job 36:11

“If they obey and serve Him, they will 

spend their days in prosperity, and their 

years in pleasures.”

1. My head, disobey every satanic law in the name of Jesus Christ. 

     (lay your hand on your head).

2. I receive comprehensive deliverance from my roots and my foundation in the name of Jesus Christ (please spend 10 minutes on this one).

3.  Thou power that breathed life into dry bones in Ezekiel 37, come upon every area of my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  Every generational problem running in my bloodline be terminated by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

5.  Every serpent anointed by the enemy to pursue me, be roasted by the fire of divine judgment in the name of Jesus Christ.

6.  O Lord, mobilize heavenly resources to bless me this month in Jesus name.

7. The day is yours, the night is yours; O LORD, prepare the light and the sun for me in Jesus name.

Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer



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And it’s bye bye till February 2019.

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 What Has the LORD Done for You Lately?

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Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>[Happy New Year] On Your Mark, Get Set Go!</font></b></h2>

“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the
prize? So run to win!” – 1 Cor.9:24

Happy New Year …

… to you and your family.

Below is my traditional first message of the New Year.

Congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates with our Prophetic Key … moments ago.

In 2018 this can be your friend and it can be your enemy. It can keep you from doing great things, and it can motivate you to do great things.

The fastest way to get from where you are now to where God wants you to be in 2018 is to…

…have a plan to continue praying as you are doing in this program even after the 14-day session is over.

Right now, the most important decision you can make is to engage targeted, relentless prayer in everything you do.

This one thing will help you develop consistency in your prayers…

This consistency will translate into good spiritual habits…

Good spiritual habits will make you alert in the spirit… and stay connected to your power source (Holy Spirit).

And unbroken connection to the Holy Spirit will open your pipeline of blessings … and speed up the manifestation of daily blessings in your life… all through 2018. 

For the Bible says in Psalm 68 verse 19:

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us
with benefits, even the God of our 


Do you want to soar with 
the prayer eagles in 2018?

When I use the term prayer eagle, I usually am referring to someone who has experienced a tangible “recognizable” level of success in prayer over a period of time.

And this success in prayer spills over and touches those around him or her.

Like Daniel in the Bible.

Like the eagle sister who sent in this testimony.

Listen to what she has to say …


 “Her Life Would Have Been Stolen!”

 I joined Prayer Academy in 2015 when there seems to be no way for me.

The day I received the materials for the prayers, I was only reading through

when my eyes opened to an old thread hanging on an ancient wall. I saw myself

removing it, It was very shocking to me when I realised I fell into a trance

just by reading the material.

When the prayers started, as I am living with my sister and she normally goes

out to exercise in the mornings. I was sleeping on one fateful morning after my

midnight prayers, when I heard my sister screaming, “your sister is dying.” I

woke up and saw her on the floor, almost lifeless.

I rebuked her confession. And started praying for her.

I heard in the spirit that I should

bless water and give her, then anoint her forehead and chest. I did all. And I

heard again, ‘give Me praise.” I praised like never before. And suddenly I heard

my sister’s voice joining in the songs. Life came into her again. We praised and

prayed together.

Afterwards I asked her what transpired. She told me she was exercising and

suddenly felt arrows piercing her heart and eyes, she staggered and went blind

immediately. She then started calling the blood of Jesus. Her eyes opened. After

taking a few steps the arrows struck her again. That’s when she screamed that

she was dying.

I want to give God all the glory for giving me strength and grace because if I

had panicked for even a second, her life would have been stolen. God is holy,

great,wonderful and loving indeed!

- Eagle Amaka


Praise the LORD.

What I want you to notice here is … the heavenly directives she received in the heat of battle.

She got the step-by-step instruction on what to do. 

This is what it means to be spiritually alert.

She “heard” in the spirit.

And that’s what made the difference between life and death.

That is the KEY you need going forward into this year.

You cannot afford to be at the same spiritual level you were last year.

The Spirit is saying to you:


It is something that will happen as you continue to use the Prophetic Key in this year’s Prayer Blueprint. 

Question for you:

How would you like to be so spiritually alert …

… that you can personally “receive” the solution to any problem staring you in the face?

Well, you can … if you’ll but develop the prayer habit of the eagles.

Like Eagle Amaka who shared this testimony.

Please listen closely…

Today January 1 signals the beginning of a 40-day prayer sprint…

… that will take YOU from where you are now, on to the spiritual highway that Heaven’s most effective heroes and champions once walked.

You have started very well… coming out of the starting gate fast and aggressive on the wings of prayer.


I urge you to keep going at full speed through at least the end of January.

Because this is the ideal time to make the prayer investments that will empower you to bounce back from all adversity and recover all the enemy had stolen from your life and family.

Truth is, this type of fasting-prayer marathon is the surest way to –

… sickness-proof, disease-proof, bully-proof, poverty-proof, debt-proof, even devil-proof your life and family…

And ensure that every good thing you touch will prosper and multiply in 2018.

As soon as possible.

This is a deeply spiritual matter, and we’ll be discussing this in detail as we relentlessly continue firing
our prayer bullets…

… and receiving heavenly directives from the Holy Spirit in the theater of prayer.

In the meantime, if you’re participating wholeheartedly in the on-going 14-day prayer marathon…

… sooner or later you will discover that you’ve received an all-round supercharge of anointing and spiritual energy that will help turn a life of oppression into a life of dominion.

And –

While most people will be 
confused and frozen in place, not knowing what to do next, you’ll see yourself actually using your greatest asset as a believer, something that is more valuable than gold.

No confusion.

No more clueless waiting.

Or running around looking for someone to prophesy and “see visions” for you.

You will be well on your way to becoming your own personal prophet, able to hear the LORD for yourself.

You will no longer be a “second-hand believer,” always waiting for others to tell you what the Lord is saying. 

Here’s the nuts and bolts
of prayer that works


When new visitors are led to this website, I almost always encourage them to:

 Join the Prayer Academy first - here and HERE

- where you
 learn the nuts and bolts of prayer that works

- learn how to embark on fasting-prayers that move mountains

discover how to apply scripture verses skillfully in prayer (very important).


-   I focus them on foundational prayers.

–  I focus them on conversational prayers (the type described in the testimony above)

–  I focus on taking inspired action as prompted during prayer.

–  I focus on sustaining the prayer momentum till their problems collapsemelt away… and /or their enemies fall off the planet. 

I focus on the 
tight relationship between –

–  prayer and holiness 

– self-discipline and habits

– inspired action and speedy manifestation of miracles. 

If they agree to follow instructions, before long they begin to see a vivid picture or 
vision/dream of what the LORD wants them to be, do and have.

And that vivid picture soon becomes their reality.

Talking about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible says:

“And the Word was made flesh and it dwelt among us”

– John 1:14

As it was with the Lord Jesus Christ, 
so shall it be with the manifestation of your godly desires in 2018, as you follow along. 

The Word shall surely be made flesh. I look forward to your testimonies of victory in the days ahead.

Meanwhile keep on the firing line and…


Be An Overcomer



P.S: Listen: It can be really tough trying to pray alone on your own.

That’s the reason the LORD has led us to open the 24-Hour Blog just for this 27 Minutes to Midnight program.

Everyone with access to the 24-Hour Blog is encouraged to log in there every day… to share and interact with others during the journey.

The idea here is to help and encourage you to keep on fighting the good fight of faith.

Knowing that the enemy would like to discourage many from going all the way, there is nothing like a community of fervent, prayerful believers to stand with you and lift you up till you finish the race.

Thousands of our prayer eagles / advisors are in the Forum daily to help answer your questions and lift you up.

Right now the Forum is buzzing with spiritual activity.


Invite your friends. Prophetic Key Prayers Here

Next Prayer AcademyDetails Here



“My prayer gun is reloaded …
and my trigger finger is itchy.”


We’re getting ready to storm the gates of 2018.


The end of year special report is now ready.

You can get a sneak peek by clicking on the link below: 


Gain access right now by clicking this link:

OR you can copy and paste the link below in your browser:

Start Date: December 30th


Don’t get left behind.

You have permission to share this one with all your friends.


Share it on WhatsApp.

Post it to Facebook.

Share it using Email.

Forward it to 10 friends or more, if you can.

They will love you for it!

(You’ll see why when you read the Report).

Be An Overcomer






Calvary greetings.

In times like this …

… you need to be armed with
the mother of all spiritual weapons.

What’s that?

(You’ll see in a moment.)

Meanwhile our Report Card continues to prove that the
LORD still saves, heals and delivers to the uttermost … 

Before we get to the prayers, let’s see what’s been happening.

First, a quick reminder… 




  Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may
or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In
other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand,
they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will
not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha



HIV Disappears
on the 4th Test

It’s true that these prayers will surprise our friends and shock our enemies. I have a few sisters from my church who I share the 7 furious prayers with. One sister (i will call her sister D) is so quiet and does not hang around after church unless I tell her I want to chat. She is those that never like to draw any kind of attention to herself. About 6 weeks ago I gave her the 40 prayer points to attract anything, and kept checking if she is praying them which she said she was.

She came to visit me on Sunday to tell me that she received a call some time back from her aunt asking if she could come over for a chat. Her aunt came over and with tears in her eyes confessed to sister D that she has been diagnosed with HIV. she had not spoken to anyone not even her husband about it because of the stigma.

Sister D was so shocked and hurt cause she loved this aunt of hers. She decided for the aunt to stay over and they would go to another clinic near sister D. The went and the test came out positive. They were asked to come back a week later and again it was confirmed. Again they were told to come back to check CD count or acid levels not to sure here, but the pain was so much for them to bear.

While sitting and chatting about it with much tears, sister D said to her aunt, I have never done this before but can I pray for you and ask God to flush that virus out of your blood with His blood? The aunt agreed and so the prayer was said. When they went back for the 4th test, the results were negative, they could not find a trace of the virus. She said the screaming and crying and praising God that was going on
in the clinic was crazy, even the nurses were crying. The aunt went back home thanking God. as for

Sister D I don’t think she has recovered as yet. She will be giving her testimony in our midweek service on Thursday. Praise the Lord - Eagle Monica 


“As I step on this ground,
so shall my territory be enlarged”

I have been unemployed since April 2017 and with bills piling up. I used the below prayer eagles’ prayer point for my interview this morning and I’m on day 19 of the Prayer Academy and 1st day of Esther fast before 21 days are over…

Guess what? I’m starting a new job at one of the biggest firms in my country. Although it is a contract I trust by the time it lapses I’ll be made permanent. I have been going for several interviews with no feedback.

“As I step on this ground, so shall my territory be enlarged’”

I prayed this prayer as I stepped into their ground, up to the reception and while waiting, I spoke favor and grace. The interview was easy and the gentleman made up his mind while I was still answering 1 of the technical questions he asked.

He just said, yes I’m taking her. The HR lady had to ask him if he was sure. The Lord is good. - NP


“I have so much

I’m so blessed, I was introduced to the site by my sister and my life has changed. I was always anxious and worried but not anymore. I was sick and in pain but I used the prayer bullets and even now still use them and it is well with my soul. I still have financial challenges, but I have so much peace. If it’s like this using the prayer bullets in the emails, what more when I join the Prayer Academy? I can’t wait!!! Glory be to God.  - Mary M. 


Now It’s My Turn

I used to tell myself that I will testify as well one day. It is my turn now. My first miracle is here. God has restored the original blueprint of my life, AMEN. I was introduction to this site by a friend Gladys. I joined in August 2017 and started praying these midnight prayers. I have not yet joined the Prayer Academy
yet but just use the daily prayers Elisha sends.

My life has changed, I used to have this SPIRIT OF ANGER in me and when it comes over me, I will beat up my children and just be in that I don’t care attitude towards my husband. At times I never wanted to talk just upset and if he says something to me, I will just answer without respect, but now am free after these prayers. Thank you Lord for my first miracle. I enjoy chatting with my kids and sit with hubby and just have a nice talk without an argument. AM FREE IN JESUS NAME HALLELUJAH — JKS, Zambia



Praise the LORD.


All these testimonies are sealed by the blood of Jesus.

These are all wonderful praise reports to the glory of God. As you read this, prayers are going on in the FORUM.

Most of these programs are timed to coincide with dates when major spiritual activity takes place globally.

There is such an event in progress right now and the Holy Spirit is guiding us step by step. 

At set times the devil and his cohorts, working in concert together, attempt to renew age-old generational bondage, by manipulating hidden bloodline covenants and other forces of the universe against people and nations. 

The result?  

Endless problems. 

Chronic distress. 

Catastrophic events.

Evil arrows flying about.

Things generally become progressively worse for most people. 

It is in times like this that the LORD begins to arm His people with the mother of all spiritual weapons.

What’s that?

It is the ability to “see” and “hear” in the spirit clearly.

For example –

Before we’re done (with the ongoing Platinum 2017 Edition) many of the participants should be seeing the spirit realm with your eyes wide open, like the old prophets and seers in the Bible. 

That’s is the greatest gift that anyone can receive after salvation – nothing else comes close.

When you are equipped with this special gift, you won’t need to run to so-called prophets to prophesy or see visions for you. 

Instead they will be the ones coming to consult YOU

For a change.

This is a serious matter. Do you know how many Christian brothers and sisters are being deceived by fake prophets everywhere?  

Simply because they do not have eyes to see in the spirit?  

(Note: this is only going to get worse – the Bible says the deceivers will wax stronger and stronger in these last days – 2 Tim 3:13). 

Remember the sister who abandoned her marriage and ran away with a pastor? 

Do you know the pastor first set himself up as some anointed prophet in order to deceive her and her husband? 

 Hear her (in her own words): 

Beware the Pastor from Hell

“For 12 years I have had a very happy marriage until I met this pastor who
happened to operate in the office of prophecy. He told us (me and my husband)
that we are going to divorce. Out of desperation we asked him to pray with us
which he did. In less than two months I was having an affair with this pastor.
In all my marriage life I had never cheated my husband before until then.”


        Now think for a second… 

        How great would it be if this sister and her husband had eyes in the spirit to “see” the mark of Cain on this impostor’s forehead?  

        Wouldn’t it be glorious if they could have discerned the spirit of false prophecy (usually in the form of a frog or python) that this individual was using to manipulate their destiny? 

        At that moment they had every license to deal with that wicked, deceptive spirit with all the weapons at their disposal (please note that I’m referring to spirits here, not the human being). 

        What weapons, you ask? 

        They could have called down any of these… 

-          Whirlwind of the Lord

     -          Fire and thunder of God

     -          Sword of the Lord

     -          Great earthquake

-          Horrible tempest

-          Furnace of affliction

-          Brimstone and fire

-          Destroying flood

-          Anger of the Lord

-          Finger of God

-          Bread and water of affliction

-          Cloud of sorrow

-          Continuous plagues

-          Double destruction

     -          Fire mingled with the blood of the Lamb

     -          Madness 

     -          Double blindness

     -          plus a whole lot more.

        These are all lethal weapons in God’s Arsenal, and in a moment of urgency like this one, you have a license to use them on the powers behind satanic agents of all shapes and sizes. 

        Some people might think I’m being too aggressive here. 

        But I’m not. If only you knew the intensity of the battle raging against Christian marriages in the
spirit right now… 

        There is full scriptural support for what I’m saying. You cannot stand idly by and allow satanic agents masquerading as ministers of the gospel to divert your destiny. 

        Right here I am taking an example from the Great Apostle’s playbook. If you open to Acts 13 you will see what I’m talking about: 

And when they had gone through the isle to Paphos, they found a
certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Barjesus: Which was with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man; who called for Barnabas and Saul, and desired to hear the word of God. But Elymas the sorcerer (for so is his name by interpretation) withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.

Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him. And said, O full of all subtlety and all mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is on you, and you shall be blind, not seeing the sun for a season.

And immediately there fell on him a mist and a darkness; and he went about seeking some to lead him by the hand. Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord.

-         -  Acts 13: 6- 12

        Here the Apostle Paul used just one of the weapons available to all believers (that of temporary blindness) to deal with the situation. Same weapon that Prophet Elisha deployed against the Syrian army in the Old Testament.

        Beloved, my desire is for your spiritual life to be so upgraded to the point that, instead of being a victim, you will become a victor, a spiritual champion, as we head toward the end of the year …  

        … you should be able to set the captives free and to give Living Water to those who are afflicted and bound with chains of iron in the prison house of the enemy. 

        When that happens, my job will be done.

        It is going to take much practice, though. 

        And you are in for a lot of practice if you are willing and obedient … 

        … PLUS if you will be joining us as we announce various prayer riots in the days ahead. 

        Before we go to the 7 Furious prayers, here’s food for thought. 

        A few years ago, there was a scientific paper that said when you practice something a lot, your nerve pathway enlarges to accommodate more and more information. The more information it contains, the more skillful and expert you become.  

        But as soon as you stop practising, the pathway begins shrinking back down.  

        Meaning: When you stop practising something (like midnight prayer), you end up losing a lot of
spiritual skills but the more you practise, the better you become.  

        In spiritual language … 

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they
shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they
shall walk and not faint. 
- Isa 40 v 31 

One more thing

Please bear with me.

I just could not resist sharing this one. Remember the flushing prayer that Sister D used in the opening testimony?

Here’s another manifestation of it:

There’s a great lesson here (highlighted at the bottom for you to see):

“I Commanded Every Poison
to Be Flushed Out of My Body”


I thank God for the Prayer Academy and how it has taught me to pray and get closer to God.  I also thank God for the many answers to prayer since starting the program.  My life has completely changed for the better.  There are so many good “coincidences” that can only be God’s hand at work on my behalf. 

Last Tuesday my left middle finger suddenly turned blue then black and started swelling up very quickly.  I had not eaten or touched anything and neither had I been bitten.  I quickly rushed to the Pharmacy where I was given an antihistamine and told to visit the A&E.  After a while the swelling went down.  

On Wednesday I took the antihistamine again.  However, later that evening my finger started swelling again and turned blue and black.  The tip was completely white as if all blood had been drained from it.  Although my whole hand was warm the finger was freezing cold.  I immediately called NHS Direct who advised me to seek medical attention immediately.  

As I got ready to leave the house I remembered how you once warned us about sudden illnesses etc and how to launch a counter-attack.  I started praying – I commanded every poison to be flushed out of my body, commanding the spirit of infirmity to depart.  I pleaded the blood of Jesus.  In fact I used every form
of weapon I could think of including the fire of God.  My finger was healed immediately.  The swelling disappeared, the colour returned, no pain.  It is now Sunday and I have been sharing my miracle with anyone who will listen.  Glory to God!!!

My daughter witnessed all this and has said that she would like to join the Prayer Academy.”

- Eagle Rejoice, UK


What’s the take-away from this? 

When people around you see the wonder-working God at work in your life, you will NOT need to beg them to follow Jesus.  

They will plead with you to show them the way. 

These 7 Furious Prayers for this month are “borrowed” from Week 2 of the ongoing Platinum Edition… just so you can have a taste of what’s happening (if you’re not in the program).


Before We Go to the Prayers…


Note: For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do. 


The prayers will only work for children of God. As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.


I’ll say it here: 


These are the prayers that drive out hidden strangers, by force if necessary.


As you pray them, you will find yourself swimming in the river of divine healing… in every area of your life.   

Now to the
7 Furious Prayers for November 2017


Scripture Ingredient: Psalm 24:1-7

The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. 
For he has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods. Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

 He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation. This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek your face, O Jacob. Selah. Lift up your heads, O you gates; and be you lifted up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

1. By the word of the Lord, I reverse every damage done to my life from birth in the name of Jesus.

2. Any cry of evil family altars against my life, be silenced permanently by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

3.  Let the blood of Jesus continually speak mercy, grace and favor unto my life and family in Jesus name.

4.  Every witchcraft projection into my dreams, be consumed by the fire of divine judgement in the name of Jesus.

5.  I speak to my body now: reject evil deposits, satanic plantations and wicked arrows in the name of Jesus.

6. Thou power of the serpent, I terminate your assignment over my life and
family in the name of Jesus (please pray this one with everything you’ve got, seriously).

7. O Lord, please teach me to recognize and obey your voice in Jesus name.


Be An Overcomer 



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Calvary greetings…

September marks the start of a unique season…

… in the realm of the spirit.

A while ago (at this time) that 2 demonic beings made the
mistake of trying to ambush one of our prayer eagle in the dream.

Right after her midnight prayer.

Evil Being #1:             Are you an eagle?
Prayer Eagle
:            No
Evil Being #2:           
 Then DIE
Holy Spirit:               When someone asks if you’re an eagle say YES!

Then follow up with this confession:

The LORD is a man of war, 
The LORD is his name. – Exo. 15:3

The eagle did as she was told…
and all hell broke loose.

So many battles fought.

And so many battles WON.

My inbox is overflowing…

… with brand-new testimonies of what the LORD is doing for His prayer eagles.

Here’s a taste of what’s been happening while we’ve been in our Quiet Period:

a quick reminder 




  Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha



Test Shows No Breast Cancer !

“I miss your mails everyday with prayer points. Please kindly include me in all the everyday mails with prayer points. I can’t afford to join the Prayer Academy. I need a new job where I can get a bigger salary, but I am trusting the Lord and praying your prayer points which you used to send to me every day.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. I prayed your healing prayer points and I am healed. Every time I go back for tests it shows NO CANCER. The doctor told me my blood is clean like someone who never had cancer…

These are two of the prayers you sent me to pray:

O Great Physician by all the power for which you are known to be God arise and speak divine healing into my entire body in Jesus name. amen. Holy Spirit flush my system and purify my blood with the blood of Jesus Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Jesus is alive. He has risen.” – Regina


“This Prayer Bullet Works in Seconds”

Elisha, do you know how much you mean to the Kingdom of God and in particular the body of Christ? This testimony will indeed surprise all of you and shock all my enemies and frenemies.

I’ve been working on a contract which was meant only to last for 2 weeks, but unfortunately unknown factors and circumstances cause me to complete this job after 2 months. The manager shown a changed
attitude towards me day by day. The one day happy, the other day complaints flowed like a river. I spend almost R11000 on the job, money that I borrowed. We actually went bankrupt while still busy with the job.

That is when it dawned on me: Nicky, you have the prayer bullets that Elisha sent you on a daily basis.
Start using them. 

Guess what happened? This prayer bullet works in seconds, because this manager had refused to pay me the contract total but after just one prayer bullet he agreed to pay me the sum of more than R24000 in total. Glory be to God. Now, I can say if God can do this for somebody who has not yet participated in any of the prayer programs, what more can JESUS do? - Nicky 


No HIV – the Spirit of God Kept Telling Me

“I follow your emails and use the prayer bullets too and glory be to God because they work! I read your free Passion Prayer ebook and my spiritual eyes were opened completely!  I praise the Lord for what you’re doing because this awakening is very necessary particularly in these last days we live in.

I have a beauty shop located in a market and there was a drive to test for hepatitis B and vaccinate if you weren’t infected. So I went and I tested negative but the nurse said that I was HIV positive. I was both angry and devastated but the spirit of God kept telling me that is a lie.

I stormed the gates at midnight destroying all those arrows meant for me or my loved ones in Jesus name, ejecting any evil entities that might have got into my body knowingly or otherwise and I fell into a deep sleep. While asleep I felt the strangest thing – something/someone came out of me with such a force I felt it leave! It was dying to get out of me and it left!  Hallelujah Glory to God!

I returned to hospital the next day to do another test and the results were negative. It turns out I was just coming down with flu and hence the excess antigens in my blood! Remember, God also healed me of
migraines last year in December after reading your book on dreams and fasting and praying for seven days.

They say Migraines have no cures but once again that is a lie from hell, Jehovah healed me after a tormenting 29 years! Glory to God!  I am glad I stumbled upon this site and I am grateful for the regular emails!” – Eagle Wangu


New Job in 5 Months,
Godly Spouse Within the Year

This site has changed my prayer life. I learnt to pick on what am going through and pray about it at the midnight and once in a while through fasting.

I prayed for new job. The answer came in 5 months.  I prayed the prayer bullets for breaking the ungodly ties in my life and for getting my godly spouse. I met my godly spouse in April, we got engaged in May and we’re finalizing the marriage negotiations by end of the year. The spirit confirmed the godly spouse in a unique way. Am currently praying that the Lord will use me to inspire other women waiting on God and staying in persistent prayer. - Hilda


Still a Baby Christian
But Making Great Strides


God is so good!!! I feel like shouting this out from the rooftops. I have struggled for so long and God has prospered my business. Indeed, there is power in that wonderful name of Jesus to break EVERY chain!

I have learnt to never lose heart as God can change any situation for my good, provided that I’m plugged into the grid of the Holy Spirit & maintain obedience. I’ve been praying unceasingly & have noticed that the enemy has been unrelenting in his attacks more so. I have found that when I quote Luke 10:19 over and over, I feel brave & confident which keeps me galvanized. I’m still a baby Christian but I’ve made substantial strides in my spiritual life. Thank God for your encouraging emails- Lynette


“I Nagged My Husband
to the Point of Depression”

Praise God with me. I joined the Prayer Academy in October 2016. Prior to that, I was such a quarrelsome woman. I nagged my husband so much to the point of depressing him. I never liked this situation, in fact I wondered what would come over me during that time.

However, after joining the Prayer Academy, that is now of the past. I don’t even have the energy to quarrel again. This has been the greatest miracle I have received since starting the midnight prayers and
joining Firesprings ministries. Indeed, prayer changes one’s countenance / disposition.

I may have been demon-possessed. In fact, I could relate this to some sexual dreams I used to have which are now a thing of the past since joining the Prayer Academy. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used of God.Miriam K


Mark of Rejection Wiped Off
– In A Blink of An Eye

My God acted in a blink of an eye. The devil had put a mark of rejection on my forehead in my place of work. My supervisor could not notice my effort no matter how much I worked. I had an Esther fast and prayed at midnight. This was my prayer:

Every evil voice speaking against me in my place of work, be silenced by the power in the blood of Jesus. God turned it like in a blink of an eye. I finished my prayers on Sunday and on Monday I was shocked by her warm welcome. Since then she can’t do anything without consulting me. What a
mighty God we serve !!!. – Eagle Irene


From Old to New –
Power of Targeted Prayer

I have been a subscriber for 5 years, and never knew what I was missing out on. I joined the Prayer Academy in March 2017 and am now in the 24-hour blog. What a transformation !!!. Am a whole new person; a colleague at work said it’s like two different people. It’s the power of TARGETED PRAYER.

It’s not like the battles are not there. Actually, they are fiercer. But they are no match for my God. I have also known that I have been given power and authority without measure to deal squarely with them. Coach may the Lord richly bless and keep you. Amen. -  Eagle Esther


Can God Answer My Prayers Too?

I must confess that it took me sometime to believe in this site and that God can answer my prayers and give me testimonies like the ones I always read here, Until I made up my mind to join the ongoing Prayer
Academy. God has now given me a spouse and added me a new home after struggling with rent for long time. Am shocked with what this God is doing to my life. Am now trusting Him for a car which am believing with the kind of prayer here God will surprise my friends and shock my enemies. God bless u for your lessons. – Carol, Kenya


Victory After Lesson 3
(Prayer Academy)

Since I gave birth to my daughter on 6 February this year, I got attacked by post-natal depression that spiralled into anxiety.

I believe my mind was under attack. I even had suicidal thoughts. I thought I was going to hell. I had visions of hell. I had thoughts that analysed my intelligence, asking me how I remember, how I write, how I speak. It was simply torture. I would sometimes only sleep for an hour in the day or two hours. I had massive headaches and chest pains and my appetite was affected. But GOD intervened.

I started the Prayer Academy on 25 June 2017- it was tough but I persisted with the prayers. Last week during Lesson 3 on Friday, I got my breakthrough… you always said after Lesson 3, this is when many
people’s prayers are answered. I sense victory in my spirit. I am no longer in anxiety, and when the thoughts cross my mind, I simply ignore them. - Morna



Praise the LORD.

All these testimonies are sealed by the blood of Jesus.

These are all wonderful praise reports to the glory of God.

But, alas, for each testimony you read here there are hundreds of believers writing every single day, telling me their prayers have not been answered. And that saddens me.

Lately I began to think about that old fable …

The Eagle and the Arrow

An eagle was soaring through the air. Suddenly it heard the whizz of an arrow, and felt the dart pierce its breast. Slowly, it fluttered down to earth, its lifeblood pouring out. Looking at the arrow with which it had been shot, the eagle realised that the deadly shaft had been feathered with one of its own plumes.


Morale of the story: we often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.


How? you ask.

Through prayerlessness. Sin. Disobedience to God.

Thousands of believers come across our teaching emails every day.

Many just laugh it off.

Some convince themselves that it is a scheme to make money (even though 70 percent of our materials are freely available to all).

Others take it as the opinions and words of man.

If you belong to the last category, you should be concerned about what the Apostle Paul wrote to the church:

For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when you received the
word of God which you heard of us, you received it not as the word of men, but
as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually works also in you that
believe. – 1 Thess. 2:13



If you think these are merely the words of elisha, they will not benefit you in any way. But if you take them seriously, as the word of the Lord, though delivered through a weak human vessel, it will prosper in your life (like the testimonies above confirm).

Thousands of years ago, just before confronting a dreaded army of  adversaries, the king of Judah had to remind his people: 

Hear me, O Judah, and you inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper. – 2 Chronicles 20:20b


It is still the same thing today.

We’re entering into a season where very stubborn and aggressive enemies are out for blood.

There will be many casualties…

… but if you will do just one simple thing, your victory is assured. 

What Is That Simple Thing?

I call it a simple thing with 3 legs.

When you see a prayer on this site, you take note of it. At the midnight hour (i.e. between 12 midnight and 3:00 AM), just rise up and pray that prayer with HOLY ANGER (leg #1).

Then make a little time to study your Bible every day, no matter how busy the enemy wants you to  believe you are (leg #2).

After that, make sure to run away from sin, and live with the love of God in your heart (leg #3).

That’s all.

It’s NOT complicated.

If you are not able to join the Prayer Academy, what I’ve just explained here will work for you… provided you follow it to the letter.

Again, it’s so simple anyone can do this.

You do not need to wonder what prayers to pray. Start with the 7 at the bottom of this email.

I send more in the daily emails and free materials from time to time.

So, there is NO excuse at all.

Now, if and when you are able to join, things become MORE interesting.

You begin to see and hear deep things …

… obviously things I cannot do justice to in these short emails.

They are packaged in the Lessons, and other program modules beyond the Prayer Academy.

For instance, the annual Platinum Edition will be announced shortly… inside the Forum.

Registration is required, so anyone interested should begin to prepare. You must, of course, have completed the Prayer Academy sometime in the past… in order to be invited.

Only a very small window will be open for registration. Please be on high alert in the spirit.

These 7 Furious Prayers for this month are a lead-in to the earth-shaking prayers we’re about to pray this season.

Before We Go to the Prayers…

For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do. 


The prayers will only work for children of God. As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.


I’ll say it here: 


If you add these prayers to the ones you’re already praying, hidden strangers will have to jump out of your life (like that hidden strongman of HIV in Eagle Wangu’s testimony above) … you will prevail against all those asking ‘where is your God?’ …


… and the healing river of God’s blessings will begin to flow into every area of your life like you’ve never seen before.  

Now to the 7 Furious Prayers
September 2017

Scripture Ingredient:

Hear me, O (put your name here); Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper. – 2 Chronicles 20:20b

 1. All strange eyes monitoring my life for evil, receive permanent blindness in the name of Jesus

2.   Holy Spirit, fill my life with your fresh fire in Jesus name.


3.   Any strange legs operating in my finances, marriage and ministry, receive instant paralysis and wither now in the name of Jesus.


4.  I destroy by fire every demonic network working against my life in Jesus name.


5.   In the name of Jesus, every mark of Cain, Esau and Judas in my life, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.


6. Every enemy of Firesprings Ministries, collide with the Rock of Ages in Jesus name. 


7.   O LORD, make me to increase and abound in love towards others in Jesus name.



Be An Overcomer 



P.S: Best thing you can do for friends and family – share these prayers with them all.

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 What Has the
LORD Done for You Lately?


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Dear Friend,

Calvary greetings!

This is going to be short and sweet.

Welcome to the 2nd half of the year.

If you or anyone you know has been struggling with unanswered prayers
these past 6 months, then you have to read this …

Report 2017

Truth is:

You can receive any breakthrough you desire in any area of your life at this time of the year…

… because of “silent” blessings floating around in the spirit realm, waiting for believers like you to pull them into the physical world through specific, targeted prayer.

Here’s the one small prayer tip to keep in mind though…

Sometimes the prayers you need to pull your blessings into physical manifestation may appear totally unrelated to the issues and challenges you are facing.

We’ve now seen hundreds of cases where the prayer given for specific situations seemed unusual, to say the least.

However, these same prayers have been responsible for many testimonies of healing, marriage restoration, debt cancellation, dream victories, financial breakthroughs, spiritual growth,

… And the list goes on and on.

Time will fail me … to list those specific cases we’ve seen recently but here’s a typical example just to give you an idea.

(By the way, there are prayers you can pray for things to miraculously “appear” … just when you need them – I’m going to embed a few of them in the 7 Furious Prayers at the end of this report).

But first, the case study.

This One Is An Eye-Opener


Now, in looking at this, I’d like you to notice…

… how the happenings in the spirit realm seemed to be unrelated to the death-and-life issue at hand (you’ll find this to be the case with most problems engineered by the enemy).


Wed, Jun 29 at 3:27 AM

In the year 2010, a relative who had been diagnosed with HIV was in a very critical condition. I didn’t know about it till much later. At the time I felt the Holy Spirit impressing upon me, to text her and declare that she would not die but live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Later when she didn’t reply, I discovered that she was near death in hospital. I was pregnant at the time, but I decided to do a 21-day prayer with fasting (I only skipped lunch). After 21 days, I had a dream where I saw her and in her hand she was carrying a file.

Alongside her was a very tall man who looked like he had been jolted awake, and he didn’t look too happy. The man had a lot of keys in his hand. I asked her why she was late for work again and she replied that they were going to court and they were so late.

I saw the man opening a padlock that had locked up a room with a big chain, inside was so dusty. The dream ended there. Weeks later she called me very excited and gave me the news that she was HIV free! Glory to God.

I used the prayers in your book. Please share and I hope that others will be encouraged and take steps to stand in the gap for others who can’t pray for themselves. Our God is faithful.

– Eagle Charity

Praise the LORD.

What is the connection between the dream, padlock, chains and the deadly infirmity that manifested as HIV in this sister’s life?

Turns out … a lot.

As you read this, the LORD has been showing you a lot of things in your dreams, whether you understand them or not.

Depending on your level of submission to the Holy Spirit, you could also be receiving divine revelations through visions too (there are prayers to help you understand your dreams but that is a topic for another day).

For now, just remember this:

Next time you see prayer bullets against satanic padlocks, evil chains and the strongman of your father’s house, you will do well to take them seriously.

In the same way, there are prayers to make bad things disappear or cancelled (like the case study here), there are also prayers to make wonderful things to appear suddenly (a.k.a. creative miracles).

Such things as financial breakthroughs, new and better jobs, love and honey in marriages, healthy body organs, etc.

Papers Cancelled

I was introduced to your website by my sister.  I have been praying during the midnight hours with my  daughter.  I shared some of your prayer bullets you emailed me with my friend from church who was going through a tough time with her husband since their sponsor refused to sponsor them and have decided to deport them back.  They have prayed but still their prayers were far from being answered. 

 Last week Monday we had practice at church and she came up to me and shared about her current situation and that they don’t know of what to do.  We gathered with other women at church and prayed for her. On Thursday night I decided to read the prayer bullets that you sent to me and the one from my sister:

 “Oh Lord dispatch your ministering angels to search the land of the living and of the dead and to recover all my lost blessings in the name of Jesus.”

That prayer bullet was so powerful and the thanksgiving and praise prayer bullets. I repeated them during my midnight prayer. When I went to practice on Friday I told her to come over to my house on Saturday I’ve got something to share to her.  I told her of what to do as you have instructed on those free prayer bullets. 

She started on her midnight hour prayers on Saturday and on Monday they went to immigration to find out that their deportation papers have been cancelled.  The lawyer with the help of a lady from the US labor department will be calculating all those years they were exploited to be recovered.  Praise be to God! He surely answers prayers.  Thank you for sharing and for teaching us on how to pray effectively.  May the Lord bless you! - Eagle Maima 

Proof of Wonderful Debt

I have been out of university since 2013 due to financial difficulties. I was owing the university 58,300 Rands which my parents failed to pay for the past 5 years. I officially joined the prayer academy in 2016 after being introduced to your book The Passion Prayer by my landlady (who miraculously received her South African Citizenship through your prayer bullets). 

Since I joined, it has been one miracle after another:

1. My father’s business which was totally down for years received a divine touch of God. And he is now running from one contract into another.
2. I got married to a Man of God who is my prayer partner, mentor and best friend.
3. I got blessed with the fruit of the womb.
4. We moved into our new home.
5. And God is not done yet. I am now in Lesson 7, Day 2 of the Prayer Academy.

And guess what? This morning I found that the 58,300 Rands I was owing the university miraculously disappeared!!!
6. As proof of this wonderful debt cancellation, I have attached to this email my tuition fees statement showing the amount I owed and another statement showing my current balance which is 0.00. Praise the Lord.

- Eagle MN 

Ended Counterfeit Relationship,
Married Godly Spouse


I joined the 1000 prayers for singles in November 2014 and I was at a point of giving up about marriage, nothing was working out, it was disappointment after disappointment. I decided to join the program and I was telling God that’s my last hope.

I prayed the prayers following all the instructions, and God opened my eyes to see that the man that I was in a relationship with wasn’t my Godly spouse. I listened to God and ended the relationship. I continued with the prayers and most of the times the Holy Spirit will reveal to me to go back and pray certain prayers in that program. In November 2015 I met my spouse and we got married 29th October 2016. All the glory belongs to Jesus. – Eagle NAL


Praise the LORD.


All these testimonies are sealed by the blood of Jesus.


At this point, a quick reminder…





  Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha


I Have to Tell You


There are realms that only prayer can reach.

Then there are realms that prayer alone may not be enough …

In our prayer marathons, we sometimes include either a “prophetic action” or “prophetic pause” … where we take a break from prayers to do other things (as led by the Spirit of God).

For instance …

… the ongoing Golden Journey Express – about to wind down in the 24-Hour Forum – includes 2 powerful prophetic actions.

From that Forum Eagle Esther writes:

I Was Mad At God!

Before I joined the ongoing Golden Journey Express, I was stressed, discouraged, disappointed with everyone around me. I was mad at God but on the eighth day of prayers at midnight, I prayed and the Holy Spirit
instructed me to call the three witnesses and the Presiding Judge to deliver me from my foundation.

The same night I had this dream … as I woke up from the dream, God has given me peace and joy in my heart. I can’t believe it! I am at peace with every situation around me. Am very hopeful that my prayers have been answered.  Eagle Esther

Yes, that’s the first sign of answered prayers …

… overwhelming peace and calm that you cannot explain.

Bible says:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Phil 4:6-7 (NIV)


The 7 Furious Prayers for this month are culled from the ongoing Golden Journey Express, just to give those who are not participating a small taste of how we’re praying there.

(NOTE: The Golden Journey program is quite a rigorous prayer marathon, and only those who have been trained in the Prayer Academy are ever invited).

If you take these 7 prayers diligently for the next 21 days, one of two things will happen.

        — Hidden, bad things will be shaken out of your life.

        — Your divine blessings will begin to locate your life

I cannot say which one will happen in your own case.

But if you prepare yourself (through deep repentance coupled with foundational prayers), as soon as you release this volley of prayers ‘machine-gun style’ all opposition to your breakthroughs will simply melt away.

Hebrews 12:26b-27 says this:

… but now he has promised, saying, yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, yet once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

Things that the enemy had planted in your life (sickness, poverty, debt, stagnancy, rejection, etc) must first be shaken out of your life.

What will be left standing?

Your divine blessings… breakthroughs… testimonies.

Before We Go to


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again.

Nothing else will do.

The prayers you are about to see will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

I’ll say it here: 

If you add these prayers to the ones you’re already praying, evil attachments will be shaken out of your life… and the blessings of God will begin to manifest suddenly in every area of your life. 

Now to the 7 Furious

Prayers for July 2017

Scripture Ingredient:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Phil. 4:6-7

Satanic diverters of destiny, release me now and die in the name of Jesus.

2.  I reject every evil transfer into my life; owners of evil load carry your load by fire in the name of Jesus.

3.  Any power contending with my angel of blessings, be arrested by the military angels of the Almighty in Jesus name.

4.  You spirits of anger and rage, loose your hold upon my life in the name of Jesus.

5.  Evil voices of accusation against me in the spirit, be silenced by the power of the blood of Jesus.

6.  Holy Spirit, quicken my ears to hear in the spirit.

7.  Let the mercy, favor and the glory of God overshadow my life this month in Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer


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 What Has The LORD Done For You Lately?

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struggles, war stories, and words of encouragement.

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We’ll begin this month like
Jeremiah the Prophet:

“O Lord, give your sword a charge
against my stubborn enemies.”

For those facing constant, unending battles…

There is a way out. 

But first, how did the eagles fare with the ‘double portion’
prayers of last month?

Here goes…  

Prayer Bullet #6:
She Could Have Died in Her Sleep

The prayer bullet for April:

Dissolving arrows and poisons in my body gather yourselves together, be flushed out by the blood of Lamb in Jesus name.

I was delivered from the spirit of death on Wed the 12th April 2017. Since the beginning of April, something compelled me to do the March/April prayer bullets at midnight every night. On the midnight of the 11th going to 12th April, immediately I finished praying, I started being sick.

The whole day of the 12th I was sick, couldn’t get off my bed. I sent message to my prayer group to tell them to pray with me. I also prayed for 5 minutes the O great physician prayer. Later on that day I started getting better, I could eat. I discovered that I was bitten by some poisonous insect.

That’s why my whole body was feeling cold/hot, nausea, headaches. The poison was circulating in my body, as those in the medical fields explained. My body was rejecting the poison. They explained the theory of how sometimes you hear somebody complained of headache and shortly just passed away, or the person just had a short illness in the night and died in the morning, because of the poison in their bodies.

I asked now that I have reaction on my skin, can I still drink some antibiotic or something for healing. I was told it’s late now, the poison is all flushed out of my body. I will be wasting my medical aid if I go get antibiotic as am already out of danger zone. Praise God. - Eagle Pinky

Wedding Bells: May 6, 2017


I would like to praise God for what he has put in your life to teach us how to pray and take back all what the devil has stolen. haven’t joined the Prayer Academy yet but the next one coming I should join. God has been faithful to me. Just by following and reading the daily mails you send us, this helped me to start serious prayers at midnight hour. 

With a story of two broken marriages and uncountable disappointments God has put all that behind me AND MY GODLY HUSBAND IS HERE praise the Lord! We met on 22 October 2016 the same day he just said I am going to marry you. It was like all drama. Every day has been unbelievable since we met and here we are. Now we are getting married on 6 May 2017. God is so wonderful. Just with midnight prayers using the Furious Prayers. Surely God has surprised my friends and is shocking my enemies. The next Prayer Academy am ready to join.  – Eagle VP

My “SHOCKSPRISE” – Prayer Eagle Invents New Word


I applied for my degree transcript in order to further my education. My school was tossing me each time I called to find out if it was ready. It was from one story to another. I decided to use the 14 Furious Prayers for April during the midnight hour on Friday April 22nd, 2017. I called on Tuesday and I was told the registrar had not signed so I should call later. I never lost hope but continued the midnight prayers.  

I then dreamt that I was taking a document which belonged to me from a lady but she had turned the paper in such a way that it was difficult to identify that it was mine. I then gave it back to her to turn it to the right position before giving it to me. She obeyed and did as I commanded her. On Wednesday, I called again and was
told the transcript is ready. I then went for it and later in the day I decided to read what was on my transcript and to my “shocksprise” meaning I was shocked and surprised I screamed. 

I was awarded second class lower during my graduation which I sensed was not meant for me, I went to the authorities to complain but I was told degree was awarded only to open my transcript to see second class upper which was what I told God I want. I used to tell people my plans but because Elisha warned us I have learnt to keep my mouth shut. 
-      Eagle Belinda


Throat Cancer Never

 wanted to tell you that my father is being healed from throat cancer. Today we got the report that everything is normal. I’ve been praying against it these past few days and I witnessed God’s hands. I’ve been praying the 7 Furious Prayers for April 2017. And, I Praise God for everything. I started giving tithes regularly and I wanted to be closer to God. To be faithful to Him more than ever. I hope I can join the Prayer Academy very soon. Thank you so much for your bold teachings. It’s worth reading them all. I used to be very upset when I receive no emails from you. – Amalanda

Divorce Plans

I was introduced to this site in January 2016 when I was very devastated and had lost hope. I had lost my marriage and my husband was finalising on the divorce plans as he was in advanced relationship with another woman. I joined the prayer eagles, bought prayer manuals, fasted and prayed. The more l prayed the more
things got worse. 

I took an Esther fast twice and almost gave up. I committed to my midnight prayers. The testimonies l read kept me going, they were quite encouraging. I would arise again with the manuals and pray.
Today we are back together. God just brought him at his own appointed time. It was not an easy walk but God’s faithfulness is so amazing. Thank u for teaching me how to pray. The prayers truly work. We are in love again more than before God bless. —  
Eagle Carol

Yoke of debt broken – in an unusual way

Through giving to this ministry, where people are being converted into righteousness, hungering for the Word of God – God has mercifully broken the yoke of debt over my life on 28 April 2017. I’ve been in debt since 2011. I paid off over 70,000 USD. It was not easy but I learnt a lot.  - Eagle G

Praise the LORD.

All these testimonies are sealed by the blood of Jesus.

At this point, a quick reminder…


    Please note that the testimonials
and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not
get any results from using the principles taught here. In other
words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they
have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not
work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha



Now, I heard an amusing conversation going on in Facebook about yours truly. 


One of our eagles sent it to me a few hours ago. 


I read about you in a
Facebook post just yesterday!

It’s so interesting because I read about you in a Facebook post just yesterday. There are different social media groups and this one in particular is one where women are often abusive to each other and all. One woman came on saying she keeps dreaming that she is having sex in the dream, and a lot of women shared the same experience. One person then asked her to go to Elisha Goodman website and she will find prayers for deliverance. What was interesting was that a lot of women replied to that post said that Elisha is strict and there are a lot of rules like you cannot have sex outside marriage etc. That seemed to be a hard thing for people to accept.”

Which begs the question: 

Why do my messages appear “too strict” to a lot of people? 

For the 12 years I’ve been online, I’ve been hearing this type of complaints.

Some would like me to NOT even mention sin at all. 


It makes them uncomfortable. It brings conviction of the Spirit to their hearts. 

Which is a good thing   

This idea of NOT wallowing in sin goes hand in hand with the “military-style spiritual drilling” that releases the breakthroughs and testimonies we see here every day.

There is a purpose for this – it is to create constant alertness in the spirit.

This must be bred into every praying Christian. Holy living, constant prayer and scripture drilling make for strong prayer eagles.

Now more than ever, a believer has to be alert in the spirit all the time if s/he expects to keep on breathing.

If not, some serpentine power will sneak up from behind in the dream and inject them with poison to paralyze their spiritual lives.

After that, all the hordes of hell will move in and finish off the job.

Given that spiritual reality, it should NOT be baffling to see that a large percentage of people received incomplete to no breakthroughs.

At least four out of every ten emails ask the same question:

“Where did I miss it? I’ve been praying but…”

I’m going to use this opportunity to explain about the intensity of the warfare going on in the spirit realm as this age draws to a close.

 Many people would rather not hear this but I’m going to say it all the same.

There is a war raging right now … for your soul … for the soul of your spouse, children, loved ones, your church, your community, your nation.

This war is a bloody business, a killing business. The devil and his cohorts are the enemy. They started this war (Gen. 3, Rev. 12).

The LORD is our Commander-in-Chief.

With Him at the helm of affairs we will win this war.

Our plan of operation is to advance and keep on advancing. The quickest way to win this war is to maintain an unbroken connection with our Commander, the Holy Spirit.

We ‘learn’ to listen to the voice of our Commander.

When He says move, we move. When He says stop, we stop. 

Like the ladies in the Facebook group, many may complain that “elisha is strict and there are a lot of rules like you cannot have sex outside marriage.”

Yes, some will continue to complain that our position on sex sins and the sexual perversions of
our day is too strict.

I don’t care about such complaints. Our position is the Bible’s position.

I intend to continue sounding the battle cry for midnight prayers, Bible study, holy living, etc. through my outrageous daily emails (i.e. until you unsubscribe from our email list… which you’re free to do at any time by just clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails, no hard feelings).

Why do I insist on doing this?

Because I believe an ounce of sweat at the midnight hour will save a gallon of blood … your blood, that of your loved ones… plus that of Christians everywhere.

The more we live righteously, pray and apply the knowledge revealed in our  programs and sometimes in our daily emails, the more enemies we’ll put out of business.

(I mean spiritual enemies … NOT HUMAN BEINGS … enemies of God, enemies of your peace, marriage, family, etc.)

The more enemies we put out of business, the fewer of our families will be destroyed… and the more the purpose of God will prosper and prevail in our families and communities.

Pushing harder through aggressive prayer means fewer casualties
… in our lives, families, churches and communities.

If you have been using our materials diligently I want you to remember that…

True prayer eagles … such as the ones we breed here … do NOT surrender.

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed.
We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. – 2 Cor. 4:8 (NLT)


How to Become Highly
Sought After … For Good This Month


… by friends and family, by co-workers, and by those in power and authority. 

The first thing to do is RECHARGE your spiritual batteries. There’s a prayer we like to pray here. It goes like this:

I plug myself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost.

Why would you need to do that? 

Holy Spirit is the Power of God operating on the earth today. He runs an invisible spiritual Power Grid than spans the entire universe and beyond. Those who are connected to this power grid are the undefeated ones.

They are the ones advancing the cause of Christ’s Kingdom each and every day.

Look at this scripture:

But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD, that we may
inquire of the LORD by him? And one of the king of Israel’s servants answered
and said, Here is Elisha the son of Shaphat, which poured water on the hands of
Elijah. And Jehoshaphat said, The word of the LORD is with him. So the king of
Israel and Jehoshaphat and the king of Edom went down to him.

And Elisha said to the king of Israel, What have I to do with
you? get you to the prophets of your father, and to the prophets of your mother.
And the king of Israel said to him, No: for the LORD has called these three
kings together, to deliver them into the hand of Moab.

And Elisha said, As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand,
surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah,
I would not look toward you, nor see you. But now bring me a minstrel. And it
came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came on him.

 And he said, Thus said the LORD, Make this valley full of
ditches. For thus said the LORD, You shall not see wind, neither shall you see
rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, that you may drink, both you,
and your cattle, and your beasts.

And this is but a light thing in the sight of the LORD: he will
deliver the Moabites also into your hand. And you shall smite every fenced city,
and every choice city, and shall fell every good tree, and stop all wells of
water, and mar every good piece of land with stones.

And it came to pass in the morning, when the meat offering was offered, that, behold, there came water by the way of Edom, and the country was filled with water. -   Kings 3:11-20


In the passage, we just saw some misguided kings who suddenly realized that the issue staring them in the face was beyond their ability to solve. In panic, they began to look for someone who could hear from the LORD.

In other words, someone who was connected to the divine power grid.

Because when push comes to shove, the one who maintains a healthy connection is the one that can hear and see in the spirit.

Today, people in the church are stumbling around in the dark, without divine direction and without any inkling of what the Lord might be saying. Or doing.

Such people derive no comfort or joy from the scriptures. They are not interested in the message of holiness. All their ear is itching to hear is blessings, miracles, breakthroughs.

Note carefully…

This being the Old Testament, the Prophet Elisha first had to connect to this Power Grid before he could rise to the occasion. What he did here is very instructive.

He said:

But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass,
 the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came on him.
- 2 Kings 3:15


     One Bible commentary says Elisha called for the harpist to play on his instrument…

      … that it might calm his spirits, and render him more susceptible of the prophetic influence. To be able to discern the voice of God, and the operation of his hand, it is necessary that the mind be calm, and the passions all in harmony, under the direction of reason; that reason may be under the influence of the Divine

The hand of the Lord came upon him – The playing of the harpist had the desired effect; his mind was calmed, and the power of God descended upon him. Clarke’s  Commentary

 One of the obvious reasons many believers hardly hear the voice of the Lord is because they are too noisy.

     Everywhere you turn there is noise. If it is not the phone, it is the TV, Internet or social media.

     A noisy generation cannot hear God speak. We need to be calm, and have our spiritual ears attuned to the Spirit before we can hear what He is speaking to us.

Next comes praise and worship.
You want to connect to the divine power grid?

You must become a person of praise. You must learn to tarry in His presence in worship.

For your prayers to have great impact in the days ahead, you need to be spiritually recharged daily so we can load our prayer gun and fire under the precise directive of the Spirit.

No one understood this better than the Prophet Elisha.

With a simple prayer, he overpowered an entire army. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and brought an end to a gruesome famine that had ravaged the entire nation.

All because he was totally connected to the power source of Heaven.

    The prayers you are about to see will help you connect to the divine source of power … something no one can take from you.

 For this to work for you, you must first surrender your life to Jesus Christ totally, if you have never done so before. Nothing else will do.

This will lay the strong foundation for your breakthroughs to manifest.

After that… if you’re unable (or unwilling) to join the Academy to keep your prayer momentum going… please be sure to look for a praying church in your community without delay.

If you’re in the current Prayer Academy or any other program, please follow

instructions and double your aggression at the midnight hour.

If you’ve been asking about the

SINGLES PROGRAM here’s a quick update:

Registration is NOW open.

The invitation has been going out to those who have already completed the Prayer Academy.

Hundreds have been signing up.

We’ll be closing registration soon. If you’ve received the email invite in the past few weeks, please do NOT delay.

Once we close, that’s it for the year.

Now to the 7 Furious

Prayers for May 2017


Scripture Ingredient:

And the Lord shall deliver me from every
evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom:
to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

– 2 Tim. 4:18

1.   I plug myself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost.

O Lord, recharge my genetic code with your fire in the name of Jesus.

I withdraw anything representing me from every altar of darkness; Fire of God, locate such altars and burn them to ashes in Jesus name.

I drink the blood of Jesus into the whole of my system by faith
(Please shout it 21 hot times, then follow up by demonstrating as if you’re drinking something for a minute or two)…

Let the blood of Jesus locate every stranger hiding in my body, suffocate them, kill them and flush them out in the name of Jesus.

Any power using my glory to prosper, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

O LORD, build around me and my family your hedge of fire in Jesus name.


Be An Overcomer 



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A little HINT on prayer bullets 4 & 5
– prayers using the blood of Jesus

If you read the comments below, you will see this post from Nozinhle in Zimbabwe.

She writes: 

“I would like to give thanks to the Lord, my husband was seriously ill last year as from April 2016 diagnosed with a heart problem. I used the prayer bullet “O LORD, flush his system now and clean his blood with the blood of Jesus,” That was the only prayer I could afford to pray at that moment as he was now collapsing now and again. The doctors had said he wont last 3 months because his aorta vein had enlarged now there was a lot of backflow of the blood and there was little oxygenated blood circulating in his body. he was failing to move around. But I thank God of Elisha and his prayer bullets that he is now healed and back to work.”

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