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Amazing tale of last-minute deliverance.

From the land Down Under.

Tsitsi says:

“Prayer Brought My Sister Back From The Dead!”

“Thank you for coaching me to pray effectively. I joined your academy two months ago. My prayer life has changed. I was privileged to storm the gates. While on the Esther fast, my sister drank poison to kill herself.

The day before you had sent the bullet about every spirit of death activated against my life in the spirit…. I prayed that like mad, then heard the news. Then I started praying that for my sister, I added the other bullet about any clock or calendar ticking…, then the power that resurrected Jesus.

Elisha, my sister was able to SMS me and she said she is dying and were she is and going is very dark. The Holy Ghost prompted me to change the bullets, now it was the light of God shine on my sister now by fire in Jesus’ name and Lord dispatch your warrior angels to search the land of darkness and bring back my sister.

All night I prayed.

In the morning my sister sent me an SMS that,  ’I’m back to life.

She saw the sun rising in her dream hence could find her way back. As we speak she has fully recovered and now fasting and praying for forgiveness and foundation. Had I not come across your website, I wasn’t going to be able to pray the way I did. I thank the Holy Ghost whom I am falling in love with so much.

My sister could have died. But the God of wonders immediately dispatched the 12 warrior angels and indeed they found her and brought her back. Thank you Elisha. God will increase you beyond your imagination.

Tsitsi, Australia 


Praise the LORD.

Because she invested the TIME and EFFORT to learn how to stand in the gap aggressively for her loved ones, the LORD has now used her to snatch her sister from the jaws of hellfire.

Remember that most people would have been running from one prophet to the other (who wouldn’t be able to help them anyway!)

Now Heaven is rejoicing for one more soul saved at the nick of time. Ultimately that is what our rigorous prayer training /coaching is all about. It goes WAY BEYOND just material blessings (though that is very important as well).

Do you realize that you too have been called to stand in the gap like a warrior for your loved ones, your community, and even your nation?

Are you fulfilling your calling? 

Please say this with me:

“The devil will not write the last chapter of my life in the name of Jesus.”

[Note to self: No wonder the devil/his agents hate our manner of prayers so much].

Breaking News: Cancer Disappears!

Patience says: 

“I must give glory to the Lord for the power of prayer bullets. I was introduced to this site by my colleague in July 2010 when I was diagnosed with cancer, which was caused by a gun shot I had the previous year.

With no hope and faith I thought God will never listen to me. On a daily basis I received encouragement from you and I started praying using the Prayer Cookbook.

Believe me these prayers are powerful.  I’m not just a cancer survivor but also healed from gunshots. God is great, a Healer and a Comforter.

Thank you elisha for being the guidance to reality, faith and a teacher of prayer. I want to encourage everyone to pray even if you have a little faith. Thanks again for being a blessing in our lives.”

-       Patience  


All glory to God.

As we wind down this 14-day Prayer Riot, please remember the words of a famous 20th century Prayer Eagle:

Prayer is the force that shapes the world (i.e. your world).

The most important lesson we can learn is how to pray.

When God’s house on earth is a house of prayer, then God’s house in Heaven is busy and powerful in its plans and movements.

Let me humbly suggest that you do all you can to keep this prayer momentum till the end of the month.

If you are in the Prayer Academy, please resume with the weekly lessons and be even MORE fervent with your prayers.

[NOTE: Something NEW and exciting is coming up for Eagles who have ALREADY completed the Academy at least once - please keep an eye on your inbox]

The Scripture says:

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  – Phil 4:6-7

Tip #1:

If you are unable (or unwilling) to join the Prayer Academy, I want to urge you to look for a praying church in your community. Then double down and SOAK yourself in result-getting prayers. Like the type you see here.

Tip #2:

If you are NOT eligible to continue on with us 
you still need to know how to pray and eject evil strangers from your life so your divine benefits can manifest EARLY this year.

Like this:

Hidden Strangers Chased Out!


“I did not finish the Prayer Academy that started in September 2012.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong stopping me from doing the prayer. 

But things have not changed for me and with the desire to have a change I decided to start the prayers again this time praying day and night with fasting.  So I took time off work… 

On the first day of the Esther fast as I just finished prayer point number 26 of day two:

“Let every stumbling block fashioned against my Christian walk be consumed by fire in Jesus name.”

I also added: stumbling block fashioned against my career and my finances to be consumed by fire.  I was about to go to the next prayer number 27:

“Everyday let the pillar of fire of the living God go before me and light up my pathways in Jesus name.” 

Suddenly I heard a loud voice shouting what!
I staggered and I felt and saw a black man come out of my body (like it just stepped out of me) looking scared he ran away. 

I knew God has delivered me of something but I don’t know what it is…” -  Eagle B.A.


Well, I know what it is.

The Bible calls them hidden strangers. They are stubborn and VERY wicked. For many people reading this, such strangers have been hiding in their bloodlines for generations!

But no matter how long they’ve been in place, they cannot withstand the continuous barrage of relentless prayers. 

Such as the type we pray here.


“I Had A Problem With A Spirit Husband Tormenting My Life”

“It has been a few years since someone directed me to this site, I also have at some point bought the materials but never used them. until this very week because all this time I have been receiving mails from Elisha, I always read them but never done anything about it.

But this year I wanted my life changed, I went back to all those emails and also asked one of the prayer advisors on the site if its ok if I started using them or join the Prayer Academy and was advised accordingly.

From the 3rd of this month I started on a 21-day fasting. This is the longest fast I ever took but I wanted to show God how serious I really am. This week I stumbled on the 17 prayer points that I found on the site. In those prayer points it talks about the power that raised Lazarus from the dead.

I applied that prayer point in every aspect of my life and guess what,the very same night as i was sleeping some dark cloud came out of me and from then i felt so light like something heavy has been lifted off my shoulders.

i woke up feeling at peace with everything. I had a problem with a spirit husband which has been tormenting my life. i believe i have been delivered indeed. It says that when God touches you, you are delivered indeed.

I also thank God that instead of relying on other people to pray for us we can actually pray for ourselves and be touched indeed. Thank you  for allowing God to use you to save the people of this world from darkness. From now onward i am not looking back.

- Eagle Grace


Praise the LORD.

Another example of evil strangers being forcefully evacuated… to make room for God’s blessings to come in.

Please permit me to speak bluntly here.

Many Christians today like to think their problems are from outside, not knowing that the enemy is already inside.

While they waste precious time blaming others for their troubles…

… the strangers are already hiding inside, swallowing their blessings, drinking their blood, driving away good things from their lives and keeping generational bondage in place.

No wonder the Scripture says:

“As soon as they hear of me they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me. The strangers shall fade away, and shall come trembling out of their close places.” – Psalm 18: 44-45


Why You Must Arise Quickly – Don’t Let The Momentum Die Down

Friend, it is the season to shake off every form of spiritual slumber.

You need to arise quickly and CONTINUE to pray the way you’ve been praying in this 14-day program. If you can, please join the Eagles’ Forum …

… so you too can destroy the hidden strangers in your life and share your testimonies EARLY this year …

Let nothing, absolutely nothing, interfere with immediate actionA change for the better justifies no delay. This year don’t just watch others share testimonies which you can share.

You have started well.

Be up and doing NOW. Some other time may be too late.

If you have never done so, sign up for the Prayer Academy of the 25th and secure your seat this very minute.

Take the action now that means more miracles and testimonies this month, total deliverance within the next 90 days.

If you had completed the Prayer Academy (please wait for invitation to sign up for the Sapphire Edition 2020 Forum).

But if you have NEVER participated in the Prayer Academy…

Click Here To Secure Your Seat

The clock is ticking…

Thank you for coming with us this far.

Be An Overcomer


P.S: (Sapphire Edition 2020 – please check your inbox in a few days if you qualify).

P.P.S. The 24-Hour Forum is open for posting of dreams, prayer requests, war stories, field reports, etc. It will close when the Sapphire Forum opens.


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2020 Year of the Mad Prophets

Right now…

We’re in the middle of our 14-day prayer riot at the gates.

Because of that, there will be no 7 Furious prayers for this month …

… as the prayers are already embedded within the prayers we’re currently praying.

Take for instance prayer bullet #1 [Day 5].

Powerful self-deliverance prayer.

Look what happened to Eagle Colleta when she took the prayer with holy aggression. 

** Prayer Bullet #1 Hits The Bull’s Eye **


“Yesterday we broke our fast at 6pm following the pre marathon manual on how to break an Ester fast. Just around 2hours from taking fluids l received a great deliverance.I had diarrhea for almost two hours, l did not have stomach pains nor stomach rumblings, it was just flowing as if l was being washed inside.

Little did l know what was in store for me at midnight hour. We started our praise and worship then all of a sudden l felt the overwhelming power to cry and prostrate and l let the Holy Spirit take control. On the prayer bullet of “I receive the baptism of fire in the name of Jesus “

I started talking in a language l have never heard. Glory to God, one of my petitions was answered. The prayers were filled with power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God was with us even as we went to sleep.”

- Eagle Colleta 


If you haven’t joined us yet, take a look at this post from Facebook:








 You may choose to join us … or not.

That’s your call.

We’ve done our part. 

See the prayers on our web page here:

See the prayers – printable PDF here

Be An Overcomer


P.S. To share with friends on WhatsApp or Facebook click below:


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Saddle up your horses.

We ride at midnight.

As we storm the gates of 2020 …

I pray that your testimony will …

… surprise your friends and shock your enemies In Jesus name.

WATCH this:

They’re going nuts on our Facebook page.

After Lilian Israel posted her testimony.

She said:

**  We Got Married in October **

“Last year I stormed the gates of 2019 and all my prayer items were answered. 
I got a permanent job as well as I got a Godly spouse and we got married October 2019! God is really good and faithful!”

Others chimed in:







Of Course I Know Elisha And So What? 

“For some reason, I had not planned to write to you but there is a very strong push that I should.

I have known you through a friend more than 5 years ago. My life was a right mess nothing was working out for me.

I had worked as a professional for almost 20 years but had nothing to show.

No house, no money in the bank, old car, divorced, 2 children with 2 fathers, no maintenance support.

I couldn’t even afford to put food on the table for my children.

Money will just come n go without me knowing what I have done with it.

I used to cry daily, I had no friend no one liked to be around me I was just a miserable soul with a very dark cloud over me.

When I was around people I could tell they were not interested in interacting with me.

I could not interact n if I did the conversation will not end well and I will be blamed for that.

I even stopped looking after myself, I felt ugly n unliked.

My only friend introduced me to you, I followed your prayers but I was not consistent, this cloud followed me wherever I went.

Things will be bit better for a month n go right back to where they were, it went to a point where I realized that this was a curse.

I then went to my aunt in confidence, we were not very close by then but because I knew she liked traditional doctors,
I asked her to help me find one to assist me with my bad luck.

Surprisingly and shockingly she instead asked me, ‘do you know Elisha Goodman?’

Disappointed I said yes I do.

She said ‘I follow his prayers and they work no traditional healer can do that’.

I went back home thinking she really doesn’t want to help me she want me to stay the same … of course I know Elisha n so what?

Few months later when things didn’t change n I kept on receiving mails from you I then decided to take a closer look.

I also remembered immediately that when I send to pray your prayers with my friend things got bit better from where they were.

I started praying and following your prayer points with more understanding than before.

To cut long story short in 2014 after storming the gates I got 2 yes 2 promotions in 1 year and my life changed for the better year after year.

In 2018 I stormed the gates of 2019 with you.

Believe it or not Elisha, I now realize I am beautiful and worth it.

I have friends now I can feed my children abundantly now, we are never short of food we actually have more than we need.

This is what I prayed for Elisha. Every single prayer request have been granted by the Almighty.

I prayed for work. In March I was starting a new job paying much better.

I have a house for my children n a car is no longer n issue, I can drive whichever car I want to but I chose to keep it simple.

All my prayers for 2019 were answered.

I pray that God continue to bless you with many many more years n the wisdom to continue changing peoples lives.

My next step is to begin 2020 by joining the Academy.

Thank you and God bless you Elisha.”

Best regards,

- Tshidi, South Africa


 Prayers to storm the gates all READY for you.

See printable PDF here

See the web page here:

Be An Overcomer


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7 furious prayers for dec 2019


From the Forum…

Comes a last-minute call to be on…  

“High Alert Against Untimely Death”

Eagle Evelyn writes: 

“I will praise the LORD all the days of my life.

He has fought for me and solved a problem I had for ten years in my marriage.’

On Sunday midnight I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray against untimely death in my family.

I even wrote a comment regarding this in the Platinum Forum on Sunday.

As I prayed I named my parents and siblings and their children one by one including my own children.

On Monday late afternoon my mother texted me to inform me that a number of children from the school where my 16-year-old nephew goes to had gone swimming on a school trip had drowned and died.

My mum said my nephew had wanted to go on the trip too but she had refused to pay for it and told him he was not going.

He cannot swim. My mum is a prayer warrior and she said she had felt it in her spirit not to allow my nephew to go on the trip.

I thank God for saving my nephew’s life even as I pray for the families who lost their loved ones.”

Eagle Evelyn, Platinum 2019 Forum 


Heartbreakingly sad.

May the LORD grant these young souls eternal rest in Jesus name.

As the year draws to a close, we all need to be on high alert against the agents of untimely death.

The enemy is not playing games at all.

Agents of darkness are on a frantic drive to fill up their satanic blood banks before the end of the year.

Please do NOT let spiritual laziness or ignorance or too much sleep rob you…

… of the opportunity to stand in the gap for your loved ones.

Thank God there is still deliverance and healing power in the name of Jesus Christ.

This month’s prayers are culled from the aggressive prayers of Platinum 2019.

(Actually, this is the “civilian” version … a tiny snapshot … of the blood warfare prayer riot  going on in the Platinum Forum right now).

Cathie posted:

“Praise the Living God.

I thank Jesus for this program and for elisha and team that have organized it at this time every year.

Joining this program, I came with 3 major issues and as I write now, I already see these issues being dealt with within Week 3 prayers.

This is the time for us to really deal with any foundational and generational issues as we close this year and prepare for another year.

Let us all put on the full armor of God and trust Him for victory over all our problems.

These prayers are an opportunity to pray for our families, children, spouse, marriages, churches, and everyone God puts on our heart.

They are deep and for those with marital problems it’s the chance to pray for your spouse’s foundation too.

Be like Jeremiah whom God gave the power and authority over nations and kingdoms to uprrot and pull down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant (Jer. 1:10).

As we do this, let us remember to plant the fruits of the Holy Spirit…

As I prayed bullet #39 last night and this morning, the Holy Spirit led me to claim Exodus 20:6.

Everytime I blessed my spouse/children/bloodline I asked the LORD God to show His love and mercy on my generation and thousands of generations to come from our bloodline.

I hope this is helpful to someone here. praise the LORD.”


Agness agrees:

“Eagles, these prayers are massive… 

… hence the devil did everything he could in his powers to stop us!

This week’s prayers are jam-packed. We’re addressing our bloodline.

For some of us, we are the only ones doing this kind of prayers in our family!

Wow. God appointed us at this time just like Jeremiah in Jer. 1:10:

‘See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out…

… and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.’

We are rescuing our bloodline. What stopped us will not stop our children.

We’re removing those satanic beacons of witchcraft in the name of Jesus.

We’re breaking those curses of marital distress in the name of Jesus.”


Note: Full set of prayer bullets – locked and loaded – in the Platinum Forum (access required).

For now, here’s the …

7 Furious Prayers for December 2019

Scripture Ingredient: 

Psalm 118:17:

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

1. My life hear the word of the Lord, reject untimely death in the name of Jesus

2.  Every evil appointment with tragedy and death for my family be disappointed by the power in the blood of Jesus.

3.  Evil night birds on assignment against my family be massacred by the sword of the LORD in the name of Jesus.

4.  Any voice calling me from the gate of the grave be silenced by the blood of Jesus.

5.  Powers chanting my name for destruction, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus.

6.  I break the curse of untimely death; owners of sorrow and tragedy, carry your load and die in the name of Jesus.

7.  Holy Spirit teach me to walk on the water of supernatural breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.

Be An Overcomer 


P.S. New prayer manuals go here and HERE

>>  For prayer coaching please go to Eagles Forum Here


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Please note that
the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from
using the principles taught here. In order words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not for you? May the LORD richly bless you.



** * 




Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for November 2019</font></b></h2>

M.M. gives a clue to …  

“Destroy the Goliath of Marital Destruction”

“I will praise the LORD all the days of my life.

He has fought for me and solved a problem I had for ten years in my marriage.

I never had peace since I got married due to rejection and failure at the edge of a breakthrough both at home and at work.

One day during after midnight prayers, I dreamt of a village behind the mountains.

There was only one house at this place and I found myself inside this house. To my surprise it was a white house filled with vicious naked ladies and girls.

These people were in prostution business and I was also naked and surprised.

There were a lot of people outside but it looked like those outside were aware of what was happening inside.

Someone saw me from outside and lost control and cried to see me inside that house.

It was like I was going to be trained on that prostitution business, but I came back to my senses when I saw this person crying.

No one was allowed to go out of that house myself included. There was one lady as huge as Goliath who sat next to the window and she was called the queen of the house.

No one ever thought of challenging her.

I kept looking at her and trying to think how I would escape.

Suddenly the Holy Spirit whispered to my soul and said “use the Name of Jesus and you shall overcome”. They are not real.

I listened and took action, I called out the name of Jesus loudly and jumped on the queen telling them that “you are not real in the name of Jesus”

To my surprise the queen melted in my hands like tissue paper soaked in water.

All the other evil beings were so horrified and there was complete silence inside the room. I went out through the back window and found one lady I know perfectly well.

She offered to give some fish inquiring whether I am not hungry.

I denied the offer, and this lady laughed out aloud a devilish laugh and told me:

‘You are lucky, everyone who agreed to eat or taste this fish on earth, it is the end of their marriage. I wonder how you got the wisdom to refuse.’

I left this place returning to my home. When I looked behind me, I saw a large crowd of women coming after me with shame and relief on their faces going back to their homes.

I don’t know for how long they were captives in that place. Since then, I have peace both at work and at home. I am able to evaluate myself like never before.

All glory goes to God. I am thankful to be part of such a praying group as this. I know my God had a purpose for me to join the Prayer Academy and Platinum Edition.

I will never quit or sell out in Jesus name Amen.” 

Eagle M.M., 24-Hour Forum 


Praise the LORD. 

Eating in the dream, sex in the dream, etc. have destroyed more marriages than you can count.

But thank God for deliverance and healing power in the name of Jesus Christ.

This month’s prayers are culled from the preparatory prayers for Platinum Edition 2019.

(Full set of prayer bullets posted in the Platinum Forum – ready for immediate access by invitation).

Here’s the …

7 Furious Prayers for November 2019

Scripture Ingredient: 

James 4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

1.  O Lord forgive me for living a life of disobedience; help me to submit myself to you in Jesus name.

2.  Blood of Jesus arise in your power and fight for me this month in the name of Jesus. 

3.  Whirlwind of the Lord arise, carry satanic flood of affliction back to senders in the name of Jesus.

4.  Evil deposits and plantations in my body, come out with all your roots in the name of Jesus Christ. 

5.  This month I re-possess all my stolen divine benefits by fire in Jesus name. 

6.  I fire back every arrow of untimely death in the name of Jesus. 

7.  Holy Spirit visit my life with your fresh fire in Jesus name. 

Be An Overcomer 


P.S. More books, more prayers here and HERE

>> For Prayer Coaching please go to Eagles Forum Here

 >>> For Platinum Invitation please check your inbox (if you completed the Prayer Academy)

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Please note that
the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from
using the principles taught here. In order words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not for you? May the LORD richly bless you.



** * 




Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for October 2019</font></b></h2>

Anonymous writes: 

“Thank you for your books –

Prayer Cookbook for Busy People & 40 strong Prayers that you don’t know“.

At the beginning of this year, I was awarded a position to study my lifelong dream job after 20 years of trying.

Also, with the scholarship I applied for, I received the acceptance email a day after I applied which was so

surprising, knowing how long the process usually takes.

This was after I embarked on my native dialect prayers from your Ebook “40 Strong Prayers that you don’t know”.

“Then as I commenced with my study this year, I encountered so many challenges, one of which I kept failing I of the subject which would determine my continuation of study next year.

It got worse to the extent that I would be the only one who failed, whilst everyone else passed. I was so disappointed, humiliated & frustrated.  

“So I decided to do something about it. I knew that I had been doing my part of studying but it was not reflecting on my results. 

So I repented, prayed, fasted & this time embarked on the prayers from your Ebook ” Prayer Cook book for busy people ” .

The prayers I chose was “Prayers that bring you success in competition OR Prayers to attract your desires to you quickly”. 

“And just like that, my results came out & I passed my exam. Surprisingly the failure turnout was high in this test, but for the first time, I was no longer graded bottom or the last in the class.

Instead of shame, discouragement & disappointment, I walked out of my class, feeling victorious & with tears of
joy, I thanked The Lord Almighty & started singing “Never failed me yet”. 

Hallelujah, Praise Jesus. As our pastor said in church last Sunday, ” Our God is WOW God” Indeed He is. Amen.

“Thank you for your ebooks Elisha. Through them, the emails & monthly prayers, I have found my way back to my first love and that is my personal intimate relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

May the Lord continue to use you to lead & bring souls back to the Lord.”




Praise the LORD. 

Here’s the …

7 Furious Prayers for October 2019 


Psalm 19:1: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.

1. Let the heavens declare the glory of God over my life in Jesus name. 

2. Agenda of darkness, you will not prosper in my life this month in the name of Jesus. 

3. Every dragon of debt release me and die now in the mighty name of Jesus. 

4. I command every grave dug for me and my family to swallow their diggers in the name of Jesus Christ. 

5. Iron men of my fathers house, using my past to destroy my future, I bury you today in the name of  Jesus. 

6. This month I reject incomplete victory; my testimonies shall surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus name. 

7. O Lord visit every area of my life with your fresh fire in Jesus name. 

Be An Overcomer 



P.S. More books, more prayers here and HERE


For Prayer Coaching Plus Upcoming Prayer Riots, Please Join the Eagles Forum Here 


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Please note that
the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In order words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not for you? May the LORD richly bless you.



** * 




7 furious prayers for sep 2019

I like the testimonies here,

says Elizabeth from Kenya.

She continues: 

“I am asking for your help, our family is being tied up by the devil, no marriage works in our family, tied up in debts, absolutely nothing works out for good. 

“Our family has become the laughingstock. What do I do to save my family from this bondage?” 

Clara is facing a strange kind of challenge. she says: 

“Have been praying the furious prayers and have received a truck load of stolen goods and I locked them in my warehouse, i.e in the dream… What are the prayers for taking the goods from the spiritual warehouse into the physical?”

On a different note B.M. is battling a really stubborn problem: 

I am asking for prayer points to destroy strongholds of witchcraft in my family. I just lost my mother because of witchcraft in my family. I would be joining the Prayer Academy this September after the burial of my mother.

From Cape Town, South Africa, Sister J. just bought our book on dreams. 

She explains why: 

“I am 43 yrs old single widow, my life has been tampered with by the devil.  I realised it’s my dream life as I constantly see my dead hubby, spiritual husband, eating.

It’s all thanks to a friend who introduced me to your prayer lifestyle 2015.

It’s time I need to confront the enemy. Midnight prayers have brought hope, peace and assurance that my life will change as I have received answers in certain areas of my life already. Thank you for the many lessons, this has been the best experience of my life.” 

Finally, Ceazer writes: 

I subscribed to you some years ago but then i became weak in prayer. Not that i was indulging myself in sinful things. Kindly advise me. I need to start afresh because things are not moving well for me. 

(Note to Ceazer: Prayerlessness is a sin - 1 Sam. 12:23)

But there’s a way out, as you’ll see shortly… 

First a quick reminder:



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from
using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.

– elisha


** *   

Can You Believe This?

 ”Can you believe this is the same me who used to run after every prophet in town? 

Listen to this. a minister of the gospel was on his dying bed. He was dying of cancer. All the anointed healers visited his ministry prayed over him  Including the most known healer of our time but satan refused to let go. by December he had six different operations and was losing strength.

In February this year, all members of his church and family gathered together for the worst as he was losing strength rapidly and gradually passing there was no hope left. This was during the famous Sapphire program I was fully charged up and ready to fire satan back to his kingdom. 

First I repented on his behalf: Dear Lord if there is any sin that is stopping this healing I bring under the blood and prayed the book of Daniel 9:4-15. Then I prayed that every limitation programmed in his blood, gene or DNA hindering his healing be broken be destroyed forever. I quoted Jeremiah 30:17 – I prayed:

Oh Great Physician by all the power for which you are known to be called arise and declare healing to your servant.

Two days later he was discharged from hospital forever back home no trace of cancer even now as am writing to you.

In church when people have a serious problem, they now come to me because they believe they will get a solution from God. My pastor’s marriage was saved during Sapphire prayers last years – it was a problem that had gone on for a long time. I received a divine instruction, followed up by praying and fasting for 21 days using the Prayer Cookbook. problem closed. Praise the LORD.

- Name Withheld on Request


“Wedding Date Fixed After 17 Years! My Heart Is Overflowing”


“When I stormed the gates of this year I remember there was a point where we were to pause and tell God the things we would want him to do for us this year and beyond and why we were doing the program.

I had a long list of things and one of them was to have a church wedding and salvation and deliverance for my husband for without God all is vanity.

Around the 4th week of the diamond edition my husband of 17 years asked me to go and fix a date for our wedding with our priest something that I had tried to persuade him to do for years but he kept on postponing for reasons best known to him.

And as of now my wedding date has been fixed. My husband is actually more excited than I about this wedding and he keeps on talking about it. Praise God.

To crown it all my husband who has been an alcoholic since his youth, this week accepted Jesus has his personal. Initially he used to criticise my way of praying since I joined the Prayer Academy last year but not anymore. My heart is overflowing with joy for the Lord has done it for me.” 

- Eagle S.N. 


24-Hour Miracle: Wedding Holds And Family Saved From Shame 

“Friday August 9 I travelled out of town to go for my sister’s wedding. When I got there, I was told that the man who was supposed to plan the wedding and had the money for my sister’s husband had left town and his phones were off.

It was devastating because all the bills for the wedding were not paid and we only had hours to the wedding which was the following day. 

We considered postponing the wedding as there was no money and all stake holders said until we complete the payments the wedding could not hold. Even the venue was not paid for!

My sister was home just crying so I texted her these prayer bullets:

1. O covenant keeping God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob wherever they rejected me cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me.

I went to a quiet place and prayed this prayer passionately and i added these two.

2. O God of elisha raise men and women that will offer financial help towards this wedding in Jesus name.

3.  I refuse to pay my tithes and offering to Herod in Jesus name. Every Goliath standing in the way of the wedding let the brimstone of God locate the forehead.

4. Carriers of evil load carry your load in Jesus name.

I personalized all these prayer points in relation to my sisters weddings.

Around 10 pm my brother in law called saying the stake holders agreed to receive payments after the wedding and places for photos, transport vehicles were offered for free. The wedding held. It was beautiful and amazing. The monetary gifts received at the wedding were above $1400 which covered all the payments.

As I write this my sister’s wedding came to pass and all debts have been paid. What’s left over has been given to the couple to start a debt free marriage. Praise the LORD.” 

- Eagle Donalia 


From Complaints to Celebration, Stagnation to Promotion 

“My journey started with complaining to you about how hard things were, with debts left and right. You started sharing with me emails and wild prayer points. Sometimes if you don’t send me an email, I feel like you do not care about my problem.

I have not yet joined the Prayer Academy, but I started the midnight thanksgiving prayers and one thing that I realized is that all the body pains on my left side of the body stopped.

Secondly in my job there was stagnation. The last promotion was 10 years ago. I started praying and in April 2019 I was called for interviews and I was given a job outside town which I didn’t like because it meant that I will need to separate with my husband.

I rejected the job offer and continued the midnight prayers. I was called by another organization for interviews and was shortlisted. 

There was a delay, so I started praying the prayer:

‘God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob where ever they have rejected me cause them to call me back and let them fall over themselves to help me.’

The first organisation who gave me the job outside the town called  me for an interview and told me that they were creating a position for me in the city right where I stay and they wanted to find out if I was still interested And I said YES.

I continued praying and the second organization started sending me emails asking for my documents. On 1st of August 2019 I received 2 offer letters 20 minutes apart. I looked at both of them and I had to choose what I really wanted deep in my heart. Today I can say GOD gave me the job from heaven.” 

- Sister Jane 


Long Testimony Alert:

From Double Trial To Double Triumph 

“On the 9th of January this year, I was dismissed from work without any valid reason in an embarrassing way.

In February, my husband was dismissed in an embarrassing way too. We worked for the same organization.

Last year was a very difficult year for us as we suffered a still birth; the day I was discharged from the hospital,

my husband was falsely accused by someone we did not even know. He was put in a cell for a day, later released on bail and faced many years in jail if convicted. The charges were later dropped as mistaken identity after so many prayers and fasting.

We continued with the prayers and fasting as you encouraged in your emails. My husband had been using your book, Prayers to Cancel debts.

He was praying the prayers for one hour every day.

Then his former company contacted him for a position in a global company. It all happened very fast through his former boss, a divine helper.

Right now, my husband has a well paying job. The previous employer has paid him more than 23,000 US dollars as compensation for prematurely terminating his contract. Before we had huge debts of more than 10,000.00 USD which came as a result of a house we built for rentals.

As for me, the LORD gave me 2 very good jobs within one month.

A month after starting work with the new company, I was called for an interview by another international company for a job that I had applied in April 2018. I had even forgot about this application.

Initially, I did not  want to go for that interview as I was satisfied with the job that I had recently secured.

On the day of the interview, I woke up and decided to ask God on whether I was to go for that interview or not.

The Lord rebuked me using His word that He had opened that door for me but I did not want to take it.

After that rebuke from the Lord, I immediately started preparing for the interviews even though I had less than two hours to prepare.

The interview was successful. It took prayer for my offer letter to be released as somebody (the previous occupier of the position) was sitting on the offer letter.

I was given a brand new posh car, was the first one to drive it. I have a very beautiful office, my salary almost a six-figure salary.

Normally people who have worked for more than 15 years are the ones entitled to this kind of salary. I have 12-hour security guard at my house paid by the organization and many more benefits. Everyone says I have been sent by God to this company. Praise the living Lord.” - Eagle JM


Released From Jail Because of Midnight Prayer Bullets 

“On July 28, 2019 I recounted a satanic accusation and jealousy by my neighbor that landed me in jail.

The Police authorities didn’t record any statement from me but just arrested me. I spent only three hours in the prison pit when the God of battles fought for me and got me released.

I had prayed form 11:00 – 3:00pm like this:

Designers of grave clothes, carry your evil load and die in the name of Jesus.

All of a sudden, a gunshot was heard in the police cell. The bullet passed above my wife’s head (who was visiting), the cartridge hit her legs. She ran out unhurt, praise be to Jesus.

The police immediately launched an investigation over the gunfire incident. Within hours the district police commander ORDERED my release. To the shame of my accuser.

I believe God saves those who trust and love him as in Psalm:91. - Peter S, Uganda 


All glory to the LORD for these powerful praise reports. 

I do not mind repeating myself (even to the point of sounding like a broken record). 

There has never been a better time for you to … 

become your own personal prophet. 

The reason is simple.

On the Internet and social media today… 

You find thousands of people claiming to pray for you… and “see visions” for you. 

More often than not, following them leads to disappointment and heartbreak. 

The good news is that – 

If you’re a truly born-again Christian, you do have direct access into the presence of God through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Just like every other saint from the beginning of time.


(God does not play favorites)


This very night, you can pray yourself into the same miraculous realm of the prophets if you so desire. 


With your own mouth, you can declare powerful prophetic words and watch them come to pass in your life and family. 

To those who “know” their God, every setback can be turned into a steppingstone to something much better. 

From trials to testimonies. 

There is NO power that can withstand the kind of Scripture/prayer decrees you are about to see in a moment. 

The LORD says in Exodus 3:20: 

“And I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof: and after that he will let you go.”


… things are about to become very chaotic for your Pharaohs, Herods and Goliaths (if you know what I mean).

Please take this as a sneak peek into the Prayer Riot that’s about to kick off in the 24-Hour Blog (opening on September 7th)… 

… for all the Eagles who have passed through the Prayer Academy at one time or the other in the last 14 years. 

(If that applies to you, please send an email to Eagle Jane using the coaching email address only – very important – so she can double-check that you will be able to access the 24-Hour Blog Forum when it reopens this week).


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life t the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are the 4 conditions:

#1: You must be genuinely born again

If you are not, you will be putting yourself in great danger praying these prayers the way I’ve laid them out here.

#2: Living a holy life is non-negotiable 

As soon as you read this, the Holy Spirit will begin to convict you if you are living in any known sin. My advice is that you drop this material immediately, go on your knees and repent. Do not go back to your vomit.

#3: Be filled with the Spirit 

You must not be a fleshly, carnal believer. Learn to crucify your flesh. A few tell-tale signs of carnal Christians are that they get angry very easily, cannot control their appetite for food or sex, always compare themselves to others, tell small white lies, gossip about everyone, etc. 

#4: You must be addicted … to your Bible, that is 

Read it out loud as much as possible. Meditate on Scripture and let your actions and decisions be directed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.   

7 Furious Prayers for September 2019 

Scripture Ingredient:

When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing:

then said they among the heathen, The LORD has done great things for them. The LORD has done great things for us; whereof we are glad. - Psalm 126:1-3 

1.  Fire and glory of God, overshadow my life this month in Jesus name. 

2.  Jesus I invite you to be Lord over every area of my life 

3.  Every demonic resistance to my prayers be broken in the name of Jesus 

4.  I reject premature death; owners of witchcraft load, carry your load and die 

5.  O LORD put a stumbling block before my stubborn pursuers in the dream in Jesus name. 

6.  Every satanic decree of death upon my family, be revoked by the power of the Blood of

7.  O LORD ignite my prayer life with your fire so I can pursue, overtake and recover all that the enemy has stolen from me. 

Be An Overcomer 



Prayer Academy registration for September now open here  and HERE 

Are you looking to take a few baby steps?  

 … Click Here for prayer mini-courses as low as $3.99..


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7 furious prayers


Someone would like to encourage you today. 

Annie T writes from Botswana: 

“I am saying, if there is anyone who has never been touched in any part of their lives by God of Elisha…

… please collect all the 7 furious prayers that you can come across…

… and use or re-use them afresh to re-write your family history for you and your generation to come.” 

That’s an Eagle Pro Tip

You will see MORE in a moment. 

First, a quick reminder:  




Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from
using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work
for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands
like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD
richly bless you.

– elisha


** *  


Latest HIV Report – Submitted July 9, 2019 at 8:39 am


I was diagnosed with HIV in Nov. 2016, i was devastated as this man promised to marry me i thought he was my Godly spouse i knowingly engaged in sexual sin.  

Unknown to me he was already living with this deadly disease for many years and he wasn’t born again. After i discovered i immediately broke up with this man, repented to Jesus and was no longer participating in any sexual sin. 

I am grateful that Mpho (God bless her soul) introduced me to this website. Ii instantly went into prayer doing ALL the monthly furious prayer points at midnight. 

These prayers were my daily medicine along with the healing scriptures in the Holy Bible. I was meditating on them night & day filled with UNSHAKEABLE FAITH. I knew God cant lie. 

Surely May 2019 I had a dream were I was walking in a hospital. I woke up and felt i should go for a test. I did. 

I’m HIV NEGATIVE. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I thank Jesus for His power to heal my body. 

- Name Withheld


Work Visa Released After Prayer Battle In The Dream, Plus A Little Help From Eagles In The Forum


A week ago, I posted up here that I had a dream that I was in a dark room full of dust, at the time I was struggling to get an answer from Immigration regarding my work visa application. Normally it took only 2 weeks, but this year it has taken almost 5 months of waiting and there is no response at all. Countless follow up did not help.

This week’s prayers is very different for me, I felt all the roots of hell in my foundation has uprooted one by one, and this is a very shocking revelation to me as I declared the prayer bullets aggressively, something daunted on me that my issue is dealt with these prayers, I soar with anger and holy cry out to the Lord from my heart.

And as I fired the bullets I felt lighter, the more I fired them the more lighter I felt, knowing that I have a stubborn problem as nothing, nothing at all, and I mean nothing at all works in my life. My dream life is battlefield.

Last night, I dreamed that a stranger came up to me and said no matter how hot you pray, all your blessing will be blocked. IN the dream I turned away from him and declare, I refuse to bow to you Satan, I bow to the only God who sits on the throne.

To my surprise, I wake up this morning, and found an email from Immigration that my Skilled Work Visa is approved, and that’s not it, it goes further to say, it is for a good three years.

The Lord heard my cries, I feel lighter but I am looking forward to the prayer times.

Thank you Eagles family. I wish to stay in this forum and keep enrolling on other courses to stay in touch with you all. I cannot wait to see more blessings as they come. This is a breakthrough.

Our Lord is bigger and all powers belong to Him, Himself! May His name be glorified forever.

- Lima  

From Fiji to New Zealand – Behold Prayer In Action

have been following you from January this year but i received your prayer point from a friend two years ago. It has always been my helper since. Miracle after miracle happened in my life. Coming from Fiji to New Zealand was beyond our dreams. We never thought we would come but here am in NZ working. Truly GOD is great.

- Reshma  

God Works In Mysterious Ways – I Joined The Prayer Academy Wanting to Grow Spiritually


Today is my last day of Prayer Academy, I have completed the program. I thank God for this program. 

I have several testimonies since I joined here but the mother testimony is my birthday present on 5 July where my husband bought me a car, which I never dreamed him buying it for me and I call it a product of prayer Academy. 

Please my fellow eagles let’s hold on to these prayers and God of Firesprings ministries. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope, soon you will testify. 

I joined prayer Academy with an aim of wanting to grow spiritually, and 3 others things, but God works in mysterious ways, he has rebuilt me, given me what I never expected, learnt so many things though here….Glory be to God. - Towera C


“My Landlord Unaware I Was Taught to Fight And War With Prayer Bullets”


Participating in this Diamond Edition Program puts us in a comfort zone knowing that we are protected by the Blood of Jesus at all times.

My country is experiencing terrible economic woes. Prices of every commodity going up daily including rentals which are charged in forex.

My landlord taking advantage of the situation decided to issue my family with a 3-month notice of eviction unaware that I was taught to fight and war with my fingers and hands. I used the number 25 Bullet in the Diamond Letter. 

“Every evil agreement working against my life, be consumed by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.” 

My Lawyer took to them to court and the Judge dismissed the case and told them there is no VALID Reason for Eviction. Alleluia. Thank you Jesus. - Eagle D 


What to Pray When Hell Rises Up Against You


Are you trying to receive your blessings?

Are you trying to birth new-to-the-world ideas for the good of mankind?

Are you looking to fulfil your destiny anytime soon?

Lindiwe from South Africa writes: 

I have learned a lot on prayers, and now in the church, they also notice that there is something happening in my spiritual life. Now they have started to use me in the church.

Today I can see where I am  going in my spiritual life. And I can see that God has a purpose about my life. I thank God about you because if I did not come across your website, my life will be stagnant, standing in one place. Now I know that the secret is prayer.


Do you feel the promptings of the Spirit to go higher…

… with big, healing, revolutionary dreams and vision?

If you do, then I have
bad news and good news

First the bad news:

Hell will rise up against you.

The dragons and snakes of the world are going to bare their fangs and claws and attack.

And they will not stop until you destroy them.

Now to the good news.

Once you can confirm that your dreams are in line with the will of God for your life…

… then you should know that all the resources of Heaven

are already committed to seeing you through to victory provided:

You are prepared to do battle in order to secure them!


Are you ready to do battle?

Then you’re in the right place.

The 7 Furious Prayers for this month will get you off to a good start.

They are culled from a brand-new series of prayers known as: 

The BOOM BOOM Prayers!

(To be fully featured in the 24-Hour Blog when it reopens for the Golden Journey 2019 Express in a few weeks)

I got to tell you:

These are wild prayers.

The LORD God of Heaven & Earth is standing by to answer them all but please … 



For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life t the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are
the 4 conditions:

#1: You must be genuinely born again

If you are not, you will be putting yourself in great danger praying these prayers the way I’ve laid them out here. 

#2: Living a holy life is non-negotiable

As soon as you read this, the Holy Spirit will begin to convict you if you are living in any known sin. My advice is that you drop this material immediately, go on your knees and repent. Do not go back to your vomit. 

#3: Be filled with the Spirit

You must not be a fleshly, carnal believer. Learn to crucify your flesh. A few tell-tale signs of carnal Christians are that they get angry very easily, cannot control their appetite for food or sex, always compare themselves to others, tell small white lies, gossip about everyone, etc. 

#4: You must be addicted … to your Bible, that is

Read it out loud as much as possible. Meditate on Scripture and let your actions and decisions be
directed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  

7 Furious Prayers for August 2019

Scripture Ingredient: 

Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD goes forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked. – Jer. 23:19 

1.   LORD I thank you for the fire of deliverance of the Holy Spirit

2.   I challenge every organ of my body with the fire of deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ.

3.   Every altar of my mother’s house swallowing my blessings, catch fire now and burn to ashes in the
name of Jesus.

4.   4th Man in the fire, appear in my situation today in the name of Jesus.

5.   O Wind of the Holy Ghost, break my yokes in the name of Jesus.

6.   In Jesus name I cancel every timetable of untimely death in my family line by the power of the
Blood of Jesus.

7.   Power of divine favor locate me now in the name of Jesus.


Be An Overcomer


P.S. Prayer Academy registration for August now open here and HERE

 Are you looking to take a few baby steps? 

 Click Here to start with prayer mini-courses as low as $3.99

For example … if you are attacked in the dream go here 

OR if you desire divine revelations in your dreams, please visit:

==> Eagle Dream Store


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Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for July 2019</font></b></h2>


Not so long ago…

His email began:

“My first encounter with your prayer materials was when my wife lost her job and was using your prayer bullets to pray at the midnight hour. I found her manner of praying (as per the prayer bullet) very strange. I was very skeptical about you and the materials she was using to pray…” 

How did the writer of that email end up sharing the best testimony ever?

You will see that in a moment.

First, a quick reminder: 



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.

– elisha

** *  

“I Used to Hate Seeing My Husband”

I have been married since 2010. A lot has happened in my marriage and often times I have wanted to end my marriage. I hated my husband that whenever I see him, I did not feel the joy of having him as my husband.

I joined Prayer Academy in April 2019. Progressing with the prayers, the Lord has given me joy. I love my husband so much that I feel good when I see and think about him. I give glory to GOD for the work He is doing in my life. 
- A.D

** *

New Month, New Job

I applied for a job at one of the top multinational companies in the country and used prayer points as well as the PA Lessons. I was called for an interview and at that time I was on lesson 4. By the time I finished lesson 5 which I took longer to complete while doing partial fast, I received emails asking for my qualifications and pay slips. Before the end of May I received a job offer which I have accepted and am continuing with lesson 6.

During this process there were challenges and when I fired the missiles I realized that God answers prayers. I am enjoying the Book of Esther and am learning to trust in the Lord for my breakthroughs. I will be starting at my new job in July. Alleluia to Jesus Christ. The midnight prayer as well as the Esther fast built me up. I enjoy being part of the Live Forum. - 

** *

Delivered From Drugs And Alcohol

Our last-born brother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was without a job for so long, all of sudden has quit the alcohol and drugs. He says he was lured into a cult, but we thank God that after engaging in a corporate fasting & prayer, one week he came for job interview, the following week he was hired and moved into a beautiful town house, just today he bought his first car.

I’m so over the moon how God turned around his situation. Now he is excited about going to prayer meetings and the church, he says I must never leave him behind whenever I go for the prayer meetings. Glory to Jesus. I’m now doing the post-marathon prayers and I’m already seeing the hands of the Lord. Other family members are also doing prayers every day without failure and are keen to get closer to God. - 
Noko M, South Africa

** *

Great Deliverance
From Cancer Of The Cervix

I heard about you from a friend in 2016 when she posted 27 minutes to midnight. I liked it and I joined the link and started receiving your emails. I liked testimonies which people were sharing and I started doing midnight prayers.

In our family my sisters passed away with cancer of the cervix. After diagnosis within a short time they die. Some they had their wombs removed already because there were developing it. I went for a pap smear – a test which is designed to check cancer cells in the cervix and they were present. the result came as persistent low-grade squamous cells present.

The Doctor said I had to do a test called colposcopy where he takes small pieces of the cervix as biopsies for testing. It came again showing cancer cells. He then said we need to do cone biopsy, which is an operation where the cervix is cut open to see if the cells have spread to the uterus. The results came again in the margin of the cervix still squamous epithelial lesions but low-grade…  the rate they multiply is very high.

So I started firing prayer bullet, “O Great Physician by all the power of which you are known to be God arise and declare total healing to my cervix in Jesus name; I refused to die of cancer like other members of my family.”

I was repeatedly going for my pap smears every 6 months and the results still showing cancer cells which are persistent. My gynaecology had decided if it continues like this he will take out the uterus before it spread. The procedure is called total abdominal hysterectomy.

I had agreed but then I just said to myself if others can share testimony with this prayer bullet why not me? No the devil is a liar, I will not go for hysterectomy.

I started firing the prayer bullet vigorously. i started declaring God’s word, quoting Bible verses. I did my last pap smear this year in February and the results came normal. No persistent low-grade squamous cells present. Recommendation: yearly pap smear like other women who do routine checkups. No more 6 months checkups. Glory be to God. - 
Eagle M, Botswana 

** *

Monthly Flow Restored On Day 3 Diamond Extra Prayers 

A few months ago my monthly flow just stopped and that caused sleepless nights for me. My mind was running a riot thinking its early menopause. Lo and behold in the afternoon of Day 3 Diamond Edition EXTRA prayers, God performed a miracle. I found deliverance and healing in the precious blood of Jesus. My monthly flow was miraculously restored. I always felt tired, like I was
pregnant, and now my womb feels a lot lighter and I am strong.

Before this happened, few weeks ago at midnight I broke down and cried unto God for deliverance. Then for 2 nights I had dreams in which prayer coach elisha gave me instructions I wrote them down but when I woke up I was completely blank
- I couldn’t remember a word. On the third night again I had a vivid dream in which elisha gave me Psalms 113 and instructed me to meditate on it day and night. I have been meditating on it since, taking holy communion, anointing my womb, my reproductive organs day and night commanding them to be cleansed by fire from the throne.

Indeed, our God is an awesome God, a God of His promise, He does not speak in vain. He promised to heal my diseases, and indeed His word did not return void. - 
Eagle Dee Bee

** *

My Life Was Falling Apart!

The time I joined the Prayer Academy, everything in my life was falling apart. My mortgage made a demand of over payment, which I complied with and it left me penniless. My school conspired to throw me out. My health was so bad to the point of fear to fast. My marriage was under attacks from inlaws to satanic agents. My husband had an evil medical diagnosis that required him to be operated in the backbone.

But then I made a decision to trust God and follow the instruction. The Prayer Academy come at the right time, I did not have anyone but God.

Miraculously the mortgage was paid up by the pension and all debts to my name, the over-payment was refunded last week. At school God enables me to be among the four students who made the semester without re-submission. My husband spent
two weeks in the hospital and was discharged without the operation. My marriage survived the impossible and I am free from heart condition, glory be unto God. - Frieda

** *

Help! Marine Spirits Wreaking Havoc Here

Through the teaching you have given me I have shared the many prayer secrets with a lot of people and these people have received amazing breakthroughs. One got married within four months. Others have been delivered from spiritual husbands; others have gotten jobs in mysterious ways and with paychecks far above their expectations.

I mean I could keep writing. I recently relocated to another country and the marine spirit is wreaking havoc here. There are people who want to learn to pray and break free but I am not conversant with the Portuguese language and it’s difficult to put across the messages and as I was thinking about it I thought let me ask from you. Kindly share any Portuguese translation material you have if possible so that I may share with others. 
- Lindani C

** *

“Back From Deep Coma After 5 Days of Firing the Prayer Bullets”

After reading all the testimonies and teachings that you have been sharing, last week a very good friend of mine Eunice who was pregnant with twins suddenly went into some kind of shock and lost her babies and slipped into a coma!

When I got the news I said to myself that the time to put my Prayer Academy teachings to the test has come.

I fired this prayer point for her at midnight everyday:

“Thou power that resurrected Lazarus from the dead, arise go to the land of the living and the dead and bring back Eunice to life in Jesus mighty name”

After 5 days of firing, she started to move and now she is talking! Praise the living God. 
Eagle Iwna

And now… to the best testimony ever.

(I’ll explain why right after you read this)

** *

Best Testimony Ever!!

My first encounter with your prayer materials was when my wife lost her job and was using your prayer bullets to pray at the midnight hour. I found her manner of praying (as per the prayer bullet) very strange.

I was very skeptical about you and the materials she was using to pray. I never joined her in the midnight prayers but I would occasionally mumble some prayers at the midnight hour.

Before I met Jesus Christ i was lost in all manner of sin and sensuality. Fast forward, I give my life to Christ and I joined a school of prayer that had been organised by my local church.

This was the beginning of my turning point. Our facilitator had gone through your Prayer Academy and during one of our training sessions, she mentioned that we need to grow in our prayer life and attain the discipline of praying at the midnight hour and she mentioned your name.

My wife had already planted the seed when she used to pray at the midnight hour and the confirmation by this facilitator removed any doubts that I had about you. So I subscribed to your website and we stormed the gates of 2017 together with my wife.

Later in Feb 2018 I joined the Prayer Academy. Though my wife got a job, it’s not what she was looking for and in March this year she lost the job. When she was working it was difficult for her to pray together with me at the midnight hour but now we pray together all the time.

She is pregnant and we are expecting our second born baby. After losing the 2nd job, my wife was dejected and could not understand why she lost the job when she had prayed for it.

However, today a revelation came to me, while my wife was expecting God to answer her in a particular manner, God answered her prayers by saving our family and turning us into prayer warriors.

When my wife used to pray at the midnight hour using your prayer bullets, the seed was planted in me and it was only a matter of time before I could join the Academy. God works in ways that we cannot understand and He answered my wife’s prayer in a much bigger way than we could have ever imagined.

He saved my family for I used to live in sin. If I had not given my life to Jesus and learned the discipline of prayer, my family would be lost by now! 
Eagle Henry

** *

Praise the LORD.

You see why I call this last one the best testimony ever?

Please don’t get me wrong.

All the testimonies are wonderful and we give glory to God for each and every one of them.

However, this last testimony of household salvation has an eternal dimension that, quite frankly, no other kind of testimony can touch.

Because …

It is NOT merely for the here and now.

It is for ETERNITY.

Our Lord Jesus said:

Labor not for the meat which perishes, but for that meat which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give to you: for him has God the Father sealed. – John 6:27

 Think about this.

As you embark on this month’s prayers, think about the salvation of your loved ones, family members and friends.

Let this be a top of mind issue going forward.

One of the first prayers we posted on our website when we first started was: 

28 Prayers for The Salvation of Loved Ones

You can click on the blue link to see the prayers.

They are as potent as ever.

I encourage you to use them… if you desire to see your loved ones experience the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And now…

To this month’s 7 Furious Prayers.

These prayers are hotter than July (no pun intended).

They are borrowed from the ongoing Diamond Edition.

(Yes, you can still join the Diamond Forum this week only – if you have received an invitation in your inbox. Only those who have done the Prayer Academy in the past have been sent the invite)


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life t the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are the 4 conditions:

#1: You must be genuinely born again.

If you are not, you will be putting yourself in great danger praying these prayers the way I’ve laid them out here.

#2: Living a holy life is non-negotiable. 

As soon as you read this, the Holy Spirit will begin to convict you if you are living in any known sin. My advice is that you drop this material immediately, go on your knees and repent. Do not go back to your vomit.

#3: Be filled with the Spirit.

You must not be a fleshly, carnal believer. Learn to crucify your flesh. A few tell-tale signs of carnal Christians are that they get angry very easily, cannot control their appetite for food or sex, always compare themselves to
others, tell small white lies, gossip about everyone, etc.

#4: You must be addicted … to your Bible, that is.

Read it out loud as much as possible. Meditate on Scripture and let your actions and decisions be directed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

7 Furious Prayers for July 2019

1. By the Blood of Jesus I nullify the activities of satanic animals around my house in the name of Jesus.

2. Purifying fire of the Holy Ghost purge my body of evil strangers in the name of Jesus.

3. O LORD create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me by your power in Jesus name.

4. Blood of Jesus speak destruction unto every evil growth in my body.

5. Father let the Cross of your Son Jesus Christ stand between me and my enemies in Jesus name.

6. By fire by force evil assignments against my life die in the name of Jesus.

7. Holy Spirit help me to see beyond the visible, make the invisible real to me in Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer   



For a few more days you may still join the NEW Diamond Forum (if you’ve done the Prayer Academy in the past).

P.P.S. Prayer Academy registration for July now open here 

Are you looking to take a few baby steps?

… then start with prayer mini-courses as low as $3.99

FOR EXAMPLE … if you are attacked in the dream go here –

OR if you desire divine revelations in your dreams, please visit:

==> Eagle Dream Store


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Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for June 2019</font></b></h2>


The 7 Furious Prayers for June… 

Now unlocked and ready for you. 

All “borrowed” from the NEW Diamond Edition  

… just about to kick off in the Forum (more about that later).


Invitation will be going out shortly – to those who have gone through the Prayer Academy in the past 10 years.

These prayers address something that go hand in hand with winning spiritual battles.

But first…

At the end of this month, we will bid goodbye to the first half of this year.

What’s been going on?

Our Eagles have been reporting unusual deliverance and blessings since we stormed the gates of 2019.  

Before I show you a sneak peek…

First, a quick reminder:





Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. 
In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.

– elisha


** * 

From Demotion to Promotion

“I thank God Almighty that I landed on your holy site which has changed my spiritual life. I had suffered demotion at work, chronic rejection, rocky marriage, swallowed finances, and a victim of hijacked star since year 2012.

I had lost hope and didn’t know what to do until I miraculously came across your email on storming the gates of 2019. The program was an eye opener and refreshed my hope.

I joined the Prayer Academy on 25th February 2019 and I have just finished lesson 7. Am humbled to report that the God Almighty has restored my job and with higher responsibilities. All this through firing midnight prayers and following principles from your daily updates.” – Emma M 


“God Has Given Me A Godly Spouse – At 48″

“I am 48 and have never been married. I learnt about this site last year April 2018 through my younger sister. I kept receiving you emails and prayer bullets. In August I joined the PA. I was very mad at the devil and his agents for the bad life I had gone through.

After PA lessons, I stormed the gate of 2019, did Mike Examination prayers and joined Sapphire this year. It is amazing to see what God has done so far to me and my Family. The biggest miracle is God has given a me a godly
spouse. We’ve done introduction, done dowry and did a colourful Church engagement.

Now planning for a Holy matrimony by the end of this year. The prayers are REAL, POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE AND
PRACTICAL. I give God all the glory. I want to encourage someone. Don’t give up. Keep on pressing and trusting in the Lord.” - Nancy, Kenya


“I Came to Your Website Beaten and Bruised -
Nothing Was Working”

“Elisha your God is indeed faithful. I will forever be grateful for your teaching and prayer coaching. All Glory and honour be to Almighty God.

I came to your website beaten and bruised. nothing was working at the time. I had money but could not account for a single cent. I had gone through 3 operations in a month, i had gone through broken relationship that left me with a son, i was at the bottom.

In 2016 October i joined Prayer Academy. It was intense but loved every bit. i was so expectant of God. I went through the Prayer Academy completed around March 2017, I joined singles in April 2017, joined golden journey June 2017 and Sapphire in October 2017.

I was completely sold out to Jesus, and still am, i prayed GOD to bless me in all areas of my life. I prayed for a CAR, A LAND AND A HUSBAND. HE gave me a good car and a prime land in 2018 and in 2019 February we had our wedding. PRAISE JESUS. GOD IS FAITHFUL AND MIGHTY.

Am currently in Prayer Academy again with my husband so that the foundation of our marriage will be God and God alone. what can i be without God? I love to worship God and at times I can’t hold my tears as i worship Him for His goodness. Glory to Him alone.” - Violet



All glory to God.

Violet is repeating the Prayer Academy with her husband.


She says: “So that the foundation of our marriage will be God and God alone.”

REPEATING the prayers puts into her in the “attack mode” …

… to reclaim lost ground, put the enemy on the  defensive, and recover her lost blessings, peace and joy in every area of her life.


It is revelation season in the realm of the spirit.

The signal has gone forth – there’s a wonderful opportunity to pray and receive clear revelations – in dreams and visions – as you read this.

Those who will be going through the Diamond Edition will see exactly how to go about it.

The prayers for this month are “borrowed” from the Diamond Forum.


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

For this to work there are 4 conditions:

#1: You must be genuinely born again.

If you are not, you will be putting yourself in great danger praying these prayers the way I’ve laid them out here.

#2: Living a holy life is non-negotiable.

As soon as you read this, the Holy Spirit will begin to convict you if you are living in any known sin. My advice is that you drop this material immediately, go on your knees and repent. Do not go back to your vomit.

#3: Be filled with the Spirit.

You must not be a fleshly, carnal believer. Learn to crucify your flesh. A few tell-tale signs of carnal Christians are that they get angry very easily, cannot control their appetite for food or sex, always compare themselves to others, tell small white lies, gossip about everyone, etc.

#4: You must be addicted … to your Bible, that is.

Read it out loud as much as possible. Meditate on Scripture and let your actions and decisions be directed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. 

Now That We’ve
Gotten That Out of The Way…


This is just a small taste of the prayers we are about to call into action (over in the Diamond Forum) to …

- paralyse every satanic opposition
- overload the enemy (and their agents)
- send confusion and chaos into their camp
- dispatch them to dry places (where they are deathly afraid to go)
- tire them out, terminate their assignment and put them on the run perpetually


So many believers are suffering needlessly because of ignorance of basic spiritual principles. 

The Bible says:

Therefore my people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. – Isa. 5:13


As you take these prayers, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name. 

7 Furious Prayers for June 2019


1.       O LORD purge my heart of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ.

2.      Flag-bearers of Sodom, my family is not your candidate, therefore carry your evil load and perish in the name of Jesus.

3.      Untimely death, you are not welcome here; owners of evil load carry your load and die in the name of Jesus.

4.      O LORD give unto me the eyes of the eagle to see deep into the realm of the spirit in the name of Jesus.

5.       O Lord send your angels and reinforcements on a search-find-restore mission to the land of the living and
the dead to restore what was stolen from me in Jesus name.

6.      I destroy all the weapons of witchcraft targeted against my dream life in the name of Jesus.

7.      Holy Spirit please help me to experience the love of Christ daily in Jesus name.


Be An Overcomer  



Watch for an Invitation to the NEW Diamond Forum shortly (if you’ve done the Prayer Academy in the past).

P.P.S. Prayer Academy registration for June now open – here and HERE  

            Are you looking to take a few baby steps?

            … start with prayer mini-courses as low as $3.99


If you are having dream attacks –>

OR if you desire divine revelations in your dreams, please visit:

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