7 Furious Prayers for March 2022

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No apologies.

 Just got this inspiring missive from South Africa.


“7 furious prayers for February
stopped death at the door”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our coach tirelessly and with such unfailing dedication. 

In the early hours of Sunday morning the Holy Spirit woke up at 3:45am to pray. I fired the 7 furious prayers for February. When I went to sleep I had a ‘dream’ where a friend of mine was driving, we were from a trip from his hometown. 

When I looked at him he didn’t look like my friend that I know. He was a stranger but I was under the impression that he’s my friend. Whilst driving, something distracted him and he lost control of the car. We rode over a hill and the car was thrown in the air and there was a valley at the bottom with mountains everywhere. 

I was waiting for us to crash into a mountain but everything was happening in slow motion. Whilst in the air, I saw the sky open and I saw two men wearing white. One sitting and one standing, it was as if they were waiting for me. 

Suddenly I saw a white bird coming towards me, to fetch me (I sensed it was the Holy Spirit), then I started praying and I said “Lord please forgive me of my sins, I want to enter heaven”. As the bird was about to grab hold of me my alarm clock went off. 

Elisha, this experience felt so real as I woke up in a sweat. In my view, this was a the devil’s way of stealing me but the God of the 7 furious prayers stopped death at the door. I don’t know what would have happened if I had not been praying these prayer points. This experience made me realize that this is how people sleep and don’t wake up. 

The devil had carefully planned this so that my death will be ”accepted” by family and friends. They would have said “she died peacefully in her sleep, God took her peacefully“, what nonsense.  

This experience was a rude reminder that the devil is seeking whom he may devour. We need to be fired up for God in these last days, the time for lukewarm Christianity is over. It’s time for intense war. 

These prayers are really manufactured from the throne room of heaven.”

- Thandeka, South Africa

 She says:

“These prayers are manufactured from the throne room of heaven.” 

Need I say more? 

Speaking of death-arresting prayers look at the next one…



Why you may NEVER need to use these 6 prayers (but I’m giving them to you anyway)

Because if the situation ever arises…


You will be well armed.


OK, it’s a long one… but I don’t think you want to miss it.


How would you like your prayers to “scare” away death itself?


Please take a notebook and write down the 6 prayer bullets (plus the scriptures) in this explosive praise report.


Here’s Eagle Josephine with her praise report:



“At my workplace, I found a colleague who knew about Elisha Goodman but has never joined the Academy.

So when I told her about the Academy she began chatting with me more. It so happens on June 22nd she informed me at a few minutes to midnight that her sister had suddenly gone into a coma and they 
didn’t know why. 

I advised her to pray at the midnight hour the following prayer points:

1. Owners of evil load, carry your load by fire in Jesus’s name.

2. Oh Lord dispatch you angels of fire and war to the land of the living and the dead, to close every satanic grave that has been dug for my sister xxx in Jesus’s name.

3. You coffin spirits programmed to waste my sister xxx’s life 
receive divine judgement by fire in Jesus’s name. 

4. Oh Lord arise and deliver xxx from the mouth of the lion in Jesus’s name.

5. Devil you are a liar, xxx is not your candidate, eat your own flesh and drink your own blood in Jesus’ name.

I also gave her these verses: Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26 as sent in Elisha’s postings a few days earlier.

Suddenly on the third day of prayer i was on the 5th prayer point, i got stuck saying it several times and saw my friend’s sister on a hospital bed and a black man with a hat coming off her body and leaving.

Following morning i met my colleague and she was rushing to hospital because her sister had started opening her eyes. They found her brain was swollen and had fluid and the left part of body paralyzed. It was a stroke.

Her sister remained in numb state and suddenly the spirit guided me to the following prayer point:

– Oh thou Spirit of resurrection breath life into her head, blood, lungs, eyes nose, bones and entire body in Jesus’s name.

And suddenly the following day July 2nd, the fluid in brain was gone and she was removed from ICU.

She however needed to feel her body. For some reason i couldn’t pray any more. It was only thanksgiving. I told my colleague they needed to thank God.

As i speak her sister can now feel her body, can remember everyone, though can’t remember the most recent events.

Last Friday, the only message i could hear in the spirit is they need to thank God. Its such a miracle. Her sister has been born again for years but her husband just gave his life to Christ last month having seen the wonders of God.

Thanks so much for teaching us to pray. More so, the regular postings are so important. I got some of the prayer points and the verse about one week before the incident happened.

Jesus is alive!”

- Josephine B


Praise the LORD. 

No matter what your current situation is…

… whether you’re experiencing financial problems, going through a breakup, just lost your job, suffering from health issues, or maybe you’re just feeling “stuck” in your life 


– the LORD CAN use your prayers (or the prayers of other believers) to turn things around really quickly for you.


I checked Josephine’s record and found that she is a PLATINUM Eagle – having gone through our highest level of training over and over again.


At the PLATINUM LEVEL, the emphasis shifts from just praying for yourself to…


… helping others through a demonstration of the miracle-working power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The husband of this lady just gave his life to Christ.




Because he has seen the hand of the Lord at work.


Bible says:


Jesus therefore said unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will in no wise believe. – John 4:48


It is the same thing today.


My goal in sending these hot daily broadcasts is to wake you up to rise to the level that Josephine is demonstrating here…


… so you too can give a helping hand to those around you.


AFTER praying down the power of God into your own life.


Look, it gives Heaven great joy when we step in to help others as prayer eagles.


Because at the end of the day, the LORD gets the glory.


Let’s show some MORE proof.


“Activating the healing power of prayer (distance no barrier)”


“Towards the end of 2015 I was asked to pray for healing for two women, one was about 20 years old and the other about 50 years old.

Both were admitted to the Hospital and were on beds next to each other. the 20-year-old could not eat strong food for more than a year while the 50-year-old had heart problem.


“They were hundreds of miles away, so I prayed for them over the phone.  I prayed these three prayers:


- “O great physician, by every power for which you are known to be God, arise and totally heal Winnie (20-year-old) and Nepika (50-year-old) in Jesus name”. 


- Every serpentine arrow programmed into their bodies, I command you to come out and never to return in Jesus name”


- I withdraw their blood line from every satanic blood banks in Jesus name amen”


“After praying for them both told me that they were sweating and the next day the young girl started to eat strong food, which she could not eat for over a year.


“The 50-year-old felt healed. Not only they were healed, but the girl’s parents and the guardians who were there listening to me praying as the phone was put on speaker, had a sudden hunger for the word of God. For two weeks after the prayer, they could not stop reading the Bible.” – Daniel K, PNG



Praise the LORD.


I hope you catch this part…


“For two weeks after the prayer they could not stop reading the Bible…”


 Every miracle God does should draw people closer to Him.


Make them hunger for MORE of Him.


That’s the purpose of miracles. Period.


Always keep that at the back of your mind when you hear of miracles (there are so many fakes and counterfeits these days).


Now while some believers who have been born again for 30 years will never dream of taking on such assignments…


Our very own prayer eagles, trained in the Prayer Forum right here, are always looking for an opportunity to set the captives free.


 They are living PROOF that Jesus Christ is still in the healing business.


 Daily, He is confirming their activities with signs and wonders.


Here’s another variation…


Who else wants to become a dedicated fighting machine?


“I was introduced to this ministry in 2007 and I was struggling at that time with demonic oppression. I was a Christian but did not have understanding let alone knowing how to fight spiritual battles.


“I was beaten down in dreams and in real life and I was humiliated. But from that day an email popped into my inbox and I read all the testimonies, I got so excited that there is a solution to my problem.


“I started getting your emails and participated in the midnight prayers and took prayer bullets as prescribed. My life changed for the better. After joining Prayer Academy, I was now unstoppable.


“Through your timely teachings, me and by best buddy warrior Tsakane formed a prayer team where we teach warfare. We are celebrating our 9th year with these dangerous ladies. We are currently about 20 dedicated fighting machines.


“With all your teachings, we were blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e speaking and interpreting tongues, gift of prophesy, gift of healing, gift of discernment.


When we meet, people are referred to us for help and we trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit for direction in every situation we come across and we have never stopped growing.


“The team now participates in the yearly 27 minutes to midnight. Some of the members have participated in the Prayer Academy. “May the Lord continue to increase your love for him. Thank u very much for your service to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.


- Irene, South Africa






There are 2 outstanding statements she made – and you need to take note – particularly if you are in ministry.


Outstanding Statement #1:


 “With all your teachings, we were blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e. speaking and interpreting tongues, gift of prophecy, gift of healing, gift of discernment.”


Outstanding Statement #2:


“We trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit for direction in every situation we come across and we have never stopped growing.”


If you read Acts of the Apostles, you will find that these statements are biblical. Without these, no ministry will be able to fulfil its mandate.


Acts 1:8 says:


But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.


Let’s now pause for prayer.


Please take this with a holy shout:


O LORD, ignite the fire of the Holy Ghost in me so I can reach my full potential in Jesus name.


This is a furious prayer.


Eagle Irene and her band of prayer warriors have received that fire. No wonder they nickname themselves:


“Dedicated fighting machines.”


It gives me great joy to hear of such exploits for the cause of Christ. My prayer and hope is that you too will use these teachings to someday become a mighty warrior in Christ’s Kingdom.


I love it when someone takes these teachings and then turns around to help train others.


That really makes my day.




Now, I can almost hear someone saying, “I am not that anointed”




How would you know unless you at least step out and give it a try?


Try something.


I literally got this one today.


Coincidentally, it is from another Irene in South Africa:


“You don’t need to be liked by a pastor”



“I got to this website in 2013, 06 November just after a bad breakup with my boyfriend then, I was miserable and ever since then my life has taken 180 degree TURNAROUND.

This ministry has totally transformed my life & my family and my world.


“I’m living the life beyond my background because of Firesprings ministry and all I do is tell people to use these prayers, join prayer academy and get their prayers answered because most Christians are struggling and they don’t know about this ministry.


“Let’s go out there and tell them there is a better way of praying, the world need this ministry, you don’t need to rely on anyone to pray for you but all you need is to get the right prayers to pray & God will definitely answer.


“I love this ministry with all my heart, you don’t need to be liked by a pastor for you to get your prayers answered, I love your way of doing things and keep up the good work. Thank God for using Firesprings to save me.” – Irene P




We are blessed to be a blessing.


As we march into this month of March, please remember to take it…


One Step, One Punch, One Round




Log into the Prayer Forum (one step), start with the first prayer bullet (one punch), soon you will get to all the prayer bullets for that session (one round).


Do that day after day and you will receive all the answers to your prayers…


… and claim your share of the huge wave of divine blessings, freshly released from the storehouses of Heaven daily.


I never want to hear anyone say they have prayed everything they know of and do not know what to pray again.


Just one step, one punch, one round at a time … from this night onward.


The big challenge some are having today is discouragement.


That’s where the Forum comes in.


What is it exactly?


In the words of Prayer Advisor Rose…


“The Forum is designed for you to share your problems so that an army of Prayer Eagles and Prayer Advisors can support you in prayers and encourage you, advise you and pray in agreement with you to destroy, demolish and eradicate any evil spirit, principality or power causing problems in your


As we altogether move forward, we are a greater force and victory belongs to all of us. When we share our problems, our eyes are opened to the many weapons that the enemy uses and right there and then, because we are an army, we can destroy them together and move forward as a greater force in God.


No one knows your details in the Forum and members are not supposed to discuss or divulge anything discussed, mentioned and/or advised and recommended, in this Forum to anyone else in public or outside this platform.”


- Prayer Advisor Rose, Australia


Proverbs 27:17 says:


Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.




To this month’s prayers.




7 Furious
Prayers for March 2022



Scripture Ingredient




But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.


Psalm 63:9-10:


But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth. They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes.


1.  I cancel my name from every register of sudden death and destruction in the name of Jesus.

2.  Anything in my body programmed to sabotage my destiny, be evacuated by fire in Jesus name.

3.  Let every satanic timetable for my life and family be roasted by the fire of divine judgment in
Jesus name.

4.  Evil trees in my life, hear the word of the Lord, dry up and die now in the name of Jesus.

5.  My blessings in the warehouse of the enemy, I clear you out by fire in the name of Jesus.

6.  Every enemy of my promotion and advancement this year, scatter in the name of Jesus.

7.  Blood of Jesus arise in your power and fight for me in my dreams in the name of Jesus.


Please take these prayers with holy madness.


Pray with the spirit of the overcomer…


… looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith…



Be An Overcomer




P.S. If you are serious about getting out of debt (and stepping into divine abundance) this year here’s the prayer >>

P.P.S. Forum is open – details here >>





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