Prayer for this Day – Healing Prayer

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Strange but true…

… many believers  are getting to know this site (and be blessed) through one odd comment or the other posted on Facebook.

Like this one from Linnet:

“I got to know you through my sister who found out about you on Facebook! She was on  Auntie Jennie’s page which is a page where people talk about relationships and people try and give advice (mostly misleading).

A certain girl had a relatiönship problem and another girl commented saying,

“Stop being bothersome and google “Elisha Goodman 21 day marathon for singles. Pray and your problems will be a thing of the past just like for me.”

So we decided to check you out too cause I am tired of disappointment and lost someone I still love dearly.”

Now, whoever posted that comment has no idea that someone is about to enter into her season of breakthroughs because of that one odd comment.

And this person(s) will in turn become a blessing to many others, just as the LORD would like it.

So go ahead now and send it to all your friends on Facebook and other social networking sites out there.

The LORD bless you … as you spare a moment to become a blessing to others.

Be An Overcomer!


PS: Where do “eagles” learn to pray?

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1 eric 06.18.11 at 2:45 am

Hi Elisha,the vidio is really encouraging, my wife & i have beem prying at the mid night for the last three weeks for our financial break throu & our devine health and we have started experiencing alot,my wife was operated during delivery three months ago, she has been bleeding some time,last night i had a dream that she was attended by doctors,& i know it’s well with her cos she was being attend by God’s angles of devine health, thanks Elisha For your encouragement,we’re presing on untill we are rich to lent the Nation as the bible says.


2 SANJAY STANLEY LYALL 06.18.11 at 3:56 am

It gives me a great pleasure and honour to write a comment.I must tell you what a wonderful job you are doing .It is necessary for a individual to know how ,when and where to pray.Thanks for guiding me.I must suggest everyone must learn by joining the prayer academy.Congratulations once again for the wonderful contribution you have done in my life.God Bless and keep doing well,Bye.


3 Sunday adah 06.18.11 at 3:59 am

The prayer academy site has really be a source of blessing to my prayer life n ministry and has increase my zeal for God. thank you pastor Elisha goodman, God cont. to bless you and your ministry in Jesus name amen.


4 Onalenna 06.18.11 at 4:34 am

My sister invited me to this site, she told me that the website can help me to grow spritual. She told me that, i must seek God in truth and the blessings will follow me. I registered in the site and am receiving a lot of messages from Elisha. I thank God for this website. The website encourage me I know that God is always with me and preparing something very special for me provided if i really seek him in truth. I believe God with a permanent job, drivers licence and a car.

Thank you

God Bless


5 Theresa Watson 06.18.11 at 5:02 am

Thank you very much for allowing God to use you Pastor Elisha for reaching out to all nations. Ever since I got into your website my life has never been the same. God is blessing me in an amazing ways especially financially and I have been extending my blessings to members of my family and friends. I am still facing challenges in other areas of my life but I believe God has an appointed time for everything. I return all the Glory to Him.


6 phumie 06.18.11 at 5:19 am

hi elisha
i got to know about you from a friend who forwarded me prayer cookbook for busy people. i have read a lot of books on prayer and the Lord but non touched me as much as yours. i honestly say this that i never knew that i could get anything through prayer. i was experiencing a problem that i must admit had caused for myself about 3 years ago. someone was bothering me and didnt want to leave me alone but i came across a prayer point “i neautralise every problem originating from my past mistakes in Jesus name” and used it day and night. i prayed that prayer point with conviction and even when i was saying it i knew the Lord would take over and he did. I acknowledged to God that i indeed had created this for myself but i needed his help and his protection and he did. now i am glad i can sleep at night and i am at peace. its been 2 months since they bothered me and i am finally moving forward in my life.
thank you elisha may God bless you in ways you cannot even imagine


7 Rachael 06.18.11 at 5:38 am

This site is so amazing, each and every day i scroll through your messages i get more encourage and updated. elisha you are ablessing to my heart. may almight God bless you tremendously.


8 Lillian A 06.18.11 at 5:42 am

I was introduced to ur prayer line by my sister Morine and all this while have been following up on the prayer bullets i too a chance and started praying for my Loved one who left so that God would bring him back to me amen after 2 weeks of praying he suddenly made a call one day that he stil love me and misses me so much he has been calling ever since. Goodman pls join me and lets pray together so that he comes back to our home i believe God is working out for me


9 Kien duong 06.18.11 at 5:55 am

Hi elisha
Glory to Lord and Lord He who is faithful
He will evenge us quickly as in Luke 18:7-8


10 Johan van der Walt 06.18.11 at 6:25 am

Thank you for brining god so close to us with this program.
May God bless you all and that he will have the angels around you to protect.
In the name of Jesus Amen


11 mary 06.18.11 at 6:32 am

I want to thank God, for this ministry its been a blessing!


catherine Reply:

this ministry is really a blessing.i have been believing God for a permanent and good was a sunday afternood i got a call for an interview and the director told me he call me back to negotiate my salary pray with me and i believe the job is already mine in jesus name.God bless u elisha for reaching out to the nations.


12 Gamisha Rose 06.18.11 at 7:21 am

Hullo Elisha,
I love your work & hope to share my experiences soon.
God bless.
Gamisha (Uganda)


13 Rey L. Balansi 06.18.11 at 9:28 am

Thank you very much for all the informations I and my wife receiving from you. We memorized some of the short prayers and we meditate them everyday.
We are still in financial constraint but that will not hinder us in all our plans.

May God Bless us all.

Rey and Esphie


14 OLUSEGUN 06.18.11 at 9:49 am

Kindly confirm the receipt of payment made to you by transfer while i expect my kits. It was sent from United Bank for Africa Plc Nigeria.


15 shinu 06.18.11 at 10:06 am

thank u i got a good healthy spiritual tips mam


16 Kozwell 06.18.11 at 10:57 am

Thank you Elisha, may the living God continue to release his anointing upon your life. I was introduced to your website by my sister in law and I remember emailing you problems. You send me the 40 prayers that attract anything. My life has been transformed already. I used to be looked down upon and everyone used to laugh at me. Since the time I started praying the midnight prayers I have seen big changes in my life. Last week I was living the organisation where I have been doing my training. People were in tears and even the group managing director came to see me and said that there was a job to offer for me a anytime after my university. God is moving from where I am to where he wants me to be. I used to be the tail and now I am the head. While I am pressing for what I am asking God for, I can see some small clouds just like Elijah saw at mount Carmel. I know that blessings are coming in abundance. Thank you Elisha, I will buy more books soon after my studies. May God bless you.


17 PETER S WAKUBE 06.18.11 at 11:20 am








18 Marcellinus 06.18.11 at 12:23 pm

Dearly Beloved.
I want to thank God so much for you.
He has used you to heal many souls including mine.
Pls sir, assist me in prayers.
My youger brother left nigeria for togo republic for a business trip since May 11th. He was suppose to return in two days time, but till now no news about his where about. Pls help me prayers for God to send help to him and return him back to our family.
God bless t=you aboundantly as you pray for him
Yours Marcellinus


19 Okundigie Austine Ogbemudia 06.18.11 at 2:10 pm

I we like it gives me a great pleasure and honour to write a comment.I must tell you what a wonderful job you are doing and i pray for u too.


20 FILMA DE ALWIS 06.19.11 at 2:05 am

Hai brother Elisha
I thanked God for your dedication to HIS service to help people like me who are in the darkness to come to light and experience the LOVE of Christ.Im so grateful im praying and believing in God Almighty that He will do wonders in my life days to come.(One thing wud it be possible if you could kindly send me the 40 prayers.)



21 Fanice 06.19.11 at 3:11 am

Hi brother elisha, l tumbled on this site in december 2010 when l was reading a photocopied book you on cracking the dream code. I immediately signed in. The teaching and the testimonies are good. Everytime l open my mail l expect to get your email.the prayer points are powerful,keep sending them. Am trusting god for job so l buy the materials/books and join the academy. Its great to dwell in the presence of the lord. God bless you so much. Fanice.


22 ibrahim ochieng 06.19.11 at 5:49 am

this is powerful testimony God is miracle working God and what He has done for me i cannot tell it all Amen


23 Robert Onyait 06.19.11 at 6:18 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you for all the dedication God has given you to help the people around the world.May God continue using you as his vessel to reach out to those who need transformation in their lives and families.Ever since my sister introduced me to this site,my life has never been the same because i see positive changes in our lives and family which i know is because of God’s mercies upon us.I am completely healed of ulcers because i did not know that i could finish the three weeks’ fast i had recently but God gave me the strength and grace to finish it without any pain.May God bless you!


24 amiabasi 06.19.11 at 4:06 pm

elishagoodman more prayer for the day coming soon


Ninsiima Reply:

Dear Elisha,
i have been blessed through this website. I have a friend i want to introduce to your website. He is saved but has a lot of challenges in his spiritual life. His email adress
Please assist him.
Thank you and God bless you.


25 ALALIBO KARIBO 06.19.11 at 5:37 pm

Dear Elisha,

Please confirm my order for the 9 piece prayer kit. I have made payment long ago through the Guaranty Trust Bank.



elisha Reply:

Please check your inbox for the Welcome Email plus the instructions on how to download the books, and access the Members Area.


26 nancy b 06.19.11 at 6:43 pm

Blessings to you for being a GREAT MENTOR AND COACH. My life has changed dramatically since I started using the prayer points on PROSPERITY PRAYERS AND BAD DREAMS. The Lord that we serve
is an awesome God indeed. I USE aggressive prayers from 27mins to midnight and continue with the DANIEL FAST and guess what my marriage is restored, my foes have dramatically shown big transformation in their lives and God has touched their hearts from hard hearted to hearts of flesh. THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU ELISHA.


27 Sai 06.19.11 at 7:59 pm

I have been not well for sometimes and was suppose to attend a Christian Weekend Camp. I challenged myself in getting up at almost midnight to wait for the midnite hour and pray. This took place for the whole 1 week leading to the weekend. God is so amazing – that I just got better and everything was just provided for my trip and the camp. My health got better, and there was provision for things that I did not even ask or think of. Our God is great and He continues to do great & mighty things. Thanks to all you lovely people for interceding on behalf of others as well. Praise be to God for His revealing great things to humble people like brother Elisha.


28 Elizabeth 06.20.11 at 2:27 am


God bless you Elisha, you are very high and I say very high in the Spirit of God. You have taught me to be that prayer eagle which flys high in the sky (the sky of the spiritual realm). Your emails reach me every morning and whenever I read them and pray my spirit is lifted high. I feel encouraged and have the desire to search my Lord the more.


29 Norah 06.20.11 at 2:53 am

Praise the living God, I thank our mighty God for brother Elisha, may he continue to bless him all the days of his life. As I write this email I am overjoyed because the evil bullets fired against my daughter did not prosper. I had an issue with my daughter and I was given prayer bullets which I fired persistently and did the Esther fast, I thank God because my daughter is now delivered, for the last three weeks she did not talk to me, but yesterday she send me a card with a very nice gospel message about Gods faithfulness, I have never seen her smile for the last three weeks but yesterday she smiled to me and we sang together gospel songs. I do not take this for granted and I will continue praying and praising our faithful God because he never slumbers nor sleeps, he never forsakes nor leaves his people.

God bless Br. Elisha and his ministry


30 Petty kachungira 06.20.11 at 2:58 am

God bless you Pastor for what God is doing through. I have been blessed and edified through the testimonies. I wish I could have one of your books but you know here in Tanzania it is very difficult to send money abroad. quite expensive. I wonder whether you can send me prayers on healing and may the Almighty God bless you


31 Collison Modikga 06.20.11 at 3:10 am

Man of God i would like to thank you for me being part of this website, since i discovered this website i daily open my bible read verses and pray for myself and with my family.i would like you to pray for me because i am working but i can’t really see what i m doing with my money i do not have progress in life. instead i am deeply indebted.


32 Evageline 06.20.11 at 4:12 am



33 Doreen 06.20.11 at 4:12 am

Dear Bro Elisha

I will forever praise God for leading me to your website. I was introduced to it by a friend.
For sometime now, I have been unwell and when I came across the e-book titled Prayer cookbook for Busy people, I was determined to see results. I am only five days into my prayer for healing and devine health and last nite (midnight hour) after my prayer, i had a dream. By the way, am yet to order the book on dreams because the moment i open my eyes from sleep, i forget my dreams. But somewhere in your teaching, you mentioned that we should watch our dreams after these particular prayers you taught us and last night, i dreamt that someone snatched something valuable from me but later on, i managed to take it back. thats all i was able to remember when i woke up early this morning. Although i didnt remember the dream in detail (which i pray i will overcome soon), I could interpret it to mean ‘restoration’ and specifically that my health is being restored. The healing prayer points are very powerful and i prayed my heart out about God restoring whatever has gone wrong in my body so i wasnt really surprised at the dream. Though there is no proof of healing yet, i mean, am still in pain, but my heart is full of joy because i can see that victory is at hand.

May God Almighty continue to use you mightly and my sincere prayer also is that i will be able to pass it on to others (I must confess i have never looked at myself as a teacher).

Doreen from Malawi


34 DOROTHY 06.20.11 at 4:14 am


Thank you very much I have been blessed and inspired by your messages and continue firing prayer points at midnight.I have started my 21 days mara thon prayers and I trust God to reveal the secrets behimd my marital problems, to remove someone bothering me from my life, financial breakthrough and career breakthrough.My God Is Faithful, he is my shield and rampart….thank you Elisha FOR THIS INSPIRATIONAL SITE mAY gOD bLESS yOU.


35 Sis Edith 06.20.11 at 5:17 am

you are reeally doing a great work and God richly bless you. Though i have not shared my testimony but very soon it will manifest in Jesus Name, Amen


36 Sinikiwe 06.20.11 at 5:27 am

I want to thank God for raising you in such a time like this to teach us how to pray, now i really know that God does not want His people to perish because of lack of knowledge. May the good Lord continue to keep you in perfect peace.


37 sihle shava 06.20.11 at 6:05 am

Thank you Elisha for your uplifting website i am currently jobless and would want prayers in getting a job please help me. i would want to join the academy but at the moment i do not have money to buy the books but i pray that one day God will provide thanks once again


38 Fanice 06.20.11 at 6:28 am

Brother elisha, it is a clessing to have this site. This site has put some fire in prayer life. Kindly send me some prayer points to attract a job and evict any satanic deposits around me that caurse rejection and disgrace. I have been for removal of any serpentine deposits in body by fire and the blood jesus and am beginning to get better. God bless you


39 Eric 06.20.11 at 7:04 am

Hi Elisha,
Help me with Prayer for our young son.
1. He being backside for many years.
2. He smoke cigarette.
3. He going out with muslim girl
4. come back late night (after mid-night).


Lilian Reply:

Dear Eric,
Praise God! The God who created your son is able to deliver him.
Just pray for him. Thank God for the gift of his life
‘Heavenly Father thank you for the gift of my beloved son …. Have mercy on him and bring his life to fulfilment in Jesus name i pray’
God Bless you
@Blog 24


40 Ruth 06.20.11 at 7:50 am

Elisha thanks for the prayers am already also saying my Financial Blessing Prayers but keep on praying for me too am still held up with a debt of USD 10.000 and it has really dis-organised my life and children but still belive that one day God will hear my Prayers and get that money to pay those demanding me.


41 nwazi 06.20.11 at 8:11 am

pls how do pay for the kits, i hve my little channge and tried first bank at Aba for the payment but i was told i can’t send money out but only to receive,by western union, the 1st tim a man i sent the money through his domiciliary account, i hope did no transrer the money to it destination, i have raised another money but i wouldn’t like fall into wrong hand.pls; pls how do i get the kits am ready for the payment.


Lilian Reply:

Praise God,
Kindly write to Elisha, or if you see the online chat ask them. I received mine by sending through direct telegraphic money transfer from my account to Firesprings account: then scanned the transaction document and sent to Elisha. But get the bank details first.
Thank you
God BLess


42 Daika 06.20.11 at 9:06 am

Hie Elisha, l thank God for you and watever you are doing in this ministry. Recently l had been attacked by the demoan spirit of death suddenly my uncle died. l ask you to help me in prayers cos this spirit still comes to me.I wud like to ask you also to pray for me and my children. My husband left me with the children and there is no sign of reconciliation. My job deals with suppliers and one of them reported to my boss of something l never did.My daughter doesn,t want to listen to my advise.My biological brothers n sisters , my mum n dad have rejected me in so many ways.Am a true believer and have faith that one day God will give me back wat the devil has stolen from me.Pls remember me.


gilbert Reply:


please for the dream about death, use the parayer bullet in Psm 118:17.

it has greatly helped me to overcome the spirit of death and you need to attack it seriously.

if there are mourns too in dream, ask God to batter, disband,scatter, shatter, and swallow them up with thunder, earthquake and his consuming fire.




43 Mable Nsunge 06.20.11 at 9:11 am

Dear Elisha
I really thank you for popping on your web and all the messages I enjoy every day. I haven’t yet purchased any of you book but I have borrowed copies from friend which I read and do the midnight prayers. I am being blessed and I have learned how to pay and I enjoy and look forward to praying.

I am hopping to purchase you books this months because I am looking for more deep thing of God.

I would l like to share a dream I had last night, I was asked to take a book in a building and I was standing at the entrance, When it opened I just open my mouth coz what I saw was amazing. There were 2 sitting arrangement with a passage on the middle the room glittered with Gold and could not see the one I was to hand in the book. As I took just a few steps to take this book, my alarm for midnight prayers rung and I was fully awaken. Elisha I had the glimpse of the heaven and I pray that It come back and I continue and finish the task. I am very happy and just smiling to myself. I am chosen and I shall obey and follow the rules of God and Love him even more and my neighbour for I believe all things begin from here.

God bless
Mable, Zambia


44 Mable Nsunge 06.20.11 at 9:12 am

Kindly notify me of the follow up comments on the message just sen sent.
Mable, Zambia


45 EHN 06.20.11 at 10:16 am

Dear Elisha,
I testify to the glory of God that your prayer points are powerful and carry an anointing because everytime I get to prat any of them I get to gasp producing a certain sound I dont like. What I know is that a Christian cannot be possessed by demons but only oppressed. Does it mean therefore I am being oppressed. I want my freedom. God continue to use you mightly


elisha Reply:

How do you know that a “Christian” cannot be possessed? Do you have a single scripture to prove that?

Please do NOT live in a fool’s paradise. There are strangers in your body and they get uncomfortable when you pray in a targeted manner like this. You need to fast and pray until they are evacuated from your body. If you have not yet received the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit, that might be an uphill battle for you. So I suggest you prayerfully look for an anointed deliverance ministry in your community and ask for help.

God bless you


46 Ritta Malawi 06.20.11 at 10:55 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you so much for the tips you send to me through to my emails. For the past 3 weeks i have been having bad dreams ( snakes, monkeys,rats, fruits being eaten on one side, losing my bible etc)Then i went through the 40 dreams and their emails. I discovered that the emeny was there to steal, kill and destroy.I immediately embarked on Esther fast and immediately the day after the fast, romours were spreading in our company that they are retreenching people. But I am standing by what God did to Esther after the fast and i know God will do it. My dream life has changed. I actually dreamnt that I was appointed as a president in a foreign land and people were clapping hands for me where ever i was going. i just want to encourage my friends we should not ignore dreams they warn us to take action. God is doing great things with the prayer bullets that we receive in our mail box. I am still believing God for greater things to come. Be blessed Brother Elisha and continue doing great things for the kingdom.


47 mabel 06.20.11 at 3:38 pm

iam very interested with this site but i dont know how to go about it i dont know if its possible to talk with somebody over the phone sothat she can help then i ca get started like you say midninght prayer so does it mean i have to pray exactly 12 midnight or 11.30pm coz me iwork night shift so i will be at work and again if you give us all those prayer bullets do we use all of them one time or you pick someprayer points only hope to hear from u soon my number is 1 780 799 1266


Mable Nsunge Reply:

I have a Prayer Cook book for busy people. I read and meditate on the work and I follow the midnight prayer bullets which are in the book. I pray the whole program for that particular time and emphasis on the points which are touching me most.

If you can not wake up at mid night start trying by once a week and pray for the spirit to guide you.

I believe mid night hour is from midnight to 3 am. But I prefer the mid night hour itself. 00.01


48 Ninsiima 06.20.11 at 3:47 pm

Its been a blessing being a part of this wonderful group of prayer warriors. My life has really changed since I was introduced to your Website. Every time i open my mail, i first check out for those from Elisha because the testimonies i read always make my day. I was overwhelmed today when i read one from a lady whose marriage secrets were revealed and she discovered that her husband had a child with his former girlfriend. Elisha , i want mine to be revealed and you never know i may discover why my husband has been behaving the way he does for all these years. I have prayed for this man for the last 2 years to change his behavior but in vain. In fact iam not trying to sharpen iron with butter so i pray that he may not only change his behavior or drinking habits but actually GET SAVED. Elisha i need a miracle in my marriage otherwise the devil will soon make a feast in my house. i need more help on how to use your prayer bullets!!!! God bless you.


49 prasanna kumar 06.20.11 at 10:37 pm

Dear Elisha Goodman,
Man of God, I have been blessed through this website.
Thank you and God be with you.


50 memory 06.21.11 at 2:15 am

thank u for allowing GOD to use u.l have started 27 minutes to midnight together with my husband even though its midyear.


51 winnie wambui 06.21.11 at 2:23 am

Elisha, i thank God for your tireless effort in couching Gods children.
Thank you very much for since i started viewing your emails, my life has transformed. It is my prayer that Our Heavenly father will keep on revealing Himself mightly son that you may continue helping the body of Christ. May God Bless you and your Team. All the groly and honor unto our father.


52 omara haron 06.21.11 at 3:58 am

l got to know you when l was searching free books on internet,then l came across your website since then l have been receiving email from Elisha and l want to begin midnight prayers soon, God bless you Elisha because you came from omara haron uganda


53 Onalenna 06.21.11 at 5:24 am

Man of God the website is encouraging me, i know that God know my cases and he will soon answer me. I believe God for a new permanent paying job, a house and a car. May God lift you up until he come.

Bless you



54 ntikwe motlotle 06.22.11 at 2:30 am

Dear pastor Elisha i want to thank mighty god for saving my life and restoring my health. We were 4 in a vehicle when the accident happened. Tyre burst rear and front. When the tyres burst i was on the phone, it fell and asked the driver what the heavy noise was all about. He said we have an accident hold fast to the seat. Instead of doing that i joined my hands in a short cry to god. “god this is your fight and thank you for saving us” that was all i remembered till the second day hospitalised but no one believing that i and the rest survived. fractures healed miraculously and god fought the devil for us.The car was a right off beyond repair. those who witness said i was flying in the air and fell as if i was on a bed doging arock that could have crushed my head. God my cushion in times of hardships is a good and caring god. Went to work after 8 months of bed rest.


55 sandile 06.22.11 at 5:26 am

Thakx man Of God

That powerfull brother i thank you for that you give me a challenge every day man may God bless you for that.


56 EHN 06.22.11 at 7:27 am

The video could not show, but still the testimonies are so much of an encouragement that one day I will also get my miracle because God is faithful.


57 gilbert 06.22.11 at 5:22 pm

hi ELisha,

I too i what to thank God who brought me to your site through a friend who introduced me to you web site.
i want to thank God this far he has brought me, though am not yet delivered totally from attacks by spitirual spourses who use me sexually in dreams am seeing thier rate of attacks is steadily reducing and i know soon there will be no more because Jesus promised me so in Luke 18:1-8 if i persist and this time by his grace and mercy am determined and i believe after this there will be a restoration of my broken relationship which the devil made by making me not to find favour before the mother of my spourse to be by putting on me visible marks like those of an HIV infected person on my lips and on tribalisitic grounds.
stand with me in prayer for total deliverence for am looking to wedd if God wills on 26/11/2011.




58 Lawrence Ngmenseng 06.22.11 at 5:37 pm



59 Mardoché 06.22.11 at 5:55 pm

Man of God, Elisha!
My heart is full of joy in writing to you. Let me tell you that since I have discovered your site, I have understood the imporatnce of praying during the night hours and I used to get up at the midmight fro prayers. Demons usually operate during the night hours and by praying at such hours we prevent the devil to operate .
Elisha, encouraging people to pray at midnight, is the revelation that God has given you.
I would like to know your Tv program so that I can follow you from my country. My country is ANGOLA and I live in Luanda. Please tell me the TV channel where I can follow you.
God bless you a lot. My time to give testimonies will come.



60 Barrack O 06.23.11 at 6:30 am

Ithank God this website came to me via my thirst for the word of God. Praise God!
Ithank God for your ministry and the privilege to meet you!One mysteroius thing about this ministry, when Iam going through your teaching … I find my spirit man in peace!! At times I even find it unenecessary to break for lunch, say it is too INSPIRING too…
Kindly pray for my family over sickness and disease, I personally I have a challenge at work place (I experince delay in salary, poor SALARY, poor condition at work place)i.e I need a change of job. Lastly I have a small retail business which is not doing well, I need a breakthrough to grow! Jesus is Lord! amen


phumie Reply:

God is a faithful God, you have your hands and are using them. Pray for your retail business, hold your products and pray for them. Pray that your products and services may be needed in abundance. pray for a demand for your goods and services and you will see wonders


61 nita 06.27.11 at 11:48 am

hi .i hear people talking about the midnight prayer.What is can i get it.I know that ther are books for sale.i dont have a credit card and how will i be able to place an order.


joy Reply:


Go to the link below for free prayer bullets.

Read “Passion Prayer of Jesus The Christ”:

If you want to join Programs, download this file and go to Programs tab for more details info:

God bless you


62 Vimbai Mudzonga 06.28.11 at 2:50 am

Elisha you are a man on a mission to deliver those wha are bound. im so grateful for every message that you send me. I know that by the grace of God I WILL BE ABLE TO PARTNER WITH YOUR MINISTRY ONE DAY SO THAT I WILL FULLY BE PART OF THIS GREAT MISSION. VICTORY IS CERTAIN AND THERE ARE NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT.


63 Afodiya 06.29.11 at 2:55 am

Thanks alot pastor, your ministry has been a blessing to me.


64 Afodiya 06.29.11 at 7:01 am

Thanks pastor, your ministry is a blessing to me. Remain blessed


65 Fungai Thompson 07.04.11 at 5:03 am

Thank you Elisha for obeying Gods call. Many of us have been helped to use the authority that we have through Christ and to pray effectively. I have read all the free materials and have prayed at the midnight hour for some years now

1.I had this dream where I am in my office with my two daughters. I notice a black lizard that starts increasing in size. It tries to come into my office but something stops it. It lies on the ground as dead and it is now in the form of a brown dragon. Other dragons help it up and they scamper away in fear.

2. I never miss doing the 27 minutes to midnight prayer points. January 2010 I had this dream where a number of women are lying in a room including myself and there are bags packed in a corner. One woman gets up and starts calling my name beckoning to a bag that has moving things in it to come to me but the bag travels halfway and then it stops.. The woman keeps calling my name and pointing at the bag to come my way but the bag refuses to obey. It is as if there is something near me that the bag is scared of but the woman can not see what it is.

3. It had been some days since I had done my midnight hour prayers. I woke up on this day and 5 minutes into my prayers I heard heavy footsteps walking away from my bedroom window. I did not think much of it but continued with my prayers. It only dawned on me the next morning that those footsteps were just too heavy and too loud to be human. I made up my mind then that I had to join the prayer academy.



66 SOUCCES EZE 07.04.11 at 11:26 am



joy Reply:


Download this file and go to Programs tab for more info:



67 phumie 07.11.11 at 7:29 am

hi elisha, i had a dream last night where i saw myself in a house with a big yard. i was somewhere in the house when someone came to me and whispered “she’s not looking, run out the gate” . i ran out the gate in full speed and when i wsa just reaching the gate the “woman”grabbed me, i managed to kick her out of my way and successfully ran out the gate. on the other side of the gate stood my sisters, and i was so relieved to see them. when i woke up i felt a feeling of freedom, please elisha help me understand what this dream means.


68 wasikejudith 07.18.11 at 4:25 am

i have ha problems with relationships and I have not given up therefore i need your one prayer bullet to bail me out


69 Esther Kelvin 09.10.11 at 3:44 am

My young sister Rose invited me to this site, she told me that the website can help me to grow spritual & heal me. She told me that, I must seek God in truth and the blessings will follow me. I registered in the site and am receiving a lot of messages from Elisha and many testimonies from others. I thank God for this website. The website encourage me I know that God is always with me and preparing something very special for me provided if I really seek him in truth. I believe God with a permanent job, good health and good life.

God bless you Elisha!!


70 julie 11.25.14 at 7:19 am

Please join with me in prayer for Gerard to deliverance from spiritual blindness attacking his soul, pray that his deliverance will be immediate. He is like a dead man walking, without knowledge of what he is doing, without eating.

Just pray that the woman who is feeding him with poison of witchcraft, bury him in witchcraft her reign will be destroyed very soon in Jesus name. Amen



71 Mary 11.26.14 at 2:48 am

God is great, I wish to add my voice to praise God for the many miracles He has done. I have not joined the Prayer Academy yet, but using the prayer bullets that Elisha sends out to us, adding fasting, I’ve seen God in so many ways. I have grown so much spiritually to feel the presence of God all about me and the prompts of His Holy Spirit. This for me is the greatest gift God has given me! Two, I had such debts in my life that it was a struggle to pay rent, college fees for my son and to be honest, it was a hand to mouth life. Now , am debt free, owner of a vehicle for the first time in my life, thanks be to God! My marriage is super, God provided my son with a well paying job, the list is endless. The major lesson I learned early in the emails from Elisha is to pray for one thing at a time, persistently until I get an answer. I take as long as it needs to get that breakthrough with a single need, say, job, marriage etc. God has really done it for me and I cant stop thanking Him for His love as I understand it now, and mercy towards me. GOD bless and increase you Elisha, if it wasn’t for you I would not be what I am today nor would I be where I am spiritually.


72 isaac 05.28.15 at 11:34 pm

Dear elisha
I’m beginning to see results of your ministry in my life . There are signs that are showing up now.This is real. I mean peeping into millions .
God bless you


73 Crystal Prince 06.18.15 at 3:42 am

I am praying that my mother get delivered from smoking cigarettes and from any progressive COPD.


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