1 Prayer To Restore A Broken Marriage

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And call on me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me. – Ps.50:15

When her 3-year-old marriage began to break down,
Yvette knew she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

She says that for months she had been praying and fasting.

But it looked as if nothing was happening.

Until she stumbled upon ONE prayer bullet in our daily emails.

A prayer that makes the enemy to break out in a cold sweat.

NOTE: most people also saw that prayer but had no idea what to do with it.

Not so this sister.

She began to take it like a crazed bulldog… and something shocking happened.

Hear her:

“I just could not wait to share my testimony.

My three year old marriage was breaking down.  For months, I had been going through midnight prayers and fasting but it looked like there was no significant change.

My husband had been emotional and physically abusive, going in and out of the matrimonial home.

And what I thought was the final straw is when I wrote to you, if you remember brother elisha, two weeks ago telling you that I needed help.

I had caught my husband red-handed in adultery and he wasn’t even ashamed or apologetic.

The morning after this adulterous incident he was calling me and making all sorts of threats.

I was crushed in spirit.

That same day, at midday I received one of your weekly bulletins.  It had the title “why her marriage failed”.

This was God sent. I opened it eagerly and read quickly through it.  There was this one prayer bullet which I thought would work for my situation:

Blood of Jesus, wipe away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus.”

I immediately fired this prayer bullet rapidly and repeatedly for about 20 minutes.

The calls from my husband stopped.  In the evening I was surprised by his call in which he said he was coming back home to discuss the future of our marriage.

Indeed he came and for the first time had bought a nice present for me to show how sorry he was.  Also for the first time in three years he truly apologized for ill-treating me.

Remembering our Lord Jesus’ teaching in Luke 17:4, I forgave and took him back.

I continued to fire this prayer bullet at midnight.

I am at a loss of words for the transformation this prayer bullet brought to my marriage.  My husband is now the sweetest thing ever.  Our love has been revived.

Yesterday he even confessed that in the past he harboured so much hatred towards me but now he doesn’t know where it is gone.

I know where it is gone; the blood of the Lamb wiped it away.  Indeed we serve a mighty God!  Glory be to God.  I can never thank him enough but all I can do is praise and worship Him.

My hearty thanks to you man of God.  Through you, I have been delivered in many areas of my life.”

-       Sister Y

Praise the LORD.

Just one prayer. With laser-like focus…

And a marriage that was heading for the rocks suddenly experienced the touch of heaven.

Beloved, I don’t know what exactly brought you to this website (but the LORD knows).

Whatever it is, you can rest assured that you have access to prayers that can deliver the goods, with head-shaking results that would surprise your friends and shock your enemies.

If you are truly a child of God, then HE has the final say in your life, whether the devil likes it or not.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it today, is to be unrelenting in prayer, consistent in your Christian walk and …

Learn to take ACTION when the Holy Spirit comes calling!

Be An Overcomer!


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1 Beth 02.03.16 at 4:18 am

Hi Man of God,
kindly help I am born again married going thru challenges in my marriage I.e unfaithfulness, drunkardness for 15yrs help me with the right prayers to break this cycles also delay n stagnation in my life. Thanx


martha Reply:

Hi I a need prayer have been praying for my xhusband to come hone for past six years he staying with another women in Pretoria south Africa I praying but sometimes seems nothing is really happening thanks Martha gauteng south.


PA Che Reply:

“Blood of Jesus, wipe away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus.”


2 lynley 02.11.16 at 6:19 pm

Am just from praying this prayer point to restore broken marriage I feel so light



3 Viola Gielink 02.12.16 at 3:44 pm


I don’t know what the problem is but my husband packed his bags an left home September 214 1year an 5months ago an applied for divorce in October up till today he keeps on saying different things why he left home an he told family that he has no idea why he kefthis home an left his family but still wants divorce an now we went to court last week my lawyer just left my case without informing me so the judge said he will give me till 11 march to get a lawyer but he also said that my husband does not want to reconcile so I must sign divorce papers so I don’t know what to do because I really thought that God will stop it before we go to court. Please help me I


PA Che Reply:

Blood of Jesus, wipe away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus.”


4 Jessie 02.13.16 at 3:33 am

Hi,my brother Elisha!
Please tell me what to pray for my husband. He sleeping around with different kind of women for so many years since we married. We married for 23yrs now. He is at this moment not sleeping at home. The Lord showed me that there is a women in the spirit who is by his site and when he came home and sleep that spiritual women was sitting om coach while all of us sleeping. And there is also a women who is bussy with witchcraft and want me dead. The Lord show me this in visions. Thank you.


5 mantze 02.14.16 at 8:47 am

My marriage of 25 years is broken my husband has move out and he does not pay any thing in the house .my son is studying please I need same prayers ,I have prayed somuch l do not know what to do .


6 Sara 02.16.16 at 1:12 pm

Please help me pray fo my marriage. Lately my husband is also angry at me…complaining abt everything concerning me.n l also found out he had a affair wit some gal.l dn want to lose my family. Please help me get the strength to pray strongly n enjoy marital bliss ln Jesus name.Amen


Sabrina Reply:

Hi man of God kindly help me I have been so broken for the pass eight years dealing with unfaithfulness and drunkardness and now more than a month he leave home to go and live with another woman.


7 Irene 02.18.16 at 2:29 pm

My hubby left home just like that, never returnedvto even check on his children


8 Esther 03.07.16 at 10:46 am

Man of God help me my husband parked his clothes in 2013 December, he staying with other woman now he taking here to my house at mpumalanga


9 Asanda 03.09.16 at 3:05 pm

My husband left me in2014 its a year now that we are no talking to each other,he just told me to live My life he’s not in love with me anymore I need help


10 kandise 03.14.16 at 5:03 am

I writing this letter because my husband left our home after being marry for 23 yrs and left everything and move out and into the other woman arms now he want me and our kids out of the house. He blames me for every thing and say I never give you any thing but now I have herpes this is my first marriage. Our kids are so depress and we are struggling with bills and food now I’m trying to get a good job that has great benefit and to help us with health care. My husband has being very verbal abusive towards us


11 Precious 03.20.16 at 7:41 pm

Man of God. Please help me with prayers that destroy stagnancy in my relationship and to have prayers that attract wedding blessings this year in Jesus’ name


12 Akosua 03.23.16 at 5:22 am

Hello Elisha,
Thank you for your daily emails I receive. Have been married for 5 years with no children. My husband has become so uncaring. There is no joy in the marriage. Pls help me with some prayer bullets to recover the joy and bliss in my marriage


13 Bridget 03.27.16 at 12:43 am

God bless Elisha, for his passion.


14 Shumirai 04.02.16 at 7:25 am

I believe God will answer my prayer. i have experienced hatred and rejection from my husband, family and friends…


15 odhes1920 04.08.16 at 2:33 am

I have read a lot in this page. Elisha Goodman, may God enrich you freshly anoint you every day. My heart desire is to be married this year. I surrender all to God for he alone is our author of life and he alone has power. His hands are not short nor does change his mind. God will never consult anyone to bless me, I know all evil foundations, altars, covenants, are shattered. I want to start afresh with God, I want his presence in my life and children’s. Help me pray to be used by God and for my heart desire be of Gods will.
This God of Abraham is a covenant keeping God. He is real.
Am in shock after reading reasons why we not married. In the 2 heaven and evil warehouses, yes am so sorry because I caused a lot through ignorance. N0 more. Hosea 4 6.
God must do it for me. If Sarah had a child in her old age I know all my goods in the warehouses must locate me. Any angels held hostage on my behalf must be released in Jesus name. I must be. More than what my family ever reached all strong men at my gates must suffer judgement in Jesus. Name.
This is my full victory testimony this year in Jesus name. Amen.


16 florah Nkgakile 04.12.16 at 5:10 am

I am a woman who is facing divorce but am praying to God for restoration. As i browse through this website, i feel blessed already. I have hope now. Kindly send me prayer points relating to a broken marriage. Thank you in advance.


17 betty 04.16.16 at 3:17 am

praise the Lord for my husband’s promotion more than 7 times,

God bless


18 Pat 04.27.16 at 12:31 am

Greetings man of God, I’ve known this site for close to 4 years now, I’ve referred a few people yet never participated myself. They’ve shared their testimonies but the enemy has been blocking my access to this site.
I’m a 48 years old South African woman, got born again in April 2003 and few weeks after I met a man who married me after a year. Emotional abuse turned to physical and after praying for God to intervene in my marriage, my husband left me our 5months old daughter in 2005.
In 2006 he returned home and I fell pregnant again with our 2nd daughter and when I was 4 months pregnant, he emotionally blackmailed me to choose between keeping him by abortion but I chose to keep our baby and left us.
I started getting scared of him as I was seeking counsel I believed then that he would kill me for what I had because I was a well to do woman yet I never made him fill any less, he controlled all our finances, I allowed him to be in control while I prayed for God to grant him wisdom as I realised that the enemy was taking advantage of that area.
When he left us, I admit to have made an error out of fear, I divorced him after 2 years of his disappearance.
We didn’t know where he was and that was in 2009.
I’ve been praying aimlessly because I never stopped loving my husband as a result I remained unmarried.
To cut a long story short. We met again in 2012 and he promised to come back but since he wasn’t aware that I’d divorced him, when he discovered it, he left us again and that left me feeling even more guilty and confused because that made me to think he only came back because he thought his Permanent Residence Paper were due as he was a foreigner. Now I wasn’t sure if he married me for papers to be a South African citizen. He never cared for his children and he once said, having daughters for him was a sign that I was not his God given wife.

In 2015, God called me into a full time ministry and I was ordained as a pastor, I’m leading a growing church and God is using me by his grace and lately in the area of marriage restoration.

Servant of God, I’m not sure anymore what kind of prayer to pray concerning my marital life.
Whether it should be the restoration of my marriage or stay unmarried.
Because I discovered in years later that my ex husband was an occultist and he was also in a high rank, this was also proven by dreams and revelations yet I know that God is able to change a person.

Please help me with the right prayers as I also coming from a background of ancestral worship my father is still (sangoma) native or witchdoctor for the lack of a better word. According to him, I was meant to take after him as a first girl in family but he has finally released and given up on persuing me after I made it clear to him that I will never go back.
That area has been settled and I keep on praying everyday for God to disconnect me completely for that hold and my children I also free from that because they were born in Christianity, even their father attended church with me, dedicated our first born at church. I believe he knows God but I doubt he was born again yet he taught me a lot about God, the Bible and prayer. I know that he played a big role in my growth yet it shocked him as I grew so quickly I suppose.

Thank you very much in advance for reading through my story and may God keep on using you to deliver his people by his grace.
More grace upon you and your loved ones in Jesus name.
Pat, South Africa.


19 Anthony White 05.12.16 at 8:16 am

My wife and I are separated. I need God to change my way and to make me over. She wantsa divorce because of things I have done. I’m asking for prayer that God change her heart and mind. Also to show me how to be her best friend and husband.


20 mutondwa 05.13.16 at 5:26 pm

im a woman who is facing rejection from my husband! he no longer sees me as a person! I have prayed to my lord to restore my marriage we have been together for 3 years and evrything was fine until last year we started having misunderstandings until we got separeted! please man of God help me with prayer points I and my daughter wnt him back in our lives we love him but he never sees that please help me!#south Africa limpopo


21 Tsu 05.20.16 at 9:55 am

Elish my husband of 2years of marriage left our matrimonal home with all his belongings 2months ago. He is blaiming me of all the bad things and unhappy times we had. He has already moved with another woman. Help me with prayer points coz i need him back.


22 bkenny 05.21.16 at 3:04 pm

I am a young lady of 29 years old my husband no longer respect and show me the love I deserve,he spend kost of his time parting out and drinking alcohol,there is no longer happiness and love in my marriage,I am lonely and depressed.please man of god help me with prayer points to bring my husband back home to spend time with his family and respect me as his wife.and also a breakthrough in our finances.


23 patrick 05.25.16 at 11:23 pm

When i was about to marry i was forcefully transfered away from my wife. On our honey moon my spouce hates me more, i have been threatened with devorce and separation, my career and benefits started going down , finances completely at the bottom. My spouce gets angry at no issue and one point even said there is somewhere and someone who meets with if they want to be like husband and wife.


24 mars12 05.26.16 at 10:42 am

I want to give a testimony this one prayer “Blood of Jesus, wipe away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus.” to my marriage it works. My marriage processly getting better.


25 deech 06.16.16 at 3:40 am

good day,kindly help me to pray for my husband to return home,restore my marriage,


26 sheilah 07.19.16 at 11:18 am

please help my husband cant stay without s girlfriend


27 Mandy 07.20.16 at 1:57 am

Hello Elisha,may kindly help me with prayer points to restore my marriage,prayer points to get a job and prayer points to break from any chains in my life.


28 Charles 08.07.16 at 4:05 am

Man of God, help me with prayer points to restore my life. I keep on hurting my wife, nothing is moving in my life financially and career. My spiritual life is getting weaker, my whole life is a total mess. Help me receive my deliverance


29 Margaret thethiwe masena 08.12.16 at 3:30 am

Mandla of God I’ve just signed in yesterday to ur block I need help desperately my marriage is falling apart cause of adultery, we are not talking to each other
for almost a year now, he hates me for not reno reasons Ive done him no wrong pls help


30 Martha 09.03.16 at 8:13 pm

marriage has been snatched by voodoo, l am the bad one, my husband is a walking zombie, l am an evil witch in his eyes, 16 years of marriage he looks at me like a stranger and is urgently calling for divorce to remarry the lady, lve prayed, lve fasted, nothing is happening, help me God, l feel so tired.


31 Hellen 09.16.16 at 8:36 am

man of God I’ve been married for 40yrs we are fighting everyday for I’m asking for prayers


32 lilian 10.11.16 at 3:42 pm

Man of God pray for me that my husband moves away from the hands of this lady possing as her wife that the lord may seperate them


33 eliza mwembe 10.16.16 at 10:54 pm

I’m in danger ,need prayers


34 eliza mwembe 10.16.16 at 11:01 pm

My marriage is about to broke please help


Jennifer Reply:

Continue pushing in prayer. Don’t look to the left or to the right. Keep your focus on Jesus and see the miracle manifesting


35 Jennifer 10.20.16 at 11:51 am

First time in this awesome site and I know everything that the devil stole from me is being restored.my marriage and work.God is doing it again.


36 Kay 11.06.16 at 8:37 pm

Rejected, abandoned by my husband of 30 years for almost 5 years. He lives with another woman. He hates me and some of my children . I pray God to remove bitterness, anger, rejection from his heart and reconcile us. God should scatter every link between him and that strange woman.


37 Jane 12.11.16 at 4:16 pm

God bless u man of God.My friend introduced me ua websight i’been using ua prayer.Initialy when praying for my marriage in which I’ve been experiencing hell from the word go,I could dream fighting a woman whom I blamed to have cause the marriage wrangles I fought her to nearly death then I had a voice saying “even if she is not dead where she goes she will die. After fighting the woman I started fighting my husband blaming him of being with the latter.I fought him and placed him on fire he e did not die even though ifought him using everything I got around .From then I have been using your prayer points but things are looking worst for the man is said to be with a woman for 6yrs even though he comes in our house at 9pm daily and leaving the house very early in the morning things are had to explain he does not fully pay for our 4 children,he had telling me to divorce for 4times now but I have been telling him that it is forbidden by our God and for uainformation,he is a pastor and he does talk ill of me even when he is on the pulpit . This are just to mention but afew of painfull experiences .I have been wishing to join the academy but my financial status are not allowing me since i’ve been in debt for all the years of my employment..pliz help!


38 Lee 12.27.16 at 4:59 am

In the year 2010, I was married in a customary marriage. After a month I was in prayer and fasting for five days and when I came back I found myfiance having a new grlfrnd. He rejected me and told me that we must separate. After a month I realised I was pregnant for a month. I raised my son alone for five years. I got married to a man of God but since in my marriage we have stayed childless. Now after five years my ex fience is coming back. He said he loves me and I never stopped loving him. Now i! Confused because I am married but not enjoying my marriege. Pls forward me prayer bullet to receive a direction. Who is my destiny husband between the two


39 Irene 12.30.16 at 2:54 pm

How are you man of God. Am in a terrible situation.i have already told my husband that i want a divorce.in short he does not have job he does nothing to support the family of 4.i earn a decet salary.he takes money and use it in things i dont know about. My past with has been horror and i have been strong. I cant take it anymore help me please i think i made a mistake from the start. I do regret.if there is anyway you can help me please do.i have been calling him all sort so that he could just leave me alone.please help


40 Barbara 01.03.17 at 12:54 am

Hello, as am writing now, am facing divorce of two years marriage and my husband has asked me to leave his house. I don’t know what to do now, please help me.


41 Patrick Tairoodza 01.05.17 at 3:46 am

Please assist with a prayer to restore a broken marriage.


42 namby 01.05.17 at 4:50 pm

Evening Elisha. The father of my child just rejected because of another woman. He is confused and doesn’t know what he wants. I love this man and he told me he wanted to marry me. Help me with the right prayers please.


43 pkenna 01.13.17 at 4:41 pm

My husband is also having affair with another woman named we r not together. I need ur prayers and advice. We are separated for almost 9 or 10 months .I forgave him and that woman and give them to god to deal with. My children are affected. I need your advice. Thank you man of god.


44 Marlice 01.22.17 at 1:27 am

Please pray for my marriage my husband is also having an affair and to make matters worse it is with the woman in the building we live in I have to past her apartment everyday just yesterday morning I herd him leaving he apartment,this in not the first time I catch him .thank you for thin website I use these prayers every day man of God blessings


45 LadyB 02.01.17 at 4:44 pm

I have been married for two months now, ever since I have moved into my husbands home I have never been happy. He always come home drunk at night and we always fight and he sometimes looks at me like he has lost interest in me. He does not respect me nor know my worth and he always chat with girls on social networks. I desperately want to save my marriage. I have been praying but it feels like my prayers are being blocked by a very big wall. I need to break this demonic act which I believe that it was man made (witchcraft). Today we last spoke on the phone at 12:00 midday since then his phone is been off… Its almost midnight now. I hope that you will help me.


46 sibongile 02.04.17 at 9:40 am

my hubby left me 9months now..he also left his daughter she was 9 months when he left us..I want him back..he paid Lobola I know that It was not his plans to leave us but the devil push him to…Iam praying I know that his gonna come back to us in the Name of Jesus


Elizabeth Maruma Reply:

hie man of God .my marriage is falling apart .my husband left me with a 3 yr old son for another women its three weeks now he does no call to check on our kid all he is saying is he is tired we never fought .but l knew ther is several women in his life l need u to help me with prayers and l also need prayer points to restore my marriage thank you


47 Uduak 03.29.17 at 7:19 pm

I have been married for four years, my husband doesn’t even care about me and the kids. We don’t have a house so we stay at my parents, it seems he has forgotten us. Some prophets told me in the past that the see me living a frustrated married life. My only hope is God. I have prayed and prayed but it just doesn’t get better. I feel so ashamed and sad.


48 DEE 03.31.17 at 2:50 am

I was praying for a man in my life, I met one, we communicated and he visited me from europe to africa. I thanked God because my prayers were answered we planned to get married but all of a sudden he started accusing me for cheating on him, and he was filled with too much jealous and insecurity he could call past midnight to check if am sleeping in the house. after the accusations we separated he abused me, before we separated i had applied for a visa to visit him, I was granted the visa and remember we are not in talking terms ( that period we were separate i focused on prayers I did Esther fast with the cook book) I was abit confused, the embassy also communicated with him, so he came back again, he apologized and i visited him. it went well again he visited me again after four months of coming, after 1 one month again after he left he accused me of cheating on him without proof, he abused me again and again, we broke up again, so am wondering what could be happening to our relationship, He is not born again but am born again, my prayer is even if he is not meant for me I pray that he get saved and accept God as his personal savior, and let the will of God be done upon my life in terms of marriage.


49 chrissie ching'oma 04.12.17 at 10:44 am

ive been praying for my job and happiness in my marriage but its on and off ,help me with prayers so that i can break through and re establish my marriage.


50 chrissie ching'oma 04.12.17 at 10:47 am

i believe that God will do something with my situation according to the testimonies that ive been reading through this website.


51 Ngela 04.17.17 at 2:06 am

I thank God through this website and the teachings that you keeping on sending us. I have never participated in the academy but my prayer is to join soon. I thank God for the newsletters I keep receiving and through them my life has changed so much. I look forward to midnight to do my prayers. One of the teachings that thank you for is dealing first with the foundations and generational curses. My case is not different from the comments I have read but my conclusion is to know your back ground in the family and pray about the foundation. The G5 report has some of the solutions and I freely downloaded from the website and I believe as I finish ready it God will locate my divine partner. To those in distress remember this prayer point. ‘ Every dark river of marital distress from to me from my fathers house,my mother’s house and my in laws place dry up in Jesus name.’ I trust that God of Abraham will visit every dead area in my life. Man of God thank you so much for your teachings and am always looking forward to receiving the ebullets. God bless!


52 Beatrice 04.25.17 at 8:09 am

Thank God for training me to pray not only for myself but others too. If you check you will find that I have gone through all the prayer programes and I thank God for that. My son abandoned his wife with children and decided to marry another woman, he went through all the traditional requirements without my blessing. He was to wed the new woman in December 2016 but our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would not hear of that. I kept on praying for my daughter in law using all the prayers in my possession and last weekend (Sunday) he came back to apologize and wants his wife and children back as a full family. The new woman was found cheating with another man who promised her a contribution for her wedding and the two men had a man-to-man meeting. So as I write, the mother of his children is planning to return and we start organizing for a wedding very very soon. It is over with the man-stealer, I am praising God like the end of the world is today. This is a real miracle because he had told me to my face that it was over with the mother of his children. The God of Esther is indeed our God! He does not play games.
God bless you


53 Tee 04.26.17 at 3:33 pm

total marriage restoration


54 Tee 04.27.17 at 1:28 pm

need total marriage restoration


55 Tee 04.27.17 at 1:54 pm

my marriage have been not broken and needs prayer points to restore back my marriage


56 getrude 06.12.17 at 4:24 am

total marriage restoration


57 Nakaweesi Joanitah 06.20.17 at 7:59 am

total marriage restoration and a new job


58 tata 06.27.17 at 9:53 am

Dear man of God,
i got married in 2013 and the marriage broke because i was having difficulties with my husband we did just the traditional wedding, in 2015 he came back appologizing and later on within two months he disappeared again, i was currently in another relationship then started having problems because the guy brought up a story that his parents want him to marry a french speaking girl, i fasted and prayed but my x husband out of a sudden started writing me back again. In 2013 he had sent me the prayer cook book and i went back to it and did the esther fast for three days then continued with the two days half fasting then took up the prayer points to restore troubled relationships but my mind was mostly focused on my current relationship but the more i prayed the more things rather became worst, but as far as my x husband is concerned he wants us to reconcil because he is out of the country and he says he will be back any time.I have been praying the relationship restoration prayer now for 13 days , since it has to go up to 21 days. i really need Gods direction because there are things about my Xhusband that i dont appreciate, i would have loved to get married to this other man but things have degenerated. i prayed and recommited myself to God and i thank God so much for everything that is happening to me so far.I know with absolute confidence that God will show me the right part and my God given husband will come to me and i know by the time i finish the 21 days i will be coming up with a wonderful testimony, the testimonies are already visible because little did i know my long lost husband will be coming back to me any way the prayer bullets are there to help me follow the will of God for my life. Amen


59 Connie 08.02.17 at 7:18 am

I need total restoration of my marriage


60 chifundo 08.06.17 at 3:48 pm

Man of God , i filled for Dec divorce because i discovered that my husband was making arrangements of leaving me after he gets a job, i had been with him for 4 years,got married to him while not working and with no qualification thus helped him with school, unfortunately he was telling his people that i was the bad person because i was pushing him to at least look for a job so that we can help each other financially …..it has now been 2 years since the divorce, he still doesn’t have the job , we don’t talk but i don’t understand why, i have the urge to get intouch with him,yet i know he doesn’t care …… am 40 and lonely , working , have 2 kids, my ex was just there as a man in the house , helped me with nothing financially and for those 4 years, he never got me anything ,not even for his child……am really torn here, my other heart says i vowewd to God yet am the one who divorced him,i have always thought a woman should support the husband , why does it have to be me, why am i having this urge to go back ……. please help me pray , i deserve better , i really want to be a supporter not a head , why me please


61 DORA 08.09.17 at 7:55 am

Anybody from Uganda here who has joined the prayers Academy before? I would need help from you on how to make the payments. I desperately need to join before the year ends.


Eagle Patience Reply:

Kindly send an email to Eagle Grace, she will assist you,graceinchat@yahoo.com. it is easy. Thanks.


Sheba chinula Reply:

Am on seperation with my husband


Moshe Reply:

Hi Dora

At the time i joined i used a friend’s ATM/Visa card and banked the money in excess of about 10k for bank charges. I tried using Western Union but failed they say they dont use this kind of system. I encourage you to try them regardless. Never know!

On another note, if you have money, the best time to join is now. Otherwise you’ll find yourself postponing.


62 Rapula 08.09.17 at 5:03 pm

Needs total marrige restoration my marrige is in the erge of drstruction.


63 Roderick 08.13.17 at 11:33 am

Hi man of God. I was married for 9 years . My wife went on this choir tour 3 years ago. Someone called who went with the choir ,to tell me that my wife slept with another man . I did not believe it at first. But after confronting her she admid that it was true. She then defile for divorce. I am now fighting for my child to be with me through court .


64 Secatha 08.22.17 at 3:33 pm

Hi man of God,please help me with prayers my husband is abusive his mommy died earlier this year and he keeps telling me that I killed his mammy while his mom died of heart attack and kidney caller, he tell me to my face that he hates me, and that he want me to go and move out of our matrimonial home I love my husband but I believe that there is an evil spirits that attack him. Pray for my marriage to work in the mighty name of Jesus.


65 DOLLY 08.28.17 at 8:05 am



66 Regina 11.17.17 at 2:34 am

Please man of God i need total restoration of my marriage.We have been staying together nicely with my hubby all of a sudden he got hooked to another lady,he comes home late,he dosent have time with family anymore


67 Deedee 11.21.17 at 2:32 am

Praise God! I met my husband over 7 years ago and he pursued me relentlessly for about 3 years before we started dating. This december, we’d be 3 years into our marriage…except our marriage fell apart almost a year ago. I moved out with our children,as his behaviour became unbearable-if he came back home, he’d come back drunk at 4am and then he’d leave early in the morning. He rarely slept in our marital bed claiming he’d always have night mares and then the adultery and disrespect was just at another level. When I should have gotten on my knees in spiritual warfare for my marriage, I walked away. After moving out, I discovered that his mother was aggressively fighting my marriage through witchcraft. She even planted some items in our bedroom to end our marriage. I fear to think about the times I was suspicious about food she’d send over to my home. After I moved out, she introduced him to an older lady and was encouraging him to live with her. He refused. It’s been the most trying year.
A friend recently introduced me to this website and the prayer academy. I’ve prayed and fasted for afew months and sometimes, I get frustrated that it has been so long. But I’m praying that my testimony isnot far off….that my Lord Jesus Christ will turn my mourning into dancing. So whatever prayer bullets I need to commit to, I’m ready. Please pray with me for restoration and for God’s presence in my marriage.


68 Sindi Buthelezi 11.21.17 at 10:24 am

Dear Man of God, I need a prayer book for broken marriages


69 Beatrice 11.28.17 at 6:03 am

Anybody from Kenya who has joined prayer Academy before please I need your help on how to make payments,I really need to join end of November.I tried but failed.


70 Donna 11.28.17 at 9:50 pm

Man of God,

My husband and I have been married for 18 years. He have ungodly friends that he hangs out with, one of them has two girlfriends and they fights over him…this is what my husband is around on Sundays as he hangs out(I pray for godly married friends for my husband.
Also he has cheating, lying, and manipulation issue due to this so called friends he hangs out with. This hangout place is his alliby for going cheating. He denies me of sex, and makes
excuses for noting wanting to. . I pray for marriage restoration, for him to lose that stony heart he has against me and for our marriage to be like it was when we first in our courting days.



71 Jabu 12.02.17 at 12:35 pm

Please man of God help me pray for my marriage restoration.My husband deserted me and our 2 kids 7 months ago.He is staying with another woman who he has impregnated.He says I’m bewitching him.We have been together for 28 years and married for 16 years.
Please help me pray for my husband to be saved and return home.
Thank you


72 Lucia 01.06.18 at 1:41 am

Calvary greetings
Dear Elijah I’m up to breaking point…Pls send me prayers for my broken marriage he is not even shy to walk with her in the street and I believe him what the Bible says whatever the Lord has put together shall no man take apart his mother and brother and father pleaded with me comebacks but I don’t know what help me back but I don’t know what help me thanks I was forced out of my marriage unknowingly that it was the evil one doing it I’m right now I believe that I am in my right senses so I’m spraying all of yours prayers I’m seeing the true me right now which is more important I need to restore my marriage help me with prayer bullets


73 Arthur Holbert 01.10.18 at 7:16 am

Hi man of God my marriage is broken and on the way out I use to drunk a lot but I have been free from drinking over a year know thanks to the grace of God but my wife is wanting to end the marriage we have three beautiful girls and I want my family to say to gather for it came from a broken home and I always wanted a family help me restore my marriage and my wife to restore trust in me again for I love her dearly any she is being lead astray by a friend who is not married or in a relationship with any one help me please


74 Nana 01.10.18 at 7:41 pm

Dear man of God, please help me with prayer point to restore my marriage. My husband has taken it to the high court for a divorce so he can marry another lady but I don’t like to be divorced. Not the best thing to do. We have a child a don’t want to be a single parent. Please help me. Thank you


75 mkubheka 01.15.18 at 7:47 am

Dear Man of God

My husband of 7 years abandoned me and our 3 kids in December 2016 and moved in with a lover, who is also his colleague. My kids and i are still in our marital home but he wants to get the divorce process started as soon as possible. I am shattered but have to stay strong for the kids. I have made it clear that i would like to consider reconciliation instead of divorce but he insists he would like to move on with his life without the kids and myself. He wants to go to court this week. My prayer is for God to restore my marriage through the salvation of my husband before he puts us through an unnecessary divorce. Please help.


76 Mmami 01.16.18 at 6:29 am

Dear Man of God,my husband divorce me in 2012 aftre 10 years of marriage,he was accusing me,please pray for me i want him back in my life,



77 Cheryl 01.24.18 at 2:55 am

After 20 years of marriage my husband has left divorce papers at my Office for me. Praying for God for guidance and trusting him for his will to be done in our lives. Praying for strength for my son whom is having a hard time with this situation.


78 Coraliz 02.07.18 at 8:25 am

Hi man of God, i was given your information in the prayer warrior s site while I asked for prayer for my 25 year old broken marriage. My husband has left me for another woman and me and my kids are very broken. We have 4 kids together and he now wants to marry the other woman. I have been praying to God because I want God to restore my marriage and my family and return my husband back home. Can you please come into agreement with me so that God can liberate him and restore my marriage. Thank you. Be blessed


79 DEEPA J 02.20.18 at 11:29 pm

I’m praying in the name of Jesus, I have handedover my life in your powerful hands in the name of “Jesus Christ”, Kindly takecare of my marriage life no one can separate us in the world I’m asking this in the name of ” Jesus Christ “, My husband wants to leave me alone in the world… Jesus bless us to be gather in the name of “Jesus Christ”



80 Elizabeth 04.22.18 at 1:18 pm

I am grateful to God for making come across your books.I have been on separation for 6 years now but I haven’t given up on marriage. Please send me the prayer points to use for my marriage to be restored though my husband is now with someone else and have 2kids.We are not legally divorced yet .I am refusing to sign the divorce papers.


81 Eve 05.06.18 at 5:47 pm

Help me pray fo my marriage. I want to be happy and be loved. My husband stays faraway from us and want us to stay under one roof. Deliver my husband from the wicked ways and bring him to salvation Lord.


82 Agar 05.07.18 at 12:15 pm

Please help me pray for my 24 year marriage. My husband has left me for another woman he has now served me with divorce papers and wants nothing to do with our four kids and I. I am not giving up, I will continue to pray and fast for my marriage for my husband and for restoration of my marriage and of my family.


83 Adah 06.20.18 at 6:37 am

Please help me pray for my marriage. I need to be loved. My husband has gone astray. He has got more than three affairs outside our marriage. Please help me pray for God to intervene and wipe away the signature of hatred and rejection in my life. I am not giving up on my marriage and my husband in Jeaus’ mighty name.


84 Loveth 07.01.18 at 5:29 am

I wish to all of u here a new month greatness full of abundances.

Good day!

Please, help me and join me to pray brethren. I have been in tears for the only man i have ever truly loved so much.. My engagement with a godly man of two years is at a point of colapse forever; he suddenly lost interest in proceeding on with the relationship of two years plus almost time to be finally settled, despite all (fatigue) we have gone through together till this point of time. And he is so quick to anger this day and nothing seems to please him about me any more. God knows why I am here in this forum with u now. Pray with me brthren, the servant of the most High God, please pray, the enemy is about to steal my Happiness and destroy my joy completely. It’s so urgent


85 PA Che 08.19.18 at 2:22 pm

All the it+ post here for marriage Restoration who can best help us all and how.


86 Nono 08.26.18 at 6:44 pm

I was introduced to this site a few years back. Every time I think and plan to save so to join in the academy, but am never disciplined enough to do it. My prayer life has however improved from the time I was introduced I believe it was in 2013 or 2014. My husband of 13 years has left his 1st love being God and chased after the world. He used to be in fire for God and His people. In the last 8years ours has been a marriage fraud with 4years living apart and he now has a 2 year old daughter with a woman who used to work for him. He now says he wants a divorce. I have been praying for our marriage and because when we got married we confessed that we believed God to have given us an assignment. Every time I pray I ask God if He changed His mind I am not getting an answer. I sometimes feel discouraged in my Christian walk, but Jesus helps me and man of God when I read testimonies from here get encouragement that it is only a matter of time and God will give me a breakthrough. Please help me pray for the restoration of our marriage and family.


87 Toya 08.28.18 at 9:38 am

Good morning, I am in need of a miracle in my marriage. My husband wants a divorce and said he has no interest in wanting to try to work on things. He isnt living in the house and I believe another woman is involved. I am not giving up and want my marriage to be reconciled and restored. Please stand in agreement with me as I know there is a spirit that is driving him to act in this manner…very cold and full of anger and resentment toward me.


88 Shiela 09.04.18 at 7:46 am

Greetings man of God, my divorced me 2006, then in 2013 i met a christian brother he paid lobola the after a year we separated, everytime when something good is about to happen to me the evil spirit will stop it, pls i need prayers to meet a God ordained man for me


89 mama shalom 09.05.18 at 7:22 am

Praise the Lord man of God, thank you so much for all that u are doing to help deliver the children of GOD especially in this trying times .Please help and pray with me for my 28 year marriage. My husband left me for another woman(prostitute) and wants nothing to do with me and our six children .He does not even want to support the children and his actions has torched our children badly he accused me falsely of things i have not even done and his family members supported his actions may the lord forgive them.Please I am innocent stand in agreement with me as I know there is an evil spirit that is driving him to act in this manner, he has done a lot of evil covenants to break our marriage but I am not giving up, I will continue to pray and fast for my marriage, for my husband and for the total restoration of my marriage and of my family. God you


90 Ogomoditse 09.06.18 at 9:20 am

I want promotion, i have acquired my MBA this year, and want Jehovah to elevate me to a new position where i can be of effectiveness


91 edith kanyingi 09.27.18 at 4:25 am

Am glad to have come across this site, it has been of much help to me especially the prayer bullets, I am still waiting for my miracle ad give a testimony like most of the other believers. Glory be to God.


92 Btaiwo 10.02.18 at 6:22 pm

Man of God please help with prayers for my marriage, lately my husband has been finding fault in everything I do and I also find out that he has been having affairs with different ladies since he travelled to Nigeria. But their is this particular lady that want to destroy my home and she and my husband are planing to get married. I don’t want to loose my home and I don’t want my children to suffer, Please help me get the strength to pray strongly and have a peaceful, happy home.


93 Jackie 10.30.18 at 8:12 pm

I believe that i will soon come back here with a testimony.


94 Carrol Phohlo 01.20.19 at 1:46 pm

I cant lie, everytime i find a prayer point on this website and actually fire it, I see results. Its only a matter of time before I actually join and be a member who can finally learn to pray for myself and others. Looking forward to that time, trusting God for everything!!


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