7 Furious Prayers for April 2019

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Someone from Lionheart Church just wrote:

“So awesome to see Christians doing what God said we should be doing, casting out demons and setting the captives free. Deliverance at its finest! I was blessed by the testimonies that you have had.” 

Speaking of testimonies, there’s MORE. 

Take Ifeoma. 

She has slayed the goliath of debt. 

Now she’s celebrating. 

March 8, 2019 she wrote:

That huge financial miracle came. Immediately I finished the 3 days prayers to cancel all debts. It’s a miracle! God has helped me to pay all my debts. Years of debt! My sister my sisters friend my former boss (late) I called the daughter, a dentist shop, etc. I literally sat on the bank filling forms to clear all my debts. It’s a miracle and I have come to return all the glory to God. I don’t owe anyone again. And I will remain debt free for life in Jesus name, for life! Amen. I thank God! Thank you, Jesus! 


I love to see believers celebrating their freedom from debt… like Eagle Ifeoma here.

That’s why this month’s prayers are targeted at burying the strongman of debt-slavery.

First, a quick reminder…




Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results
from using the principles taught here. 
other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand,
they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not
work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.

– elisha


** *       

“From Sinking In Debt
To Debt-Free In 3 Months”

I praise God for His wonders. I joined prayer academy on 25th September 2017, the money i paid is more than my net pay after a loan deduction. Though i joined i had a lot of debt and was worried that i am on the same position for 14 years. i tried to upgrade myself but no change so i got discouraged, but thank God that eagle Beatrice encouraged me to join the Prayer Academy.

Indeed on December 31st I had no debt. Glory be to God Almighty for settling my debt. This year i am waiting for my promotion which will even surprise myself. Thank you man for God for teaching me how to pray – Cathy N


I Was In Debt For Over 20 Years
- Now I’m FREE

I was in a horrible position for some years. I was out of a job. If I got offers it was low pay. I embarked on the 40 prayer points, and then I started to see the light. I got a great job. I was in debt for over 20 years. I continued the
same month I got paid from my job into Prayer Academy. Now I am free from an age old bondage of debt. My marriage is a heaven compared to how it used to be. Things just turned around after some years through the prayers sent by Prayer Coach Elisha. Thank you Firesprings ministries. God used you to resurrect my life. Praise the LORD – Lynette


“7000-Dollar Debt Disappeared
- Just Like That”

You have taught me to fight all my battles through studying the Word, prayer and fasting. I did prayer academy and completed but I never gave a testimony. I was later accepted in the 24 Hour blog and had a chance to participate in the Golden journey Express 2018 but I could not fast up to the 11th day due to my condition. I am a BP patient so I fasted up to day 5 and thereafter continued firing prayer bullets at midnight up to the end of the program without fasting. 

God did it for me. I had a long-standing debt of close to $7000.00 which was supposed to be carried forward to the new system on upgrade. It had been years trying to engage the service provider to upgrade my system. I had given up on following up on them. During the Golden Journey Express period, the service provider is the one who then came looking for me to upgrade the system. 

Guess what, when they tried to link the new system to the old system, the debt was no more there. They tried to search through the system, there was nothing. The Lord cancelled the debt for me completely.

I fall short of words on what to say to My God except to say Thank you Lord. I am now debt free because of this promise keeping God of Abraham. – Eagle LM 


“In This One Week,
I Am Free From All Debts”

Dear Prayer Advisor, Thank you for 21 days of Pre Marathon. My husband who never prays in the night, He sleep sooo good, he doesn’t know why me as a wife has to suffer much praying in the middle of the night.  

Because of the things he saw happening for only two weeks in my life, he decided to join me in the midnight prayer since last Friday. This is for me a great miracle. 

In this one week, I am free from all the debts!!! 

There is one debt which disturbed me for years, the company called me to insult me. Praise God, 2 days ago it was fully paid!!!!! 

Also my friend who prays with me because she never received password from Prayer Academy yesterday the bank which refused to help her for 7 years, they decided to clear all her debts!!  We are expectant! The prayers are powerful! To God be the glory. 

– Flotia M



This last prayer eagle…

She discovered the key to get out of debt.

Right in the opening weeks of the Prayer Academy. 

Truly she is a prayer eagle-in-the-making.

Just 2 weeks in the Academy… and her prayer bullets have already located the forehead of this wicked giant of debt.

Praise the LORD.

Now, because some are not in a position to join the Prayer Academy at this time … but would still like to pray themselves out of debt.

The 7 Furious Prayers for April 2019 are culled from an all-new Forum dedicated to …


Prayer Eagles’ Debt-Free Living


Because over 70 percent of believers who come to our websites are swimming in the ocean of debt.

Unknown to many modern believers, being buried in debt is not God’s plan for your life.

There’s a physical and a spiritual side to this issue.

Debt-slavery is one of the most potent weapons that the devil has unleashed against both believers and non-believers alike… in this generation.

Never mind the fake show people put up — almost everyone you see today is neck-deep in debt.

As it is with individuals, so it is with the nations.

Truth is…

If your own government were to tell you the truth about the national debt, many would faint.

The Spirit of God is calling out to you as you read this. 

It is time to get out of debt!


Romans 13:7-8 advises us:

Pay everyone what you owe him: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due. Be indebted to no one, except to one another in love, for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the Law.



These 7 Furious Prayers will help you to begin your Hero’s Journey From Debt-Slavery to Debt-Freedom. 

They are culled from the All-New Prayer Eagles’ Debt-Free Living Prayer which is part of the Forum.

Inside the Forum the prayer manual opens on a rather aggressive note – like this:

“Dear Friend in Christ,

How will you like to see the goliath of debt buried, with extreme prejudice?

AND divine abundance released into your life without delay?

I’m going to give you 3 quick tips now.

You can call them the 3 “don’ts” of lasting victory against the stranglehold of debt (the last tip is by far the most important) …”



Congratulations to all the new Eagles who are joining the Forum today. 

Here are this month’s 7 Furious Prayers against debt

(For MORE of such prayers, please visit
the Prayer Forum here)


1.    Power to rise above poverty and reproach, come upon me now in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.    Let the blood of Jesus speak victory and prosperity into my life in Jesus’ name.

3.    Harvest shall meet divine harvest in my life; I reject every season of drought in my life in the name of Jesus.

4.    I minister death unto the strongman of debt in my life by the blood of Jesus (please take this one 21 hot times).

5.    Every problem assigned to waste my resources, go back to your sender in Jesus’ name.

6.    Every satanic bank where my finances have been diverted in the spirit world, be destroyed by the earthquake of the Lord in Jesus’ name.

7.    O Lord, restore me to fellowship with you in Jesus’ name.


Be An Overcomer


P.S. For the 2 types of prayers against debt that go hand-in-hand, please visit the Debt-Free Prayer Archive here and HERE 



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