7 Furious Prayers for February 2016

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7 urgent prayers that are rarely prayed.

Heaven at ZERO …

…. distance when you learn to pray like this.

This one deserves an “Eagle Badge”
(more about this in a moment):

She says:

= = =

I am just overwhelmed at the way God has surprised my friends and shocked my enemies. In June 2014 I and two other friends were taken to court on issues we didn’t uderstand. The accuser hired lawyers and spent a lot of money bribing judges.

I prayed: May my enemies be buried in the grave they have dug for me. O unbribable and just Judge, sit in your throne of judgment and let justice prevail. Money have I not to pay lawyers and bribes.

Elisha, all the judges in that court were transferred. God brought new judges who read our file and found no case against us and the case was dismissed. We did not pay any money. That was in April 2015.

The same year 2015 January my immediate boss asked me to leave a full house to go and stay in a garage. Elisha, garage! I said to God, when did you become a God of demotion? Let my testimonies surprise my friends and shock my enemies in the name of Jesus.

Elisha, in early February 2015 my boss resigned. From nowhere I was promoted to her position and given a much bigger and decent house. Elisha God dearly bless you for teaching us to battle our enemies. Words just can’t express it. God has done unbelievable things for me.

– Jennifer

= = =

Praise the LORD.

Congratulations, Eagle Jennifer.

Well played. Well prayed!

We just got rolling with this year’s SAPPHIRE Edition.


** Simple Short-Cut Approach to Heaven  **


The only program where we teach a simple, short-cut
approach you can use to gain the attention of Heaven whenever
you’re stuck.

When you read Jennifer’s testimony you will notice the question she posed to God directly… all by herself.

Not everyone can do this and get away with it.

But she did. Why?

The reason is explained in the just posted Sapphire Blueprint (for those who have access).

For those who do not have access… worry not.

This month’s 7 Furious Prayers are “borrowed” from that Blueprint.

Jennifer could take her questions directly to the Judge of the entire universe and receive a shocking feedback …

…. because of what we call “Decisive Factor #1″ in the Blueprint.

For eagles like this, heaven is at zero distance from their mouth at all times.

Bible says:

But what said it? The word is near you, even in your mouth,
and in your heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; – Rom.10:8

Now let’s get something straight here…

This eagle was NOT praying against these human agents.

Her prayers were highly targeted at the rider behind the horse.

But sometimes both the “horse and the rider” can get into real trouble
when they collide with bullets from the prayer guns of our eagles.

We’re just warming up here.

In the ongoing program, we explain that when it comes to receiving your blessings…

There is the gruelling mountain climb
(where you have to kick, fight and scream your way into breakthroughs).

There is also the ”helicopter ride” to the top.

You can choose any of the 2 options.

She chose the later.

This year we’re raising a few thousand more prayer eagles like Jennifer …
and sending them out to disgrace those powers that have held people bound for generations.

We’re getting close to the prayers but first…

What is an Eagle Badge?

It is both a physical and spiritual badge of honor that we’ll soon be sending to our prayer eagles
who engage in real, verifiable exploits to advance the kingdom of Christ … anywhere in the world.

The task is to go out and set the captives free, beginning with yourself and loved ones.

The Eagle Badge is already on display in the Prayer Eagles’ Forum.

If you are ACTIVELY doing exploits for the advancement of the cause of Christ (Luke 4:18),
then you could receive a little surprise in the mail in the weeks and months ahead.


*** Now to the 7 Furious Prayers for February  ***

[Note: There were no furious prayers for January because of the 14-day
prayers at the gate which continued well into the month].

1. O Lord, release unto me the key to possess my possessions this month in Jesus name

2. All the miracles I had been pursuing, begin to pursue me and overtake me from today in Jesus name.

3. I silence every evil voice speaking against my favour this month in the name of Jesus.

4. Every satanic embargo on my progress, be lifted be broken in the name of Jesus.

5. Every Judas of the night, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

6. I kill the seed of goliath in my life in the name of Jesus

7. Let the blood of Jesus speak peace unto my family in Jesus name.



Now you need to pray these prayer (and every other prayer from this site) with holy aggression.

You will get a sense of this when you re-read Jennifer’s report above.

There you see an eagle who is NOT willing to be intimidated.

The eagle forum is full of believers like this.

They know that the LORD is a Man of War,
as the Scripture teaches.

Is the enemy fighting you harder?

Then first confirm that he (the enemy) does not have a legal ground to do this.

For instance, those who choose to continue in sin will never
receive victory over demonic attacks – in the dream and in the natural.

Let’s be wise. Sin is a killer. Period.

The LORD has promised to fight for those who are obedient to His words.

Let’s do our part and He will do His part.

Be An Overcomer


PS: Prayer Academy now holds in the New Prayer Academy Forum.

It is an interactive forum… and you are encouraged to log in there
(with the details we sent to your inbox when you signed up)

Lessons are no longer sent out by email (for security reasons).

New members are still welcome to join (if you hurry).

Here’s where to sign up:


(Ignore this part if you’ve joined already).

==> Start Your Journey Into Breakthroughs Here

For all others who had done the Prayer Academy in the past,
you are eligible to move on the ongoing SAPPHIRE Edition

Check your inbox for the FINAL invitation.

** What Has HE Done For You Lately? **

Has the LORD used you to disgrace the works of darkness…
in your life or in the life of friends and family?


Please click on COMMENTS below and share your testimonies…

… your thoughts, war stories and words of encouragement.

Share your praise reports below and put the enemy to shame!


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1 Beverly 02.27.16 at 5:21 pm

My husband abandoned me August of 2015 and I found out that he is living with another woman’s couple of months ago. We were on the verge of getting our bills paid off cause we were both working pretty good now. I don’t want him back he was verbally abusive and cold. I just want to get my life back on track. I plan on divorcing him. As soon as I have the money. I can’t afford to get the prayer manuals right now. What prayer bullets can I use to help me. Please help


Jane Debbie Reply:

My Sister l feel you but let not anger go ahead of you. Use the Seven Furious Prayers for the month but go in deep repentance and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you in about your marriage and direction. He will speak to you in a dream or silently if you can hear the Holy Spirit. I pray for spiritual understanding in your life in Jesus Name.



what your husband is doing is not right my sister , it is the devil trying to destroy your marriage , before you take any other action take it to God in prayer. ask God to give him the fear of God also ask God to show him mercy. and please forgive him first so that your heart can be free you can’t go to God with bitterness it scares the Angles who are supposed to minister to you. There is no sin which can not be forgiven, Jesus forgave us. i pay for you my sister hold on to Christ Jesus our first husband, he will saturate your marriage with fire in Jesus name


mary coleman Reply:

I’m going through the samething , keep praying, and praiseing God. stay in the word. Don’t lose focus, keep your eyes on Jesus, keep your husband in prayer. He will eather catch up or drop by the way side. Keep loving and move forward.


2 Alecia 02.28.16 at 3:24 am



Jane Debbie Reply:



yemmy Reply:



mary coleman Reply:



3 Euphresia Fombo 02.28.16 at 9:28 am

Man of God accept my greetings. I have tried in vain to log in in the above access website. the message I had was that I have a wrong USERNAME/PASSWORD, and finally as I kept on hoping to get through, the time was out. I have tried also to send mails on dreams and also on the assignments you give but have not heard from you. So I felt I ‘m wrong somewhere so I went back to read some of your instructions. Which as I come across that under the 7 furious prayers for February, instructing us how to access the New 24 Blog. I tried also in vain because of the reasons mentioned above. Please Man of God instruct me on how to go about it so that my mails could reach you. The address I used for those sent already is’ elisha.prayercoach.com’.
Thanks Man of God for your patience and directions.



4 mphoeng 02.28.16 at 1:07 pm

I will like to be sent prayer items


Jane Debbie Reply:

Join Prayer Academy


5 Bukola Emmanuel 02.28.16 at 5:58 pm

God has been so good to me this year. For the first time,i stormed the gates of the new year with the targeted prayers set out for us and I have been seeing results in every aspect of my life. I’ve been without a job for so long that I almost gave up hope but as God would have it,a day to the end of our 14days fast,i received a call from a company where I submitted my CV about a year ago to come for a chat and to God be the glory,I got the job. I asked God to provide me with a posh car so that I can move around easily and be able to attend more church programs before April and God answered my prayer this very month. I asked God to take control of my permit application and grant me good news,the result to the application is out and I will be getting it this week,I trust God for good news. I can go on and on about the faithfulness of God to me and my family. I am so so grateful Lord. God bless u man of God. May God’s anointing over your life never run dry in Jesus name(amen).


KENE Reply:

I join you, my brethren in celebrating the goodness of His name in your life!! Praise the Living God!!!


Jane Debbie Reply:

All Glory be unto the Lord.


6 Damalie 02.29.16 at 7:59 am

Praise the Lord man of God after praying i had a dream when my pastor has given two news big black bags what does it mean?


7 osabu 02.29.16 at 10:47 am

once i took money from a guy who owes me and i suffered stomach aches and strange [pains . i medially searched through my Elisha e mails for suitable prayers to fire. then i came across ‘o great Physician replace the body parts of so and so that is not responding to treatment with spare parts from heaven in Jesus name ‘ . i fired them furiously for a while , a half hour, and slept . in the afternoon the next day i checked to see whether the pains i had suffered for three days were there t. they were nowhere to be found . Praise GOD .


8 Brighton Gondo 03.01.16 at 3:26 am

Greetings Man of God

l have been reading a number of testimonies of people you have helped with prayer points and praying .am facing a number of challenges in life and am seeking for your help .these are the major challenges am facing :
1 . l own a construction company but it seems like two so far of the projects l started after breaking for the client to source material the next thing l will hear is another construction company has been engaged .the year l haven’t had any project to do and this is the third month .

2. am building a beautiful house much bigger than the one am staying am failing to complete it because of lack of money

3. l have been selling my current house so that l will finish and move to the house in number 2 but no buyer has come for almost a year now

4. l have a lot of debts


9 sufficient 03.01.16 at 4:14 am

I really want to thank you for the word. you have really built me up spiritually. I have a business that is good but whenever it comes to payment in i have to struggle hard for my clients to pay. payment really takes very long time.


10 sufficient 03.01.16 at 4:15 am

I really want to thank you for the word. you have really built me up spiritually. I have a business that is good but whenever it comes to payment, i have to struggle hard for my clients to pay. payment really takes very long time.


11 Grace 03.01.16 at 5:00 am

I thank God for the 7 furious prayers for the month of March. Please someone send me prayers against the spirit of slow progress or stagnation. I have been praying in midnight and i dreamt seeing a snail. I understand the spirit of slow progress or no progress at all is at work in my life. I need to defeat this spirit in Jesus mighty name


12 Salome Swartbooi 03.01.16 at 9:17 am

Hey thank you for your prayers. I just want to share also a testimony . I n January the 12th my water was cut but I didn’t know about it, its only when we clean the yard that we realise that their was a letter attached to the waterpoint behind the house. The prayers help that the water was actually never cut. I thank you very much for teaching me how to pray. I am planning to join the prayer academy soon.



13 lily 03.03.16 at 7:08 am

Elisha the online prayer group I started 3 years back grew to double in January. We are a small group however I have all of them partake in 27 min to midnight!! We also have a mens group starting and they will connect with us once a month for prayer and sharing… So many blessings Elisha! Please pray for me as I mother this group of woman of all ages as I have not taken lightly this precious gift to love and encourage lost people back to our Lord… I know Elisha I have your prayers I joined in 2011 so you and your team and this work is my backup and been a back bone for my own life … yes I attend church but this small but powerful group of woman are breaking through much . Thank you Elisha I love and respect your work very grateful to you and your team ! Lily


14 Liti 03.03.16 at 7:33 am

Dear Bro Elisha…God is good and he keeps getting better! I. December 2016, my son was sick. He had low blood platelets. On the 31st I stormed the gates of 2016 and fasted for 7 days. God has been faithful and I continue to praise every day for all that he’s been doing.
Before January ended this year, my son has fully recovered and is back in school. Not only that, he is more active and is participating in athletics in his school. Glory to God!


15 Junior 03.04.16 at 4:12 am

Hello prayer Eagles,l want to thank you for your testimonies that encouraged me to understand the art of praying alone.l am very new in the forum but hey l’m feeling fire inside of me,fire to caused havoc and take all that belongs to me that satan had put under his custody in Jesus name. All l can say now is Elishagoodman is my Elijah.


16 Junior 03.04.16 at 4:22 am

You spirit of mental illness bow down to the power of ressurrection and be bound and be thrown into the pit of fire in Jesus Christ name.l used this prayer point to set my eldest brother who has been mentally ill for thirty years and he now completely healed. Junior


17 Nyarai Saungweme 03.25.16 at 2:11 am

My life has changed a lot since I joined the prayer academy in November last year, dear brother Elisha. I was suffering from stagnation at work for 3 years, but my boss decided to elevate me to another section in the same department. Elisha God is gracious, my life has been blessed lately. Now I have a more fulfilling, meaningful and challenging job. I feel calmer, peaceful and happier at work. I used to have sleeping disorders, but since I started storming the midnight hour, I sleep like a baby. Talk about anger, I am more calm now, something can disturb me but now I manage to handle situations without erupting into anger. I don’t want to lie the Devil is always trying me on this one, but I quickly remember and check myself before it spirals, God is gracious brother Elisha, I even calm my sisters when they are having tantrums, kkkkk, imagine, when we used to go on shouting at each other and at every problem, ending up with no results/problem solving at all. This has caused a lot of unforgiveness and emotion build up in my family, because people just end up saying stuff to hurt each other, to the extent that most people avoid each other, inorder to avoid any confrontations. My God is good and I thank him for giving you brother Elisha, the directive to teach us on how to attack these stupid antics of the devil. Right now my goal is attacking the devil on what he is doing to my family, he has no power over us. My siblings shall be saved and we shall all calmly and peacefully liase with each other and agree on something whenever there is a family gathering in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I really wanted the prayers for Easter, but have been unsuccessfully trying to log on to the 24 hr blog. Can someone please urgently forward them to me.



18 Kwamboka 04.18.16 at 4:41 am

Praise The Lord! The Lord has been faithfully last year 2015.last year my husband travelled outside the country and left me with my baby who was 6mths.life was not easy at all but I soldered on .my nephew came and stole our title deed and exchanged it with fake one.i dint know but A friend of his came and told me that’s the time I had to report him to the police ,my inlaws started abusing me and telling all manner of things but I cried and prayed to God.my relationship with them was ruined and no one was supporting me yet he was on the wrong.i prayed by Gods plan the guy who had bought our land decided to get in touch with me after a long struggle we got our title deed back.i wanted to join my hubby so I had to apply for a scholarship through my country ,we were so many applicants with good qualification for me I had minimum qualification but God made it possible for me to receive the scholarship.i keep on praising his name .My friends could not believe it but when God is for you no man can be against you.i fasted and prayed at midnight hour and God answered my prayer. kwamboka .Kenya.


19 lamb 09.04.16 at 11:19 am

I want to thank God for using Elisha to teach and the whole world to pray, precisely since I started Prayer Academy, I have been seeing things in the spirit which I can’t believe were hidden inside of my life, family and ministry but thank God I am able to see the tactics of the enemy though I still have problem about victory in the dream. That is my problem now, but because of every encouragement in every mail and the 24-Hour Blog. I know everything will work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose. I feel encouraged reading other people’s testimony and I can boldy say my testimony will surprise my friends and shock my enemies.


20 Viwuamadi 10.04.16 at 7:04 am

I want to thank God for disgracing the evil uncles in my family, and for saving my life and my family. the enemies have battled us but God is always in control of our affairs.

the 7 furious prayers has helped my spiritual and prayer life so much in defeating the evil ones.

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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