7 Furious Prayers for February 2017

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Without warning…

The year opened with much fanfare. 

Thousands joined us as we read the
RIOT ACT to the enemies at the “Gates of Fire”. 

Yes, we came out with our prayer “guns blazing,”
so to speak.

Our eagles body-slammed, burned, roasted, slashed
and hammered the enemy for 14 days non-stop. 

And oh, the testimonies.

While going through hundreds of testimonies coming in,
I spotted a real gem.

I just love it!

Pastor drops a “bomb”
church (spiritually)  

Lalala…  Praise God Elisha. 
I have been praying those 7 Furious Prayers you have been  sending monthly. As a pastor of a local church here in my country, I decided to lead the church last Sunday in a prayer sample you gave last week: Lord, send your angels of war and fire to the land of the living and the dead to bring to me what household wicked powers have held.’ 

This prayer point was like a bomb explosion in the auditorium. For the 
first time, I witnessed the power of God, not spiritually this time but in the physical. I heard demons screaming and people falling down. It was then I realized deliverance is real. These people recovered all household wickedness had stolen.  I heard many people later saying their pastor is now more anointed, but the real truth is this prayer point was a time bomb. I am working on joining the academy now. 

– Pastor Patrick


Praise the LORD.

This one reminds me of something that happened many, many years ago.

It was a hot Friday night.

A friend had invited me to a prayer meeting organized by one house fellowship in our neighborhood. He thought it would be a good idea for us to join other believers elsewhere in prayer and worship.

When we got there, the meeting was already underway. It was a small gathering of about 25 people. We walked in and found a couple of empty seats at the back.

The praise and worship session was electrifying. You could feel the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting.

After the worship session came the time to share the word.

Halfway into her scripture reading, the minister stopped suddenly, and looked directly at where I was sitting. After a slight hesitation, she walked over and handed the microphone to me.

Holy Spirit wants you to lead us in prayer, she said.

I hadn’t come prepared.

This was my first time here. No one even knew anything about me.

But since she said the Holy Spirit told her, who was I to say no?

As I got up and walked to the makeshift pulpit in front, the prayer was dropped in my spirit.

‘Can we all stand to our feet, please?’

Everyone stood up.

Please pray like this…

As soon as we started praying, all hell broke loose.

People were screeching, screaming, crawling and writhing on the floor.

It was rather frightening to see.

We kept the prayer going for one full  hour.

Think about that: one prayer for one hour.

People who were singing like angels just moments ago were now barking like dogs and crawling like serpents.

Within the hour, that all changed to the most beautiful tongues you ever heard.

It was a scene I’ll never forget.

Isaiah 10:27 says:

And it shall come to pass in that day,
his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke
from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Great deliverance was taking place before our eyes.

That’s what happened in this pastor’s church last Sunday.

The yoke-breaking anointing fell… and the yokes were broken.

And the testimonies are sure to follow.

Praise the LORD.

The 1-Hour Prayer

I’ll encourage this pastor to go back and take that prayer again.

This time the prayer should last for one hour, no less.

That’s one of the things we’re doing in the Sapphire Edition, which has just kicked off.

Why are we praying in this unusual manner?

The Game Never Ends

First off, I’ll let you in on the secret of winning spiritual battles … over and 
over and over again.

It is best described by something a championship football coach once told his young athletes, right after the most spectacular victory of their career.

He said:

“The game never ends
. Just because you win one battle there will be another one eventually.

And because of that you have to constantly be training — running, sprinting, lifting weights, chasing chickens around the yard, doing one-armed pushups, eating nothing but raw eggs for breakfast, shadow boxing, sparring, and the list goes on. If you get lazy, complacent, and start drinking beer and eating bon-bons all day, you’ll start to get weak.

You’ll get exhausted faster. 
Your wits will get slower. Your muscle memories will lessen. Your technique and power will fade. And then, eventually, you’ll lose your title, along with your peace of mind and self-respect.”

What he said applies to spiritual matters too.

A lot of people who joined us for the New Year prayers at the gates thought that was all they needed to see them through … to miracles, breakthroughs, and victory … all year long.

However, after a while they will find that without constant spiritual practice
– through prayer, fasting, Bible study, holy living – they begin to get lazy and complacent.

As the fire goes down., they begin to lose ground…

… giving the enemy an opportunity to strikes back harder than before.

Bible warns us to: 

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,
walks about, seeking whom he may devour – 1 Peter 5:8


The Sapphire Edition is really our way to get ourselves ready so that, in the immortal words of a great war-fighting general, “it will be an enemy’s longest day and worst day” when they run into our eagles of prayer in the spiritual battlefield.


Because that program is by special invitation only (and most subscribers do not have access), this month’s 7 Furious Prayers are “borrowed” from the Sapphire Blueprint.

My desire is for you to taste and see that the LORD is good… whether you are able to join our other programs or not.

Like this:

In God’s Economy -
No Recession  

I joined the 14-days prayer on 2nd day making mine 13days, with 3-day dry
fasting, midnight prayers and I also observed some prayer hours for emphasis.
God raised intercessors who prayed along. Despite recession in my country, I
declare always that ‘my case is different’. To the glory of God, my husband just
bought a working truck of my own for me. God paid up my debt. So, from heavily
indebted woman to a free and enviable woman. God has really surprised my friends
and shocked my enemies. Praise God!

-        Queen V


This set of prayers you are about to see is special.

It will put you on the path to power.

But before we go to the prayers, let me suggest you go before the LORD and ask Him to cleanse you of your sins plus the sins of your ancestors… anything that could pose a hindrance to your prayers.

This is so important.

For these prayers to work as intended, you must first surrender your life to Jesus Christ totally, if you have never done so before. Nothing else will do.

That is non-negotiable.

After that…

If you’re unable (or unwilling) to join the Academy in order to learn how to keep your prayer momentum going, please look for a praying church in your community without delay.

If you’re in the current Prayer Academy or any other program, please follow instructions and triple your aggression at the midnight hour.

If you are NOT currently in any program (after completing the Prayer Academy in the past) you can still join the Sapphire Edition before registration closes later this week.

Now to the 7 Furious Prayers 

For the Month of February 2017

1.     O LORD, fill me with the brightness of your glory.

Evil unity against me this month be destroyed; evil gathering against my family be scattered in the name of Jesus.

3.     I refuse to be caged, I reject captivity; thou powers of limitation, die die die in the name of Jesus.

I cancel my name from every register of death in the name of Jesus.

5. I break and loose myself from ungodly soul ties with unfriendly friends and all sex partners in the name of Jesus.

6.     O Lord, turn my identity to fire in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

All my blessings that have been locked up, trapped, or buried, be released immediately in the name of Jesus.


Please take these prayers with holy aggression.

Pray with the spirit of the overcomer…

… looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith...

Be An Overcomer



If you want to invite your friends…

Click here to invite your friends


PPS: What are the eagles of prayer up to this month?

The only SAPPHIRE Edition for this year just kicked off. If you qualify, you would have received an invite in your inbox this past week.


Those who signed up for the Prayer Academy or any other program in the last few days, please make sure to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION so you can receive the weekly program email alerts.

For all others —

February Prayer Academy
— starts soon (New Members Only)

More details, see below:

(Ignore this part if you’ve joined already).

Next Prayer Academy —

(Please join us early so you can spend quality time on the Starter Prayers – don’t wait till the last minute).

Registration page open here and Here


** What Has The Lord Done For You Lately? **

Please click on COMMENTS below and share your testimonies…
… your thoughts, war stories and words of encouragement.



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1 Eliet 01.30.17 at 8:31 pm

I would like to thank God for this ministry. I would have died prematurely if I did not join PA in February 2015. I have seen the hand of God in my life, my prayer is that God should continue coming through for all of us. I will share my experiences and testimonies soon. Shalom


Ayubu Masaki Reply:

God bless you Eliet


papakwashie Reply:

I agree with you. No one experiences the PA and remains the same. Your testimony will change.


2 Allan 01.30.17 at 9:32 pm

Praise God Brother elisha!

I was praying the Sapphire prep prayers in my car then I prophetically said after these prayers I will get a client!

immediately after the prayers, a stranger walked up & gave me a lucrative deal!

God is amazing!

This year the enemy is losing ground heavily as pertains to me in Jesus name!


Nomathamsanqa Reply:

Wow, thank you Lord. I will use the same strategy. Since the year started I cant close any deal


Maureen Reply:

Praise the Lord, we seal that testimony with the blood of Jesus


Jessica Reply:

Amen and amen. Praise the lord


Akenok Reply:

Our God is Great, He answers prayers whilst we are talking. Thank faithful Jehovah.


Lucy Ng'ethe Reply:



Dee Z Reply:

Awesome , God is just good!!!


3 Christiana 01.30.17 at 9:40 pm

God is moving for me,my daughter start corresponding with me again very seldom I use to hear from all my work went for her studies also her dad,my daughter in n.York hyacinth nurse is mental also my son david here at home computer and electro can’t forcus and speak I break the curses of families ties father, mother, ancestors and generational off our life in Jesus name.fiances I want to start thank you Jesus amen amen amen.


Faith Reply:

Eagle Christina,

Let all evil attachment to your family be detached in the name of Jesus.Amen


4 Christiana 01.30.17 at 9:43 pm

I love how the devil get mad of the word.
Love you daily and ministry


5 Elaine Jennings 01.30.17 at 9:59 pm

On the 29th day of July last year, I was on my way home from a conference in an area that I was not really familiar with. To make things worse, it was raining. Not knowing my way, I was a little hesitant. Nonetheless, I travelled home. I was only 5 minutes from home, I was so happy. I was rejoicing; thanking the Lord for His goodness, when all of a sudden as if a mirage a vehicle shot out in front of me like a bat out of hell. It was 1:00 am in the morning. Needless to say she stopped in front of me, and I slammed into her. I had no car, and no way of getting from point A to point B without Public Transportation. It was not easy, but I refused to complain. I just thanked God for spearing my life.
At 12:04 am on January 1, 2017. I got a text telling me that the Lord told her that she was to make a car available to me. She said they put on 4 new tires, checkedbrakes, had the car passed etc. when can they deliver it. I was a little shocked because I didn’t remember sharing the accident with her. To cut a long story short, I got the car. I told her that I didn’t have the funds for insurance, she said they have taken care of that.
Eagles, I am so greatful to the Lord. It is cold here, but I refused to complain because I knew that the enemy wanted to take me out. I rejoice for what the Lord has done. I’m still thanking Him.
Happy New Year Eagles. In spite of the challenges. I’m so excited what the Lord has in store for us.
Elisha, I thank God for you Coach. I know that the Lord won’t forget your obedience in teaching us to stand strong.


Alecia Reply:

Blessed be the name of our Lord. I thank God Almighty for showing up in your situation. He always come through.


Gezahegn Reply:

The God that we serve is an awsom God. praise Him always and at all situations


6 Karen 01.30.17 at 10:08 pm

I join in thanking God for this ministry, my spiritual life has been catapaulted to the realm of revelation in Jesus name. I can now better understand kingdom principles and what is going on around me, All Glory to our God the Most High. May God make our mouths larger than that of our enemies in Jesus name.


Bernis Reply:

May His Holy Spirit continue to abide in you and guide you in His ways in Jesus name.


Janet Reply:


I praise the Mighty God for these Prayers and the man of God! Thank you for making yourself available to be used by God for the salvation of souls such as ours. I am amazed at each wonderful testimony and Glorify God! I have learnt to pray better, I understand the word better and I love reading the word! It was always a struggle to get me to read the word but now I cannot get time enough to read the word!

I praise the mighty God and am grateful for all the lessons we are receving from this prayer program with you elisha. May God protect you and your whole Ministry your families and Institution. May God Protect and keep all of us prayer warriors. May the Lord further our calling to affect others into his fold in Jesus Mighty Name!


7 Joe 01.30.17 at 10:31 pm

I just want to thank the Lord almighty for your ministry. Ever since joining your ministry, my life has been changed. You have taught me alot of things about being a Christian. God is good.


8 Marilyn 01.30.17 at 10:34 pm

Thank God for the monthly prayer points. I look forward to receiving your prayer points and emails everyday. They have been a tremenduous blessing in my life. Marilyn


9 Christine 01.30.17 at 10:56 pm

I praaaiiiise God for your life Elisha!
I have signed up for the upcoming PA and I am super excited about what God is going to do for me and my family!!!


Faith Reply:

This is one step ahead.
Praise and honour to His name.


10 nana 01.30.17 at 11:05 pm

I thank God for the life of my earthly coach Elisa, who has thought us to pray at midnight. I present my cases before the Lord with three day Esther fasting, but the prayer answering God who knew before we ask Him answered my first prayer topic before the end of the first day of the three days Esther fasting. I know and believe that He who has started with me will bring it to an expected end in Jesus Mighty Name. I give Him all the praise and glory in Jesus Name. Amen.


MK Reply:

Amen and Amen. Let God be God. The fear of the Lord is to know God as just God!


11 Emily 01.30.17 at 11:25 pm

I thank the Lord who daily reloads us with his benefits. I have some many testimonies I do not know where to start. The God we serve is the same yesterday ( during old saints time) today n forever more. I just finished last pray academy which for along time I had wanted to join but trusted God for funds. Guess what.. my sister miraculous paid for me praise be to God we trust. After the end of prayer academy and storming the gates, I have been having a quite time where by i told God I want to hear from him now that I have represented all my cases to him. I have been trusting God for new beginnings in my life now that was in a mess. Brethren, I didn’t know God was to rearrange my life in away he did;I thought I was finished. Everything seemed to have gone wrong. But praise the Lord of Job !!! I didn’t understand God was doing new things shaking me from my comfort zone. Prayerful ones when you get to the end; that’s Gods begining.Today I can’t fathom his wonders. I had an accident on my way to church 2 weeks ago .No one was hurt but my car was a write off. Today (30/01/17)I’m a proud owner of a better car model I’ve never dreamt of. I’m waiting to change jobs with a better pay than what I had before. Financially I’m nolonger struggling. This has shocked all those around me. Brethren have seen the finger of God. Im yet to see his hand in Jesus mighty name. For those who are struggling; be encouraged, there is a God in heaven. His name is Jehova jire. Praise this God of Elisha. God bless you mighty Man of God for treaching our fingers how to fight and a hands how to war in spirit realm!!



Lydia Reply:

Hi Nana, may God be praised, awaiting to testify too


L. Barnes Reply:

I thank God for the victories he has given you. May you continue to be strong in your pressing into the things of God.


12 Anna 01.30.17 at 11:54 pm

Praise God Elisha,
Thanks for teaching us how to pray for ourselves.
I am a woman who used to move from Pastor to Pastor seeking to be prayed for , however ever since I followed your advice and counsel, every time I am lacking finances and any other thing I pray for myself using the prayer bullets and things happen. I give the glory back to God for using you to teach us and thank you for the love, patience and calmness you have exhibited while serving God’s people.
May you be richly blessed.


Kemigisha Reply:

Praise God
I used also to go to different pastor for prayers and nothing seemed to change until I learned to pray for my Self. Thanks to God through Elisa and others who helped me to learn to pray effectively.


13 Irene 01.30.17 at 11:55 pm

Shalom people of the most high God. Thanks to brother Elisha for the monthly prayers. Today in the morning when the mail popped up on my phone. I was so happy because I know God is going to hear and answer our prayers. Be blessed all.


14 Priscillah 01.31.17 at 12:02 am

Praise God,I did the prayers to storm the gates of 2017,still trusting God for a job for my husband n I,however I thank God for delivering me from the jaws of the enemy thru an accident yesterday,I was almost crushed by a bus bt he snatched me.glory to him.


15 Gabby 01.31.17 at 12:08 am

Psalms 24
7 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
8 Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.
9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.
I want to start by saying that , God honours is words more than His name. I also want to bless God for this ministry. IJN.
The above word of God changed my story, took the battle to the enemies gate and God fought my battle for me and gave me victory towards the end of the year 2016. He gave me a new beginning using the man of God to speak concerning my situations. I even carried this message to so many people as a prayer point.
To God be the Glory am a new creation, as my family and I is experiencing a new beginning in His favour. I bless GOD.


16 Selma 01.31.17 at 12:37 am

The God we serve is an awesome God.

I am a student and a full-time employee, and have been staying in the university’s hostel from July 2016. This year 2017, they refused to take in part-time students even if they didn’t owe the university money. Thursday 26.01.2017, i got a call from the university to give the keys back to them and under no circumstance i am moving in the Hostel. That is when i knew, i needed to pray.. I prayed this 2 prayer points from 27 minutes prayers,
1.”Anyone standing in the gap of me getting in the Hostel fall down and die in Jesus name”. 2. “Let my divine helper of 2017 b realest to locate me now in the name of Jesus”.

I prayed for 10 minutes, after i heard the voice of God telling me to write an appeal letter to the hostel management, cut story short… With that appeal letter, i got myself back in the hostel…

We are serving an awesome God.


Victoria Reply:

hallelua! We bless your name Almighty God and thank you Pastor Elisha for your teachings.


17 deborah nkamba 01.31.17 at 12:55 am



Nelly Dlamini Reply:

People of God I great you all, I want you to keep me in your prayers am also busy with 7 furiouse prayers for February , I have sent my CV on other School for the job and they promise me to come back to me on Monday , am praying that God will grant me with a that job in Jesus name .


Sitile Reply:

Have faith and believr , God has heard your prayers. We are with you in prayer.


18 CK 01.31.17 at 1:15 am

I started the fast and prayers on 16th Jan 2017. To be honest I spent the last 3 months of 2016 trying to get away with myself to conversate with myself and get answers to many aspects of my life. I kept asking myself if I want to be in my relationship, pondering on family issues, thinking on how to expand business and mainly on this big dream/vision God had shown me over and over for the last 3 years and it wasn’t coming to pass. At least so I thought. After looking for God and myself in different countries and timezones I said to myself I knew about this fast let me start.

As I embarked on the first day I got a vision/dream of alot of sexual impurity going on in my life but it wasn’t me. I am in a relationship and I live with the person. The message was about my partner not me. But for me in a way because I live with him and we arent married. One morning I was lead to the spirit and I saw alot on his phone. It is normally locked and this day it was just open and all the confirmations were there. Conversations with ladies and his friends about women and what they will do with them. Take them on trips, etc. I have dated for 4 years and to be honest I know this person isn’t for me. This was another reconfirmation. I was not sad or hurt at all. Which definitely isn’t me. Letting go had already began as this definitely isn’t a person who is serious about me or life with me or respects my family as his friends come first.

The Lord had shown me for 3 years a dream/vision of me being the Joseph in my family and a new beginning in my life in all aspects. My love life, my spirituality, my home, my business, etc and I tell you within the next 3 days I purchased items from my jeweller for myself of which i had been begging the boyfriend for. The funds were there had always been but i was afraid to ACT. I did ACT and the 2 most beautiful rings are on the way to me. I thought to myself in that dream I wanted my dream car as i wanted to separate myself from the car my boyfriend gave me. Remember new beginnings – my Mercedes loan was approved by the bank in less than 12hours and my car is on the ship as we speak. I ACTED. I wanted to get into real estate and also needed to buy myself a house. My banker who is named after Eli – the high priest on the bible said he will help me. I thought he was joking. the bank financed me and I was so worried about the repayment costs but it’s like somehow they seemed very under priced but they are manageable to me completely. This man was an angel. Considering all my previous loans have been declined.

I have been very keen on family life and settling down and God brought an old flame back into my life who loved me when I was 13years imagine and now am 34years. He reached out and reconnected with me. He stated he has always liked me and would like to reconnect. I have been honest about my relationship and my current situation and he respected it. He has laid down his plans that with regards to me settling down with him and getting a child. He lives in another city and I will visit him to realign these plans. He also wants to visit my parents once we talk. Something I yearned for – a partner to respect my parents and family. We pray together and he is amazing to say the least.

My key learning is even if my current boyfriend has shown me dust beyond I must always respect the process. I have never been bad to my current and will never be. God is setting me up to show Him the God I serve. He currently thinks without him I am nothing and if I leave him my business won’t prosper or i will move back home or i wont have a car….. He doesn’t know the God I serve.

My enemies came out of the woodworks completely. The cover prayer really pulled a number on them. Covering me and exposing them beyond…. Some asking for forgiveness beyond after years. They looked for me i didnt look for them.

In business I have so many new opportunities that have been brought my way and I am currently holding 50 percent partnership in 2 businesses that am passionate about. People are also keen to invest in those businesses as silent partners without me asking for money or any help.

I decided to recommence my fast on Feb 1 2017 because I need God to finish fulfilling this vision He put in me. I said I don’t mind if it takes a 100 days but I am ready to sacrifice my food and sleep as i look for my GOD earnestly without any retreating. I used to do the midnight prayers and repeat them at 3am, 6am, 9am, mid day and 3pm. I have never searched for God like this but I am not letting go of His garment just like the lady with the bleeding issue. I did this fast and praying with a friend and one who was encouraging me who was already on it. There is power in agreement and more than one person doing it with you.

I pray i will testify more and more after this.


L. Barnes Reply:

Thank God for sharing your testimony. I am waiting on my breakthrough and it was very encouraging. Praise God.


carol Reply:

my God this is so amazing, king of glory we simply need to seek God in his kingdom there is lots of silver n gold in plenty, i have been encouraged to do the Easter fast, have been doing Daniel fast and God has been so amazing to me as well come next week am beginning Easter fast for 3 days, thanks for sharing….our God is a miracle worker


Anita oyugi Reply:

Glory be to God!!!


Musumba Reply:

CK, yo testimony has rejuvenated my spiritual life and before i went far into yo story/testimony, there are some actions that i have IMMEDIATELY taken! I believe these will re-kindle the zeal and passion and bring to pass Gods plans and purposes for my life, family, ministry and career.
I must say that as Christians we are living below our expected standard of life simply because we have not lived the Christian lives we MUST be living and we have not taken up our stand.
Thanks for sharing yo testimony. Awaiting for your true completed story.


modelle Reply:


At 13 yrs you were already dating with a boy? I am sorry to ask but deal with that in prayer if you haven’t done so since it can always act as a pathway for the enemy to reach at his convenience.


akellowinfred Reply:

Wow this is soooo encouraging.


19 Melliny sibony kido 01.31.17 at 1:19 am

I need I prayer for spiritual breakthrough, debt cancellation, reuniting of my family and financial breakthrough please help I need the lord in every area OF MY LIFE I RECERNTALY GIVE MY LIFE TO GOD AND I NEED HIM MORE PLEASE HELP ME


20 Melliny sibony kido 01.31.17 at 1:26 am

last Sunday I give my life to God and I need him more then ever in my life , I need a prayer for spiritual life my physical life as well , for my debts , for my family to be united again, for my financial breakthrough, for my sales I am want to be the top sales lady in my company I just need God in my life from now I need a prayer please help me I also have a problem with my son father who has just went cold towards me because I ended the relationship he was very abusive in all manners I can say please help me I need direction in my life and the presence of God as well I really desire to serve God with my whole heart


21 patricia monametsi 01.31.17 at 1:28 am

Thank you Jesus.


22 Joyce Zijena 01.31.17 at 1:31 am

Ever since I joined the prayer academy my life has never been the same.Im always hungry for prayer.For me anytime im free is prayer time.I have many numerous testimonies. Daily I see God working out situations in my favour.I had a stubborn skin disease never knew where it came from for some yrs but, when entering the gates of 2017 PRAYED like never before.I invited my friend also,on prayer academy to pray.Wow the skin disease has never manifested.My cake business is growing and its favour upon favour.What a mighty and awesome God we save.Who does mighty and great things in our lives.Oh where can I go if not in Gods presence.That is my dwelling place.
Joyce Zijena´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for February 2017


23 Ntando 01.31.17 at 1:34 am

Good Morning Elisha

I would like to thank my God for what he has done for me last year was not the easy year for me due to my health challenges but my God stood up and fight for me. I am now free my God is good and he keeps on blessing me all Glory to the man above. He is faithful in his word.


Mary Coleman Reply:

Amen and Amen. we serve a great God, in him we live and move and have our being.


MK Reply:

Praise be to His Holy Name! No disease cannot be cured by God-every diseases, afflications are under His care to God be the glory Amen!


24 Ana 01.31.17 at 1:35 am

Last year on March 2016 I was introduce onto your website by one of my sisters. I had been using the prayer bullets but not seriously, but when I had a phone call from my sisters telling me that one of my aunties in the hospital in a critical condition she drank the chemicals tried
to kill herself I together with my six sisters bind together n shot the devil with the prayer bullets
You have sent. We did it the minute we received the news n Praise the Lord she recovered the following day. Doctors told us nothing damaged or burn of her organs only her lips that was dried. That was a miracle Eagles. Man of God Elisha thank you so much for the powerful prayers. May God bless you abundantly. You’re a blessing to me n my family. Prayer bullet we used was ” Oh great Physician for all the powers that you are known to be God declare full recovery to every cell, organs, bones ,muscles of our aunty body in Jesus Mighty Name. Spirit of bondage in her body we flush you out by fire in Jesus name. Praise God the Almighty it really work.God is awesome. Thank you Elisha.


25 Chipo 01.31.17 at 1:41 am

I would like to thank GOD for what He has done for me. I stormed the year 2017 with the 14 Days Prayer Marathon and in my spirit i could hear GOD telling me that i will recover all the devil has stolen from me. Then last week a mini bus bumped into my car and ran away and the following day a big JCB bumped into the car all this was happening on the right side where the driver sits. I told myself i was going to praise GOD in all this as i was alive. I remember i had been praying this prayer point,” O LORD, i sprinkle the blood of Jesus against every evil alter crying against my bloodline” even when i was driving. Now the issue was i had no money to repair the car but i kept believing that the GOD who rescued Daniel from the lions den will provide and definitely He did. We have a trip monthend and GOD made it that i find favor and the travel allowance i was given in advance so that i can repair the car. He is our provider. Let’s keep asking the Holy Spirit to guide for He really does fight our battles


26 GRACE 01.31.17 at 1:46 am

I thank God for Elisha and all the team in firespring ministry, My life is full of peace and victory every day. I have seen God granting my family members healing and breakthroughs.
The Lord saved them from being killed by the enemy prematurely, Now my lips are full of Praises to Our Lord Jesus. And I am determined and intentional to PRAY at the MIDNIGHT throughout no more slumber in Jesus name.

Thank you once more may you live long to see the blessings.


27 Tj 01.31.17 at 1:47 am

God is wonderful Elisha.I thank u for coming into ma life.God is doing wonderful things to me n ma family.the a is one thing tht am currently praying about.to join ma. Husband in foreighn land.God bless you n give u more revelation.


28 Nomsa Mashinini 01.31.17 at 1:48 am

I like to thank God with this website since I was introduced by my friend my life is spiritual eleveted .I was having problems left and right ,false acused in church and home,then i started to pray the prayers from the books I have a privilage to have six of your books where my mind was opened and understand the prayers which bring answers in my life ,i was an intercesor for many years but everything in my life was messed up.I was even chased from bible school without any reason as I speak to you now next week I will be attending the class again. On the 13 january 2017 after firing on the gate I receive a call from the secretary of the school ,i dont even have money to register then she said we dont need your money just come and attend the class.Couch I want to thank God about you to allow Him to use you.I cant finish the manifestation of God in my life day by day things are happening.


29 Chinyere 01.31.17 at 1:48 am

I want to thank God for what He has done in my life. I joined Prayer Academy mid 2015 and it was as if hell was let loose for me. As I prayed and laid down to sleep, the enemy will attack me in the dream. I had several dream attacks.I watched things detoriate in my life I was in debt, suffered hatred, accusation and rejection from my family and friends. I got depressed that I sometimes thought it was best to end it. Sometimes when I wake up to pray, I end up groaning to sleep. I kept attending prayer meeting and trusting God for my deliverance.

Late last year I started seeing light at the end of the tunnel. My debts have been cancelled. My finances are looking up. God has given friends who love me and the dream attacks have ceased. God is dealing with the delays in my life.


30 Jennifer 01.31.17 at 2:01 am

Calvary greetings, happy new year all. kindly brethren stand with me as I trust The Holy Spirit to arrest someone who made away with my phone last week. The police are helping to track it. It’s like my office so to speak or a tool for Ministry coz it’s the one I use to minister with and also get ministered through. May the Lord shock my enemies, surprise my friends, I will not be sold out, bought off, quit, I will overcome and win at the end. I will laugh the last and the best because I have barely stcracthed the ground all in the Name of Our Lord King and Savior . Amen.


31 joseph Mugidheya 01.31.17 at 2:22 am

good morning surely peace is from GOD Im in a deep peace of heart since i started midnight prayers and continuous Esther fastings

thank you Christ
God have mercy on my br Elisha

Eagle joe ZIMBABWE


Bongie Reply:

Glory glory Eagle Joe . We are soldiers marching for the Lord in the name of Jesus we are conquerers!


32 pat 01.31.17 at 2:26 am

Dear Elisha
Praise God. I thank God for you and fires springs ministries for the good work your are doing in our lives. I have learnt to give thanks and keep the faith irrespective how God answers my prayers. I stormed the gates of fire for the first time. My brother fell sick around Christmas time and passed on this month. I thank God that he gave his life to Jesus before he died. We prayed, fasted as a family forand God to let my brother live a little longer but. … we will ontinue to pray together for strength and comfort .I thank God that this tragedy found us charged for God; that has helped to remain strong and continue trusting in his saving power.


33 Gisha 01.31.17 at 2:29 am

I bless the name of the Lord and also praise His holy name for His loving kindness and never ending mercies, I glorify the Lord God Almighty for His protection and preservation of my entire life and household, He is an awesome God that we serve, I thank Him for providence, since I have no income or job I just do voluntary work, I honor His name for He is all knowing , all faithful and loving, all glory and honor back to Him.


34 Emma 01.31.17 at 2:47 am

I would like to thank God for all that he did to my life. I have seen light in my life and my deliverance. Yes I have ben delivered. I am out of debts since I started the 7 Furious Prayers in 2010. Thank you Elisha.


35 Kereng 01.31.17 at 2:51 am

I need a prayer for financial breakthrough, I am in debt, when my father and mother died I borrowed money to bury them, pray with me
Thanks K


36 Cindy (SA) 01.31.17 at 2:51 am

I would like to thank God for the visible spiritual growth in my life, I joined this website this website August 2015 and joined prayer academy October 2015. I must say it has not been an easy journey but its been 1 not short of testimony and praise. God has delivered me from sinful and can today say proudly that I am celibate and enjoying every minute of it, I can have a conversation with my sisters and mother without us getting into an argument, I live a prayerful life, serving at my local church and am happy and content with my job. Yes I still have few torn in my flesh but I praise the Lord for the deliverance that has taken place this far. He is indeed worth of All our Praises.


37 Koko Nyananyo 01.31.17 at 3:00 am

God is awesome. This is an excellent year for me. In my country a lot has happened but God is the winner in all. God has sustained me and my family abundantly. No complaints no grudges no pains. To God be the glory. Pastor Elisha may God enlarge your coast for your coaching.


38 gladys 01.31.17 at 3:10 am

l would like to thank God for his breakthrough and mercies unto my life and family. and am happy to serve God in my local church.


39 Olive 01.31.17 at 3:15 am

I stumbled on this site years ago when my life was upside-down. Everything had hit a dead end. I had no where to run to, we were jobless, bankrupt, indebted, starved, rejected and all the worst you can think of. Everything possession was slipping out of our hands, our children were in and out of school, our relatives who depended on us then were against us, the list was endless. We used to pray but not agressively as this site has taught us. Wonders have come our way. The small details that mattered less have been a testimony in our life. I got the beginning of year prayers a few days late and nevertheless prayed. Our year begun with ultimatums, eviction notices were handed and we packed our belongings with no idea about where our next home would be. We were penniless but continued to praise God for his love and Providence. We searched for rentals not until I felt the need to get to our landlady and plead for another chance with constant prayers, to my surprise she felt touched and accepted whatever I had for her and refunded what the next would be tenant had offered, isn’t this a testimony???? We unpacked our belongings praised the Lord for his love and mercy. The challenges in our life are so huge as I write this my son has been out of school for over a year yet he passed so well but we are positive and continue to pray against any generational curses that may be a stumbling block iñ our lives. We thank God


40 madris 01.31.17 at 3:18 am

I Thank God for this far and this forum. May Jehovah answer you speedily when you call Him. At the close of last year I had sudden attack of vomiting and diarrhea but i refused to give up i did the Riot prayers. I am now healed and very strong, I have also been having victory in my dreams and getting revelation concerning situation. I thank God and my desire is to pursue holiness and godliness and i shall see God


41 Samukeliso Ndebele 01.31.17 at 3:20 am

He is a God who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond what we ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20). He has great plans to prosper me and not harm me. (Jeremiah 29:11). His favour is upon me (Psalm 90:17). His blessings are upon me (Deuteronomy 28:1-13. He is my shepherd and my provider (Psalm 23:1-6). By His stripes I am healed (Isaiah 53:5). He has done all this in the spiritual realm and I am expectant to see it manifest in the physical.


42 Khululiwe 01.31.17 at 3:23 am

Prays the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I was rentig in a room in a house where the lady owner was complaining about my night prayers. she was using water for her protection she also spraid my car and I told her I do not like that as I am a praying person I trust God for my protection. On the 23 of January a spider I belive stinged me on my leg than on the 25th I did not go to work as my leg was sore and very itchy. in the morning I took kids to school than I came back only to find that she has openned my room and spreyd her water on my bed and every where in the room it was wet. I cried to God telling Him I really do not like this to my suprise on the same day I got a 3room house in a more safer side of the town and I moved out. I really praise God for making a way out for me from that evel cage I was living in.


43 martha 01.31.17 at 3:44 am

God has been so faithful.He has surprised my friends and shocked my enemies.A cousin who had decided to shame me unfairly on social media was instead brought to shame and her evil deeds exposed on the same social media for the whole world to witness.
God has enabled me to put up my mothers dream house for her at her advanced age of 90. Inspite of her advanced age ,she is in good health and an intact mind praising God everyday and speaking of His goodness in the land of the living.
Both me and my mother have been victims of rejection.God has wiped away our tears and put a smile on our faces.
We serve a living God.I give Him all the glory and honor. Thank you man of God Elisha Goodman for introducing me to the best secret ever.Firing prayer bullets in the midnight hour.


44 Antoinette 01.31.17 at 4:10 am

Glory be to God our saviour.
I’m happy that February payer bullet 5 is about getting loose from spiritual sex partners. last night I prayed against spiritual marriages then I had a dream where a group of man were chasing after me but they couldn’t catch me. I’ll continue firing the prayer points, I believe God already answered me. I now don’t have any difficulty waking up at midnight for my prayers , its automatic. Thank you so much Elisha.


45 Dee 01.31.17 at 4:10 am

Waiting patiently for that mid night Hour.


46 wella 01.31.17 at 4:13 am

halleluya..God of Elisha is real. i have seen him in every scope of my life….. i didn’t know how to pray agressivelly but now i know….. i have peace and this confident ….i cant explain.

Thank you you Elisha. May God continue to bless you more and more..AND MORE



47 Numbi Connie 01.31.17 at 4:17 am

Praise God, I would like to thank God for the prayer lines and the 7 furious prayers you keep on sending to all who know you and the website. I have prayed, sometimes i have forgotten to wake up at midnight but i have said my prayer bullets anywhere i get a chance day, mid day or night even in a taxi going to work or home even in my office. I have gone through terrible seasons but i have seen the hand of God raising me from a terrible situation to a safer place. I can testify that the prayer lines have made me stronger in a way that somethings happen to me and i tell myself that God knows and it will surely come to pass so i just continue with my prayers. I have seen the devil threatening me through my baby girl that every night she falls sick and when we go to hospital the doctors don’t see anything. But the day i took a step of faith i picked my baby girl whom d father had rejected us and told God to today i choose you to take control over my everything and today am not going to hospital because i know you are going to heal my child. I reminded God the good things I had done including raising my husband’s children i found in his house without bad feelings, and asked God to set me and my child free, I asked Him not to let my enemies gloat over me, not to let them laugh or win over me. I was staying in a terrible house i had to jump trenches to reach home and my salary was always booked for many debts and bills, but that day my child never fell sick the way it used to be. Indeed God has seen me through, my child’s father asked for her he refused to allow my child to get a passport because he thinks he will never see her again, recently i accepted to let my child go and spend time with her father after 2 years, through his sisters now he asks for a talk between both of us. I know the bullets have done a great deal in my life, I have many testimonies, Elisha thank you thank you, I have sowed a seed of little money and God has blessed me with much more than i have given to the poor, wherever i go i testify the good deeds of my God and inside me i feel the devil is angry which gives me joy. I have been able to know false prophets for the prayer line I keep on saying that Lord am looking for you from the places I think i can find you but please don’t let my heart and soul meet false prophets, please make me leave their churches immediately, I have succeeded.
Lastly on Sunday i chose to just thank God by saying good things He has done for me, there is no word that can describe God but I used those i know and i ended up crying not because i was sad no i was happy for i looked at where God has picked me and where I am, it has been God’s grace and love. After all that, in the night at 11 pm, the devil attacked my child she started crying like a cat and dog she rejected me, screaming full of fear running imagine a 2 year old going through that hell. I looked at her, held her and just said you will be fine, God knows you my child. I know the devil is angry but already we are winners, i didn’t sleep with my child but she slept with my mom. I prayed from home in the office the whole day i prayed for God’s protection and she is fine, she is playing. I thank God that I know when the devil strikes, I am not very holy i admit but if in my ways of praying God has done great things for me but what of those who go through fasting, bible reading, praying at midnight, doing good to others, it is real, and God still talks to people no matter where you are or where you stay.
I will forever be thankful to God, this far He has brought me, no one can convince me to go to any evil worshiper, for what anyway because all that is.. was created by God so why should i leave the source?
I love you Lord, you have always been my everything, I give you all the glory. I love you Lord.
Thank you Elisha, I pray i get to join the academy this year. The devil will cry.


48 Anele 01.31.17 at 4:42 am

I would like to thank God for this website for it has taught us how to pray, I has taught us how to have caurage and faith.

I am not scared to pray, I am focused in my prayers. I just have a good feeling that this prayers for february I will testify. I can feel it inside of me.
I love this website we are using this prayer points at home and we have overcame alot of challanges like sicknesses, God is good. Thank you so much Elisha may God bless you and your team


49 Loreen khuhlani 01.31.17 at 4:43 am

Calvary greetings,thank you so much for the daily bread prayer points.


50 Rose 01.31.17 at 4:51 am

Thanks for what God is doing …seeing the testimony from the pastor… it makes my heart joyful ..imagine he has not done the academy and you can see the exploit ..am much encourage… Re 12:11
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
be blesd


51 Penninah 01.31.17 at 4:53 am

Dear Elisha,
I praise God for his mercies. He is the God who answers by fire.
The Lord delivered our son from alcoholism and so many bondage.
He is now sober and on 14/1/2017 the Lord surprised him with a beautiful wedding.
The Lord removed away the reproach from our family.
I give him the glory and honor. Before he could never have money on him.
The story has changed, he is able to provide for his family.
I kept praying for him using Isiah 44:3-4.
Glory to God.


52 Evelyne 01.31.17 at 5:21 am

Praise God fire springs ministry and friends. Indeed it has been all worth it through the way. I was invited by a friend to your site and started midnight prayers mixed with fasting at some points. My brother who was jobless for one year got a job to start this February. My sister will be enrolling for a degree. I will be getting married in April after my usually troublesome relationship has started to flourish. I thank God for the good job and favour that He has bestowed on me. This site has been so vital in my life God bless us all as we continue with this bullet proof prayers and especially Prophet Elisha May God use you mightily and increase you mightily.


53 sindiso 01.31.17 at 5:36 am

Good afternoon. I joined this website this January 2017 after my friend got a scholarship through prayer bullets on this wbsite. She asked me to join and i compiled. It is my prayer and desire that God answers my prayers and give testimonies shortly:
1. My fiancé needs a good pay job urgently
2. My fiancé wants to marry me in August 2017 and we really need prayers and financial breath through
3. Our company NSSA is under going thru trying times because of the greedy and selfish new management and we really need divine intervention that the new management stop all the ill treatment of workers and firing and forcing retirement and imposing retrenchment and salary and benefits cuts
4. That i live a holy life and overcome temptations
5. Financial breakthrough


54 Emem Orok 01.31.17 at 5:39 am

Goodday Elisha,
I have been trying to contact you, I’ve sent a mail but no reply on the sapphire program starting tomorrow.


55 Michelle Mutsvandiani 01.31.17 at 5:43 am

Praise be to God. I want to testify the goodness of the Lord. I joined the 14 day marathon from the 31st of December till the end. on the 3rd of January I had an encounter with the Lord. I felt the presence of the Lord and I was filled with so much joy and gladness. its something I had never felt ever since my Christian walk. I have been having dreams getting spiritual instructions from the Holy Spirit. I believe so much more is coming my way. Praise God.


56 Pastor Paul Ethiopia 01.31.17 at 5:52 am

I want to give glory to God for what he is doing, I came to know your website in August 2016 when things were not working well for me in ministry, Enemies wanted to truncate the agenda of God for my life, I suffered financial hardship, hatred,to pay the salaries of my staffs was difficult,I kept on bombarding the satanic kingdom working against me and ministry before i know it Enemies submitted,those who are working against me are now working for me, I received financial blessing worth millions of Naira, I can now pay the salaries of staffs without struggle, all glory belongs to God, your ministry and your family will be moving from glory to glory in Jesus name. The Bombardment continues until my better becomes best.


57 jemima 01.31.17 at 5:55 am

The Lord is indeed great. He saved me from the attack of the enemy and pushed them backwards into the pit of fire.
I’m delivered from the enemy’s schemes to enjoy 2017. The Lord is GREAT INDEED!


58 Jean 01.31.17 at 5:59 am

Thank God. Your prayers points are heavy bullets. When you release your prayer points every month they always touch my situation! its awesome! Your God is indeed the living God ” Jesus of Nazareth”


59 jemima 01.31.17 at 6:03 am

I feel left out, bad, that I’m not participating in the Sapphire program. Reading about it makes my mouth to water. Needed to prepare ahead of time. Could there be another, please. Say in March 2017?


60 Beryll 01.31.17 at 6:03 am

What an awesome God we serve..I just don’t know were to start here to express the power of the LORD God Almighty in my life and what he did in my life..
Since I joined last yr in the Prayer Academy till now with the Sapphire Edition 2017,the LORD has changed me greatly in my family and social life..
I thank the LORD God Almighty that I now can really feel the hunger and thirst of the word..
May God abundantly Bless the firespring ministries and our coach Elisha ,
Thank-you and God Bless..


61 Gadifele 01.31.17 at 6:13 am

I thank God for bringing me into Firesprings Ministries because it is here that God is training me to stand and pray for myself and stand in peace and not in fear when confronted with a situation. Just 2 days ago I had a terrible headache that made me dizzy and blurred my eyes and it’s like my head was spinning round and round. The Lord help me to stand and pray and be at peace and especially not cry. Throughout I was asking the Holy Spirit to help me stand àt peace and pray and was sending back arrows of affliction back to the senders by fire and was sprinkling the blood of Jesus. . The headache was horrible, and i decree I am healed in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Lord for your servant, Elisha Goodman.


62 Alecia 01.31.17 at 6:15 am

My God these are amazing I too felt the urge to seek God more because things cannot remain the same this year. No siree I want the new beginning in my health, finances, relationship on the job. Yes Jehovah answer by fire. the workplace has become toxic but God of Elisha send fire. thank you Jesus.


63 Maria 01.31.17 at 6:35 am

This site has been a blessing to me and a source of encouragement. The prayer bullets have worked perfectly in my various situations and I glorify God for this far.

However, last night I had a dream that we were asleep when I suddenly woke up and saw snakes all over in my house. I was only able to say a short prayer that “satan you have no portion over my life nor any member of my family”. I could not sleep for the rest of the night.

Kindly pray for me and my family. I have been facing many challenges in my life. My marriage is a strained one because of relatives, my finances have been down with my expectations of reasonable salary review in vain and stress at my place of work, my husband is in and out of debts yet he has a well paying job with all these and then I dream of snakes yet I rarely dream??

God bless you.


64 Dainah 01.31.17 at 6:38 am

I thank God for Elisha Goodman. I have been taught to pray at midnight. I used to pray.not at midnight.
Thanks be to God I have peace now even though I have lot of debts threatening our house.
Glory be to God trusting that one day I will testify
Thank you man of God for encouraging me, even though I have not yet joined the prayer academy due.to financial constraints.


65 JULIAN 01.31.17 at 6:47 am

I would like to appreciate and thank the LORD for this Ministry. I have learned to pray and above all to be my own prophet. I have come to believe that there is no other prophet of my life except me myself. Every time I have a challenge in my life I know the power is within my tongue. putting Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our faith, every thing else means nothing. Am no longer scared/afraid of situations and what makes me even happier is that by the GRACE of GOD I can no longer fall pray of false prophets. I read my Bible every time am free and meditate upon the word of the LORD always and this has taken me to another level .. that I don’t pray to get things from God but I pray to thank Him for all He has done and for what He is yet to do in my life and family.


66 Frances 01.31.17 at 7:11 am

I thank God for been a member of this forum .I have received so many blessings and breakthroughs .May his name be glorified .

as we continue to praise God the devil still tries to make my parents sad through my Brother who brings them constant pain.I am very positive in this year 2017 all the pains will be turned to Praises .Amen and Amen.


67 Lilian 01.31.17 at 7:40 am

Good afternoon
Good afternoon all. Prayer eagle’s and pastor elisha I got to say that the Lord is good all the time. Since the opening of the gates my. Finances have been released like never before. I sell. Cosmetics each day, someone makes a purchase or pay what’s due. I. Need to thank you for my restoration.
May the Lord continue to reveal and guide you.


68 Martha 01.31.17 at 7:40 am

Thank God for the word the sword of the Spirit . I read in a little booklet entitled The sword of the Spirit that night l had a dream that led me to Ephesians 6:17 take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God also was told to walk by faith and not by sight . My life had changed can hardly express it in print.
Elisha l am so gracefully thankful to God for his gift he has anointed you to teach and to guide in such a divine instructive way. To God be the Glory.


69 nambuya agnes 01.31.17 at 7:44 am

I thank God so much for this ministry for it taught me how to pray and grew spiritually.my local church by Gods grace has also such hot and fire prayers and this has greatly improved my prayer life.praise God


70 Yvonne van der Merwe 01.31.17 at 7:51 am

It is a privilege and an honour to be part of such exciting things happening all around us. The testimonies of the people on this website speaks volumes.
I have been a prayer warrior since 1988 when I recommitted my life to the Lord after a 15 year period of walking away from Him.
The teachings that are offered here are exactly what I have been taught so many years ago. I am not too old (61 years old) to learn new and more exciting things as the days go by.
I was lead to this site in 2005, I think shortly after it was implemented, through a link on Joyce Meyer’s website, as I was hungering after prayer teaching, and have gained absolutely tons of knowledge over the past 12 years.
My e-mail address has changed over time.
I have done the Ester fast too many times to count, as well as getting up at the midnight hour.
During this period of time, we, my husband and I, experienced a tornado in our lives where our youngest son, being involved in drugs and because of this went through a nasty divorce. My husband and myself did spiritual warfare on an intense basis for a period of about 3 years, when one day, after another drug setback and clean up act, his ex-wife called out of the blue and said that she would like to remarry our son again.
My husband, who is a pastor, had the privilege of re-marrying them. Yesterday, 30 January 2017 they celebrated their 7th year of being re-married, all cleaned up and two beautiful children. Praise the Lord.
I have not joined the academy as yet, but should be joining soon as I have been saving up to join. I know where to invest this money that will have vast interest return – IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Thank you Elisha for your tiresome efforts at teaching prayer in such a dynamic way. God bless you Brother.


71 Christine Amuse 01.31.17 at 8:02 am

I Praise God for he has always been with me in my journey (valleys and mountains).I know that this year, he is giving me and my family a new chapter of life twice ever.Breathren behold his name, may he be served and praised forever.The God of Elisha, Elijah, Moses,Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; is the same God that i serve now and forever Amen.


72 Angie 01.31.17 at 8:17 am

I thank the lord for his Grace & Mercy
I am thankful to the monthly 7 Furious prayers
Through the prayers the Lord has blessed my Daughter
to pass her Secondary exams.

Praise the Lord


73 Alecia 01.31.17 at 8:50 am

I had prayed the prayers with those of September 2016 from 11:00 p.m. to after 12 or 1 a.m. I got up this morning after 5 and prayed them again. I dreamt I was somewhere and a woman with heavy built said here are your money, jewelries, etc I am to take them and go. she does not business with me. I am going again into prayer again for total deliverance. I crave the help of prayer warriors around the world. God is able.Thank you Father in advance, thank you prayer eagles in advance. God bless you all. May every deliverance be total not partial


74 Beatrice 01.31.17 at 9:02 am

kindly i want to be given prayers to pray for my daughter to get a place for college.


75 Ega Renagi 01.31.17 at 9:04 am

I m trully blessed & inspired with all the testimonies. I was introduced to this site in 2015 but yet to register on any of your program, I am only subscribing to receiving news reports & praying the 7 Furious prayers. I thank God for my circumstances for He is still Good, no matter what. I am a widow since May 2012, retrenched in 2010 due to management issues in my work place. With my final entitlement we made improvements to our home & rented it out for the last 4 years, however my tenant is arelative & has not been paying up and keeps assuring me that he will pay up. I really want to sign up but cant. I am still believing and will not give up. I have experience God’s favour n faithfulness. I seek your prayers for my unpaid rentals for 3 &1/2 years,& my 3 sons jobs. Thank you Elisha may our Good Lord give you wisdom & strength tocontinue in this powerful ministry. Be blessed always.


76 Mary Joseph 01.31.17 at 9:13 am

Praise God.. please I need your help on how to deal with dreams,most of my dreams come true,Eg, year 2011 was expecting our first baby n I dreamt digging her grave at home with my husband,the same place she was buried one week after she was born..I conceived again in 2012 n had a dream seeing my second child inside a coffin,she died when she was 11weeks..I use to pray alot against those dreams but they took place anyway… Please help,thankyou


77 Millicent 01.31.17 at 9:39 am

Dear Elisha,

I continue to see the wonders of God in my life and my family. I have come to appreciate the passion and persistence that you emphasize with regards to our prayer lives. As I continue to seek Gods wisdom and discernment one thing I have no doubt about is that one should never underrate the power of prayers of agreement. Worshiping at my local church one Sunday in May after the praise and worship, our Pastor prayed passionately that we as congregants should pray and agree on whatever it was that we were trusting God to do for us. He prayed among many things that relationships, marriages, businesses would be restored and also for those trusting God for jobs including international jobs to pray and believe God would come through. He went on to say that people should bring their business plans and job applications the following Sunday so that we could agree once again. As I had been trusting God for international jobs and some businesses, I obeyed my Pastor’s instructions and carried all my applications and business documents. When he made the call to prayer and asked us to lift our envelopes, I was one of very few that lifted my big envelope. I can testify without a shadow of a doubt that the heavenlies aligned themselves because of my obedience as soon after one job opportunity came through but because God was ordering my steps, I knew that the best was yet to come. In July two other opportunities came in quick succession and at the end of August I was on the plane heading to a new destination. I continue to thank and wait upon God because life will still throw issues at me but I know that it is in obeying, trusting and praying ceaselessly that He comes through and only at the right time. The lessons that you share Elisha have made me get a better understanding of what prayer should be, to be discerning and to become an Overcomer. May God bless you for raising warriors across the globe. God bless you!


78 Hazel 01.31.17 at 9:48 am

I got the 27 minutes before midnight prayer blueprint from a friend’s mum.
it has helped me to see why my answers seemed like they were not reaching God in 2016. I have learnt about praying earnestly, fighting the strongholds and trusting God. now I am certain, the battle has been won, I even feel it, I feel and sense victory in my soul. there is a certain joy that I can not express right now. the devil tries to plant doubt and unbelief, his voice tells me that the failure and rejection of 2016 will happen to me again, BUT I have been telling the devil off!! I am using all the prayer bullets that I have, actually, each time the devil tries to bring doubt and unbelief, I make a mockery out of him and I even grow stronger in my faith and trust. I know I am victorious!!!! I am coming back with my testimony that will shock my enemies and surprise my friends. thank you for the wonderful prayer lessons


79 Tracy Tagarira 01.31.17 at 10:30 am

I want tothank God Almighty for the insight. My prayer life has changed. I have learnt how to pray


80 bright 01.31.17 at 10:35 am

I want to thank God for what he is doing to my life, am changing each and every day and I know he has just started great things are on ts way. Thank you Jesus!!!


81 Cecilia Nc 01.31.17 at 10:40 am

I have been giving my cousin furious prayers with the hope that she would eventually join academy. She prayed them at midnight as she is not a heavy sleeper. Then suddenly she was attacked by stroke that left both legs paralyzed. She was rushed to a doctor who was surprised that she didn’t get a heart attack because all signs were pointing to heart failure and worse. She doubled praying furious prayers and fought with all her might until she could start walking. But right now she is sure that furious prayers saved her and is going to buy a tablet and join academy soon.

Cecilia Nc


82 Amalanda 01.31.17 at 10:47 am

Thank you Elisha for your teachings. Really powerful. It’s only up to us to use them or not. But, I know that they are one of a kind that hit the devil. Praise Jesus Christ!!! Stay Blessed!!!


83 Hillary 01.31.17 at 12:36 pm

Praise God,
Wow there couldnt have been the best way to begin 2017,the gates of fire,the Lord renewed my contract that had come to an end in December,did I say out of 416 less than 100 had their contract renewed,the Lord held the sun for me to fight the battle I had, am in school, so are my siblings and am responsible for the school fees ,glory be to God, more coming


84 nomthandazo 01.31.17 at 1:28 pm

i believe God will come thru even in my life cause is not a respecter of persons


85 Carline 01.31.17 at 1:49 pm

Praises to the most high God ! i thank the Lord for Elisha Goodman i look forward to the prayers every month and i want to thank the Lord for his hands of favor on my life THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU LORD.


86 Rita 01.31.17 at 1:51 pm

Praise God. There are some things that, at first, do not appear to be significant. More so before one learns about targeted prayers. Even when one does some things may not readily appear to have meaning. I have been wearing both my wedding ring and wedding rings. Some years ago my nephew, then a little boy, lost my engagement ring. So when my husband had a chance to go abroad he brought me another ring to signify the lost one. in the middle of last year I mysteriously lost the newer ring which was always placed by my bedside whenever it was removed. During the Platinum Prayer Session I specifically addressed the issue of my lost ring. Oh I told God the whole long story. Before the end of that session I found my ring on the rug on my side of the bed!!!!!! I jumped for joy and immediately went into thanksgiving prayer, first for finding my long lost ring and more importantly for God having shown me power of prayer as not only a teaching by Brother Elisha but as a real communication to and with Him. Thanks to all Eagles who pray for each others needs and problems. May the LORD bless you all abundantly and hear your prayers.


modelle Reply:


Encouraged by your testimony about lost and recovered rings. I lost mine too, for a span of two months. Little did I know it had a spiritual meaning. My man was slowly but surely slipping away to household enemies. But glory be to Jesus! I found it when I thorough cleaned my bedroom. I remember calling my household to celebrate my find. At that instance I didn’t know that they were my frenemies. However the LORD won. We are on the road to recovery, the LORD helping us.


87 tebele david nkgapele 01.31.17 at 2:09 pm

i really appreciate the prayers you sent me everyday. i thank God for you Elisha for your system of praying is the best . i am 53 years old and i was employed on the 14 December 2017 and the company was closing for the holidays. i had a business but it closed down in 2014.

Life changed in the marriage and we fought everyday. My wife is working but everytime i asked for help she refused. i had no money to join the prayer academy but now that i am working, i am going to join. The midnight prayers have changed my life even though i cannot fast because of hypertension and peptic ulcers. But i am happy because i know not long i will join. Continue helping us for we need this prayers.
Be blessed


88 Ann Berna 01.31.17 at 2:48 pm

Praise Jesus, what ever was holding my publication since September has released it today before January passes. Every last minute agenda of the devil and I crash the grip of Satan over my publication and many more. Thank you God of Abraham Isaac anD Jacob


89 Beatrice 01.31.17 at 3:08 pm

Praise the almighty Jesus,kindly advise as after my fasting of three days it seems things worsened,


90 Ives 01.31.17 at 4:09 pm

I am in awe of the goodness of the Lord. He surely is our vindicator and the defender of His beloved children. I sent in a prayer request earlier in the month of January asking for prayer support concerning a disciplinary hearing where certain allegations were made against me at the school I’m teaching at. Well, the Lord is faithful and the finding of the hearing was that I was not guilty. I give God all the praise and glory and thank the prayer eagles who stood in faith with me. I declared all throughout the time while the hearing continued that the Lord would not let me stand ashamed and hope in God never disappoints. As a child of God with our advocate in heaven (Jesus Christ ) and the advocate on the inside of us (Holy Spirit), it is impossible to lose. We always win. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!


91 Nana Msuki 01.31.17 at 4:15 pm

Thank you for the powerful prayers. The devil is in trouble!


92 Magdeline 01.31.17 at 5:29 pm

Thank God for the monthly furious prayers. I really see the power of GOD being manifested in my life. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit be multiplied to the Fire Ministry and all the honor and the glory be unto the LORD JESUS. Amen


93 Kandali Nangolo 01.31.17 at 5:53 pm

I thank God Almighty for this page, it helped me alot and I know my testimony is on the corner. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for the encouragement that I receive from my brethren. may God Almighty bless you more than your expectations.


94 Pheobie 01.31.17 at 6:06 pm

I have saved money to join academy but now my bank is having problem doing my transfer thru western union


95 mary 01.31.17 at 6:33 pm

I want to thank my God through this ministry from the time I was introduced to this prayer forum in 2015 I have been praying alone while my husband is fast asleep.
Some times my husband could scream while I am busy praying at middle night hour, when I ask him he would say he saw people chasing him in the dream, women wanting to sleep with him in the dream and many things. So I tried to encourage him to be waking up with me to pray at middle night but to no avail I have been trying from 2015 to explain what the lord has done to me since I joined the prayer eagles and some of the things he was even able to see. praise be to God this year my husband has joined the prayers he even wake me up if I happen to over sleep that it time to pray.


96 Caroline Sibanda 01.31.17 at 10:27 pm

Lord thank you for the transformation in my life, we Glory to you for sending Elisha to teach us to pray targeted prayers. Indeed the enemy is feeling the heat.


97 Victoria 01.31.17 at 10:32 pm

I thank Holy Spirit for leading me to this site when my spirit was dry.It have renewed my hopes and I’m having peace I thank God for the emails I received everyday trusting Him for breakthrough in my finances so that i can enrol in PA.I’m asking God also to intervene in my daughter’s case who was proposed long time by the man of God but no movement.


98 Joyce 01.31.17 at 10:48 pm

Thank Lord for the 7furios prayer of February,May God Elisha and the ministry and all the eagles in Jesus mighty name .Amen


99 Kesaia 02.01.17 at 12:20 am

“I cancel my name from every register of death in
the name of Jesus.”


100 Veronica 02.01.17 at 12:35 am

I thank God for revealing to me my need for Him. ABBA Father God is a loving, caring and just God. He’s Almighty God. Who is worthy of our obedience and trust. I love you ABBA. Thank You JESUS , Son of God and my Saciour and friend. Thank you Brother Elisha for being obedient as well in service to ABBA.


101 Nqopsy 02.01.17 at 1:48 am

Thank you for the 7 Furious prayers of February. Our God will arise and all the enemies of our breakthroughs will be scattered.


102 Nabwire Rosemary 02.01.17 at 2:20 am

I thank God for the 7 furious prayers for the month of February am already there in the battle field to fight the devil.


103 Jessica 02.01.17 at 2:54 am

My situation has become life and death. I am believing and God shall provide now in Jesus’ mighty name. ” I cancel my name from every register of death in the name of Jesus.” A step further, “I cancel my name from every register of debt in the name of Jesus.” Thank you for your website and for these prayers. I will not give up and I will stand on what Jesus promised me.


104 Bridget 02.01.17 at 2:58 am

I am grateful to God for Elisha’s coaching. I have been having dream battles without victory, but this night I saw victory in my dream. The long serpent that was after my life was destroyed before my eyes by a giant who came to my rescue in the dream. Glory to God.


105 Nancy 02.01.17 at 3:06 am

Let your needs be know to God. By prayer and supplication Philippians 4:6



106 olabisi 02.01.17 at 3:20 am

,I joined the prayer academy in Nov 2016 and I really want to thank God for His goodness upon my family,I’ve been trusting God for business expansion and an extraordinary promotion for my husband and the Lord has answered the prayers.He opened a great door of business for me in November/december of 2016 and even in January 201z,He also gave my husband a higher responsibility outside the country,the new appointment made people to be going to him for him to lay his hands on them for this kind of blessing to fall on them,please join me to praise His name. Bro Elisha,the Lord bless you for your commitment to God’s work,may He reward you greatly.Olabisi


107 Susan Vera 02.01.17 at 4:01 am

I thank the Lord for this wonderful site that teaches me how to pray. AMEN.


108 dudu taila 02.01.17 at 4:10 am

Thanks for february prayers


109 mary 02.01.17 at 4:35 am

May God grant you the desires of your heart man of God. We joined PA and God has done great my husband’s ID book is out after 7days in PA. God’s clock always strikes on time.Lazarus was raised from dead after four days . What a good Good we serve.Midnight prayer is powerful.


110 Fungai 02.01.17 at 4:49 am

I truly thank God for His faithfulness and for teaching me how to destroy demonic strongholds through effective prayer. I have countless testimonies which have left my enemies shocked and my friends surprised. I joined the midnight prayers in 2012 and since then I have not turned back. Though satan throws major counter attacks I have not backed down because of the power of the Holy Ghost. God picked me up from the gutters to the higher table; gave me a wonderful job after several years of not working, turned my marriage which was in shambles into a blissful marriage, above all the Lord gave me piece in the midst of storms. My friends always ask me how I manage to smile even when the odds are against me, but I have learnt that if one prays faithfully, joy comes in the morning. God is faithful. Amen


111 Melandi 02.01.17 at 6:09 am

Good Day Eagles as i am typing i am crying tears of joy and happiness.My family and i were looking for a house to rent for a long time, a while ago a friend of my hubby contact him out of the blue to let him know that his place will go up for rent and wanted to know if we are interested.so my husband said yes not knowing how will we pay for it.So we stood together in prayer at the midnight hour.the land lady where we stayed called him last week thursday to let him know we have to move out end of Jan.so we prayed using prayerpoints.since i am a member and bought most of the books i put faith into action and started praying like a mad woman.then on Saturday morning 28/01/2017 at 01:45 i woke up to check my mails and these two prayer points that i have received on friday night was there.
“O God my Father, let your angels that excel in
strength, locate and pull me out from the cage of darkness
in Jesus name.”
My life (spirit, soul and body) jump out of the prison
house of witchcraft in the name of Jesus.
I used them as per instruction and knew that the devil was mad.but i couldn’t care less.we woke up the morning went to our small business and trusting God for the finances and the house to be made available.Just as my husband went to pay the money and came back my friend did something that made the people where we share a shop space upset.so instead of attacking him they attacked me and my husband did nothing to even defend me as they are from the same culture and country as him. Nevertheless i stood on the word of God which he gave me earlier the morning in Isaiah 43:2, Deuteronomy 31:6 and Isaiah 41:13. i was calm not bothered by them at all.not even angry at them instead i pitied them.the devil was roaring mad by then.on sunday i ask my husband to thank the lady of the house and let her know that we are moving out that day.satan uses her to tell my husband things which we shared in confidence since she was a long time friend for more then 14 years. still i was calm had the peace that surpasses all understanding and my daughter of 17 prayed Gods favor on me.i praise God today as the devil is a liar and i am Victorious.
I then told my husband that if he looked closely satan was upset because God blessed us and because of those two prayerpoints.Glory be to God.


112 Julie 02.01.17 at 6:24 am

Last night after saying the midnight prayers;
Prayer bullet No 5. “I break and loose myself from ungodly soul ties with unfriendly friends and all sex partners in the name of Jesus.” kept ringing in my mind, I asked the holy spirit to open my eyes and show me what to do. I kept repeating this prayer point until I drifted off to sleep.
I dreamt that I was being forced to get married to an ugly looking man as a 2nd wife, this man was a sexual pervert and i was terrified of him. In my dream I kept repeating this prayer bullet until the man lost interest in me and told me that he doesn’t want anything to do with me and is going back to his first wife, an equally ugly dark looking creature whose facial features i couldn’t make out clearly.
But in the same dream I was able to realise that this 1st wife had been bothering me in past dreams that i had entirely fogotten about, she had been calling me to give me sexual lessons.
“Prayer bullet 5. I break and loose myself from ungodly soul ties with unfriendly friends and all sex partners in the name of Jesus.” has delivered me from sexually perverted demons in the dream. For they left and swore that they did not ever want to see me again as they walked away!!!
Praise Jesus! Praise the Lord!


113 Anthonia 02.01.17 at 6:54 am

Hi Elisha.
I was introduced to this website by an eagle friend Dorothy. In December 2016.She encouraged me to pray the 27 min to midnight and I did. I joined your website on the 14.01.17 and received your emails with free lessons and ebooks. Since then I couldn’t stop and been praying the bullets like a mad dog, day and midnight. I have a son who is 25 yrs old, completed yr 12 and was at college when he was possessed by evil witchcraft for 4 yrs now. Since I started praying the bullets he went missing for 2 days. I continued with Esther fasting and partial fasting and on the 28.01.17
I cleaned his room, prayed the prayer bullet ” O Lord with this broom of fire, I now sweep the evil occupants out of Jason’s (son) room and my house in the name of Jesus. I also used the anointed oil to sprinkle in his room. He came and asked twice who cleaned my room and I said it was me so he punched me on the head. With that I prayed and he punched me the second time on the head again and I fell on the floor. Please Elisha help me here. I know it’s a breakthrough but it is not over.


114 Regina Mainza 02.01.17 at 8:26 am

l just want to thank the Lord for many years since 2010 when l was retrenched up to date l have no proper job, but the Lord has kept me in a miraculous way. l have now been called for interview on the 6th February 2017 for a better job if a get this one it will mean l have a salary more than double my current salary. Just after the gate fire people at least they are showing respect to me than before.
Thank l have learnt how to pray and lam still learn.


Jema Reply:

Wishing u the very best when you sit for the interview tomorrow
May the lord be with you


115 Lesh 02.01.17 at 10:51 am

The Lord has done a lot for me and family since i joined this ministry. My spiritual life have changedn the devil was having a party in my family but the table has turned around. I bless the Lord for this ministry.


116 David 02.01.17 at 10:55 am

Hello Elisha, I am un able to join the prayer academy. Am too broke just like the saying goes”as broke as a church mouse”. But I would like to join the academy because I read other people’s testimonies and I feel for sorry for myself because it looks like I have no testimony to share. I, let me say” stupidly resigned from my job” under unclear circumstances that up to today I have failed to identify one good reason that me resign abruptly from the job I loved so much. It’s now 2 years since I resigned from the job and I failed to land a new job despite the effort I have put in finding a new. All I get is rejection. Kindly send a prayer bullet to help break all rejection chains around me.


117 Joelle 02.01.17 at 12:19 pm

I pray @ midnight hour as brother Elisha recommends……. I still cant hear in the spirit or see.A week ago, Having confessed my sins & reading Ps.51, 7times- 6 of which i could not finish the whole chapter ,on 7th time i did. That night had a dream attack,cancelled it,cut all the serpents with sword of the Lord &sent them back to the sender to swallow them on their way to pit of fire. Following day @work someone told me that i needed to forgive someone who hurt me bad several years ago &my eyes would be clear to which i was angry at her.Stood up & threw out my lunch, went to car to pray. closed my eyes but words would not come out.confessed& forgave the individual…. last night more attacks More violent. PRAYERS to help me keep fighting this enemy. Joelle


118 Mary Kenya 02.01.17 at 12:21 pm

praise God man of God. I joined prayer Academy in 2016. I have done the golden journey. I have been greatly blessed and have grown spiritually. However, Of Late Iam not able to join the programs because I don’t find Kenya in the list of countries. I have even tried today without success. please help. However, I have continued with the furious prayers and storming the gates. May God greatly bless and increase you.


119 peters 02.01.17 at 1:00 pm

Iam surprised. My boss terminated my services in December last year 2016. The letter was finally given to me after I finished my 14days fasting. When I asked him why it took so long before the it was given to me,he told me bluntly that every time he saw my face he was forgetting that he had such a letter for me. I refused to sign it as it is not my portion in Jesus name. I went into prayer and fasting again. On the third day my country manager called me confessing that he had no justified reasons for firing me.and that I should see him. I said no he should wait until God tells me what to do next. One strange thing is that I have strange peace of mind and am always praising God. Blessings are following me than never before. Help me praise the Almighty.


120 French 02.01.17 at 2:24 pm

Thank you Elisha for training me to pray on target. Last year i joined the PA and prayed all the furious each month. Coupled with your daily emails…. The Lord has blessed me abundantly. My daughter passed her high school exams with flying colors. As if that wasn’t enough i cleared my exams too.
I know there are more blessings to come in 2017 because the Lord has revealed them to me one by one. Praise be to God of Elisha and hey to the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!


121 Mary 02.01.17 at 2:35 pm

Praise God. We should not get lazy after doing this prayers. The enemy almost had me loose my mind because of going to commune with old friends who are not born again. I reject shame and reproach in Jesus name and will continue praying in spirit at all times. My God, I will serve you all the days of my life. Let us continue praying for each other.


122 Emmy 02.01.17 at 3:02 pm

I am to testify to the goodness of God,He saved us from
what had been a horrible accident or even worse death.
We were getting off from the train when suddenly felt like been pushed
from the back. Happened so quickly saw ourselves on the ground,
But I knew then that God has done it for us,He send His Angels to save us
we had no scratches no broken bones.Really thank God for our lives


123 Daisy Muga 02.01.17 at 3:46 pm

Dearest brethren on this site,
I am thankful to the Almighty God, that I bear witness of the Lord’s doing in all the testimonies especially on this site.
Since I joined the prayer academy several years ago, I have seen God turn my life around all round. I will forever be thankful for God’s servant, even Elisha Goodman, that he chose to obey God in order to sort out someone like me is just amazing.
I would like to encourage everyone with the words quoted above, “The Game never ends”
Let’s focus towards the mark:- Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I remain an Overcomer in Christ Jesus.


124 Miss Vee 02.01.17 at 5:00 pm

Praise be to the Lord our God who reigns forever.
I am excited because my spiritual life has really skyrocketed since I came across this website.
I am convinced that this year is the year of the eagles.
Thank you man of God Elisha for this amazing chance to see Christianity in another level. Now i share your prayer points with friends every month so they enjoy the grace I’m enjoying, I don’t know lack anymore. Hallelujah!!


125 Marie Patient 02.01.17 at 5:48 pm

I would like to thank my Father God most precious for our man of God Elisha through the prayer academy I have learned how to pray with passion and aggression. I struggled with the politics and struggles at work and for the first time my Father God kept me and the holy spirit guided me and I have finished in a good position. This time I did not leave the job. Thank you Father Jesus and holy spirit. Marie


Tivetile Reply:

Marie, allow to join you and appreciate God has indeed taken the level of Christianity and prayer to another level. We work up every morning knowing that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus through him.
I believe this year is my year, the devil is a liar!!!


126 consolata 02.01.17 at 6:07 pm

praise our merciful God who hears and answers our prayers. Thank you for the 7 furious prayers of this month. By praying the 7 furious prayers points you send me at mid night hour my mother who has been having attacks of strange sickness for 2 consecutive years is now healed. Thank you elisha for you and fire springs ministries. May God bless you abundantly. Pray for me now that the Lord of divine Providence may give me money to build for her a good house and a bore hole because she is suffering severe colds and lack of water.


127 eve 02.01.17 at 8:09 pm

please someone let me know how much i should pay forPA and singles forum


128 Ann 02.02.17 at 12:58 am

The testimonies here are proof of the living God and I also realized that if we stand in the gap for eachother, the results are massive.
Please prayer eagles, for long I’ve been seeking a job that will give me what one would consider a crazy figure but I believe He is a Lord of abundance. Join me in prayer for that job, debt cancelation, and outstanding performance at my current job.
Be blessed


129 Michelle 02.02.17 at 3:47 am

I want to testify & shout out with all praises and glory to our Mighty God.
An incident took place at my workplace on 31/1 , for a small error to which it had nothing much to do with me. Though I had clarified my part of explanation, but my accounts manager took it out on me and started blaming me with arrogance , just to show off his power and ego.
I went home to tensed and worried , because most of the staff people have been recently losing their jobs & their work-permit is also not getting renewed & i too fall into that category.
Being filled with fear and the burden of heaviness in my chest, I waited for the clock to strike 12. At first, I humbled myself and confessed to God , spoke to him and then prayed like a crazy person firing out the 7 Furious Prayers & lifted up another colleague from my workplace .
The following day 1/2 , we discussed and was ready to go and meet the accounts manager and face whatever the consequences. before heading to the accounts manager cabin , I called out to Father God, come and stand before me as My Rock & My Strong Shield , send forth your angels to me.
But before going , I received the call from the account dept that its ok now . As I entered , i was at awe, for his changed personality got me completely shocked , he told me its ok and eveything is fine now he will take care of it. In my mind and heart i just kept thanking God and for sending his angels to defend me. I still get goosebumps when i picture the whole thing and cannot describe the miracle that took place yesterday.
As i left his cabin what a relief came over me, free from fear and worries. My colleague who was also called into the cabin , came to me with full smiles and told me last night he too did sleep because of the tension and fear he had, but confessed this miracle took place only because of prayers and asked me to keep praying. I still can picture his face with full smiles……

I have no fear now , I was blessed to have this job and I know that i have always loved my job and have sincerely worked, whether the management decides to keep me or not , I leave it into the hands of My God, for i know,he will take me to much better places.

I love you, Jesus.
I praise you, Jesus.
I adore you, Jesus.
I thank you, Jesus.


Nkule Reply:

Oh Mighty JESUS, Anointed one of JESUS, your testimony gave mee goosebumps. Which prayer points you did to that church Elisha that make people buck like dogs after praise?


130 Nakamba 02.02.17 at 4:13 am

Thank God he never fails us, my husband started work after many years of not working, my God has answered my cry, more extraordinary blessings on our way the Devil is cry going to cry this year because I’m not playing with him but praying him out of my life and my family. . Thanks man of God for the prayer points .


131 B. 02.02.17 at 8:47 am

Thank you for the monthly bombs of 7 furious prayers. Amen


132 consolata 02.02.17 at 5:06 pm

pray for me that our good Lord may grant me His divine providence this month to build a house for my aged weak mother who is sleeping under severe cold in a half fallen house.


133 gail 02.02.17 at 10:48 pm

dear prayer warriors,
I have dreamt that I was with these two men holing on to my CV and nodding their heads that It looked alrights and asked me what amount I was expecting for my rate. I just told them anything coz whatever you will give is a blessing. The other man was eardly with white beard and the other one was young man in mid 30s. Please help me intepret this dream. I am currently in need for a job and funding for the organisation which I am doing volunteer work with assisting women and children survivors of family and sexual violence.


134 Penny 02.03.17 at 1:58 am

I just want to thank God for this far he has brought me and my family. I Want to thank God for his Servant Elisha for standing in the Gap.

No matter what comes my way I shall not be moved for I know the one I trust.

God bless you all.


135 kampi bangi betty 02.03.17 at 2:05 am

Thank you Elisha for your support have been helped but I still have a problem with dreams. I experience funny dreams at times when am being fed, moving in dirty places or moving in waters & at times flying over waters,at times when a man is following me to make love with me yet I lost feeling for sex with my husband. But what amuses me is: when am moving with this man I feel the feelings for sex. But one thing I thank God for is that this man has never succeeded in having sex with me. From these dreams I wake up when even feeling headache despite my continuous prayers at midnight. I need your help please. Betty Uganda.


136 Buli 02.03.17 at 2:28 am

Greetings Saints in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is always encouraging to read other people’s testimonies as I am waiting on the Lord for my own. I thank God, celebrate and praise Him with you as I read of His faithfulness to those who seek Him.

Thank you Couch Elisha, your ministry is really changing lives and we pray that God may continue using you as you avail yourself to be a tool in His hand.


137 musonda 02.03.17 at 2:43 am

hi there,
I have struggled with my prayer life for years. every time I start I dry up or get discouraged before the year ends. Since I was introduced to this website early this January it’s been addictive. I look forward to emails from Goodman. I believe my life will change. thanks be to God working through this man. may he be blessed.


138 Webster Webster 02.03.17 at 4:17 am

Prayer Eagles,
All praise and honour belong to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today I testify that for many years my wife, who struggled to recall her dreams, had looked on with suspicion while I fired the prayer bullets at the midnight hour. This time, from nowhere, she joined me during the Esther fast and 14 days prayer program. She told me that soon after the fast she had a dream about a driver from her old workplace who was crying and telling her that his job had been terminated suddenly, and that he was returning with his family to his home country, which he said was Rwanda. The Holy Spirit helped me to interpret the dream for her, and I asked her to call upon the Holy Spirit to come and take complete control of her life, and also to demand a 7 fold restoration the strongman had stolen from her!
What an awesome God we save!


139 Khabo 02.03.17 at 6:44 am

Hallelua, come and see that the Lord is good and blessed are all who trust upon Him (Psalms 34:8) I stormed the gates of fire this year and I have seen the Lord working wonders in my family, opening doors for my children and changing the situation at home bringing back the honey and igniting the fire in my spiritual life like never before.

When challenges come i lift my eyes to the hills where my help cometh from.


140 Sithabisiwe 02.03.17 at 7:19 am

l want to thank God for what He is doing this year for me.l had no idea how l was going to take care of my daughter,but God used the father of the child to buy some of the things for school preparations as schools opened in January 2017.Even though he has not bought all the things l believe God will make a way for us.

l thank you Man of God for teaching us how to pray.



141 Webster Webster 02.03.17 at 2:14 pm

Prayer Eagles,
Please join me and my family in exalting our heavenly Father, the name above all names, Jesus Christ, His Son and annointed Messiah, and Precious Holy Spirit, our Comforter, eternal Helper and Mentor!
For many years, my wife would just look at me follow the Firesprings Ministry programs, firing prayer bullets at the midnight hour. From nowhere, this year we did the 14 day prayer program. Soon after the Esther fast, she told me of a dream (before this she would not remember any dream – I prayed against her spiritual blindness!) . In the dream, a driver from her old workplace announced “sadly” that he had been terminated and was asked to return to his country named Rwanda.
Led by the Holy Spirit, I interpreted the dream for her and was asked to tell her to ask the Holy Spirit to take complete and permanent control of her life. She was also to demand the evil strongman to restore 7 fold of everything she had lost through this evil control. My wife now joins me fire the prayer bullets at the midnight hour.
What an awesome God we save!


142 ewafula 02.03.17 at 10:54 pm

I’m new on this site. I had a dream having sex with a very strange woman and I have also been masturbating for many years I need to be delivered any one who can help me


mary coleman Reply:

Pray, and keep praying stay in the word, pray and ask God to be your door and gate keeper. God said he that keeps his mind on him, he will keep him in perfect peace. Fill your mind with godly things, cast down anything that don’t glorify God, don’t let it take root, submit yourself to God always, ask him to help you, resist the devil he must go. in Jesus name.


143 edinah 02.04.17 at 12:07 am

Thank u for the 7 prayer points n God richly bless u all in Jesus name!


144 Ithungu 02.04.17 at 12:58 am

woow…where do i begin.
i stumbled on this website somehow..on afcebook page. some one was asking something about prayer and someone else gave them this website. i had all along been asking God to teach me how to pray…and he answered. so i joined. i have not joined any prayer academy yet but i can tell you things have not been the same for me ever since i started praying those prayer bullets from Elisha.
i have always had testimonies of people getting jobs or promotions without qualifications and wondered how it even happens…but my God…it just happened to me.
a miracle i got a promotion at work without even being qualified or even interviewed…there were very many qualified people but my case was different. i give all praise and honor to God .
thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets.
am now working on how to excel at the new appointment….


145 carol 02.04.17 at 3:09 am

halleluyah the above testimonies have left me speechless, we real serve a living God , God of miracle, promise keeper, healer, i have had pressure for the last 3yrs after my third born its been persistent but am still believing in God that i shall totally be healed soon, coz after praying the 7 furious prayers during the recent attack i now feel much better i give glory back to God.
pastor Elisha i still have these prayer requests
-buying my own house this year 2017
-prayer with me and scatter the enemy oppressing my family thru sacrificing us with witch craft, let God expose him put him to shame n perish.
-God take charge n scatter the enemy at my work place who is working towards my failure
-prayer for change of job to an international job that has been prophesied on me by several prophets
-promotion and transfer to the city centre upon my husband
may his name be praised forever


146 Flora lamptey 02.05.17 at 5:41 am

After the fire Gates prayers. I had a dream that I put all my dresses in a bucket to wash then I realised dead wall geckos in the water.

God has delivered me from the enemy.

Thank you man of God. You are a blessing to your generation.


147 Lorato 02.05.17 at 5:47 am

Good day Prayer warriors
Thank you Lord for making it possible to be in the Prayer Academy.I am just loving being this close to God and I am looking forward to learning more and more.In deed prayer makes life exciting.Many Thanks elisha for the teaching me how to pray



148 Charity 02.05.17 at 4:55 pm

Hi I thank you for this site I ve learnt a lot especially my prayer life has grown I thank God for the midnight prayers because I ve seen a lot of miracles and many more are still to come since December 2016 I have been praying for restoration for me and my family I have been working in this company for 24years I have Been honest and giving my best all through the problem was that I was not growing people would be employed after me but would grow very fast I decided to pray against the spirit of stagnation and I also decided to pray for those who are oppressed in that company the company I work for are idol worshipers so there’s was no way my spirit and theres would agree eventually on 25th of Jan I was called by my boss and the accusations I got were not true that I have been the one who is influencing everyone negatively at first I didn’t understand but I realized it was the power of my prayers I resigned trusting God for a better and a bigger door


149 Tendai 02.06.17 at 9:48 am

may the Lord bless the Firespring minstry.since i have started receiving the monthly bullets there has been a tremendous turn around in my life i used to believe my problems can only be solved when a pastor lays hands on me but now i understand i can do it on own. prayer and fasting is the correct remedy.
however if somebody helps me to connect with other Zimbabwean eagles i will be very grateful because i want to join the prayer academy but am hitting a brick wall through my bank so i pray someone comes forward and assist me.please


150 JOSE LUIS 02.06.17 at 2:30 pm

God bless, how long do I have to last doing this prayer bullets


151 Alecia 02.06.17 at 7:23 pm

Good evening everyone I have a request that we pray for a colleague of mine that is in trouble presently the police and parents are involved. The children at my need salvation as a christian you can see that there are devils behind their behaviour always defiant, disruptive and rude most of them. We have to try not to get angry, etc. Help me pray for stakeholders to the institution that have educated many outstanding individuals. We are up against HELL. As we prayed in unison for America please remember the schools in Jamaica. Help me invoke God’s presence in my school. thank you all


152 Bopelo Mhlungulwa 02.07.17 at 3:12 am

i would like to thank God for prayer answered since i have learnt how to pray prayers that receive answers immediately,thank you Elisha for allowing God to be the channel for reaching out to us..I have been praying for a job transfer since i was travelling 150 km every day to work and God has finally answered as i have just started in the new office yesterday,to God be the glory and since the beginning of the year um experiencing breakthrough in my finances and my life as a whole and i still trust him as um selling my house that it will soon find a buyer too so that i will be able to buy a new house where um residing at the moment..
Remain a blessing.


153 Jennifer Male Nantumbwe 02.08.17 at 4:10 am

I have seen a tremendous change in my prayer life. i miraculously did an Esther fast without feeling hungry for 2 days, my life will never be the same.
This year i stormed the gates of fire and behold , there is an opening in an international organisation. I have applied and I AM BELIEVING GOD.
Stand with me in prayer because this is a life time opportunity.

Be blessed.



154 Mwiche 02.08.17 at 5:56 am

I have had the opportunity to download the 7 Furious Prayers for February, and I really need to say that they are working….My daughter is currently going through a phase where she is being irresponsible and delinquent…One night, I prayed asking the Lord to return my daughter home and barely 5 minutes later I heard her calling for me to open the door for her…
I am also in the process of building and over the weekend I entrusted my bricklayer with funds to buy materials and a deposit for work to be done…He went quiet and stopped picking my calls…In the evening I committed him to my prayers and decided to let the Lord deal with him and voila last night he sms’ed apologising saying his phone battery had been discharged and he could commence with works…
These may seem trivial testimonies but for me every little prayer answered is truly appreciated and I know that soon I shall be testifying about the bigger things in my life that I am believing God for….

God bless you and your Ministry…You are a true life saver..May God continue blessing you abundantly….


155 Kat 02.08.17 at 11:47 am

The LORD good and His mercies endures forever. My friend who was pregnant and overdue was told by her doctor that she had to be scheduled for a C Section asap. She didn’t feel comfortable about this cos she wanted to have a natural birth. She was scheduled to see her doctor on Wednesday (01 Feb), we prayed on the midnight of the 30th of Jan. One of the prayer points was ‘ Holy Spirit fill her womb and allow her to give birth naturally, in Jesus name’. At 4am on the 31st of Jan she was taken to the hospital. Around 6am the baby was born, she gave birth naturally, with no epidural. God is a good God and He still hears and answers our prayers. Amen!


156 Anos Mutakura 02.08.17 at 5:52 pm

Are we going to get the day 15 programme on prayer academy that started on thé25 th of january where my wife is she has already passed mid night. . please can u forward it


157 J K 02.09.17 at 12:21 am

God is faithful He has restored to me a job I had lost 4 years ago.


Alecia Reply:

praise God!


158 Rose 02.09.17 at 1:34 am

Praise God ,
I thank God for everthing in my life 1thess 5:18
For the last three days i have had this dreams
7th .feb 2017…….i was moving around with slippers that needed repair and both were of two different colours though one pair … then i said to my house help we do not have one to do this repair .. then i said to her i can start aplace and set high prize kshs 50…from there we move to a place where there was many pple i did not know so we did not stop and on the other sied again were other pple i did not know. from there we left and while we left i was eating two roasted maize which i gave my hse help half of one of the maize i was eating…we left that place but i noticed two pple whom i knew but just waived at them ..that was it on that day .
8th feb.2017 IN the dream i met my mum and a sisterinlaw and each gave me a hen which i had in both hands..from there i tried to make a house for them but right at the root was an opening then i called my bro to help me ,that was it for the day.
9th feb 2017 .In the dream i found myself in bus with pple i did not know neither the driver ..but there was one person who is sinor in the society and hold a big post in one of the instituitions.. pple were asking him not to let pple know him and to me also i was like how can a big man in the society take a common bus with others yet he is able to use his own car and that was the end and all this come after prayers bwn 12am –3am.
help inteprate and the right prayers for this.
Be blesd


159 Caroline 02.09.17 at 8:17 am

Glory to God. I got a job on a silver platter after the sapphire prep prayers. My mom died last November which got me so devastated. I felt like God has disappointed me after all the prayers and fasting….from prayer academy to golden journey to platinum, prayer cook book, passion prayer etc. But through it all the Holy Spirit kept on reminding me that my mom is not lost. He also reminded me of what job went through just because God was bragging about him. In fact I used to get angry and jealous whenever I read a testimony of someone getting cured of a terminal disease… but not anymore because I have come to understand the sovereignty of God. His ways are not our ways neither his thoughts our thoughts but all things will work together for our good.


160 leah 02.09.17 at 8:17 am

Praise God brother Elisha
Thank God for the 7 furious prayers. From the time i started praying, things are happening in my life that i just God all the glory. Be blessed. when i get enough money i will join the prayer academy class.


161 leah 02.09.17 at 8:24 am

Brother Elisha,
God is faithful continue the good work.


162 modelle 02.09.17 at 8:56 am

Glory!Glory!Glory to the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the Only Wise GOD, the Father of our LORD Jesus! The Terrible GOD of Israel.

For now the instruction I have received is “SPEECHLESS”. My daughter says it as “Speak-less”. Like Zacharia, my mouth shall be loosened at the fullness of time! When I will be holding the testimony in my hands! Nevertheless, the spiritual pregnancy is progressing well.

All eagles, and all on this site, our GOD is an Awe-inspiring GOD! wait upon the LORD, and be of good cheer. Wait, I say, upon the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


163 Cinderella Cave 02.09.17 at 9:30 am

I would like to get the 7 furious prayers for February 2017. I am struggling to download them. I haven’t register for training but I promise one day I will be fine and be able to register. I am trusting in the Lord that one day my battles will be over.


164 Cinderella Cave 02.09.17 at 9:31 am

I luv Elisha Good man s motivation


165 annette 02.10.17 at 2:46 am

Thank you Elisha for the good work you do.
its four years now and i have been following you and the teachings o this website.

Two days ago i dreamed being attached by wild animals. For five times the animal came to attack me i would wrestle with it while praying . whenever i would say in Jesus name the animal would run away from me so fast. in the dream still i realized that i had no bruises despite having been wrestling with the animals. Then i said a prayers still in dream world before i woke up.

I was so glad that i manged to fight my attackers in in the dreams .
To God be the glory for am a winner in Jesus.

thank you you for teaching me how to pray .
God bless you Elisha.



166 mithu lakra 02.10.17 at 6:15 am

please send me the prayers for february …need some blessings from the lord..


167 faith 02.10.17 at 3:48 pm

I want to thank God for this ministry of Elisha I stayed with my husband without paying lobola for many years but after using your prayer point and fasting for 20 days God did it for me I praise his holy name.I used Spouswell prayers Phase1


168 Nthabiseng N 02.10.17 at 8:29 pm

I would like to thank God that I was introduced to this site by a sister whom I fellowship with just before the end of 2016, my eyes of understanding have been opened to so many things that I didn’t know before as far as praying is concerned. At the moment I am unemployed and I have 2 members of my family who are on well, my 80 yr old mom Thandekile has a heart problem and high blood pressure I would like the prayer Eagles to include her in their prayers to be completely healed and my daughter Sanelisiwe who is 17 yrs old fell sick early December 2016, she got asthma bronchitis infection, she coughs a lot and she has lost a lot of weight due to this illness, though I consulted the doctors but her healing progress is slow, I would like the prayer Eagles to pray for her speedy recovery and the coughs to stop completely.
The testimonies I have been reading in this site are amazing, I thank God for Elisha who saw the need to teach us how to pray, and fight the enemy.
God bless you
South Africa


169 Emmanuel 02.12.17 at 12:12 pm

20 years barrenness overcome.
I am shouting this praise report here because it is true and has finally happened in my life. i had dreadful challenge of childlessness for 20 years running and it is in this forum that God used the coach and his numerous instructions in prayer to solve this problem. my wife gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl on the 6th of January, 2017.
I remember the answer came on the golden journey of 2015. We were instructed to convert the set of prayer bullets given to us and pray it in our native language. That turned the whole tide for me.
i am so grateful to God and father of our lord Jesus Christ.
let the peoples praise you. o God let all the people praise you…. (Psalm 67:5) Emmanuel.


170 catherine 02.12.17 at 4:00 pm

Thanks for the prayers, we really appreciate . God has started opening doors in my home, I have a project and it had never taken a step. This February it started and asking for breathrens to stand with me in prayer for God to provide funds towards this project. I have so much faith that he is going to do it and I’m going to testify on this forum the good news and what God has done. Praise his name , be blessed and May God meet all of you at your point in time.


171 Lungie 02.14.17 at 1:34 am

When does the Prayer Academy for February end?
I’m aware it commences on the 25th of February. Would someone please help me with the final date for this particular program, (for planning purposes).

Stay blessed!


172 V Moodley 02.14.17 at 3:03 am

Prayer Eagles please pray for me undergoing severe attacks with son and husband on substance abuse night and day thinking of divorce. No peace in mine and younger sons life. Day in day out tormented. Suffering with breathing problems. Also pray for me in workplace.


173 Joseph The Favoured 02.15.17 at 2:04 am

Hello Bro Elisha,
I signed up for SAPPHIRE EDITION 2017 Yesterday morning 14th February Kenyan time just before the sign up page was taken down. I have not received a confirmation email from you. Please set my account up so that I may join the program. I am really yearning to be there.

from Kenya


174 Jennifer 02.15.17 at 6:03 am

please help me pray to recover my laptop
all my prayers are on there they stole it yesterday.
the night before i was praying and there was a personality in my room that was smoking i only smelled the sigaret the next morning my laptopwas stolen.


175 pauline 02.15.17 at 5:34 pm

O Lord no one is above you your are faith my Lord all the time I thank you for blessing me each an everyday with my family in Jesus name Amen.


176 DIOSITA.D.Chu 02.16.17 at 1:25 am

Thanks alot. I found you.again.
Praise God.i cant wait for my oun testimony.i thank God for you.glory to God.


177 Mpuse 02.16.17 at 8:20 am

Good afternoon, i am very confused and i need clarification on this. I have a local church am attending, i like my spiritual father very much, however i listen to sermons from other well known pastors around the world. for instance i listen to Joel Oesteen, Joyce Mayer and the like. So today i met someone who told me that i am not being loyal to my spiritual father, i should listen to his sermons only, he should be the only pastor praying for me and it is very wrong to visit other churches. How true is this?


178 keamogetse 02.17.17 at 4:07 am

please send me 7 Furious Prayers for February 2017 as i want to be blessed


179 Kelatlhe kemsley 02.19.17 at 10:06 am

I wish to thank God for the wonderful things that you are doing in our lives.I would like to ask all the Eagles to stand with me and pray for my uncle who is very sick and in hospital , it is well with him in Jesus name.

I have not received any response to all my emails, is there something that am not doing well in submiting I need help on this matter.

Be blessed


180 Eagle Bee 02.20.17 at 6:04 am

Dear Elisha,

All the glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross of Calvary. I testify to the glory of God. For a long time my life was a mess, i was married for ten years from 1993 till 2002, then my husband left me with two children a daughter and a son. So, i struggled with life for a long time suffering, until a colleague of mine introduced me to your website in July 2015. I started with the 27 minutes to midnight prayers followed by Esther fasting. I did the Esther fasting several times again and all these helped me a lot to come closer to the Lord. I continued to fire the seven furious prayers as much as i could and the Lord saw me through. Last year 2016 December i met my husband and we got married in the church and this year we are going to get married traditionally according to the rules of our parents . As if it was not enough, this year i got promoted and the salary is now two times more than what i was earning. Thank you Lord Jesus. Dear Elisha, I thank you and the Fire Spring Ministry so very much for teaching me how to pray. But, last night i had a dream that a woman had intimacy with me and when she was done, she walked away and she gave me a look like (i am done with you) and i felt so bad. When i woke up i rebuked the dream and i prayed that, “The Blood of our Lord Jesus is in my veins, so no evil deposit shall remain in my body, in Jesus name”. These morning when i opened my email, i saw the email of my sister in the Lord that had the same encounter and what she did after she had the dream. Do you think i should do the same?


181 Diosita 02.23.17 at 5:38 am

Thank you.Lord.for this man of God.Bless them.so that he can help all those people of God.to be more good as.good christian.Amen


182 Asime Charles Lawson 02.24.17 at 4:00 am

Is there anyone I can chat with privately. I believe, affirm that this site has been a blessing to me. I got to know about this while surfing the Internet in 2006 and since then my prayer and dream life has not been the same. However, there are some concerns I need to share to get directions on how to handle them. I will be glad to get this help so I can handle things properly. God bless you all.


183 Beverly Samuel 02.27.17 at 7:48 am

Good morning Elisha,

For the first time in my life I fasted for this length and it was a very good experience. When I was told about the fast, I was reluctant, but because I love and trusted God, I made up my mind to try it and I have no regrets. Consequently, I entered the new year feeling like a champion and very positive about 2017. In fact, I fasted for 3 days after asking God for held during this difficult period of my life.

Been unemployed for approximately 2 years, I applied for so many vacancies advertised, went on many interviews and nothing materialized. The on January 3rd, I was invited for a meeting and to my surprise it was for a job offering (6-month contract). I willing accepted it although the payment was low. However, I am still thankful as the saying goes “little is much when God is in in.”

Unfortunately, (as written before) I encountered a vehicle accident in November 2016. For me to get to and from work, I had to rent a vehicle. So you realize that the enemy is taking back my earnings (as I still have to make the monthly payment for my vehicle). Bearing this in mind, I still go around as usual smiling praying and depending on God to see me through to overcome these battles.

While waiting on a date from the traffic Court, on February 15th 2017, I received a Claim Form from the High Court. The person whose delivery truck hit my vehicle is suing me for $98,500.00. I called my Lawyer to notify him since he had to file a disagreement before 14 days or else I will have to make that payment.

I held the paper and prayed on it using these prayer bullets:
Any power assigned to make a shipwreck of my faith, Holy Spirit, release your security angels to track them down and kill them in Jesus; name,
I break every wicked cycle over my life by the power in the blood of Jesus.
Thou stones of the wicked, go back to your sender in Jesus name.
Thou battle at the edge of my breakthroughs die in the name of Jesus.
Every problem at the gate of my breakthrough, clear away by fir in the name of Jesus
Spirit of the Living God, come upon my life and place a shield of protection around me in the name of Jesus.
Fingers of darkness pointed against my destiny, wither and die in the name of Jesus.

After praying, I reflected on your recent e-mail that stated “Victory is on its way”. I testify that God is really keeping me with his Grace and Mercy and just decided to put all my battles to him. I can confess that I had a restful night and did not mummer or complain, just kept on praising God. The following morning, I continued to thank and praise God and repeated the prayer bullets.

My appointment with the Lawyer came off, then I went to the police station to request a copy of the statement I signed for my insurance. This I did not receive as I was advised that the officer was off on vacation and I would not be able to get a copy until his return in a month.

I am a child of God for a number of years but I have never felt this close to Him until after storming the Gates in 2016. This really prepared me for these trials. I look forward receiving your mails, as they really inspire me and I give God thanks for your encouragement. I am not currently in a financial position to join the Prayer academy but I will once the opportunity arises.

Also I have 3 grand-children and I am asking for prayers to cover them especially the first one who will be doing her exams in June to attend High School.

I would really appreciate you guiding me how to pray and ask that you send me a personalize prayer to assist me during this time. I also appreciate the e-mail I received lately advising us to say less and that is noted.

Thanks again for your spiritual assistance which gives me the strength to fight these battles one by one and I know with God’s help I will be Victorious.



184 Eliza 02.27.17 at 6:19 pm

This site has been a blessing to me.is there someone ,aprayer eagle from kenya so that i can have live chat with to know more how i can pay for prayer academy and everything .forgive me for i know very little about internet,i really need help thank you and God bless you.Eliza


Enyambura Reply:

Hi Eliza
My sister is in Kenya she has just finished the last prayer academy . I will ask her to check you out and you can exchange details.


185 Julia 02.28.17 at 3:20 am

I praise the Mighty name of my saviour. last year i kept having funny dreams. the first dream i was traveling by air but when i got the airport i left by passport behind. the second related dream i was still travelling but i could not print off my E- ticket. the third dream , which made me realise the pattern in my dreams again i dreamt i was supposed to be making a flight trip but when i got to the airport my particular filght was not scheduled anywhere for that day. i woke up in Holy anger praying against any wicked personality that caged my destiny to release it by fire. God indeed answered and the enemy has released my destiny. on 3rd January this year i dreamt again i was with my daughter running , imagine running to the airport and vehicles coming from the opposite direction tried to splash dirty waterr and mud on us but we kept dodging till we got to the airport security check point. i put my luggage for checking and i was cleared to proceed, then i woke up. i knew then God had released my destiny. and two weeks ago a trip appeared from no where other than sent by God to travel to Washington DC, and while my immediate supervisor thought it was not ne cessary for me to travel God cleared my travel to places i have never been to all expenses fully paid for. As i share this testimony am in DC To God be the Glory. Julia


186 emilly 03.01.17 at 2:43 am

looking forward to be blessed and bless others with these teachings, from uganda and am new member


187 May Namutebi 03.01.17 at 8:29 am

I thank God who saved me from a fire accident on the 8th /02/2017, while working in office suddenly my laptop caught fire, I thank God who enabled me to quickly get out of the office ad call for help! I suffered a few burns that have healed now! God is good!


188 Patricia 03.02.17 at 3:25 am

Thank you for the February furious prayer god is always on my side


189 alicenakide 03.02.17 at 3:45 am

Hello good people,

Please share with me the 7 Furious Prayers for March 2017. I can’t find them anywhere.


190 Lindi_87 03.02.17 at 5:12 am

Greeting Beloved in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ve been having dreams for the past two days. Before waking for my midnight prayers on Monday, i dreamt that there was a new system that was introduced at my workplace, but it was for another unit, a lady that i share an office asked for my assistance on how to utilize the system. As i was helping a gentleman who is a Professional Engineer, kept nodding his head in agreement.

Secondly, before i woke for midnight prayers last night, i had a dream that i killed something that looked like a scorpion, as i killed it, it produced a black substance, and then i heard a male voice saying, i was their only hope. I woke up feeling very confused, and i know God will reveal the true meaning of my dreams in Jesus mighty name.


191 Grace H 03.05.17 at 10:27 pm

I am so thankful for what God did for me this month of February. I started this month with fasting for a day and my major prayer was concerning my finances. I prayed for God to help me with my spending and just let my money go further. I kept praying every midnight for God to remove every obstacle to receiving my tax refund in time. I ended up receiving my tax refund in the allotted time, and also my pay check for the month was more than what i usually get. I ended up controlling my spending for the month and paying off most of my credit card debts. I also able to invest in stocks. Praise Jesus!


192 rwambua 03.08.17 at 3:45 am

Can i use the prayer points for February 2017 as i wait for the March prayer points?


193 AngieDee 03.11.17 at 3:33 am

Rock bottom,am so frustrated,a friend of mine shared with me point by point prayers for strengthening relationships bullets which i did so religiously at the midnight hour which i continue doing up to now using other prayer bullets but i am living a loveless marriage life,i am not happy,no job,applications are being rejected,my side business collapsed,i am neck deep in debt,my husband is a serial womaniser who doesn’t even bother whether he hurts me or not and who would rather spend money on these strangers than on me his wife.from happy married life to a sad ,loveless one.my home doesn’t feel like home anymore.i feel like a stranger in my own home.What else can i do?what do i do?


194 Cee 03.15.17 at 5:16 am

Good morning, I am a 28 year old single mom .i have been delaying in posting my testimony as i have been waiting for my career breakthrough and a marital breakthrough so i could give my full testimony. However for the past few nights i have been under attack in my dreams, the first dream we were going to a funeral, the bridge was flooded but we managed to cross and proceed to our family home where the funeral was. The other dream i had involved me sitting in the middle of the road, i could see a car coming but i was so weak couldn’t move my feet or even carry my laptop bag. I kept wishing that my legs had strength to move slowly i got up and moved slowly and woke up. Last night i dreamt of myself moving into a dirty old house, pat of the roof was missing. The house was filled with bird like black vultures and their droppings everywhere. I was shocked at the state yet the people i was with said it could be cleaned up then i could move in. Eventually it was cleaned and we moved in, in the next room there was a lady whose name i remembered from high school but strangely she was sleeping on the bed naked. After a few minutes i decided to take a bath and when i got into the shower a woman came in and demanded that i touch her breasts as she laughed loudly in such an evil way. During the same night i got into a car and lost control of the car as it made a 360 turn.

I have been praying for career breakthrough and never seem to get replies so i started using prayer points and midnight prayers. I also completed my fasting during the beginning of the year. After these horrible attacks in my dreams i woke up at 3am went through my dream code and started my day 1 prayers, i have also started my fasting for the next 7 days. I am currently at a job where i earn half the salary of what i was being paid before i was retrenched, as a single mom i have been struggling with my finances but i have been encouraging my friends to join prayer training. I am choking in debts, and hardly get through a month without having to borrow. It has been difficult but i am trusting that very soon i will join the Prayer Academy so i can learn to fight and win these attacks not only for me but for generations to come. I am sorry this is too long i just feel i have come to the right place where i can let this off ,i also tried to buy a car through an agent and since December the car wasn’t delivered so today at 2pm we will be at court for this issue. Sometimes i feel overwhelmed but i have read so many testimonies and know that the same Lord who has done it for them can do it for me because He is faithful. If possible pastor Elisha guide me on how to be an overcomer, i am desperate for His touch in my life. Thank you so much for all the guidance and spiritual mentoring , even though things are not yet smooth i feel confident that through targeted prayer my life will never be the same.


195 MK 03.17.17 at 3:14 am

Goodmorning bretheren,

I do want to share the good news about me and my family. through the bulletins that the Man of God sent me and after I completed my Academy last year, and recently signed up for Sapphire Edition, my daughter who has been hunting for employment for orver 5 years has been offered a good job with the International organisation with a good salary.
I am praising God for His mercy and goodness. Of late I have not been receving buttlets from Man of God even the 7 furious prayers for March. Plese people of God assist, as am missing something without the usual bullets from Man of God Elisha.


196 Betty Eunice 03.20.17 at 2:53 am

Would wish to be getting daily prayer points and 7 furious prayers through this email address because my other email address crashed


197 DGwao 03.22.17 at 5:28 pm

Dear Elisha,
Can I have targeted prayers and instructions about the following challenge;
(1). I have sent off my business plan to a guy who is a financier assigned by the company which helping people who starting business and according to what we agreed.
To my surprise it is more than 2 months now he went quiet, and even if I send email it bounced, if I call him the phone is switched off or answering machine.

(2). I have registered with the company called OneCoin-One Life which is about Cryptocurrency (Future currency) I need targeted customers to recruit so I will be able to earn good money but I can not get customers even if I talk to them no one accept it and it is hard to convince them-it is a challenge and this is it has been like my lifestyle that; I never get customers in anything or any business I joined.

Please I need help with targeted prayers and I am in big debts as well at present

Dorah from London


198 Eromon Blessing 04.18.17 at 11:40 am

… which am still praying, i believe i will share my testimony too. because
all these while i have been dreaming of my father family house. my eyes has now been open, there has been
marital delay in my family and hardship and people always oppress us any where will go.
God bless you sir and more grace,
from Blessing . Nigeria.


199 Esther Zulu Mulenga 04.18.17 at 3:05 pm

It a prayer request, God of Elisha my family is under attack. Some one from the village has been send to do evil things in our land. This is two months now, he is behaving strangely. He is avoiding the word of God. Please help me. I shall follow him the lord for he said at Calvary that it is finish and it is well with me.


200 Jason Williams 05.24.17 at 12:00 pm

I was in prayer this morning crying out for more of Him. I’ve had a lot of weight on my shoulders lately and God has been helping me to get better. I know me reading this article today has nothing to do with coincidence. God wanted me to read this article. I believe we should be tossing out sin and confessing daily so we can seek the Lord with everything.


201 Maggie 01.22.18 at 9:38 am


Thank you


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