7 Furious Prayers for February 2020

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It’s insane.

Major life victories can sometimes be traced to the dream.

Yes it is possible to receive supernatural solution to problems in the dream.

(You see that even in the Bible)

However …

The dream realm has become a hot theater of spiritual warfare.

Many are getting slaughtered night after night.

But there’s a way to fight back.

On Facebook one new subscribers posted this:

Push Back Against Dream Attacks!

“I slept one fateful night, very normal before I say goodnight but at the midnight something happened.

I saw witches and wizards (witchcraft) eating my intestine. I was very helpless in that dream, after the dream I woke up physically and very tired. 
But furious!  Immediately, I remember what I learned from Elisha Goodman, when you were defeated in your dreams.

I know this is a defeat. Then I applied what he taught us, that when you are defeated in your dreams, wake up and summon the enemies for divine judgement.

I was unable to stand up but where I was lying on, I began to summon all the enemies for total judgement. 
After I summoned them, I commanded them to vomit my intestine. I later commanded them to eat their own intestine and drink their blood in the name of Jesus.

I thank God that even ordinary headache, I don’t feel it as I am in hale and hearty conditions till this moment. 
I am just returning glory, honor and adoration to the Almighty God because He is the “I AM” that gives me victory! - Eagle BL


Praise the LORD.

What he’s describing here might leave a few people scratching their head.

But this is how people go to bed healthy but wake up with organ failure, incurable sickness (if they wake up at all).

If you find this a bit strange remember what the Scripture says in Psalm 27:2

“When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.”

Prayer Eagles understand that there are powers called eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.

Right now, those powers are having a field day causing havoc in the lives of millions, including believers, sadly.

Just this week I went to pray with a beloved family.

As we were rounding up the prayers, behold a skeleton marching towards me.

The moment my eyes were ”opened” to see it I stopped the prayers.

And waited.

For what?

The right prayer bullet to deal a knock-out blow to take this thing out quick.

Once I received the prayer, the enemy had no chance.

You could see the thing literally burning to ashes in the realm of the spirit.

I was so impressed at the power of that one prayer I sneaked it into the ongoing Sapphire prayers.

If you’re curious and want to know …

3 things just happened here…


#1: My eyes were opened to see the enemy at the right time

#2: The precise prayer to deal with it was released

#3: I was allowed to observe the devastating effect of that prayer 

How does this happen?

Spirit of the LORD makes all these to happen in a flash.

As I just wrote in the Sapphire Cover Letter: 

“NO matter what the enemy throws at you… t
his is your passcode into the realm of supernatural problem-solving that is mostly hidden from the world… … where the Spirit of God shows you what to do in any given situation.

This gift (and all other gifts of the Spirit) are for children of God. In every generation. No exceptions.

All you need is to hunger and thirst for them. And to ask… and ask … and ask.”Sapphire 2020


Are you a child of God? Sure?

Then what I’m describing here is for you too!

Acts 2:38-39:

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. 

This month’s prayers are ”borrowed” from the Sapphire 2020 Mad Prophets Edition (just kicked off in the Forum).


Full set of prayer bullets – locked and loaded – in the Sapphire Forum (access required).

The Sapphire Edition is an advanced prayer marathon accessible to prayer eagles who have completed the Prayer Academy in the last 15 years.

It is another dimension of prayer that’s taking place there.

For instance, one of the prayers there is a “notorious” 3-day prayer sequence entitled: 

Mike’s Examination Prayers

After praying it a few years ago, one Eagle reported:


HIV-Free After Mike’s Examination Prayer

“Praise be to Jesus Christ. It worked out for me. I was for sapphire I took the 3-day Mike’s Examination Prayers. Only to be called by my doctor to go for HIV viral load test.

Those 3 days I had not taken anything and the medications too. I went and just trusted the results will not reveal that my adherence was poor. After the results were out the doctor called me to congratulate me that my results were good.

Then she called me again and told me that she wanted to see me. I was shocked bcoz it was not time for test. When I went she told me that my blood has been being under scrutiny bcoz they can’t find any virus. 
She was told the blood was for a normal person but she insisted no.

They took 3 tests but couldn’t reveal anything. For them they say the virus has been suppressed to zero but they say my case is special. I know the Lord has done for me and am sure He’s still doing for others. Glory to God Almighty my Healer.” – Eagle SC


Here’s another shocking one … 

Eagle Receives the Ears of A Mad Prophet

“I must confess to you that there is nothing like the sapphire prayers. It is the key to the supernatural realms indeed.

Ever since we started these prayers, right from the very first week, I was laying on my bed and heard the witches having a conversation about my kids, it was as if am in the same room with then.

It’s been going on over and again, as soon as I complete my prayers and touch my bed, my spirit man is taken to their covens and I can command the fire of God to scatter them. Other nights I see a rod in my hand also.

This is the kind of power I have been craving for, and I can hear the lord speak to me in the early hours of the night mostly around 3 am with names of people and what he is about to do with them.

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for connecting with this ministry and the empowerment I have received through these power-filled prayers.” - Eagle J


Praise the LORD.

This is advanced spiritual intelligence … something the Prophet Elisha in the Bible was famous for.

Now, tt’s time to head on over to the … 

7 Furious Prayers for February 2020

 Scripture Ingredient: 

Rom.10:13: For whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. 

1.     LORD help me to be surrendered to you in every area of my life in Jesus name

2.    Every satanic pregnancy against my life this month be aborted by fire in the name of Jesus.

3.    Thou Power of God open my eyes to see into the realm of the spirit in Jesus name.

4.    Father LORD place the Rod of Moses in my hands so I can deal with the pharaohs and goliaths even in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

5.     This year I stand against every covenant of sudden death in my family in the name of Jesus

6.     Let the spirit of life replace the spirit of death in my life in the name of Jesus

7.     Holy Spirit fill me to overflowing with your power and fire for divine exploits in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Be An Overcomer


Sapphire Edition still open but not for long (please check your inbox if you qualify)

>> For prayer coaching please go to Eagles Forum Here

>> New prayer manuals go here and HERE


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Please note that
the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles presented here. In order words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.



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