7 Furious Prayers for June 2016

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Please note that the testimonials and praise reports on this website are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. May the Lord richly bless you. 

- elisha

Small is HUGE.

As we approach the half-way mark of this year…

A small investment of 15 minutes praying furiously at the
midnight hour may be all you need to get you over the tipping
point of blessings, breakthroughs and testimonies.

Yes, just 15 minutes.

There is power in small investments.

Whether it be spiritual investments …

…  like the time you put into prayers, studying the Word of God,
or witnessing about Christ to others.

Or whether it be small financial investments.

Or small investments of time and love in your relationships.

Or all of the above.

To demonstrate this, let’s look at this testimony that came in the last day of May…


It is like the heavens have opened up on me”


“Last week the most awesome thing happened to my family.  My prayer life got more intense since about November last year and I joined the Academy in March 2016.  Since my prayer life changed my life just become hectic.  Everything seemed a lot harder.  The bills doubled.  We just seemed to just be drowning financially. My husband got ill in January and a lot of money was required to get tests done.  In February I got very ill. We didn’t seem to get a breather.   

I continued with the Academy but I must admit after a couple months of no financial breakthrough, I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to get answers UNTIL this last week Wednesday.  Elisha I woke up to some great news.  It is like the heavens have opened up on me.  Sometime in 2007 my husband and I jointly opened a couple bank accounts and while there they asked us if we wanted to buy shares.  We just agreed to put up $10 shares each just because the lady was really nice and we didn’t want to turn down her request.  Years went by and those accounts we stopped using them but because we had the $10 shares each they kept sending us letters.  This morning I woke to a letter that said that the bank had gone through a merger and that they were paying us $4000 each as shareholders and giving us another $4000 worth of shares each. WOW!! this can only be God.  A bank account I have not used in years. We still cannot believe how the Lord has blessed us.  

In addition to this, we got our car fixed for a lot of money 2 years ago and a few months ago we received a recall on the part that we had fixed and we also got confirmation that the company has agreed to pay us for the $4500 that we fixed the part for 2 years ago.  Elisha this can only be God. This God of ours is big. He will move things around to bless you. 

-       Sister MG 


Praise the LORD.

We must have received a thousand testimonies this past month.

Most of them came from eagles in the Members’ Forum.

Others came as a result of the Furious Prayers for the month.

Here’s a small sample…


*** Cancer Gone! Removed Completely!  ***


To God be the glory and honor for complete healing of a relative from breast cancer.  Today she received her medical report which says there is no more cancer, it is gone! Removed! She is completely healed by the stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus is too powerful for any disease, cancer, afflictions! And it’s only been 3months that she started praying the prayers!  We cannot praise and thank God enough! To him be all glory in the highest. We are now praying against any firm of counterattacks to her full recovery.

This sister came to me asking for prayers and not only did she listen to what I shared with her from your teaching of praying for ourselves, she signed up to receive your emails and she started firing at midnight as advised and taking note of her dreams and cancelling the negative ones. She was committed and her faith in God was strengthened and today she saw how powerful our God is! What a mighty God we serve!

These are the prayer points shared with her since the beginning of this year she has been using them.

1. “O Great Physician, for all the power that you are known to be God, declare full complete  recovery to every cell, every blood vessel, every organ in sister xxx body from the tip of her head to the soles of her feet in Jesus name

2. Thou power of resurrection, breath life into every cell of sister xxx’s body in Jesus name

I want to add that it came just after we buried another relative who was given the “cracking the dream code” and the passion prayer but unfortunately she didn’t take note of the teachings or prayers even after our strong reminders to do the prayers and even adding her to our group of prayer eagles .

I cannot thank God enough for his teaching through your ministry about praying for ourselves and the do many testimonies we are seeing.. May God bless you all always. 

-       Anastacia B


*** A Job Without An Interview?  ***


I started praying all the monthly prayers from the beginning of this year and also the prayer bullet that “God should give me a job without an interview that would surprise my friends and shock my enemies”. I say to the glory of God that I have had a job without any job experience and a very flexible interview. Of all the candidates, I was the least qualified but the Lord qualified me for that position.


*** They thought I slept with the boss!”


 I have always had jobs that are low paying and in our company even people with no qualifications or lower qualifications would have better jobs! I would be so discouraged sometimes but i started pushing myself more by waking up and praying and this month with the 7 furious prayers of May. I got a recomendation to act in a position which is double my salary. It shocked people that they are still talking about it and thinking I slept with one of the bosses to get it which is common here… my enemies have received the shock of their lives. Many people  think am crazy when I tell them about these prayers. Thank u for allowing him to validate his existence through you –  NN

*** US Visa Granted In Minutes ***


I am a 33 year old lady. I want to share my testimony that have surprised my friends and shocked my enemies. I have been granted a visa to USA. The interviews went like a mere chat, no formal question was asked. It lasted less than 10 minutes before my visa was granted. I believe this is because of Esther fasting plus targeted prayers at midnight hour. This is one prayer bullet which I prayed:  ”As I step my foot in American Embassy so shall my territory be  enlarged   in Jesus name.”  Guess what? I wrote this testimony and reserved it in my draft before going to embassy  because I was convinced and  I believed that its my season to testify. Thank you God of Elisha, thank you for teaching me how to pray effective prayers. I cant wait to join Prayer Academy.

- D.S  Malawi


What do all these testimonies have in common?


3 things.

#1: Make Small Investments

In the form of time, energy and effort. Even money.

The opening testimony shows how a small investment of $10 years ago has now yielded thousands of dollars in return.

As it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual.

Look at what happened to the Prophet Elijah in scripture:

And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying,

Arise, get you to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there: behold, I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain you.

So he arose and went to Zarephath. And when he came to the gate of the city, behold, the widow woman was there gathering sticks: and he called to her, and said, Bring me, I pray you, a little water in a vessel, that I may drink.

And as she was going to bring it, he called to her, and said, Bring me, I pray you, a morsel of bread in your hand.

And she said, As the LORD your God lives, I have not bread, but a handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a jar: and, behold, I am gathering two sticks, that I may go in and prepare it for me and my son, that we may eat it, and die.

And Elijah said unto her, Fear not; go and do as you have said: but make me from it a little loaf first, and bring it unto me, and after that make some for you and for your son.

For thus says the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not run out, neither shall the jar of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sends rain upon the earth.

And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days.

And the barrel of meal did not run out, neither did the jar of oil fail, according to the word of the LORD, which he spoke by Elijah.

-       1 Kings 17:8-16

Do you see the power of small investments at work here?

A little water… a little morsel of bread.

Guaranteed abundance throughout a brutal famine that lasted for years.

Today opportunities like this abound everywhere you look … if you have eyes to see in the spirit.


#2:  Embrace the Midnight Hour


All these people programmed their prayers into the midnight hour.

Here’s the Lord Jesus Himself leading by example…


When he rose from prayer and went back to the disciples, he found them asleep, exhausted from sorrow. “Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.” – Luke 22:45 – 46


This Should No Longer
Be A Secret


Most of the stubborn problems today could very easily have been avoided if believers were taught to wake up at the midnight hour to pray.

Even if it is for 15 minutes.

The world is getting more and more dangerous for anyone who chooses to ignore the call to midnight prayer… and instead continues to sleep the whole night through.

By the time they wake up, their world may well have turned upside down.


#3: Prepare: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Before her heavens finally opened, Sister MG said:

Everything seemed a lot harder.  The bills doubled.  We just seemed to just be drowning financially. My husband got ill in January…”

And so the troubles continued.

Now, once you seriously engage in praying on target at the midnight hour, the enemy will fight back.

That is why most of our prayers have prayer bullets against satanic counterattack and evil reinforcement embedded.

And that is why it is important to follow the instructions if you want to pray through to victory quickly…

All the prayer bullets in a given sequence are targeted at different things.

If you skip some of them, thinking they do not apply to you, you may be making a grievous mistake.

The 7 prayers you are about to see shortly are culled from a very Special Bulletin shortly to be released in the Singles Forum only.

There is a reason for this.

Here’s the thing…

If you take these 7 prayers with a holy cry at the midnight hour throughout this month here’s what will happen:

-       The LORD will open your eyes to see a HUGE opportunity right in front of you (what you do with it is up to you).

-       Every negative energy operating in your environment against you will be rendered useless.

-       The Holy Spirit will supervise the work of resurrection in 3 areas of your life this month.

(By the 15th you will begin to read testimonies about this on the website. Determine today that your testimony will be one of them).


To the 7 Furious Prayers for the month of June.…


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do.

The prayers you are about to see will only work for children of God.

NOTE: If you’re unable to join the Academy or any of the Special Programs going on at the Forum at this time, please look for a praying church in your community without delay.

The LORD will help you in Jesus name.


Now to the 7 Furious Prayers for this month….

1.  O LORD, open the heavens unto me this month in the name of Jesus

2.  Arrows of darkness, hear the word of the Lord, my life is not your candidate, therefore go back to your senders in the name of Jesus.

3.  I strike every power stealing my blessings with chaos, confusion and death in the name of Jesus.

4.  I release my bloodline from the power and authority of any curse in the name of Jesus.

5.  Let the healing hand of God terminate every sickness in my life now in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.  Every satanic stronghold in my life, be dismantled by the fire of God’s judgement in the name of Jesus.

7.  Holy Spirit, let my fellowship with you become deeper and more intimate in Jesus name.

Be An Overcomer



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** What Has The Lord Done For You Lately? **

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… your thoughts, war stories and words of encouragement.


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1 Patience 07.04.16 at 4:00 am

I just want to glorify God for all. The things he’s doing in my life.I got ill in January and the recovery is a miracle.My son passed one of the most difficult degrees,was studying actuarial science and is graduating this July when most of the haters thought it was not possible.I am so excited and I can’t thank God enough.When you look up to him he will turn the impossible into possibility. Jesus is faithful,praise God and Amen.


2 joy 07.05.16 at 10:45 am

praise GOD, hope all is well with you. am worried that i no long received your emails and monthly prayer bullets.



Kuda Makwenjere Reply:

Praise God ,my life has changed ever since I started reading your books ,passion prayer,Dreamcode and pryers for busy people .lord is greatno more spritual husband


D.M.B Reply:

May the omnipresent God continue to use to help the helpless like me out of debt and fear. I urgently need financial help m drowning in the sea of debts since l got into mining. The claim is just there and nothing is happening. I have tried to sell it but to no avail. Please help somebody in Jesus’s mighty holy name amen


3 LittleEsther 07.06.16 at 5:06 pm

The Lord performed two miracle for my mother and for myself.
Mine was during the last days of June.
I have been granted a promotion that was stolen from me two years back.
I prayed the 7 prayers for June + the prayers of Dr Jane.
I added a mini fast to the prayers and I prayed during the midnight hour and as soon as I had some spare time.
God really granted me this promotion and to Him all glory as the niece of an enemy was competing for the same post and all chances were against me.
However, God’s mercy was FOR me!! Praise be the name of the Lord!!
Some months now was mother had a severe pain in her left arm, she was no longer able to use this arm and had to be helped even to comb her hair or to get dress.
Yesterday we went to see a Pastor and he prayed over my Mom’s arm, now she is healed and is able to raise her arm to worship the Lord.
Again to God the glory!!!


LittleEsther Reply:

I must also add that before the interview for the post, I just thanked God for whatever the answer, I knew that He had a plan for me as said in Jeremiah 29:11
I thanked God for the promotion and I thank God even if He refused to give me the post as He knows better.
I told Him that I trusted His plan for me and I thanked Him in advance


4 GAONTESE RETLHATLOLENG 07.07.16 at 3:14 am

am blessed


5 Desiree 07.08.16 at 3:38 am

the love of GOD is amazing, I am also worried just like Joy about not getting your emails especially the monthly prayer bullets.

This prayer bullets keeps me going even during difficult times, the keep ones faith high.

Stay blessed


6 jacky 07.10.16 at 2:23 am

How can l also access the 7 furious prayers and monthly email, am not a member of the academy


LittleEsther Reply:

Hello Jacky,
You are on the right site.
The payers are posted each month on this link https://www.elishagoodman.org/
Be blessed.


7 KK 07.11.16 at 4:34 am

I’ve been struggling to pray in tongues for a while now & everytime i try to, it almost feels like I’m being hindered by something. Are there any prayer points that can help me?


8 Angeline 07.12.16 at 8:33 am

I want to thank Jehovah for what He has done for me. A lot has happened in my life ever since I started doing the Esther fasts.I have not been able to join the prayer academy yet,due to financial constraints but I know that I will join soon because GOD is at work in me and my finances. I have many stories to share but today let me share just one.

I undertook an Esther Fast on the 25th of May 2015 .I was in such a desperate situation financially and emotionally.I could not complete any career advancement courses due to lack of finances.I fell behind as my peers forged ahead in life. My future looked so bleak…I was literally a tail .

In less than 3 months I got a promotion at work without a qualification. I got the promotion after praying the prayer that brings success against competition in prayer cookbook .People have been saying all kinds of things about me and the bosses. Some say I am corrupt while others say I am sleeping with the bosses. I do not care for I know more is yet to come! Senior Management granted my application for financial assistance for a diploma in the field of my promotion. At the end of May (exactly a year later), I got my diploma. Now I AM QUALIFIED for the job.

Not only did I receive a promotion and a diploma in one year, GOD favoured me with an overseas exchange programme at work. I would not have qualified to go in ordinary circumstances as I was of a junior grade without the necessary papers. I was also the least qualified person on that exchange programme. My GOD qualified me by HIS GRACE!!

At the end of the programme I was accredited as Legal consultant to a global organisation that had sponsored the exchange programme. This accreditation is going on my C.V and no one can take it away from me. It is a gift for life from GOD. I know that this accreditation is just the beginning. The heavens have opened for me.

I had been watching for many years as my peers advanced their careers by completing further studies .I could not do so as I had no money. Now I have a qualification that they can never have which puts me ahead of them. No money can buy that accreditation and it is not open to everyone!! From a tail to a head!! I kept praying for God to make me the head and not the tail !!!My GOD made me worthy!!!

May GOD keep blessing the work of your hands Elisha so that you keep blessing us and encouraging our faith in the Lord.

I want to thank Jehovah for what He has done for me. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy!!!!!Thank you for Elisha Goodman’s ministry.


9 Nkhensani Florah 07.12.16 at 7:35 pm

Thank you so much Elisha for opening my spiritual eyes in praying and thank you for continuously sending me prayer bullets.


10 Puteri 07.14.16 at 11:55 pm

I am not able to fast anymore. I feel I have been deprived of this divine prevelage.
When my stomach is empty (I may not be hungry) my pressure goes up very high. So I keep eating at least 3 meals a day to avoid this. I am also on 2 medications for blood pressure. Please advice.


Robert Ssennyonga Reply:

Mr.Puteri,the Devil is a liar.Don’t accept to give up on your fighting arsenal.The power of resurrection within you through the Spirit of God,can terminate, that pressure. That’s a demon,purpose to fast again, you’ll manage without any issues. Request the Father,to terminate every illnesses, and every manner of disease,He’s faithful. Fasting and prayer is weapon of mass destruction, how can you through it away? Be blessed as fast again even tomorrow- torment the tormentor.


11 Samantha-leigh 07.17.16 at 3:38 am

I have requested the “The Dream” book the free download offer , but nothing came through to my e-mail. God bless


12 Peris Kenya 07.22.16 at 6:46 am

I am writing this to let you know how amazing our God is. He has done it for me. I always used to see people post their testimonies and wondered when I would write mine and encourage somebody that there is hope at the end of the tunnel through the power of their tongues.God sent me a destiny helper at my place of work when I least expected. Through her I learnt of masters scholarship her University was giving of which she was also a beneficiary. To cut the long story short, she guided me through the application process in March 2016 till I sent the documents to the university in China :Lanzhou university of technology. I knew I had to pray targeted prayers at the midnight hour… as I was going through other peoples testimonies I came across two prayer bullets that I believed would work magic.
1.Holy spirit activate divine deliverance for my Chinese masters scholarship
2.Lord divinely select me as the number one beneficiary of the Chinese masters scholarship.
Three months later that was on June, the results were out. I had won the scholarship,besides that I was the only one from my country Kenya who won it. I not only got the scholarship but was also the number one beneficiary of the scholarship from my country, the only one for that matter.
These prayers really works. This month July 2016,i have received my visa application form and admission notice to the school.I believe in God that what he started he will surely finish. I will also get the visa. Mind you am leaving next month for China to study under the scholarship. I was given a full masters scholarship.Covering tuition fee, accommodation, comprehensive medical fee and upkeep..God is amazing.
These prayers works wonders. Thank you so much Bro Elisha for teaching me how to pray. God bless

Peris Kenya.


Kwamboka Reply:

Glory to God .I am also from Kenya and a beneficiary of the China scholarship .We share the same testimony mine was through the government of Kenya for goverment officials for me i was not an employee and every criteria was working against me like age ,work experience etc but after praying the targeted prayers God answered me and now am in China doing my P.H.D.People think i had someone pushing for me but no My Godfather is our Lord Jesus Christ.Glory be to God.


13 jesca 07.24.16 at 4:32 pm

how can I get the singles prayer points , is there a place where I can buy your books beside online here is south Africa or download them for free And also how to join the Esther fast.


14 Kayanne 07.25.16 at 11:22 am

Heaven has indeed opened its doors. The 7 furious prayers for the months of May and June have given me the opportunity to partake in God’s special blessings…..a job that was beyond my expectation, continuous affirmations in prayers of my immediate needs and God giving me a firm message of NOT TO FEAR. What a great God who knows our every need and whose understanding is infinite. I thank God for your ministry Elisha.


15 Seedeh 07.25.16 at 8:44 pm

Dear Elisha ,I am using my sons email-i just decover your prayer point – I think. I’m am to late for June,so please enlighten me of when the July prayer point will be available.Thank you Seedeh SA


16 placida nyamutswa 07.26.16 at 10:34 am

I’m finding this website helpful.it encourages me to pray.l have started the twenty seven minutes to midnight recently.l have faith that God is going to answer my prayers.may God bless you.


17 Jane Hauya 07.27.16 at 5:58 pm

I need an urgent answer to my prayer. I am a single parent. I was forced to resign from my job with a certain cut who promised to give me a job with a double salary more than what I was getting from my previous employer. Only to discover that the hits were tricksters. Right now, I don’t know what to do since I don’t have parents and no relations. Please help me in prayer. My situation is like Hagar’s.


18 GA 07.30.16 at 6:02 pm

Dear Elisha, help me interpreted this dream and respond to it. I was in a que in the bank going to bank school fees of a kid we take care of, suddenly I didn’t have some book, I went back running picked it then found people had left, I went straight to the teller and told her I have money but it needs to re-arrange the notes, and it will take time, I knew the total but she could not take it, she told me to get oil it will help me count, as I tried to time was leaving me, there were some other people around me who knew my sister. Suddenly we were in my home in the village and I told them I never knew them. What does it mean, prayer eagles help me with prayer points. God bless you.


19 Awurama 08.01.16 at 6:53 am

Am just starting and I pray the Lord will have mercy on me and answer my prayers speedily.


20 SAKHIWO 08.05.16 at 5:48 am

Good day,
GOD has change my life, i live a life of favors from poeple i know not, July has open doors in my life and i now depend solely on GOD for everything . and GOD has not fail me . GOD is GREAT and HE lives for ever… thank you Elisha , may GOD be with you and BLESS you more,..


21 odhes1920 09.19.16 at 3:03 am

Am happy to in this forum. I pray my pray receive divine attention. Despite all I am going through I ask for assistance in prayer because I wish to join the eagle prayer warriors. I have no money to pay for any start up set of books or join but my prayer and request is God make it possible for is the first testimony I want to share. Joining prayer eagles


22 Bernard Ximba 10.03.16 at 9:35 am

Since I started reading your e-mail I am a born again christian, have accepted Jesus as my personal saviour. Although I have not join the prayer academy because of financial problem, the prayer points i sometimes receive on your email have done wonders in my life. i pray at the midnight hour , and whatever negative dream, i send it back to the sender in Jesus name.


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