7 Furious Prayers for March 2016

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The truth comes out.

As your prayer begins to hit the target…

Let’s see what happens: 

= = = 

We Refused The Doctor’s Report”

Thank you for the 7 Furious Prayers for February 2016. I prayed for my relative the 7 Furious Prayers for December 2015 who had an accident and was admitted in ICU.

It was a bad accident because after staying in ICU for almost a month with no improvement the doctors decided to shut the machine but we refused and I started the Midnight Prayers and prayed firing the bullets violently.

We refused doctors report and continued praying for his healing. I thank God because on 29th January he was discharged out of hospital totally healed. I am grateful that you have shown us how to pray and receive answers while we are still praying. I am trusting God for a financial breakthrough because I want to join Prayer Academy immediately.

- Rosemary K

= = = = = = 

Praise the LORD.

All she used were the prayer bullets freely posted to this site month after month.

You can imagine what will happen when she eventually joins the eagles of the Prayer Academy to learn other things which we cannot share publicly, to avoid abuse and misuse.

Prayers for the month… just ahead.                                                           

But first…

March is the month of resurrection.

The Word of God gives us the license to release a hot stream of resurrection prayers on situations and things that were previously dead, and even buried.

For instance, you can pray to resurrect …

- a dead marriage

- dead career

- dead finances (e.g. bank accounts)

- even dead body organs

Before we continue, here’s a few recent examples:


= = =

**  Stolen Job Restored  **

Joining the PA and storming the gates of 2016 were the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The enemy has been scared ever since. A company from which I was unfairly treated and made to leave bitterly suddenly looked for me half way across the world to make me a very lucrative offer! All that was stolen from me is being recovered, that which I want and also what I’m no longer interested in. I’m taking back my blessings this year!- Pam N

= = =

**  From Tears to Cheers  **

“Last year I was in tears throughout ranging from marital distress, debts, dream attacks, the list is endless. I did Esther fast twice, but the situation didn’t change much, due to the simple fact of  not knowing how to pray and being intimidated by the enemy. By the time we came to a few days to end of last year I felt I’d had enough of the devil having a play ground and a field day in my life.  I had an ugly situation of my husband walking away without saying a word and I went into an esther fast during that time you sent us the storming the gates programme and I was convicted I needed to do this. This marked the turning point of my life. 2016 is only 2 months old, but I have tonnes of testimonies. As we speak am debt free, God has provided for me to clear the debts and some of the people I owed cancelled the debts for me, am actually the one lending out, I sleep peacefully, my husband is back, all the glory to our God most high.” - Sarah N

== = =


** Power of Resurrection Called Into Action  **

My daddy was sick to the point of death, one day my sister called me and asked where to bury my daddy if he passed away because of his condition he would not make it at this point. He was unconscious, dehydrated, i told my sister he would not die and whosoever wanted him dead will die in his place and when she insisted that he was not going to make it to the next day, i was so mad and i told her to put the phone on his ear so I could talk to him and she did. I told my daddy you will not die but live to testify of the goodness of the Lord. Then I went on Esther Fast immediately… asking for the Resurrection Power of our Lord Jesus to breathe life upon him… before i finished my Esther Fast, my brother called me to let me know my daddy is conscious and he can talk now. I told him to let me speak to him and he did. He is 84 years and still alive now. Praise the LORD. - Regina E

= = =

** Sickness I Command You to Die!  **

My sister who was attacked by a strange sickness while at church on Sunday the 10th January 2016. They took her to the hospital and while she was there she insisted that she was to talk just to me. I spoke to her on the phone and told her to repeat a healing confession “Sickness, I command you to die and pass out of my body in Jesus name.” Then we were repeating, get out in Jesus name for several times till I felt the anointing and put down the phone. Thereafter, they transferred her to another big hospital. I continue to use the bullet “I reject shame and disgrace, owner of evil load carry your load in Jesus name.” Guess what? the same day in the evening, they called me saying she is fine, Monday she was in the field working with others, today she went back to school healed, fine, no sickness. Praise God. - Paul S

= = =

** From India, With Love **

“I bless the name of the Lord for teaching his people to pray for themselves. I applied for a training which is sponsored by Indian government, i was called for an interview and normally a reply is sent to people who were qualified in two weeks, but mine took more than a month. So during that period i started praying the 7 Furious Prayers… And to God be the glory i was sent an acceptance letter direct from India not even from the mission in my country. Right now i am in India sending to you this testimony to the Glory of GOD.” - Lydia M

= = =

** Godly Spouse Appears… All of A Sudden  **

The furious prayer bullets are doing wonders in my life. l was really frustrated that even though l prayed these prayers I could not see any tangible results. Then I went back to 7 furious prayers but this time around l fired them with so much holy anger and added two other prayer points I got from this site (calling heaven, earth and the stars to fight for me). All of a sudden, a loving God-fearing guy from my church expressed his interest in me and wants to marry me this year. On top of that while chatting with him he confessed that he liked me from the first time he saw me 3 years ago but for some reason he always brushed off the idea until now he just couldn’t contain himself. - Sister SM

= = =

Praise the LORD.

Why am I showing you these
hot ‘n’ fresh praise reports?

For one and only one reason.

To PROVE to you that there is a power at work that all believers should tap into.

I’m talking about …

The Power of Resurrection that raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

That same power is supposed to be working in our lives, to some extent, NOW on earth…

… while waiting to go full blast when the trumpet sounds.

In Acts of the Apostles we read:

But Jews came from Antioch and Iconium, and having won over the crowds, they stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, supposing him to be dead. But while the disciples stood around him, he got up and entered the city. The next day he went away with Barnabas to Derbe. – Acts 14:19-20

They stoned him and left him for dead.

Today, the enemy has devastated so many lives, homes, marriages, finances, etc… leaving them for dead.

However, just as the disciples gathered around Apostle Paul… as we begin to fire these 7 prayer bullets in unison, the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ will fall upon every dead area of your life.

There is only one caveat.

The Elephant In The Room

See if you can spot it in this email I just received:

= = =

“Hi Elisha,  thank you for guiding us through prayers and giving us courage to push until something happens. First I would like to give  testimonies. I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 years in vain but i can shout with thanksgiving to Yahweh am 3 months pregnant. I remember waking up in the midnight hour and aggressively praying that at a time like this next year I’ll be holding and playing with my baby. Same time last year i bought my first car – its a big commercial track-  I could not hide my joy.

But since then things have become tough, they are moving from bad to worst. The baby daddy has all of a sudden left us. My business gone down. The more I pray the more things get worse. I don’t know what kind of a demon is this that does not bow to prayers…”

- Name Withheld to Protect Identity

= = =

Now, what do you think is wrong with this picture?

She is wondering why this kind of demon does not bow to prayers?

Well, the answer is short and simple (and I gave it to her without mincing words).

Anyone who continues in sin, especially sexual sins, is just giving the devil legal grounds to beat them black and blue.

No Christian should be afraid to call sin by its name — SIN.

In Romans 6:1-2 we read:

What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase?
May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?


 Any time you hear some minister telling you about the wonderful blessings that we’re supposed to be enjoying as children of God … without mentioning the elephant in the room (SIN) … you should be careful.

Now, did you know that the coming Anti-Christ will be a great miracle-worker?

In fact he will be a powerful healer.

You will see some of his agents today carrying out spectacular healings already…

… and sadly many believers are falling prey to them.

Friend, this is a HUGE problem.


Prayer – A Subversive Idea?


Yes, the prayers may work for a while but the answers will be short-lived for anyone who does not deal with the sin in their lives.

[This is one reason why many of our prayers are only available to those who have gone through the Prayer Academy, where we really deep-dive into this matter of sin and other not-so-obvious  things that hinder prayers]

The Good News is this:

Anyone reading this can go on their knees and repent before the LORD…

… forsaking those sins and asking for His help to live in obedience to His words. After that, when they begin to pray as we teach here…

Then the testimonies will flow… and Flow…and FLOW.

The mercy of the LORD is still available and His grace is sufficient for all, in spite of the frantic efforts of the devil to prove otherwise.

Praise the LORD.

Now, I’ve been to places where they treat prayer (especially our manner of prayer) as a subversive idea.

And they wonder why the Spirit of God hardly moves in such a place.

The Bible says we should NOT be ignorant.

We’re doubling down on our prayers this month.

Congratulations to those who joined us for the SAPPHIRE Edition, now winding down.

Please watch for more program announcements in the next week or so.



For any prayer to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ totally. Nothing else will do.

The prayers we share will help you to be established and rooted in the faith.

If you’re unable to join the Academy, please look for a praying church in your community without delay.

If you’re in the current Prayer Academy or any other program, please follow instructions

and double your aggression at the midnight hour.

If you are NOT currently in any program (but have completed the Academy in the past,

please send email to the COACHING EMAIL address so your 24-Hour Blog account can be activated.

Now to the 7 Furious Prayers
for the month of March


1. O heavens over my head, open permanently in the name of Jesus.

2. Every slave chain binding me to sin, break and release me now in the name of Jesus.

3. O LORD, demonstrate your power, mercy and favor in my life this month in Jesus name.

4.  I banish the wasters, emptiers and devourers from the garden of my life in Jesus name.

5.  Every cauldron of darkness, scatter in the name of Jesus

6.  Every covenant with late blessings, break by fire in the name of Jesus.

7.  Thou Power of Resurrection, locate me now in the name of Jesus.

 = = = 


If you add these “Furious 7″ to your prayer line-up this month (and pray with the spirit of enough is enough)…

… all your buried blessings will be exhumed, and the  resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ will move your life forward in leaps and bounds … in this leap year.

One more Scripture and we’ll be done.

Bible says:

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you. – Romans 8:11


Be An Overcomer



What other prayers are the prayer eagles using to do exploits day in day out?

Join us to find out (New Members Only):

See All The Details Here 

If you signed up for the Prayer Academy in the last few days,

please make sure to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION so you

can receive the weekly email alerts.

For all others —

March Prayer Academy — starts soon (New Members Only)

More details, see below: 


(Ignore this part if you’ve joined already).


Next Prayer Academy 

(Please join us early to ensure your participation this month – don’t wait till the last minute).

Registration page open here and Here.… 

Start Your Journey Into Breakthroughs Here

** What Has The Lord Done For You Lately? **


Please click on COMMENTS below and share your testimonies…

… your thoughts, war stories and words of encouragement.



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1 Cosmos 03.20.16 at 8:33 am

For the first time in history, I have never been able to fast total fast, (Esther Fast) but since l prayed with prayer bullets l was able to fast 72 hours without water and food. I really took nothing into my stomach. Every time l felt my body was getting weak, I would shoot,”God send the Holy Spirit to feed this body which is tiring and give me strength in Jesus mighty name.” After that l would feel strong again and continue praying. I really really want to thank God. I also want to join Prayer Academy once funds are available, which l know they will. God’s grace is in abundant.


2 Andile Prisca Ncube 03.20.16 at 1:45 pm

God has been faithfull in my life


3 Anna 03.21.16 at 12:21 am

I had a brother who had taken alcohol for 6 years, and he had become like a mad man, he lost dignity a man of masters he was like a primary school drop out, we did everything we could but in the sixth year I told God enough is enough and I told Him and I had surrendered and requested Him to take over He really did and my opponents Satan inclusive were put to shame. my brother got save he no longer drinks, he instead tells drunkards that he took all types of alcohol but there is no good in it. he preaches to drunkards, I am happy about that and I give the glory and honour back to God. Thank you Elisha for teaching us how to pray when in such difficult situations. May your work be blessed.


Unicie Reply:

Hallelujah! Praise God who still saves and delivers!


4 TMothibi 03.21.16 at 10:55 am

I thank God for this website and for Elisha’s Daily emails. Man of God since 2005 I have walked in the path of righteousness for my Lords Sake and since then my life has never been the same. The testimonies are endless and I have now to train others to enjoy close relations with my heavenly father. I am now in bliss because as I prayed the prayers against work strife the prophet for my brother in law’s church gave me an answer to say that my ptroubles are over!!! I used to dream of a goliath and snakes attaking me and I would be praying and the serpents would fly away and the goliath was finally vanquished in the dream before I got the response.The prayers i stayed on were those in the prayer ckbook step 3-5 and the prayers for success. Just now when I was looking the God I serve, who knows what I need has delivered to me again. I am more than happy with my daddy in heaven, he never fails me.


5 hnesunday 03.23.16 at 12:04 am

I thank God for working through Elisha who continued to teach us how to pray and most especially when to pray. Since I joined the Academy, my prayer life has greatly improved. The Lord is also opening up doors of financial blessings and giving me back what the enemies has taken years ago; and it only been two months since I joined. Things that use to be difficult are now very easy. I just bought a home and no worries about bills and mortgage. I am grateful to my sister who visited me in the States and encouraged me to go on this website. As God continue to open up doors for me, he made it possible for me to assist my nieces and nephews in Liberia that depends on me. To God be the Glory. Thanks Elisha. Jwede- USA


6 Njoki 03.23.16 at 1:54 am

God favored me with my boss so much this month. Previously the relationship was so strained but God has put back milk and honey. I praise His Holy name


Charlene Reply:

Glory be to God!!


7 penelope 03.23.16 at 6:42 am

Dear Elisha. I’m still struggling to access the 24 hour blog. I’ve used the login I received after my completion of Prayer Academy as well as the 8 numbers Prayer Eagle Anne sent, but all I get is December 2015s programs. I have done it on the PC as adviced.


8 Julian 03.23.16 at 7:42 am

I have been praying all the prayer bullets been send to me since 2 years ago but still nothing happen.If I read all the testimonies of people receiving instant breakthroughs I wonder at times what did I do wrong or did I not pray the correct way.I belong to a deliverance church with more or less the same approach as Elisha .I pray for healing from diabetes ,for promotion but still nothing happen. Every time I try to sign up for the Prayer Academy my finances does not allow it. I,m currently in debt all over and my financial situation are dark.
I storm the gates in 2016 fast for 21 days but still no results.I have even start smoking cigarrets again after 2 nad a half years of quiting.|What now I am lost.pleae help!


Beulah Reply:

Eagle Julian ,do not be discouraged,the enemy will make u feel like God is not there for u,
BUT remember he said I’ll never leave u or forsake u;HE is the same yesterday ,today and forever.This faith walk is NOT for the faint in heart,be strong and of a good courage.DO not give up. Continue to trust the word, remind HIM of HIS promises to u then surrender all to HIM because the battle is not yours.WE wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and wickedness in high places!IT is said ,’The darkest hour is before dawn’so hang in there and give thanks in all things; GOD NEVER FAILS!!! BE BLESSED>


Alecia Reply:

That is so true sometimes I ask God are you hearing me but you have to keep on keeping on. We have to hold to the confidence that He is always there. Sometimes he is taking us from some deep dark places., from histories that would drive us crazy. He is there keep on praying.


9 pnyakudya 03.23.16 at 2:56 pm

God is real
pnyakudya´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for March 2016


Kinosa Betty Reply:

Hello Julian I feel for you but for prayer to be effective you need to be persistent. Don’t give the devil a chance. After two and a half years of not smoking you should not go back to your vomit. I pray that you get on your marks, again, get set and run again the race of salvation. Allow God to work in his own way. I love you and will be praying for you.


10 zanele Lehonye 03.28.16 at 3:23 pm

I have a child whos life is being stolen he’s forever sick and not growing up
my mother is taking him to witch doctors and he’s getting worse he’s four years old but he looks like a two months old child he’s no longer walking and holding anymore brothers and sisters please papray with me.


Beulah Reply:

Eagle zanele,your GOD IS BIG, He is the Great Physician,Healer Deliverer,your ALL IN ALL Do not be discouraged but be persistent in your prayers.HE will come through for you.REMIND HIM of HIS promises; ‘O GOD to whom all power belong,let the RESURRECTION POWER that raised Jesus from the dead flow through this child’s body to raise him up for your service in Jesus name.’O LORD ,on the Authority of your WORD I speak healing to this child’s body in Jesus mighty name!! Put the devil and his agents to shame and bring family members and witch doctors to know you and love you in Jesus name . AMEN!! AMEN!!!! thank you O LORD for the answers as you strengthen your daughter in Jesus name.GOD BLESS YOU.STAY FOCUSED.


11 Jessica 03.29.16 at 12:39 am

I am so grateful for the emails I receive from your ministry. I want to join the Academy. Please, I am praying for myself but I truly need prayers from others too. I praise Jesus during the storm as well as when things are going good. My finances are in need of increase and I need prayer for my family. But, I will begin the prayers tonight and I know I am and will remain blessed in Jesus’ name.


12 Violet Dube 03.29.16 at 2:08 am

Good morning Elisha…
Thank you for these points .They have taken higher level of glory in Christ Jesus.l needed money to pay University fees for my daughter as l am a single mother.The Father is not forthcoming with fees.I have so many debts due to family challenges face before. l started praying the 7 furious payers for the month of February studying and meditating on scriptutes .l listed to the song God is able and meditated on the scripture that says God is able to do exceeding abundantly much more than you can ever expect and l testified every day that my God will supply all my need.In the same month l got my full cheque for marking of examinations.They usually pay us in three installments but this time they PSID it in full.Glory to God.I was able to pay the full fees for my daughter and buy everything she needed.I also paid my first fruits and accompanied my prayers with some seed.God is so faithful.Right now l have started a cell group at my workplace and those who are attending are experiencing changes in their lives and testifying of the Goodness of God


13 kyamagana Hildah 03.29.16 at 4:18 am

After the 14th prayer and fasting of January I had a dream that I have been in the grave , for years , then after,two reverands came and removed me from the grave ,that I have beenliving their for yrs .After that dream I have seen financial breakthrough .I have bought land , my marriage has gone back to honeymoon.ELISHA I pray that you live longer to save many.Am Hildah from uganda.


14 Bridget 03.29.16 at 10:06 pm

Hello Juliana, there is no need to give up on GOD. I have been in this your situation for years, believing our good LORD for years praying all kinds of prayer, mid nights, day light, targeted prayers, fasting, Esther fasting you name it, l have being praying with man of GOD Elisha for all-most three years or more, One thing about the GOD of Elisha cannot lie, let’s study the word of GOD and obeying HIM, if HE said trust ME lets trust only HIM and HIM alone, please Juliana get up and be strong don’t let our enemy Satan rejoice over you. GOD is on your side HE cannot give up on you. If l am sharing my experience with you, it will baffles you, but l am still trusting in HIM becourse l do not have any other way, no alternative. Please be strenghing for we will be praying for you.


15 Caroline Otieno 03.30.16 at 9:32 am

How can I pray for my country Kenya in light of the many prophecies of an impending devastating, terrifying terrorist attacks. I would like targeted prayers . Thanks.


16 mercygrace 03.30.16 at 3:38 pm

Hello Elisha,

These prayes were perfectly taylored for me for this time. Thank you! I hope to prove the God answere my prayers also.


17 Tchadi 03.30.16 at 8:41 pm

Can you please guide me on how I can qualify for the diamond class (edition)

Thank you


18 Beulah 03.31.16 at 6:57 am

Eagle zanele, GOD is not dead ,He is the Great Physician ,Healer Savior.He’s your ALL IN ALL! Remind HIM o His promises and prove HIM to be GOD.O GOD of ALL CREATION,let the Resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead,flow through this child’s body and raise him up to be strong so you can use him for your glory in Jesus name!Let every poison that the enemy has injected into his body be flushed out now by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus!!!!I give you thanks O LORD for the answers that will shame the devil and bring those whom he’s using to repentance and Salvation


19 Benjamin 03.31.16 at 10:46 pm

Hi Elisha and all that are called by God to this ministry
I am so grateful for the emails I receive from this ministry. I have finally join the Academy after two years of receiving the emails and praying with wonderful miracles have been flowing in my life.
I have sin that im strugling with and i need divine intervertion in the name of Jesus please, I am praying for myself but I truly need prayers from all of you too.
I praise Jesus during the storm as well as when things are going good.
I need prayer for my family members too to remember their first love for God.
I will continue the prayers at night and I know I am and will remain blessed in Jesus’ name.


Charlene Reply:

Be blessed Benjamin!! We serve a nerciful God. All will be well!!


20 Violet Dube 04.01.16 at 12:41 pm

Hello Man of God
May l know the steps to take in order to receive the 7 furious prayers for the month of April.
Thank you.


21 Eve 04.02.16 at 1:29 pm

Praise God for His mighty miracles during the month of March!


22 Jemimah 04.02.16 at 11:44 pm

I am risk of losing my job


23 Jacquline Kagwiria 04.03.16 at 12:19 pm

Kindly send for me the 7 furious prayers for April.


24 Rosemary muthama 04.04.16 at 4:25 am

Thank God so much for always sending these monthly 7 furious prayers it’s always what I long wait for always. Now to the praise reports… Last month my family and I experienced the demonstration of God’s power, mercy and favor, my son got a job after waiting since October to start working, after breaking the covenant with delayed blessings.. Prayer point #6 he started on the 7th of March to God be the glory, in my business too favor was demonstrated, my spiritual life took a turn… Reading the word of God and getting revelation and understanding for God’s own glory, prayer life too it’s like fuel has been added hallelujah may the name of the Lord be praised. I’m not settling for less NO but all that is mine will surely locate me in Jesus’ name. God bless you and may this ministry experience God’s grace in every way.


25 Elizabeth Lewis 04.05.16 at 12:04 pm

Praise the Lord for his mercy is new every morning. Amen
Elizabeth Lewis´s last [type] ..7 Furious Prayers for April 2016


26 Lindiwe 04.08.16 at 1:50 am

Good morning

Kindly send me prayer points.



27 Unicie 04.20.16 at 7:35 pm

Today I give honour and praise to the Lord Almighty who had mercy on me and is healing me. Last november 2015 I was diagnosed with kidney problems and was referred to the Renal Clinic at a hospital. Since the diagnosis, I’ve been praying for healing and a powerful testimony that will surprise my friends and shock my enemies. The more I prayed the worse I seemed to be getting. Sometimes my faith got weak as I considered the prospect of going on dialysis. Each time I hit rock bottom in my faith, the Lord picked me up and restored my faith in Him. My new doctor was not satisfied with the progress that was being made so he sent me to a Nephrologist. It cost me quite a bit to do the different tests and go back to the Nephrologist for the result but God provided the resources. He sent me to do an ultrasound on my abdomen and I went on Tuesday 19.04.2016. Both kidneys are slightly damaged but enough is on both kidneys to keep me going. I know it is God who is healing my kidneys so Eagles please join me in giving praise and thanks to Him from whom all blessings flow. Eagles please stand with me in prayer for 1) my blood sugar to be controlled once and for al 2) my blood pressure to be under control once and for all and 3) to follow this very restrictive diet plan and lose as much weight as possible. Our God is real and is well able to heal and deliver and save all those who come to Him. I give thanks for this Prayer Academy and the blessings that come through this fellowship.



Its it DONE IN JESUS NAMES. He is our healer. I declare healing on all body organs of UNICIE. I proclaim Psalms 103: 3 on your kidney and all other body Organs. He is the God who renews our bodies like Eagles. Please read the Book of Caleb by our Bro Elisha meditating on every verse and let his healing power be upon you


28 JULIUS 05.06.16 at 11:34 am

Praise God!!! Our God is A MAN OF WAR THE LORD IS HIS NAME!!! Exodus 15:3 One thing I want to thank God for regarding the prayer academy was to open my spiritual life. Before the prayer academy, my life was miserable. I ran from one man to the other seeking for help on the so called prophets of God! As i did that, the devil was busy planting thicknesses in my body. My finances were in ruins, and my spiritual life was very very dull. I l joined the prayer academy when things were almost in ruins. to cut the long story short. I am now healed, when demons attack me they used to make my life their field day, they get a share of their proportion. I am so strong in my dreams. And any time there is a presence of a demon, I get a forewarning from the holy spirit, our Teacher. Last weekend was different. i slept so badly and in the morning I new i had been summoned to wrong places and evil activities done on me they they used to do. I got holy anger. i went into prayers. every night praying lesson 3 of the prayer academy. praying aggressively.Two hours every night even though i arrive at home late from work. Today at night, i had a dream. I was standing on a very high ground. right far below like two hundred meters were a lot of serpents, scorpions and lots of wild animals. I had several stones with me of which i used to stone them from my vantage position. The animals were very wild and furious. Then a big serpent started to climb to where i was. tried to stone it several times but it kept on torching my missles. The stones went and landed to other replies below. Then when THE HUGE Serpent which was too huge was to reach where i was, I got a big stone, stone, threw it at the serpent and it landed on the belly of the serpent. The serpent crushed down into the water with heavy sound and made the a heavy sound of hissing and it was no more. The sound was so loud that was horrified where i was staring. I GIVE ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR GOD BECAUSE ITS HIM WHOM FIGHTS FOR US OUR WARS.To my prayer eagles, the prayers we receive here are weapons from the armory of God! If used well, according the instructions( living a holy life, doing the will of God) NO ENEMY CAN STAND BEFORE THE CHILDREN OF GOD!!!!!


29 BRIGID 05.26.16 at 9:56 am

Hello can u please send me furious prayers for May and June Thanks


30 Nick 06.13.16 at 5:12 am

I want to thank the the Lord for all he has done for me.He’s an Awesome God.
After 7 years in a relationship we finally got married.
Money owed was paid.
Started building my house
And major changes in my life.
I also prayed for my son to get a job and he did!
Thank you Lord!


31 mselina 06.28.16 at 5:26 am

Calvary greetings

for the past three years i have been a victim of cyber crime wherever i go people will know where i have been and who have i spoken to. i have prayed i have done everything that can but i still cannot get over this problem. i cannot stay freely in my house because whatever i do or say with my husband people will know and start talking about it indirectly. i have called the sweepers to sweep my house and the more i do that is the more they get even more news.

i am sooo tired of this situation and i dont know what to do anymore. i have tried to look for a job as the people who have access to this information are my colleaques but to no avail. i cannot resign without any job but at this point in time i have reached a point where life is meaningless to me and feel it is better to go.


32 Thomson Wanje 01.25.17 at 4:31 am

Servant of the MOST MOST HIGH GOD,thank you for helping the body of CHRIST all over world.I will soon join the Prayer academy.


33 Diosita 03.03.17 at 5:34 am

Hi.pls.tell me if I join again.the acadamy ?I joined
Before. I don’t know what program.
Shall I joine.I want to joine.pls.some
One tell me..my problem. I need to pay all
My debt.my mother always sicky.
I am so tired to keep borrowed money.
Just.to send to my famIlya.
AND My Boss.is so cheap.I works so hard
But never pay me enough..so pls.tell..me
What kind of program.I can join? Thanks.


34 Moeti Isaac Tlou 03.04.17 at 3:19 pm

Calvary greetings
I have been a member since 2012 and have currently experienced problems with my private mail wich forced me to changes mails which resulted in lose of valuable information and not receive anything from the man of God as the mails from Elisha has been blocked on my workplace mail.
I will not be bought
I will not quit
I will not sell out in the name of Jesus

My testimony shall shock my enemies and surprise my friends


35 Nkhorati 03.06.17 at 9:46 am

Thank you Elisha for this site.iv heard about it and googled though since November 2016 .I’m now participating in reading the free downloads and I a fully registerd.im having a great feeling that my life is to change for the better in Jesus name..il be joining the prayer academy soon.
God bless you


36 Penina Tsotetsi 03.07.17 at 2:53 am

These prayer bullets really work! I am now able to fast 72 hours (Esther Fast) with the strength I get from the Holy Spirit, God has been good to me and my family and I know best is yet to come! I am still fighting a battle of delay but I know through prayer and fasting I will come out Victorious! Glory be to His name. Thank you Elisha for your contribution in the body of Christ, may God protect you and your family!

Glory be to His Name!


37 Queen 03.07.17 at 8:03 am

Dear Elisha,
I have been an active prayer warrior since i joined the Elisha Goodman network. First,God blessed me with the gift of tongues and secondly, my love for God keeps waxing stronger thereby fulfilling my fellowship desires.

In November 2016, i prayed targeted prayers for a new job and God gave me a wonderful job i was the least qualified. But the devil wants to steal my joy.

Recently, my new boss has been making sexual advances at me and threatening me with losing my job, please Elisha, kindly share prayer points to bring this barbarian to his knees. I know what my God can do and I will not lose my job for standing for what i believe in which is holiness through Christ Jesus.

God bless you.


38 Mandy 03.14.17 at 3:36 am

Dear Elisha
God has finally done it for me..when i had almost lost hope.I have known and used your prayer bullets for sometime but i have to be honest to effectively.I felt and still feel [the Holy Spirit telling me that there is still more i can get through using your prayers.
So to cut the long story short…I put myself to task and started the Esther Fast and alas on the first day using the foundational prayer i dreamt being in an interview and that same morning i got called to an interview and started work the following week.
Thank you so much Elisha,thank you for teaching me how to pray and storm the gates,now i know i can get anything i want through prayer after having lost time seeking help from prophets and pastors.
In all this not even one taught me how to pray and yet your website teaches people just that.

(I didnt finish my Esther fast but i will start soon)


39 Betty 03.15.17 at 6:47 am

Please help, how do I go about paying for the Prayer Academy? I Really want to join this month without fail. Zimbabwe is not on the list and Western Union is not sending money out. Please help.


40 anandutu 03.16.17 at 9:08 am

Hello Elisha Goodman Man of God, I have not received any message from you since the Saphire programme. I have been anxiously waiting for the Furious prayers for March but i didn’t get them. I don’t know what is happening. Please don’t stop sending those challenging and encouraging messages.
They minister to me and whenever i open my email i am expecting to read one from you.
Be blessed as you serve the Lord.
Agnes Nandutu Masawi


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