7 Furious Prayers

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The #1 prayer …

…to survive and succeed in the face of adversity?

You’ll see it in a moment.

But first…

Let’s head over to Testigram, our testimony sharing site: 

“Testigram over all
the other grams of this world!”


“Glory to God Almighty for waking us up this day. I am happy to have eyes that can see and read such beautiful testimonies and be elevated in my spirit this way. 

“I will rather be here reading testimonies, word of the day readings all day than spend my time on the other socials that breed nothing but pressure and depression. 

Lord we thank You for inspiring this platform to existence.” – Elimiyo


“I have never been this happy
in my 16 years of marriage”


“It’s my first time responding to your e-mails. This is just a testimony that due to your Prayer Cookbook, my marriage is taking a good shape. I have never been so happy in my 16years of marriage. I thank God for those prayers, they really helped me out.” – Khosy


“Healed of Cancer, HIV”


“Praise the living God, our Father and maker of heaven and earth for whom all things are made. Last year – i had recurring infections, i saw a gyn who said i had signs of cervical cancer and HIV.

I made up my mind there and then that i was going to believe the word of God instead of the doctor’s report. I did. I went into fasting during the Sapphire program 2022 doing Mike’s examination prayers
to get rid of my unbelief and today, i am totally free from any infections and HIV in Jesus name.

1 Peter 2:24 – i was already healed at the cross when Jesus declared that it was finished. I am living in freedom right from my mind with the knowledge that Gods word is true and i am teaching others to position themselves to receive from God’s abundant grace. Hallelujah. My boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. Bless you all soldiers.” - FavouredG


“God brought me my spouse”


“I joined you early this year and was particularly trusting for my Godly spouse and truly, God is faithful. Tell those waiting on the same to hold on, at His own timing He will come thru.

He sent me exactly the man i ever dreamt of. Surprisingly, all the qualities i had written in ma notebook come out true. We serve a mighty God. Praise be to Him alone. – Elizabeth.


“Land, house and car”


“When I first joined the Prayer Academy in 2013, my life was like hell on earth. I did not like going home from work because in the house there was no peace.

I quarreled with my husband over everything, he cheated on me everyday and would not want me to ask him about it. In fact whenever I did he would say he wants to commit suicide. All those I tried talking to would not help me either but made things even more difficult for me.

A friend of mine shared the Prayer Cookbook with me and I immediately went to the email address I saw inside and enrolled for PA. When I did, I gave God 3 needs, not necessarily the most needful at the time, but just to try and see if what was said there was true.

I said to Him that if this works for real, then I want land I can call my own, a permanent house and a car. I did this having in mind that even if I could work for twenty years where I was I could not afford all these!

But before I came to lesson five, I had land, a car and my house was under construction! Praise the Lord! The contractor worked like he was being chased. In three months, my four bedroomed house was
ready with new furniture of high standard in every room! God gave me so much more than what I had asked for.

I did not believe my eyes, I started thinking otherwise, ”Should I enter that house or is it funded by illuminati?” But I got the confidence from the fact that whenever I visited the place there was so much peace that I did not want to leave again.

By the time I was finishing, my marriage was peaceful too even though I did not include that on my list. Those who visited my home testified that they could feel the presence of God.

What else would I need for me to know that God answers prayer? I now encourage all to seek the face of God over anything and everything.

I encourage you reading this to trust God for whatever it is that you need and He will grant it.” – Catherine 

“Landed my dream job” 

I haven’t been able to sit still for the past 18 hours or so. This is due to excitement!! About 3months ago I applied for a position that I was not even qualified for.

The only reason I applied was because it has always been my dream to work at this prestigious company. I did not even think for a moment that I would get a job interview considering how the company is very strict when it comes to selecting candidates and also the competition from other candidates.

But I went ahead and applied just for fun, just to see what happens. I did not even brush up my resume or edit it. It was a basic one with a simple format and qualifications eg level of education being a High School Diploma, lots of spelling errors and bad grammar. About 2 days after submitting my resume I decided to join the Sapphire program (not because I wanted a job).

I just felt compelled to join. I ended up doing Mikes exam prayers and I completed them and the Esther Fast. About 2 days after that I got an interview and progressed to the next stage and the next stage and the next stage until I completed all 5 stages of interviews like magic.

No one cared about my resume or qualifications because God the Almighty had already qualified me for this position. Let me tell you this, they did not care about anything on my resume, all the errors etc.

Because God had already spoken on my behalf. It sounds crazy for me to actually tell people that I now work at company x it does not make sense but that’s God. He works in mysterious ways. There was never a day I thought I would be able to work at that company (the only way was to be a janitor).

The hand of the Almighty was at work. He had already decided that this position was for me and no man-made policy or procedures was going to hinder the Almighty from handing me this position. I will be getting double what I am currently earning and double benefits from what I have now and working fully remote.

With God nothing is impossible, no rule, no boundaries, no policy is too strong for Him. I am praising his Name! The Mighty one! I will forever bow down to his Holy name!!! – Mercy T


“Chains of financial bondage broken”


This is the third testimony I bring forth since I joined prayer eagles July 2020! The main reason I joined prayer eagles was the debt I was in which was very much demonic oriented!

2017 a local resident pastor introduced us to a Forex investment and suggested somebody he knew to us to do it for us.

Because we trusted the pastor and that the motion was brought forward right in the pulpit me and my husband took a loan of P500 000.00 equivalent to 50 000 USD and invested it.

We were not doing it ourselves but we gave the entire money to this individual who was suggested to us by resident pastor.

This loan was getting P12 000.00/ 1200 USD from my salary every month since January 2018. Loan was supposed to finish 2024 February.

To cut the story short this individual disappeared with our money (everybody who invested from church including the resident pastor) just like that.

I did all programs from Prayer Archive, Prayer Academy, joined the 24 hr blog forum and Platinum.

All this time testimonies came in popping by second month of enrolling in the first program!

I had completed 101 prayer points to debt free and was now hammering the prayer point:

“I refuse to pay my tithes to Pharaoh; you evil owners of debts carry your load and die’

I will literally pray it holding my tithes demonstrating.

In the early hours of 9th November 2021 I dreamt I had cleared my debt and in the dream the debt I was clearing was P233 000.00.

From the actual loan statement The balance I was owing was P211 000.00.I woke up thanked God in advance and rejoiced following the dream.

The following month Dec 2021 an ex-business partner who went hiding owing me money for 6 months paid me P235 000.00 following Nov Platinum prayers.

February 2022 I consulted the bank and told them I want to clear the debt. They recalculated the loan and added a penalty fee because I was clearing the loan before the agreed duration of loan!

The balance remaining of P211 000 changed to P233 000.00 exactly the way I saw in the dream! I cleared it same time with the P235 thousand I got paid with by ex-business partner!

Glory! I am a living testimony that these prayers work. – Goitseone



All glory to God.

We cover these testimonies with the blood of Jesus. 

Go here for daily, fresh testimonies to inspire and motivate you >>

Please remember to share with friends on social media and everywhere.

As you share… watch out!

Because your own testimonies are being drawn to you magnetically even as you read this.

Onward to … 

The #1 prayer to survive and
succeed in the face of adversity


There is a prayer (or a sequence of prayers) that…

… makes it appear as if you have an ”unfair” advantage over everyone else!


You reach that level through an incisive study of the Word of God, targeted prayers, and holy living.


Inside the Forum …


One Eagle sister who has attended ALL the programs we announced for the past 5 years …


… has gotten to the point that the Holy Spirit reveals to her what people are thinking as she talks to them.

Recently, while having a conversation with her husband, she “accidentally” told him what he was thinking.

I say “accidentally” because I’d warned her NOT to give anyone an inkling she’d received this powerful gift.

Needless to say, her husband totally freaked out and started calling her a witch!

Yes, her husband started screaming and calling her a witch!


However, she is no such thing.

In the Bible we read this about our Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus knew their thoughts – Matt 12:25

But Jesus knew what they were thinking – Luke 6:8

Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him – Luke 9:47

When you pray certain specific prayers long enough, things like understanding your dreams…

… seeing open visions by yourself … and unlocking divine secrets will become the new normal for you.

At that level you will begin to laugh at your enemies because the LORD will show you their plans well ahead of time.

For instance, if anything is going wrong in your marriage, you will be able to “discern” the root cause, without having to run to so-called prophets or whatever.


For instance…

Tsankho K just posted to the 21-Day Forum:


“I finished my 21-day prayer and fasting yesterday. Thank you Elisha and all prayer advisors for all time you have invested to teach us how to pray on fire and on point.

Age-old strongholds are being broken and God’s people are being set free from all oppressions.

God has been revealing things to me and my siblings in dreams

The targeted prayers are powerful and doing wonders. I am believing God for many things and I know they shall come to pass and I will testify.

Already, I have had financial help from my brother abroad!!! I am in awe. God is amazing. I will join the Prayer Academy soon.”



Just 21 days and she is already receiving deep revelations.


That is just the beginning of her breakthroughs. 

How to find out secrets about things
around you (through prayer)


Don’t put yourself at risk, in danger or at a disadvantage. 

From today I’ll encourage you to start praying the type of prayers … 

… that reveals secrets about yourself, people and things connected with you. 

Because … 

The less you know about YOURSELF, people, and things around you (spiritually) the more you are at a disadvantage. 

You may not like everything you learn (in the spirit) about friends, family and even “enemies” 

But the revelation knowledge could help you STOP bad things before they happen. 

There are secret things you can only receive by revelation of the Spirit of God through prayer. 

Listen to HM posting to the Prayer Academy Forum: 

“I have seen the hand of God since I started the Prayer Academy. My husband had an affair with a certain lady and all this was revealed to me in a way l cannot be able to tell. At first he was furious
but later confessed and joined me in midnight prayers we are serving Almighty God.”


 Ha ha… 

Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe. – John 4:48

There are prayers to reveal hidden secrets. 

You better believe it. 

Here’s an example: 

“O LORD show me the secrets of my life in Jesus name.”

 This simple prayer, if prayed to saturation, can open the door to shocking revelations. 

You have to pray with discernment though. 

Without the ability to “receive” divine revelation… you end up knowing less and less about what’s going on …

… and that can give the enemy the opportunity to “steal, kill and destroy.” 

There’s a Lesson of the Prayer Academy entitled:


You Need Divine Revelation Now


It goes into great detail about divine revelations and how to receive them. 

This issue is so CRUCIAL to living a victorious Christian life we even started a special Forum dedicated to something called: 

Near Future Revelation. 

Open once a year, it is an advanced Forum that teaches how to receive divine information about any future event at least 3 days before it happens. 

“The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.” – Deut. 29:29

Is God sending an ANGEL

to your door or to your dreams?


Florence from Uganda has an important observation. 

And it is a valid one. 

She says: 

“Beginning of this year, a friend of mine sent me your book but I didn’t really take it seriously. Because I’ve come across so many books like that but they made no change in my life.

But after a month, I decided to read through it and it was amazing. It gave me hope and even though my flesh was weak, my spirit was strong and I managed to do the Esther Fast.

My big brother had left home and even though we knew where he was staying, it was heartbreaking for us since he had an alcoholism problem. It had been a year since he left.

During my fast, I prayed to God to break all the chains and nullify them by the blood of Jesus. Truthfully, I wasn’t even thinking about my brother during this fast and prayer.

However, last Sunday, we were shocked to get home from church to find that my brother was home. He had come back. And by His grace, the whole of this week, he has been sober.

No alcoholism. Praise be to God. I really thank God for this.”


God works in mysterious ways.

The email is from Florence #1. 

Right after reading it, I saw another email. 

From another Florence (let’s call her Florence #2). 

You should have seen what she had to say. 

She began:

 “None of my prayers are being answered – our lives are not good – and I don’t want these prayers any longer. They don’t work.”

I’ll be the first to admit: 

Some of our messages are really hard-core. 

They may look or sound “strange” to you – even this one. 

But pay attention. 

Many people have neglected, and REJECTED, their angel of deliverance, healing, and restoration by treating these messages like Florence #2. 

If you’re experiencing challenges in life, you should NOT be moving away from the LORD God. 

This is the time to draw even closer to Him.

And be alert in the spirit. 

So that you do not miss your angel of blessings. 

Heb 13:2 says: 

Do not neglect to show kindness to strangers; for, in this way, some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests.

God’s angels may appear as “HE,” “SHE,” and use tools like this very email.

Angels in DISGUISE, that don’t look like angels.

 As you take this month’s prayers, your angel of blessings will be MAGNETICALLY drawn to you.

I must tell you …

The prayers you are about to see are culled from a very special Forum about to open shortly.

If you had done the Prayer Academy in the past, you should receive an alert before the end of this week.

The prayers in that Forum are entitled: 

Kill-Shot Prayers for Immediate Financial Deliverance


This special session comes as a result of a painful, personal observation.

As I observed it, I was filled with HOLY ANGER.

That’s when I was given those prayers to target this rampant problem.

Look out for the prayer alert shortly.


Let’s go to this month’s prayers:

7 Furious Prayers for May 22


Scripture Ingredient:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.- John 5:25

1.   I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and my family in Jesus name.

2.   Deliverance fire of the Holy Ghost visit my foundation today in the name of Jesus (please take this one for 10 minutes).

3.   O LORD let your divine financial flood hit my bank accounts in the name of Jesus.

4.   I speak destruction unto all the weapons the enemy is using against my health in the name of Jesus. 


 5.   By fire and thunder I TAKE BACK all that has been stolen from my family line in the name of Jesus.

6.   My life, hear the word of the LORD, begin to walk in divine health and overflowing abundance in Jesus name.

7.    O LORD, as you did to Herod, visit all Your enemies in high places with your sword of judgment in the name of Jesus.

Please take these 7 prayers with holy expectation. 

All the Pharaohs, Goliaths and Herods troubling your life must fall.

Pray with fire in your spirit… 

… looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith…  

Be An Overcomer


P.S. 4 MORE Prayer to Set Your Enemies on Fire (Page 7) >>

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