Confessions of A Chinese Prayer Warrior

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But Robert has a different story
to tell…

all the way from CHINA.

Hear him (and take note of what
he says at the end):


“Frustrations and multiple problems
led me to search for prayers;

and God guided me to your site.

From day one I registered, I have been
using the newsletters you send me …

and have compiled all the prayer bullets
you send to me and use them at the gate
of Midnight,

and 6 hourly prayers to pray fervently.

I started with the Esther fast,

and in a dedicated and disciplined way
I proceeded.

I have seen great changes in my life;

bondage of witchcraft melt and disaapear
at the Power of these Prayers.

I saw a colleague who is know to use evil
powers of witchcraft just gave up on me

The 24 prayer bullets against depression
drove away cares and worries of life from me.

The 17 Miracle Prayer Points have started
opening gates of blessings upon me.

14 Prayer Points against Terrorism are really
working wonders against evil forces
were frustrating my life.

I do Spiritual Environmental Cleaning
using the 7 prayer points on a daily basis,
especially at the Gate of Midnight.

Remarkable victories:

* My thirst for Christ Jesus has increased,
and I have started breathig fire of holiness.

* All the immoral thoughts and actions caused
by the evil spirits of the sea are diminished,
every time the thoughts come I rebuke them
in the Name of Jesus;

and remind them they are fuel for hell-fire;

* My love for God has rekindled; love for my
family has revived greatly.

* I have seen a great transformation of heart
of the girl I love; she now draws nearer to
me and is happy with me unlike before;

* God has rebuked and bound the spirit of death
over my close relative, and now there is joy
in Christ in the family.

All these have happened before I entered
the Prayer Marathon, or bought any books.

I know FOR SURE that as soon as I buy the books,
and enter the Marathon, WONDERS and GREAT SIGNS
will unfold in the Name of Jesus.

I do my best to order soon and sign up for
the Academy.”

– Robert O, China

Did you see it?

All the way from China…

This brother only made use of the
materials FREELY available to everyone
on the site.

And look what results he got!

Praise the Lord.

NOW, he has decided to go even deeper
and INVEST in the materials…

And make no mistakes:

Acquiring PROVEN spiritual materials
is one of the greatest investments
you can make.

And if you go ahead to apply the
principles as instructed, you may
suddenly find yourself…

in a season of breakthroughs like
you’ve never known before.

See what just happened to L.H:


“Elisha, with what  you’ve been sending me,
my prayer life is boosted.

I am enjoying spending time in GOD’s presence,
speaking with HIM.

the sins I could’nt stop from 25 years
are under contrôl now.

For all these I am so grateful unto GOD
for making me to know this site.

Now I want to order the ebooks,
can I use money gram to send the payement?

I am preparing the necessary money
for the books.

GOD bless you.”

- Sister L.H.


Please listen closely:

While some are complaining that everything
should be fr’ee …

Not minding how we keep the sites running from day to day.

Others are using the free stuff to discover
just where the “dry bones” are buried.

Here’s a question for you:

Do you really want to know where the bones
of your stubborn problems are buried ??

- you may not find it on TV

- you may not even hear about it in church

- your favorite teacher or preacher
may not reveal it to you

But without fail, you will discover the secret in:


Beginning of course with the Bible, the
greatest “book” ever written.

PLUS the various insights drawn from
that one “book” …

explained in today’s language by
HIS ambassadors with an endtime mandate
for the time and season we’re in.

I rest my case. Enough said.
Be An Overcomer!


PS: For a sample of the kind of books
that helps you solve problems in today’s world
(which you can start reading in 2 minutes), please go to:

The NEXT Prayer Academy will be starting shortly … for those who have never participated.

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1 gertrude Leah 09.10.11 at 4:34 pm

greetings Elisha Goodman i’m so blessed to know about the prayers the nightmares have stopped and i believe i will be sending powerful testimonies very soon, i’m ordering some materials at the end of september 2011 i actually want everything but i will do as my small budget allows. Elisha i have told a lot of my family members and friends ands i know this is what we have been looking for. i was long over due thank you the free materials that i have recieved to date have laid up a foundation i pray every night at midnight and i am having the best fun ever because my life is taking the right direction thank you Elisha and May god continue to bless you more.


2 Florence Caesar 09.10.11 at 4:37 pm

Dear Elisha
thank you for the prayer points available for free. it really helps me and I can see that the devil is fighting back – as soon as I started warfare prayers – I was again experiencing more attacks, but I am not afraid anymore. I just continue to use thse prayer points cause I can feel myself growing in prayer. I now see the truth about knowing scriptures in order to use it against the enemy. I am prparing to buy the toolkit. Thanks again and God bless you. Florence


3 Emali Tawatatau 09.10.11 at 11:36 pm

Dear Elisha
Glory to the God Almighty for using you as a vessel of honour.Thank you very much for the 40 point of prayer available for free and other prayer bullets.I have been sharing and distributing it to my family members and friends.I love to pray and coming across your website it really a blessing to me and my family ..i teach my children how to use the prayer points and be like a warrior when using prayer bullets..they started sharing it to their school mates now…i was experiencing attack as soon as i started down loading the prayer point..praise the Lord i started to use the prayer bullets to conger the evil sprits…halelujah they surrender..Thank you very much Elisha and God bless you.Emali


4 Marilyn 09.10.11 at 11:42 pm

Im so greatful to God for finding this website , im excited I can’t wait to have the money to buy the toolkit and be able to join the academy , thru God’s Holy Spirit He has taught me many new things , given me revelation and a new hunger for prayer and God’s word. Thank you Elisha God bless you brother.


5 M. 09.11.11 at 2:57 am

My prayer is that God will help me forgive easily


daisy Reply:

O Lord! We pray that You would give M. his Manasseh, so that
he can forgive others easily.
Thank You Father, that You gave your only son Jesus Christ to
die on the cross to take away all our sins and shame. Thank You
for Your grace and mercy, that we too as Your children can die,
and resurrected with Him. We are born again, we have a renewed
heart, that can forgive just like You Lord, and become more and
more like You.

Halleluya, amen.

MursalimD Singapore
24blog member


M. Reply:

Amen. I’m a female but thanks for remembering me in your prayers.


6 Vami 09.11.11 at 3:29 am

God works wonders to those that have trust in Him. Have been a very angry person, as a result started to rise. I noticed lots of health complications including migraine headache. This was due to the stress at work. No one wants me there. This is mostly fueled by jealous of some kind. So every part of my life is not going well. I became very bitter and angry. I came across this website by chances. Am praying prayer points I receive from here at midnight. Now I m at peace, very peaceful inside. When I think about all the years I have lost wondering around earthly things and all that, makes me want to kick myself. Thank God you have shown Youself to me when I was about to give up in life. Thanks Elisha for this wonderful work you do for God’ children


7 Malar 09.11.11 at 6:04 am

Dear Elisha,
Praise the Lord. I have been using the Prayer Bullets and targetting into all the situations that has chained me for more than 15 years. I am seeing the breakthroughs one after another. Things that were stagnant and unable to move, the mountains are breaking. I have learnt to speak to the mountains about, MY Big God that I serve. The Prayer cookbook is simply amazing.
God bless you as you educate us to be mighty and dynamic overcomers.


8 david 09.11.11 at 7:25 am

morning my name is david i am from the bahamas i have been reading your emails for a few years now and i have about three or four of your books you are really a blessing i have told so many people about you and what you are doing and all are so happy because of just what i showed them i must tell you no matter what anyone says or how you feel you are doing a great service for people GOD loves that so all you are going to do is keep getting bless may GODkeep blessing you


9 Wakabi Brian 09.11.11 at 8:21 am

Dear Elisha
Thanks for those wonderful and encouraging prayers plus the words, I really appreciate and may God bless you.


10 oggee 09.11.11 at 9:14 am

hi Elisha.
I am a born again christian expressing spiritual barreness. nothing seem to work. the holy spirit revealed to me that i need deliverance. i asked Him to lead me to where i can get this and He has brought me here.
I pray for breakthroughs and i will go all the way of the interviews and the very last minute i loose. it happened twice on two different occasions; one for land to open a private school, one for a court case in which my side was found to prevail and even advised to settle out of court only to loose at the last day. God should me a house in which I am to stay and right now the devil is holding tight to it.i pray that you pray with me for deliverance in Jesus’ name.


11 R.M 09.11.11 at 9:19 am

I want to thank you for allowing God to use you .I want to testify that the Lord is good and faithful .I did the esther fast and the 40 prayers to attract a car.My main problem was unemployment i finished the 21 days on the 5th of september i was getting weary but i continued to pray with more fire then on the 7th midnight i received a text message telling me i was being invited for an interview (praise God).so the interview was scheduled for the 9th on the 8th i had a dream fighting a demon thank God i overcame in the dream .i went to the interview and the holy spirit was my biggest helper all the questions i was asked i was prepared .on the same day the 9th end of day the told me i got the job praise God!!! we serve a mighty God .i want to encourage someone keep on praying the door will be opened for you he is a mighty God and mighty to serve.


12 Paul m kamau 09.11.11 at 12:12 pm

Am just coming back to the city from the village to inspect my daily farm,ave being praying for a business and God ave answered with daily cattles,am trusting God for another business in the city as in book of deut. Am promised blessing both in the city and in the field/farm. Thank you lord.


13 wgatap 09.11.11 at 12:30 pm

I’m so excited to find this website. I know through your wonderful prayer points i’m on my way to meet my life partner very soon after been disappointed and rejected by men.


14 alecia 09.11.11 at 2:34 pm

Well I am here today because of God mercy. I did the surgery that took the doctors five hours. so I must thank Him for life.


15 George Okech 09.11.11 at 4:33 pm

Greetings from Kenya bro.Elisha.
Am awfully grateful to God for having enabled me to surmount financial problems while preparing for a wedding of one of my kids.Many a time He bailed me out while I was at the point giving up.Financial help surfaced from unexpected quarters-that was,no doubt,His hand in the works.And since I still have others in the pipeline I believe they will be as successful if not more.
For whenever I sensed a roadblock in preparation(human & otherwise) I always handed the matter over to Him.
May the Almighty God enlarge your fields for the sake of His children.
Remain blessed.


16 Shadia 09.11.11 at 5:08 pm

Praise God for he is a wonderful God! I have been using the mid nite prayer bullets I collected from various notes and they r doing wonders in my life…. Am going through a tough time in my marriage. Fighting spiritual wars that I do not fully understand but oh my God is so good the joy and love in puts in my heart everyday is unbelievable when I look at where I came from I don’t know how I made it here but my love my peace my best friend who neve leaves me words can not so him justice! I need my fellow worries to help me fight am told I have a husband spirit I need ur prayers worriers! I feel things walk in my he’d sometimes ESP when am I put my head down to sleep! I need to do the Esther fast but I don’t know how I need to sock myself in prayer I have seen wonders in my visions God is a faithful God praise his holy name for he is worthy!


elizabeth Reply:

Dearly beloved, l would encourage you to buy Elisha Goodman’s books or join the prayer academy so that you cold get them. Do not delay, do it right away, may the Lord bless you as you do this. Rise up and fight the enemy one on one, it is never too late to rise at the dead of the night and claim back what is rightfully yours through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.


17 Natalia 09.11.11 at 8:28 pm

I am a new member, i had read it all and i believe God will help as He help you all. as a new member i need your help through your pray to me, to my problems.

I am happy to join with this group and when i get change i will spread it to my friend who don’t know Jejus, so God’s name will glorify.

God is Love, He love me, you and all of us.
thank you for invited me.


18 bunnybi 09.11.11 at 11:02 pm

please pray for my father in hospital now urgent thank you


19 cora 09.11.11 at 11:51 pm

I sent you an e mail that i want to invest in the books but i do not have any credit card because that is my problem, we suffered a terrible financial disaster. But GOD IS SO GOOD, HE is giving miracles! I belong to a Charismatic community which supports me spiritually and i was given this site, I believe by the HOLY SPIRIT! I was also brought to a seminar, the Ancient Path which deals more on Inter Generational Healing. I have been using your bullets and I have answered prayers. But what I really claim is that GOD WILL Totally wipe out our debts!!! And the court suits will be dismissed, especially the harassment from a sister and brother and a former family friend. GOD has faithfully helped us pay some of the debts and HE SENT AN ANGEL to make my husband his partner in the business. I also pray that our business will be successful and that our houses will not be taken by the bank and that the company who did business with us will accept that they too had a big responsibility why the business failed and that they should share in the expenses. Please tell me how I can buy the books even in installment or piece by piece. BTW, I tried the Midnight prayers but my mouth had sores and i couldn’t fast because of my work. I pray more often now and with your bullets I feel more empowered and closer to GOD. I have also shared your site to many people and I hope that they will also purchase your books but most of all come closer to GOD.


20 Mary Kutty T R 09.12.11 at 12:06 am

Respected sister

I am interested to buy a few books.But my problem is that I can get the remittance done in Indian Rupees only.
Kindly advise me how to proceed.

Thanks ands regards,

Mary Kutty


Ester M. Sulit Reply:

Thank you very much po. Only now, I read your very nice and encouraging message. I have a problem. Please pray for me. I will take civil service exam on this coming October 16, 2011. Civil service eligibility is very important for me because of being casual status on my appointment to my present work. I need to become permanent employee. I took exam 4times but always flunked. I am the bread winner in my family because I am widow. Please help me. Thank you po again. God bless you!


daisy Reply:

O Lord, we pray that Ester M. Sulit will pass her exam, and provide her a good job with good pay.
You take away her burden and worries, and surrender all to You. We pray all these in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

Mursalimd Singapore
24blog member


21 Esther T 09.12.11 at 1:57 am

Dear Elisha,
some time ago, i gave my sister some of these prayer points, she started using them but after sometime she threw them into the dust bin, that night she had a dream and in that dream she saw herself throwing away her keys into a pit!! oh that woke her up, she quickly retrieved the prayer points and has varrious testimonies with them.

Thank you Elisha for your spiritual guidance.


22 Ester M. Sulit 09.12.11 at 2:36 am

Thank you very much po. Only now, I read your very nice and encouraging message. I have a problem. Please pray for me. I will take civil service exam on this coming October 16, 2011, please pray to pass. Thaks po


23 Jacie B. 09.12.11 at 2:48 am

Praise Jesus E lisha,
I am so greatful having found this website which is really changing my life treamedously. I am still a new member and i can feel the move of God in my life, thanks so much for your bulleting,am planning to purchase the ebooks and register for a prayer academy soon its my prayer that God gonna meet the desire of my heart.

Your blessed Elisha


24 Deborah 09.12.11 at 3:45 am

Thank God for you Pastor Elisha, may the good Lord continue to bless and keep you under the shadow of his wings, continue to give you the grace to continue with these programs in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Deborah – Zambia


25 caroline aluoch owino 09.12.11 at 3:47 am

Holy sprit sent for me this website, I was desperate, crying for God’s help, i was under so much stress but Aleluyah 8 months down the line since i discover this website am at peace Elisha has taught me how to pray how to communicate with Our God in heaven. I have seen miracles happening to me I prayed for my husband to change and prayed for him to get a Good job
My husband has gotten a well paying job Amen to God
Elisha has given us free prayer bullets. and we thank him and we need to uplift this website in Jesus name, Elisha is truly a man of God.


26 Nyaradzo 09.12.11 at 3:49 am

I just want to thank you Elisha for the good work you are doing. I have never seen prayers that work like yours . God has done a lot in my life since i started praying your prayer points. God bless you and may you continue to do the good work.


27 erin 09.12.11 at 4:09 am

Dear Elisha,

Praise God Elisha, I feel blessed to be a part of this great works God is doing through you. I have read the story of the Chinese whom God has done great works for in his life through the prayer points he was using. i had written to you a while back & explained how i could not be able to purchase the books online due to increased fraud cases in our Kenya. since i am unable to get the books and i wanted to join the prayer academy , I would like to kindly request you if possible to send me these prayer points or to guide on how to find them on your site:
1. The 17 miracle prayer points
2. the 24 prayer bullets against depression
3. 14 prayer points against terrorism
4. 7 prayer points on environmental cleaning.
Please do kindly also enlighten me on how the Esther fast is done so i can combine it with the prayers. Elisha i will really appreciate this because i know that it will work wonders for me.


28 Rhoda 09.12.11 at 4:40 am

Thank you so much Elisha for teaching me how to pray. I got your website through a friend who forwarded one of your e-mails to me. I then started using the 40 prayers points. Since then I have experienced peace in my heart, i have also developed the love of reading the Bible.All the problems that I had in my family of lack of Jobs and sponsorhip for studies have since disappeared. I am planning to join the prayer academy this September. Thank you for doing a wonderful job for our Mighty heavenly Father. God Bless you abundantly.


29 thomas phiri 09.12.11 at 4:42 am

well i would like to thank our brother from china.I believe that when you pay for something there is a sense of dedication and ownership. I would like to urge fellow Christians to raise money and buy these materials. An observation I have made is that people want christian materials for free but would rather buy expensive cars, clothes etc(matt 6v33).

like my friend from china am also in the process of raising money so that I have these materials because I know my life depends on these.Thanks.


30 felistus mello 09.12.11 at 5:28 am

since ive joined, ive been seeing wonders. ive been praying with the prayer points that used to sent to us. pls i want to buy books and i want to know the procedures.


31 Petros 09.12.11 at 5:56 am

Great Man of God Elisha,

Your website is a great life imparting and health to my family.

I am in God;s awesome presence where God is directing me to His promises which I lost when I was full time in flesh life.

May God really bless you and your family including all those who work with you in this ministry.

I hear God speaking and guiding all my steps. There is nothing God is hiding from me for all my direction are in His Awesome Presence.

I see, I speak, I hear God in all corners of my life which is amzing. If I came across this website I couldn’t imagine what type of life would have been for me as of now but all is not late for me and my entire generation to come.


Be blessed Elisha

Petros – Malawi


32 Shorai K 09.12.11 at 5:56 am

All the prayer points that the brother from China mentioned, where can I get them I really need prayers I am so down. I believe God will bless me with the finances to buy the books and I will join prayer academy.
God is good all the time.


33 Martie 09.12.11 at 6:06 am

I truely agree with the Chinese brother on what the free material meant to me, and also plan to buy the 9pce kit asap. My older brother had a light stroke recently, but was healed, even form a nerve problem that caused shaking! His right hand stopped shaking completely and as this was a problem since birth, know what it meant to him! I did the Esther fast and prayed for family, I can really see so many changes in my family’s lives and ours. Now I get exited to pray, my love and compassion for people have grown, and my love for God is deeper! Ipray that this ministry will be blessed abundantly and continue till Jesus comes, in the mighty name of Jesus! To God be all Glory and Honor forever!


34 Olivia 09.12.11 at 7:33 am

Thank you for the wonderful messages that inspire me so much i have read the passion prayer and the prayer points in it I believe god is going to do wonders in my life everytime i read I feel encouraged I wish my husband would beleive as well so that we can become a powerful couple in prayer God is good all the time


35 mary 09.12.11 at 7:37 am

elisha, when i read all these positive testimonies, i believe God had a purpose for me to stumble upon this site. It was not just by chance. I thank God for you and most of all for letting me know that there is way i can pray and make a difference to my life. There are sometimes i thought God had forgotten me. But now I know HE HASNT. Please continue sending me the prayer points and also tell me what is esther fast GOD Bless you very much.


Ana Reply:

Good day Mary

Refer to the book of Esther so you can understand more about the Esther fast.
Esther wanted to find favour in the king’s sight she requested Mordecai and the Jews who were present in Shushan to gather and fast for her, to neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day and she also fasted likewise.

May you be blessed as you seek God in your life.


36 Oheneba Asiedu 09.12.11 at 7:59 am

How do I order for books without a credit card. Can I pay through Western Union or Moneygram


M. Reply:

Check GT bank or any of the foreign banks. I learnt their visa card can be of help. I’m yet to verify.


37 Julie 09.12.11 at 8:30 am

Glory be to God.


38 gifty 09.12.11 at 9:43 am

God richly bless u Elisha. I am new on this site but thanks for your daily mails sent to me. I have been using the prayer points and reading through emails posted by others. Its my prayer and pledge that very soon i will be able to support in my own small way those who are financially handicapped on this site



39 Phetsile 09.12.11 at 10:24 am

greetings Man of God.indeed you are a blessing to the whole body of Christ.We thank the AlMighty God for your website really it is lifting us up each and every day.It is very powerfull all that a Christian is here.May the Lord continue help you to minister to everyone who is bound by the devil.
I want to thank God who is helping me to overcome the devil at midnight hour.Although i was very tired last night i couldnt pray at midnight hour,i was attach by satanist who wanted to take my spirit and my body to a place hidden.I was batling Elisha i tell you and the Holy Spirit helped me to pray and i defeated them.Also i dreamt buying a cabbage with huge amount of money but when they gave me the cabbage it was not worth that money it was very small.This things are worrying me Man of God,but im not giving up i will defeat the devil no matter what.this is my seventh day with the 21 st prayer marathon.I need you to give me prayer bullets to fight the satanists to leave me alone.

I dont want to give up Elisha i know and have faith in God that my blessings are yet to come in Jesus name.Please join with me in prayer.I received an email from canadian lottery telling me that i have won lotto,i want the Holy Spirit to reveal to me.Let Gods will be done not what i want but His will be done.I want God to lift it up from the spiritual graveyard because where there seems no way for me He will make the way for me.


40 Florence 09.12.11 at 11:14 am

Would you please kindly tell me about the Esther Fast, how it is done as I seem not to know and most people usually refer to Esther Fast. I am very eager to do it so that by God’s grace I can also command my mountain to smelt down which gives me sleepness night and lose of appetite. PLEASE I BEG YOU ASSIST ME. Indeed I have been using some of the free prayer points not consistently though and I have seen things happening in my life and children. Thank you very much. May the Almighty richly bless abundantly this ministryf and Elisha and family.


elizabeth Reply:

Dearly Sister, Esther fast is a fast Esther did (in the book of Esther in the Bible), after she heard of the plot that her brethen(the jews) were going to be executed. She and all her brethren fasted for 3 days and 3 nights without water or food in order for her to receive favor in front of the King, so that her request to reverse the plot to kill her brethren might be granted. Indeed it was granted by the King. All her brethren were saved and the perpetrator instead was the one who was hanged. Very quick method in helping your prayers get answered. The Lord bless you.


41 mac 09.12.11 at 11:33 am

Dear elisha
I thank the lord for his loving kindness in my life.without the lord truly i wouldnt no what to do. He his my provider, my abba father my everything . I give him all honor n all glory!


42 wendy Este 09.12.11 at 2:46 pm

To God be the glory great things he has done I want to thank God for You and the ministry he has call to you. Your emails and the prayer bullets have been a blessing and I look forward to purchasing the entire collection. may God’s continue favour ever be yours.


43 Harriet A 09.12.11 at 3:12 pm

Dear Elisha
Thanks for the good work you are doing to change lives of God’s people. I really thank God that i came toy your site. So many things have changed in my life. All the bad dreams that i use to get are no more. Even my husband who had neglected me for long called he wants to come back.
Am trusting God for my dream Job so that i can be able to order the books and join the prayer academy.
May God richly bless you.
Harriet, Uganda.


44 Rose 09.12.11 at 4:11 pm

I have been using your bullets and I have answered prayers. But what I really claim is that GOD WILL Totally wipe out our debts!!! And the court suits will be dismissed, especially the harassment from a sister and brother and a former family friend.
.-= Rose´s last blog ..local dating websites =-.


45 jane 09.13.11 at 1:58 am

Dear Elisha,

I have a testitimony, God is indeed a miracle working God.In the beginning of teh year i did your prayers but could not first because i had a baby who was breastfeeding.I had gone through rejection in my place of work and was almost being sucked but worst of all my employer cut my salary into half not considering that my salary was in loans.I moved in with the father of my child but went through repentance because i new that i had broken a vow of chastity.After my maternity leavr i was transferred to a diffrent branch one of the most neglected possibly to be forgotten and to cut my dreams apart.In the beginning of the year i dreamed that God had given be a house and claimed it.In april this year we started builded and in july we moved into our new house.I applied for a job in May in an embassy i Nairobi and supprising after 3 months they called me for an interview. After the interview called i did an easter fast with a few friends and used the prayer cook book for busy people which a friend gave me since my finaces could not allow me to purchase one.i Went through the interview process and God worked a miracle for me and was selected for the Jod which is paying almost three times my current job and the benefits are awersome.I will be reporting in the embassy on 11th of October.I am humbed my the mercies of God and would request you to forward thanksgiving prayers .Am currently on medication and not able to fast.I give god all the Glory, he is able our father is able and and he is a miracle working God.I forgot to mention that the Job had over 1200 application but God released his ngels of favour to favour me.Praises be to him


46 phillis 09.13.11 at 2:18 am

I don’t know how to thank you Elisha. Life have never been the same since i stumbled on your website early this year. I came across the 21 days prayer marathon on someone’s flash early this year and i immediately started the prayers with easter’s fasting the first 3days. God is faithfull Elisha.

>In March this year I was among the people sponsored to undertake a one month course in a country of choice in Africa. Upon return,we were told that a circular was issued immediately that the company is no longer sponsoring the
such courses. What a might God we serve.

>In September, I got a new Job offering 3times my salary.

>My health is also restored and my marriage is now wonderfull. Praise God!Allellua!!!

I shall continue serving this Mighty God. Nothing is impossible if we call upon HIS name.


47 JOY 09.13.11 at 5:23 am

Dear Elisha,
Greetings in Jesus’s name, i thank God for you, you have been blessing to my life i have spent almost 4yrs praying for fanancial breskthrough but nothing has real happen for God’s love i come acrose you website but thank God something good is taking place i have’t brought the books but am praying hard to get money so that i may order the books and join prayer academy, i elisha don’t put your books on feer we what to see this sites runnig day by day, don’t give up we are saving almighty God and i know God will provide for those who are in need of books.


48 Catherine 09.13.11 at 6:08 am

I praise the name of the Lord this hour for His greatness,mercy and grace.
Elisha on 9th sep 2011 I lost my purse it was stolen,, on 10th the following day at around eight at night my baby of 4months had an attack of which even today can’t be able to explain what happened becoz I was hold her and she screamed once and was unable to breath,second scream she convulsed I cried to God praying “You arrows of death and hell sent to my child I command you to go back to your senders in Jesus name” after praying this prayer 3times my baby responded.I thank God for restoring her life,surely He is a miracle working God. On 11th I was called to collect my purse that was found in a bus. Elisha this is the God that I shall live for and I thank Him for you who has been teaching me how to pray targeted prayers.Thanks to God.


49 Liya Mwila 09.13.11 at 6:37 am

Gd Afternoon

Greetings in Jesus name. as i writing now my heart is much troubled with attacks throu my brother who constantly attacking my Mother and He is always drank everyday yet mentioning the name of Jesus and praying. He left his family in another town suffering and he does not want to back . please help me in prayers to over this problem. We realyy need God to come through for us especially my Mother.


50 M H 09.13.11 at 12:10 pm

It is the Lords doing and its marvelous in our eyes. My testimony of praise is as follows:
Ive been very stressed on the Job, co workers were having a nasty attitude towards me. Sometimes i really didnt want to go to work. when i would arise in the morning, I would say O Lord Jesus how long,I wanted to change Jobs, thing were bad.
By this time I was already getting the prayer bullets but couldnt find any in what I had onhow to pray for my enemy.
Then one sunday afternoon In my frustration I began to search the web for a way to pray for my enemies. I was led to Ps 23 v 5 , “Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”. I began to declare that over my life, along with ” Im the head and not the tail” and a few others. Suddenly things began to change. I saw cooworkers attitude change before my eyes. we are now getting along, there is respect wev’e even exchange phone numbers.
One of them in particular the ring leader, I remember calling by name and praying” Lord I break the hold of the enemy on their life in Jesus name. Brother it wasn’t 48 hrs before she started speaking to me. We started with a nice conversation, we call each other on the phone, she even claims she prefers to work with me. Even the other coworkers have said “after all she had to say about you”, she is still keeping you hot. I know what prayer can do, it changes things and it changes people. There is change, plenty in the work place. There is also a stubborn one whose attitude is mellowing as well i give God the praise.
It is the Lords doing and its marvellous.


51 Ana 09.14.11 at 3:57 am

O Lord You are worthy of the praise, honour, glory and majesty!
You are the King of Kings, The Lord of Lords and You deserve the highest praises.
Praise the Lord!
Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
Praise Him for His mighty acts;
Praise Him according to His escellent greatness!
Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
Praise Him with lute and harp!
Praise Him with timbrel and dance;
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals!
Praise Him with clashing cymbals;
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord!

Bow down and worship Him, Thank You Lord!


52 Frashiah Muraguri 09.14.11 at 8:51 am

Elisha, I am still on your site. I am just overwhelmed. You are being used of God in a very mighty way, to tear the devils kingdom and powers down. May the Lord surround you with His goodness all your life and may God lift you to a higher ground more than you have ever known. With that, you will have a lot more material and annointing for us all. We love you brother and we also pray for you even as you teach us to pray. We take the joy and all Glory and Honour returns to the Lord God Almighty.


53 kathleen 09.14.11 at 10:20 am

Bro. Elisha
I greet you in the Name of Jesus.
I have been praying the free 40 prayer bullet at midnight since June 2011 since I found your site when my husband left me for another woman and my daughter has since gotten a full scholarship to Sweden and my son has gotten a job which pays nearly 5 times more than the job he had before. I am now going through a divorce and I am using the prayer bullets to get my house and whatever is due to me. I am a born again Christian and he was not and I am free now after 31years of abuse and as soon as I get more finances I will purchase the set of books. What do you mean by “mention your Position” in the 23rd Prayer bullet in the 40 prayer bullet?
God Bless you and continue the good work


54 phanice 09.15.11 at 5:18 am



55 Hope 09.15.11 at 8:30 am

Father i pray for journey mercies tomorrow. Cover us with ur blood as we go and as we come back in Jesus’ name…Amen


56 gertrude Leah 09.19.11 at 8:02 am

heavenly father i pray for my sister Vikkie, i ask for God’s favour and mercy in all that she does especially at her place of work. Father i ask that you send forth your fire to neutralise all evil activities that the devil is constructing against her. father i ask that you also send send two angels on stand by to paralyze all the weapons that the enemy is using against her in her place of work. Success belongs to my hard working sister Vikkie Amen


chipo Reply:

i am praying that God blesses me with a scholarship to do my masters degree, there is one particular university which my heart desires to go and i am trusting God for a miracle in my life


57 wgatap 09.19.11 at 6:49 pm

Please i need an emergency prayer for my university cirtificate. My registeration number was changed and it has caused my cirtificate to delay . I need the cirtificate urgently for my promotion. Thank you and stay blessed.


58 wgatap 09.19.11 at 7:02 pm

I had a proposal from a man of God and he will be coming to see me personally since we don’t know each other. I need a prayer of favour before my husband to be. Thank you.


59 gertrude Leah 09.21.11 at 6:50 am

hie Elisha thank you so much for the prayer bullets. every night at midnight i pray and my dreams have changed and now i believe tells me situations that are to come and so far for the past three weeks what i have seen in my dreams has come to pass. i’m so happy that the lord is now talking to me and i believe he will tell me more. i listen to the audio bible and i am learning more about the word and i’m finding stories that i have never come across. thank you Elisha you have helped me to be confident and find life exciting more and more , it’s a pity i missed out on the prayer marathon, 21 day fast, and others . but i know i have not lost any thing this is the time that God wanted me to find your website and receive these blessing at this appointed time. thank you very much. m
May God Almighty, continue to bless you and continue to give you more strength to continue with more power of God. Amen and Thank you.


60 LESEGO MODISE 09.21.11 at 10:58 am

To God be the glory.Just like others since i started using ur website many beautiful things are happening in my life.Mi hsbnd stopped stop smoking,something he has done for ages.Receivd a call tat a was employed permantly,praying for the letter which is yet to cum.My sister been employed.Waiting to buy ur books soon.Halluya to THE ALMIGHTY.


61 Nemo 09.21.11 at 12:31 pm

I began to search the web for a way to pray for my enemies. “Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”. I began to declare that over my life, along with ” Im the head and not the tail” and a few others.
.-= Nemo´s last blog for christian =-.


62 Ayishetu Baba 09.21.11 at 4:24 pm

please elisha iam grateful with your prayers but i have no funds to order for the book may G OD richly bless you.


63 Carmel 09.23.11 at 3:24 am

Hi Elisha,
Thank you so much for the prayers. Please forward me few prayer points for good godly spouse and to get gud job. i m still unmarried my age is 33 and bless me with gud job. I m faceing lots of problem in my life.


64 goliath 09.24.11 at 12:22 pm

Hi Elisha. I would like the thank the Lord for you because it is only early this month of september that I started receiving messages from you that I started following the prayer points that you sent me. The Boss of an opposition company from me invited me to join his company where I was offered two times the salary lam getting now. Iam still waiting to hear from him but am confident that I will join him soon. Thank you once again in Jesus Name.


Stella Reply:

Glory to God Elisha.
Thank you for allowing God to use you. Thank you also for allowing me to part of your life in the Prayer Academy. I completed the Academy 25th August, 2011. I have got a lot of breakthroughs!! I can still sense more are still coming and even my life will never be the same. I have shared this great Prayer Academy with many people and I believe they are on their way to joining the Academy!!
A word for those who have not yet done so, Please believe God for the money because all silver and gold belong to Him. I also believed God and in less than a month I received the money for joining the Academy. Do not limit God – He is unlimited because He is the Almighty God!!!

God has visited my family too and I am grateful to God for his quick work – it surely quick work and when he works every surely can testify that it is the Lord!! Not by mighty not by strength but by His Spirit!

Once again thank you Elisha for allowing your self to be a vessel of honour to be used for God’s glory. Thank and be blessed. Amen


65 Carmel 09.27.11 at 1:32 am

Praise The Lord Elisha,
Please i need an emergency prayer bullets to get a good job. I need to settle in my life and i m searching for a good godly spouse. Please pray for my future, i need your paryers.

Thanking you
Yours in jesus christ

Carmel jyothi


66 denish 09.27.11 at 12:14 pm

thanks elisha to introduce me with the web side from very long time i was searching any of the chinese ministry so i am very happy. these days i am doing ministry in a rural area so please pray for me thanks.


67 bame 10.21.11 at 4:46 am

praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY, may the lord bless me with a well paying job in an international company and a scholarship to do my masters deegree. I trust GOD for all the miracles and blessings in my life.


68 Arinaitwe Julius 10.28.11 at 8:45 am

our God is alawys there to intervine and those who have known the secrets of Elisha ,have seen the light because that light had ever come but most of the people who were entitled to that light never saw it and so they never welcomed it .Thank you Lord JESUS to use Elisha to show the world the light . (GATE – TO HEAVEN THROUGH JESUS IF YOU WANT CALL IT SALVATION).
Our Lord is good he uses all the strategies to reach you and me because he loves us so much.This is just owesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julius Arinaitwe


69 sunny 11.23.11 at 1:25 pm

thanks for all the ecourangements in prayer.
am a member already, please get me the prayer for thanksgiving.


George Okech Reply:

Bro. Elisha,
Praise the Lord.
Kindly send me the Thanksgiving Prayers which timed out before i did the needful.
May God keep enlarging your field for teaching us His ways.


LD Reply:


25 Thanksgiving prayers:



joy Reply:


Download 25 Thanksgiving prayer bullets from the link below:

God bless you


70 -Som- 12.19.11 at 5:52 am

Hi, Elisha,
with what  you’ve been sending me,
my prayer life is boosted. I woke up every night to pray using the bullets u sent me. God bless u. God made me WHOLE, HEALTHY, only IJMN, amen.


71 N.G 12.19.11 at 12:19 pm

Elisha, Hi l ‘m happy to see the dedication in prayer with every one on this prayer line. First of all l was connected to this prayre line through my sister that want me get out of a mess that the enemy wants to put me in. My God is a good God, and have not , and will not let my enemies triamph over me. Last month my husband packed his stuff and left the house while my children and l were in church on one sunday morning, but in every thing l give God the praise for he has a good plan for me. only the plan of God will stand for in my life.God have your way in every circumstance in my life. Amen. Amen.


72 tapiwa88 10.18.13 at 9:09 am

Thank you for the prayer points .I believe God is making a way for me and preparing great testimonies in my life.thank you.


73 Roos 06.17.14 at 4:18 pm

Greetings brother Elisha,

I was introduced to your site by niece a few years ago when she came to know about the misfortune I was going through, but I wasn’t interested I thought it was just another site that would constant sending mails that would bored me and fill my inbox and given me work to delete them. But when those misfortunes, rejections, depression continued and increasing ( I lost all hope an had now where to go, I was on the edge of giving up) my niece insisted that must go to your website. So I did with resistance on April 2014. When I start reading those testimonies, it was like I was glued with super glue on your site. So I said to myself I must sign up and I did and starting with with those midnight prayers disciplined me in praying, encouraged me making me bold, giving me strength.

Thank you Elisha for making time to send me mails (prayer secret that can change life and Spousewell etc.), may The Lord Bless you an keep you and your household and those who standing with you, thank you.

Roos, Suriname (South America)


74 Bro John 04.23.15 at 12:28 pm

I thank God, He has lifted me up from where I was to where I am now. He has taken away my shame and bless me daily.


75 Flavian 04.24.15 at 4:45 pm

I thank God almighty for Bro.Elisha and Firespring Ministry.Since i started praying targeted prayer,I have seen the power of God in my life.Blessings and breakthroughs are my portion in Jesus name.One thing you have taught me is to learn to pray for myself.
God bless you Bro.Elisha and your entire team.


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