[Golden Journey] Level 1 Ends… What Comes Next?

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For JZ from South Africa it happened suddenly.

She says:

“I would just like to say: since I started using the prayer bullets my life has changed.

At the end of last year, I looked at my little paper with my prayer requests and realised that ALL of them had been answered! Praise God, I was so amazed, I still am.

I joined the 14-day prayers at the gate of 2012. Within the first 5 days two of my nieces and my one nephew had given their lives to Christ!

I am just thrilled at what God is doing in my life! I am encouraged to be closer to Him and to pray more!

There truly is a power shift this year!”

-          JZ, South Africa

For others like Annet it was rather gradual… over a six-month period.

She even thought she was dreaming…

“Praise the living God, the God of impossibilities. He has HEALED me from arthritis!!!

I thought it would never happen!  Because the doctor said there was no cure.

I have been on pain killers everyday as advised by the doctor for three years, whenever I forgot to swallow the tablets, I could not walk or take a bath by myself.

I was really being crippled!! But I thank God because of you elisha, ever since I landed on your site I’ve never been the same. I kept using the prayer bullets you send to me and also God gave me Psalms 6:1- last verse.

They became my daily food at 27 minutes to midnight. All want to tell you is that since 24th June I have never taken any tablet and am not feeling any pain, am walking normally.

I can now clap hands and jump even higher without any pains. At first I thought I was dreaming, but later I realised I was really being HEALED.

Glory be to God in the highest.”

- Annet B, Uganda

By whatever means necessary, the LORD has been putting smiles on the faces of thousands through this site…

… and we feel humbled and grateful for His faithfulness.

As we come to the end of Level 1 of our Golden Journey there’s just one HIDDEN truth I’d like to leave you with.

And it is this…

Whatever it is you want from God in this year of Power Shift, you will begin to receive it just as soon as you learn how to pray effectively for …

God does NOTHING without prayer!

The Scripture says:

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. – Phil. 4:6-7

Friend, it is time to shake off every form of spiritual slumber.

You need to arise quickly and CONTINUE to pray the way you’ve been praying this past 14 days.

You need to join the midnight prayer army … so you too can share your testimonies EARLY this year …

Tip #1:

If you are unable (or unwilling) to join the Prayer Academy, I want to urge you to look for a praying church in your community and IMMERSE yourself in result-getting prayers.

Tip #2:

If you are NOT eligible to continue on to Level 2 inside the 24-hour blog…

… you still need to know how to pray and eject evil deposits from your life so your divine benefits can manifest EARLY this year.

Like what happened to this sister:

“I am so grateful and thankful to God for giving you the power you spread through your website. Now I have been taught how to pray and I have a testimony.

Earlier in the year I posted an article seeking help to fight the problem of a spiritual husband which was crippling my love life.

Alone in my own room I was able to deliver myself.

It was one day just after midnight when I suddenly woke up from my sleep and told God I was so fed up of this thing that would haunt me every night, fondling and sleeping with me in the form of dreams.

I asked God to deliver me instantly because I was just so tired and desperate to be free.

Immediately after saying those words, I sort of fell into a deep sleep and saw a playback of what had happened and all that I had said to God when I awoke from my sleep.

Suddenly from my back something began to sprout out bit by bit as I was asking God to deliver me (all in the deep sleep).

Finally, it jumped off my back and stood right in front of me and it was a very tiny light old and wrinkled man with black hair and held something in his hand.

It stared at me as I slept – mind you all this in the deep sleep – and punched me on the mouth before disappearing. Just as it vanished I woke up from the deep sleep and felt something had left me.

I started praising God and felt this instant ease, like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

I then realised that where the thing had emerged from where there was something that used to move in my back before but I just thought it was normal.

Since then I never felt the thing visiting me at night again – nothing it was total deliverance I tell you. I started believing God for a spouse and in October I met this guy whom I am madly in love with.

The way we met is a miracle I will also share with you on another article but I tell you we are 3 months old and growing stronger by the day.

This is my first relationship to last this long since I can barely remember…”

-          Sister Joelene

You Must Arise Quickly

Let nothing, absolutely nothing, interfere with immediate action.

A change for the better justifies no delay.

Don’t just watch others share testimonies which you can share.

Be up and doing NOW. Some other time may be too late.

If you have never done so, sign up for the Prayer Academy of January 25 and secure your seat this very minute.

Take the action now that means more miracles next week, more healing next month, total deliverance within the next 90 days.

If you have diligently completed the Prayer Academy, you need to go to the LiveChat window and “chat” with one of our prayer eagles (Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT).

They will tell you what to do in order to log in to the 24-hour blog…

Because that’s where we are about to commence LEVEL 2 of the Golden Journey.

But you must do so by the deadline, Friday January 13, 2012.

But if you have NEVER participated in the Prayer Academy…

Click Here To Secure Your Seat Now

The clock is ticking…

Thank you for staying with me this far.

Be An Overcomer!


PS: All those who stopped the Prayer Academy Lessons as directed because of the 14-Day prayers, your lessons CONTINUE immediately (please watch out for the email alert shortly).

PPS: If you completed the Academy in the past, please visit the Chat Window between now and Friday and a Prayer Advisor will assist you.


PPPS: Finally, those who will be completing the Prayer Academy between now and April will have another opportunity to join the Golden Journey Level 2 … when the program will be held for the last and final time this Easter.

Where is the NEXT prayer program?

Click here for Prayer Academy

Click here for Singles Prayer Marathon

Click here for Marriage Restoration – GOLD Edition


I’d like to hear your experiences during the Level 1 program.

REMEMBER that thousands of undercover eagles in 117 countries have been praying in agreement with you all through the program– your comments might just encourage someone out there.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome!

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1 wilma 01.11.12 at 12:06 am

may be God has not seen me yet in my prayers. the pains in my body are still here with me, but this does not mean i am giving up. i will patiently wait till He gives me His mercy. I will continue to offer my fasting in the morning as a sacrifice for my sins. Thanks to this website, i have learned how to sacrifice in my prayers.


prossy Reply:

Hi Wilma,
We serve a mighty God.Add this prayer bullet
O Great Physician,by all the power for which you are known to be God,arise and heal every pain in my body in the name of Jesus.

Be blessed,
prossy blog24


Josey Reply:

I believe the Bible says Christ gave Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins


Rose Reply:

Dear brother and sister. May the good LORD continue to bless and keep you all.I ask that you keep me in your prayer,i have been having attacks in my head from the enemy for along time now, it has been going on for years,when i think it gone ,it left me it comes back. I’ll start to feel bad,start to sweat things will get blurry then i’ll past out, cant talk or move my limbs for awhile.for the past few months i have been feeling dizzy, i have a lot of medical test but have not found a reason to all this.I’m praying and believing GOD to heal and deliver me from all this for it is messing with my time to praise GOD joyfully.Thank GOD and thank you all for your prayer,GOD bless.


dorothy Reply:

hi wilma,
i encourage you to stay steadfast in prayer.i want to share with you an experience i had.at one time i was praying and i thought i had greately wronged God and held on to my guilt.so in my prayer i felt it was dry:no oil of the spirit! then about a night later in a dream the Lord showed me in a dream the mistake i was doing was to hang on to the guilt and not accepting His grace in forgiveness.when i woke up to do the midnight prayer i started thanking God for His mercies and forgiveness and i forgave my self in Jesus name!
immediately my prayer time was so fulfilling and the Oil was flowing again!



Ann Reply:

Just like Lazarus and Job in the bible, press on dear,,please donnot be discouraged, God is aware of your situation and HE does not sleep or slumber,,,your in my prayers!


eo blog 24 Reply:

IT will not be long Wilma He will never fail you
Oh God of wonders answer your child speedily in Jesus name


wilma Reply:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS. I know i am not alone in this battle. Thank you, brothers and sisters.


Tumelo Reply:

Sister. There is nothing impossible with God. I have a very awesome testimony of the healing power of God to share with you. Every month before and during my periods I would get a headache that would not go away until some days after my periods are finished. In the month of Dec, this headache got worse, excruciating, on the third day it was unbearable. The night before I told my daughter, by tomorrow this headache would have left me. I am going to show it the way out.
When I got to work in the morning, I took 5min and shot this bullet, “arrow of infirmity, come out of my head and go back to where you came from, and never ever come back again in the name of Jesus.”
The headache heard the voice of the Lord and just ceased. By the time I finished, it was no more.
It was gone forever.
I had my periods in January and no headache.

Praise God.

This bullet is from a summary of bullets, addressing different issues that Brother Elisha sent us in Dec. 2011(around 6.12.11)

Remember Jacob, and what He did. He battled with the angel of God until he blessed him.
So dont leave our Lord until He heals you.



Serah Reply:

Our God is a CONSUMING FIRE. I want to thank God so much for revealing the plans of the enermy through his Servant-Elisha. I have been able to learn the secret of midnight prayers and turning bible verses into prayer points. Last week when my alarm rung, I failed to get out of bed and pray, God showed me a dream when I was busy praying and calling upon the Holyspirit to take over.
Indeed, the next week I embarked on prayers and 12 hour fasting against marital delay for a full week . I didnt receive any revelation from God apart from ugly and unclear dreams. Over the weekend I started on the prayer points in the Dream code which my friend sent me. The 1st day, after my prayers at 2.47 a.m,I got a dream when a certain Minister was looking for her keys, but when i checked in my bag, i found several keys-two were for cars and one was like for my car and others different. I didnt give them to her butinstead gave her earphones which she received gladly. I began to thank God and slept again. I got another dream when my mother and other people were chasing after me to beat me and i ran as fast and far until I reached an anthill and stood on top to see whether there was anyone else chasing after me and i could see no one.
Anyway when i woke up, i began to tell the devil-No way, you cant snatch from me what God has given me and you cant counterfeit yourself behind the face of my lovely mother.

It wasn’t so long, on Tuesday i returned home so early to sleep early so that i can wake up at midnight. I told the Holyspirit to wake me up because my phone battery was down. Indeed he did at again 2.47a.m. This time I started praying and crying to the Holyspirit to feel me in again. I read scriptures on the Holyspirit and his functions and on every function I asked him to fulfil it in my life. How i left work feeling empty, lonely and having no energy to pray. I cried to the Holyspirit to fill the gap. I kept pulling out the prayer book(dream code) but everytime i opened, I felt like continuing to call upon the Holyspirit and by the time i was through it was approaching morning. When i went back to bed, i dreamt when i was moving out of the home gate while the Gaurd was looking but when i came back to call the Guard to close instead a very black dog came out and it was moving towards me.

Afterwards Igot another dream while in bed with my mouth opening widely and calling on the HOLYGHOST FIRE. I felt a very bright light and when i opened my eyes to see it was fire burning. I immediately closed my eyes because it was so bright. Meanwhile i went on calling upon Holygghost fire in the dream and open my eyes again only to see that the fire was also on top and it was heavy but i could not feel the burden. I commanded it to consume all the evil spirits including the black dog to ashes and when i turned my eyes, even the ashes of the dog were burning. It was now that i realised that the fire was all around my bed. But all throughout the dream i was just pronouncing HOLYGHOST FIRE till when i woke up.
Lord i thank you, for you are A CONSUMING FIRE. Am even going to enrol in the Prayer Academy and very soon I will be testifying here again.


2 Esther 01.11.12 at 12:06 am

Praise the Lord Brother Elisha.
Indeed God is good. I started off 2012 in prayer and have since then joined in the prayer and fasting Unfortunately,I could not join in the Esther fast but I prayed and believed.(I will take up the Esther fast next week).
On day 10 of our prayer,my mom came to me with all my documents. I had lost all my school documents and certificates and could not find a job. The spirit of laziness had taken over and it was very hard to retrieve all my information again.
I thank the Lord that I have received my documents and I am believing him for a job as I set out to look for one now.
God is good….and He’s mercies endure forever.
Esther in Uganda


prossy Reply:

Praise God

prossy blog24


Ida Reply:

how do i get into the blog4?


abel Reply:

hello esther,
i just want to encourage you to go on the esther fast.God will move mightily in your favour and you will get that dream job in jesus name.Amen


Rachael Reply:

Sure thing, you’ll get the job Esther.
God is not man that He should lie and neither does He say things for public relations value. He would not have given us a provision to pray if He knew He would not answer. Am here believing him for a house and a jeep and I know am getting them. The devil’s conclave – all protocol observed – will not play pranks on me. I will have my house and jeep because my God is able and willing………………Amen

Rachel Uganda


Emily Reply:

Dear sister in christ Jesus. I am with you in prayers ,just understant that Our good Lord has good plans for us and nothing bad. He is a God of time and his ways are not our ways neither his plans and thoughts BUT let us continue to pray that MAY HIS PLANS BE CONSISTANT TO OUR PLANS.He is saying those who wait upon him shall renew their strength.So your job is just by the corner. Stay blessed my sister.

3 Cecilia Dsouza 01.11.12 at 12:17 am

Dear Elisha,
My Husband and me having been praying persistently the Elisha Goodman Prayers since October 21, 2010 and also our Church Members, my brothers and sisters having been interceding for us.

Psalms 109:30
With my mouth I will give thanks abundantly to the Lord, and in the midst of many I will Praise Him.

The Lords Mercy and Love endures forever, It only his forgiveness and compassion on us that we have got (my twin kids) Shyanne and Manoah’s residences visa stamped after a period of
5 years , with no penalties (forgiven and cancelled by the blood of Jesus)

Residence visa has to be applied within two months of the child’s birth, but because of financial crises,We could only start this process in 2008
Tried many sources and influence, but could not get it done in Sharjah on my husband sponsorship, so the process was started at Abudhabi immigration, until Sept 2011.
As my husband’s employment visa expired and cancelled in September 2011. All the papers were withdrawn, and we reapplied all the childrens visas in Dubai , through my Sponsorhip
(Women is allowed to sponsor only on Humanitarian Grounds (i.e when the husband is unemployed or does not fulfill the criteria to sponsor family). God opened the door, I could sponsor all my children.

After the visa approval we had submitted an application to reduce the fine ( 5years). First day they refused to take the documents, after two days we resubmitted the papers, it was accepted on Nov 1, 2011. One month past by we did not receive any intimation, but today this morning we went just to check the court date. Though after a small difficult conversation with the Immigration
Authorities, she checked the file and found the papers and started processing the documents , to my surprise she asked me to get the local transfer paper typed and thereafter she printed the
Residence visa slip asked me if I wanted urgent or normal. I was unable to understand what was exactly happening as I was waiting to know the court date and the penalities, but here she had printed the visa slip. She asked me to pay urgent visa money and come back with the slip. On submitting the slip. She handed over Shyanne and Manoah’s Passports with residence stamp in my hand.

Also my husband who was having difficult time getting his job visa, is back yesterday on his new job visa.

Thank You Elisha for helping me3to pray powerfully, and getting me more and more closer to GOD. Your prayer points are indeed a powerful weapon for strong and difficult problems.

All Glory to God, God Bless You Abundantly



Deborah Reply:



abel Reply:

this is awesome cecilia,i praise the name of Almighty God for your case.only him can move in our favour like.God bless you and your family with a new thing before the end of this month, Amen.


4 yaw 01.11.12 at 12:46 am

yea i ve never had the chance to participate in the prayer academy. can i still go back to do the esther fast? pls at what site can i have the live chat with you?


prossy Reply:

You can still do the Esther fast as long as you feel led by the spirit to do it.
You can access the live chat on this very page at the top right hand corner
prossy blog24


janeffer from 24hr blog Reply:

You need to join the prayer academy first in order for you to be able to access live chat. Meanwhile you can use the free material you get on your emails. Yes you can do the Ester fast and other fastings, our God is able and answers prayers all the time. I urge you to join the prayer academy you get wonderful teachings and your life would never be the same again. Consider the money you will pay for the academy as a great investment for your spiritual life.
God be with you


5 yaw 01.11.12 at 12:58 am

pls now i dont have the money bt can get it in march. can i still join the 25th prayer


prossy Reply:

Well ask for God’s providence,and He will surely provide you with the finances.and there will be more prayer academy programs as the year progresses.Just keep checking and when you are ready you can join.I pray you get the finances to join soon,be blessed.
prossy blog24


olivia Reply:

yaw the academy starts on the 25th of every month so you can join when you are ready. i gave the money to a friend who paid for me on line that is how i got in. i can assure you that what you will learn from the academy is beyound your imagination. the Lord will change you and make you a new person you will never lack or be clueless in life again. you will know the lord in a new way. what i gained from the academy is priceless compared what i paid totally. but in the Lords good time you will join and you will never be the same again if you really follow the materials and instructions all the best


ask Reply:

Hello Yaw,
when you get money in March then you will joing the Prayer Academy for now just be patient and keep using the prayer bullets you have. Elisha’s comments at the beginning of these testimonies if you read carefully you will find 3 links;

that for Prayer Academy
that for Single prayer marathon
that for Marriage restoration

you will click on the Prayer Academy and you will see all instructions on what to do. Blessings.


6 Kevin 01.11.12 at 1:01 am

Dear Elisha ,
I have been on the prayer program each and every year for the past three years . Yet I have not had an oppurtunity to join the Academy that teaches us the 4 lessons . Could you provide me an entry into the 24 hr. blog . Earlier also i had tried but couldnt succeed and i sent yu the message i recieved . Looking forward to you help in getting into the next phase of the prayers .,



prossy Reply:

Hi Kevin,
Your first qualification to the blog24 is completion of the prayer academy.Therefore i would urge you to enroll for the next program starting 25 January so that you are not left out.
Be blessed
prossy blog24


Jenkal Reply:

Dear Kevin,
The prerequisite of joining the 24-hour blog is the prayer academy so please just sign up into the prayer academy so that you can be participating fully in all prayer programs.

God bless


Anne Kamau Reply:

Hi Kevin,
We get access to blog24 after we successfully complete the prayer academy, Please sign in on the parayer acedemy details given above to join, there are lots of teachings in the academy you need to go through and after completion you will be given access to blog 24.
God bless you as you arrange to join the Prayer academy.
Bless you-Anne blog24


mm Reply:

Kevin you need to participate in the Prayer Academy to get entry into Blog24. Therefore find out on how to join the prayer academy by going to the top of this site on the right there you access the live chart. Please do it as soon as you read this; don’t spend another year without being in touch with your blessings.


ask Reply:

Hello Kevin,
i supposed you cannot joing the 24 hr blog before doing the Prayer Academy, so see the comments i have written for the testimony just before yours to enable you join the Prayer Academy. Be blessed.


7 Teresita P. Samhoon 01.11.12 at 1:14 am

Hello there bro. Elisha. Blessing to all of you. I used to pray those prayer bullets that you’re sending. I am here in Dubai. Please help me to pray to defeat the devil and all temptation in my life. I resign from my work to search for higher salary. I got one and after resignation one month allowance to issue for another visa. Now my boss is very slow I am running out of days otherwise i will pay the penalty. Please pray that i don’t have ban for 6 months and my former employer quickly cancel my visa and labor card so that my next sponsor can issue another visa for me., I thank you for your support I thank all who is praying for me out there. God Bless you all. PS. bro. Elisha it doesn’t matter I am praying Dubai time the 27 mins to midnight prayer.

teresita samhoon ,,,,Dubai Jan 11,2012


8 Moses John 01.11.12 at 1:14 am

Thank you so much my Lord Jesus.
I have been successfully completed Golden Journey 14 day Prayer Marathon Level 1 today with grace of God. I have received financial breakthrough suddenly during this Golden Journey millions and millions fo thanks to holy heavenly father Jesus.

‘O’ LORD I pray for Elishagoodman and his team and firesprings Ministries abundantly in the mighty name of JESUS.

‘O’ LORD I pray for who are struggling to Join Prayer Academy this year 2012 bless them financially stable in the mighty name of JESUS.

O’ LORD give me opportunity serve you in this new year 2012 and spread Firesprings ministries throughout in India in the mighty name JESUS. Thank you LORD you answered my prayer.

Moses John
New Delhi , INDIA


Anne Kamau Reply:

Moses John I rejoice with you for your testimonies. May God continue to increase you as you desire to serve Him.


Loide Reply:

John I Loide also in New Delhi here is my conduct 8585901161 Iwant
to introduce many people to Elisha Goodman’s web please help me .


9 nsisong 01.11.12 at 1:17 am

i am challenged and wants to improve my prayer life.i will love to join ur prayer atmidnight


Anne Kamau Reply:

Hi Nsisong
I would encourage you to join prayer academy where by you will be taught how to prayer, when to prayer and what to prayer. Your life will never be the same again I guarantee you. I also did not know how to prayer BUT now I can prayer and have answers.

Please think and arrange to join the upcoming academy.
God bless you.


10 sister M 01.11.12 at 1:20 am

i have tried so many times to chat with prayer advisors, but i keep getting error messages that I am currently not in a live chat session.


11 jael Shisanya 01.11.12 at 1:20 am

On the day I completed my Easter Fast, my house girl who has been stealing from me and who seemed to have some satanic powers over my family just disappeared in the night never to be seen again. When I called her to find out where she was, she told me she was tired and would not be coming back. I have lived under her mercy for two and half years. I believe God removed this personality from my way to free me from her satanic acts and her ungodly powers over my family. Praise be to God. He is might and his mercies endureth for ever.


Sarah Reply:

I Praise the Lord for your testimony. I had the same experience with my worker too whom we did not know had satanic powers from her grand parents, which powers she believed in. When she started working for me I suspected there was something wrong with from her stories, and the way she was conducting her self. Through my powerful prayers and my prayer alter at home, she became a born again xtian. But what would surprise me, is that during the vigorous prayers, she would start screaming through out the prayers. Suddenly, she would leave us and go to bed before we started prayers. Another thing that happened monitoring spirits started coming around my house in form of crying pussy cats during the night and when i would pray binding and canceling the powers and works of the enemy against my life and family using the following scriptures,and by the power in the blood of Jesus, I started praying to the Lord to reveal to me the secrets of my workers, my house girl who had evil spirits that would attack her secretly too, and both were hiding in the garment of being saved( born again) first left and i had to keep the fire burning for this other one because i had to consult a counselor( spiritual) and had advised me not to chase her away saying her powers had already affected us. Quoting the following during prayers, cleared the way and she packed her belongings and left.
Gal 3:13- Jss Christ redeeming us from the curse…..
Luke 10:19, Mathew 16:19, Numbers 23:23
and would conclude with Jer 1: 5, 10, Ps 119:105 therefore Isaiah 54:17,the pussy cats would be silent and move away. Immediatelly she left my home, the same pussy cat left with her. Its now 2 months.
Elisha thank you for the prayer anointing that you have instilled in me and my family. May the Almighty continue to bless you.


jael Shisanya Reply:

Thanks for the comment and God bless you too!


Julie Reply:

Praise God,
God also delivered me from a house help who has been planning to attack me physical. Two days ago, I told the Lord that am tired of being treated badly by house-helps yet am so good to them; the Lord woke me up to pray Psalms 35, 109 and 18, then I prayed from academy 7. That same day, one of the house-help left the house and switched off her phone. later the other one who was left behind, told me how she was planning to attack me with a panga (a object like a knife used in the garden ). The Lord delivered me from this evil woman.



Newton Reply:

Praise God. This is a real miracle. Thank God for all His mercies for us. Amen. We rejoice with you and bless the Name of Jesus for all His immense blessings upon you, ps: join the Prayer Academy fast, if you have not yet been on it so that you will receive your abundant blessings>


jael Shisanya Reply:

Amen, we are protected by the blood of Jesus. Let us continue to cover ourselves and our loved ones with the blood of Jesus.


12 P. JEYACHANDRAN 01.11.12 at 1:21 am

Since 2011 Feb I started praying during the midnight but I was unable to to it continually because of my family problems. During my visits to my home, I was unable to pray, because they would be alarming if they happened to see me praying in full vigour and spirit because they are unbelievers. I am the only person in my family came to Christ and saved. Even I had Esther fasting on 31 st Dec 2011, I was unable to start my prayer upto 11.30 p.m. Then, after everybody started going to bed, I started praying in the dark bed, I was alone; before that, I was starting praying to God to myself time to strom the gate of 2012. God helped me to be alone for praying. Jan 1st, being a holiday, I was going on praying in my mind all the time, and on Jan 2nd the long sought after Home Loan was sanctioned and the amount was credited to my a/c. Praise the Lord. Everybody in the Bank, helped me getting the loan, and half of the amount is yet to be released, and I am praying for the same to be released soon. God will do wonders. My sincere request to all the prayer eagles, please pray for my wife Vijayalakshmi, my daughter Nivedhidha doing her 12th standard my son Nikhilan a doctor to be saved. They are all following the Hindu tradition. They are all against Christianity. Praise the Lord.

The midnight prayer started giving fruits this year. I am verymuch thankful to Bro. Elisha Goodman in Christ for I am being guided.


Newton Reply:

Praise the Lord. I suggest you use Phillipians 4: 6 to encourage yourself and intensify your prayers for them all. ‘Be anxious about nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication make your requests known to God and the God of peace shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus… God Bless I suggest you use Elisha’s Prayer DNA Secrets to pray and those bullets shall prove God in your life. Your family shall be saved. Amen


13 Teresita P. Samhoon 01.11.12 at 1:24 am

I am grateful somebody signed for me in this sight. I am very encourage for the daily prayer . It comforts and gives me assurance that God really cares for His children. But it requires faith.,I thank you so much , God will bless you more.


Newton Reply:

Praise God . Please, join the Prayer Academy without delay. This will build your faith and deliver you from any aatacks of satan.God bless you richly.


14 Magdeline Tlhwaafalo 01.11.12 at 1:24 am

i would like to thank you elisha for the prayers and for letting God to use you to help us. i want to tell you that my husband has changed and he said to me this morning that he want to be a good father i thank Jesus Christ for realising him from the bondage of evil spirit. he is also praying with me when ever i pray. thank you elisha may God, Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Glory be to God.



thanks elisha for allowing god to use you we are experiencing some breakthroughs .which website can l use to chat with prayer eagles
which prayer points did you use l am having a problem with my husband


Newton Reply:

Praise God, please, both of you should join thePrayer Academy without delay. This will strengthen and equip your prayer life to move God in your lives like never before.


15 sharonrhodes 01.11.12 at 1:31 am

I praise God for being so faithfull with His encouragement and support during these times of prayer and fasting. The enemy turns up the heat to discourage and depress me but with Our Lords help through you Elisha and His Word and his sweet still voice the enemy is overcome. All praise be to OuR Father Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His SPirit for setting us free


Newton Reply:

Praise God please, join the Prayer Academy, too. You will know how to move God’s Hand quickly and abundantly in your prayers.


16 Lillian 01.11.12 at 1:31 am

Hi Elisha,
I am just soo happy! I give God thanks and I praise His Holy name for He is a good God. He is faithful! In 2011, whenever I purposed to fast & pray, something always interrupted my plans. I wasn’t able to complete 27 minutes to midnight 2011 edition; after that I tried prayer academy early in the year (2011) but kept getting interrupted by sickness or family problems. . Another thing, I just didn’t seem to understand the instructions given in the prayer academy;there was a lot of confusion.I knew this was a spiritual attack so I cried out to God to help me get through the prayer academy. In September 2011, I purposed to get through the 21-day prayer academy. just as I started, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. He was staying with us and that resulted in many visistors at home so again I was unable to pray at midnight as I had no privacy. In November 2011 I started 21-day prayer marathon again. I struggled with fasting and praying…I would do 2 days and stop. pick up again after 2 days, fast & pray for 3 days then stop….In the middle of this, my son was diagnosed with pneumonia. I knew for sure that the enemy was now attacking me & my family in full force. I carried my prayers to hospital when we were admitted and I continued with the prayers & fasting.
After 2 days my son’s condition improved. On the 3rd day he got worse. I knew this time I could not give up; our lives depended on it. I cried out to God ‘please, Lord, show me what to do’. At 11:30 pm that night I got a text mesage from someone I didn’t know, telling me to stand for my son at the midnight hour. I have never been so scared. I asked who this was and the reply was ‘I am your secret prayer partner….now get up and pray for your son’s life. cover him with the blood of Jesus..’I got up and did just as she said. That same night happened to be the last prayer of 21-day marathon. My son was healed of the pneumonia, thanks be to God. However, this battle was not over. At his review 2-weeks later, the doctor said my son is asthmatic and prescribed an inhaler for him. My son has never suffered from asthma since he was born 7 years ago. I refused this diagnosis in the name of Jesus and to date we have never used the inhaler.
Elisha, I have successfully completed 27 minutes to midnight 2012 edition. God has answered my prayers. I give Him all thanks and praise.
Truly, He is a wonderful God! Now I can’t wait to begin prayer academy on 25 January 2012. This time I know I will complete it.
Thank you for your obedience to God to raise prayer warriors. May God richly bless you.


belinda Reply:

You must purpose and pray against interruptions be it direct to you, your family, friends, collegues, neighbours, saints or anyone or anything that will divert you from partaking in these prayer quests.
I prayed that no one dies during or after my golden journey, or be disturbed during this time I tell you my sister God has been faithful we are this far and nothing hindered me. I also urge you to close doors to deaths, illness or whatever that can create a hurdle whenever you purpose to pray.

The devil is a liar he knows that there are vast blessings for you in store hence all the interruptions, remember he did that to brother Daniel when he was prayimg and fasting for 14 days the Angel sent with his answer was held up by the king of Persian. He remains the same liar my dear.

Praise God that in the midst of it all you have overcome.


Newton Reply:

Hello and thanks be to God Who gives us the Victory, through Jesus Christ our Lord, all the time. May the Lord strengthen you by His Spirit in the inner man and grant you a fighting spirit to never give up but always fight your way in every situation, in His Name, Jesus. I suggest you get a copy of Elisha’s Prayer of Caleb,without delay, this will teach you how to pray your way through illness and also protect yourself and family from sicknesses and death and bring you youthful life,too. God is able and He rewards those who diligently seek Him.


17 Koku 01.11.12 at 1:38 am

Glory to God in the highest! I have seen God’s hand at work during this Golden Journey. In the first week alone and in this month of January (so far – and the month isn’t over yet), I have made the highest sales ever in my small home business. This has been amazing to me especially because January is usually a tight month financially for most people, but somehow my clients have been buying and buying. I do not take this for granted, I am truly grateful to my heavenly Father for this miracle. I am looking forward to Level 2 because I know there are many blessings in store for me. No matter how small you think your testimony is, I encourage you to share with us so that we can praise and thank God together.

God bless you,

Sis Koku


Newton Reply:

Glory be to God, Sis. for sharing such an inspiring and encouraging testimony with us. Our souls are uplifted and we bless God for all His blessings upon you may He continue to show you even more of His Glory on this Golden Journey. May He also equip you as you are so determined for the Level 2. We really look forward to hearing from God and receiving all our blessings, too. Amen


18 Elizabeth 01.11.12 at 1:44 am

After I started praying certain prayer bullets from the Dream Code book, I started having dreams again. (For the longest time, they dreams had stopped altogether.) I had this dream 3 times.

I was separated from a group of Christians by about 50 feet. It was a bright sunny day, nd all the Christians were standing in one corner of the lot. I was walking in their direction when a small wild animal jum ped out of a hole in the ground, and nipped my ankle. This made me realize that there was a hole in the ground not far from me. It ws deep, like a well. I looked inside, and at the bottom, there was a HUGE python coiled, with its head in the air. I was so frightened.

Immediately, I called to the other Christians in the dream to warn them, but they were not concerned. After the third repetition of the dream, I decided to pray against the “wicked, highly intelligent enemies” associated with the stype of snake.

Ever since I prayed those prayer bullets, I have had no more bad dreams. Praise the Lord!


Busi Reply:

Oh excellent I should get on those prayer points too because I am missing out a lot in not having my dreams remembered when I wake up!


Ann Reply:

from Elisha, go this link its about dreams and how to pray.



19 Lorraine 01.11.12 at 1:44 am

In case you even see this please email, me i want to join the blog.


Newton Reply:

Hello. I believe the first thing you need to do is complete the Prayer Academy, to get on the blog. Howeve, if you have done this, then you need to get to chat with the Live chat before the deadline of Friday, 13th January and they will show you what to do . God bless you. In case you haven’t completed the Prayer Academy, then I suggest you join the next one beginning 25th January, so you can continue with the Level 2 of the Golden Journey, at Easter. The Lord strengthen you to see this through . Amen.


Lorraine Reply:

Newton thank you so much for your reply.. how do i get on to the chat ?? i guess my timings here in India, clash with your chat timing.. unless it is a 24 hour chat.
I have finished the 14 day course successfully for the first time ..Praise the Lord,


Newton Reply:

Praise the Lord. Glory be to God. So glad my comments were useful to you. I feel very encouraged, too. God bless you.
Yes, I believe that when you log on to the web address given by Elisha on the 27 Minutes to Midnight 2012 and open the site , you will see a live chat with a photo of a Prayer Eagle waiting to chat to anyone who contacts them. Click on the live chat and wait for a response from them and then they will guide you through. Otherwise try the Elisha Goodman web site for a live chat and you will be resonded to. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you through. He is God and He will do it. Amen.Get on it straight away.

20 sister M 01.11.12 at 1:44 am

eagle 1 dumped me in the middle of live chat while trying to give her a response, all of a sudden I was no longer in a live chat session. Can eagle1 please drop me an email to continue with our live chat session? Blessings!


Newton Reply:

Hello. I believe that in moments like these the Eagles might be overloaded with calls and so the system could easily by error filter one through , while chatting live. PS do not give up on your conversation with Eagle 1. Why don’t you try the live chat again? It might just work out perfectly. God bless you. Do call the live chat line at least, one more time. God bless you.


21 agrinette 01.11.12 at 1:45 am

hi my spiritual brother,

i would like to thank you so much for letting me know the secret of the bible through praying using the prayer bullets you are sending. ever since i used them throughout 2011, i did make a list of all my closet friends and relatives that were in need of God to open their doors in terms of job opportunities and settlement of their debts. my brother elisha as i speak now, my uncle who was on the list is now hired by one of his big brother in his auditors firm opened recently, my aunt has got a share of settlement from the house sold by her exhusband who was not responding and using his stubborness to do so while he was moving on with his life, my friend sinah has received Jesus in an awesome manner after i share with her the secret of the prayer bullets. i am deeply amazed on how God is answering my prayers and my sisters too are back unto their feet after being admitted in & out from hospitals. God is really awesome. all this people were on the list i did write before. and i am looking forward for Him to open the doors and release His power for my younger brother and son to get employed. Halleluya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you and the prayer warriours.


Tehila Reply:

Dear Agrinette

Thank you very much for sharing your testimony. As I read through it – I was prompted to pray for my relatives who have been struggling to get jobs in the last 10 years. Their unemployment is so chronic that they have resigned themselves from applying and would rather just continuously beg me for money. I believe that the Lord has used your testimony to prompt me to stand in the gap for their need.

Bless you for your testimony


22 lilian nyamoita 01.11.12 at 1:47 am

I am grateful to log into your website,it has sharpened my inner man and it has motivated me pray the more.Thank you for teaching us to pray the kind of prayers that get Heavens attention faster.As i write this i have just completed my one year course fully sponsored by my employer all thanks to your prayers on this website.God bless you Elisha


Newton Reply:

Praise the Lord for your testimony but Sister, there is still more power-packed atom prayers in the Prayer Academy and I suggest you immediately, enroll on the next one beginning 25th January, 2012. This will take you higher and teach you to sustain all your blessings so your joy may be complete at all times. Amen. Give it a chance.


23 cecilia jelagat 01.11.12 at 1:47 am

The prayers i am finding in this website is actually touching. Although i have not bought any book, the lessons are even valuable too. Thank u elisha for your website. God guide you.


Newton Reply:

Amen . Why don’t you register for the Prayer Academy beginning 25th January, for starters? You will get to know more and also acquire those books that will blow your mind concerning becoming a Prayer Warrior. Definitely, the books will also help you tremendously, the Dream code, Prayer of Caleb etc. Ps purchase them without delay. I have been immensely blessed by them and I continue to turn to them, in moments of need. Try them, too.


24 Maggie 01.11.12 at 1:47 am

Praise God bro elijah, mine is a question. I was unable 2 participate in the 14 day prayers at the gate of 2012,is there hope for me? I’m in desperate need for God’s intervention. Can you help please?


Webster M Reply:

I truly believe that it is God’s grace that we have come to know of Elisha Goodman Ministry and the way he has touched so many lives. I keep praying that many more others be enlightened by his teachings. I believe God knows everything about our lives. The 27 Minutes to Midnight Newsletter speaks of a Golden Journey in 2012, starting first with the 14 day prayer program. We should take this journey and experience what God has in store for us in this Journey. You may want to join the Prayer Academy if you can. There is no going back for us! God bless you abundantly!


Lena Reply:

Just start the prayers immediately. It is never too late with God. He is there from everlasting to everlasting


olivia24hourblog Reply:

Maggie it will be okay to pray those points. you can also use the prayerbullts in the news letters and the free books on the site. you may also do the free trial lessons. i did all this because i found out about the site in feb 2010 and i could not make the payments. but finally i joined the academy in july 2010.

after all this i am sure that you will join the academy.its the greatest thing that is waiting to happen to you. please this is no joke i exprienced it and its worth expriencing sharing about it just does not cut it. its worth experiencing. and the money paid for it is practically peanuts compared to the blessings which the Lord will pour on your life. but in the Lords good time he will make a way for you and you will be in.
all the best


25 emoni 01.11.12 at 1:48 am

thanks today is the 14th day and I’m experiencing breakthroughs in all
aspect of my life. I went through the 14 day fasting with a friend in Christ
and we’re just praising the Lord for the positive results. We both have been offered a job with awesome packages and on our first pay we’re
planning to buy all the books available on-line.
I speak blessing of this ministry and all prayer eagles globally…thanks
stay blessed
yours in Christ Jesus



Newton Reply:

Wow. Bless the Lord. Go for it, purchase those books I have been tremendously blessed by them, especially, when I need to pray some violent prayers, at the midnight hour.
Secondly, please, do not delay, get immediately on the Prayer Academy of 25th January, 2012 so you can go on the Golden Journey, Level 2 at Easter. God bless you.


26 Merewalesi 01.11.12 at 1:50 am

Dear Elisha, I’d like to share another testimony this evening.GOD is truly faithful!!For a very long time I have always been seeing a cousin of mine and a niece that we all grew up together and went to school together.I always see myself around them and I would be struggling looking for my stuff in the dream while they are moving on.I always questioned why these two.Bitterness began to build up in me.Well, for this last week of the 14 day programme I saw them again and this time the LORD revealed to me that it was unforgiveness in my heart towards my mom and dad’s family and relatives.I’ve heard things beign said and done to my dad when I was a little girl and that stayed with me till the past few days even though I was serving the LORD for several years now.I immediately went to my room and pleaded the LORD’S forgiveness and I released my extended family and I felt a great release.I really felt something beign lifted off me and I really thank the LORD for delievering me.Thank you to you Bro Elisha and the prayer team for standing with me in prayer.GLORY BE TO JESUS!!


27 were 01.11.12 at 1:51 am

God is faithful all the time, i have decided to be positive in my life even though there are ups and downs but with His guidance i know i will conquer and be a victor, through the power in the blood of Christ Jesus.

Were Andrew



Debbie Sutherland Reply:

a friend of mind introduce me to this sight and i am going to try it


28 Lorraine 01.11.12 at 1:55 am

Ok now through another way i see my post here ! I have the finished the 14 days prayer at the gate.. There are many spiritual doors opened but i have still to get my breakthrough.. i know it will come soon.
Thank you for the prayer points
God Bless you abundantly,


29 Awurama 01.11.12 at 2:00 am

I praise the Lord that in this Golden Journey, a friend of mine, who was using drugs & abusing alcohol, whom I have been preaching to called me and was talking about
How he had surrendered hi life to God and was going to live according to Gods’ purpose for his life.
How great is our God!


30 ALALIBO KARIBO 01.11.12 at 2:01 am

I thank God for giving me and my wife the grace to go through the last 14 days prayer, it was indeed wonderful and refreshing. We could feel inside us that there is lifting for us in the midst of the downcast around. As we began, I started having series of dreams, some fearful, and we kept praying them dead as they come and committing them to God, but on the last day wednesday 11th night I dreamt and found myself in the church,and as the pastor was preaching, he kept mentioning my name name 3 times as I was at the back row. As a pastor will sometime move around the church while preaching, he came to me at the back and said just karibo alalibo is being blessed, unknown to him that it is me he was speaking to. I then tried to whisper to him that I am the person. as we complete the program, we committed it to God.


31 Ditto Bweendo 01.11.12 at 2:01 am

I am encouraged what is contained in the Passion Prayer Book. I want to join the midnight watch. Can I joint before I receive my Kit which I have already ordered?


32 Jennifer 01.11.12 at 2:10 am

I would like to thank God for His hands of protection upon my family. On 3rd Jan, a boy in our church came to visit and snicked out of the house with my two mobile phones. We did not realize he had also taken the keys to the room where the music system of the church is kept. He returned on Friday night and made off with the music system. We only realized on Friday morning when we saw the door open.
All along during my prayer times I kept thanking God for this boy and praying for my family not to hurt him if he is caught. On Monday 9th Jan, my two sons met this boy in town moving along the streets and brought him home. He admitted that he had picked all the items and sold them off to people he knew. I give glory to God that yesterday all the stolen items were discovered.
The police told us that you are really people of God if you could get this boy and recover all the items.
I know the Lord is fighting our battle and thanking Elisa for Ministry that encourage us to pray passionately.
My God bless you


33 LJ. 01.11.12 at 2:16 am

I have just completed the 14 day programme. I have had some of your books for a couple of years but have not been as committed as I was this time. Saints lets wake up and do what we are supposed to do. These prayers changed my household Iam going to have a testimony of my husband of 26 years giving his life to the Lord. They changed me ,things I did not like about myself had to bow at the midnight prayers. When we are committed no devil and no demon can stand in our way.Thank you Elisha for the blessing you are. 2012 is going to be a year like no there. watch this space.


34 Gladys 01.11.12 at 2:24 am

I thank God for the Golden Journey prayers, during the Easter fast i did not get much revelations from God, but there was this one dream which i remembered very clearly where i was very upset with my maid and i didnt know why. Brother Elisha, my maid only worked for five days and stopped work without giving any reasons. Now i know that God was silent because he was fighting my battles. I look forward to level 2 of the Golden Journey. God bless


35 patriciah 01.11.12 at 2:27 am

Praise God. During this time of prayer i have seen God work wonders in my life. I have gone to a higher spiritual level with him and I get to feel his presence and his guidance within me. All the spiritual gifts that God has given me have been awakened within me and i can only say there is none like God. You said something about online prophecies that are recorded and repeated over and over. I discovered one webiste like that and i immediately unsubscribed. Thank you for opening my eyes to God’s truth Elisha. Surely you are a man of God. I will continue praising him all the days of my life. I have also had a dream and i realized that my brother in law’s wife has been causing a rift between my husband and her husband and she is involved is some hidden evil. I am praying for her now and i know that soon God will grant me victory in Jesus name. God bless you Elisha coz since i discovered your website, i have never been the same.


36 Sonja vd Merwe 01.11.12 at 2:27 am

Ek vra vir al my God se kinders ,om vir my en my man ,besigheid ,kinders te bid , dit is erenstig . Ons huur by n persoon wat glad nie God ken nie ,hy is n satan , maar hy (THYS MULDER ) dink hy is God en dit het hy vir ons genoem ons moet voor hom buig want hy se hy is God . Ek het hom bestraf in die Naam van JESUS van NASARET . Hy wil ons uit die gebou uit skop en ons op straat bly en betel , maar ek gaan nie sy sin gee nie . So maatjie van onse Jesus Christus ek vra vir erenstige gebed en vir my man ook want my man se geloof is deur die satan afgebreek deur sy dreiging mente en hy veneder my man ook en se hom sleg . BID ASSEBLIEF ,Hier is my epos adres : msmashopfitters@wizarinternet.co.za Baie Dankie vir julle bystaand na hier versoek en gebede wat ek aanvrae. Sonja van der Merwe . JESUS SEEN JULLE RYKLIK AMEN OP ALLE GEBEDE .


37 Nellie 01.11.12 at 2:28 am

Praise the Lord brother Elisha,i thank you for your teachings for your God sent servant,i have now become strong in prayer and longing for Gods Intervention av also learned to be hopeful en wait upon the Lord
I want to Join the Prayer Academy of the 27 Minutes to mid nite and i pray that God directs me because i just cant explain the deep sleep i have whenever i want to wake up and pray!
Pliz help me in Prayer to overcome this,


38 judy 01.11.12 at 2:30 am

Greetings Prophet Elisha and all Prayer Eagles!

Day fourteen!!!!!!! The Lord has done it for me! For I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus our Lord. I certainly look forward to joining the Prayer Academy early this year so that I can continue to see the hand of the Lord in my life and join the Level 2 of the Golden Journey by Easter.


39 Jemimah.N. 01.11.12 at 2:32 am

i joined your website three days ago but i have not got any prayers from you yet i need them a gently and i need some one to pray with me for am still a new comer and i do not understand most of the things you offer for example can one join the academy on line? how can i get your books because i need them and i have no vise card i really want to be a member but i don’t have that much money but what are the few that i can access as i try to get the money to become a member. Thanks Jemimah
From Uganda


40 SISTER N 01.11.12 at 2:34 am

I want to thank you brother Elisha for teaching me how to pray, this is my first time to participate in Goldern Journey, I am on medication but for the Esther fast I did not take any and praise the Lord i managed to go through without pain. I am believing God for total healing this year.
I never used to remember my dreams but now I do remember, there is one dream which is puzzling me, I dremt I had gone to one of my Sisters in law’s house, I had a platter with grain, I knelt down and gave to her. Can you help me to understand this dream

Sister N


41 P C 01.11.12 at 2:34 am

I praise the Lord for you Bro Elisha and ministry, I started using your prayers in 2009 and am on the 14 day program ending today. On the 4th of January 2012, when we were left with about $4 in the house, we received a messege from our friends abroad giving us details of how to collect $100, they had send to us. My husband and I were surprised and praised God, He is Jireh. I am still believiving God for greater things, 1. completion of building of house, 2. School fees for children , 3. to be debt free, 4. fire of God in ministry…..5. my 2 sisters’marriages

Thank you for your ministry


42 ceazer 01.11.12 at 2:45 am

Hello Elisha, please send me more bullets on restoring my dream life, prosperity and walking into the anointing of God.


43 patricia Chikowero 01.11.12 at 2:45 am

I don’t have money at the moment but i want to join the second level of 25 January. please advise what i can do, I desperately need this.


44 Kate 01.11.12 at 2:45 am

I am fed up of living a life of sickness, singleness & jobless.
I pray that 2012 will be a year of breakthrough, I want the prayer
Warriors to stand in the gap with me & pray for availability
Of funds so that I can join the Prayer Academy for January 25.


olivia24hourblog Reply:

in the mean time please make use of all the free materials on the site to prepare you for that day.Remember we are to prepare for oppotunities. read the passion prayerbook, G5 report, yreport and there is free trial for the academy. please when the lord shows you mercy you will be able to join the academy. please join the singles academy it will be very good. all the best


Abi Reply:

Hi Sister Olivia;

Taking up the offer of a trial Academy session is because I desperately need to jooin the Academy; ..i know God will someway cause a miraculous intervention for me to attend. Pending that, how does one sign up for a trial….i’ve seen no email messages.


45 Mickey 01.11.12 at 2:46 am

Hi, Elisha, it was a good day when I came face to face with these prayer bullets. This year on the 14 day prayer program I repeatedly prayed,” O Lord,open my understanding concerning the scriptures today in the name of Jesus” in tandem with all the other prayers. I tell you, my eyes are really open. Everytime I open my Bible to read, it seems like a light shines directly on the words and understanding just flashes through my mind. As a prayer eagle I burn with Holy fire because I am now able to turn almost every line into prayer bullets where in the past it was a mystery how to go about it. As a prayer co-ordinator in the church I’m in, Wow! we burn with Holy anger against the enemy because everyone is encouraged as we engage in warfare , we call it ELISHA’STYLE. People experience the power of God such that they are amazed at the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord as He answers prayers almost everyday. We bless the Lord for you.


46 Hilma 01.11.12 at 2:52 am

Praise God for he is a wonderful God. I came across your website in late 2010 as i was searching for Prayers on the internet. As i came to your website i signed up immediately. Last year i joined the Prayer Academy but the life i was living didn’t please God.

I was living with a boyfriend meaning i was in deep sexual immorality. As i started praying these prayers that i received from you my heart started to change. I move into my own apartment later last year and have since decide no more sex. He is fighting me for this everyday.

I thank God for delivarance that is continuing. He is starting to fill those empty space and all the hurt i’ve endured. My prayer now is For the strongholds of sexual immorakity to lose its grip upon my life totally and that I can walk away from this relationship without anyone getting hurt


47 Jacie 01.11.12 at 2:52 am

Praise the Lord brother Elisha,
Indeed our God is a Mighty God,i want to thank Him for allowing me to participate in this 14 day fast though i had to break the fast sometime before the time 4 times but all in all i have seen His faithfulness to me. I remember writting to you about a house that i wanted to move in early this january but on 29th the day we started the fast was the day that i was to pay for that house only to find out that the house has been given to somebody else,i felt bad and i have been all a long for another house bt all that i get in one way or the other had some problem, I brought the issue of the house before God and i left it to God,on 9th of this month, the owner of the house that was given called me and asked if i have gotten a house and that he doesnt want that person for even the person who took it just paid and never came back,I told them that house was meant for me thus no one can take it, yesterday i went and paid for the house and am told even if i want to enter in february am allowed for its mine.so the house is empty for all of this month waiting for me and mark you in i havent paid for this month bt from feb.and infact am paying less compared to others.Thank you man of God for showing me the right way to pray and if we give to God our problems He will surelly sort us out. Im blessed.



48 pinky 01.11.12 at 2:55 am

Hi Elisha
Imust say you are truly God send in our lives,i’m doing night vigil of my financial breakthrough and i can’t wait to see them manifesting in my life,because i defenitly know that God is going to use me to change other peoples lifes,spiritually i’m blessed beyond measure and i now know that i will be able to handle this money that i’m waiting for from my loving father who has promised to meet all our needs according to his reaches and glorious in Christ Jesus.It is coming no matter what, from where? i don’t know and i don’t want to figure out,just watch and see i will keep in touch with when it arrives any time from now.


49 barbara 01.11.12 at 2:57 am

Praise be to the Lord almighty, I have been participating in the midnight prayers and I have seen God’s hand in every aspect of my life. However, I would like to join the prayer academy, please give me all the details. May our good Lord continue to richly bless this family in Jesus’ name. Amen


50 Boitumelo 01.11.12 at 2:57 am

i would like to thank God, he takes care of me, son and my family. the father of ma child left me i was jobless, God came to rescue me. he Gave me temporary job for year which got renewed for another year. for now my son graduated from hs preschool which i managed to pay school fees and trasport fee. Mighty God healed my father contagious disease and protected the whole family from contacting that. Thank you God for answering our prayers.


51 errol sacks 01.11.12 at 3:00 am

Why when I want to order it states province and there is no province for south africa so how do I order the cookbook.


52 Gladys Ambuka 01.11.12 at 3:07 am

Sir, Elisha
You are agreat brother, I had felt like, there is no need to pray, coz i have been praying and there are no results. the fire had gone down. But thank God for the Golden Journey prayer points they encouranged me not only to start again bu I also introduced my sister, brother and some friends on how to pray with those prayer points for the comig year 2012. I wish I could get leve 2 and 3 of the same.

Gladys -Kenya


53 judith 01.11.12 at 3:12 am

I sincerely thank God for all his good works. I have visiting Elishas Website and following just some of his prayer points provided for a week now and i have started feeling the ho;y spirit work within my life and family, please pray for me as i prepare to join the prayer academy for the prayer eagles. I thank God for my friend Anne who introduced me to this website. God bless you all.


54 Graniance 01.11.12 at 3:17 am

Thanks Elisha, I started the 40 prayers in November 2011 and in December I was he only one to be awarded 60% salary increase. I was shocked for I had been with the company for 15years and nobody noticed I was working hard. This encouraged me to join the 14 days of 27minutes to prayers and happy that I have managed to fast this long. Always I fasted for three days. I fell sick and the doctor gave me three days for review and promised to put me on BP pill suppose it could not be monitored. I was shocked when the doctor was the first to say he is not happy giving me these pills Thanks again Elisha if ever I had known this site long back I would have been somewhere in life. Right now am praying for my husband he does rewinding of motors and had been paid last year in May please pray for me


55 Blessings 01.11.12 at 3:23 am

Dear Elisha & All Eagles,

I am writing from Malawi.

The 2012 marathon is my second participation, the first being that of entering 2011 which ended in more frustrations which have been turned upside down this year.

As a matter of fact, this is my second testmony I am posting hear. The first was of an illness that attacked me in the last night of the esther fast but I got healed miracurasly and went on with the fasting.

My current testmony is: I am an Accounting Student and my exams are examined by a UK-based board; ACCA. Since I failed to subscribe my annual subscriptions, I was de-registered from the ACCA register in 2008. On 22nd Nov 2011, I applied for a bank cheque which kept delaying untill 7th Dec. I sent it to ACCA UK via the Malawi ACCA office on 16th Dec. In order to sit for June 2012 exams, I was supposed to be re-registered by 31st Dec 2011. The deadline passed and I got no feedback from ACCA UK but I kept firing the bullet: “Every hindering spirit hindering the move of God, I bind you in the name of Jesus!” I kept requesting God to revearse any negative report.

Come the 13th day of the prayer marathon; I recieved feedback from ACCA UK confirming me that I am eligible to sit for June 2012 exams and yet this is the second week after deadline. All along, I have known ACCA as being very strict with deadlines but that has not been the case with me this year.

Glory be to God, I am so excited with my course towards becoming a Chattered Accountant after a 3 years whhich devil wanted to prolong.

Thank you Elisha & all eagles for the prayer lessons and all testmonies.


56 precious 01.11.12 at 3:24 am

i thank God for this ministry.as im reaching the end of the 14 day prayer and fasting journey i want to thank the Lord for enabling me and taking me this far. im really beginning to see abundant results in my life, God is indeed so faithful. God has been opening doors for financial opportunities for me, restoration of my marriage is in progress and i know this year God is indeed taking far. This is my year of results and power shifts in everyarea of my life. i want to thank God for you brother Elisha for teaching me how to be a prayer warrior, praying targeted prayers that paralize every arrow of the enemy targetted at my life.

May God abundantly bless Fire Springs Ministries.


57 Eliza 01.11.12 at 3:26 am

Brother Elisha
You are wonderful, have a blessed new year with your colleagues in Firespring Ministry and all the days to come.
Thank you for an enlightment that we can pray and the doors can be opened up for our breakthroughs and also thank you because of the spiritual upliftment, I am no longer the same, I am more closer to God now than before.
I just want to give my testimony that myself and my husband we joint the 27minutes to midnight to storm the gates of 2012. As we started the programme on 29th December, 2011 in the afternoon of that day our house which was vacant for three months someone phoned that he is entering the house and he made instant payment for 3months. After esther fasting our payment from a company where we won contract was released. This was so amazing. And on third January, 2012 our children were going to school but we didn’t have anything to give to our children but GOD did wonders he gave us the provisions and our children went to school happily.
May the good Lord be praised. Amen



58 La Rochell 01.11.12 at 3:27 am


I joint the 27 minutes to midnight session and continued with the prayers. Just three days after that, my mother and grandmother recommitted their lifes to Christ. And just yesterday a lady in church blessed me with money N$ 200. I’m astowned by His faithfulness.



59 sheila manzira 01.11.12 at 3:29 am

I thank God for the Midnight prayers Since I first joined prayer Academy I have experienced healing instantly twice the first testimony I had a dry fast for three days straight looked up in my bedroom and the the third day was a Sunday morning I decided to break the fasting at 10 am in order to go to church. Before I was having pain in my rt ear and I intended to visit the Doctor so I took painkillers at work when it got worse anway as I was praying something started to shoot from my ear and I thought may be it was infected and pass was coming I ignored and continued to pray until the pressure and force of the the thing was so intense and I stopped praying then I took a cotton swab and I pulled out of my ear something like an orange seed I was shocked and I wondered how it went into my ear the pain immediately stopped to this day. My life ‘s journey is a living testmony and there is no way I can ever survive without a prayer. more testmony next time God bless you all sister s


60 Claudia 01.11.12 at 3:29 am

I will like to give glory and thanks to God our Saviour and Lord, he is mercyful and awesome God. The time when i begin with this programme of 27 minutes before Midnite I felt that God have already let His annointing touch me, i promise God not to look back ever and i promise myself to give myself wholeheartly to my Lord. I longed so much to be so closer to my Lord and I believe that this is the beginning of everything. I trust and believe God for greater things which is going to happend this year. I m totally looking forward to see how “my friends are going to be surprised and my enemies going to be shocked”!… To God be all the Glory, Halleluya Amen.To you Elisha, keep on your prize is not in this world!!, It is waiting you in Heaven for sure, may God keep giving you wisdom and knowledge to help us. God bless


61 'Mats'eli 01.11.12 at 3:36 am

Hi all saints,
Blessed be the name of Jesus! my daughter is doing well, Still waiting patiently for money to pay-off the debts cos I know the price has been paid at calvary and I am just waiting for the courier to deliver my package for I believe its only Him who will deliver me. I desperately want to register for the Prayer Academy now!!! but am financially DRY! but have all the HOPE that Jehova Jira will Provide before Friday. He makes way where there is none.

My business is on a stand still cos I owe Lots of money but am amazed they don’t shout at me as usual and I believe God has hidden me until He provides.

I need more prayers for these adverse situations which may be signs that I need to go an extra mile in prayer academy. Elisha I thank the Lord for you in a big way…join me watch and pray!


62 DEE MHL 01.11.12 at 3:38 am

Dear Elisha

Thinks on my site it seems as if they are bad to worse my spouse of 20yrs, in 2002 he payed half of the Lobola that my parents charge him and promises to marry me in the near future and ask me to go and sign with him but I refused as he is not finished to pay Lobola and I’m staying with him at his mothers place. In 1999 we where blessed with a baby girl now 12yrs. He hates my family and he said I must go back home and I do not have a place there any more and he has move out of the house and stay with his nice as his girl friend and it kills me slowly as I think of that he hates me he does not want to see me anymore even when he comes home to see his children he does not talk to me or look at me. He said I’m going to kill him. I love this man very bad and I cannot see my self out of the engagement as my body is the temple of the Lord. I can think straight I fast and pray since May 2011 I had about this relationship but I’ telling you to him I do not exist. I need a deliverants to this relationship, Sonia Matsie Maishoine(35) and Joseph Moeketsi Rabaji(54) . Thanks from Dee Mahlangu(45)


63 okgracema 01.11.12 at 3:39 am


I thank God for the was he is using you to help and coach christians and all the people who come accross your website.
Glory be to God.



64 jos 01.11.12 at 3:41 am

I have been wanting to join the prayer academy and the singles marathon but every time i try ,i dont go through .please advise me on how to send the money


65 Lilian 01.11.12 at 3:45 am

Praise be to God. Today I will successfully complete the 14 day Level 1 golden journey. I had never done an Easter fast before and by the grace of God I did it. Nothing to eat or drink. Praise be to God.
In 2012 I started a new chapter in my life of entrepreneurship. My last official working day at my place of work is 12th of January 2012. On Monday, 9th (Day 12 of the golden journey) my boss soon to be former boss, called me and asked if i could give them more time. Praise be to God, yesterday, Day 13, I negotiated a contract with her, and starting Monday 16.1.2011 I will be a consultant at my former place of work, at a higher net pay than my employment net pay. Isn’t this the wonders of God? Power shift right there.
God has been encouraging me and filling me with His power and fire of the Holy Spirit. I really enjoying praying and there are times I just don’t want to stop.
Today, I hold onto the prayer bullet ” My testimonies will surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus Name.’
Am so excited at the working of God.
Elisha God mightily bless you for allowing yourself to be used as God’s vessel. God bless Firesprings Ministries.
I look forward to joining the upcoming Prayer Academy.



66 Khosi Dlamnini 01.11.12 at 3:45 am

I thank God for this website.It is indeed an eye opener.I am praying God helps me grow in my prayer life and grow spiritually. I have challenges but I know the Lord will make a way for me.The Egyptians I see I will see them no more in this year of devine harvest. They will all die in teir Red Sea


67 Margi 01.11.12 at 3:57 am

Dear Elisha…All Glory to Abba Father!!! For the very first time in my life I am aware of the SUDDENLY in my life….I joined Prayer Academy Sept 2011 and this was AN AWESOME JOURNEY!!!!The toughest time ever, facing 3 court cases, drowning in Debt, oppression at the workplace, facing divorce, my 3 children and i wandering around, my eldest son not finalizing his final year on campus, my daughter was hospitalized with hypetitus B over the Chrismas season and my baby boy got the virus as well and we do not have medical aid…and and and but with midnight prayer and perserverance…one can EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM GOD…. One of my prayer requests was Lord please save my children and my Family…another cry to God was…Lord I am drowning in Debt…….FATHER GOD SURPRISED ME!!!…..My eldest son gave his heart to the Lord 06.01.12 Praise God!!!!. I am beginning to receive account statements with credit balances without paying it (unexplainable). My children and i eventually got our home after 3years struggle and wandering around, trusting God for Powerful Breakthroughs. I’ve had a personal encounter with God in the High Court facing a case against me by my husband. I experience the shift during this case and just wait on the Lord for His ruling…so I am actually preganant in the Spirit!!!O !! the excitement just started…..my children got healed and the Dr’s told me there is actually no medicine for this virus …….after 9years of continues struggle and pain and oppression…the 10th year eventually BREAKTHROUGH…so I EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM GOD FOR 2012 HALLELUJA!!!! THE PRAYER ACADEMY WAS THE ANSWER TO BE AN EFFECTIVE SOLDIER IN GODS ARMY….BECAUSE FATHER GOD IS STILL IN THE BUSINESS OF RESTORATION !!!!!AND HE LOVE TO SURPRISE HIS CHILDREN…O!!! TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD…..TAP INTO THIS MOMENT…THIS IS THE MOMENT HALLELUJA……IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS IT’S OVER!!!!!!GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!!!!! MARGI IN NAMIBIA


68 salome 01.11.12 at 4:00 am

Dear brother Elisha,
Calvary greetings! Wow, what can I say, this Golden journey was indeed a golden one for me. My son has been moving from one tertiary institution to another without any progress. Every one was really puzzled including me. BUT i didnt really think there was anything serious until I prayed some prayers inserting his name on them. Well, guess what, yesterday, it all came out. Some of his own lecturers told me all about it. Elisha, all this time, everyone including them used to say he’s OK. not revealing his problems until yesterday. Iam so relieved, its like a huge burden has been lifted from my head. I’m so light. Elisha, thank you for being there for me, for the wonderful prayers. and I’m going on to level 2 with others. Life has really changed and THERE IS A SHIFT IN MY LIFE.


69 JNK 01.11.12 at 4:07 am

Just before this prayer programme last year, I had 2 dreams and did not understand what they meant until while going through this prayer and fasting programme for 2012.

1. There was a trunk and on it there was a man sitting firmly. He was facing forward. Diagonically across from this man there were 3 other people. I could only see their side view and could not tell their gender. They too were facing forward like the man.
In the dream it felt like the trunk contained my blessings and the man was sitting on it to prevent it from opening and releasing my blessings. The other 3 people were working on shifts. When the main character (the man) was tired, the other 3 would take turns to sit on the trunk.
I wondered who are these 4 people in my dream?

2. I was in a grouping of people. It was like we all shared a common short-fall, a common pain. We have been praying for someting but the prayer has taken long to get answered. Suddenly a man came took my hand with confidence and walked me away from this group. His grip was firm and strong as he walked me away. I walked away feeling awesomely secure, relief, confident and with a gladness in my heart

Then the physical manisfestation

I work in an international organisation with various cultures and therefore with people who worship various gods.
From June 2010 I had a new line manager with a continental scope who does not worship God Jehovah and who is of a different nationality from me.I have seen spiritual warfare especially in the year 2011.
This line manager ensures that any opportunities presented to me by other collegues in the organisation are thwarted.Being my line manager he refuses to give consent where it is required of him and creates a fight.He does not what me to continue shining at work in areas where I have displayed strength in the past. The strategy he has used is to position collegues from his country in the unit he heads without using due process. There is blatant favouritism and nepotism.
Now he has ensured that the work I handle is routine and with no challenge whatsoever. There are days on end when I report to work but I am given no work. I contribute nothing meaningful to the organisation like i used to when I had other line managers.I get my salary at the end of the month and I ask God what is the righteousness in this. When an active mind is not given work it is like being put in solitary in jail. It is torture.
Today 11/1/2012 I requested to attend a symposium in February 2012 being organised by a profesional body that is related to my line of work and that would be a learning platform and my line manager refused.

Thus I now look at my dreams and feel there is a message linked to my work life and my current line manager. From the 1st dream Is he the man sitting on the trunk holding in my blessings? The 3 people, are they the collegues he has positioned in the unit?
Then the 2nd dream, the physical manifestation is yet to come but am I being led away from this line manager to another assignment and is the grouping my other collegues in the unit (which also has a continental scope)?

Elisha I am grateful for the prayer points. I am exhausted with this warfare but I must CONTINUE to pray…..and look forward to Level 2.

I need the Lord’s grace to go through this.Working with a line manager I cannot trust to share my career dreams and otherwise is so demoralising


TJ Reply:

I once had the same challenge where a new boss did her best to frustrate me. I blatantly prayed the Psalms for God to remove her and I prayed for her to find a better job so she would leave. Within a month she was made a brilliant offer with a big corporation with double the salary. I was promoted and remained. She was happy, I was happy. Pray for your enemies to be blessed and God will bless you also.


JNK Reply:


I understand what you have shared and agree. Thank you


70 susan 01.11.12 at 4:07 am

thanks to God for answering my prayers last year my husband backslided and in the new year2012, he gave his life back to Jesus.thanks Elisha God bless you and your family.


kenya, Eldoret


71 Linda 01.11.12 at 4:23 am

Dear Bro Elisha ,

I just want to thank my Father in heaven this year 2012 for He has been so good to me .

“Lord i thank you , i praise you for your goodness and Faithfulness . You are Alpha Omega worthy of all the Glory and honor . You are wonderful Jehovah , so amazing Lord , you make a way where there seems to be no way , nothing catches you by surprise . You are the great I AM . I extol you and magnify your name King of Kings .

Thank you Father in Jesus’ name



72 bernice 01.11.12 at 4:23 am

Dear Elisha,

I bless God for His doings in my life. Before we went for Christmas, I applied to go on leave but my boss refused to approve my leave for no good reason despite my pleas. I was very disappointed and had a hard time thanking God for this, all the same I did it since I had gone through the 21days of thanksgiving. I was unable to report back to work on 27th Dec and informed him of the same. He was unhappy and told me that we’d deal with the issue once I resumed work. When I resumed on 29th Dec, he did not talk to me at all. On 29th night, just as we were starting the prayers, I got very sick but still prayed at night before 6am.

On 30th December, I called my boss to tell him that I could not go to work since I was unwell. He told me that I could now take my leave the first week of January 2012 and wished me the very best for the new year. I was very shcoked since I expected him to react angrily at me given the past encounter. I bless God for His intervention.

I also bless God that He has come through for my husband at his workplace. We were trusting God for a major contract where they had put in a tender and though there was very strong opposition from other bidders, God has come through for my husband’s employer and they have won the contract. This is the largest contract that this company has won in this line of business and everyone in the Company is very excited.

God is faithful and I will share more in the coming days. I would like to encourage others to hang in there and not give up hope since in due course, they will get their answers.

God bless you Elisha for your encourgaement.

Bernice, Nairobi, Kenya.


73 stella.N 01.11.12 at 4:27 am

Dear Elisha,
i thank God for all the life He has giving me today. also thank Him for giving the opportunity to participate in this 14days fasting progarmme i give Him all the glory. Also thank you for what the Lord is using you to do in the lives of many. i have a prayer point of which i am believing God for an answer. i have been asking God for life partner and i believe he will do it for me because He says that i shall not lack my mate.
i thank you Bro Elisha, because there was a time i thought there was no hope for me again but when i came across your site and started receiving your daily massages i then know that God Has not abandon me.Your daily massages gives me hope each day i read them.
May God bless You and your prayer warriors in Jesus Name Amen.


74 JENNIFER, KENYA 01.11.12 at 4:36 am

Dear Elisha, i thank God for using you to teach us how to pray and when to pray. I joined the 14days 2012 prayers. I have being blessed and thank God one of my workmate asked me to help him with some money and he took to long to give it back, but today the 11th Jan.2012 i got i massege in the phone from him and the amount i gave him. God Bless you. Am still trying to join the Prayer Academy which i know i will make it by the Grace of God.



75 Mah Cecilia 01.11.12 at 4:37 am

Dear Elisha,

I really wish to continue the next steps 2012 how can I pay




76 Josephine 01.11.12 at 4:40 am

Dear E lisha,
Praise the name of the living God.I completed the Academy in 2008 December but God has overwhelmed me as i stormed the gates of 2012.I am full of testimonies.As i was telling God of the things i was looking forward to on 31st, i sought to seek first the Kingdom and God would add the rest.

Before we began to strom the gates, God gave me strngth beyond measure,I felt so energized especially for midnight prayers.Bfore midnight my mother decalred that she was giving me and my husband the leadership authority to take charge of our family in convening and leading family gatherins-This is something we had requested my father to organize more that 4 years ago and kept on reminding him but God answered instantly.The intention of the gatherings was for us to use them to tell our family members about God.Am trusting God as we organize for the first meeting, souls will be brought to his kingdom,My daugter also did very well in the nationl exams, despite having been very sick just before the exams. On 3rd January God gave me an opportunity to witness to a colleague of mine at work and they gave their life to christ.Alleluyah, this boy who gave a his life to christ was someone who did not know God at all.After that i bought him a bible and am sending him prayer points.My prayer is for me to enroll him to the prayer academy.

As if that was not enough the Lord practically saved my Job from the jaws of my enemies.I guaranteed my husband some loans which he paid but the bank overcharged him interest and he disputed the balances.For the disputed balances, he refused to pay and because of that they listed my name at the Credit reference bureau.I had just changed my Job and part of the requirements for the nnew job was approval form the regulatory authority.When they did a search and found out my name was listed, they declined to give approval and that meant i loose my Job.I called a friend of mine who works at the bank which had listed me.She checked and could not give me the details and reffered me to the IT manager.Surely God is a God of divine connection.I realised i knew the IT manager who checked the details and reasons for the listing and he taold me he thought it was an error.Unbelieable, he instructed a very junior person to request the bureau to delete my name as this was an error.Surely, it was God who moved and deleted my name.I did not asle them to delete.On 9th when i enquired from the bureau, they had deleted my name.Am just overwhelmed by the works of God and have resolved to first seek the kingdom and the Lord will add all what else i need in my life.

My dear brothers and sister, persist in prayer and seek God.Elisha, i have no words.May the lord perfect all that concerns you today and alays.Your reward is waiting i heaven.Keep on soldiering on.


77 Connie 01.11.12 at 4:46 am

I participated in the 14 day prayer programme, thanks to you Elisha and you dedicated crew. Towards the end of this programme, the devil who kills, steals and destroys attacked by sending thieves to my house who stole and had my car damaged through some people who had borrowed it leading to lots of money being used and still to be spent on replacing and repairing these things. But one thing I know my God is faithfully and I did not go on this programme for nothing. “Greater is the one in me than the one in the world”. My testimony is on the way, confessing total restoration of all that the devil has stolen from me. He did it for Job, he will do it for me in Jesus Name.


78 Josephine 01.11.12 at 4:48 am

I had a dream last night and i would like asisstance in interpreting the same.I dreamed as i was walking along the road i met the vice president of our Nation Kenya.He requested if i could go and do some work for him at his home.When i went him i found alot of workers and was given a prestigous Handkerchief to iron for himI ironed and misplaced it .Then i requested for another one iron for him which when i was given i cant recall ironing but all i recall is eating something that i was supposed to take to him and never delivering it to him before i wake up.I believe the devil is still trying to close my doors because it was such an honor to be invited by the vice president to his home.His home was very much similar from what i normally see in the papers.Can someone help me with interpretation of this dream ?

The people i met here were not very friendly to me.Later the VP went to his home office to do some work ?


79 DOREEN 01.11.12 at 4:49 am

Thanks be to God. I have been praying to God all the time to grant me a God fearing husband. Until I started your midnight prayers. I am 35 years single parent (I have had a number of disappointments) but my Good Lord who always want the best for his righteous has been faithful, shown me mercy. I finally got married on the 17 of December 2011 and believe the Lord will be the Head of our family. It was a very holy, wonderful, graciuos occassion.

We re – dedicate our marriage to God.

I will ask that the prayer team thank God on our behalf and please continue to pray with us for a blissful marriage. All the benefits of good marriage shall be granted to us by our heavenly father.

God is good, he has actually changed my destiny.


80 Thabsile Shongwe 01.11.12 at 4:49 am

May the lord almighty bless you for the wonderfull work you are doing
teaching us how to pray,
I am now a worrier prayer.
through Elisha.
Help me get the prayers as you send them, they are really uplifting no matter my husban left me theis is the third year but I believe my God is still trying to turn him back I have not given up.
I know the storm will be over in Jesus name.


81 Sister M. 01.11.12 at 4:49 am

Dear Elisha

A few weeks ago, you will remember that I requested prayer support for Marriage? Last night I dreamed of a certain young man who said “I want to marry you, but V is not releasing you. You need to tell “V” to release you first”. I suppose this was exposing the problem I was not getting successful in this area. I thank the Lord that now through Christ Jesus,I can break every soul tie that this V guy has on me. V is a friend with who we were once in the same church. We have been friends for 11 years, he has been like my older brother to me. It could happen that he has had interest in me, but hindered by the friendship.


82 Eunice 01.11.12 at 4:52 am

Thank you for the prayer guidance from midnight of the dawn of 2012 up to now. As for me what happens in the darkrooms is being exposed right now. Secondly the forces of darkness are being pierced from every angle and light is beginning to shine again. Thank you God Bless you.


83 VERONICAH, KENYA 01.11.12 at 4:53 am

Praise be to God for Elisha Goodman. Since 29/12/2011 God has been good to me and my entire family member’s. As we began the year 2012 I had a big school fees balance for my son who’s in University. I didn’t have money and didn’t want to take a loan. My Husband never pays school fees and when my son resumed he was told they
couldn’t accept the hostel fee before he clears the school fees balance. I rang my husband and informed him about the matter.
God did a miracle because my husband paid the total balance. I am very happy and will continue trusting and praising God because of his blessings. I hadn’t paid for car policy which was issued last year in
September. God also did a miracle because I managed to borrow
some money and paid.

On Monday 9th 2012 after mid night prayers I slept and around
4.45am when I woke up I noticed some movement in my house as
I went down the stairs, I saw a very big grey cat running out of my
house through the ventilation window. As I was leaving the House
at around 6.20a.m to go to work outside our car parking there
were 10 stones arrange and I didn’t bother about them. On 10/1/2012 when I came back from work I noticed the stones were not there, I also noticed some blood on the stairs. On going on the back yard of
my kitchen there was a big piece of meat placed besides the door.
I thank God because he removed from me and in my House all the
evil spirits causing infirmities and problems.


84 Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu 01.11.12 at 5:00 am

Dear Elisha
I took part in the 14 day fast and yes I am getting to the end. I live in South Africa but I started my prayers in Zambia where we had gone for an end of year prayer conference under my church. We got involved in a near fatal car accident on the 1st of January as we were driving back home. We were four of us in the car and no one got hurt. Not at all. As the car dug into the bush with me just holding the steering, one of us shouted Jesus and we all joined the chorus and immediately the car stopped and we were safe. Praise God. Thank you for the prayer bullet; ‘I will not die, instead I will live…’ We had prayed it the previous morning and there we were living it.

On our way back we faced a lot of challenges with the police but everytime someone would just appear and help us out of the problem.

My last testimony is just about the 10th of January as we come to an end. I went to my workplace in the morning and was almost physically attacked by an elderly work mate for a petty reason. This man has been my friend but on this day if he had not been held back he would have hurt me. I was calm throughout and continously focused on God. He was later instructed to apologise to all members of staff by the Deputy Director. I forgave him as I know that he was being used by the devil to derail me. I know that God has great things for me in this company this year and the devil wanted me to retaliate and be accused of fighting. I shamed him by keeping calm and I won.

My eyes are wide open in expectation as I believe God for great things this year. I have just joined the prayer academy and I am excited!!!!


85 MARGARET 01.11.12 at 5:05 am

thank you very much for the encouragement messages and verses. pastor elisha may the lord bless you abundantly and exceedingly above all you ask and think.could you please send me the prayer bullets for 27 minutes to midnight


86 chee 01.11.12 at 5:07 am

Hi Elisha, I want to thank God who led me to this site. Since last year in May I had been looking for a job but either I would go long without being called at all or the employer didnt want to pay or would offer you a very little amount but I want to thank the Lord because the second day of fasting I got two well paying jobs…I praise the Lord for that. May He continue using you.


87 Hlengiwe 01.11.12 at 5:07 am

Dear Brother Elisha
This season I managed to pray the 27 minutes b4 midnight prayers and I am experiencing unusual breakthroughs in my life. Recently I lost goods valued at more than USD1000.00 in Mozambique and I used the prayer point “Any satanic agent that accepts an evil assignment against me receive angelic slap in the name of Jesus” I would also repeatedly say “it is a lie my goods cannot disappear because I entered the gates of 2012 with the King Of Glory, the Lord Mighty in battle”. Guess what? yes you guessed right, the goods were delivered at my door step today, intact. Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ.



88 prathiba 01.11.12 at 5:10 am

dear elisha
i am very happy and feel so contented that i am about to complete level1 of THE GOLDEN JOURNEY and i pray that GOD gives me the oppurtunity to carry on the other levels as well.i beleive – this year is going to bring many changes in my life as God has given me the insight of starting a kids boutique as i completed fashion designing but am just whiling my time as a housewife for the past 11yrs.I pray that God gives me success in this venture.and as for my personal life I had already written to you about whats been happening in my life.( the affair of my husband with his colleague )i am into deep prayers to god to deliver my husband out of this womans snare.i beleive and leave all my worries on the almighty.
thanks again elisha for your wonderful prayer site.my prayers will always be for you and your team.


89 Ophelia 01.11.12 at 5:11 am

Thank you Lord for Elisha for all that you taught me. I have seen the power of God manifest in my life and alot of my breakthrough happened in 2011. I got my promotion and my relationship of the Lord has gone to another level. However 2012 started with family and relationship problems and it seems the evil one is intensifying problems. I experience a demonic attack last night when praying for my son and it lasted over two hours from midnight. Please pray for me for wisdom and strength.


South Africa


90 belinda 01.11.12 at 5:11 am

I am overwhelmed with spiritual growth in my life, the Elisha site has given me the urge to progress in walk with Christ.

I joined the 27 midnight prayers and introduced a number of relatives and friends and all confess an awesome journey with the Lord.

One of the ladies was very ill and had lost weight, I encouraged her to wake up and join us for midnight prayers and a dark shadow appeared infront of her the first night, sighed that she is now praying and the shadow left. After that incident she sweated like it has never happened since she feel ill and since then she is improving. We are believing God for a job and she is inspired to continue with midnight prayers.

My niece in SA was also ill suspecting TB and pneumonia, I encouraged her to join us and her medical results were negative she is now well. We trusted God for a permenant and well paying job, last night she advised that she has got a job and will be starting this week.

Reading the book of Matthew26 vs 16 at Gethsemane when the Lord said to the three disciples lets go FARTHER, saints we are to proceed in this journey as God has a lot for us in store. I also belive that as Mrs Pilate had a worrisome dream about Jesus so are our enemies at this time they are restless.

Saints believe with me for my daughter Natalie Andiswa’s job placement in a financial firm in South Africa were she finished her LLB (honours). She desires to proceed with her Masters whilst employed so that she is able to finance her studies at the same token acquire work permit in South Africa.

I am blessed to have found a family as this in the Lord and pray that the good Lord will perfect everything that concerns each one of you in his Mighty name.

Belinda, Zimbabwe


Connie Reply:

I am also from Zimbabwe, have you managed to pay for any of Elisha’s book. Please advise me how you did it if so. Many thanks.


91 Veneta 01.11.12 at 5:15 am

I thank God for the time of prayer that is being completed today. The thing that I am most excited about is that the Lord has begun to give me greater insight into the Word. Indeed I am experiencing the opening of my eyes to behold wonderful things from the Word.


92 Vasta 01.11.12 at 5:19 am

Thanks Elisha for the encouraging news and testimonies. I have tried to communicate on how to acquire the reading materials but in vain. I am now relying on material you send me on email and that is all. However, I would like to purchase those materials but my communications on how to purchase them have never been replied.

Thanks and GOD bless you.



93 lucy 01.11.12 at 5:23 am

Praise God prayer warriors
I managed to participate in 14 days well right now I can feel abndance of blessings and I m reallly waiting for manifestion. It has helped me to exercise my spiritual muscles. No matter how the sitiution appears I will confess victory in Jesus name. My desire this time is to participate in prayer academy. God bless you as we proceed with prayers in this entire year. Thanks and regards

Lucy Kenya


94 Chocolate 01.11.12 at 5:31 am

The Lord is good all the time praise be to his name.

Thank you so much Mr Goodman for your faithfulness to our Lord and even for the prayers that you tirelessly prepare for us to be edified in our spirits. I can attest that the Lord has begun to answer my prayers in ways I didnt know he would.

I had been having pain in my shoulder and wrist but when I begun to pray the prayers of healing God answered me and the pain is gone praise be to God.
“O Great Physician by all the powers for which you are known to be God arise and declare total healing to every damaged cell in my body in Jesus mighty name”

Also I was meant to go to university in sept last year but due to financial difficulty i was unable to go and my entrance has been pushed forward. well due to continued prayer i want to thank God because the university has granted me another scholarship and for this I praise God.

Brothers and sisters let us continue this attitude of prayer and keep seeking the Lord’s face Amen


95 Antoinette 01.11.12 at 5:32 am

Both me and my husband have been experiencing the same kind of headaches and flu like symptoms for the last week. I cannot help but laughing at the devils attemps to stop us from praying. And I thank God for the power of marriage cause the nights when the heachaches get real bad I would be sleeping while my husband pray or visa versa at the midnight hour.
Today is the last day of the 14days and now the real work starts. Praise God for strenghening our frames and equiping us for battle. Amen.


96 Linda 01.11.12 at 5:37 am

Indeed , this year 2012 year of power shift , my testimony shall surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus’ name . Glory Hallelujah !!!!



97 belinda 01.11.12 at 5:48 am

I would like to join prayer academy but the challenge is on payment mode. Back home we can only use money orders therefore I need details for me to make arrangements with my Bank.

My next enquiry is how do I get to level 2 and 24 hr blog access.

kindly help I do not want to be left out on any of these spiritual benefits.


98 Tehila 01.11.12 at 5:49 am

Praise the Lord!!!!!

Where do I start? I am so overwhelmed by the changes that I have seen unfold in the last 14 days. It is so exciting that I will try and succinctly list some of the things that have happened:

1. Work: Changes in my workplace. My boss officially resigned on D9 – leaving me to take up the leadership position. Additionally, there was a reshuffling of one of our core support staff resulting in a new person coming in to help me with my new role. She is proving to be a great worker who is highly motivated and takes initiatives :) . I am really excited to take on this year.

2. Lifestyle: I have noticed that I have become highly sensitive – I am uneasy to sit in a room where people are gossiping or slandering another; I have become very careful when deciding to join colleagues who are sitting around chatting (in case I find myself sitting in the seat of mockers). At the same time, I feel a lot more bold and confident to share about this programme to my colleagues and friends. I also find that I am very careful of what I profess out of my mouth – I am speaking positively and reminded to do so when I am tempted to say otherwise.

3. Prayer-life: In the past, I have often struggled to get myself praying on a daily basis. This time around – I look forward to my midnight prayers. (this is definitely a breakthrough in one aspect of my life)

4. Marriage: I am finding myself seeing my spouse through a new pair of lenses – I am a lot more patient; we have started praying together for our church, families and work.

5. Healthy Diet: choosing healthy foods seem to have become a lot more easier in the last 2 weeks. I am able to go without sugar in my coffee and tea (which is a major shift in my taste).

All I can say is “Thank you Lord for Brother Elisha and this ministry. May you continue to use him mightily in these end of days. May you extend his boundaries so that more people can be set free from bondage and experience the real meaning of freedom in Christ”. Alleluyah!!!!!

Thank you Brother Elisha. My best friend and I plan to continue on with the midnight prayers and partial fasting until we start with the Prayer Academy on the 25th January. Looking forward to that.

Bless the Lord!!!!


99 Grace 01.11.12 at 6:03 am

Greetings to you man of God ELisha in Jesus name.Glory to God for using you to bless his people.

When I joined the prayer academy last November, I was praying for personal delieverance from many things including ancestral curses and I had a dream that I vomited two organs I my dream the organs looked like fresh lungs I recalled I was so happy then I woke up.

I know I have been deleivered but I do not know what it is that the Lord has deleivered me from. I some how want to know what the Lord has deleivered me from.


100 Cheryl Cato 01.11.12 at 6:09 am

I too must testify. I have been leading our church on this Golden journey prayer. I had started a prayerline and the people would struggle to prayer. I watch God work through each of us taking us to a higher realm in the spirit, our prayer life has changed . This prayerline is now power packed.
One of the sisters had a vision of another sister’s estranged husband that had been backsliden, and for whom we had been praying for. we began to intercede on his behalf, his wife received an unexpected call from her estranged husband, he is back with the lord and on fire.

One woman came on the prayerline at 5 am on day 8 of this journey. she had spent all night awake, because she was told that her baby has respiratory problem, an infection to be specific and that she should monitor his breathing. we prayed for the baby. She went back to the Dr the next day. The Dr asked her if she was able to buy the Aerochambesr for the baby she said no, because she has no money. The Dr pull out $100 from his pocket and give her to buy the Aerochamber. I was not satisfy, we prayed again for his healing. I received a called from the woman yesterday telling me that the baby slept well, the wheezing has stop and in the background I can hear the baby playing, he is getting better and better. thanks be to God. There is so much fire in my belly Praise God. God Bless you Man of God Elisha

Toronto Canada


101 Gabelle 01.11.12 at 6:17 am

Brethren, I think this is a dream worth sharing. While struggling to meet the needs of the family, all over a sudden all kinds of blessings started arriving in our home mostly in the form of material possessions. A voice then informed me that all these had been ours but were being kept somewhere illegally. I shared this wonderful revelation of restoration with my wife and as one would imagine, we are thanking the Lord our God like never before. We shall possess our possessions in Jesus mighty name. By His great power, and outstretched hands, God created the heavens and the earth. Nothing is too hard for Him. As the recovered provisions locate our family address, we will continue to share this testimony to encourage and build the faith of Eagles who visit this site. May the good Lord continue to bless and use Brother Elisha mightily even as we all journey heavenward. Praise the name of the living God.


102 Sarah 01.11.12 at 6:29 am

Dear Elisha, Be blessed for the prayer anointing that your bullets have made to my family. I was born in a xtian family but along my journey of life i found my self in the Islam faith, in which i was blessed with two kids.
Things never went right and I had to turn to my Xtian life. Got saved, turned to Christ, but my two children remained in their religion. You just imagine what life was in my house where i have to go to church and the kids remain at home. But thank God, the good news is that my daughter(15yrs) converted to xtianity mid 2011 even without me knowing and got born again and in the process of being baptized. Today is my final day in the 14 days prayer and fasting. God has done great last sunday my son also my son(18yrs) accepted Jesus Christ and attended his first service in church.
Isn’t this amazing. Together we are in prayer and believe 2012 is going to be a year of miracles.
I request that the prayer worriors pray with me for God to strengthen my children in faith, as i continue to declare the 7 stars of the Holy spirit to be with them and guide them all the days of their lives. AMEN


103 Maggie Singh 01.11.12 at 6:29 am

Hi Elisha, I want to thank God for your website reading all the peoples testitomy it realy touch me how good God is how he deliver and heal people He is a God of the impossible I have never participate in any prayer academy I would like to do it now on the 25th January 2012 I have purchase the books in 2011 please enter my name – Thank you


104 Pik 01.11.12 at 6:31 am

In all things I want to thank my God and I shall praise him forever. My God is able and faithful. May God richly Bless you today and forever becoz the Lord is the same today, tomorow and forever.


105 Linda 01.11.12 at 6:32 am

Prayer Eagles pliz join me in firing this prayer bullet , i am believing God to move in my life . At my workplace we haven’t been paid our salaries for Dec 2011 and i am applying for a new job that pays exceedingly well.

* Every hindering spirit hindering the move of God in my life and with my finances i bind and break your power NOW!!!! in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Father for answering my prayers and for giving me victory . Amen

Sis Linda


106 Godwin 01.11.12 at 6:33 am

I was introduced to this website by a beloved sister after lamenting over so many life issues. After I sighted the loads of prayer points, the tactics and approaches to prayers, I got an instant impression that this at last, is it. This is the real stuff that everyone who wants to make a positive change in life, or remarkable impact needs.

Although it is not easy following all the guidelines to the slightest details but, the sheer gut to keep moving-on with Brother Elisha’s prayer programme is a sure way to laying your hands on the unbeatable weapon and key to defeating your enemies and entering your throne room.

Since I joined the last academy for 2011 in November, I can feel, see and testify to loads of spiritual and physical blessings in my life. And ….. this is just a preamble. Noteworthy is the fact that what seemed to be an insurmountable barrier (an impossible task) to my PhD programme for many years is fast giving way in a matter of weeks. Right now, God has made some strangely divine arrangements that has made the completion of my PhD to be in sight. I would surely present the testimony of the completion very soon on this website by His grace.

Brother Elisha, thank you for teaching me (like thousands of others) what I may not have been able to find easily in most books combined ie., Result-getting Prayers.


107 Florah 01.11.12 at 6:40 am

Brother Elisha,
What can I say for what you showed me has given me victory over myself. These is because of this blessed website. I realize cannot get annoyed with anyone, no situation can shift the peace that Lord Jesus the Prince of Peace has given me no to waver the faith that gave the vision to press on in the service of the lord. For I am more than conqueror in the Lord Jesus. Brethren one can never follow the teachings of brother Elisha and remain the same never. Check yourself with the way you react to circumstances around you. Do you get hurt, annoyed, bitter and unforgiving? Then you are still a distance away and still in the refinery of God. God Bless.
Florah, Uganda


108 Loice Nzima 01.11.12 at 6:44 am

God has blessed me in many areas in my life after the prayer Academy lessons and after participating in the storming the gate of 2012.My sister’s daughter who is staying with me has also been blessed mightily by the Lord our God.Last sunday she forgot her expensive mobile phones outside the house while she was rushing to church.We were not moved and God miraculously Sent our neighbour to us in the evening with the mobile phones.She claimed that her children who were passing near our house saw the mobile phones.We praise the Lord for His gooodness.We must never get moved God is faithful.


109 hilda 01.11.12 at 6:46 am

its just the beginning so i don’t know much


110 Gwendoline Mc laren 01.11.12 at 6:49 am

Hi Elisha,
Thank you so very much for your guidance on how to pray. Since I started on your site last year July, I am now more informed as to how to pray. I started the prayer academy last year July, that very month I got called for a job interview. I will be starting my new job on monday 16th january. Mind you, I got the job since August last year, but I stayed at my old job to clear things up. The good thing about this is that I was not really looking for a job, because I have a very good job now, however, I know in my heart God is taking me to a higher level.
I just can’t wait to see his next move. God is truly awesome!!! Thank you Elisha, I will keep you up dated on things as it progresses. To God be the Glory!!


111 adwoa 01.11.12 at 6:52 am

Dear Elisha,
Thanks so so much for availing yourself to be a blessing, i was able to go through the 14 days fast,i have been so blessed.It had been series of dreams and visions. i will need a whole day to write them all, but it had been victorious dreams, a lot of joy in my heart and my spirit is so happy and i know that my miracles will soon manifest.
Just to share two of my dream , i was having challenges in the area of my child birth, during the Easter fast on the 1st Jan, in a dream i saw a plant shoot up with two flowers and another little flower coming from the side. This dream had been occurring in different ways. Thanks to God
Also on the 13 day of the fast during my midnight prayers, with my eyes wide open, i saw a gathering of witches, they were steering a very big pot containing very hot oil( in fact boiling) and trying to put a baby in the oil, i suddenly got there and shouted, i scatter your gathering by the fire of the Lord, all i saw was these witches had vanished, the fire under the pot was out, the hot oil suddenly got so cold and sticky in the pot and i took out the baby. i was so so happy because i knew i had victory and that whatever had been fighting my childbirth for so many years in my marriage is completely destroyed. Am expecting my miracle babies soonest.
I simply can’t stop praying during the midnight hours, it really works am asking for more grace and fire in my bones to continue to pray.
In deed of a truth we serve a living God. God bless you Elisha, you have really been a blessing to me.Thanks


112 Betty 01.11.12 at 7:00 am

Good day Elisha,

Its indeed a blessing to write to you man of God and i must say its been a great journey. As we come to the end of the first part I must confess its been wonderful for me. I have grown closer to the Lord and I know that alot is yet to come.
I have peace within me and the anger I had is no more, even when somebody lets me down, I no longer get so upset like I used to.

I believe the rest of my prayer requests will come to pass as there is no one who is greater than our God.Soon I also will be able to testify.

To every one out there may God be with you and be blessed. Thank you Elisha for what you are doing and may God continue blessing you always.



113 KYOMUHENDO MARGARET 01.11.12 at 7:00 am

Thanks alot Bro. Elisha for helping us in knowing how to pray.
I have been going through prayer & fasting for 14 days as per your programme.

I thank God for your guidance on how to seek God. My family is now seeking God through praying than they have never done.

My niece has openned a business in the market,something she has been praying for along time.
God miraculasilly gave her a place without any strugle.
many people give bribes for some one to secure a place,but for her
God interviened averything worked for good.

Glory to God.

I will always remain connected to you.

With due respect.
Your daughter Maggie


114 Ana 01.11.12 at 7:03 am

may God alone be praised… indeed the 14days of prayering has been a challenging 2weeks but we manage to get thru it…now onto level 2… am so excited and cant wait to start .Even though was not able to get the prayers…this doesn’t mean am giving up… am continueing with prayers that i got from prayer academy and some i got from friends…


115 Evelyn Asante 01.11.12 at 7:04 am

I first of all thank God for the strength given to me to be able to participate on the 14-day prayers at the gate of 2012.

Before this programme took off, I was praying for a small boy who needed my help in terms of financial supporting but the step-mother was against it and still against it and this brought out alot of problems for this boy. I started praying to God that, He should open up a new door for this small boy, for him to be able to continue his education; and at the same time, given him my support secretly. I give thanks to our dear Lord that “A new door has been opened for this small boy which has still seen him in school.
I did also prayed for somebody who needed financial help after an operation he went through, and God has also answered my prayer. Somebody has offered to take 2/3 of the cost involved and still willing to accommodate the sick man in his house until he recovers fully. Is God not wonderful?.


116 Ibrahim 01.11.12 at 7:04 am

Dear Elisha,
thank you and God bless you. Well my testimony goes like this, I joined the 14-day prayers at the gate of 2012 and i must say it was a challenge for the enemy made it very hard for me he would send his demons and all kinds of things with trails and temptations to fail me, but the one i serve is mighty and i held on cause i knew that Lord was with me thank you jesus.

On the beginning of january things started changing and in my visions i saw i was on a side fighting a dark side (devils) and they had stolen STARS and BLESSINGS from people. But thanks to the Lord i was powerful enough to get all of them back before they were thrown in to the sea and after i received a bottle with GOLDEN water and my spirit life suddenly grew, but that’s not all in my home my brother who was mentally ill for the past year is healed, because we would lock him up cause of violence but till this day his ok and now he is well and healthy praise God. It does not end there my mother had retired from work for 3 years now, but all of a sudden she received a call they want her back and this was what she wanted Halleluya!!

The Lord is indeed great & powerful and he is there for us lets not give up but press on till the end, all he wants is for us to believe in him and keep our faith for he has promised us he shall be there for us no matter what. (Rom8v31)

God bless you all in jesus name




117 Ann 01.11.12 at 7:07 am

It’s never too late, Praise God! Although I started the 14-day programme on time, I totally ignored Brother Elisha’s advice to enter 2012 in prayer. I went partying. By midnight, my husband was in a bad mood. We fell out so badly (over false accusations) and entered the New Year as two very miserable people. At about 5:00 a.m. on 01/01/12, I went down on my knees, in tears and I begged God to forgive me. As I continued through this 14-day programme, I saw God’s mercy as our relationship returned to normal. Praise God! Thank you all you Eagles standing in prayer for God’s people. God bless you all. Ann, UK.


118 Anonymous 01.11.12 at 7:17 am

Dear Prayer Eagles!

This year is the year of great hights… everyone who is pure in heart, obedient to Gods command, God will lift us up! This year God will wipe every single tear from His children face and start manifestering Himself in us… I have been praying to God for my husband to come back, we have been separated for the past one year five months and I have also been struggling with a spiritual husband and since I have been praying in the midnight I have not been visited or having the dreams and I beilive I have been delivered.

My prayer request to all the prayer eagles out there is the breakthrough in my career, my family restoration and financial breaktrhough…

This has been my prayer since 2011, but I believe that God has answered my prayers… I would like us to agree in prayer for these braekthroughs in Jesus name!

To God be the glory!!!


119 Paulyne 01.11.12 at 7:30 am

Praise God, i thank God for causing me to come this far. By God’s grace i have finished this Golden Journey and i was encouraged by Sis . Koku when she shared her testimony and said that no testimony is too small and that when you share, it might just encourage someone out there.

Elisha, i thank God for enabling me to go through this fasting and prayer programme successfully. This year i have ENJOYED fasting and praying no matter how busy i get. I have seen God’s hand, the people who used to molest and frustrate me at my place of work, God just changed their hearts to my favor. I was so fed up and i cried to God to prove Himself in my life, if i was His child indeed. Year in year out the story was the same, but i purposed in my heart not o give up but to press on and change how to pray as Elisha had instructed us, if we wanted to see God’s hand in our lives.

Indeed God’s word is true, i am now enjoying peace at my place of work, all the spiritual lions’ mouth have been shut, the spiritual goliaths and pharaohs are no more and i know that it is God’s doing.

On the 2nd day of Esther fast (01.01.12) my heart was beating so fast than usual and though i did not want to think contrary, i felt something was wrong in my spirit and i prayed with a friend to cancel every destruction from the devil and asked God for peace. I later on received a call from my mum telling me that my 2 siblings picked up a fight with each other and wanted to stab each other to death. I knew this was the devil trying to cause such a tragedy, i prayed and cancelled the spirit of death, and i just want to thank God for preserving and protecting my siblings becoz those that trust in the Lord can NEVER be ashamed and true to God’s word i was not ashamed and i give God all the glory.

I know God is about to surprise me with a major power shift causing me to break forth on every side. Brethren let us not be weary becos God is still on the throne, always doing Good.

God bless Elisha and Fire Springs Ministry!


120 mm 01.11.12 at 7:33 am

I would like to thank the Lord for the strength to make it through to the last day today 14th day. I am also grateful to the Lord for His Servant Elisha Goodman and the Firesprings Ministries for I have always felt part of the family since I knew long time ago. It is my prayer to the Lord Almighty to provide the power for the releases of funds and time to those who have not been able to do the prayer academy and ultimately join the Blog24 to carry on with the Golden Journeys.
During this this 14-day level 1 journey there was a day we had not even a single penny to buy food for a family of five BUT my God is faithful He sent helpers we had dinner. As I am writing I don’t have money buy units for our electricity and airtime for internet modem, I am not moved because I know my God is faithful. I am just giving Him praise and worship for His wonderful ways. Nothing is impossible with God. “Is anything too hard for Him? Also I have not received my visa and ticket to travel yet and I am not moved. Let His receive the honour and the glory.
I would therefore would like to encourage all those on this journey not to accommodate the spirit of disappointment; you have gone a long way. May the Holy Spirit reveal to you what you have attained in the spirit. Amen


121 Cole 01.11.12 at 7:36 am

Dear brother elisha, thank you for actually teaching us prayers that get God’s attention. I lost my dearest father in June 2009, that same month I got pregnant for my second child after 15years interval and unfortunately lost the father of my unborn baby the same day of the burial rite of my father due to Road Traffic Accident. It was an episode one will not even wish an enemy! With prayers God showed me kindness; I was able to go through the agony all by myself and with God by my side. The baby was delivered in 2010, a replica of her late father. I have always pray for God’s own favor and surely favor is always granted to me wherever I go, I see my baby as a blessing from God. I got a Job offer eight months into my pregnancy, I accepted the offer but couldn’t commence immediately as specified in the letter of offer due to pregnancy. I prayed to God about it and the job was kept for me. One year into my new job, the organization was downsizing out of 15staffs in my department, 9 staffs were affected and I was among the affected staffs. Some of the affected colleagues were writing letters of compliant to the organization but I wrote to the almighty God in haven and we had a conversation where he promised to plant my foot on a higher ground. Three days into the 14days fasting which was also 2days to the end of my contract, God show in power and miracle happened, a mail from the Headquarters was sent to the Human Resource Section to STOP my check-out and to immediately process travel arrangement for me to be posted to the Headquarters on a higher level from the pervious. Everyone was shocked at this turnaround; they look at me strangely and begin to ask themselves questions, but you what? God is so faithful when we are in covenant with him. Year 2012 is truly declared to be a year of power shift for God’s own people.


122 Towera Ng,oma 01.11.12 at 7:36 am

Dear Brother Elisha.
I would like to thank you ,for leading me and my family to deliveras. I joined the end of year programme. On the tenth day I dreamt somebody who looked like me exactly,she entered the room in which I were, putting on my cloths.I fought with her, in the course of the fight the lady was stripped off of the the body covering which looked mine. suprisingly to discover that he was a man. The fight continued untill the man died. And I went on and boiled his body. I take it as victor


123 hilda 01.11.12 at 7:42 am

hopefully things go as well as long as i do as it is.be blessed


124 Patience Rudo Magaa 01.11.12 at 7:43 am

Brother Elisha,

Ever since I got to know of your website my life has never been the same again, this site has taught me to be a prayer warrior and know that I can do it in life. I was failing to get pregnant since February 2006 and in October 2008 I did the prayers in the prayercookbook on turning troubled relationship to terrific relationships, I started with the Esther method for the first 3 days of the 21 days prescribed. Guess what by end of November 2008 I had conceived and as I write my baby is now 2 years 5months. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!
Furthermore, ever since 2009 we have been participating in the 27 Minutes to midnight with my husband and we have really experienced alot of breakthroughs in our life and some people fail to understand us because our lifestyle is improving every year and we are moving from glory to glory. I give all the praise and glory to GOD ALMIGHTY for using you as his vessel, May God continue to bless you my brother, I have even introduced my workmates to the site and they really enjoying the breakthroughs they are getting


125 Reality 01.11.12 at 7:47 am

Glory be to God!! Towards the end of 2011 God gave me and my family agricultural land: People renting the house on that land came and informed us that the owners are selling it and they feel we should buy it. It was the second time that someone told us to buy that land!! Initially I didnt consider it because we had just bought the land we are living on (forgetting that my father owns the cattle on a thousand hills!). This time the second person, a school headmaster near that plot even secured an appointment with the Government Dept of Agriculture to have finance for the land, Halleluja!! Yesterday my husband received a call from a big transport company in our land, they want him and his business partner to supply them with spares for their fleet of trucks, halleluja!! My daughter who was under deception regarding her sexual orientation, God is restoring our relationship and she is being delivered. I wont stop firing these missiles against these evil stongmen/ women until I possess my possessions!! (God contends with him that contends with me, and He saves all my children). Thank God who knitts us together so the world will know we are His. Lets take our rightfull positions brethren, press on and never compromise. God is faithfull to do what He promised!! Amen.


126 Herbert 01.11.12 at 7:48 am

Dear Elisha,

I just got the 14 day prayer plan today from a friend. Can I start fasting tomorrow or its late? I really would like to participate.

GOD bless you!



127 Florence 01.11.12 at 7:49 am

Happy new year to everybody.i started on a very good foot this year as my husband took his time for the first time to read all the materials sent to me for the prayer Academy.this is something he wouldn’t do in the past.and instead of mocking at me he is appreciating me all the time and letting his friends to know that i pray alot.thats God at work isn’t it?please continue to pray for me because i am still having nightmares and attacks in the dream.however i thank God for brother Elisha for his wonderful materials that i am praying the prayers in the dream code.


128 Dorothy 01.11.12 at 7:52 am

Please bro. Elisah,

Help those of us who want to join the Prayer Academy but can not afford the cost of the books now to learn how to pray effectively.
God bless you for your help.


129 jane 01.11.12 at 7:52 am

Dear Elisha,
Wishing you and your team a prosperous 2012.
On 29/12/2011, I had decided to join the fourteen day prayer and fast but managed to do day one.
On 30/12/2011, I fell sick and was vomiting alot, and was put on drip up to 2/1/2012. This ,in my mine has been an attack and I failed to continue with the 14 day prayers and fasting ending today.
I kindly request the team to join me in prayers ( against any spiritual attack by the devil ) so that I will manage to join the prayer eagles in the future and no recurring of the same situation
May God Bless you abundantly


130 cornelia 01.11.12 at 7:58 am

let me thank our Lord God Almighty for his faithfullness, iam who iam today becouse of his grace, i was sickly in 2010 but from last year 2011 through these prayers, i am beeing restored to healthy. i am greatfull. now i need the fruit of the womb, plz man of God pray for me and i believe it shall be so. God bless all the members


131 Walter 01.11.12 at 8:04 am

Good Day
Greetings and peace be with you in the name of Jesus .
I was introduced to 27 minutes to midnight by a spiritual brother worshiping at same church.
Myself, wife and daughter started the programme on the 29th December 2011. I have been unemployed for 2 years and been trying to open a business and the problem was the finances. On the 31st December session 1 I presented my case to God and the main thing was I requested God to help me to be able to provide for my family. Firstly, on the 4th January I visited a company that deals with financing sourcing for business. The guy assured me that he will “unlock” funding for me and I will not be required to pay it back. All the Glory be to God that I will now be able to take of my family.
Secondly, on the 9th January at the small gate inside the yard at my house I discovered a carcass of something like a rabbit without a head and next to it there was a intestines indicating a foetus. I took the mess with plastic and throw it in the street bin across the road. During my midnight prayer on the same day I went outside to check if the gate was locked and to my surprise there was another carcass of the same animal but different in colour at the exact spot where the other one was (with no head or no blood). I woke up my wife and daughter and we started praying using the prayer bullets. I then burned it and to my surprise it did not smell or pop it just burned until melted in the ashes.
Elisha and all prayer partners please help us to keep on firing the prayer bullets and help to understand what does this mean.
I now enjoy fasting and amazed by the quick results
We still continuing with the programme and will complete today the 11th January 2012.

Walter South Africa


132 Sister M 01.11.12 at 8:05 am

Prs the lord bro Elisha am writting in great joy and thanx giving in my heart for the doings of God are wonderful in our site. A friend of mine introduced me to your site last year Dec.my life had come to a standstill l mean nothing was working financialy l was down and under chocking in debts, any business l do would die in the next three months leaving me in debts, cause even the three months l would be in business l would oparet at a loss. life had become unbearable l was so stressed and frustrated l didnt know how else to pray. All my life and am 45yrs l have never worked for even one year. Whenever l would get a job it would not last even one year like wise with business it would not go for three months, There has been a very strong force opposing me so badly. Dont forget am born again spirit filled speaking in tongues and an intercesor.When l joined you at storming the gates of 2011 l prayed just like usual l didnt expect much but just holding on in prayer not knowing when God would come thro for me. But to my surprise l was in for a rude shock God took me by surprise. Come Jan 2011 God told me to go back to my house which l was going to shift due to arrears in house rent he told me to go to the same house cause l will not leave that house in shame but blesses l didnt understand how cause l was tired of playing hide and sick with the
land lord infact l had gone to my parents house to stay there cause we had come to a dead end. (2) The lord told me he would open a door for bussines for me and he would provide for Capital,He would also open a door for me to travel abroad and whichever door l choose he will bless me, he said anything l choose to do he would bless Praise be to the Almight God he opened an international door for me for business and l didnt borrow anyone money the lord provided. l have now worked for 8months and what l could not do all my life time God has done it everybody around me is so surprised by the turn of events in my life am so greatfull to God, l know this year l will not only receive material blessing but also spritual blessings as God manifest his devine power to us.Am also sure God will presarve my business and increase it tremendously and my testimonie will shake my enemies and surprise my enemies watch this space for a great testimonies this prayer bullets are extemly dengerously deadly on the devil he cannot hold anything after this prayers Praise be to God. Elisha you truely heard from God my God draw you even more closer to him.


133 Vivian 01.11.12 at 8:09 am

God is faithful indeed. I believe every foundational curses and barriers in my life that was holding me back has been broken and burnt to ashes by the fire of the holy ghost. I had a dream where there was fire in our house in my place of birth. i asked that they call the fire brigade. Then I tried to go into the house to remove my hand bag and my lap top. then I suddenly realised that I could not find my children. The fire stopped by itself. The ministration I got was that the fire was burning all the barriers and the bondages from my foundation that has been holding me captive. Also why I could not take out my hand bag nor find my children was because they were not there when i was born.
I believe i am now liberated from my past and it gives a sense of freedom and peace in my heart.
Praise the Lord.


134 Annie 01.11.12 at 8:13 am

I want to thank God for his mercy and faithfullness. I was out of job almost two years and now has provided a job for me and my kids. The job is so challenging but he is seeing me through. I pray that this year will be a year of increase in every area of my life. This site has been so encourageing and spirit full; may God continue to use you brother Elisa.


135 jean vosloo 01.11.12 at 8:15 am

Hi Ehlisha,
I have so much to be thankful for. I was living in Ghana weni joined the prayer academy, in May 2011 i was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and stomach…… and they removed cancer from my head.
At an early age i have had God in my life…. dEC 2011 . I went back for a checkup.. my colon has been certified clear of cancer. my stomach has worsened. But i do believe with all heart our Creator will cure me totally, i have overcome breast cancer and now colon cancer, And all PRAISE GOES TO OUR CREATOR…… I have become more positive about myself, im not sitting around waiting to die…… IM GETTING OUT AND GETTING People to commit. thro my own testimony. I believe Love cures. And i also want to thank The prayer acadamy and all my wonderful friends that have been praying for me and their help.


136 Pearl 01.11.12 at 8:16 am

Hi Elisha and the prayer warriors,

Yesterday (Jan 10,2012) i joined for the prayer academy which starts on 25 jan ’12. I was going through all the prayer points and prayer materials on the computer at night and then decided to go to sleep. Before i slept i was crying and telling God that why my payers are not being answered, so much of witchcraft powers and now that i have joined the Prayer Academy, i leave everything in your hands. I just prayed and said Lord “any arrows that come against me shall not prosper and every word/tongue that speaks anything against me, YOU shall condemn.”
In the early hours morning of 11 jan ’12, i dreamt – 3 persons were in a boat (a male and two females) who are foreigners and came to Indian soil. As they were coming closer to land and arrow which was like a nozzle with woolly / feathery in manner (like a white peacocks feather) touched their boat and turned back towards the sea (not seashore). These people got off the boat and the man took the second arrow and turned it sending it back towards the sea. Similarly he did for the third arrow. These arrows were very long and fluffy white. First i thought it was a whale, as it was quite big. These arrows drifted very fast without stopping.
I never knew exactly what it meant. When i got up in the morning, i was thinking whether it was another upcoming problem, but then as i was praying the Holy Spirit reminded me saying that “all the arrows sent to me are being sent back to the sender.” I praise the Lord for HIS mighty doing.
The reason for joining the prayer academy is that my husband wants to file a divorce and this is going on since one year and i have not replied about this to his mails. I was told by Pastor Elisha and team to join the PA, i was not interested at all. But again yesterday when my husband said he is going ahead for the divorce proceedings, i immediately sent a mail through the May i Help You chat line and joined immediately.
Thank you all for your kind support and prayers.


olivia Reply:

thank God you finally joined the academy. after the academy reinforce your marriage with the gold edition. i did and my marriage is solid. all the best


137 Hellina Mwimba 01.11.12 at 8:17 am

Dear Elisha,

I thank God for using you to minister unto his people through this Website. I participated in the 14 days Golden Journey and i have really seen the hand of God working in my life. I used to have terrible stomach Ulcers and i could hardly sleep at night as the panis were unbearable. I was even afraid to participate especially considering the Esther fast with the condition i was in, but i took courage and trusted God for his protection. Praise God he did wonders, i participated the Esther fast without any pains and up to now the pains are completely gone. God healed me !!. Secondly, my brother who used to be troublesome left my parents home for the village for almost three months but on 3rd January i was told that he came back and he is no longer causing any trouble. PRAISE THE LORD!! MAY THE GOOD LORD CONTINUE TO REVEAL HIS SECRETS UNTO YOU!!


138 Athalie 01.11.12 at 8:20 am

Dear Elisha’
I thank God who has disappointed the schemes of my enemies. I’ve been doing costruction work on behalf of my sister who is out of the country. Some neighbours got jealousy and when I started building a flower bed along the perimeter wall two of them ran to the community chairman and reported that I had put the structure in the road reserve. He came and said he was going to raze it down. I halted the work and took the matter to God for His righteous judgement to overturn the evil one. This was before Christmas and throught this golden journey I have been pleading with God. I also prayed that let my enemies make mistakes that will that will farther my cause. And God did it! On 9 january 2012, I decided to resume work. They ran to tell the chairman and he came immediately. But instead of threatening or carrying out his earlier threat, he just talked to us politely, asked us how we were going to do the work and then told us to continue. Glory to God who overturns the decisions of the wicked!. It so happens that one of the people who wanted my structure raze built a house right into the road reserve and if they were to break down my flower bed occupying just one and a half feet of the road reserve,they would have to raze her house which went right up to the edge of the road and had created a dangerous curve.
I’m looking forward to more explosive miracles and intimate fellowship with My God.
Thank you for Elisha for obeying God to shepherd His flock.


139 Angelline 01.11.12 at 8:24 am

To God be all the glory and honor for what He is doing in my life…I have been praying that God I want to know you more and more each day and i want to serve you…use me as your vessel….last night after completing the day’s set of the midnight prayers i went back to bed…i dreamnt i was with friends and some other people…then a man came to me whom i later realised was a Prophet but have never seen him before…he said to me…you, God wants you to serve Him are you willing to serve Him? i said yes in the dreams and i also said yes when i woke up….now i know God is going to use me as His vessel


140 S .T 01.11.12 at 8:27 am

Bro Elisha, I have not been able to order any of your books, but I am seriously looking to do that soon and very soon. I must say though, since I was introduced to your prayer Bullet Prayers, I started praying at midnight, and low and behold, I was blessed with a much needed credit increase, which was quite suprising to me. I will continue to pray, and to get qualified to join the prayer chat room and get your bullet prayer books. Thank you Elisha.


141 VIOLET 01.11.12 at 8:31 am

thanks elisha for allowing god to use you we are experiencing some breakthroughs .which website can l use to chat with prayer eagles


142 caroline aluoch owino 01.11.12 at 8:33 am

Praise God Elisha!

YES! it is the year the power shift Elisha. I have completed the 14 days of prayer marathon and the YEAR 2012 has began on a high pitch praise God Elisha for having brothers like you in this world.
I really enjoy my marriage life and i Thank God for everything.


143 Irene 01.11.12 at 8:43 am

I thank God so much because of you Elisha let Him continue using you mightily. Praying amiss is so low and very empty but since i followed your guidelines wao! i am already felling my connections with God The Almighty through Christ Jesus Haleluya.

God Richly Bless you



144 Gwendy Codjoe 01.11.12 at 8:43 am

Praise God! Glory to God for this new year. Let us thank the Lord for His goodness and mercies and for Him using Elisha to lead us into holy war to conquer the enemy.
After storming the gates of 2010, I had a dream where I saw so many metal vans waiting in a queue with dead bodies in them, two of the vans were opened and I could see the bodies lying in them but the rest of the vans had padlocks at the back and they were locked and as I passed by them I said in my mind that it was because of the christmas holidays thats why all these bodies were not buried. The next day I had an attack of neck problem. My neck was so painful I could not turn my head and it was like my head was on fire, very painful and I felt sick. Immediately I knew it was because of the 14 days prayer so I didnt give up I continued and now I am beginning to feel fine again. The enemy is a liar. I have had this neck problem for about two years now and I asked the prayer eagles to pray for me and the problem vanished but suddenly when we stormed the gates of 2012 the attack happened. No fears, I know the Lord is in control and soon my neck will be back to normal. My friends dont give up no matter what you feel during these prayers just keep on going and you will conquer your enemies and get to where God wants you to be. Amen.


145 Theresa B - Botswana 01.11.12 at 8:47 am

Happy New Year Brother Elisha, I believe this year is my year of rejoicing, deliverance, good health and breakthroughs for me by the grace of God and waking up at the midnight hour to fight the devil. My heart is full of joy, i think God is saying something to me about my life. Brother Elisha in this life we have to choose to always be positive and waking up at the midnight hour for us to defeat the devil and his agents.
I praise God for saving me. ALLELLUJA!


146 Karen 01.11.12 at 8:55 am

Hi pastor Elisha

I live in the Caribbean . I did the prayer academy last year and i tell you i have never stopped seeing blessings. from Health to finances to job to family and the list goes on. imagine one of the new year promises that God gave to me while praying the end of year prayers was a trip to america for my family to meet my sister whom i have not seen in 22 years. I cannot explain how confident i feel that the trip is already paid by God even if i have not yet receive the tangible tickets in my hand. I just know it is going to happen. another major blessing is that one of my friends came to tell me of a herb that cures 300 diseases which my family has started taking and a scalp infection which i had for years is healed. Praise the Lord. Also during my menstural this month i experienced a healing in my womb.

Paise God for you Pastor and for all those who pray with us in the prayer academy and the other programmes.

I urge everyone with the knowledge of the prayer academy to join in today.

No regrets



147 Birungi Annet 01.11.12 at 8:56 am

The Lord is doing great things for me He answers my prayer so quickly
at the prayer alter in my house last year people were very few, but now I thank God the number has increased, people are many and they are giving testmonies, a man came limping saying that he had spent two weeks having too much pain in the leg he could not walk without a stick he had taken tablets in vain, but after praying for him the Lord healed him instantly he jumped and praised the Lord and went back walking properly. A woman came with chest pains of which had spent three years and she was proposing to resign from her work, when we were praising and worshiping the woman fell down we began praying for her en she was delivered she is testifying that the Lord has healed her completely.
God bless you Elisha for the good work you are doing,
You have changed my prayer life.


148 Florence - Cameroon 01.11.12 at 8:59 am

Elisha God has done it this time around.It all happened like a dream.
I took the 27minute to midnight for 2012 so seriously.I needed God to open the gates of 2012 for me.
I was so indebted in 2011.With all my resourse and income i knew it was going to take me years to pay off my loans.
In 2011 i had this friend who had so parcel of lands for sale and i was t0ld if i get somebody to buy them then will have a commission.I told every one i know but no one came for it.
When i started the Golden Journery prayer for 2012, on Jan 05th 2012 some body called me for just one out of all the parcels of land.He paid for the land on 07th of January 2012.I didnot stress and it happened so fast.
Guess what i have been able to pay off my debts and even have some left over to help other.
Also my desire for God has increase.
Elisha, the God we serve answers prayers so long as they are well targeted and prayed at the right time.
May God rightly bless u for all the prayer bullets u give us.


149 noliwe 01.11.12 at 8:59 am

dear Elisha,
i want to take this moment to thank the Almight God for what he is doing in my life.
As this year started God has been doing awesome victories in my life nd my family’s life thanks to your prayers lines,and if i can metion one in specific the line”i sprinkle the blood of Jesus on my land and ask the bllod of Jesus to speak on my land.”
Believe me using this line i did exactly think i wound see such powerful results as i am seen them right now.
From the first week of this month its like God has just been sending huge wonderfuly wrapped presents of his promises over my life and family.
To mention a few his shown me the downfall of all strong hold enemies off my life and family,i have the most amazing job ever and i see other more huge blessings coming my way in Jesus’name.

Thank you and may the Good Lord Bless you,my life is a shining bright star!!


150 Renee Bourne 01.11.12 at 9:16 am

God bless you elisha and your prayer eagles,all glory be to our Almighty God.Today we end the 14 day prayer marathon and yes,i have a smile in my face.I feel very encouraged to continue prayers and to seek God in every situation in my life. Glory be to GOD and thank you so much.

sis Renee,


151 Nell 01.11.12 at 9:22 am

How do I get to the “Live Window Chat”?


152 Beatrice 01.11.12 at 9:29 am

Dear Elisha,
I realy give the Glory back to God for having made me go through the Golden Journey prayers successfully. May God bless you and your family,Fire ministry,all members on 24hr blog. My dream life has been awakened and now each day idream of what to pray for next. Im ready and eagerly waiting for the 2nd and 3rdlevel and im sure by the time i finish ,iwill have recovered whatever belongs to me in the name of Jesus. Glory to God,in the highest. Amen


153 janeffer 01.11.12 at 9:37 am

Firesprings Ministry has been a blessing in my life. I am now able to pray and fast without reservations. Even the Ester fast is no longer an issue with me. Last year my husband and I prayed for a change of environment since we felt our spiritual lives were dying in the place we lived. The Lord answered our prayers and we are now in a new environment, even before this the Lord had taught us that we do not need a church to develop spiritualy but we can do it as a family and as individuals. We do need the church for fellowship but we can still go ahead and serve God even if we get discouragments from people.
May God richly bless Firesprings Ministry. Brother Elisha God put his protective hand over you in Jesus’ name.


154 Dee 01.11.12 at 9:42 am

I have to say God is Awesome. My wife and I started the journey at the end of 2011 and we have been praying for a lot of things. One was my oldest son who is 25, hasn’t done a thing since high school and we were believing God for a turn around in his life for years now. Well, he called after the first of the year to inform me that he was registered for college and his tuition and books were covered. This is a major step for him and thank and praise God for it. I know that prayer and the breaking of old spiritual tides caused this release and we are excited about what is to come.


155 Msingh 01.11.12 at 9:44 am

Hi, I am truly blessed to read Joelene’s testimony of being delivered from the back’s situation. I too am suffering in my back and my son by having the feeling something is itching us often. How wonderful it is to be delivered. God bless you Joelene
I am blessed to be a part of the prayer academy too. Trusting the Lord for my own breakthroughs and years of suffering. MS


156 Maxie 01.11.12 at 9:49 am

I give glory and praise to the Almighty God who answers prayers. Glory be to God for brother Elisha. I am overwhelmed by how far I have come in the journey of prayer since I first visited this site. I am falling deeper and deeper in love with My God everyday. I thrive on prayer and it is more interesting and REAL. The Word of God has become more REAL.

These prayer points:
4. Let my divine helpers for 2012 be released to locate me now in the name of Jesus
5. All my assigned helpers for 2012, both human and angelic, hear the word of the Lord: arise and locate me now in the name of Jesus.
15. Let all my disappointments translate to divine appointments this year in the name of Jesus.
16. Let all satanic winds and storms be silenced in the name of Jesus.
17. O God of Rehoboth, enlarge my coast and, begin a new dimension of signs and wonders in my life this year in the name of Jesus.

have manifested in my life. On Friday 6/1/2012, I received about 4 disappointments. When each disappointment manifested, I quickly confessed the prayer bullet. On Sunday 8/1/2012 at some minutes passed 7pm UK time, I received a call from 3 divine helpers, one connecting to the other and another connecting to another until I was connected to a divine appointment. It is awesome and glorious when God visits. I am overwhelmed and thankful to God for what He is doing.

God bless you brother Elisha and all the prayer eagles.

God is REAL.


157 Rosina 01.11.12 at 9:57 am

i didnt manage the ester fast, but the other fasts i managed and i finished today, so i want to know if it will be okay for me to do it when i can?


158 Rachel 01.11.12 at 10:05 am

Dear Elisha,
You have been encouraging me alot since last year when l came across your website. l have learnt alot and inspired by the testmonies from people, but thank God have reached 2012 although 2011, l went through alot of trials at my place of work. Through the testimonies people have been sharing, l conqured some.

lam still facing some challenges at my place of work, l am being sidelined, just alot of bad things are happening. But l know my God, He will surely see me through and l will share my testimony with you in Jesus name.

Blessed be to the holy one of Isreal



159 E. O 01.11.12 at 10:38 am

Praise God and God bless you Elisha. Ever since I joined the prayer academy in August last year (2011) I have been seing the mighty hand of God upon my life and my family. My testimonies are numerous but I want to talk about the outstanding ones. I am a transporter by profession working under licence of someone because I don’t have the money to do my own licence. Working with him, I was not satisfied because he stop me work when ever he likes and ask me to resume when ever he likes making my work unsuitably thereby make my salary equals to nothing at the end of the month and that way it is very difficult for me to take care of my family and it makes me to always be in debt. We continued praying me and my wife with the prayer points you are giving to us. Lo and behold last December the Government pass the law to start giving the same licence that I was talking about free of charge. I have done everything that is required to be done and I am now waiting for them to send the licence for me to start my own. I really thank God for answers to prayer.

E.O. Italy


160 Busi 01.11.12 at 10:43 am

PTL for this programme and I thank Him mightly for the grace to go through and complete the 14 days. I usually forget my dreams but during the midnight prayer days I had a dream which I remembered where someone came and squeezed a pimple on my face near my nose. Initially I had said, “uh just leave it it’s so tiny” but my helper went ahead and attended to it anyway and my word did stuff ooze out like crazy! It just kept coming out for a very long time and finally it stopped! Any evil deposits in my body I believe have truly been removed. Thank you for such guided and aggressive prayer point Brother Elijah God bless and keep you!


161 Nita Soans 01.11.12 at 10:49 am

I thank God for the deliverance my husband received when we joined the Prayer Academy last year. He was delivered from 45 yrs of smoking. Till date he has not touched any cigarette. Thank you Father for your strength in his weakness. To God belongs all Glory. Amen



162 lisa 01.11.12 at 10:59 am

I am desiring for my daughter to talk and do all that she is suppose to be doing for a nine year old. Are there any prayer bullets for dealing with this.


163 Dominic 01.11.12 at 11:02 am

Praise the name of the living God,
First leg now complete,I thank God for grace to endure and above all grace to search for answers in God’s word.For the first time I read the Bible and meditated on the word and behold it felt like God himself was instructing me on what step next.Take for example yesterday,I had financial hitch and desperately needed money.It was time to go for evening devotion and thought I would need a note book for short notes.As I thought about it, was listening to mpr by servant of God dr Bishop David Oyedepo which addressed issues in text Romans 8 about my heritage in christ.I keyed to it and to the glory of God, God had placed the amount I needed in the note book which he, through his spirit sent me to pick for use during devotional.God is also giving me visions these days.I return all glory and honour to him.
It works!


164 Agaba Julius Alfred 01.11.12 at 11:07 am

Elisha Goodman and Firesprings ministries I thank you for opening my eyes and showing me how to pray in the spirit and fight the devils in the air, land and sea that have plagued my life for sooo long.
A great friend of mine introduced me to the ’27 minutes to midnight’ prayer and I can testify that as I write have quit alcohol. And this happened just two days into the prayers. I had spent 20 years justifying drinking alcohol and making all kinds of excuses to drink, all of a sudden i feel so liberated and free. The fear, peer pressure and anxiety i used to feel about quitting has evaporated! I am getting break throughs in many things regarding work,relationships cant detail now BUT i now know the ‘mighty angel of Power’ has my back!


165 Julie 01.11.12 at 11:19 am

Dear All,

I am the happiest lady in the world. Since i started praying the midnight prayers, my life has never been the same. My innerman has grown stronger, my relationship with God has become better.
This is a great year for me as prophesied to be a power shift. On monday, i went to my university that i was from 2005-2009, since 2009 i had not graduated because i had to resit some language units. Eversince that time i have been straggling to finish but no success. I was supposed to graduate in 2009 but it was impossible, then last year I sent someone over to clear for me inorder to graduate and he was told that i had to resit for the same unit again since the record could not be found in the system. I felt so helpless and lost hope of ever graduating.
The fact that i have never graduated from a prestigious university, it has brought about so much strife, bitterness, anger and hate between me and my brothers who paid my college fees. I had been told how useless and hopeless i am even by my own friends. To make matters worse, i became pregnant and got a baby last year, therefore, this meant no time and money to resit for the unit.
I cried out to the Lord to have mercy on me, I prayed the Cover prayers and the 14 days fasting prayers for 2012. Last week on friday, the Lord told me to go back to my university on monday (two days ago); I obeyed and went. I went to the faculty manager to inquire what went wrong that my results were missing, to my surprise, she checked the system and all my records were there showing that i have cleared all my units and there’s nothing pending. I managed to clear from the university and in the process i went to the finance office and the Credit controller told me the university owes me money, which am now waiting for them to wire into my account.
I am so happy that God has restored hope in me, hope that i can pursue my masters degree and that i can apply for jobs with confidence, hope that no one can look down on me again because i have not graduated.
The following day on Tuesday, God delivered me from a house-help who has been planning to hurt me, she left the house on her own without being kicked out by anyone. i bless the Lord for so many things that i cannot count them; i feel good to walk like a victor and not a victim, to walk with my head up knowing that am covered by the most High. This is the true meaning of salvation, not what i sung in songs, but i experience it on daily basis. I am blessed and very proud about it and not sorry at all.


Marlene Reply:

Thank you for sharing, i also very thank ful that i managed to do the Easter fast and finish the 27 prayers 2012. I also hope to graduate this year i was to graduate in 2008. Meanwhile i have peace and i sleep without worries. Now am looking for job and i hope doors open.



166 Ruth 01.11.12 at 11:25 am

Hi Elisha,

First and foremost i thank God for His servant Elisha Goodman and the Firesprings ministries for the good and commendable work they are doing.

Before i joined the academy, i had responsibilities of both man and woman in my house and that used to stress me alot. I used to take care of almost everything in my house; talk of school fees, food, water and electricity bills, watchman, house girl and the such.

The prayer points and tips have really helped me alot and i must say i feel God’s favor on my side. I joined the academy in July 2011 and three weeks after starting the prayers, my husband asked me for the fees structure of our children and also gave me some money for shopping (food). At first i thought i was dreaming only to realise that it was God’s doing. From that time to present, he has taken full responsibility as the man of the house. He pays all the bills and even gives some pocket money. Sometimes he even feels quilty of the way he used to mistreat me but i have already forgiven him, i know it was the work of the devil.

Thank you Elisha for the prayer points. I know and i believe that God has alot in store for me and my family this year 2012.

Lord i thank you for your faithfulness! All Honor and Glory are yours.

Thank you man of God Elisha and your ministry, be blessed abundantly.



167 RLM 01.11.12 at 11:40 am

Dear Fellow Prayer Warriors,

I just want to thank God for His infinite mercies. For waking me up this morning and for giving me another day on this earth.


168 tebogo 01.11.12 at 11:48 am

Hi Elisha while I was in the middle of the golden journey I dreamt entering at home while at the door I saw a man stealing a bed and I went back outside and after few minutes two short people came outside from inside the other told me that they tried everything to destroy me but they are not succeeding. I’m still shocked Glory be To God Thank you Elisha


169 Sharonda Greenlaw 01.11.12 at 12:14 pm

I have so much to say about what I have learned on this site and what I have seen the Lord do. This comment will just cover my recent trip to my home from 12/28 thru 1/9. My Dad was near death when I saw him on 12/28/11. He was sleeping in the fetal position with a fever of 102. He was absolutely dehydrated and death was standing by. God, as He always does, directed me to pray furiously with the many bullets gathered from this site. By the next week, my Dad was discharged from the hospital, infection leaving his body, eating and all is well!!!!!!

During this same trip to my hometown (Detroit), God healed hurts between me and my church that I left nine years ago. God did this miracle in one day flat!
My God be praised! Truly, nothing is impossible with God.

Once again, thank you all for laying your lives down in prayer!!!


170 Charity 01.11.12 at 12:19 pm

I praise God for this prayer programme and the revelation i received on 9th of January.
I have been believing God for the fruit of th womb. On that 9th of January I had a dream where a woman in my church told me I have been ensnared by native doctors and that If I could pray and say i break every ensnarement, I will get what I want.
When I woke up, I understood d dream perfectly cos I go to some herbal homes for fertility treatment and also purchase herbs. As i was contemplating on how to frame the womans word into a prayer bullet, God showed me Psalm 124:7 praise God! I have been using it to pray and I know I will carry my babies this year!


171 Gwen 01.11.12 at 12:42 pm

O, man of God, praise the Lord x5! The end of the 14-day prayer & fasting has brought me some cash I had been waiting for for almost 12 months! Within under 24 hours money was in my account. It is not all of it but I am sure even the other bit is coming, in Jesus’ name!
These are machine gun prayers indeed! My family is on fire! I thank the Lord that you were introduced to me by one of my church sisters. I have also widely publicized your site to many all over the world. We are overcomers, yes! We are never, never going to be the same again!!! I thank the Lord for your life, man of God. God richly bless you with more fire-loaded God given weapons. The devil is feeling the heat
G-o-d of Elisha, You are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!!!!!!!!


172 Sister Grace 01.11.12 at 1:06 pm

Dear brother Elisha,
I thank God for you and the work you do. Thank you for encouraging us and teaching us to pray.

I am amazed at what God can do. In the year 2010 December, I almost quit my job because of the oppression and discrimination that I went through the whole time, but my brother encouraged me to resume work in January 2011 as I had no other option anyway since I am a mother of 3 and the sole bread earner as I divorced 8 years ago. I resumed work dreading each day of my life and not knowing what to do but only hoping and praying for peace of mind. During this time it was not only my frustrating job that stressed me but also my entire life: my finances could not handle my huge responsibility, I was heavily in debt, I could not advance my academics due to funds and my state of mind, I saw my teenage kids difficult despite the Christian values taught to them, I had no energy to even do my normal chores at home or have good time with my kids, marriages in our family were just falling apart. I was so withdrawn and depressed that I did not have a social life. My mind was so blank that I could not think anymore. All I wanted is lie down somewhere alone without any form of distractions or noise. I felt and knew that no one would really understand what I was going through but only me and God. I only wanted to be alone. My prayer life was also down I wanted to pray all the time but felt no energy in me.

But good news came. Sometime in mid 2011 around June, my friend sent me your site and asked me to subscribe to it which I did. I started reading the newsletters and every time I did I felt encouraged. You also kept sending me emails which kept me more and more encouraged. I was surprised how some of the emails spoke to me so directly addressing my issues head on yet you didn’t know me. I knew it was the Holy Spirit at work. My burden started reducing by day and gradually my strength was restored. I could pray, praise and worship again. I also decided to revive our evening fellowship at home with my kids and house help which had been dead for more than a year. My problems mentioned above were still there but I don’t understand how somehow they did not overwhelm me anymore and I did not seem to see or feel them anymore because I had the peace of God in me and a hope. My faith increased and every time I knew God was in control.

Later in joined the prayer academy and started reading the materials. Although my pace was slower than the scheduled times, I decided I would read the materials to understand and apply the teachings in my life. Unfortunately negative things started coming back to me in full force too much for me to handle. At work I felt like all bosses were ganging up against me for no reason. My colleague started a campaign against me to the authorities, staff, associates and even our external suppliers and service providers. I knew I work for the best interest of our company and as unto the Lord and if anything going wrong came to my attention, I would have been more than willing to address it, but no one came out clear as to what I was doing wrong. All they did is try to frustrate me, intimidate me, and manipulate me and even yelling at me in front of my juniors to provoke me wanting me to feel incompetent. I felt that my colleague and a certain team preferred someone else handling my position for one reason or another. The pressure was too much and once again life at work became unbearable. However, I still decided not to quit because, first, I was innocent, second, I wanted to persevere as I had prayed God to walk with me every step of the way, third, I love my job, it’s my only source of income, I had not found another to go to, and also, I had sought God first before taking it up several years ago. Fortunately I had by this time learnt how to apply the scriptures and pray to the point. So I prayed the Daniel’s prayer for repentance, I also prayed from Psalms 35 for God to fight my battles, and I claimed the blessings in Deuteronomy 28. And I also obeyed God’s Word to love even those who oppress me. I prayed to God to help me not to succumb to anger, fear, guilt, worry or anxiety as would have been my case in the past. I had read in your materials, to avoid them and not to be angered even at whatever level of provocation. During this time I was also reading the ‘prayer cookbook for busy people’. I became serious with the midnight prayers and fasting, which had not been easy for me in the past. My friend and I set days aside to pray and fast. I prayed using the prayers provided in the Cookbook. The results were tremendous. Everything suddenly changed both physically and spiritually. I felt the presence of God. All staff, bosses, and the other stakeholders treated me with respect and appreciation. Even without a word I could tell they tried to make things up. Although I realized some had difficulties facing me because of the guilt conscience, the environment went back to normal and I knew the Grace of God was with me. All this time God controlled all circumstances to suit my situations and no weapon formed against me could prosper.

In short I have seen God. It’s a miracle for me to be in this job to date. It’s a miracle that I have the energy to pray and worship God. It’s also miracle that I am now not so financially strained as before – my pay slip can now accommodate my financial obligations. It’s a miracle that I can socialize with family and friends, the glow is back on my face, I have quality time with my kids, I can think straight. And I know that even my debts and loans will soon be cleared and my other prayer requests, God will deal at His’ own perfect time. At this pace I know that very soon I will have nothing else to ask God for but just Thank, Praise and Worship Him for He is really worthy.

I shared the recent ’27 minutes to midnight 2012 edition’ with my relatives and my friends trusting God for them because it’s no doubt that if we apply these teachings and pray as guided according to the scripture, we will all enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom of God in abundance. For, example, one morning recently, while I was just thinking how I will pay fees for my children some peace told me God will provide, and by lunch time someone dropped me a bank slip for the fees fully paid for the term and excess. I also received gift vouchers from my employer. They were enough to shop for my children’s boarding stuff, my house supplies and excess. I did not incur any debt as had been happening before.


Once again, thank you Brother Elisha for allowing God to use you for His Kingdom.

Sister Grace.


Litia Tuinakelo Reply:

Oh! Halleluyah….Praising God for being so faithfull to your faithfullness in applying Elisha’s Miracle Working Prayers…Amen to the Power of your Testimony…….Yes….He is “Jehovah Jaire” who always answers Prayers!

I am deeply moved by the Power of your Testimony…..That Phrase you used “there is no one Like Jehovah” that is my favorite praise and worship song, during my midnite prayers.

May Jehovah Jaire continue to move in a mighty waywithin your path and bless you my sister and your families superabundantly!
Thank you Elisha for keeping the Holy Fire of Global Prayer Burning!
Glorious 2012 to Firespring Ministries……
Gob Bless!


Litia Tuinakelo Reply:

Oh! Halleluyah….Praising God for being so faithfull to your faithfullness in applying Elisha’s Miracle Working Prayers…Amen to the Power of your Testimony…….Yes….He is “Jehovah Jaire” who always answers Prayers!

I am deeply moved by the Power of your Testimony…..That Phrase you used “there is no one Like Jehovah” that is my favorite praise and worship song, during my midnite prayers.

May Jehovah Jaire continue to move in a mighty waywithin your path and bless you my sister and your families superabundantly!
Thank you Elisha for keeping the Holy Fire of Global Prayer Burning!
Glorious 2012 to Firespring Ministries……
God Bless!


173 jan 01.11.12 at 1:33 pm

I am really grateful to God for enabilng me to go through the 14 day fast thanks be to God he is worthy to be praised.


174 Odell 01.11.12 at 1:40 pm

Praise the Mighty Name of Jesus. I want to thank God for you Elisha for this website may God continue to grant you long life , health, wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you bring God’s people closer to him. I am indeed grateful to God for the 14 days fast and prayer in 2012. It has only brought my family closer to our maker and he is doing wonders in our lives. Please join me in prayer for our daughter who is believing God for a God fearing husband in the next 6 months. Thank you Elisha and God Bless you greatly!!!!!!!


175 Florence 01.11.12 at 1:47 pm

Dear Elisha,
I really want to make a testimony. I want to thank God FOR THIS SIGHT AND ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR COMMITMENT to continously send us personalised mails. I am planing to buy the BOOK- for getting rid of debts and living in ABUNDANCE. I am already beggining to see Gods HANDS in my life. I will soon testify



176 BENSON 01.11.12 at 1:55 pm

ELISHA man of GOD, its hard to express this, my face skin is restored, tubes could not help, dermatologists could not help but prayer bullets in the cook book of busy people worked. i cant wait to join the academy.

HOLY HOLY HOLY IS LORD GOD who was and is to come whenever the living things give glory i Benson add my voice.


177 Maria 01.11.12 at 2:25 pm

Praises to God! Since I started the 27 minutes to midnight prayers, the Lord just keeps opening doors in my life, firstly my children want to come back to church after 2 years and my business is growing and I feel so close to God and spiritually refreshed. thanks Elisha for everything.


178 Samu 01.11.12 at 3:15 pm

I am happy to join my brothers and sisters in Christ on this site who are celebrating victory in Jesus’ Name. God is answering my prayers in an amazing way since I started using prayer bullets. For example I used the prayer bullet asking God to send his Angels to the land of the living and the dead and recover all my stolen blessings. Since then I have received refunds from companies I did not even know owed me money. Words are not enough to thank you Elisha for enlightening me on the power of midnight prayers and prayer bullets. May God richly bless your ministry and continue to multiply you. After storming the Gates of 2012 I dreamt that I was taken to heaven and given what belongs to me. I am so excited because I know God is opening new doors for me. God is powerful.


179 comfort 01.11.12 at 3:36 pm

Hello and God bless
I been trying for along time to reach someone but all in vain.Have gone thro the prayer academy,Esther fast and continous midnight prayers,lots of deliverance meetings but every time my situation seems to be escalating .I have been told that there are very powerful ancestral spirits that are after ms e and my children.Everytime i go thro. a deliverance i will in my dream find myself back home in


180 sharonrhodes 01.11.12 at 3:42 pm

I am tired of my marriage of 31 years not being a made in Heaven one. So I ordered theMarriage restoration ebook this morning.Iv been on an Esther fast and have been SO attacked even by good friends this week. I’m looking forward to seeing how God is going to answer my prayers. To God be the glory. Amen


JEN Reply:

Lord Father, fill Sharonrhodes & her husband’s heart with the happiness and joy as the day they were married, so that their love my hold each other captive all the days in Jesus name. AMEN (Proverbs 5:18-19)


sharonrhodes Reply:

oh GOD IS GOOD!!!!! I see changes already! There is definately a warmth and closeness between my husband and myself that has not been there for years. To God be the GLORY!! Thank you for your prayers.


181 Susan Maina 01.11.12 at 3:44 pm

Hi Elisha,
I praise God for you and your team at Firesprings Ministries. May God who answers with fire bless you all mightily. May He increase your territory and give you strength to continue with the good work. I started praying at the midnight hour since 24th June 2011.
I have experienced peace of mind ebn in the midst of adversary.
When I started this prayers I was going through some difficult times in my marriage. For the last 3yrs my husband has been seeing his ex girlfriend who is married. When I questioned him, he would deny but I later found out that she had left her home to be with him. He says now he has left her but communication is still rife and they still are intimate. I believe God is working because he tells me to keep praying.
I am tired Lord of waiting and tonight I will ask the Lord to bring this affair to a final end. Mathew 19;25 is clear, he belongs to me and I will not share in Jesus Name. May God put a wall between them and confuse their speech in Jesus Name. May God destroy all the love for this mistress in my husbands heart in Jesus Name. It is finished in Jesus Name.


182 Kibanya 01.11.12 at 4:19 pm

Dear Man of God and all who were united in the Golden journey:

Praise be to the Most High God who is worthy to be worshipped! I have successfully completed the 14 day programme from with tremendoush blessings! power shift has occurred in many aspects of my life as I prayed God! Started with deliverance from an addiction on day 1, financial miracle of some $1,500 from God himself on day 2 …… And today, the day 14, God showed me interpretation 4 dreams I had and recorded, and they all had a message about worshipping God without distractions. And one came clearly that I was going to do needed live-saving activity for children without delay. It is actually about 110 tonnes of therapeutic food that just arrived at my operations meant for malnourished children and it has helped me to make an emergency decision to prioritise distribution immediately, and it will be helping over 60,000 children by end next week. My bosses just agreedwith me!

Glory to God, and I have peace, peace, peace. Philipians 4:4-7 is my music. Victory is for our God!

Kibanya, from near horn of africa.


183 kim 01.11.12 at 4:20 pm

Dear elisha, I did not make the midnite 1st Jan 2012 prayers but started around 1pm in the morning with my pray points and continued until last night when I finished. I on some occasion do not make ot till midnite but then I wAke early around 7 and said my prays. I have not had a good out come as the others, I have been attacked in my dreams just abt every nite. I have received a summons and debt collectors are on my neck daily. I have not made a sale in months and do not have any income for the next couple of months unless I get a job. I am stressed and I can feel its affecting my health. Plse pray for me.


184 A.Madondo 01.11.12 at 4:32 pm

Hie ELisha,since i started prayers alongside this programme,am dreaming almost every day overpowering strange wild beasts,God is so great my workplace,my performance is so noticeable that any time will be notified of my promotion.Once again thank you so much for being send by God for a purpose.


185 A.Madondo 01.11.12 at 4:35 pm

Hie ELisha,since i started prayers alongside this programme,am dreaming almost every day overpowering strange wild beasts,God is so great at my workplace,my performance is so noticeable that any time will be notified of my promotion.Once again thank you so much for being send by God for a purpose.


186 Janet L. Parpa 01.11.12 at 4:35 pm

Dear Elisha,

To God be all the glory! I joined prayer academy last June 2011 and I have to be honest that it was not easy. Unable to complete the program due to my hectic schedules and it seems there is a strong opposition. But I learned a lot of powerful prayer points and I kept reciting that every time. I have so many testimonies and felt guilty for not sharing. The very reason I joined the Midnight Prayer at the Gate of 2012 because I believed that despite of the discouragement of not receiving what I am praying to get me out of huge debts and my impending judicial proceedings against me for not paying the bank for my monthly amortization of 12 months and my commercial building property is endanger of foreclosure. I decided I must do something about it and PRAYER was my only hope. I joined the millions to storm the gate at midnight of 2012 and on January 5 my birthday I received the best gift. My employer told me to back to Philippines and settle my debt with the bank in full settlement of my property so that I no need to worry about it anymore.
I am talking of almost 3 Millions Pesos here. I am now corresponding with the bank to prepare all the necessary documents and I will be heading home soon. I learned that no matter how great is the need and impossible the situation God’s provision are more than enough. Your prayer bullets are very powerful that can cause an explosive avalanche of blessings!



187 lere adetimirin 01.11.12 at 5:35 pm

Thank you Elisha for this God sent web to teach us how to battle the devil and his cohorts and how to claim our stolen, delayed and deprived blessings.
As mentioned at the commencement of the 14 days, I was attacked with severe cold and I lost my voice. I refused to stop and on the 3rd Jan 2012 after the completion of Esther’s fast, my voice miraculous returned in the early morning. I got to know when I had a call from my brother and discovered that I can speak out. Glory be to God.
I was encouraged and went on until completion today 11th Jan 2012. By 3am, I woke up to do my prayers and as I went back to bed, I dreamt of seeing my black trouser crawling out of the door like a big python. Upon gazing at it I saw a very hefty man showing his head and crawling back into the trouser like a snake. I watched with horror and I woke up. I was not harmed but I believe God has fought my battle for me. Before this day, I dreamt of a woman in labour and was told that she has been labouring for long. I wastched as God delivered the baby and he cried while he was picked up while the mother was in good health.
I know God is confirming that my prayers are already answered but I need your divine prayers to make every good things in my life come to fruition soonest as I want to testify.
I need your prayers for the immediate sale of my 15 tons compacted truck which has remained unsold for over 4 months. I need to plough back the money into another business which I believe God will touch with success. I pray against poverty, lack, stagnancy and near success syndrome. May God surprise my friends with my divine miracles and shock my enemies to the marrows.


188 comfort 01.11.12 at 5:51 pm

Thank you Bro Elisha for this website for it has strenghtened my prayer life and i have learnt so much about the problems am experiencing in my life.Despite all the effort i have put into prayers, things are still very difficult.I am still heavily indebted,my children are still struggling a lot in life and from all experience the cause is my roots for i see it in my dreams all the time.I need special help please.


189 Agnes 01.11.12 at 6:56 pm

PTL I got my answer to my 14 days of prayer on the last day. I had slept for an hour when I had a dream in which I was sleeping in my parents house with my sisters where we slept when we were young. Suddenly I heard someone trying to unlock the door. I saw a White door and knew that an enemy/thief was trying to unlock the door. I got up and pushed the key back into the keyhole and the thief knew someone was there and in frustration put the tip of a screwdriver through the side of the door. This made me laugh in my heart knowing I had won!! I suddenly woke up and realised it was 00:14 hrs and launched into my day 14 prayers. I could not believe that I was shown that my door from 2011 was safely shut and had my keys too! I thanked God for a wonderful revelation and will be sharing my ultimate testimony soon! Thank you Elisha for shepherding us.


190 Nosipho 01.11.12 at 8:40 pm

Thank you pastor Goodman and your team for your labour of love. It was my second time to participate in the 27 minutes to midnight programme and I must say that this time my angel of escape appeared, thank you for the passage of scripture you gave in
Acts 12.

After meditating upon it it was clear to me that I have been making attempts to get out of prison by myself, without my angel. On day 1 the day of repentance, the Lord lifted me to another level little did I know that it was the foundation I needed, I spent the whole day here the Holy Spirit brought into remeberance all my offences big and small.

On day 3, session 1 when we had to bring our reasons for being on the march I really did not know how to and what to say. Then I took a scripture that I had been given by a friend in 1Kings 3:9-12 Solomon asked for wisdom and understanding. I started there, I asked for wisdom to even craft my argument, my case. And the Lord of Hosts answered me and refered me back to Acts 12. It was here that I was shown that the reason I particularly was on this journey was to have my angel of escape released unto me.

I cried unto God about this for over 3 hours. And I knew He had heard me.

We stormed the gates of 2012, and I entered well. On day 8, as I prayed the Spirit started ministering to me that I needed to ask for forgiveness from a list of people. The names were clear. Some i had done wrong and some I debated that they were the ones at fault and tried to talk my way out of it. But the God of mercy even showed me in the scripture Matthew 5:23-24 that I needed to do this. I realised that this was the foundation laid on the day of repentance and that my angel of escape was forgiveness and humility.

I asked God for courage and humility to do this. He has been with me. I managed to get hold of all of them and that fear of rejection and shame was just the enemy’s stunt to stop me. I did it and I feel so light and now realise that the devil has nothing against me. A friend helped me to see this part. That there is nothing that the devil can use as evidence against me anymore because I have made right where it was needed.

I thank God for this programme. Lessons learnt during this journey are far beyond what any professor could have taught me. I am free. I know that indeed for me power shifted, the forces of darkness lost their grip on me. There is no more satanic judgement over my life.

Thank you man of God.


191 sonia 01.11.12 at 9:27 pm

Dear Elisha,

I Praise God for your ministry.I wonder how iIwas able to get into your site last 2010 and was able to sign up for your newsletter.Because I am too busy I didnt give much attention on the newsletter that I get to read it onlywhen I have the chance however,this 2011 I purposely find time I prayed that God will give me favor of time to do it and Praise God I was able to complete the golden Journey.And this is the good report that I’d like to share that God really answers our prayer.Last December 31,2011 I lost my 3 cellular phones,though the phones are not so much of my concerns cause they really are out modelled and needs repair but still functional what matters much are my contacts in business and my work.Still I include it in my prayer that whatever the enemy has stolen from me in 2011 will be given back to me.And true enough before our new year service is over we receive a text that the finder would like to met the owner of the cellphone cause he is going to return it.But othert han this I am believing God’s salvation for my son which is the foremost reason why I join golden journey and Jan.3 I receive a text message from telling me he was sorry and would start to change this year. I Praise and thank God for answering my prayer so soon and I’m looking forward for my son to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.I am planning to join the prayer academy on Jan.25 but I don’t know how to go about paying the fees other than paying through credit card cause I really wanted to buy the book Prayer Cookbook for Busy People.


192 Violet 01.11.12 at 10:45 pm

Thanks for the prayer bullet on healing. As I was praying, I also text the prayer to a friend in the hospital. That night I dreamed that he got healed and he was. Today he is in the office back to work. Thanks to God our Healer!


Sisi Julie Reply:

We give thanks and Praise to the Great Physician for the mighty works He does daily.


193 julius 01.11.12 at 11:50 pm

its all joy in my life ,for wonders GOD is doing to me.
thanks very much for that work brother ELISHA


194 Augusto 01.11.12 at 11:55 pm

Thank the Lord for all the blessings given to me and my family….I am a new born christian , I follow the Lord gyideliness it is a constant learning but I can see that everysingle message has not only good intentions but the scripture indicates how to behave…
For a long time I had no phone calls for a new job , just recently I got a phone call for a position that I dreamed all my life …..I am prying with all my heart and soul expecting the Lord to hear my pryers and get the job I want….brothers please pray also along with me so God can hear me….also pray with me so the Lord protects my Son since he has a job that needs protection….but If I have to choose my Son is first
Thank you,thank you thank you Lord


195 Brianna 01.12.12 at 12:16 am

I have a testimony about the goodness of God..and all I can say is thank you Jesus…..I would have set exams last year for the semester..a double major and I had stresses…..and within the first weeks I had a needed surgery which put me out for a month…… I had personal issues which would make any ones head spin and also I had a wicked adversary at work that though I was being nice to her…she was an unfriendly friend who sought not only to ruin my reputation but to bring me down to the ground and to embarrass me publicly in my career….I put these things all before God…and one by one each mess was more than dealt with……..the lady instead was disgraced and her lies exposed………the surgery was a success with no complications……. the personal issues are being resolved..but the expectations of my enemies in this have been disappointed and last but least through these distractions……..I was able to study and gained a B minus GPA….I won’t lie…I was disappointed but at the end of the day I wanted more…but due to the stresses I was under and the spiritual battles I was in at the time..where I had to be literally walking with my life assa prey and fighting for my physical life I can testify that I more than did well……I want to say Lord????????I thank you for not allowing me to fail before my enemies…because I would have been a laughing stock… I was warned not to study by the same personal adversaries ……. and told that if I did the year would end bad for me……..and I would meet with failure…….getting into University also is a testimony and a first for my family tooooo….I can say that I have done welll and I will strive to do even better…I am grateful to God that my mouth was and will continue to be enlarged over my enemies…The grades are unofficial and I am hoping that after some deliberation that I can get at least one A and a B……..But I have passed the exams where others have failed…God I thank you……Amen and Hallelulah….I used the prayer points you gave Elisha in the cook book for busy people for break throughs and I prayed for my exams also…I missed a lot and was trying to catch up…and honestly????even before one of the exams I got the B minus in…. I was studying for it the day and hours before because of the course load…and I studied exactly what came…and I thank God for that…I work full time also and could not make most of the classes since because of the surgery I had to work day and not the shift…But as I said…this is a testimony………and I have done welll>>>>>wish I could have gotten the As but God I thank You for my B minuses……. This site has thought me how to prayer through my problems than to prayer about them..and that is great…I am buckling down to do 5 courses this semester and I will aim for all As..in the name of Jesus……….I put these studies before God………. Guys I would be grateful if you guys remember me also in prayer about this tooo………so that He would more than grant me the mental stamina to go forward……..I claim that mental stamina that gave Joseph the edge to be promoted from the prison house to the palace. I know it is possible for nothing is possible without God and I will overcome in the name of Jesus.



196 Jane Kathindi 01.12.12 at 12:33 am

Brethren it is good to give all the glory back to GOD. No man can take credit for anything. ONLY GOD deserves all the glory.GOD is Ebenezer in my life and today I want to shout with JOY and give GOD all the GLORY for restoring our mariage. We have seperated for 4 years. the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has done it. Indeed our GOD is a GOD of restoration. Be blessed by Pslams 23.

Sometimes when we pray and good things happen we forget to come back and say thank you. THANK YOU LORD for your wonder working power. HALLELUYAH OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. I just feel like shouting.

I pray for GOD’s blessing and favor upon Elisha and all who work on this good cause. May the LORD increase you in all ways and the desires of your heart be fullfilled.


197 Walter 01.12.12 at 12:58 am

Greetings and peace be with you in the name of Jesus .
I was introduced to 27 minutes to midnight by a spiritual brother worshiping at same church.
Myself, wife and daughter started the programme on the 29th December 2011. I have been unemployed for 2 years and been trying to open a business and the problem was the finances. On the 31st December session 1 I presented my case to God and the main thing was I requested God to help me to be able to provide for my family. Firstly, on the 4th January I visited a company that deals with financing sourcing for business. The guy assured me that he will “unlock” funding for me and I will not be required to pay it back. All the Glory be to God that I will now be able to take of my family.
Secondly, on the 9th January at the small gate inside the yard at my house I discovered a carcass of something like a rabbit without a head and next to it there was a intestines indicating a foetus. I took the mess with plastic and throw it in the street bin across the road. During my midnight prayer on the same day I went outside to check if the gate was locked and to my surprise there was another carcass of the same animal but different in colour at the exact spot where the other one was (with no head or no blood). I woke up my wife and daughter and we started praying using the prayer bullets. I then burned it and to my surprise it did not smell or pop it just burned until melted in the ashes.
Elisha and all prayer partners please help us to keep on firing the prayer bullets and help to understand what does this mean.
I now enjoy fasting and amazed by the quick results
We still continuing with the programme and will complete today the 11th January 2012

Walter South Africa


198 Stewart 01.12.12 at 1:40 am

I would like to thank you Elisha for the midnight prayers. I have been praying these prayers since 2010. My prayer life has never been the same. This year I joined the 27 Minutes to prayer for 2012. I did the Esther fast and the rest of the fast to 11th of January 2012. Tonight I had a dream where I attcked a big giant that looked like a lion and cut open its head before it attacked me. I believe the Lord has given me victory over the things I have been praying for. I have been praying for healing, financial and carrer breakthrough. I would like to say THANK YOU JESUS for the victory.
Be blessed brother Elisha.


199 Linah Ruparanganda 01.12.12 at 4:24 am

I want to thank you for taking me throgh the Golden Jorney Level 1. On day 10 a strange thing happened to me. I had a dispute with my husband in which the following day he apologised and continued to say he had over reacted and does not understand why he became violent as behaviuor was warranted. I continued with my prayers till day 14 . However two things that continue to bother me are why did I have to be involved in the fight yet I was praying and fasting about my marriage at that time . Secondly I had a strange dream on the morning of day 11 in which I was running a hair salon and had about 7 clients . However as soon as they were seated to have their hair done I realised I had no enough accessories. My husband then sent two of them(clients) to secure extra braids in another town. However as they left I felt I was loosing my clients who were not to come back. I am requesting for prayer bullets to tackle my problem.


200 tabitha 01.12.12 at 4:34 am

praise God , i first thank almighty God for giving me strenght for this 14 days of fasting , but it was hard on my side with alot of temptations, i believe God will make away soon for me. God bless you.


201 Charms 01.12.12 at 4:53 am

i am trusting in God for full term breakthroughs. even though i cant afford to join the prayer Academy i know my God will bring breakthrough.I am using all the free materials and i have th Prayer Cookbook, the devil is very busy in my marriage, but I know what Gods promises are and he will provide. I have continued to fast for another 14 days for my marriage just applying the prayer bullets, I believe ther is an eveil spirit manifesting in my husband which needs to be released and I pray that the prayer eagles wil agree with me to cancell divorce proceedinsg and all affairs and total restoration of marriage and finances , as this is Gods plan for u. Amen


202 olga 01.12.12 at 5:05 am

Praise God Brother Elisha,
I thank God for you and other prayer eagles. Honestly since i new this website through my sister, my life has never been the same. I participated in the 14 days Golden Journey and i have really seen the hand of God working in my life. Though i was not able to cope up with the Esther fasting because i felt very weak and dizzy, i was able to wake up at midnight and pray. I give God all the Glory and honour because he had mercy on me and hear my cry. Psalm 40: 1 – 5 is my new song. I have been trusting him for the fruit of the womb and guess what! at the end of the 14 days i went for pregnant test and it was positive. May God continue using you to teach his people how to pray. Now their is this dream which i have kept on dreaming for a very long time. I always see my things that got lost under my bed but when i bend to get them , i don’t see them. what can this be? it sometimes comes twice a week. Please advice me what to do and the prayer points to use. God bless you so much.


203 Chelsea 01.12.12 at 5:16 am

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Dear Brother Elisha,

can someone please tell me what an ESTHER FAST is? I do not want to be left out.


JEN Reply:

Refer to Esther 4:16.

No food or drink for 3 days.


Ellen Munemo Reply:

Hello Love

No food or drink for 3 days and 3 nights. Esther 4 v16


Sally Reply:

you need to be spiritual strong to take this fast begin with one day and eat at six ocklock with prayer after every 2 hours then when you grow spiritually take esther fast.just advice from experience


204 madrin Gichobi 01.12.12 at 5:46 am

yesterday when a was having a shower i just burst out in laughter. the year 2011 was an year of tears but as we begun the 14days prayers at the middight of 31st i invited my husband to say the prayer points with me,there was a job we were trust God for in the year 2011 from september. come 6th jan the 9th day of the prayers we were called to defend our proposal and come moday 9th the LPO was out and 50percent of the project cost in our account. This is a miracle because many other people had bind even bribed for the job.Elisha i can laugh in 2012 and am daring to believe God even for greater thing in this year 2012. To God be the glory and for you Elisha may you leap bountifully for the lives you have transformed


205 Mercy N 01.12.12 at 6:35 am

Calvary Greetings Brother Elisha,

Thanks a million for opening my eyes. Have been participating in the 14 days 27 minutes to open the gates of 2012 and i tell you God is doing wonderful things in my life and in our family. God has changed my father a great deal. He used to be very lazy but now he is working very hard to cater for his family. His friends are astonished of his abrupt positive change. Have also experienced a lot of change in my life and i can feel in the Spirit that God is doing mighty things in my life. Again, Thanks a milion brother Elisha and God continue to bless you.

Mercy – Kenya


206 lucy 01.12.12 at 7:08 am


I would like to thank God and to thank you for the good work you’ve been doing into soldiering us to our God. Thank you for the information youve given us and the training on how to pray. We can never repay you but God in his abundance and might will continually bless you. My life changed since I learnt about your website through an email which I stumbled on and since that time 2009 I’ve never been the same again. I’ve experienced healing and our Lord continute to bless us. I’ve also had very difficult times but God has been faithfull in his word as we continue to seek him will find him. I would like you to pray for me and all the prayer eagles since i will be going for an operation next week on 21st Jan 2012. I’ve had a problem for a long time and would like to conceive a baby. The doctor said that I have to be operated on for this to happen. I know that with God all things are possible and I’m trusting him to take me through this and bless us with a child. God bless you all.


207 Nyakuhwa Clifton 01.12.12 at 7:39 am

I am in pain, the doctors diagnosed me with vertigo, but even though it seems unwell for me, i know that “by his wounds”, i am healed. These are just symptoms that the devil is giving me. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me.


208 concilia mandiwara 01.12.12 at 7:51 am

Dear Elisha,
I thank God for your website. I have been using your prayer bullets for sometime now and my prayer life has changed for the better. Things have not been going well for me and my family for the past 12 or so years but since December 2010 when i did the prayers of crossing over to the new year i have experienced miracles throughout the year. The latest being 2 of my sons who had been jobless since 2008 got jobs within the last 2 weeks whilst we were still on our 14 day prayer and fasting of end of 2011. I hope to join the prayer academy before end of the year , finaces permitting. May God continue to give you wisdom. Concilia


209 BEE 01.12.12 at 9:42 am

Thank God with me, a headache of almost nine years has vanished during the golden journey, it all started when I got married, I experience this every three days in the month and no amount of pain killer could stop it, I have done all manner of scans and other test but to no avail but when I joined the 27 minutes to midnight prayer and fasting which I couldn’t even do it to my satisfaction, God by his mercies have delivered me, I just realized last Tuesday that the time has passed without me experiencing this headache, thank God for your life Pastor Elisha, I know many more testimonies will follow soon. I am grateful to God for what He has started doing in my life, it is my prayer that this year I will be able to enroll in the prayer accademy, thank you again for the good works.


210 Nyambizi 01.12.12 at 10:10 am

I give thanks to the Lord for his mercies upon his children. I was participating in Golden journey prayer for 2012. I did not do Esther fasting, due to some circumstances. Instead I have been doing partial fasting till yesterday.
Starting from 5th day of praying, I had an attack, it was in a dream, when I woke up, I had a severe split headache and the whole body was in pain.
* I prayed this prayer: Every satanic initiation in the dream, be cancelled, be nullified by the blood of Jesus”. I declared that my body is saturated with the blood of Jesus, no weapon of any form can harm it, in Jesus name.*
After the prayer all the pains vanished and as am writing now am free and healed.
May the Almighty God continue using you Brother Elisha and all eagle warriors.


211 Olive 01.12.12 at 11:15 am

Dear Elisha!

Praise the Lord! Thank you for teaching me how to pray, I have been practicing this prayer always ” I sprinkle the Blood of Jesus over my finances in the Name of Jesus!” Last year my salary was increased 3 times in the span of 6 months! God is good all the time!

Thanks Sr. Olive


212 Glory Damba 01.12.12 at 11:17 am

Dear Elisha
I would like to thank you for the free golden prayer bullets that i have received the 27minutes to midnight. I have been praying to get miracle cure on the fibroids that were discouvered in 2004 and am still waiting to under go an operation, am in heavy debt I owe about $12 000 including my tithes, my husband has an affair, if I try to embark on a project I find myself not realising any fruits but debts from it. I am a development officer all projects I initiate for my community seem to die natural and every time I start an educational course I fail to complete it in time because I fail other subjects and repeat them. If I pass it will be just an ordinary pass no merit or distiction. My husband has impotence. When I saw your steps about praying, I fail to prioritise because I feel everything in life needs urgent attention. I have fasted for ten days and started midnight prayers from 1 -7 January 2012. I am still continuing with these prayer bullets but have no money to purchase the tool kit and cannot join the prayer academy even if I wanted to because I have no books to guide.

Please do assist
GD Bulawayo Zimbabwe


213 Miranda Carlos 01.12.12 at 12:06 pm

Brother Elisha, I Praise the LORD for the Ministry, love and your engagement in helping people to understand better the WORD of GOD and consequently to pray efficiently. Your method of teaching people how to pray really made me be another person. I’m a new born christien. I got yr site in Dec. 2009 and was able to sign up for the newsletters which I started reading only on Jan. 5th, 2011; i.e. after the transition hour of the New Year. From that time onward I’ve been participating in Prayer Academy Courses without reaching at the end mostly because of the time table of work. In Sept. 2011 Prayer Academy Course, however, by the Grace of God, and through your effort in encouraging me to continue, I finally managed to reach at the end of the Prayer Academy Course. Before I reached the end the Holy Spirit sent me a messenger (a workmate who sometimes receives revelations from the Holy Spirit), telling me that I have to get married in 30 days because the Lord hears my prayers but He can do nothing for He doesn’t know me as I live with a woman illigally in sins. Glory be to God. obedience to Holy Spirit Messege on December 15th, 2011, I got married and on the Transition Day, my fimily and I stormed at the gates of 2012 and we entered well. Just first day of Esther Fasting , all the pains I’ve feelling vanished as well as the blood high pressure until now. Elisha, our God is really powerful and Glory be given to the Living God for his Great Love He has for us. May our LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you more and more.


214 Davidson 01.12.12 at 12:55 pm

Hi Saints,
It is a wonderful thing to believe in God and serve Him. Having completed the prayer academy and the 14 days prayer, my life continues to change in a comforting and interesting way:
-A new flat has been acquired and have been able to pay my rent for one year. A salary increase dropped me into a bracket that could afford me the status to acquire that kind of flat. Just when I was about to open my mail to read about the prayer requests on blog 24 this afternoon, my wife rang and informed me that I have won a small contract worth 32,000 dollars. Last night a Ugandan friend of mine working in my country as VSO called me and told me that he would be visiting me in my office the following day. Today I came to my office on the 7th floor and I found this tall gentleman waiting in the corridor. I was about to greet him but something stopped me, so he bent forward and greeted me. I returned the greetings with a smile and suddenly he asked, “I am looking for Dr. ….” and I told him, “this is Dr…..” ” Oh I am sorry! you look so young. You have completely changed,” he said. Then I remembered Elisha’s instructions for the 14 days prayer. One of it says, “Take a photograph of yourself now and compare to a photograph of yours later.” Today is the 14th day of our prayer. Glory be to God, Amen. For the Saints that have been praying for a prayer point I posted “Believing God for 12 pastors who are…..in 2012, I want to thank God and bless all the Eagles. Five pastors have shown up and are willing to team up with me to promote my vision. I again request that you stand by me to pray for the success of these pastors and the fulfillment of this vision. God bless Elisha, God bless the Eagles, Amen


215 caro 01.12.12 at 2:09 pm

Just to encourage all of you that the prayer points really work. Remember they are weapons of of mass destruction in the spiritual rhelm, to demolish every strong strongs holds. As you continue to pray-with holy anger and continually you will start to see the pieces of whatevever situation you are going through start to fall in place. Don’t get focused on seeing big results right away and forget to see God in the little things.Remember the good things in life are those that are slow in coming. He is a faithful God and He will make everything beatiful and new in His time.


belinda Reply:

so so true my dear, all Glory for every prayer answered.

thank you.


216 Miranda Carlos 01.12.12 at 2:21 pm

Nothing is impossible with our God for He is Almighty. What ever the barriers may be our God is the God of impossible things for men. No matter how long it will take by the Grace of God I’ll be victorious. I thank the Lord because he is good and his love is eternal. Glory be to God.


217 cee kay 01.12.12 at 3:23 pm

good day. may i please have prayer points to deal with spirit husband, spirit children and dreams pointing towards witchcraft. Thank you


218 Zolisa 01.12.12 at 4:14 pm

God has answered my prayers, I had a debt amounting to about R27500 but this morning I got a report that I do not owe anything anymore. Praise be to the King of kings, Jesus! I have been praying for a miracle and it was given to me.


219 zimasa 01.12.12 at 4:56 pm

I have been receiving your emails for years but don’t seem to be following everything the right way. I did the 27 midnight minutes to 2012 even though I caught it in the middle but have bn praying using some prayer point since Dec last year,but surely finished it with u. I would like to go through the prayer academy with you


220 effa 01.12.12 at 5:17 pm

i have low self confidence. i think too much about what people will say about me.


221 effa 01.12.12 at 5:22 pm

am a law student. i want to be a unique lawyer. how can i achieve this. negative thoughts occur almost always, how can i get rid of this


JEN Reply:

Very firmly and with fire in your heart, when you have those thoughts say.

Satan, leave me alone, get out of my head, mind and body. You will no longer have control over anything; I belong to Jesus Christ.

Say this every time you feel this way, even if it every few minutes, you will notice you will not have to say it all that often after a while.


Caroline Iyamabo Reply:

Haven read most of the testimonies, i know we are serving a God of miracles. This has increase my faith in Christ. Thank you brother Elisha for being our spiritual father. May the Almighty God continue to strengthen you in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


222 Laurie 01.13.12 at 12:19 am

Dear Bro. Elisha,
I am in a sad situation, in September my daughter hired a housekeeper babysitter from Jamaica. I trained on the job and showed what to do. Secretely shw was ransacking my room and recording everything I speak to my friends and twisted and tell my daughter, 2 Months after this girl came to my daughter house to work My daughter throw me out of the house bec ause I am causing problem with the babysitter.It happened on November the 23, 2011 I did not have no place to go Friends put me up,I did not have a job just a few $$’s>I am out the babysitter is there and living in my room.Before the babysitter came my daughter and I had a good relationship. I have gone through a terrible time since then,Thank God a friend told me about you. Please I heed help.


223 Laurie 01.13.12 at 12:39 am

Dear mr Elisha. My child has been under the influence of witches. She is living on the streets unable to get her to church. She was brought up in a christian home. But when she went to university she got involved with a non christian boy, His parents did not like my daughter and they put a terrible curse on her. I am asking help to get her delivered. Thanks.


224 Litia Tuinakelo 01.13.12 at 12:49 am

Oh! Halleluyah….Praising God for being so faithfull also to my faithfullness in applying Elisha’s Miracle Working Prayers…Amen to the Power of Keeping the Global Holy Fire Burning with our Consistent, constant midnite prayers.

I am deeply moved by the Power of your Midnite Prayers, Elisha…..11th of Jan, 12th of Jan and 13th of Jan, the Lord just bless my work, in selecting me to attend 2 different Trainings.

11th and 12th Jan was Global Funded M/E Training and 13th was Operational Research approval on the financial fundings of our Research Proposals.

In addition to the Superhighway that the Kingdom of God is providing, my boss have inform me that by March, 2012, the Ministry is releasing me to go on study leave for 8months to complete my Masters in Public Health Program.

Thank you Elisha for continue to keep us on track to Superhighway of the Kingdom of God’s Blessings!

May Jehovah Jaire continue to move in a mighty way within your path and bless you Elisha and your Families superabundantly!
Thank you Elisha for keeping the Holy Fire of Global Prayer Burning!
Glorious 2012 to Firespring Ministries……
God Bless!


225 Nick 01.13.12 at 1:19 am

Dear Brother Elisha,
I was able to join the 14 day programme on the 30th December, and managed the Esther Fast by God’s grace. My wife who was depressed because of not having a steady job since 2005, suddenly felt a weight lifted from her chest during the first day of the Esther Fast, after laying my hands on her. She was sweating from the power of the Holy Spirit.
She dreamt that an old boyfriend was complaining that she left him hurriedly and married someone else. She also dreamt that some girlfriends were complaining that she should not be given a job, because she is upright. We cancelled dream husbands and wives in the dreams by the fire of the Holy Spirit; and cancelled the evil collaborators against her employment in Jesus name.

We are trusting God for a testimony that will surprise her friends and shock her enemies in Jesus name.

All Glory and Honour to God the father of Jesus Christ.

Thank you Elisha, you are a blessing.
Nick from Nairobi, Kenya.


226 Lace Lael 01.13.12 at 1:48 am

After praying the prayers for 13 days on the morning of the 14th day I saw a vision of my spiritual spouce standing in front of me waiving and he said “Goodbye” and then walked away. Alleluia. I am free.


Lace Lael Reply:



227 Lace Lael 01.13.12 at 1:55 am

I just thought of something else I wanted to write about. I am concerned and don’t know the significance of this but tonight there was a very large owl in my back yard in the tree. We live in the middle of town and I have never seen an owl in this neighborhood. I have lived here more than 10 years. I think this has something to do with my prayers but I am not sure what. The owl was only seen from behind then right away was spreading its large wings and flying away from my house. I want to believe that everything evil that was previously in this area perhaps even inhabiting my home, was leaving my property and my neighborhood for good tonight.


228 regina 01.13.12 at 2:21 am

I thank you my God. Iwas supposed to be promoted in June 2011 but the devil held on to my letter.I thank God that i finally got my letter on the 7th 2012. Praise be to God


229 H 01.13.12 at 3:21 am

Dear Elisha, thank you for setting up this special prayer program that has helped a number of believers to break through. My life is changing for the better everyday and my prayer requests are coming to pass. At this point, i must admit that I am experiencing spiritual growth and maturity. This time, i plan to continue with the partial fast to the end of the month. As the saying goes, serious problems need serious prayers. To all the prayer warriors out there, Be blessed always and have a great 2012.


230 yaw 01.13.12 at 3:36 am

please elisha, i wanted to invite friends thru your “tell a friend site” from ghana, west africa, but no matter what i did, it could not go thru. i had a feed back tha i was using invalid address. so i want to give their addresses here and if it goes thru, i will go ahead to do the rest. they are
1. maame safoaa effa ababio(maamesafoaa@yahoo.com), dorcas nuertey(uniknaa@yahoo.com) and naa kowah(naa.kowah@yahoo.com).
all of them desperately need marriage martners except, maame safoaa who in addition wants to excel in her field of study as an up and coming lawyer. she also has some peculiar problems of not having friends. please do contact them for me. thanks in the name of Jesus


231 Smallstabs 01.13.12 at 4:23 am

Even though I do believe in Christ and that he reigns forever, I can simply say i do know how to pray. I cannot get to that point where everything else cease to exist except God. In simple words, I’m looking for God.


232 Hellen 01.13.12 at 4:54 am

I want to thank God for His Faithfulness, New Mercies every day, for how far He has brought me. I was introduced to this website by a colleague and I have started reading the book on getting out of debt because I want to experience financial freedom and prosperity. I’m also praying and believing God for my mum’s total healing and recovery from stroke. I’m also believing God to totally heal and restore my right hip joint as I was told by the doctor that I have to undergo hip replacement surgery. It get’s very painful when I walk a long stretch and have to stop every now and again when the pain is unbearable. I am also believing God for my brother to get a good job as he has been out of work for over 3 years now. Thank you Elisha for allowing God to use you to touch the lives of so many people. God bless you!


233 Noluthando43 01.13.12 at 7:33 am

Dear man of God ,i want to experience a whole diffrend level with God ,much higher one ,what do you suggest i must do.and how. Love Thando


234 JEN 01.13.12 at 9:15 am

My grandmother was air lifted to heart hospital last night and is scheduled for surgery i n 45 minutes, the valve in heart is leaking and needs to be stopped.


235 Maundu Joseph D 01.13.12 at 9:42 am

I Have a reason to thank God for receiving this site from a friend I have been blessed and still pressing on to the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus my Lord


236 Giselle 01.13.12 at 9:57 am

Hi, I joined Elisha last last December’11 in 27minutes to Midnight, having been guided to the website, a couple of weeks before and joined the prayer academy last year. The Lord has blessed me and my family immensely in many areas of life. Thanks and Praise to our Lord who helps us daily with Love, Compasssion and kindness. This year I have also prayed at the Gates of 2012 and would love to join Level 2 and not be left behind. Elisha I would be most grateful to receive your e-mails.. Since I met you Elisha and your Prayers, my way of praying has changed and so have I, I pray and give thanks to God our Father for you Elisha because through you, he is showing me my way. May God Bless You and Your Family. Christ is my motovation to be an overcomer Amen.


237 Deborah 01.13.12 at 12:24 pm

Praise the Lord! I too have finished the Golden Journey by the Lords grace. Interestingly am still being fought in the dreams and manifesting in the body whilst praying. I used to have blisters on my toes and these come out on my right feet and they are hoozing what could be called athelets foot. And i have genital herpes simplex and this also came out during this period and i believe God that these are the last kicks of a dying horse or horses whichever is applicable infact as i write am manifestin in my spin and waist and girdles.
My Spiritual parent on the 7th dreamed i was with her and some one she didnt see pushed me down a 30ft headge and istopped breathing and i had gone out for a management meeting when she called and prayed for me but didn’t tell me what she dreamt. I came back from the meeting yersteday after i had finished the fast and she called for me and told me the dream and passed me through deliverence and incouraged me to hld on to Jesus and that deliverance is my portion. But i still had the eating and sexual abuse in the dream but vividly. I know the battle is the Lords and is over and i will surely testify to the Glry of the Lord. Praise his name to him be all the Glory. I am just praying to my God to give me a strong spirit in my inner man so that i can use the sword of the spirit in the dreams. Thank you Pastor Elisha for the prayer bullets and the prayer eagles for the prayers. The Lord keep you and meet you all at your point on need in Jesus’s Name. Amen


238 Jessica 01.14.12 at 2:51 am

Thank you Elisha i have since been on the site since last year 2011 August and had been trying my best to be part of golden oportunity but have fail miserbly in my faith for God. I am married for 14years and since trying to my best to be faithful to the Lord, i feel that my wedded husband always let me down, he is into drinking & playing pokies and also night clubing and has 4 children from 3 different women when he has money or with friends & family. I need help to get him out of there


239 charles abuga 01.14.12 at 5:09 am

wow…am happy for all this.elisha mey GOD BLESS you.you are an impact to many people lives.


240 Elsie 01.14.12 at 5:20 am

Praise the Lord. I had a strange dream… i dreamt i demons in form of human (boys) when i prayed they laughed at me but when i layed hands on them they all fell down. Anybody to interpret this for me? Can someone send me the other prayer items for the whole of this month. thanks and God bless you all


241 esnart 01.14.12 at 8:25 am

I thank God for this website and thank you Elisha for level 1 during the prayers one day Idreamed I was praying for my mother and she was vomiting as Iwas mentioning the name of jesus and my sister was ols manifesting i believe God has been delivering them thou thy are far from me.IWOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS THE MEANING OF DREAMING AMAN SLEEPING WITH AMAN had this dream during the esther any suggestions and arrows are welcome


242 dalubuhle dumo 01.14.12 at 10:52 am

I am down with kidney failure and i am a fifteen year old boy.My mom has been praying for me in the golden journey and the day she finished i became critical. could hardly breathe and walk and I cant go to school.I had to hop from one doctor to the other. I went for dialysis but when I came out I just felt the same and even weaker. My doctor advised that I go for another session the next day. i had some relief after my 2nd session and i keep having these funny headaches.My parents have the faith but i am feeling weak



243 Uromotaka 01.14.12 at 11:38 am

Hi Elisha,
The Golden journey to the gate of 2012 has been thrilling. On the 5th of January my school that was closed down by the government of my state was reopened miraculously: On the following day my daughter was invited for an interview for her dream job and my son too has been invited to commence training at my country’s military officers’ academy. Praise be to God Almighty for working through you to put up smiles on the faces of his faithful servants. Its really a Happy new year, Elisha. May others be favored too. Amen


244 Godwin 01.14.12 at 11:58 am

I was introduced to this site by a beloved sister. Sighting the loads of prayer points, the tactics and approaches to prayers gave me an instant impression that this at last, is it. This is the real stuff that everyone that wants to make a positive change in life, or remarkable impact needs.

Although it is not easy following all the guidelines to the minutest details, the sheer guts to keep moving-on with Brother Elisha’s prayer programme is a sure way to laying your hands on the the unbeatable weapon and key to defeating your enemies and entering your throne room.

Since I joined the last academy for 2011 in November, I can feel, see and testify to loads of spiritual and physical blessings in my life and ….. this is just a preamble. Noteworthy is the fact that what seemed to be an insurmountable barrier (an impossible task) to
my Ph.D. programme for many years is fast giving way in a matter of weeks. Right now, God has made some strangely divine arrangements that has made the completion of my Ph.D. to be in sight. I would surely present the testimony of the completion very soon on this website by His grace.

Brother Elisha, thank you for teaching me (like thousands of others) what I may not have been able to find easily in most books i.e., Result getting Prayers.


245 Owen 01.14.12 at 2:24 pm

Praise be to God.I am a beneficiary of the 14 Days Golden Journey.We have been praying for a breakthrough with our finances.Just before the end of a the prayer program an old friend called saying he was selling his mercedes and wanted to sell it to non other than me at a give away price.At first I thought he was joking then my wife reminded me we were in serious prayer times and such offers are from God.We have since bought the car and planning to sell it to start some business.
Pray for us that this breakthrough comes to fruition.Offers have started coming through and its looking good given the amount we spent on it.Our God is faithful.
Thank you Elisha and your team.I feel I am slowly but surely taking control of the gates for 2012—-Power shift!!!!Can’t wait for Level 2 of the Golden Journey.



246 Fiakpornu SP richard 01.14.12 at 3:52 pm

The Lord shall not forget His servants. He is really a father of the fatherless. I was introduced to this site by a friend and ever since the lord has been blessing me so much. The greatest off all has happen today and I cant afford to keep it to myself. I really want my friends and all those who visit this site to know. I have bought my first car ever in my life just some two hours ago. As am writing this message am just waiting and prayer for my mechanics to come and confirm that it is a good car and I can go ahead and take it home. I Lord has been so good to me in fact He loves me more because of the mighty and wonderful thing He is doing in my life. I prayed for Him for a job and a wife these I believe He has answered to. MAY HIS NAME BE PRAISED FOREVER.


247 P.H 01.14.12 at 4:14 pm

I want to grow more much higher one with God to deep, what can i do ?? and I pray to God for a long time till now to send a life partner and no response to the prayer does that mean my prayer is wrong or the devil has a role in this ?


248 Elizabeth Hajongola 01.15.12 at 9:12 am

All the glory to the one seated on the throne.

I got introduced to your site in January 2011 by my work colloeague. I immediately printed the ‘Passion Prayer’ and went and read at home but kind of forgot about it for a while until late last year when i was in a dillema financially. The H/Spirit just reminded me of the website and i immediately logged on and printed the material for the ‘ 27 minutes to midnight’ prayers and started praying. I also had a cough at that very time and it worsened the 1st night i started praying but i kept on praying and fasting though partially for the first 5 days because i was on medication. I give glory to God because the cough just disappeared before the 14th day of our prayer & fasting and i believe all that is because of the Lord’s doing and i’m looking forward to many miracles that are still to take place because this is my year of ‘Power Shift’ and i know my God won’t fail nor disappoint me, Hallellujah!
It’s my prayer Elisha that God will keep on filling you with His infinite wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you continue exposing the kingdom of Satan and revealing unto us the mysteries that have been hidden from us for centuries – may God richly bless you and the entire staff of the ministry.


249 Cate 01.15.12 at 11:59 am

Praise the Lord man of God. I am sorry I did not join you for the 14day prayers for the year 2012 starting from 29th Dec 2010. But am starting the prayers tonight and want to move along with you.
I also want to join the level 2 and 3 of the golden journey but I dont have money now, but I am sure by march am able to pay 1/2 of the amount and the other 1/2 in April. Please advice.
God bless you for the good work u are doing.


250 canute barretto 01.15.12 at 5:22 pm

I praise God for you Elisha, I have prayed into the new year and there is change. However, although it is my hearts desire to take everything you have to offer,I know that I have to pause for a very short time because my blessings have not yet materialized completely,so I am restricted in going ahead. My prayer is that whoever reads this, to agree in prayer with me, for I know that it is done, I believe my Miracles have arrived.


251 Vincent Musemwa 01.16.12 at 7:45 am

I just don’t know how to start but truly speaking i have been delivered from a perennial foul mouth which was emanating from my stomach. I would use dental floss and several mouth cleaning tooth pastes but it did not help.It was only two days into the Esther fast and i felt like i wanted to relieve myself. I visited the bathroom and all hell broke loose because what came out is inexplicable and all i can say is Glory be to God because this thing had affected my relations with workmates and colleagues alike.Now i can wake up and brush my teeth well around midday with no foul smell in my mouth.


252 holly mahla 01.16.12 at 8:51 am

hie,i want to thank the lord and you for your prayers,end of last year my money was stolen when i was on my way to order my suff for business,so i was now broke and then my childs fees was inceased and this stressed me up a lot,but with God all things are possible.When schools were abt yo open i was informed that the increase was not approved and that we were to pay the old fees,my friends prayer indeed works…thank you Lord.I believe my breakthru is now


253 Amaretha 01.16.12 at 10:37 am

Good day, I’ve done the Esther fast for 3 days and the nidnight prayer from midnight. I’m praying for our finanaces, and for my family to be redeemed. I’ve decided to do this each week until my prayers are answered. Thanks for this site. I’ve prayed for the baptism by the Holy Spirit, but nothing has happened yet. So I must just push forward and keep faith.


254 Amaretha 01.16.12 at 10:40 am

Another question. Is it possible to purchase your books in South-Africa? I would like to read it asap.


Lynette-Durban Reply:

Hi Amaretha

I am from Durban, South Africa and has purchased all the e-books from Elisha with my credit card.

Kind regards


255 Namanya Christine 01.16.12 at 10:40 am

I am a ugandan lady aged 40yrs. I have a thousand problems. i need prayer points to take me out of the traffic jam. Am currently constructing a house but i need funds to complete it.


256 Namanya Christine 01.16.12 at 10:46 am

This is my first time to get into your website. I have no comment.God bless you elisha


257 Joyce A 01.16.12 at 4:26 pm

I first tried 27minutes to midnight in 2010.a sister told me not to put my hopes up,coz she had done it without missing a thing, but had been disappointed.so i began the journey, but didnt complete.2011, I PURPOSED to complete the 14day program.with peace in my spirit, fire in my soul,i began.the peptic ulcers were dissolved by day 4..having suffered from dysmenorea for 25yrs,i cried on day 7 2find i had gon thru a normal pain-free period.i hear the Holy Spirit direct me in prayer.God b praised!thea is mo!


258 Phodiso 01.17.12 at 2:18 am

hi and be blessed,

I have completed the 14day marathon and I wanted to continue with the golden journey prayers level 2 on 24 hour blog, I opened the site but I cannot find anything on level 2 prayers, where can I find them. I participated in the prayer academy last year in June, and I am able to access 24hour blog.

Please advice.


259 Ndileka 01.17.12 at 5:49 am

hi Elisha, please interprete the dream for me. i dreamed as if im sleeping in the same bed with my friend, but what is strange is that she is kissing me because she will be going soon. when my husband came to the room we were sleeping in she stopped kissing me, my husband came to tell me that i have some visitors. i eventually woke up and there was two ladies and one man with nicely wrapt gifts for me. in total there were 3 gift as they are also three. apparently it they brought them because when they came before i was not there and it for belatest birth day which was in December. please interpret for me




260 Nyasha 01.17.12 at 7:49 am

We (my friend and I) would like to join the Prayer Academy starting on 25 Jan 2012. It is our first time. Would you please clarify whether we need to make payment by 13 Jan 2012. We can only make payment on the 18th Jan 2012. Will we be able to join the academy?


261 kundisoyashe 01.17.12 at 10:48 pm

I am so overjoyed for sister Joelene`s deliverance from a spiritual husband coz I am seriuosly praying and fasting for my own deliverance from it as well.You know, there comes a time when one begins to feel that a spirit husband cannot be conquered, actually many of God `s children believe that, and I was almost believing that too , coz it has been a long time since I started seeking deliverance, and I have travelled far and wide, and I have cried and been to men and women of God, true ones, but somehow the results were incomplete, and it is in this website that I really am inspired that it WILL go, through a persistent thorough way of praying with unwavering faith.I still feel the spirit husband on my back as Joelene felt, and also in my tummy, but one thing I now know is that as long as I remain persistent and unwavering, my deliverance will come through for me.Thank you Jesus! and thank you pastor Elisha!


262 lady 01.18.12 at 4:59 am

I thank GOD , i manage Esther fast by GOD’s grace.I prayed for my sister who was having a pain in the stomach now she is healed. GOD is our master, our savoir.I thank you Elisha for your website.


263 Gosego Esabu 01.19.12 at 7:33 am

Am glad coz of the this prayer that pastor Elisha give to us there are life changing. things are beginning to happen in my life. am yet to give great life testimony this year 2012. POWER SHIFT. PASTOR be blessed richly as make us rich inside.


264 Evelyn 01.19.12 at 8:16 am

I finished the prayer academy last December but I still cannot access the 24h blog. I started from September to December, but the person that contacted me said it shows 4 weeks, whilst I did all the 7 lessons and both pre and post marathon. I really want to continue the Golden journey, and still haven’t received any answer. Can you please advice me on how to proceed?

Thank you and God bless you!!!


265 ESTER 01.19.12 at 10:16 am

Dear Elisha,
During this past prayer academy dec 25, i witnessed a miracle when we managed to get a college , usa visa , a ticket for my son to travel to usa while all this was done against all odds, aah it was supernatural, even a spider tried to web us inside but God opened our way. Glory to Jehova Elshadai.I had dreams which i consider most of them to be deliverance, I saw a lion pass by me, i saw a fish in water which opened its mouth and a golden coin was spit in front of me on the dry land and i picked it up and left. i saw borders and fences being removed and trees being uprooted. I thank the Lord and Elisha for the targeted prayers. I remember to have done all my homeworks and at on time Elisha you wrote to me blessing me.But i have failed to move to level 2 of the golden journey, someone help me i want to proceed into another realm of prayer please. Jesus is Lord.


266 Allison 01.19.12 at 11:44 am

hi Elisha
i am writing asking for help in obtaining the 27minutes to midnight 2012 and the 14 day fast i need deliverance and retoration of my marriage and a financial breakthrough.
Looking forward to recieving these prays


267 Monicah 01.24.12 at 5:56 am

Dear Elisha,
My husband of 26years deserted us in Nov 2010 and filed for divorce in June 2011. The hearing of his case was on 19th January 2012.
Before the end of 2011 as we were about to start 2012 i joined in the 14 day prayers and fasting. Ssuprise suprise i have started seeing Gods work.
My husband withdrew his petition on the 19th Jan 2012 and said he will pay the court costs. however he is still with the other woman, but i know God is doing great and unexpected things. I keep praying and ask you to pray with me that the issue is resolved and my husband and his relatives turn back to God and more….
Still asking God for further break through.


268 Careille 01.24.12 at 6:53 am

Dear all, the Lord is good.He has done me so well!!! it is 3:00 am here and i am waking up from a dream: I was having a party at my place with plenty of guests and food.The back door was leading to a space with the house electrical wires in a kind of big aluminum box hanging up onto the wall.Early that day in my dream i heart my Dad’s voice who had past away telling my younger sister that she could have killed herself by trying to hang that box back to the wall. In the evening as i wanted to wash the dishes to free up space on the counter for my guest, i took few pots lids off the dishwasher with the help of 2 friends of mine (boys) from high school and we put them away behind the back door.I was going back behind them when i saw that box waving: it got detached from the wall so i went back and push it back into the plug (that i clearly saw).Guess what? i started feeling electricity going through my whole body then i screamed once my friends’ names to come a help me .I quickly realized that the one i should be calling is Jesus. In the spirit (this is key) i went to the place i usually go when i close my eyes to fire my prayers bullets and said JESUS SAVE ME!!! instantly i was pull way from that box: i was alive, shaken but alive. i started crying to say thank you to God for he has delivered me from the dead.It’s 3:00 AM i wake up and here to write this praise report.
Brothers and sisters the Lord God Almighty does hear our voices.Find that strength in your soul to rise up when you pray,where only God’s presence is felt and drop off the boxes of your sorrows. The Lord is Alive!!!


269 Sally 01.28.12 at 4:20 pm

Praise God
I am a christian who loves God i receive your emails in my inbox and i really enjoy reading them the testimonies bless me a lot. I have never participated in any prayer program but i would say pray is my life since i received Jesus christ in 1997. i hve tried midnight prayers a few my question is do you guys pray only midnight? well i have seen God in all hours. I wil continue trying to pray midnight too. b blessed


270 Sally 01.28.12 at 4:23 pm

Praise God
I am a christian who loves God i receive your emails in my inbox and i really enjoy reading them the testimonies bless me a lot. I have never participated in any prayer program but i would say prayer is my life since i received Jesus christ in 1997. i hve tried midnight prayers when i am free from work next day,my question is do you guys pray only midnight? and how long should you pray midnight?well i have seen God in all hours. I wil continue trying to pray midnight B blessed.


271 Grace uganda 01.29.12 at 4:15 am

I thank God for using you Elisha to bring me closer to Him. For 6 mths I looked for a job in vain,my loan was going bad,i cldnt afford rent anymore,depleted all my savings, had nightmares almost everyday,my business flawed generally nothing seemed to work out for me.I stumbled onto ur site when u was googling the meaning of my nightmares.
I received the 40prayer points,fasted for three days and while I was praying asking God for a job of 3m ugshs,a voice asked me y I was asking for so little so I asked for 3.5m ugshs but guess what? After praying for a week or two and fasting 3days,on the 3rd day,I got a job in Kigali of 4m ugshs plus furnished apartment free and the dreams I had now where of victory me defeating so many evil ones.
God bless you all for the wonderful work! Amen


272 jones 02.12.12 at 5:56 am

I Went through Golden Journey 1 and expected to access Golden Journey 2,3 with ease as i had gotten my password and followed the process of retrieving the prayers but without success , the chat room asked me date of registering into the prayer academy but that was three years ago and did not keep exact date ,then i was directed to send my request via chat@yahoo.com as they can search and establish exactly when i registered but that seemed to bounce back and upto now i haven’t managed to get access , i went through the prayer academy completed ,did esther prayer and send my assignments that time . kindly assist



273 Chaka 02.13.12 at 11:44 am

I have a testimony to tell everybody.

First of all I wanna thank God & our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ.

Last week Wednesday night I had a dream that one man was eating Simpa Chips & he gave some to me to eat with friends, in the morning I felt like I have a small pimle on my neck & didn’t take it serious. Late that very same day I felt that it is becoming more painful & still took it like but on Thursday morning I realized that this is a Boil & was growing & the pain I can’t mention.

At midnight on Friday as I always pray midnight I prayed one prayer Point from 27 Minutes to Midnight below :

1. Every root of infirmity in my life, be uprooted, be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

2. Any power or spirit that has transferred infirmity into my life, collect your property back now in the name of Jesus.

3. You the spirit of death and hell, carry your evil load from my life by fire in the name of Jesus.

4. Every owner of sickness in my life, carry it now in the name of Jesus.

5. I bind and paralyze every agent of infirmity in my life in the name of Jesus.

6. Every sickness transferred into my life in the dream, come out now and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

7. Every arrow of infirmity backfires now in the name of Jesus.

8. Every power projecting diseases into my body, fall down and perish in Jesus’ name.

9. Witchcraft affliction in my life, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

10. Every generational sickness that afflicts members of my family line, I cut you off by the power in the blood of Jesus.

LORD I thank You for answering my prayers

On Saturday morning when I wake I felt no pain anymore & the Boil was no more painful but was itching that I squezed it & the gabage & the blood started to come out. Now I am ok as it has gone & healed quickly.

Glory be to God who always answers our prayers…….

Chaka – South Africa


274 Matshidiso 03.10.12 at 4:35 pm


Kindly Pray with me they are things moving under my sculp please give me prayer points .I have fasted I need deliverance


275 Kim 03.24.12 at 12:09 pm

There is this guy that I totally fell in love with for 2 years. Recently I had started waking up at midnight to pray for my spiritual life..he suddenly become closer to me and we become really close..One night I didn’t wake up at midnight..I didnt even hear my alarm clock ring and I had a dream. A black snake with scaly body much like the skin of an eel crawled into my room and i didn’t remember where it went and I was on my bed and there was this guy with a hat and dressed like a cowboy lying next to me offering to but my home..i refused and then he offered to buy my bed..i told him I’ll think about it and he tossed me a money and I kept it under my pillow. And since then I woke up every morning with a headache and feeling a little nausea…and the person I fell in love with suddenly stop talking to me..he wouldn’t even see me anymore and I don’t remember doing anything that could harm our relationship. And my relationship with my family start to fall apart. Now I am starting to fast again because I want to recover everythhing that the devil has stolen from me. Please pray with me and remember me in your prayers. I know God will help me break through this. Also if anyone can give me specific prayer points for these matters, I would be very grateful if you can sent it to my e-mail. Thank You.


276 Florence 03.24.12 at 7:36 pm

Dear Elisha

I would like to give the Almighty God all the glory and praise to introduce me to this website. I was tired of my life and the way how I used to pray and do things. i bought the kit in 2010 and my life have changed as i was participating in the prayer acedemy. I stop drinking and i changed from living anyhow.But since i bought the kit my prayer life changed, now iam having a relationship with my bible like never before. I have changed allot my life became a testimony for many because they wanted to know what happen to me and i also introduced them to this site, thank you Elisha this prayer bullets and the life times principles you are teaching are very powerful.

But currently now iam not in any prayer program, last i was to join the 24hours blog but i could not log in up until now. Elisha please i have a pressing need that i want you to guide me in praying the right prayer sothat my need will be met. my deepest need i need a financial breakthrough. please help me to lock in the 24hours block. i would like to press more deeper in prayer, i would to live a life of prayer.

hope everyone reading this comment will able to guide me too.

thank you, God bless



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