[Happy New Year] On Your Mark, Get Set Go!

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“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!“
-  1 Cor.9:24 (NLT)

Happy New Year …

… to you and your family.

And congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates of 2011.

Praise the LORD. The testimonies are ALREADY starting to come in.

Just In – First Testimony of the YEAR !

“Elisha. I thank God for your life and ministry.I was invited for an interview the first day of the fast,and on 1st Jan received an appointment letter.This was divine speed and i give God all the glory.Am reporting to work on the 3rd January.”
– Lucy N, Kenya.

Please listen closely …

This New Year signals the beginning of a 90-day period that I like to think of as the Gate-of-Opportunity Sprint.

If you want to accomplish the extraordinary this year, you’d be wise to come out of the starting gate FAST on January 3, the first working day of the year – and keep going at full speed through at least the end of March.

Because if you don’t make major strides toward achieving your set goals from January through March, you may find yourself playing catch-up the remainder of the year. This is a spiritual matter, and I’ll be discussing 7 aspects of it when we begin the Spiritual Entrepreneur Series in the 24-hour blog shortly.

In the meantime, if you’re participating diligently in the on-going 14-day prayer marathon, you will soon discover that you’ve received an all-round supercharge of spiritual energy / anointing that will help you blow past every obstacle in your way.  Every single time.

And –

While most people will be frozen in place, not knowing what to do next, you’ll see yourself actually achieving everything the LORD has laid on your heart.

No confusion.

No more clueless waiting.

I said this in the last post (it’s so crucial it bears repeating):

Nothing will make you HAPPIER than this. Nothing.

I am persuaded that the fastest way to get from where you are now to where God wants you to be in 2011 is to…

…have a plan to continue praying as you are doing in this program even after this is over. Right now, the most important decision you can make is to employ targeted, relentless prayer in everything you do.

This one thing will help you develop consistency in your prayers…

This consistency will translate into good spiritual habits

Good spiritual habits will make you alert in the spirit…

And spiritual alertness will open your pipeline of blessings … and speed up the manifestation of daily blessings in your life.

For the Bible says in Psalm 68 verse 19:

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

Do you want to join the prayer eagles in 2011?

When I use the term prayer eagle, I usually am referring to someone who has experienced a “recognizable” level of success in prayer over a long period of time.

Like Daniel in the Bible.

Such a person doesn’t just pray now and then. Rather, he or she develops a prayer habit that consistently moves her in the direction of God’s purpose for her life.

When people are led to our websites, I immediately encourage them to:

- join the Prayer Academy
- learn aggressive midnight prayers
- embark on Esther Fasts
- study the scripture with an eagle’s eye
- and learn to apply Bible verses in prayer.

I focus them on creative prayers. I focus them on healing prayers. I focus on taking inspired ACTION as a result of the prayers. I focus on sustaining the prayer momentum till their problems collapse and melt away…

I focus on the relationship between –

- scripture and holiness, self-discipline and habits, inspired ACTION and speedy manifestation of miracles.

If they agree to follow instructions, before long they begin to see a vivid picture or VISION of what the LORD wants them to be, do and have.

And that vivid picture soon becomes their reality.

The Bible says:

“And the Word was made flesh and it dwelt among us”

As it was with the Lord Jesus Christ, so shall it be with the manifestation of your godly desires in 2011. The Word shall surely be made flesh.

I look forward to your testimony of victory in the days ahead.

Be An Overcomer!


PS:  Prayer Academy resumes: January 14

24-Hour Blog activities resume:   January 16
Singles Prayer Marathon resumes:   January 17
The Dreams Forum reopens:              January 17
GOLD Edition (for marriages) resumes: January 19

PPS: Where is the NEXT prayer program?

Click here for Prayer Academy

Click here for Singles Prayer Marathon

Click here for Marriage Restoration – GOLD Edition


If you’re one of the eagles participating in the on-going 14-day marathon, I’d like to hear your experiences as we progress. Thousands of believers are praying along with you – your comments might just encourage someone out there.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome!

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1 Troy R 01.01.11 at 8:10 pm

I am battling for my marriage. My wife told me she wants a divorce and I am believing that God will restore my marriage. I am armed with the information from Elisha’s website. I stormed the gates of 2011 last evening and will continue on the rest of the 14 day 2011 prayer marathon. We serve a great God and I am thankful for Elisha and his team of prayer warriors. I have a lot to learn but am excited about what God is doing in my life. My wife’s heart is still hard, but I am confident that God will turn her heart of stone into a heart of flesh, in Jesus’ name. God bless all of you prayer warriors! With God’s guidance and help, let’s make 2011 a year to remember!!


mnalwanga Reply:

Dear Troy,
please spend time in deep repentance for you and your wife. Take it one but one sin. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you all the sins that need to be repented and renouced as the coach told us in the storming of the gate.
God bless you.


2 peter osadiaye 01.01.11 at 9:07 pm

Happy new year,thanks alot for introduing me to your on prayer on line and i have started the midnight prayer for 10days and i love it so much, for the Ninety days fasting
which you said will start on 3 of january , please i’ll like to know from which time of the day or night do one start the fasting?
Thanks and hope to hear from you soonest.
God bless you!


3 NAME WITHELD 01.01.11 at 9:17 pm

praise the Lord for the man of God who was appointed to teach us how to pray,understand the bible and be upgraded in our spiritual walk.
my mum told me about your site 3yrs ago and i just ignored it, i met someone i really cared for when i came to canada but because of my behaviour i drove him away that he was even admitted at the hospital for the dippression ive put him through,he never wanted to see me nor talk to me and felt very strongly ive lost him, i signed up with Elisha but was never really interested in buying his books. i used to receive some short prayer points on my e-mail and i would wake up midnight to fire them which was something im not used to…

my boyfriend came out of the hospital as i prayed but amazingly since i never gave up on him he eventually forgave me-we not together for some reasons but i praise the Lord we are happy and best of friends on which i believe God for a miracle.
now i just wanna praise God for this prayer academy for 2011, he was somebody who was never interested on these midnite and fire fire prayers but i toight him and sent him bullettins everytime whenever i recieved them and guess wat..he persued me to get the 2011 prayer points since i didnt get them on my email and we on with the Esther fasting,one faith one spirit.
he gives me reasons of why he forgave me but i know what my great God has done through devotion of midnight prayers and fastings. now we are over excited about 2011 because it has been confirmed in our spirits. we experience a lot everyday but mostly the growth in our spiritual walk.
Glory be to God the most high and may the Lord increase in all the aspects of your life sir Elisha!
worrior from canada.


4 Jane Mbendo 01.01.11 at 9:25 pm

I am experiencing a new freshness in spirit and awareness with the beginning of the 14 day FAST. I am committed to see God’s hand in my life this year.


5 Shirley Cunliffe 01.01.11 at 9:44 pm

Happy New Year to you Elisha and fellow prayer eagles.

I have just completed the Esther fast despite it being very hot and humid in my country. I took a step of faith to complete the fast without fluid (except for one glass of water). I have had very high blood pressure in recent years but have refused medication knowing/believing God is well able to deliver me from this curse. My mother and her mother had heart problems and I am determined to win this battle by praying for this miracle healing to manifest. Doing the Esther fast in hot conditions, has boosted my faith in God’s ability to keep me. I will continue to fast partially as required at this time.

I am knowing spiritual blessings like never before. Fellow Christians listen to me and respect me. I have encouraging responses from them and I know that this is as a result of a closer walk with the Lord and all the midnight prayers. There have been many prayers during the day as well. My husband and I have a sense that we are near a miracle breakthrough in our circumstances. We know a growing sense of Peace and Joy.
God’s Blessings to you all


6 Nelia 01.01.11 at 10:00 pm

i would like to say happy new year to you and your team. i am so excited because i managed to stand at the gates of 2011 and now battling the Ester fasting. i am happy because soon after my prayers last night into 2011 i had a dream a door beeing opened. i am waiting for the manifestation of God this year. Thank you very much


elisha Reply:

Keep on the firing line. The LORD will soon pay you a visit.


Anil Reply:

Dear Elisha, Iam in a deep financial mess , I do not have a proper job, my wife has taken a home loan and a car loan, all the money she earns is going towards interest payment,nothing remains with us, we live in a rented aparment,the owner wants to increase the rent. pls pray that the owner is considerate. pls pray that our debts are wiped out immediately in Jesus name.Iam led to this site through Holy spirit. Iam applying all the prayer points given by you. Pls pray for a major financial miracle for us which will allow us to move into our own apartment which is under mortgage.Iam in need of a good job. I have two daughters and an old mother to take care of.My wife is experiencing problems in her job . pls pray for her promotion and increment in her salary.Pls pray


Sue and David C Reply:

Dear Nelia, are you living in Sydney, Australia? if so, Hi from Sue and David in New Zealand, we send lots of love and blessings your way for this wonderful, exciting new year of 201. Amen and Amen in our precious Lord Jesus Name. xx


7 betty 01.01.11 at 10:20 pm

Compliments of the new year, I am more than expectant this year as i got my mom to join in the fast. the holy spirit has been showing areas in my life that are causing blockages and i have been using targeted bullets to address them.


8 Malawian 01.01.11 at 10:26 pm

Started storming the gates and yesterday, my dog went missing (not like him). That began worrying me until I realized what Satan is up to: distraction.

Let’s keep on going people. Prayer is the only way.


9 Elouise 01.01.11 at 10:36 pm

Happy New Year. This is my 3rd year storming the gates of the New Year with Firesprings. I thank God for you as I have grown up in God tremendously since joining forces with other Eagles through the Prayer Academy, Singles Marathon, etc. I am excited about 2011 and see myself soaring and leaping over walls. I’ve shared the website and bullets with others who are also experiencing higher heights and spiritual blessings. Thanking God in advance for my financial and educational breakthrough. Will celebrate my 63rd birthday on Thursday, Jan. 6. God Bless


10 Joseph Lori 01.01.11 at 11:57 pm

Happy New Year to everyone that has stormed the gate of 2011. We thank God for Elisha Goodman and the entire Eagles in the trenches at this time. This is my first experience joining to storm the gate of a new year and the results have began to manifest. Distractions from joining the program were brushed aside by the power of God and I am on full steam now forging ahead to a prosperous year. All the challenges that occurred in 2010 were overcomed by going to God at the gate of midnight and I am convinced in my spirit that 2011 will be my peaceful and stress free year ever. The indications are very clear. God bless us all


11 name witheld 01.02.11 at 12:08 am

Happy New Year. Just wanted to share with you the vision my mum got while doing the second session prayers of 31 December. While praying the 2nd session prayers she saw in her minds eye a wooden door with some gold filigree work and it opened and a figure like Jesus wearing a gold robe stood there with hands as though he was opening the door. However she said she only saw a figure with long hair not the face.


12 Augustine 01.02.11 at 12:20 am

Happy new year to you and all at the ministry. I have been a memeber for 2yrs but this is the 1st time i participated in the storming the gate of a new year and to God be the glory i have had 2 revealing powerful dream within the 1st 36hrs of the program. i can not be grateful to you and to our father in heaven as i can now make sense of some of what has been happening in my life and i can not wait to share these dream with you when the blog open because i now realise how much i will need your assistance and i know that the Almighty Father will see me through. Thanks ever so much, remain bless


13 Ane 01.02.11 at 1:10 am

I am trying to buy materials from the site but nigeria is not listed? Pls how do I get these materials from nigeria?

God bless,


14 Ayo 01.02.11 at 1:35 am

Well, Praise God, I am glad we all made it again to the new year. I thank God for His servant – Elisha and his team of undefeatable warriors of the Lord. I stumbled on this site sometime around 2008 and without any hesitation, quickly signed up and subsequently purchased the e-books. But the sad thing was that i was never really serious or committed to any of the exercise and believe me, i paid the price for that, its been all sort of warfare ever since. But by the grace of God, i decided to repent and get back to basics, starting off with the 27mins to midnight / 14 day marathon, went through the Esther fast, although due to exaustion had to take some fluid at the early hours of the second day, but then i have this inner sense of victory and trust God to move me to my next level this month itself. In church, during the cross-over night service, i hid myself somewhere, thundering the prayer points. . I trust God to perfect that which He began in me.


15 Teresa Chavez 01.02.11 at 2:32 am

Happy New Year my big brother Elisha!

I am so happy that God gave me the grace to stand for what i believe was right! I am referring to the 27 minutes before 2011 midnight prayer which by God’s grace i was able to pray with my love ones. This is the second time in my 52 years that i have prayed instead of watching the fire works and jumping up and down and holding to my pocket with money.

We prayed as everyone else were doing the fireworks around us! After 5-10 minutes of noise and artificial lights everything had quieted but we’re still firing our prayer points. I realize that the noise making was really an empty and senseless way of celebrating the new year. I pray that we can continue and pass on this midnight prayer tradition to our children.

I was so happy today after completing the three-day Esther fast. Amidst all the eating and food preparation, i was able to be filled by God’s grace instead. I thought that the Esther fast will only be possible if one is on a retreat /spiritual meditation mode. But through Jesus who strengthened me, i was able fasting but at the same time actively doing what i was supposed to do as a mother, a sister, partake of the Eucharistic masses, go to the mall without feeling weak although i must admit there were times i would like to give up.

The 2 most important goals in my life had been realized by this program, that is being a lover of Christ ad being a gentle and kind mother to my children. My past experiences had made me tough and hard on my children. But everything has changed and i am seeing tremendous joy in my family now because of the changes that had happened to me.

I am very sure 2011 will be great year and i will pursue my goals aggressively starting tomorrow.

God bless us all who have seen a new light like the light that guided the wise men to Jesus!

Laguna , Philippines


16 Teresa Chavez 01.02.11 at 2:33 am

Please see above email regarding my testimony


17 Tarie 01.02.11 at 3:21 am

Its been only about two weeks since I was introduced to your website. I got my mail late so I’m 1 day behind on my fasing but I am keeping on. God is already coming through and giving answers to questions I have had for years just like that. Glory be to God. Thank you and your team because God is using you to change lives be blessed. I trust I will have the best year ever and will continue yo witness the goodness of God
Keep on keeping on. Praise be to the Lord


18 Kenneth Ankomah 01.02.11 at 4:05 am

Praise unto my Lord Jesus Christ for His protection and guidiance. I thank Him for His mercies which endures forever. Psalm 118. All my problems am encountering is stopped in JESUS’ NAME! AMEN!!. With the help of Pastor Elisha am out of everything through the gate of sucess 2011. Thank you and the prayer team. I will also have a testimonies to share dis yr.


19 Lcy 01.02.11 at 5:57 am

Hi Brother Elisha,

This is my first time to use your prayers at the gate and it has been awesome. I joined the website in June this year, have been praying the bullets you send me and amazing things are happening in my life! Remember I sent an email saying my kids were taken from me? It has been very hard, but, two weeks ago, the Lord led me to travel to their country of origin and apply for their papers there and the process has started with no hitch! We are due in court this month, and the Lord has impressed in my spirit that the battle is over and my kids are coming home forever!!

Now, the 29th December, the day of repentance was an amazing day. The prayers were awesome. My dad was a very hard and cruel man, and I have never known the love of a father. So, even though I knew God loved me, it has been hard especially after I commit a sin to receive forgiveness from him. 29th December 2010 changed all that. I could not stop praying (actually started the programme at midnight of 28th) throughout the day to the midnight of 29th! I have never felt the presence of God in my life like that. Towards the end a few hours before midnight of 29th, I was lying on my sofa just whispering to the Lord, and suddenly, I say in my spirit the Lord’s arms wide open like He wanted me to run to Him for a hug. It was awesome and I couldn’t stop crying, then I heard the most precious words, He said, “My baby!!” Oh, Elisha, never, ever has my dad used any endearing words for me and this from Jehovah God Himself, was priceless. I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. I know I am forgiven and made holy unto my Lord, I also know I am loved with an everlasting, unconditional love and I know, my FATHER in heaven will never withhold anything from me! He already gave His ALL!!!

Thank you for teaching me to pray and receive from the Lord. I am trusting the Lord for funds to join the Prayer Academy this year. A most Blessed 2011!!!


20 name witheld 01.02.11 at 6:21 am

I have been fasting from the 29th though I. Didn’t do the ester fast because my stomach problem but still more thanks because God has reviewed a lot of thing in my dreams.after being at the gate of 2011 I dreamed a lot of people with nice coats entered but me with my husband we were not a lot because of the strong men at the gate and I also dreamt of spiritual husband and wife coz I have been believing God for a child please pray with me


21 Lucy ngige 01.02.11 at 6:42 am

Hi bro.Elisha. I thank God for your life and ministry.I was invited for an interview the first day of the fast,and on 1st received an appointment letter.This was divine speed and i give God all the glory.Am reporting to work on the 3rd jan.Lucy,Kenya.


22 STELLA BABIRYE 01.02.11 at 7:17 am

Dear Elisha,
This is amazing, my husband yesterday just told me that he has completely stopped drinking alcohol,
Am grateful to the Lord so much because its been long overdue.
Stella Babirye


23 Felix Quarcoo 01.02.11 at 7:48 am

Happy New Year to you all !
Am persuaded that God wants me to use the power He has invested in me to turn around the situation surrounding me thus why He introduce me to this site . I don’t even know how i come in contact . But believe you me am galloping in prayers . when i joined the ongoing 14 days fasting & prayer programme from 29 Dec , on 31st night exactly 11:55 – 12 midnight as am using this bullet ” Let the doors & gates of 2011 open unto me now in the mighty name of Jesus ” i was overpowed by the Holy Spirit & i can hear myself praying it with vigor fervently which i never pray like that before . Praise His name am keeping the space . You are not too late you can still join us
God bless you Elisha Goodman !


24 Janis 01.02.11 at 8:04 am

Happy New Year Elisha!
This was the first time in my “life” that I have done the Esther Fast. I always heard about it but was so frightened of doing that. Those that have done this before warns you and so I always said “no” to an Esther fast. Thank God foTr that because being led by traditional fasters I could have missed the essence of it.
Today, 2 January 2011, I stopped the Esther fast and how will I be able to describe it to you? The first day of the fast from 18h00 at 30 Dec, untill morning of 1st, was awesome awesome! I got precious revelation and the one that the Holy Spirit layed on my heart that gave me such overwhelming joy was that the Holy Spirit reminded me of the favor Esther gained after her fast. In the first place she got wisdom to communicate her purpose of coming to the King, risking her life. And 2nd ly she got so much favor from his heart that she could ask anything.
O, imagine this!!! To come to a place of holiness that you can ask Yah anything!! Because of your purification up front, you can stand in His Holy place to talk to Him, and you know that what you will ask will be according to His will. This alone gave me such anointing power in my spirit, and Joy!! Then I was amazed to see how the flesh dies by this fast. Wow!! Praise the Lord!! Thank you!!!Elisha!! You have changed my entire life. After started with your academy in 2010, in March, God opened the door to my calling that I always have wondere when, how and what it will be. After breaking my fast today, overwhelming joy came into my spirit!! Praise the God of all gods. Then also fighting through the Gate of the year, I got this revelation that this year where ever I will walk doors and gates will crack open because of His victorious power that came on me at the opening of the Gate. And I prophesied that whatever I will touch this year will prosper under my hands…What a year it is going to be!!! We will set the captives FREE!!


25 chichi 01.02.11 at 8:32 am

praise the lord . i really thank the good god for his mercies and bro elisha all i want to say to you is a big thank you for allowing god to use you for his work.since i get to know your site and has being praying all those prayer you sent to mine mail box i have never be same .last year the enemmy broght alot of disappointment to mine family but i know that every disappointment will be turn into a blessing this year.mine husband is still lamenting over all he has lost finacial but i made one promise to him after storming the midnight gate that this year miracles upon miracles will swallo him. amen


26 Patricio L 01.02.11 at 9:02 am

Dear Servant of God Elisha,
Happy New year! Praise God for allowing to know you. I am blessed to know about your Ministry. I have been a pastor and an overseer of one established church for a period of 19 years but now I have resigned six month ago to start a new ministry. During my early conversion many times I dream that am diving at the inner most of the sea. There are also time that am flying from one place to another. Until now I do not know what it means to me. Well, during also my early conversion I usually fast short and long but sad to say that
I lack proper guidance concerning prayer and fasting so i stop. Now Am strengthen and empowered as I started to pray the 40 prayer points that you have given me. This Sunday I have seen that some new comers attended our service. Praise God. Tomorrow, I will start to join the 14 days prayer marathon. I was not able join the Esther fast. Thanks, God bless and please for us.


27 Leba 01.02.11 at 9:08 am

My husband agreed to join me this year with 27-minutes to midnight and storming the gates on 31 December,2010 to 1st January 2011 together with the partial and three-days Esther Fast. We felt joys in our hearts praising God in songs, reading the Word, praying in the last two-hours of the Esther Fast.We will continue to January 11,2011 and beyond.
Our eldest daughter gave birth to our ninth grandchild at 9.15pm Saturday night with such ease when a Caesarean birth was expected and we praise the Lord for His faithfulness. Thank you Elisha for teaching us how to pray effectively,we feel the Holy Spirit’s presence in our household all the time and know how critical it is to watch and pray at every opportunity.May God bless you and your Prayer Eagles for giving us inner peace and happiness through your programmes.
Vinaka vakalevu from Leba @ Lami Town, Fiji Islands


28 Elvis malbrook 01.02.11 at 9:47 am



29 Anatolia 01.02.11 at 10:27 am

Hi Elisha.
Happy new year and praise be to God. I would like to thank our God for the strength and the energy to storm the year 2011, in prayer and fasting. I can assure you, am blessed. I can already sense breakthroughs. I feel lighter, hungering to read the word. I feel really happy inside me and I give God the glory. I know without the shadow of doubt, that big things are on the way for me and my family.
Thanks for the advise to keep the race till the end of March. Actually as we started I felt a strong desire to continue for as long as the Spirit leads me. So its a confirmation for me. Glory be to God, Hallelluyah.
God bless you and Firesprings ministries.


30 Mercy 01.02.11 at 12:10 pm

Praise God and happy new year 2011 all prayer eagles! Bro Elisha receive blessings in the city, receive blessings in the field, receive blessings when you come in, receive blessings when you in out in Jesus name!. You have obeyed God’s command to show us how to pray. And all prayer eagles say Amen!God truly manifest when we call. I’ve been learning how to fast and the first time ever to storm the gates of a new year. On 29 morning, I had a dream whereby white sweets were wrapped in a used paper/ wrapper and an anointed man of God stood by me and told me to count them and write the number somewhere. I counted to 14 and as I wrote the no. on my palm it didn’t come out clear so I wrote again at a corner of the paper and that too was unclear. The 3rd time I wrote clear 14 on the paper and then he nodded in approval. On waking up God reminded me of 14 wasted years since graduating, being not in my rightful position. My 14 wasted sweets now recollected and wrapped up. No more will one more of my sweets(read years) will be wasted in Jesus name. The enemy no longer has hold of my life in Jesus name. With this approval from God, all I now know is that my wish will be granted as was to ESTHER. Thanks for the powerful and specific prayer points. Shalom!! Mercy, kenya.


31 KimK 01.02.11 at 1:30 pm

I stormed the gates of 2011! PTL ! I am battling for my marriage. My husband of 31 years is in a far country. i will continue on the 2011 14-day prayer marathon as my God is faithful in his promises! God hates divorce and I stand for my marriage! As an obiedient servant of our Lord, ALL things are possible through him. Thank you Lord for bringing me to this website and I pray that many blessing continue for all!


32 Chimereze Nwankanma 01.02.11 at 1:31 pm

in this 2011 i need a divine change in every area of my life. To make all round progress. to get married, to get a good job, for international break through. i be fully restored. God’s divine intervention in every area of my life. for poverty to broken out of my life. everything. above all to more commited to God. baptism of the holy spirit. etc


33 Chimereze Nwankanma 01.02.11 at 1:34 pm

in this 2011 i need a divine change in every area of my life. To make all round progress. to get married, to get a good job, for international break through. i be fully restored. God’s divine intervention in every area of my life. for poverty to broken out of my life. everything. above all to more commited to God. baptism of the holy spirit.
God’s divine intervention in my dream life. destroy witchcraft attack against me
my mobile no is +2348063083848. etc


34 Anil 01.02.11 at 1:53 pm

Dear Pastor Elisha,
Iam in deep distress, finacially iam completely low there are no resources at all . I do not have proper job , Iam 50 yrs now I cannot get a high paying job. my wife is experiencing problems with her job there is no increment for the past two yrs, we are in deep debt a home loan of nearly 30,ooo dollars ,Most important our landlord wants to increase the rent , of our apartment in which we are staying right now. pls pray and ask JESUS to intervene and settle all our problems



35 kate 01.02.11 at 2:05 pm

I have been on other prayer marathons but never did the Esther fastM. Amazingly God is awesome, I managed the fast and I did not even feel hungry at all. I had dreams which were crowded but I am believing the almighty for a clear dream/vision over my life. I am continuing till I go through the 14days. May God bless you brother Elisha for this ministrym


36 Edith 01.02.11 at 2:27 pm

Hi Elisha,
May God bless you and firesprings ministry for the blessed work you are doing. I am on the 14 day fast and prayers. I needed a househelp and i thank the Lord that i got one on the 31st. I was so joyful and thanked our Almighty Father. I believe that that was my sign that God was going to do great things in my life this year. I will continue trusting and praying to our Lord Jesus. God has been really faithful to me and i want to remain faithful to him with my life. God bless you.

Edith- Kenya


37 Marlene 01.02.11 at 2:39 pm

Hi Elisha,

It has been great reading all the inspiring literature you have sent me, i count myself fortunate because i came across the 14 day prayer well in advance. Am already in the program and progressing well. I feel more inspirtually charged as i continue.. as i was going throught the instructions just before the fast i thought i would not be able to go through the Esther fast and i can now say am going to make it because i have more strength. As i go through these 14 day program i realise my challenge is to stay up until midnight, am trying very much aand now i can say i will manage because i have a feeling there are goods things waiting for me and my family. Am glad am not alone and that gives me more strength…. i am working on joining the prayer eagle program. Thank you Elisha.


38 Marlene 01.02.11 at 2:59 pm

Hi Elisha,

Please explain to me what i need to do from 3 january 2011 as i continue with the 14 day program. Thank thank you very much for you prayer bullets.



39 victoria 01.02.11 at 3:44 pm

Happy New Year ,Elisha totally speechless for you and the best i can do is continue to ask Jesus our Lord to bless you more than you can imagine….i was led to your site by the Holy Spirit last year when i had lost hope in so many things in life but as soon as you comforted me and sent me prayer points with the secrect of midnight prayers,not only would i hear angels in our room singing and praising,saw sweet Holy Spirit,but learnt to interceed for others and while so many miraculous events have and are happening,God too has favoured me and my family so much..Greatest one is rekindling my marriage and looking so forward to this year…i am believing for joinning the prayer eagle programme..Listen to this,as we stormed the gates of 2011 in aggresive midnight prayers,the Lord showed me animal sacrifices that had been done the same night around my inlaws’ home and i asked the Lord of Israel and God of our forefathers to speak…am with you and others in the 14day fasting period..Many thanx and God Richly Bless You ALL.


40 A 01.02.11 at 4:01 pm

Hi Elisha,

I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all these e-mail and teaching, but I praise the Lord for your perseverance. I have been following your e-letters now for nearly 2 years and have been doing midnight prayer and fasting, but never had outstanding results. I think I might be doing something wrong. I wanted to join the 27 min. to midnight prayers last year, but somehow lost the e-mail link and couldn’t find it. This year I was determent to join and also invited a friend (with many problems)to join. She says that she feels very blessed by the midnight prayers, so thank you also from her!
I believe (and have been told)that I have a calling to preach the word of God and be a watchman on the wall. I just had a saddening dream that I have a very neglected baby, that also seem to forget about. If possible, are there any prayer points you can send me? I find that I am busy all the time, but not getting anywhere. I believe God for a breakthrough this year and am continuing with the prayers and fasting against all odds.
Love and blessings to all you prayer eagles.


41 Funmi . A 01.02.11 at 4:13 pm

I am doing the 14 days fast and everyday, I look forward to the prayer points because they feel as if they are meant for me personally. Praise the Lord, I was also able to do the Esther fast successfully. When I tried to do it just over a week ago after just a day, I felt so sick at work that I had to break it.

Also, at the moment I am praying towards my visa application which I will have to submit before the end of this month. Even though I have not submitted the application I know that God has already done it.

With God’s help and strength I am going to continue to pray diligently and follow the guidance of Elisha. Thank you Elisha, I pray that God will continue to strengthen you and bless you. Also, to all going through this prayer programme, we shall all have testimonies. Amen.


42 victoria 01.02.11 at 4:37 pm

Hullo Elisha,
Shalom..many thanx for 27mins to midnight which i aggressively did and on that night,i had a dream that i was climbing a very high mountain but some people below me kept saying that i wouldn’t..surely i interpreted my going up the ladders in life/moving forward but the enemy is discouraging me..will continue in the 14day programme as i await upon the Lord for blessings that will dumfound the world…have breakthroughs in my midnight prayers..i believe in God for great finances so as to join your academy and a job for me..God Bless Elisha,have to join you all prayer eagles in praise and whorship before prayers now…it’s closing in to midnight.


43 jk 01.02.11 at 4:45 pm

l thank GOD for the on going program also for the man of GOD who
take his time to teach us how to fight invisible batles,l have just ended Esther fast,l dont have any problem with fasting my problem for a long time was feeling sleepy and my nerves wil pain when reading the word of GOD,but the word being the pillar.but slowly im geting there and want to thank GOD and expecting the best to come as l realy want to be a bible worm,happy new year to all and many blessings.


44 Name Withheld 01.02.11 at 5:03 pm

Dear Elisa,
I Made it. I have accomplished something I thought I would never be able to do; I completed an Ester Fast for the first time in my life, which is the first breakthrough for me. With having been diagnosed with Diabetes, a Hypoactive Thyroid, High Triglycerides/Cholesterol, which I have not taken the medication in about 3 months because of no medical coverage to go to the doctor to get prescriptions refilled. But, I trusted in the Lord and asked him to lead and guide me on this journey of spiritual renewal.
I thank God for having met you through your web-site, and your program (27 min to Midnight). I know if I can accomplish the Ester Fast, I can accomplish anything, and will be sending more testimonies in days to come. Until………………..



45 lorna 01.02.11 at 5:51 pm

HAPPY NEW YEAR toall on this web site. But, most of all thank you GOD for Elisha (my mentor) May you continue to Bless him, his family and his ministry. He have been a blessing in my life I used to be tormented with sexual dreams at least twice a month but after applying the prayers nad instructions from Elisha praise and thank you JESUS I no longer have those dreams. Saints if we want to hear form GOD we nust be willing to crucify the flesh and in JESUS name the answer will come. In 2011 just remember GOD is standing by. Elisha may GOD continue to smile down on you in 2011. Keep pressing on true labouers are few and the harvest is plenty (luke 10:2) GOD BLESS !!!!!


46 Clair 01.02.11 at 6:16 pm

Bless God for your life elisha, since 29 December to today. My prayer life has been incubated with holy ghost. I thank God i was able to do esther fast, what a big challenge. I told God almighty, i have being eating every first of the year but this year 2011 stayed without food or water. Glory be to God, i feel so blessed and can see my breakthough unlimited already. I thanked God for this site, my prayer life had change from cold to hot. God greatly Bless elisha and bless your ministry. Please, people even if you can’t afford the money to buy the materials but endeavour and take it seriously upon you to use your free material because God is present in this site. Amen.


47 Evelyn 01.02.11 at 7:17 pm

I started the 14 day fasting i hope to order the books soon thanks.


48 steve 01.02.11 at 8:19 pm

Hi Elisha
am great full to God, for his loving kindness and mercy on me, to see this new year. It’s my first time to storm the year and already feel burning with passion to pray even more, am also looking forward to read the entire bible this year by the grace of God, do you have bible reading plan for one year? please send via my email.


49 Mere Hililan 01.02.11 at 9:26 pm

Hello everyone! I am so enjoying the prayers for this year!! I feel in my spirit that this year will be an a year of breakthroughs in Jesus’ name. Last year (Third night of Esther Fast), an evil growth was uprooted from the left side of my face, underneath my ear. As I prayed, I felt the urge to come back to that prayer point. Then I felt it start to move from my ear, down my cheek and to my throat. My daughter came and supported me in prayer and I expelled it through my mouth!! Praise the Lord! Now I am looking forward to many more victories!!


50 lolita calamba 01.03.11 at 12:17 am

Dear Elisha,

I am so happy to be a part of your ministry. Happy New Yr to you and all of the partners out there! I have known your website the yr 2009 but I am not serious about it. But I don”t know the plan of the Lord of my life as an intercessors He directed me to open our computer to your website last Dec.30/09 on opening the gate of 2010 and all the prayer points to declare at this time and I had a already a plan to have a 3days fasting up to 31 midnite. But I don”t know what to declare at the time as long we have to pray. But thank God I was able to open your website that time. Since that time I follow your ten days prayer plan and 90 days prayer plan doing it at midnite prayer with fasting.
I am very happy for the coaching on prayer for us to do, I share it with my group of intercessors in our island of Lapu2 City all the prayer points we apply it. Even though as we start this kind of prayer there are so many things in life being disturbed by the enemy because his camps is being destroyed but we always came out victorious.
Many of our co-pastors already learnt this kind of prayer and now our group participated the 14day prayer plan this yr w/ fasting and we do it every midnite hour. Thanks for you Elisha we experienced breakthrough in some area of our lives and financial blessing, healing of sicknesses to some of our members in the body of Christ. Thank you, thank you God will bless you abundantly.

More power from the Lord.


51 Lavenia D 01.03.11 at 1:46 am

Hello Elisha,

to God be the glory forever and ever…. I have started the 14days prayer marathon. I am so glad I join the marathon this year..so far my prayer life has been lifted eventhough I have felt so weak physically and wanting to vomit but something in me is telling me to hang on. I felt the urgency in my heart that I have a lot to do and this is my way of getting back on the track..Elisha could you please show me of anyother way of payment apart from the card system because I do not have those cards but I wanted to order your books. I do beleive in dreams Elisha, most of the time I got the message from the Lord through dreams but for a very long time now I couldn’t remember for how long now everytime I had a dream I woke up it’s either I forgot everything or I just so confused and in my heart I don’t have peace I knew that they is message in those dreams, also could you please send me prayer bullets for dreams and another problem I have is forgetfullness, I made so many mistakes in my workplace because of this, please send me prayer bullets for this too….Thanks a lot Elisha, May our God bless you your family and the ministry and also those willing heart out there…


52 Caroline Ntale 01.03.11 at 1:59 am

It’s a good thing to take this walk through life with the creator. Elisha, thanks for enabling us see the light. For the past couple of years i always slept off through the new year, starting 2011 in prayer and fastings is my greatest achievement for 2011. It’s been fullfilling, i felt the presence of God in my life more than ever before at midnight 1st January, 2011. The scripture Mathew 4:4 “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” kept me going through the Easter Fast.I encourage all Christians to get down in aggressive prayer and claim all their Divine blessings. Thanks Elisha and all the other Prayer Eagles. Your ministry has touched many peoples lives.
God bless.


53 Glory 01.03.11 at 2:20 am

praise God Elisa.
Elisa it has been a hard moment for me in 2010. All what had been believing God for in 2010 turned to be a deserter in my life but when i joint prayers to storm the gate of 2011 and do exactly what you told us to do have started seeing a big change in my life.

God bless you all


54 GERLADINE 01.03.11 at 2:27 am

Hello fellow worriors,I and my family want to thank GOD for Elisha,
infact we stormed the gates of 2011 together.
I feel such a peace in my spirit that i am fully in GOD,S plan for the year.
He has placed a lot of ideas right now in my mind and i am seeing all of them a success.I Bless the MASTER for such a glorious sight,
Regard to you Elisha for being used by GOD…
God bless


55 Margaret 01.03.11 at 2:35 am

I thank God for these prayers. I had purposed and planned in my heart that I will fast and pray the 14 days prayers. Before 29th, i realized I am pregnant with our second child, which i had tried several times. But I didn’t give up I am praying, although without fasting and the prayer guidelines are powerful. I believe and trust in my heart that what i was trusting God for in this fasting God will surprise me just like the surprise of pregnancy and I am trusting God that I am carrying a baby boy. Thank you and God bless and increase you Teacher Elisha.
Best regards Margaret


56 Nick 01.03.11 at 2:37 am

Happy 2011 to all! I introduced the 27 minute to midnight prayers for my family members, and it was a new experience to open the gates with prayers instead of the usual one, where we are scattered and each one welcoming the year in his/her own way. I trust and believe that God will remove all obstacles in our life and we shall enjoy peace, favour and divine prosperity this year. We are trusting God for restoration of all that has been stolen from us over the years. On 1st January,2011 as we were preparing for the midnight prayers, my son got an asthma attack, as 10pm, and we prayed before rushing him to Hospital. He was treated and discharged and we made it back just in time for the midnight prayers. His younger brother also got the same attack at 3am, and we gave him medication and he slept. I believe that these attacks are an indication of the warfare going on in the spiritual realm. The victory is decided, and this year, asthma has to bow to the name of Jesus.


57 WTK 01.03.11 at 2:41 am

i want to thank God for the Esther fast which i took,and i was strong cause i had asked God to make me strong and happy,there was a party for the new year at our home and i managed to cook and serve people without them noticing that i was fasting.
on the 2nd day,i got the dream that i was walking with my husband,he had crossed the road,but i couldnt cross because someone was pulling me behind and strangling with me not to cross the road,i tried to call my husband to help,but he couldn’t hear,so when i called the name of Jesus,the person disappeared,i knew that was the work of the devil trying to make me not go on and not excel in my life,i woke up and cancel the work of the devil.
I was sacked on the 22nd december 2010,when we were about to close the office for the xmas festivities,but i thank God cause i know this year,i will not be under anyone,but i will be an employer,i will offer employment,because MY REDEEMER LIVES IN ME.


58 Joyce Opondo 01.03.11 at 2:47 am

I want to give Glory to God for the prayers to storm the gates of 2011. I have been struggling with rats in my house for sometime. Even when I have put rat poison, they were still very many. As I was storming the gates of 2011 on 31st-1st Night, the last session of prayers included anointing everything. I was led to anoint my house and sprinkle the Blood of Jesus in the house. I did this and rebuked every devourer including rats which had infested my house. I pay my tithe regularly and I took my tithe book and tapped every area of my kitchen. From that moment on, I noted silence in the house. No more rats running around the roof making noises. The next day, I bought rat poison and placed it in the kitchen with their favorite food. Until today, three days later, I have seen no sign of rats and the poisoned food has not been touched. Thank you Elisha for your encouragements. I have also been praying with your prayer points but intermittently. I have been serving God in the Church and the lord has now given me a new job with a very good salary, more than my last job which I had lost. I have been yearning to join the prayer academy but was unable to afford it. I however, now intend to join the next prayer academy once I earn my salary to pay for the fees. Thank you and God bless you.


59 Joyce 01.03.11 at 2:50 am

Dear Servant of God,
I am participating in the 14 days prayer marathon. On the night of 31st/1st i stormed the gates of 2011 with so much vigor and that night before i sleep, i prayed that “all dream eraser that have been tormenting me to die in the name of Jesus”. When i slept, ii had a dream where i was with some of my family members in a place where there was kind a swimming pool and my 5yr daughter was in the pool then i look on the Left side of the pool and saw a Crocodile, i called out my daughter quickly from the pool and got her out. then the Crocodile swam on and passed where we standing then on the right hand of where we standing there was a snake that had swallowed a kind of a big rat. then the Crocodile got out of the water and started fighting with the snake and eventually both of them entered into the water again. when i woke up i canceled the dream. later i checked in the dream code to see the meaning of the appearance of these animals and what i saw shocked me . I started pleading the blood of Jesus over my life and Family. please give me more prayer points to counter this. Thanks
Joyce, Kenya


60 Mums 01.03.11 at 2:55 am

Mine experience had been bad and urgly and am continuing despite the treatment I am receiving from my husband. Praise the Lord because I managed to join the masses of solders who were stormimg the gates of 2011 in prayers. Though not able to do Esters fast as I had an injury that requires me to take medication regularly to speed up healing of the injury. My husband has not yet receive salvation and is mad with me praying at midnight, then I resorted to 5:00 am or 5:30am he is still complains that he hates these prayers ! It is so hard ,he reminds me of many other mistakes I made in the past andministries that I have visited and been part of them and that I have not stopped,and my prayer is: “Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ea unto me:in the day when I call,answer me speedly. ps


61 Nakawooya 01.03.11 at 3:11 am

When we commenced the first day of the Marathon after the prayers I had a dream where me and my daughter were sitting on her bed and then there appeared a basin with a weird thing in it, which I told her to go and throw away. On the next day I saw demons scrambling to get out through the windows of our house. We had been having weird spirits moving in our house for a year. I will continue the 90-day prayers. To God be The Glory.


62 Eva Akoth 01.03.11 at 3:11 am

Greetings in Jesus’ precious name, Bro. Elisha and his team,
I’m doing the 27min to midnight prayers. On 31st 2010 to 1/1/11, I had the whole house to myself to pray, anoint, subdue with Christ all the way from session 1 to 3. I paced back and forth the whole time. When I slept at around 1.30am, very exhausted, I dreamt that I was holding some of my documents (which I had anointed during the midnight prayers) eg certificates. Then, suddenly one of the documents was torn into two by someone/something. I was left holding the lower portion of the torn document. Then I woke up. It was 4.36 am. I looked through dream code and got something similar to my experience, ‘Dreams of having your cloth torn’. I got to know that this is a very serious matter. Immediately, I used the prayer points outlined there to address this issue. I felt released. I thank God for this spiritual alertness of knowing and nullifying the stratagems of the enemy before he can execute anything. Considering that this is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER, it is a pointer that through the enablement of the Holy Spirit, the help from Bro. Elisha and team, I stormed the gates of 2011 on target until the enemy felt threatened and passed VAIN judgement against me in the spirit realm. Amusing, isn’t it?


63 Reality 01.03.11 at 3:19 am

Praise be to God!! I’m in the new year’s prayer programme together with my prayer partner and our families. During the last week of 2010 my husband had asked his cousin to make enquiries about any possibility of selling of a motel he was interested in from the owner. The motel is in a small town (my husband’s hometown) which is actively developing at the moment. On the 1st of January following our midnight prayers, my husband called his cousin to make a follow-up. The owner is eager to sell the motel to us with everything in it and just renovated at a price that is so unbelievable!! Only God can give us such speedy results. Thank God for your ministry Brother Elisha!
rphiri. RSA


64 Racheal 01.03.11 at 3:24 am

Praise the Lord, am so blessed to be part of the 14 days fasting and prayer program. The past two nights i have been getting dreams and the first one was i saw a job letter being given to me since we lost our funders in the NGO i work for so i have been voluntering since december 2010 and then i have been praying for a Godly spouse in ma life and so i dreamt something sleeping with me monday night(3rd jan). I felt something was being reaveled to me by God am strongly praying about it and believe for a break thru in my life this year. I thank God for what he is doing in my life.
God bless and a happy New year.


65 Lillian Lehutso 01.03.11 at 3:31 am

Compliments of the New Season to you Elisha. I would like to thank God for you, as i was on the process of 14-days-of 27 Minutes To Midnight, i’m having a marriage problem my husband is cheating on me as i’m talking since she left home on the 22 Dec 2010 he came back on the 27th Dec 2010 and i chase him away i said he must go back where his coming from as i’m fasting and praying something happened the secrect was revealed that he was staying with the girlfriend, and you must know since 2008 he is doing this and i wanted to divorce him and my pastor keep on saying no to me, and so now i’ve taken a decision Elisha i am divorcing him for the sake of my life, my health and more important my children,the pain for now will go but the pain for life it will kill me and i will pray God to give me strengh and power to raise my children, He said He is not gonna forsake us nor leave us i still got small children the last one she is only one year old, there is lot of sickness these days there is AIDS, so i don’t want to be the victim of that, i was praying God to reveal the secret of my marriage and so He did, Praise the Lord the Mighty.

Lillian. S.A


66 Elizabeth 01.03.11 at 3:34 am

How are you elisha compliments of the new season. I entered the gates of 2011 with your prayers. On the 1st of January I had a dream whereby I was told that whatever I palalyse will be palalysed and I was asked to demonstrate with my mouth to the apples I command them to be palalised and they become hard and could not be eaten anymore and was told that I dont have to palalyse aything with my mouth because what ever I palalise will be in trouble be it business, demons, sickness whatever it is even a man. So I am very particular about what I say especially the word palalise. I thank God for such annointing and power. I will be finishing off my Ester fast today and the lord is with me.


67 Elsa. 01.03.11 at 3:37 am

Thank you dear Elisha.

Am very happy to start the New Year Firespring
More happier also my husband join me with 14day fast and midnight prayer, I believe God he will do a miracle in our life
In this time we need God’s hand, for financial breakthrough, I want to be debt free
Even I don’t know how but……
I fell it before January finished I will be free

Am so excited for the first time to participated in the storming the gate of the New Year Praise the LORD.
I will not stop I will continue by help of Lord Jesus

God bless you.


68 Elsa. 01.03.11 at 3:46 am

Am living in Dubai really i wish & by help of GOD, i want to order your books very soon, i want to stick to my almighty God any time and any where!!!

please tall me how possible to send me the books, if 1day want to order???


69 Rosalind 01.03.11 at 3:55 am

Happy New Year, Praise the LORD?
1)When I started the partial prayers, on 30/12/2010, my 3 year old daughter started complaining that I should stop looking at her. I don’t know why she feared me looking at her on the face. Please explain to me.
2) I bless God for healing my sister’s 1 year old child. I prayed for the child on Sunday 2nd Jan 2011 Just before I broke the esther fast.
Today 3rd Jan she has just been told by the specialist at the Goverments’ National Referal Hospital that the child is okey and doesn’t need any other medication. Whao! I give God all the glory since the child had a chlonic illness and could not even stand on his feet. I trust God that the child will now walk in Jesus Name.
Thank you Brother Elisha, God bless you with your family. I have no words to express my gratitude.


70 Christine 01.03.11 at 3:57 am

Praise the Lord Almighty. Happy New year 2011 to you Elisha and your team and all those participating in the prayer academy. I am participating in the prayer program although due to medication I have not been able to fast. I do however wake up at midnight. I thank God almighty that yesterday I received a call from my children that they would like me to visit them and are offering part of the ticket. I hadn’t seen them for the whole of last year. I continue to pray to God that I may find the finances for the rest of the ticket. God is at work and I was able to enter the year using your prayer points.
Blessings of the year and I am certain more good news are on the way this year.


71 sofy 01.03.11 at 4:39 am

Happy new year Elisha
Thank you very much and praise the Lord for your work
I started the prayers on the 29th and did the Ester prayer
I was filled with the holly spirity on the very first day i started this prayers i really thank God for this for i am now strong in him
Be blessed


72 Percy 01.03.11 at 5:03 am

I would like to thank God for His mercy and grace over my life. For the first time, am doing the 14-day prayer program. I stormed into 2011 in prayer and am expectant of major shifts and breakthroughs in my life.

In as much as I appreciate other people’s testimonies, this year and beyond, I want to have my OWN testimonies of the goodness of God. I have heard so much about His works in other people’s lives but NOW I want my own experiences.

Thank you for the prayer programme and all the work you are doing Elisha and may God continue to use you mightily.


73 Bofhelo 01.03.11 at 5:11 am

I really thank God for you Elisha. All these years I have been a prayer machine but suddenly every dropped away since I was not seeing any change in my affairs but only on the people I prayed for and this brought discouragement on me. But hey, it took me on the 2nd Nov 2010 that I made one decision of buying your books. I felt that the devil has taken control and now I have had enough of him. I joined the Prayer Academy and I tell you my brother my prayer life rocketed. On this 14 days, it has been awesome, though the 2nd day I was very week but I kept on praying that the Holy Spirit should give me strength. What is interesting is that one CAN NO LONGER SLEEP EASILY AT NIGHT! The Spirit of God wakes me up on time to start on worship before midnite to start throwing missiles to the enemy. I am very much expectant believing God for my miracles: Growth of my ministries, restoration of my health and bringing my godly ordained spouse to me.

Thank you once more for helping us always being connected to God.

God bless you!

Sis B South Africa


74 Yvonne Morulane 01.03.11 at 5:14 am

I gave my mother the prayer for singles as my father was not coming home and
they are married since 1960. My father started to change after my bother and sister death.

On Friday, 01st January, my mother was praying the 14 day prayer, and she saw the single prayer paper burning. To her amazement the candle she was
using at the mid night didn’t fall and the paper was far from it. When I saw it
yesterday it was like somebody was holding it to burn in the candle.

But my father came on Saturday, he was happy to see his wife. They talked and laughed. Praise be given to the Lord.
Thanks Elisha!! May the God Lord spare you for us.


75 Christine 01.03.11 at 5:19 am

I bless the Lord for His Grace in bringing this website my way.Am battling through prayers for debt cancellation and divine provision. Am also believing God for financial breakthrough for a job I am to discuss in this month. It’s tough praying through sometimes…stand with me. Today is especially challenging but we thank God for faith that He’s working on our behalf to bring His Word to pass nonetheless.


76 Mkapendesa 01.03.11 at 5:22 am

For the first time in 4 year my dear SON took time to listen to me as I speak my mind. Normally he breaks conversation angrilly and blows accusations without absorbing advises. This time on Sunday 02-12 on the day 5 of fast and Prayers, that was different. I beleive more PEACE to come in my family.
Not only that. A young man in a University whose parents did not want to see him and vowed not to pay his school fees because he impregnanted a girlfriend outside wedlock got forgiveness from his parents and was invited Home on X-MAS. As I was praying for his forgiveness, his mother called me on Saturday/Sunday 0000Hrs to reveal the news of forgiveness. Our LORD is not let to answer our prayers.
I thank LORD for this website Elisha and for being Truthfull.
From Zanzibar-Tanzania.


77 ESTER 01.03.11 at 5:26 am

A very happy new year people of God.
When the word go went out ,I joined the race on Dec 29,. On the night of Dec 31, I dreamt seeing my office arch enemy informing me of the death of someone i used to know in the past, but its the information I already knew in the dream. Then the same afternoon I dreamt that the same enemy has sent me a cruel fax message which i even reported to our CEO.But the wording of the fax was the same words she had sent earlier in the physical in 2008, it was anoying and very ungodly. Then on the night of yesterday when ending Esthers fast ,I was kind of awake past midnight, I saw like someone whose face I didnt see but I could sense he was standing, I saw him holding an open bible in the left hand, the hand was clothed in white, then in front of him I saw his right hand touching the back of a head with black hair and I saw that the black hair was mine and I was facing infront where there was a big flash of light like a white sun lighting all the way in front of me. When all this was over, I said Lord am ready to go wherever you want to send me. Probably to advance his KINGDOM . Elisha , please give me more light on this trance ,it is still so vivid in my spirit though am happy about it and so far am enjoying the fasting and praying at midnight.You have really transformed my spiritual life since I started using your method of praying,am stronger now.The demons who used to harass me , now they respect me for I put them to flight not only in seven ways but they scatter in all ways.Thank you Elisha, the warfare goes on , no relenting until all blessings have been recoverd in Jesus name. Amen


78 Pauline 01.03.11 at 5:27 am

Compliments of the new season to you Elisha and to all the prayer eagles.

I am very grateful for the 14 days of prayer and fasting and I am on it. I am expecting a great miracle in my life and family. We are in serious financial turmoil but the Lord is going to deliver us from all of it in the name of Jesus, Amem. Will be forwarding my testimony shortly.

Be blessed in Jesus Name.


79 JOSEPH BALOGUN 01.03.11 at 5:37 am

Elisha, you’re God sent to me, you’ve really revived my prayer life and honestly the 3rd day of the 14 day prayer into 2011 i felt the anointing of God so strong in my life and the 4th day i saw myself in the dream going about healing people. As i proceed in the fasting and prayer i believe God for more testimonies.


80 JOSEPH BALOGUN 01.03.11 at 5:38 am

Elisha, you’re God sent to me, you’ve really revived my prayer life and honestly the 3rd day of the 14 day prayer into 2011 i felt the anointing of God so strong in my life and the 4th day i saw myself in the dream going about healing people. As i proceed in the fasting and prayer i believe God for more testimonies.
Joseph Balogun from Nigeria.


81 G.E. 01.03.11 at 5:42 am

Hi & Compliments of the New year.
The Lord has been so good and I thank God for you Elisha for the great teachings we are receiving. I am glad for the first time I stormed the gates of 2011.I have always prayed and fasted starting on the second of January but not necesarily on the 1st.This year with stormong the gates, I joined the 14days prayer.The Lord is good.Is sad that my family did not join me in the 14days prayer though we were praying together on the 31st into the early hrs of the morning of the 1st Jan.I thank God that I know the desires of my heart will be granted as I am persisting and continuing in prayer.I just feel grieved in my spirit that together we need to be risk takers but I meet with resistence from my hubby who I dearly love and respect.I am trusting the Lord.
name withheld


82 G.E. 01.03.11 at 5:45 am

Hi & Compliments of the New year.
The Lord has been so good and I thank God for you Elisha for the great teachings we are receiving. I am glad for the first time I stormed the gates of 2011.I have always prayed and fasted starting on the second of January but not necesarily on the 1st.This year with storming the gates, I joined the 14days prayer.The Lord is good.Is sad that my family did not join me in the 14days prayer though we were praying together on the 31st into the early hrs of the morning of the 1st Jan.I thank God that I know the desires of my heart will be granted as I am persisting and continuing in prayer.I just feel grieved in my spirit that together we need to be risk takers but I meet with resistence from my hubby who I dearly love and respect.I am trusting the Lord that my family will take interest and join the prayer academy.
name withheld


83 Prayma 01.03.11 at 5:47 am

Dear Brother Elisha, God’s manifold blessings to you and family and may our Good Lord continue to increase you in His kingdom as you help others experience the depths of godliness and victories. For the first time my entire church participated in the closing of the year prayers and followed the 27 minutes before midnight. Our intercessory prayer leader asked me to lead the prayers but I humbly allowed him to go ahead so he can experience it. I gave him the entire report. Also being a prayer warrior preparation was made before the prayers(confession, invitng the Holy Spirit, blood covering, praying against retaliating spirits etc.) Every one was involved. Brother Elisha to do the prayers personally is good but having an entire church participated is just heavenly amazing. It is the hand of the Lord.God is worthy to be praised
This was great and our prayer leader and everyone were so joyful and happy understanding what the beginning of a new year entails. I have introduced him to your site. I know that God is going to perform great things in my life this year. God bless you richly in all things


84 precious 01.03.11 at 6:19 am

Happy new year Elisha and everyone that stormed the gate of 2011, Elisha i don’t know how i can thank you only God will reward you for your obedience the prayer schedule you sent to us really has changed a lot of people’s lives those that know God and even those that don’t know Him, may the Almighty continue to richly bless you and grant you long life.
On 29 i started the partial fast and on 31st started the Esther Fast and did the 27 minutes to midnight, the next day in the morning i did the chores when i had finished i felt tired and weak and i decided to take a knap so while i was asleep i had a dream and the dream was like this;
i was with husband chatting outside our home, we are renting a semi-detached flat and i notice there was a demacation between our flat and the landlord’s and heard some voices on the other side like our landlord was talking to someone he knew who just came in and the next thing i saw a young man entered the gate and pointed at me and said thats her and a short old man with a small bag and a staff like those we see in the nigerian movies, they call them chief priests entered the gate and went straight to the corner of the house, my hubby went inside and when i looked around i only saw our landlady standing and looking at me like i had done something and the old man took some juju in his bag and threw on the corner of our roof and took some more and threw in my direction and immediately i stopped talking and was bound i couldn’t move or talk, i just started jumping while praying coz i couldn’t move and quoted the scriptures inside my heart while he was moving and chanting as i prayed my voice started coming out and i started shouting my prayers and the Spirit just told me shout the blood of Jesus and i started shouting blood of Jesus and i woke up and something left my legs like it had coiled me
Elisha that dream gave me more courage to fire the prayer points with aggression at midnight and i thank the Lord i finished the Esther fast and have continued with the partial until 11 january.I know things will not be the same in my life this year,Elisha when am praying i can even feel the victory that things are happening in the spirit.Thank you so much. Precious, Zambia


85 Mabel Mbatha 01.03.11 at 6:19 am

Happy New year to all, I just wish to to thank Elisha with all the bullet prayers that we are now aware of. I managed to do the midnight prayers but was not successful with the Esther fast, i ask the Lord to hear my prayers as i hope to continue with the midnight prayers. I know the Lord will give me strength one day to finish the race diligently as I should. Thank You to all for your tesimonies that give me hope. Thanks to Elisha.


86 Jeremiah Koroma 01.03.11 at 6:33 am

Dear Sir
I am previledged to send you this message. Please sir I am planning to buy some of your books soon, but sir can I enroll into Prayer Academy in January 14th? Really since I stumbled into your site when searching for prayer points in http://www.gootle.com/prayer points, things have been so good and excellent for me. 2010 was my best year since I was born (Glory to God), Goodness and Mercy followed me all round the year.

May God continue to prosper and enlarge your ministry with signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.

Please reply me if I am welcome to participate come the 14th.


87 Xolani 01.03.11 at 6:34 am

Praise the Lord for giving me strength to participate in the prayer program to close the year. I didn’t get an opportunity to be part of the year prayer program, I was locked up in our church programs. Last year 2010, I made a vow that come what may, I would definately participate in the year closing prayer. I was praying as usually before the program using the “dream code” prayer book. I had expirience couple of bad and nightmare dreams in December last year, things started going wrong at work and in my business that I do part time. My salary was not paid in December and I had an order to fulfil on the side of my business which I did on the 28th of December, but on the 29th I got a phone call from the client that i must come and remove my delivered products because are out of specification, yet I followed the specification to the teeth, I had to arrange the transport to fetch back to me which is 400 km away from where I leave.

In spite of all these mayhem, I have faith in the Lord Almight that my situation will turn for the better this year, thanx to the participation of year prayer program and last but not least to accomplish the esther fasting was very inspirational to me. I am still on the 14 day program, hoping and praying to God for a miracle. I declare, this year 2011, God will give me a new job, finish my studies, and grow spiritual in the understanding of his word in Jesus might name. Amen


88 judie 01.03.11 at 6:39 am

Hi Elisha,
Praise the Lord. I thank God for you. I bless the LORD for enabling me to storm the gates of 2011 and to go through the ESTHER FAST successfully. Surely i can testify and say that them that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. This scripture became alive and active to me during the esther fast as the Lord kept on renewing my strength.Glory be to God. I went through the fast without any challenges and i thank the Lord for his continued strength.
Last year in October i broke up with a man i beleive is my Godly spouse due to a very minor difference. On the Night of Jan 1st 2011 after the midnight prayer i had a dream that we have reconciled and that our relationship was restored. In the dream we looked happy as we shared some fruits he had brought home. We were able to look each other in the eye with much love and we had forgotten our differences. Elisha am trusting God to restore our broken relationship and to rebuild everything that the devil has destroyed in our life. I know its a matter of time before this dream come into physical manifestation and am sure i will share the testimony of a restored relationship unto the glory and honour of Jesus name. God bless you so much.


89 cynthia 01.03.11 at 6:51 am

I give God the Glory for using you to reveal mystries of the dark which hinder His people..
I could not celebrate Christmas, it went by with me oblivious to it, I was concerned about how I would face the financial challenges in January. All I was waiting for was storming the gates at 27 to Midnight and all the fasts and prayers involved. I had not been getting extra work which made it possible to survive for several months and now the financial strain was deep.
I petitioned God for an injection of finances into my situation as soon as possible. Elisha since the 24th of December up to now I have been getting extra work, and will be able to meet my January financial obligations. Praise God!
My hope in heightened because I know that with these prayers, invisible barriers of my destiny are being demolished


90 cynthia 01.03.11 at 6:54 am

I give God the Glory for using you to reveal mystries of the dark which hinder His people..
I could not celebrate Christmas, it went by with me oblivious to it, I was concerned about how I would face the financial challenges in January. All I was waiting for was storming the gates at 27 to Midnight and all the fasts and prayers involved. I had not been getting extra work which made it impossible to survive for several months and now the financial strain was deep.
I petitioned God for an injection of finances into my situation as soon as possible. Elisha since the 24th of December up to now I have been getting extra work, and will be able to meet my January financial obligations. Praise God!
My hope in heightened because I know that with these prayers, invisible barriers of my destiny are being demolished.


91 jacqueline 01.03.11 at 7:05 am

calvary greetings to all the prayer eagles out there my special thanks to Elisha & his team of prayer eagles that have made it possible for us to get this materials may the Almighty bless you ishall forever be grateful for the way ihave benefited from this prayer program my life has never been the same ihave been enriched since 2007 when ifirst stormed the gates 0f 2008 with anticipationidid the academy in early 2008 and have always participated in most of the programs that you bring our way

2010′s gates were spectacular for me because the marked an end of adecade & abegining of adouble digit decade i saw agreat big & yet wide gate opening for me & man my life has never been the same miracle after miracle has happened in my life longtime bondages have been broken & ihave received dimensions of revealations .this year iwant to have adeeper walk with the LORDas he continues to reveal more to me

Looking forward for the prayer items for the 90 days fast


92 Gisele 01.03.11 at 7:15 am

i just want to thank the Lord for His awesome works already,My angelic as well as physical helpers have began to relocating me.God is faithful trust Him. God bless you Pastor


93 Faith 01.03.11 at 7:18 am

Happy New Year,

I thank the Lord God for giving me the grace to go through the Esther fast .I also thank God for Elisha and pray that God will continue using him manifest in our life.
I thank GOD for healing me, I had stayed for more than two years without getting my monthly periods .But i thank God on the 3rd day of Esther fast i got my periods. Glory be to God for his healing hand.


94 Khanyie 01.03.11 at 7:24 am

A Happy and Blessed New Year to you Elisha and all the prayer eagles. I thank God for leading me to your site and I joined the eagles that stormed into 2011 and it was a new experience to open the gates with prayers bullets . I trust and believe that God for restoration in my marriage , unprecedented financial breakthrough and in all other areas of my careeer and ministry .On the 31st December justas I was preparing to start the first prayer session the file where I had saved the prayers had been reformatted and praise God there was a back-up document. It was a new experience to open the gates with prayers bullets .I was also led to take communion as I finished the anointing. I managed to take the Esther Fast and I believe God for Esther results in my marriage and looking forward to an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit during this fast.
Thank you Elisha
Nonhlanhla, Swaziland


95 Athanasius 01.03.11 at 7:39 am

Praise God Elisha, the blessed man of God,
I truly thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to your website just last December 2010. I learned of the 14 day prayer and fasting period late on 31st and i have just started the fast today the 3rd January 2011. I know i will have a testimony to give very soon. I am a pastor and i have learned so much from your prayer teaching which is so powerfully helping millions of believers across the globe. The devil is a liar and losing the battle to everyone who is seriously firing the prayer bullets and earnestly following your teachings. God bless you so much man of God. God has send you at such a time like this that many captives may be set free from the works of darkness. I see such a breakthrough in peoples lives this year as part of the prayer eagle team.
May God bless you, the family, and the ministry as a whole as He blesses those who are downloading in your website.


96 Vivek 01.03.11 at 7:45 am

Praise the Lord Elisha and People of God. And a very Blessed New Year to all. I am writing all the way from India. I am also participating in the 14 day prayer. Just wanted to share a miracle which God has started even before the end of the prayer. Me and my wife are in a business and last year we had some clients who stopped business with us. But Praise God we got a call from them today morning and said that they want to again start business with us. Hallelujah!! What an awesome God we serve. I know this is just the start. Floodgates of heaven have just opened and our MIGHTY GOD is going to kick out every lack/problems/sickness from our lives in this year. All Glory to Living God and King of Kings…JESUS CHRIST.


97 Boniface 01.03.11 at 7:59 am

I take this time to thank God for the opportunity to be a member in this site and a participant in the on-going prayer marathon. on 31st night while praying in the second session, something happenned. I practically closed my door indicating that i have shut 2010 with its problems.The place where i stay,there are ‘roaming cats’ that people say are demonic. As i was speacking fire against all the evil agents and strongmens who could be against me, the cats started crying and moving around. The spirit of the Lord directed me to pray facing the door hailing fire against them. The cats become aggressive and started crawling at my door while making loud noises all over. Infact one of them tried entering through the window which i had not clossed.
After midnight into the new year, while still praying and jumping rejoicing because of the power of God on my side, the animals calmed and went away. Since then i have not seen them around. Glory,power and honour belongs to God. I concur with Elisha that the devil had plans against me in the new year but i didnt know. Thanks to this ministry and may God bless you more and more.
One of the things that i have been praying for,is to get deeper with God and to serve Him this year like never before. Due to that ,i have been praying for opportunities to work for Him and yesterday one of the assistant pastors called me to request if i could speak on sunday on one of the services. I was so happy and i believe God will give me the right Word for His people. Am committed to continue fasting while praying and i believe God that much is yet to come.
God remember you Elisha for been a mentor to so many people. May your ministry continue to impact the lives of many through prayer.


98 d 01.03.11 at 8:04 am

happy new year bro. elisha and your team and to all of you blessed ones that God has led to this site. itoo stormed the gates of 2011 and i give the glory to God for i had a backache that had kind of worsened during the day making it difficult for me to bend or sit and get up without feeling pain. but at midnighton the 31st as i started on the prayers it eased off and completely dissapeared . i thank God for showing me his mercies in such a short time and making me feel real close to him.
Last night i had a dream ,whereby i was working for some lady i know who is a friend . The job had to do with receiving money and being responsible for banking it.the pay was however so little. as i worked i had collected some money equivalent to about us dollars 2000, then a man came around and demanded by force and took the money from me.i n the dream i was kind of helpless to stop him because this was something you could do nothing about and if you try to resist you would be harmed. so he took all the money .I told the lady when she came , though she did not quarrel about it ,her expression showed that she expected me to pay it back despite the meagre pay ( in comparison i would saythe pay was like dollars 5) So i was so sad and wondered how i was ever goimg to pay back with such an income. ( currently iam working as an accountant, though our project is yet to receive the necessary funding for the year,we are trying to manage the expenses painfully. i cancelled the dream using the dream code that talk about sthings being stolen and asking that they be returned seven fold , but in this case it wwas kind of taken away from me when i was aware that the money is being taken.
Please assist if there are other targeted bullets for this particular case.
God Bless you all.


99 Monica 01.03.11 at 8:23 am

I thank God for you Elisha and all the prayer eagles (both confirmed and those in-training) who are with me in this adventure.
God has already done so much for me:
- For the first time in 20 or more years, my parents have been able to celebrate without and incident or violent quarrel; i am still amazed.
- After our prayers on the morning of 1st Jan, less than an hour after I went to sleep i woke up to someting like a heart attack. The Spirit of God led me through prayer at this time in my sleep and as I woke up I was still praying and still felt the pain for a while after (never ever had this before)…that must have been a backlash, i am told the devil does not easily give up. Instead this has strengthened me and i look at it as the last kicks of a dying horse.
- There are so many other wonderful things that i have seen and experienced and would love to share with the everyone…but you asked for a comment, i have a manuscipt book where i am recording them so i never forget.

Good bye for now as i go back to take posession of my 2011 gates, may the LORD bless us all. Amen!

Monica, Uganda


100 KimK 01.05.11 at 10:31 pm

PTL! 8 days into the 14-day Storming the 2011 Gate! What can I say..I feel the power surrounding me where the angels are surrounding me on their chariots of fire protecting me from evil! I have been so blessed over the last two weeks and I know that God is softening the heart of stone into a heart of flesh in my spouse! I continue forward praying powerfully for the restoration of my marriage! God’s perfect timing is close at hand! Thank you Elisha for your faithfulness service to our Lord and Savior!


101 mary 01.06.11 at 2:11 am

Dear Elisha, I thank God that I have made it to be on 14days prayer and fasting program. Surely it has transformed my life greatly. Thank you Lord Jesus. In fact I have alot of things to testify of what God has done the moment we started these prayers but for now here are a few of them:
1. My first born son was narrowly expelled from school just because there was some plans made by the devil to destroy his life totally. For your information he is the first child to reach high school in both my husband’s family and my family. All children reaches o’level education. On 31st Dec, while praying
during lunch time at work ,the Lord spoke to me about the boy but could’nt
understand it clearly. But at night the boy sent me a msg which says” mom !
God is truely so great. You could have just heard that Im expelled from school for the things which I didn’t do. A letter with false allegations was sent to him but that letter reached the teachers whom God prepared as angels to prevent
the destruction to my son and the family as whole. Then I realised that this an outcome of the prayers we have started. Thank so much servant man of God
for following God’s directions to help people like us. To me this was going to be a big tragedy as Im a single mother taking care of the two boys. The second one has also finished o’level education and now waiting for reasults to go to high school. Jehova has respected you servants of God and myself, for He couldn’t allow it to happen.
2. I am now alert spiritually and i enjoy midnight prayers so much for this is
the secret of success spiritually and physically. At first the moment I started praying these prayers well, it seemed as if when I sleep my mind could just be
blank. I couldn’t remember any dream at all but this made me believe that God
is doing a new things in this area. On wednesday I started having dreams and at
the same time the moment I finish dreaming, if it a bad dream instantlly I could
just find myself counselling that dream in the name of Jesus. Jesus has done
wonders in me.
3. All my relatives whom we haven’t been communicating due to misunderstandings for some time, rang me on the 31st as if somebody had told them to do so at the same time even though they live in different places. This to me is a miracle. They rang asking for forgiveness for what they did to me some months ago., I have the peace of mind which surpasses every understanding, no shadow of doubt. I still continue expecting more from Him. To God be the
Mary – Dar- es -Salaam,Tanzania


102 Margaret 01.06.11 at 3:08 am

I am grateful to God and my teacher Elisha. Before I started the fasting on 29th as I had purposed in my heart, I notices on 24th that I was pregnant with our second born, which we had trusted God for along time and it was not coming, so I could not continue with the fasting but just decided to pray without fasting. On 29th I prayed the repentance prayer, when I slept I dreamt seeing a big snake coming from a hill and I alert a man who killed it and I sensed victory. I am trusting God for financial breakthrough, money to build my home and a Job for my Husband. On 20th He got a small assignment that he was even able to make our 25th wonderful.
As i continue with prayers I know good things are yet to come because they started even before I started prayers.
Thank you Teacher Elisha.


103 Leverne 01.06.11 at 7:06 am

Good day Elisha…greetings in the matchless Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Son of the living God

I just have to share this testomony . On the 31/12/10…I was preparing myself for the “27 to midnight prayer programme”. I was sitting on my bed reading through some scriptures …I look at the time ,it was 20h55. After about 10 minutes I look again and the watch was still at 20h55. I asked my husband what the right time was …he said it was 22h20 aleady. I was shocked ,because we have just placed the batteries about two months ago.Then I went to fetch the Kitchen watch…….so that I don’t be late to start my prayers ……you bet it .. the kitchen clock went to stand still at exactly 23h20 and I didn’t notice it until I looked 2x at it and saw that the time wasn’t ticking. I was soooo shocked but I fired a prayer . I went to get my cellphone and had to use that digit time ..I litterally made the sign of the cross over it…..But thank the Lord …..I started my prayers and the said time11:33 ….I went to bed after the prayer session and the first thing in the morning I lift my head to look at both watches ……….it was ticking normal again(just the time was out). But thank the Lord I am still in the programme and I am not giving up …no way. I Thank the Lord for you Mr Elisha ….I am now much alert for the enemy!


G.E. Reply:

Dear Elisha,
I thank God for such an awesome revelation the Lord is giving you to guide us.God is so good. This is the third day now that in the evening my family is praying with me.I ma reading the scripture to them nad read out what we need to pray.I srta shouting those bulltes while they are parying on the one but having the same agenda/focus. This is exciting for me because although we are all saved in the house,we have not prayed as a family for many years,simply because I felt like my husband needed to lead the family alter.
I thank God for yet greater things to happen in my family.Glory be to God in the highest.I am excited about what the Lord is doing in my life through these prayers.May God keep and preserve you Elisha


104 E N 01.06.11 at 7:48 am

Dear Elisha,

I have been following the on going 14 days prayer for the year 2011 that started on 31st. I want to share the dream I had on 3rd jan.2011 and ask your advice. I was in my house and started hearing a very big noise outside. I went out to see what was happinging but mistakinly I closed my door while the key was inside. Immediately I shouted that I left my key inside the house. But there was a woman there that asked the son to give me his own key so that i can see if it will open my door. the key wanst’ for my door but fourtunately i was able to press it down from the top and i opened the door. I started looking for the boy to give him back his buntch of key but the boy has gone away with the woman that is also his mother. One other small boy asked me to give him the key so that he can go and give it to the owner but i didn’t and i woke up while i was with the buntch of the key. Meanwhile I saw one of my uncle(my fathers half brother) whom I went to greet before I collected the key from the boy. So please can you advice me on what to do.

I have been praying for a baby for along time but no result and even my menstration seized but on 28th a day before the prayers started I stated seeing my menses. With faith I embaked on my prayers and did my esther fast and I know that God that made it start will do greater things for me.

I noticed that now, I am always willing to go on my knees to pray. I thank God for you Elisha for our Lord is using you mightly in his vineyard.


105 Stephen Muinde 01.06.11 at 8:54 am

Happy new year and thanks to Elisha and the entire prayer eangles.Since we started our p/f on 29th/12/2010 miracles have become my daily bread.On 28th/12/2010 we went with my mum to my fiancee’s home to introduce my mum to her parents and agree on dowery payments since my wedding is in this year.We agreed on the number of goats and a bull to be given for dowery payment.On 29th/12/2010 in the evening mum called me and told me that the number of goats needed has been taken care of so i should look for a bull i cerebrated the first prayer day miracle and that been not amazing on 2nd i lost a customers bag that had clothes and other belongings and i told the customers that his bag is save and he should not be worried about it for God is in control.The guy looked at me and it’s like what are you saying?Are you in your senses?and surely God is faithful and good for that guy called me and told me that the bag was collected by a born again woman who later called him to go and collect his bag and that was on 3rd/1/2011.All the glory be unto God for this is the beginning of my miracle manifestation this year thanks and God be with you forever Elisha.


106 Pearl 01.06.11 at 8:59 am

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wh ohas redeemed us, andqualified us for His Kingdom. What a privelege to pray with so many people.on this 14 day program. I have a done a few Ester fasts, but this one was so hard. I felt so drained and exhausted, I could not even read the word, but thank God, He managed to pull me through the program. I have been married for 15 yrs and is still without child. i am trusting God this year for my breakthrough. Pearl, South Africa.


107 Wanjiru 01.06.11 at 10:28 am

Happy New Year!
I thank the Almighty God for bringing us to 2011.Thankyou so much Elisha,for teaching us how to pray thr’ the prayer bullets.
I stormed the gates of 2011 for the first time and it was just tremendous for my spritual life.i was able to do the Easter fast,thanks to God and am continuing with the 14 days fast.
Elisha am expecting mighty things from our faithful father.2010 was just total loss to the enemy.i got saved in june and was introduced to this site by a friend after i went dip into debts i almost gave up.
But God has been good to me,i got a loan in Dec and cleared almost all the debts.i am believing for a debt free 2011 year,whether loans or money owed to people.my spiritual life is top notch.my teenege daughter who was troublesome has completely changed and very supportive,praise God!my family has come together after many years of disagreements.
we lost all our marriages in my family thr; divorces and my brothers lost their jobs.this year is a turnaround for us.there is victory.thankyou Elisha and continue being a blessing to us.may God shower you with his Glory.


108 unnamed 01.06.11 at 1:14 pm

hi! Elisha. I work as anurse, so we work on shifts, december 31st, was working night shift and 1st january. The problem is I knock off at around 8am, so its difficult 4 me to pray at midnite. How do I handle such a situation since I cant aviod night shifts? Thank u


109 Mercy Favour 01.07.11 at 12:43 am

Halo servant of God,
It is my first time to join you in the 14 day new year prayers. It is wonderful and am enjoying the prayers but as am writting i havenot been paid and my son hasnot gone to school and am sending my daughter to school without a single cent.Ineed immediate financial breakthrough so that my son can go to school by Saturday.Actually i love the kind of ministry God has given you.
Can you also sent me the mikes examination (3days) from testimonies it is very powerful .
Otherwise God bless you and empower you more.


110 Joyce Mangame 01.07.11 at 4:00 am

God has been so good to me during my prayers and fasting I am still continuing may fasting and I have seen changing on my family or my healthy God Bless You.



Gladys Akani Reply:

I am happy for you joyce. Please continue with your prayers and the good Lord will visit you one of these days.
Stay blessed
24 hour blog


111 S.Mumba 01.07.11 at 5:58 am

Happy New Year,
Thanks alot for the powerful prayer points,i am enjoying the 14 day program and i have incorparated it with the 6 days pray & fast from my church which started on 3rd January and ends on 8th January.
On day 7 after praying at midnight in the early hours i dreamt of a friend of mine whose also doing the 14 day program,has been married for 5yrs with no child and myself for 3yrs with no child,i had gone to visit her and we were so happy and both smiling,i believe God has wiped away our tears.
I also had a wired dreamt the next night after my midnight prayers that some weird creature had bite me on my neck it was so painful i screamed and started praying again then that thing went away and i finally slept.
I really don’t know what it meant ,i have had peaceful sleep from that night.
Thanks alot for the prayer points i have really been strenghtened and grown spiritually.
S.M – Zambia,Lusaka.


112 Rosalind 01.07.11 at 9:54 am

Hi Brother Elisha, Praise the LORD!
When we had just started the marathon, I had a dream. There was a crocodile roaming around in the compound and it was about to harm my 3 year old daughter then I picked her up. The crocodile was not interested in me but only my daughter. when it missed her, it cought a big rat and chewed it very fast, and then went away. I am shocked to read somebody here with a similar dream about crocodile after her daughter.
Please brother, tell me what is happening here, because God has assured me that it is not meant for my daughter. He has given me a sign to signify that all is well now. Glory be God, be blessed abundantly.


113 WJ 01.07.11 at 8:12 pm

Happy new year to you and all involve, i want to give thanks first to god and then this prayer program for a break through like none some might think so but i did . i was prayer from my 7 lesson prayers before 27mins and God reveal to me my husband was having was committing adultry and god show me every thing ,we’ve dealt with it and is moving on because we know it;s the enemy. so thank God for his mercy

J, Barbados


114 annette 01.08.11 at 11:00 am

May our Lord mightely bless you all this year!
I praise the Lord for answering our prayers. A few nights ago I couldn’t stop praying and praising God. While praying, I saw 2 dark flashes of “lightning” leave my house through the window and two nights ago I had a dream that someone was trying to send off a missile, which just whouldn’t work, but he went away and got another one, which went over our heads, without any damage.

God bless you, Elisha!
I hope to join the prayer acadamy soon, but has a really busy term ahead, with another course that I’m busy with at the moment. Is there any book of yours that will help me in the mean time to extend this time we’re busy on up to the end of the month?

Love to all,


115 j 01.08.11 at 11:28 am



116 bertha 01.08.11 at 1:39 pm

my boyfrienf whom we have a child together and didnt want to be committed now wants to commit and came to apologise. Thank


Gladys Akani Reply:

Hi Bertha,
Please is your boyfriend a born again christian? How about yourself?
king forward to hearing from you soon.
24 hour prayer blog


117 Malawian 01.08.11 at 6:41 pm

I am experiencing a personal revival and plan to continue praying in our 21 day fasting and prayer beginning tomorrow (Jan 10).

I am writing this having experienced an interesting set of events: for the first time since the marathon started, the Lord made sure that today I should wake up before midnight and pray. The prayers had to do with dealing with sicknesses. I have had hypertension (high blood pressure) since the age of 17 (now in my late 30′s).

And get this, before going to bed, my bp went up so high. I asked my wife to pray and I felt much better and then went to bed.

I believe that the Lord has completely healed me.

Thank you and keep on praying people. It’s the only way.


118 Sue and David Coulston 01.10.11 at 12:13 am

My Husband and I are still on the Partial Fast but our blessings we wish to share is that on Friday 7th of Jan, David shares a dream which was Romans 8:28. On Saturday I (Sue) had misplaced my CV and wanted to apply for a job on Monday when the manager returned after the Christmas break. We had both searched to the point of my unpacking boxes and tidying up when we sat in utter loss when I went to the desk we had searched many times and there it was. I’m sure Dad (God) is smiling. The next day Sunday on our way home from church my husband noticed an Auto Washing Machine for $50.00 Due to us driving in separate cars that day he raced home & told me the news. I phoned the seller to see if he would deliver it, YES we meet at the place and purchased it for our Daughter who’s living in town 10k away from home. We are country on tanks so water is precious during summer months. God please pour many, many, many blessings on the ministry you are producing through Elisha Minstries, In Jesus our LORD and precious saviour’s name AMEN and AMEN love from Sister and Brother Sue and David in New Zealand


119 Judy Kithinji 01.11.11 at 4:21 am

May God continue to bless you and expand your Ministry to reach many more people. Before being introduced by a friend to your website, I had been asking God to teach me to pray and I believe this was his answer. I have been participating in the 14 day prayers and I feel so peaceful. My husband had done some work and for over one year he had not been paid for it and we has almost given up. On Friday he was called to go and pick up his check. I have been praying for a financial break through and I know God will answer.

God Bless everyone reading from this site.


120 Harriet 01.12.11 at 4:54 am

Dear Elisha,
A very happy Newyear to you . I want to thank God for you, your ministry and the just concluded 14 days prayer marathon. Now, before the end of the year last year and before the 14 days prayer marathon, i had said to myself enough is enough Harriet, i want a new job, and i wanted this job at the British Embassy.I started praying the 40 prayer points to attract anything, and strongly emphasizing that one particular prayer that says, ” I paralyse any satanic competition for ………. by fire in the name of Jesus”. In this case i filled the blanks with “my job at the embassy”.When i received the 14 days prayer programme , i still focused on the same and whether they had vacancies or not ofcourse there weren’t any vacancies. But to my surprise yesterday as we ended the 14 days of the prayer marathon, two ladies working at the Embassy visited me and went on to say that some of their collegues had been laid off and that some posts would fall vacant. Isn’t that amazing? Now i was also told that these vacancies may not be advertised but God i am trusting him all the way for a miracle.
May God bless you Elisha


121 MM 01.12.11 at 4:49 pm

Dear Elisha

The foundations are shifting!
My granny 88yrs old who believed completely in traditions, who also know that I am against the practice of slaughtering animals to cleanse one after losing a family member. She called me yesternite saying to me she wants the whole family as she is the only root left to stop a certain practice. Everybody must be told never to wear black mourning clothes or small black material, thereafter slaughter to cleanse one with animal blood and gal. She says it time to lift the blood of Jesus and the family must accept the blood of Jesus as the only way to be cleansed with.She insist I must be there as I am named after her. I said praise the Lord! I believe there is more coming to give as testimony as I continue with the prayers. I am believing the Lord for a miracle in my marriage too!. I am persuaded to keep on a good fight of faith and I am challenged daily in my marriage but the Lord is working a miracle I believe so. God bless you !


122 WILSON M 01.14.11 at 9:51 am

To day my spiritual eyes have been opened to see the secret in midnight prayers under a purposed goal.
Already God has answered me after several years of profitless fasting and prayer.More still i have been “Moved by rose’s testimony.”
Wilson M -Kampala -Uganda.


123 ENGR iSHAKU A. YERIMA 01.14.11 at 9:53 am

I want to testify to the glory of the LORD how my brother’s wife was saved from kidnappers the second day I started the 14day prayer and fasting programme. On the 30th of Dec. 2010 at around 11:30 pm I recieved a call from my younger brother telling me his wife who travelled for wedding of a relation escaped being kidnap narrowly that night. I then remembered the prayer I made for the family , covering every love one with the blood of Jesus Christ. Jehovah Yahweh bless you as you guide people to His kingdom.


124 WILSON M 01.14.11 at 9:57 am

A friend close to me shared an idea of your prayer journals
so i had to give a try.
Wilson M


125 Sue and David Coulston 01.21.11 at 5:17 pm

1st dream was about super intricate machinery with thousands of shiny metal levers, arms and gears that were all linked to each other. They had scroll-work engraved on the parts and had jewelled bearings like a watch (my dad used to be a watchmaker). I did not know the function of the machine but it was beautiful to watch. I got the verse Romans 8:28.
2nd dream was that I was part of an expedition ‘tomb raider’ style, exploring an ancient Mayan complex. A 2nd team had found a large open space like playing fields, all marble & gold. They radioed that doors of the place they were in had closed and they couldn’t open them. There were loops of stone on the walls & I realised that it was a handball court & Mayan handball games finished with the winning team captain killing the loosing team captain in human sacrifice. I had to figure out how to trigger the opening of the doors without someone dying. I woke before I could figure out a solution.
3rd dream, I was was back at school/university. I had been off sick but had completed a project while I was away. The project was about measuring biological processes with a new (to science) type of sensor. I had made a poster of the process & a video. The video was being played from a laptop with a projector on top of it inside a plastic box, with the image being projected through the translucent side of the box. The professor wanted to restart the video and see it from the start but had damaged the connection trying to get the laptop open. I had to fix the connection & restart the video.


126 RUBY 01.24.11 at 3:19 am

ELISHA, please help me, i would like to become an aggressive night prayer person and also would like to buy your books, can you please advise if i can get it in mumbai or any other place in INDIA.



Vivek Reply:

Praise the Lord Sister, Greetings to you in the name of our LORD. I read your comment and understand you are from Mumbai. this is vivek here from Pune. Just wanted to inform you that I have some prayers which have been uploaded by our dear Elisha on the inter net. Incase you want to obtain those, you an reach me on viveksmails@gmail.com


127 CYNTHIA 01.26.11 at 3:12 am




Becky Reply:

Dear Cynthia,
Praise God,
I just want to encourage you in the LORD. I dont think you have done anything wrong to your husband..the devil is a liar…his mission is to steal, to kill and destroy..period.Since the creation of the world he has never desired to see man and wife live in peace, he wants to destroy the devine institution God has made. This is true for all marriages…whether christian or non christian. But we thank God that for us Christians.. we have the Finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ our Saviour to destroy all his evil works and therefore enjoy what the Lord has destined for us.
Go to the word as a hungry lion ready to recover the joy ..talk of the milk and honey in your marriage. God has made so many promises in the bible concerning us and our marriages…these are for us and for our children.

God said it is not good for a man to stay alone .. and so He created Eve to be his companion.
Even when satan destroyed their relationship with God through sin..Jesus came to restore that relationship through the son He loves..Jesus Christ.
The bible says he who finds a woman finds a good thing and obtains favour from God….Can you stand and intercede for your husband to recover even his relationship with God.
The devil trades our blessings by manupulating them causing us to suffer and if we are not sensitive to God or if we bow to his weapons(ie fear, discouragment, confusion,anger,frustration etc) he wins over us. Take time to check yourself and repent before God for you, for your family and seek God’s mercy (Daniel 9)
I will encourage you to pray at the midnight hour ….
Your can use ps 51, Ps35, ps 18,ps 91, 2tim4:18; etc
Use the prayers in cookbook of brother Elisha … and with the help of the Holy spirit you will recover the honey in your marriage.
Be an overcomer
24-hour blog


128 Mum 02.01.11 at 11:48 am

Good day Elisha,
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that in my struggle to move forward,when I am weak or discouraged or want to give up, someone that I either helped and shared the word of God with, contact me and tell me that they are thankful that I shared the love of God with them.I keep sharing with someone new every now and then and tell them that nothing is impossible with the Lord. Send your website to them and sometime even invite them that we discuss briefly about the passion of Christ book and give them a copy, encourage them to begin to read the book! Guess what? when ever I want to talk to you about my personal challenges, I end up not communicating with you about the real stubborn spiritual problems I am facing.
1. I have a problem of starting something and never finishing it. I mean I will have the passion and energy to start, then somewhere in the middle something will interrupt me on my path, then will stop or at the end if I have completed it or about to complete it, then there will be something bad that will happen,which will either cause me not to see anything good that had happen. To mention a few, when I joined and even decided to purchase the ebooks last year it was the 10/10/2010, but there was so much confusion about my email address that I was never included properly on the coaching group. A friend who was aware that I purchased the books helped me get the prayers but was still left a bit out as I did not get any direct communication with you. I then followed up with the 21days marathon, somewhere in the middle we travelled to Mauritius and the network on my phone was badly interrupted even though I had arranged roaming with the service provider. Plus a hubby who was so cold and would prefer to stay up till morning with friends drinking to be so drunk and simply neglecting me completely!I thought when back after missing about the last five days or so, I can continue,on my prayers to catch up, instead on our way to another holiday destination on the 20th Dec, I fell and twisted my ankle, injuring a few ligaments or so. Though I was angry I thought God really want to sit me down,so I accepted the mishap and said ” All things work together for good , for those who love God….”. Elisha since that time and today I have been having battles after battles, after battles and war is till on.
2. The biggest battle which really brings out every attack from my hubby is that since I have been born again in 1997 to date after wanting to commit suicide, he never forgave me for what I did. Instead, I did something that hurt him terribly and confessed asking for his forgiveness. Shortly after that I could not face the attack and planned to commit suicide, the he interrupted the plan then I could not continue the act. I thank God for that day and I went out and seeking a bible based church and gave my life to the Lord in 1997. He has not yet received his salvation and I am always the one faced with every spiritual battles and he does little or nothing in my view to take the matter to the Lord. Instead seeing me even praying at midnight is his the worse nightmare!!! ,so I try praying during the day though its not satisfying in my spirit.
3. It is exactly 31days since he spoke to me, or touched me intimately or even communicating with me. All efforts from my side have evoked more anger, rejection,further distance to a point that even though I have been on prayers, few days ago I said to him in a very calm voice with no more strength,- ” I asked to speak to him, I told him since there is no relationship, no communication, I would like to live our home and go away as I cannot stay in an environment which is so bad.” He told me that he want to watch tv-his favourite boxing match and will come to our bedroom when its finish so we can talk. He came to bed about 3 hours later, and asked me a few questions with the same passing of blame like always. Not prepared to discuss anything and finally shortly after midnight,and he said, I’m sleeping and turned his back and slept.

These kind of dramas is the order of the day if I ever initiate any talk or any discussion. As a result keeping quite is all that is happening. Loneliness,separation,coldness between us etc is what i am faced with. My midnight praying partner had been affected as I cannot even move with ease due to walking with chrushes and a moonboot/aircust.

Yesterday you sent me an email and you said,’Do not give up”

Elisha, all that I have said is all bad news, but I want to thank the Lord for, the morning before I asked my hubby that I think I want to move out, I dreamt my mother inlaw, asking me what is wrong in our marriage, and I did not tell her that we having serious challenges. I am not prepared to tell anyone anymore but want to talk to the Lord only. I also visited a friend I introduced to your side, and her younger sister prayed for my foot and putting anointed oil she commanded every evil to get out in the Mighty Name of Jesus. The day after telling hubby about what i want to do, we had visitors and my mother inlaw came with them and we has so much joy. I also found a helper who I believe the Lord has sent. For the first time today I manage to rest my foot and slept almost with peace and having not to even think about what will I prepare for dinner. I say thanks be to God (2Cor2:14-)and know I must continue to pray and claim my victory even though I have not seen the full victory. There are also dreams that I have not been able to share with you as there had been turmoils. Some of them I simply cancelled, some I dont think i dealt with them fully. I am tired and need to rest in the Lord, pls guide me which prayer points and scriptures must I read as I have also received invite to join the academy, as I did not continue in Dec.



129 Lavenia D 02.18.11 at 5:26 pm

To God be the glory forevr and ever. Our God is good and his always be. His bame is faithful, this is where I wanted to start my testimony this morning…Elisha in our church, we’ve always taught to give the credit to whom it is due and give the glory to HIM who deserve it. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your persevearance in the Lord for the call and for the people…Thanks alot to all those faithfull army who are willing to stand in the proclamation of the faithfulness of Lord God Almighty in this last days..Glory, Praises and honour unto Him who rule and reign now and forever more..Amen
I am so excited this morning, i know the Lord is preparing my heart for something great that I will come back to this site to shout it out for the Love of God is great and His mearcy endures forever..
You know brothers, I fail God so many times, I made so many mistakes, I ccnfess them to God and telling him i do not want to those mistakes again..He helped me back to my knees..I am so thankfull in His great mearcy He gave me the opportunity to know Him..to come across this blessed God given site…my heart is overwellem..This year is such a blessed year to me. I always thought that life will always be full of failure…but the Lord open my eyes to see that all those years of failure were years of preperation for the better …so it is true his ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts..Thanks and be blessed


130 Mfon Augustus 10.21.11 at 6:45 am

After the October 25 prayer academy, when is the next prayer academy scheduled to hold?


131 Rosalind 10.25.11 at 1:05 am

Dear brethren,
I have just looked at my testmony no. 69 here, and I am amazed at what God can do. Today, I want to report that my Sister’s child got healed completly and can talk, walk and run!!! My children stopped being sick, I give God the Glory. This August 2011, I got a new job and a salary increase to go with it!!! I managed to send my daughter to study to India also. Besides that, I bought a Brand new car!!! I just thank God because my life is a testimony to those around me. The more I speak well of this website and the testmonies, the more God is blessing me. I am overwhelmed by what God is doing in my life.
He has crowned me with favour after many year of suffering and crying.
He so Faithful, Mercyful and very gracious, not to mention His generosity.
Elisha, I know you are blessed, but I still say may God bless you abundantly with your family for generations to come. Amen.
Rosalind, Nairobi, Kenya.


132 Joyce 10.25.11 at 8:41 am

Dear Elisha, I just want to give God Glory. After the Storming of the gates of 2011, my life has taken a different turn. Last year, everything was at rock bottom. I did not have a job, I was heavily in debt, my home which I started building in 2007 had stagnated right after I covered the roof, I was in danger of being thrown out of my home and the only thing I could see was one ill luck after another. It is a wonder that I was able to feed myself and four grandchildren.

Glory be to God I started my new job in January which is paying me much more than the one I lost in 2009. My new employer bought me a car from a showroom and paid the taxman for the benefit costs. I am about to complete paying the loan of the car. God opened a way and I paid almost US$5,500 on the loan and I am now managing the outstanding payments comfortably. The house is almost complete and I am trusting God that I will move in before Christmas. All that laughed at me are now laughing with me. I have so much more blessings from God that I cannot say them all here. Thank you Elisha for giving me the prayer points.

I gave them to a friend of mine who was in a worse state and she battled with them. Before long, fees for her daughter was paid for the whole year, she was promoted above other more qualified candidates to deputise the headmistress at her school, she has completed building an extension to her house and is looking for a tenant, her financial difficulties have turned into financial blessings, her difficult to deal with daughter has turned into her right hand. Oh Elisha, the testimonies will not end. God bless you mightily.


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