Happy New Year – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

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“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize?
So run to win!” – 1 Cor.9:24 

Happy New Year …

… to you and your family.

And congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates of 2016 last night.

I am persuaded that the fastest way to get from where you are now to where God
wants you to be in 2016 is to…

…have a plan to continue praying as you are doing in this program even after
the 14-day session is over.

Right now, the most important decision you can make is to engage targeted,
relentless prayer in everything you do.

This one thing will help you develop consistency in your prayers…

This consistency will translate into good spiritual habits…

Good spiritual habits will make you alert in the spirit… and stay connected
to your power source (Holy Spirit).

And unbroken connection to the Holy Spirit will open your pipeline of blessings …
and speed up the manifestation of daily blessings in your life… all through 2016.

For the Bible says in Psalm 68 verse 19:

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

 Do you want to soar with
the prayer eagles in 2016?

When I use the term prayer eagle, I usually am referring to someone who has
experienced a tangible “recognizable” level of success in prayer over a period of time.

And this success in prayer spills over and touches those around him or her.

Like Daniel in the Bible.

Like Sister Faith who sent in this testimony on the last day of the year.

Listen to what she has to say …


**** The December 8 Operation That Wasn’t ****

“Praise God, in the last quarter of 2015, my sister was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. She was put on medication but was in constant crippling pain. In late November, she sought a second opinion and the doctors decided that she urgently needed an operation to remove the cyst before it burst.

The operation was scheduled for 8th December. I thank God because on 2nd December, Elisha forwarded to me an email with sister Seraphine’s testimony and the prayer she said for her sick son.

I decided to borrow the prayer and on 7th December, I sent the same to my sister and my family members. I urged everyone to believe and pray the prayer (Spirit of resurrection, breathe life into Sheila’s body from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet in Jesus name).

On the day of the operation, at about 2pm, my sister sent me a message that the operation had been canceled because as the doctors were doing last minute tests, they found that the cyst had disolved. She was actually discharged from the hospital the following day.

Hallelujah, We serve the Mighty God. Till that day, I had read hundreds of testimonies but I kinda always thought it too surreal to happen to me and my family. Now I know different. I couldn’t hide my joy as I called my prayer accountability partner Maureen and other friends to share the good news.

Some have not joined the Prayer Academy but they were quick to declare that it was indeed a miracle. I was literally shaking but in awe of this God. I decided to add a line to one of the prayer points Elisha gave us and have been saying joyously.”

- Faith M


Praise the LORD.

What I want you to notice here is … how she recognized that the prayer bullet in the
email she received that morning was just what she needed to deal with the issue at hand.

This is what it means to be spiritually alert.

It is something you will be hearing a lot about in the weeks ahead.

Question for you:

How would you like to be spiritually alert … so you can recognize
the solution to any problem staring you in the face?

Well, you can … if you’ll but develop the prayer habit of the eagles.

Please listen closely…

Today January 1 signals the beginning of a 40-day sprint that will take us through
the Hidden Path that heaven’s most effective spiritual champions once walked.

You have started well… coming out of the starting gate FAST on the wings of prayer.


I urge you to keep going at full speed through at least the end of January.

Because this is the ideal time to make the prayer investments that will empower you to
REBUILD all the enemy had destroyed in your life and family.

Truth is, this is the surest way to –

… sickness-proof, disease-proof, bully-proof, poverty-proof,
debt-proof, even devil-proof your life and family…

And ensure that every good thing you touch will prosper and multiply in 2016.

As soon as possible.

This is a deeply spiritual matter, and we’ll be discussing this in detail as we
continue down this Hidden Path shortly.

In the meantime, if you’re participating wholeheartedly in the on-going
14-day prayer marathon…

… sooner or later you will discover that you’ve received an all-round supercharge
of anointing and spiritual energy that will help turn a life of oppression into a life of dominion.

And –

While most people will be frozen in place, not knowing what to do next, you’ll see
yourself actually using your greatest asset as a believer, something that is more valuable than gold.

No confusion.

No more clueless waiting.

Here’s the nuts and bolts
of prayers that work


When new visitors are led to our websites, I immediately encourage them to:

- Join the Prayer Academy, where they will…

  • learn the nuts and bolts of prayer that works
  •  learn how to embark on fasting-prayers that move mountains
  • discover how to apply scripture verses in prayer.


I focus them on dominion prayers.

I focus them on conversational prayers

I focus on taking inspired ACTION as a result of the prayers.

I focus on sustaining the prayer momentum till their problems collapse and melt away…

I focus on the relationship between –

- Scripture and holiness

- self-discipline and habits

- inspired ACTION and speedy manifestation of miracles.

If they agree to follow instructions, before long they begin to see a vivid picture
or VISION of what the LORD wants them to be, do and have.

And that vivid picture soon becomes their reality.

The Bible says:

“And the Word was made flesh and it dwelt among us”
– John 1:14

As it was with the Lord Jesus Christ…
… so shall it be with the manifestation of your godly desires in 2016.

The Word shall surely be made flesh.

I look forward to your testimonies of victory in the days ahead.

Meanwhile keep on the firing line and…

Be An Overcomer


PS: Prayer Academy resumes: Wednesday, January 13

DIAMOND Edition – Continues with the last weekly lesson sent the week of (January 12)

GOLD Academy (for marriage restoration) – Continues with weekly lesson (after Jan 12).

1000 Prayers for Singles/Spousewell – Will open for registration (after Jan 12).

SAPPHIRE EDITION — To Be Announced Shortly


PPS: Where is the NEXT prayer program?

Click Here For NEXT Prayer Academy (Starts 25th)



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1 Samuel 01.01.16 at 2:54 am

To God be all the glory for helping us storm the gate of 2016. All honour and praise be to our Living God. Hallelujah!


Elda Reply:

Yes Amen


Beulah Reply:

I’m so grateful to God our Father and Savior to bring us over into 2016.Thanks be to God for His awesome power .As we go through 2016 ‘Lord let our names be like ointment poured forth.Renew our youth like the Eagles.Bless us O Lord as we travel the HIDDEN PATH.Give us O Lord that blessing to take our Mountain as we build our bridge to take us across the Jordan River so we can enter the Feast in Jesus name.Give us a new vision so we can see old things in a new light that we can receive the provision God has made for us.
JOB 29:11 says When the ear hears me it will bless me.when the eye sees me it will bear witness.To God be the glory . AMEN,AMEN! AMEN!!!


Noor Reply:

Amen and Amen, thank You Lord JESUS for reign.
Thank prayer eagle, may the Lord God answer your prayers by fire, in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen


Rosa Chavez Reply:



Sara K Reply:

I am so grateful to be a part of the 27 minutes to midnight program, and I’m also so excited to hear all the testimonies from the prayer eagles. God bless them all Amen!


2 Helen 01.01.16 at 2:57 am

Yes Sir Happy New Year to U & The Family & The Eagles & The entire fire springs Ministry


3 Patricia 01.01.16 at 3:00 am

I thank the Lord for this prayer program storming the gates of 201f was the best thing I have done in my life. I feel a great surge of power to continue praying. Thank you elisha a lot is coming my way this year. God bless you.


4 AmKelo 01.01.16 at 3:02 am

My thoughts exactly, I made the resolution to pray everyday at midnight hour, whether there is a scheduled prayer marathon or not.


5 Edward Chigaru 01.01.16 at 3:06 am

Thank Elisha for the program 27 Minutes to Midnight. We gathered together around 200 brethren & we stormed into 2016. The manifest presence of the Spirit was tangible. One sister manifested at exactly at midnight and we saw her gloriously delivered. The Hidden Path message is outstanding and full of applicable revelation. Thank you for the personal prayer you sent. Edward


6 Pamela 01.01.16 at 3:07 am

God is good.
Iam firing and am sure no matter the challenges Iam a WINNER.

Love you Saints.



7 Immanuel peter 01.01.16 at 3:10 am

Glory Hallelujah,, it’s the new year,


8 Pauline 01.01.16 at 3:12 am

Greetings Man of God in the name of Jesus we give glory to the Almighty for allowing us for this great opportunity as I stormed the gates of 2016 it was great and powerful and GOD spoke and released His promises to me when I came to end my Prayer Happy New year Man of God and to family I can’t wait to take all the enemy stole from all this 42 years


9 Joel ncube 01.01.16 at 3:17 am

Thank you man of God your emails have shown me light.As I enter into 2016 may God the father gives me wisdom and understanding of his word.


JNK Reply:

Even today we continue to seek God’s wisdom like the 3 wise men did many years ago.
God Bless you Brother Elisha and your family. May God continue to be in charge of the mandate He gave you.


10 Celia 01.01.16 at 3:19 am

I great you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you brother elisha for teaching us how to pray targetted prayers. Even though I hav not yet joined any of your programs because of financial challenges what I can say is that this prayers works wonders. Since the Holy Spirit led me to this website my is never the same. Now I am not working but I know I will find a well paying job because I will quit or give up. I will keep on praying.
Sis Celia


11 Celia 01.01.16 at 3:23 am

I great you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you brother elisha for teaching us how to pray targetted prayers. May God continue to bless you this year and give you strength to continue doing His wonderful work. Even though I hav not yet joined any of your programs because of financial challenges what I can say is that this prayers works wonders. Since the Holy Spirit led me to this website my is never the same. Now I am not working but I know I will find a well paying job because I will quit or give up. I will keep on praying.
Sis Celia


12 cooky 01.01.16 at 3:28 am

I thank God for this chance to see 2016 because of His grace am alive ,my prayer is that i get a job that i can be serving God and also time to pray at midnight hour,i work away home am in Qatar and always nightshift,i have been storming the gates inside the toilets hidding but i know this year God will suprise me with a good job ,a job that i can serve and worship Him,God bless you and your Ministry,thanks


muwereza Reply:

Cooky praise God!
Nice to see you on here, I understand wat u mean, storming from the toilet.
God grant you s glorious job in Jesus’ Name.
Am your neighbour right here in Kuwait.
We lift up the banner of the blood of Jesus in Middle East.


Emma Reply:

Cooky, may God reward you and answer your prayers immediately. I know what it means to proclaim Jesus in some Arab countries! God has a purpose for you being there. He will protect you always.


nikko Reply:

Oy yeah the toilet or the washroom has been my praying closet and all visions and dreams have been revealed unto me from that tiny room
And yes the Spirit of Jesus is in the middle east and all power spirits placing stumbling blocks in our Christianity calling will collapse in Jesus Name


barbara asiimwe Reply:

Praise God Cooky,
You are not alone i also did mine the same way,i am also believing for an explosive break through to go back home n have freedom to worship without night shifts. We shall over come night shift work since we are on this prayer programme.
27minutes to midnight 2017 i must be in my mansion, i declare in Jesus’s mighty name.


13 Raphael Opala 01.01.16 at 3:29 am

I glorify God for linking me with you, your training is what i need in my life. Almighty God bless you .


14 Grace 01.01.16 at 3:31 am

Praise the Lord indeed. The King of glory has come in. I am blessed to be on the 14 day marathon. We stormed the gates as a family and we are believing for great things this year. I too will borrow that bullet until tonsilitis melts in the name of Jesus. God bless you all.


15 Beatrice 01.01.16 at 3:31 am

Just to say thankyou for serving us and God. Im blessed by being part of you 3yrs down the road. Through the prayers to our family God visited my home village and now there is s church. I give God the Glory.


16 Eric sakwa 01.01.16 at 3:33 am

Thank you brother Elisha,

This prayers have moved me and my family to the top. my enemies have been put to shame.
we have achieved a lot since since i found your website in 2010, am looking forward to join academy this year 2016. THANK YOU JESUS AND GOD OF ELISHA.


17 Marcelino 01.01.16 at 3:39 am

elisha, Happy New Year and thank you!


18 Nikko 01.01.16 at 3:39 am

Happy New Year Fire Springs
Thank you for the best gift i’ve ever received since birth which was the 27min to midnight prayers that took place yesterday
As they celebrated in fireworks that i could hear while i was in prayer, surely heavens were being opened up for me and those bullets to take dominions over my gates surely resulted spiritually in the below dream i had today 1st Jan


It was raining heavily and we were in this house and floods were just coming into the house, i and 2 of my cousins that i’ve never seen,were trying to get the water outside
In the process our neighbours warned us that there were 3 lions watchin us in the thickets and upon noticing them i quickly shut the door but it was too late as the youngest of the Lions had already come in
It played as a decoy for the bigger younger lions to get in frm the back door so instead of attacking the youngest i went for the biggest and smashed it wit a chair and as the rest were trying to go after the people in the house i smashed them too
An old uncle of mine that i’ve never seen started blaming me, for the mistake for the wife was in labour and almost caused her to have a miscourage coz of the scare of the lions but word come frm the nurses tht all was well wit her
I tried to explain to him that it wasnt my intention for the lions to get into the house but he did not pay any attention to word i said
He blamed me for the way i handled those lions and i told him i didnt have any other way that i knew and instead of being greatful that all was well he blamed me
One person from the back of the room shouted i shud have adored him to train me or make him my idol or role model in the matter of handling lions his way
I explained to him tht i had much respect for him its just that my time and his times of the old we just do things differently but that also angered everyone in the room
As they did not want me in the house for i did not kinda worship this uncle or place him in higher authority as he/everyone wanted me to i had to leave and before i left i told them this
“I do not bow to idols and anyone who tries to follow me the will die”
I stepped out and made it for the tea plantations, it was flooded all over and it’s like i was walking on water and down the valley there was this great river that it had its banks burst over with flooding
As i approached the river, 2 of the cousins that i dont know were following me and i had to cross to the other side and i begun to command the river in a great deep voice BE STILL BE STILL BE STIIL, and the river begun to pile up just like the days of Elijah and Elisha wen they commended river Jordan, and it dried on one side and i crossed
The path that my cousings were using was flooded too, i commanded it to dry up so they can reach me and see the works of God in me and in the process of waiting for them i woke up


Eugene Reply:

Bro Marcinelo
You are a wonderful dreamer
keep it up, u r an encouragement to me
and am sure oders too, keep it up I believe strongly
that God has something special for u,
Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!!!!!!


Zipporah Reply:

Thanks for this testimony please help me in my dreams most of time I dream with spiritual husbands and am sacred of this since I join this class I have known many things about spiritualhusbands now please help me with dream code so I can pray knowing what am praying about for. Last nite I dreamed that I was in a school which I don’t know. And I was given a homework what could this be or meaning?? Please help


nikko Reply:

Hi Zipporah,

Well the bible says have no fear while u go thru this things and Elisha too advices us to have no fear while the enemy attacks, at times when i cancel those attacks in Jesus name i take them as the works of the enemy being exposed before they manifest.
This are the bullets that have helped me fight all spiritual spouses attacks
“Let the blood of Jesus arise and speak for me in the spiritual realm in Jesus name”.
“Every Spirit spouse claiming to be married to me, i issue you a certificate of divorce written in the blood of the Lamb in Jesus name”.
“It is written, anyone that destroys the temple of God, God will destroy Him, therefore any spirit or power that defiles this temple O Lord arise and break them like the potters vessels in Jesus name”.
“Let my blood and my flesh be poison to any power or spirit that has been assigned to defile God’s temple in Jesus name”.
Then always close with a cleansing prayer for your entire body ask the Holy Spirit to flash your entire body system with fire and the blood of Jesus

Priyanthi Reply:

Dear Bro in Christ it seems that you may have much opposition in your march forward but with the boldness that God gives you , you are going to over come completely.
Seems that the opposition is from your own people or relatives but God is going to use you to redeem some of your relatives from tradition that has kept them away form the Lord. God will use you to bring them into salvation.

Bro. Elisha has taught us to use holy boldness and you will put it into practice as you overcome.
My thanks and wishes to Bro. Elisha and the Eagles. Gods blessings


Winny Reply:

Amen Victory


barbara asiimwe Reply:

Good is surely fighting your traditional ancestral wars from the roots nad foundations.
Hallelujah praise King Jesus.
Stay pluged into the power grid of the holy spirit you will surely be a victor.


19 Fortune Mugwagwa 01.01.16 at 3:40 am

I give God all the glory and thank you for coming into my life.My life has never been the same since the day I was introduced to your web site.Stay blessed and highly annointed.


20 Hope 01.01.16 at 3:44 am

Dear Elisha,

Thank you for obedience and willingness to be a tool in God’s hands. Your mission is not easy. You get opposition for training people to stand fight for themselves and loved ones using weapons that are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

I feel a certain relief, peace, and assurance that I have been answered. What I am praying for in Hidden Path program and especially after storming the gates of 2016 has been accomplished.

Remain blessed and a blessing to many other people.
Hope (nickname)


21 palesa 01.01.16 at 3:50 am

I would like to thank God for the year 2015 ad He opened my spiritual eyes and ears so much has happened in my life the forgiveness of sins, deliverance God delivered me from an central curses. I’m and my family now free the curses. Thank you brother Elisha for teaching us how to pray I stormed the gates is 2015 including 2016 I was introduced to your site when a colleague of mine introduced a cracking the dream code. I kno now how to pray for myself . God has blessed me abundantly so in 2015


22 Emma Eganza. 01.01.16 at 3:53 am

Thank brother Elisha. I was at the midnight gate of 2015. I have entered the year 2016. I remembered to thank God for the year 2015. I had so much to thank Him for and I realized that thanksgiving is another powerful weapon of warfare as is evident in psalm 50.
I want to specifically thank God for using you to resurrect and reignite my faith which had dwindled and for just motivating us. My God I am so excited about my tomorrow and what’s going to happen because the word of God is becoming flesh..and so because He lives I can face tomorrow.


23 Tuyeni 01.01.16 at 3:58 am

“Lost documents all found”

I thank the Almighty God for teaching our hands to and our fingers to fight. God needed a vessel to spread the Gospel and He found you brother Elisha. All the Glory goes to the Lord.

On 29th December 2015, my daughter who is far overseas lost all her documents. When she sent me the message she was in tears. She did not have money on her. She could not travel or go anywhere because all documents are gone. I then told her to relax as in our kingdom we do not stress, as we serve a living God. I then sent her this prayer point, the same prayer I prayed over and over. “O Lord God of Abraham, Izaaks and Jacob; send angels in the land of the living and the dead to locate the lost documents in Jesus name. The lost 3 documents were to cost USD150.00 to replace. When she informed the company she worked for, they told her that 2 documents will be repkafed at no cost and only she will pay for one USD36.00. But On the 31st Decemher 2015, all documents found.

I thank the Lord for the way He works cannot be explained. Thank you Lord for your grafe and favor in Jesus Christ.


Grace Reply:

Hallelujah! We serve a mighty God.


susan Reply:

Glory to God


24 sheri 01.01.16 at 3:59 am

Storming the gate of 2016 was awesome may all the Eagles receive their blessing according to God’s timing not to late not to early but just in time.


mARIEA Reply:

Amen. We surely must Rebuild it all in Jesus’ wonderfuk Name.


25 CM 01.01.16 at 4:01 am

Haleluah.I cant wait to join the 10000 prayers for singles. God is so good.During the 27Minutes to Midnight prayer ,my friend’s sister who worships in another church that does not believe in the way we fire prayer bullets started feeling unwell during the prayers.We managed to pray for her and she received instant healing to the Glory of God.At first her and her husband could not join us in prayer because they believe that one doesnt have to shout when praying.But by the time we finished after the healing they joined us and she has agreed to be receiving elishas’ newsletters .I introduced her through the tell a friend button.Glory to God.


26 A G In South Africa 01.01.16 at 4:04 am


Wow it is such an honor to follow your prayer programme, Last year december I got married, I got an office space for our business of which I did not qualify for because I was blacklisted, To put a cherry on top after christmas I received a call from a company I worked in 5 years ago. I believe in this prayers because I have seen God open the impossible doors for my family and I. Last night I was so blessed to see my whole family joining my husband and I for prayers, I believe got has turned things around in my family, and I am trusting God for miracles and breakthroughs for each and everyone of them so that they see the God we are serving as the one and only living God.

Thank you so much for all the prayer points, I do not miss a single e-mail u send me.

I was telling my family that this year God will open more doors for our business, and my husband and I will get a house and a car. With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible.


TP Reply:

The best is yet to come for you and your family in Jesus name


27 Kristy 01.01.16 at 4:06 am



28 Douglas Okelloh 01.01.16 at 4:10 am

Dear Sir,
After using the Pray bullets you provided for day one I had a dream. I went to a neighborhood and left my jacket there with the key to my house in it. Upon reaching my house i realised I didn’t have the key. I walked back to the neighborhood and picked my jacket that had the key in it. On my way back, there is a blackout and the lights go off. With the darkness someone comes out of an alley trying to take my jacket forcefully but i resist and fight back. I hit him so hard that he fell down and i continued walking. Then comes a lady who with persuasion asks me just to allow her see my jacket. I held onto it tightly because if i let go and my key is there I would have no way of getting into my home. The dream ended then i got this revelation. This must be the prayer twin that you had talked about that confirms that in deed God is answering my prayers.
God bless you abundantly sir!
DO, Kenya


Katlego ISIS Reply:

Powerful dream and you held onto your key. God is delivering your Key and prayers will be answered. Amen


29 Ruth Chiswo 01.01.16 at 4:11 am

Thank you Elisha for being mightly used of God am very encouraged by testimonies on your website am thankful to God I always use your prayer points and I am where I am where I am together with teachings from my Pastor we enhanced in prayers as a family for my aunt now she was declared ccancer free I thank the Lord Jesus


30 Sorry 01.01.16 at 4:15 am

Happy 2016 to all the prayer warriors and our coach who endured and saw it fit to never give up! 2015 has indeed been a glorious year, as we storm into 2016, I declare there will be no more mediocrity….Our prayer guns are re-loaded and trigger fingers itchy, ready to shoot targets without a miss!!!!! All the glory to him in the highest


31 palmenas 01.01.16 at 4:17 am

I thank God for everyone of you at firesprings ministries. May the almighty God grant you the desires of your hearts. I have been greatly blessed through this ministry, beyond measure and beyond words. God bless you.


32 Judith 01.01.16 at 4:24 am

Glory be to God. Thank you Lord for this guidance please give us the grace to follow in Jesus Mighty name


33 mirriam nemma 01.01.16 at 4:27 am

Glory to God! It was really great to storm the gates of 2016. I enjoyed praying powerful prayers of 27 minutes to midnight. Congratulations to all prayer eagles for a job well done. Let’s not relax but wear the armour of God and forge ahead. Thanks elisha for the gift, you prayed for me on the last day of the year. God bless all of us in this new year.


34 mary wangondu 01.01.16 at 4:36 am

There is no other God like Jehovah.Vety powerful.


35 Blantina 01.01.16 at 4:36 am

hi Elisha…God willing I will join the PA in February.


36 Cornelia Boateng 01.01.16 at 4:37 am

Happy New year to Firesprings Ministry. Blessings


37 olivia 01.01.16 at 4:41 am

dear fellow eagles,happy new year……….

in 2015 I had a dream,the dream was urging me to do things myself instead of sending people to do them for me.the dream showed me that if I sent people they would end up taking the lion’s share leaving me with crumbs(please note this is how I perceived the dream)

in my real life at that time I wanted to go to china with my mum for business purposes but I had very little money..in fact the money I had was just $2000.with this money I had to buy an air ticket, and also deposit some on my shipper’s account.I told my mum I really wanted to go and she kept saying my money was so little.she asked to send a friend that way I could save.the friend she was suggesting was the one I had seen in the dream. I knew I couldn’t trust her.I told my mum to buy me the things I needed she said she takes a lot of time loading her goods and so she wouldn’t get the time for my goods also….I was stack and didn’t know what to do until finally I decided to risk it all.

I managed to raise the money for a ticket to china and some deposit money on the shippers a/c.I asked my mum to guarantee me to the Chinese shippers and she accepted. we reached china safely and shared hotel room with mum.I told my mum I was going to load goods worth $20,she said that was too much but I insisted….. I was supposed to pay that money as soon as the goods reached Mombasa.it takes one month for a container to reach Mombasa….I came back to Uganda and started the 40prayers to attract a car or anything else.I moved with the bullets everywhere reciting them as if my life depended on them.I would wake up at 3am and say the bullets out loud..sincerely speaking I didn’t see any way of raising that money but that testimony of a lady who prayed them and got a BMW comforted me.it gave me hope.I continued aggressively. I would recite each bullet for 100times sometimes at night…

now it was three weeks past the time of delivery of goods at warehouse. my shipper called to let me know that they were loading my goods and I should wait for them in a months time.I agreed. I kept firing the bullets.praying became part of me but I never fasted.

one night I had a dream.it was the voice of the Lord.the voice said Olivia am going to give u the money.I asked him whether it was really true that he would give me the money.he repeated it.yes indeed am going to give u all the money.I woke up with so much hope but I continued praying.trusting the Almighty.I kept telling my mum God will provide.
the container reached Mombasa but I had no money yet only the contacts I needed to raise the money is what I had.I met with one guy who showed me a lady who could give me the money.(eagles pliz note that as I prayed I kept asking people for help even those who showed no sign of helping. in fact a guy I least expected to have money is the one who gave me the contacts I needed))

so the lady asked for security but that also I didn’t have she told me that if that guy could guarantee me,she would help me.but the guy also apart from working in the same area,he didn’t know me that much.I pleaded with him until he agreed. we sat and talked and he agreed to sign me a cheque as security. I thank God but at night during my sleep I saw a black cat in my dream. I kept sleeping thinking it was just a mere cat.
I woke up called the guy but to my surprise he had changed his mind.then I remembered the at I saw in my dream.I went home early and slept and at 1am I woke up and fired this bullet for 3hrs…
every cat monitoring my business be roasted to ashes in Jesus name……at around 3:30am during prayers I saw the cat becoming very small,like the size of a rat.then later it became so time and dissolved.there was no cat or any animal just tiles.my tiles.
in the morning I went to him and he signed the cheque.my mum couldn’t believe it.she helped me pay for my taxes.I offloaded the goods.I knew I had to sell so that I could pay off all the debt I had.so every night after receiving my goods at my store Iput
aside 3hrs and fired the bullet
holy spirit activate devine advertisement for my goods in Jesus name.
in the market other rich people in my bussibness had offloaded too but I managed to pay off my debt only in a period of two weeks….Glory be to him who made heaven and earth.nothing is impossible with him.


Nancy Reply:

Sis Olivia,Glory to God most high for your testimony.
I have learnt from it and am encouraged


mARIEA Reply:

Olivia dear God bless you; This is such an encouragement to me. Seriousness and persistence brings fruition. We are a winning team,.
Happy New Year and remember to pay the tithe. Keep on keeping on.


38 MONDAY OLUKOYA 01.01.16 at 4:42 am

You are the best prayer site i have ever visited,may God continue to support your ministry,please pray for me


39 Memory Mawire 01.01.16 at 4:48 am

Elisha, i’m really blessed to know you and this prayer site.
My whole life changed since i engaged your prayers, just
Want to say my life was a mess but now i’m in grace. 2016 it’s
My year of fruitfulness, I’m not going to lack anything from today
now i know nothing is impossible with God. My friends in prayers
Please watch my space, full with wounders. I’ll start sharing my wounders
with you very soon, watch my space.

I’m blessed and favoured,

Memory, from South Africa.


40 ackson 01.01.16 at 4:52 am

Thank you Elisha for the many testimonies. I am greatly blessed and growing in faith.


41 Virginia Nobela 01.01.16 at 4:54 am

Elisha let me take this opportunity to thank you for the 27 minutes midnight prayer that you have sent. I was at church shooting the prayer points as advice. I can assure you that the devil and his agents are in pains wherever they are. They were put to shame and their evil plans to lock our gates were defeated and burnt to ashes by the Fire of the Holy Ghost and nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nasareth. I will keep on firing until they bow down and confess that Jesus is the Lord of Mercy.
Thank you and happy new year


42 Bridget (Lady B) 01.01.16 at 5:06 am

I am soo blessed to come across this website (Elisha Goodman). “By helping us to sustaining targeted prayers , Focuses on relationship between Scripture and Holiness”, and many more words cannot comprehend how grateful I am.
I’m expecting my miracle which will shock my friends and disgrace my enemies.


43 DSeling 01.01.16 at 5:24 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you. Yes I am with the team last night storming the gates of 2016.
I am confident of the good Lord faithfulness to all of His children who call upon Him the way you have taught us.
God blesses


44 Nc 01.01.16 at 5:31 am

Indeed there is nothing bigger than prayer. Since I came back home for holidays my brother is as sober as a judge. He has a good job. He is educated and married but the way he drinks. He is also diabetic if he still is because since I did prayer academy the doctor said he must stop injections. Just by doing my prayers in the premises no drinking. Hallelujah. I thank you elisha for teaching me to pray. Thank you God in Jesus name


45 Angellah Kyamumi 01.01.16 at 5:38 am

I am still unable to access the blog, is it possible to sign up access again because all the password am sent don’t seem to work. Please advise .


Noble Reply:

Shalom Angellah,
Please address your issue to Jane on the Live Chat. I believe you will be sorted out.
Have a fruitful 2016.


46 Constance 01.01.16 at 5:45 am

I gave entered the 14 days prayer session. i started the prayer on the 29 December 2015. on the 31st we were in a church service with all my family members. my 10 years old daughter received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour on new year’s eve. I am so blessed thank God for His mercy and grace.


47 Mabel Yeboah 01.01.16 at 5:59 am

I’m more blessed being part of this Army of God


48 adelaide 01.01.16 at 6:07 am

Aleluia praise the name of the Lord forever!!I want to thank God for allowing me to get into 2016 in style…For the first time in my life I stormed the gates with the firesprings family thank yu bro Elisha it was an awesome experience. I never used to fast regularly even partially but I’m determined to go through my maiden Esther Fast! !!I’m holding on awaiting victory tomorrow. I already feel overwhelmed with victory God is doing it for me and my family this year!!


49 Eugene Sibanda 01.01.16 at 6:11 am

Dear Elisha
I joined the prayer academy on 25/10/15 after a friend introduced me to it.I would like to thank you so much for the revelation that you have brought to me and my husband.We have seen our prayer life so much revived.As we speak I am so confident that soon and very soon great testimonies are coming my way.
As for the 27 minutes to 2016…..storming the gates of 2016 ……so Spirit Inspiring.Elisha my whole family is engaging .I tell you revival is in the house.The prayer point”o Spirit and power of resurrection,fall afresh upon my life in the name of Jesus” is indeed bringing back life of Christ into my spirit soul and body.Thankyou for allowing God to use you in this manner.


50 Emosivbe Jaboro 01.01.16 at 6:13 am

I am new and want to thank God for being part of this academy.


51 Phoebe 01.01.16 at 6:13 am

Dear Elisha
I have been blessed beyond measure and the gift I have for you is too masive to be wrapped in an ordinary paper.This is my new years gift for the ministry,

My intention was to a WONDERFUL GIFT Wrapped and packaged,
But tell me,
How do I wrap Gods Grace?
How do I wrap Gods Mercy?
How do I wrap Gods Favour?
How do I wrap Gods Blessings?
How do I wrap Gods protection.
Not to mention Divine Health and sound Mind. All these and more,I wish in ten folds to you, your family and ministry above all..

I wish you ALL His Gracein theNew Year and Beyond. Alawys stay Blessed in Jesus Name.


52 Karalaini Rewadai 01.01.16 at 6:17 am

I just wanna praise God for his leading in my life. I get to know about the website from my Aunty back in Fiji when we were there for summer holiday in July 2015…
I have seen major changes in my life and my relationship with my Saviour. There has been ever lasting joy and when my relationship with Jesus is restored all other things will fall into it’s proper place…especially my marriage…
Believing big for 2016 and let’s run our race well.
Thanks again to Elisha and the FIrespring Ministeries..


53 Paula Joloba Ddundu 01.01.16 at 6:47 am

Thanks so much Elisha and your team. MayGGod continue to bless you all.


54 Tumushabe Kajuba Innocent 01.01.16 at 7:03 am

Thanks to Elisha Goodman for the spiritual prayer material especially the 14day marathon prayers to usher us into 2016 and open the heavenly gates. I started on this marathon fasting-prayers on 30th Dec 2015 and just today I received an offer that will make me 50,000$ rich in the next two month. Surely I didn’t expect this very soon and I know the heavenly gates for 2016 are already opened for me. I will join this month’s prayer academy for ultimate breakthroughs. All glory to the Almighty God and Elisha Goodman and her Ministry. Am blessed! Innocent, Mbarara Uganda


55 Jacob 01.01.16 at 7:13 am

Happy new year man of God.thank you very much for this uplifting new year’s message.indeed,we shall maintain the spiritual displine and we expectant of great things ahead of us…


56 Everlyne kedogo 01.01.16 at 7:41 am

I have my eyes fixed on 2016 as one year that will see God manifest in me, and my family for this new revelation about prayer. Indeed we perish because of lack of knowledge. Now i know with prayer i will be walking through all the doors desired. I will keep knocking at the correct time so help me God.


57 Esther 01.01.16 at 7:48 am

Thank you brother Elisha for the 27 minutes to midnight 2016.I am in the trenches with everyone firing the bullets, just crawled to pick my phone, energy gone,,but my spirit man is Strong.. Firing on and confident that the Lord will confirm his word with signs and wonders


58 Deliwe Bertina 01.01.16 at 7:58 am

Praise be to God, Iam continuing with the 14 days prayer, I keep on praying my inner man say keep on praying ,and I believe great testimony will follow.Amen


59 betty 01.01.16 at 7:58 am

May God continuously bless Elisha and his Firesprings Ministry Thank you for all the prayer bullets and help provided through 2015.

God bless


60 christiana 01.01.16 at 8:08 am

I am so thankful to GOD for spearing my life to see another year it is a previledge,so i will always be thankful.
my heart is full and overflowing with joy for all those who are praying for me and my families all this time and still thanks,i am not working i am a senior GOD still eat and drink every day know money ,but my day will come to past thank you all.May the blessing of the LORD JESUS CHRIST reign in your heart all the days weeks months years minitues in JESUS name.


61 Esthersu 01.01.16 at 8:13 am

Praise The Lord for His goodness , God has given my son businesses led by His instruction n
The 27 mins to midnight prayers is a must for all God’s children , we have an awesome GOD , Amen


62 brenda 01.01.16 at 8:15 am

Praise God Elisha,
Blessed be the lord that made me access this site. May he continue to bless u and the ministry. I am blessed by this ministry.I would like to sow a seed in yo ministry,please advise how to do it. I believe thru this ministry yo blessing many people. I am in uganda.
My prayer request is I pray my daughter be healed from the spirit of muteness. She hs failed to talk, never said a word. Man of God please send me aprayer for this to go away this month. I believe prayer works. I would like to give a testimony this month for her deliverance.


63 Emma Muzondiwa 01.01.16 at 8:20 am

elisha I am really touched with sister Faith’s testimony. I also have a daughter who has the same problem of ovarian cyst and she seized her menstruation period for 8 yrs. she also have painful ankle and is unable to walk for 1 yr now. May I have the prayer points that I can use so th
at my daughter can be healed.


64 Charles 01.01.16 at 8:27 am

Dear Elisha,
I came across your website through a friend who had shared on her Facebook page two days ago.my life has been one of turmoil overcome by sexual sin which has plundered me into debt,broken family relationships and left me one hopeless man.i have decided to turn my life around and live a purposeful life. I have started the Esther fast and I request all you prayer eagles to keep me in deep prayer to overcome all this.i am jobless and so is my wife and our son is at a school going age and my rent is also due.i believe that God brought you into my life with a special and powerful purpose and im believing God that in 14 days I will come back with a testimony of his goodness and faithfulness as I take this step of faith to take back all the devil has taken from me in the precious and mighty name of Jesus.Thank you Lord


Nikko Reply:

Jesus Christ who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, He will save u from the utter most deep
Just submit all and let Him take the wheel, then seal it by faith


Joyce Namoe Reply:

Dear Brother Charles,

Praise the Lord, we thank God whenever we have an added soul that joins this wonderful, uplifting website. Your are in the right place brother, I thank the Lord for you, for He guides our steps on the right path. My prayer is that you will soon be able to join the Prayer Academy to the Glory of God and you will surely never be the same again.

Be blessed

Jn 24hr blog


65 Adenike okoro 01.01.16 at 8:29 am

Please add me to your mailing list, I want to be receiving mails from firesprings ministry and pastor elisha goodman. Thank you


66 Janis Moller 01.01.16 at 8:43 am

Happy New Year to you Elisha, your family and your wonderful staff.
This is really going to be a year in which the true believers will have to stand out and do great exploits in the world while some people’s hearts will fail them because of what is about to come to the earth.
The serpent is slaughtering the world, but we will stay standing against him and win every battle coming our way.
God bless you tremendously this year, making you stronger and younger still.
Janis from South Africa


67 Paulina Mahlangu 01.01.16 at 8:53 am

I will not b bought off,de devil since yesterday he is whispering to stop my fasting program n he is pouring de spirit of tiredness over but he never succeed. I am glad i have storm de gate with everyone lastnight for de first time dis year..His evil voice never succeeded n will never b..
I was also cooking for de family but today i am more tired…My mom she is cooking n i am just taking COLD BATH WHILE PRAYING O LORD FEED ME WITH DE BREAD N WATER FROM HEAVEN N STRENGTHEN ME AND DECLARING I REFUSE TO GIVE UP AT DE EDGE OF MY BREAKTHROUGHS….
The Lord is by my side….I always fast n pray dry fast but dis program its challenging me which means something good in my Heavens will b released soon…I am soo down n tired like i am in labor ward..By God’s grace i will keep on praying de bullet until de end to deliver a divine Possession in de midst of de challenge…I am very blessed by de revelation of Luke 5 vs 1-11 by Elisha n by saying God will never change his mandate bcos of dis generation who are lazy in spirit to stand de ground…
This letter its pushing me to press on…De Flood of water drowned n killed most people but RAISED NOAH WITH HIS FAMILY..
Therefore i will never b drowned by worldly festive season,i rather stick on Jesus feet by prayer n fasting…..


Grace Reply:

Amen. I was also feeling very weary on day 2 and the enemy was whispering in my ear that a banana would not be bad, but soothe the ayatem. The Spirit gave me strength to resist this temptation, I also asked the Spirit to feed me with the mana from heaven and living water. I feel stronger today. Thank You Jesus that I did not give in to the banana. They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength.


Rujeko Reply:

I had a dream where I kept being offered food and I accidentally ate a cookie but when I woke up I prayed that all the evil spirits conspiring to see me fail fall down and die in the name of Jesus. I also threw up the food I had consumed in my dream declaring that onlyrics my God can provide what I need therefore he will give me food when I break my fast. After this ordeal I felt very weak , I couldn’t even stand but glory be to God who strengthens me, I was able to finish one of my prayer sessions walking and able to stand on my two feet.
Glory be to God in the highest and thanks be to Jesus Christ.


mARIEA Reply:

Amen.That ark was Jesus shadowed in the OT. No flood can sweep us when we are in Him. May God reveal Jesus to us in the entire Bible.


68 Rosalind 01.01.16 at 8:57 am

My prayer this year is that I will be what God wants me to be in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you Elisha for that powerful message. The LORD will surely be made flesh in my life in 2016. Happy new year!


69 Degu 01.01.16 at 9:02 am

I too thank you foryou decided to pray for me on the last day of the year. And the wishHappy New Year to me & my famliy as well. I had tried to join half way in the gate 2016.
Thank you and appreciate you for the unique way of teaching prayer points.
I wish all the best in 2016.


70 Lucinda 01.01.16 at 9:02 am

Calvery greetings woman of God.I’m kindly asking for an account number where I can deposit my tithe or can I use the western union way.Thankyou


71 Tonia 01.01.16 at 9:14 am

Thanks for all the information you have been sending to my email. I am truly expecting to receive all that God has for me especially total healing from a “mass”the doctors say I have on my ovaries. I definitely claim my ability through Christ to be debt free this year and to walk in prosperity. Thanks for all you do for the people of God.


72 Paul Sharps 01.01.16 at 9:19 am

Thank you for the inspirational teaching for the new year 2016. I have to acknowledge that I took my new year midnight prayer at 03:00 AM to 04:00 AM, for the reason that I am a police Officers and I was on crime prevention duty during the new year crossing over time. The good news is that during my reign this year we never had cases of murder or assaults at liquor outlets because of these focused prayer. blessed be God who created our Man of God Elisha Goodman.


73 Annclaire 01.01.16 at 9:37 am

AMEN and I say again AMEN. Thank you for your prayers brother Elisha. I don’t know where I’d be had I not been introduced to your site. I have had a rough and very tough couple of years but I believe and declare that year 2016 is my breakthrough, take back and rebuilding year. Just like you I am all geared up and set to go.
I can’t wait to be amongst the ones writing testimonies of successful breakthroughs in my business, finances, cancellation of debts, finishing the construction of my house which has remained a shell for many years, acquiring a car, freedom from ancestral curses, unity and breakthroughs in the family, complete healing of my son from asthma, genuine friends and even getting a godly spouse whom I have prayed for for so long, the list is endless.

God bless you and your team for your good work.
See you at the gates.


Susan Reply:

Hi ann Claire, it seems you and I have the same prayer needs. may the God Almighty see you and me through all the needs.


Annclaire Reply:

Amen Susan.


74 MM-Zimbabwe 01.01.16 at 9:39 am

This call to continous relentless prayer is for me-am amazed that God loves me this much-for you also mensioned something along these lines in the blue-print of the current program and had taken note of it pondering how i will have to deal with it . If I may share-It must be around the 19th day of this last Golden Journey in December(by the way one of the issues i was praying for was financial breakthrough-for we have various pressing financial family needs-so happens me and my husband we are both out of employment), I was offerd an big order from which we were going to make a lot of money-enough to cover all our expenses , school fees etc upto June. Thanked God for the breakthrough but after completing the 21days i relaxed in prayer and had this dream bleeding and the Holy Spirit showed me that the enemy wanted to disgrace me concerning that order-I didnot take adquate action petaining to the warning-about three days later-negative delopments began to manifest in the physical around the order when I started serious praying it was too late-lost the order somehow.
So have no option I realise I need to stay on high alert and have a clear plan of continued relentles praying as you are advising here.


75 SYLVESTER DIM 01.01.16 at 9:41 am



76 elizabeth 01.01.16 at 9:43 am

To God be the glory and I powerfully believe that this year 2016 will not pass me by in Jesus name. I never doubt taht my blessings are just around the cornea.


77 Geretsadik 01.01.16 at 10:33 am

Praise God I am in good position & the time rivaivale for me.


78 MALEFU 01.01.16 at 10:37 am

Thank u Elisha for all u have done for us my the Lord bless u more.


79 Grace mohammed 01.01.16 at 10:41 am

How can I join sapphire edition


80 Immaculata Ekon 01.01.16 at 10:55 am

Happy New year sir. I thank God for my sister that connected me to you. God will give me the grace to be faithful and consistent IJN. Amen


81 Eun 01.01.16 at 10:56 am

I thank God that we’ve just started 40days of contunous firing of bullets as we progress having started with storming in through the gates of 2016. I involved my child during the crossover and my faith is lifted … am so alert and reminded of dreams not just for me, but also for my nation and am seeing them just passing … and receiving a confirmation of a ministering office that I have been operating in … in line with other ministers of the Gospel in my generation!
1. One of the confirmation happened as a Prophet of God was ministering in our nation on live TV, and another online – and immediately my spirit remembered a dream I had for the nation in 2015!
2. Another confirmation is how things went to worse in some areas of my life … and I was led to read to story of the rich man and Lazarus and Abraham … I give all the glory to God.and do not want to exalt myself at all … but all the glory to The Lord God Almighty. Surely, we reign in our territories and Satan was defeated 2000yrs ago
… and Jesus is coming soon!

Thank you to God Almighty for allowing us to walk in obedience in this ministry and for using God’s word and voice as sole path of righteousness today!



82 Immaculata Ekon 01.01.16 at 10:57 am

I pray in this year 2016, all my prayers will be answered IJN.


83 Nancy 01.01.16 at 11:20 am

I have been praying all the monthly prayer point since i was introduced to this website by my dear friend Tafadzwa and to tell you the truth i have been blessed more than i asked for. My husband came back after he had left me for another woman now we are more happy than before and we are praying for a second baby…to be specific we want God to bless us with a baby boy we already have a name for him because we beleive God has already done it for us his name is Jamel. We thank God for opening our eyes…..Cant wait to join one of the programmes….Praise be to our God who lives forever and ever..


84 Solani 01.01.16 at 11:36 am

Good day Pastor Elisha,

I would like to join the prayer academy. For about a week now I have just been praying through the prayer points on the website.

Yours in Christ


85 Bukola Emmanuel 01.01.16 at 11:46 am

I was introduced to this website in April 2015 and since then my life has never remain the same. I’ve learnt how to pray more effectively. At the time of learning about this website,I was going through a rough path:I was ready to settle down but some forces just won’t let it happen,my fiance’s work/biz were deteriorating but within months of intensifying my prayer with the guide of Pst Elisha,I was able to overcome all these obstacles. On May 2015,I had my introduction ceremony and on July 2015,I got married. From August 2015,my husband’s job and business started picking up and by the end of 2015,the Lord made us recover all. In the same month that I got married,I conceived. I applied for my PhD and within two wks,I got two supervisors to choose from and my admission letter. This usually takes at least a month but for me it was with ease. I can go on and on abouth the Lord’s goodness in my life. 2015 had been my best year ever and I know this year will be far better than 2015. God bless u,Pst Elisha. More grace!


86 Samu 01.01.16 at 12:07 pm

I stormed the gates of 2016 last night into this morning and how pleasant and refreshing it was! I nearly missed this as I was travelling and somehow failed to access my emails. When I finally did mid day 31st December I said this is indeed the key of David to open the gates of 2016, my fourth so far. Despite being behind on the program I refused to be deterred and give up in storming the gates and claiming my portion for 2016 in advance. I look forward to walk the Hidden Path and let God reveal his mysteries and fulfil his promises in my life


87 Anne 01.01.16 at 12:33 pm


Thank you very much.
I have learnt a lot,and growth is evident in my life.
2015 have been great as i have prayed and the lord has accelerated many areas in my life.
looking forward to more time in his presence in 2016.



88 Mary 01.01.16 at 12:39 pm

A most glorious 2016 to u Elisha and Eagle Team! I joined prayer academy
on 24 December 2015. Few days after following email instructions
I testify to the glory of God that:
Stuff that had oppressed and overwhelmed me spiritually
and mentally seems to be melting away like snow in sunshine.
Holy Spirit is surely helping me to navigate my way through the
prayer steps so am in tandem with the program
I am beginning to get clarity of thought and have great confidence that
I will receive and be all that God ordained me to be.
Jesus Christ is Lord


89 Catherine Nyambura 01.01.16 at 12:44 pm

hey elisha happy new year am good the Lord is with me. I started the Esther fast and did the first day but towards the morning of the second day I was too thirsty and my head had this headache you see am breastfeeding a three month old son and well I was so determined. am still going through the twelve days though I will not be fasting.i believe and that’s the best part.


90 Edna A.Suguitan 01.01.16 at 12:53 pm

Praise the Lord Elisha,
I am on second day on prayer storming the gate for 2016,I agree that prayer is very important part of our life that cannot be neglegted.Since 2012 I have not stop praying with the eagles of Firespring ministry,and I thank God for Elisha for all the Prayer bullets he’s giving us.
Not of my prayers were answered,but lots of them God answered.I did notstop praying untill now because I know in my heart that He will not fail me and He will always hear the cry of His children and all who come him and ask for help.
I will not stop praying untill He answers all my prayers in her perfect time and will.
What I can is ” That my tertimonies will surprise my friends and and will shack my the of Jesus.”


91 Jacqueline 01.01.16 at 2:42 pm

Dear Lord this is unbelievable it is day two of Esther fast and am all. smiles I cannot believe that I am still this strong I usually keep resting the whole time ut today I did some of my chores ts magical how GOD keeps us strong during prayer and fasting. I went with my cousins to KFC and they were annoyed thst I didnot order chicken but i smiled and told them not today maybe next time.


92 Lorato Losike 01.01.16 at 3:29 pm

I am so thankful to have a caring, motivating, inspirational, and friendly mentor like you. I appreciate you so much and I thank you. You are a blessing in the lives of many people. May God bless u more as u make a difference in the lives of His people.


93 uche 01.01.16 at 3:52 pm

Pls elisha I want to know what sapphire edition is al about.i have participated in prayer academy and Diamond edition


94 JOSEPHINE 01.01.16 at 4:17 pm

Please teach me how to pray and have my prayers answered .


95 mmabhena 01.01.16 at 4:28 pm

Calvary greetings!
I give thanks and praise to God Almighty for being gracious to me and my family throughout 2015. I am a baby born again Christian since May 2013. My family and I were introduced to a spirit-led pentecostal church by my wife’s cousin after surviving a fatal car crash with a cow in Botswana in April 2013.
I give thanks and praise to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the loving kindness He has shown to us before we were born again and after. While in my new spiritual home ( local church) by His grace, I was introduced to the teachings of Prophet Elisha by my pastor. I thank God for bringing Prophet Elisha into our lives. My family participated for the first time last year in the storming of the gates. God has done wonderful things in our lives.
In spite of stubborn challenges we meet, the PA teachings we participated in last year March, has shed so much light on prayer and fasting that now we find it a regular thing to do and God being faithful answers our prayers. I thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for giving His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. He is Our Saviour. Through Him we are saved. I have learnt so much about prayer and the Word of God through the teachings of my local church as well as Prophet Elisha’s contant flow of emails. I am forever grateful to God Almighty whose mercy endures forever who always positions His servants at the right places and time for those upon whose His favour rests in time.
My spiritual life has been catapulted to a level I had never ever imagined possible before. I have invited more than twenty people to the Elisha site, only two showed an interest but I believe the God who called me to this site will by His grace open the spiritual eyes of many who are invited to this sight to seek Him through prayer.
In conclusion, my testimonies are just by the corner, as I continue marvelling at what God is doing for us as a family. Theory will indeed surprise my friends and shock my enemies.

M. M. (SA)


96 Mary Nyamula 01.01.16 at 4:32 pm

Before, 27 minutes to midnight, Elisha sent 4 prayers which one of them says “any serpent in my family line, lose your power and die in the name of Jesus”, after I prayed them I dreamed I threw a dead serpent to the dogs at the old place where I was born, and the dogs threw the same dead serpent back to me, then I walk up scared,but I had faith in my heart that that serpent is destroyed for good in Jesus name, God bless u Elisha Goodman.


97 Alecia 01.01.16 at 4:32 pm

I bless the Lord for the opportunity of beholding a new year. I thank this ministry for the hard work that was put in for us to make our lives easier. For this year I want my ministry to take off the ground. I love the Lord with all my heart. I have been taking to this guy from my church for the past three to four years but recently I notice that whatsApp has become like an idol. we will be talking and he is on whatsApp. We have received the prophetic word that we area couple but he seem to be giddy because he is rushed by women anywhere he goes. I love him and I don’t know how to deal with it than pray and talk to him about. I convert the prayer points to match the problem that we are having now but will there be an end soon as its mainly women that are rushing him. I really need a financial breakthrough has there are many things that I have to get done. Love you alll and a Happy New Year


98 Mary Nyamula 01.01.16 at 4:50 pm

Before 27 minutes to midnight kicked off, Elisha sent us 4 prayed which one of them says “any serpent in my family line, lose your power and die in the name of Jesus”, after I slept, I dreamed I threw a dead serpent to the dogs at the old place where I was born, then the dogs threw the same dead serpent back to me, with fear, I woke up, but I have faith that that serpent is dead for good in Jesus name, God bless you Elisha Goodman for the powerful and hot prayers that suddenly work.


99 Elizabeth 01.01.16 at 6:12 pm

I would like to pasitipate onthe single prayers which starts onthe 12 jan, praise God


100 Jenny 01.01.16 at 6:19 pm

Good day Elisha and team, I would like to thank you for your prayers and daily emails, it means alot to me, I just want to wish you all a happy new year, May only goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life’s. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly in Jesus name. Love Jenny.


Nsheme jenny Reply:

Thank you servant of our God for caring, encouraging and inspiring us to pray the prayers that bring results. Thank you again for sending the prayers for storming the gate of 2016 the greatest x-mas gift. May the God we serve richly bless you and give you a fresh anointing in the year 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


101 emoni 01.01.16 at 7:00 pm

The gas was dried on the first day around 6pm. I told my wife I can’t use the tithe and offering and we have to use other means of cooking the food. This morning at 8am on the second day of Jan 2016 the gas was on again as she tried it but the cylinder was dry….Praise the Lord..and now she is boiling the cassava right away…..To God be the Glory….Amen


102 Joyce 01.01.16 at 7:11 pm

Happy new year,lm going on 14day prayer,lm on fire ,lm felling myself very different than my original me .
Joyce´s last [type] ..Happy New Year – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!


103 Adanna 01.01.16 at 9:03 pm

Glory be to God…I’m ready to possess my possessions for 2016 Hallelujah


104 Monday 01.01.16 at 9:08 pm

To God be all the glory for the grace to storm the gates of 2016 and enter into the brand new year.God will do a new thing in our lives as we determine to walk uprightly and in obedience to the Holy Spirit leading in 2016.Happy new year to all the eagles and firespring ministries.God bless you.


105 Michael 01.01.16 at 9:19 pm

Praise the Lord. I stormed the gates of 2016 for the first time ever since I joined the PA about 5 or so years ago. I have been very relaxed on my prayer journey and my life was very stangnant. The experexperience of participating in the 27 minutes to midnight prayers was so amazing. It is 0412am and I’m still awake, reading testimonies and the scriptures. I have never felt so spiritually awake than I am today. The prayer bullets are awesome and though I’m only on my second day of the 14 day journey of prayer I already feel the excitement. What more of the New Year’s message from Elisha to me and the special prayer. God is indeed great and thank you Elisha for the prayer, that ushered me and my family into 2016.
Watch this space for more testimonies from me in the next couple of days.
Praise God.


106 Breakthrough Abigail 01.01.16 at 9:25 pm

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Eagles and Visioner of this big ministry Elisha Goodman. I am so grateful to be part of stormy the gate of 2016. My breakthroughs has started manifesting .All my friends n enemies are going to be .shock. God bless u all.


107 pbrewu 01.01.16 at 10:04 pm

This year I shall take back all that has been stolen from me, in Jesus’ name! How? By doing the hard work that gets result – fervent prayers! Thank you Jesus for making me choose prayer, amen!


108 Esther Kon-Alois 01.01.16 at 10:10 pm

Brother Elisah and the Team of Firesprings,

I wanted to thank you for the the powerful 2016 Secret Prayers. I have a team of praying eagles of Papua New Guinea who have been part of this prayer and we have powerful testimonies we need to share.

We are with all the prayer eagles on the 14Days prayer starting 30 December 2015 and we are looking forward to a greater 2016.

thank you for all your and we are blessed to be a part of this powerful ministry.

God’s blessing


109 RICHARD 01.01.16 at 10:11 pm



110 Ed Arcton 01.01.16 at 10:22 pm

Happy New Year to everyone. The Prayers to storm the gates of 2016 are powerful, effective and producing tremendous result in the spirit realms. Don’t be left out, be involve and you will reap the fruits it produces through out the year. Many Blessings to the Man of God Elisha Goodman.


111 Eunice 01.01.16 at 11:06 pm

Happy new year. I thank God for healing my back. i did my first time esther fast 3days before the close of the year. as i stormed the gates for 2016 God removed every pain from my back. I will never cease to praise my God. I will continue in the prayer eagles prayer line. waiting to be enrolled in the 24 hour blog. God bless you all firespring members. God bless all the prayer eagles starting with you our couch. happy new year.


112 Patience 01.01.16 at 11:29 pm

I want to thank God that l managed to participate in this years 27 Minutes to midnight, l have been consistent since around 2006. Anyway this year was a bit different because we had visitors from overseas arriving and coming to our place. The family keeps their vehicle at our house. They eventually had to put up at our place because their own place in our neighbourhood was not quite ready as expected. I started preparing supper for them and settled around 10pm. We started chatting and l was so calm, l was thinking mine was going to be ’27 minutes after midnight this year’, but not so. My visitor declared that she was very sleepy and retired at 11:45. Brethren my 27 minutes to midnight started at 11:50 and l know God received my prayers.

Anyway l had an interesting dream. Brother Elisha gave me a magazine or book, the cover had the picture of a girl who was changing into a bat, she would be tall like a real person one time and then the next she would go kind of short and in some parts appear like a bat. Somehow l came into her presence now, and brother Elisha was there, when l saw her l felt so saddened, because she was doing the same, she would look huma and at times appear like a bat, and become very short, I was so saddened and there was so much churning in my spirit, at one point Brother Elisa thought she was disgusting me and kind of advised me that what l was doing was not right, l told him there was so much churning in my spirit as he was praying for her. The girl was delivered, she was tall and slim a little taller than me, and somehow l knew that she was finally delivered, once and for all. I groaned and cried hugging her, l thanked God so much for delivering, even in waking l am still thanking God for that deliverance, it was amazing and the girl was really really free. Her initial state was just so sad.

Consuming Fire of God, locate every hidden animal in our foundations and burn it to ashes in Jesus Name Amen.


113 Lebo 2 01.02.16 at 12:12 am

Happy new year to the Firesprings Ministries Family. I thank the God Almighty for blessings and the challenges of 2015 which made us grow and be strong in faith. I believe we are all favored in 2016. Let us keep on and stay in Christ. May our testimonies surprise our friends and family and shock our enemies in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen.


114 Prisca Kumalinga 01.02.16 at 12:17 am

Happy 2016 everyone. I give glory to God because day one 1 January Jesus is showing how he will deal with my enemies of progress. A family member who touched what belongs to me called to wish me a happy new year and I wished same for him ( an Uncle from my father’s side) but just to tell me that his new year was not good as he was kicked by a cow in the ribs when he was milking it which doesn’t normally happen. A week ago it was revealed that he the same Uncle had a hand in the accident that happened to one of our vehicles which hit into an elephant and that was revealed at a prayer meeting where my niece was. Am encouraged that the God of Isreal will fight anyone/everything that touches his anointed ones Haleluya


115 TP 01.02.16 at 1:05 am

Thank you Lord for His supernatural presence ad I stormed the gate into 2016. I experienced a fresh anointing and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Devil is a liar, he has been defeated. Good health restored in Jesus’ name


116 Stellamaris 01.02.16 at 1:35 am

I thank God that am a part of this family I can’t also wait to share my testimony


117 john 01.02.16 at 1:49 am

Happy New The family of Prayer eagles. thank you lord. The God of mercy and grace, May the womb of 2016 receive us with Holiness and brake all obstacles in our endevour for progress. I also thank Elisha for all prayer bullets which has made me a different Person spiritually, Am a Helper to many who receive Healing just by raising my Hand over them. Glory to God let his name be high.


118 Dottie 01.02.16 at 2:15 am

Dear Brother Elisha,
I am a woman with plenty of needs from God. Last year, on 2nd January 2015 my husband secretly married another woman to have children (he told me the woman is supposed to give birth to our children since I have not been able to do so) – I have been married for 12 years now without children. I am rebuilding my marriage. I am taking back my husband in this prayer journey and killing that secret marriage by the power of the blood of Jesus. I am trusting God for the blessing of children, I am trusting God for a one woman one man marriage relationship with my husband, for financial breakthrough, career development, great relationship with God in the name of Jesus. I am taking back and rebuilding that which the devil wants to deny me. I want my marriage to be a testimony of the Lord’s doing. Dottie


mary Reply:

OUR GOD IS ABLE. my marriage in 2015 was quite difficult but it is one of the things Iam trustiong God for. Already I have started to see signs of recovery and I am trusting God. be encoraged, god will give you children like he did Sara and Hanna


barbara asiimwe Reply:

Dear Dottie,
you have plugged your self in the right prayer place ever known in our century.I thank God for Elisha Goodman for allowing God do his work through him and teach us to pray.
Please follow Hannah’s example pray even if people say you are talking alone you will be talking to King Jesus…also fast like Esther repeat it each month if you have to ..you will get those babies in Jesus’s mighty unchallengable name..
I got my gifts of babies from GOD in 2012 Samuel and 2014 i got Halle. imagine after the Holyspirit revealed to me secret children my husband had before we got married and he never told me about them.I was struggling to get babies n he already had his own secret kids taht i did not know existed!there is a prayer point actually that says Oh LORD REVEAL AND EXPOSE TO ME SECRET CHILDREN IN MY FAMILY.
People had stayed calling me crazy because i would be seen talking alone ..i would pray i didn’t care i told my self i am talking to God like Hannah and indeed God heard my prayers and answered me.GOD IS AWESOME,boy and girl one after the other in 3yrs.
Dottie he did it for me he will do it for you, follow these instruction From elisha you will over come in Jesus’s name.


119 Charity 01.02.16 at 2:19 am

Thank you Lord for Elisha, l am happy to be part of storming the gates for 2016. This year my testimonies will shock my enemies. l pray to go for a job with a big bank this year and am confident with God nothing is impossible.

Soon l will share my testimony.

Happy New Year!



120 Rebecca Rebello 01.02.16 at 3:04 am

As I have started fasting from today could you send me the nuts and bolts to intensify my prayers soar like the eagles. Rebecca.


Nancy Reply:

Rebeccâ,scroll upwards and read Olivia’s testimony.i learnt a thing or two


121 Rose Kibuchi 01.02.16 at 4:16 am

I storm gates of 2016 and it was exciting experience and i am waiting to give my testimony of what the Lord is doing in my life. I purposed to empty myself completely for God to have total control of my life and to completely follow the hidden path trusting God to take me through. I am confidence that soon and very soon my testimonies will surprise and shock my enemies. I am determined to be an overcomer.


122 Lilian Akinyi Ochola 01.02.16 at 4:30 am

Hi saints,am greatly pleased that we have won the race and ready to go in 2016.That night the spirit filled my room that pictures started falling off the wall when i anointed the room…..i was delivered and in the morning a i was dreaming of a big snake which was slain by about 4 people i didnt know..what i know is that the serpent that has been operating in my life was defeated in Jesus name,halleluya.
Be blessed dear eagles.


123 Victoria 01.02.16 at 4:40 am

I give all the Glory to God the Victory he us given us as children. Lets Keep on the targeted prayers for more and more Victory.

Be blessed Elisha for the Good Job Your have Continued to do.


124 zphandle 01.02.16 at 4:44 am

We are bound together by God’s love . So brethren I thank the Lord for being with me and the whole family of God thus far. If there Lord had not been with us we would have fallen along the way.
A victorious year to you Eagles full of God’s Glory : Forward Christian Soldiers .


125 Breakthrough Abigail 01.02.16 at 5:13 am

Eagles pray for me so that God will bring me my John the Baptist to pave the way for me to get my resident documents in USa.I strongly believe in the miracle of God. I can’t compromise my faith to get my documents. God bless u.


126 Esther 01.02.16 at 5:33 am

Thank U for this amazing and wonderful prayer thank you God thank you Elisha it really work the prayer points…
And I wll continue to pray tell I die…


127 Sarah 01.02.16 at 6:26 am

Man of God, storming the gate was so awesome. I am so great full this year I was wondering what shall I do as our church was also having a cross over night on 31st. To the Glory of God I shared the whole information to my Pastor. And unbelievable he was so moved with the prayer bullets and that is what he used for the church that night. I am telling you all members wondered what type of holly spirit entered our Pastor. People prayed as never before. I believe testimonies will flow over from our church members, the Pastor and myself inclusive. In deed we shall move from Glory to Glory in 2016 in Jesus name.
I have shared the prayers with many people this year, Eagles pray that their eyes open and join us.

Thank you Elisha for good work, God bless you abundantly

Sarah, Tanzania


128 Joel 01.02.16 at 7:12 am

Praise the Lord I got money coming from every where walk going down the street finding money, getting $100 tip yesterday, got a second job. Now being able to pay my rent and have money left and to spare, and believing now for a higher paying job so that I only need one job, and looking forward to buying my dream car, I see it coming to pass. Thank God for the Golden journey and now storming the gates, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Glory to God. Amen!!!! :) ;)


129 Wonder Mangwiro 01.02.16 at 7:13 am

May God richly bless you Elisha and your ministry plusallthe amazing prayer eagles that continue to work deligently all these years
I am indeed extremely grateful that i am parg and parcel of this amazing way of praying.
I am very expectant to receive great answers from God as i continue to learn and receive revelation through great gathering of Christ’s beloved.
Thank you very much.


130 pnyakudya 01.02.16 at 7:47 am

Yes Eagles the idea is to keep on firing


131 Eunice 01.02.16 at 9:18 am

I thank God for enabling me to join the PA.Thank you man of God for teaching me to pray.I stormed the Gates of 2016 and am feeling blessed
Something strange happened the 1stday of the year,my special son got lost just after having our lunch.we looked for him everywhere in vain.I returned to house leaving my other son searching. I wanted to cry but heard.a.voice telling me to be still. I asked the Holy Spirit to keep him safe wherever he was and asked God to arise and shame my enemies. 2hrs gone not found him so had to report at police station as it was getting late.My God is awesome,o my way home my other boy called to tell me he has been.found n is in the house.I thank God for this miracle coz was found in market by a good samaritan..i dont know how he crossed the busy road all i can say is the Hand of God protected my son.To God be all the Glory.The boy is 7 this January 7th and i believe he will gain speech and be completely healed


132 Priyanthi 01.02.16 at 10:03 am

Dear Bro. Elisha My thanks and Gods blessings to you and all your team for strengthening us through the year 2015 and now through 2016 Your prayer bullets have always reached me when I am down and it has always been right on the matter as if you knew my problem.
But that;s how God is working through to help us pray correctly.I am sure that my answers to my prayers for financial break through are just round the corner and I will get back to you soon for certain.
God bless you with much wisdom prosperity and good health.


133 Olubunmi Kareem 01.02.16 at 10:05 am

I thank God for the opportunity to be among the Eagle praying and fasting and I belief strongly my testimony shall surprise my enemies am in debt of over £66,000. And I belief Jehovah Jirey will bless the works of my hand and bless my business that soon I will be testify on how am debt free. I am so confident in the God am serving and as we are learning strategic way of praying and also to know the advantages of midnight prayer. Thanks to our coach Eilsha we are so grateful God bless you richly amen


134 Trude 01.02.16 at 2:09 pm

Happy New Year fellow eagles. Congraculation for completing the Easter Fast those of you who have completed today. I thank God for giving me the Grace to enable me go through. It was such a trying sacrifice I went through on 1st, during the day I happened to go for a family get together as you know a lot had be prepared to eat and with me and my sister we were fasting, I asked God to give me His Grace not to crave for food and ensure He kills my appetite such that I do not get tempted to eat. Surely our God is faithfully I went through that period without craving for the food prepared. And I have go through the 3 days strong unlike other days I have been going through the easter fast. I have today completed successfully. Praise God for that.


135 Diana 01.02.16 at 4:01 pm

Happy New Year to the Man of God Brother Elisha and the entire Firesprings Ministry for everything you are doing to children of God. I joined the Prayer Academy in 2010 and since then I have not gone as week without reading your e-mails, as a matter of fact I want to read them everyday. My life has tremendously changed since I started these prayers and my family has been richly blessed, I use the prayers in the books that I ordered and indeed a new creation in Christ Jesus. I have participated in the other programmes with tangible results.

Thanks for the prayers that you have done for me and my family since 2010 May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless you and keep you in good health.


136 Deborah Muthambi 01.02.16 at 4:39 pm

I want to know about the praying community,Bro Elisha mentioned that they pray for each other during fasting


137 Bonisiwe 01.02.16 at 5:27 pm

The devil is the lier, I’m am conquer, I’m healed, I’m delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. Shalom


138 Esther 01.02.16 at 6:22 pm

I thank the most gracious Lord the mighty father for the spiritual strength He keeps giving me through this God Annointed ministry of elishagoodman .As we go through the Gates of 2016 l pray that He continues to hold all the eagles firmly in His Holly hands.His name be praised forever and ever.


139 Esther 01.02.16 at 6:48 pm

Please help me l don’t know what to feel in the website space


140 grace kariuki 01.02.16 at 9:17 pm

I am sooo encouraged by all the above testimonies and immediately l get a financial breakthrough am buying the cookbook to help me grow more spiritually. Am also enrolling in prayer academy thereafter. God bless you man of God Elisha


141 Yvonne Dlamini 01.02.16 at 9:50 pm

Greeting In The Mighty Name of Our Lord And Saviour.

Less than ten minutes ago,I was woken up by howling.
I was puzzled as we live in complex that do not allow animals.
The previuos morning I noticed paw marks on my veranda,but made nothing of
it,I thought it was strange but made no big deal about it.
I got angry,I started shouted for about three minutes “you evil animal,get
away from my yard now in The Name of Jesus” My Space,my territory Is
purified and santified in the name of Jesus” as I walking through my house
saying this,I looked out of my sliding door,there stood a dog a brown big
dog at my gate I countinued shouting I pointed for it leave,it was defiant
and I kept on praying,it left as if something was thrown at it,still
howling it walked away.
Elisha I dont know what that means?
As right I am still still on the programme and I stormed the gates of
2016,the Lord will reveal all.


142 Webster M. 01.02.16 at 11:20 pm

Glory, honour and praise to you Lord Jesus Christ for seeing us through into the new year 2016. Lord, may the anointing you have placed in the Firesprings Ministry bless and touch everyone who passes through this site, set the captives free, turn and change their prayer lives for ever. We ask and thank you for it in Jesus name. Amen.


143 Precious 01.03.16 at 12:39 am

l thank the Lord for the 27 minutes to midnight prayers by Elisha and for ushering us into 2016. May the good Lord bless Fire spring Ministries and the advisory board for being there for us.

Thank you Elisha for the good work, may the Lord bless you abundantly.


144 Augustus 01.03.16 at 1:52 am

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name.
I thank God for brother elisha, for he all he has done for us Thank the Lord for this wonderful Gift.
My started the PA in April 2015 and I received a Gov’t Managerial Position on the 14th day of my Fast. I was unemployed for 11 years. i was depressed without money and in huge debts but the Lord gave to me that job that surprised my friends BUT shocked my enemies. Life has never been the same since. Fast forward after having the church to join with me for the 27 mins to midnight on the 31st of Dec 2015, 1 day later, I received a call for an apt I had for rent for over 4 months, Praise the Lord today i got 2 new tenants for that apt which gives me full occupancy at my apt building.
This year i have no doubts that debt cancellation, forgiveness and complete debt repayment is my portion for 2016 in Jesus mighty name.

At this time I just want to encourage someone out there in eagle land that there is no problem to big or small that God Almighty cannot take care of. So please stay in the trenches its coming your way. Bless his holy Name!!!


145 Mercy tshilidzi 01.03.16 at 4:24 am

Thank you Lord for using the man of God to teach us how to pray


146 Gaudensia 01.03.16 at 8:09 am

Want January prayer points


147 Caroline 01.03.16 at 8:17 am

Glory to God, for blessings us to storm the gates of 2016.
Yes this is the 4th year we have been doing this ever since I joined the academy in2011. This year as the prayers started late, I was so anxious , day and night in the middle of my sleep I used to wake up to check my mails and so worried if I missed it, but glory to God, we were able to do it. I have so many testimonies, almost every month, but last year has been amazing, my husband got a good job and we were able to come to the warm South, from the freezing North, got a nice place to live, and my daughter was saved from getting trapped with a non believer, twice we had terrible attacks, bleeding profusely not knowing from where this thing could happen suddenly, doctors told me I need to get admitted as the blood loss was to much and I might need transfusion, but I refused , and started praying, rejecting evil diagnosis , commanded the bleeding to stop in Jesus name. It just stopped, and the doctor was asking me if I were a super human, I did not tell him anything but praising God all the time, it happened with my husband too about 8 months back, and he was far away, I picked up my lap top, and straight away started the healing prayers, And instantly the bleeding stopped, and the doctors were surprised.
Thank you bro Elisha for training us and making us battlefield ready, any time anywhere, we are equipped with the armour of God and ready for battle. I give all honour, glory, and praise to my God, Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and my comforter, counsellor the Holy Spirit, may God be praises for ever and ever Amen.
Wishing all my prayer partners, of, fire Spring ministries, bro Elisha and family, and the dear Eagles, a Blessed 2016′ filled with God’s Grace, love and protection in Jesus name, Amen.


148 Rebecca Rebello 01.03.16 at 1:32 pm

Thankyou E;isha for keeping in touch no matter what.


149 Kumwenda 01.03.16 at 4:33 pm

GOD bless Fire spring Ministries for availing themselves to be used of the LORD to enlighten us in spiritual war. Physically absent yet so close, as though present. Thank you and GOD bless always.


150 Emmanuel Maesua 01.03.16 at 7:24 pm

Dearest Elisha,
I first came across the website through an Anglican priest who directed me to another website, through which I saw your address. ever since, I have been praying the midnight prayers and the monthly Furious prayers; and have seen the hand of the lord deliver me and my family from many tight and threatening situations. We live in an area that is known for witchcraft and black magic. but ever since I started using the prayers you shared, evil arrows have continued to fall short of our tent and my family members and very close friends are beginning to realise that it is has to be something very Godly that is protecting our home and children.

I am still to join the academy and my prayer for 2016 is to become an eagle fight in God’s special forces; for his glory and salvation to the lowly such as I. please help me in prayer to achieve this. I know that God will make a way.

Allow me to wish you and the whole Prayer Warrior Academy a Blessed New Year 2016: with God’s holy anointing, inspiration, and protection.

May God continue to bless and sustain your ministry in the months and years ahead.


151 chombo 01.03.16 at 8:45 pm

Praise be the name of Jesus saints. Happy new your. I am having such powerful dream every day since the start of the program that I just cant afford not to wonder what plans God has for my life saint. Jesus literally took me from a damp saint and cleaned me up and made me someone special, please don’t loose hope in this Jesus. He never fails.
Barikiweni…. Swahili for be blessed


152 Rose Chavez 01.03.16 at 9:52 pm

Happy New Year 2016 to all eagles, I also started 27 minutes to midnight and brought in the new year with shooting prayers until 1:20 a.m. The Lord has blessed me with strength and plenty energy and good health. To God be the Glory! Many blessings to all eagles and fire springs ministries.


153 Maureen J. 01.03.16 at 11:50 pm



154 Loice Nzima 01.04.16 at 1:43 am

Glory to God in the highest for giving me the grace to storm the gates of 2016.God is already doing awesome things for me I am now more soiritually alert.I also praise and honor the Lord for the recent golden journey which I participated.During the golden journey my daughter was writing her exam and God gave her te grace to pass.During the same golden journey program the Lord provided me with wisdom and finaces to build a brick fence around my house which was impossible before the program. God is indeed our present help and I praise and honour Him in the name of Jesus.


155 Edward 01.04.16 at 2:03 am

Happy new year 2016 .I feel ready to fly in this year of 2016


156 Rosemary 01.04.16 at 2:24 am

Happy New 2016 to all Eagles and to the Man of God. I thank God i managed to join as we stormed the gates of 2016 and was able to enter the Esther Fast. Before the 31st of Dec, i was not feeling well,i am anemic such that i feel dizzy when i dehydrate, i had a soul throat and had some ulcers in my my mouth. I started to wrestle on whether to join the Esther fast with that condition. But guess what, after the 3 days of dry fast, all the soul throat dizziness and ulcers we gone for good. Praise be to God Almighty. This is only the beginning of what God is going to do in my life in Jesus Name.
Thank you man of God for this site.
Rosemary´s last [type] ..Happy New Year – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!


157 Kay 01.04.16 at 3:16 am

Happy New Year to you all! Yes, I stormed the gates, and Yes, what an out-of-this-world experience it was! To God be the glory, and the honour, and the power. May his name be praised forever more. Haleluyah


158 Joice 01.04.16 at 3:32 am

Happy New Year Elisha and all at Fire springs. Thank you I received 27 minutes to midnight edition just in time to share with friends and stormed the gates of 2016.


159 Rachel 01.04.16 at 4:04 am

God is so faithful though I have been so unfaithful, I stormed the 2016 gates and I felt marvellous in my soul, I started the Ester fasting but messed up in my second day, but God didn’t give up on me, my cry at gate was that my debts be cancelled this year as I am unable to pay them unless God made a way, today when I came into the office I wrote a mail to my supervisor apologising for not paying her back last year and she replied that she wrote off the debt, she is rather praying for my financial independence. I am trusting God for many of this good news , I have a major debt to settle and only God
can help me.


160 Mogorosi 01.04.16 at 4:09 am

This is my second successive year Storming the Gates. There is not a better way to start a new year, especially with so much evil floating around and guaranteed to disrupt unprotected plans.

I only I wish I had started this training to be a prayer eagle much earlier. It is very likely many of the heavy losses from my past would not have materialized.

I can point to a string of very unusual victories in 2015, and I am poised for even greater things in 2016 and beyond. The victories that were not heard off in 17 years of my earlier career are now part of my record.


161 goodness 01.04.16 at 6:18 am

Happy new year. I thank God for introducing me in this website. Since ive joined thhe prayer academy my life has totaly changed. I learned how to fast and pray answered prayer. I was a slave of sex. But now im no more. I’ve got peace in my heart and i know as we started this year my life will surprise my friends and shock my enemies.
Unfortunately from the 30th of Dec to 1st of Dec i didnt have a fone i was sick but i storm the gates at the crossnite with differents saints fron varoius congregation. From the 2nd ive started 14 days fast and im doing a double prayer adding the one from the 30th to 01 dec i cannot skip it. Today i pray from 11 pm to 5am because i had a bad feeling of missing the gates. And i thank God for that. Blessed be the Lord.


162 Josephine Andes Nyangon 01.04.16 at 7:27 am

Praise the name of the Lord and really thank the Almighty God for you Eelisha. Your website has tremendously changef my life, family and everythingaround me. When you sent me the e book ” PASSION PRAYER OF JESUS CHRIST” I read and used the prayer bulletin ‘O Lord open my spiritual ear in the name of Jesus ‘. I repeated this several times. Then I felt like sleeping. This was in the afternoon. When I went to bed, I dosed off immediately. Then all of a sudden I felt a hand removing something from my ear. It wasn’t easy for it to get out of my ear. It had tightly sealed my ear. Hardly had it left my ears when it made a sound as opening a soda bottle_the pop sound. After that I woke up and started hearing things well. Before that I couldn’t hear things clearly especially the preachings in the church. Last Sunday when I went to church I was able to hear clearly what the pastor was preaching .
Another testimony; On Christmas day, I was deep-frying some meat then the cooking oil poured on my leg. I prayed that the pain and swelling be swallowed up by fire of God. My leg didn’t swell or pain..
Elisha , I had never operated on that kind of faith before. May God bless and bless and bless you abundantly.
Nyangon Josephine


163 Elizabeth Ho 01.04.16 at 7:41 am

Happy New Year !!!! The Lord has done great things for my Family and I PRAISE HIS NAME!
For every one at Firespring Ministries HE LIVES! Am still storming the GATES and Midnight Prayers I cannot give up after so many breakthroughs.
Thank YOU all for your hard work.


164 Tukunu 01.04.16 at 8:03 am

Glory be to God, storming into the gates 2016 was the most pleasant thing ever. During prayer, the atmosphere changed and the Holy Spirit took control, the whole place was filled with the power and the presence of God. It became apparent that 2015 was going down and 2016 comimng up. I want to thank God for the Man of God and the Fire Spring Minitries for sharing with us what God has put into their hearts to share with the world. Glory be to God.


165 Rose 01.04.16 at 8:17 am

Happy New year 2016,
I also stormed to the gates 2016, prayed untill 01.30.
I thank God for His blessing and made me see this year.
Glory to God.

I also bless Man of God Elisha may our Almighty God protect you,
give you good health and also pour his favor to you and your family
and your Ministry. Bless you all. Shalom.


166 Cyril 01.04.16 at 8:35 am

Hi Elisha,
What an awesome moment it was for me and my wife as we stormed the gates of 2016. It was a first for my wife and a second for me, we felt so inspired in the Holy Spirit with an urge to continue on this journey to the Hidden Path. We are so grateful for this program and we look forward to participate in the Prayer Academy.

Cyril & Edwina


167 edith 01.04.16 at 9:25 am

Amen 2016 Iam going to be an overcomer


168 Marie 01.04.16 at 3:45 pm

Happy New Year to all prayer warriors of this site. This is not the first time for me to participate in these end of year prayers. I started in 2011 and shortly in May of the same year I lost a job and really struggled for more than a year. What I’ve observed in these marathons is that every time when others are posting dream revelations, I experience very ugly dreams. Dreams of satanic nature. Yesterday after praying day 6 prayers at around 3 am to past 4 am, I only slept for 30 minutes . This is when I dreamt of being in very dirty waters which were flowing through the house whose owner was trying to cook something but the environment was so dirty, and I was wondering how could a place be so dirty and where was the dirty gluey waters were coming from. Then I woke up. Is there something wrong with me spiritually? Why do I experience so much negativity in the dreams.


careenjacob Reply:

to God the glory,
i have been following this ministry for 3 consecutive years. there have been ups and down but more things have been reveiled to me that I expected and never thought.
Simply things hold our blessings back. Gossips is the main one. I have tried several times to do the ester fast and have never been able to go more than a day so i have opted for Daniel fast( only water and juice). I suffer from anemia. I have learnt to confess all my sins I can recall one by one.( adultery, envy, fornication, witchcraft belief, etc) I am actually fighting jealousy and doubt. Dark dreams were my daily dose but with perseverance I am now having significant good dreams.
This year I have decided to “LET GO” all to God. I have learnt to have positive thinking daily. Ask God to help you work on yourself and then you can ask him whatever you want positively and it will be granted. God bless you.


169 Dollen 01.04.16 at 11:36 pm

Happy new year to you too Elisha. Thank you so much for your emails, that have really changed my life. May the almighty continue to guide and bless you.


170 Portia 01.05.16 at 2:34 am

I am so ecstatic i stormed the gate for the first time with the Prayer Eagles in Harare Zimbabwe. I feel so equipped for 2016 and i am feel surrounded by the Glory of God. What i love most is the anointing for Christian Entrepreneurship. This is exactly in line with what God has instructed me for 2016 going forward. I feel so entangled with the Holy Spirit and i am grateful that God has already started funding the projects he has planned for me. I feel deep down that my life will never be the same again.


171 siphathisiwe 01.05.16 at 3:31 am

l would like to say thank you a lot man of god for endless love anf persistance in giving us coaching in praying.may the god of mercy overshadow you and your crew abundantly in jesus name.according to phil 4v13.l can do all things through christ who strengthend me ,lam now in buying and selling clothes and am able to earn a living.yhank you ;thank,you man of god.


172 Milika 01.05.16 at 5:18 am

Dear elisha.
Thankyou for accepting to join in prayer academy.I want to join in January prayer so that I don’t remain behind for 2016.send me some guidelines.


173 Nyarai M 01.05.16 at 5:25 am

Glory to God always! I come from a family that believes in a whole lot of not like God practices but this year I have been resolving, through the help of the grace of God to follow only the Living God. Oh He has been faithful, I saw Him move in my favour on the 31st of Dec 2015, before that in early December He provided a job for me and my twin sister after having never worked for 2 years since I finished university. I am believing He has much more in store for 2016, for the first time in my life I stormed through the gates of 2016 and I am also on the 14 day fast. I really desire to join the Prayer Academy this year and I know God will provide the funds too. I know this will be my year of testimonies! Glory to God in the highest!


174 alice 01.05.16 at 10:21 am

Happy new year brother Elisha I thank you for your prayers. Last year I joined prayer academy things has changed in my family we serve the living God now we are storming the gates our lives will never be the same again. Alice. South Africa


175 Brianna 01.05.16 at 12:57 pm

I tried signing up for the new gate way for the prayer academy.. It says my email is not found.. I did the academy in 2011..this is the first time i have been back for a while… How do i sign i to the blog… Since it seems my email was never added to this new gateway… I can get i to my account but not sign up for the new gateway to the 24 hour blog


176 PATRICE 01.05.16 at 4:09 pm

Glory to God!! Happy New Year Elisha and Prayer Warriors. I just want to thank God for restoring my marriage, favouring me and my family with Christmas and New Year Dinner. Indeed God will not allow His children to suffer shame or disgrace. There is so much to give God thanks for…….

Please continue to help me pray for my marriage, debt cancellation and that the Lord will keep us together as a family. My husband said he wants a son but my womb was remove after giving birth in 2008 because I was bleeding excessive but this was the plan of the enemy. However the Lord said He has given me a new womb and I believe God. Please help me pray that God will activate my womb to conceive a son for my husband in 2016. I have had dreams of me giving birth to a son. God is a miracle working God and He is faithful to deliver and there is nothing too hard for God to do because is PROMISE is Yeah and Amen.

I will be giving my praise report when this manifest in Jesus Christ name.

Be Bless Elisha and Prayer Warriors I decree and declare the double portion blessing of God upon you man of God and your Ministry and Team in Jesus Christ name. Amen


177 Gladys 01.05.16 at 5:45 pm

Happy new year big Brother Elisha. My happiest day in 2015 remains the day I was signed up into this prayer line. Though I ernestly desire to participate in your programs this year but not for financial constrains, but I know that God will sponsor all through this year. Midnight hour prayer has become my way of life. I thank you for the great works God is using you to do across the globe. My God will preserve you and refresh you anointing. Am proud to associate with you and fire springs ministries. Praise God the goliath in our family has been brought down. Remain blessed.


178 Benny 01.06.16 at 1:01 am

Good Morning. Kindly pray with me. My pastor has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has been living with diabetic, he is three week on chemo and its aggressive on him. I will start Esther fast soon. We need divine healing for him saints. Its unbearable to see him on that situation.


179 Nsheme jenny 01.06.16 at 3:54 am

God bless you indeed.


180 daisy 01.06.16 at 5:21 am

I am thanking God that I have stormed the 2016 gates, some of my family members feel that I am crazy enough to go on an Esther fast but I victoruslly managed. I am diabetic and Hiv positive. My sister even tried to discourage me from doing the fast. But I am glad I overcame. I feel the presence of the Lord each time I pray. And I am really uplifted. I have never gone through such a test and feel the lord encouraging me to hold on and not give up. Thank for the prayer points man of God.


181 H 01.06.16 at 8:16 am

Hi Elisha,
Just a question, are there any specific prayers for those that missed the opportunity to pray at the midnight gate to 2016?

Thank you,


milly Reply:

Happy new year man of God. I thank God for n your team . May God keep doing good things in your lives . Am happy to be connected with you.


182 AMcGoon 01.06.16 at 3:37 pm

I am humbled by the testimony I received in my email this morning by Sandra. God bless you Sandra, for now I know as well that it is more important to Honour our Father through praises, worship and thanksgiving rather than just waiting for breakthroughs and when they don’t come soon we give up. Rather, thank you for your testimony, I will have patience and wait on the good Lord – in His time and according to His will.


183 Rosa Chavez 01.06.16 at 4:48 pm

To God be the Glory! Happy New Year to all the warrior eagles in the 2016, as we all travel through the Hidden Path. In Jesus Name Victory all the way. Many blessing to every eagle.


184 Nancy 01.07.16 at 11:19 am

My brothers and sisters I would really like to encourage you to join the programs that are being advertised eng eg .Prayer academy or the ones coming up after 27 Minutes to Midnight because we cannot afford to give enemy a fôothold in our lives and also to be a pârt of the 24 hour blog where people are stand on the gap for one another,sharing,encouraging one another,sharpening one another.
May God bless you as you journey on



Hallo Nancy please show or guide me on how to become a member. I have been trying since October last year without success.


185 Webster M. 01.07.16 at 4:32 pm

Prayer Eagles, according to Galations 6 : 2 ” Bear one’s another burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ”, please join me raise the following in our prayers before the Lord Almighty:
Madame Paradza: hospitalised due to cancer of the stomach, now no longer able to eat or drink anything;
Tariro M: unemployed, unmarried, hopelessly desperate, in mid thirties;
Mr Kanisius C: around 45 years, single and lonely, have been praying for him since 2012.
C Tsitsi: my sister in Christ, mid thirties, alone and always sick from unknown diesease in a foreign land.
Gabriel M: praying to pursue coaching career in UK by 16 April 2016.
And all the lost souls of this world.
Thank you Jesus for prayers answered.


186 Hellen 01.07.16 at 4:46 pm

Thank you for the encouraging messages . May the Lord bless you and keep you Elisha.


187 B.T 01.08.16 at 5:26 am

hie Elisha, i would lie to thank God for this prayer programme as 2015 started out as a difficult year like all the previous years but it ended with Glory. I want to thank God that from the time I started getting the daily emails and started doing the prayer bullets our family business has changed for the better and God has blessed us financially and as of 2015 I finally ended the year with no debts. We managed to pay all the workers with all their overtime and we managed to have some for ourselves. Thats what happens when God is the CEO of the company. This year have started storming into 2016 and I know that victory is near. Thank you Lord. Glory be to you


188 barbara asiimwe 01.08.16 at 11:38 am

I thank God i managed to join the prayer academy , i have been proscarnating it was a disease i tell you.
I stormed the gate 2016 and now noticed how calm i am ever since.
I praise God for delivering my from the spirit of Anger and postponding things .Hallelujah amen.


189 Akua 01.08.16 at 6:04 pm

I thank God for his grace upon my life, I got promoted just in December. My organization had vacancies for only 17 although the applicants were over 100. I went through 3phases of the assessment, just before I entered the room for the 3rd phase I prayed the 7th targeted prayer for November 2015: Oh God arise and fight my battles for me in the name of Jesus. Honestly this was the section I was worried about, but God took absolute control and there I knew it was the holy spirit at work, as I was giving good answers to the questions from the panel to God be the glory.



190 K 01.10.16 at 1:42 pm

Hello I been doing your prayer on this site for while I have had changes being happen from them in the beginning.I had something happen six months ago one night I prayed the bullets.Then I went to sleep and woke up and I start hearing voices.I also me vision was distorted.


191 Sister Dee 01.12.16 at 1:40 am

Dear Elisha,
In December I listed to a sermon that said if you seek God in prayer and fasting for 30 day HE will surely do something -I said I’ll do a 30 day fast in Jan but I didn’t know how I will do it. I prayed and asked God to guide me. I spoke to a friend about it who told the husband. On hearing that he sent the 27 minutes blue print to my husband and that’s how God answered my prayer. I have prayed and followed it. this is what The Lord is doing;
1 – on the 1st day I dosed of during the day…and I dreamt I was powerfully praying for my husband and daughter…I woke up and dosed again I dreamt it again…I remembered the twin mentioned in the blue print and believed The Lord wants me to focus on my family during this fasting and praying and I have been doing so…praying a prayer bullet 3 times each time changing ‘I ‘ for my husband and daughters name.
2- my marriage of less than a year was on the rocks…..even we never really enjoyed our honeymoon. On the Saturday, 2nd…the prayer bullet no: 9 I prayed it and demonstrated in my whole house. the following morning my husband woke up and took a pot(decorative with dry plants) we had in our living room and threw it. Remember he was asleep when I did the prayers. He didn’t know. When I ask why he said he saw it and just hated it and wanted it out. That evening my husband and I for the first time in a very long time we sat and spoke, reconciled, we even wondered why we never understood each other before….our love for each other is back…God is doing a new thing.
3- my husband dreamt the same dream 2 days in a row. He say he was in the village -his mothers side – on top of a hill and when he looked down he saw people from that side with 3 cows down the hill one was a black bull, the purpose was for something to do with me. He didn’t like it. He was watching from a far….the he kept seeing in the dream our wedding reception.
4- I dreamt I was fighting with a rat to get it out of my house, the 1st time it returned, the 2nd time it got stuck on my hand and it didn’t want to let go, it returned . The 3rd time it hit the wall out side our house and the door banged so loudly. Now, the following day my husband dreamt their was a trail of cockroach and he followed it and he found like-dorm with like a million cockroach and I rat seated relaxed in the middle. He wondered we have tried all we could but cockroach kept coming back so this is where your coming from…then he woke up…………..May I say that we have been having a big problem with cockroach. Tried everything with no results. We are heavy in debt. We tried selling a house but the buyer pulled off at the last minute. We are trying to sell a land it too we are not getting a buyer.

I know God is doing a new thing and exposing secrets we didn’t know. My marriage is bliss. I thank God for the strength to go through the Esther fast, and the daily fasting even though am breastfeeding. My daughter got sick on 3rd and couldn’t eat she only wanted to breastfeed I ask God for strength and prayed for My daughter the same day she got healed.


192 Naki 01.12.16 at 5:31 am

We thank God that we were able to storm the gates of 2016.
Last year i was advised that my kt would not be renewed and have since been waiting for management to get back to me. Then one day the MD advised me that in the absence of a new kt we should continue to use the provisions of the old kt. Now i have been advised that the person – HR manager that refused to renew my kt is leaving the company.
Will Continue to wait on God.


193 Johanna 01.12.16 at 8:21 pm

Praise God our Father.Iwas privaledged to complete the 2016 Storming the Gate prayers.It was not easy every midnight to get up as i am an elderly person.But God helped me and god up at 5am to start praing and praising God.I held my petitions before God and are waiting for all I have asked.Because with Him nothing is impossible.I have a very geat expectation in my spirit tha I have never experienced before.I praise God.Thank God for this website as I have learned to pray targeted prayes which work.I look forward to a bright 2015.God bless you all.


194 cjrina 01.13.16 at 6:16 am

Praise the lord storming the gates@2016 has been the best my husband resigned from his job only to find one two days later my kids school bags and stationary came all the way from Australia praise god as I was asking for big doors to open in my life the little doors that I was only thinking about haven’t actually prayed about God started openingevery little details God took care of ,I thank god for Elisha’s life God bless you. I am a full time mum in the day and prayer worrier by night I am a mother to a toddler that Iam breastfeeding with a teenager and a five year old,God just made people to bring in readymade food ,helpers during the 14 days . I was able to compete the 14 days god was there from the first day of storming the gates till day 14 praise the lord the lord really works thru these prayer


195 Isabel 01.13.16 at 10:06 am

please help im having challenges with accessing anything on my profile. there is an icon which says to access my materials below but then its blank. i paid on sunday 10 jan 2016 but i havent received any materials since. please im really panicking now. maybe i paid on the wrong website. on the members forum its also blank save for a picture thats just written members forum.


196 Margaret Kenda Otolo 01.15.16 at 1:41 am

Praise be to God in Him we are what we are today. It is by His Grace. I thank God for storming the Gate of the year of our Lord 2016. I give him all the Glory and Honour for he is worth of all Praise. Glory be to God. Amen.


197 Webster M. 01.15.16 at 3:26 am

Praise the Lord for elisha and all prayer eagles from around 117 countries around the globe. I am so blessed for all the teachings I have received from Firesprings Ministries, who I must admit appeared suspicious (because of the many-too-good-to-be-true testimonies) when I has led by the Holy Spirit to the site.
I have enjoyed the Prayer Academy (redoing it ), Golden Journey 2015 and 27 Minutes to Midnight 2016 Edition.
Presenting my case before the Lord, setting forth my arguments, I cannot wait to be part of the ONLY SAPPHIRE program in 2016.
My top most desire from the list is to be so close to Jesus and hear every word He is telling me. To clearly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit instructing me what to do.


198 sibongile Dlamini 01.15.16 at 10:39 am

Thanks a lot. Amen and amen.


199 Joanna 01.17.16 at 12:26 am

My sister told me of a dream she had. She dreamt of a horse with wings like a unicorn. It’s head was that of a skull..you can see the hollow of its eyes…a skull. What could this mean? I have to add that my sister dreamt of me moving into an apartment of my own, and the very next week, I moved.


200 Eun 01.17.16 at 7:09 am

Praise report!

I purposed to break the partial fasts daily with holy communion with my child, and prayed the following prayer…

Let the blood flush out of me all inherited or self-acquired evil deposits in my system

The last 3days, I.e., day 12, day13 and day14 I noticed a flush out from my body system – it was not yet the calendar date for the menses.

Surely, I believe God has done it again … no wonder am finding favour where I was meant to be disgraced and ashamed. I thank the Lord God for cleaning up my system if deposits.



201 Betty severa 01.17.16 at 9:28 am

Dear Eagles
I’m very delighted for sweet things God has done in my life since I joined prayer academy last year 2015.I,m expectant for more exploit this year 2016 together with the whole fire springs Family.God bless you all.
Betty Severa.


202 unkanta 01.17.16 at 3:02 pm

Greetings, people of God. And God increase this ministry more and more.
I urgently need prayer points to deliver me from from unconscious witchrafts as I dreamt of myself flying, eating and drinking on different occasions . Also sex in the dream. Thngs have been hard and difficult with me and unknown to me I was being used in a coven and all my blessings blocked. I’ve worked for 1s months with nothing to show for it. All I have is debt after debt. I believe my money is being used in a coven. Please I need urgen targeted prayers to deliver myself tonight as I’m also tired of this situation!
I also need help with joining the prayer academy as I dnt have a credit card and my country nigeria and d currency not available on d WU site. Thank you very much.


203 Eun 01.18.16 at 10:35 am

Today I was abused with nasty and cruel words for standing up against the poor and the oppressed. I call upon Intercessors from the East, West, North, South of the earth to stand in the gap with me in Jesus name!


ILU2 Reply:

“So do not throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded.” Hebrew 10:35.


204 Amos Lekgetho 01.18.16 at 1:15 pm

Good Morning Saints and Elisha Goodman. I have leanrt a lot since discovering this prayer-tutorial site. I used to purchase books in a bid to learn how to pray. I would buy a book that has a title Prayer…or, How to pray…or, such staff…but these would all not be crafted to teach a learner for they would all be like they’re teaching a full blown born again. This site has taught me prayer and Christian spirituality like an elementary pupil.. on all areas…what it means to pray…how to pray…crafting a prayer point…different circumstances for prayer and different prayers for their own circumstances…fasting and its different types…and most importantly…that I can stand up and call GOD rather than be desperate to get someone ‘annoited’ to do it for me. I read the Bible (and I enjoy it) as if I am going for an examination and I am now able to figure out how to create a prayer point from scripture. I shall be joining the Prayer Academy this year and I know I shall lead the prayers warriors at our ministry to great heights!! In Jesus Name.


205 okeri2000 01.19.16 at 2:32 am

At 12 years in 2013 my son started hanging out with wrong company and he ended up taking money from me and the situation really get out of hand that I could not control him as he would not listen to anyone not even the police friend I brought home to scare him off. At 13 years in 2014 we have decided to take him out of the city into a small boarding school at a farm. The next year after in 2015 I took him to the boarding school I came across your site and I started firing those bullets and in June the 25th I registered for Prayer Academy and I took part in all the other programs. My son went to his father for December holiday last year and I have notice the changes as he was coming back for holidays that little by little he is turning into a different person. On the 19th of January 2016 I have received this message from his father after they have spent the December holiday together. I go like this:
Una thank you for raising Okeri to be an understanding, polite, considerate and most importantly respectful and God fearing gentleman. I must admit is a huge challenge for me to lead by his example but I will try my best. He is a true gentleman. My reply to him was as follows: Indeed he is, and all the thanks should go to God. He is the one who did the miracle, I just pray that he should change him and He gave us a whole package and I can’t thank Him enough indeed He is a God of wonders.
This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.


206 Ruzina 01.19.16 at 4:59 am

Calvary Greetings Eagles,
So last night after doing the midnight prayers I went to bed and slept.I then dreamt that there was this huge woman standing over my bed,she was staring at me,she looked scary,I don’t know how I got up from the bed(in the dream) but I put my hand on her face and started pushing her until she was bending over backwards.

Now I want her dead,I don’t know what this dream means but whatever this thing is I want it dead.Please pray with me and if you could please advice what prayer points to use.I will also go back to the emails Elisha sent us about dreams and check the prayer points he has sent us .

Stay Blessed.


nikko Reply:

Let every power, spirit and cohorts of the enemy assigned to monitor my life in the dream, receive the divine judgement of God by fire in Jesus name

Every evil eye assigned to watch over my life in the spiritual realm, be struck by double blindness by the blood of Jesus

Every agent of the enemy monitoring my life, be struck by the thunder bolts of the Lord; fall down, perish and die in Jesus name

By force I unseat by fire all evil powers stationed to watch over me, be buried by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name

Have no fear sister


207 Golde 01.19.16 at 9:32 am

Thank you Man of God and all the prayer Eagles.


208 uduakobong 01.19.16 at 7:41 pm

Good morning all. I have been praying at midnights with the prayer bullets I know to deliver myself from an unconscious witchcraft as I have been dreaming about it. But, my dreams haven’t changed much. What I’m I doing wrong or not doing? Please does anyone know of any powerful bullet used for such a situation. Please help share it. I need it urgently. Thank you. God bless brother Elisha and the team.


209 Freda 01.20.16 at 2:12 am

As I move closer and closer in my walk with God, the enemy is hitting me.
I have been unwell since 31st December, 2015 with the most unimaginable pain in my stomach. It was so bad that I could not join in for the 27 Minutes to Midnight (2016) prayers.Doctors are still trying to establish what could be wrong, as the ultrasound scan revealed that all was normal.
I writhe in pain, especially between 23:00hours and 03:00 hours. The pain is sometimes too much to bear.
I feel this is a demonic attack.
The devil is a liar.
Brothers and Sisters, pray with me for my healing in the mighty Name of Jesus and let us shame the devil.


ILU2 Reply:

“No weapons forged against you will prevail……Isaiah 54:17.


Unicie Reply:

By His stripes our sister Freda is healed in Jesus mighty Name! Thre is nothing too hard for our Lord to do for us His children so accept His healing now my sister in Jesus’ name.


210 Paulina Mahlangu 01.21.16 at 12:51 am

I stormed de gate of 2016 with everyone n now what happening is I am tormented by de spirit of prosponing my plans…


Webster M. Reply:

Eagle Paulina,
Remember we have the power to trample over the power of the enemy in the name of Jesus. Refuse to be derailed in the name of Jesus. Pray using this verse in the bible; Luke 10:19 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you”


ILU2 Reply:

“Oh power and glory of God overshadow your daughter Paulina, in the name of Jesus.” Amen!


Paulina Mahlangu Reply:



211 nikko 01.23.16 at 1:07 am

The devil is a liar folks….
I’ve tried to come up with a logic reason as to how my left hand got into excruciating pain and all i have is nothing.
Few days ago i noticed my left hand was paining, but i did not pay attention as such, then the pain got worse and i started to rethink if i slept on it wrongly or if i got hit and did not notice, i even revisited my dreams and nothing come up to explain the pain. And more so to it, there was no swelling on the hand.
Then i said to myself i need healing prayers, and Holy Spirit was like “you gat the Caleb book” and at midnight of the 20th Jan i went into action.
I did the 1st set of prayers in the Caleb book beginning with the confessions. The following day 21st i was working nightshift & desperate for quick relieve from this pain since while on duty i realized that my hand now was becoming numb, i was wondering what prayers to fire for i did not have the Caleb book with me at work.
Again Holy Spirit lead me to dig up for and email Elisha had previously sent out of a sister who used 6 bullets for healing her sister under the title “Hope you never need to use these 6 prayers”
On my break time 0100-0200 i went to one of the training rooms and sent the message back using those bullets not caring who heard me since i was at work in uniform
After 30 mins into prayer i fell asleep and what woke me only surprised me rather than shocking me, i felt as if there was an earthquake and my body was literally shaken and wondered if there was a real earthquake and a voice asked me “what did you ask for?”
While deep into prayer i had fired also this bullet “Let the divine earthquake of deliverance walk 4 generations back and shake out all evil ancestral health problems out of my foundations in Jesus name”
By the time my shift was ending that is 0800 the pain in my hand had subsided but the numbness on it had not gone
As i was going home still amazed at how God responded to my prayers and wondering what next to pray over the numbness, the voice come back and screamed, “ATTACK THE SPIRIT OF PARALYSIS”
When i got home by 0900 i fired 1 bullet only to attack the spirit of paralysis until the Holy Spirit stopped me, as i write to you this, my hand has been healed, no pain or numbness, am only praying anti counter attacks prayers and praising Jesus


212 alahai 01.29.16 at 4:37 am

Dear prayer advisors and eagles,

Please help me to get details for registering for the Sapphire editions. This includes the bank details and whose name to write to.

I am burning to register. I should have long since but did not have the money.
God bless you all


213 alahai 01.29.16 at 4:53 am

Dear Eagles,

Help me to pray for my son who has still not got a proper job. He is married and his wife is expecting a baby vey soon. I am carrying all the burden on me.


214 Unicie 01.31.16 at 2:56 am

Today I give the Lord thanks and praise for allowing me to see the last day of January 2016. It has been quite a journey and the Lord has been faithful. Since November 2015 when I was diagnosed with diseases in both kidneys I have been praying for complete healing and removal of these generational curses – glaucoma, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, mental illness, kidney problems from our family DNA. I seem to be afflicted with most of them and the more I prayed the worse I seem to get. I realize that satan was using reinforcements to undo what God has done. Bro Elisha thank God for allowing us to join the Prayer Academy which has taken us to new realms of prayer.The devil used discouragement on me when I looked at my feet and saw how badly swollen they were after months of prayer and thanksgiving. I went to sleep after my feet were attended to and massaged and were still swollen and painful. I got a good sleep but when I woke I had one of the most painful muscle contracts in my left foot and I could not walk. I prayed and cried to the Lord and asked why He was allowing me to suffer so many things. What was I doing wrong? The Holy Spirit brought one Prayer bullet to me and I fired it repeatedly…spirit of death and the grave go back to your sender and be swallowed and die in Jesus’ name. Within a few moments I could feel the muscles on the top of my foot relax and I was able to walk. Praise God! The Lord then led me to repeat at the midnight hour the Prayers of Day 7 of the 10-day Preparation Prayers and I zeroed in on , “O Lord convert every sickness in my life to divine health in Jesus’ name and “Let your holy angels surround me and my family; let your wall of fire be built around me and my family;Let the Blood of Jesus cover us every step of the way in Jesus name”. I could feel the anointing of God come over me and I just praised His holy Name. I know the Lord is in favour of these prayers because He wakes me up and strengthens me for participation in the prayers at the midnight hour. I am confident that my testimonies will surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus’ name!


215 edinah 01.31.16 at 4:01 am

Hi Nikko Praise the Lord!!! powerful prayer points. Can u send me 6 prayer points used. Thanks alot n God bless u all


216 sylvie 02.01.16 at 2:01 am

I really appreciate the efforts of Elisha Man of God for all the targeted prayers that set us free from the kingdom of darkness. I recruited five of my friends to join prayer academy as they can see that I am an overcomer in Christ Jesus. I told them the secret is to go to the website


217 freda 02.06.16 at 9:02 am

Glory to God!


218 lydia 03.10.16 at 8:15 am

I give God all the glory. Last year in August 2015, they increased salary for other staff in my organisation except me and other collegue. i refused this and said the devil is going to vomit my increment double. i prayed the 7 furious prayers for September and indeed, devil had to vomit my salary and i was increased double salary. Like that was not enough, organisation paid even the previous months they had not increased i.e August and September.

Later in Sept 2015, i joined the prayer Academy when i reached lesson 3, my husband who had left us to look for jobs in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Suddenly came back to us and said he had come back to be with his family. We were missing him but now we are happy as a family.

We joined 27minutes to midnight 2016, God opened wide door for the family. My Husband got good contract where they paid him deposit the first day to begin work. Surely he has surprised my friends and shocked my enemies.

Lastly my formed boss was almost fired me, has been fired without any benefits.


219 clarah shibira 05.20.16 at 9:18 am

The Lord Jesus helped me to storm into the gates of 2016. I have surely experienced the mighty hand and mercies of God who answers prayer:
1. I prayed for promotion in my workplace. Workers in the whole county had stagnated – had not been promoted for quite sometime and the workers in the department of Health Services had vowed to go on strike. A task force was put in place so that workers could be promoted between January and June 2016. What surprised me is that I was called from my office to join the task force. I really thank God because he made me to be part of this task force to enable me understand and appreciate what he has done for us as a county.
2. I also asked God to give us a plot of land that we as a family had taken care of for 30 years. We had asked the owner to sell to us the land many times, but he had declined. As I prayed I asked God to do it this year and glory to God, the owner accepted and sold the plot to us.

There were several items I had presented to God and believe that the almighty God who answers prayers will surely do so. Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets and encouragement you have always sent to my email. I realize that from January 2016, I have not received any email from you and I do not know what happened.

May God richly bless you and keep you in divine health.


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