Jesus is Risen: 3 Resurrection Prayers for You

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Sunday morning

while it was still dark…

Soldiers stationed at the tomb of
Jesus felt an intense earthquake.

Then they saw a great light.

A small star in the heavens
announced Christ’s birth…

And a powerful light announced his rebirth.

7 Verses of
Matthew Chapter 28

… capture this epic event:

1. After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day
of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went
to look at the tomb.

2. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel
of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb,
rolled back the stone and sat on it.

3. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes
were white as snow.

4. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook
and became like dead men.

5. The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know
that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.

6. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Come and see the place where he lay.

7. Then go quickly and tell his disciples:

‘He has RISEN from the dead and is going
ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.
Now I have told you.’

A great Bible commentator puts it this way:

“Today we remember a sudden burst of LIGHT that tore

the veil of the bleak and forlorn darkness of that Sunday morning…

Revealing a risen LORD and conquering Messiah who
defeated sin and death by crushing the head of the serpent.”

= = =

My prayer for you and your family is 3-fold:

  1.  Let evil stones be rolled away from your life and family in Jesus name.

  2.  And let the resurrection light shine upon every dark area of your life…

  3.  Let that same Power of Resurrection that raised JESUS CHRIST from the dead… begin to quicken every “dead” area of your life and breathe life anew into you and your loved ones… 

      In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen. 

 This Is Your Hour To Shine

It is the Season of Resurrection….

Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire puts it quite bluntly:

“The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and the end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, all bishops, priests, and Christian ministers should go home and get honest jobs, and all the Christian faithful should leave their churches immediately.

As Paul himself put it: “If Jesus is not raised from the dead, our preaching is in vain and we are the most pitiable of men.” It’s no good trying to explain the resurrection away or rationalize it as a myth, a symbol, or an inner subjective experience. None of that does justice to the novelty and sheer strangeness of the Biblical message.

It comes down finally to this: if Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke; if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option.”

= = =

Now, Christ was raised from the dead by the Power of Resurrection.

And that Power is still available to us today, as believers.

What is the evidence?

After He rose from the dead, He gave us this charge:


And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. – Mark 16:15-17 



Let’s see how our band of prayer eagles are responding to this divine mandate.

Today, the gospel of Jesus Christ is still being preached all over the earth.

Take away the gospel, and all you have left is a life without meaning…

… a hollow, worthless emptiness that so many are experiencing today.

Not so for the believer in Christ.

See an email I received a few hours ago:

My name is Wendy, I am contacting you from Johannesburg South Africa.  The Holy Spirit led me on a journey of spiritual discovery, which in turn led me to you about 2 months ago (March 2017) – and I must admit that was the greatest gift I could have ever received.
Now I know what people mean when they say “truly knowing God is a privilege.” I do not have any miraculous signs and wonders to report but the peace, contentment, joy and love I have in my heart since joining the Prayer Academy is something I have never ever experienced before – which in itself is a miracle.I am so excited about my future that I am about to burst – and I just had to tell you. I do not have the vocabulary to express my gratitude, all I can say is – Thank You Lord!
The gospel of Jesus Christ continues to change so many things in the world today.
It remains the only force powerful enough to change the hearts and conditions of people.
Wherever the gospel has gone it has miraculously changed lives. The gospel brought education, hospitals, and all that is good about Western civilisation.
It was the gospel that drove the nail into the coffin of slavery with one powerful phrase.
It was the gospel that raised the status of women.
Yes, the gospel is the great leveller.
Today the gospel message still saves, heals and delivers. 
Listen to this:

*** We Refused the Doctor’s Report ***

“I prayed for my relative who had an accident in November 2015 and was admitted in ICU, it was a bad accident because after staying in ICU for almost a month with no improvement the doctors decided to shut the machine but we refused and I started the midnight prayers and prayed firing the bullets violently. We refused doctors report and continued praying for his healing. I thank God because on 29th January he was discharged out of hospital totally healed.

– Rosemary


** No Dialysis, No Blood Transfusion Needed **

My God is a miracle worker !! I stormed the gates f 2016 using the prayer points you sent Elisha , within 2 weeks of January 2016 I bought a car , God is great. In 2014 my dad was diagnosed with a kidney disease ,the Dr said that he needed dialysis and I told my dad that am going to do something that will restore your health, I did the Esther fast and as I speak now his kidney condition was reversed with no dialysis ,no blood transfusion. The Dr had suggested to do various things but he did less, Jesus healed him. – Shamin

** Jobless No More **

These are the same prayers I prayed. I had no job for close to 8 months. I used to go for interviews but no responses were coming. I prayed these prayer bullets with fasting and I thank God for prayers answered. I now have a job. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ. – Janet

** More Brand New Jobs **

I was introduced to your website, though I am not yet a member, last wk I did a 3-day Esther Fast, and my daughter in UK gt a job as an Administration Finance officer. This week I continued with my fast and just now my daughter sent me a msg saying her husband got a job as a payroll officer, I can’t believe it. All these prayers answered I got them on my 2nd day fast. Praise God.

- Thoko



Praise the LORD.

HE has empowered believers to go out and touch the world with our Resurrection Prayers to…

- make dead things come alive.

– restore what has been lost or stolen

– reverse the decree of death

- draw you closer to the Lord

- break every chain and stronghold of the enemy

… all because of the Power of Resurrection, made available to you and me through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Because Christ is
risen from the dead…


You and me … and the entire Body of Christ …

… we’re called  to be living examples of that Power of Resurrection at work in every area of life.

Please don’t settle for less!

Learn to speak the words of resurrection (through relentless prayer) into every area of your life … even if in the natural it appears many things are dead and buried.

Romans 4:17:

(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him 
whom he believed, even God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were.

YOU have been given the POWER (in the name of the risen Lord) to speak life to dead things… using your mouth the way God does.

That, my friend, is your secret passcode into the supernatural in this season.

Be An Overcomer


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this Resurrection Season.

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Once Again, Happy Resurrection Day!



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1 Nomfundo 04.16.17 at 3:41 pm

Amen, I am blessed already just reading this post and the 3 Resurrection prayer points. Really this a season of resurrection and I know for me a lot has been dead and needs to be resurrected to Life!

Thank you Lord.


philip Reply:

Happy easter,God bless you
Pray without ceasing,God answers prayers by fire.


2 Yeko Justine 04.16.17 at 4:09 pm

Thank you Lord Jesus.Tonight Lord am very great full.tonight you have kept me awake.and the Resurrection prayers has been a great gift tonight.Father Lord God all I can say is that you are with me always.i am thankful.You help me to stand on my feet even when I feel a day is going to be tough but I come through and I come through is not by me.but by your power of Love.Amen.


3 Sam Justin 04.16.17 at 4:13 pm

If you know my God ,truly great exploits are yours.As i write this comment im on night shift.I went for interview last year Dec, got the job but on the day to start a certain manager just sacked me for no reason, i never worked.That day i got a prayer from Elishagoodman.It said any battle at the edge of my brrakthrough scatter by fire in Jesus christ name.To cut the story short after praying midnights for three days the firm called me.The manager who wanted to divert my jobresigned im on the seat which he used to seat on.


4 Teresa 04.16.17 at 4:13 pm

Happy Easter to you too and your team,feeling thankfull to almighty being part of this eagels team,my prayer life has really changed since i joined you,i didnt know i can become a prayer worrior or fighter may God bless you Elisha,please help me with some prayer points of well paying job and those points of breaking poverty i will apreciate,God bless you


Ethel Reply:

Thank you Lord !Thank you,by your Resurrection,I am cleansed and made stronger.I beleive doors will open for my children in The Mighty name of Jesus!
Ethel´s last [type] ..Jesus is Risen: 3 Resurrection Prayers for You


Rosemary Gweshe Reply:

As he has risen everything about you is also awake just say hossana hossana


Rosemary Gweshe Reply:

As he has risen everything about you is also awake just say hossana hossana. Happy Easter to everyone who is in Christ Jesus.


5 Victoria 04.16.17 at 4:21 pm

praise Jesus Bro. Elisha,
I stumbled into Bro Elisha’s website last month through a prayer partner who shared in our WhatsApp group.
I am a devout Catholic but the spirit of the Lord led me to You
The prayers and spiritual teachings your share have richly blessed me.
Have been firing them at the midnight hour, coupled with a fast and I believe the Lord will answer my prayers (I have huge debts,I intended to sell a property to offset the debts, but I have not got a buyer to date)
praying for a financial breakthrough, I have an intense desire to join the Academy.
May the risen Jesus bless you abundantly.
Victoria- Kenya


6 sandra 04.16.17 at 4:31 pm

Calvary greetings to all. I thank God for bringing me to this site where people are taught how to pray for themselves instead of relying on men of God to pray for them.
I am believing God for debt relief and healing fom a chronic illness which I have had for sometime now. May God continue to bless you and to use you for Hisbown glory.


7 Sylvia 04.16.17 at 4:32 pm

Praise the Lord thank you so much Lord. I believe and I receive in Jesus name, my testimonies will surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus name. May the Almighty God our Father multiply us all in the body of Christ. HALLELUJAH!!!! HE IS RISEN FOREVER GLORIFIED KING JESUS IS RISEN HALLELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH!!! KING JESUS!! KING JESUS!!!


8 Hope Ogboru 04.16.17 at 4:40 pm

Happy resurrection day man of God for time messages has been a source of inspiration to me and my children. Am so blessed to have known this site


9 Elinah 04.16.17 at 4:51 pm

Dear Elisha lm priviledged to have this opportunity to thank God for my life.May the good Lord bless you all. My prayer life has never been the same ever since l got to know about this site .To God be the glory.


10 Doris muindi 04.16.17 at 5:09 pm

dear Elisha, Calvary greetings in Christ Jesus. Am overwhelmed by by the goodness n peace of God ever since l started my PA lessons n midnight prayer bullets. My prayer life has totally changed n l yearn to consume the double sword word of God every other minute.l have immeasurable peace n mad in firing the bullets at son’s divorce was eminent but l asked him,his wife n my hubby to give me just a minute to pray with them before they parted.They accepted n l fired the bullet like a wounded lion. Guess what! from that moment up to now they are together n in peace.The old serpent was disgrace! l will pray until the counterfeits are defeated! Hallelujah! God bless Elisha,long live this site.doris


angela Reply:

thank God for the prayers,will continue firing the midnight bullets and am trusting God that my marriage shall be restored in Jesus name.


11 Betty S Maramane 04.16.17 at 5:17 pm

Happy ressurection day to you and all those who fight the enemy with God’s Sword ( The Word ) for it is their gift from their Heavenly Father to open closed doors ,and this is God,s time for us to get back what has been stolen from us Ma double double The Annoiting is just too too much Luv you all Amen


12 Felly 04.16.17 at 5:55 pm

Thank you Jesus, Happy Resurrection Day.


13 Sindiswa Ndebele 04.16.17 at 6:08 pm

Jesus is risen with the new and hiden ability to make my life a testimony . Since I joined the webside I am really expirincing God in a new way that even in the clinic when going to thecheck up I started ministering. The service in the church becomes fire because I deal with the service at night .Bless God that from now my faith is deep I dond doubt and every become allright.God is real the Cross of calvary is real and the power of ressurection is real Amen


14 A 04.16.17 at 7:02 pm

Prayer Academy has changed my life. I was almost locked up but the Lord of Elijah saved me from shame and disgrace. Thank you for dying for me Jesus on the cross of Calvary.


15 Balebetse Moloko 04.16.17 at 10:06 pm

This ts what I was preaching this Sunday morning but choose the following books:-
Mark 16:1-20 main passage.
a) Verse 1-11 he appeared first to Mary Magdalene. We read also John 20:11-18.
b) Verse 12-13 he appeared to two men.
c) Verse 14-20 he appeared to the 11. We read also John : 19-23; Luke24:36-49; Matthew 28:16-20. To show the Church the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ reading the verses or the reports from the eyewitnesses.


16 Balebetse Moloko 04.16.17 at 10:13 pm

That is very good information about resurrection of Jesus Christ I shared the some thing this morning.


17 Augusto 04.16.17 at 10:38 pm

All I can say is thank you ,, thank you , thank you Lord



18 basani 04.17.17 at 12:18 am

Amen!! Powerful prayer’s !! The same power that conquered the grave is in me. Hallelujah!


19 Roseline A 04.17.17 at 12:32 am

It is all about JESUS
HE is Alive
Death could not hold him down.
God bless you my prayer Coach


20 Babalwa 04.17.17 at 1:26 am

As for Jesus He is just amazing. I had a dead career for decades until my sister in Christ intriduced me to Fire Spring Ministries. I have always desired to put the Word of God to test on my own without seeking prayer from someone. Ohhh my God He answered by fire. I have been changing jobs and more blessings. He is alive, Halleluyah.


21 Elizabeth 04.17.17 at 1:37 am

Joy To the World, the Lord has Risen, He is alive.
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord , its your Blood that makes
a diffirence in me.
Thank you Lord for Elisha .
God Bless us all.
A peacefull Easter To all my Brothers and Sister in the World.
Elizabeth ( Germany)


22 TINY 04.17.17 at 2:00 am

I thank God for His Love, the blood that never lose its Power and the resurrection power . He is risen we are therefore safe as this is proof of all that Jesus claimed to be.Halleluya! Thank you Elisha for this powerful ministry, some of us haven’t spirispiritually been enlightened in this ministry. May God’s foerever increase and sustain you.


23 Cynthia 04.17.17 at 2:08 am

Amen and Amen! Its indeed a season of resurrection. I speak the resurrection power over my finances in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


24 Lucy 04.17.17 at 2:28 am

Thank God for the emails, I always read through them and get encouraged. I have not been able to join the Prayer Academy yet, but through these constant emails I see a big difference in my life since I stumbled on your website on the midnight of March the 5th.
Thank you, and keep the encouragement coming.


25 Ngela 04.17.17 at 2:28 am

Thank God for the teachings and for the resurrection prayers. My prayer Is that every dead area in my life shall resurrect I Jesus name. Am trusting God for a break through in my life. Am looking forward to joining the prayer academy and trust that all that the devil has stolen in my life shall be restored in Jesus name. God bless you man of God.


26 joyce 04.17.17 at 2:31 am

Jesus Is Alive the grave could not hold Him , And l thank God because that is why Am the way l Am today, And l will leave for Him until my last breath ,l will never compromise no matter what , l will worship my dear Lord ,


27 Rosemary 04.17.17 at 2:32 am

Am grateful to God for Elisha goodman and the anointing upon all the prayer eagles . Our Jesus is alive and he’s the winner man amen.


28 Rosemary 04.17.17 at 2:34 am

Wish to join the prayer academy soon


29 Sego 04.17.17 at 2:40 am

As I read this, i just received disappointing news that i have failed a course I’ve been waiting results for, thanx to the power of resurrection made available to me this morning, I am not a failure before God, but more than a conqueror. The devil thinks he has defeated me and my career, he got it all wrong. I shall testify brethren.


Unicie Reply:

Hallelujah! There is no failure in Jesus!
You will be victorious the next time in Jesus name!


30 Farai 04.17.17 at 2:51 am

I am humbled, truly the Holy Spirit is working in us in a mighty way, your email came just as I was about to go into a prayer riot at midnight so I did not open it as I was already charged and ready for war, but surprisingly what the Holy Spirit led me to pray about is exactly what I have just read in your mail, this alone confirms that power of the Living God working in us. I can confirm that last night was not ordinary, I felt new power within me, new holy anger in me, yes the spiritual giant in me that has been dead rose back to life yesterday and I am going through every grave ripping it open and reclaiming each and every dead area of my life and that of my family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit showed me what we lost as a family from my father right up us and I boiled with anger reclaiming everything including roaming unclaimed blessings in the heavenly places. It is my duty to recover every stolen, lost and dead blessings in our lives, yes the Holy Spirit said we are in the season of RESTORATION, RECOVERY AND RESURRECTION, and those shall surely manifest in my family in the the land of the living in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and midnight prayers have become a life style to me now.
No apologies the devil touched a wrong person.


31 lebonemo 04.17.17 at 3:07 am

Thank God for such wonderful words reminding us that we have a duty to Speak ressurection in every area of our lives and our loved ones. And we have been given the power to do so. I believe the same Power of Resurrection that Raised Lord Jesus is working in my life in a peculiar way and i feel it that soon i will be celebrating a greater and much anticipated breakthrough in my life just by speaking the word of resurrection in areas of my life and with Faith.

Thank You Elisha
Moletsane (South Africa)


Theresa Reply:

Hi Lebone

I am so happy to have someone close to home, I need a prayer

Hoping to hear from you soon.


32 Agnes 04.17.17 at 3:25 am

Praise to the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the resurrection power. I am encouraged by the 3 resurrection prayers. I am believing God to roll away the stone from my husband’s work anf our family. He easily lose jobs and takes long to get. I remember a prayer bullet which was shared sometime back buy a prayer eagle who was talking about her husband not having a job and it had words like, ‘being the head of family, let his job come and her husband got a job.’ I believe someone has it, please send it to me and any other prayer bullets for that challenge. It must permanently go!


33 Bongi 04.17.17 at 4:01 am

Thank you Jesus for making our paths meet with Elisha Goodman I may still be unable to join the Prayer Academy but every email sent to us brings hope and reminds me of who I am in the eyes of my living heavenly Father. I believe every dead area in my life and the lives of my family members is resurrected my Jesus is RISEN


34 Vernon 04.17.17 at 4:07 am

Hi Elisha, thank you Man of God for the the prayer points. Unfortunately I have only opened my inbox now but the good thing is that these prayers remain potent with the resurrection power of our risen Lord. I am certainly going to wage war on all dead situations in my life, in my flesh n in my spirit. I ‘ve not yet joined the prayer academy, my time for it will come as I’m presently still with Prayersfire prayer altar. Thank you servant of our God for keeping us in your thoughts n prayers. May God prosper n enlarge you in every area of your life for the your Stirling service in His kingdom. Amen.


35 Benjamin 04.17.17 at 4:19 am

your prayer has help me alot i was introduce by my señor Brother from 2014 i have use and help others also. May the lord Bless you and increase you. i have a call of God but some people stood that they will make sure that i could not forfilled it. I thank God whatever they did couldnnot hold becuase God anointed his people for his perposed. now i wanted to start my ministey very son


36 Dr: MM 04.17.17 at 4:27 am

Pastor Elisha,
I praise God. What an enrichment to the Body of Christ!
No words that I pen down here can ever express my gratitude to the Master Shepherd for ushering you in to my life. Happy resurrection day, and may Elohim order each step that you take.


37 Ijeoma 04.17.17 at 5:19 am

Thank you Jesus


38 Lilian 04.17.17 at 5:28 am

Amen and amen. Indeed Christ is risen, He is risen indeed. The grave is empty. Thank you Jesus.


39 Patra 04.17.17 at 5:48 am

Hellow Elisha and my fellow prayer warriors. I can’t explain how grateful I am to God who did thousands of miracles to me. Thank you Lord for this website. God bless us all. God is able for sure.


40 Eleanor Augustin 04.17.17 at 5:48 am

I Thank God for the Ministry God has called you into and Thank God for Your Life. I am Amazed and it is Unbelievable to know that there exist someone would share such depth of revelations from God with no Strings attached (in terms of no fee/charge to access. Your emails alone contain Powerful Annointing to Deliver anyone from the grips of the enemy (satan). I am beginning to wonder whether you are one of the Prophets sent directly from God to Direct, Deliver and Openly Reveal Who we are in Jesus Christ. God Continue to Bless You , Family and All those who support your Ministry. THANK YOU


41 Bongiwe 04.17.17 at 5:55 am

Thank God for the teachings and prayers about resurrection. I am greatfully to God for you and my pastors. People who are really interested about our progress in life through Christ Jesus. He is risen and so is every part of my life that was sick or dead in Jesus’Name. Amen. Bless you Man of God


42 Esther 04.17.17 at 6:09 am

Dear Elisha Good Man,
l am privileged to have this opportunity to thank God for his resurrection in my life.May the good Lord bless you all. My prayer life has never been the same ever since l got to know about this site .To God be the glory.
I just want to share my testimony, I stormed the gates of 2017 with fasting and prayers you sent after being jobless for four months. After every day’s prayer, I used to tell God that I must get a job by the end of January, that i will not be in the house again in February. Our God is faithful. He gave me a job at the exact time I requested him. I reported to my new job on 1st of February. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ.


43 Esther 04.17.17 at 6:19 am

Amen Amen Amen he is no longer dead.Thanks prayer coach for those very powerful missiles.Let everything that was dead in our lives hear the power of resurrection and come.forth.Prayer Academy is awesome I will never be the same again.


44 Sandra 04.17.17 at 6:24 am

Wow God is so great my marriage has resurrected with Jesus. My husband had left me but after starting midnight prayers my God answered me in a month he came back home and we are happy now with pur 2children. Thank you Jesus and elisha


45 Sandra 04.17.17 at 6:27 am

I want to work for God more and more. God I give my life to you. Use me as you want too my fathet. I just want to work for you.


46 Samukeliso Ndebele 04.17.17 at 7:15 am

He is risen! He is alive! He lives in me!

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives all my fear is gone!
Because I know, Oh yes I know he holds my future! And life is worth a living just because He lives!


47 Geezo 04.17.17 at 7:20 am

We have won the victory
Death could not hold Him down
He is the risen King


48 Chivimbiso Chani 04.17.17 at 7:21 am

Calvery Greetings to you all.

I thank God for the ressurrectiin power. Truely the ressurrection power is real. You cannot cage it. The moment I atarted going through this email and the ressurection prayer points, I just started shaking and trembling. I could not control myself.

Thank you for this Easter gift. Truely all things that were declared dead in my life has ressurrection by fire!

Praise the Lord. He is risen for sure!


49 Fr. J. Sebastian 04.17.17 at 7:31 am



efran Reply:

Amen to God be the Glory….


SisEsty Reply:

We glorify the Name of the Lord. amen


50 Mercy 04.17.17 at 7:52 am

I say a VERY BIG AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the three fold prayers. HAPPY EASTER CELEBRATION TO ALL EAGLES


51 Beverly Samuel 04.17.17 at 8:58 am

A Blessed Easter to all Christians, we still have hope in the risen Savior and we can tell the whole world that Our God reigns. What a wonderful story, so let us give our all for the one who gave His all. Praise the lord for his goodness towards us. Hallelujah!!


52 victoria 04.17.17 at 9:05 am

Praise the lord , indeed our lord and saviour Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and will never die again . He took the key of death and hell from the devil and in his resurrection we too have eternal life . the devil thought that it was over when our lord was buried , but to his disappointment God overturned his plans for evil to humanity to our benefit , finally humanity is /was justified back to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ ,( but one has to appropriate this privilege by accepting Jesus Christ as their lord and savoiur by believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and our reconciliation back to the father and confess with their months and invite Jesus to be lord of their lives ) .


53 Emmy Mokele 04.17.17 at 9:13 am

Thank Lord for the He has risen with every blessing
That was promised to me in the name of Jesus Christ,Amen.


54 Koko Nyananyo 04.17.17 at 9:42 am

Yes. Indeed this is my season of repositioning by the Almighty God from a lower cadre to a higher position. Thank you for the prayer points of resurrection. I pray every dead thing in Fire spring Ministry will be disappointed by the resurrection power


55 anne 04.17.17 at 9:48 am

I thank God for fire springs ministries. I cannot tell all that God has done for me through this ministry. I had experienced a lot of trouble in my marriage and I did not know what to do . Out of the blues prayers on the” two headed serpent” were sent into my in box and I embarked on them . The change was almost instant . I also recommend marriage restoration prayers to any one experiencing problems in their marriage. The prayers are priceless!
Fire springs ministries may God extend your territory in Jesus’ name Amen & Amen


56 Mmapula 04.17.17 at 10:58 am

Amen, to this powerful prayer of resurrection, I believe it will resurrect every dead area of my life in Jesus Christ name. Thank you man of God and your team for bringing hope to our lives. May God enrich you more and more with wisdom and power.
God bless


57 Judith 04.17.17 at 12:05 pm

Praise be to God Almighty. I must confess since i was introduced to this website by my sister my life has changed. The desire to know Christ more and more increases as i read emails. I was healed of depression and sleepleness nights . It is now 4 years since then. I have experienced growth. Apparently i have not enrolled in any academy for reasons i cannot tell. I have attempted twice and failed to pay. I’m purposing and i believe this obstacle will be overcome. I read about many testimonies here and i know.mine is coming but i have to overcome this obstacle. Join in praying for this. Blessings.


58 jacqueline adisa 04.17.17 at 12:40 pm

God your faithful..AMEN


59 NICHOLE DUNKLEY 04.17.17 at 1:08 pm

I thank you heavenly father that you here me cause i know you always here me. I give thanks to THE FATHER, THE SON YASHUA AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.AMEN


60 Selemo Raywell 04.17.17 at 1:19 pm

Jesus Christ of Nazareth Is my Lord and Saviour


61 Alfred 04.17.17 at 2:44 pm

Am so grateful to read this line of messages and I have found myself in a little corner and I am going to send my testimony very soon. But Elisha can i get the dream book please? Because I have more dreams of which sometimes i don’t know what does it mean.


62 tshepi 04.17.17 at 3:01 pm

My God is alive! Every dead area of my life is about to rise. Amen


63 sipiwe hlongwane 04.17.17 at 3:39 pm

God is risen Alleluya i am no longer the same again.


64 sipiwe hlongwane 04.17.17 at 3:42 pm

alleluia Son of God is risen


65 Charles Duro 04.17.17 at 3:57 pm

To Almighty God be all the glory, adoration, honor, and reverence, Amen. I have been praying to God for a new car since the manufacturer of my old car just revealed that there was something wrong with the cars they sold us. I just bought my dream car, a BMW because the car manufacturer agreed to buy back my old car for more than I paid for the car 3 years ago. Only God can make that possible.


66 Primrose 04.17.17 at 6:18 pm

I just want to thank God for the resurrection power in my iLife. I was distraught this afternoon 17 April as I started bleeding heavily. I had just turned 7 months pregnant and I found myself bleeding heavily with no cause. A few weeks back had been admitted. With a threatening miscarriage but God was faithful and sustained the pregnancy. Today I gave birth to a preterm baby boy and he is in a very stable condition. He fought with me the whole time even when I was growing weak but God strengthened me. I just want to praise the Almighty God, for such a blessing and his resurrection power than has shone on me . Elisha thank you so much for your emails and prayers which I have been following . I believe that I will be able to raise enough money soon and join the prayer academy


67 Jess 04.17.17 at 7:28 pm

I am praying for the new higher-paying job I applied for and for Jesus to turn things around for me. I am ready for the miracle and the breakthrough I have been praying and believing for!!! God bless all of you as well! Thank you Elisha for your guided prayers.


68 Rob Tucker 04.17.17 at 8:56 pm

What a Saviour ! What a Lord !! What a Season , that Passover and Easter is !!!
WHAT AN AWESOME GOD we serve !!!!…………………………Amen & Amen


69 Kennedy 04.17.17 at 9:14 pm

Calvary greetings to you brethren,
Please let us always put our faith in our Lord Jesus. He is the only way, the truth & the light.
Jesus conquered death and He lives forever. In Him we have found geeatness for He lives in us. He is our beautifier, who took away our shame and pain. He lives the reason why we shall face tomorrow.
Elisha goodman & entire firespring ministries you are a blessing. May the good Lord keep on guiding you and blessing you abanduntly so that you remain the light to this world. Many lives including mine have been changed through this ministries. You have taught us how to pray targeted prayers and ever since our lives have not remained the same. We thank God for you in Jesus Name.


70 Bongi 04.17.17 at 9:45 pm

God is so faithful I am so greatful as all dead things in my life are raised to life.This is my breakthrough season.


71 Annah 04.18.17 at 1:35 am

I thank you Lord for every thing.


72 Duncan 04.18.17 at 1:38 am

His risen and in us. Thanks to all prayer Eagles for the combined prayers over each other. We conquer in christ and bless Elisha for the continued words of fire which believe me are priceless am Joyous happy and blest. Praise Jesus


73 Iwhuff 04.18.17 at 2:13 am

Thank you Heavely Father!


74 carolyne 04.18.17 at 3:40 am

thank God for the three resurrection prayers. i need prayers for finances to get money for the prayer academy. have been praying for the financial breakthrough since last year, anytime i get close to getting the money the opened door is crash banged shut.


75 Ibironke 04.18.17 at 4:14 am

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me and my family. We give you praise and adoration. We thank you for sending your son to die for our sins. We have the assurance that the resurrection prayers will bring miracles to our problems no matter what the enemy has caused, we are sure of victory in Jesus name, Amen.


76 Angela 04.18.17 at 4:37 am

I have witnessed sch great peace, faith to go on even when life does not make sense and my gretat testimony is even at the door. May God continue to give mighty revelations for His sheep for His glory in Jesus name!!


77 Kaone 04.18.17 at 4:50 am

In deed He has Risen, HALLELUYA” I shall continue to sing HOSSANAH to the King of Kings … I will meet him there in Galilee!
I thank God for the Resurrection and Power that are in my life.
Thank God for Elisha for teaching me how to pray and being close to God in every minute of my life… My spiritual life has completely changed, I don’t miss my Midnight hour easily…. Our Lord is good and all the time the Lord is good, “That is His NATURE.. WOW!!!!


78 Anne 04.18.17 at 5:12 am

I woke up feeling discouraged in my career and life but I have purposed that resurrection is my mandate after reading this 3 Resurrection prayers, I am just telling myself, “no you cannot die, do not give up” I thank God for this site, it is a true life saver. Easter Greetings Bretheren.


79 SisEsty 04.18.17 at 6:02 am

Thank You Lord for these prayers. Help us Lord to position ourselves to receive your answers as we pray these prayers by faith in Jesus Name. Amen.


80 francina mabena 04.18.17 at 8:41 am

I am so grateful to have been sent a link by a colleague and subscribed, though no testimonies yet from my side, I am addicted to the midnight prayers and I know my redeemer lives, I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me, King David said he has never seen the righteous forsaken , my days of overcoming are near, all dead situations, finances, DIE NOW IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! Amen to the powerful prayer of Resurrection. Thank you Lord may you enlarge his ministry to all your children globally!
francina mabena´s last [type] ..Jesus is Risen: 3 Resurrection Prayers for You


81 Puleng Khoza 04.18.17 at 9:09 am

God always keeps his promise, He never disappoints


82 Latoya R 04.18.17 at 9:19 am

All Glory and Honour to Our Risen Lord! Indeed every dead thing in my life and that of my family has been raised to life through the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ! Thank God for Elisha Goodman and the entire family of Firesprings Ministries, I’m grateful to be apart of such an awesome family!


83 Sibongile S. Dlamini 04.18.17 at 9:35 am

Calvary greetings to you Elisha and all the workers at Firesprings Ministries. I thank God for your ministry of coaching saints to be prayer worriers in this world. I was introduced by a friend to this website in 2015. I must mention that at first I was taken aback because of the already prepared prayers and it felt like it was to religious. I pushed myself and I joined the Prayer Academy. Wow I started feeling light as if something had been removed and even thought waking up at midnight was quite an effort I would wake up and pray. I have not arrived but I am getting there and my life is now meaningful. I thank God for this ministry.


84 kemily 04.18.17 at 10:20 am

I thank God for this work. I am so grateful to God for the emails you send. They are really helping to get close to God. God bless u abundantly.


85 SONY 04.18.17 at 11:14 am

Thanks the LORD for his awesome mercy.who deliver me from strange sickness and infirmity
just for his promises in my life to comes to pass from the stronghold powers of evil principalities and their agents..
However,before thy LORD stumble me into this great prayer ministries. it was a great challenge and disgusting task i encountered.Rightnow, i must acknowledge that thy LORD has done extraordinary perhaps,marvelous things in mention but few.
Apparently.restore all my blessings Virtues.Glory.Destiny being buried or diverted.even
comes to witchcracft mark,rejection and labels in my life was cancel and nulified by power
of the Blood of Jesus Christ and he said i will surely be come what he created me to be in
life as long he LIVETH; in the name of Jesus Christ..Amen
Thanks you my LORD JESUS THE CHRIST..through the power of Resurrection light that shine upon every dark area of my life in Jesus name..Amennn..


86 Janis Moller 04.18.17 at 11:19 am

Thank God for these powerful prayers…My whole life is a new beginning this year of 2017…a higher flight and more secure in what I see and do…righteous prayers are like the steps of the golden ladder reaching into heaven which Jacob saw, taking us into the presence of our Father.


87 milcah 04.18.17 at 11:45 am

Praise God!
Thank God for the way you write to us without getting tired. May God bless you.
Am blessed by the testimonies. Am a single mother remember me in your prayers. Amen


88 kathy 04.18.17 at 1:01 pm

Am encouraged by all your posts. Surely may God bless you alll..Am still believing for a breakthrough restoration n ressurection for my marriage career n my hubby as well

May God do a new thing this season


89 Stanley Sefolo 04.18.17 at 1:28 pm

It is true that we left all our buerdens to the cross , we are new creatures of the Lord we are clean and prepared to serve the Lord without sin. Everything that the devil stole from us will be returned all closed doors before us will be opened in Jesus Christ’s name Amen


90 Bandy 04.18.17 at 5:26 pm

Woow..thank God for such a powerful and insightful coaching. May God continue to use you. I truly believe that as I embark on these resurrection prayers, my situation will also change.


91 Peris Mureithi 04.18.17 at 5:28 pm

I thank God so Much for the teachings and revelation of so much I didn’t no know before
I thank God for Elisha for teaching us how to pray
Am so blessed and I Know​ God will bless me to the extent that he will surprise my friends and shock my enemies


92 God's beloved Daughter 04.19.17 at 1:17 am

Calvary greetings to all the wonderful eagles praying tirelessly around the world.I touch and agree with you this morning…that there will be a massive revival this year.that even the gays will be delivered from that principality.lets all remember to pray against that homosexual spirit,its a raging spirit destroying this my workplace,I want to reach out to them,I don’t know how…Lord Jesus,help us to share your Word and Love to these group.


93 God's beloved Daughter 04.19.17 at 1:22 am

Lastly,I touch and agree with all praying for spouses,that this is our year of marriage.I receive my God ordained spouse in Jesus name.and I speak life to every dry bone in my life…dry bone of relationships,ministry,finances,marriage etc Hear the Word of God,and come to Life in the name of the Risen Lord Jesus.Amen and Amen.


94 Unicie 04.19.17 at 2:04 am

Praise the Name of Jesus! I just found the 3 Resurrection Prayers and what a blessing they have been to me! Thank you Bro Elisha for sending them to me. God knew I needed His Resurrection Power in my life and the life of my family right now. I have been plagued with sickness after sickness for over two months and I was so discouraged when the doctor said if things did not improve with my kidneys , he will have to do surgery. Eagles I hit an all time low in my spirit and I could not even pray. Thank God for these Resurrection Prayers! I have been revived and renewed and no surgery will be done because the Resurrection Power of Almighty God is going to renew every dead area of my kidneys, my heart, my skin, my eyes, my Circulatory System especially in my feet and y entire body to he praise and glory of His name! Hallelujah! The Resurrected Power of God is going to remove the evil stones of sickness from my life and give me the victory again and again! Praise God!


95 pumulo 04.19.17 at 4:04 am

Thank you lord for the power of the cross he is risen the grave could not contain him.
I’am justified by the blood of Jesus christ that was shed on the cross of calvary for. amen


96 Rose 04.19.17 at 4:55 am

The power of resurrection has happened through much prayers guided by the man of God Elisha.After being thrown out by my husband,me n son were totally homeless with nothing to look up to.Being homeless and depending on family members felt like life had ended for me.Then God presented a Godly suitor,a single dad too with similar hardships as mine.Been praying on this for a restart of my life and that of my son.We have prayed on having a home for our Kids and the kids met and are so like siblings who have waited for a life time to meet.We both have accepted to start over our life’s and with Gods guidance I believe its not late to start over being in our 40′s and with teenage children. I believe God presents an opportunity only once.God lives!!!!! Thanks man of God for showing and keeping me on a prayer schedule. Midnight moments are totally prayer moments. Amen.


97 Rose 04.19.17 at 8:13 am

Thank you God for all that you are doing in our lives through these prayers.


98 lorato Mbulawa 04.19.17 at 12:14 pm

I thank God for Jesus who rose from the dead. Every dead area in my life is resurrected, praise the Lord.


99 Biona 04.19.17 at 4:40 pm

Praise God eagles, may the name of the Lord be glorified. I want to thank God for giving mea job that i didnt apply for. After Elisha postedthe resurrection prayer, i prayed them and i was called the following morning to report ontuenday to work. May he be praised forever Amen!!


100 Precious Nzombe 04.20.17 at 11:48 am

Thank you Lord for Jesus who rose from the dead .Though sprit that raised Jesus from the dead ressurect my family;s every dead area in the name of Jesus AMEN.



101 Diana 04.20.17 at 12:24 pm

AMEN. Am really blessed. Thank you man of GOD.


102 Kathleen N 04.21.17 at 2:06 am

Good morning my Prayer Mentor and Coach.Thank you for picking me up many a times when I hit a nose dive in every area of my life.
You have taught me to fight the war in the evil realm.As in Epeshians 6.Armour of God..we indeed not fighting against people made of flesh and blood….this prayer reading everyday is soon powerful.I have loads tobthank God.My testimonies are yet being baked in heaven and my testimonies will sure shock my enemies and surprise my friends in Jesus mighty name.

I love even in my financial crises,loss of my Mom and Brother last year you have picked me up.Lord you are good. I will never sell out,or bought off in Jesus name.

Blessings reloaded Coach Elisha.


103 SHEILA 04.21.17 at 3:19 am

Elisha Goodman,
I am a bornagain Christian, I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart, soul, and mind. I love praying and being in God’s presence always. I have been praying the monthly-seven furious prayers for more than a year ago. I pray even for the singles trusting God for a Godly-man, but i haven’t gotten any yet.
When i met my ex-boyfriend on 2015, i prayed to God and thanked him, but it turned out that he was an emotional-bully and didn’t appreciate me in any way. He is 43 yrs and i am 29yrs. I would love to get married and have my own family but he seems not ready.

Please advice and help me in praying. All my friends are married and with kids, i feel lost and rejected.



104 serra 04.21.17 at 3:47 am

Good Morning my Mentor, prayer coach, spiritual Teacher
Man of God my Spiritual life grows every moment i read your mail. every word and prayer you write and send in my inbox brings new life to me. i am able to preach, teach and pray because of you through this website. though i have never joined Prayer Academy but i participate in every programe and prayers you sent in my mail box.i beieve i will be in the Prayer Academy one as it is my prayer every day to laern how to fight spiritual battles. I am revived spiritually from every testmony i read in this website. my spritual life is no longer the same.
May the Almighty God Richly Bless and Annoint you more Brother Elisha.


105 Tashaz 04.21.17 at 8:07 am

Honestly i ant contain my joy, my happiness overflows. Yes i had been having dream attacks. and i remember the last time my attack ran away and Elisha you encouraged me by saying i had just did a fine job, i ought to destroy. So attacks intensified, from dogs chasing me to wild animals, rhinoceros, lions, but for those the thunder of the Lord destroyed the rhinoceros then next was the lion, which i destroyed also using the thunder of the Lord, next was a cobra which i burnt using the fire of the Lord which i fired in the dream, next was a scorpion and many small snakes, firing bullet prayers on the fire of God’s judgement i burnt these to ashes as well. Then next, was going up a mountain and was passing over dead snakes, at the apex of the mountain came out an old lady, and i escaped to the ground and the lady followed me, instead of running i stood and asked God to send down His fire and consume the lady, and the fire came down, as the lady was bragging that she was not going to be burnt, i saw Jesus in ma dream,all in glowing white Jesus appeared and tapped the lady on the shoulder and told her “You have been defeated” then she started to burn to ashes, then i continued walking and that lady appeared in another form but this time seated down, so i prayed and said God let your arrow/spear pierce her to death, and there she had a spear in her stomach, when she tried removing it she realised she had no more blood, and died there…..I cant thank God enough for the victory, the author and finisher of my faith. May God continue blessing you Elisha.


106 dudu taila 04.21.17 at 12:09 pm

I am really blessed in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ


107 Esther Zulu Mulenga 04.21.17 at 3:57 pm

Christ has arisen no evil shall touch the anointed ones. Lord deliver the oppressed from workers of iniquity and save them from blood-thirsty men. Elisha goodman you have have helped me to seek the face of the lord. The lord listens when I cry to him he is the lord of mercy. May the lord bless you. Amen


pearlly Reply:

I thank God for the ressurection power. Jesus has raised from the dead so are all dead areas of my life have risen. Glory to god


108 Dumaza 04.22.17 at 9:04 am

To God be glory for our saviour is risen having conquered death. Let there be resurrection to every dead situation in my life


109 Paulinah 04.26.17 at 5:25 am

Painfull definitely,i broke up with my boyfriend after i reported our relationship n wedding plans to frenemies several times UNKNOWINGLY,my heart is broken and bleeding but i’ve learned my lesson for next chapter. We also used to fight about everything uncessarily.I am 41 years old now and i was in this promising relationship for a year,DEVIL aborted it.My GOD anoint my eyes to see my ordained spouse or show me more where i did go wrong in my previous relationship and restore us back although friends and family lost hope about us.


110 sarah Uganda 05.02.17 at 7:18 am

Dear Elisha,
I have been very poor at testifying of the goodness of Christ Jesus in my life even though when am praying for something i do promise to, so i do ask God to forgive me for that, and today i just feel the greatest need to testify of what he has done to me.
Right before a friend introduced me to this ministry i had started prayer n fasting for my wedding. I was living with a man i loved n we had not married because i had issues to ressolve with a former relationship and to him living together was ok. But after i realised it was not good for my soul i had to persue this in prayers. I will say my husband(now) took it so seriously from the moment i hinted it and fixed the date immediately… it all looked like a dream because everything came to place with the least of my effort. We got married this past easter and am smilling in my soul not to be living in sin anymore. I pray for God to bless my marriage but most of all save the souls of those around me. God bless u for teaching the world what you teach.


111 Aculo Scovia 07.19.17 at 5:27 am

i thank God for this website, i came across it on facebook and i saw something in it, i have been following your posts lately an i get blessed alot with the testimonies, i am in uganda and i know my testimonies are busting forth very soon, glory to God for this website and God bless you for your teachings and prayers.


112 Vicky 04.24.18 at 11:11 am

Dear Great Elisha, thank you for the teachings and prayers. In fact since I joined this Ministry my prayer life has changed drastically. For sometimes now I will wake up mid night and pray and worshipped God unlike before. There has been marvelous testimonies. December 2018 I had a miracle of settling my debt miraculously. Recently I started praying on 25 daily prayers in the mid night. Yesterday I received inflow of reward in cash. I rolled on the floor and worshipped God. Tearsnof joy. Asking myself it it was real and indeed real. I am crowned with wealth Proverbs 14:24. With me are riches and honour, enduring wealth and prosperity Proverbs 8:18 etc. God has been Faithful and Able. I return all praises, all Glory and adorations to Him. Glorious God, Merciful God, Excellent God I bow before your throne.


Vicky Reply:

Dear Sir, I mean December 2017 and not 2018. An error please. Thank you and God bless.


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