#1 Key to Effective Prayer in 2010

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“Just In -
1st Testimony Of The Year 2010″

Hi Elisha,

Happy 2010. Indeed this year is going to be a great year for me. The Lord has answered my prayers. I wrote to you sometime back and told you how my husband abandoned us to join politics two and half years ago. Three days to new year on 29/12/09 he wrote a text message saying that he had left the constituency development fund, up country, and was returning back to Nairobi where I stay with the family. I could not believe the news so a waited.

Later his sister called me to relay the same message, saying he had called her to say he was moving back to Nairobi. On 30/12/09, he wanted to travel to the city where we were, but I had gone on holiday for few days with the children, so I told him to travel the same day we were returning, that is 31/12/09. On Saturday we all set off back to the city, I and children.

This is why I believe the year is special for me and things are changing in my favour. My husband could not get any means of transportation the whole of that day till 7pm. It takes 6-8 hours to travel from western Kenya to Nairobi. So he could only reach the city after new year.

The Lord God I serve kept him till new year when I had prayed and closed 2009, and opened 2010. He arrived in the house at 1.40 A.M. on January 1, 2010. Thank you so much Elisha for teaching these truths. God is at work and I will continue praying for the rest of the needs I put forth.

God bless and enrich your ministry to reach many more.

- Emelda, Kenya




What is the key to effective prayer in 2010?


It is learning to pray like a street fighter.

The Bible has a special name for this.

In this new decade, you need much more than
the kind of prayer they pray in most churches …

… in order to survive and thrive. 

Because the irony is this:

Butter does not sharpen iron !

Iron sharpens iron.

For instance, many of our subscribers
consider it a wasted day if their prayer
fails to target these 3 things:

1. gates     (see G5 Report)
2. altars     (see Prayer Academy page)
3. foundation (Prayer Academy)

Why is this important to YOU?

Because learning how to deal with these
3 things can lead to the most astounding experiences
of your Christian life … especially in this New Year.


By focusing on just these 3 pillars
(as we are about to do shortly at the Prayer Academy)…

- Foundation
- Gates
- Altars

You can be sure that most of the problems
that kept you awake at night in 2009…
… will sooner or later melt away like butter
on a hot stove.

You see these 3 things I just mentioned?  

You need a lot of spiritual firepower
to knock them down.

That’s why we engage in –

- Midnight prayers
- Esther fasts (like we just did at the gate of 2010)
- Prayer marathons

All that is designed to wipe out satanic
“pirates” in the spiritual realm very quickly…

And frighten every opposing entity off your blessings
(they are invisible, you can’t see them)…

… so your blessings can locate you speedily this year!

It is CRITICAL that you deal with spiritual pirates or robbers early this year.

And stop them from pouncing on your divine benefits.

Because they are there… waiting.

No kidding.

There’s PROOF in the Bible …

And there’s PROOF on our websites.

Over 3000 praise reports now… and counting!

Praise the LORD JESUS.    

And here’s our secret –

             Be An Overcomer!


PS: One last thing — I almost forgot...

 Do you have a brand new testimony you’d like to share right now? Please click on COMMENT below and fire on … I’d love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life too!

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1 DAVID 01.03.10 at 2:29 am


Thanks i used ur prayer at mid night and i was confirmed at work as i prayed for it am so greatful.Now am praying to get my own property , finacial break through and to go ahead with education

kind regards


kenya -NAIROBI


2 Zamokuhle 01.03.10 at 2:42 am

Dear Elisha,

I just want to praise God for his goodness and mercy in my life.

This is an overdue testimony. I took part in the Oct/Nov 2009 prayer marathon as I wanted God to take charge of my life. I was tired of living a mediocre Christian life that selected teachings from the bible and left out the parts that did not suit my lifestyle- I wanted God’s intended lifestyle and his promises to bless my life abundantly.

1. My first blessing took place on the first day of the marathon. I received an SMS 5min after I had completed my midnight prayers from my mother informing me that an insurance payout that we had been waiting for was reflecting in her bank account. I knew that the marathon was going to bring miraculous wonders in my life but I did not expect it to happen with in the first 30min- praise God!

2. I previously did not remember any of my dreams and the prayer marathon has helped me receive knowledge in the dream. I’ve had dreams that have warned me of evil spirits lurking around my family and prayed against them. In my latest dream I dreamed I was pregnant and I was advised that the birth of something great is yet to come.

3. I was unhappy at work and tried looking for a new job throughout the year but was unsuccessful. Then during the marathon the company began retrenchment consultations, I was offered to take a voluntarily retrenchment package. The prayer points constantly kept my faith strong and I let God take charge of my life. Once I decided that I would take the package and was negotiating my pay, The devil tried to bring me down. I received a termination of employment letter with immediate effect on the 24th of Nov. I prayed and remembered that God is in charge. I was later informed that I should ignore the letter sent to me and all my proposed conditions for my package would be met (my fellow colleagues did not have their termination letters revoked). God did the impossible and changed the MD’s decision to end my employment unfairly. The devil tried to bring me down but God raised me up! Had I not participated in the Oct and Nov prayer marathon I don’t think I would have been able to go through the all the things happening in my life with my faith intact. Everybody was worried about me but I did not worry as I knew that God had complete control over my life.

4. After leaving the company I was not really looking for a job as I wanted to take the month of Dec off. Then the chairman of the company informed me that he wanted to re-employ me but in a different company. My salary has increased by 25% and I will only be working on projects when he is in the country (he is around for three weeks after every two months) allowing me to focus on my studies. Praise God!

Looking back I can’t believe all the wonders God has performed in my life, I look forward to many more in 2010 as I live a God centered life. I am in so much awe, I don’t deserve any of these blessings especially considering my past sins. God has truly been merciful to me- thank you Father.

I thank God for using you as a vessel in his ministry and teaching me how to pray through every situation. May he continue to shine his light upon you and the Fire springs ministry team.

God bless


3 Simon Donkor-Abbraduh 01.03.10 at 3:01 am

Dear Elisha,
God bless you for using you in this awesome work of teaching and coaching and inspiring us in this PRAYER MINISTRY! I am about to break my Esther fast so I leave you with just one of my countless testimonies. Yes, the sudden approval is given to my wife to immigrate to join me in US ! I received the notification letter just before we started the Esther Fast on December 30,, 2009! What should have taken five or more years to appeove has taken just 1 year for approval! Praise God. More later. Iam so excited that God answers prayer when you dillently seek Him. Amen. God bless you,



4 Edith 01.03.10 at 3:34 am

Elisha, in did God is real. After Esther’s fast, my ex husband who divorced me, 20 years ago, apologised to and the children, said “I know I have wronged you for all this years, but I have asked God for forgiveness and also jesus has forgen us too.

Name withheld, Kenya


5 giuseppe lentinello 01.03.10 at 3:59 am

Dear Elisha,
I have always struggled with fasting. this time I am able to stick to it by the grace of our Lord. I, unfortunately, am not ablt to eat after 5pm. I, therefore, am fasting from 5pm to 5pm (24 hours) and praising God for his encouragement during the 24 hour stretch.
The reason that I am not able to eat after 5pm is that I have a severe hiatus hernia and cannot lie down after eating. Apart from that the hernia never troubles me. I am so happy that I can achieve this without any maleffects whatsoever. I do not partake in alcohol or smoke at all, praise the Lord in His great mercy and Bless you for bringing me your God inspired guidance.


6 Shelline 01.03.10 at 5:16 am

Greetings and blessings in 2010,
Thanks for allowing me to join you and the Firesprings family at the gates. Thanks for allowing me to participate in the May Prayer Academy. I have been praying and fasting ever since I was taught how to. Even as I write here in the early morning hours trying to meet a deadline for my study assigment on Monday it seems there is the possibility that I could be dismissed from the program. I don’t even want to discuss the problems that continue to arise at my workplace , in my family and at home, but yet I contnue to pray believing that what He does for other He will do for me. I am really looking forward to the day when I can put my testimony on your site, meanwhile I give thanks for the oppotunity te be a part of this prayer family and ask them to join me in payering to ‘open my mind to receive and understand ‘ as I continue my Study Program.


7 MARITES VALERA 01.03.10 at 5:23 am

Dear Elisha, I just want to praise GOD for all the things that HE has done iny life.He answered my prayers!!!!my brother got a new job now!!!!! thank you so much for all your inspiring letters and to your prayers too!!!!you are such a blessing to all!may GOD richly bless you!!!!


8 Esther 01.03.10 at 5:30 am

Dear Elisha,

Happy New Year, May God Bless you and your Prayer Ministry and keep it up. I am very heartfelt, grateful and thank you all for being there for Esther Fast on December 30, 2009. I am seeking God and I love him, but I feel like a big fence or a wall between him and I. I do not how to praise him that well because i do not know how, also I am very private with my feeling. I did fast Dec 30 – Jan 1st 2010, but I do not have nothing to tell you yet, except , I was asking God to deliver me from any darkness of my life, as envy, jelousy, pride gossiping, that I do not want to offend him anyway. I have my conversion but have been slowly. I do asked God to give me a new heart and trust. O I live in California so my fasting and prayer started California time. God bless you, P.S Please forgive me for my gramatical errors .



9 SR. VALERIA 01.03.10 at 5:43 am



10 Mwolobi 01.03.10 at 5:52 am

Praise God Brother Elisha and the prayer team,
I want to thank God for good people like you.
I joined this site early this year.
My life was full of bad dreams.
They are now HISTORY.
I used some of the prayer bullets from your site asking God for a baby.
This is because i was looking for one but in vain.
The bullet i used was LORD let your ressurection power breath life in my husbands sperms whenever we had intercourse.
Late march i got pregnant with a baby boy.
I gave bith to a gift from God on 27 Dec.
It was a normal delivery.
The baby is called Philip.
He is a gift from my God.
Thank you Brother Elisha for the life giving prayer bullets.
May the Lord bless you mightly.
mwolobi Denmark


11 Veni Moodley 01.03.10 at 5:57 am

Dear Elisha,

Thank you for all the wonderful prayers received by mail, & Praise God ! for all the wonderful things in 2010 already. Elisha I have really been through the most difficult times in my life health wise and financially, but I have been firing bullets using the debt free prayer followed by the mid nite prayer, & wow. The results are amazing. I would like to confirm that every month I used to be the borrower, but from January 2010 I am the lender & not the borrower.
My health is better than 17 years ago, I feel that I have a new life.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
God Bless!


12 anita 01.03.10 at 6:02 am



13 Hendrina 01.03.10 at 6:05 am

I thank God for the 27 mins berofe midnight of December 31 2009, My husband and I prayed the prayers, our busines was so dry so dry ,no customer, working like an elephant but eating like an ant, but through this prayers there is now a very big change and about 12 times of the increase. and also God restore the comunication in our marrige. Our son is even progressing fast in his growth. I praise God for what he is doing in this ministry.I have found this site for my first time, never knew it was directly the Holy Spirit who directed me , cos it say that if some body have a problem, Holy Spirit bring them to this site, and I am telling you He did it.

praise the Lord for His mighty power to save and deliver.

Hendrina, Canada


14 Nicky Day 01.03.10 at 6:22 am

My prayer was one of utter gratitude and praise to God for making me Job in 2009. I had everything I possessed taken from me, my children are gone, my health failed BUT I PERSEVERED and kept my faith. I know that 2010 is going to be a year of THE GREAT LIGHT – a revival is going to take place in the world and everybodys lives and hearts will be touched by the unfailing love of our Father. I celebrate His life in me, I thank Him for living in my heart and soul and by putting me in a place of nothingness, I know He was working behind the scenes on greater things He has in store for me. And my prayer today is for God to touch the lives of every human being on this earth and to all my fellow Christians, believers and even non-believers, know always that Jesus is here with you so LET GO AND LET GOD in 2010!!

Stay Blessed always and keep the faith


15 virginia 01.03.10 at 6:23 am

Dear Elisha,
I want to thank you that I joined this website and engaged in the prayer marathon.I certainly believed and prayed sincerely about healing in my family.My mother died 10 years ago and since then one of my sisters and her husband have not been speaking to me. We never had a quarrel,this was caused by other members of the family.This particular sister is one among 8 daughters ,I am the eldest and we were very close.As a matter of fact she was the one dearest to my heart and what made it worse I helped to look after her two daughters and they too broke ties with me and my family.I carried that pain for all those years but I never gave up, I always prayed about it.However when I ENGAGED IN THE 21 DAY PRAY ER MARATHON I TRULY UNDERSTOOD WHAT I WAS UP AGAINST.Healing of this situation came on 2009 December19 AT ONE OF MY NIECES WEDDING in which I played major role as the eldest aunt.I HAD VOWED THAT NO ENEMY WOULD PREVENT ME FROM GOING.I had decided to become an overcomer and not allow SATAN to have any victory over me.It’s the best Christmas I had in years. BELIEVE IT WHEN I SAY THAT I CRIED FOR DAYS AFTER WE MADE PEACE.Certainly I AM LEARNING HOW TO BE AN OVERCOMER.I thank you and I MOST CERTAINLY GIVE PRAISE TO GOD.


16 Sister C 01.03.10 at 6:34 am


Dear Elisha. I want to thank God for you and all the teaching you have been giving. My husband since February 2009 has been so different to appoint, we had been living like room mates, poor communication. After the prayer Marathon in November, I started noticing some changes, and he became more friendlier like i had known him, but now I give glory to God, after firing at the gate of 2010 miracles has began taking place. Yesterday he took me out and bought for me new Gold rings and Gold chain. USA. Kindly withhold my name.


17 paul-jean 01.03.10 at 6:47 am

hello coach a blessed New year to you!
We are so excited extremely happy as we fire the prayers on the time we are told… and great joy coz our numbers were added. God so awesome lead me to your site last year and for the Glory of the Lord my 2009 was extremely different. As fresh as i can remember we have financial breakthroughs as we proclaim that we lend to many and borrowed from none. Samething happen to my husband and even members of our family…great favors also they enjoy…And this is …the fruits of all you have labored for Gods’ people.In this 2010 we are rest assured that God will allow flood of blessings in our life.thanks a million bro.elisha… much joy in our hearts knowing you. More POWER!


18 Valerie 01.03.10 at 7:06 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you for all of your faithfulness and hard work. It is a blessing to be able to go to the root of the problem and address it in prayer. I desire to do the Esther fast but I have a eating disorder. Thank you for the opportunity to join you and the others in prayer.



19 betsy gloria 01.03.10 at 8:03 am

Dear Elisha,
Greetings, in Jesus name.
I joined your second phase prayer marathon last month Dec,14,2009.
I was in need of financial blessing that time.One week after the marathon i received my severance fee, though i am not yet intitled to received it, Praise God, icontinue to participate your marathon,especially last new year,Elisha you are the best provision God had given to me. God bless.


20 JANE 01.03.10 at 8:38 am

Dear Elisha,

i am excited at what the lord has done in my life,i participated in the last October/November prayer marathon,God has been gracious because on the 20th day of the prayer marathon, i received a call to go for an interview in an international company of which i passed and i am waiting for them to call me to tell me when to start the training this month. i have been looking for a job for the last 3yrs to no avail but God Has done this,i will earn twice what my small job at cyber was payying me ans i know this is the Begin of many more miracles and breakthrough to come.God Bless!


21 Tea 01.03.10 at 8:49 am

Dear Coach

Happy New Year. We were interceding for a financial breakthrough. My sister had just started a new job in China and we didn’t have enough cash to last us till her first payday. We both participated in the end of year prayer and the Esther fast. On the morning of the last day of fasting I got up early to pay a bill online and to my surprise, there was an extra $1,500 in our account. How did that happen? My sister wasn’t suppose to get paid till the end of January, because she only started work on December 28th. To our surprise, her company decided to pay her a weeks pay. and the money was deposited on 30/12/2009 before our Esther fast. How about that for a miracle, only God can move people to fulfill the cry and desires of our hearts. Thank you coach for your spiritual guidance in 2009 and we look forward to another exciting journey in 2010. To God be the glory.

Kind regards


22 Tracie 01.03.10 at 8:49 am

Elisha i bless the LORD for what you are doing for people like me.
Sincerely i have to testify.

I had given up on relationships, because each boy friend i get would disappoint me. But i thank God for your teachings. After praying the bullets you sent me, Especially the one for the singles, things begun to happen. GOD GAVE ME A BOYFRIEND WHO IS SO LOVING.
He trusts me so much and believe me soon we will get married, even the sisters are all on my side to have their brother more so even the their Mother. God has given me favor before them, My heart has melted away with what the LORD is doing. Surely they are just soooo many that would fill up the entire page.


God richly bless you Elisha, and i encourage all the people out there, please pray these bullets, they surely will work for you.



23 David 01.03.10 at 9:16 am

(please ignore earlier E-MAIL) Hi.Elisha -The great, awesome, wonderful, blessed Elisha. why didn’t I discover your you website and your work a long time ago(anyway God’s timing is God’s timing). I am a newly born again christian and I have been living a harp-harzard life with no direction at all. My career has been stagnant because, despite having worked for almost 10 years, I do not have university qualifications, my relationship has been dominated by problems, my business has been failing to grow. I have been praying to God for a breakthrough but answers seemed to be taking too long to arrive, I have been going to church but I felt discouraged and not motivated until God led me to your website in October.
I discovered the 2009 edition of 27 minutes to midnight, and although the year was almost over, I followed every step as if it was the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. I read the Passion Prayer Book and fired the prayer bullets rapidly. Guess what! GOD IS WONDERFUL, I have grown spiritually, I know how to pray effective prayers, I have been offered a university scholarship, my partner has agreed to marry me and my boss has told me that my salary will be reviewed in January. I am believing GOD for more. Thank GOD for your prayer coaching.Thank GOD for answering my prayers. David, Botswana.


24 SIMANGA 01.03.10 at 9:34 am



25 stephen mwangi 01.03.10 at 9:53 am

Dear Elisha
i want to thank God for his goodness great things have happened in my life after joining your prayer marathons .i have been believing God for restoration of our family and i have seen changes between my parents relationship i have enjoyed the peace of God in a big way .i trusted God to open a door for me to usher the new year together with my and we prayed the prayer points it was great and we are still praying the prayer points you gave .i am so thankful to God because after a period of five year i was able to usher the new year together with my family and in God’s presence


26 Martin 01.03.10 at 10:14 am

I want to sincerely thank you for the prayer points. It is hardly a week since i join the mindnight prayers and the prayers for the new year. I feel so light and very encouraged to pray on and on. I think i have never enjoyed praying the way am doing now.
Today in the service the preacher confessed that the word of the Lord was speaking to him so strongly that hecould not go on but to first tell me that God has heard my prayers and will give me back my job and my family will be reunited. I was interdicted maliciously last November and since i came across your golden Key prayer points I have been praying that i win this case against me and if i do it means I’ll be transfered I am now trusting God for a my dream job. We separated with my wife two years ago and shared the children.
Keep watching this space I am believing God for a big miracle.
Thank you


27 Martha 01.03.10 at 10:18 am

I want to thank God for allowing yourself to be used by Him. For the first time I participated on 27 minutes to midnight prayers and I also did the Esther fast and broke it at 6pm of 2 Jan 2010. I had a dream where I was testifying that I had a supernatural provision ‘ I had nothing and God used somebody to wake me up by phone telling me that he has brought a lot of good stuff to my house ‘ I slept again and I found myself narrating to someone that because of my dream I believe I have received a miracle and by March everything will materialize.
Elisha I have been unemployed for 6months I believe this year has a lot of goodies for me. I shall be a reference point of amazing miracles this year. I have been using your materials given to me by a friend, and I have desired to buy them and partake in the prayer Academy this year I believe it will be possible. Because of this site I do not see anything as a problem anymore, whatever comes will be crumbled down. I am ready to engage on more fire prayer.
God bless you.


28 Themba Spirit Mabuza 01.03.10 at 10:20 am

Dear Elisha,

I thank God that for the very first time in many many years, I was worshipping God from 6 pm on 31/12/2009 until 2:15 am on the 01/01/2010. It was one of the great experiences I have ever experienced in my life. God was there in person and the Holy Spirit annointing was there with us. I also rededicated my life to the Lord in trusting Him to do mighty and awesome wonders this year. I then also decided that according to the word of God in Jeremiah 29:10-14, God declares that ‘I know the palns I have for, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future’. Then it dawned on me that all the time I failed was because I was doing my own plans when God has the MASTER PLAN for me. This year I am seeking the plan that God has for me. Just as the colt was untied in Jerusalem I am untied this year. Jesus said 1. untie it 2. bring it 3. I will use it. NO MORE WILL I BE TIED DOWN. I DECLARE THAT BY THE UNSTOPPABLE POWER OF THE BLOODOF JESUS I WILL LIVE IN ABUNDANCE, EXCELLENT HEALTH, I WILL BE WEALTHY, I WILL GET MARRIED, I WILL LAUNCH THE ARK FOUNDATION, WE WILL ALSO LAUNCH OUR MINISTRY; THE BODY OF CHRIST INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. Please pray with me that all this is manifested. Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets. May God bless you.


29 Matthew 01.03.10 at 11:36 am

Dear Elisha,
I lost counting how much he has now. I joined your prayer program in Nov, 2009, I live in Germany, but my family, friends and relatives are in Nigeria.One of My friends has being calling me to help him financially but believe me, i have a lot of financial problems. i dont know how to let him to understand me. One day around Dec 08,2009 i called him and suggest that i will help pray for his breakthroughs. i pick some prayer points from your book and I prayed with him on Friday night, with him doing Esther fating, Elisha, what happen on Saturday, is nothing but God instantly answering prayers. He told me in the morning after our midnight prayer, that his phone rang and one man asked him to come to his shop, he went. He asked him to go to another town and purchase items ( wine) he is selling because he is too busy. My friend went, coming back in the evening the man give him #5,000 naira Nigerian money. to cut it shot, my friend has gone up to 6 times and has more 30,000 naira Nigerian money within 2weeks. (this the man who have nothing in his pocket. Even his father told him to send his wife and 2 children to him in the village so they can at least find something to eat). Each time he called me, i tell him to always give 10% tithe on each trip he made. I called him on 1st of Jan,2010, he told me that a friend to the man asked him if he would like the man to do for him this new year, if he will like to join him in the business (selling wine) or to go only to purchase for him and get his money. I told him that we will pray over it for God to give best option, however i told him not to ask for few but as much as he can get. we are waiting for the man to come back from Holiday i will give give you feed back.

Another Miracle starts here,
I call one of sisters who we used to pray together, who lives in Lagos Nigeria. She told me that devil is fighting her for long time now that her two legs are swallowing that she cannot work. I picked prayer points from your DNA prayer and woke her up one Saturday midnight and when I call her on Sunday afternoon the next day she told me that for the first time in two weeks that she can work that she even went today church. Till today the legs dried up. Glory be to God Amen, still prayerful for my own financial breakthroughs


30 c 01.03.10 at 11:37 am

Hi Elisha,

Mum -I have joined my daughter in the 40 prayers points for 40 days,i have been praying at midnight from 15 sept.i had a special request for my son’s business,Praise God….there has been such a breakthrough…..God has blessed me in my dress making business,i have never been to busy..I also thank God for healing me.Thank you Elisha for leading us into this awesome experience,may God bless you ministry.

God is so awesome,i recieved a 13th cheque in dec.from my company ,i am at the company for only 8 months,we also have a very big christmas family get together at my place,everyone was so blessed.
My son got a promotion at work.i have prayed the year end prayer and entered the new year with your prayers,it was so awesome,my mum joined me as well,as she was on holiday at my place.we felt the presence of God to richly.thanks once again…God Bless you and the team.p.p.s my ex-husband went to church as well.


31 ck 01.03.10 at 12:38 pm

Hi Elisha,
I confirm everything comes at Gods timing. I am one year now and may be some months since coming to this site. and today 3rd Jan,2010 – my first breakthrough our family of four shared a meal lunch after 14 years of our parents separation.well this is just the beginning and am looking forward for more signs and wonders this decade. God bless you .CK


32 joan 01.03.10 at 1:05 pm

I would like u guy to keep in me in your prayers, for my son christian to come back home and that my daughter ashaki to continue with her job and that i may be able to put up on wall at the front thank u


33 Divya 01.03.10 at 1:21 pm

Brother Elisha,

Here’s my first praise report.

My mom had hurt her hip and was in great pain.She was bed-ridden for 5 weeks. She could not get up from bed(not even to use the toilet).And then I found your website. I bought the Prayer Cookbook for busy people and started praying the “40 prayers to arrest the disease agents” at midnight. And guess what, the Lord started answering my prayers from week1. After the first week of prayers, she was able to get up from bed for the first time in 1 and a 1/2 months.I continued my prayers for 4 weeks. And the Lord has healed her completely. Glory be to God.I would also like to thank you for your prayer bullets, Brother Elisha.

Your prayers work wonders. May God bless your ministry mightily.

I am right now in the Prayer Academy and am enjoying every minute of my new-found closeness with the Lord.

I have 2 other major problems in my life. I am confident the Lord will solve those for me as I continue to pray the prayers that you have been sending me for the Prayer Marathon.

Thank you so much!



34 Mercy 01.03.10 at 1:24 pm

Dear Elisha,
I was laid-off from work last April and went for mission in the Philippines for a month of June. I thanks for all the prayer partners for their prayer support that the moved of God was so amazing and so powerful, people was delivered from sickness and accept Jesus as their salvation. After my mission trip, I am praying for job and on the 16 of December my old company called me back to work. I received the best gift ever this end of 2009 which we don’t started yet the 27 minutes midnight prayer. God works in a mysterious way in our life as long as we fallow what he wants from us and I thank God and give all the Glory that this 2010 is a year of new opportunities and God will open new doors for those who seek Him. AMEN!!!!!PRAISE GOD



35 Paul 01.03.10 at 1:31 pm

I Praise God because after the prayers to usher in 2010,we had a great get together fellowship luncheon to thank God “EBENEZAR” for bringing us to the new year. The gathering consisted of 5 families related through marriage i.e core family, in-laws,grand parents nephews nieces etc. We have never had such a gathering n family history and the last time we had one that was almost the same was in December 2008 during my brothers funeral and yet we were not related as 2 marriages happened in 2009 that made us one as family physically and spiritually. Glory be to God and may He empower you Bro Elisha to continue in this great ministry.


36 Tine 01.03.10 at 1:41 pm

Amazing stuff. I have so far so many testimonies I just don’t know where to start. I started the two 21 day prayer marathons dealing with the foundations and went ahead to also do the 10 day prayer in regards to finances. So far my eldest brother has gotten a job with amazing offers; my younger sister who did not have a job for one year got a job; my elder brother got a work permit that he had been looking for, for so long; I just got a job and I am starting on the 4th of January after 7 months of not having a job, even though I’m in the medical field. Land that our family had and was prime and yet was never getting a buyer was sold as the Lord provided a buyer and as I write this the buyer has been gotten and the transaction is done! I shared this with my friends and those who tried it so far – one got a job from the blues with way better remuneration and the other got amazing breakthroughs financially. I asked God to give me more people to pray with and right now all my family members are involved in the prayer for 2010. God answers prayers. I thank God for showing me how to pray.


37 Sister A 01.03.10 at 1:42 pm

Dear Elisha,
On the 31st Dec’09, I thanked God that in our church, though we’re here in KSA, we have hidden church here. We did the midnight prayer, welcoming GOD to enter and control the door (the gates) of 2009 through 2010. I firmly believed God would do great and amazing things this year 2010, as you have said, would be a harvest of blessings and answered prayers we did in the midnight prayer. I praised God for all the revelation He has given you and has used as our internet prayer coach – GOD HAS INDEED BLESSED YOU ALL THROUGH THE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!!!

2 Jan 2010 -
I dreamt I was keeping important documents and pertinent papers in a bungalow house. Under the stairway there I kept the important documents. Suddenly, as the scenario of my dream progresses, there came in a man rushing to push me back under the stairway and told me he was hired to kill me. He was pointing to the document No. 4, I don’t know why he wanted to take that document No. 4. I told him, “this is the document No. 4 you can take it. He went back to the kitchen bringing a plastic bottle containing somewhat a poison. He is forcing me to take the liquid. But I resisted and told him why are doing this to me? He said once again, “I was only hired to kill you”, and suddenly I heard a voice coming from outside, I can’t see them, it is a voice from two people (a couple) telling me we can’t do anything to help you but this an order coming from head. At that very time I prayed to God, I said, Lord I am helpless, please save me from this situation, nothing I can do Lord, please help me… as I prayed this prayer, all of a sudden, I woke up, it was only a dream. But I thanked God because even in my dream I was alert to ask help from our God and right away God protected me by waking me up… praise be unto Him!!!
But Elisha, would you please explain to me the meaning of my dream?

3 Jan 2010
I was on leave on 2 Jan 2010. The following day, I return to work and I was surprised, my Acting Director had given me a Birthday and a New Year’s gift. It was a signatured watch. I thanked her so very much. She said, this was my promise to you that when I got promoted to be a Consultant as I promise, to give you something and so this is it, and this is also for your birthday gift (16 Dec’09). I thanked God for the blessings this year and years to come!!!

Angie, KSA


38 Emele 01.03.10 at 3:47 pm

Dear Elisha,
Greetings in the name of the Lord. My daughter gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the 16th of November. One week later she called that one of her breasts had swollen and it was frustrating her. Being a mother for the first time and away in another country was hard for both her and me. I started with the 40 prayers to arrest disease agents and open the door to divine health. I started with the Eshter fast. On the second day she called that her breast developed an eye and has bursted. She went to the doctor and was tolt it was a blocked gland common to some mothers. I thanked God for immediate relief. I decided to go for another round of the same prayer points and the last three days (Esther fast) coincided with the 27 minutes to midnight 2010. Now she is more happy and relaxed when she calls. I thank God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for the divine healing.
Thank you Elisha for sharing your God given gifts and knowledge to the many subscribers. Have a blessed 2010


39 mary kimathi 01.03.10 at 4:03 pm

Dear Elisha,
Happy New year and greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior.Am fine and thanking God for making me see a new year 2010., because of His love for me.In the past year I have been blessed so much and I cannot count. When I was so troubled He restore my PEACE, and He held me with His strong hands. Just after celebrating Christmas, We went to church for thanks giving and dedication of our grandson, on 29 December 2009. The scripture which was read by the pastor was Isaiah 45. 1-10. He dedicated this scripture for him and told his mother to keep it and be reading it for him as he grows up. The previous night, you sent me I had read the same scripture in preparations to the closure of the year and beginning the new year. This was among the praying points and materials you sent me.Thank you Elisha and God be praised.
From your prayer coaching and instilling discipline to me, I have grow in being a better prayerful person and have learned news things, meaning and prayer points from you every day.
Today the 3January 2010, I was shocked to received a brand new car from my husband. We had just arrived from our rural home. We went to be with our parents and we shared the end of 2009 and the new year 2010. My daughter saw me shocked. These are God,s blessing which I was not expecting.Praise be to God. Right now Am trying to overcome the shocks.
Thank you so much Elisha. God bless you abundantly. You are trully a servant of God. I have sent my friends and colleaguaes your website and materials. Some have joined other are yet deciding.
Have a blessed year fullof God, s favor, love, joy strength as you continue to minster to so many people in the world and grace.


40 Sister H 01.03.10 at 4:07 pm

Dear brother Elisha,

Happy New Year 2010. Let our Savoir and Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your Ministries so much for what you are doing to help the multitude around the world. It is amazing to read all the testimonies after applying the prayers points.
Thru your teaching how and when to pray, brother Elisha I got my second miracle on the second day of the last Prayer Academy session. The fisrt miracle I received was about my mortgage . I have gotten it after my participation in Prayer Maranthon which ended last October 09. The testimony I have sent to you can be published on the web now.
In addition to it, my God did much more; to cut a long story short: to honor the trial period of three months I have been given, my first payment sent was returned to me, but my God paid two months.
I bless the Name of the Lord. Since I am in contact with your teaching, I am not afraid of nothing anymore; I know that everything is possible, it is up to me to stand in prayers to make things happen. I do not feel either the need to look for an anointed man or women of God for prayer. It is over, I can do it by myself. Glory to God . Thank you so much brother Elisha. Let God open His warehouse to bless you abundantely.

Sister H, USA


41 Olga 01.03.10 at 4:09 pm



42 EGBE 01.03.10 at 4:37 pm

Dear man of GOD, I would love to thank you for your teachings throughout 2009.I must say they helped me alot and during the last prayer academy , a judgement they kept postponing was given in favour of my husband.It has been so for about three years until God gave him victory.I Will love for you to help me pray that he succeeds at the final stage .Thank you man of God and God bless you.EGBE.


43 Rachel 01.03.10 at 4:42 pm

Dear Elisha,
I want to thank God for you and your ministry which has uplifted me and many others.May the Lord enlarge you greatly.I want to give God all the Glory and Honour for opening job opportunities for my sister and brother towards the end of December, 2009 and who will both report to their work place on 4th Jan,2010.
For over 10years i have been the sole bread winner to my family and sometimes i strained alot to meet the needs of my large family but God has remembered me and my family.I encourage those in the same situation to keep on trusting God and never give up doing God.

I bless the Lord for you Elisha always and know that your ministry is not in vain, you are a blessing to many!!!!

Nairobi, Kenya


44 angella 01.03.10 at 5:06 pm

Hi Elisha,
I visited your sight for the 1st time on 31 Dec2009 and decided to join in the midnight prayer, i have been having bad dreams and i also said the prayer cancelling bad dreams , i can now testify that right from the 1st day i said this prayer i have not had any more bad dreams.
Am now only having good dreams.
Glory to God


45 Norma 01.03.10 at 5:17 pm

May God continue to bless you so that you may continue to be a blessing to everyone on your site. So much happened in 2009. Peace in my home. My bank balance is not in the minus. A member of my family no longer has immigration problems. So much good and the devil is now threatening my husbands job. BUT I serve a Faithful God who always comes through. Thank you for your prayer points. I will be back to give my testimony.


46 mercy(UK) 01.03.10 at 5:21 pm

I just thank God that this year, I entered with great style and pomp than all the other years…I thank you Elisha for your dedication and love to us. This is the best entrance ever. It felt so right. I am believing God for great things this year.I am trully grateful to God for allowing me this opportunity. I thank God for you brother elisha and all the prayer eagles and Firesprings.


47 MAX 01.03.10 at 5:50 pm

Dear Elisha, I want to thank God so much for how you have availed your self to Him (God) to use you to impact lives on this continent (Earth).
I had almost opted for divorce because of how my wife disregarded me.
Through this all night prayers, God has given me patience to endure every pain I go through and gradually by the leadings of the Holy Spirit, I am able to control my temper and she has started consulting me on things. I thank God so much that once more happiness is returning to my almost derailed marriage. I have been married for 10 years now.


48 Amalaini Matau 01.03.10 at 6:46 pm

Thank you so much,Elisha for the prayer points to usher your students into the new year.I and my husband both took part in this prayer programme and I am really thnkful to our awesome God for touching my husband’s life as he is really doing the mid-night praying.We know this year 2010 will be our breakthrough year because we are now joining hands in praying during the mid-night prayer time and it seems that God wakes us up just before mid-night to pray.We took part in the Esther fast which we thought was difficult but we managed to pull through and now we are on partial fast.THank so much for your wisdom in creating those prayer points and in my dreams I have seen that the enemies are now bowing to me like last night I saw a couple of dogs and cats but when I called out the name of Jesus they all stood in front of me but could not attack me even though I felt that the enemy was pursueing me.
I am also thankful to God that he has also touched my son’s life.After praying intensely in the wee hours for God to touch him and let him call me(as we had not heard from him for almost one year), he called me the next morning .Well, Elisha God is really amazing and I am thanking him for all that he is doing to my son.Now he is trying to leave alcohol & smoking and I will not give up praying over him.So I really believe that this year is our year of breakthroughs.We are b expecting great miracles ahead of us. Once again thank you and God bless you and your ministry.
Hope to receive more divine revelation from YOU!!!!.


49 Gladys 01.03.10 at 6:48 pm

Dear Elisha,
May God richly bless you for the good work you and your team are doing. I and my family joined this website last year and I must confess that the Lord is doing graeter works in our lives even though I am yet to purchase your materials but yet those that you’ve been sending us has done a mighty job in our lives. By the grace of God I have got job though It’s not my dream job but the good thing is that now through your prayer guidelines am working,praise be to God. Someone is trying to intimidate me over there but I know the God that I am serving,he gave me this job so I know She will be defeate in Jesus name,Amen. This just a begining I am waiting to share the big testimony very soon. We want to send in our thanks giving offering so please can you let us have the procedure. Thank you and God bless.


50 lydiadutterer 01.03.10 at 6:56 pm

dear elisha my new year started out really bad i had and argument with my husband then with my son i know im having a spiritual battle im not praying as much as i used to please pray for me . lydia


51 Lizah Daiwo 01.03.10 at 7:12 pm

Dear Elisha,

Thank you for your encouraging prayers through email. I went to my home village during christmas break on one way ticket; i don’t have the money for my return airfare but used one of the prayers for funds for my ticket. All praise and glory to God when my husband went to check to pay for my ticket; my name was already confirmed and they issued the ticket number to him. My return airfare was already paid for. I give thanks to God for that. May your ministry continue to increase this year as you give to the people of God.



52 Val 01.03.10 at 7:39 pm

After following your instructions in 27minutes to year end,i went to bed around 3a.m on Jan 1, 2010.I had a dream where a certain woman we were living with “in the dream” as an “aunt” suddenly got uncomfortable,irritated and upset with me for some reason. As she was getting more and more angry, She was expanding in size,but i suddenly saw her gagging and chocking in a small room that was filling up with water and as my brothers and I were trying to leave the room, she suddenly fell to the ground with this huge body that had grown so big and made a huge sound.She tried to stand again but failed and was trying to get hold of my young brother so she could eat him but she failed and then she died. I was so excited when I woke up that something evil had been destroyed in my life.Even though I have no idea what the evil was, i jus know that something was defeated. Secondly, On the day I completed my fast. 2Jan, I had yet another dream.Somebody telling me I had a special plant that was growing on my yard , this plant is so much on demamd as its used for something special like a cure and could bring me a lot of money.Infact she offered to pay me quiet an amount for her to get some of the plant as it was too many on my yard when i thought it was something i could give her for free or little price as I thought it was a useless plant.After this dream…..I could tell something is happening in my life. i just don’t know what but it must be good. Thanks a lot Elisha.My husband and I are beginning to understand each other better after what had become like “a marriage on the verge of a divorce”. We not yet there but I can tell God has begun a good work. Our finances are looking up in his business now from a period of long dryness, Job offers are coming in for me after 2yrs of unemployment.I can feel that there is more to come and this is only the beginning.Praise be to God


53 Pamela 01.03.10 at 7:58 pm

Hi Elisha.

Just as i was finishing off the Esther fast on Sat 2nd, I was at the studio all day recording my first gospel music CD. The annoinitng was too strong and plans are already in place to launch it on the 28th of March, just before Good Friday. The support and ecnourangement from many people is awesome. I thank the Lord for giving you the strategy to teach his children to possess their possessions. I have been trying for the past 7 years to record with no success. NOW IS THE TIME. Praise God. i will be sending you the CD and its the beginning of greater things.


54 Vinaisi Koroivunilagi 01.03.10 at 9:27 pm

Thank you for words of encouragement …. the marathon and programs you set up really builds up my inner self and has raised the level of my faith in Christ. Am still waiting for other breakthroughs in His own timing. I have been married for 22 years and had been praying for my husbands salvation….he is an alcoholic….just one year using your prayer points has done wonders….last xmas and new year was his first ever celebration without alcohol and he leads devotion now at home (just @ the time when I was giving up)



55 Naumy 01.04.10 at 12:32 am

Dear Elisha,
Happy new year. I wish to express my gratitude to God for allowing me to know about you ministry. To be sincere I dont know how to thank God.

I came to know about your ministry last year in August. It was at that time that I was having it really rough and tough at work and was seriously contemplating quitting. I did not know how how would be able to survive without a job but I knew deep inside my heart that God would come through for me. I used to be busy such that I could not even pray leave alone read the bible. After quitting job, I have been able to restore my relationship with God and let me say your ministry has been of great help. Since I started the prayer marathons and midnight prayers, my life has never been the same. I must say that I have never crossed the year the way I did this year – normally am in bed by midnight end of year.

Sincerely I dont know what to say. I just know that whatever God has in store for me this year is great.



56 Everlyne Mbirira 01.04.10 at 12:47 am

Halleluya and praise the Lord,

I thank the Lord so much for the marvelous things he did to me two days to new year 2010. It was on 30/12/09 when a friend of mine called me and asked me my son’s bank account number and his class. Not knowing why she was asking so at such a time I gave her the details and then in the afternoon she called again asking me to send my son to her shop. Surprisingly when my son came back in the evening he had a season greeting card which also had a pink slip inside, praise the Lord !!!, there was a bank deposit slip of Ist term’s fees for my son (I mean ALL Kshs.12,500/=), I was in the garden but I found myself lying flat on the ground crying tears of joy for what the Lord has done.

On the same day, two hours later the Lord sent another friend of mine with a 90 kg bag of maize. The Lord is sooo faithfull.

This is what God can do and I give Him all the praises and honour for what He has done and what He is doing and what He is going to do as I continue with this prayer bullets you have sent me.

Servant of God, remain blessed,



57 madhu d shahani 01.04.10 at 1:34 am

Dear Elisha
Wish you Happy New Year.The year 2009, was quite challanging for me and believe me , i was very much scared. But after coming in contact with you ,i, have never turned back. We are three sisters and my parents are alone. We have been praying for their healthy , wealthy and smooth life.God has helped us a lot and given us courage to overcome hurdles of life.I also want that my mother in law and father in law should remain happy in their life-health wise ,wealth wise also.My husband is searching for a proper job since past 13 years.please help him elisha.This is my request to you.


SK Reply:


Pray using Dr. Jane’s prayer bullets for employment, as listed below.

1. I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.
2. Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.
3. May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name
4. Power and anointing to get the ??? job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name
5. O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.
6. O Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.
7. O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
8. I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.
9. I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus.

God bless you.


58 mercy 01.04.10 at 1:59 am

Dear Elisha,
I would love to thank the LORD for you.I have great news for you this year.when i joined prayer academy last year mid october i prayed toGOD to give a job before 2010 and thank GOD he did on December 31 2009.Next iam praying that my father should stop his drinking and smoking,that my boy friend should change his religon so that we should start going to the same church.


59 Lucy 01.04.10 at 2:00 am

Dear Elisha,

I thank God for you. I joined in the prayers for cross over for 2010 and Believe me I have seen miracles happen in my life since I started fasting on the night of 30th. Its a miracle in itself being seated in my office this morning and everybody is saying so in the office because there were no public means of transport today. God is able and I believe this year will be different. I will keep you posted. God bless you.





60 Jemimah Namanya 01.04.10 at 2:00 am

Praise God Elisha.
I give glory to God the for the first time im my life i was able to do an Esther fast and by God’s grace I ended it well and im enjoying the inner peace and change in me right now as i also await the other wonderfull things that are forth comming my way, my family, our nation and Fire Springs in 2010.
Jemimah Kampala Uganda


61 Jemimah 01.04.10 at 2:01 am

Praise God Elisha.
I give glory to God the for the first time im my life i was able to do an Esther fast and by God’s grace I ended it well and im enjoying the inner peace and change in me right now as i also await the other wonderfull things that are forth comming my way, my family, our nation and Fire Springs in 2010.
Jemimah Kampala Uganda


62 Jale Broadbridge 01.04.10 at 2:02 am

Dear Elisha,
Firstly i wanna wish you a very happy new year.
2009 was a very challenging year for me.Ive only had a job for 6weeks but he was providing for us.But im so excited to tell you that since joining in your prayer marathon ive had some big dreams.To cut the coversation short the lord alocated the time for me to do the final prayer on the 31/12/09.The reason been is because i asked him before the final night came.Im so excited because after doin that prayer in the dream gates were actually smashed.Even thats after doin the prayer and i had a drink to welcome the new year,i put him 1st.Im on the 4th day of the 2010 prayer and he is still speakin to me in dreams even about my new job.My marriage is on fire.Were still on holiday on the country side but havent stopped prayin.Ill be informing you soon on my new job when i get back home.May GOD CONTINUE to BLESS your ministry this is a prosperous year,cause i also prayed for this nation he has answered it with rain to drought striken areas and their a flooding right now.
This areas it hasnt rainned for years it was turning into a desert.The farmers a very thankful for the rain.Blessings


63 Victoria-Zitta Mnyanyi 01.04.10 at 2:10 am

Dear Elisha,
As I’m writing this testimony to you, tears of joy are rolling.
in 2009 I was engaged to a man whom we promised to wed on the 7th January 2010. However, when we were under preparations he disappeared and there was no any communication even information about where he was in the country.

During my prayers with my co-warriors, God was always revealing to us that the man is arround and will soon be seen.

Elisha, in the real fact this was a very difficult time to me I have ever experienced. I even started doubt whether God is there or not. Just imagine, I have prayed for so many years seeking God to give me a husband and now the one I have come accross with great faith and love is no where to be seen! Is it possible for lovers, who’s relationship was proved from God to depart like this for a long time?

Today as I am writing this, is the 4th day I am communicating with my husband to be and has promised to come and explain to me what happened! This started after the prayers to close 2009 and open the gates of 2010!

I feel very proud of my beloved Jesus and wonder how powerful is God’s Word! He real looks upon His word to perform!

I thank u and pray to God that your ministry be blessed more and more, and make this year be a wonderful one for you and your prayer eagles!
Vicky from Tanzania, East Africa.


64 Francis Z. Mbao 01.04.10 at 2:26 am

Francis Z.M.

Hi Elisha and a pleasant good time to you and your team of intercesors at Firesprings.

Just want to say thankyou for Passion Prayer Book and the prayer points for storming the new year.

On the eve of the new year, a few of the elders in our church we decided to use the prayer points for crossing into new year (27 minutes to midnight). An our before 11:33 am, a colleguea shared to the congregation on the GATES as detailed in the Passion Prayer Book and at 11:33 am I moved in, leading the congregation into prayer based on prayer points in 27 minutes to midnight 2010 edition.

The church was charged and fired up and the testmonies after the meeting from many people we have interacted with are that “they have never had an overnight prayer meeting with the experience they had.”

People are blessed and our church members are fired up to do exploits in this new year.

God bless you Elisha and continue coaching us.

Personally, from the time I got introduced to your site and became your student of prayer, my life has changed tremendously especially spritually. I have grown so much in the Lord within this short period and God is giving me insights to help people with counsel.
And at the office I have just been appointed to act in a position above the level I have been working in with a good salary difference above what Ihave been earning. I have so much favour at tye office and at our church. I’m an elder at church and a teacher of the word.

I now know how to deal with the gates and this gate thing works when you deal with them, I have experienced it. In fact the day I was asked to act in a higher position, i had just addressed any evil gates that may have been working agaisnt me at the office. I did that when I just stormed the building and walking towards our departmental offices. Imagine, just as I was puuting my laptop bag on my desk,the head of our division called me to his office and imformed me that He has decided that i should be acting in the senior position (equivalent to head of unit) that has been vacant. In his words he did not see a reason why a vacant position should be vacant when there are capable people like me to fill it. That is how addressing the gates can do. Thank God and I give him the glory.

Thank you Elisha for your work which has a positive and favourable impact in my life. God bless you and may He add a number of years in your life.


65 susie 01.04.10 at 2:59 am

thank you Elisha for all the prayers points you have given, real exciting and marvellous. I have received my Blessings and more to come. using your prayer point and recommending to my friends was awesome. I thank GOD for you. Blessed New Year 2010. In fact just after the new year I had 2 bad dreamsand want to ask you how do I defeat the devil. I did the arrowing back to satan pointing at him with my right hand and placing left hand on my chest. It really works, last night I had another terrible one I felt my heart beat so fast and I cried. felt my tears rolling. I woke up but already it’s morning. I reject it again. first dream i see dead people 2nd dream my hubby had an affair
Elisha , I need to ask God if there is something God is warning me about.
thank you and God Bless your ministries, following this ministry since 2005 I think. Esther (susie) Singapore


66 madhu 01.04.10 at 3:19 am

Dear brother Elisha iam immensely grateful for your prayer bullets. i find them very apt to my prblems. each and every bullet is so volatile that it removes all my doubts and fears . eversince i accepted Christ he has been douing wonders in my life. guiding me preaching me in all my attempts. I have always been praying GOD for the deliverance of my son and my husband and god has done marvellous works in my life enlightning me through his word.

May God bless u for your ministry and many souls be saved like me in the long run

thank u


67 jacqueline 01.04.10 at 3:24 am

praise God Elisha am realy greatful for this site & the good things it has done to my life spiritually ,socialy, relationaly &everythingcaly imean all my life has been affected positively & irealy thank God for you&the ministry& the prayer eagles who have stood in through thick&thin to see to it that we get blessed
only the Almighty God will reward you for each & every effort thatbyou put in

At the beginning of 2009 my husband was at the verge of losing his job in january idid the academy all the marathons that followed GOD answered our prayers & he was able to retain his job & has supplied all our needs beyond what we can think or imagine& our relationship got afresh new touch together with our childrens life
God bless you Elisha for the ministry
there is atime i used to wonder wether that was what salvation was meant to be full of hardships&challenges one after the other,

but with your insights & prayer coaching that is no longer the case ihave seen many problems getting resolved,many mountains giving way realy am so greatful to God & to all of you his servants out there who have availed themselves to be used in this end time revival

i now believe that the last revival will be born out of the prayer closet not anywhere else&with this kind of teacings it will come like an explosion&the gates of hell will not withstand it

looking forward for the next Academy AM REALY MORE THAN EAGER TO PARTICIPATE because the results are so real

Be blessed
from jacqueline ,Uganda


68 Eunice 01.04.10 at 3:25 am

Thanks be to God. I have been taking your instrusctions and applying from before midnight up till now. Once again a remarkable miracle happenned on Saturday the 2nd of January. My daughter studying in South Africa who came back for the holidays on the 31st of December 2009 was involved in aroad accident. Before she went into town we had 2hours of fervent prayers based on the 27minutes to midnight and day 2 prayers. Now when this fatal accident occured God remembered her. X-rays showed that she had no sign of internal injuries which to me is just God’s doing. Infact about 2 weeks before, my niece had dreamt of her being involved in an accident whilst travelling from South Africa. We began to agree in prayer by cancelling and nullifying the spirit of accidents until she arrived safely home. So I give Him all the glory and all the praise for standing out for me in this season in the mighty name of Jesus.


69 Eunice 01.04.10 at 3:45 am

Thank you Man of God for the prophetic word for 2010. For sure I am already seeing breakthroughs in my life. My senior Pastor has actually decraled and released 2010 as a year of breakthroughs based on John 11. I believe like Lazarus someone has already been used to roll the stone from my grave in this season. I receive the financial breakthrough , marital breakthroughs, ministry breakthroughs in the mighty, mighty name of Jesus. I thank God for using me in this season to remove stones from many lives stony hearts. .


70 Joanne 01.04.10 at 3:56 am

Dear Elisha:

God bless you so much and please keep up the Good job you are doing, keep the fire burning. My testimony I just concluded a one week prayer retreat (Dec 28 – Jan 2, 2010) and I was one person who really loved/liked my a glass or some 3 beer bottles and I would even defend it with a scripture from the bible that Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding in Cana. I just want to say that in Ephesians 5:18, and St Luke 1:15, it is so clear that actually what ever quantity of wine one takes is a sin, for anyone holy should not take wine or any strong drink. I would want to encourage my brothers and sisters as they pray if any is still in that vice to plead with God for mercy and get delivered from it. I believe strongly the sacrifice I have made will take me and my family a long way in my faith/spiritual life and I will mature faster as the time I was busy indulging I want to use it for reading the word of God more.

God bless.

JKM – Nairobi – Kenya


71 Helen 01.04.10 at 3:58 am

During the prayer academy last year, one of my prayer request was academic excellence for my daughter who was due for the final grade 7 exams in october 2009.The 1st day of her exams she fail sick but she wrote all the exam which went on for 4 days.The results came out on thursday December30.2009.she was the best pupil with high marks at her school


72 phiwa 01.04.10 at 3:58 am

Morning Elisha

I thank God that I entered in 2010 amazingly, I prayed the 27 minutes its was great to pray those prayers, Im waiting for the great things to my God cos hes God of the great things.We thank God for having you Elisha and I pray that my God will bless u abandantly.


73 Florah 01.04.10 at 3:59 am

Elisha thank you for showing me the way. My tongue was not ok in the sense it was not in the its oval shape it like had some growth in it, but on the 3/1/2010 as I brushed in the morning it was in its normal shape the Almighty has done it. Hear this I left work in the bank 2002 and knew can not get anything from there any more but this morning as I passed by on duty I was given forms to fill to receive cash worth 89 shares from the bank I could not believe but of course we know with God everything is possible. To God be the Glory.


74 jonas 01.04.10 at 4:03 am

Praise the almighty God.Dear servant of God i have no enough good words to explain how joyfull iam now i thank God for His guidence to youre website two month ago i was passing through a very difficult moment with full of discouragement especially in my academic life where i had almost discontinued from university thanks to God that He never let that to happen then i decided to engage in two weeks fasting for God restoration and one day when i was searching fopr spritual materials on the internet i found your website surely i have a strong belief that it was a Godlly way of answering my prayers since just for the few days participation to your teachings im seeing my spiritual life gaining a new momentum in the following ways
1. My dream life have been restored because i used to dream and when i work up i remember nothing.But for now whether the dream is good or bad i remember it that it become easy to take the right action in through prayer (GLORY BE TO GOD)
2.Also my faith towards God that He is able to give me anything i want has been so powerfully renewed because i used to focus on the little academic allowance which i get from the gorvernment but now my wholefocus is to the Almighty GOD
3.Im now able to work up in the midnight for prayer something of which was impossible before discovering this truth.
4.Thanks to God that i also met a God timing for Esther prayer of dec31st up to jan 2010.And i can tell you it was so powerfull experience i have ever had in my prayer life.
5.On sunday 3rd jan 2010 i attended one local church at the place of my birth where my parents live i can say it is amiracle that i m invited to minister for the word of God next sunday since i have desired for long time to be given that opporturnity.And i believe My God is going to make me a blessing for that church.

Generally i can say im seeing a very new begining of my relationship with God, i see doors and gates open before me wow i see myself being an overcomer in this new year 2010 GLORY BE TO GOD AMEN


75 Hilda Dunda 01.04.10 at 4:04 am

Dear Elisha
Thank you for the midnight prayers crossing us over to 2010. I had a challenge with my sister concerning the inheritance my parents left which she overtook by duress and for this we were not in talking terms. I presented my case to the heavenly court. and on 31st as per your instruction of annointing areas where we needed God to visit us, i also annointed my cell phone and spoke into it that it shall bring me good tidings only. On new years day my sister text me wishing a happy new and prophicied that we get closer! Before then she could only text bitter words of which i did not respond. 2009 has gone with my sour relationship and 2010 the Lord is rewriting my story.

hilda, malawi


76 Nicholas 01.04.10 at 4:16 am

Hi Brother Elisha
I thank the most high God and the holyspirit that led me into your site.Thankyou so much for your guidance on prayers.
When I came accross your site things were not so rossy but with time I built spiritual muscles on how to put up a spirited fight.
Towards the end of 2009 when I was wondering if God would answer my prayers and bless me with a car the lord released an omega annointing and a golden opportunity presented itself for me to make enough money to buy a car in just a month without having to borrow a loan.
Well I bought a good car at a very good deal and the holidays have been great.
What a blessing to end and start a brand new year strong.The lord has continued to release spiritual intelligence and the enemy cant get me by surprise.
My brothers and sisters in the lord believe me God is still in the business of blessing his children.Do not get weary of waiting upon the lord.
The one prayer item for last year that is to be fulfilled this year is my house in the city.
May the good lord bless you all keep on pressing hard no matter the opposition.

Nairobi Kenya


77 Owayesu Brigitte 01.04.10 at 4:17 am

Jesus carried my load
Dear man of God
thank you very much for your prayers and your lessons, i joined this site in the last quarter of 2009 with heavy loads of bad dreams, i had no favor and my fiance was being secretive in his plans, but after the lessons, man of God Jesus has really carried the burden and all is now okey and i dream dreams that come to pass. am favored wherever i go, whatever i speak happens, and am serious waiting for God to speak about my introduction and wedding.
May God continue to bless you and help others over come like me.
Owayesu, Uganda


78 Emily 01.04.10 at 4:25 am

Dear Elisha

Happy New Year. Thank you for sharing this powerful revelation with us. I joined the 27 minutes to midnight prayer. I prayed for my family and my mother called yesterday to tell me that my sister who left her husband and children reunited with her family yesterday. My older sister whom I have been trusting God for her to commit her life to Christ told me that she is considering it and she is going to fast for 21 days for God to help her with her decision making. This experience changed my life.

May God continue to bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think


79 Pinkie from Botswana 01.04.10 at 4:28 am

Dear Elisha

Thank you very much for the material you have been sending me since December 2009. May God continue to bless and annoint you more to win more souls to Him. Here is my testimony; Me and my elder sister started the 21 day marathon from 01/12/09 until 21/12/09 and it worked for us. There was misunderstandings in our family. We went to our home village for Christmas holidays and we had a series of meetings regarding this problem but because God is good we solved the problems and reconciled. Our brothers were critisizing our church but through God’s grace they ended up understanding. People believe that pentecostal church pastors are here to reap poor people of their hard earned monies and properties, but not all of them are like that. I praise God for this reconciliation because we were nolonger on talking terms with our brothers. To God be the grace. Bless you.


80 Julie 01.04.10 at 4:31 am

Praise Jesus! On 3oth Dec just before we began our Esther fast, i moved in to my new home!! Glory to God. My God provided this home and i am so so excited about it. All is ok in this house but there is no electricity! Reason being, Kenya power and lightening company personnel told me to give them some money-bribe so that they can come and connect the power. I can not contaminate God’s work so i can not even think about bribing them. But one thing i know, the true God who began the good work will surely complete it. I praise you Jesus for giving me a home i can call my own. Its great!!! Glory to Jesus!!!


81 naomi 01.04.10 at 4:32 am

hie Elisha,
Thanks Elisha, for these wonderful coaching lessons Iam a changed a person am one person who never used to manage to wake up at night to pray but now i can manage to wake up,though Istill struggle a bit.

the day i joined the marathon prayers,for the first time i remembered my dreams,i had multiple dreams but to my surprise i remembered each one of them,this continued for some time then stopped again.To the glory of God last night 3rd jan,i started having dreams again this is a breakthrough for me because i have been bothered with this problem for some time now.
i was also on the 40days breakthrough prayers believing God for the a place at a university to do ,my masters i have not yet recieved the reply and am requesting you to stand with me in prayer for this cause.
Lastly,i want to order the a set of copies of those e-books,and the only way i can send money is through western union please advise.
God bless you abundantly.


82 Mrs. G.S.P. 01.04.10 at 4:33 am

Dear Elisha,

First and foremost I wish you a happy and prosperous year 2010. Praise be to God. I participated in the prayers at the gate of 2010 and I’m expectant of good things from the Lord. I have 2 testimonies within the month of December 2009.

One: I’m very grateful to the Lord for His goodness and mercy to me and my family. Two weeks before x-mas my mother was very ill and admitted in hospital but Got healed her. On 24th December 2009 she was discharged and God provided the money to settle the medical bill.

Two: Beacause of the occurence I was worried because money was getting exhausted and things were going to be tight for us during x-mas but Supernaturaly Got intervened on 24th December 2009. An an seen source of money just appeared and 24,000/= was delivered to me. I give all the glory to God.


83 Endesh 01.04.10 at 4:39 am

Praise be to God, Elisha!
Happy New Year! I have just joined the 27minutes prayer to end of 2009, and I believe its by God’s grace, he calls us himself, hence he led me to your site, through a friend of mine! And i am going to be eternally grateful to God for her!
I am so enlightened with your articles and information it amazes me! Like where have all these information been that, being a saved Christian all this time and dont know such important secrets!? Really, God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, nothing else!
First time i welcomed New Year in the presence of God, and it felt sooooo beautiful, peaceful, joyous and i believe i chose the right thing – to pray for my destiny as 2009 close and 2010 enters, praise be to God!!
I am believing God for everything he has in store for my life, and i will be a changed, grown, and spiritually alert woman by the time 2010 is closing up, in Jesus name!
Midnite hour is not the same anymore in my life!
Stay tune for my testimonies! Praise be to God!

May God continue to charge you with more prayer point to coach us with!

Endesh, in Tanzania, East Africa.


84 Endesh Coletha 01.04.10 at 4:41 am

Praise be to God, Elisha!

Happy New Year! I have just joined the 27minutes prayer to end of 2009, and I believe its by God’s grace, he calls us himself, hence he led me to your site, through a friend of mine! And i am going to be eternally grateful to God for her!

I am so enlightened with your articles and information it amazes me! Like where have all these information been that, being a saved Christian all this time and dont know such important secrets!? Really, God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, nothing else!
First time i welcomed New Year in the presence of God, and it felt sooooo beautiful, peaceful, joyous and i believe i chose the right thing – to pray for my destiny as 2009 close and 2010 enters, praise be to God!!

I am believing God for everything he has in store for my life, and i will be a changed, grown, and spiritually alert woman by the time 2010 is closing up, in Jesus name!

Midnite hour is not the same anymore in my life!

Stay tune for my testimonies! Praise be to God!

May God continue to charge you with more prayer point to coach us with!

Endesh, in Tanzania, East Africa.


85 gloria 01.04.10 at 4:45 am

Glory be to God who keeps on doing great things. Elisha, the whole of last year l was praying and doing all the fastings as per your instruction. In december 2009 God blessed me with a beautiful car, i have not yet receive it from Japan but have paid the cost. it was not by mighty nor by power but by the spirit of the living God. 2010 is my year of greatness. i am a success.



86 Janet 01.04.10 at 4:49 am

Praise the Lord.

I joined this site last year august and indeed I can testify my God is an awesome God. We have gone through financial difficulties for the last 6 years and finally we sunk in huge debts. Since I started your prayer marathon in September our life is changing each day. I used to have bad dreams (screaming at night and they have ceased though on the night of 03.01.10 I dreamt screaming and cant remember the dream. Also we are experiencing cats all over our compound making cries like that of babaies. I know this is the devils attack because he can smell our victory in all areas. My husband who had not gotten any work for many years this morning he is signing a contract to do consultant work for one of the government ministries.

This is a break through to our lives and having broken the gates on 31st dec. I trust the Lord that this year we will move from one miracle to another, one breakthrough to another en name them all. Elisha trust the Lord with us for the huge debts to be rolled away. Thank God for you. You have really Taught me how to fight the enemy. God bless.

Janet, Kenya


87 m.h 01.04.10 at 4:49 am

deae elisha,
what can i say, except to thank the lord for those powerful prayerpoints u gave for me about 27mins to 2010. all my friends were having a party and totally living in the joy of this world. but the holy spirit kept gently reminding me, that this was more important than the worldly fun. on the second day of prayers and fasting, just about midnite, i received a call from america and the american embassy stating that of the 30 people who are eligible for the green card lottery, i have been selected. it required me paying a certain fee which i told the lord could not afford. praise the lord, I called my dad and sister today, and they said that due to my dads accident, he had received a large sum of money for compensation. My sister has confirmed that she will be paying. the best part elisha, is that i have praying together with my dad and sister for a finacial breakthrough at home and bomb, my dad received 50 grand ,hard cash..I have been sending them all the prayer ebooks and they are totally devouring it. whatsmore, my youngest brother couldnt finish his diploma in I.T because of financial contraints. Now his enrolling tomorrow with everything payed for , by dad… wow, it unbelievable. the lord is just so so amazing… Thank the lord for u elisha… may god continue to bless your ministry so that people like me and my family would continue to live in the lords blessings.


88 Petra 01.04.10 at 5:01 am


The GOD you have taught me to pray to is mighty and practically owns everything.

The word says that he shall bless us until the blessed call us blessed.
I have always asked GOD for a job and finally the job has come and as i write this am actually seated at my desk at the new offices.

May GOD bless you as you continue to teach his flock.


Glory to GOD


89 Ayodele Taylor 01.04.10 at 5:03 am

Dear Elisha,
Happy New Year to you and your family. I want to testify about God’s goodness in my life and family, since I started using your prayer God has opened my eyes to a lot of things that was going wrong in my family especially from my father’s side. I thank God that through your powerful prayer points some of them are now under the saving grace of Jesus and for me my office has asked me to go for further studies which I was praying for all this years, I was unable to further my studies becos of finance but the God we are serving has provided a way for me. I praise God for his wonderful work he is doing in my life and family.

A. T


90 Shorai Maud Muzavazi 01.04.10 at 5:07 am

Dear Elisha
I would like to thank you for the mid-night prayers, my life have really changed.
I am happy to say 2010 is my year l will be married am declaring this even though l do not have a boyfriend. I know the Lord is going to do wonders. I will be completely healed have been suffering for a long time with neurolagia pain on the face. This is my year its my year.


91 M 01.04.10 at 5:10 am

Dear Coach
Happy New Year, New decade. I would like to say to you may the Lord continue to bless you, your family and everyone at Firesprings Ministries for the prayer coaching you are doing. Getting to know about your site has been the best thing that happenned to me in 2009. My prayer life has completely changed. My whole life is uner reconstruction.I wrote to you asking for prayer points for my son who was not interested in praying at all, was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and his wife who has a tattoo on her arm and was brought up in a moslem family. I was advised if they could pray the December 31 prayers it would be best. I replied saying my challenge was to make them stay up and pray those prayers. Tell you what, it happened. God did it. The whole family was up and at 27 minutes to midnight we were firing prayer bullets together. To me this is a miracle and right now we are all fasting until the 10th of January. God is awesome. I am beleiving God this is my son’s turning point and now that I have coaching he will not go back to his old ways. We used to pray and go to church together but he would go back to alcoholism and drugs after a while. Now I am declaring it is permanent because we are dealing with all the generational curses in his foundation and every aspect of the gates of this fathers house. I am going thru these prayers with a lot of excitement. Again, I say may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob flood you with his blessings and may his anointing continuosly overflow upon your life.
Sister M.


92 BEATRICE 01.04.10 at 5:11 am

hallow Elisha,
Thank God for i have entered the new year.Iwork in a bank and on the 31 dec one of our staff stole money from the bank.Being the one keeping the keys i was the first suspect but by Gods grace he brought back the cash and now he is in police custody. Had he not brought the cash and giving in himself ,i could be in police custody.

praise be to GOD as he has delivered me.


93 Vee 01.04.10 at 5:18 am

Dearest Coach!
Mighty to save is our God, Praise the name of Jesus verily verily he is the God of restoration. I wrote to you telling you about the sad events that occured to me last year, one of them a car accident that left my husbund with four fractures on his right leg and the car beyond economic repair. We engaged the almighty God as our lawyer through the prayer points that you have been sending to me, and the midnight prayers. Last night we recieved a car similar to the one from the people involved in the accident only its’ newer and in good condition with less mileage. Glory be to God.
However on 01/01/2010 the morning after the prayers I dreamt of a certain man from our church saying that him and his brother will come on monday to take my husband, I just had a negative feeling about that and I started cancelling the dream because I wondered where my husband was being taken to and for what.
03/01/2010 after morning prayers I had a dream in which I was vomitting something that looked like cooked chicken intestines, I believe its’ deliverance mostly through that prayer point of symbolising the drinking of our Lord Jesus’ blood. Thank you man of God for availing to us the prayer points and even the prayer marathon for free thank you thank YOU THANK YOU!!! To all my brothers and sisters in Christ let us keep up the fight do not give up we are fo sure overcomers in Jesus name.


94 ankushsapra 01.04.10 at 5:19 am

elisha hw r u ?
my witnes is i have passed in airline exam 2009-10 jesus give number one rank
in all over delhi. n jesus give me brandnew life, n thanks for ur prayer support.
plc pray in my family members. ur friend (ANKUSH SAPRA)


95 Esther 01.04.10 at 5:34 am

Elisha thank you very much for your prayer points, I have been using your prayer points and I did the 21 prayer marathon. Elisha after finishing these prayers, the company wrote to me that I should go and act on the higher position, for a long time I have never acted on an higher position.

Please be blessed and continue helping the children of God.



96 Florence 01.04.10 at 5:36 am

Praise God.Happy New Year Prophet.I thank God for using you mightily to coach me. Two days to the 31st of Decemder,I came home very exhausted and was unable to pray.But when I sat on the chair my eyes attracted a picture of Jesus Heart that I bought and hung on the wall.I guessed at this picture and as meditating on His great love for mankind and how man is so ungrateful but yet he keeps on drawing man to His side.Then I started crosschecking myself and confessing my mistakes.Suddenly a sweet sleep overshawdowed me and I fell asleep on the chair.Behold i had a dream and someone was telling me to read Isaih chater 54 that is the whole of the chapter.I managed to do so but understood nothing.Early in the morning i fell some energy then i began to read it and behold I discoversd that it was a whole message concerning all that was worrying me.Praise God,Our God is good.So as I entered the midnight to break open the doors of 2010,I did it with all confidence and I beleive strongly that this year is that year that i have long awited.


97 Mercy 01.04.10 at 5:37 am

Good morning brother Elisha Goodman. This is a very fresh and happy new beginning indeed. We thank God for your life. You have really rescued a lot of families and you still are. Your prayers have started with a high annointing in our lives (my husband and I). On the first to third of Jan we have three familes visiting us, to spend the whole day with us. It was a serious breakthru, because we never have any visitors and its like we are chasing people away from our house.

Before we started 27 minutes to midnight prayers, my husband had lost his passport and we couldnt visit his parents. We noticed this on the 23rd of December 2009 when we were packing things in the boot of the car and that is when we noticed it has been stoled or misplaced. We searched for the passport for the whole night and morning and we were so miserable because they were expecting us to spend Christmas with them. This devasted us and we spent Christmas very hopeless. BUT by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, He placed you at the right time with your 27 Minutes to Midnight prayers. Before we prayed I was imagining seeing it after these bullets because I know how effective they are, but I kept quite and didnt share it with my hsuband. There was an instruction from Elisha’s prayers that we must annoint out certificates, business documents etc… and so we did. My husband took out all his business documents and we annointed them. The following morning I took them to our bedroom because I needed to clean the sitting room (thats where we were praying). The passport was still nowhere to be found. My husband was in the bedroom and as he looked at the documents on the bed without touching, there was the passport facing him, placed right in the middle of the other quotation book that I put on the bed. Seeing that, he called me and I knew from his voice that he had found the passport.

We were so excited and we praised the Lord and Prayed, thanking God and Elisha’s prayer bullets that produce tangible results.

We that you so much Elisha. More is coming, I know this is just the beginning.

May God bless you ubundantly..


98 Florence 01.04.10 at 5:42 am

Elisha please I am in a country where so many people do not have access to the internet.Some I feel to share your prayers and coaching to ,do not even have electricity.How do ishare this marvelous prayers and coaching with them.Thanks.Florence.


99 farida silver 01.04.10 at 5:46 am

Hello Elisha,
I have been reading through all the testimonies that people have given n must say am blessed to hear people testify about what God can do.
Must confess that ive been a bit lazy last year concerning these prayers,but itys ma prayer that i araise this year so that the enemy sacatters coz am challenged by the testimonies.

I thank the lord who pulled the hearts of our bosses to give us a 13th month cheque last year.Surely this was the lords making.
To Him be all glory,praise and honour.

Frida Uganda


100 anne nadunga 01.04.10 at 5:46 am

Dear Elisha,
why i am not getting break through in my married, place of work , spitural life


101 Gathoni 01.04.10 at 5:47 am

Praise Jesus and happy new year.I thank God for you.I’m one of the people that is waiting for God to perform an outstanding miracle as an answer to my cry.Mine my brother will be big i’ve been through so much and i know God is faithful.Pray wiyh me am still using the 27 mins to midnight and now on day 4.My husband walked out in 2008 July and has never come back and not a word,i got married in 2004 and never concived todate,i started a bussiness last year in August and i have now lost it my landlords want to run it we are now to fight it over in court,my best friend i discovered has been behind all my problems,i have a bank loan that i’m unable to service and they are threateninng to sent auctioneers,my house is in rent arrears,despite all this my pastor and i fell off because i asked that he give us a direction for the new year and he felt we dont understand,i’m a worship leader and i felt we were without direction since he allowed to many ministers on his altar who prophesyed different thing and this left us lost and very confused.I respect and understand the place of authority.Please pastor Elisha kindly guide me on what i should do.I made up my mind never to stop praying despite things going bad.I know my solutions will only come from God.Right now i’m looking to you as my spritual authority.Kindly take time to answer me.Bless you Pastor Elisha.


102 Farayi 01.04.10 at 5:52 am

I`m really gald that i discovered about your “27 Minutes to Midnight” 2010 Edition. I`m so much blessed by all the prayer bullets and all the testimonies in the book. Ever since i had never fasted an Esther fast up to the completition coz i had stomach itch, but this time i managed. Could you please continue sending me your copies coz my main issue this year i need a breakthrough in marriage. I`m also doing the prayers for fastings dated 1 to 10 Jan 10.

Thank you so much for the good job that God has send you to do in order for my life to be delivered.

God Bless You richly.



103 anne nadunga 01.04.10 at 5:55 am



104 Marie 01.04.10 at 6:15 am

Dear Elisha,

Happy and blessed new year to you and all prayer eagles.
At the beginning of last yr 2009, I got a promise card from our church after attending the overnight prayers, which stated on one side, thank God for cancelling my sentence of death. This year after saying the prayers 27 mins to midnight, the promise card I got was that ‘Nothing is impossible with God’ and on the other side ‘God will bless my coming in and going out both now and forever more’ I thank God for your coaching which has greatly improved my prayer life since October last year. God bless you abundantly and expand your territory in Jesus mighty name.


105 Eliaika 01.04.10 at 6:20 am

Dear servant of the Lord, I thank the Lord for HIS love on me because
i had prayed for good spiritual man to pray for my prayers.

I opened my email as usual but i met your name Elisha and felt love of God to have a look what is inside Elisha! God answered my prayer i found you are the right spiritual man of God to pray for my prayers, glory be to the Lord Jesus who anointed you to teach other people how to pray. I am now in my fasting prayer marathon for 21 days which will complete on 19th January. Hope to receive good answeres from the Lord.

Let me share my prayers which made me to cry to the Lord all the time: a) My husband left me and our 5 children since 1993 and went to stay with a witchwoman who tried to kill me but Jesus came to me and overcame the spirit b) My first born 28 yrs does not go to his business daily – after getting some money he drinks alot until the money gets finish! So he can not develop his life! c) My second born works very hard he is now rich enough to take care of all of us but he is blocked by the witchwoman who stays with him so the problem is going on heavy until i pray very hard to get school fees for young once who are at the different schools! d) i am the longest worker in the very good firm – assistant works but others came after me are paid higher salary while my rank is the top one! I really require an assistance of a good man of Jesus to help me to pray to the Lord. Praise the Lord i found you sir my real brother Elisha. Thank you for your web site and for how it reached to me is the Holy Spirit because i did not know you sir. God bless your teachings and reach many people, Amen.

i could not reach, but the Lord saw me and showed me the way of praying through you sir. God bless all who are following your good prayer steps. You are the real goodman of GOD, Amen.


106 molly 01.04.10 at 6:33 am

I do not know how to express this,but all i know is God is faithful to answer prayers and Mighty to save. Something i’ve always longed for has started happening in my life. On the morning of 31.12.2009, i had a dream, i do not remember the whole of it but i vividly remember how it ended. i was praying and in the prayer i was tearing down the tower of sexual immorality and wickedness and building a tower of Praise in the name of Jesus. Again on the morning of 03.01.2010 in the dream i was praying Isaiah 66:9 to life. this is a Scriptuer God woke me in the night with around July- August 2009. So please pray with me for all that is to term in me and for me to be rightly delivered for the glory of God.


107 waish 01.04.10 at 6:43 am

Hi Elisha, pliz dnt display my mail
Thank u for ur good work that the Lord has blessed u with.
My desires this year is to let the Lord have His way in my life and my family. we have lived as husband and wife with our 4 year old son for four years and my heart has never been satisfied as been his wife bcos he has never treated me as one.
but my prayer this year 2010 is to let the Lord take charge bcos in the past i ve taken charge n instead of it been better it worsens, ive cried enough n tried every thing and asked God what He want


108 Atwongire joanita 01.04.10 at 6:44 am

Hallelujah!!!!! God has done a miracle to day as is speak i would like to give full testimony bit i don’t how but this is real.


109 Iyatan 01.04.10 at 6:55 am

Dear Coach,
All the glory to God. May He richly bless you and your ministry in Jesus’ name !
I discovered your site in 2008 and took part to Prayer Academy. I was the a retired civil servant. During and after the the prayers, many delivrances occurred in my life. And to crown it all, I got a one year renewable contract with UNDP, with a revenue I never got as active civil servant. I can assure you many people are benefitting from what I’m learning from your insightfull lectures.
May God renew daily your insight to be in help to our generation.


110 Bertha 01.04.10 at 6:58 am

Hi Elisha,
Compliments of the New Season and may our good Lord bless you and the entire group at Firesprings Ministry. I participated in the prayer at the gates of 2010 and did Esther fast. I will keep you posted of my progress. God bless you.
Bertha, South Africa


111 SOFIA CHAURUKA 01.04.10 at 7:01 am

Dear Elisha

Happy new Year 2010 God bless you and your Ministry for what you are doing for ME and my family.please dear ELISHA for 2010,please help me
1-to wake up my husband David Chauruka my sisters Rufina Nassoma &Justina Susso to join me in prayers ,to go to church to praise &worship the Lord.
2-For my children performance at school&help me to construct a house in a peace of Land I bougth last year. GOD bes you.


112 catherine karanja 01.04.10 at 7:04 am

Dear Elisha,

i want to thank the Lord so much for leading me to your Website. I’ve learnt so much even though I’ve so far not joined the prayer Academy which I’m looking forward to.
On 2nd January i dreamt that i had a very posh home and i’d packed my car a red convertible that looked very posh. Then a man i know came with two others and they were scheming on stealing my car.
They started making small talk with me but something in my spirit told me not to trust them and i was very uneasy. I told them i had to go to the Hosipital to see my dad who was admitted there and i was afraid they will ask for a lift then car jack me. They didn’t ask for a lift but left. In the dream i could see them planning about an attack but one of them asked “did u look at the car properly? That one we cannot steal. It has a scanner that scans 30metres radius and a sensor that detects only authorised persons. If they sensor does not recognise you it triggers the alarm and immobilises the car. Elisha i was confused at first but i’d participated in the 27minutes to midnight prayer 2010 and had fasted so it dawned on me that God has put a covert upon me and all that is mine this year and no demon nor devil nor evil thing shall steal my blessings. Infact i’ve been trusting God for a house just like the one in the dream and a car.Halleluya! This is my year to realise every desire snd promise. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I’m still praying at midnight and carrying on with partial fasting. Do you think there is more to the dream? Please let me know.
God abundantly bless you.


113 CM 01.04.10 at 7:06 am

I thank God for the prayer programs, i joined in November after i had been crying to God to show me how to pray as i was sinking in problems. After the first prayer points i got 2 job offers. I have been struggling to get a response from adverts. But i went to 2 interviews and i perfomed very well. The challenge now is which one is the right one? I have done the Esther fast twice so far and am waiting for the prayer academy. God has revealed why i dont have a marriage , i was married traditionally but not in church or magistrate office and why things are the way they are in my life. I am so grateful to God for Brother
Elisha. On 31 December while i and my 2 children (20 and 14) were waiting to
fire at the gate at 12 midnight, i got a manifistation from my husband he literally went mad and said who is this Elisha Goodman, we must not pray Elisha’s prayers but his prayers since he was the head of the house. He said i was acting
like a headmaster and he was not going to have the prayers in his house. He said i dont listen. I was so shocked and the holy spirit told me to be quiet. My husband wanted to disrupt my prayers. The fiasco started at 8pm and ended at 11.20pm, close to midnight. If the holy spirit did not intervene i would have missed my gate. My husband even warned me and the children against the Esther fast but i did it anywhere and the Lord gave me strenghth to do the house chores with my kids helping here and there. I know i am on the road of a big breakthrough.

God Bless you

CM South Africa


114 Lucy 01.04.10 at 7:08 am

Hi Elisha,

Praise God and happy new year.
I want to thank God for this golden opportunity to be here this new year 2010. Since I joined this website, I have learnt alot that I did know about prayers and even how to pray.

I learnt about this website in Oct/November and surely I can confess changes in my marriage.
a)My relationship with my husband has greatly improved and we are a happy family now.
b)We managed to get a loan which had taken a long time to get and have been able to acquire property.
c)My husband won a tender out of the many people who had done the same from a local bank for a job to be done starting from January 15 2010.
d) We have been able to build a home which we expect to finish before the end of January. We have already given notice to the Landlord to move by 31st January 2010.

We praise God for all these blessings which he has given us within a very short time. Thank you very much for doing this noble work of God to teach us how to pray and be overcomers. May the Lord continue blessing you and your family forever.

My greatest desire this year is for God to give us children as he continue blessing us. Please pray for us and advice me on the prayer bullets to make this a reality before the end of this year.

May God bless you abundantly.

Kind regards,

Nairobi Kenya


115 Mercy Ekwere 01.04.10 at 7:12 am

Well, am still expecting a miracle in a positive way, i am so lazy when it comes to prayers. my spirit is weak. i am still willing to have a change in my prayer life. So help. Amen.


116 Gracie 01.04.10 at 7:16 am

Hi Elisha, God is good all the time. I joined the prayer marathon Oct. 09. Before Dec ’09, My marrital distress have ended. There is love and appreciation in my marriage. This prayer points works and God works in miraculous way if you believe and have faith. AM sure this year 2010 is going to be an year of financial breakthru and more blessings from our Almighty God. Thanks Holy spirit directed me to your site and I subscribed at the right time. God bless you for your very helpful ministry.

Gracie, Kenya


117 emily 01.04.10 at 7:18 am

Dear Elisha; A victorious @ happy 2010.I would just like to say thank you@praise the LORD for this amazing,powerful@awsome ministry you have.Indeed i pray like never before.GOD is so good,HALLELUJAH! …thank you so much for being there for teaching,coaching@inspiring us in this PRAYER MINISTRY……….GOD BLESS@MORE POWER!


118 Mary 01.04.10 at 7:23 am

Dear Elisha
I want to share this with you and would need you advice and prayer. I have a problem with fasting. Certainly I will always start but will not complete. The one I consider that I have tried most was the 24 hrs fasting that 30th December Midnight to 31st December Midnight. I did this one successfully and followed the Prayers as instructed. On the 1st January 2010 itself, I failed because I ate and drank water, but I still continue with my prayer. Would my prayer be still effective if I try to fast for the last 5 days and still continue with my prayers.

Please advice,


119 MARY 01.04.10 at 7:40 am

Dear Elisha,

Praise be to God.
I am writing to share with you how great our God is. When I started visiting your website; I was a frustrated woman….I had tried for so long to conceive to no avail…God is forever faithful because HE has answered my prayers!!!!!!!!!am now three months pregnant and truly this is God’s Mighty deeds. Thank you and may God bless you. Psalms 46:10
” Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

This has been my memory verse all through.



120 M 01.04.10 at 7:40 am

Dear Elisha,

I have been praying that if it is God’s will that my son should return home, that that be so. And, my ex-husband phoned me one evening and said that he is sending my son overnight with a lift home. It has so happened that Willem is back with me for good. In the meantime my ex-husband has disappeared. I’m left with the full financial responsibility for both children. I am following all your prayers and I am hoping to be able to puchase your 2010 package.


121 Dorothy 01.04.10 at 7:43 am

Elisha You are Blessed,
This was a unique experience for me 27 mins B4 midnight 2010 Edition. As Iam writing am overwhelmed. My relationship with my in-laws has improved tremedously. It has really taken God. I know and I know there is a lot of overflow rains of blessings for me in the clouds. May God richly bless you with all the Prayer Eagles Out there.

Love you.


122 E.M 01.04.10 at 7:54 am

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Congratulations for the work you are doing in serving peoples lives. I joined the world in the Corporate prayer marathone and also joined in the cross over for 2010. My prayer life has changed. During the prayer marathone i was chosen as the Director for Intercession, Church treasurer, interpreter in my local language and sunday School Teacher in my Local church. Last sunday i was leading in the inertercessin and spiritual warfare. I could fill the movement of the holy spirit. It was so powerful. Peolple weere impressed with the way i am leading in the intercession and spiritual warfare. God is so awesome. I could not stand and pray in front of the people, and could not speak beacause of fear of the unknown. I had no breakthrough in my prayers. This year 2010, i am believing God for a Godly spouse, breakthrough in my finances, healing, salvation and unit in my family, a new job with a good salary, to know things before they come into manifestation. I really thank God for what he has done and what he is yet to do in 2010. My greatest desire is to work for Jehova God . He is so good.
Man of God I salute you for what you are doing. May God bless you, your familly and the firespring ministries. HAPPY 2010.


123 Muki Ephraim 01.04.10 at 7:56 am

Dear Man of God,Elisha.

I want to thank you and praise God for the wonderful thing that happened to my wife and I this beginning of the the new year, 2010.

In fact when I received the series of prayers to be said at midnight of 31/12/09, I told my wife and printed a copy for her too.

The exciting thing about it is that I engaged in fasting for the first time(6 am to 6pm} for two days. H wish to be able to do the Esther fast some day.

My wife was even more excited with the revelations about what happens in the spirit world…it was a blessing to us just to know that we were part of a group of people praying powerfully at the gates of the New Year. We are presently following up with the ten-day daily midnight prayers.

A pastor friend to whom I offered a printed copy of the programme was so happy I made her a part of it.

We have no doubt that God is already changing our story for good.

God Bless You, sir.



124 Barnabas 01.04.10 at 8:00 am

Dear Elisha

I am writing for the first time because God is doing wonders with me. I had family problems that had rocked my marriage with my wife moving out on me last year january. Following your prayer points as well as mid night prayers she came back in April. W e are together though there are some pending issues but God has ironed out the major differences and the Holy spirit is working on the final touches to receiving our family reunion blessings. Praise be to the Almighty.

Banrna , Zimbabwe


125 catherine 01.04.10 at 8:09 am

Dear Elisha
Happy new year to you brother,I was introduced to your website by Carole she is my dear friend late last year and I thank God because since that time things has never been the same.My marriage was havoc but now I have good relationship with my husband,My child had a problem in speaking and by this january he will be 3yrs but My God is great he is able to talk though some words you can’t understand he has really improved.My brothers child has been sick she now 2yrs and she can’t walk she was diagonised of so many diseases I prayed and told God on behalf of my family “I refuse to eat the bread of sorrow” because even my mum who this niece is named after her had stroke 2yrs ago and things have never been the same again but am trusting in God this year 2010 she is healed in Jesus name.


126 Trudi (South Africa) 01.04.10 at 8:19 am

Dear Elisha

I stormed the gates of 2010 and what an experience!! My son and his wife refused to visit me at my house for a reason unknown to me which broke my heart as I missed my grandchildren very much. After our midnight prayers guess what?! On January,2 my daughter- in- law called and brought the children and visited the entire day!! Praise and glory to my Maker!!!

Blessings in abundance for you and your ministry!


127 Daniel E. Akpasop 01.04.10 at 8:32 am

Hello Elisha, Happy new year!
Our Living God is a faithfull God!

Herculeses are drawing nearer by this time,
Approaching humanity from many angles
Even through the swine flu,
Approaching still unto this time.

Humanity is into a live concert by this time,
Herculeses are coming closer by the seconds.
This time’s International Network can expose the
invisible more than I can pen it down here.

This time is a faculty that is facing all humanity
with a new globe in one hand, and a certain globe
in the other hand, facing humanity from the clouds
of the sky.

The broken, “interlocked natured HIV/AIDS’” rule of
“One-take-one” pandemic have been halted and
caused to get expired by man,
The man NACCA has made it possible.

Come and see universal unity taking form across
This time under the clouds of intercessors,
Lest otherwise we were swept away
Like the sweepings of waterfalls by this time.

By the seconds,
These herculeses have spread out, translating people
From mortality to immortality, and other people
From immortality to mortality by this time.
I mean death and birth times.

Turn this word upside-down, shuffle and reshuffle
The lines of this word in an overhauling concept, and
Arrest the forest places, capture and excavate the hills,
Rocks and mountains as we overcome and subdue
The earth as “Jesus shall reign where’er the sun does
his successive journeys run.” (SDD)

No shaking! Nothing dey happen!
No matter say na tay tay we’ve been waiting,
No shaking, this time we no dey discouraged
Say na tay tay we’ve been waiting.

The length of His delays no disheartened muoa,
De koko be say, as we dey wait for am we dey
struggle with little success and much defeat.
But I tell you de koko,
No shaking! Nothing dey happen!
God no go ever suffer this world Wey don see Christ’s blood shed upon it-
Make it come become devil’s stronghold,
and paradise. rara!

E no go ever happen-o this time.

Angels come! Men come!
Come see universal unity happening live by
This time-, oh no wahala, nothing dey happen,-
Hallelujah, hallelujah no shaking!
The LORD GOD omnipotent reigned.

Men be satisfied say you dey Christ’s vineyard in
This time.
Say you dey Christ’s vineyard and workforce, sharing
in the fight, breaking the arrows of the bow,
Aiding in winning the victory for our Lord-
Be happy God’s people!

The losing side is evil.
Even through their democratic interpretations
and actions the losing side is evil.
E no matter say you don lose be say you don lose-,
De koko be say, you dey lost for ever, kpam! Whose side you be?

My dear Elisha,
send this message to the world.

So far I have began to experience tremendous Golden Revelations in
my dreams this 2010.
I have a vow to redeam to God on your website.
God bless You Richly for helping me to grow spiritually.
I am an overcommer!

Thank You.

A Soldier At His Post,
Daniel Deasop Church Akpasop

Nda abre uke?


128 Lilian 01.04.10 at 8:33 am

Powerful testimonies indeed. Need information on how to deal with gates and on prayer marathon-please-please.
Need to move to higher levels in my spiritual life accompanied by great testimonies.


129 violet 01.04.10 at 8:49 am

Dear Elisha
Thank you for your prayers i had been so worried about my end of work this December 2009 but after saying this prayers, i find my self relief and with a lot of hopes for 2010 and beyond. I will continue to pray for God to strengthen me to see my breakthroughs in marraige, finances and academics. thanks a lot.


130 maris datong 01.04.10 at 8:51 am

Iam greatful to God for your life. What the lord has done in my life throgh your Ministry is so much that I can’t say it out. Keep the good work on and God will bless you immersely. Happy year 2010.

Maris (Nigeria)


131 ESTHER 01.04.10 at 9:44 am

Dear Elisha

Thanks be to God for that wonderful ministry. I thank God so much for the work He has enabled you to do, in terms of bringing people close to God.
I greatly agree that midnight prayers are very powerful. We used to have things hit on our roof every night but after a month of praying at midnight they disappeared.
Secondly, I was looking for customers to give me business for the big Christmas cakes and cookies. Fortunately by God’s grace I managed to get orders worth $ 350. To add on that they liked my items that they were very delicious, for that I just gave the glory back to God because I never had words other than just returning thanks back to my God.
Lastly, I believe through midnight prayers, a family friend came home from Rwanda on 26th and gave us a lot of money which we never expected at that time of the year, by the way this is a friend who was looked after by my parents over a period of 45 years ago but she remembered the good work they did for her and this forced her to look for them.
I would like to encourage other fellow members who may read this email never to give up. As they always say, never give up until the solution is got.
Second piece of advice is, God’s ways are not our ways, please let’s be patient, if you joined the prayer marathon for 2009 just wait on God patiently because He is working on your request and you will be able to receive the physical answer at His own timing.
May the Almighty reward, Elisha and his team for such excellent work you are doing

Esther, Uganda


132 ANN 01.04.10 at 9:46 am

Dear Elisha:

Since joining, I have received one full-time job (confirmed) which I will begin on January 11, 2010, at a higher salary than I last received. I used to work with an advertising firm until December 2008 when I was let go since there was not much work. I am now rehired by the same company.
Next,my brother has opened his own security company and wants me to do his payroll. Since I have lots of experience in this field, I will receive additional income there.
Also, since I am eligible to receive insurance benefits for the rest of my life, I would be receiving the first deposit in my bank account shortly.
God is working and I have no intentions of limiting Him. He has a full total of my losses (I don’t) to the last cent. I have asked him to break down the walls, kick in the doors and rip the windows off their hinges – so my blessing cannot be withheld one moment longer.
Elisha, I am praying, I am fasting and I have communion every night before bed, as instructed by God. I gave all I could find to give and I’m not giving satan one little opportunity. I hate him much more than he could ever hate me.
Thanks for all of your help. I never knew these things you are teaching me.
Be abundantly blessed!


PS: I am praying fervently for my son (32) to go back to church, instead of partying and drinking with friends. I don’t know why he refuses to go. What I’ve noticed is that he is reading “The Secret” and he has been watching videos on the Illuminati. He seems to be assessing different points of view which to my mind is futile since he knows the truth. The Truth! He has been critical of what he has learned but that’s not enough. He has been saved for approximately 17 years. Thank God for salvation!


133 Jenipher 01.04.10 at 9:57 am

Dear Brother Elisha,
I am grateful to God for this website because through this ministry I have learned to deal with negative dreams that have tormonted my life for as long as I can remember. I have been dreaming retrogessive dreams while going back to my former high school and when my things were getting stolen from me. However, ever since I participated in the 21 day end of year prayer marathon, these dreams have reduced and as a result 2 major projects I had written and submitted were both approved for funding in December 2009. The 4 year project was signed on the deadline of December 4th and I almost lost hope but our God is a faithful God! When I was entering 2009 I participated in the 27 minutes to midnight prayers and violently prayed the prayers at the gate of 2009. During 2010 edition I missed the Esther fast because I got the prayer points on 31st December but I still prayed the 27 minutes to midnight prayers at the gate to 2010. I am believing God for a husband and holy matrimony this year since I am 40 and still single and yet I have been saved for about 20 years. I have discovered the powerful prayerpoints to break wicked covenants and foundations which have been holding my marriage. Please watch this space for a testimony about my marriage this year! Glory to God, for with Him all things are possible to them that Believe! Amen!


134 vincent nyahanga shikuku 01.04.10 at 10:04 am

Dear Bro Elisha,
Glory be to the king of king who has kept as to this very day to proclaim of the power of the spilled blood of Jesus christ that when touched the ground the whole world felt of its power.
Bro. Elisha, i feel convinced that what was God put in you to start this ministry was real bomb to destroy the kingdom of the enermy not only in your mother country but,to the whole world.

since I began a prayer marathon in oct/dec for 21 days followed by 14 days and the this for ashering in the new year many things have happened in my prayer life. Truelly speaking I have never had a breakthruogh in my prayer life like this days, i can pray for longer hours without tiring, the ancestral curses have been broken, peace that is beyond human understanding has been the order of the day, happiness in the family, at my place of work to name the few.

I’m still in the prayer mood and I ‘m expecting God to do exceedingly great things including my dream job, to continue with my studies among all to be a watchman in the house of God like brother madecai.
God bless you all bro. and sis. who are prayer eagles it is never in vain God shall reward you according to his riches in GLORY.
One thing that I ask that I will dwell in the house of God all the days of my life and to do the will of God without murmuring nor complining nor laxity.


135 gloria 01.04.10 at 10:08 am

Dear Elisha,

I thank God for what his doing thru’ your ministry.I have really seen the hand of God in my family and marrige.God has restored the milk and honey in my relationship.Alot of things happened after the 21 days prayer marathon in my life.I give the glory to the Almighty GOD.
Futhermore,i would like to fulfill my pledge for my(SACRIFICIAL OFFERING – OF $ 100. I would like to know whether i can still use the details that we were given earlier.




136 share nkomo 01.04.10 at 10:15 am

dear elisha
thank you so much for the 7 secrets of answered prayers. i read it prayed according to what you taught.after a month, things started changing,i left the catholic churh and joined a faith ministry. am now building a family house. my brothers have agreed to help me build and are even promising to buy me a car as they saw my dertemination.praise God my prayers are being answered the gates have opened.shame on the devil and his messengers.


137 anita moreno 01.04.10 at 10:49 am

Hello Elisha hope your holidays were beautiful.Happy New Year to you too !! i just wanted to say that my Good Lord has been so good to me in alot of ways, He has given me many blessings & He will continue blessing me because that is my Faith I have in Him. My son was in a rollover in his truck in 2008 and he was not wearing his seatbelt, he was speeding doing 95 and when he rolled he was not ejected !! the state troopers told me that God was watching over my son, because what happen to my son he was suppose to be either badly hurt or dead. God has been so good to me & my family. My husband left us in 2006, he works in Cairo Egypt and he married someone from over there, I have prayed for God to bring him back home to us, and by Faith i know God will bring him back home to us. Keep us in your prayers and thank you so much for your e-mails, have a bleesed day always !! :)


138 augustina 01.04.10 at 10:53 am

happy new year to you and others. i am really blessed by the method of prayer you taught me. what my husband and i could not do for many year we stay in europe, God perfected it before the end of the year. my life is always in joy now. thank you and i give all the glory to God.


139 n nyamweda 01.04.10 at 10:55 am

Thank you Lord for Elisha. I have been through your website since August 2009. I prayed for my 21 year old son who had been in South Africa for 3 years with no formal employment. I prayed for him to come home as he was getting out of control taking drugs. He came back, applied for an apprenticeship training. I participated in the October Marathon and he was accorded the opportunity to train as a motor mechanic with a reputable motor company. I am also participating in the 2009/2010 prayers. I thank God today (4 January 2010), he has started his training and was posted within his home area. I thank God for answers. This son of mine was about to turn street child in South Africa as there were no jobs and was hooked on dagga. I took him to church yesterday and I thank God for that. NM. Zimbabwe.


140 Sister Qu 01.04.10 at 11:00 am

Dear man of God,
Happy New Year 2010. God has been so faithfull. I thank for all your teachings, because God has answered my prayers. During the last fasting and prayers last year, I had a dream. A bunch of key was handed over to me. Please I know it is a good dream, I pray that it comes to reality. I also dream where I found myself in a pit, somebody showed me his hand and I held the person’s hand and came out of the pit, Alleluya. I am grateful to you and God almighty. Qu


141 Princess 01.04.10 at 11:47 am

Greetings Elisha in the mighty name of Jesus

I praise the Lord for his marvelous works and is mighty power. I am shouting the highest praise hallelujah for the miracle he has performed in my life and his blessings. The Lord had send two powerful angels to protect me because I am defeating the enemy in my dream. I will shared two of my dreams. I was sleeping when this lady in black came to attacked my head. As she was about to a man and a women appeared and she disappeared then I got and begun to speak to them. Also, I was walking and I saw this man and he said to me that I should go that way because the other way was blocked . In addition , my God is truly amazing I had a letter from the university confirming that they are writing off my debit and I will be able to complete my degree as agreed. To God be the glory great things he had done. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly in every areas of your life.

God bless


142 Vicky Upah 01.04.10 at 12:56 pm

For most of my life, i’ve suffered intense assault from almost all corners. It was so bad 2 years ago i thought God was just lying to me. I do all the good i can but always end up making enemies with no one appreciating my efforts. Same thing happened in my workplace this year and i told God it was all over and i wasn’t going to take it anymore. I was heartbroken. I was at the point of putting in my resignation when i found your email in my inbox. I wondered who Elisha was cos i didn’ t remember writing to anyone. I found some good material. Later i joined the November and December prayer marathon and subsequently the 2010 Prayers. After the November prayers, i was commended for the very first time publicly during a management meeting for my relentless hard work. i thought i was dreaming. It went on. Presently am at the helm of affairs in my organization heading people who are more educated and higher than me in position.Am no longer depressed. I know the best is yet to come.
Thank you Lord.



143 pirilani 01.04.10 at 1:47 pm

my regards to you Elisha, 4 01 2010
i would like to thank our Lord for providing me with my number one spiritual mentor who is you.im overwhelmed with everything sorounding me receiving devine accelelation.im married,i v a doughter,expecting Twins by the grace of the Lord.i v three Sisters,i lost both my parents n 1999 and 2002.but i thank my lord for his words he promised saying he wil never leave us as Orphans.i v never suffered or slept with hunger as it is always when Parents die.The transport business we inherited z still going on wel.despite us being Girls we v managed to keep the business stable by the grace of God.

i joined this site in April 2009 prayed to God so i could start a business of my brain child,managed to get a capital for my Business just 2 weeks ago i was in China,Hong Kong for business of course,the prayer points in Prayer cook book for busy pple, hav played a big role in my life,i hav received favour where ever i hav gone to.the blood of Jesus has really spoken for me.
i thank God we hav a land of our own we want to start building our dream house this year.i hav always used this prayer point:let this land corperate with the soles of my feet in Jesus name.
i thank my Jesus for he z always there to forfill his Promises.i hav a wonderful husband and a beautiful Doughter,im praying to God to giv me Twins.may God bless you n 2010
Pirilani,LL Malawi


144 Naomi 01.04.10 at 3:58 pm

Dear Elisha,
Happy New Year!!
Thank you so much my husband and I pray the old year out and the new year in with fasting and are very exited about the new year.
I’m working in a small community and see radical miricals happening.
We pray for a guy with TB he was so sick I pray with him and realy had no hope for him because he could hardly speak. I pray the sinners prayer with him just to be sure that his live with God is in order.
The next week he walk in my selgroup to come say thank you for our prayers. God is amazing.
The other Girl was a 16 year old HIV pos and was full of blisters that I was to scared to touch her, but I laid hands on her and pray. I ask the mother to fast 2 day with me, we fast and pray and I went on holiday.
Two weeks after that I go back to go see how the little one are. She had no sores no fever is totaly healed. And also come to the prayer group to testifide about her healing.
This year I trust the Lord for many healings. What a amazing Jesus God and Holy Spirt we got I give God all the glory because even if our faith are not that strong He is there. Just be faithfull in what He called you for.
Thank you Elisha without your prayer bullets I would not be able to stand there, there are so much witchcraft and satinism in the community and I pray that prayer bullets all the time.
I had a dream about dead flies that was brought to me on a white cloth and this must be the demons that was kill in the prayers with the prayer bullets. ?
Thank you please pray for us .


145 kat 01.04.10 at 4:03 pm

Dear elisha , i would like to say millions of thanks for all the paryers your sending. in my love life all has change i have found someone who love me n cares for me. i pray the lord to keep me n my love one he is from Italy to be strong n together.i have prayed a lot cause people says that i wont get a man to love me n stay with me but me i say no way i wont let that happen , i have prayed to break these saying n i will show all people who r jealous in my family that i have got a man who really loves me n will show all that we r a lovely couple n happiness is very improtant n will do our best to keep each other happy this is very important in a relationship.n our couple will be bless by the lord with a happy wedding. praise the lord he is great he has change my life i feel in peace , happy, thanks to u all readers may god bless u all. kathline


146 wilson 01.04.10 at 4:31 pm

Praise be to God,
Bro .Elisha it has worked for me ,in the year 2005 when we got married we didnt had a house but after going thro’ your teachings in nov last year we went home and build our home. When we were in the new year prayer at mid night me and my wife we hold our hands together and we prayered that God to provide school fee for the six children orphans that we are taking care of . God answered us that night that he is going to provide and he has done it.This year am believing him for great things.Praise be to God. wilson.


147 Withheld 01.04.10 at 4:59 pm

Dear Elisha,
I thank God for you.I joined the prayer for the crossover to 2010.I had been seeking God for financial breakthrough in my family esp where he is taking us to settle.On the morning of 31/12 my husband called to say that he had some unclaimed monies which his clerk had just approved.He is expecting to get the money by the end of 31/01/2010.I know for sure this was God and its only the beginning we are expecting a blast of blessings coming in our way this year.

Its my prayer that your Ministry will be blessed so much more as you continue to touch the corners of the earth.


148 Patricia 01.04.10 at 5:19 pm

Dear Elisha,
Happy new year to you and family.I must give God thanks for you and your prayers ,I’ve prayed the prayers for 2010 and let me tell you I did’nt know that the Lord would answer so early .I had a debt of $300,000 and did’nt know how i was going to pay because I am not working , husband not working but in just 4 days of 2010 I pay half and Iknow God is a good God.I am still praying the prayers and I know that I will be debt free very soon with God’s help.God bless you and thank you.


149 joseph chiororo 01.04.10 at 5:56 pm

Hei brother Elisha,On the 26th of december 2009 i was reading the bible with my wife and i asked her why people fast and what the importance is.We decided to chech for information on the internate,i thank God for directing me to your coments.I have been so worried because finacialy i was to an extand that i did not have money to pay my house maid and pay school fees and uniforms for my child going for grade one.We decided to fast on the 29th,30th and 31st of December,on the last day of fasting god performed a miracle for us, i can not believe it up to now but i now know that the God we believe is the true GOD .I managed to sell in my besiness and was able to pay my maid and buy her groceries buy uniforms for my kid and pay school fees,Ooooh thank you lord. joseph Zimbabwe


150 Denis 01.04.10 at 7:12 pm

Great Great things are happening. Just a few weeks ago I didnt know what to do with the mutlitudes of I was facing in my life, family, relationship, business and finances. Man you are God sent. The Holy Spirit led me to this site. Its not yet even one month since I got to know this site but My dreams are changing, I am already seeing things I have been praying about happening in my dreams and I believe once they happen in the spirit, they will manifest in the physical.
My fiancee who used to dream of snakes and other bad dreams, now days dreams of Heavenly and Prophetic dreams and she remembers them. I Praise the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Infact I remmeber it was hard for my fiancee to pray for more than 30 mins but now she says she prays those prayer points at times more than 2 hours. This is God.

Our relationships is also on Hot Coals of Fire. We expectant and Looking forward to the miracle of the Official Engagement and wedding and Honeymoon.

Bro may the King of Kings continue to bless you.
With all Love


151 Manoa Seru 01.04.10 at 7:48 pm

Dear Elisha,
Happy Blessed New Year to you and your family. Thank you so much for the prayer advise you are sending me and I am still Trying to achieve what I wanted and that is to be good listener to God’s words and help poor people and also guide them to get out of poverty and follow Jesus. Please pray for me cause it is indeed a big task to do and there’s a lot of opposition,Anyway, it is encouraging to follow your prayer points for it is so powerfull and very effective.
May God Bless You and all the prayer partners.



152 Julia 01.04.10 at 7:49 pm

Dear Elisha,
Happy New Year!
I thank God for your life and your ministry, last year I was praying for the restoration of my marriage, and to bring my husband back to me and my children and for the salvation of my husband. The Lord broought him back on the 23rd Dec 2009. He accepted to attend church with us on teh 25th Dec 2009.
He attended prayers at our church on the 31122009 and even as the prayer time during the service i used the prayer points.
even though he has been back, the enemy was still trying to come in between, but it reinforced my belief that victory was near, I continued the prayers and he has now accepeted to undergo a deliverance session at our church, this indeed is the doing of the Lord, I feel so overjoyed to see my husband fasting and praying…
our God is awesome..
I continue to stand on His promises.
Thanks You Jesus..and thanks Bro Elisha may God richly bless you and your family in Jesus name.


153 anon 01.04.10 at 8:43 pm

to God be all the glory i just wanna thank God for His goodness He has been kind without much explaination God provided my husband with a job , for the first few months he was working away and he is now working closer to home , before this we were in such a desperate situation we both lost our jobs and we didnt even have a place to move into had our landlord told us to go , but God intervened just in time , even though not all our problems are gone i believe God is the process of making a way He has just given us the most important first , thank you brother El, God brought you into our lives when we neeeded you the most ALL GLORY TO GOD !!!!Hope to be back soon with more testimonies may God bless you.


154 anon 01.04.10 at 8:46 pm



155 Jenn 01.04.10 at 9:02 pm

hello..mine is not a testimony but i need a testimony,just yesterday i walked in on my husband with another woman naked in the house.We had separated but were very much intimate,i went to see himand that was what i got.I dont know what to do…I dont think he was the right person for me to begin with
Elisha what should i do?do you have prayer points for this/?


156 lydiadutterer 01.04.10 at 10:04 pm

dear elisha i went to my support group tonight in church and share my my issues with the whole group they had a lot of good things to say and others not so good but i needed to hear some of the things they had tosay i admit i havent been praying much and that is whats causing all this problems in my life .


157 Jackson Mwasanga 01.05.10 at 12:34 am

Dear Elisha,
Thanks very much for your prayers that you have been sending me for sometime now.
Just as you are always saying,Iam of the Christians who have been going to church all my life with alot of prayers,fasting,and doing all church activities.But still with all these I have been terribly beaten down to earth,Iam without job,and got alot of debts and a court case in hand.
I participated in the midnight prayers that we just.Infact,me and my all family where actively involved from the 30th,we made as you directed the 27 minutes prayers to midnightmand we continued with the New Year prayers,and we are still continuing with the prayers.
What I want to share with you is that yesterday at night the 4th of Jan,I recieved a telephone call from one of my friends in Germany who has acquired a big contract in Angola,and he wants me to go to Angola next month and work with him as one of the managers.And also the company I used to work for here has acquired an order to supply copper ore to China,and I have been asked to supervise.
I need you to send me prayer bullets that will fire the manifestation of these jobs in my life.This to me is my greatest breakthroughs and I dont want the devil to mess up these divine appointments.In Jesus’Name.amen


158 C. E. 01.05.10 at 1:31 am

Hello Elisha,
I thank God for your ministry. It has indeed been a very wonderful experience coming across your books. I stumbled into the book Prayer Cookbook For Busy People and The #1 Secret For Getting out of Debt sometime in October last year, immediately I saw the book I knew the Lord has finally come to my rescue because I was seriously in Debt and needed help. As I started using the books I saw changes in my life, as a matter of fact all the debts are being settled one after the other. The Lord gave a date that by that date I will be debt free. Also in my place of worship I was being looked down upon because of debt but now things have turned not only have the Lord been helping me to get out of debt, a new squad of prayer warriors was chosen in the ministry I fellowship and I have been chosen as one of the intercessors (though there was a team of prayer warriors before). Only last week , I saw myself in a dream in a military uniform and a machine gun was given to me. On this last Saturday 2nd January I had a personal prayer session for myself and the ministry I fellowship and the very next day I saw all my prayers request being turned to reality during the service. God is really awesome and I want to be more on fire for God.
Lastly, I wanted to purchase some of your books on your site only to discover that credit cards from Nigeria were not accepted. Please do something about because some of out here may want to get materials at one time or the other.

Port Harcourt


159 Penelope / Botswana 01.05.10 at 2:05 am

Hallelluyah! I feel so fired up for this year 2010. Thank you man of GOD Elisha and your obedient team at Firesprings, I thank God for your lives as you are such a blessing to the universe. A blessed greetings for the new year!

I once tried the Esther fast and i only stopped at day 2 when my whole body was sshaking and my joints were aking that i found myself eating my baby’s porridge. This time, i strongly invited GOD to cross over with me into 2010 with Esther fast. I spoke with my mouth that i will make it and i also spoke loudly that ‘I AM A PRAYER EAGLE’ im gonna pull through in the name of JESUS! PRAISE GOD i managed the Esther fast for the first time in my christian walk without a struggle.Hallellluyah!
On the morning of 2nd January 2010, i had a vision where i was on the phone with my cousin and he was asking me how the weather is where i am. I looked up to confirm the weather when suddenly i saw dark clouds moving at a very fast speed passed the place i was standing and i told him that it looked like it will be cloudy but the clouds have changed their direction and passing on. After saying that, the sky cleared and there was a bright shinning light and it was just so beautiful in the sky. When i woke up, i knew that GOD has opened the heaven unto me. It was a great feeling.
Currently, im in debts temporarily and i believe GOD for a breakthrough in my finances. Also, im also awaiting GOD to approve my acting as my supervisor took a long leave and requested that i act on his post which is way higher than my scale. When it gets approved, this could pay part of my debts.
The other that i believe GOD will come through for me is my departmental transfer. I am a lecturer in an institution and am currently on secondment at the head office. I enjoy my secondment job and found it to be challenging that i submitted a request on 31st December 2009 for a departmental transfer to where i am now and am awaiting response from the ministry.
Lastly, I pray to GOD to save my husband. He is not a drunkard nor a smoker, he is a loving husband its only that we urgue too much on the things of GOD that it hinders my prayers. PLease help me children of GOD to break the anti-christ spirit operating in my husband in JESUS NAME.

*watch this space for amazing testimonies in JESUS NAME*


160 melinda 01.05.10 at 3:24 am



161 melinda 01.05.10 at 3:26 am



162 maura 01.05.10 at 4:25 am

dear elisha, ihave too many problems. please advise me how to pray . ia just giving up. i prayed hard but things dont seem to work out please help me.


163 SHEILA M. GOODLEY 01.05.10 at 4:29 am



164 Sumaira 01.05.10 at 4:37 am

Hi Elisha,

I would call it my LUCK/ God’s special blessing that I came accross your book on some key mistakes singles do….I found your writings really interesting and inspiring, every single word writen by you seemed related to me which obviously made me to read your articles more and more. Though I a Muslim girl, yet I am so curious about your emails/books/notes about prayers and steps to be taken to have a better life and catch God’s blessing in 2010 and beyond….

Every time I read something conveyed by you I find myself more strong and clear about my ideas and beliefs about life…..I am trying to at least follow the key guidlines to avoid satanic influences in life, which is inevitably enabling me to take positive steps while being more regular about my prayers. I seek mercy of God in every single aspect of my life, and I believe one day I’ll be sharing with you how my life will be changed for positive by the grace of Allah(inshaAllah)!

I wish you the best and thank you for your good work………..

Best, Sumaira


165 cwt 01.05.10 at 5:38 am

He finaaly proposed to me ive waited for him for 8good years i prayd at times lost all hope n got myself plan B, and even the plan B’s went away.my friends wanted my man but i tell you THE GOD WE SERVE HE WILL NEVER ASHAME…. the love of my life finally proposed we get married on october the 16th 2010 Glory be to God.everyone thot i was crazy to hold on but God thought i had faith!!!2010 is a great year indeed
keep doing the good work
God bless you indeed!!


166 Linley 01.05.10 at 6:25 am

Dear Elisha
I am one of those who joined the last prayer marathon. It was such a rare, exciting opportunity for me which I had cherished for a long time. As am writing now I am filled with awe at what our God can do. My 10 yr old daughter returned from school one morning due to severe vomiting. In fact she left for school in more than an hour ago with no complaint. As we were in the corridor before reaching the living room she started vomiting. She continued vomiting anything. I took her to the dispensary. No malaria was found but she was given malarial treatment and anti-vomiting drugs. Guess what Elisha, no single tablet was taken. By evening she was eating normally, even eat more. God healed her.

On a different note robbers came to my neighbours place. Our houses are semidetached. There were about 5 of them. They broke the windows and asked to break inside the house if they were not given money. In the end they left after getting 2 cells phones and a decoder. They said “lets break the other house”. But in no time they found themselves running away. The Holy Spirit chased them. Guess what Elisha, all this time God gave me abundant peace. I was fast asleep. The only time I got up was when my neighbour told me that he was going to Police to report the matter. I woke up prayed for an hour also and slept again. Indeed if we trust in God no arrow whether it come during the day or at midnight it shall not come near us.

On 28th October 2009 God put something on my heart. I sent a little something through Michael. Did you receive it. I will send the details in the afternoon. It was western union. God bless you Elisha.


167 ALT 01.05.10 at 7:05 am

Hi there,
My two boys in US faced deportation upon arriving in Beirut for Christmas and New Year , due to visa, the elder one spent 10 hours in the airport finally was cleared. However the younger one travel via NY didin’t know what was happening in Beirut, the local authority said that he would be deported upon arrival, he spent 1 day in NY hotel, 11 hours in Frakefruit-AP and Jedda,RSA, none in the airport spoke english, he lost his luggage, nearly miss the fligth to Beirut. I was praying for him chain prayer on Luke 1:37 continously , I left work , drove to Beirut and depart to airport at 2330, his arrival time was 2340, I waited meditating on this verse all along , 030 Christmas day I saw him entering the gate out. I asked him if he faced problems, he said nothing , he presented his id and pp, it was stamped and he left. We went to the car park , we sat and prayed thanking the Lord for all He has done. We went home and shared our stories among the family, by 0300 in the morning we left Beirut for Tyre as we will be having our Christmas service at 11.00 with all the Fijian families. His luggage arrived a day before. Thanks to the Lord for that He answered our prayers, this is a different Christmas for my family.
It’s a end of 09 and a new begining for 010 for the family. Kindly your prayers pray for all the sons and daughters og God around the world , year 2010 is just begin however it’s a very difficuilt year , we need God’s power the power of prayers to be able to pass through in Jesus Name.


168 janet 01.05.10 at 8:22 am

Praise the name of the living God.
My mourning has been turned into dancing again. I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to this site. For a long time i had been seeking for a true close friend whom I could share my innermost feelings with but all of them have disappointed me and left my heart bleeding. I have faced rejection and felt unwanted since my childhood even by family members. Wherever I went, I encountered rejection. My friends, even those who claimed to be true friends would undermine me, even laugh at me because my progress in life was retarded. In my mid twenties, every time I tried to get a life partner, the relationship would reach some point then break. I have never had true happiness. When my last boyfriend who was to marry me left me mid last year, I felt like my world had ended, I developed a negative attitude towards men and felt I would never love anyone my whole life.I was very bitter. Then one day I was browsing the internet to look for THE MEANING OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP when I stumbled into THE 9 MISTAKES THAT ALMOST ALL CHRISTIAN SINGLES MAKE- by Elisha Goodman. When I opened the link, I was lead to several others about prayer. Al through my life, I had been praying an fasting but getting no breakthrough. My prayer life had no progress at all, but when I started following the teachings sent to me by Elisha through my inbox, my prayer alter was revived. I no longer suffer sleepless nights like before due to depression, I no longer wet my pillow with tears, I just look back and say this far God has brought me, He is Ebenezer. He has filled me with peace that surpasses all understanding. I participated in the 27 mins to midnight prayer and Easter fasting though I could not make it to the third day due to stomach problems. But I am trusting God for complete healing so that i can be able to fast. I tell you, I am receiving God’s favor everywhere I go even at my work place where there was so much discrimination. I praise God for this and more testimonies to come. Amen


169 Tafadzwa 01.05.10 at 8:52 am

Praises Praises Praises to our Lord Jesus Christ! May you Elisha and the Prayer Eagles at Firesprings Ministry be etternally blessed for teaching us the true prayer secrets.
Since following the prayer points from your Ministry I must say I have noticed serious (positive) changes in my life, including my dream life. I have been a Christian for all of my life. Most of my adult life I used to be afraid of going to sleep eaach night because of ugly dreams, sex in dream with unknown partners, until your taught me about how to pray and cancel evil dreams. I used to wake up each morning feeling tired, and having BLISTERS INSIDE MY PALMS, a sign of being used while asleep. I am an IT specialist by profession. Since partaking in the prayer academy, I sleep soundly, the blisters have disappeared and my dreams are now clearer. My house apppears seems to be haunted, day and night, as I hear strange noises tapping on the roof, following me to each room of our house. I pray this prayer bullet “No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper”. I still need intervention on sex in the dream as I sometimes wake up with my underwear wet. These are some of the tricks to the evil one uses to discourage us from continuing on the prayer path. Please pray for me, as I will pray for you all. Thank you.


170 Aileen 01.05.10 at 9:12 am

Greetings to you all.

I have bee going through a whole lot of problems for years. Most of it I know it is spiritual, but just did not know how to solve them. During my search for solutions I came up on this site.
Honestly if I had known all these information from my childhood days Problems I now face would be history.
I attempted the Esther’s fast but I did not go the full length. However, I have been experiencing some dreams. Most of them not good, but I can pray against them. Thank The Lord.
For years I have been out of a job, just could not get any employment. since I attempted to pray I was offered a job but it is pending as I have to come up with processing fees for travel documents as this job offer is not in my country. At least there is an offer I will continue to pray for correct direction as I know the evil one can cause me to miss the correct mark.
On dream which stands out since I came across your prayer tips: I was looking in my purse, for money and I began to find so much in my purse. This was really a surprise. In the physical I really did not have any money in my purse. I was totally broke. The following morning my husband gave me some money. Normally he would use this for his own purpose hardly any consideration at all for us at home. Thank the Lord for this break through.

I will continue to pray as this seems to be a solution to the many years of family and financial stress and joblessness

Thank You Very Much In the Precious Name of Jesus.


171 Anne 01.05.10 at 10:00 am

Dear Elisha,
Happy new year I was aserious movie fun to an extent of postponding my prayer time but eversince I joined the prayer marathon in Nov last year I have totally lost interest in movies instead I have the desire to pray even more.

God bless
Anne (Kampala,Uganda)
.-= Anne´s last blog ..#1 Key to Effective Prayer in 2010 =-.


172 Sunganani 01.05.10 at 10:02 am

Praise the Lord for this ministry. On January 2, 2010, the Lord had given my wife and I, and a close family to us, amazing protection during the night.

We continue to pray and encourage everyone reading this (and other testimonies on this page) to take this ministry seriously.


173 helen 01.05.10 at 10:03 am

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus, i give God praise for my life. That am alive today is the biggest testimony! i did the 21 one days prayer and God have been faithful. Am believing him for my life partner and he will do it these first quater of the year.


174 MARTINE 01.05.10 at 1:10 pm

Dear Brother
Happy new year 2010 and very best wishhes to you and your family.
Ipraise the lord for bringing me into your site.I do thank God for assisting me during the 24-hour fast.I didn’t know I could do it.I fired all the prayers and am waiting for the results.I faithfully hope THE LORD WILL ANSWER.
May God bless you and your mimisters for the work you do!
Martine,Burkina Faso


175 Florence Simpson 01.05.10 at 5:58 pm

Dear Elisha,
I am from Jamaica but I am now in the US with a friend. I am baby-sitting her children but the payment is not much. I can hardly send anything home for my family. Anyway, I joined the 27 minutes to midnight program and here is my story.
I braided my friend’s hair and her co-worker liked it and asked her if I could do she and her Children’s hair. I did their hair and she paid me and asked me if I could Come and Baby-sit her son and be there when the children come home. She promise to pay me good money and I would be a part of their family. I will be going home in February then back in a better job. She will even pay my plane ticket. God has being good.
I would like to send a tithes to your ministry. I don’t have a credit card , so I can send it through Western Union. Please give me the information
May God bless you.



176 Fran 01.05.10 at 8:45 pm

Thank you so much Elisha …and thank you to your prayer team. I wrote in DEC 2009 how my daughter whom I had loaned my car to for 3 months because her husband had no car and they chose to move interstate…racked up hundreds of dollars in unpaid toll fines. I received these in the post as I prepared on the 29th Dec for the prayer format I received from you. I printed from the 30th Dec to the 3rd of January2010 off and took them with me to pray.
I went with fasting and followed the 30th Dec 2009 prayer bullets and travelled 1400 kms to get my car back. When I arrived on the 31st at her house (the divine helper God had chosen to come with me to her house was a most unlikely person) My daughter went pale when she saw me at her door. My car wasn’t there, her husband had taken it to work and when I asked if that was their car parked in the driveway she started yelling at me that it was none of my business and accused me of being a useless mother, along with other expletives I would rather not repeat. To cut a long story short I went to the police station as was suggested by the divine helper and reported the happenings and followed the police advice. I went back at 7:40pm that evening and my daughters husband couldn’t look at me and had left the car key in the car in the driveway. I have the car back and am continuing through the prayers as I am aware of the retalliation from the spirits that you have made me more aware of through your program. THANK YOU SO MUCH ELISHA Two days after receiving the car back our pastor and his wife brought a young 14 year old girl to our house who had been raped when she was 12 and they were taking her to their home for a week…God showed me to bless this girl with some brand new clothes even with as little as I had left on my credit card after travelling etc…She was very grateful for the offering
THANK you once again ELISHA I am blessed and I BELIEVE GOD
Our pastor came to our house with a


177 Doris USA 01.05.10 at 10:52 pm

Hi Elisha,
Our God is faithful and thank you for coaching us to she his faithfulness. On the day before thanksgiving I went to the eye doctor because I could not see from my right eye. Well you know when something is very wrong when they keep calling other doctors to come and examine you. My eye pressure in the right eye was 35 and the left was 15. they put all kinds of medicines in my eye to bring it down to 28.
The Doctor gave me his home phone number to call him at home on Thanksgiving Day if my right vision does not improve. Not knowing I have angle glacoma ; I was going blind and I’m nowhere near 50years old. The devil is a liar.
I came home prayed over my eyes, vision was still bad on Thanks Giving Day but I trusted the Lord for my healing. To cut a long story short and give prasie to the Almighty God after 2 trips to the doctor . I vision is back and the doctor is amazed of the out come.
Oh taste and see the Lord is good. My God has done it again. AMEN!
Praise God Almighty.


178 Anne 01.05.10 at 11:13 pm

Praise the LORD and blessed/ fruitful new decade!
By God’s grace I fasted and prayed through the 2010 gate right in the head-quater city in the north of Kenya.
As we re-opened our school- we have had an attraction of parents (locals) who are Somalis flocking to our school to bring in children.

This immense favour is only because of the decrees made in destroying evil foundations and altars and by speaking into the gates of this new year.
Multiple blessings to you Elisha


179 CATHERINE 01.06.10 at 3:03 am

Dear Elisha
I thank my God for here in Kenya from 4th Jan 2010 public vehicles were on strike,I have never missed to go my place of work and I have never paid more than kshs 100 daily as for the normal days without strike my busfare endup to kshs 170 so I thank my God for that.

Dear Elisha am trusting God this year because I am overwhelmed by debts pay check to pay check please help me with prayers to address this problem of finances.

My dear mum has been sick for the last 2yrs, she had a stroke and left hand and leg were affected I have done Esther fasting for her sickness and I did it together with my brother and mum told me during that time (that is last year) she felt good and said her body was too light as if they were loads that were offloaded, but now she is still not well but am trusting God this year as I am continuing in Esther fasting that He will heal her because His is a healer.
Elisha your prayer arrows are too strong and as directed with sincerity and holiness results are wonderful.May God bless you and this ministry for HE used to to reach to many people. Please answer me for I have sent other emails to your email address and never got feedback.


180 Japheth Muli 01.06.10 at 3:18 am

Dear Elisha,
I continue to thank God for you because you are a blessing and God sent to me and many others. I have now used the precious prayer points for some time since the year 2006 when I had no job and living a live of lack. What started as two weeks contract in July 2006 kept on being extended and it gave birth to a parmanent job in may 2009. within three years i have been able to buy a piece of land, I leave in two bedroomed self contained house with my wife and two kids and just before the end of 2009 the Lord blessed me with my dream car, all through prayer guided by your prayer points just in three years. I am now trusting God to build my house in the piece of land I bought and many other breakthroughs in the year 2010. Thanks for the prayers that closed 2009 and opened the womb of the year 2010.

God bless you abundantly,
Japheth – Kenya


181 THERESA 01.06.10 at 4:24 am

Hi Elisha,

I thank God for you am really blessed.

I dont have email address yet, am using my friend email who downloaded these prayers 27 min to midnight for me.

I was delivered after praying that prayer bullet which said
(Every evil growth in my body out in Jesus name). I had a growth in my vagina near my cervix this growth has been
there for a long time. But after i praying i felt something coming out of my vagina i checked my pant, i saw red hard like clot of blood but very hard on my pant it wasnt my mensuration period. i went to the bathroom to wash myself
small amount of blood come out, i touched way the growth was there was nothing and the pain it was causing is all gone. am free no pain, no growth.

Thanks alot Theresa Zambia


182 Mercy 01.06.10 at 5:30 am

In Nov 09, I told you about my step father who has sold all the family cattle without my mom’s knowledge and now fighting me to get my own cattle. I was angry, bitter and very disappointed in him. On the 9th Nov 09, you said to me, ‘You are going to make it in life without family’s fortune. Take note of these words and this date’. I was encouraged, I forgave my mother and step father.

I wanted to buy a field, to use it for ploughing crops and keep lifestock. Yesterday, the owner dropped the price from P25000 to P16000 (US$4.5 – US$3.5). On the same day, I bought 4 female goats for P1200 (US$220) and 5 chickens.

In Nov 09 when in pain, I surrendered to GOD and took a painful step of forgivin my step father. Even though Im just starting, I believe the GOD who started this blessing will establish it and by 09th Nov 2010, I will be having my own farm with cattle, goats, sheeps and chickens in abundance, by His grace. And as He said in Deutoronomy 28:11.

Praise be to GOD our LORD who keeps His promises and answers the cries of His children. Amen


183 Jy 01.06.10 at 5:35 am

Happy New Year to all Prayer Warriors! I thank the Lord that I am still alive this year to declare His goodness.I thank Him for protection as I travelled a lot these holidays and by His grace I didnt have any accident.
I had a few challenges towards the end of the year and by His mercies I have overcome. The devil wanted to find a way to enter and destroy our family, using all kind of weapons to cause arguments and fights amongst us. Family: Me , my mom, my sister, my bro, his wife and kid .God used me in a powerful way to restore peace and love in the family. Before the holidays i was the only one in the family subscribing to this website n praying at the midnight hr despite my many attempts to encourage my family who are christians.They got very encouraged by my praying so much that when they had problems they all came to me for advice n i cud see tht they looked at me in a different new way…I myself was amazed by the advises i gave. It was truly God speaking through me and the attention they gave me was wonderful. I was inspired to fast for my family and pray that God use me in every way He found right.
At some point I went to pray for my grand mother who had two diabetic attacks. I learnt the day after that since the prayer she has been sleeping well.Now I am very thankful to say my mother, bro n his wife started praying at the midnight hr since January 1st using the 2010 prayers we are on now. The arguments and fights in the family are over. God surely answers prayers.
On Monday 4th January I took my car to replace brake pads. After abt an hr i ws called and told tht the front discs looked damaged n tht they may need to be replaced, but then they said they d confirm n call me again.
I immediately went into prayer and told God that I ws not going to buy any discs as I had no money for them. I cancelled that statement with the blood of Jesus and asked God for a miracle with the discs.
The garage didnt call me until around knock off time and for some reason i was not worried abt the car. They told me they discovered the discs are ok and did not need replacement so my car was done n ready for collection. Praise be to God. He is the God who answers prayers by Fire.We only have to trust Him.


184 Jane 01.06.10 at 5:45 am

Praise God Elisha and thank you for the 27minutes to midnight Prayers, I was not able to take the mdnight prayers because was in church for the cross over. I continued with them on 1st and has had a lot od peace within myself. My daughter who was always going out and sleeping out of Fridays has cooled down and our relationship has improved. My son also has become responsible to his daughter who does not leave with us, i give God all the Glory.

But shame to the devil and the sprititual warfares have had for the last two days. Have not been able to take my midnight prayers well on 5th and 6th today, feeling quite week today in the office and have broken my partial fast. I realized this is a sprititual warefare and when l told it to get lost my body is the temple of God and got some stregth immediately.
.-= Jane´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.


185 sele 01.06.10 at 6:25 am

Igreet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Pastor Elisha 2009 has been a fruitful year to me as i was healed of tonsilitis,found a new job with better benefits and no sickness of any kind in my family.The problem i am having is that i am not able to fast and to pray frequently and so looking foward to the GRACE of GOD to help me do that ,be healed of any hidden sickness i and my family might have in this year,prosper in my finances and Get MARRIED this year in the mighty name of Jesus,Amen .


186 Laisa 01.06.10 at 7:02 am

Dear Elisha
Thank you so much for your messages and the prayer that you posted on the website. I started with your program on 17/02/08 and there is a lot of testimonies to share but would like to share one particular one which is very important to me because death was so close. I was sent out for a week on to work in another part of the country and I had planned my program for the week. As planned, I started my one week fast on Monday and when I woke up on Tuesday I was in pain everyday it got worse. I did not loose hope and I was so tired every night I did not wake up at the midnight hour to pray except that I wake up at 4am every morning. I went to see the doctor twice and on both occassion was told that nothing is wrong with me. On the last day(Friday), I woke up and could not move because the pain in my body is worse, I struggled to feet, got he Prayer Cook Book and started with the prayers going through the 10 steps. Going over some steps, I felt relieved and I continued to thank the Lord Jesus as I go through the prayers. Come to the final Step 10 to thank the Lord for answering my prayers, and as soon as I started to thank the Lord, I felt some thing had blocked my windpipe and I was gasping for breath. This obstacle remained throughout the 20minutes or so when I was engaged in this prayer and got to a stage when I thought I was going to die and I thanked the Lord that if it is his will, I thanked HIM for everything, my LIFE, Family because every I have belongs to HIM. In the end I prayed the three prayers that you have taught us – “Lord send down your Angels to be with me day and night in Jesus’s name”, “Come me with the blood of Jesus in Jesus’s name” and “Lord surround me with your walls of FIRE in the mighty name of Jesus”.

As soon as I finished this prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to cough and I did and whatever was blocking and causing me to gasp for air was a tiny/small drop of mucus. I realized that I was breathing normally again and at this stage I broke down and wept and prayed thanking the Lord for the a New LIFE. I testified to my family and all those who were working with that week and who had seen how I was suffering that the Lord Jesus had healed me. I celebrated the one year of my New Life on 28/11/09 and I continue to ask the Lord to open my ears so I can hear HIM and do what he wants me to do.

Elisha, thank you again and I have tried to keep a record of things that have happened or appeared to me. I also thank my sisters and brothers at home and all over the world and those on this website who continue to share the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Elisha and yes, 2010 is going to be a very good year for all of us.



187 AV 01.06.10 at 7:38 am

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, i graetly thank the Lord for what He has began doing in my family. My wife could not agree with me before to use the prayers that you have always send to us, saying that they are just mere repetition. “Whatever 2 or 3 agree upon on the earth is agreed upon in the heaven,” could not make any sence here because most of the time we were fighting to agree. But now, i thank God that she has began seeing the reality of the prayers send and we can now pray together. I thank God for more great things that He is doing in my Family for our joy to be full. Amen



188 precious kalenga 01.06.10 at 8:14 am

hi Elisha,

Compliments of the season and may the good Lord countinue blessing you for the good work you are doing for bringing people back to Jesus even those who have no hope and they are discouraged.

I was introduced to this web by a friend late last year. I was just employed and Im on probation for 6 months and I realy suffered to get this Job it took me to fast for 21 days for this Job to be given to me in December l heard that my Job will be terminated at 31 december 2009 and but thank God that nothing has hapened on that day lam justing working normally and Iam waiting for the comfirmaton in February which l believe God will do beacause 2010 is my year. Iam also praying for my life partner and i have to declare that I will get married this year 2010 even though I don`t have a boyfriendmy God will bring that man as soon as posible where ever he is weather the devil likes it or not 2010 is my year of celebration and I refuse to cry or worried in anyway.
May God countinue blessing you and continue updating me

Precious kalenga
Republic of Zambia


189 winnet 01.06.10 at 8:22 am


Praise be to God Almighty…i am so happy because of God’s faithfullness in my life. His word is true and He never goes back on what he says. Had a job offer last year during the last 21day prayers but i had other reasons not to take that offer. It is true that the devil’s agents can change the plans God has for our lives if we are not alert. This week the same job was offered again and i know God is indeed true to his plan he has for me. This year i shall indeed be the reference point for amazing testimonies in Jesus’ name. Watch out Satan here i come…
Thank you Brother Elisha for your work may God continue to bless the work of your hands..


190 Fiona George 01.06.10 at 8:34 am

Elisha doodman:God bless you.I visit your site and I want to join you.


191 Fiona George 01.06.10 at 8:37 am

prase the Lord:Elisha God bless you.Iwant to join you.


192 emmanuel charles 01.06.10 at 9:05 am

Goodday father elisha,and happy new year, i want to thank you for helping see that God can still answer prayers no matter how big our problem might be, i was one of the people that took part in the october november prayer marathon, and is was not long after the prayer God started answering my prayers. but on the 31 november the devil took away my baby boy that was delivered same day, thinking that he can make me unhappy and lose focus in 2010 but their a promise that God gave to me that he will give me gift that man cannot give, that keeps my hope alive and am the most happiest man on the earth today and i know that god can never fail me in life, amen

Emmanuel Charles
Abuja Nigeria


193 CHRISTOPHER 01.06.10 at 10:57 am

Dear Elisha,
I take this opportunity to thank God Almighty for thE FireSprings Ministries and mostly ELISHA GOODMAN family for what so far you have done towards many nations and especially in KENYA.
Now on 27 minutes to midnight prayers, I had in my house the closing prayers together with my prayer group members and we used this PRAYER PROGRAM. We started at 10.00PM until 6.00AM thus NEW 2010 for Praise and Worship.
On 4th, one of the lady who was in the prayers called me telling that on that specific Monday, she received a call from her Husband whom they separated 5 years. Im thanking for you because thru the knowledge that God gave you and decided to share with me Christopher, many families facing many challenges in their lives, request me to remember them in my prayers. I have learnt thru you also that it is not in the church one will attend but what one will plant and battle with the spiritual world.
Glory be upon all those who are in this SITE and will realize the importance of FIRESPRINGS MINISTRIES.
Yours in Christ,


194 MM 01.06.10 at 2:50 pm

Calvary Greeting Elisha and Prayer Warriors in Christ

I dont know where to begin..I joined the two recent prayer marathons before year end and the testimony is overwhelming. I have been praying for a husband and praise be to God the Highest that the man he brought to my life has proposed marriage and we are engaged as i write this testimony. I am humbled and moved and cannot stop singing praises to our living God.
I had no access to email during for the 2010 midnight prayers and missed the prayers, but i will continue to wake up at midnight to pray.
Halelluya, He is worthy to be praised.
MM South Africa


195 Rupeni Biudole 01.06.10 at 8:02 pm

We (community) ended our church service at midnight on 31/12/09. I rushed back home and straight into our family prayer room…….

After praying the prayer points of Section 2 (The Transition), I heard my daughter’s voice in the sitting room. I told her to go get her brothers. Her four brothers were all working and she is the youngest and my only daughter…..

I started Section 3 (Re-Dedication) by praying and anoiting my two elder sons and the daughter for a successful year in 2010.

Indeed, it was a very quiet and peaceful beginning of the new year at home, full with the sound of Prayers, while loud exploding of rockets and the beating of empty drums were heard all over our residential location…..

Tonight is the seventh night of my midnight prayer following “27 Minutes To Midnight” programme…………

Thank you for all you have done to me Elisha…



196 gadziro 01.06.10 at 11:18 pm

Thank you for taching me how to pray effectively. The gates to 010 ave opened with delayed blssings manifesting now and I thank God for that. I was due for contact leave allowance worth US 5600 in 2007 but only received that allowance this week. Doors and gates are surely being openned. My husband has been having an affair that has almost destroyed our marriage but the Holy Spirit revealed everything this week. I am at peace, knowing that the devil was defeated on the cross.


197 Pitso 01.07.10 at 12:36 am

Calvary greetings. Brother Elisha.
I realy apologise if I go our maybe is expected of me. I partook in the 2010 gate prayers and still continuing with the prayers till the 10 Jan 2010. Now I am troubled by a dream that always come in my sleep. I can’t realy remember the most parts of these dreams but all I know is that I am always bare footed. I strongly believe that this has a meaning or something is wrong but I don’t know what. Please help me with this, please.
Pitso, South Africa – Pretoria.


198 monde chipalo 01.07.10 at 1:46 am

thank you dear elisha my testimony is that i was always depressded and never having any break through in my life my finances are so bad but through you and your prayers i have learnt to trust GOD THAT he alone can do what he says he will do i owed money at a school where my son used to go and i was threatened with a law suit and my bank was holding on to my money but wen i called them they give me back some of it and praise the lord im now able to pay some of the money to the school and that GOD WILL ERASE all my debts in the of JESUS


199 Jacqueline Lorraine Mthembu 01.07.10 at 2:00 am

Happy New Elisha,God has bless me with my Rate and Taxes I was always praying to get a phone call away abaout my Bond,Car installment and Rates & Taxes telling me that I don’t owe them , but they owing me. Instead of paying them they credited my account , Thanks to Lord , Praise to Jesus and God may bless you with your teaching.


200 ID 01.07.10 at 2:12 am

We participated in the 2010 crossover prayers with my sisters and my fiancee. the results are already amazing. Just before Christmas my fiancee resigned from her job bse of poor working conditions, low and no pay. I told her God will do a miracle. On the 2nd of Jan I had a dream in which we were at my place. She had two job offers from two hotels in HR and she took up one and I had to take up another because they wanted the jobs to be taken up by us only. I took up the job (it was to be Human Resource Manager – my fiancee’s profession) I had no experience bse I am an Engineer. But the favor of God was everywhere and on my first day of work I was favored highly that everyone started looking at me as the person next to the managing director, yet there was even a General manager who was to be above me. (ALL in the dream)

To cut the long story short, calls up on Tuesday 5th Jan 2010 some hotel where they had told her to keep intouch and Immediately they told her to take her CV and when she went there on 6th Jan to discuss the formalities, the promised her job and net salary of 50% more than what she used to earn at her former place and promised it will be increased. We asked God for 100% more and on the night before they told her that, she had a dream that on the day she was given the appoitnment letter, she was given a salary of 125% on more than what she used to earn and we believe that What God has done will be so.
Praise be to God.

Another miracle happened that very day of 6th Jan 2010. She had ben trying to get her academic transcript from the universty in vain for the whole of last year. But we prayed and believed God and that day when she went, immediately without much trouble they gave her transcript.

Isnt God Good. Thanks Bro Elisha. May God continue using your ministry.


201 Jane 01.07.10 at 3:07 am

Dear Elisha,

Last year in July my brother was arrested over fictitious charges. That launched us on a serious prayer path that got him released on bail in October – after the Lord instructed us to do a Jericho match around the high court – without his file being in the court the man got bail. My big sister always reminded us to use Mr. Goodman’s prayer bullets – praise God he gave the revelation of these bullets and missiles – they work in Jesus name.

Shortly after the trial began – i attended two court sittings. After the second sitting the Lord woke me up at night and told me to pray. I said Lord what do I pray about. His answer was simple and direct; command the Director of Public Prosecutions to drop charges against your brother. – I thought this is crazy – but I prayed anyway. Two days later after I started praying this way, charges against my brother were dropped. He is reporting back to work today.


He certailnly gave us a great Christmas gift – a my brother was acquittd the week before Christmas.

Thanks Elisha for teaching us how to pray.


202 Ruth 01.07.10 at 3:26 am

Dear Elisha
I have really been trusting God with my voice to sing. sometimes back i was fasting and the Lord was telling me that am going to back up recording of songs. Last week a friend of mine surprised me telling me that we will be going to the studio together so that i can do back up for some tapes she is planning to release. Glory be to God most high.



203 Musenze Robert 01.07.10 at 4:14 am

Hallo Elisha, happy new year to you and all your family members i believe God is really using you to change lives of millions of people in the whole world through your preachings and encouraging messages that you have delivered to most of us throughout the whole year that we have just concluded. I would like to share with you also what i had from the men of God at the midnite of 31 december 2009 and this was in the book of joshua that is chapter 2, the whole chapter and chapter 6:15-20 and from these chapters the confirmed to us that he has given us the city and we are taking it in our possession and its ayear for us to prosper and succeed in our studies ,businesses and financial break through in our families. Elisha, as i conclude please allow me do appreciate you for the wounderful work that you are doing for us and its our prayer that lord will continue anointing you. THANKS ALOT IWISH THE BEST OF THIS NEW YEAR 2010 THAT WE HAVE JUST ENTERED GOD BLESS YOU


204 lucy 01.07.10 at 4:19 am

hi elisha thank you for allowing God to use u in a mighty way me am blessed i prayed the prayer point for new year with my husband and children and i thank God cause when i annointed my self i had something came out of my eyes i have been wearing grasses since class 4 those are like 20years i could not go out without do you know what God healed me ive not worn them since 1st and am ok my year started with this great healing miracle and still so much promises from God am holding on to them cause his promises are yea and amen we serve a living God who is able to save heal and deliver and he has done it for me am waiting to write back a great testimony of what God is about to do God bless you mightly Amen lucy kenya


205 Margaret 01.07.10 at 6:00 am

Dear Elisha,
Praise God and happy new year.Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing and the materials i got from you have helped me learn alot about prayers.Since i started the prayers i have seen Gods hand in my life.In the month of october some deduction were made at work and after paying my rent i was left with nothing,meaning i had no shopping for x-mas and was surving the hard way.I kept looking at my children and wondering what to do given there was so much to be bought for them.I kept on praying and a few days to x-mas my brother called me that he was doing my shopping the next day which he did and i picked what i wanted,he later bought the girls shoes and invited us to his place through out the holidays and come january he has payed tuition fee at my daughters shool which was pending and books that are needed for the new class.As for me and my house God is touching peoples hearts and they are blessing me with food each day.Some i dont even talk to but they come because my father has touch them,he is able.Indeed God supplies our needs and i want to encourage someone out there to keep on praying and never give up because when blessing start to flow nothing will stop it from heading your way.And remember that you need to seek his kingdom first and solong as you are faithfull,God will never fail you.2010 is a year of favor and i pray that we keep on walking and working for christ,I wish Gods blessings to all of you and may all your prayers be answered and according to his will Amen


206 Lei 01.07.10 at 6:27 am

I thank God for your ministry Bro Elisha. You wouldn’t know how grateful I am for bringing ” my life” back. I will continue to overcome with the help from my God Almighty.


207 CLARA 01.07.10 at 6:42 am

Happy Blessed 2010 and forever,

I hope you are ok with the blessings of this very inspiring website . Am encouraged to confess this is an amazing website. Through your prayers our class eight children have passed very well and we still know God is doing mighty things in their lives as they will also go to the schools of their choice . Thank you Jehovah for this man of God Elisha and his ministry . May he get all it takes to fulfill all your promises to the world.
Am trusting God on:-
1. a successful life begining this january 2010 all the way through and to clear all our loans/debts that we owe all our friends.
2. successful and happy marriage
3. Gods providence on school fees for our children
4. successful family business which am the manager
5. God’s providence to all the poor and needy through all his blessings on my life and family to share with them at all times
6. everything that God has in store for me.
7. Thank you Jesus especially for our dotas results 398 out of 500 marks in her exam with A in all the 5 subjects.
8. God grant her wish to go to Loreto Limuru school.
9. God help me find my lost cross chain, its a gift and it means alot to me.
Praise Jesus at all times. Thank you Elisha, may God bless you and your ministry in a mighty way all the days of your lives.

Amen! Amen!
Clara Nairobi Kenya


208 Jane Wawira Meme 01.07.10 at 8:10 am

Praise God Elisha. I thank God for you and your Ministry.
As i indicated earlier i miracurasly logged in to your website when the devel was tormenting me through dreams. After praying through your prayer bulletins i no longer have those dreams and my spiritual life is revived completely.

As i enter the year 2010 i have a testimony that God answers prayers and he will continue answering me now and forever. May God bless your good work and expand your territory. Amen.

Jane from Nairobi Kenya


209 mercy, Kenya 01.07.10 at 8:53 am





210 Shielah Sithole 01.07.10 at 9:46 am

Hie Brother Elisha

Thank you for all the mails I receive from you and the prayer Marathons. May the Lord richly honour you and bless you. I participated in lot of the prayers you sent me. At times it would look like the Lord was quiet but I would not give up. I was crying out to the Lord for a Goldly spouse for the past two years after being deceived and being cheated for a long time. The Lord heard my prayers and a man of God had asked for my hand in marriage. I give all the glory to the Lord and thank you for helping me build my faith. We are wedding on the 10th of April 2010. Lobola is being paid on the 6th of February 2010. Please pray for us for a classic extraordinary wedding and money for Lobola. May the Lord uplift you and highly honour you. Praise be to God.

Sister S Zimbabwe


211 Shielah Sithole 01.07.10 at 9:57 am

Hie Brother Elisha

Thank you for all the mails I receive from you and the prayer Marathons. May the Lord richly honour you and bless you. I participated in lot of the prayers you sent me. At times it would look like the Lord was quiet but I would not give up. I was crying out to the Lord for a Goldly spouse for the past two years after being deceived and being cheated for a long time. The Lord heard my prayers and a man of God had asked for my hand in marriage. I give all the glory to the Lord and thank you for helping me build my faith. We are wedding on the 10th of April 2010. Lobola is being paid on the 6th of February 2010. Please pray for us for a classic extraordinary wedding and money for Lobola. May the Lord uplift you and highly honour you. Praise be to God.

Sister S


212 sofia 01.07.10 at 3:07 pm

Bro elisha,
thanks be to God for revealing to u all these things.
Iam one of the prayer eagles and as i was praying to start the new year 2010 ,one of my prayers was for my sons’ enemies in school to be scattered seven ways.and guess what!, one of my son’s teacher who hated him so much to the extend of working hard to see him fail his math subject,decided to resign at his own will.Leaving my son with a new good teacher this new term and year!
I give glory to God.
God bless u elisha.


213 Nicola Ebanks 01.07.10 at 6:35 pm

Good day Ms. Elisha,
i am trilled to be a part of your prayer team. unfortunatly i was not able to starte the new fast o f 1210 but would like to start as i was not prepared. i am getting a fight on my job as i was promoted of 2008 to a new deprtment but the managers there did not approve so i was not recognized as a junior Signatory. i don’t pray often because i have to come home from work and take care of my four children cook ect. i try to at least three evening before i go to bed and some time i get up at 1 am or 3 am to pray for half to an hour to Jehovah i get so much fight from work and at home as my husband has been having affairs with several women one got pregnant in 2006. I also discover that my husband is involve in the Lodge Free Mason. I am currently reciting the prayer you sent me (the cover) morning noon and night. I am a born again christian since 2005 .

God bless you.


214 Maria 01.08.10 at 12:25 am

Brother Elisha , thnx for all your kindness . My son and I participated in the fasting and prayer of 27 mins , and it really works . My son got a new job on 5th Jan and better salary . Being in the world and not going to church for long and last year I prayed for him and trusted the Lord and I give glory to God that he is a changed man now going to church and even following bible school . The Lord is good and I give praise to the almighty that my prayer was not in vain as we have been blessed during 2009 and waiting 10 times blessings more in 2010 in Jesus name . God bless you and your family bro Elisha and thnx for all your help .


215 Tabby 01.08.10 at 2:14 am

Praise God Elisha,

I just want to bless the Lord for His goodness and faithfullness. Indeed we serve a mighty God. Last year i had applied for some training at my place of work but they rejected it and gave the position to one of my colleagues, i was soo bitter about it but i prayed over it and applied again. At the gate of 2010 i trusted God for my breakthrough for the training and believe it or not it was approved miraculously and am going next month. I had a dream this week that i was so pregnant milk was just pouring from my breast and i know that great things are going to happen this year.

Thank you Elisha for your prayers and faith. May the Good Lord richly bless you and provide for your every need.



216 sarah 01.08.10 at 4:44 am

I give God the gloryfor im nolonger having bad dreams,spirit of fear left me,my fiance is back and my boss this months gave me a salary she has never paid me.Elisha thank you for your prayer bullets and words of encouragement.


217 Angela 01.08.10 at 5:28 am

Praise God Elisha and Happy New Year.

Last year 2009 was when i received the Lord as my saviour when i got to learn much about you and joined the academy in March of 2009. What i learnt about altarsm foundations, gates was very amazing as well as the curses we carry from generation to generation. At first i was hesistant to share the news of your website to my friends and sisters because i was not sure how they would treat this information.

At one time when we were having our womens meeting at my home i shared some of the prayers from the academy as we were praying and little did i know i touched lives. I shared your website and previous newsletters esp to my sister who was facing oppression at work and Lo and behold the midnight prayers began to work wonders to my sisters and best friend who are now participants and your subscribers. Your words are so real and spiritually deep. We thank God even for the gift of being conscious of our dreams to cancel the bad and claim the good.

I am expecting my 3rd Child and since we were to travel upcountry for the xmas holidays and visit other relatives, my heart was very heavy with the idea. I prayed and told God i dont want to meet the relatives who are from my husbands side. I had to travel on 24th since my kids were already there. On 25th Morning, I prayed that the area would rain and block us from going to other relatives place and prevent them from coming to our home. Lo and behold at 11am there was a heavy downpour and went and thank God. Though it was a quiet and somewhat boring xmas i thank God that i didnt have to meet other people and woke up and left the following morning. The reason my heart was heavy is the region is believed to have alot of witchcraft activity. I anoited and prayed for my children before they left and when they returned and for some reason when they were still upcountry i was led to pray against my inlaws taking them to a witch doctor. Praise and Thanks to God. I am now awaiting for a promotion/new job this year.


218 Thomas 01.08.10 at 6:48 am

Dear Br. Elisha
Praises be to His Holy Name.
Thank you Brother for the powerful guidance as the Lord fulfills His desires through your mighty and awesome prayerful points.
The Good Lord in the PROMISE WORD for 2010 will be fulfilled soon and the Lord will work for me and this is through your dyanmic points to be prayed and the Lords word through our Church was the same in Isiah 43:3. Thanks be to the Lord. Amen and Amen.
God bless you dear Brother


219 Lorna 01.08.10 at 8:09 am

One day last November as I was just browsing I stumble I in to your site and since then my life has never been the same again. My Dad has been having a court case that has taken him 9years. every other time when He goes is told the case has been Postponed for all those years. I told my Mum we have to pray about it becouse this case will drang us again the whole 2010, I was tire seeing my Dad everyday going for this case and nothing was forthcoming. I printed the prayer bullets that you had send me and gave them my Mum asked her to pray them everyday and for me I decided to fast and pray from 28th to 31st and the netx case hearing was 7th January, 2010. I bless the Lord becouse the victory was ours yes He won and now He is to be paid His salary for all the nine years and all the damages.
If you are there and are still wondering if this prayer work they have worked for me and my family.
Thank you so much Elisha and may the Lord Keep you for people like me.


220 Sarah T, 01.08.10 at 8:26 am

Dear Elisha,
Happy New Year to you and your warriors in prayers. I participated in the 27 minutes to midnight for 2010 and I hope and believe that this year will be better because I am trusting God to do the following in the new year
1. To pay all my debt especially my rented apartment, I have been given 2 months to leave the premises right now, I don’t know where to move to.
2. My elder daughter to come back to God so that things can work for good for her
3. My junior daughter to get admission into the University, she had been trying this sitting exams for years and the spirit of almost there to give way for God to perform His wonders in her life.
4. The company where I worked last packed up, they have now reopened, I am trusting God they shouldpay me all my entitlements and my money which was in the company. I am also asking them to reinstate me.
Please pray for me
God Bless you.


221 Pastor Mndala 01.08.10 at 9:41 am


We crossed over to 2010 with your prayer guide, and when I reached the place of work, I touched my computer and declared that I should receive things which belong to me and on 7/1/10 I received $515 in cash. My first testimony of 2010. God bless your ministry as we are not labouring in vain.



222 Lydia 01.08.10 at 9:59 am


I have got all the reasons to praise and thank the almighty God. My boyfriend terminated the relationship on 11 December 2009. I used your prayer points and fasted for three days. On 31 December 2009 i had a dream about my relationship. On 6 January 2010 my relationship was back just like that. I am smilling and I am thanking God for that.


223 favour .J 01.09.10 at 4:44 am

Dear brother
Praise Jesus
Thanks to Jesus love and care for all of us some few days to x-mas things went very badly on my side my husband began developing relationships out side and he wanted to see me out of his live he even left going to church .He brought his son he got a way ago at school but the boy was not good at all he could not greet me even when i bought him clothes for x-mas he could say i can not put on bad clothes.all things were bad on my side the in laws ,co-wivies for his brothers and even a lady could call on phone and burst at me .brother i had only Jesus left i was planning to leave he marriage alone because my husband could tell me things like i have just had sex out side why are you here i want to bring my wife ,i have stayed with you for 4 years just filling my toilet when i try to sit near the son or send him he could tell me is that one the one you have produced i could sit down while the young boy could sit in the chair yet he is just 10 years old and the father would be happy .
Iwas bitten badly untill i could collapse and he could get a panga for bitting me and the maid he promised to kill me if i could not leave the whole body was full of scars.
but on 31/12/2009 God did me a miracle he accept to go to the church over night he came when he is quite i came direct at 6.00am and when to see my mum in the village with my boss in a journey of 4-5 hours we stayed with her for 3 days my boss bought my mum alot of things and on top of that he added my salary by u$100.Back at my home God was doing a miracle my husband has charged no more phone calls from out side girlfriends like before and small gifts like airtime sent to him.He reads the Bible he prays for me and even sets for me the clock for mid night prayers there is a great change in my marriage when he speaks some things he is carefull i might annoy my wife comparing her with other girls of mine.
during time of trouble i prayed prayer cook book prayers for marriges ,payer of calab books and the prayer bulliet i got from you .I thank Jesus for this miracle and i seal it with the blood of Jesus 2010 will be the year for my break through i will send more testimonies us Christ grants me them be blessed and be a bless to many like me .
happy new year


224 Lucy Kenya 01.09.10 at 8:12 am

Praise God Elisha,
I want to thank God for leading me to your site and learning how to have effective prayers.On 26th December,I encountered Gods power wheh Ifound a road that I was using back to Nairobi blocked by Thugs,waiting to attack.My car stalled after drugging one of the rocks.Thank God for the prayer of escape. They did not attack,neither did they come to where the car stopped.We didn’t even see them! AMEN!
Please pray for my son who anticipates to become a servant of God.He is working for his final 0 level exams this year.I PRAY THAT GOD WILL REFRESH HIS MIND AS HE PREPARES FOR EXAMS. God Bless your ministry.


225 ML 01.09.10 at 10:05 am

Praise The Lord !!

I’m starting a new year with a brand new testimony, testimony that will chock my enemies and surprise my friends. After 9 years of been living in United Kingdom, Today 07/01/2010, I received a letter from my solicitor saying ” We have received your status documentos from UK B. A. and they have granted you indefinite leave to remain in UK. IN 2003, the same Department (H.O) was writed to me saying that my case was refused and closed but because a serve a migthy God Who said in His word that every place on which the sole of my foot treads upon shall be mine, today almost 7 years later, I have a differente report.
I want thank God, the true God, the Living God the Everlasting King. The God who makes the crooked places straight, Who breaks in pieces the gates of brass and cut the bars of iron, the God of the impossible, The God who makes a way where seems to be no way.
I Want thank God for everything He are doing in my life and my family, for what I see and for what I haven’t seen yet, He said in His word that He will perfect what concerns me. I want thank Elisha and Firesprings Ministries, I want say to Elisha – thanks for teaching me who to pray. For years I was sowing seeds and asking pastors to pray for my situation but thanks to This Ministry, now I can pray.

Happy New year
God Bless


226 James Owor 01.09.10 at 10:25 am

As a Minister of the Word, a husbund,a father and an employee with thw potential to set up own company this year, I thank God for the prayer points you have so far sent me. I did go through the esther Fast. There on the very first day a mad woman came to my house. On the first day after the fast, I had a running stomach with bloody stool. On the third day after the fast at 1135pm, my daughter who has been unwell but was on recovery, almost died but we prayed on till 200am and she regained life and is now again on the recovery trend.She is suffering from TB. By the way Elisha, I have 3 people who are so dear to me and are not well.My daughter Pricilla surferring from TB, My wife Jane surffering from breast cancer and my mother having blod pressure. Last year in Sept I lost My grand dad and dad to blood pressure. This year and beyound I do not want to lose any of my one . I am determined to stick with the the Lord GOd for graeter Expolits PlsJust help me more.



227 Adjei 01.09.10 at 11:17 am

Dear Elisha,
I glorify God in the name of Jesus for bringing you into my life.It is unbelievable what the Lord is doing through your coaching courses.I was like a worm but through your mentoring I am becoming a lion.It is less than 2 months when I discovered this site,and it was a terrible moment because I nearly had stroke and it even affected my male organ but through the prayer bullets,midnight prayers and fasting,I have seen considerable changes in my body and can approach my wife.Because of health problems,instead of the 3-day esther fast,I started with 24 hours,and then 36.I know I will hit 48 and then to 72.I consider your teachings precious and I have seen peace in my soul as a result of your guidelines.I have started seeing explosive dreams,in one of which I was working and I saw the big boss of this ceramic company (where i work but under an agent)writting my name on the floor saying they will employ me directly,in the same dream,I saw the president of the nation (Italy) recommending me.I know it is the prophecy you gave that is coming true (a decade of golden dreams).May God shower his blessings on you and continue to use you.Calvary greetings.


228 KELVIN OTELE 01.09.10 at 3:04 pm

GOD saved me from hungry this year,my father refuse to send me money for feeding bcos he heard some bad news about my behaviour but after the crossover service prayer and the ten day prayers he has sent me one thousand dollars for 2months feeding. ALL GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY


229 phiwa 01.11.10 at 2:16 am

Man of God

I thank God for this site its so amaizing, Elisha can I have a prayer bullet for singles only, I want to pray for my fien’ce its seems as if he is relaxed about our relationship now its for the 12 year we are in a relationship sometimes i wanted to quite but my heart doesn’t want to, pls email me I want to be seriously to pray for this relationship, i think there’s a stumbling blog. pls help


230 Reb 01.11.10 at 2:53 am

Dear Brother Elisha,
I must confess I was hestant to share this testimony, not after losing my husband to another lady after we had five children and now all alone! It eats me up let me tell you.But when I saw the numerous testimonies on the website, I was encouraged.Thank the Lord who I know has a better plan for me.

My EX- husband always comes home to bring us food and other support but all this I have seen as his strategy not to lose the affection of his children. However, on the 1st day of the year, he came by early in the morning and to my surprise to spend a day with us. I didnt like it so much but anyway it happened. On that day he unveiled his plans of extending our house which is too small for me and the children and actually work has started. I thank God for the favour, many times I wonder why my x has to do all this but I know it is God in the centre of all this. I had taken long without greeting him when he comes home, this is because I felt I had nothing to do with him.I prayed to God to help me start greeting him again, I was surprised that on the 9th/01/2009, I found the words flowing freely from my mouth as I greeted him. I give all the glory to God for his unfailing love and I bless his name for you.
May God richly bless you


231 China 01.11.10 at 4:06 am

hi ;
i thank God that i have made it with family and friends. Since 2007 i have had my chrismas and new year in the hospital.I was tormented by dreams that scared me so bad that i was treated for depression.Since i prayed bullets points on dreams i have seen great change in my dreams
thank you …God bless and continue to use you mightly


232 Rose K.N- Malawi 01.11.10 at 4:11 am

I just want to tnak God for taking us this far. First I want to aprpeciate God for Elisha Goodmana and his team to enable us all access the prayers. May God bless you bountifully.

You do not know how much change these prayers have made. I did not know how to pray properly, i kept on wondering how other people were getting their prayers answered and recieving testimonies.
Since i joined the prayer marathon in September 2009, my life has not been the same. I have fought battles and succeeded. My marriage was in tatters but God has rebuilt it. My husband is more loving now. At work , they were holding may salary and ebenfits worthy $8,000- All were paid off in December 2009 just before Christmass.

I travelled South Africa during Christamss time and on 22nd December 2009, i lost my goods in Johannesburg Central but everything was restored the following day- Praise be to God.

On 1st January 2010 after praying the prayers you gave us, my husband bought me an expensive suit for my birthday- a thing that has never happened in my life. He also bought me an expensive electronic bible and gave me some money that i never expected. I did not have gas for my car but God provided for all my needs according to his riches in Glory through jesus christ.

I give God all the glory and honor. Praise be to God


233 MBENEYA MAGDALENE 01.11.10 at 5:40 am

Dear Elisha, I just want you to permit me call you ‘SISTER’ for you are really just that in the family of Christ.
Happy are those who seek the Lord diligently for they shall surely and really find Him. It was a greet blessing knowing you or your ministry before this time, for I should have been parting away my year and decade just because of ignorance of the things in the spiritual realm. But it was God’s time that I received my ‘OPEN GATES ‘ this particular year and decade. I just believe that. God directed me to you because I have been seeking Him and calling on Him for breakthroughs in my family in general and myself imparticular.
Because of this wonderful programe of yours which I followed from day one, I already see many doors or gates being fling wide opened for the glory of God in the life of His elect. The Holy Spirit worked with me so mightily on the 31st, 11:55pm – 12:30am prayer session. I used to feel an inconveniencing pain by the left sight of my ripe that always made me not comfortable after eating, but after that prayer , I felt a great releift from this pain as I went in tongues for over 10minuites. Glory be to God, JEHOVA RAPHA. Right now as I write you this mail, I just have some comfortable and asuring peace for breakthroughs and signs and wonders in my life this year, and awaits the Heavens not the earth, to declare the glory of God over my life this year.
I shall be giving testimonies of these breakthrouhgs to you as they shall be unvailing themselves in the physical, for I know that it’s already done in the spiritual. Hoping for continues intercessions for the saints and under previlaged, I say ‘THANK YOU FOR ALL IN JESUS’ NAME’
As for you, my SISTER, I pray that GOD shall continue to protect you and give you more revelations of his blessings upon you and your family.
Be an overcomer.
Mbeneya Magdalene.


234 siri sarah ambe 01.11.10 at 6:18 am

Hi elisha! A prosperious new year to you and to the end time armies of the Lord over there. It has happened again. Remember the e-mail i sent to you concerning the oppressions on me and my family? God is exposing one after the other those who are concerned after releasing the prayerbullets you forwarded to me. Again my husband has been delivered from a 7yrs affliction. someboby who has never enjoyed divine health. All the Glory to God Almighty.
Plse i’ve this cloud in my mind: Since i graduated from sch, no job has ever located me than just assisting somebody for a crum in some occasions. With this Woman of God, can you place me on the right track? I beleive God brought me to this site to use you to wipe my tears. God less you
Sis S. – Cameroon


235 julius 01.11.10 at 7:32 am

Dear Man Of God,
I want to kindly ask for your prayers. I am under attack from the enemy.
Was introduced by a friend to this site and i have gained mencily from the site.
Before staring these prayers, i was constantly under demonic attack every night. I lost my well paying job after i dreamed aboy it( was in the office and a a train with the speed of lighting came and halted me out of my chair. woke up nad did nothing. and a few months later, lost the job. Lost my car, Lost all i had.
I have now gotten another small job that im holding for the time being
Was introduced by a friend to this site on 12-10-2009.
I found the 40 prayer points too lovely and just like a deer panting for water, i embarked on the prayers without losing any day.
on 26th at 7am on my way to job. was sitted in public vehicle . started dosing off.
The i saw a vision. Clearly heard a voice” there is your car.-and was shown a brand new car. Then a woman appeared from nowhere and declared’NOT NOW”And she vanished.
Then i woke up from my trance.
When i reached office, a very close friend came and told me he wanted to get me car. he asked me to give hin $3200 to get me a car that in the market is going for $12000.
I rushed too the bank and borrowd a bank loan and gave it to him.
Unfortuantely the devil has held that miracle up to date. he keeps on postponing whn he will give the car and Im now worried.
lease pray for me


236 Evelyn Asante 01.11.10 at 8:23 am

Hello Elisha,

Happy New Year to you and the entire Prayer Warriors team. I was able to join the team from last year October to this year 10th of January 2010. Which means I took part on every programm from October to date. I must confess great things are happening in my life and still there are more to come.

Elisha, for almost two good years I was absent from church without any reason. And being a Lay-Reader in my Church, my Christian brothers and sisters were asking why my long absence, this became a headache. When the programm started last year October, I prayed to God that whatever that has bound me to make my Christian life changed, God should please released me.

Elisha, I praise God that my prayers have been answered. At the begining of the New Year I saw myself in Church with full of life. Secondly my position in Church as a Lay-Reader has been given to me back. Additionally I have been asked to prepare myself to Preach in my Church whenever I am ready.

Elisha, is it not wonderful? I pray that God should use me to His Glory.


237 katend 01.11.10 at 11:17 am



238 Salsa 01.12.10 at 1:39 am

Dear Elisha,
It is indeed encouraging to read through the testimonies. I thank the Lord Jesus for this outpouring. I am also a recipient of the Lord’s blessings after going through the Esther Fast which ended midnight Saturday 2nd, 2010. The car I have been paying and driving for the last 2 years got impounded on Boxing Day (Saturday) as I forgot to renew the yearly wheel tax on 14 Dec 09. I gave my apologies to the officers who booked me for driving an expired vehicle, as I had totally forgotten to renew and requested if I could park the car home and then to pay for the dues on the next working day which would be Tuesday 29th Dec 09. However this was denied and my car was towed away. I knew the devil had his evil plots to confuse my plans for the 27 Minutes to Midnight Plan and the Esther Fast that I had planned to participate in. Anyway, come Tuesday 29th, I went to pay for the Insurance cover for the car and went back home. Early Wednesday morning, 30th Dec I headed straight to the Land Transport Authority office to pay off the impounding fees and also to pay for the wheel tax; only to be told that they will not release the car to me as I am not the legal owner. I agreed with them but told them that I had been paying for the car for the last 2 years and only $250 is left of the balance to have been paid off in December but am holding off as the owners, who have settled in the Middle East and working there as well have yet to execute the transfers to me. The only option given to me in order to get the car back was to get the legal owners to scan an approval letter authorising the release of the car to me and send over via email. Frustrations was slowly building up inside me but I did sense the tactics of the devil and did not want to create more problems. So I said that I will contact the owners and left the office. In my mind I could see the work of the devil attacking me as on that particular day at 12 midnight I will start firing the prayer bullets for the Esther Fast. This I did. It was not an easy road though but those on the Lord’s side will always lift the banners of Victory, Hallelujah!!. I kept on claiming that “This year 2010, the Lord shall open for me the two-leaved gates and it will not be shut.” 2009 was ushered out and the Lord opened the gates of 2010. The next morning (Sunday), after the Esther Fast, coming back from Morning Service the Lord’s Hand was already at work. He send an earthly angel to rescue me and that he will get me back my car. I met this messenger again on the next working day (Monday 4th) … I praise God for his faithfulness. My car was released, without the authority letter from the owners. The car is now with me. I testify that “God is Faithful to His Words” Hallellujah! I will be posting up testimonies of God’s faithfulness in his purpose for my life. I lift praises to the King of Glory!


239 Douglas 01.12.10 at 2:58 am

Greetings Man of God.

I really thank God for your coaching program which has transformed my life and that of my family in just one year. I joined the prayer academy of March 2009 and by the end of the year i can confidently say ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
Let me share with you some of the great things God has done in my life over a short period of time. Firstly He has delivered me from sexual immorality (Masturbation, Lust, pornography) Iam free indeed. By the way, i tried for over 20 years to stop but now with your prayer strategy, under the guidance of God i have done it in less than a year, praise be to God! Secondly, just before 31/12/09 my sponsor for school refused to give me the money. Through the grace of God i was shown that it was workplace witchcraft hindering my prayers and i became more aggresive as we prayed to cross over to 2010 and i told the devil in 2010 you have no part with me. To my surprise by 2/01/2010 they started giving me the money. As i write i have just received some more money over the 2004 outstanding bill. I know my God is there for us as long as we are abiding in His word. Once more thank you and may God bless you and your team.


240 HARRIET 01.12.10 at 4:42 am

New year greatings
Brother Elisha
Am writing testisfy my joy i participated in the 27 min 2010 prayers and fasted but let me say God has given me ajob which asat interviews in sept last year but suprisingiley they have called me for probation before conformation in feburaury 2010.
I give God glory beacause i annoited my document as you instructed


241 Thabile 01.12.10 at 5:25 am

Greetings in a wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for 2010. I thank Him for His marvelous work. Before the end of 2009 I planned a thanksgiving party to thank God for my mom who turned 60 years. I planned this early last year, towards the end of the year I experienced big financial problem. I prayed using the prayer points you gave us during prayer marathon. It was so bad in such a way that I was tempted to cancel or to apply for a loan cause different banks were calling me more than three times a days telling me that I qualify for a loan. I went back to God crying to Him and telling Him that I trust only Him.
God directed me to the story where Jesus fed more than 5000 people with only two fishes and five loaves.
After that I had so much peace. When we were buying food for that day I showed my sister how much I got she was so disappointed and shocked. She beged me to cancel the whole thing because to her it was impossile to feed the invited people on that amount I was having. I told her that God promised me that everyone will be fed and be full and we’ll even have leftovers.
On that day people came from all directions, the tent was full others were standing outside the tent. Everyone ate, even the people who were passing by. The miraculous thing is that on the following day we still had food (meat and desserts from the party) like the Lord promised and as a bonus 12 people gave their lives to Jesus on that thanksgiving party. Praise the Lord


242 PAMELLA 01.12.10 at 8:58 am

Praise God Elisha,

God is good, i must say. At the beginning of the prayer marathon on 10th Dec 2009, as per your beginning instructions, i went and sowed a seed of $70.oo in a childrens’ home in my neighbourhood, after praying over it. Later that night at midnight, i began the programme. Then this year 2010, on the last day of the first 10 days of 2010, i closed my prayers at the midnight hour. My husband was out meeting a good friend of his who was in the country for a few days. Their meeting took long, and after my prayer session, around 1 am, i decided to sit and wait for him. When he came, he put $500.00 in my hands and said his friend had sent him with it as a gift to me, and he was specific that it was for my own use. I am saying God is good and faithful because He gave me slightly above 7- times what i sowed, exactly one month, and on the exact date-10th. To Him be all glory, honour and adoration.

Thank you Elisha for teaching me how to pray, i am getting uplifted and enlightened each day by what i read and learn from your teachings. May the Lord uphold you even higher than you can imagine to His glory. Blessings.



243 Masa 01.12.10 at 9:58 am

I would like to thank you for the prayers to pray at the gate of 2010. I joined the prayers and one day day on the 04th of January i was busy praying the prayers after when i decided to seat and read the word, i got the prophetic word of God of Zechariah 8 where God promises to bless Jerusalem i believe those are His promises for my life this year. I’m believing that His word will come to pass in my life.

Thank you for your ministry it is an eye opener and a breakthrough for my life.
May God bless you and take you from glory to glory.


244 Sister P 01.12.10 at 1:02 pm

To God be the glory for all that He has done.Thanks Elisha for this site.I participated in the new year prayer and fast and on 4th jan,i took over from my immediate boss who resigned.Iknew it was ochestrated so the favored of the Lord can occupy and lead in integrity.Iam assured that the pay increase will follow siut.He is faithfill.
P. G


245 Prabhakar 01.12.10 at 4:31 pm

I used to suffer with back pain sometime in 2009. When doctors told me it was due to stress I didn’t believe them I thought(feel doubt, fear and negative thoughts and dreams) it could be worst disease that is going to take me from this world and I have manifested those negative thoughts of pain and it became regular body pains soon after that. I learned all my past mistake and bow down at Jesus feet and asked Him to forgive me. God had something good in store for me…I immediately got baptized and accepted Jesus. In September 2009 God blessed us with a new job. I started experiencing God’s presence in my life from there on…Though I have suffered a little while (1peter 5:10) with these pains God released me and he gave me strength to defeat Satan who is a liar. I am going to gym regularly and able to run and walk without any pains. Praise the Lord. Thanks for helping me with your prayer bullets.

Now, I am fully healed from the pains and have no fear, no anxiety . I thank God with my Whole Heart and Praise Him all the time.


246 Bernie 01.12.10 at 10:57 pm

Dear Bro Elisha
Before I started the midnight prayers on the 31st, about 2 weeks prior, I felt very let down by some people whom I loved very much. I was so offended because some truths about them came to light and I could not believe that they had cheated me so badly. I took part in the 2010 prayer programme and completed it on the 10th day of Jan. I believe that the Lord opened my eyes to see some things that I ignored all along. I deeply hurt inside because of the trust I placed on them, but I thank my God for revealing and showing me in time, so that I may not continue in my ignorancy any longer. I continue to pray that the Lord will give me victory this year 2010.

I thank the Holy Spirit of God for His guidance to me in bringing me to this site, because I have a joyful hope and a calm assurance that I am victorious in the Lord, as my targetted prayers reach the back door of heaven. This site does show me on a daily basis, things that I have never heard a minister talk on a pulpit.

My prayer is that people from all over the world who want breakthroughs come across this site and learn more about how to target prayers to defeat the enemy in Jesus Name.

The Lord richly bless you, your family and your ministry – especially your prayer partners this 2010.



247 sophie 01.13.10 at 12:58 am

Hi Elisha, thank you so much for your ministry. I never thought that prayers could turn out to be such a beautiful thing. My 2 friends and i took part in the 27 minutes b4 midnight prayers and it was so powerful. on the first Sunday of 2010, my mom send me a text that she was experiencing abdominal pain to the point where she could not go to church. As soon as i read the text, i knew it was the devil trying to fight back. I did not even pray for her, i just believed with all my heart that she was healed and she was. God bless you.


248 pendo 01.13.10 at 3:53 am

hi EG, I am a new one in this website, i have to say thank you Lord for you. I am now 30′s age and ever not engaged from someone, n I like to be married. second, i would like my salary to rise because three years working but economically i became domant. please help how to do. Pendo – Tanzania


249 withheld 01.13.10 at 10:11 am

Dear Elisha,
I dont know how to thank God for your ministry. I was introduced to the website by a friend of a friend in August 2009 when I was going through a rough time and was very discouraged about life, sick in my body and suicidal.
Since I’ve read the passion prayer of Jesus, my prayer life has gone to another level and I have a sense of purpose about my life. I seldom used to dream but now I dream a lot and most of the good dreams come to pass exactly as I see them in my sleep – It is amazing. I have learned to pray and cancel the bad dreams and have developped a lifestyle of waking up at midnite to pray.
Since we opened the gates of 2010 at 27mins to midnite this year has been a series of one breakthru after the next. Strained relationships with family members have been restored; I have a lot of favor with my bosses at work and my finances have improved tremendously.
I am extremely grateful and am looking forward to amazing miracles in 2010.
To God be the glory!


250 Esther I. 01.13.10 at 10:49 am

I bless the name of the Lord for bringing me in contact with your site at a time I life was troubled in so many ways. My husband is jobless, my life was full of terrible dreams, people don’t seem to associate with me well even in my church, my younger brother suffers form insanity from August or September, through all the Ember months for 3 years.

Then I just stumbled on your site in 2008, and my life has experienced tremdious changes.

Its victory upon victory in my dream, thanks to your teachings.

One of the dreams is the one I saw myself talking to my father in a corridor, then another person appeared looking and dressing exactly like my father, as I was trying to understand what was happening, the other person put his hand in his pocket and brought out a charm and started incantation, than I spoken in tongues, fire came out of his hand and fire came out of my hands and I was shouting fire as I return the attack, I prevail, praise the Lord, days later my step mother lost her only son in an accident.

While I was using the prayers you sent to us on dreams, I dreamt almost every day, It was always long like a scene from a movie, one of such is the one I met the General Overseer of my church RCCG and told him that someone confessed that he was reponsible for my husband’s situation, he told me to tell my husband to read Psalm 16, 32 and 91. Which is victory too.

I was diagnosed with ulcer last year, then I was wondering how I could continue to fast, but with faith and your encouragement on Esther fast, I went into Esther fast without experiencing any thing related to ulcer, thank God for divine healing. Since then I don’t miss any Esther fast you call for.

I prayed the 27 minutes to midnight prayer and fasted, since my husband is unemployed he has not been able to repair his car that has been bad since August last year due to lack of funds. Before the christmas break he called his in law to help with money to fix the car, but the in law kept promising and failing, but during the prayer programme, the in law called my husband and gave him money to repair the car on the 6th of January.

My brother whose situation was one of the reasons I was looking for a christian site for prayer for, is now healed, thank God because affliction did not arise again last year (he has suffered the situation for 3 years. But last year 2009 he did not suffer that attack though out the year. Praise the Lord.

My spiritual life is better than it ever was all my years on earth. Thanks to you because you emphasize holiness.

Bro Elisha, the Lord will always arise for you, as He is using you to set the captives free, you ministry and anointing shall increase billion times over. Thank you so much, God will exalt you life, family and ministry in Jesus name.


251 salimachetram 01.13.10 at 1:23 pm

thank u so much for your webside, i know the lord brought me this far and he will not leave , he will see me through to the end.there is so much going on in my life right now but i will not give up. thanks to u.god bless u and will continue to bless and keep u and your family and also this webside. thank u



252 Irene 01.13.10 at 1:38 pm

Hello Brother Elisha
Thanks for the practical demonstration of prayer, it yielded gr8 results 4 me. Hallelujah, I m debt free as I write to u, thanks 4 allowing God to use u in this manner.

I was so much in debt I had even adjusted to it, though I was persistently choking. I had 2 bank loans from 2 banks (for R2000.00 and R3000.00), an overdraft of R35000.00, I owed a certain club R25000.00, a car with a residual amount of R68000.00.

My financial breakthroughs started off when I signed in for Prayer Academy which ran from 13-09-2009 to 03-10-2009.
1) 10 days into prayer academy I received R13 181.00 into my acount, which was money I didn’t even know the government owed me. With this money i went to settle one of the loans.
2) 13 days later I received R20268.00 which the government had refused earlier to pay for my resettlement. With this money I settled my other loan.

I went into the Prayer Marathon from 08-10-2009 to 28-10-2009 just after Prayer academy.

3) A day into the Esther fast of the Prayer marathon I went to settle my car.
4) 2 days b4 the end of Prayer marathon R18681.48 was paid into my account. This money was my peformance bonus from the previous employer which had been HELD UP for a year, God released it, Hallelujah.
5) I then settled the R25000.00 of the club with a discount of R2000.00.
Thank you brother Elisha, and I thank God 4 u. Keep up the God-work.


253 Anne Ciiku 01.14.10 at 11:36 am

Hi Elisha,
I really thank God for having found this website. God has been at work in my life from inside out. I have really grown spiritually thanks to the prayer points that you’ve been sending. God has been faithful, i’ve been delivered in so many areas in my life. Thanks again for allowing God to use you in my life and touching so many lives through your prayer coach program.
Now let me share my testimony – i’ve been trusting God for a while for a good job. God has done it for me . On the 7th day of 27 days to midnight i was called for job in a bank which i was to report just after the 10 days. Am now working and am very grateful to God. Truly God is so amazing!
God bless you.


254 Ruby 01.14.10 at 7:06 pm

Praise the Lord Elisha,
I ordered the DNA Ebook in 2007 and the breakthrough kit in 2008. I just want to give God the glory and thank you, for my life has never been the same. I used the prayer points, and my life started to turn around. Glory to God! The Lord has preserved my life and my possessions, in the midst of alot of people around me, losing things. Even their life. He spoke to me, that He would be my confidence and would even keep my feet from being caught. As a result of His faithfullness and your faithfullness to put the prayer points out there,
I have become an overcomer, in the midst of demonic chaos. The Lord bless you Elisha and continue to prosper you.


255 Mariam 01.15.10 at 3:51 am

I thank God for leading me to your site in November last year. I had had a very bad year after loosing me son who was only 4years .Six months later my brother-in -law also passed on.My world shattered!
My husband and i had decided to try for another child but nothing seemed to work. I tried visiting a gaenacologist to give me fertility therapy-it never worked.Finally We decided to wait on the LORD.
Early November the Spirit of God led me to your site and I joined the prayer marathon.I wasted no time and in december i never let a single day pass without saying my prayers even 5-8 times a day!
In mid December i started feeling dizzy and concluded that it must have been the lack of exercise since i was also on Holiday.On 22 december i realised that My periods were late and did a pregnacy test at home ! Praise God! Am now expectant and I know that I serve a Living God!My husband also got a promotion at work!This year I believe that God will continue To open His Floodgates in my favour!
Thank you so much for the great work that you are doing and may God Always be with you. Excited Mariam


256 arthy 01.15.10 at 9:43 am

i was praying to god for the salvation of my family……….i can see that they are going to be saved soon……….i can see the changes happening around me………….i was praying for a person that his maths paper should be cleared..this year…….because it was very tuff for him to clear it in the past attempts………….wat a great miracle………….as the result came…………i was very happyto see that he has cleared his paper nly nly nly with the help of JESUS…………….i really really thank god.amen


257 marie dubois 01.15.10 at 3:13 pm

Dear Elisha
I just want to praise God for his godness and mercy in my life and my famify. Every night while I was doing my 27 minutes prayer before midnight for some reasons I started praying for my family in Haiti. I was crying to God to help them I don’t know why but on Tuesday afternoon I have a phone call about the catastrophe in Haiti. I turned one the TV and I was chocked . My town was a disaster. I was on the phone for 6 hours with family we are calling Haiti but there is no communication by phone or e-mail,. Around 11:30PM my brother from Boston called me and told me my sister called from Haiti they are doing well by the mercy of God all my family are in life
Thank you Jesus


258 Gertrude 01.16.10 at 12:10 am

Hi Elisha,
Praise be to God for His faithfulness. I will be ashamed of my self if i did not share my recent testimonies. Last year right before i ended my prayer marathon in the academy, i got married, Praise be to God!! Amen. And starting this year, i can only say good things that have been happeneing. First we moved to a beautiful home from a home where the land lord was giving us a hard time. Then i was able to sale my house and with that some of the debts that i was worried about- 90% was taken care of by my bank. And now i interviewed for this position at my Job and i just got a job offer and i get to start in march, i have been trying to switch from what i do and God almighty moved in His supernatural ways and is getting the year sarted off with all these miracle. Praise be to God for your prayers and your faithfulness to sevrve God. god bless you…. Amen.


259 MS 01.16.10 at 1:27 pm

Its amazing how great God is. Elisha, these prayers are so powerful. Just this week I could not pay my rent and the only wages I was going to receive were exactly the rent amount. This meant I would not have any penny for the next two weeks but God intervened. I know He did. I came home on friday and found a wage slip indicating I will be paid next week and NOT in the next fortnight…Isnt God wonderful?I just give Him praise and honour. He is a mighty God indeed…Jehovha my provider


260 thankful kenya 01.19.10 at 3:45 am

happy new year to all of you. my special thanks to Elisha Goodman. i thank God for showing me how to be more effective in prayer. i started the year at a low pace where the devil tried everything to discourage me from my prayers but i proceeded and finished thou not the way i had wanted to. i did a lot of partial fasting.

my year started with a lo of struggles besides attacks while praying i got notice of retrenchment from the company i have worked for 5yrs. and the man i loved and hoped to marry started avoiding men.

i got really discouraged because i knew God was doing something in my life and have been giving testimonies to 2 ladies i introduced to this site one got saved. i dint know what to say after this happened. today i read the story of joshua and caled when they went to spy the promised land and the report they brought back which was different from the other 10 guys.

i have decided to soldier on. and say like daniel if the God i serve will restore what the devil has stolen i will give praise but even if he dosent i will still serve him. because i have come from worse situations and he has seen me thro’ i know he is faithful.

pray with me and dont be discouraged. soon i will give a testimony because he is not dead but he is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am tahnkful


261 Makenna 01.26.10 at 3:32 am

Dear Elisha,

I’m thanking God for taking me from a place of stress, discomfort, financial strain to joy, peace, new business and complete trust and release in Jesus!

I started your prescribed prayers id-last year. With each prayer session, curses were broken, true relationships restored, family bonded and finances improved every time. Then suddenly, I lost my job. The best part was the peace that came with that and I was instnatly reassured God ‘s got my number and was up to something. In short, I was able to set up my own company and conduct business.

There are other things that God has corrected – unhealthy relationships, poor self perceptions and all I can do is praise God with a joyful, thankful heart.

The Lord has released me to start a ministry and sow into the lives of others! Pure joy.

Thank you and God bless you exceedingly!
Makenna, Nairobi.


262 Uju 01.26.10 at 8:25 pm

Wow this ministry has been such a blessing, I came across you a few mths back, and go started by buying the kit this jan. It was a big sacrifice to buy basic, but God made provision,and before I knew it, He even brought forth more money to upgrade to the Exclusive Kit.
I am doing the prayer academy and prayer marathon, today is day 10 and WOW!! dreams dreams dreams, I’ve had 4 powerful dreams since I started, dreams where God is telling me of my future, and destiny, what He is doing currently in my life, and the amazing place He is taking me. I keep a journal where I write all my dreams down, and they are confirmations of recent prophecies that were given to me at church. It is amazing where God is taking me, I know I can do all things because He is my strength, and look forward to praying my midnight prayer points. I am a collector of Christian books, I have them all, even prayer point books like Prayer Rain by Dr Olukoya, I have them, but this is the first book that really tells me how to use those prayer points, and why I should. In the past, I would pray them out of obligation to get what I want, but this one tells me the importance of it, and in doing so, draws me nearer to God. Now i cant wait to pray at the midnight hour (midnight to 3am), and I am consistent, havent missed a night so far. Its challenging, definitely not for the faint hearted, it can be tiring, but thats why at the end, the vision shall surely speak.
I know I have broken through the gates of heaven, and will continue to use the prayer points to allow my blessings to urain upon me abundantly.
Stay tuned for my mighty testimony concerning a huge amount of money I prayed in a few days ago, using the power key from the pray out of debt book!


263 mary 02.03.10 at 1:56 pm

Praise the Lord Elisha, this year is the year of testimonies. I thank the Lord for his blessings. I did not have a job and I was miserable could not pay my rent and hardly put some food on the table, all my bills were delayed cause i did have a dime to pay. I stated praying from the prayers getting out of debts, coupled it with Ester Fasting. Praise the Lord the prayers had open my spiritual eyes to see things that i could not imagine, as well as open my prayer life, which was very difficult for me to pray. it also opens the door for job opportunities and i was employed on the 2nd of January and be able to pay my bills and my rent. thank you for your couching and this ministry is wonderful. Praise the Lord.
M. W.


264 Robert 02.21.10 at 11:55 am

Praise God Elisha.

Around October of last year i had a dream in which some one was demanding the life of my son and wife. I resisted and went into a fervent prayer for Jesus to save me. But in the morning when my wife went to work, she fell ill and was admitted in a hospital. From that time till now her situation has never been the same.
During the x-ray it was discovered that she has water in the chest, they drained the fluid but still more has been identified. The doctors want to carry on surgery but she is pregnant. i believe if the soldier in the army of the Lord join me in this struggle the victory will be ours. Thanks and may the Lord richly bless you.
Robert uganda


265 Patricia 03.01.10 at 2:38 am

Dear Man of God,thanks for the teaching on Prayer Passion.I learnt of it,towards the end of last year.I had been on short Contracts of 3months every year for four years.last week i did Esthers’ fast, having learnt of the gates and midnight prayers.Today its my First Day at Work.I got my letter on 23rd feb,am now Employed Permanently.May the Lord use you,More and more as He uses me to teach others too.praise be to the name of the lord.



266 harryson davidson 03.06.10 at 2:32 pm

hi elisha goodman.the bible says .in the beginning that when god created all things in genesis.even befor genesis.2.2.which says by the seventh days even before god could had finished the work he had been doing. god in genesis 1. 2forward. god sees that all that he had created was good. but the first day l was giving your web and lsaw the name. elisha goodman. may our god bless you according to his creatness in jesus name.god knows that every thing that will come out of you will be good one.this is why god . use you for good thing in his kingdom.god be with you .amen


267 judy thomas 03.14.10 at 6:11 pm

Dear Elisha,

May God continue to pour is anointing upon you, so that we can continue to receive revelation on praying that comes to past.

I just wan to say that I agree with Robert in China when he said that all the free prayer points you gave us have moved mountains in our lifes. I to will be investing in buying your books, more so because I can afford to buy them now. If I could buy them at the beginning of the year I would have.
Remain Anointed and Blessed



268 madonna solis dela mota 03.25.10 at 2:03 am

Dear Sister Elisha,

thank God for everything! last march 23,2010 i recommitted my life to jesus christ then i started reding your email and testimonies of others i encourage a lot and i started to pray and in next day happen that te eggs of our chicken was lost and i remember what you told to us in prayer there is a power so i started to pray and put it in the HANDS OF GOD instead of fighting and murmuring i kept my mouth in silent and relax and pray… In the next day the egg stolen was return and i praise and thank God a lot…. So starting this day by the help and grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST i will continue to pray and dream POSITIVELY that the desire of my heart will happen…. godbless and more power for your ministry…



269 Loice 03.25.10 at 8:35 am

For the last three years I have been assigned the wrong jobs at work even though I was qualified. This has frustrated me over the years but since I started praying with Elisha’s guidance I have received a promotion at work, I was given my rightful possition and now I have favour with even the company’s top management. I was even sponsored for a course by the company for a year and they are paying the total fees for tution and examinations. I have so much peace than ever before. Know even my family look up on me for spiritual guidance in prayers with the little that I have learnt from this sight.I know soon I will be able to join the the prayer academy. I thank God for having known this sight coz no man directed me to this sight but Him. Loice, Kenya


270 Moureen 04.01.10 at 8:38 am

Dear Elisha,
last week I told you how we were doing so badly with our finances and when we started praying the prayer points you send me, some one offered us a house..and now the Easter dream marathon prayers have charged us…can you imagine its just day one and my mum called this morning to say that i can have her car coz she’s getting another one? this is not normal!! I have not yet found words to say to our Lord..am overwhelmed. ..I don’t know what more the Lord has in store for us. PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God keep you alive Elisha…..thank you for helping me learn how to pray and we thank the holy spirit who teaches you.


271 Judith 04.20.10 at 5:49 am

Dear Brother Elisha, I am requesting for prayer for my family, we are eight in our family and only two are married one brother and a sister the rest of us are single. Another issue is that jobs, Two brother and two sisters are jobless and this has a financial implication on my part as the others are not supportive, I have to support the jobless and my parents.
There is a spiritual warfare against my family because my Dad cut down a tree which was planted on his grandfathers grave when somebody told him people were meeting there at night and evil activities were taking place there (alter). (this was on his share of the family land he inherited from his father
God bless you all as you stand with me in prayer


272 Weziwe 04.22.10 at 4:37 am

Dear Elisha

I just want to thank God that He chose me at a time I was about to be swallowed by the devil. In 2007, was my second anniversary with my ex-husband. By then we had a seven-month old son, and I just got a temporary job where I am now. I was left with two weeks at that job before the contract expired, because it was a one year contract, which i got while i was pregnant with this son i’m talking about here. I had to hire a nanny because I did not want to loose that job even though it was a temp. I treasured that job because I got through my church as i was desperate because my ex used to say hurting things ,like I could’nt find a job but i called myself a Christian and i depended on him to feed me though he was not a christian. He even swore that He will never be a christian because we Christians are the poorest and most suffering of all people. I then prayed to God to give me a job to prove to that man that even himself had a favour from God for the job he had. God answered me within a week, and my ex-husband became so violent and jealous and asked me to leave our house telling me that he was the one who bought that house and told me that if i think i will ignore him as christians do he will kill me and no one will ever find out about me. I ignored him until he changed all the locks of the house, i had no other choice but to leave with my son. At work i was experiencing some challenges as i was about to be appointed permanently someone from my section asked the Human Resources Section to remove my CV from those who were going to be interviewed with me because she knew that i was the possible candidate for the job. But because God had already chosen me I was appointed permanently in the same section at that same time my exhusband threw me out of the house. He is now nowhere to be found. He left his job, and sold the house and forged my signiture because he was not allowed to sell the house without my consent. He managed to sell the house without my consent and the law could not trace him instead i was asked to pay the lawyers whom I found out later that they are the ones who helped him with my particulars. But still I’m well and healthy above all those things, and I praised the Most high for His loving kindness, for His word says ‘those who seek him shall not lack any good thing, for His eyes are on the righteous and His ears listen to their cries’.(Psalm 34 vs 14-15). I am now under the mighty hand of God and He provides for me and my son. I know that i’m far from where God wants me to be, but i’m getting there. How I know you? one of my colleagues sent me two of your books, The Prayer Cookbook for busy people and the other, I started there and then to read them. And as I read them I became a different person, and I started to be wise and I knew that the Holy Spirit was upon me, up to this day. I never stopped reading the Word of God.

Thank You, for accepting God’s calling to be an instrument in His hands to bring the knowledge of His word to us, to build our faith.

Weziwe, South Africa.


273 getrude 04.23.10 at 1:13 pm

testimony hie elisha my name is getrude i had immigration problems in the uk and didnt know what to do until my sister who is malawi sent me your prayers there are really amazing i was waking up at 12 midnight and god really surprised me i got the answers in exactly 1 month im so grateful and i really thank god for he did to me thanks very much elisha now im praying for a job both me and my partner we need a job can you send me some prayers please thank you god bless you.


274 morebie 05.01.10 at 6:31 pm

i really want to thank God for all the wonderful things he has been doing in my life. i delayed to pay rent in march this year and the sherriff department decided to take all my property, i didnt have even a cent to pay for it. on the 30 th of march they were supposed to all my property if i didnot pay. my only hope was on the pension many from my previous employment but this was only going to be payable on the 3rd of may. exactly 30 may somehow by the grace of God my pension money was paid in and i managed to get my property back. God knew the date and time.


275 morebie 05.01.10 at 6:37 pm

i really want to thank God for all the wonderful things he has been doing in my life. i delayed to pay rent in march this year and the sherriff department decided to take all my property, i didnt have even a cent to pay for it. on the 30 th of march they were supposed to sell my property if i didnot pay. my only hope was on the pension money from my previous employment but this was only going to be payable on the 3rd of may. exactly 30 march somehow by the grace of God my pension money was paid in and i managed to get my property back. God knew the date and time.same day my property was taken my husband left me and went to live with his girlfriend who claimed to be pregnant for him. 30 march was just the day the LORD had mad for me , my husband came back home. There is power in prayer


276 cathy 05.05.10 at 12:40 pm

This website is one of its kind, thanks Elisha for sharing with us


277 danny 05.17.10 at 5:49 am

hello elisha

praise the lord …. thankq elisha for helping me nd teaching me hw to pray …..elisha iwas so dippressed i became iwas will to die but …. jesus was alwys me and lord led me to ur site …..in our family with lots debts and financial problems…..and my relation toward friend had breaked off …..iwas so dipressed ….. and you teached me hw to pray .. mighty jesus chirst had listen to my prayer …… jesuschrist blesses me by healing power to heal in the name of jesus christ ….. and i knw jesus take of all debts nd my relation with my frnd will same as it was in the past ….. thankq elisha for healping so much
may god bless your ministry…… danny


278 jenny 05.17.10 at 6:17 am

I want to praise the Lord and tell everyone that indeed God works and he listens to our prayers. I was intoruduced to this site by my sister. Then I did not have a job and was very sick. I started the midnight prayers and God restored and renewed my life. I look much younger and I got a job.

I enjoy the peace and love of the Lord like I have never experienced before. All I can say is this prayers do work.


279 Lydia Alesi 05.17.10 at 6:22 am

I was intrduced just days back to this website.I have always been a christian but did not know how to tap my blessings by my self I thought its always the pastor to help me.
Im day seven through the 21day coaching amaizingly im already seeing results the strange dreams now i know how to deal with.my relationship is getting better by day.
Im trusting for total financial breakthrough.

God bless you so much



280 mercy(UK) 05.17.10 at 7:05 am

Thank you brother Elisha. May God continue to use you to reach us, in a mighty way. This is what I have been missing all my life. Since I was about 12, I learnt to use the Name of Jesus to free myself from attacks in my dreams but because I was not really aware what battles I was fighting, the evil powers attacked me left, right , centre UNTIL NOW.
I came to know about you in July 2009. My life has been a roller-coaster of never ending revelations especially in my dreams . I thank God now for using you to help us know the many hidden secrets in the spirit realm(gates, altars, etc) and teaching us how to fight the battle and keep our guns loaded with the ammunition of God(bullets) and yes, at the mention of the Name of Jesus, they will bow down .God bless you and all the prayer warriors!!!
This year in February, i joined a local church whose sole aim is the same as yours. This is my greatest blessing so far.I know now I am in the right track. I will fight on until i receive my devine blessings, in the name of Jesus


281 Eunice 05.17.10 at 8:22 am

Praise GOD,
I want to give praises and thanks to God almighty for what he has done upon my life and my daughters life. I had a debt pending for my daughter school fees which i had not paid for lack of finances. I give praises to my God that he has seen me through this year i got a job and my ex-sister in-law just called me today morning at 17th/05/2010 and M-pesa me half of my daughter school fees. Elisha am so happy,my God ‘s so awesome,i give him all the glory and am believing my heavenly father for a bigger miracle ahead.
Soon I’ll be purchasing my e books and i”ll be joining the Prayer Academy. I Thank-you so much Elisha for the prayer bullet that i have been receiving from you,and have seen the hand of God. May God bless you abundantly.


282 Gail 05.17.10 at 10:28 am

Dear Elisha

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing of encouraging all people from different walks of life. l am one such person who has benefited immensely from the last prayer marathon in December, l dont take praying lightly anymore because as a result of that programme l had my brideprice paid for me at the beginning of the year, wedding in Septmeber!
To God be the glory.


283 mercy 05.17.10 at 2:38 pm

i want to thank God for what he is doing in my life and my family because i was having problem wit my fiance who promise to marry me so i gave it to the outreach prayer and now am leaving happily with him and my aunty has also given birth successfully and i and my fiance have got something doing so i want to thank God because his love endures for ever amen


284 Lilian Awuor 05.18.10 at 7:31 am

I would like to thank the Lord for his great care over me and my family. I am a single mother of three one boy and two girls. I have some prayer request to make 1.walking the christian walk is not easy help me pray that i maintain the walk. 2. Being a single mother is not easy help me pray for the Lord to provide for me the right man that is God fearing and loving. 4. Pray for my family so that the Lord may shower us with his blessings, thank you may God bless you.


285 Chenesayi 05.18.10 at 7:38 am

Elisha, God is a faithful God. As He said in His word that I will not leave you alone but I will give you the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Truth, the Counsellor…! Elisha, there is a guy whom I grew up with in the same church & he once asked me out some years back of which I only liked him as a friend & nothing more. We however lost touch for years. Now a couple of months back I bumped into him & he was so thrilled to see me & indicated he had been searching for me restlessly, dreaming abt me & had prayed to God that He would meet me again for he became convinced that God had revealed to him that I’m the woman he is to marry. I was touched but what he said. I begun to pray for revelation wisdom & wanted God to reveal to me whether he is the man I am to get married to. Slowly my feelings for this guy begun to develop as he phoned & texted me. I told one friend of mine that there is an old friend of mine who has persistently expressed his feelings for me. I told her I do like the guy but then I’m not so sure if he is indeed ‘the one’. Just the mere fact that I didn’t have the peace in my mind (& with Cil 3v15 in mind),I surrendered the whole thing to the Almighty & I said God shall speak to me. Jus 2days ago (Sun 16 May 2010), after the evening service, I saw a missed call on my phone & it was that guy’s #. I sent him a msg & told him I had missed his call coz I was in church & asked him to call back as I didn’t have airtime to call. A few mins later, he sent a msg & said: “There has been a new dvpment in my life, I now have a wife & she saw your number in my phone book & she didn’t like it so please do not call me or text me”. I said to myself , God is a faithful God. He reveals everything to His children & does not permit them to be put into shame by keeping them in the dark. The Holy Spirit is indeed the spirit of truth. If I had not prayed for wisdom, I would have been misled into believing this guy’s lies from the enemy. I texted him blessing him & he failed to understand why I was not bitter or angry with him… I simply could not be angry because there was so much joy in my heart as I marvelled @ what the Spirit had revealed. I thank God for revealing what my naked eyes could not have perceived. Thank you Jesus!



286 maleika 05.18.10 at 1:13 pm

Elisha, since the start of this year i am facing serious emotional problems in my marriage, every day i am praying for a releasing of demionic strong holds and an out pouring of the Holy Ghost in my life, my husband’s and our marriage ,only a miracle from God can help me .We are presently seperated he lives in one country and i lives in another, we are forced to be apart because of immigration laws,but i am beleiving God, all things work together for good to those that love the lord. I beleive this is my season, this is my time for a miracle .please remember me in your prayers. I did not stumble onto your website by accident it must be the will of God. Be bless in all you do.


287 bonolo 05.18.10 at 5:45 pm

hi elisha
i just arrived from women conference for our church,i must tell you that i got healed from athsma i was told it can not be healed.in the beginning i would have attacked that of asrhmatic people but the results would show i am fine,the doctoctors were puzzled cus i would have difficulty breathing eventually they gave in and told me its incurable,but now i am glorifying God cus the porfet was praying for something else but got told Him He is releasing me from the asthma cuse it was going to take my life,the prophet told me ‘today the mercy of God are upon you” that touched me deep and i could feel from it is from our father who art in heaven, thank you very much elisha cus i know that eventho i did not finish the 21day marathon God still answered,by His grace i will be able to engage up to the last day next time and thank you very much for coaching me,i cant begin to thank you enough i pray to god to susutain you until forever



288 Mary 05.19.10 at 5:15 am

Hello Elisha;

I came across this website through a mail I received , when I submitted a prayer request in Catholic online site on Ash Wednesday this year 2010 and it still a mystery to me today how the mail pop up to me . I was very frustrated and had sorrows all the time .things are not moving with me and my family .
But I found the website very interesting that I decide to pray the prayers, firstly with “The Passion of Jesus Christ “.
I had purposed in my life that I will pray every prayer point that you had until my miracle came through. I tried to order the ebooks but I had no much saving in account because we have a lot of financial problems in the family . I did not know how to conceive my husband for us to order for it.
I keep on reading and mediating on your daily newsletters till one day I summoned courage even without my husband concept to order this through my friend Omoto since our Nigeria Visa Credit card cannot access your website order.
When I got the ebooks, I feel as if the 90days to be a day prayer so that I will get a breakthrough so that I will surprise my husband that God can ask prayers. This is because he thought that I have joined Mushroom churches that confuse people a lot ; since I started the midnight prayers. Meanwhile I need God’s grace to continue.
I started and pray the midnight prayers which I decide to do for 21days by using all the prayer points from the whole ebooks I received.
I started having temptations there and then even to the period last week my family’s house got burnt all my mother’s clothes and her retirement’s documents were damaged and stolen by those who claimed to help in rescuing the fire. But to God be the Glory for the gift of life upon my mother and cousins living with her.
The main prayer points I need since 2 years now are a gift of baby ( twins boy if it is God’s will), financial breakthrough, and a better job for me and my husband because we have been stagnant in our works for years.
Elisha, Please I can’t wait for the Prayer Academy you told me that it will start 25th of this month. I know that God is going surprise me and my family.
I believe in His word because he told me in the scripture that He is Able to do All things .
Thanks and may you remain blessed.


289 Ane 05.20.10 at 9:03 pm

Dear Elisha
I praise God for the work you do and how the prayers have blessed me, my work and my family.
After the EASTER prayers of 7 days I had a few questions in my mind which was answered by your e-mails that followed which said that ;
1. when we start seeing dreams of spiritual success we are moving up to another level
2. when we receive rhema sciptures in our dreams then we are prayer eagles
Iam so overwhelmed with joy because after a few days I received 2 bible verses in my dreams on two different occasions. They were
Rev 4:8″And the four beasts had each of six wings about him and they were full of eyes within and they rest not day and night saying Holy,holy,holy,Lord God Almighty,who was ,and is , and is to come.”
Rom 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good of them that love God to them who are called according to His purpose.”
I have made these two bible texts my midnight prayers and praise the Lord I am EXCITED about what the Lord will reveal in due time. However since praying those prayers the Lord has placed great peace and joy in my heart for the school that I lead- my teachers and students.Today 21/5 is the end of the first week of the new term of school and since Monday I have been feeling this heart of gratitude and joy to the Lord. I can feel the presence of God in my school it is hovering over us in a mighty way.Praise the Lord. I will keep you posted.


290 Henry 05.21.10 at 9:21 am

Dear Elisha,

I want to testify to the goodness of the Lord and for the potent prayer points and techniques you share with me.

I lost my lucrative banking job on December 21st, 2009. I was not bitter because i trust God completely to settle me. I have a wife and a daughter that i am directly responsible for as such i believed God to show me the next thing to do.

I told God to give me a new job as a birthday gift in January,2010 but nothing came out of it. I was attending interviews after interviews yet no job.

I was getting weary in the spirit so i came online to search for some prayer points to help build my praying life so i stumbled on your website on the 22nd of April.

I started the 21 days mid night prayer and fasting, the following week i got 2 interview calls. The interviews were successful and by May 10 two days to the end of the 21days prayer and fasting i resumed in a new company.

There is nothing too difficult with God.

Henry, Lagos.


291 Lorato 05.26.10 at 9:10 am

I want to thank God that i am also part of this prayer request.I never thought oneday i will want to be be a changed woman and i thank God,I see change in me. My mum’s cousin introduced me in your readings and i loved it the minute i saw it.Since last year,i have been living with pain in my heart because my boyfriend has changed.I want you to pray for loving,peaceful and trusting relationship.I want to be his wife and this is our 6th year and we have a 4 and half son who needs both parents.Things are also not ok at work and i want to quit and start up a business because i have a passion for business.I want to become close to God.


292 Jeremmy-Mombasa(Kenya) 05.31.10 at 1:08 am

I really lack the right words to describe how amazing God is working miracles
in my life thr’ this website.Its barely 3months since i was introduced to this
website.I did 21 days prayer marathon,Easther fast and went thr’ 7 lessons and
I can testify God is really on the Throne.God bless you my bro Elisha and am shortly subcribing for cookbook prayers for bussy people and later i will subcribe for other books cos av seen God thr’ this site


293 Lynn 06.09.10 at 9:55 am

I thank God for exposing me to your book the passion prayer.
Your passion prayer book has an annointing to connect to every reader.
My prayer life has changed ,in the midnight i just get restless, my senses just tell me its time to prayer.
This transformation has been a secret desire for me.
I’ve always wondred how to get the passion to pray in the night alone.
I know the work he has started in my life he will accomplish in Jesus Name


294 Peter 06.15.10 at 11:06 am

Dear All,
God has been good to my brother whom I stood with him to find employment, he got it,now I am expecting for a financial miracle(8,000 US dollars) before 17/06/2010.I had prayed for the past 15 days on every midnight hour.
God bless you all,



295 okei hellen 06.25.10 at 9:42 am

Dear Elisha, I bumped your website 2009 August, the testimonies made me say this is what am looking for, I have been suffering with imigraine headache since childhood am now 47 yrs tired and fed up of drugs. Then 2006 had attack of high blood pressure unconscious for three weeks(I had adream before that attack about earthquake) God gave me another chance to live for him. We are farmers, God gave me divine ideas on which things to grow which I have never grown!
I ordered for the ebooks sometime in May and now in prayer academy, since then I have NEVER taken hypertension drugs, the headache gone! God has healed me. God has shown me the source of problems through midnight prayers. God bless you for helping people around the world.


296 Sharon 08.05.10 at 11:25 am

I have been praying using some of your prayer points and I believe my breakthrough is on the way. Could you send me specifi prayer points for restoration to divine health and vitality. I have been feeling fatigued for years and usually fall asleep at my desk in the office! I’ve had opportunities to be promoted and to get better jobs but these don’t work out. I also need financial breakthrough. Please help me pray. I do believe that my Jesus can do it for me just as He has done it for others.


297 Seni Nagusa 08.16.10 at 10:06 pm

Dear Elisha

I just wanted to say that the God we serve is an awesome God. I joined this company in October 2007 and i prayed to God to provide me with a better offer in terms of the workloads i was doing in comparison to the salary i was getting. After 2 years and 4 months, God finally answered my prayers and i couldn’t be more happier.
Last June, i was introduced to your website by a friend at work and to be honest, i just got glued to your website ever since. I have been using your prayer points and guess what, i have just been rescued from my job last month when majority of my co-workers were made reduntant. I will keep on praising & thank God for the wonderful things that he has done and he is going to do in my life.
Thank you Elisha for teaching me how to pray, it has strengthen my prayer life.

Seni Nagusa, Lautoka, Fiji Islands.


298 mailesy shamano 08.17.10 at 11:35 am

i have just come across this this websit and would like to be a part of it, it is very inspiring and i believe God will reveal himself in a much deeper sence to me through this websit.May the Lord bless bless you Brother Elisha Goodman.Please pray for my husband and I to have a fresh visitation from the lord jesus christ.


299 Nyashadzaishe 08.26.10 at 2:40 am

God Bless You Elisha

My husband became sick in March 2010. He was advised to go for HIV test and tested POSITIVE . He encouraged me to go and get tested as well. I advised him that i will go for the test after the Easther marathon. I embarked on a fast and used the prayer points “Blood of Jesus be transfused into my blood in the name of Jesus” . I went for the test on 1 April 2010 and tested negative. i was advised by the doctor to come again after 3 months which i did in July 2010 and i used the same prayer points from the day the blood was taken to the labs up to the day the results were divulged to me and guess what THE RESULT WAS HIV NEGATIVE AGAIN!!! I thank God that he answers prayers and he is a miracle working God. Before the 2nd test i used to pass around through the clinic and praying that i should get negative results. HALELUYA.


300 jane 08.29.10 at 9:56 am

As l read through the testimonies l could feel as if someone had written them for me.The Lord did so many wonderfull things for me in the year 2010,The one thing that l need God to intervin on is my Husband,we are in a complicated relationship,we got married before we became christians now we have 2 children together,he has been married and is still married to the other wife who does not allow him to work anymore,he does not pay for anything ,l do everything on my own,l love him very much and all l want is for him to be good father to his children,to be responsible.He is a Catholic and l go to a different denomination.l met a lady who was on her way to south africa ,and we began to share,thats when she told me of this web site,l really need prayers,


301 stellawongloising 09.01.10 at 11:58 am

dear elisha
i,m stella from a country in south-america.i want to share something with you.i,m praying for almost a year now at midnight and received many blessings from the Lord,my son passed an exam at university, for what we,ve prayed and fasted for so long only to realise that he was not the only student, there were 300 who had problems with this teacher.i also got so many victories but it seems like after every victory there comes another battle,especially with my health.i,m praying now for many months from the cookbook for busy people but i wanted to ask your advice.in the first week of 2010 i talked with the Lord and asked for a husband, suddenly a man walked to me trying to know me better.i refused,did so on 2 occasions,thought it was not from God.when our church had a meeting to pray all night suddenly our pastor said we must be carefull to rcognize our husband to be,for maybe God wants to use this man to win whole suriname for Jesus.at that point i surrendered all to God allthough this man doesn,t serve God. iprayed and did estherfasts, but now it seems as if i get tired although i still pray everymidnight, because suddenly i get advice not to even think about this man,although i thought God gave so many signs.can you give me advice what to do now. God bless you .


302 Christopher 09.07.10 at 9:24 am



303 ANITA 09.08.10 at 5:32 am

Honuorable Man of God Elisha, I seriuosly need the e-book and Caleb prayer bullets and also want to join the prayer academy, but can`t afford it meanwhile i am a Namibian and my country code is not in your side. Remain blessed as you work in His Vineyard.


304 Tade 09.08.10 at 10:26 am

Dear Elisha,
I give God the glory for allowing me to get into your site.
I did the 14 Prayer for achieving what you want and also the Easter Marathon with some of my staff, and God showed His mercies on me. I will like to purchase some of your books but the are not available in Nigeria Market and I don’t have the Credit Card for Purchasing on Net.
Please pray for me concerning the power of miscarriage, anger and for me to have peace in marriage. May the good Lord continue to bless with strength, wisdom and understanding. And also fill you with fresh Anointing


305 john 09.12.10 at 12:59 pm

Please i have already ordered your e books, “Prayer DNA secrets”, “Cracking the dream CODE”. But i have been experiencing difficulties in ordering “Prayer of Caleb”. At the moment i want to switch over to get ” Prayer Cookbook for Busy People “. Please may i know how i can successfuly order “Prayer of Caleb”.

John Mbu


306 vicky 10.07.10 at 10:44 pm

i am so grateful for God’s mercy to me His overwhelming love and favor that He has showed to me and my family. Big breakthroughs have happened in my life and in our family despite the ups and downs with prayer and fasting He has seen us through.
He saw me through my surgery,that took place in august,and also provided for my every need.
all my glory and honor go to Him. I also thank God for you Elisha for you have taught me a lot of things that i didn’t know that i could through midnight prayers GOD RICHLY CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU



307 mr c. I. 10.15.10 at 3:45 am

God bless u sir.pls how do i pray myself out.i always see myself in the dream going back to my village,a night before any important breakthrough appointment,and most times,disappointnent follows.pls i need help.


308 Bertha Mkhalipi 10.25.10 at 4:28 am

Dear Elisha
will you please send me prayer points on praying for my Church, Community, familyand myself.


SK Reply:


You can go to the link below to download free prayer bullets from Elisha.


309 grace muigai 12.05.10 at 7:22 am

hello elisha. i am back but now with a testimony. am glad for the way you took me through the academy step by step and actually along the way i ve seen God changing my life bit by bit.He did not choose to perform a miracle PAP!but He opted to take me slowly learning the lessons and helping me to understand how He does things by Himself. now i tell you Elisha, i ve been praying for a breakthrough in finances and now He has opened a big door of business that i ll be earning ksh.100 000 a month or more. at the beginning of this miracle , my students gave me a present which was wrapped and on unwrapping it was a big coupon with the words ‘SEE,I HAVE PLACED BEFORE YOU AN OPEN DOOR THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT–REV. 3:8′.now i know what joy is. am more than excited.may God bless your life ELISHA for helping us unravel this mystery.HALLELUYA!!!!


310 OMONJADE FRANCIS 12.06.10 at 3:47 am

Dear Sister Elisha,
I just wnt to appreciate God for his infinite mercy over your life and his devine revellation to you. This is very important to me and I am very much pleased with your devine insight to all problems. I was once downtrodden but today I became a champion over fears of failure, marraige, finances,employment status, change of level from a tenant to a landlord and many others I might be limited to put here. I gives glory to the almighty God for this marvellous sight of yours. God will honours you abundantly and many shall be blessed via your site, Amen
Lagos Nigeria


311 Olive 12.06.10 at 4:03 am

Dear Elisha!
Triple Testimonies 2010 – this is my Year Amen!
Praise God! I thought I should not cross over with these testimonies into next year! Thank you for guiding me on how to pray and receive answers! Since the beginning of this year, I engaged in 27 Minutes prayers, G5 Report prayers, Case Studies weekly prayers up to-date.
In March, 2010, I had a dream, that I was walking on beautiful waters, and I could not sink I was so confident! When I woke up from the dream, I knew in my spirit that my faith has been lifted.
After mid-night prayers, in April, 2010, I had a dream! “A man called me by my name, and said: “Olive this is your letter, the one you have been waiting for – for years” So I ran towards him and grabbed the letter, and started reading it immediately, the subject was: “Olive you have been admitted”. As I was still reading thru, a certain woman came and she was so furious, she inquired bitterly asking me who gave me the letter. I answered her back telling her that, that letter was mine, that is why my names were printed on, I became so tough and assured her that she has delayed my letter for years, and immediately folded the letter and placed it in my bag and I woke up out of the dream! I was so happy I woke up and started thanking the Lord about my breakthrough!
After 2 weeks I applied for the job that was advertised in our daily newspapers here, I was invited for interviews, and I came out as the best candidate and I was offered a brand new job with good pay! I started work on 1st June, 2010. Amen!
On 18th November, 2010, God blessed me with a Car! I did not go thru any hassles to get it, a car dealer just brought the exact car I wanted at my place of work! My favorite Prayer Points are:
1. “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over my car”.
2. Oh Lord dispatch your ministering angels to locate my car, in the Mighty name of Jesus!
Thank you for encouraging me to pray, retrieve the last e-mail I sent you I was in deep tears, but still you encouraged me to pray and told me that my breakthrough was near! And indeed it happed! I have a lot of peace at my new work place.

God bless you! Sr. Olive – Uganda!


312 Grace 12.06.10 at 7:14 am

Thank you for arming me with prayers.I participated in end of 2010 prayers at end of which I dreamed a Eoropean lady had given me a prize after winning a race on a very rough terrain.( though when she was giving me the envelop another unknown woman came forward to snatch it but I refused!) At the time I had applied to a college in UK but had no sponsor. This year in July I received an e-mail indicating that I had been awarded full scholarship to cover all my needs!!!. God is amazing, Iam now trusting God to make way for me to bring over my 2 young children to join me here in London. They have Visa problems and Iam waiting on God. Am already in a leading UK university. Grace from Kenya.


313 OLESSY 12.06.10 at 9:22 am

Pastor Elisha,
I have really been blessed this year! knowing you through your daily prayer post has changed my life for good. I came across your site in June when i said enough was enough, since then i had subscribed to your site since you sent me mail for the first time; i did not knwo how you got my email, but i think God wanted me to encounter a new way of praying. I can now boldly declare that I HAVE A RELATIONSHIP with a man that loves me so much and wants to marry me. I had never had a steady relationship as it seems something was snatching my relationships right in my nose, i use to loose any relationship that seem to be working out. For the first time i have started marriage counselling with my church. This is a miracle. I thank God i came across prayer secrets and praying at midnite has helped me so much and removed every blockage on my part in 2010. I am now a champion in praying, i intend to join your academy soon. Also, i have subscribed your site to my Fiancee and have learnt to pray for him and others in troubled situation.
I remember praying a prayer of escape for a woman that was kidnapped in July in my church, and her release came within one week after the prayers; i remember praying for my fiancee one Midnight as i was led not knowing what has happened to him in his past, and same week he dreamt and FOUND HIMSELF BEEN FREED FROM A STRONG PRISON GATE WHERE HE HAD BEEN IN A LONG WHILE, he said someone came and released him even though it was difficult to come out due to the guards. His dream was just like what happened to Peter in the bible. I knew the prayer of escape i prayed for him that week had delivered him. He later told me how many years back a woman struggled to have him and even promised to give him whatever he needs,but he rejected her, not knowing she was an agent of darkness;in a kind of trance, the woman injected something into his body (the mark is still there) and told him he will not succeed. since then his life has been dat of struggle and abject poverty. today he is getting back on his feet as God made him to meet me in September, he proposed to me, after i prayed about it, God made me know i should go ahead in this relationship; we are now preparing to be married even though he was told that he will not be able to get married. I thank God for giving me an opportunity this year to pray for people in targeted prayer form and i’m already seeing results. He has also learnt how to pray! God bless you! ( i am 36 and he is 37) just imagine?


314 Inno 12.06.10 at 10:08 am

He is worthy to be praised for His grace, and I am a witness that miracles still happens even today. I thank God the Almighty for everything, especially the Holy Spirit which led me to your website man of God, during the needy time, actually the reason I was searching in the internet was “how to get my prayers answered by God” because it seemed like I didn’t know the correct way of praying. To cut the story short my husband was not working but after the Prayer Academy I attended he started sending his CV and for the first time he got responses now he is working “Praise the Lord” and my prayer life has changed a lot. More Great things are still coming.


315 manjoh maryanna 12.06.10 at 2:25 pm

may GOD continually bless you Man of God, since i came across your site,my prayer life has received a new fire. it’s midnight or nothing else, if i missed one midnight without praying i feel something is lacking. thanks very much


316 pristine 12.06.10 at 11:07 pm



317 Belinda 12.07.10 at 7:20 am

I would like to thank the Lord for every blessing he has given me, and the blessings just continue to flow.
I was out of a job for two months, all my applications were being rejected until i came across the 17 miracle prayer pints by Elisha Goodman. (a friend of mine introduced to me to your site about a year ago). I decided to test drive them, including the esther fast. On the second day of fasting and praying at the midnight hour i received my miracle. I got a call from the company which i am working for today and they told me to come and start immediately. Thay had offered the job to someone else but that person could not make it so i was the next option.
The Lord is so faithful, His mercies are new every morning


318 Luisa 12.07.10 at 7:29 pm

First i would like to thank the Almighty God for leading me through to this website…i got married in 2008, stayed with my inlaws for 2 years…i started praying in the midnite hour for my job and a place for me and my husband…i applied to the University twice, and the second time i applied i said to myself Lord am going to claim that job…i got the job on Thursday i moved out to my new flat on Saturday…GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME…So my next step will be asking the Lord to bless me and my husband for children…

It was shocking even to my family…for me to get a job in the University…but i told myself…all my blessings that are stolen from me will be restored back to me..AMEN..God bless us all…


319 Luisa 12.07.10 at 7:31 pm

Hello Elisha,

Could you please send me some prayer points in praying for us (myself and my husband) to have children.

We really would appreciate your assistance.

Thanks again.


mercy Reply:


Check Elisha’s posting from the link below:

The power that resurrected Lazarus from the dead resurrect my womb in Jesus name.



320 Jacquilyn,Gao 12.09.10 at 6:16 am

Dear Elisha
I was introduce to your site last year August 2009 by a friend and I participated in prayer marathon for singles in October 2009 and 40 prayer points to attract car… WOW WOW WOW!!!, toward the end of single marathon on the 23 October 2009, A man whom I saw getting married to in my dreams on several occasion proposed to marry me. as if it was not enough in the same year, I was totally healed from low blood, severe headache. Over and above that I no longer wear /use spectacles. The lord of promotion promoted me and I experienced an increase in my salary thrice in the same year. My sister who was looking for employment for the past 8 years got one on permanent &pensionable basis. Her relationship with the father of her 3 kids was restored and got married last week. What a mighty God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!
Elisha God bless you tremendous as you are devoted in helping the nation to realize their full potential.


321 Rosette 12.09.10 at 6:27 am

Hello Elisha
I just want to Thank the Almighty God for one miracle he’s done for me. I was employed on contract terms at my place of work, and for a while I had chased for conversion to permanent employment without success. I subscribed to the academy but I wasnt able to complete due to health issues. But none the less, I continued to pray and believe for that conversion. I am glad to report that an advert was sent out for conversion, I did the interview and Glory to God, I have been converted to Permanent employment terms. I know God did this for me, Glory to HIM alone.


322 Sarah 12.09.10 at 8:12 am

Dear elisha,
am glad i can also write a testimony like the numerous i have read in the past year.
i have been receiving your news letters for a while now and have began praying at the midnight hour,Recently i and my sister were looking for a new and better apartment.we didn’t have the money for what we wanted but we took it to God.well, few weeks after God gave us a nice place for a ridiculously cheap amount.Not only that he ensured that we had more than enough money to pay and buy the things we needed for the new place.God is good.
We are still looking towards a long line of requests but we are optimistic that God who has began to do this will do the rest.
God bless you for the wonderful work you do.

from Nigeria


323 madris 12.13.10 at 7:26 am

I thank God for man of God Elisha and the firespring ministry. I thank God for Pastor James Smith an online friend who introduced me to this site. Am a born again christian and wondered whether miracles still happen until i was led to this site. My faith has grown and am spiritually a level higher than i was before joining. I am a prayer Academy student and continuing to learn day by day, i thank God. I started praying an breaking attachments of workplace oppression and environment saturation in November 2010 and things happened that left me amazed at what God can do.
1) I work in an NGO and for the last 16 years had 1 CEO, who became very ‘powerful’ as things would happen as he pleaseth. He had the upper hand with the board and would always have his way.
2) For the past 3 years, things would work well for those who would give in to his demands for favour. The godly were left out and promotions were not on merit, salary increment was biased etc.
3) When i read about Altars and foundations and Environmental saturation, i called a few intercessors and declared war against strangers and wasters.
Within 2 weeks, the powerful CEO was sent on compulsory leave and has hence resigned. A team was formed to do a firm audit, investigations and review policies. Currently they are reviewing the personnel policy and we are to be placed according to qualifications and merit. this has caused many that came through backdoor channels to start resigning. As colleagues dance and say finally justice is happening, i marvel at seeing what God can do and this ha made me realize the potential in me to intercede once i pray targeted prayers.
Thank you brother Elisha for equipping me as i continue to claim what is rightfully mine stolen by the enemy to be restored in Jesus name.
MMN- Nairobi


324 Cindy 12.15.10 at 5:22 am


I pray God should keep you for this course.
For over three years i lived in a thick darkness of life.Struglling was the order of my day. My dear mom got sick and later was digonised with cancer of eospphogas,two years she never ate with her mouth but through a tube inserted to her stomach. You can’t imagine what i went through being young. later she died two weeks to my wedding and before testing my salary that she toiled for.The pain was much.

Afriend introduce me to this site and at the begining of this month i and my husband entered to Esther fast because we wanted God to bless our marriage and family,Give us a baby,and heal me from PID that disturbed me for long.

Thank God, Just the first day we recieved a phone call telling us that there is a better house where we can stay. We shall shift there at the end of the month and the house is self contained with all we wanted.

Just wait next year for another testimony for our long awaited baby and total healing. We are waiting for 29th to begin our at the gate prayer at midnight and belive me faith has risen and we shall be met by Him.

Thanks Cindy Uganda


325 Moses John 12.15.10 at 7:43 am

Dear Elishagoodman,

God bless you and your team.
my wife and another son came to New Delhi now. we are living togather and before she refuse to come( past 3 years she was refuse to come and living with me), with grace of God and your Prayer bullets changed my life, helped me a lot. things happening very fast on friday 10.12.2010 i brought her here. now i am happy she is happy my children happy all living together.
what a surprise! Jesus did in my life i never expected, when i come to my office on monday 13.12.2010 i got a computer my boss told me, somebody gifted to you , you take this for your home. i thought buy a computer but i do not have sufficient money. great god gave me gift for me. all glory to almighty God Jesus. i recieved surprise money gift and surprise things in my life.

Thanking you

God bless you

Moses John


326 beryl b 01.21.11 at 3:46 am

Good Morning Elisha I have also send you mails regarding the dreams that I had, but I will wait until you come back to me regarding the meaning of it. In the meantime, I just want to give feedback on what has happened in my family. I`ve been praying your bulletsthat you have send, took part in the Storm the Gate 2011. I have prayed for a job for myself near my family(mom and son) as I am working +/- 430 km away from them and for a job for my brother who has been unemployed for 4 years. Praise the Lord! on Wednesday 19/1/2011 he got a job. I am now praying for my job that will pay me what I want. Will update you as it happens. God is good and faithfull! Be blessed.
Beryl B
South Africa


327 sannitha 04.09.11 at 12:59 pm

I recently enter a 3day testimony prayer bullet teachings , after reading the teachings on the 7 April 2011 which was a Thursday, I started immediately at midnight with the prayer bullet for my love ones A,V,and S both for deliverance from alcohol addiction and theft spirit and to be release from prison. S to get a work. On Saturday early morning my first call was a testimony glory be to GOD. S did get a good job , V was release from prison and A’s Life is Very calm and his acts are wise and much reasonable now !! I am looking forward in faith, for much greater testimonies in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savor. I also thank GOD Deeply for your life and teachings,which build the kingdom of God!!! May GOD strengthen and keep you to continue his good works. IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN. SANNITHA.


328 Adelere Adedeji 12.15.11 at 7:03 pm

The testimonies are fantastic and a demonstration of God backing for the ministry.


329 Connie 12.21.11 at 6:17 am



330 mercy 07.28.14 at 9:17 am

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