Where will you be on December 17?

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Blessed be the LORD my strength, who teaches my hands to war,
and my fingers to fight – Psalm 144 v 1

It’s the hand-to-hand combat of prayers
prayed and answers received that…

develops the spiritual muscles to get
you where you need to be before 2012
runs to a close.

and after claiming prophecies since
the beginning of the year (without
any tangible results),

it’s easy for many to feel discouraged…

If you ask some believers who started
the year doing all sorts of positive

How well have they fared?

From the thousands of emails in my inbox,
not very well.

That’s the reason why I am here to tell you about:

December 17…. a nondescript Monday
in the middle of December.

Many people will start to take a breather
for the holidays and there’ll be the usual
flurry of social obligations and …

It’s 6 weeks from now.

Where will you be then?

What will you be sharing testimonies about?

How will you be taking stock of the year?

will you be counting your many blessings
and praising the LORD for them…

Like many are doing on this site?


Will you be worried that this same time last
year, you were in the exact same spot, facing the
same old stubborn problems you are seeing today?

Or will you be enthused and inspired about what
transpired during the year?

I just received this today:

“2012 has been a great year in my spiritual life …
What have I been praying? Mostly the 17 miracle prayers
and the prayers for abundance.

Then I always ended with this one prayer:

“My testimonies shall surprise my friends and shock
my enemies in Jesus’ Name.”

- Sister J

December 17 is the day that those who just started
the Prayer Academy will come face to face with the
mountain-moving prayers of LESSON 3
As the LORD lives, by that day, many of them
will have tasted *dramatic* breakthroughs.

Some, like so many who’ve taken the program before,
will have recorded shocking testimonies …

- in their walk with the LORD

- in their health

- in their marriages

- in their finances

- in their calling

- even in the lives of their loved ones!

There will be a sense of wonder and accomplishment
because you’ve finally had the secrets of your
life revealed to you…

And as a result of your prayer battle, the LORD
will have helped you crack the code on things that
used to seem mysterious, but are no longer.

Like Sister P here:

Thank you God for Elisha ministry! My friend introduced me
to your prayer cookbook for busy people in 2010 but I didn’t
take it seriously (in fact I throw it away last year).

Then this year (2012) again around July she sent me the book
and your website links with some reports.

But this time around there was something inside that force
me to go through your website, I must say it was not easy to
wake in midnight to pray.

I’m currently on Prayer Academy that started on 25Aug and
I can say there is a huge spiritually difference in my life.

The midnight prayers have help me to overcome the sin sex
(fornication) that was my weak point to overcome.

Thank you Jesus for your powerful name!

- Sister K

Praise the name of the LORD!


A lot of other Christians you know will have
let 6 more weeks slip by and nothing will have

God forbid, they’ll still be frustrated.

- they’ll still be watching others share testimonies…

- they’ll still feel like there’s some invisible barrier blocking them from moving forward…

- they’ll still experience the grip of raw panic everytime the devil *whacks* them in the dream.

Which group of people will you be a member of?

The 6 weeks is going to go by, regardless.

On Monday December 17, October will be a memory and the passage of that time like a mere snap of the fingers.

Because it was.

From now on, the Prayer Academy will become MORE intense…

and by God’s grace, we’ll take a spiritual sledge hammer
to your MOST pressing issues …

… as the LORD Himself begins to revamp your life
from the ground up.

For those in the Academy…

If you do the homework assignments and don’t get
the results, I’ll throw you right back into
the NEXT program …until something happens.

6 weeks is going to go by… very quickly.

Question is, where will you be, spiritually?

You alone decide.


Click Here To Join Now


There’s a lot of prayers you already know you
should pray before 2012 draws to a close …

…that you haven’t yet prayed.

This is the time and the place to commit to
YOURSELF that you’re going to finally pray them.

Before this years runs out.

Be An Overcomer


PS: Next Prayer Academy begins…

Click Here To Secure Your Seat Now

P.P.S: Congratulations to all those in the Prayer Academy and other programs.

If you are on Facebook, you are free to post this on your wall. Who knows, you might just encourage someone out there.

Finally –

Has the LORD done anything for you at all in 2012?

I encourage you to share it below and put the enemy to shame. Your praise report can encourage others facing the same challenges … and the LORD will bless you even more for giving Him the glory!

REMEMBER that thousands of undercover eagles in 117 countries are praying on this site this very minute – the Holy Spirit might lead someone to intercede on your behalf right away.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome!


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1 judy 10.30.12 at 10:39 pm

Thank you 4 the spiritual blessing i been receiving on this site. It has strengthened me since I joined.May the lord bless you more.


sarvi tharee Reply:

i ‘m wondering what is the best things to say in prayer i have been sending email so manytime s i did not got at once i want to know what is the best prayer please send me email thank you


M.Maseko Reply:

Dear Elisha

To all the prayer eagles in all the 117 countries I hope to join one day on my spiritual journey to perfecting my prayers through practice, practice, practice- according to the will of God whose will is to elevate me to a higher level. Certainly, after all, I know deep down in my heart that the Lord is my Sheppard and he does and he will continue to approve for me to make such claims through a passive aggressive spiritual statement like this one. It is also important for me to indicate that, I bumped across your name in November/ December 2012 at a time when I was hopeless and I was leaking my wounds like a wounded lion. It was purely accident through my sister- in-law who mentioned “Elisha and the Passion of Christ Prayers” so to say. Something captured my attention upon hearing ” Christ and Prayer Style”. I then followed up through Goggle and Boom!!! my life started focusing on the messages and lessons through out your website. One thing is for sure again, like every one else who follows Elisha through this website. I’m convinced my actions were as the result of the Holy Spirit guiding me to get to the basics of teaching how to communicate with God for divine intervention through reading studying the lives of prayer eagles like Christ, Danial, Paul and so on, for a direct clear line or link with God in his secrete place of dwelling in Zion. I now know of the intervention between Heaven and Earth in the Heavenlies and one day I will reach a stage where the Holy Spirit will send a message for me when its time to join the prayer Academy. Please understand me I on a journey where a lot of positive thing are happening since I started praying at the Gate at the midnight hour. I’m experiencing vivid dreams in my sleep where the messages are positive, almost like a confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. People who were the cause of me going through hell by losing promising businesses because they were stealing from my business and they were up to no good plans for that matter. I can count Six business projects I have lost in total. I have hard personal belongings being attached by creditors and repossessed. I’ve gone through to what one can label as promising business projects and opportunities lost through enemies who are camouflage as friends. I’m far away from home and loved ones. I have no one to cover, protect or back me up in times of desperation and yet I continue to get up and pray and give thanx to the little I get. I do give to the poor and needy, I do visit my local church from time to time to plant the seed through. So, one can imagine how bad my current situation is scary and yet I’m still standing. I come from a small family which is dependent on me for support. This family background is poor, and yet through God Mercy and provisions I am able to survive and interact with prominent and educated individuals from different backgrounds in government, community and the private sector to solicit business. God is fighting my battles for me through prayers a continue to send him.Just yesterday one of the people who swore and declared a war against me died in a car accident the same way another one before him died. Both these individuals are local guys and they were close friends who wanted to steal my one of business. Yes I lost the same business during the South African World Cup at the time where all fellow South Africans were celebrating this festivity as a historic moment and yet for me my business way going under the hummer.

After all what I have gone through in my life I would like to take this moment and thank you Alisha for delivering my Blessings through your teachings and through the benefits of knowing that, there is hope out there and there are Prayer Eagles who continue to do a great job of sending their prayers to the Lord to fight evil spirits and defeat the devil who is up to no good against Saints. Again, I would like to edge everyone to continue doing the good work of praying for themselves as well as for others in Jesus name. I wish you well

M. Maseko, Durban (SA)


2 Rose 10.30.12 at 10:46 pm

December 17 is a special day for my family, my only daughter will be graduating and God has blessed so much during the year, it will be a time of celebrations. We have come through valleys of death and mountains of challenges but because our God lives everyday is a miracle.
My blessings are just to numerous to count but I just Bless the Lord for his love endures forever and great is his faithfulness. When I fail he remains faithful. Deut 31:8,The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”.

To God be the Glory..


Mutsa Reply:

Amen Amen Glory to His Holy and mighty name. Our blessings are too numerous to count. God willing our only daughter will also be graduating and it will be a time of celebrations. She has also been offered a place to persue an honours programme and we are praying for the provision of her fees.Who are we that He is mindful of us. Thank you Jehova Jireh. Everyday is a blessing and we thank Him for that. My spiritual life has grown from strength to strength and i can go on and on. Thank you Lord our Redeemer, our Saviour there is no one like you.

Glory and honour belongs to you alone.


3 Joseph Mucheke 10.30.12 at 11:01 pm

Thank you Jesus for all


4 Bsheri 10.30.12 at 11:26 pm

Can’t to be the next one to write my praise report, this Prayer Academy that am attending i MUST come back with testimonies from my wilderest Dream coming true God will trully shock me.And i want also to prove to my beloved brother wrong ,who told me am wasting my hard earned money.


5 child of God 10.30.12 at 11:26 pm

Yes this site has blessed me several ways God bless br. Elisha because i was bestowed with countless blessings……PRAISE THE LORD OUR AWESOME GOD IS WONDERFUL HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS GOD.


6 Darryl Crawford 10.30.12 at 11:44 pm

I will be joining this season. I am grateful for many things in Jesus name.
The beginning of this year I was homeless. A music composer, Optician
sales person homeless? I know what your are thinking.
I couldn’t figure it our myself. Lost my home, my brother and much more. The devil really made me look bad. However even
Though I didn’t join the academy, I did download you ebook on
Passion prayer and prayed those prayers at midnight and got some good
results. I know those prayers work since March of this year I now have a place and and a job and I’m hoping for more since I lost a lot, I’m expecting a lot. I look forward to a list of heavenly tesitmonies that will shock the enemy and blow my
Friends and family away. We serve an awesome God. There is nothing too hard for Jesus. And in Jesus name I declare heavenly prosperity, total restoration and hot in heaven results for everything we do for the Kingdom for Darryl and Audrey in Jesus name.
Thank you for your added prayers of agreement.
My sales for my music will increase


7 sister n 10.30.12 at 11:54 pm

This year august 25 I had the money ready to pay for the prayer academy n then just a few days before I wanted to pay my laptop died n I had no other money to buy another one so I cudnt join the academy.I was really disapointed coz I had promised God tht my first salary will be for the Prayer academy.so m now only waiting for december 17.this year I wnt to finish right with God.where m working my contract expires in early January n I need my boss to renew it again atleast for 6months.assist me please with the relevant prayer points for this.n the testimony above about the sister winnin over fornication makes me very hopeful tht I can too win it.


Phillip Reply:

Thank you jesus for what you have done this year to our family.my wife got adegree this year and we were able to finish our house. glory be to GOD.


8 pilie 10.31.12 at 12:40 am

Hi Elisha,
I just joined the prayer academy.The discovery is the greatest thing in my life.
I thank God for holding me up when i was drowning in debts and surgery. It has been a rough and tough time for me.
GOD still reigns. I have hope. I know i will be out of the woods. God is real and prayer changes things.



9 JULIUS 10.31.12 at 12:41 am

Thank Lord for the wonderful miracles you have shown me , and Elisha be blessed more and more for the prayers that you send to us daily, i will also be there come 17th dec.


10 Anietie Wilson 10.31.12 at 12:43 am

elisha,thanks for sending the 1st lessen.it was indeed the Holy spirit that led me to ur site,my probs are complex and multiferous, and i need u sir to intercede for me and also send me prayer points that will get me out this mess.i have been stagnated for over 20 yrs now without no job or contract.no income comes into hand,i have prayed all manners of prayer, got so many prophesies over this period without any tangible result.but instead,i lost my wife who was my family only source and hope to the cold hand of death.and everything in my life crashed. The devastating effect of this loss can only be imagine than discribed.and i had stroke 20
07 as a result i had normness, body weakness and low sperm count.and had no chuldren at 54yrs.sir this a sumary of my problems.but i know God is going to use u to hel p me be an overcomer in jesus bc i cannt even how i stumble m this site.Ani


mary Reply:

Bro. Wilson pls take heart and be consoled, I pray that Lord comforts you for the lost of your dear wife, i also encourage you to take part in the prayer academy, and God will heal you of all infirmities, He is the great physician who has all the medicine to all sicknesses and predicaments, have faith and persist in prayers at the midnight hour. you can make use of the free posted prayer points if you cannot join the academy now. i will stand with you in prayers- cheers!
24hr blog member


11 Ronald 10.31.12 at 12:46 am

Thank you for this wounderful site lord i joined the site this year and using the prayer points my spirit , habits have changed God has protected me this year am yet to join prayer arcdemy when finances improve glory to jesus.RONALD


12 GLORIA 10.31.12 at 12:53 am

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Whaaw i dont know where to start but God has done great things in my life this year of 2012
1. My husband accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour
2. My 14 year old child also accepted Jesus
3. My husby bought me a new car which i never dream of driving it
4. I’m the one who borrow people money that is i’m financially stable
5. When I pray for me and others God answer me immediately
6. There is honey and milk in my marriage
7. There is peace, joy, unity, love in my family indeed i am feeling the presence of God in my life somethings just happen even if i did not pray for them i give glory to God. I am blessed and i am a blessing to others.

Thank you man of God because these blessings i am counting just happened after i have came accross your website towards the end of June 2011 when i was just googling. Lord you are wonderful

Glory to Jesus


13 Mantombi 10.31.12 at 1:07 am

Thank you Elisha your ministry has helped me to overcome the challenge of not being faithful with tithing. As a result I have gone from struggling to find a job to getting a lot of job offers, praise be to God! I no longer worry about debts anymore because I know the Lord is faithful to his promises. Mantombi-South Africa


14 Vita 10.31.12 at 1:17 am

Praise God!
Elisha, you sent me an email yesterday, telling me that it is not going to be long before i realize blessing. Yeah, yesterday my long kept friend sent me some money. And im yet to see more miracles and blessings happen in my life. Thankyou lord for answering my prayers.


15 Liz Mbatha 10.31.12 at 1:26 am

Indeed my testimonies this year have surprised my friends and angered my enemies.
1. I passed my studies Cum Laude
2. My son is enrolled and paid his own registration fee foe 2013
3. 2 days agoI received a call from Alexander Forbes – i am due for a surplus pension fund payout.
Praise be to God Almighty who is able to give exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. I thank God for directing my feet to meet Elisha, my teacher. I believe God has chosen you just like Nehemia. Your mandate is to rebuild broken walls of Jerusalem.
Liz – Johannesburg


16 nomusa 10.31.12 at 1:42 am

I wish to thank God for his mercies which I see every morning and which endures forever. I have learnt to pray with meaning and ready to get my answers. God is good all the time. Great is thy faithfulness. Looking forward to more powerful prayers as the year ends! Thank you Lord for everything. Love you Lord.


17 Gloria Mushukuto 10.31.12 at 1:44 am

I thank the Lord for bringing me to your site, My spiritual life has grown to another level. I am in Zimbabwe and would like to know how i can pay to join the Prayer Academy.


Abigail Reply:

Hi Gloria

You could do a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) with your bank. Print and use the page with payment requirements on this website as your invoice if the bank requests one. I am also in Zimbabwe. I have made payments for things with TT in the past without problems. Stay blessed



magdaline Reply:


Thank you, TT surely will work for me too
I am based in Zambia and i have bn struggling with ways to send money.
How i look forward to join the prayer academy



18 Prosper 10.31.12 at 1:47 am

Dear Elisha,
I am very happy to tell u that I have started seeing God’s power in my ministry as I am going in the village to preach the Good news I can see people are being set free even before laying hand on them. The has started when i start pray for the spiritual entanglement after the GOLDEN JOUNRNEY LEVEL 3. God bless u for the levelation.
Please let me know how can I get Level 1&2


19 Margaret 10.31.12 at 1:53 am

This year I have been trusting God for so many things. I have prayed, even the 40 prayers to attract a car. You can see some light coming and after a few weeks things just go quiet. I have a lot of debits now, which I just need a quick financial miracle. Even as I am writing am in a prayer and fasting. I am using the prayer point O LORD SHOW ME THE SECRET OF MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME. So that i know what I need to break and how to pray for my issue, because it has been persistent. My husband has no job so I am the bread winner and I know this is not what the bible says. He is the head of the family and he is supposed to be the bread winner. Anybody who as a revelation to help me with the points I can use to pray and breakthrough.


20 Emily 10.31.12 at 1:59 am

Indeed 2012 has been amazing spiritually uplifting year. Like I always tell my friends, this website opened all spiritual doors for me since 2010. My life has never been the same. I have used mid-night aggressive prayers, Esther fast targeted fasting and prayers. They work like miraculously. I received financial breakthroughs, physical and spiritual healing, spiritual and dream revelations, won spiritual warfare but the biggest of them all was that it enabled me to realise my spiritual gifts. I can write a whole book if I have to detail all my testimonies. All I can say is that God is faithful and he makes all things possible and he deserves to be praised day and night. Please use information you get on this it will change your life.


21 kevin 10.31.12 at 2:02 am

God is doing great things in my life…..Hallelujah!!!!!


22 Blessed One 10.31.12 at 2:07 am

Unfortunately for me I cannot access the books and so can’y get into the Academy. I shall make do with what I have.
Goodman, May the God Lord Bless you :-)


23 nini 10.31.12 at 2:13 am

please pray with me that i get to know God’s will for my life. That i will walk toward that which He has planned and prepared for me.Amen

God bless you.


24 Rosse 10.31.12 at 2:23 am

Rouzah S.

Praise God. I thank God for the changes I am seeing in my house since I gave my life to Jesus in May 2012. I got a copy of the prayer cookbook for busy people and read it and I was amazed by the prayer points. My daughter who has been despising God and the bible can now sing christian songs and attended some bible talk twice in September. I joined the prayer academy in september this year and now doing the weekly lessons. I am waiting upon the Lord to perform his miracles. I am waiting for December 17 eagerly because I know the Lord will have carried me to a higher level in my faith and he will have transformed my entire household. I have been in great pain since October 2011 when my legally wedded husband deserted our matrimonial home and has not come back to date. Life has been very tough for me emotionally and financially. I pray that God brings my husband back and gives him and my daughter salvation.


25 Gillian 10.31.12 at 2:26 am

God has really blessed me this year, i had to go back for further studies last year in September for a one year course, i was not sure of how and when to get the tuition so i decided to go for an esther fast and indeed God answered my prayers. i never lacked anything that i needed to do the course and alas!!! the results just came back and i will be graduating with a first class. I give glory to the almighty God for he is more than able.


Belinah Reply:

Dear Elisha Goodman

my name is bellinah ,in 2005 i dated a guy in versity,and during the time i meet this man, strange thing started happening ,in 2007 i got a job ,and that was the beginning of my problem i losed that job ,i dont know how,things started moving in my body ,my life was a living hell ,my father died,then my mather followed ,i just experience rejection and haterd every where i go, stangers will just say trhing that i dont no,relationship is problem am 40 years old dont have children

with regards


26 Thandi 10.31.12 at 2:26 am

Elisha i am a woman of faith even things r not ok with ma fiance bt thru prayer smthing tells me everything is alright n soon we r getting married. I had a dream about my bridal shower after some days my friend also had adream about a bridal shower then another woman had a dream of my wedding. All i see is that God is telling me that i should not lose hope with current situation bt rather i should pray more. Elisha i promise am coming back on this post with a testimony of marriage i shall not rest untill the devil surrenders am a child of God bot by His precious blood. I will tell u all what the Lord has done for me on 17 December. Help me in prayers it shall come to pass in Jesus name.


Apollo Reply:

I like your faith Thandi, its surely gonna pass come December 17th.

Apollo (XVI)


27 anomonus 10.31.12 at 2:30 am

The 29th February this year I decided to call it quites in my old job as promotion has gone me by , increase has gone me by and everyone arround me was notisible even in church the same thing happend and I had enough I ventured on my own and a young lady called me near and asked me if I feel that at time I am runing in circles and the whatever I try to do just does not work out for me or that I give up prematurly .She handed me a copy of the prayer cookbook and as I did the midnight prayers the Lord transformed my life from being at a place of hoplessness to a place where I have experianced great happyness ,I was called back to my old job and in church I started to see a spiritual growth I have not seen since I started the Christian walk three years ago .I give God all the glory and may the Lord keep on strengthining Elisha and him ministry with aboundance as the ministry reaches out to even the most helpless ,I even recieved an increase in wage and am very greatful .


28 rose muteto 10.31.12 at 2:30 am

I thank Elisha and his ministry for this wonderful site which is teaching people how to pray and changing their lives.This the best site i have come across where prayers are answered there and then .They teach people how to pray according to the problem one has and God answers the prayers.May God richly bless you all in Jesus name.


29 gard william mbigo 10.31.12 at 2:38 am

2012 has been a wonderful year to me spiritually.
The almighty Lord has guided me in every aspect of my life.
In short the Lord has revealed to me the secrets of my life
and i hope will continue blessing me as long as i keep on
worshiping him with midnight fervently turgeted prayers
Glory be to the almight God.
Be blessed Elisha for this web site, in Jesus name.


30 ANGELLA 10.31.12 at 2:39 am

Thanks Elisha,
I have learned how to prayer and open my doors which were closed. I believe to have more testimonies by December 17. GOD bless u.


31 Janet Wapakwenda 10.31.12 at 2:39 am

Praise be to God because the Holy Spirit has been with me. There are sins I used commit like fornication, adultery but now I just have that feeling that my body is the temple of God and I dont have to do anything with it which is not of God. Right now I can say I am living a Holy Life. Praise the Lord. I have been delivered from this sin. I am a happy person.


32 Connie 10.31.12 at 2:39 am

How can l join the prayer Academy l am failing to log in using the instructions on this site, my computer is telling me that the security features does not allow me to log in. Plus l dont have an electronic card what other means can l use. plz help l want to join the November session.

Thank you Connie


Sis SK Reply:

Shalom Connie.
although i have never joined the academy due to financial constraints – i have seen people being asked to contact the ‘chat online’ on the right hand on your screen. they will give you directives on what to do.
May God come through for you and you get to access the academy.
Sis SK


33 SAUMU 10.31.12 at 2:41 am

You are truly God send.You are a blessing.God bless.


34 Rachel 10.31.12 at 2:41 am

This year has really surprised my friends, family and pastor and shocked my enemies. I was having trouble at work with regard to my contract. My boss told me many things like, “Look for another job.” “They will definately not renew your contract.” “They will renew it but not increase your salary.” Today i am here to declare that Jehovah works. He answered my long awaited desire 1 week to my birthday. He gave me my permanent job, with a salary i never dreamed of. He has given me peace in my heart. The respect being accorded to my by my bosses is unexplainable. They are too shocked because God used someone they never thought would deal with junior staff. I began this year happy because my contract was renewed and now before the end of 2012 i have a permanent job. What more can i say about Jehovah other than may His name be glorified in the heavens and in the earth. He knew us before we were formed in our mother’s wombs. Who else better to give us birthday presents.
Please join the prayer academy because the prayers there deal with things in our foundation not known to us. Once the foundation is sorted, doors begin to open. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do.

Be blessed,
Blog 24


35 PRECIOUS S. MANYANGE 10.31.12 at 2:47 am

hie Man of God

Today I want to say God Almighty has begun with my son Fortune Dube he dreamt a vision on rapture 2.00am and woke up and wrote 5pages all what he dreamt. May you continue to pray for him for the Will of God to be done once and for all, he is 28yrs old and doing nothing whatever he starts he doesn’t finish. He went to Bible College 2yrs never finished his last year. Started a course on marketing 2007 he never finished. Pray for my husband Richard Francis Manyange he is a Pastor but now he is more into business and very nasty in his language. Pray for my son Promise Dube in his 4th year Bible college finishing in December 2012 let God’s Will be done in him. I also need my late sister children whom I’m keeping to love God :Isabella, Mitchel and Gerald, Anold.

God bless. Once a widow for 12yrs since 1990, uterus taken out in 1998 and got married 2001 8th December , I need a mirraculous intervention of a fruit of the womb.



36 angeline 10.31.12 at 2:48 am

17 DEC 2012 i will giving more testimonies coz i will have just finished the november prayer academy so it wil be glory to glory fireworks al over me becoz our GOD is very good al the tym he saved me and my kids from a fatal accident early this year so i know he is able to do the unusual.


37 Dali 10.31.12 at 2:51 am

I give honor and praise to God for what he has done for me this yr. It was’nt easy.


38 PRECIOUS S. MANYANGE 10.31.12 at 2:53 am

Although I go through all this Roman 8vs 27 tells me that I’m not alone into this battle everyday I wake up midnight praying powerfully. So this website is an encourager to me and my friends.


39 luhida Grossmann 10.31.12 at 3:03 am

17 December will be my birth day ….and it will also be my day to say thank you to God for every little thing in my life…..for is love for me ….and for this prayre group….. i give you all the glory to God for my life ….
luhida Grossmann´s last [type] ..Where will you be on December 17?


40 monica w ernest 10.31.12 at 3:05 am

since i knew you i have been so blessed spiritually .Yes sometimes its hard to pray at the midnight hour. But i always tell Jesus to give me strength.As sister J said the prayers has made sin no more on sex desire that also happened to me . Iam so happy for i have worn the devils plans on me.


41 Annah 10.31.12 at 3:12 am


I thank the Lord our Heavenly King to have led me to this side, I have been delivered and you taught me how to tell the devil , right on his face, that THE LORD IS MY SHERPED AND I SHALL NOT FEAR… I now know his attacks and I am able to fight back with aggressive prayers, on the 17 December, I will continue praying and praising My LORD, and shame the devil until he loose his tail, I thank the LORD

South Africa


42 samu 10.31.12 at 3:14 am

I joined the prayer academny in 2010, having paid and received the ebooks and the hard copy of the Caleb Prayer. However my computer crashed and I couldnt continue for a while. I resumed the prayer in 2011 but also had challenges accessing the website. However I do continue receiving these bulletins from Elisha and they are an inspiration. My desire was to continue to another level but my registration seem to have been lost somewhere along the way due to these technical problems that I faced. I am aware it was the devil trying to disusade me but I am not giving up, never ever!


43 Pippa 10.31.12 at 3:15 am

As I take a look back 2011, I realise that God has really helped me to grow spiritually, I’ve prayed like I’ve never done before, (thank you Elisha), I’ve fasted like I’ve never did before ( did Ester fast for the first time) The Lord led me to a spirit filled Church, my health is restored, my relationships are restored and my peace and joy are restored to mention a few. I am still believing God for many more of his blessings before the year finally comes to an end. Thank you Jesus, we are nothing without you in our lives.


44 Gugu 10.31.12 at 3:23 am

Thank the Lord for everything he has done for me although it has been a rough year but there was peace ,unity with my husband before there was no peace we had lot of misunderstandings.


45 BWALYA SIMUMBA 10.31.12 at 3:24 am

Thank you Jesus.
I know there is nothing too hard for Jesus. Am working in a town 400km from my husband and children and i would like to be transferred near my family, please assist me with prayers.
I am encouraged the the testimonies.
To God be the glory


46 Apollo 10.31.12 at 3:27 am

I have been saying the midnight prayers since around mid-August 2012 (19 prayer points for a godly spouse and the 40 prayer points as well), i feel the Lord is in my life but the most straight forward miracle so far is that i do not play with myself anymore. I started this habit in 1992 (yes, 20 years) and had never spent more than two days without engaging in masturbation, it is now coming to two months without me indulging in this. There,s more testimonies coming from me but i thought i’d share this one first.
Thank you Elisha for your prayer points. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.
Apollo (XVI)


47 Tendai 10.31.12 at 3:30 am

All the glory be to the Almighty GOD our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. God bless brother Elisha and all his work he is doing. The devil was defeated long back and he will stay defeated by the blood of the Lamb. Amen


48 nicci 10.31.12 at 3:38 am

Our God is indeed Owesome,I believe he is a miracle working God.I have seen his goodness in many areas of my life am still trusting him for much more and i know he will soon grant me.Brothers n Sisters lets keep praying without ceasing he shall surely come thru for us in Jesus name.


49 Etieka Inyang 10.31.12 at 3:41 am

When is the next Prayer Academy starting.


Refilwe Reply:

Hi Etieka Inyang

On the 25th of each month there is a new or fresh prayer Academy starting, yours is just to buy the materials, i mean ebooks . May God bless you richly as you prepare yourself for the upcoming one.

Stay Blessed

Blog 24


50 jackline Emmah. 10.31.12 at 3:44 am

Testimony My Children pass main exam without attending class
Last year i prayed and asked God to see me through especially in the area of my children education and i need financial break through. Faith is risking. I was troubled on the side of school fees for my kids. I stood with the word of God which we were given by the end of the year and prayed and fasted for 14 days then God drop idea to me i wondered if it was God or just trying to think my own way but God gave me peace over it. it disturbed me but in a peaceful way. My children are twins a boy and a girl by then they were in class seven according to our system of education. I took a risk of faith One day i took my children to a certain park after church and disclose to them and discussed and they agree and were very happy. What God dropped in my mind was to enroll them to do main exam by skipping class eight. I went a had and enrolled them that day my son told me i love the way you think its like ten people in one. We did not tell their Dad since it was a step of Faith yet his is not saved and drunkard and also i never wanted him to go and discuss this project in the bar or discouraged us as he normally does. It remained secret until we succeeded . For your information not even their teachers knew about it since i enrolled them privately. I did not have money for tuition we could on buy test papers and whenever i get something small i could call for tuition. End of last the result came out successful they all pass. Early this year i took them to secondary school by faith which could suite them since they were twins but could not suite me financially. Then God gave me wisdom i bargained until am paying less but my children gets all the privileges. I thank God for that breakthrough. My hubby never knew anything about it he was shocked but later accepted it and very proud about it until he talk about it in the pub. Yes they went but they were under age 12years the funniest thing is that they adapted and very happy about it. Truly speaking God can make away where it seems to be no way especially if you persist in mid night prayer and persistence prayer. Right now i don’t have fee balance since God provided miraculously to the extend that am also going to college despite coming out of school like 15 years a go. Recently you sent to me a prayer point asking God to dry our ocean of debts for sure God has started drying up my ocean of debts in Jesus name.
Am Jacky from Nairobi Kenya


51 Abigail 10.31.12 at 3:56 am

Pastor Elisha

Glory be to God our Father for your powerful ministry which has turned around my life and family. For your untiring commitment, may He continue to bless you personally as well as in ministry. Your ministry has blessed me in so many ways over the years, miracles are now the norm in my household. Even when we’re in the valley, it’s like we’re just waiting for another miracle! And we thank God for the prayer coaching we receive from you.

In September 2012 I shared some of these marvelous testimonies with my young sister-in-law who was too polite to call me a liar to my face!! But I could see she found them too good to be true. Then she told me of the very sad state of affairs in her brand new marriage. Her spiritual life was almost cold and she was at a loss for what to do. I didn’t hesitate sharing with her what I have learnt about targeted prayer, spiritual warfare and guaranteed breakthroughs. I shared my confidence in God. And shared scriptures including Psalms 50 vs 15 “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me.” She embraced what I shared wholeheartedly, going into a partial fast and a Daniel fast because she’s breastfeeding. We instantly entered into aggressive spiritual battle for 21days using prayer points collected from your many communications and some of mine. Praying at the midnight hour (she used any time she could be alone). Our God is an awesome God. Every single thing we addressed in prayer, God sorted out. And others we didn’t address, we got as a bonus. As I write honey is flowing in that marriage and a certain young lady’s prayer life has been transformed. Thank you Lord Jesus!!


52 nicci 10.31.12 at 4:10 am

Thank you Elisha for teaching me how to pray.Always look forward to the midnight prayers since feb 2011 honestly speaking i have grown spiritually cos of spending every evening with my God.I love it when my friends tell me that ” Nicci no matter how tired u are u must be up at midnight”is that why God is showering you with New blessings everyday???And i keep pleading with them to try Elisha’s website n their lives will never be the same again.


53 Patrick John Manganyera Jimu 10.31.12 at 4:10 am

Thanks be to God for the gift of life given to each one of us without which we wouldn’t have learned the greatness of God through this website. I have learned a lot and am still learning. There are a lot of issues about the Almighty God which I was not aware of since I was born but through this website I have learned that the timing of our prayers is very important and that I must be focussed on what I need from God. I must read the Bible for me to know the secrets that are in it. Elisha, please continue, God has a purpose for your ministry.
P.Jimu Blantyre Malawi


54 Apollo 10.31.12 at 4:14 am

Is Elisha Goodman on Facebook?


elisha Reply:

The answer is NO.
God bless you


55 martina 10.31.12 at 4:21 am

Thank you Elisha for teaching us to pray. Through prayer we survived a serious accident with my family. The devil wanted to wipe us but because our God is faithful we are here to testify and shame the devil. Glory be to God!


56 Blessing 10.31.12 at 4:38 am

Halllelua!!! Please help me to praise the lord our god. I got introduced to Elisha Goodman’s website by at least 5 people, and did not look at it until the last one. Something was triggered in me when I visited . I started the midnight prayers and miracles started happening. I got married to a God fearing man, I Have been unemployed for 3 years, I met a woman in church who took me to her office and offered me a job. I worked for 10months, the next I get elevated to a new role paying 10 times more than I had getting. The job I do now is beyond my wildest dream, I keep pinching myself to see if it’s really me in this job. Thank you for the revelation Elisha. You are truly an angel of god!


57 Ademola Ajisola 10.31.12 at 4:43 am

Dear Elisha Goodman i mean Bestman,
Thankks for all that u have sennt to me. I am blessed and encouraged.
Please i missed the August edition of Prayer Academy, Can i still enrol to join the session? I am not happy because i dont want to be left out of December 17, 2012.
I have my money now for a total pack. What can i do now, ii dont want to just watch for the next Six months and feed on left over prayers.
Thank you.


58 Belinda 10.31.12 at 4:43 am

I want to Thank God for the gift of life and to praise him for the many miracles in my life in2012. The Holy Spirit let me to this site and l have been hooked since. Unfortunately i could not order the material due to financial constraints but i read the testimonies each morning and i am encouraged to trust God with my struggles. God has been great in July to August 2012, my father was diagnosed with a heart ailment, my sister and i prayed and to God’s Glory he has regained his health, now my mother has been diagnosed with glaucoma and we standing in prayer for her complete healing.
There are numerous miracles that i have experienced both in my work and family life and i am still expecting giant manifestations in my life before this year comes to a close.
God is Great indeed!


59 Gilbert 10.31.12 at 5:09 am

I know that indeed a prayerful person is a powerful person.
I have been blessed so much with the prayer points that we have on this site and blogs not to mention the flowing testimonies (from around the world) with their respective causing prayer points. Am trusting the LORD Jesus to make a list of what the He has done for me through Prayer this year. God bless you Goodman and all the Prayer Eagles out there.
We are destined to win lets keep plugged in Prayer to experince the God given victories while here, Amen.


60 Aggie 10.31.12 at 5:12 am

Just yesterday i was taking stock of what God has done for me. I came across this site in January 2012 since i had a bothersome dream and wanted to get the meaning instead i was directed to this website. Ever since i look forward to Elishas mails. Almighty God has been awesome to me. Actually am swimming on waves of Glory and sometimes i may be low and almost giving up but God visits me at that hour and from this i have learnt to trust him and give thanks and praise in all situations. Am praying that i manage to get into prayer academy soonest. I give God all the Glory…and whoever is almost giving up please just kneel down once more and trust God for that miracle.


61 Pilira 10.31.12 at 5:12 am

I believe in God’s miracles and come December 17th i’ll testify the goodness of the Lord. I strongly believe that by December 17, i’ll get the job i’ve just applied for and it will be a higher post than the one i’ve applied for. With many benefits and awesome package so that i’ll be able to pay for the prayer academy.
Come December 17, i believe my relationship with my fiance will be formalised and blessed in church! “BLOOD OF JESUS, WIPE AWAY ALL HANDWRITING OF HATRED AND REJECTION FROM MY LIFE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”
By December 17th, the business that i’ve just started will bring handsome returns.
By December 17, i’ll be healthy and ready to conceive a baby.
By December 17th, i will testify more than ever, i’ll be blessed abundantly! MY TESTIMONIES SHALL SURPRISE MY FRIENDS AND SHOCK MY ENEMIES! These shall remain permanent in me.


62 Tinahe 10.31.12 at 5:13 am

Hi Elisha can i have a link to the ebook entitled secrets of getting out of debt


jovial Reply:


Here is the link to tell you more about the ebook of getting out of debt and how you can acquire one.


For more information, just talk to the prayer advisors through the chat window above.

jovial (blog24)


63 Allan Ngari 10.31.12 at 5:17 am

I started with Easter prayer points 2010 April a week after it started. I got ugly dreams which changed to good ones. Then I prayed the program again n again until my dreams were clear Godly n wonderful. I proceeded to start a business n got big clientele. They were calling. My life was clean n I liked praying.
Along the way I missed the mark n began to pray wrongly n bad prayers. The consequences are terrible. I’ve gone back to basics n I’m praying for restoration. I believe God hears my prayers n is working.
I ask that you would remember me in your prayers. I’m in a Discipleship program at the church I attend and relearning the basics.
I pray that I’ll see the goodness of the Lord again n succeed in getting rooted in God again.
Thank you Elisha n the prayer eagles. I have a confidence that God can do it again because he’s done it before and the prayer points you gave me were really effective. God bless you all. Allan.


64 Matilda 10.31.12 at 5:22 am

I’m so encouraged by these testimonies, I thought my situation was hopeless since it has persevered but I know God is faithful and will surely intervene in my situation. I thank God for his countless blessings.
Sister M


65 lungile 10.31.12 at 5:24 am



66 Leslie 10.31.12 at 5:31 am

May the name of The Lord be glorified . Beginning of this year I was given the book “Dream code by someone and after reading it I wanted to know where it came from and that’s when I discovered this website. I must say it came at the right time in my life coz I was going out of my mind. I didn’t hasitet to subscribe and started the the prayers day and night. I want to tell you that I’m a changed person now . I’m very calm and happy. I used to pray once a day now I’m praying all the time . Midnight prayers are very easy to do now. Most of all I know how to pray now. This year only I have learnt a lot. Thank you Elisha may God bless you. A lot has happened to me this year only. Praise The Lord


67 Sis SK 10.31.12 at 5:38 am

Shalom Elisha and all the children of God!
Come 17 Dec, i am trusting God to have seen all that i am praying for. It is tough but most of all satan is liar – nowadays it has become a struggle waking up at midnite cause i tire so much and have become weak n sick now and then. Even with all that, i do wake up at midnite and have managed to fast once or twice a week again. i have challenges for my daughters college fees, low salary, no promotion for more than 21 years now at same coy, very minimal business income, my family members not accepting Jesus as their saviour, mum’s sickness, etc. and the list goes on and on. i know my mountain seems to so high but with God on my side i know i will overcome all. please pray with me so that i can see the face and hand of God move my mountain as i am trusting God that my testimonies shall surprise my friends and shock my enemies.
and then i do occasionally see God’s hand during the peak hours while in transit to and from the office – transport is tough, traffic jam with lots of people on the bus terminal but with me miracles happen and i get from destination a to b with no hassle.
He has done even other miracles that would take a lot of space writing them down.
i give God all the glory and praise for always being faithful, merciful and a provider to me and my loved ones. Amen. May God continue to bless you Elisha and this site,
Sis SK


68 Julia 10.31.12 at 5:49 am

God is doing wonders in my life, he makes the impossible possible. Praise be to God


69 rachael 10.31.12 at 6:03 am

this year began by being very tough for me at my work place. i was doing all i know and much more but my employer was constantly on my case. by June he had become too harse towards me, verbally abusive and constantly shouting at me. in July igave my resignation letter since i was very worn out by everything. i dreaded going to work and neither did i enjoy what i was doing. my resignation letter was not accepted and i was told to write another one if i was serious that that is what i wanted. this was two weeks after i had sent the first one. because of having alot to do, time went by before i wrote another letter and in the course of this time, i was informed that the company was looking into employing a secretary. previously, i was the secretary/messenger/ accounts assistant/teagirl/receptionist. i was doing everything. in september the secretary came in and i was moved to the accounts department.
i thank God so much for this because although am still praying for a well paying job, am now not on the way of my employer as before and so i have peace and can concentrate on my work. the company even plans to send me to accounting school next year. to God be the glory.


70 Amogelang 10.31.12 at 6:09 am

Glory be 2 God!!! i thank the Lord almighty for my life and the blessings…


71 chibuzor 10.31.12 at 6:10 am

Thank God for His Protection and Provision


72 barbara 10.31.12 at 6:10 am

Please pray for my health


73 barbara 10.31.12 at 6:12 am

I live in Cape Town South Africa…Please I am desperate…I need a touch from God and Please pray for my health


politemalope Reply:

receive your healing in the name of Jesus
prudence, south africa


74 Tabitha 10.31.12 at 6:16 am

God is faithfull and true….I thank You Lord for all you have done for me…my family, financial breakthrough, favour at work, school fees and all the great thing you will do. Thank you for the successful delivery of our baby, thank you for the finances. AMEN.


75 shago Harriet 10.31.12 at 6:19 am

Praise God,
i really thank God for all this far He has taken me. I joined this site and was not able to join Prayer Academy but i have been praying the prayers provided on this site. Surely God is a wonderful God. I was praying for a job for quite long, i prayed Dr. Jane’s prayers which enabled me get it. On November 1st am to start work at a new station which is quite paying increased salary from where i have been. I praise the Lord for making a way where there was no way for me. I was to be terminated on 1st November but God said NO.

Harriet, Kenya


76 brice 10.31.12 at 6:22 am

I am shooling while working and the Lord has delivered me all through this year, I can talk of my end of year EXAMS, they programmed it at the end of the year, and my working obligations couldn’t permit me to make it except I wanted to cause a great prejudice to the structure that could lead me to court and automatically loosing my Job, so, thinking of the urge amount of money I invested on studies, slipless nights and stress, I invoqued God, praying somme prayers from prayer cookbook, and scartering every unity, agreement, decision that was not favouring me by the blood of Jesus and fire of the H.G., quoting ESAIE 43V1-5, it was unbelievable, that for my sake God cause the posponement of an exam organised by a head univesity councel couvering many schools over the national terrictory, today I can testify and thank God for he did it for me, and will crown my whole year with mighty succes In Jesus’ name, Amen.


77 K. M - SA 10.31.12 at 6:30 am

thank you Elisha , for theprayer points and encouragement . My stubborn mountain is my finances , its not looking good at all . I have seen quite an improvement in my business .Prayer warriors pray with me for my finances . i must still pay for my daughters school fees , unisa fees – join me in prayer also for my love life which is non – existant


78 olympio 10.31.12 at 6:48 am

Wonderful Jesus how do i thank you for your countless blessing.I thank and praise you in advance for my one million us dollars Income and my dream home in JESUS”NAME!


79 Julie 10.31.12 at 6:49 am

When is the next prayer Academy and how much do i need to join



80 jasinta 10.31.12 at 6:54 am

Elisha my life is not the same since I was introduced to your website. My prayer life has grown and passion for holiness grown too. I have moved from lack and waant to abundance. My som got selected to study in the university. God is great. I do pray for you elisha regularly for de way God is using u to equip us in these end times when the devil is releasing his terrible demons. I was not sure of praying with prayer points and all these booklets. When I asked the Lord he told me we are living in most difficult times and that’s why he has raised people like you to help us pray better to be able to overcome the enemy. Nobody will stop me from using your prayer points cos I have a confirmation from de lord that it is His will for the body of Christ to live a victorious life.
Be blessed
Jasinta from Malawi


81 Olie 10.31.12 at 7:11 am

Thank you Elisha for this richly/spiritual site. We give glory to the Lord!!!!!!!!!!. My life has never been the same since I began receiving your mails and praying at midnight. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!. I always thirst and hunger for God, feel the presence of God and listen to the inner voice. This is a great change in my life, Alleluia!!!. My life is now controlled by the holy spirit . I am comfortable these days with the life challenges as I trust and have faith in Him, I always cast my problems unto HIM every time I encounter one (1 Peter 5:7) and he takes care of them. I believe that I now have the spiritual discernment gift because I always see or predict what others don’t see. I have had several revelations e.g myself/ family members having lived a life under bondage through witchcraft. I have also received financial breakthroughs.

Pray for me so that my marriage is restored (currently sour and under demonic attacks), get financial miracle, my son healed who is HIV positive and my daughters get married in church.

God bless you mightily.



82 Naomi 10.31.12 at 7:13 am

Dear Elisha,
Revelation 12:11

King James Version (KJV)

11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Praise the Lord!

I have been wanting to tell the whole world about my testimony for the past 2 weeks. I prayed your prayer in the marriage prayer points for finding Godly spouse and did the step 1 to step 10. There is a step where you say that strange things will happen, they did happen. You see the devil is a liar. I met someone whom i thought will be my husband to be but fell into sin by sleeping with him once and after several calls to him and him saying he will call back and not calling back, i decided to go on a 3 day fast to pray for a Godly husband.

I saw your prayer points and i thought to myself i should try. but when i saw the part for strange things will happen, the devil tried to scare me in not praying the prayer. I finally gathered courage and prayed the first day. on the the first day, when i got to that step, i start foaming and spitting whitish saliva. i could feel the struggle within my flesh. I completed and praised the Lord for helping me. The second day i prayed and the battle was stronger but the holy spirit helped me. on the third day, I prayed and also the holy spirit helped me to overcome the battle although my flesh was weak but my spirit was strong.

I want to thank you for enlightening us on the danger of having sex outside the marriage. I also learned the power of forgiving myself after asking for forgiveness for my sexual sins. Am now praying and waiting patiently for the holy spirit to bring my Godly husband to me. I have also decided to make my body a temple of the holy spirit by practising abstinence.

I want to finish part 2 and 3 of this prayer.

Is it possible to send me the other parts of the prayer.

I thank God for allowing him to use you to teach us on how to pray especially at the midnight hour.

Be blessed.


83 Nonhlanhla 10.31.12 at 7:19 am

I joined the prayer academy in 2009 and my life has never been the same ever since. I might not have material things to show off or any of the things i have prayed for manifesting but I am fully loaded spiritually , I am so rich with the Word and Wow i thank God everyday because my cloud is about to explode with breakthroughs. What a God we serve. I know on the 17th of December my list will be full of testimonies.


Mutsa Reply:

Amen Amen our God is good and faithful. He will never put us to shame. Glory and honour belongs to Him and Him alone


84 mis cha 10.31.12 at 7:39 am

since i started using this site my life changed. I got promoted at work, I have worked in the same company for 9yrs without promotion. praise God now there is a smile on my face. my husband was alcohol addict, now he is no more an addict, my family members has joined me at church and most have stopped drinking.


85 Rose 10.31.12 at 7:44 am

God is indeed wonderful….he has done great things in my life and he keeps on doing good things among which i also testify that i got a new job which i have to take in another country and i have already signed the offer letter.I simply cannot comprehend the way God has blessed me, the job is accompanied so my family will also be moved to the same city that i will be working, accommodation is offered, company car e.t.c.This is the nature of the God we serve who is referred to in Job 9 verse 10 that “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”I have experienced a lot of breakthroughs though before i used to miss opportunities by a whisker, I still believe God for more and I have boldly joined the prayer academy of 25 October knowing very well that the Lord who unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” (Ephesians 3:20). I know through this prayer academy my life will be transformed & never remain the same.Thank you brother Elisha Goodman for your coaching & for the great spiritual wisdom & revelation that God reveals unto you to touch & transform lives for ever.
I continue to pray and each time i always include this prayer point in my prayers:
“Miracles that will wipe out my past & present ridicule manifest by FIRE in the name of Jesus “


86 Noluthando 10.31.12 at 7:46 am

Dear pastor Elisha i had a dream 3 days ago that my husband was baptising me and my little girl ,in the river Jordan ,where Jesus was baptised ,please i want to know what it means ,please pastor Elisha


87 pascalina mwaba 10.31.12 at 7:53 am

Elisha, my prayer is that all the people around the world can be part of the prayer academy and get prayer points that can change their lives forever. i can say my testimonies shall surely shock my enemies and suprise my relatives and friends. i m yet to give a testimony in the near future becuase i know the lord will surely give me that which i long for and most desire in my life……i cant wait for the ced 17 because i am now living in my own house


88 Liz 10.31.12 at 7:57 am

17 December, I will be celebrating 7 years of marriage. I continue to pray for restoration in all areas of my life. Thank you Lord.


89 Phumuza 10.31.12 at 8:21 am

Hi Elisha

Thank you for spiritual blessing i have been receiving on this site. It has strengthened me since I joined. It has been a rough and tough times. I was stumbling in financial problems, now the burden is light for me, only small debts are left. May the Lord bless you more Elisha. I know how to pray now, I am not confused like before.



90 Alem B 10.31.12 at 8:30 am

GLORY BE TO GOD. I am blessed in many ways. God bless you Elsha Goodman.


91 Alem B 10.31.12 at 8:34 am

GLORY BE TO GOD. I am blessed in many ways. God bless you Brothern Elsha Goodman.


92 Cornelia 10.31.12 at 8:38 am

Dear Elisha,
I thank my God and you for this prayers. I pray them every day, and a lot of changes took already place in my spiritual life.
My Father and God showed me part of His dream for my life and I pray that this will be fulfilled before the end of 2012.
I like so much the day 17th.
God bless you so much.


93 Primrose Jekanyika 10.31.12 at 8:45 am

God is ever faithful and He neither sleeps no slumber. I am greatful for what he has done for me and my family this year. I would to thank God for the Michigan beans projects. Right now I am trusting God for an outstanding invoice since end of August to be paid for. As a family we have gone thru a lot but God has always been on our side. My husband’s health has been issue this year but I want to thank God for He was speaking in the most difficult situations. My husband could reach the point of death twice or thrice but God has always rescued him. I have now learnt that I should give thanks in everything whether negative or positive, this is helping me to overcome and God has given me amazing strength. I would like to thank Elisha for the powerful prayers on this website. I would like to thank God for the prayer points on getting out of debt, I will continue praying them since I am stretched on finances and still asking for God’s grace to fulfill my pledges.

I am doing my driver’s license and am facing difficulties and to me it’s confirmation that I will get my license this year.

Primrose Jekanyika and I am from Zimbabwe


94 regina m 10.31.12 at 8:57 am

l thank God for my life since 2010 lam out of employment but lam surving.Goodman coaching of praying is helpful .


95 maureen 10.31.12 at 9:11 am

i thank God for this website, i could not afford to join the Prayer academy yet, but with the grace of God i prayed on the prayer bullets that i received.. i went through a difficult year,it really was not easy, but our Lord lead me through. i received everything that i have ask for, this is my season, i am blessed. There are still some prayer requests , but my God is a miricle working God He can do anything for us, nothing is impossible for our God.
Thank you Lord for brother Elisha, who teach us how to pray and to receive, amen, may our Lors bless you ubandantly. you will here my whole testomony on or befor the 17 th of december, stay blessed.


96 C 10.31.12 at 9:14 am

Greetings Fam

I trust that you are well

Who would have the 101 Prayer points for Relationships of Elisha Goodman and have it emailed to me?

Please advise :-)


97 butao d 10.31.12 at 9:24 am

Am in zimbawe where can i get the books


vchinodya Reply:

Join the Prayer Academy to get the e books.


98 bimlaramesh 10.31.12 at 9:36 am

Praise the Lord,
I thank you for this powerful ministry may God bless you & your entire team.i am so blessed in many ways in my life is changed now, in my home there is a peaceful atmosphere, i can feel God’s presence in my life & also guidance of Holi Spirit about what is wrong & what is right for me . i am doing my midnight prayer of 40 prayer points regularly & this is my believe God will change every thing for me . i want to become a mother & i am going to take a treatment on nov. 21, 2012 , please pray for me, i am also praying for this. i am not feeling complete myself without my baby so please pray for me only God can make me complete only he is the great physician. i cant access your prayer books now but i am reading your every mail & prayer points & i blessed by every word from GOD which i received through your website .
God bless you.
with love,
bimlaramesh INDIA


99 Ndilimeke 10.31.12 at 10:09 am

I believe the 17th December will be a big day for me to give a testimony. Currently my employer does not want to give us salary increment for the year, narrow the salary gap between our supervisors and us. The issue is to be registered with the Labour Court and I believe it should be finalised before the end of the year 2012. It is long overdue and we have been fighting for over one and half year now. I believe by then, something will happen soon by the Grace of God Almighty and will give testimonies. Please pray for me on this. Please pray for my marital life too, it has ups and downs. Anyone with the revelation from God Almighty, please just go on for prayer. I believe I will give testimonies on that day. We overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimonies. Rev.12:11


100 Anatolia Chanya 10.31.12 at 10:12 am

Thanks Elisha for God using you to spread the good news and help us to be true christians. This year as I learned to pray at the midnight, God revealed the secrets of our family tree. It brought conversion in our family, and I got inspired to sing Gospel. My first Gospel cd is now out. I cant help to stop thanking God. I didnt even know that I can sing this well. All I did in life was sing in our local church. But after doing the fasting and prayer as directed by Elisha I started getting inspired to sing as I prayed the midnight prayers. To God be praise. God you are my everything, thank you for the miracle and making yourself so real in my life.


101 joyce 10.31.12 at 10:16 am

my beloved God has done wonders i cant count. thank you man of God keep it up


102 frank troina 10.31.12 at 10:25 am

i live in brooklyn new york superstorm sandy hit the northeast i prayed real hard that we would not suffer like so many people did.we were hit hit with over 100 mile an hour winds but my house never lost power and suffered no damage. other people lost everything and some lost there lives thank you lord.


103 uj 10.31.12 at 10:43 am

Goodafternoon pastor elisha and eagles,please I want to purchase your books and join the prayer academy. I have a master card but I notice that Nigeria is not listed . Please how can I purchase your books using my master card since I don’t have a dormiciliary dollar account. Please respond to my mail because it is my sincere desire to join the upcoming prayer academy. I have tried to chat with the live chat but no respond.. Please can any eagle from Nigeria tell me how he/she purchase the. Books. Please I need urgent reply,yours uj from Nigeria


104 winn 10.31.12 at 10:45 am

Glory be to God. I once wanted to give up but i persisted with prayer. For the first time since i graduated, i have been invited for an interview. The angels are rejoicing with me please join us. Thank you Jesus.


105 ISAAC KAMPONGE 10.31.12 at 10:53 am

May Jehovah God bless your days of your life for opening our heart to the word of God through prayers and testmonies.
isaac kamponge


106 Musenge 10.31.12 at 10:54 am

The year 2012 has been bitter-sweet.I pray to God that everything that I have been praying for will come to pass.In all this,my husband’s life was spared in a hijack because of what I have learnt from this site.Glory be to God.I know now that I should “seek ye first the kingdom of God” and all things will be added unto me.
Lord,I pray for strength and a break through in my life.
God bless Elisha and your team.


107 Natas 10.31.12 at 11:07 am

A Praise Report…
To God be the glory for making one of my big dreams come to pass and that is visiting Israel, the land of God, in September 2012 . What an amazing experience that has been, with lots of prayer and praise on the soil where our Great King Jesus was born and raised, execute His Ministry, died for our sins and resurrected to Victory in full Glory and Honour, untill He comes again soon…



108 Ann 10.31.12 at 12:02 pm

I have started a baking business and now have three songs recorded and being aired internationally. In two weeks I will be ordained as a deacon in my church. Thanks to Elisha for teaching me how to fire prayer bullets at the enemy. he has been sending out his attacks in all sorts of ways and, yes, it can be annoying and frustrating BUT, I refused to quit. I will not give up.


109 caro 10.31.12 at 12:42 pm

Praise God lm so encouraged by this testimonies.l believe l will give mine on december 17th.The problem is l have been working for the past 7 years but l have nothing to show for it.lm totally stagnant no career growth l have been thinking of pursuing masters next year and lm positive l will do it.My contract has never been renewed my gratuity never paid my boss has kept on postponding the issue but l trust God that l will be given before 17th Dec.l have been struggling with midnight prayers and l need God`s intervention.l want to be very serious in my walk with christ.l believe l will have a testimony by december thankyou


110 Avril 10.31.12 at 2:21 pm

Please pray for me I feel a lump in my breast and just do not know what to say


111 cynthia 10.31.12 at 4:02 pm

As i am writting to you Elisha my tears are rolling down my chicks, i need you man of God to help get over this, i and my husband had recently lost our jobs simply because some of our relatives were not happy about our achievements that we got through your site , we are being accussed of things that we dont even know, man of God i need your attention my life is miserable of which 2012 was a good year for me seeing the hand of God all along but it is ending in a bad way . Sister T. A


112 Wanda 10.31.12 at 4:10 pm

Praying for financial breakthrough and debt cancellation


113 susan 10.31.12 at 6:34 pm

Praise the Lord i thank God for the web site.I was introduced to this website by a friend and your prayer points.I am beliveing on God for finacial breakthrough i want to start up a businesss,leave home coz i still leave with my parents.More of God in my lifee please pray for me thank you and God bless


114 susan 10.31.12 at 6:43 pm

i want to start up a business and i need the start up capital and also would love to live on my own get a house and more of God before december 17th i would love to give my testimony i have never given a testimony and i would love God to put my enemies to shame


115 Ama 10.31.12 at 7:12 pm

I am encouraged by the testimonies of fellow believers on his website. However, it seems like when I pray about this one type of investment business for direction from God, I don’t receive any answer. All I get is one repetitive type of dream which leaves me confused. I know God has not abandoned me. I just want to know his mind concerning this particular matter and investment. I’m not even receiving a NO in my dreams so I can know he doesn’t agree. All I get is a repetitive type of dream. Please saints help me pray about this matter. I am beginning to feel frustrated. It is going on 3 yrs now


116 Salanieta 10.31.12 at 7:47 pm

This year has been fantastic for me and my family.God has surely blessed us abundantly and I praise God for that.


117 lucy 11.01.12 at 2:25 am

I really thank the Lord Jesus for what His done in my life life so far,i and sister are currently in the prayer academy .Just two days ago my sister found out that the husband had been cheating on her ,imagine he accidently saved his facebook password on my sisters phone . we praise the Lord because if it wasnt for the midnight prayers my sister would have not known. we are also trusting God that by december 17 will be also sharing our testimonies too. Today i dreamt that my boyfriend was telling his friend that he wants to start a family with me, how am trusting for a marriage proposal soon in the name of JESUS.We are also going into business with my sister starting today 1st nov.thankyou Lord for i have being trusting to open a business before the year ends ,and here it is .Bro thankyou so much for allowing God to use you.
sister lucy


118 charlotte 11.01.12 at 2:29 am

praise the Good Lord who sent me to this prayer website about three months ago ,i was a church going chritian who did not know how to pray ,but from the lessons i have learnt and the prayer points my life is much better ,i see things happening ,although am not in the prayer accademy ,i fast and do midnight prayers ,i have always desired to have a church wedding but my spouse was not in agreement ,i took it to the Lord in prayer ,i week ago he agreed ,but we still do have enough finances ,am praying for finances and believing God will provide ,i also pray he provides finances to join the prayer accademy .although i have a big load i do not worry i believe God is working a way ,be blessed , i see my season of glory begining to unfold .amen


119 Justina Mmeeme 11.01.12 at 2:30 am

This year has been a great year indeed for me and my family. I am grateful and thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for the lives of my children, relatives , friends, inlaws, work mates, business associates and leaders and all humanity. Thanks be to God. I again thank God for all the provisions of life for am a single parent but God provides everything for me. He is a Great Father. I thank God that my son got 2 scholarships for a masters degree in Engineering. He flew out of the country to India spent one month only to find out that he was awarded a scholarship in China which was a better alternative for him. The following month he flew back home and went to China. He is now there studying under the will of God the creator of Heaven and Earth. His studying is funded by Government through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen. More great things happened. My brother who is 60 years of age wed in Church this year. My sisters daughter introduced a husband this year. My brothers son introduced a wife this year. The Lord has been good to me. I have never stayed without a meal even if am a single mother. I believe God does it all. I pray that the prayer warriors continue praying with me to continue believing and having faith in my Lord. I know God is taking care up to the end. He is great.


120 MM 11.01.12 at 2:41 am

I was led to this website by the spirit of God and I have seen God showing His greatness in such an awesome way. I was not aware but I realise when my Pastor called me for a meeting . She told me that there is a reat growth and con
sistencynco in my life even i the midst of trials .
Then it came to me that the spirit of man will sustain him . Thanks for the prayer s that are still working wonders in my life and I believe more is still to come

Praise Jesus


121 Beryl Nyameyo 11.01.12 at 4:07 am

Dear Brethens,
I give God all glory and honour for the great things he has done in my Life.Earlier this year when we were crossing into 2012,during the overnight transition prayer,i had asked God to change the year 2012 for me and let it be the year of great testimonies in my life.I had prayed that i wanted to visit and travel alot this year.Somewhere in June ,an aunt called ou of the blues and asked me if i wanted to visit her in Europe.I said i would be delighted and so she sent me the inivitation letter.My colleagues at work and even my boss told me that being african(i live in Dubai),they were not going to give me the visa at first trial and also because i had recently opened a bank account which was not upto 3 months as per the requirements.Nevertheless,i gathered all the required documents and submitted my application.Two days later,i received a message that my passport had been processed and was being sent back to me via courier.I panicked and asked myself why after 2 days yet in the website they had written it would take 20-30 days..Nonetheless,when i received my passport,it HAD THE VISA on it.Schengen visa!!What unbelievable Joy.First time i tried,and i did not even go the embassy ,i had submited my application through the agent VFS.
I am giving this testimony to encourage other brethens to keep on trusting God faithfully for the things they desire God to do for them in their lives.I was giving up,it was september,n i thought God had forgetten.But he is a covenant keeping God.and His Time is the best.I am now back from Europe and there couldn’t have been a better time for me to travel.Everthing went smoothly.
I give God all the Glory and Honour.



122 Portia 11.01.12 at 4:23 am

Morning Saints,

We serve an awesome God, a Mighty God, an all powerful God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think. God has done great things for me this year. This year has been a tough year in terms of finances, but God has provided for all my needs, He has seen me through all the difficult situations that I went thorugh, and I know that my breakthru is on its way and I can feel the rain of blessing that is coming my way. I am believing God for Great things, signs, wonders and miracles. Financial freedom, debt cancellation and financial.

God has taken me to another level spiritually. My prayer life is filled with fire and I can see God use me in a mighty way. God is even using in my church to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God. I know God is taking me to place, I never thought I would reach. I was always a reserved person, who was shy to speak in public. But the Holy Spirit has given me a spirit of boldness, where I can stand in front of a congregation and testify about the Goodness of the Lord and share the Word with the people of God.

I am greatful to God for raising a vessel like you br Elisha to teach us how to pray and how to position ourselves to receive our blessings from God.

May the Almighty God richly bless you, increase you and enlarge your territory. May He grant all your Godly desires.

And to the saints across the world, the prayer eagles, the prayer warriors, the watchmen on the wall, that are interceding for God’s people. May the good Lord bless you richly and shower you will all His blessings. May He annoint your heads with oil. May He give you the grace to stand and to remain true to His will until the day of Jesus Christ.

I m eagerly awaiting December 17, rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain of blessings. I believe with all my heart that every prophetic word that has been said upon my life shall come to pass.

Be Blessed.
Portia (SA)


123 Jacinta 11.01.12 at 4:25 am

Its just wonderful. I give thanks to brother Elisha. His teachings, prayers points have been very helpful.
I thank God and give him all the glory for brother Elisha. I got a job this year in Feb after retrenchment 5 years ago. A full 5 year rest to search myself and drew closer to God. I did this from 2010 December and after 2011 I got my break through. Thanks be to God. The most annoying thing is the devil who wants to steal my joy. Instantly I got the job I went on praying the praising the Lord for his goodness. My spouse was good but now he has gone back to the old habit of ignoring his responsibilities and being care free. I am all the time struggling to meet deadlines of school fees arrears and other utilities. I have even stopped praying for him to pull himself together and be the head of the house. I was all the time praying for him and my older son who had become stubborn with good results. But my prayers have weakened a little bit. My son is good now but the dad( my spouse) has become something else. I need to go back to prayer and fasting like before and put my spouse top list priority as before to shame the devil. I feel that the Lord is directing me to end this year in prayers for my entire family. Pray with me to succeed here. God bless you Elisha and all prayer warriors. Amen.


124 hannah 11.01.12 at 4:53 am

i thank God since i came across the cookbook for busy people God has answered my two prayers for relationship and a business we wanted to keep for our daughter surely i have all the resoune to thank Him b blesssd man of God


125 Moeng 11.01.12 at 5:21 am

Glory be to God.

I would the Prayer warriors to pray for me as I am asking for financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus. I am experiencing difficulties and stagnaces in life becuase of financial bondage.



126 Yaih 11.01.12 at 5:26 am

This year is a year of Divine attestation in my family so i am really thanking God


127 Litia (Fiji) 11.01.12 at 5:43 am

I thank God for allowing me to be part of this website. Eventhough I am not a member of the Prayer Academy but I am thankful that brother Elisha has been a great source of blessing to me, my family and whoever God has allowed for me to share the good news to regardless of race, colour, religion. On the other hand, what I have witnessed that the more I pray, the more my problems multiply. And the more I get close to God through prayer, the more troubles the devil implements towards me by using my children and my students where I teach. But I thank the Lord through His Holy Spirit I was able to discern all tactics the devil wants to use (2Cor 2:15). The last time I shared my testimony was when my youngest son got sick and was sleeping for 4 days and 4 nights. The doctor said that she could not do anything further we just have to prepare for burial. I referred evrything to the God Almighty who created heaven and earth who has the key to life and death and I commanded the spirit of death to be roasted in Jesus name. In my prayer I said, “Lord, if it takes you 4 days and 4 nights to raise Lazarus from the dead, I praise your name coz this same ressurection power have healed my son in and thru the mighty power of your son Jesus Christ. After two weeks, the devil had been put to shame while everyone who knew about my son’s condition were shocked that the doctor who had thought that my son would die that very night passed away from heart attack. Now, the battle continues which I give all the honour and glory to be His and His alone. My other son is now sick. He is having headache. So we took him for CT Scan, results clear, eye clinic, OK. Last Tuesday we took him for dental check up, same, clear. I just told the devil; you will run out of sickness so just get lost in Jesus name.
I thank you bro. Elisha for this mid-prayer guide for it has changed the way I serve my Lord and at the same time I am not ashamed to share this good news to the people I meet everyday, especially the students that I teach. It has been a blessing to me, my family and my workplace.

Thank you and God Bless you abundantly.



128 Naomi 11.01.12 at 6:02 am

Dear Elisha,

Praise the Lord!

How do we purchase the ebooks and join the prayer academy since Kenya is not listed? Please could you include us so as we are able to make payment and join the prayer academy.

Kindly advise.


joyaya Reply:

Dear Ruby,

Please go to the online chat. They will assist on how to obtain the books from Kenya and payment too. Be blessed.


joyaya Reply:

Sorry I meant Naomi.


129 RUBY LAD 11.01.12 at 6:08 am

I thank and praise our Almighty God for always being besides me and helping me and answering my prayers.I thank the Lord for giving me such a good job with good bosses and peace in my family. I THANK GOD, FOR THIS MONTH I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BOOK A FLAT BY HIS GRACE WITH A INITIAL PAYMENT AND I KNOW HE WILL PROVIDE ME THE REMAINING AMOUNT ALSO. But there are two things i am praying for and I need your help bro.




130 nelly 11.01.12 at 6:10 am

I want to praise he has brought me this far. my life has never been the same since i knew this website.i have learnt to wait on God and hope in him regardless of what is not wroking in my life.


131 AZY 11.01.12 at 6:16 am



132 Theresah - Botswana 11.01.12 at 6:17 am

Our God is good. By December 17th i will be giving my testimonies because my God would have blessed me abundently. Thank you very much.


133 Portia 11.01.12 at 6:37 am

Can you please assist, I am trying to reset my password to access the Members 24 Hour Blog. I have sent a “forgot password” request but nothing is coming back. Can anybody please assist.

God bless;

Portia (SA)


Maria Reply:

Dear Portia
Please go to the online chat , tell them the date when you started the Prayer Academy And finished it , then the dates of your the lessons and the assigment in order to make things easier for them to set up your account afresh. I was in the same predicament. Then your USER NAME

Hope this is in order
Warm Regards,



134 Abigail 11.01.12 at 8:22 am

i am very happy and grateful for all the wonderful works you have being doing to build the spiritual lives of christian and showing them the way to everlasting glory and happiness not only in my live but in the lives of many. I pray that God will continue to Guide, protect and give you strength to do more greater and mighty things in the vine yard of the Lord.


135 Toria 11.01.12 at 8:31 am

I believe in God’s miracles and i know they are coming to me byDecember 17th and i’ll aslso testify the goodness of the Lord on this day. I believe that by December 17, milk and honey shall be restored in my marriage. Allt the handwriting of hatred and rejection will be wiped out from my life forever in Jesus name!!! i’ll have a peace, love, joy in my family, i’ll get a managerial job i’ve applied for and i”ll be getting more than double my salary and get a lot other benefits as well including a brand new car, and by January 2013, i should enroll in the prayer academy since i’ll hve the funds to do so. By December 17th, funds for me to finish my Masters degree will be available in Jesus name!!!!!
Come December 17, i will testify of so much more that God will have given me and my testimonies shall surprise my friend and shock my enemies, in Jesus name!!!!!! Everybody shall see that it is not my doing but myHeavenly Father’s work who delights in me and has great pleasure in my prosperity.


136 OLUSEYI OLUTIMILEHIN 11.01.12 at 8:45 am

Why discriminate against us in Nigeria.
Why is your drop down on 9-piece kit not applicable in Nigeria?
I am interested and want to have the kit.
Please help out.


137 Joy Strongface 11.01.12 at 9:30 am

Dear Elijah,
How do I enroll in the prayer academy. I am a Nigerian and live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. What are the procedures I will have to follow inorder to enroll right from here.

Thank God for all the wonderful things He is accomplishing in the lives of people thru your ministry. Remain bless.

Joy S


138 Liz 11.01.12 at 9:42 am

Hallo Servant of God Elisha,

I am very grateful for what the Lord has done for me. when read the question that you have asked “where will you be on December 17th?” Guess what my answer was? I will be at honey moon with my husband.i have said this boldly and with a big smile in my heart. Elisha i have been praying the prayers of a Godly spouse which you send me. The Lord has done it for me. I have been also praying in the midnight hour and things have just turned to be good. May we praise Him forever and ever because i have tasted and seen the Lord is good. God bless you Elisha servant of God who has faithfully followed God’s instructions to teach us.


139 Patience 11.01.12 at 10:25 am

Glory and honour to God because before the end of the year, my God has visited me also. I kept reading the endless testimonies on this website and the emails Elisha would send and every time I read them, I would confess that the age of miracles has not ceased yet, if God has done this for this person, He will certainly do it for me as well. Now God has given me a good job amidst a deep economic turmoil in our country. Many people kept saying these are tough times and its almost impossible to get a job but my response was always quoting the scripture to admit that indeed times are hard but the word of God never returns void unto him without accomplishing that which it was sent for. so I just want to thank God for all that he has done for me. I am really and truly greatful to God


140 magdaline 11.01.12 at 10:36 am


May the Lord bless you with long life, i must join the prayer academy one day, i must write my testimony on this website one day
God is faithful


141 magdaline 11.01.12 at 10:38 am

Dear Elisha,

I missed the last enrollment for the prayer eagles…
When is the next one!
God is good, i look forward to be your student in Jesus Name
Amen and Amen

Magdaline- Zambia


142 ELIZABETH 11.01.12 at 4:01 pm

My God is a living God who never slumbers and has indeed done great things in my life since i joined this site. I would like to make it happen for my enemies and friends to witness this by 17th December. I would like to join the next prayer academy and i’ m just curious how much this USD 107 could be in kenyan money so that i can organise myself before i get to Western union.


Blessed! Reply:

Hi Elizabeth,

I took my colleague to pay for the prayer academy last week and the total amount was 10,524.05Ksh via Western Union (Kshs 9724.50 plus Ksh 800 sending charges). Please make this investment it will change your life and the life of your loved ones!!. I don’t regret joining the prayer academy, my prayers will surprise my family and friends and shock my enemies!!


143 Tebogo 11.01.12 at 6:01 pm

come Decemba 17, my testimonies wil surprise my fam nd frnds, nd it wil shk my enemies. GLORY B TO GOD IN D HIGHEST


144 joy 11.01.12 at 9:51 pm

This is my season of restoration, thank you man of God. This is a new season in my life to God be the glory. My husband consume alcohol (beers) on week end. I prayed the midnight prayer and God has answered my prayer.
I successfully passes my recent exams. After being out of a classroom for 30 years. This indeed my results surprised my friends and shocked my enemies. Many thought I paid a personal tutor. Indeed, I seek God first…….. and all is added on to me.
I am now claiming my job in the name of Jesus. God already show me in a dream, the manager, a God fearing man, and my salary. To God be the Glory.
17 December would be a day of Thanks giving, 18 my wedding anniv . I know it would be a day of rejoicing. For my family is fully restored, I would be able to host a CHRISTMAS party for needed children in my neighbourhood. For nothing is too difficult for my God.
Thank you for answering my prayers God.


145 Glory 11.02.12 at 2:06 am

Thank yoyu Lord for loving us. We thank you for your Blessings and the Testimonies we hear from our brothers and sisters daily. Shower us with your Mirracles until there is no more sin on this Earth. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers in Jesus Name we ask Amen.


146 lumfuh 11.02.12 at 5:26 am

Allelluyahhhh the whole world will also see me giving testimony on this site.
My names are Lumfuh Abongnwi Ngwa a Cameroonian
was married in 2005 separated in 2008 now a single mother of a son 3yrs. finanly gave my life to christ in 2009 july was introduced to this site by the holyspirit in october 2010, when i was searching to feed my soul on the net the site just came up and i registered. This site has been a great blessing to me since then.i never knew i had to cross the year fasting i followed the program to cross to 2011. what a wonderfull experince it was. there was total asurance that 2011 was not going to be the same again after my 14days fast. Life started changing miserel/poverty was like not stable again dancing go for before for back. (this might help someone) ,in 2011 crossing to 2012 i had to go to the village b/4 Elisha,s program came out, in the vilage no light not to talk of internet. i didn,t want to miss the cross over so i printed the cross over of 2009 to 2010 program and used it step by step. that very 31st at 1:15 am power came upon me physically,my body trebled and hot stool ,since the topic was POWER SHIFT i confess it . i had a spiritual cleansing PRAISE THE LORD. eeeehhhh now here what the Lord has done. i have been stagnant at work for 12yrs now i applied for a scholarship with an international organisation since early last yrs it has been granted this year. will study Meteorology in kenya-Nairobi as from
January 7th 2013 for 2yrs. imagine my Parents will see the Airport 4the first time ,i will enter the plane for the first time, what a joy in my heart.
Elisha ur materials that u send in my box daily had been a blessing to me. i print everything that will help me, copy some in my USB key and forward it to my love ones
i am now single ,will finanly devorced by the end of this year and i am praying for a miracle marriage. the prayer for Godly spouse is what iam using now . God is faithfull he will do it at his own time and i promise to be faithfull to him so he will not fine any sin in me that will block him not to bless me.
i have never join the prayer academy but will do as i finish school.
i know it is my duety to bless the ministry with my seed. As i finish school come home as engeneer salary will increase i will plant in ur ministry b/c it is a fruitfull ground.
I prophesie words of Blessing to ur ministry.
May the Lord bless ur ministry in, finances, more healing, breaktros in area of marriage debts to those who are conected to tis site be cancealed, wining more souls for jesus in jesus name AMEN
May ur Family be Protected in all areas of life in jesus name
Elisha I love You and i pray may you life long to help more people
I thank God for the lifes of those who have stood firm and sacrifice all for the growth of this ministry. may the almigty GOD bless them.


Blessed! Reply:

Lumfuh! your testimony is amazing! praise the name of the Lord and welcome to Kenya!!


147 joyaya 11.02.12 at 8:31 am

Shalom to you All

I can hardly wait for December 17. Since I joined the academy and this website my spiritual life has changed. I feel excited at the prospect of December 17 and Prayers. Be blessed


148 Kmwansa 11.02.12 at 2:36 pm

Hello brethen, I want to thank Elisha and his team for the great works they are doing. Am now an overcomer in Christ Jesus because through the emails I’ve been receiving from the the man of God my physical life and spiritual life has changed drastically. Am able to work up at mid night even when I thought it was not possible, I able to hear God talking to me in my dreams and even when prophesy is made on my life it is just a confirmation of my dreams. I thank God for his grace on this site that I’ve been able to tapp into my life. Early last month I posted something that come Nov 21,2012 I will giving a testimony concerning my relationship and job, am not turning back on my words even if time seem to be runing out on me because the Lord God is merciful come Monday I will be attending a job interview for the first time since I graduated I can never thank God enough for his goodness and mercy on my life. May the grace on the Lord Jesus continue guiding and directing this site. To God be the glory!


149 Florence 11.02.12 at 4:40 pm

I want to say that the Lord is Good, and all the time for that is His nature. I want to thank the Lord for what he has done to me and my family. Particularly for enabling our son to reach P7 and next to sitting PLE. I have seen the hand of God providing every time there was the need for fees, food, house rent, health, protection and all. Our God deserves our worship and praise. I know He is faithful and will take us through all storms…of life. we shall overcome in the name of Jesus.


150 Daisy 11.03.12 at 1:51 am

For years I have been wanting to join the prayer academy and buy your e-books but i do not have a credit card. I am a single parent and is employed in a government agency giving compensation not even enough to pay for our basic needs. I badly needed your help Elisha. Actually I came to your website when i was totally lost because of the death of my husband and after knowing that my child has special needs but my means do not allow me to have your e books. Please give me prayer bullets that can help me financially.


151 Diajoh 11.03.12 at 8:55 pm

Thank the Lord for raising up Elisha for such a time as this. 1
Since i came to this website/ started praying at the midnight hour, my whole life has changed. Spiritually, i am much stronger. After a few months my business grew and as result i had to get two vehicles to conduct my business. Everything started nicely. Then suddenly persons stopped coming to my business for no apparent reason.My business is in the middle of two similar businesses. Sudddenly, customers prefer to shop at either side while i am there with little sales. I know that it is an attack on my finances and it has reached a point where i cannot pay my installments. Just last week my dealer has threathened to repossess my vehicles by Thursday if i do not come up with something substantial.But how can i do that when business has taken a sudden turn.Elisha, please help to believe God for a NOW miracle. I know that nothing is too difficult for Him. I want to be able to testify of His goodness to me on the 17th of December.


ginchat Reply:

Have you joined Prayer Academy? Do you tithe and give offerings? You mentioned since you came to this site and praying at midnight hours. You did not say, you’d join the prayer academy or what you have done to take your faith further.

To retain your blessings you must take a firm stand in further action. Increase your prayer power e.g join prayer academy, start to read your bible daily, tithe, give offering, and help the needy.

And see whether the Lord will not open the flood gates of heaven for you even beyond your business in according to His word in Malachi 3. Remember man must not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. (Matt: 4:4).n STOP THE THIEF TODAY, BY TAKING YOUR STEP OF FAITH FURTHER IN CHRIST JESUS.
You have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.


152 Bsheri 11.04.12 at 12:57 pm

Has anyone had any trouble downloading the lessons with watchdox?
Am still on the starter prayer because i have issues with watchdox.
And for those who are sending me emailing asking me to send them the e-books , kindly use the free materials on the site. they too work if practiced at the midnight hour.

Bro Elisha has warned anyone sending the e-books without his permission.

Anyone with any ideas??



153 Bsheri 11.05.12 at 4:49 am

What i meant is anyone with ideal on who to download the lesson with watchdox.

Dont want to be left behind with this class.

Sheri- Afganistan


154 Sis. SS 11.05.12 at 7:08 am

Dear Elisha, Praise be to Lord! After waiting for a long time today I was able to sent money to join next Prayer Academy. God removed all the barriers to join the academy. I don’t have words to thank God because Satan was not allowing me to succeed for last 12 years. He will make barrier for all my blessings. But now I started to read Bible with more spiritual blessings. Moreover, I am praying to get the gift of tongues through the spirit in Jesus name.
I lost my permanent job last year. After praying Jane’s prayer points, I got a very good temporary job but the contract finished on last Oct 14. I am waiting for their call to restore the job or a permanent job same like that. I am sure God will do a miracle and I could surprise my friends/relatives and shock my enemies in Jesus name.
Elisha & all prayer warriors, pls pray for me & my family.
Sis. SS´s last [type] ..Where will you be on December 17?


155 marilyn 11.06.12 at 3:49 am

praise the lord, brother elisha, may god bless you abundantly. My cousin sent me to your site and gave me a copy of your cookbook for busy people. This was in january this year.

My God!!! my life has never been the same again, i am in awe of our God. I am in amazed for the first time in seven years of being born again, i am now able to speak in tongues, i have the spirit of discernment amongst other gifts. I have had visions of Jesus annointing me with oil, of open heaven windows with pots of gold, outright conversations with the most high truly, amazing.
Also during this same time of confirm and commune with the lord, i have had fierce battles that have affected my marriage, finding out that my husband had been seeing another woman, then praying until she called to confess and he also, then ultimately forgiving, in my finances, of divine projects that stalled, did not kick off, of business partners who renege on their word at the last minute despite getting on course working almost 24hrs just to get them from an idea stage. Of sudden attacks of illness that cannot be explained… you name it i went through it.BUT through it all even when i was faltering and asking myself if this was truly my path, how i would manage, the lack of finances, HE made others provide for me all what i needed, not what i wanted. Learning to trust him completely, it was painful.. and i kept telling myself. Bro elisha said this would happen pray until something happens (PUSH), it was painful, lonely and heartbreaking people would not understand but i kept on. Now i can feel and sense that indeed he is directing me because i was asking myself before i got your email on the 25 daily prayers for closing the year. This is the last and hardest hit of the hammer. The walls will crumble, all opposition will flee. This is it. So i do believe that i am next in line for all the LORD has prophesied about me… in ALL the areas of my life, as the LORD has PROMISED that indeed He will come when we call on him, so i am doing my part, the rest is upto HIM.
So if you are out there please take brother elisha’s messages seriously, those are our instructions from the LORD. We shall always be victors, ALWAYS. Be blessed and take courage.


156 anonymous 11.06.12 at 5:54 am

Will be married in Jesus`s name.


157 Eunice 11.06.12 at 7:41 am

hallo. i started reading your mails in 2011 after a friend shared with me your bullets. I joined the prayer eagles through the mails i receive in my inbox. since then my prayer life has improved , though i get challenges sometime in waking up at midnight . In the course of the year 2012, we managed to buy a new car, completed our house and opened a new church. I attribute all these to the midnight prayers. Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets and for letting God use you to encourage many. Im trusting God for finances so as join the prayer academy. To all brethren prayer works. lets not grow weary of praying.


158 Bsheri 11.07.12 at 1:21 pm

To God be the glory.
I have been working some crazy hours for the last one week,kept asking God do i get to read my PDF files, i went explained to IT guy and and installed the adobe flasher player for me to read my lessons.
I now reading them, though i am 10 days late, i told myself better late than never.

With this bullets prayers i will not remain the same ever.
Each time i don’t feel like waking up i always see the strongman happy,that wakes me up so fast without thinking if i should wake up.

My testimonies with shock both my enemies, friends and family.

Sheri – Afghanistan.


159 marilyn 11.08.12 at 6:31 am

hi and praise God
i thank God who has still kept me and my family alive and well
for it has not been easy.
My hubby left me for another woman, i have no job been searching,however i have not yet got one please remember me in prayers plus sending me relevant prayers that suite my situations.
i have two children , of recent they have not been doing well in school and it bothers me. thankyou.


160 anomonus 11.08.12 at 6:38 am

The 29th February this year I decided to call it quites in my old job as promotion has gone me by , increase has gone me by and everyone arround me was notisible even in church the same thing happend and I had enough I ventured on my own and a young lady called me near and asked me if I feel that at time I am runing in circles and the whatever I try to do just does not work out for me or that I give up prematurly .She handed me a copy of the prayer cookbook and as I did the midnight prayers the Lord transformed my life from being at a place of hoplessness to a place where I have experianced great happyness ,I was called back to my old job and in church I started to see a spiritual growth I have not seen since I started the Christian walk three years ago .I give God all the glory and may the Lord keep on strengthining Elisha and him ministry with aboundance as the ministry reaches out to even the most helpless ,I even recieved an increase in wage and am very greatful .

Grateful to the Lord for my job, I am just a bit grieved that the promises made to me in the testimonies I gave above has somewhat changed as they promised to pay me more they now took back their promise and will be paying me less .I will also not be made permanent and will end contract end of January 2013 I know God opened this door for me please prayer for the doors to open to my finances .It seems that all which was promised to me was taken back or have been occupied by someone else .


febby70 Reply:

Hello anomous
Greetings you know with the E-books note that they mostly come as package of the PA and there is so much emphasis put to all those who join not to share the material with anyone outside close family circle it is just for husband and kids no relatives,it is not free for deep spiritual reasons…..so now that people share with you these materials and not considering the rules it scares me and reminds me of what will happen to those who do not become obedient to the rules of man of God’s instruction(Deuteronomy 28)
Stay blessed


161 Magdeline Tlhwaafalo 11.08.12 at 7:36 am

i would like to thank elisha goodman for his website. it has changed my life and so many secrets especially my marriage has been revealed but i thank God for been there for me in my difficulties. all i want to say is thank you so much. i still have this problem that is eating my marriage away everyday. since i become pregnant and even before my husband is ignoring me sometimes he does not speak to me. the other time i prayed to God to reveal the secret that my husband is hiding from me but something strange happen my husband’s cousin was shown to me in a dream having an affair with him. please help me with prayers to overcome this and be strong no matter what situation is.


162 Ademola Ajisola 11.08.12 at 8:38 am

Dear Elisha,
We appreciate all your good work and we pray God will continue to bless you.
Like the pple of Macedonia in Acts 16:9-10, we in Nigeria cannot order the kits that will make us to enrol in the prayer academy. I need to enrol in November 25 set. Nigeria is not listed in the payment online form.
What do we do?
Thank you,

Ademola Ajisola


163 Christina 11.10.12 at 3:26 pm

Dear elisha , i have finished my prayer academy during 2011 and GOD has done great things while i was using my office email address. The testimonies that are shared here on the website are real. I got my promotion after i registered for the prayer academy. I am grateful that my workplace has changed because of introducing morning prayers. Thank you and GOD bless you more and more.


164 rosemary nute 11.18.12 at 6:19 am

Jesus says that His Power Is Stronger when we’re weak… I was able to do the 3 days Ester fast because of His Mighty Power!! I thank The Lord for His Deliverance in my life and that of my family!!


165 esthersu 11.18.12 at 11:37 pm

Thank you Elisha for your machine gun prayer points guidance, I came across your site in 2005, 7years of persisting prayers and fasting, midnight prayers, visions of breakthrough, shifting to a new house with whole family staying togather, husband saved, children saved , this is year of completion, believing God to transform the rest of the family members to serve the LORD, thank you Jesus and I pray LORD you bless Elisha Goodman abundantly and richly, Amen


166 Bulie 11.19.12 at 5:05 am

I greet you all in the name of Jesus,i joined the prayer academy this year i have learn about this website this year April.God has done great things in my life ,he has restored my happiness,God has showed me no need to fear for tomorrow for he is in control.I have never had a shift this much in my spiritual life, it is true God reveals everything about our lives when we ask him.My testimonies have shocked my enemies and suprised my friends i have bought a house after i have join Elisha’s academy, now i know how to fight for my blessings,i know how to fight the spiritual battles when i tell people to waik up and pray at 12:00 they tell me everyone has a certain time of praying not specifically 12:00 am.OH OO God has done wonders in my world this year.

Especialy with my salvation God moved me from where i was to where i am now, i Glorifies his name he is worthy to be praised,He has removed the darkness in me and painted his stamp in my forehead,Be blessed people of God he is forever alive all those who are called as the children of God do not be tired your testimonies are on its way in Jesus name.

South Africa


167 Eunice 11.29.12 at 7:51 am

i joined the prayer academy in the month of 25 October 2012 and i was not able to open the material and print them. i wrote to Elisha concerning it on 26/10/12 but todate it is more than one month.Secondly, i sincerely wanted to join the singles marathon when i joined the the prayer academy and wrote it in the email on the 26/10/12 raising the issue to him but have never received any reply. Can anyone tell me what i should do. i was send the prayer bullets for 21 days but i wanted for the single marathon. please come to my aid anyone who can.


168 Eunice 11.29.12 at 8:14 am

After one has finished the 21 days marathon what next, i dont know what i should do next, i dont receive any other assignments. please help me.


169 mercy 12.03.12 at 11:43 pm

its been a really great year for me since i first visited your site just two months after my Pastor gave me link my life has been the same ,i have been praying more an for sure i believe i will share my testimony before the year ends ,IN JESUS NAME!


170 sue 12.04.12 at 1:42 am

shalom, I got to know your site thro a cousing who sent me some prayers, and had to search in the internet and this is how I got to your site.
Have been blessed with the material I have been receiving for quite sometime and everytime I get hold of the prayer I print and pray them effectively, and have seen miracle happening in my life and my family, all the glory to Almighty God, and thank you Elisha for allowing the Lord to use you and to reach to many with an open heart, and depopulating the devil kingdom, God bless you abundatly, hope to join the academy next. blessings.


171 Agnes 12.04.12 at 2:13 am

Hi Pray Eagles.
May I ask yous to pray for my visa to Israel.
I have submitted it on April 4, 2012 and am still waiting for my answer
from them.
I really want to there before January 2013.
Thanks again.



172 Jody 12.04.12 at 2:18 am

I pray that the Lord will be bless me with finacial freedom & answer my prayers
of owning my own business. I would like to testify to these prayers answered
before the year is out.


173 Paulle 12.04.12 at 8:47 am

on the 17th of December 2012, I will be giving a testimony that “God still answers prayers”. I am praying and fasting for a financial miracle and my date of receipt is the 17th of December 2012 so “To God Be TheGlory”


174 Prosee 12.04.12 at 10:07 am

Praise JESUS! I am greatful to God for you Elisha. God has done great things in my life since i found your site in 2009. I got married in 2011, I used to suffer from diseases that couldnot be described even by Doctors, but now God has deliverered me. Last year around this time i was hospitalised for amonth,was even in intensive care for two weeks and everyone thought i could live to this day! Yet here i am healthy and well! My husband had lost hope because he was going to lose his wife after 6months of marriage but thanks be to God imade it and am going to live and also be able to give birth to children in my marriage.


175 Kelebogile Lesunye 12.04.12 at 10:30 am

Im believing God for a miracle, my cup is filled to the brim and even overflowing with my blessings. I am going for my 2nd interview on thursday and i claim that Job in Jesus name.
God will set the table for me in the presence of my enemies. Even in the midst of troubles i will continue to praise HIM. It is well. Thank you Elisha for your daily emails..May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Kelebogile, south africa


176 thamilton 12.04.12 at 4:08 pm

The Lord is mighty and awesome in all His ways. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit this ministry has taught me how to reach out and take back all the enemy stole from me. Today, I rejoice because God is restoring unto me all the blessings that I lost in the past, my husband, my children, my career and most of all a relationship with Christ like none other. Praise the Lord!


177 mpho 12.05.12 at 9:33 pm

The Holy spirit lead me to your site. Thnk God using your prayer bullets at midnight God has resurect my dead relationship with my fiance.praise God for u.


178 Bertha 12.06.12 at 3:43 am

I have a strong feeling December 17 will bring good news to my family. My son who is in a relationship with a wonderful girl is coming home to tell us something. My husband and I suspect they have decided to take their relationship to the next level (get engaged!!). Please keep me in your prayers.


179 Bertha 12.06.12 at 3:47 am

Please undercover eagles join me to pray for a good tenant for my house which has failed to attract a good tenant. It is a beautiful finished double-story house, people come, look, like the house but they never come back! If you have a special prayer bullet please send it to me. Thank you and God bless!


180 vetornam 12.06.12 at 6:58 am

Dear Elisha,
I seem to be lost. I am in the present Academy, very active and really not giving up because the devil has showed me its ugly face from day one till now. i started having attacks when i started the preparation lesson before the 25 Nov. when the real academy lessons started. On one of such attacks, i just had to shout out for fellow eagles to join prayers with me and within 6 hours the problem was solved. Let thank our Mighty God!! Praise The Lord With Me!!!. Fellow Eagles, God is real and He is on our side! i have many testimonies to give and i know the testimonies will not stop pouring into my life for His name must be Praise and His Honour be Raised!!.
Thank you Brother Elisha. God bless and keep you for His children!


181 adjo - ghana 12.11.12 at 12:15 pm

I want to thank God for his mercies and faithfulness, come december,19,2012, My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years in marriage . We are using this medium to encourage all, we may not have had a smooth ride but we give thanks to God because in his own time HE makes everything beautiful.
we were introduced to this site 3years ago and have been receiving all prayer e-mails. We thank God for your (pastor Elisha)life and this wonderful mission of reaching people with the word of God.
God bless you all.


182 joy 12.12.12 at 4:54 am

I am trusting God that come that day, He would have confirmed to me about the wonderful man I met in July this year, whether He is to be my husband or not. I really need to hear the Lord regarding this issue.


Kelvin Reply:


You can then pray using prayer bullets for finding your godly spouse:

God bless you.


183 leemwangi 12.13.12 at 7:50 pm

I pray that that day the lord willl give me financial freedom and abusiness inthe mighty name of jesus.Amen.


184 bimoudu 12.14.12 at 10:31 am

i am trusting God that come that day,every seemingly difficult question in my life will be answered.i need divine direction on some issues bothering me.


185 Sweety 12.16.12 at 4:17 pm

Plz let me know about that Midnight prayers for today.

Thanks and God bless you


Mrs K Reply:

I want to thank God for all the wonderful things he has done in my life. When the Holy Spirit led me to this website my marriage was a mess it was only because of financial problems that we were still living in the same house. We had been to a Pastor several times who counselled and prayed for us but nothing seemed to change.I have to say at this point that even though i was a born again christian my prayer life was very poor. I used to read the bible and go to church on sunday but i didn’t really know how to pray.But as soon as i got hold of the free ebook PASSION PRAYER FOR CHRIST and started praying the cover prayer things started to change dramatically. I had so much peace in me i couldn’t believe it. My husband started to change too, all of a sudden we were talking to each other (compared to the shouting) this was great. I have now joined the prayer academy and God keeps doing wonderful things. I just want to give him all the glory. Thank you Elisha and everyone at Firesprings for the wonderful work that you do. May God richly bless you all.


186 susan 12.17.12 at 4:42 am

hi elisha,
could i please get a copy of the book passion prayer for christ?


Ivy Reply:

Hie Susan
The book is called Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ i just googled it on the internet and was able to download it.


187 amleteba 12.17.12 at 8:41 am

I thank God that i went the Fasting and is 6 day today. for Praye cookbook for busy people. i must admit that it was difficult at first. i think i took almost two weeks trying to do Esther’s Fast, i will do it even before i reach the half day i will be breaking it. but Praise God, thank Holy Spirit our Strengthen, He strengthens me the first day, come the second and the third then on the foruth day i did from 3.am to 6pm. yes when i pray i feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. when people around me they also testifies the presence of the Lord when i Pray. Glory be to the Lord our God the Father of our Father Jesus Christ the of Glory. my prayer level has received the Anointing in a powerful new way . i haven’t see the results but i believe my testmony will suprise my friends and shock my enemies

Brother Elisha God Bless you so much


188 finally 12.17.12 at 1:03 pm

Prayer eagles, I have several properties facing foreclosure and one house the tenants owe alot. I have a lot of judgements to collect from tenants who did not pay. please help me pray through . I recognize a generational situation regarding business failure and spirit of poverty and failing at the brink of my break through and the need for my helpers to appear. God bless you all for your spiritual support. I am praying for debt cancellation, stop foreclosure, find help and find good paying tenants. This is a test, I will overcome and give my testimony to the glory of the only true God which we serve.
I am happy that the blog is up and i am now able to access it. Bless you Elisha and all the prayer Eagles. Love in Christ.


189 MAM 12.18.12 at 12:11 am

Dear Elisha,
Praise be to the God we serve who said that His word will not return to him void but shall accomplish that which it’s send to do. Ever since I came across this website I have got an oversize appetit for the word of God and most of all I don’t want to be in church where the teaching is not roasted by fire first hand even do I love my pastor dearly off an on I will attend bible study…. but then I’m not very present with it for through this teacher I’m most on fire as I read and comprehent the difference with this methode and what I receive in church, even though I know you don’t avocate not attending church,however I feel my teaching here is more comprehensif and to the core of what bible application is all about. When I pray now the word same to take wings and all atmosphere shift into positive.
A couple of weeks ago I ask for prayers for a pastor friend well report is he is out of the hospital and into a rehab center and is coming along well he can talk again and singing praise to the Lord,to God be the glory great things He has done Amen again this prayer Academy has change my outlook on prayers.
I thank all who is praying for me about my business and financial situation for I know the God that I and we serve says I know the plan I have for you it’s good and it shall come to past.
What I have said ,that will I bring about what I have planned that I will do.
And now because of this web site I am urge to read and truly study the word of God, Elisha is sent to us all who seek and want redircetion in the word of God this is the page where we are led to by the Holy Spirit,Oh Elisha may the wilderness you have tread be forever bless for the souls are coming and no longer shall we feel hopless just because of you we are been sharpen for the kingdom of heaven Amen and Amen. Your accounts will never see red for generations to come The God who give in abundance is flowing His blessings toward you through out eternity I just love your work.


190 Keitumetse 12.18.12 at 2:45 am

hi bro Elisha
I thank God for your prayer program, 2012 began as just any other year,no breakthroughs,debt,no job and another miscarriage in July,but a miracle happen a friend send me your prayers, in august i got a 1 year contract job,then i started praying the 17 miracle prayer points, then i asked for a rise,remember im still on 3 month probation, i was then given a letter of a rise on 12.12.12,this will totally transform my life and family i will be able to pay all my debts by Feb 2013,then i will be able to join prayer academy.i praise the lord for his mercy and blessings.Please pray with me for the fruit of the womb,so far i have had 3 miscarriages and series of operations.I want this to stop…


Stephen Reply:


Check the comment posting in the link below.


191 christine 12.20.12 at 3:15 am

I thank God for this web site and how my prayers have been ignited by fire as a result. I feel that l am closer to God Almighty and l am sitting in high places with Jesus. I have come to understand that God will always keep his promises, he should not lie. His promis / words are yes and Amen. When you search for Him he will show Himself to you in all entirety. God is God all the time. i have faith that delay is not denial. He will answer all my prayers. I am thakful for the prayers from this website and l believe is from God.


192 Webster M 01.31.13 at 9:54 am

We serve a God of the impossible! We praise the Lord Almighty Jesus for answering our prayers. My sister has been out of employment in the UK with her family, attending job interviews which resulted in nothing. I sent her Dr Jane prayer points to get a job to use. At first she did not believe them, but I kept telling her to use them. While many are being retrenched, elisha, even the employers are baffled at how she landed such a job! Glory be God Almighty. elisha, thank you for the way the Lord is using you!


193 Chris 02.01.13 at 4:43 am

I thank God for the great things you are doing. I learnt about this site three days ago from Christian friends. The two – three years have been rough. My business just started going down, iam now in debts with multiple summon threats. Our son who is 3 years old could not be accepted at a creche because he is not talking yet. We took him to another creche thats were we met this couple who introduced us to your site. Today we have started fasting seeking divine intervention in all our problems. I cant buy the package for prayer now due to my low financial position. Three years ago i had close to 70 employees and could organise salaries even two months in advance but today i have three and have not paid them for three months. I have been documenting my dreams the past three months or so and when i read your report on 40 common dreams i was very surprised. What i though were good dreams were acually working against me, like the one of always dreaming about me in the past with my father who died 21 years ago. Please stand with me in prayer. My wife is trying to pay the 147usd for the package. We are starting midnite prayers today for 21 days. There alot of pointers in everything i am reading on your websites. I have been missing the main points. But now I know my spiritual eyes are opening. please HELP.


Chris Reply:

Glory be to God . Last nite we attended a meeting of a group praying together using firesprings guidance . We are on course. We have faith divine intervention has come our way. Great is HE who is in us than the one in the world.


194 caroline 02.01.13 at 11:25 am

hi elisha……
i was led by the spirit of the most high God to your site early 2011, have praying the prayer you send to me through news letter, and tell you what have allot of confessions to make, first i had backsliden a whole year 2010 but the moment i received ur first letter i started changing spiritually and physically……… first i heard Holy spirit whisper in my mind that i need to look for a church before i begin praying your prayer bullets.
and i went to the church and got saved again, my life changed dramatically my husband was seriously ill for like 5 months and got healed after my salvation,my lastborn was suffering allot from malaria now he has not gotten for like 2yrs,my business was not doing well but now i c God`s intervention……….
elisha we serve a great God now i want to come out of debts please send me the prayer points to use at the midnight hour. and my grandma is seriously suffering from stroke please send me the prayer points for her healing


Stephen Reply:


For finance related issue:
Pray the “The Millionaire’s Prayer” set from “Passion Prayer of Jesus The Christ” ebook, page 157-158.


–”I rise out of the dust of poverty by the power in the blood of Jesus”
– Let spiritual magnetic power that attracts and keeps wealth be installed in my finances in the name of Jesus.”
– “I release my finances from the influences, control and domination of household wickedness in the name of Jesus”
– “O Lord, let all satanic angels deflecting blessings away from me be completely paralyzed, in the name of Jesus”

Prayer bullets for healing:
1. O Great Physician by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare a total healing in my body and every damaged cell in my body.
2. Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, get out and enter no more.
3. I withdraw my blood from every satanic blood bank in Jesus name.

Prayer for healing:
Every pursuing power projecting itself into my dreams, be arrested, be cast into the consuming fire of God’s judgment in Jesus’ name.

Christian healing prayers for busy people:
You ancient serpent operating in my foundation, I command you to die and burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

God bless you.


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