CASE STUDY: From Single To Married In 6 Months

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“God sent me my spouse
and within 3 months,
our wedding took place.
I am now happily married”
But just a few months ago she was saying:

“I have heard it so many times.

What you just said. I’ve heard it so many times…
And I’ve always been told this…

But my question is:
When will a man propose marriage to me and stay to marry me?
When will I stop starting over and over again?

When will I stop being the victim and become a victor?
When will God allow me to get married?
When will this repeated cycle end?
Will I ever get married?
When will I ever get married?
When will the dashed hopes stop?”

When. When. Oh, when? 


Welcome back!

As I mentioned in my first post, even if someone has been rejected and humiliated so many times that they frankly feel marriage is not for them… there is another side to the story.

And this one is from God’s perspective.

What you are about to see is a short true life story of a sister who landed on this site 8 months ago. She had just gone through a brutal rejection from a fiancé who had promised heaven and earth.

And this was not the first time. The same cycle of promise-and-fail had been going on with her for so long.

But all that was about to change.

One eventful day she typed the words “breakthrough prayers’ into google and hit the search button.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Before I show you a tiny slice of the email conversation we had (as part of the coaching program) within an intense  period of 4 months…

… I just want to take the time to thank you for posting your comments, questions, thoughts and suggestions in the COMMENTS section.

As you can see, our prayer eagles (and myself) have been actively replying to as many posts as we can.

Please keep it coming …


Now to the Case Study
(It is a bit long, but the lessons are pure gold)



December 11, 2013 this email popped up in my inbox:

“Please help. My fiancé has suddenly abandoned me for 4 weeks. I have not seen him for 4 weeks.

We did our introduction ceremony in October, 11th 2013. 2 months ago. We are planning our wedding. Things were fine.

Then 4 weeks ago, we met as usual. Then a few days after our meeting,  he did not call. I called him and he was cold and distant to me on the phone. He said he was busy…

I am 42 years old and all my life, I have encountered the same problem with men. They always abandon me when its time to get married. They always walk away without turning back. They don’t ever come back. And immediately they leave me, they marry someone else. Even when there is no quarrel, they will just walk away and never call or come back.

I have suffered with many men when they had nothing, only to be jilted when everyone is expecting us to get married. Year after year, the same thing keeps happening over and over.

I have prayed, fasted, done everything.  It’s still happening. Some of the relationships even broke up inside the church while we were going for counselling in preparation for marriage. And the men always react the same way.

The love they felt suddenly turned to hate… please help!”

-       Sister X

= = = =======================


Immediately the Holy Spirit led me to send 2 replies:


elisha’s reply #1:


Dear Sister X,

Thank you for your email. I’m about to make some suggestions to you. But first please tell me how you found our website. Were you referred by a friend? Or you just stumbled on it?

elisha’s reply #2:


Dear Sister X, 

Thank you again for your email.

There is something that makes a huge difference when you pray.

That something is called FOUNDATION.

I’m not sure how you’ve been praying. 

A quick check reveals you have NEVER participated in our programs. 

In all likelihood you are praying AMISS.

And it is sad.

It appears you have been told that your enemies are outside whereas the enemy is already inside.And you are most likely fighting the wrong enemy (and have been doing so for decades).

Just 2 questions for you:

- Do you have sex outside marriage with these men you talk about?

- How are marriages in your family? Your parent’s marriage — did it go well?

And your siblings? Are they happily married?

Please respond. Then I will share a few things that can help you.

God bless you


= = ==============

Sister X reply #1:

“How did I know about your site? I was plagued with a load of problems from all directions. The doctors said I had cancer of the breast,  uterine fibroid, etc. I was receiving threats of being fired everyday by my boss in the office. My fiancé had abandoned me so I was wrecked emotionally, I was down financially and in debts,  etc.

So many things were happening at the same time while I was still fasting, praying and going to church. I prayed to God for direction to where my prayers can reach God. And God directed me to your site.

I just typed in ‘breakthrough prayers’ on Google and searched the internet. I got a lot of prayers points but I connected immediately with yours so I registered my name and email address for more prayers. 

The rest is history. I encountered even more problems while I was trying to register and I was even locked out and disconnected from my 2 mailboxes. So I could not read my mails from you or communicate with you.

But I did not give up. Because it meant that there was something good about to happen. I am glad I did not give up. In spite of all the frustrations. And Am glad the Holy Spirit directed me to you.”


Sister X reply #2:


Thanks for your response. I have not participated in your program because I am having problems with the payment method. I tried to register for your program but it was impossible.

Here are the answers to your questions…

[Details removed for reasons of confidentiality]


Sister X

= = = ===========================

elisha’s reply:

Dear Sister X, 

I have read your emails. 

My advice to you is this: 

Do NOT buy any of the books at this point.  

Do NOT join the programs until you read the 3 materials below (they are all free – nothing to pay): 

The first one tells you what the problem is. 

The second one tells you what to do. 

The third one tells you HOW TO do it. 

Take your time. 

Study these materials (with your Bible at your side). 

Study them as if you’re going to write a professional exam. 

After that please send me a 1-page summary (only one page) of what you have learnt. 

Specifically I want to hear what you learn about how to solve the problems you mentioned (from the materials you’ve read). 

If I see that you have done what I’ve advised diligently then I will allow you into the Prayer Academy and send you the materials without the need to make payment. 

But if I sense that you have not followed my instructions, then I will not be able to help you. 

Kindly let me know if this is clear. 

God bless you 


PS: By the way, your problems are solvable. God knows how to do this. But it all depends on YOU. 

To prove it, see the latest one I received just this morning from Malawi. It is from a prayer eagle lady named Doreen.

If God can do it for her, He can do it for you too.




“I am writing to you to glorify the Lord God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ. He has done it for me.  

He has given me a man after His own heart. I have been in a troubled relationship with a man who does not know the Lord for three years.  

Then he told me he does not want me anymore and I had to leave him in August 2011.  

Since then no man had ever proposed to me and I am 37 years old. I joined the free singles prayer marathon on 3rd November 2013 and I started praying midnight prayers the way Hannah (Elkanah’s wife) in 1 Samuel 1:9-10 in the Bible prayed.  

I finished on 23rd November believing that God has heard me and that I have received my God given husband.  

Pastor Elisha, on 4th December while shopping I met a former friend, a youth pastor whom we used to fellowship together at church way back in 2008.  

We haven’t been in touch for so long so we chatted and exchanged contacts. A day later He called saying he wanted to come to see me at my parent’s home.  

He proposed to me and today I can tell you I am humbled to have a man who has reverence and love for God as a lover and friend.  

He has introduced me to his family at church and at home I will update you on our wedding plans soon. 

Thank you pastor Elisha Goodman for being obedient to the Lord’s call on your life.  

You have helped me and many more others. These prayers really work!” 

- Doreen K, Malawi.



Sister X replies:


“From the materials I read, in the first lesson, what I have identified is that, the problems I face are foundational and spiritual transfers through the bloodline of my ancestors from generation to generation. This transfers were done through the gates of idolatry, bloodshed, sexual immorality, and leaking blessings Ex 20:2-5 , Ps 78:56-64.

In the 2nd lesson, after identifying the problems, I need to seek and get the undivided attention and compassion of heaven, of the Lord. Because when I get the Lord’s compassion, he will favour me, deliver me from the hands of the wicked. He will break the backbone of generational oppression and spiritual captivity,  He will release judgment on the troublers of my Israel.  He will put the camp of the enemy in total disarray. I can achieve all this through a 3days
3nights fast that was carried out by Esther Esth 4:15-16, Jonah in jonah 1:17, 2; 1-2 , Saul in Acts 9:8-12, and by midnight prayers. Like David in ps 119:62, Paul and Silas in Acts 16 :25-26.

In lesson 3. I learnt that I will apply the 7 principles of the passion prayer of Jesus Christ. I will position my prayer for answers by praying within the will of God. I will launch escape prayers. This a violent, aggressive, fervent, non stop marathon prayer until victory comes.I will swing for all the spiritual gates to open in my favour. I will intervene btw heaven and earth and command the stars and the elements to fight for me and take back my stolen blessings. I will
fire rapidly and keep praying until I get results.  I will sweat it then release the power of agreement prayer. Through these methods, that problem is in trouble. 


elisha’s reply:

Wonderful. I will send you the registration materials in the next few days… 


[3 Months Later...] 

Sister X writes (in tears):


Dear Elisha, 
I am so heartbroken that, I couldn’t even pray my day 1, lesson 4 prayers last night.  I cried throughout the night.

Just when I had picked up the pieces of my life after an unexpected and abrupt breakup with my fiancé in November 2013, (the breakup occurred one month after our engagement, after meeting both our families to fix the date for our wedding) He came to my house and I thought God brought him back to reconcile. But he still does not want us back together.  And we had the biggest shouting, fighting row I’ve ever had with a man, complete with name calling and cursing on both sides. He even threatened to beat me up, when I asked him to leave and never come back.

He is not sorry for his actions. Not sorry he abandoned me just after our engagement after all I did for him. I went through the pain all over again. It was even more painful this time because I thought God had heard my prayers after all the Esther fasts and brought him back for reconciliation.

So I was devastated when the opposite happened, and he returned my house key and my pictures. And then, the fight. I am so devastated.  It has taken the fight out of me. All I do is cry when I stand to pray. I can’t pray now Elisha. The pain is so much. He came back after 3 months, to fight me.

Is it God’s will that I should remain unmarried at 43 years, While my nieces are getting married?  Is it God’s will that I keep getting heartbroken by the ones I have helped? It is not God’s will.


elisha’s reply:


Dear Sister X,

It is because you have been trying to do it yourself. Let go and allow God, for it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy (Rom 9:16). It is better it happened now than for you to enter and be divorced. 

Keep on praying and remain open and trust the Lord to remain faithful and show you His mercy. God bless you. 


Sister X fires back:

But Elisha,
I have heard it so many times. What you just said. I’ve heard it so many times, because suitors have been coming.  And they have been going. They always leave and never come back. They always go when I think the relationship is at its best. When I’m comfortable and happy that things are okay, they leave without warning, without provocation. They just stop coming and walk away. And never come back.

And I’ve always been told:    
‘its better he leave now than later’
‘he was not yours’ 
 ‘your own will come’
‘God will bring another man to you’
 “Keep praying’ look unto God.

I keep starting over and over again!!

My question is: when will a man propose marriage to me and stay to marry me? When will I stop starting over and over again? When will I stop being the victim and become a victor?  When will God allow me to get married?  When will this repeated cycle end? Will I ever get married? When will I ever get married? When will the dashed hopes stop?

Why has God not answered me for 43 years of the same almost-married but never-married problem? Ex 14:14 says, the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. Why is he not fighting for me? 


elisha’s reply:

Dear Sister X, 

Do you go to God to approve your choice? You will be burnt if He allows you, but He loves you and will remain faithful. Try it differently for once. Now go back to the prayers and get back to me with the results.




Sister X replies


It’s day 5 of the marathon. I was doing my prayer last night. The spirit led me to start the prayer from the last point instead of from the beginning.  So when I prayed this prayer point that says, ‘Every agent of the queen of heaven in my life, be exposed and disgraced by fire.’

And the one that says, ‘Every avenue through which the queen of heaven was gaining access into my life, be closed for ever.’

Immediately, I started feeling nauseous. So I rushed to the bathroom and vomited brownish things. There is no food in my stomach because of I am doing the Esther fast. So I kept vomiting the evil deposit. I was very weak when I was through and wondered how I will continue the prayer because I had just started praying. But I was determined to finish it, so I went back, sat down because I couldn’t stand again and started firing the ballets.

Again, when I got to bullet #88,  ‘Poisons circulating in my body, be arrested and be vaporized by fire in the name of Jesus.’

And bullet #89:
‘I speak to the water in my body, refuse to cooperate with the poison and arrows of the enemy, in the name of Jesus.’

Immediately I prayed this bullet, the urge to vomit came again. I rushed out to vomit. And this time it was very thick, dark, coffee brown thing that I vomited.  By the time I was through, my throat felt as if a giant tree had been dragged out of it. The pain was severe and I could not swallow, but I made sure I finished my prayer.

And by 5am in the morning, I had a dream where I escaped all the attacks. The animal that chased me could not catch me, the high wall I was standing on came down. I jumped off it and got home. the car I was driving, I drove it to a destination, which was my home and the car that had somersaulted to come and hit my car,  my car jumped over it. 

I thank God for victory and thank God I had completed my prayers. In my past dreams, I used to be driven by unknown persons to unknown destinations. I used to wonder and search for a way home and never found my way till I wake up. I used to be attacked by animals.

I will carry on till I take back all my stolen blessings and possessions in Jesus name.


Sister X continues (1 month later) 


Dear Elisha,

God bless you Elisha and continue to bless you. I joined the singles programme and the February 2014 just-concluded Prayer Academy.   After the Prayer Academy,  God worked marvelously in my life. I was promoted in my office. After 2 years of stagnation and no financial upliftment.  My salary was increased.

I was also sponsored by my boss to attend a one week conference and represent my office. This has never happened in my hospital where I work. No staff has ever been sponsored to attend any program nor represent the hospital.  This was a first. And it happened to me. I give God all the glory. I have been going from glory to glory.

Then the biggest testimony: I got a marriage proposal and needed to pray about it. And Elisha, the anointed man of God sent me an email about the Golden Journey prayers – the eleven-day prayer. And the 24-hour blog.

I was very happy so I dived into the prayer with enthusiasm.

Today is day 3 of the Esther Fast and I am as strong as someone that eats all the time. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to feed me and strengthen me. And that is exactly what happened.  I work 15 hours a day and come home strong. The Lord is good. I am forging on Elisha.

I believe that I shall have great testimonies before and after the 11-day prayer in Jesus name. And my wedding shall be fixed and shall take place without a hitch in Jesus name.

May the lord send his warring angels to search the land of the living and the dead, on a search and destroy mission and destroy every power or personality that is fighting Firesprings ministry in Jesus name. Amen.

Eagle Sister X 



elisha’s reply:

Wonderful. Please intensify your prayers. Invite your spouse-to-be to join you… (in a prayer of agreement)



Sister X replies (2 months later)


Pra-a-a-a-a-i-s-e the Lord.

My traditional wedding took place on 22nd July 2014. And my solemnization of holy matrimony, in other words, church wedding took place on 26th July 2014. To the glory of God and to the shame of the devil.

I am the sister who wrote to you last year December when my former fiancé jilted me. I took part in the February 2014 Prayer Academy, singles program, and the 11-day program.

And God sent me my spouse and within 3 months, our wedding took place. I am now happily married. Praise the Lord.

Please Elisha, post this testimony so that others will be encouraged.

They should be encouraged that, it was not an easy journey but with persistent prayers, fasting and belief in God He makes things beautiful in his time.

May God bless you Elisha for your encouragement and support. May God bless Firesprings Ministries.

Sister X




Praise the LORD.

All glory goes to Him and Him alone.

I will readily admit that this was a rather difficult case (most cases may  not be this hard at all) …

Since she asked me to share this testimony, I decided to post a brief snapshot of the email conversation we had as part of the coaching program.

She came in desperate, divinely dissatisfied with her condition, but fully determined to do what it takes (biblically) to possess her possession.

6 months of prayer immersion
– that’s all it took to change her story.


But notice:

It was NOT a walk in the park.

Good news is …  she had help and guidance all the way (that’s what this website uniquely offers)… something that you will probably NOT find elsewhere (more about this in the next post).

Now did you notice the small test I gave her at the very beginning? It is the eagle’s test.

Most people who say they want to get married to their godly spouse would have flunked that simple test.

She didn’t… and that’s the reason the Holy Spirit helped her through this program.

I’m afraid we cannot cover more than a brief snapshot in this session – because of the limitation of this medium.

But in the lessons and prayer coaching that Sister X talked about, we explain things in great detail.

And the prayers are out-of-this-world, because quite frankly, they’re heaven-manufactured, packaged and delivered for the benefit of those who will humble themselves enough to invest time and resources in completing these programs.

To succeed in our programs you need what I call the 3 D’s.

Sister X had all three (you can see that from our email conversation if you read between the lines).

 Now back to you…


If the LORD can do it for Sister X, He can do it for you too.

If you follow our conversation above (and the 3 pdf documents I sent to her), you will learn invaluable lessons… that you can apply immediately to your situation or that of someone you know.

The reason I pulled this one testimony (there are thousands of exciting true-life reports) from the archives for you today is this..

I wanted you to have something that you can use right now … something that would have a profound impact not just on your relationship but in other areas as well.

You need something to activate your faith so you can believe God for your testimony too.

As a matter of fact, thousands have used what I shared with her freely on the 3 links above not just to find their godly spouse, but also  …

  • for rapid career advancement (some have gotten brand new jobs).
  • to break free from living from paycheck to paycheck
  • Even to fast-track travel documents such as immigration papers
  • to put an end to financial embarrassment.
  • To claim supernatural healing from terminal diseases (even so-called incurable diseases).
  • To get out debt quickly.
  • And much, much more

You can do so much MORE with these prayer bullets.

[The Prayer Fingerprint has PROOF of this - more about this later].

You should never believe those who say marriage is not for them … or that nobody is proposing marriage … or that they are too old… or do not know God’s will for them in marriage.

Sister X just got married at 43 years of age. Yet there are 20-year-old beauties writing to me daily complaining that they’re not able to find their godly spouse.

Proving once again that you can still get married to your God-ordained spouse …

·         No Matter How You Look… 

·         Or How Old You Are…  

·         Or How Much You Weigh

Once you get comfortable with the simple prayer sequence that I’ve been given to share, sooner rather than later, you may end up saying like Sister X here:

“God sent me my spouse
and within 3 months,
our wedding took place.
I am now happily married”
- Sister X 

YES, the LORD gave me the mandate to do this.

He promised to stand behind every program on our websites… to confirm them with signs and wonders.

Today, thousands can now testify that the HE still answers the prayers of His people.

If He could answer Sister X within 6 months of starting the program, why NOT you?

Think about it…


A Special Gift Is
Waiting For You Here


Thank you again for your comments, questions, testimonies, etc.

I have a special gift for you today (I’m in a giving mode).

It is a small but unusual gift that I want to mail to you (physically through the mail).

And what do you have to do to get this gift?

Please listen carefully:

All you need to do to get this gift is this:

#1: Answer the question: What is the eagles’ test?

(Hint: You can find the answer at the beginning of my email conversation with Sister X above).

#2:  If you have already signed up for the Singles Program, please go to the Group Chat section
inside the All-New Singles Forum … AND TYPE IN YOUR ANSWER  …


The Group Chat allows hundreds of eagles to chat at the same time. But you can chat privately with anyone without others seeing the conversation. If you get the answer right, I will personally send you a private chat ao we can arrange to ship this mysterious little gift to you.

Prep prayers already in progress.

If you have not yet signed up, you can do so by clicking here and HERE right away.

Be An Overcomer


PS: There is one thing that can crash any relationship midway.

Including marriages. Ministries. etc.

It is chief culprit behind most bankruptcies in the US and elsewhere
(Hint: you might even be a victim of this without knowing it).

Most believers praying for their godly spouse tend to overlook it … at their own peril.

But we make sure NOT to neglect this all-important matter in our prayer programs.

I mean … we address it directly. With spectacular results. Praise God.

In the Singles Forum, I share with you keys to overcoming this thorny problem.
This one applies both to the married and unmarried.

Everyone needs to pay attention to the next post. It is that important… and relevant.

Watch out for the email alert coming in a few days…







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