I Have A Confession To Make

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It can sometimes seem unreal …

… after all the prayers, fasting, prophetic actions and all.

The long, lonely nights when heaven appears silent.

Then all of a sudden … the manifestation.

Powerful. Sometimes dramatic. And always welcome.

It’s like stepping into another planet.

Prayer Advisor says:

“elisha, she’s asked to share her
wedding pictures with you.
She was on Singles, Spousewell
and Prayer Academy.
Got married 5 months ago.
raise God for her.”

 These blissful steps
may be yours… soon!

Church blessings first…


Welcome back!

I am e-x-c-i-t-e-d.

When I look at the COMMENTS section with all your posts, questions, thoughts, praise reports…

I want to specially thank you all for taking the time to share … without knowing it you are helping to encourage other believers who read this blog everyday for their spiritual nourishment.

You are proving without the shadow of a doubt that your faith and belief in this Sovereign God who answers prayers is unshakable.

Unwavering. Non-negotiable.

After a shocking breakthrough in this area of marriage, many couples actually write to me months after their wedding saying it feels like they’re walking on water (like Apostle Peter) …

Because the weeks and months of prayers had addressed so many hidden things they were not even aware of… things like their physical health, their careers, family relationships, and even their finances!

Talking about finances…

I Have A Confession To Make


All our prayer programs are secretly seeded with hidden prosperity triggers.

Remember the sister in the last Case Study who received a sudden promotion (before her wedding) after years of stagnation?

Prosperity triggers!

Hidden inside the prayer sequence you receive.

Here’s an example prosperity-releasing prayer:

Blood of Jesus, speak prosperity, promotion and protection
into my life and family in Jesus name.

The more you fire this kind of prayer bullet, the more prosperous you become.

There is a reason I’m sharing this.

Because the #1 cause of relationship breakup is: satanically-inspired financial hardship.

I said satanically-inspired because the devil has a way of using his covert agents (even in the churches) to swallow the finances of God’s people.


The One Thing That Can Crash Any Relationship
(Happens All The Time)

These 2 emails came into my inbox in the last 48 hours.

Email #1

“I am preparing for my wedding soon. However amidst all this my fiancee is facing serious financial challenges that he almost contemplates putting off the wedding.” – BK

= = =

Email #2

“I have been using the prayer bullets you have been sending to my email and I am getting results.

I also joined the singles prayer marathon this year, and God heard my prayers. We had a wonderful and glorious traditional wedding ceremony on 30th August 2014.

And we fixed our church wedding ceremony on 1st November 2014. But as I talk per now we are remaining within few days to our wedding ceremony, but we are struggling financially.

So many items are not covered. My fiance is talking of extending or postponing the wedding ceremony but it is not my idea.

Help me. How can I pray to see that the wedding takes place without struggling and getting into debts?” – DR

 = = =


One manifestation of this disease can happen immediately someone proposes marriage.

  • Suddenly finances dry up.
  • One or both of them get fired from their jobs.
  • The boss becomes cold and distant.
  • Some get demoted or relegated to the sidelines in disgrace.

I know this firsthand… because it happened to me!

Many many years ago.

The enemy stole everything I had worked for. I had to start over from scratch!

But from that horrible experience…

…  the LORD has armed me to the teeth with the bullets to release financial prosperity for his people.

Take a look at the praise reports on our websites. You may notice a disproportionate amount of financial breakthrough and debt cancellation testimonies day in, day out.

This Is No Coincidence …


As a bonus for participating in our prayer marathons, YOU too stand to recover all your finances that have been swallowed.

And this can strike in surprising ways.

Recently I received an unusual email from a sister, physician by profession, who insisted on sending us her tithes and offerings.

Most of you reading this know that we do NOT solicit for gifts, donations, or tithes & offerings.

Unlike every other ministry you know of.

When she sent the email a few more times I then replied asking her why she wanted to send us an offering… when we have not asked for anything.

Her reply was telling. She was kind enough to request that I share it with you … without disclosing her identity.

So here goes:

*** Dramatic Salary Surge – 4x   ***

Dear elisha,  

I have enclosed the receipt of my donation to your ministry (XXX USD) as well as my testimony. Please share with your readers. Please kindly use the abbreviation of Dr Jay for my name as I wish to maintain my anonymity online. 

I had been searching for a job after my previous employer closed down operations in my country and it wasn’t forthcoming. I have always been a reader of your emails, and one day I got one that really touched me. It was the prayers of Sister Jane who got a job. 

I started praying them at midnight (and sometimes before midnight if I was sleepy). About a week later, I got a call for an interview for an NGO I had dreamed of working in! The problem now was that I was not in town!. I sent them a request asking for an extension so I could change my ticket and fly down, but they never responded. I was so depressed.  

Days later I got a call from a strange number. They were asking for me Dr Jay. To my surprise they were from the biggest and highest paying organisation in the healthcare sector in my country. I could not believe it. It was one of those jobs you apply for not expecting to be called. 

An interview was scheduled immediately and my husband and I began fasting and praying immediately. A friend of mine who also reads your bullets joined me and we prayed also.  I attended the interview and passed, and was called for another interview. 

The day of the second interview, I received another call again!!! From another international company paying exactly the same salary as this particular company was offering.   

I was in shock. Small me! I couldn’t believe it. They wanted the interview the next day. I wasn’t prepared but I had to go. Lo and behold, everything I had prepared for the previous interview was what was asked in this interview! It was the best interview I ever had.  

Eventually I am currently working in the international company whose interview I did last. Working conditions are wonderful. Salary is over 4 times what I earned before, and equivalent to what someone with 20-25 years experience in the medical field would be earning. 

Everyone keeps asking me who I knew or who connected me, but I knew no one. Honestly it was just God and the prayers. I fasted for over 100 days. I am a living testimony that God answers prayers. 

Please do not give up, Fast and pray! Fasting-prayer does move mountains and helps achieve what might seem impossible.  

-          Name Withheld to Protect identity

 = = = = =

Praise the Lord.

We’re talking TOTAL transformation here.

  • In your finances.
  • In your health (if I show you some of the healing testimonies on this site, you’ll be amazed).
  • Even in your relationships with other people.

It is not just enough to find your godly spouse and get married.

You must be well-armed to SUSTAIN the marriage into the future … and not allow anything to put it asunder.

There are prayers to put all the enemies of your marital destiny (collectively known as: marriage destroyers) on notice that you are NOT their candidate in the name of Jesus.

Our upcoming program consists of over 1000 devastating prayer bullets, arranged in a particular sequence.

To deal with any and every conceivable dart the enemy throws at you.

You miss one sequence, you miss all.

There is no way we could possibly put all of them on this blog.

So we’ve “embedded” the prayer bullets in a number of lessons which will be going out shortly.

But it will be a limited-time program because of the enormous amount of attention that’s required to do this properly.

Because of repeated pleas from our long-time subscribers who desperately want their COMPLETE breakthroughs before the year runs out, we’ll be opening the program one last time this year.

There’s a huge backlog of emails I have to personally respond to. So I’ll be adding participants on a first come, first served basis.

So if you are still single and you’ve been wondering what comes next, please watch out for the this final opening … in just a few days.


Can I ask a favor
… one last time ?


The excitement is building, as you can see from the comments posted.

Thank you for your comments, questions, testimonies, etc.

Kindly click on the link below that says CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Continue to share your thoughts, comments or suggestions, and even questions.

We are about to enter into the FINAL intensive prayer for singles this year. We’ want to make sure we address any issues that you might be facing … during this last program — leaving nothing out.

So tell us what your challenges are (if you or anyone you know is still single) and we’ll ask the LORD to give us specific prayers to address them.

Here’s the link …

(after clicking simply type in your name and email address – in case I need to send you some confidential information, just like I did to Sister X). Please note that your email address will NOT be visible to anyone but me.




Be An Overcomer












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1 s.m 10.14.14 at 2:08 am

Awesome God im inspired


2 ayo 10.14.14 at 2:22 am

Thank God for these testimonies,but I need prayers that can destroy powerful financial bondage.I. Learnt of these site in 2008,and have been praying nightly prayers with some results.Elisha,I went through a divorce in 2007 ,and things just nosedived.the relationship was very dark and fetish,I had to come out,she kept climbing and I kept lowering..so I did an esther fast and God gave me a project that sent me off the house.I am in a strong church in my country.I need a job and have to settle down again.pls HELP !


3 janet 10.14.14 at 2:33 am

I really need to join this prayer academy one day I know this God who is doing wonders to so many people will rescue me to be one of them.
janet´s last [type] ..9 Prayers for September


4 Blessing 10.14.14 at 2:44 am

Hi Prophet Elisha. im looking forward to participate fully in the upcoming singles marathon. I cant wait for it to start


5 Patrollet 10.14.14 at 2:59 am

Mam of God, am still struggling to meet a godly fearing man. Even the finance, job is in 0%. Nothing moving in my life. Now the doctor said am HIV positive. Am now 42 yrs without nothing. Sister MP


6 sarah 10.14.14 at 3:03 am

Good morning elisha

This is the best thing that has ever happend in my live. as these testimonies keeps on coming in it uplifts my faith and encourages me that God is faithfull. as i have been going through my prayer manuals i actualy started having dreams about my money being transferd from my account in the dream. i realised that somewhere somehow this is where my money have been disapering to. i now belive that God is in control of my life and ill soon share my testimonies with you.


7 Vivian 10.14.14 at 3:32 am

I participated in prayer academy,Golden Journey and Red marker prayers and recently spouse well.I am still stuck in my unsatisfying job with peanuts for salary but i have refused to give up because i know the God of Elijah,Abraham and Isaac will come through for me.My question is how do you de- link yourself from counterfeits,spiritual husbands and how do you know you have gotten the right person


8 M.S 10.14.14 at 3:40 am

Praise the Lord Pr. Elisha! I suppose the good Lord is keeping you well. Thanks for your precious emails you send to me. They are inspiring and I have never ceased to read them and whatever prayer bullet you put in, I have always collected it for the midnight hour.
Am single like I have said before and am trusting God for a godly spouse. Am trying so much with the help of God to join prayer marathon. I say trying because the devil also tries so much to cause financial distress but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and sooner than later, I will be one those prayer marathon brethren.
Please stay kind and loving as the Lord guides you. Be blessed Pastor.
Am Steven.


9 Oduor 10.14.14 at 3:43 am

Dr. Jay’s testimony has really uplifted me. Initially when she said she got interview after a week then afterwards she mentions she had fasted for 100 days it encouraged me that sometimes things don’t happen in a microwave kind of way though it may seem so on the surface. Sometimes it takes time and patience is key that has reeeeaally encouraged me. Thanks for the prayer point above. I’ve prayed it and a job I’m doing that has been blocked for a week and that means my money being withheld has finally gone through. GLORY BE TO GOD.


10 CH 10.14.14 at 3:50 am

It is really a blessing to know all these spiritual secrets before one is married for me this already a breakthrough. Faith is more than just a feeling it should be stronger than the reality. Emotions/feelings will dictate that you give up, but faith will tell you to keep pushing. I have developed a habit of telling myself every now and especially when thoughts of discouragement flocks in “I shall not give up, I will never quit, I will never let go”. If I perish let me perish has become my motto at least people will testify that she died trying to get what was rightfully hers. So I am encourage you my brothers and sisters lets not give up lets battle it out has the Spirit leads. Another thing that has been happening to me lately is that every night I wake up just to specifically pray for others when I go back to bed the Lord will start revealing things about me. And yet they are times when I wake up to pray for myself and ask God for revelation nothing happens.
May the Holy Spirit be our guide


11 Paulinah 10.14.14 at 4:03 am

I am also facing the same challenges of finances.I met my godly spouse in March this year 2014 and the devil just dried up my finances,i knocked to many doors for better job but they were slammed over my face and we had to prospone our wedding plan,we now specificely praying for breakthrough financialy and our wedding plan now is by end of this year.I thank God by leading me to this website and i am queit positive with the prayer bullets i receive for my finances,we will overcome our wedding expenses and settle down our marriage soon.THE WORSE PART IS OUR WEDDING WAS ALMOST DIVERTED OR BEING DESTROYED BY THE ENEMY BUT WE PRAYED FOR IT BECAUSE OF THIS FINANCIAL CRISIS..It hurts me because all along i had a smooth life financialy before i meet my godly spouse.Now he came along to settledown my finance just dried up unexpectetly the enemy is fighting us financialy badly and very glad that devil cant touch our LOVE! we love each ada and praying for our finance..We will marry soon and put devil to shame!!


12 Milly 10.14.14 at 4:09 am

I am 31yrs and still single..i meet people three to six months down the line they jus disappear with anger and never contact me again even when we on the breakthrough line…i work but always have a zero balance though i am a breadwinner cant even take care of my family…my love life is a disaster


13 pat 10.14.14 at 4:14 am

Thanks for all your work Mr Elisha and those working with you. May the good Lord continue to bless you all.


14 susan 10.14.14 at 4:20 am

for the first time I got to the comments section devil has been fighting me….I have been

struggling to settle down I cant subscribe the method of payment from thi s end is proving to be difficult I want to be part of the academy and destroy the anti marriage spirit behind my situation. I have struggled yhats all I can say…


15 Edna 10.14.14 at 4:33 am

Thank you Elisha that I can share problems and dreams I was embarrassed to share with anybody with you.Dreams with serpents, dogs,health problems of fibroids and lack of menses. Stomach afflictions with vomits after eating and has defied surgery coupled with old ages. Who can help except God working through you to show me how to pray on target and ay the right time. I am waiting for the prayers to start to get married soon. Sometimes I worry about the delay but I will continue to pray.


16 YOHANNA AUTA 10.14.14 at 4:39 am

bro elisha, i have read so many testimonies of GOD answers the prayers of many people. i am still single of about 50 years of age , i have being praying and also many other people have being praying for 20years now but still. infact i real thank GOD and also one of prayer partners who introduced me to your website. i have register for the prayer accademy of this month . please help me, i am full of frustration from families, colleaques and church members. God bless. bro yohanna.


17 rutendo 10.14.14 at 4:41 am

Elisha I have prayed and fasted haven’t met someone what might be the cause.
And when someone comes how do I know he is the one
I desparately need to fight against this curse as soon as possible
help help help help


18 Esther 10.14.14 at 4:53 am

Dear elisha every man a get becomes dried up financially , they become plagued with all sorts of problems till they grow distant , with fired from jobs, business collapse the last one even got his properties grabbed & hes slowly slipping away yet hes a man God, my ideal spouse , wat can i do…am also personally struggling with debts…its like a very unfruitful spirit is in my life,, the men become so useless that I’ve to support them financially…same thing happened with my mum & aunties wat can i do


19 Phinah 10.14.14 at 4:54 am

I seriously need total transformation in my finances. I really wana enrol for the prayer academy but my finances are very tight even having short fall in my salary. what i like most about this website is that the testimonies are so encouranging & motivating. Im at peace,im content,fulfilled & satisfied knowing that my testimony is just around the corner


20 mm 10.14.14 at 5:25 am

can a promising relationship be restored i ended in anger and now my boyfriend doesn’t want anything to do with me. i have pleaded and begged and nothing is changing.
what can i do should i let it go? and wait on God.


21 M.D 10.14.14 at 5:33 am

Thank you very much for this insight. I am and have been seriously challenged in the past in the area of finances. I am currently battling with this monster and have failed to join phase 2 prayers due to technical problems when trying to join and later the money got swallowed by other things, but I am seriously determined to take my life back from the grip of the enemy and posses all that God ever wanted for me, through prayer. I am looking forward to my godly spouse and my prosperity and happiness, both in my upcoming marriage and beyond. I cannot wait to be part of the prayers you are talking about. I believe this is my appointed time for my breakthrough. Do not leave me out please! Thank you very much Elisha!


22 Rose 10.14.14 at 5:33 am

i thank God because i am not where i used to be and I am believing That i will get there with the prayers. I have to admit that my life has improved greatly since i started the prayers and i know one day i will meet my godly spouse very soon. Glory be to God for Elisha. may God bless Richly.


23 Barbara 10.14.14 at 5:45 am

Dear Elisha

Thank you for the emails very encouraging and uplifting

My problems as well as my family is that we all get married but marriage do not last long; the groom pays bridal price bt after 2years the marriage ends in a bad dramatic way my exhusband ran away with a girlfriend and took me to court for things i didnt do

sadly everyone believed him: after all the drama i left my country as i ws offered a job in Malawi i thought this ws my break thru and then i didnt know how to pray until i was introduced to your website by a friend: after 5 yrs i left malwi because the job was causing me to sin it involved a lot of bribing authourities so i left malawi last year and back in zimbabwe with no job

my mother and grandmother seems to be happy to see us at home not working

Elisha there is a lot going on in my family and all i need is to learn how to pray effectively i am waking at midnite praying prayer points you sent daily

last nite i dreamt of a man asking for my hand in marriage but the funny thing is that this guy was in a hurry to get married and was saying he want a son: he also asked a weird question that is am i allowed to have sex before marriage ? Weird ha!! i think this is a counterfeit from the devil because i am paying attenting to single prayer points and i am geared for the next singles marathon

the devil has no door in my life and enuf is enuf



24 Evelyn 10.14.14 at 5:50 am

Please hide my ID.

I am a 31 year old lady, with 2 kids. As i grew up i always prayed for a happy marriage, unfortunately it was the opposite. I have been praying really hard for marriage and sometimes i wonder if ever i will get married. Im tired of being alone, i need a helper. Sometimes i lock myself up in my room and find myself crying. i have done Esther fasts about twice with my friend who has the same situation as mine. We help each other in prayer. Elisha w joined your prayers early this year, unfortunately we are failing to join the Academy. Please help Elisha, please i dont wanna lose hope. please Elisha im stressed of what is gonna happen to m.


25 BK 10.14.14 at 5:58 am

I cant wait to get the prayer points i am tired of being single and time is running i am 42 years.


26 matshwenyego 10.14.14 at 6:31 am

I am tired of being single. Please help.


27 Sikie 10.14.14 at 6:35 am

I’m a 32 years old, single lady, born again and I recently find myself interested in a guy who is my classmate at bible college. He is born again and also single, we chat on daily basis just as friends. Im praying for a solid and stable relationship, I’m currently on prayer academy(repeat). In Jesus name I believe He will see my heart and bless me with marriage.
Sikie, South Africa


28 olateju 10.14.14 at 7:20 am

i have never participated in any of the prayer programme,the upcoming prayer programme will be my first.
I am 31 and still single,i am physically challenged(leg disability as a result of polio) so i hadly go out except once in a while, not that i desire to stay indoor must times but i could not find somewhere to go,i am a graduate but i havenot secure a job yet.
i believe God can do all thing,he can surpass any and all limitations,and work miracles,but the question on my mind is…,could it be my disability that is responsible for my spouse not finding me or men not showing interest to marry me,could it be a spiritual problem,or my inability to go out often to be seen and admired,even if i dont go out often can God not send my husband,order his step to find me wherever i am or by any mean just to locate me…i believe God can do it…or am i believing wrongly…is there anything else i am suppose to do,i have also prayed and fasted severally on this matter….i am desperate for a change,what else should i do


29 PENNINAH MUTUKU 10.14.14 at 7:24 am

if you are cursed never to marry what do


Joel Reply:

Marriage is for you. Pray and ask God to send you a godly spouse.


30 olateju 10.14.14 at 7:24 am

i have never participated in any of the prayer programme,the upcoming prayer programme will be my first.
I am 31 and still single,i am physically challenged(leg disability as a result of polio) so i hadly go out except once in a while, not that i desire to stay indoor must times but i could not find somewhere to go,i am a graduate but i havenot secure a job yet.
i believe God can do all thing,he can surpass any and all limitations,and work miracles,but the question on my mind is…,could it be my disability that is responsible for my spouse not finding me or men not showing interest to marry me,could it be a spiritual problem,or my inability to go out often to be seen and admired,even if i dont go out often can God not send my husband,order his step to find me wherever i am or by any mean just to locate me…i believe God can do it…or am i believing wrongly…is there anything else i am suppose to do,i have also prayed and fasted severally on this matter..i am desperate for a change,what else should i do


31 stanford 10.14.14 at 8:13 am

thank you so much you at making a huge impact in my life I am beggining to see change in my life


32 P.T 10.14.14 at 9:09 am

Dear Elisha

We praise God for all the testimonies coming through. God is alive and does exist.

I have a problem though, and I need prayers. I have gone through all the PA session including the most recent Sapphire. I have many testimonies to share. Recently my son who is 26 and in college impregnanted a 25 year old lady. Problem is my son is now refusing paternity and wanting to distance himself yet admit sleeping with her. The other problem is that as a family we might have contributed initially by critiquing and listening to many bad words that were spoken about the girl. I prayed about it and asked for God’s wisdom. I eventually managed to convince my husband and the whole family that we were wrong in judging and condemning this girl and that we were sowing the wrong seed in the family and generations to come. I also spoke of the spirit of rejection we were pronouncing on the unborn child. Thank God everyone’s eyes were opened and have accepted the girl. I have asked for her to come live with us since she is having problems at home. I communicated to her relatives as well as my son. Trouble is my son hasn’t given us a good answer yet but I like the girl, I love her wholeheartedly and I want her to be my daughter-in-law. Whatever happened to her before, God will correct and he doesn’t give anyone a situation they can’t handle. She is a lovely person irregardless. I want her as a daughter-in-law and most importantly as my own daughter. I have two sons and one daughter, so she has added to my girl children because my eldest is getting married (traditionally in December 2014) and wedding August 2015.

Help me with prayers to mend this relationship and for it to be a lasting one until death do them part. I want God to bless it and to fight and conquer the devil intercepting the good thing. I want God to bless the child as well. Yes, they wrong God by sleeping together out of marriage but God forgives.

Help man of God I need God’s hand and intervention. I refuse shame and disgrace they are not my portion in Jesus’s name.

Help me with target prayer points to mend and correct this relationship.

Sister P


33 margaret 10.14.14 at 9:18 am

The testimoniea are good am looking forward for a day i can share one.i. lose jobs and my mattiage is hell on earth we are now separated with my husband.i have dreams of having spirit spouses even children,i have prayes against yhis issue but it cant go away even wirh the daily prayera against demons and spirits,they have held my life in stagnancy i am deas broke wirh no job and dwpendn on my huaband who has left already,i have three kids who ate in school,i also see dreams of people who had bewitchwd me by burying my clothea so i cant succed in marriage and work even with a masters.people laufh at me that i have mastera but atillnin the house,i experiwnce victory over the witchcraft but not spirit spouses,am desperatw and tirwd and people including my husband think i am cursed.wheneva smthing good is about to happen i start having exams in the dream that i cant finish before i wake up and nothing good comes by..i am at the verge of death please Elisha goodman show me the way.i do esater fasts once in a while though i pray almost daily at the midnight hour.cant join the prayer academy coz of finance


34 Harriet Nambooze 10.14.14 at 10:03 am

I completed all the spouse well prayers but have not yet met my godly spouse.


35 Pinkie Raperekisi 10.14.14 at 10:49 am

I want to participate the singles prayer that is coming soon


36 HP 10.14.14 at 11:13 am

Im 46 and not yet married and I firmly believe the devil is a big fat liar. Iv been doing midnight prayers since 2009 and will never give up until my godly spouse locates me.
I want to participate in in the prayer marathon for singles as soon as.


37 SK 10.14.14 at 11:21 am

Am very eager….WHEN are we starting???


38 E.D 10.14.14 at 12:53 pm

Dear Elisha
There is one major hindrance to marriages especially here in kenya it aboutou tribalism.You find that parents refuse one to marry froma tribe which is sa rival
in politics.I dont know if have read about the politics icn kenya.It is such that if one of the community hates the other it affects the would be spouses.T
hose who come from kenya would concur with me that it is true.So please address that one also.Thank you.


39 Milly 10.14.14 at 2:17 pm

Dear Elisha
I have read so many wonderful testimonies on this site about people who have met their godly spouse after the singles prayer marathon. My question is, did these people get exactly who they asked for from God? Or did they get who God wanted them to have?


40 Cindrella 10.14.14 at 2:46 pm

Thank you for everything Elisha…Praise God


41 Elizabeth Njeri 10.14.14 at 3:05 pm

Praise the Lord. What do you do when the Lord reveals to you that a certain man is your spouse, yet the man does not seem to notice you? At the same time, several men keep proposing.


Ca Reply:

I’ve been there Elizabeth. How do you differentiate between your own desire for this guy and the certainty that this guy is God’s desire for you? In my case I was very certain (and many of us usually are!) that it was God’s will and even got word that “God had spoken” to this guy as well yet for four whole years he said nothing and when he finally said something recently, it was that he was in a relationship with someone else and that if I had any hopes of getting married to him, I had to abandon them! Left me wondering whose desire had been at play here.

By the way, he said all this to my face and though I was terribly disappointed and still marvel at how I managed to get back home safe without being knocked down, I’m glad he did coz trust me, I would still be waiting! I’d said no to all potential God-fearing husbands and throughout the 4 years watched each one of them wed other women.I was heartbroken but I’ve since picked myself up and will not settle for less than God’s will for my life. After I read Cracking the Dream Code, I realised how much info God had given me in dreams and I didn’t act upon.

You’re going to be true to yourself and ask whose desire is manifesting in your life. Ask God to reveal to you what His will is and for it to be done in your life. You don’t want to lose 4 years (like I did) of what would be a happy marriage, waiting for someone (else’s husband), who’ll never turn up. Many times, you find out for yourself that he’s getting married soon or he already got married to someone else.

N.B For some people, God revealed to them who the person was and it later manifested in the physical. You decide what you want and whatever it is, make sure that who you’re waiting for is His will. And there’s plenty free material for singles on this website. You’ll be helped.

All the best! Ca


42 Diffat 10.14.14 at 3:51 pm

The Lord God has done multiple blessings upon me in this year 2014, through this site. To God be glory and many blessings to you aswell, as the Lord continues to use you to touch lives worldwide.


43 Jessica hassell 10.14.14 at 4:26 pm

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to date as i write i have been praying for godlyspouses for my children a for my prayer partners children also. It has been years , and avery long process and there are times it seems like forever. Anyway my eldest met this guy whose mom is an intercessor and the guy is a believer but not were he should be in the faith. My second daughter the Lord just delivered her from a wrong relationship but now we are pray the Lord would connect her to her godly spouse. Now there is this young man he is the son of our leader ,he is in love with her but she is not open to that relationship he is a believer but the Lord is raising up to be a pastor/prophet. But then there is still a way to go where it concerns their characters. But he is waiting for her and interceeding on her behalf. Now the third is still at school and will be 18 and there are may prospect out there and they (my daughters 3 of them )are not believers as yet they have a knowledge but have not accepted fully. I am married and had a tough relationship with my spouse. He is not a believer as yet still praying for their salvation. As a result i have learnt that it best to walk in Gods will and purpose for our lives. Im a Pastor and im just about to lauch out. But the Lord has given me his word “as me and my house we will serve the Lord”.I have had many breakthroughs through youe ministry and thank the Lord for your faithfulness and obedience. Also for your perseverance which today bears much fruit in the live of many world wide. I want to say thankyou for allowing God to use you in such an awesome way to affect all our lives. God bless you.


44 V.S. 10.14.14 at 5:01 pm

Thank you Elisha,
.am so much impressed. Have been using the bullets on my own. I need to enter the program now without delay in order to achieve maximum results and also have a testimony to give in Jesus Name.
Thank you.


45 mahlatse 10.14.14 at 5:22 pm

I want to become a member


46 Mologadi 10.14.14 at 5:58 pm

I joined the singles’ marathon last year- 2013 and completed phase 3.
Would like to join Prayer Academy for October 2014.
My question is: I bought “The Dream Code”, “Prayer DNA” and “Prayer Cookbook for Busy People” last year. So now, do I have no choice but to buy them again when I join the PA?

Thank you in advance for your response.


Sheri Reply:

@ Mologadi,They come as a package but with e-books.


47 Gwen Rich 10.14.14 at 11:14 pm

Dear Brother in Christ , I started 2014 as my FB got your website from her friend as to encourage her to draw closer to God, and I was curious to learn more about this site so I . send a mail and here Iam. First of all Iam single and over 50 . With 2 Teens age 17. In my family the ladies are not married or they habd been but have gotten an divorced I myself was never married was promise twice but it was counterfeit.I have had my struggles but the Lord has seen me through them all . Thanks a lot for youre prayer bullets and as the year is coming to an end I could not join non of youre sessions through financial problem .I prayed the midnight prayers, I started out good but sometime I fell a sleep fasting also I started as a brave soldier but then I felt sick I could not continue .But
iam trusting God for a break through. God bless you dear brother and all tose who shared their testimonies with us to encourage us .God bless you all.


48 DORA 10.15.14 at 2:06 am

Praise the Lord! I participated in the 21day prayers for singles and after it my boyfriend seemed to get serious and we were even contemplating marriage. But of recent, he has cut off communication, i have spent over a month with out hearing from him and when i call his phone, he does not respond. I am confused, i don’t know what do. Brother Elisha are there any specific prayer bullets that i can fire.


49 Paulinah 10.15.14 at 4:21 am

The devil has no last word in your life,there is some bullet points for every sickness on this Br Elisha’s website i came across on my daily visit…(1)O GREAT PHYSICIAN,BY THE POWER FOR WHICH YOU ARE KNOW TO BE GOD,ARISE AND AND DECLARE A TOTAL HEALING HIV IN MY BODY AND EVERY DAMAGED CELL IN MY BODY.
My sister i promise u as long as you live a purity christian born again lifestyle and take this prayer bullets aggressively,be fully commited in midnight prayers everyday, YOU ARE HEALED!!!! i am personaly waiting for your testimonies before end of this year and i will be with you in prayer and another thing we must take ESTHER FASTING for SPEEDY HEALING and send HIV BACK TO HEEEEEEEEEL!! marriage is also on your corner..Stay blessed.
Paulinah(South africa)


50 Thembi 10.15.14 at 4:22 am


Thank you for sharing the below with us,I am experiencing stagnation officialising my marriage 11years ago dowry was paid,this year 2014 on my birthday an engagement ring was put on my finger this is after indulging in midnight prayer on the cookbook now we have to set wedding celebration dates but it has not happened it seems there is a generational marriage strongholds,but I believe that will be the 1st one in my family to get married officially in church in Jesus Name with the Prayers at my disposal,all I have to do is be obedient.Thank you Papa Elisha for ansering to Hashems call


51 Helen 10.15.14 at 4:35 am

Calvary Greetings.
I registered for the premium spousewell prayer programme in February 2014. But every time I try to log onto to confirm my details to go to the Phase 2 and phase 3 prayers I get an error message. The chat and support group always give me the same message to try logging on but the programme freezes and I cannot confirm my registration. All my efforts to sign on have been fruitless.

Please help me.


52 Nothando 10.15.14 at 6:29 am

The Lord is good all the time..let hes name be praised.He will fight with those who are fighting us..He will make them drink rivers of they own blood and eat they own flesh..He is a man of war a mighty warriour he teaches our hands to fight and make our knees strong.He is good all the time Blessed be the name of Jesus christ


53 M.N.M 10.15.14 at 8:47 am

It not easy to write personal issues on a site but the Lord has enabled me to share as it may be of encouragement to others. Am 35 years old tuning 36 next month, single but once was in a relationship that was leading to marriage but the Lord showed me issues that deeply concerned my then fiance and i had to let it go and wait on the Lord. its been 4 years of waiting and i have not given up, am pressing on trusting the Lord, i praise the Lord for the programs that have been designed to teach us how to pray in the correct way, using the correct prayer point. I have to admit that i have not followed this to the letter but am i still learning how to tune my spiritual being pray correctly. My No.1 (one) prayer is to find my godly appointed husband with whom we shall walk this journey together. May the Lord help us and guide us in this journey.


54 TGC 10.15.14 at 1:31 pm

Thank you elisha! Will also need prayers for my godly spouse not to have difficulties raising finances for the lobola


55 R N 10.15.14 at 2:24 pm

Elisha thanks to you for this great insight and the testimonies. Now I prayed the bullet for God to reveal the time problems in my life started just like one sister shared and low and behold! I dreamt that I had gone to visit my mum but didn’t want my Auntie to see me coz for some reason I was scared of her. Now time came for me to leave and I chose to go through the back door that led to a short cut but I didn’t know where exactly the short cut was. So I asked the neighbour’s daughter for directions and she showed me an inbuilt door in a wall but I had to cross a corridor to get to it. Problem was that I could hear my Aunt in the front side of the house and that if I got to the corridor she would see me, so I chose to go back to the house again through the back door. When I got into the house, I could see that it’s been cleaned but I requested for water and soap to clean it again. The water that came out was really dirty like the house hadn’t been cleaned before! I could still hear my Aunt’s voice outside. Then woke up. Help interprete this for me and how to pray. Am pretty sure that my Aunt has everything to do with the problem.


56 Thembisile 10.15.14 at 3:12 pm

Evening God is Good All The Time I do myidnight Prayereveryday without Fail My Remote Gate Broke n I didn’t have Money to Fix it and from no where to Guys came to Fix it n I was worried that how am I going to Pay them n they said somebody send them to Fix the Gate I asked who they said somebody from Randburg i. Asked my Son he new nothing I asked my Daughter she new nothing I asked my Husnand he new nothing it was a Miracle my Gate is fixed People Send by God Thank u Lord For Answering My Prayers my Prayers r always Answered


57 Jubilee 10.16.14 at 5:13 am

This is interesting looking forward to learning more


58 BBN 10.16.14 at 7:03 am

Thank you Elisha for the Encouragement! I’m 26 years old but men don’t seem to notice me!! its been more than 5 years since I had a relationship with a man. My last boyfriend left me with a baby and I’ve since been angry and hoping to move on! God has finally given me peace, I confessed my sins to God and I know he forgave me.my dreams are a battle field and I used to have spiritual husbands but they are ceasing now! still praying for a miracle regarding finding a godly spouse and I try by all means to stay pure and focus my gaze on Jesus.


59 sister k. 10.17.14 at 9:15 am

good day sir. I am a single lady of 25years plus I have been having series of relationship scandal. But I joined one of the singles midnight prayer 3months ago, I have a man who ask me for a relationship he is a born again christian and he is someone I knew before in my university days I prayed that God should have HIS way. I accepted to be in a relationship with him although we are far from each other we talk only on phone, but of resent I don’t understand him anymore he hide things from me, when I ask him questions he won’t open up he gets angry unnecessarily and complain on irrelevant things I became confused and don’t know if he is Gods ordained husband for me, and I don’t know if I should quit and tell him that I am not interested anymore? Sir I am so confused I don’t know what to do about this and way forward, please I need serious advise. Thanks look forward to your response.


60 nike 10.18.14 at 6:18 pm

You messages and prayer points has been so helpful. Thank so much


61 Paulinah 10.20.14 at 5:29 pm

Something strange happened since i have been using prayer bullet at midnight,my mom is a born again christian BUT it seems she is against my midnight prayer! she is acusing me and hate me so i dont understand if she is one of those de devil using to be against my BREAKTHROUGH, PLS SOMEONE HELP BECAUSE I AM NOT FREE ANY MORE TO FIRE MY MIDNIGHT BULLETS TO THE SENDERS AND JUST WONDERING WHY SHE ACT SO WEIRD BCOS SHE IS A CHRISTIAN….ANY PRAYER BULLET TO PRAY FOR MY MOM WHO IS AGAINST THIS REAL GOD’S PROGRAM TO BREAK ANTI-CHRIST IN MOMMY’S LIFE PLZ????????


Joel Reply:

Hi Paulinah pray at a different time, and add fasting to it.


62 blessing 10.21.14 at 5:47 am

HI, i need prayer to take my guy back. please help by sending prayer point


63 PENNINAH MUTUKU 01.06.15 at 4:52 am



64 Paulinah 01.09.15 at 3:26 am

Thank you Joel,my plans in this year 2015 before winter is to join the Prayer Academy to Uproot Anti-Christ or Ancestral Covenant tormenting my mom n family as a whole..Reading the Take Back Prayer bullet storming de gates of 2015 n by reading de G5 Report it realy opened my eyes about despite being born again christian de are some Extra Miles i or we have to go as a family especialy my mom who was an Occult n she still need to break those Curses n de Evil Gates dat still against her although she called herself she is born again…She is lacking knowledge but i thank God who brought me on this website n many things are revealed to me by Servant of God Elisha n i am just gona STAND ON DE GAP FOR MY FAMILY N MY MOM TO BREAK EVERY OCCULTS CURSES AND SPIRITS TORMENTING US WHICH IS AGAINST MY NOW HOLY CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE, I AM DANIEL OR ESTHER IN MY FAMILY N DEVIL WILL NEVER HAVE A LAST WORDS!! I WILL NOT BOUGHT OF NOR SELL OUT….Adding to dat my mom she is becoming better n better slowly slowly bcos i will not ever stop to pray this prayer bullets cos i saw dat they Do Work n thru every secrets reaved on G5 n on Day 1 Prayer Bullets of Storming de Gates of 2015, they are UNIRRESTABLE, I JUST HAVE TO PERSIST TO GOD BCOS HE REVEALED DE TRUTH DAT BEING BORN AGAIN ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH,IT INCLUDES BREAKING PAST CURSES+HOLY LIVING+FASTING 24/7+MIDNIGHT PRAYER,PRAYERS,PRAYERS……MY CHRISTIAN FAMILY HAVE SPIRIT OF SLUMBER BUT I LWAYS PRAY GOD TO IGNITE MY PRAYER LIFE SODAT THEY MAY SEE DE GLORY OF GOD FROM MY MIDNIGHT PRAYERS N FASTING+100% HOLY LIVING FROM ME….DEVIL IS A LIAR…..


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