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  [100 out of 1000 prayer bullets]

From: elisha
Wednesday, 2:52 p.m.

Dear Christian Single,

In the last 6 months, many single believers have become ex-singles.

Many more are on the threshold of leaving the single life permanently behind.

On October 15, NM wrote:

“I would like to thank God for your Prayer Academy. I was a single mother with two kids from different fathers. I started praying some of the prayer bullets you sent me. I am now traditionally married and my wedding is on December 20, 2014. I have seen the results of prayer…”
--  NM, United Kingdom

Cecily from the city of prayer warriors says:

“I prayed to God for a spouse and He gave me. We’re getting married in Feb 2015. I thank God.”


GOD of Second Chances


Our God is a God of second chances. He is willing to give us a second chance, even after we messed up … provided we resolve not to go back to our vomit (i.e. we repent and stop living in any known sin).

The prayers you are about to see will NOT work for those who continue to live in sin… even after reading this friendly warning.

I must point out here that you need to sincerely go to the LORD and repent of your sins one by one … before you start these prayers.

A couple of quick examples –

If there is unforgiveness in your heart (i.e. there is someone you have not forgiven – no matter what they did to you) you need to do that right away. Please forgive and release them immediately.

You might even go so far as to give them a call and tell them you have now forgiven them. Pray with them. Release them. Buy them a card, gift, etc. and let them know that the love of Christ has moved you to do this.

That is an essential step to success with the prayers you are about to see. You cannot live in bitterness and unforgiveness and expect God to answer your prayers.

Another example –

I have read hundreds of your comments and blog posts during the last few weeks.

It is quite clear that sexual immorality is at the root of this stubborn marital delay that many believers are going through.

Unfortunately even as I write this, many believers are still brazenly having sex outside marriage at the drop of a hat … contrary to what the Bible teaches.


But this one put a smile on my face


I just read this comment on the blog. Sister DMN is responding to someone who wrote this:

“I have met several men on dating sites , but they were all men who want sex and do not want to marry me. They say they are Christians but they want sex outside marriage. I want a godly man who wants to marry me and then sex. A man to serve God together.”

Please pay attention to DMN’s advice.

Because she hits the nail on the head.

I’m totally proud of her… it is really her uncompromising stand that makes me so proud (the LORD will reward her shortly).

Please learn a lesson from this … and keep that at the back of your mind as we launch into the prayers.

Her advice: 

I totally understand you I.I.M. This is what is making dating so hard these days. Men want sex outside of marriage (even the brothers in church) and I have even been told by one man “I can always get sex anywhere”, so I told him to do just that. I will not compromise on this one and if a man cannot accept, he is not worthy of my time. A real man of God does not need to be told that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Case closed. – DMN 

I have nothing more to add.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Prayers to kill marital delay


The “1000 Prayer Program” will be starting in a few weeks (you will receive an email alert with details on how to join).

But before then we are making available right here over 100 of those prayers … for those who might not be in a position to join us later on.

This set of prayers should be prayed during a 7-day period starting next Tuesday.

We strongly encourage you to start OR end the prayers with a 3-day Esther Fast if you can. Within the 7 days, if you follow the instructions, the LORD will begin to manifest powerfully in your situation.

Included here are prayers:

-          to overcome the bondage and curses from past relationships

-          to discern between genuine suitors and decoys or even agents of the devil sent to delay your marriage

-          to know if he / she is a godly spouse and the right one for you

-          to help you accept the will of God concerning your marital destiny

-          to enlist the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leadership in decisions concerning your marital destiny

-          prayers against attacks through relatives, friends, family

-          to break generational curses of anti-marriage and anti-progress

-          to break the curse of marital delay from the source.


This is just the tip of the iceberg
(there’s MORE coming)


In the full-blown program when we call all 1000 prayers into active duty (to be announced shortly), there will be more prayers PLUS lessons on targeted prayers  …

-          to stay faithful and loyal once in a relationship and grow together in the love of the Lord

-          to help overcome sin of the flesh

-          to open your ears to hear in the spirit

-          against generational curses and evil soul ties

-          for financial breakthrough and restoration of lost investments

-          to break free from spiritual oppression and attacks in the dream

-          to repel the fakes and counterfeits and expose their  hidden agenda

-          to help you identify and know that you have met your godly spouse

-          to bind the spirit of confusion and terminate their assignment

-          to confirm when you have finally met your godly spouse

-          to reveal  the ‘hidden’ secrets about yourself and your partner

-          to arrest, bind and banish the spirit of rejection permanently

-          to break the spirit of singlehood running in a family line

-          to effectively destroy generational curses, witchcraft powers and poverty

-          to silence evil voices speaking against your marital destiny

-          to cast down evil imaginations working against your life

-          to deal with spirit husbands / wives that attack in the dream.

-          to help marriage negotiations go smoothly and swiftly

-          to discern fake prophecies concerning your marriage (and reject them)

-          to destroy all evil, demonic, satanic and witchcraft foundations from your bloodline

-          prayers for forgiveness of  your sins and those of your forefathers especially those that are related to evil powers.

-          Prayers to destroy all generational curses, demonic,  and witchcraft curses fashioned against you and generations to come

-          And many, many MORE


So if you do decide to stay on this path of prayer (the golden highway)
until your breakthrough manifests…

… then you should watch out for the follow-up email with details on how to access the rest of the prayer bullets PLUS the reading materials, assignments and coaching sessions that come with the full-blown program.

For now, we’ll begin the preparatory session like this…


Working Scripture:

Isa 52:3: For thus says the LORD, “You were sold for nothing and you will be redeemed without money.

Eph. 1:7: In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

(Please note: we are not praying against human beings here … this is targeted at mighty entities of darkness as described in Ephesians 6:12)


Day 1 of 7


  1. O LORD arise and let those asking for my God be disgraced in the name of Jesus.

2.   Every power seeking to turn my blessings to curses receive double destruction in Jesus’ name.

3.   Every witchcraft manipulation of the stars against my life be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

4.   Let the fire of the LORD locate and burn to ashes every weapon of darkness fashioned against me in the name of Jesus.

5.  Every power invoked from the grave against my marriage, be chained and be cast into the pit in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.  The gate of hell shall not prevail against my family in Jesus’ name.

7.   Every deadly incantation programmed into the sun against my family scatter by fire in the name of Jesus.

8.   Every incantation programmed into the moon and the stars against my family line, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus.

9.   I forbid evil hands from performing their enterprise concerning my family in the mighty name of Jesus.

10.   Every satanic farmer sowing evil seeds into my bloodline, be paralyzed by fire in the name of Jesus.

11.        Every conspiracy against the divine destiny of my family lineage, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus.

12.        Any power monitoring my life for evil, receive sudden destruction in Jesus’ name.

13.        Every contrary handwriting against God’s purpose for this life, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.

14.        You wicked altars and evil priests firing arrows against my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.

15.        I release my marriage from the grip of evil manipulators in the name of Jesus.

16.        Thou monitoring spirits, receive spiritual paralysis and death in the name of Jesus.

17.       O LORD, let your armies move through the length and breadth of the land at the midnight hour to uproot the wicked from the land in Jesus’ name.

18.        Let the sword of the wicked turn against them in Jesus’ name.

19.       Every satanic altar supplying strength and power to the wicked, receive destruction by fire in the name of Jesus.

20.       I decree double restoration of my marital glory in Jesus’ name.

21.    Let the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ come upon my virtues in Jesus’ name.

22.    Let every foundational conspiracy against my destiny be broken to pieces in Jesus’ name.

23.       Lift up your heads, O ye gates of my marriage and let the King of Glory come in, in the mighty name of Jesus.

24.       Thou territorial powers ruling over marriages in my family, be dethroned by fire in the name of Jesus.

25.       Thou spirits of the pig standing against my life, be drowned in the water of affliction in Jesus’ name.

26.       Every satanic dog barking against my marriage, be silenced and be roasted by fire in    the name of Jesus.

27.       Any evil beast on a nightly assignment to manipulate my dream life, be cast into the abyss in Jesus’ name.

28.       Let all my internal and external enemies receive double disgrace in the mighty name of Jesus.

29.       Thou army of the frog waging war against my soul, be cast into the pit in the name of Jesus Christ.

30.      Thou marine brigade from the waters, be scattered by the  fire of God’s judgment in Jesus’ name.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 2 of  7

31.      Every satanic high command issuing instructions contrary to the will of God for my life, receive the wrath and the burning anger of the LORD in Jesus’ name.

32.   Let the spirits of battle assigned against my marriage be scattered unto desolation in Jesus’ name.

33.    O LORD begin to do a new thing in my life as a result of these prayers in Jesus’ name.

34.      Every evil unity against the Lord’s purpose for my life, be scattered unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

35.      Every evil agreement against the purpose of God for my destiny, be cancelled by the power in the blood of Jesus.

36.      Every evil understanding against the plan of God for my marriage, be confounded in the name of Jesus.

37.      Every evil wisdom against the will of God for my marriage, be turned to foolishness in Jesus’ name.

38.      O LORD begin to rain down your fire to scatter every witchcraft gathering against my marriage in Jesus’ name

39.      O GOD arise, let your decree go forth and release confusion into the camp of wicked spirits delaying my marriage in Jesus’ name.

40.      Every last-minute battle planned against my marriage this year, be scattered by fire and thunder in Jesus’ name.

41.     O GOD arise and demonstrate that YOU are still the ruler in the affairs of men.

42.     Every invisible force or power giving strength to the enemies of God in my family, be bound and be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

43.   O LORD, visit me and turn my life around for your own glory in Jesus’ name.

44.   Let God arise and let all His enemies in my household be scattered in Jesus’ name.

45.      Every dragon from the pit unleashed against godly spouse, be bound with hot  chains and fetters of the Lord in Jesus’ name.

46.     Every strange fire working against my wedding day, be quenched by the power in the blood of Jesus.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 3 of  7

47.     Every new age incantation to manipulate my godly spouse away from me, be nullified by the power in the blood of Jesus.

48.     Let the army of sorcerers, enchanters and diviners marching against my marriage be scattered by the fire of God’s judgment in Jesus’ name.

49.    Holy Spirit, give me strength and divine wisdom to arise and contend for my marriage in Jesus’ name.

50.    O LORD, let not the gate of hell prevail against my marriage in Jesus’ name.

51.     Every power assigned to drink the blood of my marriage, begin to drink your own blood and eat your own flesh in Jesus’ name.

52.    O LORD, by your wisdom, confound all the enemies of my destiny in Jesus’ name.

53.    O LORD, by your power, confound all my adversaries in Jesus’ name.

54.   The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken in pieces during this program in Jesus’ name.

55.   I decree total disgrace of all the satanic champions flexing muscles against my upcoming marriage in the mighty name of Jesus.

56.     Every animal ritual or sacrifice offered in order to bury my virtues, backfire in the name of Jesus.

57.     Let every flood of the enemy against the purpose of God for my family receive double destruction in Jesus’ name.

58.    O LORD let your glory appear and let your Sun of righteousness begin to shine on my destiny in Jesus’ name.

59.    O LORD, begin to restore all my lost glory in Jesus’ name.

60.    O LORD, restore me to my rightful place in the body of Christ and in the world in Jesus’ name.

61.    Every satanically inspired attack against my character and reputation, be defeated in the name of Jesus.

62.    From the east, from the west, from the north, from the south,  O Lord raise up intercessors to stand in the gap for me in Jesus’ name.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 4 of  7

63.    The LORD shall laugh over His enemies concerning my life in Jesus’ name.

64.   The LORD shall thunder against His enemies concerning my marriage in Jesus’ name.

65.  Every power assigned to sabotage my marriage, be scattered unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

66.  O LORD, divide the tongues of the enemy and let their words concerning my marriage be rendered null and void in the mighty name of Jesus.

67.    O LORD let your angelic hosts begin the march of victory concerning my marriage in Jesus’ name.

68.    O LORD let your angelic hosts begin to blow the trumpet of victory concerning my marriage in Jesus’ name.

69.    Let the divine earthquake of the Almighty strike and scatter every demonic stronghold against my marriage in Jesus’ name

70.   The seven altars of Balaam shall not prosper against my destiny in Jesus’ name.

71.   The seven bulls of Balaam shall  not prosper against my life in Jesus’ name.

72.   Every strange fire against my marriage, be quenched by the power in the blood of Jesus.

73.   As I am stamping my feet, so shall the enemies of my marriage be disgraced in the name of Jesus.

74.   Every blood ritual and sacrifice offered to manipulate my marital destiny, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

75.   Every territorial strongman reigning over my marriage, be dethroned by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

76.  Every power cursing my blessings, receive the curse of the LORD and be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

77. Thou powers of the east gate working against my breakthroughs, be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ mighty name.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 5 of  7

78.    Evil hands pointed at my marriage, wither in the name of Jesus.

79.    Every satanic prayer against my marital breakthrough, backfire in the mighty name of Jesus.

80.    You strongman assigned to fight my marriage, be arrested by the angelic warriors of the LORD in Jesus’ name.

81.   Thou Prince of Persia set over the affairs of my life, be disgraced by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

82.   O LORD restore any and all of my lost glory by fire in Jesus’ name.

83.    Every demonic claim of ownership over my life, be cancelled by the power in the blood of Jesus.

84.    My vehicle of destiny shall not crash in the name of Jesus.

85.   Let the sun, the moon and the stars begin to run contrary to the plan of the enemy concerning my marriage this year in Jesus’ name.

86.    Let every satanic broadcasting station against against my marriage receive the thunder fire of God in Jesus’ name.

87.  Every evil blood crying against my life be silenced by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus’ name.

88.  Let the stormy winds of the Lord arise and destroy every satanic structure militating against God’s agenda for my life in Jesus’ name.

89.    Every contrary wind blowing against my destiny, be arrested by the Word of the LORD in Jesus’ name.

90.   I bind every spirit of strife and wanton destruction in my family line in Jesus’ name.

91.    O Lord have mercy and remember me for good in Jesus’ name.

92.    O LORD, restore me to fellowship with you in Jesus’ name.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 6 of  7

93.     Let every stronghold of sin and perversion in my foundation be shattered by the thunder and fire of the LORD in Jesus’ name.

94.     Fire of God, burn to ashes every satanic altar pushing evil agenda against my marriage in the mighty name of Jesus.

95.    The devil shall not write the last chapter of my life in the name of Jesus.

96.    Let the light of God dispel every darkness in my heavens in Jesus’ name.

97.    Let my marital destiny be released from every satanic chain and padlock in the name of Jesus.

98.  Every deadly incantation issued against my marriage, I  bind and render you null and void in the name of Jesus.

99.  Thou covenants of darkness against my destiny, be broken in the name of Jesus.

100.    O God of the suddenlies, arise and intervene suddenly in my life in Jesus’ name.

101.   Let there be a divine rearrangement in the heavens to bring about the purpose of the LORD concerning my marriage in Jesus’ name.

102.   Every enemy of my full-scale laughter, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

103.   Satanic agents assigned to manipulate me out of God’s blessings, receive double frustration in Jesus’ name

104.   O God arise and frustrate the tokens of the liars concerning my life in Jesus’ name.

105.   Any evil word programmed into the stars against my destiny, be cancelled by the power in the blood of Jesus.

106.   Let every handwriting of darkness against my progress be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.

107.   Any evil message written in the cycle of the moon against my marital destiny, be cancelled and be nullified by the blood of Jesus.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.

Day 7 of  7

108.   Every satanically-inspired attack programmed against my staff of bread, be aborted in the name of Jesus.

109.  Every environmental conspiracy to keep me single and isolated, be scattered by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

110. I throw down and destroy every satanic roadblock mounted against my destiny in the spirit realm in Jesus’ name.

111.   Every power that is unhappy over these prayers, receive the judgment of God in Jesus’ name.

112.   I will arise and rise even as my enemies continue to fall and fail in the name of Jesus.

113.   The devil shall not have the last say in my life in the name of Jesus.

114.    Every deadly incantation issued against my fruitfulness, be cancelled and be nullified by the power in the blood of Jesus.

115.    O LORD let not man prevail against me in this land in Jesus’ name.

116.    O LORD, empower me to rise up and take back by force all my confiscated blessings in the name of Jesus.

117.     All the opinions of man my life shall NOT stand; only the counsel of the Almighty God shall stand in Jesus’ name.

118.    In the presence of those asking where is my God, O LORD manifest Your power in Jesus’ name.

119.    Let the blood of Jesus speak against every evil unity and evil agreement working against  my life in Jesus’ name.

120.  O LORD, use this prayers to turn the heart of my godly spouse to locate me in Jesus’ name.

LORD I thank you for answering my prayers.


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1 Betty 10.18.14 at 8:33 pm

Dear Man of God,

I want to extend my gratitude for you have brought my prayer life to a different positive level.

thank you. Blessings, Grace and Favour to be your portion always

Betty Ogina


NSC. Reply:

What can I say! Thank you sir for considering everyone..


Harriette Kasirye Reply:

May the Almighty God bless you and take care of you; may He look on you with favor in Jesus’ name


Winnet Reply:

Thank You

Thank so much Elisha .Stay blessed



Ida Onditi Reply:

We are forever Overcomers because of how you have taught us to pray.
May God continue to provide powerful breakthroughs in our lives.May Godly spouses come to us faster than we can say I’m single n desperate!
God bless you Elijah so we may share our wedding pics with you n be testament to working marriages.


grace Reply:

Man of God ,thank you for changing my prayer life
I can pray and prophesy over all my life situation.
You are such a blessing to my life and my family


2 Tshwarelo 10.18.14 at 8:34 pm

God bless you.


LM Reply:

Hi when do we start these prayers?today at Midnite or Tuesday midnight


nqobile Reply:

I was also just asking myself the same question. I really want to do this right.


lucia chimombe Reply:

Thank you so much brother Elisha for the prayer points. I really want to do them right.


3 Rosie 10.18.14 at 9:00 pm

Thankyou Elisha. May God bless you and increase you. May He give you long life and as your days so shall be your strength. You are a great asset in the Kingdom of God and you continue blessing millions.


RK Reply:

Amen Amen and Amen


4 noxolo 10.18.14 at 9:30 pm

Thank you Elisha for the prayers,may God bless you and everyone in your ministry.


tsholofelo Reply:

We thank you so much man of god on the first day of these prayers I got a call from my man who has not spoken to me in months we are from different countries he is from botswana I’m from south africa saying that he is moving to south africa he has touched the subject of marriage but does not really dwell on the topic for me to establish wether he is serous. Or not.ill continue praying please continue guiding us.


5 farnot 10.18.14 at 9:31 pm

Thank you


6 Banyana 10.18.14 at 9:34 pm

I thank the God Almighty for bringing you Elisha into my life, may He continue to use you to reach us the lost sheeps


7 Lillian 10.18.14 at 9:41 pm

I am looking forward to sharing my testimonies during this program….this is my time


8 Mpho 10.18.14 at 9:58 pm

Dear Man of God I have been praying all the prayers I rcvd freely and the Golden journey and God did indeed release my Godly spouse, whose prophecy I received 18 years ago when my 1st husband left me, well my 1st husband died last June and God brought my godly spouse into my house to give me financial advise as he is a financial broker, who got a job in May after I told God to send my godly spouse,and he committed himself to ‘not touching me’ till he marries me in December we are fasting and praying together 4 our finances, to God be the glory these prayers will truly seal our marriage . May the God of Israel truly arise against any dark power against Firesprings Ministries. God bless you man of God.


MS Reply:

All the best Mpho and congratulations.

My advice to you and the rest of the ladies – it is the woman who holds the key to your own body and no man no mata what can have the access unless the key is handed to him.

As the other sista said, dont waste time with those who want to “partake of you” like eating your food without prayer.

To God be all the Glory for the Man of God and entire Ministry members.


Leah Reply:

Amen Mpho. Praise be to God. I am really encouraged.


mary Reply:

Amen Mpho. This gives me more encouragement that even for the singles God is at work and he will provide our Godly spouse in good time. I thank God for Elisha and may God continually bless. Please Elisha remember as in your prayers.


mary Reply:

Amen Mpho. This gives me more encouragement that even for the singles God is at work and he will provide our Godly spouse in good time. I thank God for Elisha and may God continually bless. Please Elisha remember as in your prayers.Enough is enough Satan My God has the final say.

Patience Reply:

Thank you so much Elijah, May the good Lord bless you more and more, I cant wait too to share my testimony soon.

Congradulations Sis Mpho , I am so motivated my your testimony. SA


9 kristy 10.18.14 at 9:58 pm

Thanks for allowing Almighty God to use you for people like us all over the World, all what you teach, very few churches teach, I repeat very few and am forever grateful to The Lord for connecting me to you, my life was a great mess, both spiritually and physically but now, am getting there. I no longer call all over the place for prayer, I now know that my Foundation is where all my problems were at- Ps 11:3- If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do???? Bro Elisha, no one told me what I needed to do, being in church for many many years, nothing to show, praying witchcraft die die die prayers and not dealing with foundation issues is a waste of time.
Praying and still sinning is a joke, especially sexual sins, Oh Lord help us, open our spiritual understanding to know, this is like death row-awaiting your end, being cut off from all what God destined for one, well now I know, wish somebody had told me so when I was younger, am in my 30s now and o boy, am recovering, slow but sure, I can see the Hand of God in my life now.
Please, guys, take sexual sin seriously, it is the easiest link to Satan having a field day in your life. I personally has dealt with spiritual marriage, sexual demons, now, we shall know the truth and it shall set us free
Usually, Our Heavenly Father desires to see His children in good marriages, He ordained it from the very beginning, He wants us to multiply and replenish the earth BUT you got to follow HIS RULES- NO SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE. Your choice, HE Has given us a free will- CHOOSE Whose report you will believe.
I have decided with all what I have learnt from Bro Elisha and The Holy Spirit, Enough is Enough, am armed to the teeth, will fight for myself, no more running around to Singles meetings like a goat and waiting for pastors to lay hands on me to break the spirit of singleness- gosh, how sad, no one can do that only the Holy Spirit, He’s Power- Anointing breaks the yoke- Not Pastor- i dont dispute pastor praying and laying hands on you, remaining his feet- LOL, believe me, i was there, i know what am talking about, it’s about time, you prayed for yourself- YOU KNOW, WHERE THE SHOE PINCHES…. Ask yourself, how long will I remain in bondage, singleness is bondage.
Yyou gotta pray for yourself, fight like a wounded lioness or lion to get what you want.
Be an overcome


Robinson k Reply:

Thank you!! Great and powerful words!


esther Reply:

Thank elisha, this is like gold to me , thank for this prayer bullets, i’m sure my life will never be the same again. My the Good God keep you and protect you. Amen


Keitumetse Reply:

May God richly bless u… Thank u for the powerful words


missy Reply:

Eish guys i really want to get out this fornication issue,iv been trying to get out but each and everytym i try,i fail and feel terrible afterwards. Iv tried so hard to talk with my partner about this and we both do it aniwas…..Please help,how do you get out once you alredy in?


Eagle Reply:

Missy I can relate to your problem. Make up your mind to be obedient to God. And always remember that sin will lead you to eternal destruction if not dealt with. You cannot afford to miss heaven because of fornication. It’s not worth it. Cut whatever links you have with your sexual partners. Repent earnestly. Don’t toy with sin. You’re giving the devil access to your life 24/7. You deserve more than you’re currently giving yourself. Please repent cos nobody knows the time nor hour that the Son of Man will return.


10 kristy 10.18.14 at 10:08 pm

And fasting, fasting puts wings to your prayers, Lord Jesus knew what He meant when He said, ” this kind doesn’t go out but by fasting and prayer.”

So if you want to see quick answers, include fasting, believe me, you will not die, Queen Esther and her people didn’t die, neither will you, I always thought, I was going to but it’s all in your mind, always rely on the Holy Spirit for Help.

God bless


Annhazzel Reply:

well said Kristy…


Keitumetse Reply:

Haleluyah! Be blessed. I’m also on esther fast and i believe the almighty will see me through.


11 A.A. 10.18.14 at 10:20 pm

Thank you, God will answer our prayers and also bless you richly


12 Patricia 10.18.14 at 10:26 pm

It is not flesh and blood that revealed this spiritually inspired prayer bullets to the man of God but by the Spirit of God. I thank God for the ministry of elisha


13 Patricia 10.18.14 at 10:36 pm

Dear elisha,
It is not flesh and blood that revealed these prayer bullets to u but the Spirit of the most High God. I thank God for the Ministry of the man of God. You have inspired me on how to pray targetted prayers. They are truly fulfilling. I thank God again for using you to depopulate hell.
Patricia, Nigeria


14 Gcinile 10.18.14 at 10:38 pm

I’m really great flu man do God for these prayers and I’m trusting GOd completely that my situation will turnaround.


15 Matilda 10.18.14 at 10:56 pm

God bless u Man of God


16 Patie 10.18.14 at 11:23 pm

I did not realise how far I have transformed ever since I started receiving your emails until a few minutes ago, when I saw these prayers and my heart leapt with joy. Thank you Brother Elisha for letting God use you to teach us about prayer. My life has completely changed and I can see everything turning around for my good.


17 sibongile 10.18.14 at 11:24 pm

Man of God lam married. It is true that sex out side marriage is totally bad. I was married in 2002, with my man we didn’t make sex before marriage. I subscribed to your site we both recognize that we had spiritual partners. But we were blessed with 2 kids in our marriage. Those spiritual partners didn’t have power to attack some area of our marriage l think it was because of the foundation of our marriage. I thank you of your site it helped us a lot to destroy spiritual partners complete in our marriage. As Christian we didn’t know about that we had spiritual partners. God bless you man of God. Today we are total free from those spirits. May God bless you and increase you with your family and those working with you.


18 veronica 10.18.14 at 11:46 pm

Thank you. Elisha,I am looking forward to this prayer marathon.
God blss you


19 veronica 10.18.14 at 11:49 pm

Amen.looking forward to this


20 Pamela 10.19.14 at 12:24 am

Thank you Elisha, for the new prayers for singles. I believe this is my appointed time for this prayer program. This will be my first singles prayer marathon. I’ve been thru the Prayer Academy in 2011 and it does work. Now it’s time to believe God for my god ordained spouse.


21 BJ 10.19.14 at 12:53 am

Thank you very much Elisha. I know I will finish this year with a testimony.


22 Mary-Ann 10.19.14 at 1:01 am

Thank you Man of God,i will surely come back with a testimony,GOD Bless you.


23 esther 10.19.14 at 1:08 am

praise God. this is a timely moment for the 1000prayers. God bless you with blessings that maketh rich and adds no sorrow. thanx for beong such a blessing.


24 SSimelane 10.19.14 at 1:11 am

Thank you Elisha, for the prayers. Am trusting God for a miracle. Am definitely going to join up…


25 Robinson k 10.19.14 at 1:22 am

Alright let’s do this… I’m in!!


26 Caroline 10.19.14 at 1:22 am

Am truly blessed and thanking God for using you. I know having gotten youur website was not by mistake ,my prayers are bring answered and my life will fully be transformed .


27 Deborah 10.19.14 at 1:46 am

Thank you man of God, for these prayers. The kingdom of God suffers violence, the violent take it by force..


28 D G 10.19.14 at 1:47 am

Thank you man of God, I pray for continued revelation and blessings for your faithfulness to the calling. True this ministry has changed my spiritual life (and so much more) from the 31st January 2013 with the first prayers. The prayers and scriptures have done a lot of work in one year ,compared to my many years of being a child of God – Thank you for drawing me and many others closer to our Heavenly Father


29 LMK Uganda 10.19.14 at 1:55 am

Thank you Elisha. I am taking those prayers(100) seriously,I believe God has prepared me for this.


30 NA 10.19.14 at 1:56 am

Thank you and God richly bless you, i know i will give a testimony in a few weeks of God’s goodness.


31 LMK Uganda 10.19.14 at 1:57 am

I will come back here to testify in Jesus’ name. Yes NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE.


32 Rachel 10.19.14 at 1:58 am

Hallelujah! it’s amazing to hear what God He is doing in people’s life through you.


33 Paulinah 10.19.14 at 2:02 am

I thank God for leading me in your worldwide ministry Br Elisha.Since i have join your ministry i am a happy DOLL who feels the hands and love of God in my daily life by every PRAYER POINTS AND WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT you sending to me,My spiritual life is moving from the valley to the mountaintop because you have REVEALED that as i am born again person who live the HOLY LIFE, i have ANOINTING SPIRIT OF THE HOLY GHOST to PRAY FOR MYSELF,-BEING THE PROPHET OF MY OWN LIFE AND BREAK EVERY STRONGHOLD IN MY LIFE,….rather RUNNING AROUND SEEKING TO BE LAID HANDS BY PASTORS AND SMERING ANOINTING OIL OVER MY BODY…….PRAISE GOD I HAVE INTERNAL ANOINTING OF THE HOLY GHOST BY BEING BORN AGAIN AND LIVING A HOLY LIFE….MY SIN HAVE BEEN REDEEMED ON THE CROSS And thank Lord for such wonderful gift and thank you Lord for bring Br Elisha in my life Hallelujah!! now i just laugh to any bad thing de enemy is bringing into my life because elisha taught that i have EVERY BULLET TO KNOCK DOWN DE DEVIL….It does’nt matter de situation….I am focused, i am full of joy always now as God mentioned in phillipian 4 vs 5-7…..i am a happy TODDLER IN CHRIST AND GOD IS TAKING CARE OF ME AND I AM HIS PURE TEMPLE…..May God bless you Elisha and every TODDLER IN CHRIST I MEET IN THIS WEBSIDE ON MY DAILY VISIT….
Paulinah(South africa)


34 RS 10.19.14 at 2:08 am

Thank you Lord without u we perish and God Bless u elisha.


35 susan 10.19.14 at 2:11 am

Thank you for the prayers Elisha…I feel all fired up to start be blessed. .


36 nike 10.19.14 at 2:31 am

Elisha may the good Lord bless you, your family and your ministry. May the Lord continuing to fill you with His spirit IJN. These prayers are great prayers working power and I pray as many that pray them God will suprise them with great Testimony IJN. My testimony is just around the corner, you will help glorify God in my life very very soon IJN. God bless you real good, really appreciate all the effort you are putting into this to make someone like me, that couldn’t afford to join your academy, benefit from the prayers. Thanks so much


37 A M 10.19.14 at 2:34 am

Thank you very much brother Elisha for The prayers, i am certain that my breakthrough has come. With these prayers my Wedding is certainly on its way with the right person. Never again will i meet a counterfeir.


38 Karenliz 10.19.14 at 2:38 am

Thank you so much Elisha for working tirelessly to help the people of God. your gift is unique and peculiar.
I have 1 week to go till my baby is born next Saturday 25 October 2014. I have seen that these target prayers have come to rescue me at such a time as this. I am still experiencing God’s forgiveness because He has aligned me to receive my miracle just before my baby comes. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do.
I am so favored to be in the right place at the right time. I am going to give a ginormous and awesome testimony. it’s MY TURN NOW!!!
God will increase you, your family and your ministry. you are blessed. Thank you so much, for your obedience to serve God is going to change my life. THANK YOU!!!
I can hear wedding bells real soon.


39 dfisseha 10.19.14 at 2:45 am

A time to be refined by fire and enjoy the best kind of God’s goodness.


40 L.N.J 10.19.14 at 3:01 am

Dear Man of God,thank you so very much for these powerful weapons. I’ve been waiting for them & am sure that all my concerns have come to an end! I’ve gone through a lot in this area & I’ve said that enough is enough to these harassments from the devil. Now it’s my turn to humiliate the devil! Thank you sir,returning soon with my testimonies! God continually bless you sir!
Sis. L.N.J


41 Cecilia 10.19.14 at 3:33 am

Thank you so much Elisha….I really needed these prayers.


42 Maureen 10.19.14 at 3:46 am

Thank you so much Elisha for these prayer points its exactly what i needed. This is my year of breakthrough and multiple blessings I will not be bought off.


43 TGC 10.19.14 at 3:46 am

Thank you elisha! God bless you always. Will also be looking forward to the 1000 prayers.


44 agatha udie 10.19.14 at 3:57 am

Thank you man of God,am looking forward to my breakthrough


45 Defence 10.19.14 at 4:17 am

Thank you man of God. May God bless you.



46 LA (UK) 10.19.14 at 4:21 am

May God bless you abundantly Elisha. From the time I started praying with you in your prayer programs I have received many breakthroughs that I have been fighting to get. In the first 8 months of this year I got two jobs in one month!!!! Praise the Lord and thanks for teaching me how to pray.


47 Cavine Anek 10.19.14 at 4:56 am

Thanks Elisha for this bullet points prayers

I feel an inner voice within me tells me that this is a period for my breakthrough.

May God bless you and continue to give you wisdom to teach us how to prayer for ourselves.



48 Donald BM 10.19.14 at 5:15 am

Amen Man of God, this Tuesday and the next 7 days will bot be the same again


49 Sis Z 10.19.14 at 5:20 am

Thank you man of God. I already see the end of this…change is coming my way. God bless you mightily. I will join because i have seen God work through the prayer points you teach


50 Vuyelwa 10.19.14 at 5:37 am

Hi Elisha,

Thanks for the prayers, I’m definitely getting on board.

God Bless you for allowing Him to use you.


51 Pk 10.19.14 at 5:47 am

Thank you Elisha,
I was eagerly awaiting these prayers.
I awoke this Sunday morning hearing the Lord speak to me and tell me the delays are because of the jealousy I am surrounded by including friends and relatives who have hated me. Sure enough your email with these first 100 prayers arrived and it inculded this point.
I’ve been set free from a lot of bandages.
Sometimes I felt forced into sin due to despair and disappointment but these prayers the been praying have given me hope restored me in EVERY area and I can sence the strength in my inner man. I am very grateful to you and I bless you in Jesus name.
I’m awaiting eagerly for this final marathon for the year. Going to get my breakthrough before this year 2014 ends. I’m taking back EVERyTHING the enemy has stolen from me in JESUS name.
Bless you


52 Jane 10.19.14 at 6:08 am

I bless God for his mercy,God bless u elisha.


53 Fuffy 10.19.14 at 6:38 am

Thank you so much, I will definatly come back with a testimony for witj God nothing is impossible.


54 Mercy 10.19.14 at 6:39 am

Thank you very much Elisha. May God Bless you and continue to use you. Man of God you have brought hope to the hopeless


55 FLORENCE 10.19.14 at 7:28 am

Elish! Thanx be to God for bringing you into this cruel world. Since I came to your site, I am witnessing the Greatness of God. You taught me how to submit myself to God. All is working good for me. I suffered depression and I never slept for three consecutive hours in a night for almost 10yrs- but now I can. I only wakeup when it’s time to pray. I cant wait to meet my Godly Spouse-I’m 41 and I can’t wait to testify more.


56 Clara 10.19.14 at 7:36 am

Thank you Brother Elisha for the prayers. I look forward for the manifestations.


57 Cato 10.19.14 at 8:16 am

Thank you so much Elisha for the singles prayers attached.
I believe I will come back with a powerful testimony regarding my marital destiny all to God’s glory.


58 Emmanuel Pius 10.19.14 at 8:32 am

May God continue to bless you elisha goodman and fire springs ministry, ever since i join your site, i have benefited spiritualy enough. Because there is nothing that wants to happen and there is no day in my life that God will not revil things to me in my dream before they come to pass, despite the fact that i find it difficult to understand and interprets some, all this is as a result of your daily email and your teachings through the help of the holy spirit. With this, i know its just a tips of an iceberg, by the time i subscribe prayer academy i know then that the devil should be chanting his last incantation while i say my prayers to God because the devil can’t pray to God but i can pray to God, that’s were i have upper hand. Thank you man of God, i can’t even express my joy with words for having your through the help of Jesus Christ. Nigeria


59 Celesani Mpofu 10.19.14 at 8:42 am

Praise God.


60 christinah 10.19.14 at 9:03 am

thank you God bless you


61 hanah 10.19.14 at 9:09 am

hi prayer eagles
im having sex outside marriege with my boyfriend. ihave to stop cz im aware that its wrong. im using monday for confessions pls pray for me to control the urges.


62 FK 10.19.14 at 9:29 am

Thank you Elisha I am excited about this programme. I have been failing to get into other prayer programmes. I bought the prayer kit but want to have access to other prayer programmes and prayer points. I feel really limited. I want to possess all that belong to me and yet feel blocked


63 Ruth 10.19.14 at 9:59 am

Slowly but surely am getting there. it is not an easy road but I believe my God will get me through. Thank you Man of God for these prayers


64 A. mulenga 10.19.14 at 10:01 am

May God bless you brother elisha! Thanks a lot.


65 eunice 10.19.14 at 10:18 am

May the lord bless u this is my first time to pray for a husband in your sati what God has given u may u manifest it in our life God bless you man ofGod


66 Mariam 10.19.14 at 10:56 am

I receive all my miracles and heart desires today!


67 Botsile 10.19.14 at 11:03 am

I have a great expectation. I once did this with no “desired” results only counterfeits and bad dreams instead. I am going all the way and believe God for ANSWERS


68 TK 10.19.14 at 11:17 am

Hello MOG,
Thank you for your generosity and giving us these powerful spiritual tools for nothing. I would like to remember what David told Aruna that he was not going to get a field free charge as a donation but he was going to pay for it. David knew that what is coming from God is not free, it requires a sacrifice in an exchange.
We, who have received these prayers may we think of exchanging them with something tangible to so that God is moved in our situation.


69 Miss_Gova 10.19.14 at 11:19 am

When exaclty are we starting the prayers, is it Tuesday the 21st?


70 annet 10.19.14 at 11:24 am

Dear Elisha,

Thank you for the blessings. I will be able and willing to do the 1000 prayers. I have no other choice. Do I start now with the Esther fast and 100 prayers or is that for those who are unable to do the full program?



71 christy 10.19.14 at 11:30 am

Thank you for the prayer guide i have been praying for a spouse but want to enter the 7days prayer .thank you and i believe to get a breakthrough cause the enemy had brought a lot of discouragement


72 Marilyn 10.19.14 at 11:40 am

Oh!wow i have been diligently waiting for these prayers.
Thank you so much Elisha, you just know exactly what we need and when we need it.
God Bless!


73 Michael 10.19.14 at 12:10 pm

I Feel honored to have these prayer points,I have deep faith after going thru my life wont be the same


74 WN 10.19.14 at 1:15 pm

Thank you Elisha,I am believing God for a testimony before the year ends.May God shower you with his blessing


75 ZC 10.19.14 at 1:47 pm

Dear Elisha,

I thank God for encouraging me to pray. I joined the singles marathon(free subscription)

At first I was not sure of whether to rejoice or get sad. I did not know how to find rest within my saul.

On the 11th day of the prayers, a long lost forgotten love, nothing serious was happening. He made advances about marriage. But nothing happened.

It took months to realise he was a counterfeit. In fact I just learned last week Thursday. Suddenly peace, calm and rest though with an empty heart full of love to share, in hope I patiently wait for my Godly spouse for I know God has the best in store.

Aunt Z


76 Lunji 10.19.14 at 2:38 pm

Thank you so much for singles prayer


77 Mary 10.19.14 at 3:35 pm

Thank you & God Bless you Brother Elisha


78 Joanitah 10.19.14 at 3:45 pm

Dear Elisha,
All i have to say is thank you so much


79 JE 10.19.14 at 4:04 pm

Thank you for prayers and look forward to joining the pray program. I have determined in my mind wait on the LORD regarding my marital destiny. It is my desire that I should cross in 2015 with answers.


80 Charity 10.19.14 at 4:06 pm

Dear servant of God, Elisha. Glory to God in the highest. It’s truly a great service you undertake. Thank you for your emails, prayer coaching, encouragement, and the just received 100 plus prayer bullets. I see myself in another level all round: spiritually, physically, financially, socially and also emotionally. O GOD, I HONOR YOU HIGHLY FOR SENDING US ELISHA TO TEACH US TO PRAY ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD.


81 Nelson 10.19.14 at 4:12 pm

Praise the name of God,

I am ready in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you God for answering my prayers.


82 Meinster Bonneford Kodjo Eduafo 10.19.14 at 4:23 pm

Thank you very much Elisha and God bless you, your family and team for the wonderful job you are doing. I am so proud of you. I wish to join the prayer academy and any other prayers you teaches, but I find it difficult paying for these programmes. I have a lot of problems that i don’t know how to tackle it. But I thank God for your messages you send always. Please help me to join. Thank you.


83 Grace 10.19.14 at 4:33 pm

God bless you for emailing the prayers!


84 agnes 10.19.14 at 5:11 pm

thank you Elisha for the prayer academy, i have gone to another prayer level with it,i think the breakthrough is close as i have been having attacks especially as i sleep. i know the Lord is with me and i’m forcefully taking back what belongs to me with prayer.thank you for your monistry.


Lindiwe Reply:

May the Lord bless you each and every day AMEN! .


85 Rhoda 10.19.14 at 5:18 pm

I have been dreaming that i am going to repeat the last class of my secondary school since i can’t remember my relatives escorts me to that school sometimes in those dreams, i also dream going back to stay in the houses we stayed when i was young.I believe that these dreams are the ones that makes my life stagnant e.g marriage .


86 Cecelia 10.19.14 at 5:30 pm

Pst Elisha,l just want to appreciate God Almighty for using in these time to bringing hope into hopeless situation, through these prayer point,lam positively sure that before d end of these prayer,my testimonies will come forth,may God blest U pastor.


87 Margaret 10.19.14 at 5:51 pm

Thank you brother Elisha

Indeed ‘all things works together for good to them that loves the Lord and are called according yo his purpose ‘Testimony assured I’m not going to loose my crown during this program, i’l preserve to the very end! Our Lord Jesus is faithful to his word nd I will follow instructions to the latter.


88 Nobuhle 10.19.14 at 5:54 pm

Hallelujah to Jesus! And the enemy thought he had the last laugh! The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force! Who can touch the Lord’s anointed! Thank You Father for a time such as this! We soldier on and recieve a manifestation of our faith in You! Glory to You Lord God Almighty! Amen and Amen !


89 Dalitso 10.19.14 at 6:04 pm

Dear Elisha,

Thank you so much, may the good Lord bless you. I am coming with my testimony



90 nema 10.19.14 at 6:48 pm

Dear elisha..i thank God for leading me to your site. I m eager about the marathon and believing for a marriage breakthrough. Any formerly single person out there that’s got a marriage breakthrough after participating in the free sinģles marathon. Guys share your testimonies and give God glory. We will do the same shortly. Does one then sign up for premium membership on order to get the rest od the marthon prayers? The 21 day marathon? For i only got up to day three so far in my email. We were informed each day’s prayers for the 21 free singles prayer marathon would be emailed to us


91 m 10.19.14 at 7:10 pm

Overwhelmed .Halelua.


92 Linda 10.19.14 at 7:14 pm

I wanted to share my experience in hopes it will help someone, confirm somethings that you elisha talks about in what to do or not to do & for me to be free of the guilt and shame of what I did wrong to try to get married. I meet this counterfeit in 2009. He was an old childhood friend that we reconnected on Facebook. He presented himself to be this Godly man who is preacher. Long of it, he proposed to me and in a few short months, I gave up everything to relocate to be with him and was having sex. We were both being hypocrit. I believe there are men who seek out vulnerable women and pretend to be Godly and use the desire for marriage to get sex and money and whatever else. Shortly, after I relocated, his girlfriend came to the house, his exwife, he had no money to provide for a family as he perpetrated, he stop wanted to be seen with me, he rejected me and my son. He wanted me to move out, so I had to hurry up and get a job that I hated and spent money to move out and separated me from my family and in debt behind wanting to be married so bad, not willing to wait on God and not to compromise even if it means walking away. He tried to get back in my life when I got back on my feet,but God exposed his motives and i walked away from him. I decided I rather be rejected by a man or people in general and be accepted and love by my father. I lost everything behind falling for counterfeit so I have been on a journey with God to be healed & restored in my soul falling more in love with Jesus and accept his love, so I don’t have to settle or compromise God’s best for every area in my life and change lives There are still some areas that I believing God to still restore including my real Godly husband. Thank you for your website. signed L.


NG Reply:

Thank you Linda your experience has helped me to hold on to the truth. I’ve met so many counterfeit in my life all coming in the name of love.


LG Reply:

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your honesty. I thank God that he prompted you to do the right thing and walk away before things got worse with that man.I have learnt a lesson from your experience. Since I made the decision to seek God for a spouse, counterfeits sprang up from left, right and centre but I thank God for his grace that I almost fell into that trap but He held me.


93 Ruth 10.19.14 at 7:24 pm

Thank you for those powerful prayer points.
I would want to join the prayer academy.
Kindly give me information on hiw to go about it.God bless you.


94 Dr. BG 10.19.14 at 9:36 pm

Dear man of God.
These prayer bullets come at the right time for me. I can not wait to embark on a programme. I have been with counterfiet lovers for the rest of my life because I never thought it was bad to have sex outside marriage. I recently broke off a painful emotionally abusive relationship and I believe this is my time to receive my God fearing spouse….The prayers are coming at the right time for me and I am finishing 2014 strong and I will testify…watch the space!
Thank you once again Man of God.


95 Mvuyi 10.20.14 at 12:14 am

Thank you Prophet Elisha for these prayers.
May the Lord continue to bless you.


96 catherine 10.20.14 at 12:34 am

Praise the Lord! The prayers are timely. I was at point of discouragement but now i see breakthrs in Jesus name.Thank you servant of God.


97 Glad 10.20.14 at 12:42 am

Thank you brother elisha. God bless you mightly.


98 Annhazzel 10.20.14 at 1:08 am

Thank you for the prayers. just wanted to ask Are all this prayers prayed the same day, or over the next 7 days or how does it go?


LG Reply:

Hi Annhazzel,
Please go back to initial email that first had information on the prayers and carefully read the instructions. The answer you need is right there.


99 Mable 10.20.14 at 1:36 am

Wau!! that is great and good of you to think about us, the prayer points are powerful i long to give my testimony thank you God bless.


100 JT 10.20.14 at 1:59 am

Thank you very much Man of God for the prayer points…I strongly believe that with this prayer programme, our lives will never be the same again. May you live long and may God to continue to use you to transform millions of lives.

Thank you once again


101 KKM 10.20.14 at 2:00 am

Dear Elisha, man of God

All I can say is that you are indeed a man of God. I encourage my brothers and sisters NEVER to give up. God’s time is not our time and if we hold fast HE indeed will answer our prayers at the right time and we will rejoice. Thank you Elisha for all the prayers, encouragement and teachings. Oh how we have wasted all these years believing someone else can do the work for us i.e to pray. That pastor doesnt know what’s in your heart. You do and you can go directly to The Almighty as HE KNOWS what you need before you even ask HIM.

Remember that Jesus taught us to pray and not to depend on others to pray for us. After praying just believe and thank God for the breakthrough!

Bless you Elisha. May our Living Almighty God keep blessing you, your family and your ministry. I shall forever be grateful to God for sending you to us.


102 Golda 10.20.14 at 2:01 am

Dear Man of God,

May the Lord richly bless you for offering us these prayers. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I trust God that I will testify in this blog.

Remain Blessed.


103 TM 10.20.14 at 2:27 am

Thank you


104 Esther 10.20.14 at 2:31 am

May you see the hand of God in whatever your doing, in your family, Ministry and whoever know you.

Thank you for this program.


105 Hope Tino 10.20.14 at 2:48 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets sent May God richly Bless you and the Ministry.


106 Nothando 10.20.14 at 2:57 am

I’m excited..God bless you richly..


107 Agi 10.20.14 at 3:01 am

Good morning. I thank you so much for these prayers points. I do appreciate for the love you are showing to the whole world. God bless you !!!!!!!!!


108 Yvonne 10.20.14 at 3:06 am

Thank you Elisha and God bless you.


109 MK 10.20.14 at 3:20 am

excited just forwarded the prayers to a couple of my friends and printing for someone else. I am glad to be part of this website learned of it in late 2010. and it has not been easy though but am a better person than i used to be.

my colleague introduced me to this guy about two months ago , just over the weekend he was saying he wanted to pass by my place and he was suggesting sex i was like no way not with me. And already I know he is a counterfeit !!!!

God saves us time and he is just amazing. he reveals so much.

Seriously right now I would rather be alone than with someone who will help me get to hell. Every day I keep trusting God.

All the best single brothers and sisters!


110 Doreen 10.20.14 at 3:22 am

I Thanking you once again about this program 7 days, and think it will help me to get my Godly spouse, and also help me in my situations which are stubon. I am divorced in 2005 by abusive and ungodly marriage. since that time I don’t have any man. I now thank you man of God.


111 christine 10.20.14 at 3:41 am

Dear Elisha,i cannot thank you enough for the prayers . May God bless you and the ministry. Thank you again for always hitting on sexual immorality and its dangers,its always a reminder to live a Holy life. Trust me there is nothing i want more than to live a life that pleases my Father. I can lose anything but not God.


112 Buhle 10.20.14 at 3:46 am

Thank you Prophet Elisha for the prayer points, I am so excited, I can’t wait to start praying and to share my testimony…my days of being single are over in Jesus name.


113 Phinah 10.20.14 at 3:56 am

Calvary greetings
I thank you so much Man of God for the prayer points, i’m so ready for this marathon,devil and his cabinet must watch out…they won’t know waht hit them.
Change is here, Something is moving…something is changing in the Mighty name of Jesus…Amen!!!!


114 BT 10.20.14 at 3:58 am

Dear Elisha,
Words aren’t enough to say how greatful I am with this prayers. Thank you so much sir for this and I commit myself that I will start using them from midnight monday and for the next 7 days as instructed. Esther fast has always been hard for me I normaly last 1 and half day then my body just give up, I really hope this time it will be different. I want to say bye bye to single life and hello to marriage life. I already have attacks in a dream of a strange baby that I was breast feeding but I did cancel the dream and I will not be bought of or sell out in Jesu’s name.
Stay blessed sir, we really appreciate you.


115 Patricia Monametsi 10.20.14 at 4:15 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayers. I would like to know which Tuesday, is it the Tuesday 21, October 2014.


116 sabie 10.20.14 at 4:42 am

thank you Jesus for your servant Elisha Goodman..stay blesses man of God..


117 Nac 10.20.14 at 4:49 am

Thank you Lord for Bro Elisha. May you Bless him More and More as he equips us and shares such love which is so rear and priceless. I am becoming an equipped kingdom warrior and an overcomer. All Praise be to God Almighty. thank you servant of Zion. Nac (Zim)


118 akello 10.20.14 at 4:57 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayers. Thank you for teaching me how to pray for whatever I have today is the outcome of prayers. May God almighty bless your ministry forever.


119 HARRIET 10.20.14 at 5:09 am

Thank you for these prayer bullets, I believe my Godly Spouse is coming soon. Thanks Elisha.


120 endurance 10.20.14 at 5:11 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayers. May God bless you.


121 DB 10.20.14 at 5:24 am

Thank you Brother Elisha


122 salome 10.20.14 at 5:32 am

Thank you for these spiritual arrows in form of prayer points that you release to us from time to time and i know that God will use it to turn my life and the life of every user around for the best in Jesus Name.
May The Lord Strengthen you the more.



123 BRICE 10.20.14 at 5:33 am

Hello Man of God,
I will be franc to say what I appreciate most in this ministry is the foundation, the determination and efforts made not to go out of the track of the will of God, most of us just desire to talk, to open to an elderly one who understands in God’s perspective and who believes God can do everything in line with its will signs and wonders beyond imagination, what eyes have not seen…, this without adding strange fire from the devil. Blueprints nowadays are really rare; my cry is that your end be far greater than your beginning, and that after all the father may be pleased and honored in Christ Jesus: Roman 8. Because salvation, making heaven and obtaining the incorruptible crown is the main target not to miss if we are to miss anything.
I Thank the God of Elisha who is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and pray he keeps on rewarding his servant who paid the price for his God to be known and glorified through him.


124 ethel 10.20.14 at 5:34 am

Calvary greetings Elisha and all prayer eagles!
Thanks Elisha for the prayers . I am excited!!


125 Caroline 10.20.14 at 5:46 am

Servant of the most High God, thank you. May our God who sees all you are doing for His kingdom richly bless you, your family and your ministry. Iam among the millions that have benefited and continue to benefit from your teachings. Thank you!


126 Theresa - Botswana 10.20.14 at 5:46 am

Thank you very much for the PRAYER BULLETS, I ‘m next in line to testify. ALLELLUJAH!


127 Phumuza 10.20.14 at 5:55 am

Shalom ELISHA.
Thanks Elisha for this prayers, you have made effort to bring them to us, may His name be glorified, may His name be magnified, You are a caring father, you are my mentor Elisha. My life has changed because of you. May His name be glorified.

Thank you once again Man of God


128 KBN 10.20.14 at 6:02 am

Dear Man of God.
Thank you so much for the prayer points. I will not give up until God sends me that godly spouse. May God bless you abundantly.


129 Tuna Mafusi 10.20.14 at 6:14 am

Dear Elisha
I thank you Man of God for the Prayers,May God increase you and Bless you More,I really cant wait to see my self testifying to the Glory of God.
Tuna Mafusi´s last [type] ..9 Prayers for September


130 Faith 10.20.14 at 6:35 am

Thank you man of God for the powerful prayers.


131 Nakie 10.20.14 at 6:47 am

And this is my time. Thank you Elisha.


132 JA 10.20.14 at 7:09 am

Thank you Brother Elisha.
may the Lord’s grace and anointing on your life increase. You can imagine how many of us are getting this counsel that is not popular on most pulpits.
Glory be to GOD


133 Daniel 10.20.14 at 7:09 am

My God richly bless you Elisha.


134 Esther 10.20.14 at 7:29 am

Thank you so much for the prayer bullets, Bro Elisha.

I am so looking forward for victory in Jesus’ name; cant wait to testify on these pages soon.

Best wishes to you and the Ministry.


135 Mutabazi Antony 10.20.14 at 8:00 am

Thanks man of God. I tahnk God for landing on your sight and for having been lifted spiritually through your prayer guidance. I pray for debt free and stability of the work environment . I can pray more than ever done because your directives . I found a God centred ministry ( House of Prayer Ministries International – Bat Valley ) in Uganda . Long live Elisha and prayers to be debt free and join one of your prayer programmes. With your prayer points life is seen in unforeseable prosperity ie… there is hope and power which had feeded away. I pray to renew my marriage in holy way. I introduced ; has not finished paying the bride price; we have 3 cjhildren and as God fearing man i see it scaring so advice as i need God will for my life and marriage and family clean in his presence. God bless you Elisha .


136 Chris 10.20.14 at 8:05 am

Dear elisha,

You do not know how excited i am about the prayers you sent. I will be 39 in November, with no marriage prospects. My gift for myself this year was to commit two weeks before my birthday to prayer for my marriage breakthrough. Then i opened my email today to find this wonderful birthday gift of the 100 prayers which start next week tuesday and end on my birthdate and birthday which is a Monday. I believe this is God telling my that my breakthrough is nigh. I cannot wait to raise my voice and heart in prayer to the Lord’s glory and for his favour. Our God lives indeed. I look forward to sharing my testimony with you.
God bless you Elisha.


137 Angela kanyemba 10.20.14 at 8:31 am

hi elisha
thanks for all the prayer points may the good Lord richly bless you and grant you many more years


138 Faith 10.20.14 at 8:46 am

Bless you man of God. May God increase you in everything you do for the kingdom. Thank you for the prayers.
Faith´s last [type] ..9 Prayers for September


139 endurance 10.20.14 at 9:00 am

Praise be to God!!


140 Oniccah 10.20.14 at 9:17 am

Thanks very much Sir for this Prayers. I will give my testimony in Jesus name.


141 Cyn 10.20.14 at 9:18 am

Dear Man Of God

Calvary greetings.

Thank you so much for the long awaited program as you promised i cant wait to embark on the program.

May the good LORD continue to give you strength, wisdom and knowledge on His hidden treasures he is unveiling to you for us.

Am waiting and looking forward to join th que of good testifiers after this program.


142 Stephen M. Mavulu 10.20.14 at 9:18 am

Thank you very much, my blessed Pastor Elisha, God bless you abundantly, and give more insight to help many like me out of ignorance.


143 Malethola 10.20.14 at 10:06 am

I just was thank you Man of God for always when I am in deep grief Holy Spirit send me straight to my emails, immediately when I enter your bundles of prayer bullets hit me on my face always. its either for 11 day marathon or 21 days. more of them. I love my Jesus and the Holy Spirit always guides me in to my mails. when I am in trouble. Psalm 46


144 RN 10.20.14 at 10:19 am

Thank you so much for the powerful prayer points Elisha and God bless u. My testimony is on the way. Just to confirm the dates, are we starting Tuesday 21st of October 2014 for the 7 days prayers to kill marital delay?


145 MON 10.20.14 at 10:37 am

Thank you and God richly bless you for emailing me these prayers!


146 O.M 10.20.14 at 10:47 am



147 Sarah 10.20.14 at 11:05 am

Bless you Dear Pastor for all you labour to do for the kingdom.

May the Good Lord reward the work of your hands.



148 Anima 10.20.14 at 12:10 pm

May the Good Lord bless you for availing yourself for His use in these end times. Please I would like to find out if I can do the Esther fast in the month of November since I will be unable to do it due to my working conditions. However, I may have a 1-month leave of absence from work.


149 stella 10.20.14 at 1:55 pm

thank you Man of God. Remain blessed.


150 cornelia 10.20.14 at 2:27 pm

Thank you Lord even for the man of God ,,


151 Precious 10.20.14 at 2:49 pm

thank you man of God. will also add fasting to my prayers.


152 Alice 10.20.14 at 2:51 pm

May the good Lord keep on using you,may he bless you a million times,may God give you many more living healthy life ,filled with joy,& watsoever you desire,more power,more annointing.keep on doing the work of the Lord. My life will never be the same


153 Vero 10.20.14 at 3:16 pm


Thanks for the prayers. You have indicated the prayers start next Tuesday. Is that on 21st October or 28th October?I would like to be fully part of the program with everyone else.



elisha Reply:

Tuesday October 21, 2014
God bless you


154 MCM 10.20.14 at 5:23 pm

Thank you elisha for the prayers, by faith i know my breakthrough is very near and satan will flee never to interfere with my life again in Jesus Name.


155 TIRO JOHN 10.20.14 at 5:28 pm



156 Henrietta 10.20.14 at 5:40 pm

Man of God, I want to thank you for all what you are doing for us Christians that are still learning the bible .God bless you!


157 Terry 10.20.14 at 6:03 pm

Praise the Lord , i thank God for pastor Elisha he has taught me how to pray..God blessed me with a car this year through am joining the singles program and am coming soon to testify..please lets all stay away from FORNICATION AND ADULTERY and god will release spouses .


AdongoBeatrice Reply:

Thanks Pastor Elisha for these targeted prayers. may the Holy Spirit guide us during the entire period. Amen

Beatrice Adongo


158 Yes and Amen 10.20.14 at 6:56 pm

Blessed to be in this marathon. What a mighty God we serve! May He bring it to pass


159 Nshemereirwe Jennifer 10.20.14 at 7:00 pm

Thank you man of God for sending to us these life changing targeted prayer points may God bless you and watch over your ministry.


160 Joyce 10.20.14 at 9:54 pm

Thank you Elisha


161 RO 10.20.14 at 10:54 pm

God bless you Elisha and your ministry for all that you are doing by the grace of God.


RO Reply:

God bless you Elisha and your ministry for all that you are doing. We give God all the glory.


162 nozuko 10.20.14 at 11:09 pm

Amen brother elisha,thanks a million for these prayers I’m hoping for breakthroughs for this month of october,I’m thankful to god the father,the son and the holy spirits,god has blessed me indeed,through prayer and faith I was blessed with a permanent job,and god promised me in his word for a house near the mountains,guess where I’m staying,by the grace of god I deed receive the house promised why,ikept the word og god in my heart,we truly are serving a living god,he is alive my fellow believers,and he loves us all so much,thank you father for being in my life hallelluyah.


163 LG 10.20.14 at 11:20 pm

Amen!! I look forward to the results of this prayer programme. This is my season of breakthrough in Jesus name. And ladies never settle. God gives good gifts. He has his best in store for us. So let us trust Him to provide our partners. The man he formed us to help before the very foundation of this world.

To God be the Glory!!


164 M.O 10.20.14 at 11:25 pm

May God richly bless you for teaching us how to deal with this issue.

I am glad i know better on how to pray


165 ANN MUTHOKA 10.21.14 at 2:01 am

Dear Man of God
May God meet all the desires of your heart as the word of God says.Amen.


166 ANN MUTHOKA 10.21.14 at 2:03 am

May God meet all your desires AMEN


167 Ney 10.21.14 at 2:11 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayer points.

They have come at the very right time, and I believe many testimonies will follow; including MY OWN.

God bless you Sir


168 C.M 10.21.14 at 2:23 am

Thank you for considering me to be part of these prayers. God bless you Elisha Goodman!!


169 Pamela 10.21.14 at 2:27 am

Thankyou Lord for using Elisha in a special way.
This is my season.. i have a very strong conviction within me that after these prayers,my life is changing from Singlehood to Mrs…….



suwilanji Reply:

I am so in love with these prayers. You have hit the nail on its heard. Its up to me to remain committed in the trenches and at the gates of midnight to fire them up. thank you Elisha. you have truly been a great blessing.


170 ethel 10.21.14 at 2:40 am

Calvary greetings elisha and all the prayer eagles
Thank You God for You make a way where there is no way. You are God AT the Red Sea!! When there is NO way Papa You turn up and suddenly it is clear.. Oh glory to Your name!!!


171 Yoza 10.21.14 at 2:44 am

Hi elisha,
Thank you for the prayers, I really appreciate them.

I am confident that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living this season. Lord, thank you.


172 lucy 10.21.14 at 3:16 am

praise God man of and the prayer warriors. May God bless you and enrich you all areas of your lives. I really want to appreciate the this ministry for what is doing to the CHildren of the most high God. Thank you for the 100 prayer points that I hve just received. May the holy spirit instruct me and enable me to follow the instructions that I will be a parteker of the blessings ment for me. God bless you abandantly. This is my time to testfy about what the Lord has done and will continue do throught this ministry.


173 mk 10.21.14 at 3:25 am

thank you Elisha for these prayers may the almighty God richly bless you and continue to use you in a mighty way. am praying to God to give me the grace to pray through this singlehood


174 Keitumetse 10.21.14 at 3:43 am

Elisha Goodman may the Almighty bless u, may he give u the grace to remain obedient unto him, may he elevate u. I thank God for preserving your life. I praise his holly name for your life. Thank you for these prayer points and i believe God that after these prayers i will be among the ones testifying about his goodness and mercy for the Bible says whatever we pray for we will recieve if we have faith.

I believe my time has come, it was not by mistake to recieve these prayer points but according to God’s will/plan.
Be blessed


175 Sandie 10.21.14 at 4:16 am


Besides the guideline scripture, is there a particular way we are to pray these prayers?

I am so ready for this. I have been reading the Prayer DNA and doing the Starter Prayers preparing for the PA. God revealed to me why things have been happening a particular way in the life of the man pursuing me together with his siblings.

I thank God for the revelation. The Holy Spirit is always precise. Thank you man of God.

Brethren, may the Holy Spirit strengthen you through out these next 7 days. For those who are fasting already may His grace carry you through.

Be blessed



176 comfort 10.21.14 at 4:33 am

Almighty God I thank you in Jesus Name, stay bless Man of God.


177 Damaris 10.21.14 at 5:00 am

Dear Man of God,
Thank you so much for your tirelessly effort in sending us this messages.. I m always so blessed,Yes Ive been participating in singles programme and the testimonies are so encouraging. Soon and very soon, people will be reading mine.

God bless you Elisha.


178 Dorosinah 10.21.14 at 5:17 am

You are a blessing from God,thank You a million,May our good lord bless you


179 swithin Bagumira 10.21.14 at 5:21 am

Dear Elisha,I wish to thank you for the prayers you mailed me this week.I also wish to glorify the Holy Spirit for inspiring me to pray and trusting my Lord God. At last,God has finally shed light in my marital life. Prayer and fasting are definetely the lethal weapons to attack the enemy in my marriage.

Go Bless You



180 Bonolo 10.21.14 at 6:01 am

Amen and Amen..Thank you for the prayer bullets.


181 Rejoice 10.21.14 at 6:02 am

My testimony is on the way ………………… Thank you Elisha!


182 Denise 10.21.14 at 6:18 am

Am grateful for these prayers.

I believe the scriptures…why be like the man who look into a mirror then forgets what he looks like. I pray the God of strength will strengthen us to apply His Word, walk in obedience and wisdom.
He will help us!
Holiness all the way!


183 mk 10.21.14 at 6:39 am

I thank God for you, may He continue using you to minister to us/me. Thanks for the prayer bullets.


184 Ninsiima 10.21.14 at 6:41 am

Thank you man of God for your pray hope to come back with a big testimony this time.


185 Buzie 10.21.14 at 6:51 am

Thank you so much pastor ELISHA the devil is a bully,on sunday my phone where i nomally recieve my emails went off and ever since it has not working and i was so shuttered that i wont be participating in this programme! Fortunately i got a small fon that i can hardly see words,as i was browsing through i saw mail and decided to sign in to my account it went through and my heart leaped for joy when i saw 1000 prayers for singles,i then started writing them down! Im greatful to God and to you Elisha you are my mentorand i love you with the love of God! You are really God sent May God shower you with blessings.


186 sibo 10.21.14 at 6:53 am

Thank you man of God. These have come at the right time for me, i will be giving testimonies too to shame the devil because he has been shaming my life left, right and centre because l have allowed him to. But from today I say enough is enough, these prayers are going to turn the tables around and will end the year with a big bang, watch out for my testimonies.
sibo´s last [type] ..9 Prayers for September


187 sharon ingoshe 10.21.14 at 7:00 am


Sharon ingoshe


188 SHELLY 10.21.14 at 8:29 am

I am so blessed thank you may the favor of God be ahead of you always.



189 A.W.K 10.21.14 at 8:47 am

Bro Elisha
Hi, I really thank God for you. Can’t wait for the day I will finally get to see you face to face, whether here on earth or in eternity. My life has changed tremendously for the better because of your obedience…….THANK YOU, may the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY always shine HIS Face upon you and your family and the Fire Spring Ministry.



190 RN 10.21.14 at 8:47 am

Thank u Elisha, may God richly bless u for your empowerment through teachings and targeted prayer points. This is my season to my marital breakthrough and my testimony is on the way.


191 Naa 10.21.14 at 8:48 am

Dear Man of God,
I thank God transforming my life by the prayer academy. My life has never be the same since I joined and I have been a blessing to many that come across me. My God hasn’t finished with me yet, and He will continue to take me to where He want me to be.
God bless you for allowing yourself to be used by God.


192 joyce 10.21.14 at 9:36 am

thank you Brother Elisha for teaching me how to pray i was really poor in this.

God bless you abundantly


193 Kyaple 10.21.14 at 10:02 am

Thank you very much Man of God, You promised and you’ve done it.

May God mutilpies his blessisng and grâce unto your ministry and your family.


194 wambui 10.21.14 at 10:06 am

truly truly, you are a Godsend person to many of us. I was waiting for these prayers and here they are. I thank you for all the effort that you put in helping us. May God bless you abundantly.


195 Tabitha 10.21.14 at 10:25 am

Am so touched that am receiving this from you, thank you so much.May God reward you 1000 times once again thank you.
Bless you:


196 Jabu 10.21.14 at 11:08 am

I thank God for Elisha , I have started these prayers , with an Esther ‘s fast .Iam receing a breakthrough by faith in Jesus name


197 HARRIET 10.21.14 at 11:09 am

This time God has to change my story, am bidding farewell to spinsterhood. Thank you Elisha for the prayer bullets.


198 Queen 10.21.14 at 11:31 am

Thank you so much Elisha for sending the prayer bullets to everybody.
May the Almighty God protect and guide everybody in your Ministry.
I have testified before, I will the next testify again. Remain blessed.


199 M.D 10.21.14 at 11:50 am

TO God be the glory! Thank you Elisha. i am really humbled and have determined in my heart to follow everything you direct me to do. My testimony is at hand, and I am willing to battle it out in prayer as God shapes me and my future in him and in marriage. May God bless you and may he grant you all the desires of your heart. I am already in day 1 of the Esther fast and God will see me through. Amen!


200 ADE 10.21.14 at 12:04 pm

Thanks for love expressed by providing this prayers. May God keep you and uphold your ministry. I believe others and mine testimonies of our merciful and unfailing God will come by this.AMEN.


201 cs 10.21.14 at 2:51 pm

Thank you Elisha. I have decided and determined in my heart, mind and soul to act accordingly as you direct to complete and accomplish much through these prayers in Jesus name. Bless you man of God.


202 MM 10.21.14 at 4:39 pm

thank you Lord for connecting me with this website. May God bless Elisha and everyone in this site and may God connect all of us to our Godly spouse in Jesus name.


203 oph 10.21.14 at 5:55 pm

Many thanks man of God for you will surely reap what you sow (said as in good obviously, amen!) Praise the Lord.

Father let each and every satanic and demonic power of darkness and hell that rises up in judgment against Fire Springs Ministries, including their partners, friends and students, even globally, receive their sloth and wrath back, worse, 100 000 000 times worse followed by tons and tons of brimstone and fire, from end to end, side to side and top to bottom, I pray Thee in JESUS glorious name.

Thank you Father for answering my prayer.


204 Elizabeth 10.21.14 at 6:07 pm

Thank you so much elisha for empowering us with these bullets. May the Almighty God bless your efforts and yo generations to come.


205 Masego 10.21.14 at 7:11 pm

Thank you Elisha for the prayer points,may God continue to bless and your family
I am so excited and I believe I will have a testimony before end of year.


206 sara imbwaga 10.21.14 at 8:15 pm

Thankyoun sir for your continued concern over my life.I am coming out by fire in Jesus Name.


207 salama 10.22.14 at 3:08 am

Man of God Elisha, started the day one prayers, I had a dream in which my grandmother,martenal who died 10 years ago was appearing sick and bedridden,on the verge of dying and I was there watching helplessly as my mum strruggled to remove the life support gadget. Then my m asked me who was to offer
Me to marriage if my grandmother died. What does this mean?


Yoza Reply:

Hi Salama,

I hope you have cancelled the dream immediately when you woke up….
“I cancel that negative dream I just had about ___ (fill in the blanks) in the name of Jesus. I decree that it shall NOT manifest in the physical in Jesus’ name. I release the fire of God on every satanic actor in that dream. I plead the blood of Jesus and I hold up the banner of victory in Christ Jesus. Let the angels of the LORD go on a “search and destroy” mission in the land of the living and of the dead … to destroy every power, spirit, personality, device, or animal programmed to attack me in the dream. Henceforth, let nothing trouble me in the dream for I bear on my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

Father, in the name of Jesus, I reverse the effect of the negative dreams I had ten years ago. Any negative effect should be completely cancelled by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

You can also pray this prayer bullet until you see a change: “My ancestors from my mother and father side, you know that I love you and I’m grateful that you did your best for me. However, I now realize there are things you handed down to me which I don’t want and I don’t need.
I am now a child of GOD and I operate under the divine covenant of abundance and prosperity, I solemnly reject – delayed marriage, life complications, lack, poverty, debt, divorce, sicknesses etc. and I am giving them back to you now, in Jesus’ name.”


jkagu Reply:

This is the prayer l have wanted in a long time.. ancestors are a among the most tormenting and harassing demons of my life in my dreams. My late father was my best friend but since he died he appears in my dreams and all the frustration and poverty will come back … huh gosh..


208 Juliet 10.22.14 at 4:07 am

Thank you very much Elisha. These prayer and fasting works. By Fire, by Force I must get married and without compromising!


209 GWN 10.22.14 at 6:28 am

Thank you Elisha. Unfortunately i couldn’t start this Tuesday the prayers. But i will begin on the 28th due to internet connectivity. I hope its never to late.


210 g 10.22.14 at 7:00 am

Thank you very much Elisha. I belive with this prayers my life has to change this year and Amen Amen ten times


211 CHRISTINA 10.22.14 at 10:02 am

With these 7days prayers something New is Going to HAPPEN in JESUS’ NAME.


212 Wendy 10.22.14 at 10:17 am

May God Bless You Elisha. I pray that God will deliver me from the struggles I have in my life.


213 sheila 10.22.14 at 12:44 pm

Thank you man of God.I have printed several coppies of the prayers to my friends who cannot access the internet and i trust god that it shall be well with all of us.GOD blessyou ABUDANTLY.


214 humbled 10.22.14 at 3:29 pm

Oh my goodness! These D3 prayers are meant for me and reading my life. Looking forward to midnight hour in 90 mins!


215 faith 10.22.14 at 5:41 pm

Thanks for the prayer bullets,my hope and faith for my marital breakthrough is revived , my environment is saturated with victory breeze.
Faith M.


216 Sandra 10.22.14 at 5:46 pm

Thank soooo much Mr.Gooman for these prayers. With these W.M.Ds The devil is gonna face it rough! He’s already trembling, for he knows by force by power am taking back what belongs to me. May God bless you abundantly pastor Elai.


Doreen Reply:

Thank you Man of God that you have sent us these prayers. They are good food to the spirit as well as soul, they heal a broken heart and gives hope without fail.

God bless you and your family, Elisha Goodman.


217 Barb 10.23.14 at 12:42 am

Thank you Elisha & your ministry. I feel breakthrough coming.


218 Carol 10.23.14 at 3:22 am

May the Lord God bless you until the blessed say you are blessed.
Thank you very much Brother Elisha.
I love you, in Jesus name.


219 Joel 10.23.14 at 4:27 am

Hi Elisha and all the prayer warriors here,

On day 2 of prayers, i have had a strange dream of dogs trying to maul me. I fought them off alone by hitting them onto door outside our home. While I was smashing them onto the door, i was calling out for help but no one came but after I was through with them, that is when my parents came to the door to open it for me then i asked them if they had heard the commotion outside; i do not remember their answer. My life is at a stage where nothing i try is working at all, i end up frustrated and this has nearly messed up my relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. I need your help to discern and understand this dream as I can’t ignore my dreams right now. I will appreciate your feedback. May God bless you all.


Yoza Reply:

Hi Joel,
Please pray like this: “I cancel that negative dream I just had about ___ (fill in the blanks) in the name of Jesus. I decree that it shall NOT manifest in the physical in Jesus’ name. I release the fire of God on every satanic actor in that dream. I plead the blood of Jesus and I hold up the banner of victory in Christ Jesus. Let the angels of the LORD go on a “search and destroy” mission in the land of the living and of the dead … to destroy every power, spirit, personality, device, or animal programmed to attack me in the dream. Henceforth, let nothing trouble me in the dream for I bear on my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

Father, in the name of Jesus, I reverse the effect of the negative dreams I had ten years ago. Any negative effect should be completely cancelled by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Please buy the dream code so that you can learn more about the dreams and their meaning.
According to the book, dogs represent sexual demons and if they bite you
in the dream, they will introduce the demons of lust and sexual
perversion into your life. The power of the dog will cause you to fornicate easily….

God Bless.


220 Naturonda Jennipher 10.23.14 at 10:48 am

Praise the Living God Mr. Elisha. I am blessed to have these prayer points I know that God will answer my prayers, even before the end of 07 days.
May our Good Lord bless you Mr. Elisha and give you what your heart desires. Amen!!!


221 Matshidisho 10.23.14 at 1:35 pm

Haleluja. i am also in. i am starting with the Ester fast tomorrow and i take it from there. Yoo i also want to tap in the blessing.
Thank you.


Dorah Reply:

Hello Matshidiso

Where are you from, its nice to see people of S.A names, im from Soweto


222 nnamdi 10.23.14 at 1:47 pm

I’m so glad to recieve these prayer points . Thanks so much and God bless you, Sir.


223 E.A 10.23.14 at 1:53 pm

thank you so much for your consideration sir God continue to bless you


224 Tracy 10.23.14 at 2:21 pm

MOG be blessed
This time the devil have lost the battle,I’m getting, married whether the devil likes it or not! God has the final say in my life.


225 gmb 10.23.14 at 2:44 pm

Today was my last day of the esther fast. Im praying together with dr jane’s prayers fr a job. im believing God for a new job and a godly spouse. Praise be to the
living God.


226 jkoreh 10.23.14 at 6:44 pm

If we say that we have no sin,
we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. – 1 John 1:8 Remember: Prayer is the hammer that drives the word of God into our spirit These prayers will make a great difference to those whose lives are fully surrendered to
the lordship of Jesus Christ.
SIR,ELISHA GOODMAN,There the absolute truth.We beleive and glorify theName Jesus always


227 STELLAH 10.24.14 at 12:49 am

Thank you for the prayer points you have been sending me…..i have surely changed my prayer life and the will of God is beginning to manifest in my life……..very soon, and i mean very soon i will be sharing my testimonies with you…… breakthrough is near by, all thanx to your free prayer points you have been sending me.

Stellah Maris


joy Reply:


Feel free to download more prayer bullets from the link below.

God bless you


228 Liz 10.24.14 at 2:34 am

Thanks Elisha, I know i have never registered for any of the Prayer Programs but i take time to read your emails and use some of the prayer points. I keep praying for strength to do mid night prayers and go through fasting as you advice. May that day is coming soon. God Bless you for the great work you are doing for Him.


joy Reply:


O Lord, break me, remold me and fill me with your power for exploits in Jesus’ name.
O Lord, inflame my heart with love and passion for you in Jesus’ name.
Father, help me to be addicted to your Word every day in Jesus’ name.
O Lord, fill me afresh with your Spirit day by day in Jesus’ name.
O Lord, help me to crucify my flesh in the name of Jesus Christ.
O Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me in Jesus’ name.
O Lord, make a way for me where there seems to be no way in Jesus’ name.
Lord, deliver me from spiritual ignorance in the name of Jesus.
My prayers shall attract divine attention in the name of Jesus.
Lord, release your anointing of prayer upon my life in the name of Jesus.
Lord, let there be a restoration of all that I’ve lost at the midnight hour, in the name of Jesus.
Every barricade of darkness fashioned against my progress, be melted by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.
Every satanic information circulating in the spirit realm against my life, be dissolved by fire in the name of Jesus.
Any area of my life still vulnerable to satanic attacks, be covered by the blood of Jesus.'s_Youtube_channel_(ppt_with_sound).pptx



229 Sister N 10.24.14 at 2:54 am

Good Morning

I have been using the prayer bullets for singles,and met a man who on his way to come see me got involved in an accident and three people died.He was discharged from hospital and going back there because he is not well.I am still continuing with the prayers,and also praying for his full recovery.i know there is a spirit of delay because i even saw it in my dream.


230 LG 10.24.14 at 3:01 am

Dear Elisha
I thank God for using you to teach about prayer and much more. I begun the above 7 day prayer points. Yesterday was my third day and I had a dream of me and a colleague going to a club and drinking alcohol and my colleague to secular music which I did not like but I was just there. I am born again, so is my colleague who introduced me to your website.I need to find out what the dream means. What prayer can I use to unlock the secrets and revelations in my dreams?


231 Shirley Mguli 10.24.14 at 3:33 am

Thank you Elisha for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. Appreciate the prep prayer bullets! God bless you!


232 MS 10.24.14 at 3:45 am

All the best Mpho and congratulations.

My advice to you and the rest of us women is that it is the woman who holds the key to your own body and no man no mata what can have access unless the key is handed to him at will as he cant scare you with dumping you because the best is yet to come – its not him.

As the other sista said, dont waste time with those who want to “partake of you” like eating food without praying.

To God be all the Glory for the Man of God and entire Ministry members.


233 lunji 10.24.14 at 3:58 am

Today is my last day of ester fasting believing God will answer my prayers.


234 Esther 10.24.14 at 4:25 am

Thank you so much man of God, Be blessed forever.


235 Aileen 10.24.14 at 5:13 am

thanks Elisha…God bless you abundantly for what you’re doing. i have a question how do you tell someone you’ve dating and even planned marriage that he is not the one?


236 elizabeth 10.24.14 at 5:14 am

Dear Elisha Goodman
Thank you very much for this!

I will share this with my friends for sure!

This is also for your workers,thank you!

I also wanted to share thanks for the first set of prayers you gave 21 days for the Singles and this set,that we now have in response to our issues.

Thank you and God bless you!



237 Dorah 10.24.14 at 5:51 am

To god be the Glory
May God continue to use you in helping his people, May he bless you abundantly, may you live forever like Jesus did. I am so thankful to be directed to your website, i wish sometimes i can know you personally.

God bless you
Dorah (South Africa)


238 akua 10.24.14 at 6:32 am

Oh how excellent is Your name GOD. i thank God for such a wonderful opportunity to be part of this family. Man of God, you are bless and highly favoured . thanks for you support for help me in my prayer life .


239 brenda 10.24.14 at 6:56 am

May God bless you abundantly,you have really been a blessing to many lives.


240 Joy 10.24.14 at 7:04 am

I am very happy to receive these prayer points, i strongly believe that after this prayer i will come back here to testify what the Lord has done as a result of this spiritual exercise. May God bless you sir.


241 Caroline 10.24.14 at 7:42 am

Dear Elisha,
Thank you for the prayers,The prayer points you send to me have done wonders in my life and I believe in God for God spouse after this Seven days preparatory prayers.
Thanks for the role you have played in my life,may almighty God bless you.

Thank you.


242 p.c 10.24.14 at 8:07 am

Dear Elisha
even though i have not been located yet by my husband, but i just want to thank God and you for you have helped to change many things in my life spiritual and physically.
I give God all the glory for your life may he keep increasing you,give you long life and protection over your family, all the blessing of Abraham. Am still inching to the deep to catch my fish.

in Jesus name amen


243 Evelyn 10.24.14 at 8:21 am

Thank you


244 Nokuthula 10.24.14 at 8:47 am

Man of God thank you very much for the prayers. On day 3 i had a dream that my partner, who left 2 months, back was back at my house and i was scrolling through his phone when i came across some correspondance with other women. When he saw me do that and stood up from where he had been sitting and said he was leaving. I then blocked his path asking him why he was always hurting me but he never replied. I had another dream earlie this month in which his latest girlfriend was showing me pictures on her mobile, of him naked & she was telling me that they use him to sleep with alot of people. I then went on to beat up this woman and break her mobile. Although im confused by these dreams and want to know the meaning, i know God’s will shall prevail in the end

Glory be to God


245 Patrollet 10.24.14 at 9:26 am

Thank u man of God for teaching us and warning us abt sin. Before year end this year i,ll gv a testimony. This is my year. God bless u Elisha.


246 jabok 10.24.14 at 10:34 am

TO God be the glory, thank you Elisha. I am humbled and determined in my heart to follow everything you direct me to do despite the attacks l get. I am want to waite on the Lord the last three days starting midnight and trust My testimony is at hand. May God grant me all the desires of my heart. God bless you and your family abundantly for revealing the revelations God gives you. Amen


247 Ms J 10.24.14 at 4:55 pm

Elisha, God bless you so much and thank you, thank you , thank you for remembering us.


248 Diane 10.24.14 at 8:51 pm

Thank you brother Elisha!


249 mide 10.25.14 at 12:51 am

Thank you so much for this prayers bullet.
I had a dream that i was taking an exam in a classroom but i couldn’t remember the answer to the test questions and i had to look over the guy that was sitting next to me for his answers. I didn’t submit my test papers in my dream to the teacher. Then i woke up. Can somebody please interpret my dream.


joy Reply:


Please get Dream Code ebook from Elisha. Explanation and prayer bullets are provided inside the ebook (you need to purchase the ebook).

For free prayer bullets related to dreams, you can use the one from the links below.

God bless you


250 Princess 10.25.14 at 2:53 am

Dear man of GOD, bless you.
I need GODS interventions in my entire life


251 pamela 10.25.14 at 4:48 am



252 Nshemereirwe Jennifer 10.25.14 at 8:25 am

Thank you man of God for being a blessing to many. our God whom we serve will surely reward you.


253 FLORENCE 10.25.14 at 2:32 pm

Thank you Elisha. I’m getting stronger with the prayers. I started with Easther’s fast and only 2days to go. God bless you. Everything is coming into place. Wait for my testimony soon.


254 Rosy 10.25.14 at 4:13 pm

How can I get the 1000 prayer point


255 R N 10.26.14 at 2:52 am

Hmmmm, thank you Elisha for the prayers. I wasn’t sure when to start the prayers but I got a strong conviction to start on Friday with the Esther fast. Which I did. Now we usually go for overnight prayers every Friday night. So that very Friday as we were on the way to church, our car was involved in an accident and it was hit at the rear destroying the bumper and back light! One thing I asked my brother and his fiancée to do was to remain calm. Which we did. The lady tried all sorts of words to make us angry but we remained calm and finally agreed that we exchange the cars and they take ours for repair as we use theirs! We got our car back yesterday. Glory to God. That was day 1

Day 2 Saturday,
Early in the morning I receive a call from my mum complaining of a severe headache and pain in the leg which started at 3am! Now this was 6:45am and it hadn’t gone down! She told me her blood pressure was low. She asked me to pray for her and I went into prayer using the prayers to cancel sickness that you had sent earlier!
Elisha am telling you that by 10am, my mum’s blood pressure had gone back to normal and she was already in town working!!!!!
Isn’t that God!!
Today’s my 3rd day into the Esther fast and I can assure you my break through is on the way! I can’t wait my dear. May the Good Lord continue using you!.


256 catherine 10.26.14 at 12:37 pm

hi elisha,thank u for your prayers.i am a single lady 30 years of age.i have a four year old daughter.i broke up with my husband when my baby was 10months old.we had done a traditional introductions at home and we stayed together.currently i have been praying for a godly spouse and i wonder what is a heart is bleeding and the men i meet are married.ive turned them down..pls elisha i need your help.kindly get in touch with me through my personal email.

Thank you
God bless.


257 IRENE 10.26.14 at 1:47 pm

Dear Elisha,
May the Almighty God bless you for being the instrument of God and saving so many lives. when i came to your website, i had just had another devastating breakup with my ex-fiancee. I was always engaged and preparing for marriage but never got married. I had a long list of broken relationships and abandonment and being jilted at the last minute. I was still unmarried at 41.

But after i did the prayer academy, the 21days single programme and the 11 days Golden journey programme that took place from january to April 2014, my GOD ORDAINED SPOUSE came and we wedded on 22nd and 26th July, 2014.

Indeed it was the awesome work of God. God really answers targeted prayers.
Elisha, you guided me through out the programme. you encouraged me and many others. God bless Firespring ministries.
God bless Elisha


258 TebogoM 10.26.14 at 6:59 pm

Praise be to God,Almighty!
Elisha,man of God,thank you
so much for opening our eyes,
and to be strong in prayers.
My whole life has changed for
the better.I have read about the good
things God is doing to others,and
I know that my testimony is on the way.
I am a widower and believe that my Godly
spouse is not far in the Mighty name of Jesus!


259 lyn 10.26.14 at 7:33 pm

Thank you for allowing God to use you. l thank God for these prayer bullets.l am patiently waiting because l know with God everything is possible.


260 Vivian 10.27.14 at 1:05 am

Revenge Elisha, May God richly bless you for the wonderful work you are doing for God and mankind. Amen. Vivian


261 Taderera 10.27.14 at 7:48 am

She is a single who is willing to take up prayers on singles prayers


262 Sheila 10.27.14 at 9:25 am

Thank you Dear God for your amazing love for us that deliver us from the evil one. Elisha these prayer bullets are trully Annointed, I am so happy for God to have directed me to you. To Elisha and the all of Fire Spring Ministry May the Annointing of the Living God be poured on you today and always till the last day on this earth.
Since February 2013 When God showed me this website, I only have had good testimonies, Deliverance, how these prayer bullets really perform is AMAZING.

I have had contact reconnected with the Father of my children, ex husband after 10 years of lost contact.
I am now at UNIVERSITY Only by HIS GRACE because I dnt even have all qualifications to do a degree.

Thank you Lord and Thank you Elisha

God Bless you Man of God!!


263 Sheila 10.27.14 at 9:36 am

The Biggest Miracle is yet to come because I have been attacked for all my life in my love life. But I know That God is deliverying me and Preparing my Godly ordained husband and this Breakthrough is the door for the all others.

Elisha I found your site after having a beautiful dream involving a Castle, a pure water of shallow River which Im sure it represented the Holly Spirit taking me.. to know your prayers. ONE DAY the day of my Miracle Breakthrough I will reveal my dream to everyone. but because of this dream I went to look for Christian meaning for dreams and I Found YOUR website.




264 Rodah Marume 10.27.14 at 11:51 am

Thank you Elisha for the prayer. I am going to come back
With my testimony sooner


265 O.S 10.27.14 at 3:48 pm

Hello! Elisha Goodman. I want to say thank you very much for doing this for us. I am a single mom going on to be fifty in a few years, I have never been married and I want to get married. I had guy that used me because I was looking for love. I have waited long enough at present their is someone who I met. I dont know if he is the right one so I want to seek God on this and your prayers will do the job in the name of Jesus. I am late because I got it late I am starting tomorrow I hope it wont be a problem I am doing it late or not. I cant wait for the other 1000 prayers. All I want to say thank you very much God bless you and your team in Jesus name. Amen. THANK YOU.


266 dimakatso 10.27.14 at 5:01 pm

I thank you elisha. May the good Lord bless you abundantly. Much appreciation for the 100 prayers. Surely my God of the suddenlies will arise and intervene suddenly in my life in the name of Jesus. I believe. Amen.


267 Nancy 10.27.14 at 5:11 pm

Am just on day 6 and God has already revealed to me the evil around me that has caused me so much pain. What a powerful prayer


268 amanda 10.27.14 at 11:07 pm

thank you so much man of God,may God continue to richly bless you for all that you have done for us.stay blessed.


269 Linda 10.28.14 at 1:31 pm

I’m so looking foward to the prayers since I have a partner who poses a lot of good God fearing . but we seem to have a fight always and I m so praying toGod to show me if he is the one for me. I m expecting great change..
thank u Elisha


270 Miss L 10.28.14 at 10:26 pm

I did this. Just completed day 7.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for leading me to Elisha!


271 Azy 10.29.14 at 8:39 am



272 neni 10.31.14 at 10:06 am

Thank you man of God , pastor Elisha! Its a blessing to have someone like you in the Kingdom of God who got the single ones at heart. May the God of Israel bless you richly and increase you with more wisdom !


273 esther 11.01.14 at 9:20 pm

I have finished my prayers today, cos.I seen them late ,BT I believe it my year.and.God is going to answer my prayer, thank u man of God,for allowing God to use u in such a way,


274 gnjenga 11.01.14 at 10:55 pm

Well said. Thx Kristy the Bible say when we know the truth we shall be set free.God bless you.


275 Milly 11.02.14 at 6:23 pm

Man of God Elisha,
Jehovah God richly bless you & all the labourers in your ministry. Only on the day of His coming will you fully understand and the many lives God touched through you.




276 Jacqueline 11.02.14 at 6:37 pm

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers in Jesus name. Thank you Elisha for empowering me to possess what is rightfully mine in the land of the living. May the G
od almighty continue to use you in a mighty way.


277 Paulinah 11.04.14 at 10:57 pm

Greetings to Pastor Elisha and members in Fire Ministry in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus..I would like to give praises to God about this ministry by Elisha Goodman about the hand of God moving in my life daily since i have join this website 2 months ago:( September 2014)..I am also experiencing de attacks from Spiritual counterattacks which is against my life as a result of this program,and this spirits using my family where i live to be against me and my midnight prayers says this program is Ocult or Satanism and the worse part this people call themselves born again christian..Anyway there is always prayer bullet coming in my mail to fight de spirit back not human and i pray n full of hope dat i am gona soon before end of this year 2014 i am gona testify n reap de fruits of my midnight prayers that they critisize, with de free bullets prayer points i always receive i already had a testimony with this bullet came two days ago to my mail says, “O LORD, SHOW ME WHAT IS HIDDEN CONCERNING MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME.” I have fired this bullet about 25 minutes midnight with holy desparation in my heart yearning to God to see and feeling what the others see n feel that bring them back here to testify.Our God is good within the next day when i wake he reveal himself to me..I have discern that my godly spouse( husband to be) he kept a very serious issue a secret from me,this month of October he was been bit distance from me and keep wondering whats going on and when i ask him he never open up but he just said he is spending much time in prayer for our financial issues for our wedding plans,visa etc because he is from outside my Country…To cut story short we are both born again christian and we met early March this year 2014 just after preparing our wedding journey de devil dried up our finances,the was stagnancy in our wedding plans was suppose to happen in August, i started to runaround on de website then i met Fire ministry for breakthrough.. We had to re-arrange our wedding for December this year and i told him about this website to pray together for breakthrough which was during September then i was sharing every prayer bullet for finances which i received from Elisha.Unconciously de devil started to fighting us but i pushed in prayers n he was also praying and visiting dis website sharing de good news but there was some bitterness planting by devil,anyway there come the email in my email box from Elisha says there is 100 preparatory godly spouse prayers it was on the 18 October last month,then i said to my partner can we pray together by joining this free 100 prayers point program sodat God can reveal more about our relationship,he agreed to pray but i had this feeling something is not right….we prayed away from each ada,calling each ada n sending email prayers midnight until end..We love each ada for real marriage but i was so disapointed knowing yesteday he was doing prayers in hospital he had an xcident corla broke,he kept it secret from me


278 Paulinah 11.04.14 at 11:29 pm

Adding to my long story testimony,after firing the bullet O LORD SHOW ME WHAT IS HIDDEN CONCERNING MY LIFE”, Then yesterday after some bad dreams in my dreams and not relaxed in our relationship even after we prayed 100 free with my partner i had discern from God something is not right..I decide to ask him are are u realy sure about our love life and our future because u not talking much this days to me? then he said to me Pauline just after we join de prayer program praying de devil attacked, i had an accident on the 2nd of October my Corla bone is broken and i kept it secret bcos i was scared u might get sad and live me to go found another man,anyway i am still in hospital but praying every financial and our marriage prayer bullet,he said i love u and we will overcome every attacks from de enemy…I prayed to find a way to forgive him for hidding this tragedy from me..Devil is a liar bcos our God is good n nothing cant be reveal by him…Now we praying the Healing bullet but he says he is much better..I remember in some point elisha sent me a Cover prayer point from Passion Book and recomend me to pray against terrorists but i did’nt focus much on this Cover prayer now i am hurting my wedding have to prospone for next year until my partner get healed his Corla bone from terrorists….I have learn the leson to take every prayer bullet seriously sended to me…I thank God fo revealing/forgiveness and solutions now i have peace of mind..Thank u Elisha n looking forward to join the academy with my new family soon….


279 NK 11.05.14 at 3:14 pm

I paid for the 1000 prayers singles program on Saturday 1 November 2014, I’ve received no response and the prayers are about to start. Please help.


280 Jennifer 11.19.14 at 9:13 am

May God bless you and renew you man of God!!
Thank you for the guidance, wisdom, prayer points.
You always stirr me up to pray and stay on the watch
so as to obtain God’s will for my life. We truly need to stay connected with the Holy Spirit, take heed the warnings and stay aware of the direction He would want us to take.
Am expectant. God bless you abundantly once again.


281 nqobile 11.23.14 at 2:29 pm

I greet you all in the mighty name of Jesus..After a long struggle i finally managed to join the singles program and im so excited..however due to an intense week of exams at my school i realised i could not give the prayers for the first week my full attention and thus i decided to start today after having understood the PDF that accompanies the first set of prayers. i wanted to ask if this is going to be a problem since others are on their second week already? Should i try to catch up or go at the normal pace?PLEASE HELP bretherens before i make a mistake…thank you and God bless..


SK Reply:


You can start praying those prayer bullets, fire those prayer bullets day and night.
Remember, you need to fire each prayer bullets 2-5 minutes each.

If there are 40 prayer bullets for 1 lesson, you can do the best you can during midnight hours. If you can finish all in 1 lesson, that is good. If not, you can also divide the lesson. For example, 20 during midnight, 20 during day time. It is fine. Remember to follow the same procedure, always start with praise and worship. Then pray. End with thanksgiving / praise and worship again.

Follow the leading from Holy Spirit. Even if you already pray those prayer bullets during midnight, you can still repeat praying those prayer bullets during day time. No right or wrong here.

If you have the time and manage to catch up, that is fine. If not, that is also fine. Just remember that you need to focus when praying each prayer bullets, no rushing. You can pray as many times as you wish in one day. There is no limit to prayer time. The more time you spent for praying, the better. Also, remember on the following:
- Holy living
- Read your bible every day

Download this file for reference:

God bless you


nqobile Reply:

thank you so much for the advice , it is greatly appreciated. I have managed to pray most of the prayers so far and on some days I do more than 1 set of prayers. I pray God gives me the strength to power through the rest of the program. I cant wait to give a testimony of my own soon…. thank you so much for clarifying things for me

God bless


282 Martin 11.25.14 at 7:16 am


I thank the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I started my own prep prayers with some fasting. Lo and behold, God answered me within 3days and gave me the spouse of my own.

I have a great and deep satisfaction and confirmation from God concerning this, and He is already making provisions for dowry and wedding this February, to the glory of God.

I return all the glory to God.


283 Pst. GK 12.18.14 at 2:08 am

Thank you prophet of God, you are a gold in the body of Christ. Stay blessed.
Pst. GK


284 Matshidiso 01.21.15 at 8:24 am

Thank you so much Elisha, may God continue to bless you in Jesus name


285 Celine 06.14.15 at 3:25 pm

Thank you man of God for thts prayers


286 mulandac 06.22.15 at 5:17 am

when is the next programme for 1000 prayers for singles.i wanna join?


287 echeche onuh 12.22.15 at 9:20 pm

How do I subscribe to this??when is the next session set to begin


288 Rumbidzai 02.19.16 at 4:58 am

good day

i would like to join the prayer academy specifically for singles

How do i go about this

regards ,


289 nsongela mwitanti 04.29.16 at 2:34 pm

I dont know how to thank God for leading me directly to these prayer points I know its not by accident. I cant afford prayer academy at the moment and i have just been wondering how am going to pray for my marital life. I decided to start a prayer and fasting program for 21 days so i just typed on google to search for some help and on the search resukts i found this. am so happy and i know the victory is mine in jesus name. see you soon for my big testimony, May God richly bless you for teaching us how to stand on the word of God and trust in him to make all things work out for us.


290 Tumarshal C. Adkins 12.26.16 at 5:34 pm

Man of God and Coach.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to you and the Firesprings Family.

I am elated with my testimonies. These bullet prayers are so awesome. I prayed for a lady at the Nursing Home who was waiting for an inheritance from her mother’s death. These prayers started showing her husband for what he is. I gave her the monthly prayers from August through November. Her husband became very abusive toward her and her daughter. She said that her dreams were where she had died. We prayed against it. She said the moment she decided to leave him the door opened for her within 10 minutes after she left she got $10,000 dollars she had been waiting on.

The moment I was shown who was my enemy masquerading as a friend. The moment I decided to put her out of my life the door that was closed for me and my husband couldn’t get together. The witchcraft was exposed to keep us apart. We are together now. Praise God.


291 Tumarshal Adkins 01.24.17 at 11:27 pm

Dear Man of God and Firesprings Ministries Family. I would like to thank you one and all. Let’s see Man Of God if this is the first testimony of its kind.

I have been trying to join every program and get on the 24 hours blog since I finished the Prayer Academy to no avail . I have put in my users name and every possible password I have ever used still being given access. I have been sent forgotten password here you can change it to no avail. Am I discourage “NO.” Am I disappointed “No.” Am I frustrated my answer is still “NO.” You ask how come because I sure am. It’s because of one of my affirmation or confession I say. “I release myself from the power of discouragement, frustration and disappointments because today marks the end of a sad, depressing past and the beginning of a prosperous, debt-free, depression-free, disease-free, drama-free, drug-free, doubt-free future.

So, I texted my spiritual daughter in Hawaii and asked her to please give me my username that she signed me up under so I could get into the 24 hours blog because I am excited about defeating the enemies of my Lord and saviour. Well she texted me today and said, “Hmmmmmmm, momma I don’t ever recall registering you for the Prayer Academy.” I told her yes you did because I distinctly recalled receiving an email from you letting me know that you had signed me up for the Prayer Academy. You were living at the YMCA and you were giving the prayer bullets to all the ladies and men’s God brought across your path. She responded again momma it wasn’t me. I remember sharing the prayers with her & the people on Facebook.

Someone enlightened me and tell me who it was. Smiles and blessings to all.

Prayer Eagle Tumarshal.


292 betty chandra 03.25.18 at 9:26 pm

Thank you for doing God’s work ! Praise be God forever.


293 Elizabeth NYANJAU 10.15.18 at 10:10 am

I want to join this platform. Am current a single mum of two kids from different from fathers, I want my story to change like I have read in many testimonies.


294 EDWARD 10.24.18 at 9:59 pm

Dear Elisha,/Eagles

The other day i tried to sign in the platinum Edition 2018 using my credit card.

Undfortunately there was no KENYA in the drp down selection button .To this end am still unable to do so.

Kindly help,i want to do so before am late



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