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1 collins 09.13.09 at 9:42 pm

May God bless you abundantly as you labour in his field,Cavarly love Collins


2 hannah 09.14.09 at 12:55 am

Dear brother

praise the lord

please pray for my family

sis. hannah


3 letsema Motswagole 09.14.09 at 2:00 am

Please help i am unable to view the video. What steps should i take
to activate it. I reallly wan t to be part of this progaram.


4 Yvonne Maoba 09.14.09 at 3:10 am

please pray that Phineas Tshidi Matlala come to accept and know Christ as his Lord and saviour of his life and Eunice Matshidiso Maoba.I know that nothing is impossible with God.Be Blessed.thanks.


5 catherine 09.14.09 at 3:14 am

im so happy about the prayer bullets i have already send them to m friends they really help me a lot.and im still praying my 40 points.i pray them last year and they did help cause i end up buying a car.i m so happy Elisha you are the messenger from god to come and help the lost sheep

im so happy happy



6 Kevin 09.14.09 at 3:44 am

Daily prayer bullets are not being sent . I receive one every Monday . So that is weekly bullets ., Further I would also like to know how to practice an Esther fast . My first Email to Elisha was regarding this Fast , but received no answer . Will one of you answer , If it is a case that Elisha Goodman is very very Busy.



7 Gee, Johannesburg 09.14.09 at 4:32 am

Dear Brother Elisha,

May the Lord keep blessing you and May he keep you in the Pal of his hand. Since I have known your Website I have become a good christian. I now understand God’s Works much better. Please help me pray for my husband – the good lord blessed him with a business venture and now we are unable to raise the money required to buy the business off. Please help me with the correct prayer bullets that I can use for the loan.


8 Gee, Johannesburg 09.14.09 at 4:33 am

May the Lord keep blessing you and May he keep you in the Palm of his hand. Since I have known your Website I have become a good christian. I can now understand God’s Works much better. Please help me pray for my husband – the good lord blessed him with a business venture and now we are unable to raise the money required to buy the business off. Please help me with the correct prayer bullets that I can use for the loan.


9 Rosemary 09.14.09 at 5:02 am

Praise God am so blessed by this site i’ve introduced my friends and she being blessed. Please Help, I want ot join Prayer aceademy i’ve tried to enroll several time but in vain please assist.


10 JULIET TIMBENAWO 09.14.09 at 5:19 am

I have the desire and affection of reading and using these books of prayers because i am in very need of prayers since my situation requires hot prayers.

so Elisha would you kindly send me copies of these prayers through the internet that i may download. because it can take long to reach by surface

your kind response is highly appreciated
remain blessed

yours in the love of God

Juliet Timbenawo


11 naisiae 09.14.09 at 5:42 am

am unable to view the video y? God bless.


12 S'bongani Mathenjwa 09.14.09 at 6:22 am

Hi Elisha
I am so unfortunate that i do not receive the videos you always post to me, maybe it is the settings on my computer. I never watched any of them because they do not show on the screen.
I appreciate all the prayers you post to me via email, you are a blessing to all of us. God bless you.



13 leah 09.14.09 at 6:27 am

You are trully God sent and prepared for such a time like this.Y ou are a blessing and have made a great impact in my prayer life.God indeed bless you mightly.
Please send me the prayer points to attract a Godly spouse i have prayed the foundation prayer but no signs yet.Am believing God for a beautiful wedding this year.I have lived a holy life and i want to bring up a generation that will fear,obey and serve God.Am 33 years and still a virgin Its urgent please


14 catherine wambui 09.14.09 at 7:26 am

i am so blessed with your encouraging words and prayer guideline may God bless yuo very much.
I would like to ask a question on dreams give me direction please


15 Joyce 09.14.09 at 7:27 am

Many thanks to God first n u Elisha. Your prayer bullets have made me to go in deep financial harvest. And have satisfactory life with my family.B lessed dearly.


16 mercy 09.14.09 at 7:34 am

I wish to say I am very grateful to God that I landed on this site miraculously.
I believe my life will never be the same again. I am sharing this sight with as many friends as possible.

May you be greatly blessed
Mercy, KENYA


17 hedrick 09.14.09 at 7:58 am

pliz help me, i m dreaming about very big dog chasing me, in my dreams for two days now. hedrick of zambia.


18 leah 09.14.09 at 8:26 am

You are a blessing to me


19 Valerie 09.14.09 at 8:28 am

How do you get relief from constant attack rrom enemies.


20 Valerie 09.14.09 at 8:30 am

Praise God
My question should have read how to get relief when you are under constant attack from enemies.


21 Fridah 09.14.09 at 8:30 am

Dear Elisha,

I would like to buy your books but I don’t have a visa card to pay online. How else can I purchase. Am in Nairobi, Kenya. Are the books in the local stores? I have tried to enquire but nobody seems to have them.

Our nine year old daughter passed away three months ago and its been devastating for me and my husband. How can we find peace again? I also get dreams especially before bad things happen to my family but I have never been able to pray and turn them around. Even before my daughter got sick and eventually died I had a dream about it. How do I go about it?

Thank you



22 tracey 09.14.09 at 8:40 am

i can’t seem to access your video how can i go about it and please assist me with prayer points to get a better paying job


23 leah 09.14.09 at 8:43 am

Pray for me to get a Godly spouse.


24 catherine 09.14.09 at 8:49 am

im receiving my prayer bullets but i want Esther fasting and how to go about them i started the prayer bullets last week,even this morning i was reading them.should i read them even when i go to sleep or they just for morning only

i thank you Elisha i thank you
praise the lord


25 Elizabeth 09.14.09 at 8:55 am

Praise the Lord. God is always so good. A few days back I just made the online payment for the book “prayer of Caleb” and the very next day I began to see the healing power of God work in my life. Just waiting to receive the book.


Neomi Reply:

How do I order the prayer of caleb??


26 Karol Kaiu 09.14.09 at 9:05 am

God is good and his mighty deeds are know to him alone. I thank my Father for the way he uses you to bless me and others, truly you after reading your materials you find exsting things and stuborn things that are stagnat start moving. May the almighty contunie using you mightly and grant unto you more wisdom and knopwledge. Prayer request, stand with me i need financial breakthrough, my sisters college fee and money to top up the balance in buying my blessed car.
God bless


27 leah 09.14.09 at 9:18 am

I want to be a member of the prayer group but i dont have the money to register.Please help advise me on what to do.Thank you and God bless.


28 Faith 09.14.09 at 9:35 am

Praise be to God. Indeed, there’s no other website that gives such powerful prayer points. May the Lord richly bless and keep you going even as we continue learning from the Great and Anointed man/servant of God Elisha.
Bless you.


29 Nicola 09.14.09 at 9:53 am

Please pray for my finance and and my family and for me to get a good job


30 mary 09.14.09 at 9:55 am

Praise the Lord, Elisha, i thanked the Lord for his mercies as i was introduced to this website by my friend, Linda, I stated to pray with Prayer DNA, and joint the prayer Academy, since then i felt as if the heavy burden was taken away, and God’s blessings are yet to be poured in to my life. MY spiritual eyes were open, when i pray i feel that the Lord is going to answer my prayers, i have grown spiritually and i can feel and see that. I had many dreams and according to the dreamcode prayer book i have seen the enermy taking my blessing using my dreams, now i have blocked him from doing so and i hope to recieve many blessings which where blocked by the enermy. I thank the Lord for this great work he is doing through you to reach us, may the Lord, God keep and bless you.


31 anastacia 09.14.09 at 10:04 am

I am sorry but i cant access the video.
God bless you.


32 Rhoda Nyoni 09.14.09 at 10:05 am

I am failing to watch the video, how do i go about it, Rhoda Nyoni.


33 jeena 09.14.09 at 10:11 am

I trust god is directing me in the right path by seeing your site.this is all new informations for me regarding the prayer.Iam an Indian.see how the holy spirit works for me.God is wonderful……….thank you jesus…..
god bless u ………… jeena


34 Rebecca Joseph 09.14.09 at 10:35 am

God is so good to me. everyday He is Blessing me.Praise the Lord


35 Elma Chongo 09.14.09 at 10:49 am

Good day!!
Im failing to watch the video. I have often tried but to no avail. I want to know – I have often tithed out of my monthly salary and I have seen the hand of God in my life. Just last month I was put on contract and will be paid all my benefits from the previous employment. I want to know if I still have to tithe from these benefits and I am asking for your prayers on how to utilise my benefits. I am now on a new salary and I have continued to tithe. To God be the Glory.


36 Sylvia 09.14.09 at 11:25 am

ATT: KEVIN (here is your answer regarding an Easter’s fast – its a copy and past from where he entertain the question)

A Question About The Esther Fast

Could you clarify Esther fasting for me. For example, you ate dinner on Thursday and the next time you will eat or drink will be Saturday night. Or will it be Sunday night?
You start the fast at 12:01 AM Friday July 17th. You continue through Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th… till the afternoon, when you pray your final prayer and break.
That means:
Thursday night/Friday morning – first night
Friday night/Saturday morning – 2nd night
Saturday night/Sunday morning – 3rd night
Sunday is the third day. I usually advise that you pray your final prayer at 12 noon or 3pm Sunday. (Note: The biblical Esther and company may have broken their fast around this time too.)
Then you break like this (VERY IMPORTANT):
1. Warm tea/water . Then wait at least 15 minutes
2. Fruits and water e.g. oranges … wait another 15 minutes or so.
3. Hot beverage and more water. Wait 20 – 30 minutes.
Please drink lots of liquid. You can eat a little solid food after about an hour or two.
1. NEVER DRINK ANYTHING COLD for at least 1 hour after breaking your
fast. Your body needs to adjust… so break gently.
2. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR if you have any medical condition that precludes fasting. Note that your flesh will fight you every step of the way … in a desperate bid to stop you from this breakthrough experience. Please be aware that if you allow your flesh to win, then you have just kissed most of your blessings goodbye!

Be An Overcomer!

Internet’s Prayer Coach


37 chinonso ifekammadu 09.14.09 at 11:31 am

thank u my sister for your help and God bless u.i hard a dream last nite,where i was making love to a woman i dont know in my dream.i also hard another dream long time ago where i was made the president of my country.pls tell me how to overcome the making of love in my dreams.and what to do about the president own.i need your prayers and also some prayers to do so that i can achieve my dreams becos i have love for my country nigeria thanks.waiting for your reply .i am 27 years


38 MATHEW PULIKAN 09.14.09 at 11:36 am

Pls. Pray For My finance problem and get a good job and stay with my family


39 moses mwila 09.14.09 at 3:37 pm

I thank God that i stumbled on your web site. Iam growing spiritually from the things that i have learnt so far. I can not watch the video on my computer i dont know what i should do to watch.
God richly bless you Elisha.


40 Silia 09.14.09 at 3:42 pm

Dear elisha

Thank you so much for helping up with my request. so far, one of my request is been answer and the Lord Jesus help provided a work visa for my husband so that we can be moving out and be with our children who are living in NZ. So tha man who camr with the work visa, and he is trying to work on immigration process, so that we are confirmed to move out of our country and leave in another country, elisha, please pray so that all requirements are met so that we are confirm to move and be with my children. God bless us all



41 alfred george 09.14.09 at 3:46 pm

God bless you Elisha,you encourage me.
i am last 22 years spending my life with my family in united Arab emirates.we are Pakistani,i accept Jesus christ in 1988,continue i am suffering,my childrens not going to school,i am not able to go back to my country,i have no shelter,and i am christian .there is lot of problems.pls keep us in yours daily prayers.thanks.
wife:Florance George.
children’s:Marshall/Fiona and Rachel George.


42 charmaine green-moore 09.15.09 at 12:27 am

hi elisha please pray for me so that my prayer life will be consistent and my spiritual life improve, can you also help me pray so that i can pay off my mortgage and that i will start my own business again or awell payed job soon so that i can be debt free, i also need you to pray for my husband and adopted daughter so that they can get a permanent job and for my daugther to improve in her school work thanks alot and god bless you.


43 Anthony Mwami 09.15.09 at 2:46 am

I have been reading your books and my prayer life is becoming awesome.


44 byaruhanga 09.15.09 at 4:02 am

I thank God that the holy spirit led me to this site.I am growing spiritually and my children are improving in their behaviours, the lord God is great.
Thank you
Sam Byaruhanga.


45 princess 09.15.09 at 7:20 am

Please pray for me for a God fearing spouse.


46 Zolisa 09.15.09 at 8:01 am

may the good Lord bless you for the work you do. the prayers have dramatically changed my life. The kind of praying you teach has made me look at things differently. My finances have been brought back from the spiritual graveyard and if it were not for the midnight prayers i would be singing a sad song. Im patiently waiting for more work to be done in my life, im still praying for more. thank you so much

be blessed,


47 Agnes Nassuuna 09.15.09 at 8:45 am

praise the name of the living God Elisha, help me to have a powerful prayer point to access finances cause i want 23,422,000/= uganda shillings to start up a business but i have no were to get it but trusting God, please put me in your prayers. God Bless you.


48 sale setalanyane 09.15.09 at 8:47 am

God does miracles!!!!


49 Susan 09.15.09 at 9:39 am

It quite encouraging especially in times of hardship
Thank you

God Bless you


50 Susan 09.15.09 at 9:49 am

Thanks Elisha for the spiritual encouragement
Thank you

God Bless you

Susan – Uganda


51 FELIX 09.15.09 at 10:32 am

Thank you for not giving up on me….you have continued to bless me with your emails. However, I have failed to watch the videos and in one of your last mail you had send me prayer pionts on how to get ot of debt but the page could not open. I need the prayer points.Please help me out!



52 Judith 09.15.09 at 11:08 am

Dear Elisha,
I’m really blessed through your eletters & the vedeos. This weekend 2 souls came to Christ. One from my office and the other a husband of my friend. This amazed me because the man has been working and virtually living in the bar 24/7. The family was going through tough times for a very long time but i kept on encouraging my friend, who is a Catholic, to continue believing and praying for him. Now our good God has saved the man and restored the marriage. Praise be to His holy name.

Judy K.


53 sam 09.15.09 at 3:39 pm

Praise be to the God Almighty, for the wonderful work you ‘re doing. However, by the time i get access to the inter net , i am ever not being able to open up the messages. What could be the problem? And what can i do in order to open them.


54 tope 09.15.09 at 7:39 pm

I’m just getting to experience d You Tube for d first time,and d video was skipping probably due to my own error. But the testimonies written out were readable for me. Your selfless efforts at getting millions that would be opportune to visit your sites lifted and electrified in the Spirit can only be adequately rewarded by God,and I’m sure He will do just that. Pls help influence the inclusion of Nigeria on d list of countries on click bank secure order form so that I can order directly ur books that I earlier requested for. Tope


55 Eustace 09.16.09 at 4:08 am

video not loaded. pse help.


56 Victoria .O. 09.16.09 at 6:16 am

Brother Elisha, u’re indeed a blessing to this generation ur prayer points av bng blessing my life real goo. pls I need ur urgent prayers and ur advice as touching my my marriage, my fiance needs a very good well paid job in order for us to settle down and am already close to 30 yrs just some month to clock. pls send me prayer points to pray into my e-mail box.we need serious financial breakthrough seriously and urgently. I love to order for ur e-books but i have no access to subscribe them cos am in Nigeria. pls kindly help us out. tanx and God bless.


57 Victoria .O. 09.16.09 at 6:21 am

Bro. Elisha pls pray for me and my fiance, we are both AS genotype, deeply in love for each other and we are seriously convinved that we are meant for each other.we are believing God to get married soon. pls, advice us and send us some prayer points to pray in order for us not to fall victim. but we strongly have faith in God for His sustainance. pls help us. Tanx.


58 Julia 09.16.09 at 7:57 am

Dear Elisha : . I would like to thank you for your prayers that you send me that are working to my live my body is healed, my spiritual understanding to wards God is greater than before. The Almighty is doing miracle to me thanks Lord for Pastor Elisha with his teaching


59 Kissay 09.16.09 at 9:23 am

Praise Jesus,
I thank God for making me land in this website through a miraculous way. I am blessed and I have learnt how to pray -Not a Miss -through Elisha. Though there are some issues here and there that seem to be so sturbbon, May faith has grown and I believe it shall come to pass. May God bless you for the good work you are doing. The video is awesome and a blessing to me.


Kissay – Nrb.Kenya


60 Bernie Alvis 09.16.09 at 7:24 pm

The best thing that has happened in my life at 49 years, is that God led me to this site and I am learning through prayer bullets and teaching material of Bro Elisha, the deep truths in the Word of God. Thank you for this wonderful ministry. It gives so much insight and when I open my mail from Monday to Friday, I pray that I have received an email from Firespring ministries. When you think of the time wasted thinking you know it all, and now my spiritual eyes being opened, I find it so amazingly joyful for being added to this revelation. God Bless Elisha Goodman Ministries and every prayer warrior in the group.


61 vj 09.17.09 at 3:33 am

please pray for me i hav been sick


62 keziah 09.17.09 at 4:42 am

Hi Elisha i thank God the Holyspirit led me to your website. i was so deppressed after having separated with my husband whom i loved deary but since i visited your website i have peace and my happiness has been restored
thankyou Elisha

keziah kenya


63 beatrice 09.17.09 at 5:59 am

The video does not open and when it does it is not clear. Nevertheless the prayer points are wonderful and truly powerful. Still believing God for turnaround miracles and breakthroughs. My whole life and family has been messed up by altars of wickedness and evil ancestral foundations. For years members of our family who rejected witchcraft and and sorcery carried out by our mum and sister have been plagued by barrenness, unfruitfulness unproductivity, stagnation, retrogression/backwardness, financial distress, marital breakdown and hinderances scattering, the whole mix . I desperately desire to join the prayer academy, but finances are an issue. Thanks for the deep teachings and your hot prayers.


64 phyllis mutua 09.17.09 at 6:40 am

I am not able to access the vidio



65 Veronica 09.17.09 at 9:21 am

I and my husband has been praying and believing God for a house.
Please pray for us that we get one soon because we are approaching
retirement age but still don’t have property of our own. B Blessed.


66 Georgina Chauke 09.18.09 at 1:16 am

Good morning
Thank you for the teachings and all the messages.

I would like to receive your daily devotions.


dddddddsc Reply:

eish unless you confess and stop sleeping with pples husbands


67 rachel valayatham 09.18.09 at 6:57 am

Hi, Elisha I would like to thank the holyspirit for leading me to your web site.thank you for the teachings and the inspiring words.Please pray for our business .Name Canaan Auto Clinic.The enemy has beening attacking our finances,health,The bank has even repossed the vehicle Mercedes CLK 350
I am going to order your book how to get out of husband and i are on our fifth day prayer.from the book 101 dreams .I would like to ask you if you have any prayers on healing that we can pray.
From Rachel Valayatham


68 Naomi Aryee 09.18.09 at 7:00 am

Thank you for your teachings and all your messeges. i will like to receive your daily devotion


69 ladi samuel 09.18.09 at 9:02 am

I thank God almighty for all his using to do in the life of his children
since ever i locate this web site my life has not remain the same ur prayer point send to me has made alot of exploite in my life and the lifes of my family


70 Josephine Mugambi 09.18.09 at 1:43 pm

I thank God for having known this web site. Its a source of blessing in my life.


71 Jeremiah 09.19.09 at 6:25 am

Bro. Elisha,

Glory be to God who causes us to triumph. I have been unable to access your e-books largely due to funds but I am persuaded of better things as I continue with the prayer bullets. I desperately need a revival in every area of my life. God bless you for your good work.



72 hellen 09.19.09 at 3:27 pm

Thanks for me mails and encouragement. I would like to receive your daily devotion. Also pray me to get money to buy the ebooks and register in the next academy. God bless you.


73 Anne 09.20.09 at 1:16 pm

Thankyou elisha for your wonderfull sessions, I had to get use to the midnight sessions but am looking forward to it now,I am feeling so much stronger after every prayer session, my faith is growing, I am earnestly praying the prayer bullets to GOD for my children using alcohol and drugs and for GOD to bring them back into the fold as they have turned away from HIM, I will not give up, God bless you


74 Betty 09.21.09 at 6:37 am

Dear Elisha,

I thank God for letting know about your and the truth HE has revealed through you i pray The Almighty GOD continues to reveal more to you as we prepare for the second coming of our SAVIOUR.

Elisha i have gone through heavy trials in the past year through to this 2009 and am not yet out of any of them.
I went into a debt of over 40 million uganda shillings, was arrested and jailed several times, produced in courts of law of where am still battling right now.
My humble request to you, stand with me in prayer that i will be able to get out of this life threatening debts. i lost ajob and my children fees is a mystery.
Please send for me some specific payer points for my current situation.


75 Yvonne 09.21.09 at 10:52 am

Good day,

my sister in law has been having dreams about been given keys in the dream. she has had this dream on 2 occasions but different way and that she kind of see someone monitaring her wherever she goes. when she is given the key, she trys to open the door and then suddenly she wakes up. what does this mean and please give me the prayer point she can use. in another dream she dreamt that a mad person snatched her baby and run away. please help


76 Rosalind 09.23.09 at 7:10 am

Praise the LORD! I really want to thank you very much! It is true am getting answeres to my prayers, sometimes even before I start the Esther fast! God is so Faithful. I have no words to express my joy. I bought the essential Kit and the benefits cannot be compared. I have felt the need to take the Esther fast once evey week, I dont feel like stopping to pray. The word of God is Sweeter every day. I have never felt such a strong desire before,to walk with God like this time. I had problems with my boss I was desperate, almost resigned (refer to my first email) But now,even before the Prayer Academy started she became very polite and now my friend. I was also easily angered and I was never happy, although I was blessed. But now I am an overcomer! You are such a good coach, God bless you! I have not found it necesary to ask you questions , because the books are addressing all the problems that I go through and Iam getting answers. I experience more Joy when I share with others. God is doing marvelous in my life, Last Sunday I preached for the first time in my life in Adults sunday service, Iam a Sunday school teacher. God is doing a new thing! Thank you very much, God bless you and your Ministry! Halleluya!
Rosalind, From Nairobi, Kenya.


77 Maureen Mpieri 09.23.09 at 7:45 am

Your teachings are powerful and your prayer points and strategies have helped a lot of people. May God bless you mightily for your labours of love.

I really appreciate your work


78 Jennifer Collins 09.24.09 at 6:49 pm

Praise the Living God brother Elisha,
I just want to tell u that i am still in the race however hard it is! I am
supposed to send in my dreams but they’re so many of them! I write them all, non of them are great! Most of the time depends on the prayer
bullets we’re doing and i ask Holy Spirit to show me the hindraces in my blessings! Oh! its alot! God led me to u and i know He will lead me thru with all ur care. I thank God! Somewhere He prepared u for us all God bless u. J.Collins


79 Piedade 09.28.09 at 11:34 pm

Please help i am unable to view the video. What steps should i take
to activate it


80 Demola 09.29.09 at 3:36 am

I am unable to access the video. What should I do please?


81 Demola 09.29.09 at 3:52 am

I intend to participate in the 21-day marathon prayer by the grace of God. As I am yet to register for the 9 piece toolkit, am I qualified to participate? Just to let you know, registration will not be delayed as soon as I have the funds to do it.

I must say that I find your website a real source of teaching in the word for I search the scriptures and I am glad at the scriptural soundness of your teaching. God bless you and enable you to do more.

This site is also a veritable source of encouragement for me to cultivate the attitude of prayer and to be properly trained to launch grenades and increase holy fire power against the kingdom of darkness. I look forward with eagerness to be admitted to the online Prayer Academy.

One question remains. To pray from midnight hour during the 21-day marathon, are we talking of midnight in Ontario or midnight wherever we are located?

May the Lord continue to increase your anointing in the name of Jesus.


82 Aristarico Phiri 09.29.09 at 4:02 am

Bro Elisha:
It is threee months now since I have had no car. But I am experiencing a rustling of revival in the church lately Like I said last time, I want to experience a break through in the ministry.
Thank you for your support. But now help me with praying for a car.


83 Elvis Thomas 10.13.09 at 4:26 pm

Dear sister in Christ
It’s indeed a privillege for me to read on the mails that you are always sending for me, but may i know how i can get access to the video? i m really desperate to watch it…[please help]
May God bless you and your ministry!!!!

br.Elvis Thomas
Windhoek – Namibia


84 Carol 10.16.09 at 9:30 am

Dear Elisha,

I have just seen the post on how to go about the easter fast. I regret that i did it the wrong way. Can i still do it even though the time has passed for doing it? and i recently posted that since the beginning of the marathon i have been unable to remember my dreams, hence, cant record anything.The moment i wake up everything vanishes….please help..i really need to know what to do about it…please help.


85 yvette 11.14.09 at 9:09 pm

I have seen miracles for so many people that I have prayed for, and I thank u for ur program sooooooooo much. I have been praying earnestly for my sister and myself and I truly believe there is a generational curse on our family. I know with the prayer bullets out of your email and with me fervently praying our miracles will come to pass. I know I too will have a testimony to be able to tell u of our miracles soon. Thanku and Love in Christ, Yvette.


86 Mary 04.15.11 at 9:51 am

Hi Elisha

Elisha, may God richly bless you in every departments of your life for the great job you are doing in our lives. I am really enjoying the favour of God in my life and I truly seen the hand of God over my life. I was offered two jobs in a year, God is taking me from glory to glory. I am just organising my finances so that i can buy all the books. Once I get the books my life will be completely transformed.

I was wondering if you have a mini marathon during this easter period.

God bless you and your household

Mary S.


87 susan 07.11.14 at 12:49 am

hello Elisha,
i wanted to receive your emails through my email eddress from you.
thank you,


88 susan 07.11.14 at 12:58 am

Hi Elisha,
God knows the struggle i have through finance
please help me with some prayer points to help me overcome my problems am going through.
thank you


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