You Sleeping?

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She wants to know…

The Prayer Academy has been in progress
for 2 nights already and I can’t seem to be able to
pray at the mid-night hour.

When the time comes I get this feeling of tiredness
that I can’t control and sleep just takes over.

I would like to join in on the anointing.

How do I overcome this feeling?”

Now To My Answer …

“Dear Sister XXX,

There is a name for what is happening to you.

It is called…

Spiritual Laziness.

There is no anointing that can get you out of this one.

You just have to snap out of it and get going. Then the LORD will assist you.

God bless you.”

Have you ever wondered why …

  • No one gets tired watching TV for hours on end?
  • No one gets tired yakking on the phone for 2-3 hours
  • No one falls asleep while texting or Facebooking or whatever?

But the moment you mention prayer, sleep takes over with a vengeance.

You need to know that there is something the Bible calls

“The spirit of slumber”

It is a GIANT.

A strongman of this age.

No one can live a successful Christian life unless they learn to deal decisively with it.

Now I’ll be doing this sister a great disservice if I fail to tell her the truth point-blank.

Truth is what we tell here … the cold, hard truth.

And that’s the reason the ONE who commissioned this work is standing behind us to confirm what HE has given us to share from this website pulpit.

As an example…

The eagles of the 24-hour blog have just completed the Golden Journey Level 3.

Testimonies started coming in as soon as we fired the first volley of prayer bullets.

Here’s an email from Day 5:

The Lord through His servant elisha has taught our fingers to fight,
and indeed the testimonies will SHOCK our enemies.

Here is just a sample: my husband did the Golden Journey 3 with me so faithfully, that I could feel the determination in his spirit.

He has been without a stable formal job for many years, the financial stress has been immense but on day 5, the Lord led him to see the Director of a prominent paramedical school here in town, and he was straight away offered a teaching position without an interview!”

- Sister I

Praise the LORD.

If you ask anyone who participated in the program, they will tell you it was not for the faint of heart.

But the moment they asked the LORD for grace to do it, He made it instantly available.

And today so many are rejoicing and praising His Holy Name.

In a few hours we’ll be entering the 4th Watch – the last quarter of this year.

Where the devil and his cohorts are redoubling their efforts to swallow as much blessings as possible before the year expires.

And who can stop them … when the people who are supposed to be awake and praying are busy sleeping?

Just like what happened here…

“Then comes Jesus with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to the disciples, Sit you here, while I go and pray yonder. And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

Then said he to them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even to death: tarry you here, and watch with me.

And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as you will.

And he comes to the disciples, and finds them asleep, and said to Peter, What, could you not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Matt. 26:36-41

Now what was Peter and Co. doing when they were supposed to be praying?

You got it – they were sleeping!


Why didn’t the Lord transfer anointing to them so they would stay awake and not sleep?


There is no such anointing. Don’t be deceived.

In this day and age, you simply have to learn to:

-           turn off the cellphone,

-          turn off the TV,

-          turn off your iPad,

-          and all the sweet little tech gizmos…

… and jump into the midnight prayer trenches …

… if you want to release your blessings from the warehouse of the strongman before the end of this year.

You Must Arise Quickly

 Friend, it is time to shake off every form of spiritual slumber.

You need to arise quickly and join the midnight prayer eagles … so you too can share glorious testimonies before this year runs away with your blessings …

Let nothing, absolutely nothing, interfere with immediate action.

A change for the better justifies no delay.

Don’t just watch others share testimonies which you can share.

Be up and doing NOW. Some other time may be too late.

If you are in the current Prayer Academy, please accept my CONGRATULATIONS.

Do keep sending in your assignments (I’m really impressed at the depth of your Bible knowledge).

If you have completed the Academy in the past 3 months (and are now waiting to join the 24-Hour Blog), I want to thank you for your godly patience.

The new 24-hour blog will soon be up … so you can see the “War Stories” of those who just completed Golden Journey Level 3.

If you have never participated in the Prayer Academy, you can sign up early for the October session.

Please don’t wait till the last minute as our system has a strange way of cutting off late-comers and setting them up for the following month.

While this is still in front of you, please take the action NOW that could mean more miracles next week, amazing healing next month, shocking deliverance before the end of the year.

Click Here To Secure Your Seat Now

The clock is ticking… as this year races to the finish line.

Be An Overcomer!


P.S.    NOTE:

If you are on Facebook, you are free to post this on your wall. Who knows, you might just encourage someone out there.

Finally –

Has the LORD done anything for you in the second half of 2012?

I encourage you to share it below and put the enemy to shame. Your praise report can encourage others facing the same challenges … and the LORD will bless you even more for giving Him the glory!

REMEMBER that thousands of undercover eagles in 117 countries are praying on this site this very minute – the Holy Spirit might lead someone to intercede on your behalf right away.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome!

Just click on COMMENTS below to share ….


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1 Rebecca Mosito 11.01.12 at 7:20 pm

I am new in this website. I like to join with prayers


Cheryl Reply:

Dear Sis Rebecca

Praise God. This is the best place you got connected in, in the first place and I am happy that you are also interested in joining in by way of prayers. There is an online chat window on the top of this page wherein you can log in on chat and a prayer eagle will assist you and advice you how to go about on joining this site. You will ‘enjoy’ the coaching and lessons once you avail of the Ebooks which are mentioned alongside, namely Prayer DNA, Dreamcode, etc. by being a part of the Prayer Academy. I was once just like you, who happened to come across this site, about five years back and as I began receiving the newsletters , I began to want and found I needed more and I joined the Prayer Academy.
I pray the Blood of Jesus over every aspect of your life in the name of Jesus.
See you on the 24 hour blog someday. God Bless.

Sis. Cheryl
24 Hour Blog member.


2 njoki 11.02.12 at 1:50 pm

The Holy Spirit led me to this site and i have taken immediate changes in the way i pray and started with the midnight hour. I praise God for blessing me with a job this year and trusting to reclaim my rlshp with my partner n specifically fr a happy godly marriage btwn us, living as a family tog wth my son, financial breakthrough,recovering what i lost, all blessings fr this year n most of all a successful abundant life on earth n spiritually.


3 sister p 11.04.12 at 2:24 am

praise the Lord.ive bn Struggling to conceive for 7yrs .it got to the point where my sanity & peace was compromised.But soon after the August fasts & midnite prayers the Lord suddenly enveloped me in a spirit of calmness & i just surrendered to him earnestly.I was busy with various methods i wasnt still to know that He is God.So as every method failled,my frustration increased.Each cycle left me more bitter,frustrated,traumatised ,evn angry with God.


kelvin Reply:

sister p,

Check Elisha’s posting in the link below:

The power that resurrected Lazarus from the dead resurrect my womb in Jesus name.

God bless you.


4 Willemine 11.05.12 at 3:07 am

I started last year October 2011 with the prayer Academy and boy it was a huge struggle to overcome SPIRITUAL LAZINESS, ANGER and I could not go past day three of the Prayer Academy Lesson 1 and evrything just backfired in my face because of the above meentioned problems, I fasted and started all over again for 10 months. The problem was all along in my foundation. Once I realized it I focused on it and thank God I am now on Lesson 2 of 7.
On the 23 rd of Oct 2012 our eldest son of 14 year accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour after asking me if I am still praying at the midnight hour. After he got saved my 2nd and 3rd born sons also gave their lives to Jesus. My 3rd born was the difficult one in the house. He changed raadically and was even awarded the prize for best achiever in his grade. Our eldest son got the award for best actor in his Drama performance. Got wiped off the handwritting of ignored, failiare, unsuccessfull and whatever from our foreheads and tplaced the stamp of touch not my anointed ones on our fore heads. I had a dream that my husband was kissing a friend of mine and when I told him the dream , he couldnot do anything, but to confess that it really took place, he repented and God gave me the grace to forgive them. So many things happened, but the cherry on the cake is when I prayed for a week for my marriage , i started vomitting foam and noticed a small black thing in the vomit. When I looked closer it looked like a small cocroach because I could see the tentacles. so those pains on my lower back and waists that I suffered for !5 years off, sice I got married is gone . Praise to MY GOD WHO IS MORE THAN ABLE TO COMPLETE THE GOOD WORK HE STARTED IN MY LIFE>

Willemine´s last [type] ..Where will you be on December 17?


5 Sister Bertha - RSA 11.06.12 at 2:38 am

Hope you will remember my case – I came across your website in September 2008 and I joined the prayer academy of October that same year. It was tough and hard for me because my husband was against it as a result I had to pray secretly without his knowledge which made things really difficult for me. But I never gave up, I knew I serve a great God and I prayed that He will see me through this and my husband will stop fighting me. I am happy to say that my husband now reminds me to pray and to fast!!! All I am praying for now is that he should join me in prayer and fasting – I want to praise and glorify my God with my husband. Please pray for me – I know it will happen. WE SERVE A GREAT GOD!!!


6 Audrey 11.06.12 at 12:11 pm

Iam a female christian who has been quite a lot. meaning I lost my young brother in June, 2012 and I have seen a lot of opprotunities at the office pass me by. This lead me to declare war with the devil. I would be happy to have people join me in this war as I want to recover all that the enemy has stollen from my family and I.


peace Reply:


Yes, pray without ceasing.

If you need free prayer bullets from Elisha, visit the link below to download:

God bless you.


7 Lobesia bulicakau 11.06.12 at 5:05 pm

I am a female christrian, a mother of 4..My brother and sister have passed away leaving one with four children and the other with five children… I live in Fiji with my father in law and my three girls whereas my husband is on work permit in Wellington with our son…this is their third year….My husband and I have started our fasting from 4th November till 4th December…We are going through alot, but we praise the Lord God Almighty for being there and we trust in him that what we are praying for will be done…the first is that my husband and son have found a flat which they were told to move by December…Praise be to God….Next is regarding our house payment in Fiji and my husbands teaching confirmation…I would like my self and my husband to Glorify the Lord for his mercy endures forever….Praise and honor be to God the Father


8 Becky Agbaje 11.11.12 at 5:21 pm

I’m new will like what to do. To grow spiritually.


FY Reply:


Read the info in the URL below.


9 Enidg 11.12.12 at 11:27 am

Hi, Im finding it hard to pray, not sure what to say can someone help.


k1r31 Reply:


Read Elisha’s explanation from the ebook below, you will understand the reason what is causing you feel hard to pray:

Also, inside the ebook, Elisha provided prayer bullets to deal with the issue you face.

God bless you.


10 jeric 11.13.12 at 3:09 pm

Since, I have been led into this sites, and continuosly doing a middnight prayers -things started to change in my life – as compared to my past life. I humbly plea or wish other brothers and sisters in this site to support me in prayer so that my christian relationships with the Lord is intact and and to moves me into a new dimensions (exploring and experiencing the goodness of being a child of God) – in my educational careers and future employments opportunities.
May the good lord continue to bless us! AMEN!


peace Reply:

O Lord, fill me afresh with your Spirit day by day in Jesus’ name.
Father, help me to be addicted to your Word every day in Jesus’ name.

God bless you.


11 Beth 12.14.12 at 7:53 am

My mum got a stroke in early April 2012 and she was going under the wrong medication and she continued getting worse and developed Alzheimer during this duration I was going under difficulty time and confuion too but, by the grace of God, the Lord directed us to a different Dr. and she improved. The people believe she will never come back to her normal life but I always feel that one day God will put her back to her past life. Please pray with me so that the satan may be ashamed and the name of Jehova may be uplifted. Glory be to almighty Amen.


SK Reply:


Add the following prayer bullets and pray for your mom (modify the prayer bullets).

1. O Great Physician by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare a total healing in my body and every damaged cell in my body.
2. Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, get out and enter no more.
3. I withdraw my blood from every satanic blood bank in Jesus name.

God bless you.


12 namitala dorcas sheila 12.15.12 at 7:08 am

hi i got all the prayer points but i jst cant wake up to prayer


LD Reply:


For those who find it difficult to pray, I suggest that you read Elisha’s ebook, with title “The Hammer That Nails The Word of God Into Your Spirit” from Amazon.
Inside the ebook, Elisha explained clearly what the reason is and also provided prayer bullets to deal with it.


13 lmward 12.16.12 at 4:43 pm

Hello…God is good this I know. I am under so much pressure and I am tired of everything and everyone. I am going to bed between 6:30pm and 7:00pm and have to set my clock for midnight to pray. I have to be at work for 6:25am. I need to fast but am hungryier than ever. I feel like everyone is against me, which makes me angry and aggitated. I just want the Lord to give me strength and discipline to pray these prayer points. I am about to give up.


asobodu Reply:

Hello lmward,
I appreciate all you are going through right now because I have been there also. Nothing is really difficult except we admit its difficult. Ask for Grace and the help of the Holy Spirit to wake up and get out of spiritual laxity. Spiritual exercises are much more beneficial than any comfort our flesh desires.

Just keep at it and be at peace with yourself. Dont let the issues around your life overwhelm you. Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world. Keep getting up at midnight and if you cant really pray, just praise GOD and give Him thanks. You will surely experience a change of attitude and you will be stronger and find it easy to wake up at midnight and pray.


14 Betty Otto 12.28.12 at 3:38 am

Am just printing and have tried to scheduled my time to ensure that i follow this 2013 prayer points for all my desired breakthorughs. As others have mentioned, i too find it difficult to fast, pray the mid night prayers. i even bought an alarm clock but i always sleep so deep that i do not hear it ring. even when its just 10 mins to mid night. i have failed….i have also tried to put the mid day…..i cant cahnge God time and am so fristrated that simple things like this is defeating me for months.

since 6pm am on fast….preparing to start the journey and i want to make it through in Jesus Name….


mercy Reply:


I suggest that you read ebook from Elisha, with title “The Hammer That Nails The Word of God Into Your Spirit” from Amazon:

And use prayer bullets inside the ebook.



15 Enid 01.11.13 at 4:06 am

Hi Elisha,

Thank you for the prayers, lately though I have not felt the holy spirit, I dont know what to do. I have not done the 9 days fasting and praying schedule will that affect me in any way. Im just doing the same prayers I started out with. Please help me to get back on track. Yesterday I cried maybe that had something to do with my not feeling spiritual.
Thank you Enid


k1r31 Reply:


There are so many free prayer bullets from Elisha out there which you can use for praying:


16 Olubode 01.11.13 at 9:30 am

Indeed, i can now see that Esther fast do work like the days of old. At the night of the third day by 12 midnight after prayer, i was a little bit down and went to relax. The little few minutes sleep i slept, I saw my late father in my dream, he came to my uncle’s house but my uncle and his wife were not around. it was only my mum, my immediate brother and my uncles first and second son that were in the house. I saw my late father outside the house, moving around the house and was very angry in his spirit. I now asked my mum why he was moving around that all these while, where has he being that the wicked people have been terrorizing my marriage with childlessness.
Then my father answered that we should wait and see what was happening. after few minutes, we perceive deadly odor and i asked my mum what was smelling, then my father asked us to look outside beside the house. Lo and behold, we saw a big and wild snake. Very fresh but dead and smelling. Then my father said, enough is enough and that that was the snake that has been eaten our chickens in the house. then my father draw this big snake to the road and buried it there and left us. then i woke up. Please Prophet Elisha, what is the meaning of this dream? I know it is victory but not all that understand.

Then three days ago, I was so angry in my spirit and even angry with the situation of things. I now said enough is. There is a growth in my waist and this growth just emerge few days to my marriage. All these while, i used to feel pain there and when this pain start, it will persist until menstruation come out even without reaching normal cycle. I was so angry with the growth three days ago and i declare for the disappearance and some other evil deposit in my body to disappear. After prayer, when i slept, I saw in my dream that there was a short and fat woman standing right at the side where that growth is and started begging me to please allow her to stay in that particular point. I now declare and decree that she must leave that her time is up. That if i should meet her there before i come out of the house, she will dies, then i left the place and woke up. Please Prophet Elisha, this is my second dream, Please what is the next step?


k1r31 Reply:


Check the “40 dreams report” by Elisha:

God bless you.


17 athomasson 01.13.13 at 3:21 am

I typed a comment a few hours ago but I don’t see it so I want to REPORT A VICTORY again.
I suddenly became ill on January 20, 2012 and I believe it was a Satanic attack. I was ill off and on and was hospitalized in May. I have suffered with digestive system problems and a weakened heart since then. On Thursday night/ Friday morning , the last day of the New Years prayers I felt a tugging twice in my abdomen and a twisting sensation also. I have not had digestive problems since and am going back to have my heart tested again because I believe I am healed in the heart also. Another interesting thing happened. Thursday at work one of my co-workers unexpectedly and with no provocation got right up in my face and gritted her teeth and said, “I want to rip your head off and I hate your laugh.” I have always been on good terms with this person and I think Satan was speaking through her and is bothered my my continual prayers as I have been part of this group since 2009. My prayers are much more powerful when combined with yours and as a group I know our prayers are going straight up to heaven at the midnight “back door” hour. Thank you for joining your voices with mine!! More prayer, more power!! We are bothering the evil forces in this world and making a difference for all!! HAPPY 2013!! God Bless and Keep you all!! AMEN! Ann


18 Nshoko 02.21.13 at 5:15 am

Hi elisha. I ve been going thru a period of uncertainty since my boyfriend left me. We met in sept 2012 after we had three nights of midnight prayers and it was only God who opened my eyes to recognise and realise that the man was his wil 4 my life becoz 4 2months he wud cum in and out of my work,though from the look of thngs had already developed interest in me even though I had not. We startd going out in september and by november thngs startd going wrong even though I cud feel it in the spirit that I was headed 4 trouble becoz the holy spirit constantly told me pray against disappointment,which I did lazily. And just ths year 2013 I was determined and asked God to teach me how to pray and get answers. And I found the passion prayer book at home and I googled u to find out more about prayer. Im praying 4 the same man coz I believe he is the will of God 4 me.


19 Florence 03.18.13 at 11:38 am

Im blessed with all these testimonies GOD is awesome,God will make a way out 4 funds to be available 4 me 2 join the prayer academy


mercy Reply:


–”I rise out of the dust of poverty by the power in the blood of Jesus”
– Let spiritual magnetic power that attracts and keeps wealth be installed in my finances in
the name of Jesus.”
– “I release my finances from the influences, control and domination of household wickedness in the name of Jesus”
– “O Lord, let all satanic angels deflecting blessings away from me be completely paralyzed, in the name of Jesus”

God bless you.


20 joy 04.02.13 at 10:12 am

The Lord did it for me. He moved us to better housing. PRAISE HIS NAME!


hendry Reply:


Praise the Lord.


21 gorataone betty molelu 04.26.13 at 10:02 am

I need deliverance for my dream life and for being spiritually asleep


LD Reply:


Check Elisha’s Youtube channel.

Prayer bullet #47:
Every satanic goal scored against me in the dream, be cancelled by the power in the blood of Jesus.

Prayer bullet #49:
Every spirit, power or personality assigned to defile me in the dream, I bury you today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Prayer bullet #50:
All satanic agents posing as friends in the dream, receive the judgement of God in the name of Jesus.


22 Getrude 05.16.13 at 9:07 am




Lis Reply:


Pray the prayer bullets from “Easter Dream Marathon 2013″. You just need to Google to find the URL.

Also, you can download the free “40 Dreams Report” from Elisha to interpret the meaning of your dreams.

God bless you.


stephen Reply:


Get the prayers from the link below.


23 kopi 08.30.13 at 9:27 am

good day, i became aware of this site 5 years ago but i am struggling to join the prayer academic please help


Listiorini Reply:


May I know what is the issue that you face in joining the Prayer Academy?

You can use the chat option by clicking on the icon at top right corner in this page and ask for advise from prayer eagles.


24 lizzy 09.09.13 at 10:56 am

If I have nothing to thank God for, its the energy He has given me to pray at midnight without getting tired. Elisha, God bless you! The Holy Spirit directed me to this site.


25 Sifiso Simelane 10.20.13 at 1:01 am

Hello brethens? I joined the prayer academy about a month ago. To be honest my situation hasn’t changed, infact it got worse. I see and hear in the spirit realm. I am an African, it turned out that my ancestors were involved in witchcraft. I was dedicated on both sides of my family line and I have a serpent spirit wife looking to kill me in every chance. Worse still am not consistent in the spirit, one moment I flow and another moment am in a spiritual slumber.

I think I have a hurt condition, having constant pain on the left side of my chest, courtesy of the serpent spirit wife. How do you deal with this, please be with me in your prayers…

Thank you


k1r31 Reply:


I read from the website Marathon for Single, where Elisha warned us, it could get worse before it gets better.

You need to be persistent with your prayers and follow Elisha’s instructions during your PA lesson. Pray without ceasing. If you experience counter attack, that means, your prayers are hitting the targets.

For the pain you experience on your chest, Elisha posted on another website this prayer bullet below:
The last prayer point I think it helped me a lot.
I had a serious painful left side including my arm, my hand, my leg etc.
I had to hold that side and pray like this:
You spiritual husband I send you into the pit of fire to burn now in Jesus Name.

1 more prayer bullet from G5 report which you can pray:
” you arrows of death and hell, go back to your sender in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”.

Pray below prayer bullets too:
“I will not be bought off, I will not sell out, in the name of Jesus.”
“Devil you are a liar. My life is not your candidate. Eat your own flesh, drink your own blood, in the name of Jesus.”

God bless you.


26 Liesl, Prayer Eagle 10.21.13 at 8:17 am

How GREAT IS OUR GOD. The LORD has been so faithful. Throughout this year I have seen HIM make ways for me where the seemed to be no way at all. Thanks to FIRESPRINGS MINISTRIES I have gotten to know the LORD in such a deeper and much more profound way. I now understand how the natural and spiritual realms work and how everything is so…. interrelated. 2013 has been challenging but GOD has truly sustained me. I know the best is yet to come and I will have a glorious testimony before this year runs out. My season of drought, lack and insufficiency is definitely ending as this year is drawing to a close. Praise GOD.


27 milton 11.06.13 at 2:29 am

Iam very much inspired Elisha by the testmonies. Keep it up Elisha , God has chosen you for a purpose you are going to be crowned in Heaven. God bless you.


28 SYLVIA MWAMBELA 02.05.14 at 11:00 am

I registered to join the Prayer Academy in January but I think im already late but I can join the one for February. please check my Confirmation and send me my ebooks.

regards Sylvia


stephen Reply:


Usually ebooks would be sent via email. The email address that you provided during registration.

God bless you.


29 dali 04.04.14 at 3:27 am

Hello Elisha

Please help me with an email address where i should forward you my dreams so that you can help me interpret them. I dreamt last night being my Day 2 of Point by Point prayers for Relationships which I am supposed to pray for 21 days a d am fasting too. I have forwarded you the dreams on the usual emails you send us daily messages but experience has shown that last month I sent you an email using same email address it was never responded. Man of God is there any eaddres I can reach to you and get responses faster??


kelvin Reply:


You can get Elisha’s ebook “Dream Code” to have better understanding for your dreams.

You can also get the free version “40 Dreams Report”:

I am afraid Elisha might not be able to answer every single emails that reach his mailbox.

You can also use chat option at the top right corner of this page to seek advise from prayer eagles.

God bless you.


30 peace 07.28.14 at 9:14 am
31 dare 01.26.15 at 8:38 pm

Dreamin am menstruating in the dream and rushing and pouring on the floor and body sir. What should. I pray about and I will be 35 this year


mercy Reply:


if you’ve been experiencing some bad dreams, here’s how you pray as soon as you wake up:
(Laying one hand on your chest)
“I fire back every arrow of the enemy in my dream in the name of Jesus”

God bless you


32 Colly Thompson 02.17.15 at 11:03 am

Hi Elisha,

I joined the Prayer Academy for singles in 2012 ( a very close friend introduced me to your programme). I had been in a 9 yrs relationship where we have two children. I am saved but he is not, we have been talking about marriage but because of his life experience with his parents he just never believed in getting married.

After reading your e book, Passion Prayer, i became determine to make my family work. I dedicated myself to the Esther fast, even though i was breast feeding my daughter. I completed the programme praying each prayer at the mid night hour diligently.

One day i got tired of going around in cirlces with him and i left the relationship only to get a call a few days after asking for me to come back. He told me that if getting married is the only way to keep his family then he would be a man and do what was right. We got married that same day.

Elisha i thank you for what you are doing. What man see as impossible God shows us that he Always makes it possible.

Continue in God’s grace.



33 Praise Child 05.02.15 at 7:46 pm

Hi Elisha,

I was introduce to your website by a friend almost a year ago. I just want to thank God almighty for his miraculous work in my life. He his faithfully and alway right. God said he will open doors no man can open or close. I have been waiting for a job for a while. This April after the prayer of Jesus resurrection during Easter, believing and taken over what the enemies have stolen. I was offered a job and God surprise my friends and shock my enemies. I know this is just the beginning of what he has in stock for me. The bible says He that started a good work is faithful to complete it. Dr. Jane’s prayer points are very good and other wonderful prayer points I received in the email. I alway look forward to this email every morning. it is like a tonic to me.

Elisha thank you, for teaching us how to pray and letting us know that no situation or circumstance is beyond God’s control and power. God bless and continue to empower you to continue this good work.

God bless.


34 Eunice 06.01.15 at 3:04 am

I would like to join the Prayer Academy. The testimonies are so powerful and I feel it is time for me to join. How do I go about it.

Please assist.

Thank you.


35 essons15 06.06.15 at 6:39 am

I thank God for a friend who introduced me to this site, I’m really happy because of what I’ve so far learnt since I joined last month, I’m happy to know about midnight prayers and as i continue I’m sure to testify of miracles which I know my God will do. Every email i get daily is a new lesson and a blessing. Be blessed Elisha.


36 anadongo 09.02.15 at 8:17 am

i thank God for training our hands to war and our fingers to fight through Bro. Elisha. on 31st August my colleague shared with me about her 13 year old child who had been diagnosed with heart problem, then i told her not to worry and that when i got home from work i would call her and read out to her the prayer bullets to deal with her situation. when i got home at around 10.00pm i called her but every time i read a prayer point the network would get off , she almost gave up and told me she would get them the next day but i insisted and said to her that i needed her to pray those prayers starting with that same night in an aggressive manner. by the grace of God i was able to read them all- the exact prayer bullets Bro Elisha sent on the daily mail titled ” prayer points to scare away death” . that same night, while i was praying at the midnight hour my 1 . 8 months old baby’s temperature shot up with a high fever, i could not concentrate for a while then later 30 minutes to 3.00am i told myself that if am the one who has passed on the prayer points to my colleague for her child then am in a much better position to use them and they surely will work. i prayed like this; 1) Oh Lord dispatch your angels of fire and war to the land of the living and the dead, to close every satanic grave that has been dug to my son Hero in Jesus Name. 2) you coffin spirits programmed to waste my Son Hero’s life receive divine judgement by fire in Jesus Name. 3) devil you are a Liar, Hero is not your candidate , eat your flesh and drink your own blood. the Lord Almighty be Glorified because i tested the fruits of the prayer bullets first before i could receive a testimony from my colleague. my sons high temperature vanished, he sweated and went to bed at exactly 3.00am without any discomfort. the next day, my colleague told that there was an improvement in her daughters health


37 Hellen 01.28.16 at 4:28 am

Hi Elisha
I thank God because my daughter received her healing she was not sleeping well she would scratch her self in her sleep and cry saying she was in pain . I prayed a prayer point ‘Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ touch Angel from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet ‘. I prayed 3 times she stopped crying and slept well.
Praise be to God who answers prayers .


38 Ntombifuthi 02.18.16 at 2:19 am

Dear Elisha, To God be the Glory. The Holy Spirit has lead me to your website. And fortunately I am a believer. There were certain areas in my life which I was struggling with for a while. Only when I was about to give up I was lead to this site. And by the grace of God I started using the prayers I came across in this site. I have been jobless. I have graduated in 2007 and got a call centre job and went back to school in 2008 to do my postgrad diploma and graduated in 2010. I got inserve training for one year in 2012 but still with no luck to get a job. I have only recieved your emails since the beginning of this year. And God knows how much I value them. As soon as I started using your targeted prayers the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to see and break all my limitations in a form of a dream. I have seen that there are certain forces fighting me and standing against my prosperity and success. One time as I was praying I dreamt of something in a form of a human being it jumped and ran out of my house and I started chasing it since it couldn’t stand being in my presence. As it ran it started shrinking until it turned into a small animal and stopped at the gate of my house. And then after that I knew this was standing against the gate of my family’s success including my personal success. I knew I had to pray against it and deal with it at the midnight hour. Prayers like ”spirit of ressurection breath life into every dead area of my life, in my financies, family, ministry, pastors life etc” as the spirit lead, I have been praying the seven furious prayers for february along with some of the prayers I have taken from your daily emails and paired them together. Last month my pastor told me I was going to get a job. In my church we have taken a co-operative fasting from 1-14 february. Before I could finish the fast, I recieved a call to come for training next week. On the 22 febraury 2016, I’ll start training for a new job. Yippy! I have not even finished praying for the month of february. I believe God willing will join the prayer academy which I have been longing to join for such a long time. God bless you Man of God for bringing us back to life when we have given up hope. Ntombi, SA.


39 mmokgalaka 10.04.16 at 5:32 pm

Good day Elisha

In August I was intoduced to this website, I started praying at mid night and also using your your prayer bullets and everything you send on email, I was getting better, getting my confidence back, depression was going etc. But last few weeks I am getting worse, can’t wake up to pray at midnight, I’m depressed. Today I was worse to a point I was hitting the couch with my fist, slept upside down on the couch, slept on the floor. I was only seeing failure and defeat. I always mean to do good in my life, but I don’t seem to get anything right, I’m tired. I’m 28 now nothing to show for it and I grew up a promising young girl with a bright future. What is wrong with? I feel like something is wrong with me. Sometimes I don’t like being me. What could be the problem? please help.

MT, South Africa


40 Efrazia 10.05.16 at 11:47 pm

Shalom saints
I am looking for prayers for kids and family as whole
Thank you very much


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