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The 7 Furious Prayers in Action… 

Now unlocked and ready for you. 

They are “borrowed” from the Sapphire Edition  

… just kicking off in the Forum.

These prayers address something that has sadly been neglected for so long (more about that in a moment).


But first…


Our Eagles have been reporting unusual deliverance and blessings since we stormed the gates at the beginning of the year.  


I tell you … prayer works. 


Where’s the proof? 


Glad you asked. 


First, a quick reminder…



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.

– elisha


** *

HIV Free After Mike’s Examination Prayer

“Praise be to Jesus Christ. elisha, man of God it worked out for me. I was for sapphire I took the 3-day Mike’s Examination Prayers. Only to be called by my doctor to go for HIV viral load test. 

Those 3 days I had not taken anything and the medications too. I went and just trusted the results will not reveal that my adherence was poor. After the results were out the doctor called me to congratulate me that my results were good.  Then she called me again and told me that she wanted to see me. I was shocked bcoz it was not time for test. When I went she told me that my blood has been being under scrutiny bcoz they can’t find any virus. She was told the blood was for a normal person but she insisted no.

They took 3 tests but couldn’t reveal anything. For them they say the virus has been suppressed to zero but they say my case is special. I know the Lord has done for me and am sure He’s still doing for others. Glory to God Almighty my Healer.”  - Eagle SC

HIV Free – No More Oppression Of The Devil

To the glory of God I would like to share my testimony, 2013 can’t remember the month of which I had gone for medical check-up and to my surprise I was tested hiv+, by then I had no relationship with God, in the same year I decided to follow Jesus and surrender my life to Him. I was put on medication to be taking but I realized the more I took those ARVs I would have nightmares scary ones. 

In 2014 my colleague introduced me to Firespring Ministries and also I joined a Faith Living Church, with all the teaching’s I learnt how to pray stand on the word of God and have faith in God for my healing, I also made a vow to God that if He heals me from this hiv+ I will testify to the whole world for His glory.

I am here to testify to the glory of God that I went to do the hiv test again on 12th December 2018 and I was tested HIV- am healed and free from every oppression of the devil. Jesus has given me victory and I will continue to serve Him and live a Holy life. Help me thank God and pray for His servant Elisha Goodman - Precious

“Serpentine Plantations, Come Out With All Your Roots!”

Praise the Lord, greetings PA’s and PE’s. Am just from firing lesson 0 prayer bullets. I woke up with pain in my lower right abdomen which has been on and off for over 5yrs but I said am praying no matter what. As I fired bullet 11 “Every serpentine plantation in my body, come out with all your roots in the name of Jesus” I began to vomit and the pain is gone. I feel so happy. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

I’ve been admitted before many times due to same pain and last time doctors wanted to operate on me but other doctors refused cause they couldn’t find anything despite doing ultrasound scan, CT scan etc….am rejoicing!  Eagle Grace

“Collide With The Rock OF Ages!”

During the last concluded Prayer Academy in November 2018, I requested for support in prayers as was facing embargoes and satanic attacks. I was advised to pray this way ” Every spirit, power or personality attacking the glory of my destiny,collide with the rock of ages-fall down and die in Jesus name.”

I praise the the Lord ,only to realise the point of contact was my house help who was operating under the Spirit of witchcraft. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and for the 1 st time I understood the Spirit of witchcraft and how it manifests.I sort guidance from the Holy Spirit and finally was led to release her and paid her dues. From that day 6 the Dec’ 18 after she left we have experienced great peace and have witnessed the power of God even my children have confessed the presence of God. I had challenges in my finances – I have witnessed change as am not struggling and have since signed a new contract with a better pay.  - Mercy M

“No More Waiting For Others To Lay Hands On Me”

Hello, I’m doing lesson 3, and I’m in my second day of Esther fast. As I was praying yesterday, I felt things in my hand and legs leaving me. I started praying deliverance prayer, The more I prayed, the more they left to the point that my fingers and toes got paralyzed with the powers leaving my body. I thank God, just heard about self-deliverance in the past. It has happened to me yesterday. Deliverance I could wait for pastors or elders to lay hands on me, now I can do myself. I thank God for this programme, that it’s helping me to grow spiritually and not waiting for somebody to pray for me.
Khumbo L


The next report is a real eye-opener.

It has to do with praying to receive divine direction in your dreams.

Dream Revelation Comes To Pass

“It has been great following and reading your mails. 
I have been getting emails from you since 2009. It was actually an accidental find. I visited a friend in his office and whilst working with him I saw one of your publications on his desktop which caught my attention and got me interested. I asked him for a copy and registered with your site. since then, I have been receiving emails from your site with prayer bullets.

I have used some of the bullets with some dramatic outcome. It is a short testimony so i would share it here. I was actually seeking to change my job and this is what happened. After praying the prayer bullets, I had a dream at night. I saw myself in an office and i was actually going to talk to the boss but then the secretary’s office was open so i entered her office. When I entered the office she was looking through one of our daily news papers and I asked her why she was doing so.

She responded that she wanted to place an advert for a Personal Assistant for the Managing Director and then she said something interesting to me. She said please take up the job. I said ok to her but said i wanted to speak with the Managing Director. I went to the Managing Director and after greeting him, he said I need a Personal Assistant and I think you can do it. Come and lets work. So I agreed to take the work and left. All this happened in the dream.

Three days after the dream, i visited this same office, and to my surprise everything was like i saw it in the dream and guess what, I got the job! Thanks for the emails which keep coming in regularly.” 

– John A


Resurrection Power of The Lord Jesus In Action

“It was October 2018, I am in a distant place from my home country. I learn through a friend, that one of our colleagues was in coma for 5 days, on life support machines. He had been hit by burglars who broke into his house. 
Unknown to me, I had been getting clues of him, for some dayz as his photo kept popping onto my phone from the photo album of over 4 years back. 

“He is in a vegetative state for four days; we need prayers,” said the friend.

Ooo! He was the best man at my wedding. We had been like brothers in Islam, until he “ex-communicated me for accepting Jesus as my savior” Yet, I could not let him just die! I learnt that distance is no barrier to God. Immediately, I went into prayers. I asked Jesus to give him life again. I pleaded for the resurrection power that raised Lazarus to raise him up.

I asked Jesus to manifest himself to him and make him know He Jesus has authority of life.! I prayed with intensity. After prayer, I sent a message to the colleague “He will rise up”. I went to bed. I had a dream of him being removed out of the wooden thing that Muslims use for carrying dead bodies…

In the morning, I continued with my prayer for his life. And as I prayed, I got vision of him being supported to walk by two people. I turned to thanksgiving and praise, for I knew all was well. The 2nd day I inquired from my friend on the status of the sick. And the answer was “miraculously, he is off the life support machines, he is out of danger.” all sounded excited & surprised, apart from me. For the lord had revealed to me in advance.

NB. He was the second person that Jesus had answered my prayers and brought back to life by the resurrection power of His name, when all human efforts had finished and given up. There is power in the name of Jesus.” 



Praise the LORD.

At the turn of the 20th century, one man of God – Samuel Chadwick - made some dramatic statements…

… as he observed many Christians and their denominations increasingly losing interest in prayer.

And …

Becoming more and more vulnerable to attacks from the enemy.

He said:

-       Destitute of the fire of God, nothing else counts

-       Possessing fire, nothing else matters

-       The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying

-       He (the devil) fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion.

-       He laughs at our toils, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.

He was spot on.

The testimonies you see here are a bye-product of prayer plus.

It is a combination of prayer, the word of God and holy living that ignites the fire of God in the life of a believer.

Once that fire is present in your life, it answers everything.

You begin to “see” and “hear” in the spirit … initially through dreams … and later through open visions and revelations. 

Now, talking about dreams…

Recently I posed this question to new visitors to our website:


What is the #1 help you seek concerning dreams?
(see chart above)

38 percent said they wanted to receive divine direction in their dreams … instead of bad dreams and nightmares.

Please pay attention to the type of prayers that John and RMS prayed to receive such divine revelation and direction in dreams and visions.

And speaking about the Sapphire Edition which began at the stroke of midnight…

… there’s a special prayer section for youths and teenagers. 

These are strong prayers that work very fast.

Because the devil and his agents have declared total war on our youths. 

We cannot afford to fold our arms and allow the enemy to have their way with the next generation. 

They are out to destroy these children with drugs, sex, suicide, gang violence… you name it. 

But the LORD is raising up an army to stand in the gap… and to open the door to salvation, healing and deliverance to our youths. 

The Sapphire Blueprint tells of the exploits of just one such arrowhead in this new army … 

… that the LORD is using to contend with the enemy in the specific battle to deliver thousands of kids from drug addiction. 

It is a fascinating story that reads more like something out of Acts of the Apostles. 

Except that this one is happening now. 

The 7 Furious Prayers for this month are exclusively for the youths. 

You can pray them for your children. 

For the youths in your church … your community … and your nation. 

As you do this, you are sowing prophetic seeds. 

Just like the sower in Luke 8:5-8: 

A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it. And some fell on a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it. And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bore fruit an hundred times. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that has ears to hear, let him hear.


Here goes… 

7 Furious Prayers for Youths

 1.   O LORD forgive our youths for the sins of disobedience, rebellion and sexual immorality in Jesus name. 

2.   Every spirit blinding the mind of our children from receiving the Gospel be bound with hot chains and fetters of God in Jesus name. 

3.   I release our children from the bondage of evil domination and control in the name of Jesus. 

4.   I bind every spirit, power, arrow of suicide fired into the life of our youths in Jesus name. 

5.   Let the eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood targeting our children begin to eat their own flesh and drink their own blood in the name of Jesus Christ. 

6.   O LORD lay your hand of fire upon our youths and restore their divine destiny in Jesus name. 

7.   O LORD give unto our youths a different spirit as you did to Caleb in the Bible in Jesus name.

 . . .

Remember to thank the LORD for answering your prayers. 


Be An Overcomer 



Do you want to surprise your friends and shock your enemies 

 as you prepare for higher service and powerful exploits in Christ’s Kingdom?

That is, where you are coached, mentored and equipped to go out and help others…

… who desperately    need salvation, healing and deliverance?

You need to join the Forum –

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There is an invisible realm where lasting victory is won or lost — before anything happens in the physical world.

If you want what we call the “helicopter ride” to the blessings …

Make Sure to
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Prayer Eagle 2019

“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs,
but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!” – 1 Cor.9:24


Happy New Year


… to you and your family.


Congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates a few hours ago…


… as detailed in the 2019 Prophetic Letter.


That Letter comes in 4 parts.


Storming the gates is part 1 of 4.


The other 3 instalments will be released throughout the year. 

(Part 2 coming soon, after the 14-Day Prayers).


There is a Great Awakening on the horizon.

All that is needed for it to burst forth in its full glory is something called the spark.

It is released by prayer.

A specific kind of prayer.

In 2019 this spark can be your friend and it can be your enemy.

It can keep you from doing great things.

It can motivate you to leap over all obstacles to achieve great things.

The Fastest Way to

Achieve Anything In 2019 

… i.e. to get from where you are now to where God wants you to be in 2019 is to…


…have a plan to continue praying as you are doing in this program even after the 14-day session is over.


Right now, the most important decision you can make is to incorporate prophetic praying into everything you do.


That is what we’re doing right now… during this 14-day prayer riot.


This one thing will help you develop consistency in your spiritual life…


This consistency will translate into good and godly spiritual habits…


Good spiritual habits will make you alert in the spirit… and stay connected to your power source (Holy Spirit).


And unbroken connection to the Holy Spirit will open your pipeline of blessings … 


and speed up the manifestation of daily blessings in your life… all through 2019. 


For the Bible says in Psalm 68 verse 19:


“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us
with benefits, even the God of our 


Do You Want to Soar
With the Prayer Eagles in 2019?

When I use the term Prayer Eagle, I usually am referring to someone who has experienced a tangible “recognisable” level of success in prayer over a period of time.


And this success in prayer spills over and touches those around him or her. 


Like Daniel in the Bible.


Like the two eagle sisters who sent in the testimonies below.


Listen to these …  


Mother Rescued
From The Jaws of Death


I got a call this afternoon at 12:56 from my brother to inform me that my mom has collapsed. The ambulance service is already there. At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, because we stay around 18 hours drive from there. Then I cried out to the LORD and said that even if I can not pray, the Bible says that God hear our groans and the Spirit of God pray for us.

Not long after that I realized that I can pray prayer bullets and start firing them.

(17 prophetic prayer bullets here…)


I prayed even more of these bullets and then continued in tongues
. At 14:30 my brother in law called me to say my mother is back
home and the doctor declared her heart and lungs functions normal her blood pressure that was very low recovered to a normal reading.

 Only her blood sugar is elevated, but probably because of the incident, it should be repeated in the morning. It was as a stroke with NO damage!!!! possibly because of stress…she lost her brother to death a year ago and her best friend of 63 years a few months ago and her
other brother’s son around 3 weeks ago. Doctor said she should go to bed and rest.

I praise God for you teaching us prayer bullets to pray, I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me to these bullets and I give ALL GLORY TO GOD. As I am writing to you now, my Mom called me 15:43 to tell me her version of what happened and to let me know she’s in bed at home and fine. Glory to God

-        Eagle S from SA


The next one is from a few years ago …


“Her Life Would Have Been Stolen!”


 I joined Prayer Academy in 2015 when there seems to be no way for me. The day I received the materials for the prayers, I was only reading through when my eyes opened to an old thread hanging on an ancient wall. I saw myself removing it, It was very shocking to me when I realised I fell into a trance just by reading the material.

When the prayers started, as I am living with my sister and she normally goes out to exercise in the mornings. I was sleeping on one fateful morning after my midnight prayers, when I heard my sister screaming, “your sister is dying.” I woke up and saw her on the floor, almost lifeless. I rebuked her confession. And started praying for her.


 I heard in the spirit that I should bless water and give her, then anoint her forehead and chest. I did all. And I heard again, ‘give Me praise.”
I   praised like never before. And suddenly I heard my sister’s voice joining in the songs. Life came into her again.

We praised and prayed together. Afterwards I asked her what transpired. She told me she was exercising and suddenly felt arrows piercing her heart and eyes, she staggered and went blind immediately. She then started calling the blood of Jesus. Her eyes opened. After taking a few steps the arrows struck her again. That’s when she screamed that she was dying.

I want to give God all the glory for giving me strength and grace because if I had panicked for even a second, her life would have been stolen. God is holy, great, wonderful and loving indeed!

– Eagle Amaka 


Praise the LORD.

What I want you to notice here is
 … the heavenly directives received in the heat of battle. 


In the first case, all 17 prayer bullets were downloaded into her spirit one after the other. 


She was not reading from a book. 


That is a product of consistency in prayer … in and out of season. 


The second case…


She received the step-by-step instruction on what to do… in the heat of battle.


This is what it means to be spiritually alert.


She “heard” in the spirit.

And that’s what made the difference between life and death.


That is the KEY you need going forward into this year.


You cannot afford to be at the same spiritual level you were last year.


The Spirit of the LORD is saying to you:


Come Up Higher


It is something that will happen as you continue to use the Prophetic Letter as the rest of the instalments (Parts 2,3,4) are released at specific times of the year. 

Question for you:

How would you like to be so spiritually alert …


… that you are able to ‘receive’ the divine prescription to any problem staring you in the face?


How would you like to become your own personal prophet this year?


Well, you can … if you’ll but develop the prayer habit of the eagles.


Like the 2 eagles who shared their testimony above.

Please Listen


Today January 1 signals the beginning of a 40-day prayer sprint …


… that will take YOU from where you are now, on to the spiritual highway that Heaven’s most effective heroes and champions once walked.


You have started very well… coming out of the starting gate fast and furious on the wings of prophetic prayer.




I urge you to keep going at full speed through at least to the end of January.


Because this is the ideal time to make the prayer investments that will help you to bounce back from all adversity and recover all the enemy had stolen from your life and family.


Truth is, this type of fasting-prayer marathon is the surest way to –

- sickness-proof,

- disease-proof,

- bully-proof,

- poverty-proof,

- rejection-proof

- debt-proof,

- even witchcraft-proof your life and family…


And ensure that every good thing you touch will prosper and multiply in 2019.


As fast as possible.


This is a deeply spiritual matter, and we’ll be discussing everything in detail as we relentlessly continue firing our prayer bullets… 


… even as we receive heavenly directives from the Holy Spirit in the theater of prayer.


In the meantime, if you’re participating wholeheartedly in the on-going 14-day prayer marathon… 


… sooner or later you will discover that you’ve received an all-round supercharge of anointing and spiritual energy that will help turn a life of oppression into a life of dominion. 


And – 


While most people will be 
confused and frozen in place, not knowing what to do next, you will be walking in divine revelation as your spiritual vision becomes sharper and sharper… like the prophets of old.



Where there is no vision, the people perish  
– Prov 29:18 

No confusion.


No more clueless waiting. 


Or running around looking for someone to prophesy and “see visions” for you. 


You will be well on your way to becoming your own personal prophet, able to hear the LORD for yourself. 


You will no longer be a “second-hand Christian,” always waiting for others to tell you what the Lord is saying.  


In other words, you will be an OVERCOMER in the true sense of that word.



Be An Overcomer 




P.S: Listen
: It can be really tough trying to pray alone on your own.


That’s the reason the 24-Hour Blog is opening in a few hours… 


Everyone with access to the 24-Hour Blog is encouraged to log in there every day… to share and interact with others during the journey. 


The idea here is to help and encourage you to keep on fighting
 the good fight of faith. 


Knowing that the enemy is waiting to discourage many from going all the way, there is nothing like a community of prayer eagles to stand with you and lift you up till you finish the race. 


Thousands of our prayer eagles / advisors are in the Forum daily to help answer your questions and encourage you to keep on the firing line. 



(Access into the FORUM is restricted to members who have completed the Prayer Academy)

How to Join the Prayer Academy
 - Details Here





“My prayer gun is reloaded …
and my trigger finger is itchy.”


We’re getting ready to storm the gates of 2019.


The end of year special report is now ready.

You can get a sneak peek by clicking on the link below: 


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Forward it to 10 friends or more, if you can.

They will love you for it!

(You’ll see why when you read the Report). 


Be An Overcomer





Prayer Eagle 2018

It’s been a wildly victorious year.

From storming the gates at the beginning of the year …

… to the Sapphire Edition right after …

… to the Golden Journey sessions at the midpoint of the year …

… to the all-conquering prayers going on right now in the Platinum Forum…

… we’ve never seen a year loaded with so many powerful testimonies of victory in every area of life.


2018 is quickly coming to a close.

Only 29 days left.

But don’t panic.

It’s the PERFECT time to turn up the heat of your prayers and finish the year off with a BANG!

That’s what the Eagles are doing right now… inside the Forum (more about that in a moment).

But first…

Every race on earth is won at the end.

The close of the year is the best time to push for your absolute best.

It is also the time that the devil pushes his evil cohorts to complete their evil agenda to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10a).

Before I show how you can conclude 2018 with maximum success and jump into 2019 ready for your most amazing year yet…

First, a quick reminder…




Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any
results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this
may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for
thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the
LORD richly bless you.
- elisha


** *

 Writing about this in the Platinum Forum, Eagle Mphatso said: 

Beloved Platinum Eagle brothers and sisters, the Lord is doing 
great things. Blessings, wonders, revelations. He is showing up in the physical, in dreams, he is audibly speaking to us. This is wonderful, never ever have I seen many unique and  platinum testimonies such as these, the forum is on fire

Even causal visitors to our websites during the year had testimonies to share.

Buhlebenkosi from Zimbabwe writes:

“Elisha if I don’t tell you this I would be selfish.  In short my life has changed for better actually for best.  I now own a company and I got married white wedding top class wedding talk of the town.  Please keep on sending the prayers.

Ann from Uganda got a job but was fired after 1 week.

Hear what happened next.

Thank you, Elisha for being my mentor. I got a job and after 1 week, I was told to stop working. I went home and prayed. “Covenant keeping God…..” That prayer is so powerful, I was called back to work. Glory be to God  - Ann, Uganda.

Mosa from South Africa write: 

“One Prayer Bullet Gave Me Light”

Since I started receiving your emails I would use the prayer bullets you would send me and wow things started to happen, at first I had attacks that I thought I had overcome already, my marriage was falling apart, I was starting to lose my mind and became the laughing stock in my community…there actually came a time when I said to God he didn’t exist because he had thrown me right into the hands of my enemies…. 
but one prayer bullet and email gave me light when I had hit rock bottom. That is when I saw the veil being lifted, when I saw just how awesome God is….he raised me up and covered my eyes  from seeing bits and pieces of negativity, God showed off with me and still continues to…. – Mosa M 

Darial adds: 

“Very inspiring. Your emails have brought a new meaning and reason to smile in my life. Knowing that God is a silent listener to every conversation.”


Of course, our Eagles in the Forum were not left out.

They were given a special mandate to reach out and help family and friends who were struggling.

Listen to this:

“She is Making From A Single Client What She Used to Toil For Many Days to Achieve”

I am elated in the Lord, I do not know if writing in tongues is in order otherwise i would have written the tongues in my spirit right here. Its powerful Elisha testimonies have started coming in after they have completed the shared week 3. One has been trusting God for a better job, a financial breakthrough after struggling with debts for so long. 
On the 6th day of the prayers her old friend contacted her from US asking her how she can help her.

Hallelujah. After the discussion she is now processing Visa to move to the US for work. The friend told her in a very short conversation. “I will help you in any way I can.” 

Another friend also stagnated financial and business making almost zero profits is praising the King of kings now. she says her spiritual atmosphere has changed. All the evil burdens have been lifted. She told me her sales have multiplied, she is making from a single client what she used to toil for many days to achieve. her business has shifted. Joining the prayer academy in January. Praise the Lord!
- Eagle Polly 

“Rejected At First … Recalled Later for The Same Job”


I am so happy today. I have just joined the PA and currently doing starter prayers. Before joining i subscribed to your regular emails and have been praying the prayer point - ”Covenant keeping God make all those who have rejected me before to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.” 

Today i wanted to share with you my testimony. I have just been offered a job after being unemployed for a full year.  I was rejected before for this
job because my salary expectations were very high. And out of the blue i receive a call saying they need someone and i should go discuss with them. I went for discussion 2 days ago and today i have been called to sign my contract next week. All glory to God. He is worthy of all praise!!! I am so expectant to encounter my Father Almighty during my PA journey. Will start pre-marathon prayers on 25 Nov. – Emma G


“I Smiled And Told Her I No Longer Have to Pray About Debt”

I was heavily in debt for the past 5 years, when i used the prayers for praying yourself out of debt in 2017, the LORD delivered from debt. Three months ago I entered a friend’s office and she extended an invitation to me to go for overnight prayers to pray to get out of debt. 

I told her straight that i no longer pray about debts because God delivered me from the dragon of debt. She laughed and thought that it was a joke. Then I shared with her my testimony of how I had prayed myself out of debt through your coaching. she got inspired and I encouraged her to try out the prayers though she had not yet subscribed. – Eagle Barbra 


“MoonLight Testimony”

I’ve been using the prayers you do send but to no avail. I decided to give up. Then suddenly just decided to use the debt-free prayers. Hmmmmm. 
For the past 20 yrs that I’ve open my company… Debt, debt, debt … I say I never even had 200 dollars in my account at the end of a year before. Always borrowing and even trying to run-away to another country. Always robbing Peter to pay Paul. Borrow here to go and pay there… on and on.

But since I started using this book and the prayers in there, within the space of just two weeks – I said two weeks – I have received close to 3000 dollars in my account without struggling. Glory be to God. I have decided to join the testimony parade to also share mine. Since we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimonies. – Moonlight 


“Two weeks did not even lapse before there was a turnaround in my marriage”

Hallelujah the Lord has done it! 
 I was in a marriage where there was no intimacy no friendship no communion! It was hollow and how I longed to just leave the marriage except for God’s word that says God hates divorce. This was despite the prayers I had been making for 7 years, fasting, tithing, seed offerings for my marriage, anointing… all didn’t seem to work! I came to a point where I told God that I have done all that is humanly possible for me to do but things seem to get worse! So I asked God to do as He wills. 

He led me to Elisha’s site for the Prayer Academy and I signed up reluctantly though… the free version!  The emails began to invite me to launch deeper in prayer and boom God revealed the strongman that had taken charge of my marriage!

Armed with these revelations I released the prayer bullets as powerful missiles against the strongman and alas two weeks did not even lapse before there was a turnaround in my marriage. It has been 4 months now we go to church as a family and there is an overflow of love sweeter and stronger than even when we were dating. – Eagle Claire 


Praise the LORD.

Time will fail me to recount the exploits of thousands of our Prayer Eagles from 117 countries around the world.

For instance, I just saw an intriguing one in the Platinum Forum.

But first, the backstory…

Every October I challenge them to go out and mentor others to the level that those ones in turn can confidently go out and do the same.

One of the Eagles turned her prayer guns to soul winning (the primary assignment for all believers).

Capping a long list of outstanding breakthroughs, she wrote this: 

“One of Us Won A Tribe to Christ!”

“Individuals in the group have engaged in soul winning and are also mentoring souls. One of us won a tribe to Christ.  I wrote weekly teaching outlines to teach the Word of God and show them their rights now that they are born again this was done every Saturday at 5 pm as a cell meeting at their location. 

Now our Church has taken over, established a worship centre for Wednesday evening service and on Sundays transportation is provided to take them to the main Church.  Praise the Lord.”


Praise the LORD.

You should see how Heaven is rejoicing over the exploits of these ones.

The door of testimonies is still open. 


There are 2 crucial things you can do to join the victory parade right away.

Plus conclude 2018 with maximum victory and jump into 2019 ready for your most breakthrough year yet!

I’ll share the first one here… and the second one in the New Year (inside the Forum).





Have you ever heard of the 1-Step, 1-Punch, 1-Round prayer strategy?

It is an all-conquering prayer secret of the ancient prayer warriors (now adapted for the modern times).

The Prophet Elijah was a great practitioner of this.

I shared it in my daily email a while ago.

Here’s what I said:


‘One step, one punch, one round at a


Don’t get overwhelmed by how much trouble the enemy is shovelling your way. Don’t get bogged down with the mindless chatter on social media about how the heaven is falling.

Don’t even worry about anyone’s opinions and criticisms of you. This night when you walk into your prayer closet, please just take it … 
‘One step, one punch, one round at a time’



1.      Log into the Prayer Forum (one step) 

2.     Start with the first prayer bullet (one punch)

3.     Soon you will get to all the prayer bullets for that session (one round).


Do that day after day and you will receive all the answers to your prayers…

… and claim your share of the huge wave of divine blessings, newly released from the storehouses of Heaven.

Let me repeat that:

Whether you’re in the Prayer Academy Forum or the Platinum Forum, all you have to do to receive your last-minute blessings for this year is: 

Just one step, one punch, one round at a time.

I don’t want to hear anyone say they have prayed everything they know of and do not know what to pray again.


Just One step, one punch, one round at a time … from this night onward.

Prophet Isaiah put it more eloquently:

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept;
line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” – Isaiah 28:10


For most 21st century believers their problem is knowing what prayers to pray when confronted with specific troubles.

Not so for our Prayer Eagles inside the FORUM.

Whatever else you do I encourage you to make a plan to join them in the new year… whenever the Prayer Riots are announced.


Now, the FORUM has been called the “Upper Room for 21st Century Christians” 

And there is a reason for that. 

You see…

Many believers are finding it harder and harder to sustain much prayer fire on their own … day after day, especially when it appears that Heaven is silent.

As the enemy steps up vicious attacks … in the dream, on the marriage, on the family, even on your prayer life…

That’s when you MUST repair to a highly confidential virtual location on the Internet where …

… seasoned Prayer Eagles from 117 countries congregate for prophetic, warfare prayers and deep intercession.

The Eagles are also there to support one another.

Talking about your problems with someone who has been trained in our manner of prayer can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The first thing you learn is that you are NOT alone.

And what you’re going through is not abnormal.

Even when your troubles seem to be overwhelming, there are prayer Eagles and Advisors available 24/7 to support you…

… help you cope… pray with you… help interpret your dreams  (there are Dream Advisors on site too) …

They will even agree with you in prayer and share the precision-guided prayer bullets that helped them overcome a similar attack from the enemy.

(Oh yes, many have walked in your shoes).

This is pure gold. 

And it gets even better.

Because finding out how others successfully dealt with the same nonsense that the enemy is throwing at you can change everything.

Seriously -

- often, just discovering that you’re not alone in what you’re suffering through, that others have successfully navigated similar troubles …

… can re-ignite your spiritual fire so much that you see yourself leaping across all satanic barriers to the finish line victoriously.

The Platinum Forum is the HIGHEST level of prayer coaching we currently offer.

It trains Christian Prayer Eagles to war a victorious warfare in their communities and enforce our Lord’s mandate to:

“Occupy till I come” – Luke 19:13


The 7 Furious Prayers you are about to see have been “borrowed” with permission from the Platinum Forum (Week 3).




For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do.

The prayers I’m about to share here will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

7 Furious Prayers for December 2018


Scripture Ingredient

Isaiah 62:2: And the nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory; And you will be called by a new name,
Which the mouth of the LORD will name (please personalize by changing “your” to “my”, “you” to “I”).


Begin with Praise and worship

1. I reclaim all the ground that I’ve lost to satan this year in Jesus name.

2. By the stripes of Jesus, I curse every root of infirmity in my life to die in Jesus name.

3. Every negative prophecy spoken over my life and family by anyone living or dead, be cancelled and be nullified by the power of the blood of Jesus.

4. In Jesus name I separate myself from every tribal blood covenant by the power of the blood of Jesus.

5. In the name of Jesus, I nullify every covenant / agreement, oath and promise made at evil altars by me or anyone representing me in the past, present and future by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

6. From today, I prophetically declare victory in all my dream battles in Jesus name.

7. Every decree of untimely death issued against me and my family, be revoked by the blood of Jesus, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

Remember to thank the LORD for answering your prayers. 

Be An Overcomer



Do you want to surprise your friends and shock your enemies as you prepare for higher service and powerful exploits in Christ’s Kingdom in 2019?

That is, where you are coached, mentored and equipped to go out and help others… who desperately need salvation, healing and deliverance?

You need to join the Forum –

YES, Please Give Me
Access To The Forum

There is an invisible realm where lasting victory is won or lost — before anything happens in the physical world.

If you want to breakthrough to this heavenly realm in 2019 …

Make Sure to
Complete the Prayer Academy First



Best thing you can do for your friends and family — share these prayers with them all. You’ve probably read hundreds of testimonies from people who were saved from untimely death through these 7 Furious Prayers.

Click Here to Share

With Your Friends


What has the LORD done for you in 2018?

Please take a moment and click on COMMENTS below to share your thoughts, victories, war stories, and even the struggles and word of encouragement.



Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for September 2018 </font></b></h2>


The 7 Furious Prayers for September 2018…

Now unlocked and ready for you.

They are culled or “borrowed” from the closing prayers …

… of Golden Journey Express winding down in the Forum.

Just to give you a small taste of the 17 prayers that the Eagles are currently praying (more details in the Forum – Access Required).

Going forward, these prayers will be posted every other month.

Meaning that the next (and last set for the year) will be posted in November.

There will be nothing posted for October.

These are strong prayers that work very fast.

If you take them the way we teach in the Academy, you’ll be shocked at the results.

Here goes… 

7 Furious Prayers for September 2018


Lord I thank you for the purifying power of the fire of the Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost fire saturate my life in the name of Jesus

I challenge this ………. (lay your hand on any organ of your body that’s not functioning properly) with the fire of the Holy Spirit

Let every dirty garment of hindrance in my life be melted away by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

All my blessings imprisoned by the grave come forth by fire in the name of Jesus

O Lord from today let the impossible become possible for me in Jesus name.

I reject premature death in my family in the name of Jesus


. . .

Our Eagles are already reporting unusual deliverance and blessings using the full set of these prayers. 

Prayer works. 

Where’s the proof? 

Glad you asked. 

First, a quick reminder…



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the LORD richly bless you.
- elisha


** *

“This Month I Miraculously Joined the Office of The Prime Minister”

I have been using the prayer bullets from this website for sometime now, although not yet joined the Prayer Academy. God has done wonders. I lost my job mid-last year, and I used the 9 prayers that you always send to job seekers, e.g. 

1. Gates of employment, whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, I command you to crash open for me in the Name of Jesus. 

2. I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation in the Name of Jesus.

This month, I miraculously joined the office of the Prime Minister of my country, for a job over 10 times better than the one I lost. I give all the glory back to God and I will soon be joining the Prayer Academy, all through, all the way. 
- Eagle MI


 Even Christians In My Church Laughed At Me! 

I was introduced to you by a friend, my life was so messed up, I lost a job,a car and the project of building a house stopped. People laughed at me even Christians in my church. I took a decision to pray every day. It was not easy but I knew something was wrong.

There was a snake that used to attack me and tie my legs. I prayed and I killed it in my dream. To cut the story short I was expecting money  and I used your prayers for about one year. On the 16 of August I was in court I got paid a huge amount of money that has shocked me and my family. God doesn’t disappoint. Praise the Lord.  
- Miss V 

** Brother Rescued From The Jaws of Death, Thanks To Intercession In
The Forum **

Yesterday I posted an urgent prayer request in the Forum for my brother Jailosi who was attacked in his sleep and could not wake up. He lay motionless and could not move. He was rushed to the hospital in his unconscious state. Scans and tests were run on him and all tests came out negative. It was a depressing moment.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to all Eagles for lifting up Jailosi and raising a battle cry to rescue him from the jaws of death. Prayer bullets went forth relentlessly from across the globe and our faithful God who hears our prayers has done it again!

Hallelujah! Today Jailosi regained his consciousness, he opened his eyes and was able to recognize those around him. This is a direct result of the prayers that went forth from the upper room. He is still being observed at the hospital and my other brother who was with him at the hospital simply  said “God is great sister, Jailosi is talking today and he wants to go home”

From the very bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family, I wish to express my profound gratitude to the entire Eagle family for holding my hand when my strength was failing! Can’t thank God enough for this family! Thank you all and may God bless you. 
- Eagle Nyaku 


Evil Mark of Hatred And Rejection Wiped Away 

Since I completed the Golden Journey Express I can see clearly in my dreams. They are more vivid and I can remember most details. This is a new experience. Now I am able to identify and cancel aspects of my dreams that aim to cause me harm.

I am grateful to my God for connecting with Firesprings Ministries and our Prayer Coach. I confidently state that the evil marks that the enemy put on my forehead is erased by the Blood of Jesus Christ and He put his mark written by his own Blood. Before joining
Firespring Ministries prayer programs, people used to dislike me and preferred to avoid coming close to me, as though I was a leper. This is now the thing of the past. I have a new life. 
- Kidi M


“Every Vulture of Death, Crash And Burn to Ashes”

Praise be to the Lord, the Miracle worker. In July my dad was taken to hospital really ill, he was not even talking. He was treated and discharged after 4 days in hospital. The day after discharge he was again taken back to the same hospital for treatment, then i and
my siblings brought him to the City for further management, where he was found to have a cyst in the liver and it was really big.

From day one of his admission, I used the prayer bullets “Oh Great Physician, by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and heal my father, and also “Every vulture of death circling around my father’s life receive fire, crash and burn to ashes in Jesus name” and ”God you are perfect and we are made in your own image and likeness so is my father, so God make him perfect as you are. For the whole of July and this August I have been on those prayer bullets. The good news is that he is now up, no more cysts though he is still weak. Glory be to God for the healing and thanks for the prayer bullets that are fiery. 
– Eagle G


“We Now Have A Bouncing Baby Girl … After 5 Years”

Thank you very much for teaching me how to pray. I remember I once wrote to you telling you what I was going through but to God be the glory… God answered my prayers. We have been struggling to have a baby and for 5 years. we now have a bouncing baby girl and her name is DD. Thanking God for the midnight prayers you taught me. I know God is still to do more for me and my family. - Sharon 

“She Never Went For Any Surgery”

Would like to praise God who has led us to be in the Prayer Academy now. My daughter was suddenly not well, she had two weeks ago a swollen and painful arm and hand, unable to move all the fingers. We were told that it is an acute infectious condition which might need

That night at midnight gate, we started to fire the healing prayer bullets on our daughter: 

“O Great Physician by the power of which you are known to be GOD, arise and heal completely our daughter.”

My husband and I were mentioning her name. We were refusing for our daughter to go for surgery. We also asked her to fire the same bullet at midnight as she is not a minor. In the morning we saw God’s wonders, the pain was gone, the fingers could move again, the swelling had really subsided. That miraculous healing could come only from the Almighty God, the Great Physician.

So we continue with the same bullet, after two days my daughter had fully recovered, and she never went for any surgery. We praise God for giving us His grace to benefit from the powerful teachings you give on how to pray and which bullet to use. May God bless you Elisha, may He bless your powerful ministry. - Masangu, South Africa


Counting My Blessings…

I just want to express my sincere gratitude for always teaching us to be our own prophets. Personally, from the time i started following you (end 2016), my life has been glorious. Yes, there’s been fierce attacks through dreams and all but God has given me victory. This
has been possible because of your relentless encouragements and targeted prayer points you share with us.

I can testify that 2017 was packed for me… I finally got my accounting degree after studying for almost 8 years. Within the same year, God gave me my husband. We got married exactly 9 months after meeting him.  A man who’s heart is rooted in Christ. By the way, his family also follows you… they’re a praying family. - Eagle Sandra

** How I Became a Prophet to My Family **

“Your prayer coaching works miracles. I was introduced to your site in Jan 18 and since then I observed midnight prayer, Esther fast and my life never remain the same. From 2015 – 2017 my wife had 3 miscarriages but God overthrew the evil hand and blessed my family with a bouncing baby boy on 13 Aug 18.

Also, my wife was jobless for more than 5 yrs and your msg to my in box on 8 Aug 18 “The most powerful Spiritual Secret of all time” hear the glorious voice of the Lord, change my family story, having ask God to speak to me. On the 9 Aug 18 I told my wife God will direct someone to her next week with a letter. Behold, on 14 Aug 18 she was invited for an interview in one of the govt organizations and she was offered instant employment. She asked me how did I know about this and I told her God revealed it to me. Thank God I’m now a prophet to my family. Indeed God answers prayers. Praise the Lord. Amen. - Eagle Ramli


“You Have Helped Me to Be What God Intended Me To Be” 

I am just writing to you Coach, saying God bless you with the “SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE AND LONG LIFE in Jesus mighty name. Amen.  You have helped me to be what God intended me to be. This is what is happening in my life - 

(a) People with chronic diseases are being healed. e.g. heart failure, kidney failure as l approach the “The Supreme Court of Heaven according to (1 John 5:7-8). l bless the Lord for being so faithful. God Bless you. - Eagle Precious


All glory to God. 

My Heartfelt Apologies…


Time will fail us to share all the testimonies that are pouring in… 

To the thousands whose praise reports are yet to be featured here, please accept my sincere apologies. 

Please keep sending in your testimonies of victory. 

(Hint: The devil and his agents hate testimonies like these with perfect hatred – so you should share them here to put them to shame and give glory to God) 


For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again.
Nothing else will do.

The prayers I’ve just shared here will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.


Is Your Prayer Gun Loaded?

The Eagles’ Forum goes quiet for a while…

…  so we can prepare the platform for the final, all-out knock-down-drag-out fight to the finish Prayer Riot coming up in a few weeks. 

If you are curious about what I’m referring to…

That’s the program where people like Eagle Precious (who shared the last testimony above) are trained for higher service and powerful exploits in Christ’s Kingdom. 

That is, they are coached, mentored and equipped to go out and help others… who desperately need salvation, healing and deliverance.

(To be invited, you must complete the Prayer Academy first). 

Singles prayers resume on September 7 (inside the Singles Forum).


There is a hidden realm where victory is won or lost — before anything happens in the physical world.” 


If you want to breakthrough to this heavenly realm …  

Head on over to:  

The New Lesson ZERO of the Prayer Academy  


Be An Overcomer 




Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for July 2018 </font></b></h2>

Welcome to the 2nd half of the year.


Here’s a quick question for you:

Have you (or anyone you know) been struggling with unanswered prayers these past 6 months?

Truth is:

You can receive any breakthrough you desire in any area of your life (if it is aligned with the will of God) in 11 days or less…

… because of “silent” blessings floating around in the spirit realm, waiting for believers like you to pull them into the physical world through prayer.

What’s that mean?

You’ll see in a moment.

We begin by taking a peek into what’s been going on… since we stormed the Gates of 2018 at the beginning of the year.

First, a quick reminder…



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the
principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at
all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like
you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly
bless you. 

- elisha


 ** *    

Delivered From Toxic Shock,

Multiple Organ Failure And Untimely Death


 I am in the Prayer Academy. I started using prayer bullets when i heard that my sister was in a coma diagnosed with liver sclerosis. Her organs shut down and she was literally being awaited to give up. I went into Esther fast and instructed my younger sister there with her to do same. During the fast i told them to be praying scripture in her hospital room (Ps. 18,23, 24) so as to saturate the atmosphere with the Word of God.

I now shared the prayers with all my siblings to pray from Elisha newsletter on healing. We had been begging her to accept Christ but till her chronic illness my sister wouldn’t hear of it. The diagnosis- toxic shock, organ failure of her vital organs one after the other. She was in coma (i have the videos). We kicked into violent prayer action and within 2 weeks she had been placed on the top of the list to get a replacement liver out of 30,000 applicants!

She came out of coma and the first thing she said was to ask of me. I couldn’t come because i an in a far-away country. We prayed by faith. She said she was in a place, a beautiful island and did not want to leave. Some military men put her in a vehicle and were taking her away. She then heard my voice but she wasn’t sure whether i was in a church or some other place praying. She then told them not to take a particular turn but insisted on them taking the other. That is how she woke up out of the coma. 

She successfully had the transplant and started producing her own urine. She is back home and recuperating. Our constant prayer is that she will come to the full realisation the Christ sent her back to be a testimony and to work for Him. If not for the newsletters and prayers i would not have had the strategy to intercede on my sister’s behalf and we will not be able to witness to her the glory and love if Jehovah Elshaddai to her and others.  Even from across continents God’s Hand is never short. ALL GLORY BE UNTO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.!!! Halleluyah! - Joseph Jide 

Husband Is Back Home –

Rescued From The Grip Of Witchcraft-Powered Strange Woman

Praise God members I am over joyed because my marriage is improving day by day. I have suffered rejection, marital distress and I had lost my husband to another woman who uses witchcraft for almost one and half years but finally God responded to my calls through the midnight prayer bullets with a lot of tears. Finally my husband is back home and with a lot peace in our home .Thank you for training us to take back what the enemy has taken and thank you members for encouraging me with the testimonies coz they would always keep me on the firing line when I get discouraged.   - Maggie

The “9 Prayers To Get A Job”

Strikes Again And Again


Back in early 2014 I was jobless and came across these prayers on the Internet so I believed and used them. On Monday 21st July, 2014 I started working at an international organisation on a project, which lasted until December 31st , 2017. I quickly went back to these prayers and on Monday 26th March, 2018 I started working at a more prestigious organisation – The World Bank. I know that only happens because i used those specific prayer points. These prayers worked for my son and my daughter who also used these prayers when they were looking for jobs. – Eagle SL 

“How I Failed My Way To Success Through Prayer”

Oh this prayer works like thunder! I kept firing these prayers for close to a year with fasting sometimes, and when God answered ahhh its too much. I had been on a contract for over 1 year 6 months and for me to even being on a contract its through these prayers. I went for the interview and performed dismally. I went for medicals and failed the eye test but kept firing at the midnight hour. I got the contract post. I didn’t stop. After 1 year 6 months there was a permanent post, so i applied and kept firing at the midnight hour and I got the post plus l will be getting a company car. I am now at a higher grade, with salary increment and phone allowance. This God is too much, and l am still firing. - Leslie

Debt Cancelled

God is great all the time and He answers my prayers. Early this year while I was in the Prayer Academy I received a request from someone who was battling with debt of her studies and she wanted to finish them. The problem was that the university had already blacklisted her and she was receiving calls from the lawyers demanding her to pay back the money.. While she was explaining this to me , I told her to pray with me at midnight and that was
early this year . I have been asking God to answer her, yesterday I told her to update me of the new updates and wow GOD has done it. She received a full paid up bursary to finish her BTech from the company that she is currently working for as a temp, where technically she was not support to have these benefits.. Praise GOD and thank you Elisha and Prayer Advisors for teaching us how to pray and positioning ourselves to receive a blessings – Eagle Sakhiwo

“O LORD, Lead Me To A Place of Prayer!”

 I regret having seen the website so late in life otherwise my brother who passed away in 2009 followed by my sister in 2012 would both be alive. As a matter of fact I also survived a fatal accident in 2011. But guess what? The devil is a liar. This ministry taught me how to pray and hear the voice of God be it in a vision or a dream. This ministry taught me that Heavens will not move until someone prays. I am looking forward to this year’s Golden Journey. I walked it in 2017 asking God for a spiritual home (church). On the last day thinking that God was silent I found a pamphlet from a ministry whose prayers are similar to Firesprings Ministry. I’m looking forward to 2018 Golden Journey, praise the Lord. – Nombulelo

As I Prayed for Pastors,

God Fought My Battles At Work

As I joined in praying for pastors on this site a few weeks ago, I knew very well that I was going to get a reward for taking care of men and women of God. The Lord of war fought for me in my work place, where they planned a conspiracy against me, falsely accusing me of stealing. I had nothing to do with it but God who fights our battles kept me busy with praying for my elders. I concentrated on my elders in the house of God including other churches while God concentrated on my issues.

My pastors are on fire of God as we speak. In my workplace, those who said I stole their money were caught red-handed on surveillance camera. While they were waiting eagerly waiting for my downfall the God of justice and mercy exposed their hidden agendas and as we speak, they are fired / expelled from work. Some were expecting promotion but that has been given to another. Praise the Lord. 
- Eagle Annie T


All glory to God.

Prayer (plus inspired action) have been responsible for many testimonies of healing, marriage restoration, debt

cancellation, dream victories, financial breakthroughs, spiritual growth, etc.

… And the list goes on and on.


Your Season of “Silent Blessings”

Is Here Again

One of the testimonies above mentioned something called “positioning.”

Another made references to The Golden Journey.

For those who do not know, it is an advanced Prayer Riot that takes place once a year …

… within the 24-Hour Blog Forum.


What you are about to see now is a snapshot of one of the teachings in there.


First, we begin with the scripture:

I sent you to harvest where you didn’t plant; others had already
done the work, and now you will get to gather the harvest. – John 4:38 (NLT)


The context of this verse is regarding the harvest of souls into the kingdom… 

…. but it also holds true for other areas of life as well, especially when it comes to sudden, unexplainable breakthroughs.


One man of God once named this type of sudden breakthrough… abandoned blessings.


Another calls it: unclaimed blessings.


I choose to call it … silent blessings.


It is all around us… if you can see with the eyes of the spirit.


The Golden Journey is where we deep-dive into how to enter into the realm of silent blessings.


It is a mysterious realm, so I’ll explain it with a strange but true life story.


Many years ago, at a small prayerful church, there was a woman who was believing the Lord for fruit of the womb.

She had been barren for 15 years. All these years her #1 prayer request was for a child.

One Sunday morning, after a particularly anointed praise and worship session, a word of knowledge went forth that there was a woman there who would receive a divine visitation within 7 days.

After that, she would become pregnant and give birth to a baby boy nine months later.

Several women “claimed” that word and began to thank the Lord for it.

The woman also went home rejoicing.

Now one thing to understand about a word of knowledge from the Lord is this:

Even though it says “a woman here” hundreds of other people could participate in the blessing by laying claim on it by faith and receiving the word for themselves, and even their loved ones too.

That’s how things work

       in the realm of the spirit…

Yes, faith is the currency of the spirit realm.

On this occasion, when this particular woman got home, her faith suffered a massive shipwreck (1 Tim 1:19).

How so?

The enemy began to bombard her with the arrows of discouragement.

A strange voice kept telling her:

“Haven’t you heard all this before?

It has never worked in the past. Why should it work now?”

For the rest of the week, she kept hearing that voice in her head, mocking and taunting her.

Instead of rebuking the voice in the name of the Lord (or looking for others who could encourage her, as we do in the Forum day and night), she became more and more discouraged.

By the following Sunday, what began as a little discouragement had morphed into something like a full-blown depression.

She didn’t feel like going to church anymore.

She didn’t even want to get out of bed.

She just lay in bed all day, crying helplessly.

Meanwhile in church that morning, something unusual was taking place.

During the worship session, an Angel of the Lord came down from Heaven.

With a beautifully wrapped gift.

For someone.

As soon as he appeared, the Lord opened the eyes of the pastor and a few other prayer warriors in the congregation.

They could see the Angel scanning the congregation… as if looking for someone.

Then he moved to the door … and waited.

Only a few people could “see” this Angel.

He was there throughout the duration of the service.

The pastor even stopped at some point during his sermon to announce that there was an Angel there with a wonderful present for someone.

When the service ended, the Angel looked around one final time.

Apparently unable to find whoever he was looking for, he turned around sharply and handed the gift package to a newly-wedded lady as she made her way out of the service.

Then he disappeared and went back to Heaven.

Now you might be asking: what happened here?

On the day of her visitation, the woman who had been praying for 15 years was nowhere to be found. And someone literally walked into her blessing.

Please close your eyes and take this short prayer:

I will NOT miss my time of divine visitation 

in Jesus name.


Anytime you are alert in the spirit, you will see many unclaimed blessings floating around.

Many years ago, the LORD opened my eyes to see some of these wonderful blessings.

I was in total shock.

Nobody had ever hinted me about this.

No wonder I was in debt, broke and unable to make ends meet… for so many years.

But today, things are totally different, praise the LORD.

There are prayers to make all these wonderful things to appear, provided such prayers are paired with INSPIRED action.

Such wonderful things as financial breakthroughs, new and better jobs, love and honey in marriages, healthy body organs, etc.

It is of little or no use if someone just prays and then fails to follow up with the proper action, as prompted by the Spirit of the LORD.


How do I know the proper action to take, you ask.

That’s an entire teaching series… to be addressed in the Golden Journey Forum (when it opens for the year).

Suffice it to say that your action should always consists of 3 things:

#1: The prophetic utterance

#2: The prophetic step 

#3: The prophetic pause


Without Further Delay,

I Have To Tell You

There are realms that only prayer can reach.

Then there are realms that prayer alone may not be enough …

In our prayer riots, we sometimes include a “prophetic pause” … where we take a break from prayers to do other things (as led by the Spirit of God).

The 7 Furious Prayers you are about to see are “commanding height” prayers.

If you pray them diligently for the next 21 days, one of two things will happen.

1. Bad things will be shaken out of your life.

2. Blessings will be drawn into your life… suddenly.

Of course, I cannot say which one will happen in your own case.

However, if you’d prepare yourself (through deep repentance coupled with foundational prayers), as soon as you
release this volley of prayers, all opposition to your breakthroughs will simply melt away.

(Hint: It will greatly accelerate your breakthroughs if you’re already in one of the prayer programs in the Forum – Singles, Gold, Diamond, Prayer Academy, etc. - simply add these 7 prayers).

Hebrews 12:26b-27 says this:

But now he has promised, saying, yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, yet once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

Things that the enemy had planted in your life (sickness, poverty, debt, stagnancy, rejection, etc) must first be shaken out of your life. 

What will be left standing?

Your divine blessings… breakthroughs… testimonies.

Before We Go To The Prayers,

Please Note This…



For these prayers to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be genuinely born again. Nothing else will do.

The prayers you are about to see will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

7 Furious Prayers for July 2018

Scripture Ingredient

Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit fails: hide not your face from me, lest I be like to them that go down into the pit. – Ps 143:7.

Praise and worship

1. O Lord, help me to surrender every area of my life to you.

2. LORD make me a vessel meet for your own use in Jesus name.

3. I prophesy and decree the favor of God over my life in the name of Jesus.

4. Every power swallowing answers to my prayers, vomit them now and die in the name of Jesus.

5. I fire the arrow of blackout, chaos and confusion on the camp of my enemies in Jesus name.

6. Blood of Jesus, wipe off my name and my loved ones from every register of death in Jesus name.

7. My silent blessings, locate me by fire now in the name of Jesus.

Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer   


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This month we enter a different realm of prayer altogether.

Because a new season has dawned in the spirit.

It is a time for intercessory prayers…

… first and foremost, for your pastors in YOUR local church.

Did you watch the short video above?

Can you now understand …

- why there is so much disunity and church splits everywhere?

- why the divorce rate among pastors is soaring?

- why the children of many pastors are turning their backs on the gospel?

Could it be that satanic agents in your community are actively praying against them?

It does not matter whether you are in Boston, USA … or Sydney, Australia.

Your city and church are very likely under intense satanic bombardment.

You heard it in the video.

Let me give you a tip here…

The month of May is the month of intercession…

… as we gear up for the historic event coming up in Jerusalem in a few short weeks.

(Details to be posted to the 24-Hour Blog Forum).

Regarding intercessory prayers, one of the Eagles posted a thought-provoking story a few days ago.

Here it is…

*** Praying For Others ***

A hospital chaplain visited a delightful old lady in the hospital. As he approached her bed, he noticed that with the index finger of one hand she was touching, one by one, the fingers of the other, with her eyes closed. When the chaplain spoke to her she opened her eyes and said, “Oh, chaplain, I was just saying my prayers – the prayers my grandmother taught me many years ago.”

The chaplain looked puzzled, so she went on to explain, “I hold my hand like this, my thumb towards me. That reminds me to pray for those nearest to me. Then, there is my pointing finger, so I pray for those who point the way to others – teachers, leaders, parents. The next finger is the biggest so I pray for those in high places. After that comes the weakest finger – look it won’t stand up by itself – so I pray for the sick and the lonely and the afraid. And this little one – well, last of all I pray for myself.”

What a great lesson! It is so easy to make our prayers about us – “Help me… deliver me… give me… show me… I need… I want…” when our prayers should be for and about others.

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” Philippians 2:3

- Eagle Njideka, 24-Hour Forum



This month… if you’ll take the focus off yourself and your problems…

… and instead invest your time and effort to pray FURIOUSLY for your spiritual leaders (i.e. your pastors, Bible teachers, cell group leaders, worship leaders, ministers, elders, etc) you will be rewarded more than you can ever imagine.

Please take this as a spiritual call to arms.

*** 7 Furious Prayers For Your Pastor(s) ***

Scripture Ingredient:

Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothed with honor and majesty… Who makes his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire – Psalm 104:1,4

Praise and worship


1. Let the power to mount up with wings as an eagle fall upon our pastors (mention the names).


2. O LORD, empower our pastors (mention the names) to receive fresh revelations from You daily, and to preach your undiluted word without fear or favor in Jesus name.


3. Let the crushing hammer of God crush every force opposing the calling and ministry of our pastor(s) ….


4. Every arrow of strife, disunity and divorce fired into our local church, hear the word of the LORD, go back to your senders never to return in Jesus name.


5. Every satanic prayer against pastors (mention the names), and their families be nullified by the power of the blood of Jesus.


6. Let every evil tongue rising up against our pastor(s)…. be confounded and be put to shame in the name of Jesus Christ.


7. I draw a circle of the blood of Jesus around my pastors (mention the names) and our entire congregation in Jesus name.



AFTER you have prayed furiously for your pastor(s), please take this one prayer for yourself (with a holy shout):


O death, where is your victory? Fear of death, arrow of death,
I curse you to die to your roots in the name of Jesus.

Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer


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Sunday morning…

while it was still dark…

Soldiers stationed at the tomb of
Jesus felt an intense earthquake.

Then they saw a great light.

A small star in the heavens
announced Christ’s birth…

And a powerful light announced his rebirth.


7 Verses of
Matthew Chapter 28


… capture this epic event:

1. After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day
of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went
to look at the tomb.

2. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel
of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb,
rolled back the stone and sat on it.

3. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes
were white as snow.

4. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook
and became like dead men.

5. The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know
that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.

6. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Come and see the place where he lay.

7. Then go quickly and tell his disciples:

‘He has RISEN from the dead and is going
ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.
Now I have told you.’

A great Bible commentator puts it this way:

“Today we remember a sudden burst of LIGHT that tore

the veil of the bleak and forlorn darkness of that Sunday morning…

Revealing a risen LORD and conquering Messiah who

defeated sin and death by crushing the head of the serpent.”

= = =

My prayer for you and your family is 3-fold:

  1.  Let evil stones be rolled away from your life and family in Jesus name.

 2.  And let the resurrection light shine upon every dark area of your life…

 3.  Let that same Power of Resurrection that raised JESUS CHRIST from the dead… begin to quicken every “dead” area of your life and breathe life anew into you and your loved ones… in Jesus Christ name. Amen.


Is Your Hour To Shine



It is the Season of Resurrection….

Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire puts it quite bluntly:

“The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and the end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, all bishops, priests, and Christian ministers should go home and get honest jobs, and all the Christian faithful should leave their churches immediately.

As Paul himself put it: “If Jesus is not raised from the dead, our preaching is in vain and we are the most pitiable of men.” It’s no good trying to explain the resurrection away or rationalize it as a myth, a symbol, or an inner subjective experience. None of that does justice to the novelty and sheer strangeness of the Biblical message.

It comes down finally to this: if Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke; if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option.”

= = =

Now, Christ was raised from the dead by the Power of Resurrection. And that Power is still available to us today, as believers.

What is the evidence?

After He rose from the dead, He gave us this charge:


And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. – Mark 16:15-17



Let’s see how our band of prayer eagles are responding to this divine mandate.

Today, the gospel of Jesus Christ is still being preached all over the earth.

Take away the gospel, and all you have left is a life without meaning...

… a hollow, worthless emptiness that so many are experiencing today.

Not so for the believer in Christ.

See an email I received a
while ago:


My name is Wendy, I am contacting you from Johannesburg South Africa.  The Holy Spirit led me on a journey of spiritual discovery, which in turn led me to you about 2 months ago (March 2017) – and I must admit that was the greatest gift I could have ever received.
Now I know what people mean when they say “truly knowing God is a privilege.” I do not have any miraculous signs and wonders to report but the peace, contentment, joy and love I have in my heart since joining the Prayer Academy is something I have never ever experienced before – which in itself is a miracle.I am so excited about my future that I am about to burst – and I just had to tell you. I do not have the vocabulary to express my gratitude, all I can say is – Thank You Lord!


The gospel of Jesus Christ continues to change so many things in the world today.

It remains the only force powerful enough to change the hearts and conditions of people.

Wherever the gospel has gone it has miraculously changed lives. The gospel brought education, hospitals, and all that is good about Western civilisation.

It was the gospel that drove the nail into the coffin of slavery with one powerful phrase.

It was the gospel that raised the status of women.

Yes, the gospel is the great leveller.

TToday the gospel message (and power) still saves, heals and delivers. 

Listen to this:

*** We Refused the Doctor’s Report ***

“I prayed for my relative who had an accident in November 2015 and was admitted in ICU, it was a bad accident because after staying in ICU for almost a month with no improvement the doctors decided to shut the machine but we refused and I started the midnight prayers and prayed firing the bullets violently. We refused doctors report and continued praying for his healing. I thank God because on 29th January he was discharged out of hospital totally healed.

- Rosemary


** No Dialysis, No Blood Transfusion Needed **

My God is a miracle worker !! I stormed the gates f 2016 using the prayer points you sent Elisha , within 2 weeks of January 2016 I bought a car , God is great. In 2014 my dad was diagnosed with a kidney disease ,the Dr said that he needed dialysis and I told my dad that am going to do something that will restore your health, I did the Esther fast and as I speak now his kidney condition was reversed with no dialysis ,no blood transfusion. The Dr had suggested to do various things but he did less, Jesus healed him. – Shamin

** Jobless No More **

These are the same prayers I prayed. I had no job for close to 8 months. I used to go for interviews but no responses were coming. I prayed these prayer bullets with fasting and I thank God for prayers answered. I now have a job. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ. – Janet

** More Brand New Jobs **

I was introduced to your website, though I am not yet a member, last wk I did a 3-day Esther Fast, and my daughter in UK gt a job as an Administration Finance officer. This week I continued with my fast and just now my daughter sent me a msg saying her husband got a job as a payroll officer, I can’t believe it. All these prayers answered I got them on my 2nd day fast. Praise God.

- Thoko



Praise the LORD.

HE has empowered believers to go out and touch the world with our Resurrection Prayers to…

- make dead things come alive.

- restore what has been lost or stolen

- reverse the decree of death

- draw you closer to the Lord

- break every chain and stronghold of the enemy

… all because of the Power of Resurrection, made available to you and me through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Because Christ is
risen from the dead…


You and me … and the entire Body of Christ …

… we’re called  to be living examples of that Power of Resurrection at work in every area of life.

Please don’t settle for less!

Learn to speak the words of resurrection (through relentless prayer) into every area of your life … even if in the natural it appears many things are dead and buried.

Romans 4:17:

(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him 
whom he believed, even God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were.

YOU have been given the POWER (in the name of the risen Lord) to speak life to dead things… using your mouth the way God does.

That, my friend, is your secret passcode into the supernatural in this season.

Be An Overcomer


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Once Again, Happy Resurrection Day!




If I have one message this month it is this:

Don’t let the enemy get away with messing up your life!

Or the life of your loved ones.

Now, there is a close follow up to that.

But before we go there, let’s see how February went down.

First, a quick reminder…



Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha

** *   

“Our February Wedding Was So Amazing”


Am so grateful to my God. My heart is full of joy and praises. I got to know your site in 2009 but I didn’t follow your instructions. I used to pray and fall again but my God is so faithful. 2017 I stormed the gates with 27 minutes to midnight prayers you sent and I kept confessing that before the end of the year I will get a testimony that will surprise my friends and family and shock my enemies and my God really did it. 

My God really surprised me. In May 2017 I met my dream guy. Just after 5 months he engaged me on 30 of October and on 17/2/2018 we got married. Our wedding was so amazing. All the frenemies were in a shock. All praise to the Most High King who is sitting on the throne. He reigns. And I want to thank you for teaching us how pray with Holy anger. – Adelaide, Rwanda  

“When You Teach A Nation to Pray,
You’re Teaching It to Live”

“Am overwhelmed about the impact of midnight prayers and the regular guidelines given here.  Surely when you teach a nation to pray, you’re teaching it to live.

My testimony is that my Heavenly Father has restored my marriage through midnight prayers. My marriage of 14 years collapsed two years ago due to mistakes I personally made. Everything happened so fast that within a short time after separation, my wife was already dating another man and they were planning marriage. Can you imagine?

She would not even pick or return my calls and this situation ate deep into me but I continued to pray like there was no tomorrow. Our 4 kids were stressed due to this ugly situation. In the midst of this situation I got myself into more trouble and was arrested in a foreign country. This took away my hope of ever getting my wife back. 

In prison I continued midnight prayers but this time without the bullets, but in my Bible I had written some of Elisha bullets. One of such was:

“Every dark power against my marriage (my release from prison) be consumed by worms of fire of the God of Israel in Jesus mighty name.”

Listen, I was released from prison, my wife came back and our wedding is on 28 April  2018. I am getting ready to join the Prayer Academy because I have seen the God of Elisha Goodman face to face!” – Robert K 

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #1

“I want to praise the Lord for what He has done for me. My mom was diagnosed with strange sickness as from April 2017. The doctors confirm it was TB, but she wasn’t coughing and none of the TB symptoms. They put her on the course of it for 6 months. But she became worse. I continued with my midnight prayers everyday asking the Lord to save her life.

I added Esther Fasts to my prayers. The day after I completed my fasting, I dreamed my mom was inside the coffin and we were sitting next to her with my sisters. As we were praying she woke up from that coffin. To our surprise she was very strong and walking. My sister shouted confirming that it was my fasting that awakened her.

But in reality she was still struggling. Weeks after, our neighbors called us to come home as she will not make it. She was in the village, we were in town. We decided to bring her to town.  A week or so she stayed with my big sister. Then I took her to my house. That was the second week of December 2017.

This is the prayer bullet I used every time when I prayed for her:

‘Holy Spirit flush her system, purify her blood with the blood of Jesus in Jesus mighty name.’

The day she set her foot into my house that was the day she got healed. One week later her skin started peeling off the dark skin. Praise the Almighty God. She has gained weight. No more pain. She is healthy. We stormed the gate of 2018 together praising the Alpha and Omega for what He has done for us. – Philisiwe Dube, South Africa 

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #2

Praise be unto the God our Creator, to Him be glory forever. It was on 18th February, 2018 when I received telephone call from my brother telling me that my younger sister was critically sick, unable to walk and speak. After the conversation I went to my bedroom praying against the spirit of death and hell as well as the spirit of sickness and disease by using prayer bullets from PRAYER COOK BOOK FOR BUSY PEOPLE entitled:

“Prayer to arrest disease agents and open the door to divine health”

I prayed for 1 hour and 30 minutes before starting my journey to the hospital where my sister was admitted.  When I arrived there I found that there were more than 10 people in the room. Immediately Holy Spirit prompted me to drive them out and I started  praying for her by using prayer bullet number 3 from 7 Furious Prayers for the month of February, 2018. 
Here it said:

 “Though power that breathed life into dry bones in Ezekiel 37, come upon every area of her body in the name of Jesus Christ”

… and the other one said “O Great Physician by all the power for which you are known to be God, arise and repair every damaged cell in my sister’s body (mention her name here) in the name of Jesus Christ.

I prayed these two prayer bullets for 1 hour 30 minutes then I called her first name 3 times she responded.  Once again praise God and I thank Him for answering my  prayers. My sister was healed.  The following day she was out from the hospital. - Lynss MW

Snatched From the Jaws of Death – Exhibit #3

Our GOD is the earth shaker. He is a consuming fire. Last year my child was attacked by a strange disease. She lost even her ability to cry and her ability to see, touch, move, talk, and walk. Her skin turned yellow. She reduced to 6 kgs. at the age of one year. She was shaking one side and sweating on one side. She was feeding on tubes and one time she was dying in my arms and she had to be resuscitated back to life.

The experience was horror to me. I thought it was a dream but it was real. In the ward that I was admitted children were dying every time and the other parents were waiting to see my child die. They would cry because of my child. It was terrible. At one time the scan said that she had a lesion in her brain and needed an immediate brain surgery.

I cried to God bitterly and I asked Him to nullify the lesion just like He had nullified cerebral palsy, TB, meningitis, as the doctors said. After, they took another scan and to my surprise the scan showed no evidence of the lesion but they said that her brain was shrinking. My goodness! She was discharged still feeding on tubes and I was scared as hell.

 I took my child to the altar of God. After the service my child feed on two spoons of milk where before she could not even swallow her saliva. After one week she could feed on half a glass. After two weeks she could see.  After four weeks she could lift her left hand since her right hand side was paralyzed. After two months she could walk holding on to tables and chairs. After five mouth she could walk on her two feet though evidence of right hand side weakness. Throughout this period, I used to pray like a mad woman but those prayers were never in vain.

You have taught me to be unmovable. I am never shaken by circumstances anymore. I am no longer intimidated by satanic threats. I can now speak in tongues. My God has silenced sickness. Praise the LORD.  – Margaret Njoki, Kenya  

Prayer #5 Brings Down Divine Judgment
on Ancestral Monitoring Serpent


Thank you so much for the 7 Furious Prayers for February 2018. On Thursday at around 3am I woke up from a frightening dream. In that dream I was playing with my baby in a bushy valley. I then decided that we should leave the valley and go to an upper ground so that we may be able to contact my husband whom we were waiting for since there was no mobile network in the valley.

As we were about to leave I looked back and I saw a very big snake watching us. Elisha I have never seen such a big snake, even on television. I couldn’t even see its tail. I got hold of my baby and ran for dear life while praying at the same time.

That very day I received the 7 Furious Prayers and I was shocked when saw prayer  point number 5 which says “every serpent anointed by the enemy to pursue me, be  roasted by the fire of divine judgment in the name of Jesus Christ.” I prayed that prayer point. 

Last night I had a dream. I was carrying my baby again and I was at the beginning of a path that leads to the same valley. I looked up and I saw a beautiful white house on a hill on the other side of the valley. I walked through that same valley to the other side and there was no snake. All glory to God Almighty. The enemy is defeated. Hallelujah.
– Dumie S.


Praise the LORD. All these testimonies are sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

This month’s 7 Furious Prayers have the potential to topple every satanic agenda against you…

… provided you pray the right way.

What do I mean by “praying the right way?”

I’ll let Ms. Choene explain.

(This one came in as I was putting finishing touches to this post). 

“The job that satan took away from me,
my LORD restored with a higher pay”


I thank Jesus Christ that I was able to join the Prayer Academy. A friend of mine introduced me to your ministry late last year, and I began firing the midnight prayers, but I was doing it wrong…

I was mostly reading the prayer points instead of focusing on praying them hard. After joining the PA and reading the Prayer DNA Secrets, I knew I had to shift gears in my approach. Here is my testimony:

I was casually (to the naked eye it seemed so but it was an order from God) sent a job advert from a former colleague in the last job I held (my contract ended abruptly in 2013 December). I didn’t feel encouraged to apply again because I was rejected by the same company in 2016. Then last week Thursday the former colleague asked if I had sent my application. I said not yet. He urged that I send it to which I did. The VERY SAME DAY an interview was scheduled for the next day, being Friday. I called upon God’s favour with one of the prayer points from your emails:

 ”Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.”

The interview was called a chat… not even a proper interview. Wednesday morning, I was given an offer. I accepted in Jesus name! The job that satan took away from me, my Lord, the Redeemer restored it with a higher pay. I have been applying for jobs since 2014 and was rejected. I love the Lord and His hand upon my life.

Thank you for this Forum. Be blessed in abundance. I pray more people could sacrifice their sleep and learn the secrets of unlocking the gates at the midnight hour. Praise Jesus. – Choene N.


Did you see the wrong
… and right way to pray in her testimony?

Did you also see how she almost lost out because of satanic inaction AFTER the prayers?

Before we go to the prayers, let’s look at one more.

This one is a mini Case Study… on why many prayers are still not answered. 

Mini Case Study:
#1 Reason Why Prayers Are Not Answered 


I was led to your site by the Holy Spirit. I had been praying without getting answered.  I had been laid off from my previous job for close to a year.  My family’s financial situation was getting desperate. I decided to fast coupled with praying at midnight for weeks to have my prayers answered. After two weeks I got a surprise first email from you on the 8th of December 2016. The next email taught me to understand dreams and pin point the hidden root of a problem so you can destroy it from the source once and for all.

I had the dream the next day. I was watching pornography with presumed friends I did not know… When I woke up I resolved never to watch pornography again.

 The answer came. After two weeks I had a surprise call from one of the best mining companies in the world on the 20th of December. I was not interviewed but told they wanted to hire me. I got the job and it surprised my friends and colleagues.

I left the company after six months to a small company that sought for me offering me two and half times what I was earning. Then two other companies that I admired appeared interested in me verbally. I had an interview with one of them. They said they were going to hire me in the interview, but it is now four months later they have not given me a feedback of the interview. The other company requested my formal application, but nothing has come up so far.

I know I’m destined for greater heights like an eagle but need the guidance of Prayer Academy to deal with whatever is delaying my prosperity. I have tried to register but it is difficult from my country. I will keep trying… I now need the in-depth teaching to deal with problems once and for all. - Peter, Mozambique


Peter is a wise man.

He got two things exactly right.

First, he realized that there was a hidden connection between his love for pornography and the sorry state of his life.

Most believers never make that connection.


Pornography has become the hidden doorway
of leaking blessings in modern times!


(Thousands reading this have already been captured by the demon of pornography).

And it is a pity.

Because sin is the #1 roadblock to receiving answers to prayers.

Do I need to prove that here?


Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened,
that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your
iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. – Isa. 59:1-2


Second, he came to the conclusion that he needed some form of training.

His words:

“I now need the in-depth teaching to deal with problems once and for all.”

That’s a profound insight.

No one – repeat no one – was born a prayer eagle.

Everyone had to learn it.

Mostly the hard way… via the school of hard knocks.

From the biblical giants like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Daniel… right up to modern-day prayer eagles … everyone had to learn to pray.

Even the Apostles had to ask the Lord to “teach us to pray, as John also taught his  disciples.” – Luke 11:1.

No one is exempted from the universal prayer school – not pastor, bishop, prophet, not a single believer – is excused from learning to pray.

I said this brother was a wise man.

When I checked his record, I found that he somehow found a way to register for the Prayer Academy…

… in spite of all the satanic roadblocks erected by his country’s financial system.

Nothing can stop a man like this.

Not even a million devils in hell.

He is a true champion in the making.

Like so many thousands in the Prayer Academy, Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Editions…

… the HUGE number of obstacles they had to overcome to even register for the programs is a pretty good indication of how persistent they’re going to be (in prayer) when the  rubber meets the road.

And as you well know…

Persistence in prayer is an absolute MUST if you’re to share the kind of testimonies you are seeing here … anytime soon. 

Before We Go to the Prayers…

Please note: For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again.

Plus – 

You must make a conscious decision to live a HOLY life, as we teach in all the programs here. 

Nothing else will do.

The prayers will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

Now to the … 

7 Furious Prayers for March 2018

Scripture ingredient:

Haven’t you known this from ancient times, since mankind was placed on the earth? The wicked triumph only briefly; the joy of the godless is momentary. Though he swallows wealth, he will vomit it; God will dislodge it from his stomach. – Job 20:4,5,15


1.  Eternal LORD of glory, blessed be Your Holy Name for ever. Amen.

2.  O LORD, please forgive me for the sin of ungratefulness.

3.  Today, I put on the full armor of God; I make no provision for the flesh, no landing place for satanic arrows in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  I recover every organ of my body from every evil altar in Jesus name.

5.  O LORD, be an enemy unto my enemies, and an adversary unto my adversaries.

6.  I release my body from the curse of sickness and disease in the name of Jesus.

7.  Heavenly fire, ignite my prayer life in the name of Jesus. 


Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer


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P.P.S. What are the Eagles of Prayer up to this month?

The Sapphire Edition (now closed) progresses apace. Congratulations to all the Eagles who defied every satanic opposition to join. You should hear the testimonies coming in from Mike’ Examination Prayer weekend alone.


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Post image for <h2 align=center><b><font color=red>7 Furious Prayers for February 2018 </font></b></h2>

Dear Friend,

Calvary greetings!

Welcome to the 2nd month of the year.

Congratulations if you joined us as we stormed the gates of 2018.

My inbox has been flooded with praise reports and testimonies ever since.

Now is the time to change the realm of our prayers.

Before we get to the prayers, let’s see what’s been happening.

First, a quick reminder…   


Please note that the testimonials and praise reports here are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. On the other hand, they have worked for thousands just like you. Who’s to say they will not work for you? May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha


I Started Seeing It Like

A Cult And Unsubscribed

I had stayed without a job for a long time. I have 2 kids and married. Most of the time we would rely on financial support from our family members for our daily expenses. It was frustrating but I kept praying on with the free prayer points on the daily newsletters.

I joined here almost 3 years ago but I was always on and off. Last year the devil attacked my faith and I begun to question the realness of fire springs ministry. I started seeing it like a cult thing and soon I unsubscribed from the website. Then a few months later when nothing was happening and I was in
spiritual slumber; I also realized that I could no longer pray well since I did not have targeted prayer points. Therefore I decided to come back to the program and I subscribed back. Thankfully I was accepted back.

So this year as it started I stormed the gates then this week I was invited for a job interview. I did two interviews and today they called to say that I passed the interview and I should begin work tomorrow. Praise God. The bondage of joblessness and financial distress has been broken by the yoke breaker; Jesus Christ Himself.

It is also worthy to note that this morning before I was confirmed for the job; I had received a regret email from the same company saying that I missed out on the job. When that happened I went back to God and started praying the prayer points..

Thou battle at the edge of my breakthrough die in Jesus name plus other prayer points.

Minutes later I was called by the same company telling me to report to work the following day.

This can only be the mighty hand of God. I almost lost this job..I had even started thinking maybe it wasn’t Gods will I get this job. But God fought for me and my enemies have been put to shame. Hallelujah Jesus is King.

-  Zippy


Mysteriously, My Debt

Has Been Paid Up

I had a personal loan of R122990. That I was supposed to pay for sixty months.  As we broke the 14 days of storming the Gates, at exactly 15h15, just 15 minutes after breaking I received an email from the service provider whom I owe the loan. When opening the e-mail only to find out that my debt is been paid up on the 4th December. All of the amount of R122990 is paid up, am still surprised and
shocked and confused at the same time. 
Glory be to the Almighty, His answers are indeed Yes and Amen.

-  Connie


My God Surprised My Friends

And Shocked My Enemies

I want to thank God for Firesprings ministries in my life. I was introduced by a friend to your 40 prayers to attract things to my life. And after that I subscribed to your site and have been receiving emails etc. I joined the 27 minute 2018 prayers and God broke thru my struggles on the 11 Jan 2018. 

First it started by me experiencing great peace and happiness which i have not felt in years! 

And then money favours started to happen people just giving me money and saying God said i must give u this amount of money. It was incredible cos I am not working and have 4 kids! One unknown woman bought my kids toys @ da store just like that! 

I was forced to resign in my former job as a manager by evil attacks over my life come to think of it now cos I am starting to understand the evil spiritual world system. I have been unemployed for 19 months now. 

And then came a message from a former colleague saying the owner of a certain company wants to speak to me can they give him my number. I agreed, the next day he called and said can I come see him about a job he wants to offer me. The next day at his office he says he has heard about me and need someone like me in his company and said i must go and think how much he should pay me. The next day I went and told him my salary, car allowance, petrol allowance and cell phone and He agreed! And then a letter of appointment was drafted and am starting on the first of 1st of Feb 2018.  

Talking about the God who surprises my friend and shocks my enemies!!!

- Dawn, South Africa



My God Flung Open A Door Of Opportunity

For Me I Had No Idea Existed


(I have attached a video as part of my testimony).

Our God is a great and mighty God. Blessings glory and honour belong to him. He is greatly to be praised. In April I started doing the prayer bullets but it was in July I signed up for the passion prayer book and daily emails.

August I started reading the book I engaged in an Esther fast. I decided to pray focused prayers. I chose 40 prayers to attract a car or anything while reading the book of Esther. When I started the journey I wasn’t praying for anything in particular, I just wanted to be close to God like never before and experience him like old testament folk did.

All prayer points were hot. Some stood out:

21. Every power occupying my seat of greatness, be unseated by fire in the name of Jesus. While asking God to unseat any Vashti seated on my seat of greatness.

23.  I paralyze every satanic competition for — (mention the position here) by fire in the name of Jesus. Using the victory of Queen Esther over the other ladies as an example.

24.  Let my season of glory appear in the name of Jesus.

I also asked for divine helpers like Esther. And just like that, God flung open a door of opportunity for me that I had no idea existed.

Turns out during that time there had been a casting call for an international modelling job in my country that I had not heard of neither was I invited for. Even if I was invited, I wouldn’t have gone because it’s not really something I would consider naturally. After the fast I travelled for work to a nearby country. During the trip I prayed even harder. I fired bullets all night and morning. On the way back home I got a call asking for my info urgently and telling me some agency from Europe was coming to shoot a commercial for a big German bank and were looking for a designer to work with. Initially I thought they just wanted a stylist as I had work on a number of occasions as one. Two days later someone from the production team flew in to meet me. Liked me instantly and then even asked to hire one of my staff members too as an extra. Plus even hire my fashion studio equipment for the shoot.

Two weeks later it was time for the shoot. It still hadn’t sank in what I had been chosen to do. Then the film director asked me if I wanted to know how they came to locate me. I was curious. Turns out some one had already been cast for the job but while I prayed and fasted that very weekend someone in Germany who knows me (to this day I don’t know who).

Told the ad agency if they were coming to my country, they must work with me and no one else and highly recommend me. And just like that the person who had been cast for the job was replaced and people were tasked to locate me. The rest is history. I signed a 4-year contract with a yearly pay rise that can be extended up to 10 years. Today the ads run across German TV and online. And it’s evident
what God did in my life.

-  Eagle Brenda


 Spiritual Breakthrough

Within 24 Hours

After I received the very first newsletter, I had a spiritual breakthrough within 24 hours! This is something I had prayed about for years was to have a deeper understanding of God and his Kingdom. I used the prayer point that you sent me in that first newsletter “O LORD, open my spiritual understanding in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

I went into prayer at midnight as you instructed after I had prayed this prayer point several times throughout the evening and night. Well the next morning, I had a Throne Room Encounter. I cannot tell if I was dreaming or having a vision, however I had been praying fervently when I found myself in
front of a golden throne that was brightly lit, everything was of a clear, crystal-like gold and to the right was a man in a white robe whom I know was indeed Jesus that led me to a golden seat.

As I sat upon the seat it was so so much GLORY that I could not stay long and was led away back before the throne. I wondered within myself but did not ask what the seat represented. Immediately I heard a voice that sounded like thunder say “mercy seat”. As I was in front of the throne I could feel the presence of other souls near me but could not see faces only the light from the throne placing a golden reflection on these beings. At the throne the Father drew me closer and closer with his love. I basked in his love which was so much deeper than the greatest human love. I realized that all things are possible in his love. Then I heard a voice say “Go and tell all that you have seen.”

Eagle Tam 

One Night I Googled

‘Prayer For A Car’

My husband and I have been in spiritual warfare for some years now. Nothing have moved for the past 10 years, up and then down. Our church is the same, get 25 people and then none, worn-out car from picking up people for church, hauling food to give, we are on 2 acres, church is small, seats 325.

 Never money to get a new car because we are (church) in a poor area. I really wanted God to help us, so one night I googled ‘prayer for a car’. When I saw your name and prayer to get a car, I said really???

Thank you for changing my life, after going to your website you sent me the 40 PRAYERS TO ATTRACT A CAR! Only God knows the trouble we are facing. I followed the instructions, the prayer was so good and befitting, I started just praying the 40 whenever it crossed my mind. I printed it and gave my husband a copy. Ok, I’ll stop here, my Husband got up one morning and said we are going to
get a car today!!!

No, not in a month but about 2 weeks after this powerful prayer, we got a LUXURY  SUV, no money down, I’m sorry to say but, no application. Just our license…at a large dealership! After years could not get a car! Thank you for teaching Me, I’ve been praying wrong and often, while praying for others wrong also.

Lady D


Praise the LORD.

All these testimonies are sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

An Urgent And Ever-Present

Danger To Believers Everywhere

Now, on to something that is fast assuming epidemic proportions.

Her email began like this:

A “prophet” came to our town, and I was introduced to him by others…

Before long everything started going downhill.

These are the days of the Golden Arches of Satan…

… where much of what you see and hear is inspired by Mammon (even in the church).

Many are losing their possessions …

— cars

— homes

— marriages/relationships

Because some “prophet” said the LORD told them something.

Sadly, many people reading this do not have the “spiritual eyes” to see through these scams.

[This is one reason why the Academy should be repeated once yearly so the lessons can sink deep and purge away decades of junk teachings that many have been exposed to].

One prayer program on this site — The SAPPHIRE Edition — is notorious for something called the “Spiritual Litmus Test”...

… by which you can tell, very accurately, whether someone’s CALL into ministry is fake or genuine.

Simple and straightforward.

(HINT: Many join the Sapphire Edition every year just to learn this).

The 2018 Sapphire Edition has a surprise extension to this litmus test.

I call it:

Spiritual Litmus Test 2.0

By which you will learn an astounding truth (never before shared in any program anywhere, to the best of my knowledge).

What’s so special about this, you wonder.

It starts off with a silly question:

Should You Listen to the

   ”Prophet” or to the “Ass”?

You will see a true-life example case study deconstructing one clever 
ruse which has been successfully used to trick many out of their hard-earned possessions.

If you get this, you will NEVER again be deceived…

… not by a “prophet”, not by fraudsters, not even by well-meaning (but misguided) 
teachers, apostles, ministers …

Who may be operating from the Golden Arches of Mammon without 
even realizing it.

Registration for the first (and only) session of Sapphire Edition 2018 just opened.

The FORUM opened last week with the preparatory prayers.

The atmosphere in there is nothing short of electric.

Join us if you can and find out (check your inbox for the invitation 
if you have already passed through the Prayer Academy):


I’m happy to report that those who immerse themselves in these prayers … and are also careful to live holy lives … are beginning to find themselves repulsive to those with an agenda to deceive the people of God.

See these 2 recent examples:

“It Was More Like A Movie”

Thank you so much for the prayer bullets you always send to me. They have made me grow spiritually. I no longer run around looking for people to pray for me. Today, l had a shocking dream where l saw one of the pastors l used to worship under him performing rituals. It was more like a movie and even now am still shocked with what l saw.

This has taught me not to trust any man any more only to pray for myself following what the word of God says. Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes. It’s my prayer that God should help all the people who worship miracles that are performed by so-called man of God to open their spiritual eyes to see what l saw. They will never again step their foot inside those churches. Even now am shocked. – Petronillah

Aftermath of 27 Minutes to Midnight Prayers

Elisha this time around l took a bold step of faith to join you in the 27 minutes to midnight prayers and bang, towards the last days I had dream. It’s like there was a prophet who was praying for people. It’s like he was near water. So l went and joined the queue to be prayed for too. I was next for prayers then the prophet said, ‘get away from here you want to get me in trouble you have fire around you’. And he chased me away. Glory to God.

A day before end of the prayers, a man proposed marriage to me. I am still confused whether to accept or not. But these prayers work like thunder. I need to seriously join the Prayer Academy… - Leslie


It is important to realize that these 2 have only been making use of the prayers freely available on this open blog and in the daily emails.

And their spiritual sensitivity is being sharpened already.

By the time they go through the lessons, their story will change completely.

Right now, we’re still in the preparatory prayers of the Sapphire Edition. 

For those who will NOT be joining us…

… you are still going to have a small taste of what’s going on there.

That is because the 7 Furious Prayers for February are “borrowed” from the ongoing prep prayers.

Before We Go to the Prayers…

Please note
: For these prayer bullets to work as intended, you must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be genuinely born again.

Nothing else will do.

The prayers will only work for children of God.

As you pray them, the LORD will answer you in Jesus name.

I’ll say it here:

These are the prayers to help you “receive” your long-lost blessings and also (very important) keep the blessings and retain them over the long haul… without losing them.

Just yesterday, someone sent an email with this question:

“Why is it that I got a backlash during one prayer program? I feel that the 27 minutes to midnight prayers brought a turn around. What is so special about these prayers? God has been so near and it seems like an open heaven and God’s favour is resting on me. I am curious to know.”

Well, as you pray according to instruction, you will find satanic backlash /counterattack a thing of the past. 

Now to the…

7 Furious Prayers for February 2018

 Scripture Ingredient: Job 36:11

“If they obey and serve Him, they will 

spend their days in prosperity, and their 

years in pleasures.”

1. My head, disobey every satanic law in the name of Jesus Christ. 

     (lay your hand on your head).

2. I receive comprehensive deliverance from my roots and my foundation in the name of Jesus Christ (please spend 10 minutes on this one).

3.  Thou power that breathed life into dry bones in Ezekiel 37, come upon every area of my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  Every generational problem running in my bloodline be terminated by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

5.  Every serpent anointed by the enemy to pursue me, be roasted by the fire of divine judgment in the name of Jesus Christ.

6.  O Lord, mobilize heavenly resources to bless me this month in Jesus name.

7. The day is yours, the night is yours; O LORD, prepare the light and the sun for me in Jesus name.

Remember to thank the LORD for answers to your prayers.

Be An Overcomer



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And it’s bye bye till February 2019.

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